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… Die By The Sword
By The Q Team

In the central square of the main hub of Aquitar a stage had been set for a confrontation. A confrontation that would determine the future of a world….provided the world HAD a future.

On one side of the square stood members of the current ruling council of Aquitar. A council led by the Ranger traitor Cestria, who had become the new Scorpina. By her side were the enforcers of the regime, as well as her partners in Aquitar’s rule of evil. A squad of Daleks, Shadow Troopers and Robo Aquatians ready to destroy a force of Power Rangers. A force that consisted of four teams.

But to Scorpina and the Daleks, they were just waiting to be exterminated. Scorpina however hoped the extermination would be slow for some.

Also present were Squatt and Baboo. Former hench mutants to Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, now supposed rulers of Aquitar as it was given to them by their masters to conquer. But they found they needed help to conquer the world granted to them, especially as no one wanted to show the slightest bit of fear or respect to their new rulers. Their reputation as goofy bumblers in Rita and Zedd’s court overshadowed their positions as rulers of a conquered world.

So they sought out allies to assist them in building their base of power, only to find themselves overrun by those they sought help from. They saw their partners pursuing their own plans more intently with little input given from Rita’s hench mutants. They might have been appointed rulers by Rita and Zedd, but nobody saw them as rulers. No one was willing to give them respect.

The two mutants sought to try to stop the plans of their allies until they got answers but they were met by the stares of Cestria, Lord Malice and the Dalek Supreme. Even if he was looking through an eyestalk Squatt and Baboo could feel his stare, and they knew the Dalek Supreme had a stare that could kill.

Lord Malice told them to “Sit Down!” numerous times in the council meetings. And Squatt and Baboo did just that. They sat down.

And they continued to sit as Scorpina took center stage looking up at her…. trophies.

Above hung several girl Rangers. Kimberly, Katherine, Ashley, Cassie, Alison and Trini. Three of them with great power. Two were special victims of Scorpina’s evil. Almost near death. But not there yet. Scorpina wanted to savor the agony. The site horrified the assembled Rangers. Especially Red Zeo as he saw two women he loved tortured and hung like decorations above them. “Monster.” He said under his breath. Scorpina however heard Red Zeo’s words and allowed herself a silent smile.

“Why Cestria?” Blue Morphin asked. “Why punish them?”

“Why not?” Scorpina said as she fired a bolt from her Scorpion Scimitar striking the girls jarring them to barely conscious, screaming the whole time. “Besides the Scorpion needs to sting her enemies. It’s her nature.”

“Especially if her victims have something the Scorpion doesn’t.” Gold Astro said. Before Scorpina could ask what Gold Astro meant Gold Astro then said “But I was able to get back what I lost. Unlike you.”

“What? Beauty? Weakness?” Scorpina asked as if mocking her predecessor. Gold Astro smiled as she then said. “No, weakness is something you seem to have always had. As for beauty, that’s something you never had. And I don’t just mean your face.”

Scorpina scowled as she glared at Gold Astro, the predecessor of the role of Scorpina who accepted the power out of ignorance and rejected it afterwards. Unlike Sabrina, the new Scorpina would not relinquish the powers granted to her. She would bring all under her heel, and take the role in the UAE Sabrina had forsaken gaining more power that her predecessor ever had. Power to rival Dark Specter himself, especially with her other article of power-the Dark Heart of Aquitar.

Scorpina looked at the Rangers before her, a rag tag group barely standing yet their wills far from broken. She then heard the attacking resistance militia outside, the last bastion of the old order of Aquitar. She saw Admiral Finn leading the rebels aided by the Salamander Ninjetti as well as the Carrier Ranger and her Ultrazord force. She also saw the Aquatian Rangers, and saw disgust.

“I gave you purpose. I kept you alive, and you throw all that away to be part of some outdated defense for people that call you ‘Alien’?”Delphine threw Scorpina’s words back in her face as she said “You are the alien to us Cestria. For we never knew you at all. Never knew you to have such evil in you, or to be a traitor to the cause of the Rangers and to Aquitar.”

“Your Aquitar is dead. It deserved to die.” Scorpina said. “Our world was oh so pretty but we had a resource we could have exploited to become a power. I did what you and Finn failed to do.”

“The power of the Eternal Falls was not yours to claim.” Cestro shouted. “It was meant to heal, not to be a prize to be fought over. Or a tool for tyrants to gain more power or live forever! Or to be a weapon for monsters!”Scorpina looked at the Daleks by her side and smiled. “At least the monsters are powerful.”

“They are still monsters!” Red Morphin said. “We’ll destroy them.”Looking up at the suspended girls he saw a look in Kimberly and Katherine’s eyes. Though bruised and blackened they still let a look come through. A look that said ‘It is not going to be as easy as that.’ And Scorpina knew that.

“You are not going to destroy them Red Ranger. You will have to kill them. Much like your Silver Zeo had done.”The Rangers felt the truth behind Scorpina’s boast, and they knew they were at a crossroads. Squatt and Baboo knew this too.

“This is it isn’t it?” Squatt asked. “This is where they stop being those goody good heroes?”

“Fool.” Scorpina said. “They stopped that when Minion came into being. This is just another step in that journey. A journey that will be the end of sweet innocence.”

“And those ends are painful aren’t they?” Baboo asked. Scorpina sneered and nodded at Baboo’s words.

“There is more than one way for the Scorpion to sting.” Scorpina said sneering as she did. “And this sting will change the Power Rangers forever on Earth.”Blue Morphin realized what Scorpina had in mind. As did Sabrina.

The Liberation of Aquitar would mean an end to the Power Rangers as they knew themselves. An end to innocence. An end to childhood as it were. An end there was no way back from.

Red Zeo and Green Morphin had an idea what Scorpina had in mind. Despite being the Evil Green Morphin Ranger in the past they always found their way back to the innocence of youth where they could be super heroes saving the city. But Scorpina would strip that innocence away to where the Rangers would not be heroes anymore. Not as they knew heroes to be.

The Rangers would soon know the way of the Warrior. It had been believed that the whole mission to Aquitar was a lesson in the way of the Warrior. A lesson they did not truly know until they set foot on the planet.

And that would be the true sting of Scorpina. A sting that would infect their souls, change the Rangers into people they wouldn’t know anymore. And Scorpina knew it. Her sting would be more than just a slash of a blade, but would poison the Rangers with a venom that would poison and distort the core of their very beings. Their very souls.

“You had no problems destroying monsters, because they weren’t really alive. Just animated by Dark Dimension energy yet controlled by the monster makers. But these monsters live. They live, bleed, and most especially…. they hate.”Also present were Shadow Troopers of the Organization and slave workers loyal to the new order. All of them alive.

All of them the Power Rangers would have to kill.

“I suppose this is the true contest. You Rangers came here on a mission of Valor, but now all you will feel is the venom of the scorpion. Valor vs. Venom. There really is no other way this can go.”Scorpina seemed to mock the Rangers even further but Red Zeo wasn’t biting.

“Yeah Cestria. There is a choice here, but it’s not what you think it is.” Red Zeo said. “You say the choice is Valor vs. Venom? Well the choice to us is obvious.”Looking at Scorpina Red Zeo made his statement.

“The choice is Valor.”

Scorpina looked on amused by Red Zeo. “Really? And how will your Valor defeat all the Venom you have faced? From the Robo Aquatians, to the Shadow Troopers, to Purple Zeo’s betrayal, to the lives you will have to take to free this world. How will you defeat all that you have faced? Can you even call yourselves Power Rangers after all that has happened?” Scorpina said her peace with a sense of mockery as if she believed there was no way the Rangers could win, and not leave unscathed, whether by body or soul. “How can you withstand my scorpion’s sting?

“You don’t have the sting of a Scorpion Cestria.”Sabrina had said as if confronting her successor. “Maybe a jellyfish since you both lack spines. Not to mention heart.”Scorpina looked as if she had her fins ruffled as Scorpina then added “And that venom you said you’d infect us with? I’ve had fruit juices that were stronger.”Scorpina glared at Sabrina intent on making her pay, and then adding her to the collection of fallen girl Rangers hanging from the rafters.

“You will pay for that remark Sabrina” Scorpina said as she saw all those forces outside and before her then gave the order to the Dalek squad by her side. “Exterminate them. Not just the Rangers here, but the rebels outside, their ships in space. Leave bodies and wreckage wherever you can. Let the council learn what it means to oppose the rule here.”

“I OBEY!!!” the Dalek near her said. Cestria smiled at the thought of the most dangerous evil in the universe obeying her commands, but the Daleks knew the Dalek Supreme would give the commands to end the alliances, and their allies, once they were no longer needed. The voices of the Daleks filled the air as they moved against their foes. “EXTERMINATE!!! ANNIHILATE!!! DESTROY!!! DALEKS CONQUER AND DESTROY!!!”

The sky then rained fire from Dalek blasts as the Rangers quickly morphed to avoid the Dalek blasts. Their powers were still not at a hundred percent, but they had to fight on. Drawing blasters the Rangers managed to squeeze off some shots destroying a few Daleks as the blasters were taken to the higher settings. Something the Rangers hated to do as they hated to kill.

Power Rangers were supposed to be heroes, not soldiers.

But with the Daleks the Rangers had no choice. To be heroes against the Daleks, the Shadow Troopers, and perhaps even Cestria/Scorpina the Power Rangers of Earth would have to be soldiers. They had to kill the monsters swooping down as the monsters would surely have killed them. And in this moment of realization the assembled Rangers now knew knowing what Silver Zeo had felt when she killed that mercenary soldier coming to attack. Just as many other mercenary soldiers and Daleks were getting ready to kill them.

But there was no choice. The Power Rangers had to press on. They aimed their weapons at the first available enemy, whether Dalek, Shadow Trooper, or whatever and fired their weapons to take the enemy down.

Red Morphin had fired destroying a Dalek only to find Black Morphin struck down by a Dalek blast. “ZACK!!!” he shouted before blasting the Dalek immediately afterwards. Checking his friend, he found Black Morphin still alive, but barely. All the Red Rangers found someone from their team fall. They were barely alive but they would fight on as they got back up as quickly as they could. If they couldn’t get up they would crawl and fight.


“RESUME ATTACK!” the Black Dalek ordered. “INCREASE WEAPON POWER!!!”


“WE OBEY!!! DALEKS SUBDUE RANGERS!!!!”When Scorpina heard the order she immediately was angry. “What? Why? I thought you would exterminate them!”


“As long as it happens.” Scorpina said disappointed that the Rangers were going to take a while to die. “But first.”Scorpina saw Rangers in battle looking as if they were gaining an upper hand. She then launched herself into the battle and delivered some strikes against as many weakened Rangers as she could.

_And if they weren’t weakened before, they would be now_

Scorpina looked at the Solar Scimitar to her neck just as Gold Astro saw the Scorpion Stinger close to hers. “Not looking for a stalemate here.” Scorpina had said.

“We take our fight elsewhere then.”Gold Astro said as she looked in Red Astro’s direction and nodded saying that he understood. With that Gold turned back to Scorpina’s direction.

Gold Astro grabbed Scorpina’s wrist and activated her teleport. In shimmers of gold energy both warrior women were teleported away from the main battle. A main battle that had Rangers falling to Dalek firepower. Some still stood but many were falling to the power of the Daleks. Daleks that blasted all before them.

Red Zeo looked at all around him. Yellow Zeo had told everyone about the Daleks due to her travels with the Doctor. But Red wasn’t sure he could believe the tales of how evil they were. He found himself proved wrong as friends, warriors and rebels fell to Dalek firepower. Some falling for good.

The Daleks were relentless. It was only a matter of time.

And yet, Yellow Zeo had a feeling. That the Daleks had more in mind for Aquitar.

In their own private battle Mature and White Zeo fought. A clash of blades so different it seemed criminal. Especially with White Zeo armed with a fencing foil compared to Mature’s Monster blade. To his credit however White Zeo held up very well as Mature seemed to go for power moves leading to a direct bash and strike. White Zeo relied on agility and grace dodging as many of the hard strikes as they came.

“You can’t dodge forever.” Mature said with an evil smile.

“Just as you can’t keep going for kill shots that miss forever.” White Zeo said. “You’re going to tire soon.”

“Not before you.” Mature said as she launched another strike at White Zeo, which missed its target again.

Off to the side Gold Zeo was gathering up strength. The torture of Mature had taken a toll on him, and he was trying to build up his strength. Even with the Gold Zeo Powers he felt incredibly drained. He knew if he rushed into battle now the results may have been fatal.

But Eugene Skullovitch, the White Zeo Ranger, the Ranger that had been like a brother to him was in danger Gold Zeo would make sure Mature did not walk out of the battle. Regardless of the cost to himself. But so far White Zeo held his own, despite being on the defensive.

White Zeo deflected and dodged Mature’s power strikes as best he could. He saw her starting to tire as he wondered if there was an opening in her defenses. Even if there wasn’t he could chip away to make one big enough to get the final strike. He dodged and parried until he found the opening in Mature’s strikes he was looking for. Wasting no time, he decided to launch a strike.

“ZEO POWER LUNGE!” White Zeo commanded. A bolt of white energy shot out of the foil and towards Mature. The blast hit full force sending her back several feet. Dents and gashes showed where White Zeo hit his target. For a moment White Zeo wondered if perhaps the strike was over as he breathed a sigh of relief.

The sigh came too soon as Mature quickly got back up. “Valliant, but a futile attempt.” She said.

White Zeo looked wide eyed as Mature stood up ready to continue. Seeing her stand White Zeo asked to himself “What do I have to do to put this bitch down?”

“More than you are capable of White Zeo.” Mature said as he overheard White Zeo ask his question. “Now, get out of the way. I have business to finish with Gold Zeo.”

“Speak of the devil.” Bulk said getting up. He was standing, but barely. “I have business to finish with you.”Skull saw his friend get up and was immediately concerned. “Bulk, you sure you’re okay? You still look pretty beat up.”

