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Additional Notes: This series follows on from the events in the current version of Conquest of Evil by Shadow Ranger, ID War by John Chubb This series is to be considered an alternate reality to Conquest of Evil from United Psychos No More onwards. The elements from Battlestar Galactica are taken from the original series and have nothing to do with the mini-series being produced by the Sci-Fi Channel.

The Fires of Olympus
By The Q Team

It was late at night when Trini got to her house. Her cousin Dolan was waiting to pick up Sylvia who Trini was taking care of that day. She had promised her young cousin a day at the carnival with no monsters making her a cardboard cutout like the last time they went.

Sylvia had a good time. She won prizes and splurged on Cotton Candy. When the carnival closed there was a fireworks display that wowed everybody. A perfect ending to a perfect day. But like all perfect days it was time to come home. And waiting was Dolan to take Sylvia home.

“Hey Sylvia did you have a good time with cousin Trini?” Sylvia hugged her big brother and said that she did. He then looked at Trini and asked “Hey Trini how’s it going?”

Trini smirked. She knew what Dolan was angling for. “Myself I’m fine. As for Samantha she’s not back yet.”

“Do you have any idea when she’s getting back from San Francisco?” Dolan asked. Dolan hadn’t been able to get Samantha out of his mind ever since that day at the school dance when Lillian came into Tommy’s life. Dolan fell for Samantha hard, and Trini knew it.

“They should be wrapping up things there, and be home soon. I’ll let you know when they get back” Trini then gave Dolan a hug and said goodbye to Sylvia.

“Thanks cousin Trini. I had a wonderful time.” Sylvia said.

“Let’s hope we do it again okay?” Trini then looked at Dolan and said “You can come too. AND you can bring Samantha with you.”

“Thanks. I’ll see you later Trini.” Dolan said as he and Sylvia walked away from her house. As they walked Sylvia felt a chill run through her. “You okay?” Dolan asked Sylvia.

“I don’t know Dolan. I felt…something. Like something bad just walked by.” Dolan paused and then he too felt the same shiver. “The weather’s too good to have chills go through.” Dolan said.

“Let’s go home.” Sylvia said as she took Dolan’s hand. Clearly the child was scared and looked to Dolan for protection. Dolan nodded and they two walked as fast as they could to their home.

From a nearby bush Kali looked at the departing Kwan siblings. By blood Dolan and Sylvia were Kali’s cousins too. But unlike Kali they did not share Orochi’s blood in their veins. They came from a different branch of the Kwan family where Orochi did not touch them.

But in Trini’s case, that would soon change.

Trini went upstairs to quickly get ready for bed when the phone rang. The caller I. D. had shown that the call came from San Francisco. ~Tommy must be calling. But why would he call me?~ she asked as she picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Trini it’s Tommy.” He said using the Bogard family’s phone. Derik said it was all right.

“Tommy.” Trini was glad to hear from him but she wondered why he would be calling her. Usually Jason or David, or even Billy, would be first on the list. “Not that I’m not glad to hear from you, but why are you calling me?”

Tommy paused before answering and Trini wondered what the pause was about. “Tommy what’s wrong?” she asked. Tommy paused for a moment to collect himself then he answered Trini’s question.

“We ran into Triini. Only she’s…changed.”

Trini was shocked. Shocked that her replica was still alive, but even more shocked when she heard that she had changed. Changed into what she wasn’t sure she wanted to know. “Changed? How?”

“Well she’s got purple hair, red eyes, and can generate purple flames. She also calls herself Kali Yagami of the Orochi clan.”

“Orochi?” Trini asked. “What’s that?”

“I don’t know. I was hoping you would. She also mentioned a cousin you had named Iori.” Trini just got more and more confused as Tommy gave her the news. She had never heard of a cousin Iori, nor a clan Yagami, especially one she was related to. “Also Triini said that she would be looking for you.”

“I suppose I should expect that. She will be looking to kill me right?”

“No.” Tommy answered. “She’ll be looking to make you exactly like her.” Trini shook her head in disbelief. “What?”

“I don’t know what’s going on Trini, but be careful. She’s taken Ashley Hammond and Terry Jones. We’ll be going to get them back soon…” Trini then interrupted Tommy, “Wait she’s taken hostages now? And who’s Ashley Hammond?”

“She’s on the cheerleading team. She’s also the Yellow Astro Ranger. We also met someone like her during the I. D. War.” Tommy answered. Trini asked “Who are the Astro Rangers?”

“They’re the team that appeared while we were away during the I. D. War. We also met versions of them while we were fighting in that war, as well as her twin sister Alison.” Tommy explained. “And we also found out that Ashley has a twin here too. We just met her.”

Trini was surprised that Ashley would be an Astro Ranger as well as finding out that Ashley had a twin in San Francisco as well. “There’s something else. Triini’s personality has done a total one eighty. She’s smarter, ruthless and more insane than ever. Be careful.”

“You too Tommy.” Trini said. “Are you going to let Jason know?”

“I’ll contact him soon. I just felt you should be the first to know.” Trini thanked Tommy for telling her first then they said their goodbyes and Tommy hung up. Trini then put the phone down and then looked in the mirror. . . only to see Kali’s image right behind hers.

