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Atrocities in the name of Evil
By: The Q-Team

Arcadia Academy.

On the surface it seems like a prestigious school that offers special education to special young people. However in these hallowed halls there lies a secret. An evil, sinister secret.

Deep below in a special meeting room the Prince of Black Sun stood before Master Org, Duke Hazzard, Jindrax, Toxica and Shiranna as he greeted himself. Master Org then stepped forward carefully inspecting the Prince. Master Org found Xizor to be ‘unreadable’. His expressions, his body language, everything hinted to a being who didn’t give anything away as to who he was.

“I bid you greetings.” Master Org had said. “Did Rani invite you?”

“Yes I did.” Rani said from behind her desk. “May I present to you Prince Xizor. Leader of the Black Sun Organization. An Organization that is into everything legal and illegal in the known universe.” Jindrax looked at the blonde in the form fitting flight suit and asked “And who might you be?” as he tried his best to be charming.

The answer he got however was a grab onto his wrist, and a flip in the air as Jindrax landed on his back hard. Jindrax looked up and saw the blonde standing over him. “My name is Guri. I am Prince Xizor’s assistant and bodyguard.”

“She is also a human replica droid.” Rani explained. “One of a few in existence. A project was headed up by Questar Robotics on Altura. But due to cost overruns in product assembly the project was discontinued. Only six were manufactured.”

“I was fortunate to acquire one.” Xizor said. “Guri has served me faithfully ever since.” Just then Toxica stepped forward and offered her hand. “Hello I am Toxica. My you are such a strong handsome man.” Xizor however nodded and moved on to where Rani stood, next to Duke Hazzard and Shiranna. Shiranna had the same look of wanderlust in her eyes Toxica had, but unlike Toxica Xizor was interested.

“This is Queen Shiranna. Former guardian of the sacred beasts.” Rani said introducing the queen to Xizor. Xizor took the hand and kissed it. Shiranna felt a little flush but Hazzard stepped forward as if protecting his ‘property’.

“This is Duke Hazzard.” Rani said. “One of the greatest hunters in the galaxy. He has made hunting the Wild Zords his life’s mission.” Xizor nodded as if in greeting then shook Hazzard’s hand. Each one maintaining eye contact before they mutually broke away. Jindrax watched from the side “Boy talk about testosterone.” He then looked at Toxica and saw she still had the lust filled look in her eye when it came to Xizor.

“Hello Toxica?” Jindrax said. Rani was the one that shook Toxica out of her trance with a swat to the head. Toxica felt like the lights had been turned back on without knowing that they had even been turned off. When Toxica asked what happened to her Rani explained, “He used a pheromone his body naturally produces. It has an affect on females of different species. They find him irresistable.”

“How come you’re not affected?” Master Org asked. Rani answered “With great discipline” as Xizor returned to his hosts with Guri at his side.

“I take it quarters have been prepared?” Xizor said. Rani nodded and an Ogron stood ready to lead the way. Xizor and Guri followed the Ogron. Hazzard gave Xizor a look of malice indicating that he didn’t trust the Prince of Black Sun.

As they walked down the hall Xizor and Guri were talking. “Do you think it was wise to antagonize him like that? I mean Duke Hazzard is one of the most dangerous hunters in the galaxy.”

“A hunter that has spent untold years out of circulation Guri.” Xizor said addressing his aide. “At any rate I can take the woman anytime I choose. Right now I choose not to.”

“May I ask why?” Xizor nodded and answered. “I wish to see where this alliance will go. It is true that I can benefit from the research Rani obtains from her use of the Wild Zords. But we can attain an even greater standing if we can have the Zords themselves.”

“Do you contemplate stealing them from Master Org?” Guri then asked.

“No.” Xizor answered. “They are his for now and he’s not willing to let them go. However the woman Shiranna is the key. As a former guardian of the sacred beasts she maintains a calming effect on them. And even though Hazzard has her under his control I can break through her mental conditioning.”

“Hazzard will retaliate if you do.” Guri stated.

“Precisely another reason why I don’t wish to move rashly.” Xizor answered. “Rani hopes to make use of Black Sun’s distribution networks in hopes of appeasing those that seek the Wild Zords. I intend to do just that.” Guri then made an observation “Rani seemed immune to your pheromone.”

“True” Xizor said in realization of Rani’s apparent immunity. Usually such an immunity came from a strong will or some sort of genetic manipulation, and Xizor had a feeling that Rani could have used both. “At any rate, this indicates that she is not a woman to be crossed. And reneging an agreement with the Rani is never a good idea. Especially when it comes to business.” Guri then agreed and asked “So when do we make our move?”

“For now we watch and wait.” Xizor stated. “We gather information on our ‘allies’ and prepare for when they move against us. Or when we move against them.”

“And when we do move?” Guri asked. Xizor answered “When we move is when we have the advantage. And from that advantage will bring us the key to victory. That key is Queen Shiranna.”

Inside the Rani’s chamber Master Org and Hazzard were pleading their cases. “I don’t trust him!” Master Org said. “There is something about him that does not seem right!”

“It’s called control.” Rani said referring to Xizor’s attitude and bearing. “It’s something he has spent years perfecting.”

“Maybe. But I’m aware of Xizor’s reputation, both respected and… underground.” Hazzard stated as he tried to remember the stories he heard about Black Sun. “He always looks for an angle that will benefit him.”

“And you are concerned that he will go for the Wild Zords?” Rani asked.

“I will not allow them to be taken from me.” Hazzard stated. “Any I claim that is.” He looked at Master Org trying to assure him that he planned on making no certain moves to claim the zords. At least, not now.

“They will not have to be.” Rani stated. “In all my travels I have found trust to be a difficult commodity. It is hard to earn, and easy to destroy. We all have certain agendas we would like to accomplish. But right now our focus is on these new Power Rangers that have appeared. We need to figure out who they are before we can think of our own agendas at any rate. To that end we need all our resources focused on that goal. Xizor can help with that, as well as the Wild Zords, and keeping other parties at bay. For right now, we need each other.”

Master Org sighed and said “Very well. I shall endure him for a while longer.” Hazzard said he would do the same then he and Master Org both nodded and turned to leave. Jindrax made a slight remark about how no one talked to Master Org like that, but Rani paid it no mind.

She had other things to do, like prepare a new experiment.

And the subject of the experiment appeared on the monitor before her tending to flowers at a flower shop.

“Hey Kendall.” a husband and wife said as they were jogging down the street past a shop waving to the manager outside. The manager, named Kendall, smiled and politely waved back before returning to work.

Turtle Cove Flowers was considered to be one of the best floral shops in the whole city of Turtle Cove. It was considered to be a town mainstay as most everyone who lived in Turtle Cove went there for some reason or another for some floral arrangement or another. The success of this store was largely due to the creative talent of its manager, Kendall Matthews, who provided her best work when it came to weddings, anniversaries, or even simple romances.

Kendall was considered by many to be a sweet girl. Dark hair, angelic voice, sweet and warm personality. All of those attributes went to describing Kendall. Kendall enjoyed the flattery, however compliments weren’t what she always sought. What she sought was something more special.

Whenever Kendall was arranging flowers for a wedding there would be a longing in her eyes as she slipped into a periodic daydream that she had. In this daydream she was organizing her outdoor floral arrangements when someone came riding in on a white horse and stopped by her hoping to take her off into the sunset like in a romantic western movie.

And even if Kendall’s thoughts were more a daydream than anything, it still reflected a hope Kendall had for real life. A hope that one day she would be the one walking down that isle, with the man of her dreams by her side. Tall, dark, handsome, sweet, loving, caring, a good provider, all those Kendall sought in a relationship. However many of the gentleman suitors (And she used the term ‘gentleman’ loosely) didn’t live up to her expectations.

Many of them either wanted a prize on their arm, or a chance to get into the hay with her. Many times she had to get away from jerks like that. When the jerk however wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer then she would have to use more ‘forceful communication’ usually in the form of a kick to the groin or whatever move Mrs. MacGillicutty’s self-defense class for girls could come to mind.

“I ask for a dream man, and I get the Legion of Losers.” Kendall sighed as she reorganized an outdoor bouquet. Many of her prospective choices had let her down in one form or another.

There was one however who met her expectations. A sweet young man whose love for beauty and nature shared her own. A person who was so shy around her that Kendall thought it sweet. But he had other responsibilities and he needed to deal with them first. ~ Of course, saving the world is a big responsibility. ~ she thought with a smile. She never found out that Danny Delgado was a Wild Force Ranger until she saw him morph at a wedding ceremony where a monster was taking off with the bride. Kendall would have been one of them if Danny hadn’t saved her. Even though she was injured, Kendall respected, and admired, what Danny tried to do.

She knew that she would be waiting for Danny when he finished saving the world. He still came by the flower shop at times and the two would talk a little bit, as well as help with bouquets. But lately it seemed as if Danny hadn’t been seen in a long time, and Kendall wondered if anything bad had happened to him.
~Danny will be safe. I mean he’s a Ranger right? He can handle anything. ~ she thought to her self. She had no way of knowing what had happened to Danny recently.

Kendall continued to think about Danny as she was organizing some special floral arrangements when her thoughts were then interrupted as holes in the air appeared around her followed by an energy rush along with several of the monsters she saw on the news. ~ Putrids?~ she asked herself as she made out the ones she knew. The ones she didn’t she had no name for. ~ What are they doing here?~

The answer to that question came in the form of the monsters going on a destruction spree all around her. The Putrids and other brutes went everywhere as they destroyed all they could see. From shattering plants, to strewing flowers everywhere. It was as if Kendall’s livelihood, her joy, her sense of happiness was being shattered all at once. And all she could do was watch as other Putrids and brutes held her in place to see the destruction.

“NOOOOO!!!” she shouted as the monsters were destroying all the flowers, the arrangements, even pottery that was on sale. Kendall saw her livelihood, a place that brought her joy being destroyed (as well as joy to those in Turtle Cove), and she had to do something about it.

Immediately she delivered her foot to the Putrid on her right. That Putrid was soon hobbling and Kendall followed up with a side kick knocking the other Putrid back. She then ran all the way across the shop into a broom closet where Kendall grabbed a broom and tried hitting some of the brutes with it.