“Go to the others Skull. I got this.” Bulk said. “Besides, this is my fight. The geeks need you more.”White Zeo smiled when Bulk mentioned the name ‘geeks’ in regard to the Rangers. At first it was a put down. Now it seemed like a pet name for the Rangers that became friends and comrades. But there was something else.

White Zeo had a feeling Bulk would not be surviving this battle. This would be the last time he saw his friend. Yet he did not have the guts to say good bye. He could not allow it.

“Bulk.” White Zeo had said trying to say one last thing to his friend.

“I know Skull.” Bulk answered. “It’s been a great ride.”White Zeo heard Bulk’s tone and he knew Gold Zeo didn’t expect to survive either. This battle was for keeps. Bulk believed he would die, but he wasn’t going to let Mature off early if he could help it.

“See you later Bulkie!” White Zeo said just in case his friend did survive. He then turned to leave so he could help the other Rangers. Bulk watched his friend go as if saying a silent goodbye of his own. But somehow Bulk knew he would not be seeing Skull on this mortal coil again.

But he knew his torturer would not be long for the current plane of existence either. She had hurt many in a pursuit for immortality, Bulk being one of them.

“So we are alone.” Mature said. “Perhaps it is as well. I don’t need any more interference when it comes to subduing you.

“You won’t be subduing anyone anymore. ZEO RANGER X- GOLD!!!”Gold Zeo stood again facing the woman he knew would be his final opponent, just as he would be her final opponent. No one was walking away from this battle…

Skull softened Mature up, now Gold Zeo would finish the job.

In space the Pegasus battle was continuing. Kinwon and Tykwa continued to command from the bridge driving back the approaching Daleks.

Both had a feeling the attack was a precursor to something else, but no one was sure what it was. It was then that an aide came onto the bridge. “Commander we may have a possible problem.”

Both Kinwon and Tykwa turned to look at the aide as Kinwon stated “Can’t this wait? We are in the middle of a battle here.”

“I’m not sure it can.” The aide said. “It involves something that was spotted…on Edenoi.”

“Edenoi?”” Kinwon asked. “What does Edenoi have to do with Aquitar?”The aide was about to speak when a blast rocked the bridge. The Daleks were bringing in more reinforcements. Tykwa looked at the aide and saw he was still there. Apparently, the news he had was important that he’d interrupt a battle to deliver it.

“I’ll handle it.” Tykwa said as she stepped off the command deck to talk to the aide. “What is it?”

“Commander Tykwa.” the aide continued. “There was something our recon pilots discovered that we could only now identify.”Bringing up his pad he handed it to Tykwa who looked at it curiously.

“What is this?” Tykwa asked as she saw some sort of structure on the surface of Aquitar in the images provided. “Is it a bunker? A landing platform? What?”

“I’m not sure Commander.” The aide said. “But while we were processing the recon images the computer gave this structure a high priority reading. It was a council order.”

“On whose authority?” Tykwa asked.

“Prince Dex from Edenoi.”The aide answered. “And Prince Trey of Triforia….before Terr…”

“Understood.” Tykwa answered as she looked at the image of the platform on the pad. It looked dormant, inactive, and mysterious as well. There was no information about such a structure. No clue as to what its function was, or what danger it could have represented.

Tykwa sighed. She had heard from Prince Dex that Count Dregon had attempted to build a similar platform but the Edenoian rebels destroyed it before they could figure out what it was for. They figured if Dregon was having it made then it couldn’t have been good. So, it was destroyed. No information on it remained. No data. No plans. No records. Nothing. It started as a mystery and was destroyed before the mystery could be solved.

Now it looked like Tykwa would have a second chance to determine exactly what this platform was. What its purpose was, and more importantly how many more of them are there. The only problem was how to get down planet side in the middle of a Dalek attack.

“I will look at this firsthand.” Tykwa had said. The aide was then dismissed and resumed his normal duties.

Tykwa returned to the bridge. She would check the platform personally as soon as she could. The ruling council however was the more immediate threat.

In a golden flash atop the chamber rafters Gold Astro and Scorpina stood facing one another. Both women sized up each other. Scorpina looked at Gold Astro and saw nothing but disappointment. “Asking permission from a Red Ranger to leave a battle? How pathetic have you become?”

“Not pathetic at all.” Gold Astro said looking over Scorpina as a creature to be pitied. “He recognizes the importance of this battle to me, and he knows I will do everything in my power to come back.” Gold Astro continued to look the new Scorpina over and shook her head disappointingly. The gold headrest, the armored chest plate that hugged her curves, the skin-tight pants hugging her legs. She looked more like an object to be lusted after than any real threat.

But yet she had become a threat, to Aquitar. As well as a disgrace to Aquitar….and to who she was, Cestria of Aquitar.

“I never realized how much of a slut that costume made me look.” Gold Astro said. “Until now.”

“This from one who sold herself for power, and failed to acquire it?” Scorpina taunted. “Leaving you as nothing but a failure in the eyes of the UAE?”Gold Astro looked at Scorpina and kept her cool. “I didn’t fail in leaving though. But now it seems that joining the UAE nowadays has become like you are….easy.”

Scorpina glared at the previous possessor of her power. Power she renounced that was only too happy to find a new successor. “You will pay for that remark.” Scorpina said. “Just as you will pay for leaving the UAE. Already I have surpassed all your accomplishments, and your destruction shall be my final one!” Scorpina then drew her blade and attacked. Gold Astro had her Solar Scimitar ready to strike and lunged.

Gold Astro and the New Scorpina crossed their blades looking to get in their final blows. For Gold Astro it was a facing down of her past. For the New Scorpina it would be an embracing of her future.

Neither of them intended to lose, but one DEFINITELY would.

Inside hyperspace Fallen Grace flew as it approached the co-ordinates to Aquitar. The swirling vortex indicative of hyperspace travel brought a sense of calm and peace that would soon give way to the sight of Aquitar, where war was taking place. A war the Outsiders were eager to get back to, as they still had comrades there.

“Are we there yet?” Katarina asked like a little kid getting impatient. Jamie rolled her eyes and said, “Rocky is rubbing off on you.”

“You make it sound like it’s a bad thing.” Katarina smiled as an alarm sounded on the helm console. “We’re approaching Aquitar.”

“Make for the Pegasus as soon as it appears.” Tyler said. Tritania nodded resentful of Tyler’s order as she was still Captain (and crew) of her own ship, but understood the importance of Tyler’s team to get back to their base ship.

“Cutting in the sub light engines.” Tritania said deactivating her ship’s hyperdrive. Immediately the flashes and rocking of explosions greeted her and the Outsiders. “What the?” Christina said surprised. Everyone started looking out the view port seeing explosions, burning fighter planes, even the wreckage of Dalek casings. And then there were the ships that weren’t shot down.

Across the starscape Tritania and the Outsiders made out the shape of a Viper bearing down on a squad of three Daleks. The Daleks were destroyed, but soon after the Viper had been destroyed by another Dalek which had gotten a lucky shot as it flew into range. All across space Daleks shot at Vipers. Vipers shot at Daleks. It didn’t take too long for everyone to realize what was going on.

Fallen Grace had entered Aquatian Space just short of the war zone that was the battle between the Daleks and the Pegasus. And it was all Tritania could do to keep her ship from getting atomized, or blasted, by either side.

“You better find that ship of yours fast.” Tritania ordered. “Or I’m getting out of here and ditching all of you in an escape pod.”

“Your pods are too small. We will not all fit.” Nate commented. Tritania gave Nate a look that said “So what?”Off in the corner Christina scanned to see where the Pegasus was while everyone else was trying to catch a real world view.

“You’ve got thirty microns to find your ship, or I’m high tailing.” Tritania said as she dodged and maneuvered Fallen Grace around the forces of Daleks and Vipers taking great care not to be hit by friendly fire, or the Dalek’s weapons. Off to the side Jamie saw the Pegasus under heavy Dalek attack.

“Oh man.” Jamie said looking at the battle. The Pegasus was getting hammered. Groups of Daleks were hammering the massive ship with their blasters creating a wall of blaster fire that may well have reduced any passing ship to smoldering wreckage. “I hope you don’t expect me to fly through all that.”

“Actually”, Tyler said looking at Tritania. “Yes we do.”Tritania gave the Outsider leader a look that said ‘Are you nuts?’. “You expect me to fly my ship through all that? I go through that I’ll be flying scrap next.”

“You’re flying scrap now.” Chelsea said. “But we would like you to keep your scrap intact until we get through the landing bay.”Tritania shot Chelsea a look as she said “If you weren’t friends with my brother I would….”Tritania decided she would not finish that sentence. The sooner she got the Outsiders on the Pegasus the better.

The only question was how to do it.

Jamie then thought of an idea. “Guys, we’re going to have to go in full throttle through all that blaster fire.”Everyone looked at her like she was insane.

“All that?” Christina asked. “Do you know how thick that firepower is?”

“Very.” Jamie said. “And I know our odds are not good.”

“The probability of navigating through this blast storm is too small to measure.” Nate added. Lillian then looked at Nate and said “And yet we’re doing it anyway.”From her pilot’s chair Tritania muttered “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” before her thoughts turned to Trey.

She thought of him in the cryotube on Earth, one third dead. The Outsiders believed she could help him but they would not tell her how until they were safely on the Pegasus. But she wondered if she would have the courage to fly through a wall of blaster fire.

And then she knew she had to have the courage, for Trey’s sake.

“I’m a leaf on the wind.” Tritania said before taking the ship to full throttle. The lurch sent the Outsiders flying through the rear entry hatch to the bridge, but they caught themselves before falling below decks. All the while Tritania dodged battling Daleks and Vipers evading their shots hoping to not get hit.

The hope would not be enough as a stray shot from a Dalek Blaster struck Fallen Grace. A shot that fried systems and locked the ship on a forward course towards the Pegasus.

“What happened?” Katarina asked.

“Battle damage.” Christina said. “Blast shot away landing thrusters and locked us on a forward course at full throttle.”

“And it’s not just the thrusters.” Tritania added. “So’s the navcomp. We’re in trouble. I mean real trouble.”

“I’ll run the check.” Christina then said as she tried to run diagnostics on the Fallen Grace’s systems. An answer then came on screen. “Alpha Circuit. Close and alternate to left Servo Circuit.”

“Let’s see. Alpha Circuit closed and alternating to Left Servo Circuit. No response. Throttles are still full.” Nate replied. Christina then went back to the diagnostic computer and tried another approach. “Try this. Omega C Circuit. Close and alternate to Servo Support Circuit.”

“Omega C Circuit, closing and alternating to left Servo Support Circuit.”Tritania waited for the system to kick in. A system that did NOT kick in.

“Does not respond.”

Just then the communications board kicked on. The Pegasus was trying to contact the Outsiders. “Unidentified ship. You are approaching at incredible velocity. Adjust your course and veer away from this area. It is dangerous to remain.”

“Tell us something we don’t know.” Lillian said over the comm. “Pegasus. This is Lillian O’Neil of the Ranger team Outsiders. We have information to bring to Commander Kinwon, but our ship is damaged. Prepare for a hot landing.”

“What’s your status?” the comm tech asked.

“Landing thrusters are out.” Tritania said looking at the sparking readouts. “Throttles are jammed at full.”

“And the support circuits are out.” Christina added. “We even tried cross support.”

“We need to come on board now.” Tyler said. “We’ve seen what’s happening on Aquitar. We need to talk to Kinwon and Tykwa…on ship.”

“Provided our ship isn’t blown up as we fly like a missile.” Katarina added. Chelsea then added “We need to board. Now!”On the bridge Kinwon overheard the communications and made his decision.

“Bring them in full throttle we’ll shut down at the outer marker. There’s no choice.” Kinwon said in the background. Tritania overheard and answered. “I heard. Everyone get out of the way I’m coming in hot.”With that the Fallen Grace resumed its course towards the Battlestar trying to avoid as much blaster fire as it could. With a measure of success.

Soon the ship came into view, Tritania then got on the comm giving a final warning. “Pegasus this is Firefly Class Ship ‘Falling Grace’. Prepare for a hot landing, and I hope you aren’t counting off for neatness.”

The response from the comm tech was “You are cleared to land. Crash teams are on sight. Refueling Vipers use starboard landing bay until further notice.”The Viper Pilots nodded at the orders and covered Fallen Grace as it approached the landing bay. Once it touched down the ship came to a massive skid sending sparks every which way and tearing off one of the engines as it hit scaffolding. All the while Tritania tried to keep the ship under control while the Outsiders braced themselves on anything that would support them. Finally, the skidding stopped as the ship came to rest.

Falling Grace made it to the safety of the Pegasus’s landing bay. Everyone breathing a sigh of relief. Tritania took a breath and then said “I’m a leaf on the wind.” glad they were in the safety of the landing bay…..

…….until the landing struts gave out on Fallen Grace as it hit the floor hard. The crash sent the Outsiders on the ground hard. Every one of them picked themselves up off the floor with Lillian asking “Was the money you were getting for these runs meant for repairs on this ship?”

“Most of it yeah.” Tritania said dusting off her pants. Christina then added “They might have underpaid you.”

“Is everyone all right?” Tyler asked. Jamie nodded “For the most part.”Everyone else agreed just as the crash teams were surrounding the crashed ship putting out any small fires, as well as clearing away any debris. “You may need a new ship.” Nate then said. Tritania shook her head. “Naw I can fix this. It will just….take a while.”

Upon saying her last sentence a ceiling panel fell from above exposing the wiring underneath. Tritania rolled her eyes and then said, “Okay a long while.”

Chelsea however broke the monotony as she said “Let’s get to the bridge. See who we can contact.”Everyone agreed and headed towards the bridge to talk to Kinwon and Tykwa.

On the bridge Kinwon and Tykwa were directing the battle as it raced across their screens. The blackness of space rained fire and wreckage as Vipers streaked across the stars with elegance and grace and Daleks flew like battle tanks ready to destroy. Both sides streaking fire from blasters that knew nothing but destruction.