“Took them long enough to call you about me.” Kali enjoyed the look of fear she saw on her sister’s face when she turned around to face her. Kali saw her going for her morpher but then she simply touched the dresser right next to her and they then became enclosed in a circle of purple fire. “I wouldn’t try morphing my sister. I really would hate having to get into a fight with you since my rebirth.” She then made the fire disappear.

Trini just stared her own dark side as it were in distain. “What do you want?”

Kali smiled. “Oh nothing much. A little talk, a little get together, and all my enemies burned in purple fire. Is that really too much to ask? I mean should I really be denied that?”

Trini rolled her eyes at her. “Do you even want me to answer that?”

Kali sighed. “Yeah I know. You probably think I’m some insane lunatic or a brainless sex toy bitch for stupid third rate evil lunatic whose a reject copy of a first class genius.” She then smirked. “So when are you two actually going to get together. . . or are you really just letting him stay with that flounder that’s on the other side of the galaxy. Its something that can never last you know that.”

Trini felt a touch of anger when it came to Billy. “That’s none of your business.” She said.

“Oh but it is.” Kali said trying to sound affectionate. “We are after all the same blood. Your pain is my pain. You want Billy, but you don’t want to be…the other woman in his life either.”

“You don’t know anything about me!” Trini shouted.

Kali laughed. “Oh I do. After all we are twins. Trini I’m now how I was meant to be. Free will, my own master, and no stupid loyalty programs in my subconscious. She then plopped on the bed and laid on it casually. “You are light and I am darkness. . . but that doesn’t mean you can’t become darkness yourself.”

Trini laughed bitterly at her. “You think I’d ever want to become darkness?”

“It’s in your blood sister. . .” Kali said but then put on a smug grin. “. . . oh wait that’s right. You don’t know.”

“Know? Know what?” Trini asked.

“Why don’t you go ask our mother what her real maiden name is?” Kali smirked. “Why don’t you tell her to ask about how she knows about the name Yagami, of the name Kusanagi, of Orochi, and then you tell her that a member of the Yagami has visited you.” Kali then pulled Trini to her and grabbed her right hand with her own right and then Trini started to feel different. That there was something in her own self that had awakened. Something long forgotten. Anger and rage. Anger and rage that she used to throw Kali back into her wall and then saw part of her was on fire, purple fire, that was disappearing from her body.

But then Trini saw her own hand. Engulfed in purple fire. She stepped back in shock and then the fire went away. When Trini looked up she saw Kali smiling.

“. . . and I have released the power that was within you that you never even knew about. Magatama no Orochi.” With that Kali left in purple fire.

Trini then just fell to her knees, already very disturbed by this visit and what had just happened but she was also thinking about the last thing she said. ~The Fires of the Dragon Serpent…~

At the moment Trini hung up her phone Tommy likewise did the same on his end. Rocky went to his side and asked how Trini took the news. “As well as could be expected. She didn’t seem to know anything Kali was talking about however.”

“So it’s possible Trini may not have been told about being a…Yagami…or whatever it is Triini’s calling herself now?” Rocky asked. Tommy answered with a “Maybe. I’m going to get on the communicator and let Jason know.” Rocky then left Tommy as he sought to call Jason. Off to the side he noticed Kat and Samantha having a few words together.

“So how are you doing?” Kat asked.

Samantha spread a sarcastic smile as she said her peace. “Fine, I find out my cousin has been taken by some psycho and that I’ll be meeting her at the Golden Gate bridge. Other than that I’m okay.” Kat and Samantha became known as ‘the Aussie and the Brit’ at Angel Grove High due to their accents and blonde hair. The titles were given by some of the less ‘hospitable’ students at the school, and when either of them were seen alone the undesirables always asked “Hey where’s the Brit?” or “Where’s the Aussie?” Kat and Samantha did not like the titles placed on them, and it got worse when they were together.

Worse for the undesirables since Kat and Samantha would always find a way to turn the tables on them using level headedness and smarts. Also Samantha helped Kat with running in case they had to get away from an unruly group that was hounding them. The two had become close friends, and one almost would think that the two would be sisters since they looked almost similar to one another.

It wasn’t long before the terms ‘the Aussie and the Brit’ was a term that was taken to two very resourceful friends, and right now Kat was being there for her friend. “What else is it?” Kat asked. Samantha paused for a moment then answered Kat’s question.

“I’ve always been known to be level headed.” Samantha started to say. “Finding a peaceful solution that was rational and intelligent, but when Kali said she had Terry and was torturing her…I was ready to lose it. I almost jumped into an attack against her, and if it wasn’t for Terry Bogard holding me back I would probably have been killed.”

Kat listened yet didn’t seem bothered by Samantha’s plight. “It just tells me that you care for your cousin.”

“But I’ve never gone off half cocked. Never. Why did I start now?” Samantha asked.

“Because you care for Terry and you didn’t want her hurt.” Kat answered. “Any one of us would have done it if someone we love was in danger. A family member, a friend, a pet, anyone. We all would want to save them, and we all would want whoever hurt them to pay for what they had done.” Samantha sighed and looked at Kat again.

“All I’ll say is that Triini, Kali, or whatever she’s calling herself this week better stay out of my way. Because I am so not sure what I’ll do if she’s hurt or killed Terry.” Kat then took Samantha’s hand and stood ready with the Zeos and Astro teams. “Ready to go?” Adam asked.

“All set.” Kat answered. “Just waiting for everyone else.