“STOP IT!!! STOP IT!!!” she shouted trying to get the Putrids and the brutes out of her shop with her broom. One of the brutes grabbed her broom and broke it with his own arm strength, but even that didn’t stop her from fighting back. She threw punches, and tried physically throwing them out but they were everywhere. However that didn’t stop Kendall from giving up trying to save something from the store. Grabbing a bouquet of roses Kendall tried to march out of the shop, but was intercepted by two of the monstrous brutes who threw the bouquet down on the floor and stepped on them as they walked forward.

“NOOOOOOO!!!!” Kendall shouted as she was held in place by the two brutes, forced to watch a place of joy and happiness to her be brutally destroyed by a herd of marauding monsters. Kendall looked around at the horror around her. Her shop destroyed, her flowers trampled on, and through it all were the noises of the Putrids and brutes as they seemed to taunt her with their spree of destruction. Little did she know her nightmare was only beginning.

“Who are you? What do you want?” she asked as tears started to form down her face. Her answer came in the form of a blonde haired woman with a look of pure evil on her face. Looking at a surviving bouquet of roses she studied them for a moment as if she was lost in some sort of memory then toppled them down to the floor shattering the pot and scattering dirt and roses all around the floor. Kendall had a look of shock and sadness across her face. Shock from the action of the flowers being toppled over, and sadness in that her livelihood, which was the flower shop, had been destroyed

“Good for oxygen production, but little else.” she said as she walked towards the crying Kendall. Taking her chin in her hands the woman looked dead in Kendall’s eyes and saw some fear, but also something else. Something she could use in her, a special potential for good that Rani had seen in so many. “She’s usable. Bring her.” the woman said as the monstrous brutes dragged Kendall along the ground.

“Who are you?” Kendall asked as she was being dragged. “Why did you destroy my store? What do you want?”

The woman turned and looked Kendall dead in the eye. “You may call me the Rani. And you are to be my next project.” Rani then turned away from Kendall and led the march to her pole apparatus with Kendall struggling the whole time. However it was to no avail as she found she couldn’t get free.

Soon the Rani, Kendall, the brutes that were called Ogrons and the Putrids disappeared through their respective poles that generated a portal away from the flower shop. Away from Kendall’s old life that was now destroyed.

What her new life would entail she would not wish for anyone.

As Rani was conducting her business at Kendall’s shop Master Org had returned to the Nexus so that he could look upon the home of the Orgs. Arcadia was a grand place and served them well… for the moment. But the Nexus would always have its uses, and would remain useful for him.

And now he needed someone from here. A warrior to whom he knew loyalty would not waver. Would not falter in any way at all. The bodyguard of the last Master Org, Retinax, would have been a loyal and welcomed follower. He had power greater than his Duke Orgs, but he was loyal to the last Master Org. He may not have been loyal to the Master Org that had once been Victor Adler.

Master Org decided Retinax was not worth the risk. ~ I need an Org with incredible power, one who will not fail me or betray me. ~

Many of the statues shook as muffled voices spoke screaming to be let out. They all spoke in pleading tones, but Master Org however didn’t trust any of them. He knew they only wanted to be let out of their imprisonment and nothing else. Many of the Orgs were considered treachreous even to the previous Master Org, and Master Org was not sure that he could keep a tight enough leash on them.

He cast his eyes on one statue that spoke the loudest. His pleas seemed so sincere, but Master Org knew better. He fired a bolt of energy destroying the Org and sending it’s spirit away. Each one that spoke Master Org vaporized destroying the statue, and sending the Org spirit to the spirit world where it would either be exiled or recycled into a new Org. Many statues spoke. Master Org found almost all of them unworthy.

Master Org then glanced over at the final statue remaining after he had destroyed all of the other statues that had screamed out, pleading for freedom or denouncing him as a pretender. This one had remained silent. It was a dusty and ancient carving one with a Groucho-like nose dead center on its well-sculpted form. His lips curved in a cruel smirk as he gave out a wicked chuckle, “Ahhh… yessssss! This is the one!” he held out his left hand, his fingers spread as orange electricity zapped outward, pouring into the targeted Org-turned-statue, causing it to warp and malform. The room quaked a bit, as glowing green cracks started to form all through out the statue, until the entire gray-stone body was covered with them and flared into a blinding white light.

When the light faded, the stone statue was no more and now there was an Org standing in its place. It was fully green skinned, two-arms and two-legs, with ear-shaped shoulders almost like wings) sporting golden hoop earrings. There was a round black orb in his chest, a reddish cloak flowing behind his back and a pointed grayish single horn atop it all. His most prominent feature was his Groucho-like nose where his head should be. Suddenly, within that ‘nose’s nostrils’ two dot red eyes light up. “Mmmmmmmmmmmahhhh!!!” the Org moaned as he stretched his arms, lifting a t-shaped blade in his right red-clawed-fingered hand, and snapping it open into a dainty metal hand-fan. “Finally…” he spoke in a deep but almost whimsical voice. He looked around the Nexus until he saw Master Org. He locked eyes with him for several moments before bowing gracefully before him. “Master Org.”

“Welcome to the year 2002 General Nayzor, one of the most cunning of the Org Generals.” Master Org smiled evilly.

“The pleasure is all mine… former human.” Nayzor said with his undertones showing, making Master Org twitch for a moment. “Relax, I happen to know you aren’t human. At least, not as I can tell any more. You interest me very much and you obviously know about me some what, otherwise why would you have freed me?”

The smile went back on Master Org’s face as what he knew of Nayzor was true, “You had problems with the Master Org of the past along with several other Generals, who did not share your views.”

“It was because of my command being taken over by another General at the Battle of Chafram that the tides changed… and I lost something very precious to me.” Nayzor growled, “And what did Master Org do for me? Nothing! Nothing at all! I lost my only child, I lost my station, and soon I lost my own freedom, as the Master Org decided if he couldn’t win the war, he would place all of his followers into stone hibernation, sleeping in damnation with his dead essence for all eternity.” He let out a dark laugh then, “But the humans have strayed from Animus’s path and have allowed our freedom. Soon a new world will rise, with us Orgs in control over the humans. A world that you will be leading, if your power is any indication.”

“And why would you serve me? How do I know to trust you?” Master Org asked him.

“I have nothing to gain by following any path made by followers of the Org way of the past. It failed and cost me everything. We denied part of the humans’ lives from our own.” Nayzor stated, “Perhaps what we need is you. What you are. Also, it would be akin to suicide for me to even consider betraying you.”

“Indeed it would be, ” Master Org nodded as he emphasized the price of betrayal in his voice.

“You need someone of the past who was well respected, one who can make ones of the past believe in you as well as look for… dissenters in the ranks. I will be your truth and lexicon of the Org Empire of the past, ” Nayzor pitched.

“And what do you want out of this?” Master Org asked, “I know blind servitude is not something a General Org goes for.” Nayzor nodded indicating that Master Org was correct, and immediately named his price.

“You were once human and now made into the Master Org.” Nayzor said. When Master Org nodded, Nayzor walked forward, “Then I want you do it again.”

To say that Master Org was surprised by this request was an understatement. “Do it again?” Master Org questioned.

Nayzor then made his sales pitch. “I want you to take a teenage human girl and change her into an Org, but not just any Org.” Nayzor said as suddenly produced an onyx colored scepter, shaped like a clawed hand holding a green spherical emerald. “I want what was taken from me. I want my child restored.”

Master Org considered the request. “That could be difficult.”

“Those are the terms. It may be difficult, but not impossible.” Nayzor said. “Do we have a deal?”

Master Org took Nayzor’s hand. “We do.” And with that they disappeared from the Nexus and going back to Arcadia.

Master Org also hoped that the Rani could pull off what Nayzor requested.

Inside one of the labs at Arcadia, Kendall lay on a slab surrounded by equipment. As she surveyed her surroundings she felt frightened as a lot of the equipment looked to be very scary looking to her. ~ What’s going on? What is this place?~ she asked herself.

Off to the side the strange woman she heard was called the Rani stood watching Kendall struggle. “No need to struggle. The bonds are quite tight.”

“What do you want?” Kendall asked again. Rani sighed as she thought of the repetitiveness of the girl. Yet Danny Delgado saw something in her, and it was for that reason(plus she wanted to explore new avenues of her newfound technology) that Kendall was brought to Arcadia. As Rani made her way to a console she began her explanation.

“I have come across many technological wonders in my deals with an alien species known as the Taelons. In case you’re wondering they are an energy based life form that had evolved from their biological origins. However it was of great cost to themselves.” Kendall listened, but wondered what this talk of Taelons had to do with her.

“One of the devices the Taelons had provided me was a little something called a CVI. In case you were wondering that stands for Cyber Viral Implant. It is half computer chip/half germ. It usually expands brain power and allows the most excellent recall abilities in species such as humans.” Kendall listened to the Rani’s words with a mix of curiosity and fear as she picked up on Rani’s use of the word ‘humans’, as if she was anything but.

She had no idea how close to the truth she was. Rani however continued to give her lecture on CVI’s.

“They are also equipped with a motivational imperative which guarantees a subject’s obedience to whoever did the implanting. An amazing piece of technology, but I was curious about a little something.” Rani then pressed a set of keys on a nearby computer terminal and a device that looked like an X-ray camera from a dentist’s office moved towards Kendall. On this device was an extending rod that uncoiled itself and pointed towards Kendall. As Kendall saw the rod hovering towards her she was scared. Scared for what the Rani had planned.

“I asked myself a little something about CVI’s. I wondered if perhaps, they could be used to input information into a subject’s brain. A set of commands, movements, abilities. Something to make them more… usable weapons.” The Rani stepped forward and looked Kendall in the eye. “Fortunately I found a suitable candidate. Thanks to your ‘boyfriend’ Danny before he was… dealt with.”

Kendall suddenly was shocked. Could what this woman was implying be true? “Is Danny… dead?”

Rani gave no answer as she brought the X-ray device forward. Its protruding rod made it’s way towards Kendall’s lower jaw as Kendall struggled to get out of the restraints. Her efforts were to no avail as the rod made contact with her skin and penetrated making its way to Kendall’s brain.

