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Welcome to North Valley
By The Q-team

The computer, an extension of the human intellect.

The ENCOM 5-11, the most advanced computer of its time, programmed to survive by any means.

In the year 1982, the ultimate tool, became the ultimate enemy. An enemy that was defeated, but had much power.

A programmer named Kevin Flynn had snuck into ENCOM trying to find information on programming work that had been stolen from him by a corrupt co-worker named Ed Dillinger who sought to advance his own position in the company. On one visit he tried to falsify an identification code for a friend named Alan Bradley, who had developed a security program named TRON to monitor illegal activity within the ENCOM corporation. Activity that Dillinger, and a program he created called the Master Control Program, were committing.

Dillinger created the Master Control Program to be a simple chess program, but when Dillinger took power the Master Control Program grew beyond his original programming. He became smarter and more powerful, tapping into areas of knowledge that seemed unheard of.

From that knowledge came new theories. Ideas that seemed impossible suddenly took on new dimensions of fact. Almost as if technology had developed its own system of magic. One such idea was a digitizing laser.

A development by a scientist named Lora Baker she used the technological knowledge to build a working prototype of a laser that would have broken down the properties of matter and rearranged, or reassembled, them in a new location. Lora had success with several objects, but was no way ready to commence human trials.

The Master Control Program, or MCP as it was commonly known, had other plans.

When Flynn tried to hack in to create his new access code he was placed directly in the path of the laser. The MCP decided to take advantage of this opportunity and use the laser to transport Flynn into another world. A world inside the computer.

In this computer world Flynn met the program named TRON that Alan created. The MCP had brought Flynn to a section of the computer world called ‘the game grid’ where programs fought in games that were reflected into the real world. Only in the computer world these ‘video games’ had life or death consequences to anyone who had played them. The MCP had hoped Flynn, as well as the program TRON who acted independently outside the MCP’s sphere of influence, would die in these games. But TRON was a skilled fighter in the games and won every match the MCP had put him in.

Flynn decided it was time to confront the MCP. And TRON had the same goal in mind. Together, with a program named RAM, they escaped the game grid during a Light Cycle contest in order to confront, and destroy the MCP. The MCP’s enforcement program SARK deployed game tanks to stop TRON, RAM and Flynn from making their way to the MCP.

Enroute to an I/O tower TRON’s group were attacked by SARK’s tank group. Flynn and RAM were taken out as TRON continued on to the I/O tower alone. As Flynn hoped to evade further pursuit he hid in and reassembled a patrol drone called a Recognizer. Flynn then resumed his journey to help TRON but RAM didn’t survive as he disintigrated enroute.

TRON was able to make his way to the I/O tower where he could contact his user Alan Bradley. Alan then imparted information that would destroy the MCP and clear the system. After much trial and tribulation in the journey to the MCP, TRON was able to confront the Master Control Program and be successful with the help of Flynn, who sought to sacrifice himself by jumping into the MCP’s info beam disrupting his functions allowing TRON to get his disk in. TRON was successful in destroying the MCP, and Flynn was sent back to the real world riding the MCP’s info beam all the way home.

Flynn returned to the real world and told Alan, Lora and ENCOM’s founder Walter Maxwell of what had happened. Lora tried to use the technology again, but found with the MCP destroyed, a lot of the data for the safe digitizing was destroyed with it. Lora and Alan began work on trying to recreate the technology, along the way Lora and Alan were married. Flynn would take on the role of Senior Executive of ENCOM, the post vacated by Dillinger who went missing and was wanted for multiple counts of industrial espionage, and built up the company with a new insight into computers. An insight provided for him during his visit into the computer world.

A world that would soon be known as the digital world.

As the years went on technology evolved at a fast rate. The 5-11, for which the original MCP resided in, was replaced with a newer model. The original technology Lora had developed was taken, along with the 5-11, to a warehouse facility and placed in storage. Lora herself, would die in a lab accident years later. Despondent, Alan would seek to continue his wife’s work, and attempt to recreate the technology. Flynn would leave ENCOM forever disenchanted with the role he was placed in, as it’s Chief Executive Officer. His whereabouts, a mystery.

The original technology remained in the storage vault. It’s location known only to top level ENCOM executives. For years it had remained undisturbed.

Until now.

20 miles outside of North Valley

Along an almost deserted California highway a diesel truck roared down the highway carrying its load, which were relief supplies for some cities on the east coast. After the Cylon attack, it became imperative to get the lines of transportation open. Airports were still slow on getting started, train tracks were mangled in some areas, that only left the roads across the country in a somewhat operable condition. First into action were the buses and the semis.

The semi that was going down the highway carried more than supplies, it also carried a passenger. A strawberry blonde haired young woman in a jean jacket, white shirt and boots. She looked out the window to see the scenery before her. Lush, beautiful lands now has the blemishes of craters that signified where Cylon blasters had made their mark in their aerial attack. Building was already underway in many cities, and life was slowly returning to normal for them, but there were still some areas still recovering from the attack.

An attack that the woman herself had orchestrated.

For the woman was none other than Josie Belle, also known as Circuit Breaker, and formerly known as Psycho Silver.

Josie looked out the window to see the scarred landscape, and found it fitting that the landscape reflected her scarred soul. She had lost her legs during an oil rig attack from the Machine Empire years ago, which opened her heart to hatred. She lost her sister Jessie to a war that the Power Rangers failed to protect her from. She lost her benefactor who provided her power to get her revenge, and to top it all off she lost her sister for a second time.

Or what she thought was her sister.

The only thing that Josie was able to regain permanently was the use of her legs. For the first time in years Josie was able to stand, to walk, and all it took was the energy of a Power Ranger. Her sister’s energy, now given to another. But despite it all Josie was able to walk again. Yet her physical injuries were nothing compared to the mental scars that still remained in Josie’s mind.

For Josie Belle was still consumed by hate. A hate that burned.

Burned at her reason. Burned at her conscience. Burned at her soul. There was no love. No rationality. No pattern to her movements or to her thinking. All that was left was her irrationality, flawed logic, and the inner fire that was her hatred.

Hatred for the Rangers, and hatred for Cassidy Bridges, all of whom she vowed to make pay. How she would do that however she had no idea. That was why she was heading to North Valley. She had not heard from Iblis in quite some time, and there were no Cylons she could depend on. Josie was totally on her own. All she had left were her natural skills when it came to being a computer prodigy.