On board the Cylon basestar Kali, Josie, Iblis, Vulpa and Specter all stood in the central chamber of command. It was a dark room with very little illumination. Only a circle of lights around the room, and a central light above the only chair in the room provided the illumination for the room. No one sat in this chair, yet it was here that plans were made and executed and currently plans were in the works.

“The stage is set.” Kali said. “The Rangers will be at the Golden Gate and we shall attack.”

“And that other matter has been addressed?” Iblis then asked.

“Delivery of our agent has been completed.” Vulpa answered. “She should be in contact with the Rangers soon.”

“Excellent.” Specter said as he then turned to Josie and asked “Is there something else Commander? You’ve hardly said a word all day.”

Josie shook herself out of her reverie. It didn’t seem so long ago that she had been able to shed her exoskeleton and take her first steps without it. Her new Psycho Silver morpher was healing her long inflicted paralysis. She was given an army to destroy the Rangers. Her sister was returned to her. Yet she still felt that there was something missing. Then she knew what it was.

“I’m sorry Specter I was just thinking about a few things.” She then looked at Kali and said to her “I know this blood feud you have with Cassie Chan is so important to you. . .”

“Important? I want her dead!” Kali shouted but Josie shot her a glare as if saying ‘don’t interrupt me’. Kali looked Josie dead in the eye and let Josie say her peace.

“My grievances is with all the Rangers. Especially the Zeo Rangers, but there is one that I have a feeling deserves MY full attention.” Iblis and Specter both smiled and Kali even seemed to get the idea of who Josie was talking about. “You never did settle matters with Cassidy Bridges did you?” Iblis asked.

“No I didn’t.” Josie said. “Starting out I was interested in her because she had my powers. Now that I’ve got some of them back and they are healing me I want the rest of them back. I want what’s mine. But still the question remains, how do I deal with her?”

Iblis smiled as he thought of something Josie might be able to use. “Tell me my child. Are you familiar with the story of Susano-Oh?”

This got Kali’s attention. “Susano-Oh? He was one of you! He was a Lord of Kobol who came to Earth. His arrival sparked the conflict with Orochi and the feud that followed.”

“Yes. But that’s only part of the story. There was more to it than that.” Iblis then touched both Kali and Josie’s heads with his hands as he opened their minds to an image Iblis remembered. A vision from the past.


The Lightship of Kobol

Outside the realm of space and time.

The conflict was starting to rage.

Already the outcast was amassing his followers. Since his ascension after his exile to the world of Cylon Iblis had spread his evil to many worlds beckoning their populations to follow him. The Cylons were his first victims. There would be many more as Iblis sought to bring about his revenge against the species that shunned him. A species that he and the Lords of Kobol were all descended from.


Susano-Oh watched as the conflict escalated. The Lords were stretched thin. They had to watch the antics of the Q whose reality tampering was causing great difficulty, as well as the House of Iblis who were gathering followers and corrupting the younger races.

One member of the House of Iblis was making ready to act. His name was Orochi, and he planned to exercise his power in a great display. He would corrupt the people of Japan and then move on to all the lands from there. Susano-Oh had the responsibility of thwarting Orochi’s plan, but he had to do it within the doctrines of the Lords. How to go about doing that was the big question he needed to ask.

“You may not be able to Susano.” A voice said from behind. Susano turned around and there standing before him was the form of the Grey Witch Karla. “You may have to go outside the doctrines to accomplish this goal.”

“And why praytell should I do that Karla?” Susano-Oh asked. “As a matter of fact why does this conflict interest you?”

“Because the choice you make here could make dividends to my own plan. And to help you with matters regarding the Q.” Karla said. Susano saw into Karla’s mind and saw what Karla intended. “Are you sure about this? Do you know what you are asking?”

“The Q need to be shown that humanity is more than what they think they are. This way will expedite that process.”

“But at what price?” Susano asked. “What you are advocating is nothing more than a radical shift in the evolution of humanity that may lead to other elements being cast aside for the sake of power. And you’re asking me to be a catalyst in that evolution, especially regarding one family.”

“I know of the risks involved.” Karla said. “But it’s necessary. However it all depends on whether or not you accept them.”

“But why me?” Susano asked. Karla answered “Because you care. And Orochi is your appointed responsibility.”

Susano-Oh sighed. He didn’t have any other options. Overt actions had their risks to them. And if he took part the Lords would not go to his defense, since he would be taking part in a radical evolution of the humans on Earth. An evolution that would release powers within humanity that they may not be ready for, and would be brought out and nurtured by way of the worst humanity had to offer. “How do you know humanity won’t destroy itself with the power we unleash? How do you know we aren’t making a mistake?”

“This is just something we’ll have to take on faith.” Was Karla’s answer. “But remember this power will not only go to evil, but good will use it as well. And their aspects of honor and duty will be the forces that keep the darker elements in check. Now what’s your answer?”

Susano made his decision. He went down to Earth and confronted Orochi.

His power went into the Earth, and the chain of events that would lead to the Yagami/Kusanagi blood feud would begin.

“So you’re saying that Susano-Oh came to Earth at the behest of another?” Kali asked.

“And his intervention in affairs was one of the key elements that brought about the ki abilities that many see today.” Iblis said. “Apparently Karla believed that the road to achieving humanity’s potential lied down the road of power. As such she helped bring about many of humanity’s power elements to the fore bringing them to the level they are today.”