“We’re outnumbered here two to one.” Tykwa said. “We were not prepared for this. We expected some sort of space resistance….but Daleks?”

“And more.” Tyler said as he ran onto the bridge followed by Tritania and the Outsiders. “Yeah, that wreck on your landing bay is mine. Fix her up and give her a good wash when you get the chance.” Tritania said. Kinwon nodded in Tritania’s direction seeing a resemblance to Prince Trey. Tritania sensed this and said “Yeah I look like Trey. Don’t you want to hear what happened on the planet?”

“Of course.” Kinwon said looking to learn as much as possible. He hoped there was a thread of victory that he could grab onto. “What happened? Why haven’t the other Ranger teams responded?”

“We were sold out.” Lillian said letting her frustration show. “They knew we were coming, and we got ambushed.”

“Nathan seemed to get out though.” Christina then said. “He was teleported out. Nate said he had a hostile action teleport spell?”

“A Hostile Action Displacement Spell.” Nate said correcting her. When Christina stuck out her tongue Nate then asked “What has become of my brother? Should he not be here?”

“He went back planet side to help the Carrier Ranger.” Kinwon had said. The others nodded as Katarina continued to tell what happened on their mission, and where it went wrong.

“One of their Aquatian Rangers joined Squatt and Baboo.” Katarina said, also not hiding her emotions. “That girl Cestria, the so-called Pink Aquatian Ranger, seems to be leading the whole occupation. She also seems to have a new set of powers. Powers that belonged to Scorpina.”

“She also has the name to go with it.” Jamie added. “She’s even calling herself Scorpina now.”

“Interesting.” Nate said in his own detached way. “I never would have thought a villain title could be passed down. Nor its power.”

“It worked for Lothor.”Tritania had said. “Although I think the old Lothor might be disappointed at how his successor is turning out.”

“There’s more though. And it’s not just the Daleks” Christina said referencing the attacking Daleks in battle with Vipers, hoping to get the topic back on the topic of the invasion forces on Aquitar. She also hoped everyone would put their heads together and see how the Outsiders, Kinwon and Tykwa would find a solution to defeat them. Not to mention free their friends.

“There seems to be a criminal element called ‘the Organization’ involved as well.” Jamie said keeping the discussion going. “They’re not Black Sun. I don’t know who they are, but they are definitely not them.”

Kinwon heard the information the Outsiders had given and felt things go from bad to worse. The Rangers were supposed to bring down defenses with the Pegasus doing mop up. With several forces on planet their hopes went between slim to non-existent. And the Daleks outside had no intention of letting the Pegasus leaving the fight. “Could any of the Rangers have survived?” Kinwon asked.

“Hard to say.” Tyler said. “There may be survivors. They may even be working down to the planet to get some resistance together.”Tykwa then asked “Can we risk a communications signal? They were jamming signals before.”

“I’d say jamming communications to the planet is not on their list of priorities.” Kinwon said. Turning to Tyler he then said “Can you see if you can contact the Rangers on surface?”

Tyler nodded as Christina and Nate made their way to the communications suite to see if they could contact any of the Rangers below. They soon found signals operating. “Jamming’s lifted.” Nate said looking at the communications board. “We can contact the surface.”

“Let’s see who we can reach.” Tyler said as he opened a channel.

At the site of the downed Astro Megaship DECA was running her self-repair system. Despite being in control of the Delta Megaship she still had sufficient memory to oversee self-repair of the Astro Megaship. A process that was nearing completion as components were repairing and regenerating seeking to return to full operational status.

The program was almost complete when she picked up a transmission from the Pegasus. “Pegasus calling Power Rangers. Peagsus calling Power Rangers. Do you receive?”DECA made out the voice print of a comm tech assigned to the battlestar.

Answering the call DECA had said, “This is Astro Megaship computer DECA receiving you Pegasus. DO you request status?”

“We already have a report DECA.” the comm tech had said. “Commander Kinwon requests communication with any Ranger that will receive. Can you patch through a connection?”

“Communications systems repaired. Attempting contact on all Ranger frequencies.”DECA sent out her signals hoping a Ranger would pick up the signal.

In the Central Square the Rangers fought tooth and nail against the Robo Aquatian forces moving in. Morphin, Zeo and Astro all raced to rescue the captured Ranger girls Cestria kept prisoner. Yet while it seemed like they were getting close there would be another adversary in the way. Whether it was a Dalek, a Robo Aquatian, or an Organization stooge the captured Ranger girls seemed out of reach.

“We really have to get up there.” Red Morphin said. “Any ideas?”

“I don’t think we can use the Defender Wheel..” Red Zeo said. “We used it once. I didn’t think we’d need it again.”

“We didn’t think we’d need a lot of equipment used again.” Blue Zeo said. Red Morphin then had an idea. “Wait. We still have the jetting function on our Morphin Suits. Zack, Billy, David, Tanya and I could jet up and grab them. We’d need a distraction to get to them though.

“We’ll give you cover.” Red Astro said as he brought forth his Spiral Saber. Red Zeo then brought forth his Zeo Blade to get in some strikes. Yellow Zeo also joined in swirling her Zeo Power Whip striking several Robo Aquatians. Damage was caused to them as they could not feel pain. Others joined in giving their own weapons strikes as the Morphin Rangers activated their Jet Functions.

“All right guys. Let’s Jet!”Red Morphin led the charge as his team jetted up to the girls and grabbed them getting them down to safety in the center of the battlefield. A center covered by Rangers fighting for their lives.

Kim, Kat, Ashley, Alison, Trini and Cassie all looked the worst for wear. But they were ready for battle. “We’ll manage. Especially when we’re morphed.” Kat said. Soon the girls morphed into their Ranger identities and stood with their fellow teammates.

“We must end this.” White Aquatian said. “The state our people have been made into. It is an abomination.”Before any ideas could be offered however DECA came on Andros’s com. “Andros. This is DECA. Please respond.”

Red Morphin was stunned to hear the computer voice. “DECA?” Andros asked. “Is that you?”

“Affirmative.” DECA said. “Self-repair systems on line. Astro Megaship 79% functional. Communications on line. Receiving communication from Battlestar Pegasus.”Andros immediately ordered the communication patched in. Tyler was on the other end, and everyone was glad to hear his voice.

“Tyler you made it.” Red Zeo had said. “Are the rest of you okay?”Tyler smiled a moment knowing he meant Lillian, but he was concerned about the rest of the Outsiders as well.

“We’re fine Tommy.” Lillian said as Red Zeo gave a sigh of relief. Blue Morphin however wanted reassurance and asked “Katarina?”

“We’re good Rocky.” Katarina added. Jamie said “No worries Jason.” which Red Morphin was glad for. Chelsea then said “I guess you can’t keep a good Oliver down. Or me either.”

We may not be for long though.” Nate then said. “The Daleks are attacking with heavy numbers. They’re contained for now but there’s no guarantee they will stay that way.”

“In short, we could use some reinforcements.” Christina added. Red Astro became the voice of hope as he said” We’ll get up there somehow.”Turning to his team he then said. “Guys, the Daleks are attacking the Pegasus. We need to get up there.”

“Any idea how?” Green Morphin asked. “We’re kind of short on space travel at the moment.”

“Can’t use the Sky Zords. They’re still down.” Blue Morphin said. “We also still have the forces on planet to contend with.”

“Wait, I may have an idea.” Yellow Astro said as she stood by Red Zeo’s side. Wobbly, but standing. She activated her communicator and contacted DECA. “DECA can you teleport us all out?”

“Unable to comply.” The computer said. “Power diverted to self-repair for Astro Megaship, and operation of Delta Megazord. Delta Megazord connection can be disengaged with command yielded to Carrier Ranger however. The action would allow for short range teleport at minimal power.”Blue Astro then asked “How many can be transported with that?”

“Six.” Came the answer. The assembled Rangers looked at each other grasping the reality before them. Their support was under attack with only one ship available to come to its aid. A ship that was not a hundred percent. To help fight the Daleks in space was almost a death sentence with the Astro Megaship.

But all the assembled Rangers knew it had to be done. Looking at Red Astro they also knew the Astro Rangers were going to do the job, even though the other Rangers would have volunteered in a heartbeat. But the Astro Megaship was the Astro Rangers’ zord. No one knew it better than them.

“Do you want volunteers?” Red Zeo asked. Red Astro shook his head and said “Thanks, but I already know who’s going.”Soon Andros chose his crew. “Daniel, T.J., Ashley, Carlos. You guys are with me.” White Astro, Blue Astro, Yellow Astro and Black Astro stood by Red Astro ready to teleport to the Astro Megaship, and into a space battle.

“We’re ready Andros.” White Astro said with as much confidence as he could muster. A confidence he hoped the other Astro Rangers would pick up on and share. So far, he hadn’t heard any doubts from anybody.

Yellow Astro stood with her sister Green Astro as if silently saying that she would be fine. “They need you down here. You’ve got the ‘ki’ powers. You and Cassie both. I’m better in space. Besides, you’ll be with me in spirit.”

“I hope you’ll be with me in reality.” Green Astro said to her sister. “And I have a few other ‘ki’ secrets to show you.”Yellow Astro smiled beneath her helmet and gave her sister and Pink Astro both a hug for luck.

“I love you Ashley Hammond.” Alison said.

“I love you too Alison Bogard.” Ashley said. The two sisters then broke the hug and then Yellow Astro went to stand with the Astros heading back to the Megaship.

With that, the five Astro Rangers all made ready to teleport to the megaship. Red Morphin and Red Zeo wished them well. “Break a leg.” Red Zeo said. Pink Astro then asked, “Why say that?”

“It’s bad luck to wish someone good luck before a show.” Pink Zeo said. “And even if they are not performing….”

“The last thing any of us need is a jinx. No pun intended towards Theresa.” Pink Astro said understanding. “Thanks for the gesture.”

Red Zeo nodded as the five selected Astro Rangers activated the short range teleport to get back to the Megaship. The rest looked around wondering where the next threat was going to come from.

The Rangers didn’t have to wait long a new batch of forces arrived.

The bridge of the Astro Megaship was empty, but active due to the work of DECA and the self-repair program restoring many of the ship systems. But even with DECA the ship still needed a crew. A crew that came in the form of five demorphed Astro Rangers that teleported in.

“All right guys. Stations.” Andros ordered. Ashley took the engineering console as Dan took navigation. T.J. took weapons as Carlos took sensors. Andros took the helm on the command station. “DECA how are things looking?”

“System restarting.” DECA said. “All self-repair units functioning.” Ashley then asked “How far along is self-repair.

“Self repair at 77% completion.” DECA answered. “Astro Megaship is almost at optimum capacity.”Andros sighed. “We’re not there yet though.”

“We may not have time to wait Andros.” T.J. said. “The Pegasus is getting decimated up there.”Nodding Andros then asked “DECA we need flight and weapons. Can you cover that?”

“Limited power available.” DECA said. “Combat scenario inadvisable.”Andros sighed as he then said “We’re doing it anyway DECA. Prepare to lift off. Have weapons at the ready.”

“Affirmative.” DECA had said. “Retros and antigravs engaged.”The systems then activated and soon the Megaship took to the sky ready to help out the Pegasus.

“Keeping my eye on the sky Andros.” Carlos had said. T.J. added “And my finger on the trigger.”Andros then looked at Dan who then nodded saying “We’ll make it through this.”Andros then looked at Ashley who also smiled and nodded. She too believed they would make it through the battle to come.

And the belief stemmed from her faith, and love, in the Red Ranger.

At the outer walls of the city Titanus, and the Delta Megazord maintained their attack along with the Aquatian Resistance. In Titanus’s control center Aisha Campbell, the Carrier Ranger, and Admiral Finn formerly of the Aquatian Space Navy led the battle. In the control center of the Delta Megazord Salamander Ninjetti operated the controls.

They both had done well with their coordinated attack as the defenses seemed to be falling, but both Aisha and Finn had a feeling that there were more troubles from the ruling Council to come.

“I feel like another shoe is getting ready to drop.” Carrier Ranger had said. Finn looked at her and explained. “Means trouble is about to come.”

“As if there hasn’t been more than enough?” Salamander Ninjetti asked over the internal comm. “What else can happen?”At that moment the communications lines came on. Red Astro was on the other end of the channel. “Aisha, Nathan, do you copy?”

Carrier Ranger answered the call. “Yeah Andros. What’s up? Nathan and I’ve got Titanus and the Delta Megazord ready to storm the gates.”

“Well that’s the thing.” Red Astro said. “We’re taking up the Astro Megaship, and she’s barely holding together. We need reinforcements from the Delta Megazord to take the fight to the Daleks attacking the Pegasus.”

“Damn!” Carrier Ranger said using language she was told to never use. But the situation the Astro Rangers were in warranted it. Her friends were fighting Scorpina’s hordes, and barely surviving. The rebels were trying to get a foothold into the fortress to help, but now the Astro Rangers were going into a fight they more than likely couldn’t win. Not without help.

Help only the Delta Megaship could give. And Aisha Campbell, Carrier Ranger, was in charge of that zord. Carrier Ranger knew there was only one option available.

“What is happening?” Finn asked curious as to what the Carrier Ranger was going to do..

“The Astro Megaship is going to help the Pegasus.” Carrier Ranger said. “Someone needs to go up there too with the Delta Megaship.”

“But what about here?” Finn asked. “We’re almost at the main perimeter. And you control Titanus.”

“That’s not all we have.” Carrier Ranger said. She then brought forth her morpher and Tor the Shuttlezord appeared. Finn was amazed that a Zord that looked like a giant turtle appeared out of nowhere, but Carrier Ranger said it was okay.

“That’s Tor, the Shuttlezord.” Carrier Ranger had said. “He’s more of an armored carrier than a fighting machine, but he has impressive firepower of his own. And if need be, he can also provide a means of protection from the Rebels.”Finn nodded impressed but asked “How is he controlled? You will not be here to control it….or Titanus. Only you are able to control the Carriers.”