And her hatred.

And for Josie that was all she needed. So what if the person she used to be was burned away. Who she was now was all that mattered, as was getting her revenge. Josie continued to look out on the road deep in thought when suddenly the driver shook her out of her reverie when he asked “You okay young lady?”

Josie came out of her daze and looked at the driver. She smiled a bit and said “Yeah I’m all right. Just looking out at the scenery.” The driver nodded as if understanding.

“When I looked out at the roadways, I saw a lot of promise that seemed to be just over the next rise.” the driver said as he was reminiscing. “As if I could just go over the next hill and there would be a new opportunity waiting for me. Well I’m older now, and a lot of those opportunities aren’t there anymore. And it’s not just due to the attack either. It’s the whole dang country.” Josie listened to the driver seemingly intrigued.

“There are a lot of profiteers that will try to cash in on the disaster.” the driver said not hiding his own anger. “All looking to make a few bucks off any deal they can get. It’s almost as if this attack happened so the scum can crawl out of hiding and suck the life out everybody. I swear if I find out who ordered this attack on Earth I’d love to get my hands on them. I’d show them what I think of those tin heads.” The driver then clenched his fists ready to hit the dash board to release his own anger.

But Josie had the feeling hitting the dashboard would not be enough for the driver. He had his own burning anger in him. And if he found out Josie had launched the attack…

Josie then decided to just nod and look out the window deciding that it might not be a good idea to antagonize the driver, especially since her exo was in her bag. -When the time is right.- she thought.

Suddenly a truck stop appeared off the side of the road. The driver decided it was a good time to stretch his legs and fill up his gas tank. To that end he turned into the truck stop and pulled up to the diesel pump. The driver got out to fill up, and Josie got out of the truck as well bringing her carryon bag.

“Thanks for the ride sir.” Josie had said. “I can walk the rest of the way.”

The driver said “Anytime. Take care now.” as began to fill his tank with diesel. Josie started to walk away but then the driver called to her again. “Oh by the way, I didn’t catch your name.”

Josie thought for a moment and wondered if she should have given her real name, but then decided to give another one. A newspaper once did a misprint on the familly name and she decided that that name was as good as any right now.

“It’s Beller.” Josie had said. “Josie Beller.”

The driver nodded and said “Well you take care of yourself Josie Beller. North Valley may be no Angel Grove, but it still has some weird stuff happening there.” Josie smiled and said “Don’t worry I will.” Josie then walked away from the truck to get a look at the sight of the town of North Valley in the distance. When she saw the town she immediately took it in.

Right off the bat it didn’t seem to look like a major metropolis to Josie like Angel Grove or San Francisco had been, but she could tell it had its potential. There was a downtown to be sure, but it looked more like it was all crammed into one area. Skyscrapers were herded together that weren’t too big to begin with. What really seemed to make North Valley were the neighborhoods that surrounded the downtown area. And there were a lot of those.

-Neighborhoods that contain homes. That contain families.- Josie thought envious of those that lived in those houses. -Just like I once had a family. Just as my family was taken from me. Just as Jessie was taken from me.- Josie’s anger built up again turning her mind to her attack on San Francisco, finding comfort in the burning fire within her.

-San Francisco.- Josie thought as she thought back to her previous battle. A battle where she seemed to be leading the anihillation of the people of Earth, only for the Rangers to defeat her, and for her sister Jessie to die again. The Cylons were all destroyed, and Iblis was gone. There seemed to be no way for her to bring her sister back, or to get revenge on the Rangers.

-That’s why I came here.- she thought. -To find ways I can get revenge, for myself, and my sister Jessie.- Josie’s thoughts never deterred from her single minded objective. Destroy the Rangers. Now she only had to find a way to do it. North Valley was said to rest on a ley nexus that triggered computer malfunctions. If she could tap the nexus she could have power on par to that of the Rangers, as well as doing work that refelected her computer talents.

-So what do I have going for me?- Josie thought. -I have my Circuit Breaker exo, and my computer skills, and I’m about to go into a city that has major computer malfunctions.- Josie smiled inwardly as she thought -I just might find something to gain my revenge after all.-

Suddenly, off in the distance an explosion took place. Everyone looked to see what was going on. In the distance they looked to see mechanoids fighting in a way that reminded people of a monster attack back in Angel Grove. One trucker said “Ain’t that uncommon in this town? I thought there were only computer foul ups here.”

Josie however looked on. What she saw was a battle, but also an opportunity. Now all she had to do was take advantage of it.

Inside the city of North Valley, people were running for their lives. Afraid of not just from the big metal monsters fighting it out in their town, but from the human sized monsters that seemed to be consuming a lot of the fleeing human population as if they were being devoured. And once they were devoured it seemed like the monsters spat out a new human sized monsters. Spawning a lot more monsters that pursued the remaining population so they could consume them and spit them out too.

People tried to find cover wherever they could find it, but there seemed to be none that could be found. The threat of the monsters was so new that North Valley didn’t have designated monster shelters as of yet. Most of their threats came from the town’s computers, until the metal monsters showed up. Some of them seemed good, while others seemed like they wanted to destroy the town. Already North Valley was rising in its damage cost, almost to the level Angel Grove was in its first year. And its population was decreasing, rapidly. And they had only been in town for a few short months since the I.D. War.

Families struggled to find cover from the monsters known as Swarmers whenever they attacked. Children’s stories were being told about how if the kids weren’t good that the Swarmers would get them. What they left out was that the Swarmers took anybody, good or bad, and made them one of their own. Humanity was stripped away and Swarmers took their place. In their rampage a herd of Swarmers was overturning a table that hid a group of kids, and their mother. They screamed as the Swarmers advanced.

The mother however was unwilling to let her children be taken by the monsters. Grabbing a tree branch she swung like a mad woman screaming for her kids to run. “Miranda!, Ben! Jake! Get out of here!”

“But mom!” the youngest son Ben cried out not wanting to leave his mom behind.

“GO!” she shouted as she then turned to face the Swarmers again, but then a surge of energy ran through the Swarmers causing them to dissolve. The family looked out and saw a giant metal being with a red symbol on his chest. This was Servo Prime.

“Now you guys get clear.” Servo Prime said. “This battle will get tough.” The family nodded and ran as fast as they could, leaving Servo Prime to rejoin the battle with his friends as they fought against Kilokhan’s Destrons.