“And what of Cassidy?” Josie asked. “What does this have to do with her.”

“Cassidy Bridges was always a special child.” Iblis said. “But it might be possible that there might be more to her now as well.” Josie noticed the smile on Iblis’s face and wondered what he meant. Iblis was all ready to explain.

“She always had a destiny before her. But when Karla had brought about the rescue of Alison Bogard from a life in brothels and ensured that her path would follow that of the King of Fighters tournament, and that of Cassidy’s friend, Karla ensured that her plan had a measure of protection. For she knew Cassidy had a role to fill in the universe. However her intervention had caused ripples throughout space/time and the universe has been trying to right itself. And those ripples may have affected her as well.”

“So you’re saying that Cassidy’s destiny has already been altered by this ‘Grey Witch’?” Josie asked. “Inadvertently, but yes.” Iblis said. “And in ways I’m now beginning to fathom.” Josie thought for a moment and asked “So what was her life ‘supposed’ to have been like?”

Iblis knew what Josie had in mind, and liked the way she was thinking. He then closed his eyes as he opened his mind to the myriad of possibilities the universe held. Possible outcomes, directions, worlds, individuals, Iblis became aware of them all. His one focus however was on one person-Cassidy Bridges and how Josie Belle could defeat her. In his mind Cassidy’s life began to unfold. Her life from the cradle, her parents’ divorce, her friends, family, loves she would have or may have, those she lost, and then he came across a possible answer.

In a time that may or may not happen Cassidy was driving with a friend of hers named Angela when a truck hit the car they were in. Both girls were brought into the hospital yet their I. D. ‘s were mixed up and it was believed that Cassidy had died and that Angela had lived. It was only until later that the mix up was corrected and it was Cassidy’s friend Angela who was pronounced dead and that Cassidy was very much alive.

But when Cassidy was released from the hospital she had a hard time dealing with her friend’s death. She buried her feelings underneath a mask of bravado and free spiritedness to where she almost rushed into a wedding with a cop named Evan Cortez. Eventually Cassidy was confronted with the memory and she had broken down in tears having to realize that her friend was gone.

Iblis then turned his attention to Evan Cortez, a love that Cassidy may or may not have in the future, and he saw Evan going down a path that could well leave him ready to claim Evan’s soul one day. For he and Cassidy had an on again/off again engagement in the future and when he fooled around with a waitress coming on to him he accidentally shot off his testicle and began a journey that sent him spiraling down to where he almost hit rock bottom. No job, no friends, no nothing, and he almost ended his life until Joe Dominguez stopped him and sent him down a path to possible salvation. He embraced religion and soon got his job, home and Cassidy back, but his journey was cut short by a murderer who killed Evan.

When Evan died Cassidy then buried her feelings again, only this time taking a ‘tough as nails’ attitude as she began her job as a police officer assigned to her father’s unit. A year later she finally had to face her feelings again. But this gave Iblis an idea, and revealed a possible weakness in Cassidy’s armor.

“Perhaps there is a way to beat her my child.” Iblis had said. Josie then looked very interested. “Go on.”

“Well, since Cassidy’s destiny has already been altered. What say we alter it even further?” Josie liked what Iblis was saying. “Won’t this ‘alter the universe further’?” Josie asked.

Iblis said his next line with a sneer. “Nothing that can’t be corrected, or wasn’t meant to happen later.”

At the S. I. U. station Nash Bridges was looking through police files on his latest case that he and his partner Joe were working on when the phone rang. “Nash.” He answered.

“Inspector Bridges? My name is not important right now. I need your help and I was told you were the one to call.” The voice on the other end was no one Nash knew yet he still was curious as to what this person had to say, even if he was suspicious. “All right. What do you want?”

“There’s a person selling some of these alien blasters out of the trunk of his car. He’s parked just off the Golden Gate Bridge on the south end. Please get down here quick.” Nash then said he was on his way and hung up. “Come on Joe.”

“Where are we going Nashman?” Joe asked. Nash answered, “To stop a gunrunner.”

He had no way to know that the call was a trap.

On board the basestar in the communications bunker Josie Belle cut off the communications link and Iblis and Kali looked on with smiles. “Sneaky. Very sneaky.” Kali said.

Josie sighed for a moment. “Are you sure about this Iblis? Are you sure this is the only way?”

“It is the only way available.” Iblis explained. “But do not worry look at this as sending them to their final reward. Despite their daughter Miss Bridges family had done great works and would be welcome in the house of Kobol. They will live in eternal peace and happiness for the rest of their natural lives and your enemy will suffer for her transgressions for not giving back what is rightfully yours.”

Josie listened to Iblis’s words, and they made sense to her. She felt a reassurance coming from her benefactor as if telling her that this was the right decision. That she was helping those she was targeting, and making sure Cassidy paid for not surrendering the power to her. Cassidy would suffer; there was no way around that.

Josie smiled a little bit and looked at the communications console again. “I hope you don’t mind your father dropping in Cassidy.” Then she ordered the Centurion to activate the console again. It was time for the other part of the plan to come into play.

And Iblis would soon know if his suspicions about Cassidy Bridges were correct.