Kendall was convulsing as the flexirod’s journey through Kendall’s brain. Rani watched as Kendall felt the rod work it’s way through her head. She felt a pain and discomfort that she never felt before as the rod made its way through until it touched her brain. Then it deposited something and made its way out. The CVI had been delivered.

Kendall then felt the device reworking her brain, changing it, modifying it somehow. And also in the modifications Kendall felt images flashing through her mind. Images of war, battle, death and destruction of over a hundred different worlds. Also appearing in her mind were fighting techniques, strategies, weapons knowledge and how to use it. Images that were so against what Kendall was about were being fed into her mind as Kendall was being changed from a lover to a fighter(No pun intended).

Her body and mind started convulsing as the knowledge burrowed its way into her mind. Burning onto her psyche. Also burning its way in were the commands of the motivational imperative, which compelled the implanted to obey whoever the implanter was. Kendall tried to fight it by thinking of beautiful images. Flowers, a meadow, children playing, but the more she tried to fight it, the more powerful the death and destruction images became.

Kendall saw the images of Jindrax, Toxica, Master Org, and Rani. A set of subcommands also followed which compelled Kendall to obey other General Orgs if one came across, and if Master Org or Rani didn’t dispute the command. She also felt her mind twist so that her resolve weakened and obeying was a necessity. But something was different with this motivational imperative. Something that didn’t take the obedience imperative as far as it usually goes.

Kendall then realized that she still had her mind, but her will would respond to Ranitime or any of the others burned into her brain. Other than that she could think for herself. She just couldn’t act on those thoughts. This filed Kendall with a feeling of powerlessness.

Finally the discomfort ended and Kendall was able to get up. After unlocking the restraints Rani led Kendall to a closet where a fighting gi hung in a closet. It was in blue and silver. “Put this on.” Rani ordered. “You have a demonstration.” Kendall had no choice but to obey.

Kendall stripped herself of her old clothes. Her flowery shirt, blue jeans and loafers were all discarded as the blue and silver fighting gi, and Japanese fighting shoes replaced her wardrobe of old. The old Kendall Matthews was gone, and a new one took her place.

In the proving grounds of Arcadia everyone was taking their seat as they waited for something to happen. A new experiment that the Rani had achieved. “What are we doing here?” Jindrax asked Toxica as they were the last to enter the proving grounds of Arcadia Academy.

“Beats me. Rani just told us to come.” Toxica replied. Hazzard had already taken his seat as Shiranna stood with him, as had Xizor who had Guri by his side. Both shared a glance then stared forward as Rani appeared with Master Org.

“Welcome.” Rani said. I suppose you wonder why I asked you to come here.”

“Geez can’t she think of anything original? That line is so old why Toxica… it’s older than you!” Jindrax said making a wise crack, which Toxica clearly didn’t like. “Why you!” Soon the two Orgs were in a slapping contest that Master Org was clearly embarrassed by, so he called forth his ‘guest’ to clear it up.

From the audience a pair of hands broke Jindrax and Toxica apart. When they looked up they were in awe of the person chewing them out. “You call yourselves Duke Orgs? You embarrass yourselves by acting like little human children!”

“I don’t believe it!” Jindrax said with surprise on his face. Toxica shared that surprise. “General Nayzor. What are you doing here?”

“Assisting Rani with an experiment!” Master Org had stated. “And to be of service to the Orgs once again.”

“Did you bring them?” Rani asked stepping forth before Master Org.

“I did.” Master Org had said. “Is she worthy?”

“That will be for you to determine. I have made her as ready as she will ever be.” Rani then turned her attention towards the door, which started to open. From the opening they saw a human form. A girl who walked into the light. Her face as hard as stone.

“What?” Toxica asked. “You bring us here to show off a human?”

The girl, once known as Kendall Matthews gave a hard look to Toxica which would have been uncharacteristic of her, as would have been the running charge up the steps towards her, and the missile drop kick that followed knocking Toxica back. “Whoa!” Jindrax said in surprise. “I’ve never seen a human hit Toxica that hard. Unless she was a Ranger!”

“Jindrax, you have no idea how close to the truth you are.” Rani said with a sneer as Kendall walked back to Rani’s side. Toxica looked at Kendall and immediately recognized her. “Wait! I know her! She was that Black Bison Ranger’s flowery little girlfriend! Where did she learn how to hit that hard?”

“She always knew how!” Rani said. “However due to some Taelon technology I was able to expand on what she was capable of. Allow me to demonstrate.” Rani, Nayzor and Master Org all took their seats as doors around the auditorium opened up revealing at least twenty Ogrons coming in. All armed with shocksticks ready to subdue Kendall. All twenty circled around Kendall as Rani stood giving a signal to attack.

The next thing anyone saw was Kendall delivering a back kick with frenzied speed, knocking an Ogron back. Doing a cartwheel jump kick across another Ogron’s jaw, followed by a leg sweep that knocked down three others. Handsprings backward quickly followed as she jumped up onto a barricade and launched forward into an aerial forward roll as she jumped off one Ogron’s head and then delivered a flying clothesline to two others.

“WHAT THE…?” Jindrax shouted not sure he could believe what he just saw. “How did she…?”

“There’s almost nothing she can’t do now.” Rani said. “Thanks to me.” The Ogrons regrouped and stood ready to attack again. “Series two!” Rani then called out, and as if on cue Kendall brought out a device that looked like a growl phone.

“LUNAR ACCESS!!!” Kendall shouted activating a device in her hand. All of a sudden, in a blur of blue and silver Kendall transformed into a blue and silver Ranger outfit that was reminiscent of the old Wild Force Ranger uniforms. The shape of the helmet was that of a wolf, six sashes draped the right side of her uniform dividing the blue and the silver, and a weapon was in her hand that looked like some kind of pool cue. The Ogrons regrouped as Lunar Wolf and the Ogrons squared off against each other.

The Ogrons tried to bring their shocksticks to bear against the girl chosen to be the Lunar Wolf Ranger, but Lunar Wolf dodged the sticks and delivered another series of moves, both hand to hand and with the cue, as she made her way through the crowd of Ogrons. When she reached the other side drew out her blaster bringing down the Ogrons that were left standing. Everyone in the audience was impressed, and Rani clapped her hands telling the Ogrons that the exercise was over. When they left Lunar Wolf took off her helmet revealing Kendall Matthews’s face. No longer reflecting warmth and joy, but now reflecting cold hard ruthlessness as a warriors’ instinct was seemingly instilled into her somehow. An instinct that seemed alien to Kendall’s nature.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Perfect!” Master Org said with applause. “You have done superb work Rani. Taking this spry little thing, and making her a weapon of destruction!”

Rani nodded as she looked at Kendall who stood unmoving. Her eyes facing forward as if awaiting her next command. “It’s ironic how people can be changed so easily. Take someone out of their element, alter them, and you get something totally opposite of what they were.”

“Can she still think for herself?” Master Org asked. “Can she break the CVI?”

“Not without killing herself.” Rani said. “If the CVI breaks down or is removed, she will die. However there is enough independent thought in her to do what needs to be done in battle, and for the part of her that she was to watch as she has no choice to do our bidding.”

“Impressive.” General Nayzor said. “If not despicable.”

“Sometimes moral barriers need to be brought down in pursuit of science.” Rani said. Nayzor looked at Kendall and said to her “Be glad you are not the one I would choose. Another will be used to bring my daughter back to me. However you will be damned enough by the actions you will do in the name of the Orgs.” Nayzor gave a slight chuckle as Master Org brought forth a pouch to give to Kendall. “Stick out your hand.” He commanded. Kendall did so.

In her hand Master Org placed two round crystals. One had the shape of an alligator while the second had the shape of a Hammerhead Shark. They were crystals of two of the zords of the Lunar Wolf Ranger.

“And now you have the zords for which to destroy the Rangers. Go and destroy!” Kendall put her helmet back on her head and walked out of the auditorium. Master Org laughed at what he believed would happen next, the destruction of the Primal Force Rangers.

If Kendall gave any signs of resistance, no one saw them, but underneath her helmet a single tear fell down her face, as she regretted what she would do next.

Back in Turtle Cove a figure walked into Taylor Bauer’s apartment.

She was young, possibly 17 or 18, she had long blonde hair much like Taylor did. She wore the same style of clothes Taylor did, black pants, button shirt, only this girl’s shirt was white, and a bomber jacket was in place of the vest Taylor wore. However if one were to put the two girls together, they would notice the striking similarity each girl had to one another.

This was because the girl who had entered Taylor’s apartment was none other than her sister, Kristen Earhardt.

Or as she was known at her stepmother’s parties, the one who WASN’T disowned.

Kristen looked around at the apartment where her sister had been residing for months now. Taylor had moved to Turtle Cove almost immediately after their Uncle Jack helped her get back on her feet. She noticed the phone by the bed side where Taylor, Kristen, and their cousin Kimberly Bauer would engage in many a three way conversation.

This week however, Taylor did not call.

And Kristen got a call from Turtle Cove University wondering if Alyssa Enrile had been seen. Kristen confessed that she didn’t even know who Alyssa Enrile was. The University said that Taylor’s name was used as an emergency contact, and Taylor left Kimberly’s father’s name as an emergency contact. However Taylor’s uncle was not at home at the time so Kimberly called Taylor’s parents herself.

The call turned out to be a waste of time since Taylor was disowned by her father and ‘evil stepmother’, they had shown no interest in locating her. That meant Kristen had to look for her, but not necessarily by herself.

When Kristen called her cousin Kimberly to tell what happened Kimberly was immediately concerned. “What do we do?” she asked.

“I don’t know, but I’m going down there.” Kristen said with resolve in her voice. Kimberly asked if she would go to, but Kristen said “No. There’s no sense if we both disappear ourselves. If anything happens to me, call Uncle Jack, as well as another number I’ll leave for you.”

Kimberly took the number and smiled slightly as she figured out whose it was. “I will.” Kimberly said as she hung up. Then Kristen left to see what she could find out about her sister’s disappearance. Kristen shook her head out of the memory and looked down at a name. ‘Alyssa Enrile’ was written on it, along with three others: Cole Evans, Danny Delgado, Max Cooper. According to Turtle Cove University, those three people, along with Taylor, were seen in association with this Alyssa.