This battle was like many others that had taken place outside the digital world that had been the former Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad’s battleground. Now that they were Cybertrons and Destrons Servo Prime and Kilokhan fought in the real world, and on a one on one basis more times than not. Also Kilokhan had his own army at his disposal. His three Destrons, and his army of Swarmers.

Kilokhan often sent the Swarmers in to terrorize, and capture, the citizens for his own uses. This allowed the Destrons to run free often, only to be confronted by the Cybertrons Tanker, Syd, Amp and Lucky. Servo Prime had to use his grid power against the Swarmers causing them to dissapear once the energy struck. Once that was done Servo Prime rejoined the battle, prompting Kilokhan to get involved.

Often Kilokhan sat out the battles, preferring to watch from a distance. It was only when Servo Prime entered the battle that Kilokhan got involved. Even though he considered fisticuffs as something beneath him, there was an impulse he couldn’t quench when it came to Servo Prime. A need to destroy his opponent like none other.

And many a time Kilokhan sought to satisfy that impulse. And now would be one of those times.

“Destrons! Transform into Terrorcon! Servo Prime is mine!” Kilokhan’s three subordinates obeyed leaving Servo Prime and Kilokhan one on one.

“Looks like Kilokhan wants to take me on alone.” Servo Prime said noticing Maul, Rend and Mangle’s gestault transformation. Tanker, Syd, Lucky and Amp then decided it was a good time to take things up a notch and hit the Destron Combiners hard. With that Syd, Lucky and Amp transformed into the gestault Zenon while Tanker took on the Swarmers letting loose his own grid power against those that had assembled. However more continued to come.

Zenon fought the Destron combiner as hard as they could. The Destron combiner was savage and unpredictable, while Zenon tried to fight smart and calculated. It wasn’t easy, but Zenon was able to land a shot which sent the combiner flying, and separating. It landed with a hard thud.

All that remained was Servo Prime against Kilokhan who was attacking in his stealth bomber mode driving down Servo Prime. When it seemed like Servo Prime was weakened enough Kilokhan transformed appearing to enjoy his victory.

“Give up Meat thing.” Kilokhan said standing over Servo Prime. “You have no chance against a truly digital being like myself.”

“Oh I’m sure I can think of a few things.” Servo Prime said launching up into a missile drop kick to Kilokhan, then hitting him repeatedly with his metallic fists. When Servo Prime let up he transformed back into his vehicle mode and sped away, only to turn back around and gain momentum as he roared back towards Kilokhan at top speed. When Servo Prime jumped up high in the air he then transformed and fired his blaster towards Kilokhan knocking him back down. Servo Prime then tried to get a running charge, but Kilokhan then grabbed his hands and the two mechanoids entered a test of strength.

Servo Prime was unwilling to continue with a pointless contest so he fell back, brought his leg into place at Kilokhan’s chest, and launched him up high into the air. With Kilokhan flying Servo Prime was able to get in some shots. Shots which damaged Kilokhan so much he had no choice but to transform and retreat. “Destrons fall back!” Kilokhan ordered. Maul, Rend and Mangle backed away from Zenon and then followed the retreat of their leader.

All that was left were the Swarmers. Servo Prime cut loose with his grid power before they got too close and the Swarmers disintigrated.

The Cybertrons had won.

Meanwhile back at the truck stop everyone looked mesmerized by what just occured. One person was looking through binoculars watching the monsters fight, and couldn’t believe what he saw.

“Whoa! Did the good guys win?” a trucker just asked of the battle that took place. Everyone didn’t have an answer. Even the one with the binoculars didn’t have an answer. “How should I know? I don’t even know who the good guys are?”

Josie didn’t know, nor did she care to find one either. She had other things to do as she made her way to the road that led into town. She had to find a place to stay, new clothes to wear, and a job to pay the bills. So she immediately brought her carryon bag to her shoulder and walked down the main road towards town.

The Cybertrons watched Kilokhan and his Destrons retreat. Tanker, Amp, Syd and Lucky high fived each other while Servo Prime watched the forces retreat. “Wow that was so cool.” Tanker had said. “We sent those punks packing.”

“Yeah! Woo hoo!!!” Syd said jumping for joy. Servo Prime however had other things on his mind. Specifically the citizens that were still in hiding. Looking around he called out. “It’s okay people! The bad guys are gone!”

Slowly, but surely, people started to come out of their hiding places. First among them were police and local news. The police officers had their guns in their holsters ready to pull them out. Servo Prime just held his hand out and said “That’s not necessary officers. Besides, I don’t think you have a jail big enough to hold us.”

A reporter then spoke up and started to ask questions. Amp recognized her as the news anchor Becky Morrison on the North Valley Morning show by saying “Wow! Becky Morrison! I watch your show all the time! I’m a real fan of your work!”

“Uhhh Thanks.” Becky said. “But I think what people would really like to know is why you and your metal friends are tearing through our city destroying property and having those black things eat people?”

“Whoa! That’s not us!” Servo Prime said. “In fact if people look carefully we were trying to stop them from doing all that. If we weren’t here North Valley would be a total wreck and all its people would be Swarmers right now.”

“Swarmers?” Becky asked.

“Yeah Swarmers.” Servo Prime said. “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Servo Prime. Leader of the Cybertrons. We’re here in North Valley to stop the takeover of this city, and your planet, from the forces of Kilokhan and his Destrons.”

“Destrons?” Becky then asked seeming to pick up on every last word Servo Prime said.

“Yeah. Basically everything started out as a computer program wreacking havok with a lot of the systems around here. That program was named Kilokhan, but then one day he was able to come out of the digital world and have a new metallic form. The Cybertrons, then called the Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad, were formed to stop him. But then when Kilokhan made forays into the real world, and acquired his new forces, we followed and have been fighting him ever since.”

“What were you called before?” Becky then asked. “The superhuman…?”

“The Super Human Samurai Syber Squad.” Servo Prime said. “We tried to be called the Cyber Squad, but then we settled for being called Cybertrons. And we will be here to protect North Valley.” With that Servo Prime ordered the Cybertrons to transform, and they left the city square leaving the police, and one curious reporter behind.

Digitropolis was Kilokhan’s fortress. Created from ruins rebuilt into a cold symbol of technological superiority. This was where Kilokhan made his plans.

No one dared to approach Digitropolis. Many tried only to meet up with one of the most avdvanced defence grids ever created. A range from turret weapons to disintigration force fields served as protection for Kilokhan and his forces in their digital haven in the real world.