At her house Lisa Bridges was talking with her ex-father in law Nick. Both were talking about Cassidy’s new friends, and career path. “So you’re telling me that my granddaughter is now a Power Ranger?” Nick asked in disbelief.

“Yeah.” Lisa answered. “Though I’m not sure how to deal with that.”

“Why?” Nick asked. Lisa then explained the story of Jessie Belle and how she had died on a Ranger mission. “A psycho just took her neck and snapped it. There are parents who don’t know what their children are doing, and one set who wonder if they are ever going to see their daughter again.”

“None of those kids should be doing this.” Lisa continued. “They should be going through high school getting educations, doing gymnastics, trying out for cheerleading, not fighting monsters.”

“Sometimes it can’t be avoided.” Nick said. “Besides this is not the first time kids have fought in wars before.” Lisa looked at Nick and wondered what he meant. He quickly explained.

“There are stories about kids taking part in the Civil War. Granted for the most part they were drummer boys who escorted the troops in battle. But a lot of them saw front line action. There were even stories of kids joining the armed forces lying about their age in World Wars one and two. All because they wanted to do something for their country. They couldn’t sit back and do nothing as their world exploded around them. Bobby was just the same way.”

Lisa picked up a pang of regret as Nick mentioned Bobby Bridges. He left for Vietnam as soon as he was able to enlist. Close to the end of his tour Bobby went down in the jungle and was declared M. I. A. Nick never saw his son again. And now Cassidy was in the boat Bobby was in all those years ago, only the arena was more different, and more bizarre than anything either he or his ex-daughter in law had to deal with. Lisa however saw the emotion in Nick and pressed her case onward. “But that’s just my point. I don’t want Cassidy to become like Bobby who went missing, or like Cassidy’s predecessor who died.”

Nick understood where Lisa was coming from. “Cassidy knows the risks. She has to. She’s a very smart girl and I don’t think she’d get involved in something if she didn’t have her eyes wide open as to what she was doing. She’s heard all my old war stories and she’s also heard about Bobby going down in ‘Nam. She knows the good and the bad about serving in any capacity. And that includes being a Power Ranger.” Lisa hoped Nick was right when her cell phone went off. “Hello?” Lisa asked.

“Miss Bridges?” the voice said. “I’m a friend of Cassidy’s from school. My name is Josie?”

Lisa thought for a second. It seemed as if Cassidy had so many friends that she could hardly keep track of them. Except for Alison Bogard. “Sorry it seems like Cassidy has a lot of friends lately.”

“I know. A price for popularity I guess.” Josie said. “Anyway I was wondering where Cassidy was. She left an assignment at school and I was hoping I could drop it off but I’m not sure I have time to do so.”

Lisa was worried. Cassidy never missed an assignment. “Well she has been kept busy. Could I probably meet you?”

“Well I do go past the Golden Gate Bridge on my way to work. Could you meet me there?” Lisa listened to Josie’s recommendation and said that it sounded okay. “I’ll meet you in an hour.”

“Great. Thanks Mrs. Bridges.” Josie then hung up and Lisa went to grab her jacket. Nick asked what was going on and Lisa answered “Oh Cassidy forgot an assignment and I have to go grab it for her.”

“Want some company?” Nick asked. Lisa thought that Nick might as well go with her. So they both went to Lisa’s car to meet Josie at the Golden Gate Bridge. Neither aware that they were walking into a trap.

Josie cut off the communications link again and looked at Iblis and Kali again. “Now the mother is on her way.”

“Excellent.” Iblis said. “Now we must prepare to greet our guests.”

“Not quite yet.” Josie said. “Is it possible we could send more friends of Cassidy’s to meet their ‘final reward?'”

Iblis considered Josie’s words and liked what he heard. “Of course.” he said well aware that she was slipping further and further into darkness with this decision. “And I know two candidates who would be…appropriate.”

Kelly Weld sat at the steps of her house trying to give as much aid as she could to those that had come to her door. Since the Cylon invasion there were a lot of people left homeless and looking to find relief and support wherever it could be found. Kelly had convinced people in City Hall to use her home as a relief center hoping to grant as much help as she could to those who needed it. Volunteers also helped out as the house became a place to pick up unused clothes that were for sale at low prices (in other cases free), as well as a soup kitchen for those that were hungry until the city had been rebuilt.

Just then a call came in and one of the volunteers handed the phone to Kelly. “Hello?”

“Miss Weld? My name is Miss Belle. I have a supply of odds and ends I’d like to deliver to your shelter. Could you come by and pick up these items?” the voice on the other line said.

“Of course I can send someone…” Josie however broke off what Kelly was looking to say and said “I’m sorry but it has to be you. I need the person in charge to sign for what I have, not an aide who could be held accountable if things go wrong.” Kelly didn’t think anything could go wrong, but all the same she could see how this woman would want to deal with whoever was in charge. “All right I’ll be there.”

“Thank you. I’ll be at the Golden Gate Bridge in about an hour. See you then.” Josie then broke off the phone link and Kelly called for Pepe to watch things for a while. “No problem. Ta ta!” Pepe said as Kelly left to meet Josie.

At the S. I. U. station Evan Cortez and Harvey Leek were going over case files when Evan’s phone rang. “Hello?” Evan asked. Quickly he took the message down and said, “I’ll be right there” before hanging up.

“Hey Ev what’s going on?” Harvey asked.