“What do all of you have in common with Taylor?” she asked herself. She however was unaware of the surveillance equipment that was installed in the apartment by the Rani in case someone came looking for Taylor.

Back at Arcadia, the Rani’s equipment detected a disturbance at Taylor’s apartment. Her security monitors picked up the image of Kristen searching Taylor’s apartment. Rani activated her computer in hopes of finding out who she was. The data appeared on the screen.

“Earhardt, Kristen. Disowned sister of Bauer, Taylor. Experience martial arts fighter. Attends U. C. L. A. , member of R. O. T. C.” Rani looked at the information on her and was intrigued. A relative of the Soaring Eagle Ranger had arrived, and she had an opportunity to see if the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.

“Looks like a new student has arrived.” Rani sneered as she turned to the Ogrons and ordered, “Take the girl and bring her to me!”

The Ogrons nodded as they went to find some Putrids to help in the attack. When the attack force was assembled they began their mission.

Kristen continued to look around the apartment when she came across some pictures on a mantle top. In one of them was Taylor with five others. A boy in red, an Hawaiian boy in black, a young kid in blue, a petite Asian girl in white, an older woman in a strange white dress, and Taylor herself dressed in yellow. Kristen couldn’t help but smile as she remembered her sister having an apparent love for the color yellow. Even her Air Force call sign reflected her love for the color as it was ‘Yellow Eagle’.

She then came across another picture of Taylor, when she and Kristen were both much younger. It was a picture of her, their father, Kristen herself, and their mother. A tear fell down Kristen’s face as she looked at this picture as it made her remember happier times. Times when her mother was still alive, and before the ‘wicked stepmother’ had arrived. Kristen set that picture down as she looked at the third one on the mantle. This one had Taylor and three other people in it. One was a woman with close cropped brown hair, one was a man with thinning blonde hair, and the last one was a girl with shoulder length blonde hair. Kristen knew these people to be her Aunt Teri, her Uncle Jack, and cousin Kimberly Bauer whose last name Taylor had taken when she was disowned by the Earhardts.

Kristen was soon shaken out of her reminiscing when she heard a shimmering all around her. She saw two sets of… ‘things’ materialize around her. Some of them looked like hairy apes, while the others looked like what the news reports called Putrids.

“What are you?” Kristen asked. “What are you doing here?”

“Remember, Mistress Rani wants her taken alive.” One of the beasts said to everyone. The Putrids made their move first and Kristen went into a fighting stance and quickly was on the defensive. ~ I don’t know who this ‘Mistress Rani is, but I’m not about to let these guys beat me down. ~ Kristen thought as she fought off the Putrids with a series of moves that her sister Taylor, and her Uncle Jack had taught her. Kristen was very skilled in hand to hand combat. In fact, the way she fought, one would have almost assumed that she was a natural.

The Putrids went down quickly, but now the ape things were still standing. One seemed to move in behind her, but Kristen delivered a back kick knocking it back. “Get your paws off me you filthy hairy ape!” she said as she quoted Charleton Heston from the Planet of the Apes movie.

“We are Ogrons.” One of the creatures said. “You will come with us.”

“Yeah right” Kristen said sarcastically. “Like I’m going anywhere with things that don’t even bathe.”

The Ogron paused for a moment as he heard something from a headpiece in his ear. He then turned to Kristen and said “You will come with us if you want to see your sister.” Kristen was taken aback by what the Ogron said. “You know where Taylor is?”

This allowed the Ogrons to capitalize on kristen’s shock. “Subdue her!” one of the Ogrons ordered as they moved in to subdue Kristen. Kristen shook herself out of her state as she fought hard using speed, agility, and picking her targets. But the Ogrons were creatures of strength. They could really have hurt her if one punch landed on her.

One however did as Kristen soon found the wind knocked out from under her and she was thrown into a wall back first. She also took an Ogron with her when she impacted, but the Ogron was on his feet faster than she was.

Kristen noticed the impact mark on the wall, and she could tell she hit it pretty hard. She also saw a red mark on the wall and felt the side of her own head. There was blood, her own.

Kristen felt she could hold for a while, but she still knew that she had to get to a hospital quick. However the Ogron then stood over her saying “You will come with us!” Kristen sighed as she moved to get up, after pulling something out of her coat pocket, and turning around to jab it straight into the Ogron’s eyes.

The object Kristen had used was a Swiss Army knife which she dug into the Ogron’s eyes with all the strength she had in her as she ignored her own pain. As she dug in the knife she said “WHERE IS TAYLOR?!” The Ogron screamed out “Mistress Rani! Mistress Rani!!” as his answer.

“Who is Mistress Rani?” Kristen asked. “Does she have my sister?” Kristen didn’t get her answer. The next thing she knew was an electric shock running through her body causing her to release the hold on her knife, and send her sprawling to the ground. A taser was used against her, and the Ogron that was stabbed pulled the knife out of his eye, and threw it on the ground.

Kristen was barely conscious when she was hoisted up on her feet and held in place by the Ogrons. The next thing she saw was a blonde haired woman walking into the room eyeing her. She seemed to take in everything about Kristen, as if evaluating her for something. Rani then looked around the room and saw the damage Kristen had done during the fight. Rani nodded as if liking what was done.

The Rani looked at Kristen, holding the girl’s chin in her hand. A look of defiance etched in her face as Kristen looked at the Rani. “I’m impressed. Perhaps you would have been a better choice for the Lunar Wolf powers. But what’s done is done.”

“Lady I don’t know what you’re talking about. But if you had anything to do with my sister’s disappearance you’re going to wish you had never met me.” Kristen said straight out.

“But I am glad I have met you. Now I just have to find an experiment for you.” She then nodded to one Ogron to give her a blow to the back of the head knocking Kristen unconscious. Once the blow was delivered Kristen fell limp.

The Ogrons then secured Kristen as the Rani brought out a device which unfolded into a portable ID portal, which took everyone back to Arcadia. The apartment was left empty once again.

Only a brown bomber jacket remained to reflect Kristen’s passing.

On the Animarium the new Power Rangers Primal Force were putting their Wild Zords through their paces. The Red Falcon, the Armored Armadillo, the Raging Rhino, the Spirited Deer and the Gentle Giraffe all ran, or flew, in formation getting ready to show their stuff individually.

Winged Falcon went first as it went towards a gun turret relay that Willy was able to set up on Animaria for practice runs. Each Ranger would have a shot to go after a set of gun turrets on their own as they made their way to a final main turret where they would try the Megazord on. Winged Falcon seemed to have an advantage being an aerial zord, as such he was able to dodge the incoming fire coming from the gun turrets below, then do another strafing run knocking out the guns as they reentered his sights.

“Nice job Jeremy!” Armored Armadillo said.

“Thanks guys. Now it’s your turn. Sylvia, you go first.” Gentle Giraffe nodded as she began her strike at the weapons array.

Giraffezord was using it’s agile long legs, and its neck to dodge and sweep things out of its way. It was successful to a point, but then Gentle Giraffe decided to try something new for its last target. “Giraffezord! POWER LEAP!!!” Gentle Giraffe ordered. The Giraffezord did so.

“SPEAR MODE!!!” Gentle Giraffe called out as the Giraffezord transformed into what could only be described as a spear form. The spear shot straight towards the final turret and knocked it out. The force of the explosion sent the Giraffezord back where it had a safe landing, and didn’t seem the worst for wear. Great job Giraffezord!” Gentle Giraffe said petting her zord, which the Giraffe appreciated.

Deerzord ran for higher ground avoiding the shots of the turrets in its path and getting the weapons in its line of sight. Deerzord then let loose a burst of healing energy from it’s antlers, and cast it over the weapons. The guns then fell silen as the power of the weapons floated up into the sky, and the Deerzord absorbed it all. Spirited Deer let out a “WOOHOO!!!” for Deerzord’s performance.

Raging Rhino stood atop his own Rhino as it charged through the gun emplacements in it’s path. However Raging Rhino had other things in mind as well, such as demonstrating some agility. “All right boy. Let’s show some razzle dazzle.” The Rhino howled in agreement, and decided to strut its stuff.

With a series of jumps Rhinozord jumped to avoid striking blows from the blaster array. Soon it landed near one of the blasters, and charged it at close range. The gore of the Rhino was unstoppable as all that was left was a pile of wreckage, and momentum knocked out the turret next to it. Then next to that turret was another charge, and another supergore. “Hah! Nothing but style!” Raging Rhino said.

The blasters all trained their eyes on the slow moving Armadillo, but their beams all seemed to bounce off the hard hide of the zord. Armored Armadillo then called forth “POWER ROLL!!!” and the zord then folded up and charged at all the blasters in it’s path mowing them bown like a bowling ball against bowling pins. Winged Falcon looked at the efforts of his team, and found them to be good.

“All right guys. Let’s call out the Megazord!” Winged Falcon ordered. And soon the zords all combined together to form the Isis Megazord. The beam weapons Willy had set up were fired towards it and the Megazord brought forth its wing shields to deflect the blasts. Other shots were fired, but the Megazord was able to fly and dodge the incoming fire.

Armored Armadillo looked at the instrument panel before him, and noticed a discrepancy in the power relays. It didn’t look serious, for now, but he felt that it would probably be a problem soon. “Jeremy we need to end this quick. How far are we to the main objective?”

“We’re there now.” Winged Falcon said as he brought the Megazord to bear against a giant gun turret that was set up for the last exercise. “All right. Isis Megazord! FINAL STRIKE!!!”

The Armadillo curled up like a soccer ball and the Isis Megazord charged at the turret kicking the ball as it gained momentum. When the Megazord was close enough to the target, the Isis Megazord delivered a hard kick and the Armadillo went through the turret destroying it. Off to the side Shayla watched and smiled as the new Rangers finished their practice drill. They all then set down and demorphed, but Shayla noticed the troubled look on Wily’s face as they walked to the main hall.

“Well Willy. How’d we do?” Curtis asked.

“I noticed something on the Megazord’s power relays.” Willy said. “Perhaps it was a good idea to include solo zord attacks as Jeremy recommended.” Jeremy was curious and asked “Why’s that?”