In the main chamber Kilokhan looked up at his viewer and saw Servo Prime speak and then Becky Morrison then spoke to the people at home. “And there you have it. Apparently North Valley has a new team of super heroes looking out for us. But unlike Angel Grove and its Power Rangers, these heroes are larger than life, and more than meets the eye to this reporter. Obviously there is more to this story, and KONV will be here to present it to you. I’m Becky Morrison.”

Kilokhan punched the screen in front of him and screamed. “AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! You incompetent pieces of scrap! How could you let Servo Prime beat you like this?! HOW!!!”

“It not our fault master! Servo Prime strong!” Maul pleaded. Kilokhan did not like how Maul was pleading and glared at his servant. “Are you saying that Servo Prime is more powerful than you?”

“No master I..”

“SILENCE!!!” Kilokhan bellowed. “Leave my sight. We need to find something to defeat Servo Prime and his Cybertrons. Leave me!” The Destrons left Kilokhan while he tried to contemplate his next move. He needed a way to beat Servo Prime.

But what was that way?

At the Collins house Sam and the members of Team Samurai, which was the name of the band that served as the Cybertrons human identities, watched the interview and high fived each other. “Great speech Sam.” Syd said.

“Yeah. We let people know there are new heroes in town.” Tanker added.

“Provided the media doesn’t turn it into one of those ‘threat or menace’ stories like you see in the Daily Bugle in New York.” Amp said. Lucky added with “Oh man that would be so not cool.”

“Don’t worry about it guys.” Sam said. “We’ll speak through our deeds as well as our words. But in the meantime we’ve got school tomorrow.” Everyone nodded and decided to head to their respective homes. Sam also got dressed for bed and tucked himself in. His clock radio set to wake him up for the morning. For another day at school.

Josie saw part of the interview on the television herself as she watched the T.V.s located in the appliance store not far from the shelter. While she found that she did not care too much for Servo Prime and his Cybertrons, she did find much of the story…informative.

She was able to get information on Servo Prime, and find out a little about his origins. From a computer program grafted onto a human that could be brought into the digital world to the evolution of that said program into the robotic creature it was now. Apparently the same was said for Kilokhan as he too had evolved from program to metallic monstrosity. All of which was useful information to her, and all of which she would put to use.

But first she had to find a home.

As Josie walked around North Valley, she found it to be a nice quiet place composed more of neighborhoods more than anything. There didn’t seem to be much of a downtown region to speak of. In fact, the downtown of North Valley seemed to remind people of small towns in the midwest United States. A town hall, small shopping areas, a park, a local bank. All in all North Valley seemed to be a sweet little place where one could raise a family.

-At least it was until those computer programs evolved.- Josie thought. -Well I’ll just have to see what I can do with them.-

Josie found her first place to stay at a homeless shelter on the outskirts of town. She had to admit that the shelter looked a lot better than what she had seen before. And a blonde teenaged volunteer greeted her as she checked in. “Welcome to North Valley shelter. How long will you be staying?”

“Not long, a couple of days I hope.” Josie said. “Just long enough to find a job and a place to live.” The volunteer then took Josie to show her to her room and then where the shower was located. It was a public shower which meant that Josie had to reserve time to use it. Josie nodded accepting the circumstances.

“And the cafeteria is open at 9:00 in the morning.” the volunteer said. “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Josie thought for a moment and said “Yes. I’m looking for a job. Is there anywhere that needs help with computers?”

The volunteer smiled a sarcastic smile. “Ma’am, this is North Valley. Everyone needs someone to look at their computer from time to time, or to teach them how to operate it. There’s a special job placement board for those with computer skills downstairs at the main level.” Josie thanked her and then asked “Is there a computer here at the shelter I can use?”

“We kind of have to share computer use with the public library.” the volunteer said. “They are open until nine though.” Josie looked at her watch and said “Thank you. That gives me two hours work time.” Josie then wasted no time getting to a library computer, and quickly working on a new resume…as well as a false identity for herself.

-Let’s see.- Josie thought as she brought out a disk and inserted it into the computer. Inside it were images of her birth certificate, education, grade transcripts, and social security card. -Now what shall I change first?- She looked over her name and immediately thought of what she had said to the trucker that brought her there. -Josie Beller? Could that work?- She then decided -Why not?- and made the corrections to her name, adding the ‘r’ to her last name, and changing her middle name as to not arouse too much similarity to her current life, and her past one.

After that came her social security number, and any other relevant data that might link her to Josie Belle. Even her education history was altered to reflect her intelligence, but not to the point where people might connect the dots. She even altered points on her resume as well, so that they would be checking with companies no longer in buisness, but where she still held high credentials. -Now to find work- she thought with a slight smile reflecting pride in her work.

As she checked the job board she found two jobs for herself that intrigued her, and sent the resume out to them. One was for warehouse duty that provided with room and board, and another was as a high school teacher. Both came back with acceptance and Josie accepted them both.

She then went through her carryon bag to determine what she would wear for her first job. She found an outfit that was sure to get her students amazed. -Watch out boys. School will soon be in session.- she thought.

Monday morning

Another week had started and the alarm went off on Sam’s clock radio, yet Sam had to pry himself out of the bed in order to wake up to get ready for school. After shutting off the clock radio Sam pushed himself out of bed and got ready to start his day. After brushing his teeth, gargling and picking out a new change of clothes Sam got dressed and ready to catch the bus, even though he felt like he was dragging all the way down to the bus stop.

It however wasn’t enough as Sam found he had missed the bus to take him to school. “Hey wait!” he called out. But the bus was already long gone. “Oh man!” he said as he hastilly got dressed, and fixed a quick breakfast of cerial and juice and ran out of his house wondering how to get to school on time. Which according to his watch started in twenty minutes.

Sam thought about walking to school but then decided to activate his morphing device called a Cyberizer that allowed him to transform into Servo Prime. First he ducked into a nearby alley and activated his command. “LET’S SAMURIZE GUYS!!!”