“A witness to a crime wants to meet me, alone. She says that she knows Cassidy, and that Cassidy referred me to her.” Evan said. Harvey seemed amused by the message. “Was this when Cassidy had that crush on you?”

“It was just an infatuation. There’s no way I want to get between Cassidy and Nash again.” Evan put on his jacket and made his way to where his truck waited. “Are you sure you want to go alone? You don’t know anything about this girl.”

“I will when I meet her at Golden Gate Park in about one hour.” Evan said as he buckled up and turned over the engine on his truck. Harvey however wasn’t sure. “You sure you don’t want me to come with you?”

“She said for me to come alone. Don’t worry Harv, I’ll be okay.” Even then put the truck into gear and drove out of the S. I. U. parking lot looking to meet this mystery witness. Harvey Leek however had much concern for his partner’s safety.

Josie broke off the communication line and turned to Specter. “Two more come to our party. Is the welcoming committee ready?”

“A full battalion of Centurions and Trilons are ready at your command.” Specter answered. Josie nodded but there was still one aspect she wanted to know about.” Any word from Jessie?” Josie asked.

“She’s coming into position now.” Specter answered. Josie smiled glad that her sister was helping her again. Soon the Belles would make the Rangers pay for what they had done.

At Little Angel’s Haven Nathan and Jason were working with the young kids there in a special karate class. The head counselor at the haven thought that some of the kids needed to work through a few problems and thought a karate class was a way to go.

Jason first led some students through some basic moves, moves that some were able to pick up on quickly. Four students especially. Jason caught the eye of Nico Vargas, Heather Davis who transferred in from Charterville on an exchange program, Albee Stewart from Leawood who was visiting a relative in Angel Grove and Justin Stewart, the relative in question.

Albee’s father was the older brother of Justin’s. but unlike Justin’s dad, Albee’s father Hal was not as physically co-ordinated as his younger brother had been. As such Hal Stewart developed a beer belly, yet he made up for it with scientific breakthroughs around his Leawood home. One of which was an alien alarm he built himself to ward off any visits from Count Dregon to the Stewart home. All the same Hal Stewart knew of his brother’s passing, and Justin’s abduction, so he decided Albee could be a good kid for Justin to talk to. His brother Dex also thought Albee could learn a few things from the Rangers in Angel Grove when it came to fighting. Sure Dex taught Albee and Molly what he could, but it didn’t hurt to learn a little more if necessary.

So Albee went to see how Justin was doing, and joined the youth group while they were there. Albee soon befriended Nico followed up by Heather Davis who also looked for someplace to work out. Charterville was developing its own self defense program with the appearance of the Beetleborgs, and she didn’t want to fall behind in her lessons. They all formed something of a small group, and all four seemed to have good technique right off the bat.

Of course Justin’s was expected. He was the son of a karate champion and it was only natural that Justin would have picked up some pointers from his father. Albee was somewhat of a rough and ready kid. Brash and hot headed, yet he seemed to pick up fighting moves with practiced grace, partly due to the lessons Dex gave him. Nico and Heather seemed to be at the same level when it came to their own techniques evolving. They were good, but they could have been better.

Deciding on a different approach to the teaching Jason decided to bring Albee and Justin to the forefront, and asked Nathan to join as well. “All right. Nathan and I are going to be your sparring partners. Defend yourselves as if we were any other opponent.” Albee and Justin nodded and took fighting positions. Jason decided to fight Tasha while Nathan got Justin for his opponent. Albee went at Jason full tilt sending Jason on the defensive quickly. A series of kicks and punches in rapid succession and all Jason could do was block until he did a leg sweep that sent Albee down and Jason delivered a punch that didn’t connect but did say that the fight was over.

Nathan however got a more intellectual approach to Justin’s attack. Justin attacked like someone who knew what he was doing and knew what to do. He got some shots in at Nathan, but Nathan knew Justin’s moves as well as he knew his own. Yet still there seemed to be something different about him. Something about his personality that seemed changed…darker somehow. As if he had scars that wouldn’t go away.

Nathan was aware that Justin was in a coma for a few months. A coma induced by the machinations of the Rani, and led Biilly to use his soul to empower his Psycho Ranger ring. When the ring was destroyed by the Outsiders Justin was revived from his coma, and since both parents were dead Justin was remanded to Little Angel’s Haven. But Justin was not like the Justin Nathan knew of, at least not completely.

Finally Jason clapped his hands as if signalling the fight to stop. Both Nathan and Justin did and bowed. Albee and Jason also bowed, and the kids then went to their places. “We’ll take a short break. Then we’ll be back.” The students thanked Jason and Nathan and went their own way. Jason and Nathan however left the training room and watched through the glass door at Justin who still looked to be practicing.

“Jeez Justin. Don’t you ever quit?” Nico asked.

“Why should I?” Justin said. “I’m having fun.”

“Suit yourself. But I think one day you’re going to fall down from all the practicing you’ve been doing.” Albee said as he and Nico then left Justin who continued to practice a form, all the while his mind turning to all he remembered. The Queen of the Crown appearing to take his soul. Ranitime taking him away from his mother. Being held prisoner, all the times he was helpless. Unable to fight back. ~Never again.~ Justin promised to himself. ~No one’s going to make me feel helpless again.~

When the form ended Justin returned to ready position. He noticed Heather standing nearby. “I thought you’d be with Albee and Nico.”