“Not exactly.” Salamander Ninjetti said over the intercom. “Aisha has been letting me control this zord for a bit. I can take her up and help the Pegasus out.”

“Problem solved….I hope.” Carrier Ranger answered. “I know we’d like the Delta Megaship here. But with Tor and Titanus they should make up for any loss of firepower. We know this is the final push on more than just one front. We win here or there is no more fight.”Finn nodded agreeing with her. Everything was down to the last battles being fought. On planet, and in the space around it.

“Still, the Daleks have a sizeable fleet.” Finn said deep in thought. “Two Megaships and a Battlestar can hold for a while, but against the Daleks?” Admiral Finn asked as if asking himself if an idea was feasible. He didn’t want to lose any advantages that would help win back Aquitar, but then he thought of a quote his former commander had told him.

_No risk, no reward._.

It was then that Finn realized that he had to take a big risk himself. “I can give them some help.” He then said.

“Help?” Carrier Ranger asked curious. Admiral Finn quickly explained.

“As Aquitar was being conquered I gave an order for Outer Rim ships to keep away from Aquitar unless they received a recognition code that the planet was all clear or if an offensive needed to be mounted.”Carrier Ranger looked surprised as she then asked, “How many ships?”

Finn sighed. “A total of twenty.”His heart sank as he remembered the old Aquatian Space Fleet which sported hundreds of ships. Now only a mere twenty remain. He tried to keep optimistic as he knew the Daleks would only have a few ships of their own. The odds should be even.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone about this?” Carrier Ranger asked. “Why didn’t you mention this until now?”

“I needed the proper opportunity to deploy them.” Finn said. “I was not about to send in twenty ships alone in a futile attempt to retake Aquitar. I needed an advantage, or help. Help you Rangers and the Pegasus provided.

Suddenly Carrier Ranger understood. Finn could not hope to save Aquitar with ships alone. He needed Ranger resources. Resources the Earth Rangers provided that the Aquatian Rangers were unable to give. The Rangers of Aquitar were the cornerstone of planetary defence with the Military serving as a supplement. Without the Rangers Finn could not have hoped to retake the planet alone with whatever dark forces were in charge. Dark Forces that were revealed to be Squatt, Baboo and Cestria’s alliance of evil. Along with the Organization and the Daleks.

Now that fleet was ready to help the Pegasus and the Astro Megaship. But they still needed help. Salamander Ninjetti was going to be one of those that helped.

“Nathan, it looks like you’re going to have some help in space.” Carrier Ranger said. “Admiral Finn kept a few ships in reserve in case there was a chance to retake Aquitar.”

“Is there a chance?” Salamander Ninjetti asked. Carrier Ranger sighed. “We’ll know soon enough.”Nathan then got on the comm and talked to Finn.

“Where’s you fleet now?”Finn relayed the co-ordinates to the Delta Megaship then Salamander Ninjetti gave another set of co-ordinates. “Send them here. The Pegasus needs help, and your fleet needs her too. With the Pegasus our chances of freeing Aquitar go up.”Finn nodded and transmitted the co-ordinates to his reserve fleet. Now it was up to Nathan Oliver to provide the final help as the Delta Megaship lifted off into the sky, leaving Carrier Ranger with Tor and Titanus under hers, and Admiral Finn’s, command.

Now all Nathan had to do was call to see if there was a crew for the Delta Megaship.

Aisha watched the Delta Megaship lift off, but there was still one thing she could use from it before it got too far away. Bringing her morpher up she pushed the third button on her morpher which opened a key pad. She then shouted, “LET’S ROCKET!!!”

Inputing the code ‘1701’ she then morphed into a new Ranger form. Her color was still brown, but her uniform was that of an Astro Ranger. Aisha was now the Astro Carrier Ranger, and immediately she called forth her next command.

“GALAXY GLIDER HANG TEN!!!”The Carrier Ranger’s Galaxy Glider separated from the Delta Megaship and flew to her. Carrier Ranger boarded the rocket powered glider and flew towards Tor and Titanus hovering in between them.

“Let’s go get ’em boys.” Carrier Ranger said as she led the Carriers onwards, she hoped to victory.

In the town square the Rangers that remained behind when Red Astro left with his team for the Astro Megaship continued their advance forward. The Aquatian Rangers and those rebels that breached the outer wall continued to press their advance. When Red Zeo’s communicator beeped he immediately picked up the call. “Tommy here.”

“Tommy it’s Nathan.” the Salamander Ninjetti said. “What’s it like there?”

“Our ranks are thinning pretty quick.” Red Zeo said. “But Finn’s resistance is picking up the slack.”Tommy filled Nathan in on Andros and the Megaship taking off to support the Pegasus. He then said “They’re going to need help. Finn kept some ships in reserve but they still will need a little more help. I’m taking the Delta Megaship up, but I’m going to need a crew. Can you spare anyone?”

Red Zeo then looked at what all Rangers remained and explained the situation. Immediately Yellow Zeo volunteered first. “I’ve had experience with Daleks. He’ll need me up there.”

“I’ll go too.” Blue Zeo then said. “Besides I need to see Katarina.”No one disagreed.

“We just need one more.” Yellow Zeo said. Her gaze then turned to Purple Zeo who looked, and fought like, like she was on auto pilot. When Yellow Zeo touched her shoulder, it was like an awareness had come to her. An awareness that took her out of the shattered memories she found herself haunted by. She then asked “Why me?”

“Consider this your chance to make up for what happened.” Samantha had said to Emily. Emily nodded. She wasn’t over her mental takeover, but she was eager for a chance to make up for it.

“Nathan you got your crew. We’re ready for teleport.” Black Morphin then said. The four teleport streaks stretched skyward as Yellow Zeo, Black Morphin, Purple Zeo and Blue Zeo all joined Salamander Ninjetti onboard the Delta Megaship.

The Ranger ranks on Aquitar had thinned with Red Morphin and Red Zeo leading ground forces with Blue Morphin, White Morphin, Black Zeo and Green Morphin offering support. But the ground forces swarming the capital was covering the Rangers’ absence. Besides the moment of freedom belonged to the Rangers of Aquitar.

“Sorry for the losses.” Red Zeo said to White Aquatian.

“It’s all right Red Zeo.” White Aquatian said. “There’s still enough for what needs to be done.”Red Zeo wondered what the White Aquatian Ranger meant by that comment. They didn’t have time to ask.

Squatt and Baboo watched waiting for their moment to enter the fray. The Rangers would soon learn firsthand that they were no longer the bumbling villains in Rita’s inner circle.

The Delta Megaship flew over the Capital as the four teleport streaks materialized on the ship’s bridge. On the bridge Salamander Ninjetti turned to see his crew. He saw Yellow Zeo and was glad she was there. She was the closest thing to a Dalek expert the Rangers had. She was going to be needed.

Blue Zeo also stood on the bridge. He had spirit. That was going to be needed. Salamander also had a feeling that he wanted to get back to his girlfriend Zeo Phoenix. Black Morphin was also there. Having an original Ranger would help as well.

Salamander Ninjetti looked at Purple Zeo and cast a curious look, knowing what she had done under the influence of the artificial personality. He had doubts about having her there. One, if she was in a state to fight the Daleks. And two, if there were any other surprises Rita and Zedd put in her.

Yellow Zeo and Black Morphin stood by her as if showing support. “I know you’re worried Nathan, but she’s good.” Yellow Zeo had said. “She needs this. She needs an enemy to fight.”Salamander Ninjetti nodded at Yellow’s words and immediately directed the four to where Helm, Navigation, Weapons and engineering were located. “Take your stations.” Salamander had ordered. The Ranger crew had obeyed.

Yellow Zeo took the helm with Blue Zeo taking navigation. Black Morphin took weapons while Purple Zeo took engineering. Salamander Ninjetti kept the command seat. “Let’s go help our friends.” he then said.

The other four Rangers agreed as the Delta Megaship then took to space to join the Astro Megaship to help the Pegasus and Admiral Finn’s reserve forces. Before long they had broken through the planet’s atmosphere and entered the vastness of space.

A major battle not far away.

Back on the ground Red Zeo took in what all Rangers of Earth remained. Red Morphin, Pink Morphin, Pink Zeo, Black Zeo, White Morphin, Purple Morphin, Yellow Morphin, Blue Morphin, Green Zeo, Green Astro and Pink Astro all stood on the battlefield. Blue Zeo then asked, “Where’s Cassidy?” in reference to the Silver Zeo Ranger.

“She thought she heard something in relation to Zhane.” Green Astro said. “She went to see if she could rescue him.”Pink Zeo asked “Alone? Why didn’t the comm line come on?”

“I think it had something to do with the Silver Powers.” Green Astro said. The Silver Powers seemed to still have some mysteries about them. But the Rangers were concerned about Silver Zeo. “I don’t know.” Black Zeo had said. “She was pretty shaken up about that Shadow Trooper dying.

“With all due respect to my friend we’ve had to do some killing ourselves in this war. Green Astro as if challenging Black Zeo’s claim. “None of us can go back to being kids again after all of this, and some of us stopped being kids a long time ago.”None of the others found they could disagree with what Green Astro had said. This was not a simple Ranger adventure to beat an evil baddie. This was a war unlike anything they ever faced. And often the cost in a war, in lives and souls, was very high.

Green Astro sighed for a moment and reassured everyone. “Cass will be fine. She’s been in life and death tough spots before.”

“None like this.” Pink Morphin then said. “But then none of us have been in a trouble spot like this.”Green Astro reassured everyone saying “But her family has. She’s got some tough blood in her.”

“Then let’s hope she’s all right, as well as those on the Megaships.” Red Zeo then said.

“In the meantime we’re needed here.” Red Morphin said. “To help the resistance press the final advance.”

“But the final advance must be done by the people of Aquitar.” Red Zeo said. “And the Aquatian Rangers.”With that Delphine stepped forward and thanked Red Zeo. “Thank you for understanding Ranger of Earth. We need to be free. We need to free our planet.”

“But that does not mean we cannot help you.” Red Zeo said. “A lot of us are already. Stopping Dalek forces. Facing Cestria. And the Organization, whoever they are.”

Hearing the words of the Red Rangers Blue Zeo realized the leaders were right. “You helped us when we needed it most. We’re here to return the favor.”

“All of us.” Pink Zeo said as she, Pink Morphin, Purple Morphin, Yellow Morphin, Green Astro and Pink Astro also stood with the remaining Rangers. With Pink Zeo, Yellow Morphin, Green Astro and Pink Astro a show of power would have been needed. Especially against Cestria.

“Then let us free our world from the evil traitor and the dark creatures she brought to our world.” White Aquatian said as she took the lead position ahead of Red Zeo and Red Morphin. Neither Ranger minded. Her planet, her lead.

“Rangers, comrades in arms! PRESS THE ATTACK!!!”

The Rangers of Aquitar followed their leader’s command as they pressed forth their attack to the central hub. The remaining Rangers of Earth stood by their sides making sure the Aquatian Ranger mission finished.

A mission that they were starting to believe could well be the last mission, despite the brave words that had just been said.

In another section of the Capital the Science Daleks were continuing with their experiments on Silver Astro. They had realized his powers shut down after two minutes and factored it to power instability. The next conclusion they reached was to continue the instability by subjecting SIlver Astro to more punishment.

So they inflicted more punishment.



“I OBEY!!!”

Off to the side a series of automated weapons rolled out. A Missile Launcher, a laser cannon and a flamethrower. All directed at Silver Astro. Immediately the weapons fired with Silver Astro dodging as much as he could. But then the laser cannon made contact striking him in the leg sending him down to the ground and his powers into shutdown.

Silver Astro had demorphed before the two minutes ended. This allowed the Daleks to mount their final assault. They hit Zhane with stun beams causing him to scream in agony and fall to the ground. Off to the side the Science Daleks were giving their readouts.





“BEGIN PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS!!! EXTERMINATE THE POWER RANGERS!!!” the Red Dalek ordered. The Science Dalek said, “I OBEY!!!”

On the ground however Zhane lay close to death, overhearing every word the Daleks were saying. The conclusions horrifying his very soul.

The Daleks now had a way to kill the other Rangers. They found the answer through his own weakened power. And that answer would be used immediately. He wanted to fight. He wanted to stop them, but he was too weak to get up. He needed help to escape. Help to warn his friends. Help to restore his powers.

As he fell into a dimly aware half sleep one word escaped from his lips. A word that was a name.


In a corridor near where Zhane was one solitary Ranger who broke away from the pack was chasing the call in her mind. A call that was given through her powers.

Cassidy Bridges, the Silver Zeo Ranger, walked down the corridor. A corridor she hoped would lead her to her fellow Zeo Ranger who was being experimented on in hopes to make Rangers more susceptible to extermination by Dalek firepower. She started fighting alongside the Rangers as if on instinct when the Robo Aquatians and Cestria’s forces moved in for attack. Instinct took over as her body went on auto pilot as she fought the Robo Aquatians with her chain and Silver Zeo Nightstick. She had used her Star Shooter as much as possible, and did everything she could to keep her hand from drawing her Zeo Blaster.

As she thought of her Zeo Blaster Cassidy’s head began to swirl. She thought of the Shadow Trooper felled by her own hand. The life she took. Her mind then turned to Zhane, a friend who was about to be killed. Back and forth her mind went from the Robo Aquatian to Zhane. One she killed. One who was about to be killed if she did nothing.

But that would mean killing again. Killing the monsters that would have killed her, and her friends. Cassidy Bridges had seen death before, and was almost at the receiving end of it herself. But until Aquitar she had never killed. Never took a life with her own hands and saw it fade from her view.

The Daleks however, they were all about killing. They killed with no remorse, and no regret. And it was there that Cassidy made her revelation. She had a soul. She had a soul because she cared. Cared for her friends. Cared for her family.

….cared for….Zhane?

_Do I really care for him?_ Cassidy asked as she thought of the Silver Astro Ranger. They seemed like they were miles apart. More miles that Cassidy knew what to do with. She laughed a second thinking of her little joke. But there was truth in her thoughts. They had little in common, except for their powers. Zhane seemed a little cocky and arrogant while Cassidy was a little more level headed.