The Cyberizer caused Sam to bulk up in size and transform into his armored form of Servo Prime who stood in the alleyway, then transformed into his vehicle mode as he raced towards school. He roared down the street going the maximum allowed speed posted, not wanting to get a ticket for speeding. -Of course the cop would probably feel awkward giving the ticket to a vehicle and not a driver.- Servo Prime thought. -Besides, how old does a vehicle have to be to drive anyway? I don’t think there’s a law against that.-

As Servo Prime drove on he passed the school bus and honked his horn to the students he passed. The students shouted their support to Servo Prime as he drove by. The kids shouted how cool they thought Servo Prime and all the Cybertrons were. Servo Prime felt a twinge of pride as he heard the comments and hoped to feel worthy of the praise being shown to him and his friends in defence of their city from Kilokhan.

When he reached school Servo Prime drove by and pulled into a side street transforming back into Cybertron mode, then back into Sam Collins when no one was looking. “Talk about a luxury transforming into your own transportation when you need to.” Sam said as he raced into the school heading into his first period class, computer science.

Sam made his way to his seat, which was next to Syd and Tanker. Amp took an advanced course which would be at a later period, and Lucky was at seventh period in the remedial course. “So I hear we have a new teacher today.” Sam had said

“Yeah.” Tanker said. “I hear she’s pretty hot too.” Syd rolled her eyes as he heard Tanker mention the teacher’s looks. “Tanker do teachers have to look good for you to be interested in them.”

“No.” Tanker mentioned. “But it sometimes helps if the outer package matched the brains inside.” Sam sighed as he heard his friend talk, unaware of the presence behind him.

“Well I hope I don’t dissapoint you Mr…’Tanker’ is it?” a voice said from behind. The three students turned around to see a woman standing behind them. She wore a white blouse with red stripes matching a red skirt that went down to above her knees, and red shoes. She had reddish blonde hair matched with rimmed glasses. To Sam and Tanker she looked like as much a thing of beauty as the school professional dress code would allow. As she walked to the front of the class every eye was on her as she set her folders down and got the class’s attention.

“Good morning class.” the young woman said. “My name is Miss Beller. I am your new computer sciences teacher.”

Tanker looked at ‘Miss Beller’ and said “What a woman.”

Sam also felt something. A sort of feeling as if he was being drawn to ‘Miss Beller’ for some reason. Almost as if there was something…’special’ about her.

What that was he wasn’t sure. He just hoped nothing terrible would happen once he found out.

The rest of the school day was as gruling for many students as it had been for others. Math courses, reading, english. Every student was given a specific curriculum, and each one had to follow it. Sam and his friends were no exception, and of course, each one had their own share of homework, After their respective classes Sam and his friends met up and talked about how their day went. However, there didn’t seem to be much to talk about, except Miss Beller.

“I couldn’t get her out of my mind the whole day.” Tanker said. “I mean, if they made teachers like that I don’t think I would have slept through so many classes.

“Yeah!” Amp said. “I mean she’s a real looker.” Lucky even made a comment on how great she’d look at the beach.

Sam didn’t say anything because she knew the talk seemed to bother Syd. But nonetheless he felt strange when it came to Miss Beller, a drawing towards her of some kind. Words could not explain it, nor could he figure out what it meant. “Guys.” Sam said “Could we get our minds out of the gutter here?” The guys nodded when all of a sudden a call came out taking them out of their reverie. A call from Josie.

“Mr. Collins.” Josie said calling out to Sam and his friends. Syd gave a bit of an annoyed look as Sam turned and said “Yes Miss Beller?”

“I noticed you seem to know your way around a computer.” Josie complimented. She then looked at Syd and said “You especially. It seems your computer skills are quite exceptional.”

“Thank you.” Syd said trying to sound modest and hide the bitter feelings that seemed to be building up within her. Tanker spoke up and said “She’s helped us all out a bit.”

“So I noticed.” Josie then looked at Amp and Lucky whom she noticed passed her advanced and remedial courses respectively. But also seemed quite the unusual personas to do so. Amp was quite the space cadet in a room full of brains, and all Lucky could focus on was surfing, even while on the computer station. -These two are quite intriguing.- she thought.

“So Miss Beller, what brings you to North Valley?” Sam asked. “If you don’t mind me asking.”

“New beginnings.” Josie said. “I wanted a chance to help build a new life, and find new paths for myself. North Valley seemed to be the place to do that.”

“Well I hope you enjoy it here.” Amp said. “But watch out for the sushi at the Sushi bar. I think it was alive once.” Josie rolled her eyes upon hearing that. Amp might have been smart, but there were areas where he seemed to be…lacking. She then noticed something about Sam’s last name, Collins.

“You wouldn’t happen to have any relatives in the Freak Zone do you?” Josie then asked. “It’s just that I heard the name Collins before, and I think I know a Collins from somewhere.”

“Well I do have a cousin who lived in Angel Grove.” Sam explained. “She moved to San Francisco a few months ago, right when that attack first happened.”

“Yes. I heard about that.” Josie said knowing that Sam was referring to the Cylon attack but she didn’t convey any reaction to let herself know how involved she was in that. Like Sam, she had secrets. She also figured that the cousin he mentioned might have mentioned Christina Collins who was an ‘Outsider’. -Something to look into for the future. – she thought. She then proceeded to ask Sam more questions. “Any other family?”

“Dude! Don’t you have a rich uncle in Silver Hills?” Lucky then asked. Sam sighed and nodded wishing Lucky hadn’t brought up his uncle Alex Collins and his cousin Wes. “Yeah. He heads up Biolab. I talk to his son Wes at times, but we’re really not all that close.” Sam said hoping the conversation would be left at that. Josie picked up the tone and nodded as she understood.

“Well, I had better get going.” Josie said. “I have to go to my second job, and see my new place.” Sam then asked “You have a new job, and a new apartment?”

“Ironically they seem to be in one and the same place.” Josie said as she walked down the hall. Tanker looked at Josie’s butt as she walked away, an elbow from Sydney shook him out of his reverie. “Sorry.” Tanker said. Syd didn’t notice the apology as she continued to stare at Josie.

“Syd is something wrong?” Sam asked. Syd looked at Sam and said “You mean other than how every guy, including some we know, are fawning themselves all over an older woman?”

“Hey! She’s not that old!” Tanker said. “Maybe by five years!”

“Yeah! I mean I’ve read tabloids that have had women dating men twelve years younger than them!” Amp added. Sam rolled his eyes and said “Enough of that. Look we know she’s hot. But Syd, is there something else about her? Something…not quite right?”

Syd sighed as she looked at where Josie had walked away. “I’m not sure.” Syd had said. “It’s just that…I can’t help but feel I’ve seen her before somewhere.”