“There seemed to be an instability in the power systems.” Willy started to explain. “It’s nothing terrible yet. But every time we form the megazord we run the risk of making the instability much worse.”

“I think I know what you mean.” Shayla said. “When the Wild force Rangers got new zords, the Red Lion was having a hard time keeping up with the power the new zords, and configurations, provided. The Red Lion couldn’t handle the power loads without help.”

“How did Red Lion handle the power?” Sylvia asked.

“The Soulbird.” Shayla answered. “It’s power enabled Red Lion to become stronger, and was able to handle new configurations.”

“Only one problem. Master Org has the soulbird.” Kelly said. Jeremy then asked “Willy is it possible the healing energies of the Deerzord could keep the Megazord stable?”

“It’s possible. But it wouldn’t be a long term solution.” Willy said. “We would need the Soulbird if we want to form the Megazord.” Everyone then agreed that retrieving at least the Soulbird would be first on the priority list. Next thing everyone heard was a meow and a snow white cat land on Willy’s lap.

“Hey Willy! What’s that?” Curtis asked referring to the cat with a pink collar around its neck.

“This is Carolyn.” Willy said introducing the cat. “She was one of the Hanas.”

Sylvia’s eyes went wide. “You mean you have one of those traitorous cats living with you!” Carolyn let out a single meow. Willy then explained “One meow means ‘yes’. Two mean ‘no. ‘”

“But all the same Willy, you do have one of them living with you. Why?” Curtis asked.

“Carolyn was the only Hana who didn’t have anyone to look after her.” Willy then explained. “After all that time on Terra Venture, she was used to being catered to. She would have been eaten alive if she was on the street as a stray. Besides, she was on Terra Venture with my brothers.”

Everyone understood after that. Carolyn was the last connection Willy had to Terra Venture, and to Mike and Leo. Nevertheless, there were some uncomfortable feelings. “I’m still not sure about her being here. What happened to the others?” Sylvia asked.

“Aisha took Shauna with her to Africa.” Willy explained. “I think Billy and Cassie have Marge. The Stewarts have Molly, and I don’t know about Angela. Either her family has her, or…”

“Maybe Zack?” Kelly asked completing Willy’s thought. Curtis also nodded. “Zack did love that girl, even if she’s been turned into a cat for the rest of her life.”

“The price of treason.” Sylvia said with a bitter cold tone. Shayla however wondered what the story was involving Carolyn. Jeremy explained.

“Three years ago there was a battle. A Psycho Ranger replica named Triini had come across some dark power within herself, and it had driven her cuokoo. Calling herself Kali she then sought to bring back a dark god named Orochi, and to corrupt the person she was created after to be just like her.” Jeremy emphasized those last three wirds with sadness.

“To that end she corrupted five teens.” Kelly continued. “They underwent trials, and were given Ranger powers that allowed them to turn into cats too. They arranged it so that Trini would fall to darkness, which she did.”

“Once fallen Kali, Trini and the Hanas went and murdered Zordon.” Curtis then said. “After that there was a battle. The worst in Ranger history. Red Zeo lost his brother in that battle, and Sylvia… lost Trini.”

“A memorial was erected for Zordon, and the Hanas were punished for their betrayal.” Willy then said. “They were to spend the rest of their days as cats, barring some event where the decision would get overturned, but that decision may not come.” Shayla looked on in shock as she looked at Carolyn and then Sylvia who just sat off to the side in sorrow.

Shayla went to comfort Sylvia who had more to lose from the Hana’s betrayal. She lost Trini, and looking at Carolyn Sylvia apparently found someone to blame. She didn’t have to cast blame long as the sacred waters erupted signifying an attack.

Everyone rallied to the water and looked into it, but could find nothing. All that were presented to them were waves after waves of magical interference. “What’s going on?” Jeremy asked.

“I’m not sure.” Shayla said. “The sacred water says that there’s a disturbance, but I can’t make it out. I don’t know if the Orgs are returning again, or if it’s another threat entirely.

“Only one way to find out.” Jeremy said as they all took their morphing positions, and let out the group call “PRIMAL ACCESS!!!” The Primal Force was ready and they made their way to the surface of Earth. Shayla was left alone with Carolyn the cat.

“They are not going to win are they?” Shayla asked Carolyn.

Carolyn gave two meows in subsecuent order. Two meows that meant ‘no. ‘

Both female and feline looked into the sacred water wondering what would happen next.

Immediately upon setting down the Primal Force found themselves facing Putrids. Winged Falcon and Spirited Deer doubled up to face a group moving against them while Raging Rhino, Armored Armadillo and Gentile Giraffe faced their group. All seemed to do pretty well as the Putrids were beaten back, but something troubled Spirited Deer.

“Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this the time when a monster shows up?” she asked. As if on cue Jindrax and Toxica stood on a rooftop looking down. “Ah ha ha ha ha ha!” Toxica laughed. “You are wondering where the monster is?”

“Well we don’t have a monster. But perhaps you’d like to be introduced to our ‘secret weapon’!” Jindrax added. Then an explosion happened that sent the Primal Force back. When they recovered they thought they saw something in the smoke making their way to them.

“What the…?” Raging Rhino said as he noticed a figure coming in through the smoke.

It looked female, and wore a uniform that reminded the Primal Force of the Wild Force Rangers. Only this uniform was blue and silver with six yellow stripes on her left shoulder. She walked with grace, but also walked with a purpose. In her hand was a saber of sorts.

“Who are you?” Armored Armadillo asked. The girl in the Ranger uniform gave no answer. She merely waved her weapon and the Primal Force found themselves trapped in some sort of pool table at their waists. “What the?” Spirited Deer said.

The Ranger then brought up her weapon and adjusted it. “LUNAR CUE!!!” she shouted as she brought forth her animal crystals and laid them down as if they were pool balls. The Ranger then set up her shot and took it.

The balls bounced off each other as the formed two projectiles that searched for their targets. When the balls hit the Rangers the first one hit the Primal Force dead center sending them flying. Spirited Deer however took the second one completely, and was sent flying further away. In fact she was sent over the railing and into a parking garage entrance below. But while the other four were recovering their foe stood before them.

“I am the Lunar Wolf Ranger.” She said in a deadpan way totally lacking emotion. “I have been selected by Master Org to bring about your destruction.”

“How can you be a Ranger?” Winged Falcon said. “You serve evil!”

“That is none of your concern. Only know that your doom is at hand.” With that Lunar Wolf changed her weapon back into saber mode and took advantage of the Primal Force’s disoriented state and launched her attack.

Armored Armadillo and Raging Rhino took the first two strikes, and were knocked out of the way, but Gentle Giraffe drew out her saber and crossed her blade with Lunar Wolf. Gentle Giraffe delivered several slashes, which Lunar Wolf deflected. However Lunar Wolf had an advantage over Gentle Giraffe that she was quick to capitalize on. She had programmed moves into her brain, which augmented by Ranger powers made her a deadly fighter.

Gentle Giraffe, even though she had her reflexes enhanced by her own Ranger powers, was not as skilled with a sword as Lunar Wolf was programmed to be. Sure she had experience with bladed weapons, but those weapons were knives and daggers. Not swords. Soon Lunar Wolf was quick to get under Gentle Giraffe’s blade, and swipe it out of her hands. Then with a strike across Lunar Wolf cut down Gentle Giraffe.

Off to the side Jindrax and Toxica watched as Lunar Wolf fought the Rangers. “Wow! This is fun. Never knew the goody goody had it in her!” Jindrax said.

“Well she doesn’t.” Toxica said. “But Rani did know how to twist people around so she could get what she wanted from them.” Both Orgs then laughed as Lunar Wolf resumed her battle. Only this opponent was VERY MUCH skilled with a sword.

Winged Falcon drew out his own blade as he and Lunar Wolf crossed their swords. Lunar Wolf moved with the grace of a dancer as she delivered her strikes. But Winged Falcon was a skilled Martial Arts swordsman who had learned his skills through years of experience. As the two crossed blades Winged Falcon saw an opportunity to get in his strike. A weakness to capitalize on.

He saw that the moves were too practiced, too precise in Lunar Wolf’s execution. She wasn’t a natural sword fighter. With that, Winged Falcon changed the rules a little and did a leg sweep to Lunar Wolf’s lower leg, knocking her down. Winged Falcon was ready to bring the blade to her neck but Lunar Wolf rolled out of the way and made ready to play out her next card.

“Dark Wild Zords Descend!!!” Lunar Wolf ordered. At her command the Alligator, Wolf and Hammerhead Shark appeared. “Dark Wild Zords Combine!!!”

The three zords merged together to form a megazord that looked very fearsome, and appeared to have a lot of power. “Come forth Rangers call for your zords.

“All right!” Winged Falcon said as Gentle Giraffe, Armored Armadillo and Raging Rhino got back on their feet, and inserted their animal crystals. “Wild zords descend!” they ordered.

Soon the Armadillo, Rhino, Giraffe and Falcon descended from the Animarium but the Falcon let Winged Falcon in on some bad news. “Uh oh! Bad news guys! We can’t form the Megazord without the Deerzord.”

“Kelly! Come in Kelly!” Gentle Giraffe said into her link. There was no response.

“We have no choice. We’ll have to do it, just the four of us until we can find her!” Winged Falcon said as he ordered Falconzord to swipe at Predazord’s sensors, hoping to blind it briefly. This however was a set up for Raging Rhino launching a charging strike at the Predazord’s lower leg knocking it off balance.

Armadillozord then tried to do a rolling strike but the Predazord was able to regain its senses enough to deliver a backhand knocking it all the way into the Falconzord. Both were sent back a good ways. Giraffezord tried to launch a spear attack but was knocked back itself into the Rhinozord. Predazord stood victorious for now but the other four were recovering.

“We need a new plan.” Armored Armadillo said.

“Any ideas?” Raging Rhino asked.

“Kelly! Do you read me?” Winged Falcon said. “We need the Deerzord to form the Megazord.” There was no response.

“Any other ideas?” Gentile Giraffe asked. No one had any.

It was four versus one. But the one had a lot more power to offer, and to spare.