Plus she had been more grounded than Zhane, who always seemed to have his head in the clouds. Not just in a literal sense, but a figurative as well. Cassidy had always seen herself as a typical girl while Zhane had been anything but typical.

_But then, I am anything but typical now._ she thought as the recent events crept back into her mind. Events of the trooper she had killed, of how the Daleks did nothing but kill. She also thought of the realities in facing the Daleks, and their Robo Aquatians.

None of them involved being non-lethal.

If Cassidy Bridges interfered she would have to kill. If she didn’t the Daleks would kill Zhane. She remembered her father shooting several felons. Most notably Vincent Mulroy, and a group of home invaders when she stayed at her father’s one weekend. She saw the look in her father’s eyes the haunted look that said he hated the part where he killed perps, but that it was also a necessity as some perps refused to go down with a fight.

And that was what the Daleks were….perps. Perps of a more dangerous variety.

As Cassidy reached for her Zeo Blaster she thought of her father. Praying beyond time and space that he would give her strength to save Zhane. She prayed to her Uncle Bobby who went missing in Vietnam defending his country. She prayed to her grandfather Nick who fought in World War II. All of them killing in the line of duty. All of them fighting for their homes and causes.

Now it was Cassidy’s turn. She would have to fight and kill for her friends. Her family. Perhaps even her planet. At that moment, she had to be father, uncle and grandfather all in one. And do what had to be done.

Before she knew it Cassidy Bridges’ Zeo Blaster was drawn. Ready to fire.

And just around the corner Zhane Ki’tain was the test subject for the Ranger extermination weapon.

Zhane barely felt himself being suspended in an anti grav field as he saw the Daleks facing him. Before him was a new form of Dalek blaster. A blaster he believed was meant to exterminate the Rangers.

And Zhane was supposed to be the first test subject.

“What? No last request?” Zhane asked.



The Daleks brought forth their prototype Ranger killing cannon and aimed it directly at Zhane. Power started to build as the Daleks made ready to give their battle cry “EXTERMINA—“

It was then that Cassidy drew her Zeo Blaster and shot the Daleks in their eyestalks. The shooting lessons from her father paying off for her again.

“VISION IMPAIRED!!! EMERGENCY!!! EMERGENCY!!! VISION IMPAIRED!!! CANNOT SEE!!! CANNOT SEE!!! EMERGENCY!!! EMERGENCY!!!”As the Daleks screamed Cassidy ran to Zhane’s side and cut him loose from his bonds. Awareness briefly came to his as he recognized Cassidy. “C…Cassidy?” he asked.

“Save it Romeo. We have to beat feet fast.” Cassidy said as she picked up Zhane and ran out of the lab with him. The Daleks distress sent out a signal to other Daleks who were in immediate hot pursuit of the two Silver Rangers.

As they ran Zhane asked one question “Who’s Romeo?”

In the main command chamber the Dalek Supreme saw the battle erupt across the planet. The planet resisting the Daleks and their ‘allies’ also falling to the Aquatian rebels and the revived Power Rangers. The Dalek Supreme believed the possibility was extremely high that their operations on Aquitar were in…. dire jeopardy.

“SILO REPORT!!!” the Dalek Supreme called out on the comm line to the missile silo holding the planetary warhead. A Red Dalek appeared on the screen ready to give the Dalek Supreme its report.

“PLANETARY WARHEAD ARMED AND PRIMED!!!” the Red Dalek answered. “COUNTDOWN READY TO INITIATE!!!”The Dalek Supreme listened to the Red Dalek and gave his next order.

“PROCEED WITH THE LAUNCH COUNTDOWN!!!” the Dalek Supreme ordered. “I OBEY!!!” the Red Dalek said as he activated the computer where the countdown activated.

“100 RELS…99 RELS…98 RELS…”

“ATTENTION ALL DALEK OUTPOSTS!!! PREPARE FOR PLANETARY EVACUATION!!!”Any Daleks and Dalek outposts on the planet heard the order and obeyed.

The Dalek Supreme blasted the viewing screen leaving the communications destroyed. It then turned to leave the chamber willing to leave their allies, the Power Rangers, and the people of Aquitar to their inevitable fate. Inevitable in the view of the Dalek Supreme.


The Astro Megaship quickly came into contact with the battle the Pegasus was having against the Daleks. Red Astro could tell the Battlestar was overmatched. Yet not outgunned as blaster fire erupted taking out quite a few Daleks.

However they knew firepower was not going to be enough. The pilots and warriors on the Pegasus needed help.

“DECA, gun status.” Red Astro called out.

“Guns ready at forward section. Aft cannons still off line.”

“That means we come at them from the front.” Blue Astro said. “I’m fine with that.”

“Then let’s do it.” Black Astro said as the Megaship lurched forward. Quickly it launched against the first Daleks in the firing path. And obliterated them. The same for others.

“There’s just so many we can’t miss.” Yellow Astro said.

The Pegasus had a slight chance as the Megaship started blasting.

The battle in space continued as Rangers tried to turn their fortunes against the Daleks. But the Daleks were hard pressed to keep fortune in their favor. However the Astro Megaship felt hope come as the Delta Megaship entered the fray.

“Can anyone join this party?” Salamander asked over the intercom. Red Astro answered “More the merrier. Pick a target.”

Amidst the battle between Daleks and Vipers the Astro and Delta Megaships started blasting any, and all, Daleks they came across. “There’s so many you can’t miss.” Black Morphin said in the first gunnery chair. Yellow Zeo operated the second turret taking out Daleks in her sights. Yellow Zeo was not one for weapons preferring peaceful solutions, but in her travels with the Doctor she learned the Daleks were not ones for peace, unless it was on the bodies of others.

It was kill or be killed against the Daleks and Yellow Zeo knew it. Still she hated being in a position to kill. She then put the thought out of her mind when a Dalek lined her sights and opened fire. Yellow Zeo focused on the battle at hand.

Purple and Blue Zeo were being the eyes in the sky while Salamander Ninjetti flew the Delta Megaship. Purple kept her ears open on trouble spots the Delta Megaship could fly into and cover. The Astro Megaship fulfilled the same function as the Astro Rangers kept in communication with the Delta Megaship keeping eyes and ears open. Blue Zeo watched the sensors as he kept targets in sight, not that there weren’t a lot to choose from.

In the back of her mind though the scars from her actions continued to haunt Purple Zeo. The actions her alternate personality had taken that led to her betraying the team. She was afraid the memories would overwhelm her and she would never stop crying. She kept trying to block those feelings out by finding Daleks to shoot down. And as Black Morphin had said there were so many they couldn’t miss.

At the moment Purple Zeo made sure the Megaships didn’t miss any Daleks. And there were a lot of Daleks to choose from. “Squad at port. Sector 3.” Purple Zeo called.

“Got ’em.” Yellow Zeo said bringing the cannons to bear. A squad then started to advance from the front, which were taken out by the passing Astro Megaship.

“Looks like we have a lot of party crashers here.”Blue Zeo then spoke by saying “We’ve got a full squad coming in from starboard. They look ready to destroy.”

“How’s the Pegasus holding up?” Yellow Zeo asked. Red Astro said “They lost half their forces but they are holding their own. But if that new force comes in…”

“Goodbye Pegasus.” Salamander Ninjetti said knowing the risks. “What’s your damage?”

“34 percent to most of the ship. We can maneuver. Self-repair is also functioning and working on damage as we speak.” Red Astro reported. Salamander Ninjetti saw the Delta Megaship was damaged 46 percent but she could still fight and self-repair was activating. “I guess we handle them ourselves. You take right and I’ll take left.”

“Copy that.” Red Astro said as the Megaships veered to confront the approaching Dalek forces. Guns charged and ready for battle. It didn’t take them long to start going in guns blazing.

“There’s an old saying on Earth Daleks.” Black Morphin said as he lined up another Dalek in his sights and pulled the trigger. The Dalek exploded in a fireball. Black Morphin then finished the quote.

“In space, no one can hear you scream.”

And while Daleks did not scream in space the sight of burning casings did ignite the dark expanses of space.

The battle between Gold Astro and Scorpina was heating up. Gold Astro found that the new Scorpina should not be underestimated as she seemed to hold up pretty well. The next thing that happened was that Scorpina transformed. Her body shrunk as it turned into something else.

Gold Astro looked around unaware that her foe was coming up from behind transformed into a scorpion.

The Scorpion snuck up on Gold Astro ready to sting just as a foot was about to step down. A foot belonging to Gold Astro who turned around sensing something coming in from behind. The Scorpion realizing her attack failed scurried away.

“Been so long since I used that power I almost forgot I had it as Scorpina.” Gold Astro said to herself remembering the few times she herself transformed into a scorpion. She felt ashamed for ever having that ability, which she conceded was a perversion of her ninjetti transformation.

“And I even have a few new powers to add to the mix. PSI STING!!!” Scorpina shouted sending out a wave of Psionic energy Gold Astro’s way, quickly transforming back as she did. The energy burst hit Gold Astro dead on disrupting her senses leaving her momentarily deaf, dumb and blind.

“And now for the next nail.” Scorpina said as she activated her teleport gauntlet. Only this time it was not to teleport someone out. She wanted to teleport others in.

The ranks of the Rangers was dwindling. Some were in space, some were fighting battles elsewhere. But those that were the heart and inspiration of the Power Rangers still remained, and the rebels were following their lead across the lines of defense.

By the sides of the Red Rangers were the Pink Rangers. Pink Morphin with her bow and Pink Zeo with her disk. Also there were Purple Morphin along with Green and Pink Astro, who along with Yellow Morphin gave their own displays of power. Power that swept aside Robo Aquatians and Daleks alike.

Pink Morphin fired a few arrows at the Daleks. One hit the Dalek in the eyestalk blocking it’s vision and sending it into a hysterical fit as it blasted all around them. “Duck!” Pink Morphin said as the Dalek blasted wildly. Some Robo Aquatians, some Shadow Troopers, and even some Daleks. “MY VISION IS IMPAIRED!!! VISION IMPARED!!! VISION IMPARED!!!!”

Another Dalek destroyed the out of control Dalek which is where Pink Morphin launched another strike. This time into the center of the Dalek blaster jamming it. “WEAPON OBSTRUCTED!!! OVERLOADING!!!”

The Dalek exploded with the Rangers getting clear. Pink Zeo got into the mix using her Zeo Power Disk to send blast energy cutting through another wave of Daleks and Shadow Troopers. “Next?” Pink Zeo asked.

Yellow Morphin then stepped up to the plate as she threw her Power Daggars to two Daleks blinding them into another destruction wave. The Daleks exploded in a shower of metal and flame. Purple Morphin did a power jump between two Daleks causing them to be destroyed in their own crossfire when they fired simultaneously where Purple Morphin used to be, thanks to an escape with Green Astro’s help as she flew around on her Galaxy Glider.

Green Astro called forth her Glider before the Megaship left. She kept it on standby in case it was needed, and against the Daleks it was as it allowed them to get in an aerial adventage before the Daleks decided to hover to face them. Due to the sharp shooting of Purple Morphin the Daleks never got off the ground.

Green Astro and Purple Morphin then set down ready for what they believed would come next, another attack. The attack didn’t come, but something else did that the girl Rangers quickly felt.

Pink Morphin then felt an energy overwhelm her. An energy associated with teleportation. “Jasoooooonnnnnnn…..” Pink Morphin shouted as she felt the energy take her. By Red Zeo’s side Pink Zeo felt the same energy take over her form.

“KIMBERLY!!!” Red Morphin shouted as she disappeared. Pink Zeo also started to disappear with Red Zeo calling her name. But the disappearances didn’t stop there.

“Uhh guys.” Purple Morphin said as she felt the teleport glow around herself as did Yellow Morphin. Green Zeo and Blue Morphin immediately sprinted into action as they grabbed the arms of Purple Morphin, and Yellow Morphin.

Also off to the side was Pink and Green Astro as they were enveloped by the teleport energy. Red Morphin and Red Zeo could only watch as the girls being teleported to where Sabrina and Scorpina both were.

The girls would not be alone however. Billy and Adam were also going along.

As soon as he felt the familiar tingle of the teleport Blue Morphin quickly found himself hitting the ground hard immediately after. Gathering himself he quickly stood up and looked at his surroundings. He was in the catacombs beneath the Capital. They had been sealed off centuries ago.

“I unsealed them.” a voice said. Turning around Blue Morphin saw the image of the adversary he was searching for. His wife Cestria, now the New Scorpina.

“You wonder why you’re not with the other girls? Sorry lover.” Scorpina said. “This is a girl’s only meeting. You don’t qualify. Green Zeo is at the other end of the maze trying to stop me too. Good luck with that.” she sneered. “Of course you can try to make it if you’re lucky.”The image of Scorpina then faded leaving Blue Morphin with a sense of resolve. He was going to end the terror of the Second Scorpina once and for all. Even if she was his wife.

_Is this what the wife of Darth Vader will feel like when those prequels to Star Wars come out?” Blue Morphin asked himself as he ran down the corridor hoping to make time for whatever plan Scorpina had in mind for the Ranger girls.

Back at the Capital battlefield the battle was limited to four Earth Rangers, five Aquatian Rangers and attacking Rebels. “We’re really getting short handed here.” White Morphin said. “Ranger wise.”

“But we’re getting the job done.” Red Morphin said as they came to the main throne room. The Aquatian Rangers then brought their weapons to bear and blasted the door, where Squatt and Baboo were waiting. “It’s over Squatt and Baboo.” Red Morphin shouted. “You’re done.”

“That’s what you think Rangers.” Squatt said as he and Baboo pulled out two of Zedd’s growth grenades and slammed them down on the ground. Immediately the two monsters grew ready to stomp the Rebels and remaining Rangers.

“Looks like we’ll see if the automation center in the Sky Zords will work.” Red Zeo said as Robo Aquatians and Organization troops rallied in.