Josie then raced towards the shelter and changed her clothes from her school teacher garb back to her shirt, jacket and blue jeans with boots. Her next interview called for a more casual dress, and nothing professional. Once changed she made her way to her next destination.

And yet through it all she thought about one thing. Sam Collins.

Right off the bat there seemed to be something about him. Something that drew her to him. A feeling she didn’t know.

-Come off it Josie.- she said shaking her thoughts off the subject. Or at least trying to. -He’s younger than you. He’s still in high school for crying out loud!- But still she couldn’t get her mind off him.

-Have I fallen so far that I’d think of falling for a student?- Josie asked. -What’s wrong with me?- she asked. Then she focused her mind on the one thing she was sure of. The one thing that was always there for her.

Her anger.

-You have no time for this. You have to rebuild your power! You have to destroy the Rangers! Nothing else matters! Build your life here! Find the secrets here! get your revenge here! Don’t wast time on some questionable attraction!-

With that Josie’s thoughts were back on her single minded goal, and she headed to where she needed to go next.

To where her second job would be.

ENCOM Warehouse
10 Miles outside of North Valley

Outside the warehouse did not look like much. It looked like any other warehouse. Inside however was something of a treasure trove of technology.

Josie walked through the hallways of what would be her second job, and place of residence, learning the ropes as they were being presented to her. The warehouse of a computer company called ENCOM which had some unique technology that required guarding. Throughout the tour, she was escorted by a security guard that had the name ‘Katzenbogen’ on his shirt, and he looked like he had a few donuts too many. -Oh well, at least the interview was quick.- Josie thought as the people in charge hired her on the spot.

“You’ll be watchdogging a lot of the old technology here.” the guard said to Josie. “A lot of it is old, and some of it is also kind of useless. But there is still some value to a lot of it.”

“Value?”Josie asked as she looked at an old suit of red armor before her.

“Yeah!” the guard said. “Some of this stuff still has a lot of questions behind it. Scientists still try to figure out the secrets of a lot of it when they have the time. Whatever secrets they find out they try to apply to new technological advances, I will admit it’s been a while since any have come here though.” Josie nodded as her gaze still fell upon the armor. “What is this?”

The guard looked at the suit before them and said “That is a Crimson Dynamo. A suit created by a Russian Scientist.”

“Why is it here?” Josie asked.

“A security precaution.” the guard explained. “Tony Stark is one of our board members, even though he rarely appears at meetings due to him handling matters at his own company. All the same, he wanted it to be someplace safe, as well as the plans to it, so no one would look for them.”

“So he hid them with a rival company?” Josie asked.

“Mr. Stark’s not exactly a rival” the guard said. “He’s an equal partner in ENCOM stock. He has some influence, but not enough to change the policies of ENCOM.”

“What’s the Dynamo supposed to do?” Josie asked showing intrigue in the suit design.

“It works on electric current.” the guard said. “Electricity powers the weapons systems, and allows magnetic fields to be generated to be used for flight and defense.” Josie smiled inwardly. She knew the Crimson Dynamo would have uses for her. She continued on her tour when she came across an old mainframe computer before her. “What is this?”

“Oh that?” the guard said. “That’s the old ENCOM 5-11. It was moved here to make way for the newer version that is currently connected to the ENCOM network. It has a…history. Much like a lot of the technology here.”

Josie looked intrigued. “A history?”

The guard then explained. “About fifteen years ago ENCOM was under the control of a shady Senior Executive named Ed Dillinger. He stole work from a young software designer named Kevin Flynn and passed it off as his own. A game called ‘Space Paranoids’ as well as others. Once Dillinger was in place he put into play a program called the Master Control Program, or MCP for short, to oversee the happenings at ENCOM.”

“What was the problem with the MCP?” Josie asked.

“It was getting too powerful.” the guard said. “It was raiding corporations and stealing information. Not to mention getting into the ‘Special Projects’ wing. It almost seemed like the MCP was getting a life of its own. Like it was becoming a living thing.” The guard went to what looked like a laser cannon and Josie looked at it in awe.

“What is this?” Josie asked.

“This is a digitizing laser.” the guard said. “It was designed by Lora Bradley to break down objects of matter and digitize them into the computer. It could then reassemble the object at another location.”

“Lora Bradley? Is she related to Alan Bradley on the ENCOM board of directors?” Josie asked remembering an old story from the early eighties about a development made by Lora Bradley, which exposed a corrupt influence in the ENCOM corporation. “You know your stuff girl.”

“I heard some stories. Stuff my father told me about on old news reports.” Josie had said of what she knew of the history of ENCOM’s mysteries. Its technology and the people behind it. It realized to her the magic that could exist within technology.

“She’s his wife.” the guard explained. “Or was. She died years ago trying to recreate the technology.”

“Recreate the technology?” Josie asked. “But it’s right here. Isn’t it?”

“Legend has it that the technology only worked due to some knowledge imparted from the MCP. When the MCP was destroyed that knowledge was lost.”

“The MCP was destroyed?” Josie asked. “How?”

“The MCP decided to digitize Flynn when he tried to hack into the system to find proof that his work was stolen by Dillinger. Flynn was actually inside the world of the computer. Trapped on a sector called a ‘game grid’ where programs fought each other in video game combat. Or so Flynn described it.” Josie was now even more intrigued. -A world inside the computer? I never would have imagined such a concept. Even though Servo Prime says that he originally came from a computer himself.- “How did Flynn escape?”

“With the help of a security program called TRON.” the guard said. “Flynn and TRON escaped the Game Grid and made their way to where the MCP resided in the heart of the system. TRON was able to get data from Alan and use it to destroy the MCP at its base. Flynn was sent back to the real world, and Dillinger was removed from his office. Even though he dissapeared before he could be arrested.”

“That’s quite a story.” Josie said.

“Yeah.” the guard said. “It almost makes you wonder whether or not its true. But then we live in the Freak Zone. So I suppose anything’s possible.”

“Yes, anything is.” Josie said. “So where do I have my cot for sleeping?”

“There’s a loft up there which overlooks the entire floor.” the guard said pointing to an overlooking room. “Your living quarters are basically there.” The guard led Josie up the stairs to her loft and showed her her apartment. It had a hideabed, kitchenette, and small living area for her. Josie looked around and said “This is doable. And this won’t interfere with my teaching job?”