Meanwhile down in the parking garage Spirited Deer was trying to get back on her feet. She was sore and hurt in many areas, but she could bounce back, given enough time.

However, time was something she was not sure she had as she saw the zords fighting the Predazord and knew she had to help somehow. But it would still be a while before she could make her way there. And they would need her help now.

There was only one thing she could do. Placing her gem into her sword she called forth her zord. “DEERZORD DESCEND!!!”

The Deerzord answered her call and Spirited Deer said for it to help the others. “Form the Megazord. I’ll join you when I can.” The Deerzord nodded and went to help its fellow Wildzords.

Spirited Deer however had to rest for a moment. She took a nasty fall and needed to recover for a minute. So she sat down and demorphed. Kelly took some breaths and said “Just have to rest for a minute. Get back in the game when I can.”

The Rangers were wondering what to do next when Raging Rhino saw the Deerzord fast approaching. “Hey look! It’s the Deerzord!” Raging Rhino said as the Deerzord seemed to take formation with the other Wildzords.

“Great! Form the Megazord!” Winged Falcon ordered. Sure enough the Megazord formed up and it was the Isis Megazord vs the Predazord. Predazord however was ready to fight. “PREDATOR WAVE!!!” she shouted as waves of energy shot out of the zord and moved against the Isis Megazord.

“WING SHIELD!!!” Winged Falcon shouted as the wings folded around the zord blocking the energy. “ISIS STRIKE!!!” shouted Winged Falcon who fired off the Isis Megazord’s energy based attack, which struck Predazord straight in the center. Isis Megazord then tried to capitalize with a running strike and a claw around the waist of the Predazord.

“We’ve got her!” Raging Rhino shouted!

“Do you?” Lunar Wolf said as the Predazord’s lance made a strike in the Isis Megazord’s neck causing the zord to lose it’s hold on the Predazord. The Isis Megazord was down, and Predazord was ready to capitalize.

Lunar Wolf had her weapon ready to impale the Isis Megazord when she suddenly hesitated. She clutched her chest as if in pain, and fell to the floor of her control center. The Predazord, not knowing what to do just stood there.

Winged Falcon then took advantage. Calling forth the power of the Isis Megazord he unleashed an energy blast at the Predazord knocking it back, and causing it to separate. The Duke Orgs watched as their ‘secret’ weapon fell out of the Predazord and collapsed on the ground demorphed.

“Um… I don’t think anyone is going to be happy about this.” Jindrax said.

“Let’s just scoop her up and get out of here.” Toxica replied as they did just that.

Kelly sat where she was for a few moments before getting back up and going to look for her friends. As she walked down the rows in the parking garage she soon found herself face to face with Master Org and some Putrids with him. “Master Org I presume?” Kelly asked. Master Org however wasn’t in the mood for small talk.

“Give me the crystal!” Master Org said with his arms stretched out. Kelly looked at Master Org and the Putrids behind him. She didn’t like the odds taking them all on, and knew it was a bad idea. Nonetheless she couldn’t let the Deer crystal fall into Master Org’s hands.

“You want this?” Kelly said holding up the Deer crystal. “Come and get it!” She then took off in a run with the Putrids chasing after her.

Her time in cheerleading and gymnastics really paid off as she was able to use her skills to evade the Putrids. From cartwheels, to handsprings, the Putrids tried to keep up with her, but Kelly moved with such agility the Putrids seemed to get dizzy trying to keep up with her. As Kelly did circles around the Putrids they decided to try a different approach, block the exits.

This approach seemed to work as every time Kelly seemed to come to an exit there was a Putrid waiting for her. Every exit was blocked off, but that didn’t stop her. She immediately came at the Putrids doing a handspring then dropping two Putrids down the stairs with a drop kick. Kelly then raced down the stairs only to find Putrids at the level below. She then raced back up to the floor she was on where Putrids were waiting for her as well.

It seemed like on every floor there was a Putrid. Those that didn’t have Putrids watching had some kind of ape thing at the entranceway.

Kelly immediately didn’t like the odds. Putrids at every corner, as well as some other creature she didn’t know about. Escape would have been close to impossible, but whatever happened she knew she couldn’t let the deer be captured along with her. She had to hide the crystal somewhere where the Purtids couldn’t find it, but her friends could. Quickly her gaze turned to the debris pile she landed on and figured that Willy would look there first to see where she was. Quickly she took out her Deer Crystal and set it in a corner that she hoped Willy would see.

“Should be safe there.” Kelly said as she turned to run away. As she rounded the corner she saw Master Org waiting for her. “You have given my forces a merry chase. But the chase is over. Give me the Deer crystal!” Kelly however shouted “NO WAY BOZO!!!”

“Have it your way!” Master Org said as a wave of magic shot out of his hands and hit Kelly as it completely enveloped her. Kelly put her hands up to block it, but it didn’t matter. Once the magic hit her she had felt her mind being wieghed down as if she was losing touch with the real world and falling into a dark place within her own mind. She had heard this being described to her before and she knew it could only mean one thing as she felt her hold on reality slipping away.

Kelly Hart was being changed from flesh to a stone statue.

Her clothes, her hair, her features and body frozen in one position casting a dull gray color as her skin tone faded, she was frozen in place unable to move or fight back. Her face frozen with an expression of fear and surprise.

Master Org looked at the frozen form of Kelly. He had to admit that she made a pretty statue, but the spell would wear off in about an hour so he had no real time to savor her beauty. “Take her to the Academy! Quickly before she breaks free.” The Putrids gathered around the Kelly statue and soon they teleported out with her back to Arcadia.

When Master Org returned he thought that one day he would try to find a way to make the stone spell more permanent. In case he wanted to admire more beauty.

As soon as everyone got their bearings the Primal Force set down and demorphed. Jeremy, Sylvia, Curtis and Willy asked if everyone was all right when Curtis asked “Wait! Where’s Kelly?”

Everyone looked around and saw that Kelly was nowhere to be seen. “KELLY!!!” Jeremy shouted as Curtis, Sylvia and Willy also searched. “KELLY!!!”

The Primal Force searched high and low until they came to the parking garage Kelly was last seen in. “Jeremy over here!” Sylvia shouted as she looked under a pile of debris and picked up what was Kelly’s deer crystal, but there was no sign of Kelly.

Everyone was wondering what had happened to her.

The answer to that question was that Kelly was sitting in a holding cell pacing the floor like a nervous nelly.

She didn’t know where she was teleported to only that when she felt awareness return to her, as well as her ability to move once she was turned back to human form she saw more than just Putrids waiting for her. Also there were some sort of brutish ape creatures called Ogrons waiting as well. They man handled her and forcefully escorted her to some sort of holding cell saying that “The mistress will be dealing with you soon.”
~The mistress?~ Kelly asked herself. ~ I thought the big villain was Master Org. ~ Kelly rolled this over in her mind when it then dawned on Kelly that perhaps Master Org was not working alone. That he did have heavy duty backers.

“Who are all these guys?” Kelly asked. “Sure aren’t the Orgs.”

The persons in question, or one of them, were back in their base evaluating Kendall. At the moment, the Rani was completing her analysis over the data, with Kendall remaining motionless on a medical table being examined.

Her scanning equipment covered every molecule of Kendall’s being. She then saw a massive, growing instability with the powers in her. An instability that seemed to be spreading throughout Kendall’s body that would cause it to break down. Rani evaluated what would cause this instability. She then evaluated the powers, and found an aspect missing. Somehow Kendall did not get all the components necessary for the Lunar Wolf powers. The absence of this component prevented the powers from stabilizing.

Rani then shut off the equipment and ordered Kendall to get off the bed and leave. After being dismissed by the Rani, Kendall emotionlessly went to her quarters. Master Org walked up toward the Rani, “Well what went wrong? Why did she collapse?”

Rani turned to look at Master Org dead in the eye. “The powers are incomplete.”

“What are you mean they are incomplete?!” Master Org growled, not taking the news well.

“They are missing something that is causing her body to reject the powers. They are literally tearing her to shreds internally on a molecular level. Due to the procedure we performed on her we can’t remove the power from her until her death… which will be soon.” The Rani reported.

“How soon?” Master Org hissed.

“I can delay the effects that have been happening to her body, cause regeneration to vital systems in her to reverse damage, but my best guess, without any help at all she’ll disintegrate within three months. A year to eighteen months with my treatments to delay her death, which will make her agony prolonged and work towards another experiment.” Rani replied. “I’m not sure why this has happened to begin with though. You said that this Lunar Wolf Guardian controlled the Hammerhead, Alligator and Wolf Wildzords and we have the Hammerhead, Alligator and …” it then clicked to her. “… where is the WOLF orb?”

Master Org lowered his head. “Lost for the millenniums. Ever since Merrick Balitou sacrificed himself at the Final Battle, his Orbs left him. My minions found two of them.”

“But not the Wolf Orb.” Rani said. “Then why does the Wolf follow our commands now?”

“Because Wolf works with the Hammerhead and the Alligator as team. Even with only two orbs all three will remain under our control.” Master Org said.

“And what happens if the Rangers FIND the Wolf Orb?” Rani asked.

That caused Master Org to worry. “That must not happen. I will find it.” ~ With those powers I MUST be extremely careful. ~

Off to the side General Nayzor was looking at a video screen full of potential ‘students’ for Rani’s ‘special projects’ wing. ‘Special Projects’ meant experiments at Arcadia, and Nayzor figured that the ‘students’ before him would be the ideal choices for the resurrection of his daughter.

He viewed many candidates, and their histories flashed on a screen next to him. The screens reflected intellect, physical conditioning, stamina, special skills and many other related factors. However none seemed to catch his interest. Then he came to one screen which had shown a girl with blonde hair pacing the floor then screaming into the camera cursing at her unknown captors. “Let me out you lousy sons of bitches! Where’s my sister?!” Nayzor looked at the screen that gave the subject’s name ‘Earhardt, Kristen’, and right away he knew he had found his choice.

“She’s the one!” General Nayzor said. This caught Rani’s attention as she asked “The one what?”

“General Nayzor and I have come to an arrangement.” Master Org had stated. “He will support our cause if we can provide his daughter be returned to her. Much like I had been.”