“We’ll cover things down here.” White Morphin said in regards to the ground leadership. The Red Rangers and Black Zeo all needed to take the monsters on. The Sky Zord system had an automation center where a limited number of Rangers could operate them if they were in Megazord formation. Of course they had to form the Megazords first. Red Morphin then gave the call.

“WE NEED SKY ZORD POWER NOW!!!” Red Morphin called out. Even though the self-repair had not completed repairs, like the Megaships they had enough power to do what needed to be done. From their crashed sites the zords rose into the air, fighting whatever damage still remained in their system and structure.

Over the horizon the Sky Zords appeared. Red Morphin, Red Zeo, and Black Zeo all represented their respective teams, and ordered them to assemble in their Megazord formations. Joining together three massive machines formed looking to be a match with two of the conquerors of Aquitar.

Soon the assembly was done and the three Rangers took the central cockpits. The Sky Megazords stood ready to go against Squatt and Baboo. And they wasted no time going on the attack.

Gold Astro was still trying to shake loose the effects of Scorpina’s Psi Sting. Her eyes seemed blurry. her senses still scrambled. She was trying to get a feel of the environment around her but she could not lock onto anything.

And in the disorientation, Scorpina struck. A series of hit and run strikes kept Gold Astro off her game. Scorpina got in one or two strikes and slipped away from the scene leaving Gold Astro wondering where the next strike was going to come from, and where she should launch a strike of her own.

After searching the room Gold Astro thought she finally got a glimpse at Scorpina. Immediately she charged at her foe and drew back her weapon to give her a hard strike with her Solar Scimitar. A strike that connected.

“Gotcha!” Gold Astro shouted delivering her Solar Scimitar onto Scorpina. One strike later Scorpina fell. Power erupting all over.

Turning around Gold Astro looked to express her triumph. What she expressed was horror for the person struck turned out to not be Scorpina.

It was Kimberly Hart. Pink Morphin.

Next second Gold Astro felt a strike from behind. The real Scorpina struck from behind. Gold Astro turned around to see Scorpina again. Drawing out her Astro Blaster Gold Zeo fired….

….and found she had hit Ketherine Hillard, Pink Zeo, instead.

“Fool again.” Scorpina said delivering another shot. “Really, you striking your friends and allies. Do you really seek redemption? Because you are doing a lousy job at it.”Gold Astro looked again and saw Scorpina again and lunged to attack.

She then paused wondering if she was going to strike another friend. She looked at Scorpina again who seemed to have a face of horror about her then smiled. “This time it’s me.” she said as she plunged her Scorpion Stinger through Gold Astro’s ribs causing her to fall and explode with power. Sabrina now lay on the ground demorphed. Scorpina standing over her.

That Psi Bolt scrambled your senses.” Scorpina had said. “You saw enemies where I had placed your friends. And you wound up stinging them with your own weapon. Perhaps the role of Scorpina was better suited to you, as it is in a Scorpion’s nature to turn on her allies. Willingness is a technicality.”Sabrina looked up glaring at her ‘successor’ to the Scorpina title. She had done something even she hadn’t done. Twist friends and enemies causing friends to be struck by her own blade leaving enemies victorious.

“You can keep it.” Sabrina said. “It suits you better.”

“But it suited you once better too.” Scorpina taunted. “Perhaps you should take on another evil identity. After all, doesn’t evil turn on her friends?”

“You’d know.” a voice said from behind. “You’ve done it yourself.”Scorpina heard the voice from behind and seemed to recognize it. It had belonged to Yellow Morphin. Turning around to make sure Scorpina saw she wasn’t disappointed.

Scorpina saw Yellow Morphin, Pink Astro, Green Astro, Green Zeo, Blue Morphin and Purple Morphin ready to stomp Scorpina like a bug. “Well.” she sneered. “I didn’t think I’d have more guests. But your appearances are still….welcome ones to me.”Looking at Blue Morphin she added “Especially yours.”

“Hope you don’t mind me turning up.” White Zeo said appearing. “Had to leave Bulk with one of your partners, whom he’s taking care of. And I was in the neighborhood see.”

“I see.” Scorpina had said not happy about the nuisance that had arrived. “Still, how did the rest of you arrive?”

“We decided to hitch a ride when you teleported Kim and Kat out.” Yellow Morphin had said. “Now where’s Kim and Kat?”Scorpina waved her hands to show the fallen Pink Rangers, Kimberly Hart and Katherine Hillard, down on the ground unconscious. “KIM!!! KAT!!!” Yellow Morphin cried as she saw them on the ground beaten with Scorpina standing over them, almost hovering over their fallen forms. “What happened?” she asked.

“I happened unfortunately.” Sabrina said sadly. Everyone looked at Sabrina wondering why, and quickly she explained. “She scrambled my senses so I thought they were her.”Sabrina pointed sadly to Kim and Kat. Victim’s of Sabrina’s blade and Scorpina’s manipulation.

“I just made sure your former nature was followed, much to my entertainment.” Scorpina said with a sneer as she ran her hands down the legs of Kim and Kat. “A nature that’s mine now.”Green Zeo went to Sabrina’s side and offered her support. Support she gladly took. For a moment she looked at Green Zeo’s helmet wondering what he was thinking, even if she couldn’t see his face.

She could sense no malice from Green Zeo. No hatred. No betrayal. He didn’t blame Sabrina. If anything his presence comforted her. Comfort she gladly took as her power build back up again. She would be able to remorph in a few seconds.

Blue Morphin however could not believe what he was seeing before him. His wife completely evil embracing the identity of a former Ranger enemy. Like Green Zeo he knew Sabrina was not responsible for injuring Kim and Kat, but the thought of his wife being the one who delivered such nearly fatal strikes, as well as betraying her own people, was too much for his genius mind to comprehend. His words brought forth the question in his heart. “Cestria why?”

“Why? You ask why?” Scorpina asked. She then let out a chilling smile as she then said “Because it makes me happy.”The shock of her answer unsettled everyone there, but Cestria wasn’t quite done.

“Besides. ‘Why not?’ Why not want more out of life instead of a thankless job where you support those that aren’t supposed to get thanks but do anyway? Why not get revenge on the ones you truly love since you didn’t love me the way you do those Earth girl Rangers.”She smiled down at the down forms of Kimberly Hart and Katherine Hillard and smiled. She felt fate would have some twists for them. She then looked at Yellow Morphin and Pink Astro and drilled daggars into Yellow Morphin’s soul.

“And her, your first real love. In her I see the spiritual connection between you. She knows your heart and soul in a way that others can only dream of.”She then looked at Pink Astro and said “But there are others that are learning to connect. Some whose heart can touch your own, just as hers is touching yours Billy.”

“What?” Yellow Morphin asked. Scorpina smiled as she struck a nerve. Yellow Morphin was on a verge of darkness. A dark power within her that was starting to grow and corrupt Trini Kwan’s very being. She is fighting the power within, but Scorpina knew it was only a matter of time. Yellow Morphin would fall.

And Scorpina would do her own share of pushing. “She loves Billy. Can’t you tell? The light in her eyes. The beauty of the soul. She is more than you will ever be. Billy will fall for her, and where will you be? Where will you be?”

In the back of her mind Trini heard the dark voice of power whispering in her ear. A dark voice saying ‘She’s right. You will be alone if he falls for the Kusanagi. End her now. End the Kusanagi now. Give in to the power that is yours. The power of your birthright.’ Trini tried to block the evil voice in her mind thinking of peace and serenity. Thinking of friendship and the bonds formed from it. A bond she had with Billy, a bond she had wanted with Cassie….or wanted to have.

“I will still be in Billy’s life. As a friend, not as a monster.” Trini had said. Scorpina smirked and asked “Really?” as she then threw her blade like a boomerang towards Pink Astro.

Yellow Morphin jumped in front of the blade and the blade struck her dead on. She then fell taking the blow meant for Cassie.

“TRINI!” Pink Morphin said as she and Pink Zeo stood up, unsteadily. Scorpina then aimed her hand and fired. Both her bolts struck the two women.

Both Pink Zeo and Pink Morphin fell. Victims to Scorpina’s envy.

“Next?” Scorpina asked.

Green Astro stood by Gold Astro as well as Purple Morphin, Green Zeo and Blue Morphin. It looked as if the fight would be three against one. But it was White Zeo that had risen to stand in Scorpina’s way

“I don’t think so.” Scorpina said as she threw her sword at White Zeo, but he got thrown out of the way by Purple Morphin which the sword did hit.

White Zeo could only watch as the sword hit Purple Morphin in the shoulder causing her to demorph. She fell backwards and landed hard on the ground below. It was considered a miracle she wasn’t hurt worse. But the Scorpion Stinger had penetrated her skin, and it had drawn blood.

“TANYA!!!!” Green Zeo shouted as he rushed to her side only to hit by a stray shot from the Scorpion Stinger as it flew like a boomerang back into Scorpina’s hand which caused him to collide with Blue Morphin. Both male Rangers fell to the ground with Green Zeo pinning his teammate. Scorpina caught the blade and looked down at the carnage she had made so far, and enjoyed the sight of it.

“Anything else?” Scorpina asked just as an arrow pierced Scorpina’s shoulder followed by a blaster shot. Turning around Scorpina saw Pink Morphin and Pink Zeo standing, barely, with power bow and Zeo Blaster in hand. Scorpina smirked as she saw the two Ranger girls. “Well you two are still standing?”

“What can I say?” Pink Morphin asked. “We’re like Timex watches.”

“We take a licking and keep on ticking.” Pink Zeo added. The two Pink Rangers went to stand next to Green Zeo, Blue Morphin, Purple Morphin, Yellow Morphin, Pink Astro and Gold Astro looking to promote a united front. They were injured, but they were determined to put forth a united effort against Scorpina. An effort that would be for naught.

Scorpina then gave a mock applause saying “Bravo. Bravo. But I doubt you would have the strength to stand against this.”

Scorpina let loose her Psi Sting again. All the girls and the two male Rangers felt themselves being disoriented. Their senses scrambled. Their center’s disrupted. The girl Rangers, Adam and Billy were trapped in Scorpina’s psychic vertigo.

And in the confusion Scorpina made ready to strike. With Blue Morphin being the first to be cut down. Scorpina thought _I guess the old Earth saying is true. You always hurt the one you love._

Scorpina then stood amidst the downed bodies of her vanquished foes. She had succeeded in proving herself more woman than the Pink Rangers of Earth. More cunning than her predecessor, and more powerful than those ‘ki’ fighters. She stood tall and victorious

She wondered who else could challenge her, and her new power.

Inside his escape saucer the Dalek Supreme was monitoring the space battle. He saw the forces of the Daleks fight against the Pegasus and found the Pegasus slowly gaining the upper hand.

The Dalek Supreme knew it was only a matter of time before the Dalek forces fell making evacuation extremely difficult. The Pegasus needed to be distracted somehow. He felt he had an answer in an outside project his Science Daleks were working on. Activating his ship’s communicator the Dalek Supreme contacted his chief Science Dalek.

“REPORT ON PROJECT TEMPORAL MINE!!!” the Dalek Supreme ordered. The Blue Science Dalek appeared on the screen.

“THREE PROTOTYPLES HAVE BEEN TESTED SUCCESSFULLY!!!” the chief Science Dalek answered. “THEY ARE ABLE TO ATTACH THEMSELVES TO TARGETS AND GENERATE TIME CORRIDORS FOR DALEK FORCES TO TRAVEL THROUGH!!!”The Science Dalek wondered what the Dalek Supreme wanted with mines that opened temporal portals, but it was not his place to ask.


“I OBEY!!!” the Science Dalek said as he cut the communications channel. Activating another channel the Dalek Supreme issued another order.


“WE OBEY” Came the voices of the Dalek Squad leaders assigned to board the Pegasus. The Dalek Supreme cut communication allowing the three Dalek task forces to finish their job.

Destroy the Power Rangers’ battlestar, and help facilitate the Dalek’s escape.

In his chamber the Dalek Supreme monitored the Dalek assault on the Pegasus which showed up on his scanner.


“WE OBEY!!!” came the voices of the Daleks ready to launch the mines and those ready to board. Upon command three Daleks approached the Pegasus and fired their metal devices to the Pegasus hull.

The mines were on the Pegasus awaiting the order to activate so the Dalek task forces could board.

The Supreme Dalek gave that order

Meanwhile back on the Pegasus the Outsiders looked on as the battle picked up. The reinforcements Finn’s ships provided gave the Pegasus better odds against the attacking Daleks, but Kinwon knew the ships would still be needed to touch down on the planet.

“We’re getting through.” Tykwa said. “But it still is hard to get through.”

“It’s taking time.” Kinwon said. “The Daleks still have a formidable defense.”

The Outsiders immediately took to the bridge to see what all was happening. Tritania also followed to see the battle taking place. Everyone saw how relentless the Daleks were, but they saw hope when Admiral Finn’s reserve ships came to help. The battle seemed to be even odds, but the Daleks remained as relentless as ever.

“Commander!” a tech ordered. “We have temporal signatures appearing on the hull. They seem to be…forming portals.”Kinwon ran to the station to see the tech’s readouts. The temporal readings were temporal portals.

The Daleks were boarding.

“SECURITY FORCES AT SECTORS ALPHA 6, BETA 5, AND LAMBDA 12. REPEL BOARDERS!!!” Upon Kinwon’s command security forces ran to meet the Daleks coming through the Portals.

The Outsiders would run to join them.

The Outsiders had broken up to cover each of the boarding points the Daleks sought to enter from. Tyler, Chelsea, and Lillian ran to the section closer to the bridge where the security forces were waiting for their arrival.

At Beta 5, close to the ship’s main energizer, Jamie, Christina and Katarina joined their security group while Nate, Theresa and Tritania rendezvoused with forces at Lambda 12, closer to the landing bay. On the intercom Jamie signaled the rest of her friends. “We’re here.”