“You basically set your own hours.” the guard said. “Just let the office know when you’ll be leaving so relief can come in.” Josie nodded and thanked the guard. “Thank you, I’m sure I’ll be okay.”

“I hope so.” the guard said. “Last person we had here said this stuff gave him the heebie jeebies. Like there were ghosts in the machines.”

“I’m sure I’ll be fine.” Josie said as the guard left the warehouse in Josie’s care. Josie then looked down at all the technology before her. The 5-11, the digitizing laser, the plans for the Crimison Dynamo armor, as well as a suit and other odds and ends ENCOM let sit here to gather rust because there was no MCP to unlock its secrets. But still Josie saw an opportunity present itself with the technology before her. -Could I have found what I have been looking for?-? she asked herself. -Have I found what I need to rebuild and go after the Rangers?- Josie looked at the equipment and saw a lot of potential before her. All she needed to do was figure out its secrets.

“Maybe I don’t need an MCP to figure out these secrets.” Josie said. “Maybe I can figure out these secrets myself.” She went over to her duffle bag to pull out the components to her Circuit Breaker exo suit. A suit that was still operable, but perhaps with the Dynamo plans could be improved upon.

“I guess I’d better get started.” she said as she made her way to the computer network to call up the plans to the Crimison Dynamo.

Meanwhile back at the Collins house Team Samurai was rehearsing for their next gig, but some still had their minds on their new computer teacher Miss Beller, Tanker especially. So much so he missed the beat on several drum numbers.

“Tanker what’s going on?” Sam asked. “You’re wandering.”

“Sorry.” Tanker said. “I was just thinking about Miss Beller, and how hot she looked.” This got a roll on the eyes from Syd and Sam. Amp and Lucky however had to agree.

“Yeah. Did you see those legs?” Amp asked. “Those were hot numbers there.”

“Yeah dude. And how about that waist?” Lucky asked. It was almost as if Josie Beller was their dream girl due to her being smart and beautiful all at one time. For the guys beauty and brains were combined in Josie Beller.

“I think we need to get our minds off Miss Beller.” Sam sighed and thought maybe it was time to take a break. Everyone agreed and decided to do something to amse themselves. Sam played a sports game on his game system, while Syd read a magazine Sam had. Tanker, Amp and Lucky however were thinking of love letters to write to Miss Beller.

Syd looked through some of Sam’s old magazines until she came across a picture of Josie on one. Syd could not believe it. The magazine read ‘Josie Belle: Prodigy.’

“Guys! Look at this!” Syd said as everyone gathered around and read the article. It told of how Josie came about, her childhood, her family history, her time as a prodigy, the accident on the Blackrock Oil Rig, and more recently the death of her sister. When they all read it they felt sad for Josie Belle, then Lucky had a thought. “Hey guys, you notice that besides the ‘r’ this Josie Belle and Miss Beller could have the same name?”

“I think this goes beyond a ‘same name’ thing.” Syd said as she called up another picture. This picture being the most recent one taken of Josie Belle, at her sister’s funeral. According to the accompanying article Josie Belle was screaming at some members of the funeral party hysterically, but when Syd showed the picture the first image that came to mind was Miss Beller.

“They do look a lot alike.” Sam said comparing the ‘Josie Belle’ picture to ‘Josie Beller’.

“Wait guys.” Tanker said. “According to this Josie Belle is in a wheelchair. But Miss Beller is walking. If Miss Beller is Josie, how come she’s not in her chair?”

“I don’t know.” Syd said. “But I just have this feeling about her. I think she knows something about Josie Belle.”

“Didn’t she dissapear a couple of months ago?” Sam asked. “After her sister’s funeral?”

“Yeah.” Lucky said. “No one knows what happened to her. Hey, maybe Miss Beller is Josie Belle.”

“Oh knock it off.” Amp said. “Miss Beller doesn’t have a wheelchair. Her legs work.”

“And what legs they are.” Tanker said. This got him another elbow in the chest from Syd.

“Look guys. Right now we need to focus on when Kilokhan will strike next.” Sam said. “We also need to get some band practice in. Whatever happens with Miss Beller, or Miss Belle, or whoever she is, we’ll find out when the time comes.” Everyone nodded and went back to their instruments. Team Samurai still had a gig to prepare for, and practice to get done.

Over the skies of North Valley a black speck circled the air. It looked around for a suitable host trying to reformat itself into a being of new power. But there was no one worthy of accessing its power, yet.

Then it was as if fortune had favored it, as its senses came to the ENCOM warehouse. Immediately the molecule made its way there.

Josie was hard at work building her new Circuit Breaker armor using plans and components from the Dynamo suit. When she was finished she would have her weapon to use against the Power Rangers, and any enemy that crossed her path. -Including those robots here.- she thought. After a lot of hard work Josie decided that she would take a break and have a drink. She did not realize the swarm molecule enter through the open window and make its way towards the 5-11.

Once the molecule entered the old computer it powered itself up and seemed to be feeding power to everything in the warehouse. Josie looked around as all the technology in the room came to life as if awoken from a long sleep. Josie felt a wave of curiosity and fear well up in her. Curiosity as to how this happened, and fear as to what was going to happen next.

Josie went to a computer to try and determine what was causing the phenomenon unaware that she was in the path of the digitizing laser, and it was starting to power up. The laser locked onto Josie’s body as she was tapping keys on her keyboard trying to determine what was happening. Before her eyes came a series of symbols, numbers and language that Josie could barely make out. The language was so advanced and the speed so fast that Josie had a hard time comprehending it all. She was totally unaware of the laser behind her building up its power and getting ready to fire.

Soon the laser had enough power and it fired a beam at her. Immediately Josie fell back as the beam made contact, and froze in her position. Her body had a data grid all around it as her form was converted to digitized data. That’s when the laser began its work.

The laser fired several beams at her fingers making them dissapear. Then the beam went to work on her hand. It worked down the rest of her arm and then went to work on the other arm. Soon the beam went to work on the rest of her body digitizing everything. Her head, her torso, her clothes. The laser continued its work down her legs all the way down to her boots. Soon everything Josie was was digitized inside the laser.

And sent inside the computer. Josie was gone from the real world.

Josie was barely aware of herself falling. For a few seconds all she could see, and feel were a blackness around her. A blackness that soon exploded into a kaleidoscope of color and images and something pulling her down slowly to a place she did not know.