“And what were you hoping I would do?” Rani asked.

“I needed a spirit that was similar to my daughter’s in order to form a basis for my daughter’s resurrection. Hers is the closest.” Nayzor said.

“Resurrection?” Rani asked.

“He wishes his daughter returned to him.” Master Org said. “He hopes that the process that was used on me could be used to facilitate a recreation of his daughter using a human as a template.”

Rani nodded as she understood Nayzor’s request. “It is true that the blue tanks can be used to alter genetic codes. And the Taelons have done memory manipulation in the past with their CVI technology.” Immediately Rani’s wheels started to turn as a devious plan took shape.

“General Nayzor, you have given me the basis for a whole new experiment.” Rani said as she then looked at the video image of Kristen and smiled evilly. “Here’s to new life from old.”

Master Org smiled. “Your depths for cruelty never cease to amaze me Rani.”

In her cell Kristen paced the floor taking in her surroundings. She didn’t know where she was, but she planned to get out first chance she got.

She felt the side of her head, which was miraculously healed. Not even a trace of a scar remained of her injury in Taylor’s apartment. Kristen smiled. She would be healthy once she got out. All she needed to do was wait for the right time to do so.

Soon the door opened, and General Nayzor walked in. Kristen made ready to break out when Ogrons appeared in her path. She then backed off and wondered what Nayzor wanted. He looked at her much like Rani did, as if evaluating her for something, which made Kristen feel very uncomfortable.

“Such spirit!” Nayzor said. “You remind me so much of her. You will be perfect.”

“Look buddy, if you’re checking me out for the Miss America pageant I’m flattered, but that’s all you’d better be doing.” Kristen said as she wondered what Nayzor was talking about.

“Hardly” Nayzor said. “You shall be used for a higher purpose. You shall be the instrument to return my daughter to me.” Kristen had not time to wonder as Nayzor ordered the Ogrons to subdue her again.

“Hey! What are you…” Kristen shouted as she was overmatched by the Ogrons, and then overpowered.

And like Taylor, Kristen was stripped of her garments, as she was being prepared for the Rani’s latest experiment.

Half an hour later in one of the experiment rooms, Master Org, Nayzor, Jindrax and Toxica were standing behind the Rani, who looked up at Kristen Earhardt, lying motionless in the blue tank. Like he did with Taylor, Jindrax took in the sight of Kristen and had to admit that she had shared her sister’s gift of human beauty.

Toxica however was rubbing her arms, being a bit of a whiner as to how she had to give a sample of herself for this procedure. “Why are we even doing this? She’s a human anyway. You think a human can become any good of an Org?”

“She will not be a human, ” Nayzor growled as he got into Toxica’s face, “That human is merely the raw material that will be used to recreate my lost child. When my child is reborn you will treat her with the same level of authority as you would with Master Org or me. Are we clear Duchess?”

“Ye… yes, ” Toxica backed away, knowing not to pester on this respect with a general org ever again.

The Rani herself was intrigued with the whole idea. Turning a normal human into a full Org and not just a common Org, but one that would be at least equal to the Duke Org level. Soon the young girl in side the blue tank would have her DNA spliced and mixed with the Org DNAs of Nayzor’s original daughter along with the DNA of Toxica to handle for any and all missing pieces from the DNA of General Org’s child. To the Rani, what would be created from the mix would finitely make her be an improvement in the appearance department when compared to what she looked like once in the past from what memories she viewed from Nayzor, what he had allowed her to scan anyway. Those memories along with created ones would be implanted into the soon to be ex young human girl’s mind. Both mind and body would be warped to the point where no one that had ever known Kristen Earhardt would ever be able to recognize her.

“Now what?” Nayzor asked.

“Why don’t you watch and find out?” Rani smiled as she began the process. Slowly, but surely the Orgs saw parts of Kristen change. First thing they saw was something resembling ears or horns were coming out of the side of her head. After that she immediately became paler as her skin was becoming whiter, and a horn started to protrude from her head. “Impressive.” Nayzor said in awe of what he was seeing. Slowly but surely, Kristen Earhardt was being replaced by another being entirely.

Even Master Org had to be impressed, especially since this was the first time he had seen the process from the other side of the tank. Toxica was silent, but in awe as well. Jindrax also was amazed.

“One of the few marvels, or horrors if one sees it that way, of Taelon technology.” Rani said. “And there is more where that came from.” Everyone turned back to view the transforming girl in the blue tank as her humanity faded away, and Org attributes were taking shape. Each one eager to know what would happen next.

Inside her own mind Kristen looked at the swirling forms of her memories. Looking at pictures of her mom and dad, the stepmother from Hell, her cousin Kim and her family, most notably her uncle Jack, and her sister Taylor.

“Where am I? What is this?” she asked herself. Then something started to happen. The mental world she was in was starting to get violent.

Lightning started to strike Kristen’s memories, as if destroying then. Her images of her father, her mother, Kimberly, Uncle Jack, her school, her Aunt Teri, everything of value to her was being destroyed. Kristen was in shock at what was happening and screamed. “STOP IT!!! STOP IT!!! YOU CAN’T DESTROY MY MEMORIES!!!”

But the lightning favored nothing as it continued to strike out and destroy everything that Kristen valued to her personally. Kristen however wouldn’t let the lightning destroy everything as she made an attempt to save her memory of Taylor as she jumped up and grabbed it before the lightning struck. She managed to absorb that memory into her soul being. She hoped her other memories would be retrievable, but no matter what happened she would always have her memory of Taylor. But then something happened as new memories took the place of the old. Memories of monsters, of battles, of a green monster she had called ‘father. ‘

“What? What is this?” Kristen asked herself. She didn’t have to wait long to find out.

“Hello my pretty.” A monstrous shape said appearing before Kristen. The shape looked so big as Kristen looked so small before the monster. Kristen tried to run away from it but the monster was able to grab her and hold her in its hand. The monster then held Kristen over its mouth as if prepared to drop her in. The look on Kristen’s face was that of pure horror.

“You are part of me. Now and forever. Only I will be the one in control!” the monster laughed as she released Kristen and the girl fell into the monster’s mouth. “AHHHHH!!!” the young girl screamed as the last aspect of Kristen Earhardt had been absorbed into that which would be General Nayzor’s daughter.

Kristen Earhardt was gone. Something else had taken her place.

Once the blue tank process was completed, the Rani had the new Org removed from the blue tank but rather wanted to see her completely clothed first before seeing final results.

She did not have to wait long as the Org that had once been Kristen Earhardt walked into the room fully clothed. Her cloak and great shoulders were a brilliant, apple green color. Her face was white, her two eyes red. From two green things sticking out of the side of her head there were dangle earrings below a long, elegant white and green horn that came out from the top of her head. Five red gemstones arc above her eyes. Her torso armor was black with a red-green chest plate and she had silver gauntlets on her hands.

“She is incredible, ” Nayzor muttered as he looked on at the newly born female org, who spoke her first words, “I feel sooooooo very good now.”

“I imagine my treatment helped you?” Rani said to keep with the implanted memories. As far as the Org before was concerned, all she had was checkup. Any memories of her life as a human had been buried so far deep nothing could retrieve them. “I think you should go to your fellow Orgs now… Princess Onihime.”

The Princess Org Onihime simply smiled. “Yes… and I await my turn to deal with these rangers.” She walked towards the group of Orgs and the first thing she did was embrace Nayzor, who returned the embrace, “Father. I have missed you.”

“As have I my child.” The General Org breathed.

Jindrax and Toxica looked at the new Princess Org and Toxica seemed to be agitated at the sight of her. Toxica immediately crossed in front of Onihime as if challenging her. “I don’t see what’s so special about you!”

“Really?” Onihime said as she took in Toxica. “Well I don’t see what’s so special about you either, and that doesn’t include the crow’s feet forming around your eyes either!” Toxica fumed as she heard that insult. “WHY YOU SNOTTY LITTLE BRAT!!!

“WHY YOU BITCHY OLD FART!!!” Onihime said. The two Orgs started to trade insults back and forth until Nayzor struck Toxica with his own weapon. “Silence Toxica!” Nayzor ordered. “Now, as I said before, you will show respect towards my daughter! Or do you wish to lose your horn?”

Toxica shook her head no and bowed at Onihime’s feet. Onihime however couldn’t resist getting one last jab in at Toxica though. “Nice, can you kiss them too?” Toxica looked up wide eyed at the remark, but a look from Nayzor told Toxica to keep her feelings in check. Jindrax however looked at Onihime, and saw something in her. Something that reminded him of the Soaring Eagle Ranger.

“Uhhh hi!” Jindrax said.

“Hello.” Onihime said as she looked at Jindrax. “Is there something I can do for you?”

“Oh not much.” Jindrax said. “It’s just I’ve never seen anyone handle Toxica the way you did.”

“Yeah well I’ll do more than handle her if she gets in my way.” Onihime said. Master Org however interrupted and spoke to Onihime. “Onihime. Restrain yourself from attacking Toxica. We must prepare for an attack against the Rangers. Do you feel ready enough for battle?”

“I would prefer Master Org, to get some practice time in so I can be better prepared to deal with them.” Onihime explained. “For some reason I feel I need to see if my abilities and reflexes are all in proper working order. Despite my examination, I feel… detatched somehow.”

“No problem. Jindrax can help you.” Master Org said. Jindrax then led Onihime to a training room while Toxica followed, seething all the way there.

Inside the proving grounds Jindrax and Onihime practiced deadly sword combat, as they struck each other with blades, and other combat techniques. Rani, Master Org and Nayzor all watched to see if any traces of Kristen Earhardt’s personality came to the surface. None did, yet. That didn’t stop them from wondering however.

Jindrax and Onihime however felt more alive in their battles that they ever had in their lifetimes. Jindrax seemed to enjoy the combat, as did Onihime. “Wow! You sure are a great fighter.”

“You’re not so bad yourself stripey.” Onihime sneered as she did a leg sweep knocking Jindrax down and pretended to deliver the final strike to sever Jindrax’s head from his body. Onihime however stopped short and set her weapon aside. After she helped Jindrax up they both bowed and had shown reverence to Master Org. “Master Org. I am ready.” Onihime said.