“Be ready.” Theresa said. “Samantha said the Daleks are very smart, and very vicious. Don’t underestimate them.”None of the security forces planned to do that as they turned to the bulkhead waiting to see what happened.

For a few seconds there was silence. No sound. The security forces felt unease at the quiet the events was bringing. Then the bulkhead got red hot and exploded blinding the guards watching. By the time the smoke cleared the portals from Aquitar were opened.

The portals opened and the Daleks came through. On all fronts the Outsiders and security forces ordered an attack. The Daleks met with heavy resistance. Two grunts were destroyed by blaster fire immediately upon entering.

“UNDER ATTACK!!!””WITHDRAW!!!” came the orders from the Dalek commanders. Sensing an advantage the security forces pressed on. What the security forces didn’t realize until it was too late that the Daleks wanted the forces to press the advantage.

The Daleks came to the rim of the portals as the security forces moved in looking to blow the passage. It was then that the Daleks made their move using the two destroyed Daleks that were now behind the forces.

A pollen erupted from the casings causing the guard forces to suffocate and fall to the ground. Once the guards fell they started to mutate. Skin growing grey, spines erupting from their bodies, all reason disappearing. The Guard forces were turning into Varga-mutated plant monsters from the Dalek home planet of Skaro. Chelsea, Lillian, and Tyler looked on in horror at what was happening to the security forces that came to help then their communicators went off. It was Jamie, Christina and Katarina.

“WHAT THE HELL?!!!!!” Jamie shrieked over the comm line. “ARE YOU GUYS MORPHED?!!!”

Immediately Lillian and Tyler morphed into their Ranger forms. Chelsea found a breath mask and put it before her face. “We are now. What is this?” Zeo Shadow answered.

“Some kind of mutating pollen.” Zeo Psi answered. “It’s closing down their reason. They have nothing left but an animalistic hate.”

” So now what?” Zeo Blade asked. The communicators beeped again. This time it was Nate, Theresa and Tritania. Although they were morphed into Zeo Ranger and Zeo Punk. Tritania also had a breather mask.

“Tykwa.” Zeo Knight asked over the comm line. “Does this ship have blast shielding?”Tykwa indicated that the Pegasus did have compartment seal doors. “Shut them.”

“But you’ll be trapped inside.” Tykwa said back.

“We have breathers. We can last a while.” Zeo Phoenix added. Tykwa sighed and called out “SEAL ALL COMPARTMENTS!!!”Immediately the compartment doors closed trapping the Outsides in three separate sections with mutated crewmen in a murderous rage backed by the Daleks.

When the shields closed completely Zeo Knight ordered the second part of the plan to take place. “Activate air purifiers. Get this pollen out of here. Shoot it back into space.”The order was followed and soon the pollen was out of the sealed corridors. Tykwa then ordered laser decontamination to happen and soon the rooms were engulfed in laser red lights.

The Varga screamed at the laser contact giving the Outsiders a challenge to attack. Fighting their way through the ferocious Varga plants, they found themselves facing the Daleks, who seemed to join the battle.

The Red Dalek entered with his forces of grunts. The battle cry of “EXTERMINATE!!!” echoed throughout the corridors. “EXTERMINATE!!! ANNIHILATE!!! EXTERMINATE!!! DESTROY!!!”

“Exterminate this!” Zeo Knight shouted as he leapt into battle and cut the eyestalk of one of the grunts. Immediately he went crazy shouting “MY VISION IS IMPAIRED!!! I CANNOT SEE!!! MY VISION IS IMPAIRED!!! I CANNOT SEE!!!”The grunt Dalek started flailing wildly. Three other Daleks in the attack squad had to exterminate it. Zeo Shadow made her move.

“SHADOW RIBBONS STRIKE!!!” Zeo Shadow said wrapping her dark tendrils around the first three Daleks. Salamander Ninjetti took out the next group behind them that were advancing kcking off Dalek eye stalks sending them into an uncontrolled spin and destroying themselves.

Zeo Phoenix also attacked on her end sending waves of energy out destroying the Daleks. Zeo Blade sent shocks of energy all through her group of Daleks frying thein inside their own casings.

Just as the Red Dalek was anticipating. When he saw the targets that were acquired in the Outsiders the Red Dalek immediately contacted the Dalek Supreme.

“OUTSIDERS LOCATED!!!” the Red Dalek said over the comm line.


“I OBEY!!!” ordered the Red Dalek. The Red Dalek then called out to his forces “WITHDRAW!!! WITHDRAW!!! THE SUPREME DALEK ORDERS US TO WITHDRAW!!!”

“WE OBEY!!!” the Dalek forces had said as they fell back to the portals. Portals the Dalek Supreme would make sure the Outsiders went through by offering them a lure they could not resist.

The lives of their friends and the population of Aquitar.

The Outsiders pressed on. The Dalek’s Robo Aquatians and Vargas were driven back. Now only the Daleks themselves remained. All three Outsider groups moved forward but at the corridor where Zeo Knight was a Red Dalek had spoken. “POWER RANGERS!!! I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR YOU FROM THE SUPREME DALEK!!!”

Zeo Knight looked stunned. “The Supreme Dalek? What does he want?”


“It must be a trap.” Zeo Shadow said.

“Still, it is the Head Dalek as it were.” Zeo Blade added. Chelsea also nodded. “Let him speak.”

“All right. Put him on.” Zeo Ranger said. Soon the voice of the Dalek Supreme echoed in the Outsiders’ internal comms.

“POWER RANGERS!!!” The voice of the Supreme Dalek had said. “YOUR DESTRUCTION IS UPON YOU!!!”

“Yeah we’ve heard that before.” Zeo Phoenix had said. “We’ve defeated everyone that said that time and time again.”

“THIS TIME YOUR EXTERMINATION WILL OCCUR!!!” the Dalek Supreme continued to boast. “FIRST WITH THE DESTRUCTION OF THE POWER RANGERS ON AQUITAR, AND THEN WITH YOU IN SPACE BY THE DALEK FLEET!!!”Zeo Blade shouted “What do you mean by that? What destruction of the Rangers on Aquitar?”


This sent waves of fear into the Outsiders. “What do you mean the planet will be destroyed?” Zeo Psi asked.


“What about your allies?” Zeo Knight asked. “Won’t they die too?”


“Planetary detonation?!” Zeo Punk shouted at the Dalek Supreme’s words. “Samantha!”

“Rocky!” Zeo Phoenix added.

“Tommy!” Zeo Shadow followed. Even Chelsea had a look of horror on her face. Zeo Blade added “Jason!”

Zeo Ranger however shouted “Why tell us this? Why tell us your plan?”


“So that’s the plan?” Zeo Psi asked. “Get us down to Aquitar so we can all die together?”


“How romantic.” Zeo Shadow said not hiding the venom in her voice.

The Dalek Supreme then gave his order. “ALL DALEK BOARDING PARTIES WITHDRAW AND REGROUP WITH SPACE ATTACK FORCES!!! INCREASE ATTACKS ON THE PEGASUS!!! RETURN TO AQUITAR TO REGROUP AND REATTACK!!!”Soon all the Daleks withdrew back to the open corridors looking to lure the Outsiders through. The words of the Dalek Supreme echoing throughout the minds of the Outsiders, as if he was daring the Outsiders to follow them.

Soon the last Dalek had gone through the portal. The Daleks had escaped. The corridors however remained open. The dare of the Dalek Supreme became more and more obvious.

“Well guys.” Zeo Knight asked. “Do we stay here, or go after them? Either way, we face the Daleks.”

“No brainer.” Zeo Shadow said. “After them.”

“Agreed.” Zeo Ranger added. “Our friends are in danger. They may be unaware of the Daleks’ plan to destroy Aquitar.”

“I’m with Nate. After them.” Zeo Blade added.

“Like you need to ask?” Zeo Punk said. “After them. Samantha’s down there.”

“So’s Rocky.” Zeo Phoenix added. “And Tommy. And David.” Chelsea said as well.

“And Everyone.” Zeo Psi said. “Friends and people alike. I say ‘Let’s go’.”

“Guess it’s unanimous.” Zeo Knight had said. “We go to Aquitar.”Soon everyone ran for a portal and jumped through. As Zeo Psi ran towards the portal she felt a hand on her shoulder. “Tykwa?” she asked

“Yes.” Tykwa had said. ” I am accompanying you. There is something on the planet that I must get a reading on. Something that was only recently discovered on screens.”

“What is it?” Zeo Psi asked. Tykwa shook her head saying “I don’t know. I only know it was seen before, and I need to get a firsthand look before making any other final decision.”Sighing she also added “And I need to make sure it isn’t involved with the ruling council in any way.”

“What would the ruling council want with a platform?” Zeo Psi asked. Tykwa shook her head. “I’m not sure. They may not even be involved.”

“Then who’s behind it?” Zeo Psi continued. Tykwa shook her head. “Well that’s for me to find out. I need to locate this platform and see if it’s any kind of threat. Besides, you might need some telepathic help down there. I’m willing to do that.”

“Why?”Tykwa answered Zeo Psi with “There’s a powerful augmented psionic down there. I detected her astral waves augmented by a darkness. Chances are you’ll be running into her. You’ll need all the help you can get.”

“You volunteering?” Tykwa nodded at Zeo Psi’s question. Zeo Psi then added “I hope you know what you’re doing.”

“So do I.” Tykwa said as she and Zeo Psi ran to join the rest of her teammates. The Outsiders were making their way through the Dalek time corridor to Aquitar. To hopefully save their friends and the people of the planet.

The Dalek Supreme watched the Outsiders enter the time portals. It knew what happened next depended on timing.



The Science Dalek saw the logic in the Dalek Supreme’s words and answered “I OBEY!!!”. It then went to the main console and on a glowing sphere the Dalek reached out with its sucker arm and sent a signal shutting it down. “WARNING! PORTAL OCCUPIED! TRAVEL NOT ADVISED.”

“UNDERSTOOD!!! SHUT DOWN ANYWAY!!!” The Dalek Supreme ordered. The Science Dalek agreed and motioned the sucker arm to grip the glowing sphere that was the control to the time corridor. Upon contact the glowing sphere blinked for a few seconds then went black. The corridor was shut down.

“HUMANOID LIFE FORMS IN FREE FALL!!!”the Science Dalek said looking at his readouts. “THEIR ARRIVAL POINTS APPEAR RANDOM!!!”


“I OBEY!!!” said the Science Dalek who looked to order a platoon to search for the Outsiders. To determine if they were alive or dead.

And if they were alive they would be exterminated.

“Ohhhh my head.” Christina Collins said as she sat up from the floor she was on. _Wait a minute. Floor?_

Standing up Christina found herself alive. Demorphed, but alive. She wondered how she had gotten there then she remembered the Dalek time corridor. How it was shut down with the Outsiders in it. Next thing she knew she found herself falling with the rest of her teammates scattered across the planet. The energy of the corridor was protecting them for a landing, but the landings were far from pleasant, as Christina found out.

_My powers and the remaining time corridor energy must have protected me._ she thought. _Hope it protected the others._ Then somewhere in the back of her mind she heard a voice. _Well. Looks like the Daleks sent me a little gift._

Christina looked around shocked. Someone was speaking to her telepathically. It had to be one of the Aquatians, but which one? Those she saw were either Robotized or collaborators. Christina had a feeling this one was neither.

No, this one was a power. One of the masterminds of the conquest of Aquitar.

_Follow the ball of light_ the voice said as a glowing ball appeared before her. She followed the ball seeing where it lead. The walk down the corridor seemed to go on forever. The fear and anticipation building as to who was at the end of the ball of light.

As she looked at the ball Christina thought she saw a face. It was Aquatian and was female. She wore a crown. A crown she saw as familiar. A crown someone else wore.

A crown Sabrina the Gold Astro Ranger wore….

….as Scorpina.

_Congratulations._ the telepathic voice said. _Except I am a much better improvement that the previous Scorpina. Especially as I wanted the power she had._

“You wanted the power?” Christina asked aloud. In her mind Christina felt a chuckle in the back of her mind, as if shocked someone would want the power of Scorpina. _And soon you will know its full effects._ came the thought from Scorpina. The new Scorpina.

Finally she came to the place not far from where Scorpina was. Christina looked around for Tykwa, who said she would be by her side, but she was nowhere to be seen. Did she land somewhere else? Was she scattered into atoms?

_Come my little Psionic. I await our contest._ The image then changed to a pinprick of golden light and flew forward beckoning Christina to follow.

“Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly.” Christina said. “Well I will with help.”Bringing up her Zeonizers she called out “ZEO PSI POWER!!!” and soon Zeo Psi stood in Christina Collins’ place. Zeo Psi then followed the pinprick of light to where her challenger would be.

Now was time to find Scorpina.

Again Scorpina stood above a set of bodies, the Dark Heart of Aquitar by her side. Looking down she saw Sabrina, the Gold Astro and sneered. “You really didn’t know what all this power could do. You never explored its full potential, unlike me….who welcomed the power!”Looking at the Dark Heart of Aquitar she added “And more.”

Sabrina looked up at Scorpina and smirked. “Enjoy the power. See where it gets you in a couple centuries.”

“Oh it will get me more.” Scorpina said. “More than it ever got you.”Suddenly Scorpina felt a jolt of pain in her mind dragging her down to her knees. Looking around she senses another adversary. Standing not far away was a Ranger.

“You like shows of power, what do you think of mine?.” Zeo Psi said as she appeared above. Scorpina clutched her head not expecting this kind of combat, but Scorpina would not turn away from the challenge. Grabbing the hilt of the Scorpion Stinger Scorpina sent a wave of pain towards Zeo Psi. Pain she fought through as she jumped down from the ledge she stood on and grabbed the Dark Heart of Aquitar by the hilt of the Scorpion Stinger as well. Scorpina felt her hold weakening as she sensed something within Zeo Psi.

A darkness of her own within the timid frame.

“How can you do this?” Scorpina asked. “The Dark Heart of Aquitar accepted me. It gave me its power.”