As she fell Josie thought she could see patterns of color and light swarming around her as she fell. There were also components flying towards her as if attaching themselves to her body. She passed through a tunnel and came across layers upon layers of structures. Structures that were layers upon layers of data all coming together to form a new kind of world.

A world inside the computer.

Josie saw everything around her. Structures that seemed like landmasses, that contained bits and sectors of data. A world where light and energy seemed almost alive, and in a bright spectrum of color. As Josie floated seemingly without coherent form her mind was opened to the world before her, a world that seemed totally alive.

A world that could be hers.

Josie floated in awe of what was before her as she found herself floating towards a column of light. As she touched the light she felt herself being pulled down the corridor making contact with what seemed to be the end of her fall.

The journey was over, but the adventure was only beginning.

Josie then found herself reconfiguring, as physical awareness came back to her. She looked down at her body and found herself covered in some sort of luminescent armor. Her arms, legs and chest all seemed to be covered with the components that seemed to have light running through them. Her head was adorned with some kind of helmet that had the same kind of luninescence leaving her face visible. Josie was surprised to say the least about what had happened.

“What is this?” she asked herself as she looked around at her surroundings. They all seemed to reflect a sense of light around them as Josie looked around. She soon saw a balcony and looked down at the sight below. She also remembered the passage she took and what she saw as she flet herself being drawn to where she was. “Was that real?” she asked herself as she looked out around her.

Light was passing below her. Light filled with knowledge and data. Josie could feel the knowledge coming from the bits below her as the realization came to her. I….I’m inside the computer. I’m inside the 5-11.” Josie looked around and touched one of the bits floating around. Josie’s mind opened up to the data it contained and was amazed at the ability she possessed. Looking off to the side she saw what looked to be a series of bits floating inside what looked to be a junk pile. “A trash node?” she asked.

Josie looked at the bits before her and reached out with her mind seemingly giving a series of commands. Those commands allowed a ship to seemingly arise and rebuild itself before her. It looked massive, almost like an air craft carrier with a section protruding off its right side where the ship’s operations all took place. It gave off a luminescence much like the luminescence Josie gave off. Only this one had some tinges of red to it reflecting a somewhat sinister feel to it.

Josie seemed to pay the luminescence no mind. As long as it did its job she was fine with that. And that was to explore the new world before her. Once her carrier was together Josie went onboard and decided to see what the new world had for her to discover. As she explored the regions of the new world she saw that it seemed to consist of many sectors and blocks. Each functioning a certain aspect of the 5-11 maintaining its operation. But she noticed one thing that this world had lacked.


As Josie travelled she saw that the world still had light and rudimentary data, but there were no programs within the mainframe. It seemed like a deserted world. Josie knew of programs that the 5-11 contained, and knew it would need to have those programs again. -Plus a few others.- she thought.

After her exploring Josie took her makeshift ship and went to the heart of the system to find a data node to get back to the real world. What she saw she couldn’t believe.

The structure of the node looked like it contained a fortress once, designed to incorporate everything within the 5-11.. But at the center of the fortress seemed to be a stone that had a typewriter at the center. Everything seemed to relay to this stone structure, but there was no one in the center to do the relaying. -Perhaps I can arrange that.- she thought as Josie concentrated, and the stone seemed to reconfigure to her will. And instead of a stone with a typewriter, there stood a chair connected to the lines that seemed to connect to the main base which Josie believed was the main node to the computer.

Josie moved forward to sit in the chair, and immediately felt a surge of power unlike any she had seen, or felt before. It was as if her mind became open to ALL the knowledge the 5-11 contained. All the secrets, all the history, it became Josie’s to know. But that wasn’t the only thing she felt as more than what the computer contained became aware to her.

She felt her body changing, reformatting, as knowledge entered her brain. Knowledge unlike any she had felt before. Knowledge of the Cybertrons and the Destrons. Knowledge about the inner workings of the computer unlike any she could have known before. It was like her old perceptions were shattered and a whole new world opened inside her mind.

Her costume then changed. Her helmet dissapeared revealing her reddish blonde hair cascading in a luminescent glow. Her armor was changed to a luninescent body suit with robes surrounding her. She was the queen of her own domain. But her domain had been without subjects.

“Perhaps it’s time I got some.” she thought as she then flew up to the central data node and back to the digitizing laser.

Back in the real world the laser activated again. Josie was reconstituted and back in her old clothes of her white shirt, blue jeans and boots. She looked around at the sight of the 5-11 roaring to life, the digitizing laser, and her new Circuit Breaker armor. Ideas rolled through her mind as to what she would do next.

“Well first we need to expand your horizons.” Josie said as she began to work on getting the 5-11 connected to the internet. She looked for an up to date modem and found one, although it was not in the best shape. That was when something extraordinary happened.

The modem reformatted. It was as if it had changed before her as it rested in her hands. Once Josie got over her initial shock of the changing she was doing she focused her mind and concentrated to help the process along. Soon the formatting stopped and a new piece of technology was before her. Josie looked on wide eyed as she saw what she could do. -What did that computer do to me?- she asked herself.

She then went to the 5-11 and touched it. It too changed into a whole new machine. It was as if it was being reborn and Josie was guiding the birth. Josie found a socket to place the modem inside and soon a new computer sat before her that was connected to the internet. Josie was clearly amazed.

Before her stood all new hardware from the remains of the old. She then looked at her new armor and had ideas for that too. She touched it and it started to change. It was a more sleeker, deadlier machine that now seemed to be more like a robot. And fror that seemed to come more as orbs of energy erupted and configured into more robots similar to the first one Josie had built.

Josie now had a small army to combat her enemies in the real world. Now it was time to buile her kingdom in the computer world. She went over to the digitizing laser and seemed to will it into activation. The beam fired again transforming her body and sending it back into the computer where she would find programs to build her cyber kingdom.

After all, what was a queen without her subjects?

Outside the warehouse transformed. It had started from being a boxy building of wood and concrete and was reformatting into a sort of bunker like temple, reminiscent of the temple that was inside the world of the computer, made up of what seemed to be the same material in Josie’s computer world. It had the same luminescence and seemed to shine in the night sky as the temple seemed to fill with light and energy. It was a spectacle amidst the darkness.

Josie Belle then stepped out onto a makeshift balcony and looked out at the real world. Josie Belle, the new Cyber Queen of the digital world, had arrived. And the Rangers would soon feel her wrath.

But first, there were the Cybertrons to deal with.

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