Back to Earth
By Shadow Ranger

Dark Spectre had always considered the pomp and circumstance surrounding meetings of the UAE’s ruling body to be tiresome and boring. Everytime they met it was exactly the same as the previous times. Nothing ever changed and it angered him to think that even though he was the Grand Monarch of Evil, his hands were tied by tradition.

Dark Spectre sat at the head of a long table, awaiting the final delegates to arrive. To his left sat Master Vile, Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, Divatox, and General Havoc. The seat immediately to Dark Spectre’s right was empty, reserved for the third most powerful villain in the UAE, Maligore. Due to his imprisonment by Lerigot, Maligore was unable to attend. Instead his voting rights had been assigned to Divatox, a move which had pleased her family. The date had been set for as soon as she could recover the Golden Key held by the wizard Lerigot.

At the far end of the table sat King Mondo and Prince Gasket. Both were enjoying their renewed links to the UAE. Mondo was once again enjoying the power he had wielded years before.

“I call this meeting to order,” Dark Spectre said.

Silence fell throughout the vast room. The last time he had tried to make this order the Master had interferred. Now the Master was gone and the UAE was free to take over the Earth. Speed was of the essence due to the recent events of Triforia. They had applied to the UAE for membership and to annexe Earth to their realm.

Dark Spectre had no intention of allowing a third rate wannabe like Terr any access to Onyx, but he realised that the Triforian Order could perhaps succeed where he had failed. _That will not be allowed. _

“Our first order of business is the news from Earth.” Dark Spectre looked thoughtfully at the report “As you all know that pretender, the Master was defeated in battle and the Earth is now under attack from the Rangers’ replicas under the banner of the Triforian Order. We have no agreement with the Order and I propose we return there immediately.”

“And what would YOU suggest?” Master Vile asked. “That your own forces be allowed exclusive rights to Earth. My daughter has been attacking Earth since the Ranger problem arose. I suggest she be place back in her original role and any conquest be attributed to the House of Vile.”

“Absurd!” Lord Zedd cried. “Rita is my wife. If her conquest belongs anywhere it is to the House of Zedd.”

“You are a fool Zedd!” Mondo shouted. “The Machine Empire came closer than anyone to conquering the Earth. We should be allowed to conquer the planet.”

“Point of order!” Master Vile called. “Since my son-in-law and daughter blew up the Machine Empire their right to Earth is non-existent.”

“But not all the Machine Empire were destroyed,” Gasket pointed out.

“Order, Order” Dark Specter boomed. “We had this argument last time we met. I will not allow the UAE to suffer because we cannot agree. Earth officially belongs to the UAE under the treaty we made before Minion attacked. That treaty is still in force and I suggest you all remember what happened to the last person who broke one of our treaties.”

He waited for the idiots around him to absorb his words before he continued. “However, the person who conquers Earth shall be given the rank of High Official and have the same rights as Mondo Vile and myself. Do I have an agreement?”

“Ay!” the assembled villains called.

“Against?” Nobody responded. “In that case Earth is hereby declared an open target.”

In a few months they had completed their targets. KO-35 was near defeat as were most of their remaining targets. Liaria was the next target after which, they could concentrate on Earth and then Eltare.

After a final look at his equals, Dark Spectre was certain that his first instinct to get as far away from those idiots as possible was correct.

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