“Excellent Onihime. Prepare yourself for battle. Destroy the Rangers.” Onihime bowed as she and Jindrax congratulated themselves on the battle. Toxica however muttered a few silent curses that were noticed by Master Org, Nayzor and Rani.

“It would seem your daughter is having a profound effect already, ” Master Org chuckled.

“She always did.” Nayzor agreed.

“I must say, ” the Rani said with a gleam, “I will most certainly enjoy the fruits that this labor of mine produce. Yes indeed.”

At the Animarium the Rangers immediately began work on trying to find Kelly. Willy was looking over some equipment he brought with him, hoping to find Kelly’s Primal Link signal. He didn’t have long to wait as the signal equipment activated.

“We’ve got a signal!” Willy said.

“Let’s get down there.” Jeremy ordered. Curtis, Willy and Sylvia all followed suit. “PRIMAL ACCESS!!!” they all shouted as they morphed into their morphed identities. After that they all teleported to the site where Kelly’s link was located.

The four Primal Force Rangers entered the square where Kelly’s signal was traced to. “Have I told you guys how much I don’t like this?” Raging Rhino asked.

“Many times Curtis. Many times.” Gentle Giraffe said. Winged Falcon however kept his mind on the mission, which was to find Kelly. “Anything?”

“Got a signal.” Armored Armadillo said as he followed the signal to a clearing at the center of the square. Once they arrived the Rangers all saw Kelly’s Primal Link lying down on the ground.

“Kelly’s link.” Raging Rhino said. Suddenly Winged Falcon knew what was going on.

“This is a trap!” Winged Falcon said as he came to the realization too late. A swooping form seemed to fly down and use her swords to cut down the Rangers in her path. When they recovered themselves they looked up and saw Onihime standing over them.

“I am the Princess Org Onihime. Daughter of General Nayzor, and the destroyer of you.” Onihime’s voice had a coolness to it reflecting her confidence in the outcome of the battle.

Winged Falcon however wasn’t ready to give up though. “We’ll never give in to you. Where’s our friend? Where’s Kelly?”

“Oh you mean the Pink Ranger that we captured?” Onihime said. “Well let’s just say, she’s being entertained. And right now you are going to entertain me!” Onihime rushed forward with her blade as did Winged Falcon and the two then started to cross swords.

Both were naturally skilled at swords. Winged Falcon had been training for most of his life in Martial Arts, especially with regards to swords. Onihime was no slouch either. Her moves were with practiced precision. Perfect style, perfect technique. As if she had been doing this all her life as well, even before her ‘examination’.

Onihime paid it no mind as she tried to deliver an overhead strike to Winged Falcon, which he deflected. “You are very good.” Onihime said. “Heart of a champion.”

“Thanks for the compliment. Too bad I have to beat you!” Winged Falcon replied.

“Who said that you would?” Onihime said as she turned around and drew a second blade to slash across Winged Falcon’s chest. Soon she launched double bladed strikes against Winged Falcon driving him back. Power erupted from every strike that was delivered, until finally Onihime had a blade at Winged Falcon’s neck and then pulled it forward sending sparks flying from his neck causing him to demorph and fall to the ground.

“JEREMY!!!” Gentle Giraffe shouted as the others went to her side. Onihime still stood boasting. “Do any of you wish to try to defeat me?”

Gentle Giraffe stood up and drew her blade and charged at Onihime. However Gentle Giraffe’s strikes were clouded with anger, and left openings for Onihime to capitalize on. Giraffe tried to make use of her Mantis Kung-Fu in her strikes but Onihime did a direct impaling on her shoulder and she was driven back. Soon the blade was at Gentle Giraffe’s neck, like it was with Winged Falcon, and Gentle Giraffe had the same treatment as her friend did, and was demorphed.

“SYLVIA!!!” Armored Armadillo shouted as she went down. Soon he and Raging Rhino tried to two on one Onihime, but Onihime had deflected the strikes effortlessly. “You may have the blades, but not the skill to use them.” Soon her blades were maneuvered to both Rangers’ necks and again the slash and demorphing came.

“CURTIS!!!” Jeremy shouted from where he lay.

“WILLY!!!” shouted Sylvia.

Onihime looked down at the fallen forms of her foes. She took in each face as she looked over each one. Jeremy, Willy, Sylvia, Curtis. Each name was etched into her memory. And she knew her name was etched into theirs.

“I want you to remember this defeat. It will be the first of many more to come.” Onihime said as she held her blade tip over each Ranger. “I can kill you anytime I wish. But right now I want to savor this victory, and leave you wondering exactly WHEN the final bell will toll for you.” When that was said Onihime teleported out and Jeremy was the first to make it to his feet. Sylvia, Curtis and Willy followed.

“Well that was fun.” Curtis said with sarcasm.

Willy picked up the discarded Primal Link off the ground and looked it over. “We need to get back to the Animarium. If we’re lucky I can access the Primal Link’s data recorder. Maybe Kelly left a clue as to her whereabouts on this.”

“What? Some sort of record?” Jeremy asked.

“Primal Links do have a data log to them in case whereabouts need to be backtracked. We can only hope Kelly’s has something useful on it.” Everyone hoped Willy was right as they made their way back to the Animarium. Bruised and battered, but still very much in the fight.

Back at Arcadia Kelly continued to pace her cell. Her agitation was growing as she looked around wondering how to escape when the door opened again. She expected Master Org to come back in again, but what she saw instead had her completely surprised, as she literally felt her breath taken away.

“Welcome. I am Xizor.” The Prince of Black Sun said.

Kelly looked up at Xizor in awe. She could tell that he was inhuman, possibly reptilian, with green skin and a ponytail with black hair sticking out of his head. But he was dressed quite regally in styled robes, and he seemed to have a calm and controlled bearing to his mannerisms.

And yet Kelly found herself strangely drawn to him, an attraction of some sort.

An attraction she wasn’t sure she could fight, or even if she wanted to.

“I… I… I’m Ke… Kelly…” Kelly said barely able to get the words out.

“Pleasure to meet you Kelly.” Xizor said kissing Kelly’s hand like a gentleman then looking at her. “I’m sure you have many questions. Such as what am I doing here? Am I in allegiance with Master Org, and what my role in this alliance is.”

“That’s… that’s… putting it mildly.” Kelly said starting to feel very hot.

“Come. I shall tell you.” Xizor then led Kelly out of her cell towards Xizor’s private quarters. Off to the side, and out of sight, Hazzard watched Xizor lead Kelly into his chambers. Hazzard sneered as he thought of what Xizor might do to the young girl.

Even though Hazzard had some problems with Xizor he never forgot Xizor’s reputation with women. Xizor was able to find females greatly attracted to him due to a natural pheromone his body secretes. With the help of this pheromone he was able to seduce many women from many species. And a lot of those times Xizor was able to get his way with those women. Those strong enough to resist the pheromone found themselves broken in other ways.

Hazzard could tell the pheromone was working on the Spirited Deer Ranger. He smiled as he thought of what would happen next.

Under her breath however Shiranna whispered “Poor girl.”

In her viewing room Rani looked at the viewer watching the battles that had taken place. It wasn’t long before the Lunar Wolf appeared in her chambers. Lunar Wolf then demorphed, and Kendall Matthews stood at attention. Her face not reflecting even the slightest emotion, even though her own heart was churning inside.

“Well done Lunar Wolf. You deserve a reward.” Rani directed Kendall to her viewing chair and motioned for her to sit in it. Kendall did so and soon the area around her started to shimmer as images appeared around her. Images of Danny, and of Kendall.

As Kendall continued to watch she felt the emotions seep into her mind. Right away she knew Danny loved her, and that he wanted to be that man that Kendall always dreamed of. The emotion of love was so strong that Kendall felt tears streak down her face. Tears mixed with joy and sadness. Joy of knowing that Danny loved her, and sadness for realizing that they would never be together.

It was a reward to Kendall, but it was also a torture as well. And if the Rani knew about the effects of what viewing and feeling the message did to her she didn’t show it.

Nor did she care.
~It doesn’t matter how many annoyances I have to deal with really. ~ the Rani mused to herself. ~ Because there isn’t any left that cares for the people I have taken for my experiments. That is, no one that I don’t already know about and has to power to do anything at all. ~

She didn’t know how wrong she was.

One teenaged girl with blonde hair cared for someone the Rani had taken for her experiments, as well as one other who disappeared before that. Kimberly Bauer waited and waited for her cousin Kristen Earhardt to call. She never did.
~Kristen promised that she’d call. What must have happened? Did she disappear along with Taylor?~ The thought of Kristen disappearing along with Taylor was scary enough for her. And Kim was almost tempted to go down to the Cove and see for herself, but she figured that she might disappear too, as Kristen warned her. And she wasn’t sure she wanted her father involved, but she also figured there might have been no way around it. Still, Kimberly Bauer still had a few options left available to her. One left behind by Kristen.
~Okay, time to put a girl’s best friend to work. ~ she thought as she dialed the phone number Kristen had left her. The phone rang, but what Kim got was the answering machine. “This is Eric Meyers. Leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you.”

Kim spoke on the phone and left her message. “Mr. Meyers, you don’t know me, but we have someone in common. I had heard that you were dating my cousin Taylor, but she disappeared a few days ago. My other cousin Kristen went to look for her, only for her to disappear. Kristen left me this number to call, so I’m wondering if you can do anything to help. Bye.” Kim hung up the phone hoping the person she was calling would hear the message.

Unknown to her the person in question did hear the tail end of it. After that he replayed the rest of it, and he clearly was not happy, as his balled up fist demonstrated as he punched a heavy bag he kept nearby hard..

“Orgs… it has to be them, ” he growled, “Well now, looks the Quantum Ranger’s making a return trip to the Cove… and if I find out you Orgs have done anything to Taylor or the other Rangers, you might as well make peace with what ever gods you worship. Cause I will be sending you to hell!”

Grabbing his keys, Eric Meyers walked out of his home, got back into his SUV, started it up, and made tracks for the highway to get from Silver Hills to Turtle Cove. Intent on giving the Orgs exactly what they deserved.

Absolute Hell.


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