“Wanted to watch you for a while.” Heather said. Heather was about a year or so older than Justin, but she sought to attain a skill as good as Justin’s, whom she figured was the best in her age bracket. “Besides, I was worried about you.”

“Worried about me?” Justin asked. “What about?”

“I know you were one of the ‘Arcadia kids.'” Heather explained. “So does Albee. And Nico.”

“And your point?” Justin asked with a pinch of attitude. Heather however paid it no mind.

“I had friends who were taken to Arcadia too.” Heather said. “They had to deal with some issues when they left there. One of them was being helpless as the bitch that ran the place violated them. I know you only recently came out of your own coma, but you’re dealing with the same issues my friends were dealing with.”

Justin didn’t answer back, yet Heather continued. “I guess I’m trying to say…is that if you ever need someone to talk to. You can talk to Albee and me. We’ve heard and helped when we could.”

Justin nodded and said “Thanks Heather. I’ll consider what you said.” Justin then went to begin another form while Heather went back to Albee and Nico. “Still no change?” Albee asked.

“No, he’s being so incredibly stubborn.” Heather said. Nico nodded as he said, “He can be that way. Give him time.”

Justin’s drive did not go unnoticed by just his three friends. Jason and Nathan also looked on at the young boy practicing. “Something on your mind?” Nathan asked Jason.

“Just thinking. About how Justin would one day become a Ranger.” Nathan seemed intrigued. He always knew Justin would be a Ranger. In Nathan’s mind it was destined. But how would Jason know? “How can you be so sure?”

“Remember the I. D. War? And Justin was there? It was clear to me that he was a Ranger at one point. Why shouldn’t he be one here too?” Jason said. Nathan nodded and seemed to understand. Just then Richie had shown up. “Hey what brings you here?” Jason asked.

“Just checking a few things out.” Richie said. “Zordon said that there is something approaching Earth, and that it could well have to do with what’s going on in San Francisco right now.”

“What do you think of the new girl? This Cassidy Bridges?” Jason asked.

“I don’t know.” Richie said. “I mean what I know is what I’ve seen on the viewer and from what I’ve heard from Zordon. Haven’t met her personally, and I probably won’t have much of an opinion until I do. But she seems okay. What about you Nathan? What do you think?”

Like Richie, Nathan didn’t know what to make of Cassidy. She was not present at his conception while other Rangers were. Of course there were other Rangers not there either. But Cassidy…there was something unknown about her. Something he couldn’t quite predict. With Tommy, Jason and the others they were easy to follow in terms of personality. But Cassidy was a mystery. He didn’t know how she would turn out, and Nathan wasn’t sure he liked not knowing. “When I meet her I’ll know like the rest of you.” Was all he said.

“Well shall we go back to the Power Ranger training program?” Richie asked sarcastically. Jason rolled his eyes and said that it wasn’t Ranger training that these kids were going through. It was only a class. “I’m just kidding okay?” Richie said waving his hands in mock surrender. “But you have to admit some do have Ranger potential.”

“They do.” Nathan said as he, Richie and Jason looked at the kids, especially Justin. “Justin’s going to make a fine Ranger.” Richie said looking at the pre-teens training.

“None of them have any idea what they’re in for.” Jason added.

“If they are chosen they will.” Nathan answered as all three turned to walk back inside the gym, but for a brief second Jason thought he saw someone outside. Someone familiar. Someone he knew before she ducked around the corner out of his line of sight. He tried to go after her but as soon as Jason rounded the corner the girl was gone.

“Jessie?” Jason asked when he tried to comprehend seeing the strawberry blonde haired girl. A girl who was supposed to be dead. But before Jason could ask further his communicator went off as did Nathan and Richie’s. “I read you Zordon.” Jason said.

“Rangers teleport to the Power Chamber right away.” Zordon said. All three boys nodded and went into the gymnasium to adjourn the class. When they were finished Nathan, Richie and Jason activated their teleport commands and teleported out of Little Angel’s haven to the Power Chamber.

Multiple teleport streaks entered the Power Chamber as the Morphin Rangers and Zeo Team II arrived. “Zordon what’s going on?” Billy asked.

“Rangers grave danger approaches. Observe the viewing globe.” Everyone turned to see a ship that looked like two saucers stuck together. It had sections in it which Billy theorized were landing bays of some sort, and cannons all over the super structure of the ship.

“Zordon what is that?” Jason asked turning back to look at Zordon.

“One of the most dangerous vessels ever conceived.” Zordon answered. “A Cylon base star.”

“Cylons?” Kimberly asked. “Like those metal things that attacked San Francisco?”

“Yes Kimberly. Exactly like them.” Zordon said as he then looked at Billy. “Billy we must ready the Sky Zords.” Billy looked apprehensive about using the Sky Zords. “But Zordon we haven’t really had a good field test with them yet. We don’t know how they will respond in battle.”

“I understand your concerns Billy and I agree with them. For now we have time before the Cylons arrive. I recommend you do everything in your power to get the Sky Zords battle ready. Take as much help as you need.”

“Should we call back Zeo Team I?” Zack asked.

“Not yet.” Zordon answered. “They still have business in San Francisco. They will join us when they can.” Just then Jason spoke up and told him what he thought he saw.