“Maybe it sees me as a better choice.” Zeo Psi said. “After all I was cursed from the cradle by darkness. Something I never asked for. But I think it helps your trinket like me better than you.”

“NO!!!!” Scorpina said as she called up her will to prevent Zeo Psi from taking the Dark Heart away from her. Memories from her time as Pink Aquatian Ranger. From the time Aquitar was attacked. From her betrayal of the Aquatian people. All the while Zeo Psi called forth her own memories. Being laced with the DNA replica of a Psycho Ranger mold. Her will not her own due to the manipulations of the Psycho Replica Biilly. The I.D. War. Zeo Psi felt herself grow stronger pushing Scorpina back as if in a form of mental combat.

“Mental combat.” Scorpina sneered. She knew what Zeo Psi was doing. “Mind bending.”

“So you know of this.” Zeo Psi then said. “A form of mental wrestling I believe the Doctor called it? A test of strength and will. And yours is definitely lacking.”

“We shall see.” Scorpina said as she gripped the hilt of her Dark Heart of Aquitar . Zeo Psi had done the same ready to continue their mental contest. A contest that brings forth not just one’s mind, but their entire soul as well. Even possibilities of what could be, and what may not be. The Doctor told Zeo Psi of Mind Bending once before, and even showed her a few lessons in hopes of honing her Psionic ability. Those lessons would be put to the test.

Zeo Psi and Scorpina were locked in their combat of the mind. Neither one willing to lose.

In space things were not going so well as the Megaship soon found itself outmanned as well. As it made a hard turn destroying a trio of Daleks it soon found itself in the crosshairs of several Daleks hiding in a debris field. The Astro Megaship found itself quickly surrounded and under fire.

“Man.” T.J. said. “These Daleks are hitting us faster than the self repair program can keep up.”Immediately D.E.C.A. was giving damage reports every two seconds. Vital systems were crashing with repairs underway. But the destruction was going by faster than the ability to repair.

“Structural integrity 40% and falling. Destruction of Megaship estimated 3 Terran minutes and 40 seconds.”Everyone was looking for ideas on how to stop the Daleks but no one had any answers.

“This may well be our Brian’s Gap.” White Astro said remembering the story from his family’s history. Red Astro vowed that history would not repeat itself on this scale. “No, we will not die here. This will not be like your family’s past Dan. We will survive.”Andros tried to say the line with as much confidence as he could muster. Everyone seemed to believe him, even though ideas were in short supply, and systems were crashing every 10 seconds.

Andros thought of his vow, and wished he knew how to make his promise a reality.

The mind-bending battle of wills between Scorpina and Christina Collins was unlike anything either combatant ever experienced. Memories, lives, emotions, feelings, their very beings were exposed to one another. Soon, the answer to which will was stronger would be revealed with the loser crushed by the weight of failure. In mind and spirit.

On the part of Scorpina memories of meeting Billy, coming to Earth to save him, returning to Aquitar and the fall of it came to mind. The images of the deal made with Squatt and Baboo for the earlier conquest also happened. Cestria had brought down the planets defenses allowing Squatt and Baboo to conquer the planet. Christina could only cringe at what she saw.

It was then that Christina let loose with her own memories. Memories of times in Angel Grove, of being taken into the Psycho Rangers only to rebel, of her cousin Sam in North Valley, the meeting of Gaudeamas. Scorpina felt a certain fascination with Christina so far, but nothing extravagant.

And then there was Biilly.

Scorpina saw the memory of the monster that made her what she was. Tainted her looking to use her and her friends against the Rangers as his own dark soldiers. A darkness that was a black hole in Christina’s soul. A hole that could suck her in if she wasn’t careful.

Scorpina found her weak point. All Christina needed was the push. A push Scorpina was only too happy to provide as she capitalized pressing on with a wave of hate. A hate that was pushing Christina into the darkness Biilly had placed in her soul. A hate she would drown in.

Christina tried to fight back against the malevolence that followed but the end was set. There could only be one winner. _No._ she thought. _It won’t be this way._ Immediately Christina tried to change the focus of the battle. Remembering the good she had done with the Rangers. Finding Silver Zeo. Her friends. Living in San Francisco. Christina seemed to be gaining ground. Ground Scorpina couldn’t let her opponent have.

Next thing that happened the mind-bending battle soon exploded in a burst of energy. Both were flung back hard against the wall. Scorpina was the first to recover.

Scorpina looked down at the fallen Christina who lay in a coma. “Too bad. You were a good opponent. Too bad there could only be one winner.”

“And it’s not you.” A voice said as Blue Morphin stepped in and locked gazes with Scorpina. “You’re not the only one who can mind bend.”

Scorpina smirked as she then thought “You think you can stand against me? I know you intimately Billy.”

“And you think I don’t know you?” Billy asked. Scorpina laughed as she then added “Apparently not. You didn’t see me become Scorpina did you?”

“Just another bit to the puzzle.” Billy said. “You’ve always been an open book to me.”Scorpina then decided to humor her ex-husband and went into mind bending battle with Billy. Like before memories, experiences and the power of their wills were the forces used against one another, but again Scorpina felt a change.

Scorpina felt another mind join with Billy’s. A mind that was thousands of light years away. A mind joined by blood and ties of family. A mind that complemented Billy’s yet was opposite to his in so many ways.

A mind that was female.

A mind that belonged to Billy’s cousin Dana….who was on Earth yet was not far from his thoughts. Scorpina felt Dana’s mind touch his across the distances of space.

And in that other mind that was family to Billy’s Scorpina saw the UAE attacking, as well as a horde of demons, out to destroy and subjugate the planet Billy called home. Scorpina also felt the spirit of Dana Mitchell and the will within her not to let the planet Earth fall to the powers of evil.

Scorpina also saw the knowledge Dana had. Knowledge she sought to build on. Knowledge of medicine and healing. She and Billy were so different, yet so much alike. And in those similarities was strength, and Scorpina knew it.

Billy had the strength of two telepaths despite his latent skill. He also had the latent skill of his cousin Dana on Earth. And with that skill Billy pressed the advantage. An advantage that saw Scorpina weakening….

….and thrown aside much as Christina Collins was. At the end Billy Cranston stood victorious with Scorpina wondering what had happened to cause her to fail like she had.

“I lost.” Scorpina said. “I couldn’t have lost.”The next thing Scorpina knew was Gold Astro spinning her around and impaling her with the Solar Scimitar. “It’s possible, and I can see why. Betrayal is such a painful experience. For the betrayed, and even the betrayer, not that you would know that.”

Scorpina turned away and smiled. “You think you had won something? You haven’t.”

Scorpina had teleported away. Leaving Billy alone amidst a pile of bodies. Among them the former Scorpina-Sabrina who was starting to recover. Coming to her side Billy supported her as she woke up. “Did we get her?” she asked barely able to get the words out.

“Yes. We got her.” Billy had said.

In the main chamber Scorpina teleported out of the T-Mat booth that she had used to escape in. Immediately she saw the battle reversing with the Daleks, Organization troops and Robo Aquatians falling. “No. NO!!!! I WILL NOT HAVE ANY OF THIS!!! I WILL NOT LOSE LIKE THIS!!!”

Immediately Scorpina went to her throne and unlocked a key. A key that kept a secret vial. A vial of deadly biotoxin.

“Hording all the water had more benefits than anyone knew.” Scorpina said. “With this airborne virus everyone on the planet will die. Every citizen, every Ranger, every living thing!”

“INCLUDING EVERY DALEK!!!” a voice said from behind. The Black Dalek had stood behind her. Scorpina thought nothing of it. “You have your new generation from the Eternal Falls. You’ll survive.”


“Oh will I?” Scorpina asked as she brought out her Stinger ready to use its own teleport spells. The Black Dalek then fired knocking the sword out of her hand. It then fired again striking the hand that had the Scorpion Venom bio toxin. The toxin had disintegrated….along with Scorpina’s hand. Her screams of agony filled the room as she was brought to her knees. When she looked up the Black Dalek was waiting, ready to fire.


“No!” Scorpina screamed. “Not like this! Powerless. Pathetic! NOT LIKE THIS!!!” The Black Dalek would have none of it. It made ready to open fire.


Scorpina’s scream filled the throne room as every cell in her body seemed to explode. She then fell to the ground dead. A victim of Dalek betrayal.

Cestria of Aquitar, former wife of Blue Morphin Ranger Billy Cranston, the second female to bear the name of Scorpina….was dead.

The first thing Tykwa was aware of was solid ground on her face. Slowly awareness came to her as she slowly got herself up. Looking around she took in her surroundings,,,,

,,,,,and realized she had no clue as to where she was. She could have been anywhere on Aquitar. She knew the planet had to be Aquitar. That was where the corridor ended.

But how far away was she from the object the aides had found? She had no way of telling.

But she could tell one thing. She was not alone.

Turning around Tykwa saw a female human. Long blonde hair. Perfect figure. Wore an orange jump suit with padding and a belt with a blaster holstered. Tykwa reached for her weapon but the blonde haired woman was faster as she drew her blaster first before Tykwa could pull hers out of the holster. “Don’t move.” The woman had said. Tykwa didn’t.

“Who are you?” Tykwa asked.

“Someone who is doing a favor for someone.” The woman said. “Then has to go and do her regular job.”Tykwa looked on curious. “I’m not your regular job?”

“No, you are definitely the favor.” The woman said. “I think you know what the reason is.”Tykwa nodded knowing full well what the woman meant.

“That temple, or bunker. Whatever that structure is.”

“Yes.” The woman said. “I’m not privy to all the details about it, but I do know that someone wants information on it silenced. It is not yet time for people to know about it.”

“So now what? Are you going to kill me?”Tykwa asked sure the woman was going to shoot her. However she felt a bolt strike her in the back causing her to fall down dead. The woman smiled saying the final words Tykwa would ever hear before oblivion overtook her.

“Hardly, I’m just the distraction.”She then drew out her own blaster and shot Tykwa’s murderer. A stray RoboAquatian that diverted from his patrol. The woman then thought it was a good idea to leave before more came.

“Your highness, this is Guri. I’m ready for transport.”

“Well done Guri.” The voice said. “Transportation is being provided.”Just then the woman known as Guri heard a wheezing and groaning sound close by. A doorway soon appeared in the cavern wall. Guri walked towards it where a man with thinning dark black hair and dark robes had stood in the middle of it.

“I did what you wanted.” Guri said. “She discovered nothing. And it looked quite circumstantial.”

“Excellent.” The man had said. “The debt Prince Xizor owes me has been repaid. Now I think we both have business here to take care of. Don’t we?”

Guri looked up and nodded “Yes Valeyard.”She then got into the doorway with the Valeyard following. Then the doorway disappeared with the same wheezing and groaning.

Destination: the capital. Both Guri and the Valeyard had matters to attend to there.

Gold Zeo Ranger Farkas Bulkmeyer was in the fight of his life with the mysterious Mature. And Mature knew it. She sensed Bulk tiring, and soon Bulk’s immortality would be hers.

“I can go longer that you. Power or no power.” Mature said. “I can feel you weakening.”

“You won’t win.” Bulk said. “I won’t let you.”Mature smirked as she said “There’s nothing you can do. You will fall. The power of Zeist will belong to me.”

“Zeist?” Bulk asked. Mature then laughed as Bulk seemed unaware of where his immortal power came from. A world where those born there were mortal finding immortality on other worlds. It was believed that Morphin Masters had gotten power to live longer from the inhabitants of Zeist.

“Yes, the immortal energy of Zeist had bonded with you. An energy that I will take. When the Quickening occurs, I will take the power myself.”

Bulk heard Mature’s words and vowed in his hearth that he would not let Mature get his hands on the Quickening. But on another note, he knew Mature was right. It was only a matter of time before Mature got in a lucky shot that would have ended the fight. A shot he could not afford Mature to get. If she got the Quickening by cutting off his head there was no end to the suffering that would come, and Bulk knew it. There was only one thing to do.

Immediately Bulk went full tilt towards Mature getting in strikes which Mature blocked. Soon he was maching Mature in a final series of strikes as he moved towards the torture devices, one in particular that was a remnant of Earth history, a Guillotine.

Bulk thought of his friend Skull, the White Zeo Ranger and leader of Zeo Team II. A brother in every way but blood who had grown so much over the last few years. Him and Bulk both.

He owed it to Skull to survive. To keep the witch he was fighting from killing him. To that end Bulk did something unexpected.

Bulk dropped to the ground and did a leg sweep to the back of Mature’s leg. She had fallen backwards onto the guillotine just as the blade was about to fall. Mature barely survived having the guillotine fall on her neck having pushed herself away in a split second. She did however get a haircut out of the deal as some of her hair got chopped off.

She looked up at the ceiling before Bulk had his Zeo Blade at Mature’s throat. “I win. You get nothing.”

“It’s not over Gold Ranger.” Mature said. “There will be others that want what you have. Lord Malice however will be the most persistent about it.”

“Let him be.” Bulk said he looked around the chamber. “I’ll leave him with a little warning for him to think about.”Bringing forth his Zeo Blade it charged to life with energy. Energy ready to be massively released.

“IT”S TIME FOR A GOLD RUSH!!!” Bulk shouted as the Zeo Blade crackled to life and let loose a burst of energy that sent debris falling all around the chamber. Bulk shouted “See ya!” before running out of the collapsing chamber.

He did not see if Mature had escaped. But even if she did he knew she would not be troubling him for some time.

In their command center the Daleks watched as the battles turned in their favor. The Rangers were falling on the ground and in space. The Aquatian Rangers were free, but the Black Dalek had no problem with that.

All would be exterminated.

The Daleks were ready to stand victorious. Soon the Rangers would be defeated. And the secrets of Aquitar would be theirs.

And if not the planetary missile was ready to destroy the secrets of Aquitar and the Power Rangers themselves.

“VICTORY FOR THE DALEKS!!!!” the Black Dalek called out. “VICTORY!!!! VICTORY!!! VICTORY!!!

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