“Zordon there’s something else. I thought for a moment…that I saw Jessie.” Everyone turned wide eyed looking at him.

“You don’t mean…Jessie Belle?” Skull asked. Jason nodded as if saying ‘Yes’.

“But that can’t be.” Emily added. “She’s dead. Harper killed her.”

“Like I said I only thought I saw her. I don’t know if it was her or not.” Jason said. Zordon then ordered Alpha to begin a scan to see if anyone matching Jessie’s bio profile was in the area. Alpha said he would and began the scan. “It will take a while to complete.” Alpha said.

“And during that time we can focus on the Sky Zords.” Billy said. He then chose his volunteers to help bring the Sky Zords on line. “Bulk, Skull, Kimberly, Trini, Emily, Aisha and Nathan I could use your help.” Bulk and Skull were good choices for all the work they did restoring their ‘patrol bike’ as well as the technological expertise they tried to put into their ‘unmasking’ schemes from years ago. Trini always assisted Billy with his experiments and some of Billy’s expertise rubbed off on Kimberly as well. Since Aisha was familiar with the carrier zords her experience could help with the Sky Zords which seemed to share some of the same principals with the zords she commanded. And Emily helped out with repairs from time to time at Ernie’s and Nathan had futuristic knowledge which he could put to use in completing the Sky Zords.

“You guys go on.” Trini said. “There’s a few things I need to talk to Zordon about.” Everyone looked confused and wondered what Trini had to say. “It’s personal.”

“Trini will catch up to you when she can.” Zordon replied. The Rangers then left to either check out the Sky Zords or see what else they could do to help leaving Zordon and Trini alone. “Now Trini I sense something troubling you. Would you care to tell me what it is?”

Trini paused for a second wondering how best to ask this question. Deciding that straight out was the best way Zordon went ahead and asked it. “Zordon. Do you know anything about the Yagami?” Trini asked.

Zordon paused for a minute. “I take it Tommy called you about their run in with Triini?”

“Yes, and Triini, or Kali as she calls herself now, says I’m part of this clan called the Yagami. And from what impression she gave the Yagami are evil.” Trini paused for a second then added “She also said that I have the potential to be evil and that I am part of this Yagami clan.”

Zordon was silent. He didn’t know what to say. When he had chosen Trini to be the original Yellow Morphin Ranger he sensed no evil within her. And the other Morphin Masters that tested her felt no evil within her. They only saw a pure and noble spirit much like all the other Rangers had been. They did sense the touch of a dark spirit in Tanya which coincided with her being the carrier for the Dark One, but that was long since excised when she became the Purple Morphin Ranger.

Then Zordon had the answer. The Yagami power wasn’t tied to the spirit. It was tied to the bloodlines that the clan follows as the Kusanagi powers were tied to their bloodlines. Dimetria had contacted Zordon and told him that Cassie Chan was a member of the Kusanagi clan, a blood enemy of the Yagami. And since the selection of Rangers involved purity of heart and strength of spirit, and not by a bloodtest, Trini’s connection to the Yagami went undetected to Zordon and the Morphin Masters.

“It could be possible that you are a member of the Yagami clan Trini.” Zordon had said. “And yes it is true that most of the Yagami have embraced evil, and that the potential for evil exists within you. But you need not give in to it. Your strength of spirit and purity of heart can keep you away from the dark path the Yagami follow. I won’t lie and say that the path before you is easy but you must be strong and not allow the darkness to win. You are a child of light. The light and power will protect you.” Trini heard Zordon’s words, but her thoughts were turned a different direction.

~My family~ Trini thought with bitterness. ~How could they keep this from me? How could they keep from me that I am part of a family that has a dark power in their heritage?~ Trini then looked at Zordon and said “Tell the others I’ll be back when I can. I’ve got to get some answers.”

“I understand Trini. May the power protect you.” Zordon said as Trini then teleported out of the Power Chamber. ~Now more than ever.~ he mentally added as he prayed for Trini’s safety.

She had to talk with her mother, and get the answers to her past.

On the bridge of the base star a Centurion stood at the sensor console confirming two contacts that had entered the sector. “Sensors detect the approach of two more vessels entering the sector.”

“Warbook conformation?” Vulpa asked. The Centurion was quick to obey and soon he had his identification. “Confirmed. Two basestars have entered the sector.”

This got Kali and Josie’s attention both. “Two more basestars? What do you need them for?” Kali asked.

Iblis turned to Kali and Josie and simply answered “Dramatic impact. Plus one never knows when one needs additional firepower against the Rangers.” Josie nodded knowing full well that the Rangers had always been so successful against overwhelming odds before. The additional forces could well be needed.

The other two ships joined up with Josie’s base star taking up a triangle formation. Soon the three base stars continued on their journey to Earth with Kali and Josie looking on with eager anticipation.

“At last. I will kill that Kusanagi bitch.” Kali said. Josie was looking forward to dealing with all the Rangers there, especially Cassidy Bridges. “We shall help them achieve their destinies. Then I shall reward Cassidy with hers.”

“No problem with me. Cassie’s destiny and reward are the same. DEATH!!!” Kali exclaimed as the opening of the door to the control room shook Josie and Kali out of their reverie as they saw Ashley and Jinx being escorted by Specter and a squad of Centurions. Bruises seemed to decorate Ashley’s face and arms while Jinx looked like she had been put through the ringer more than anyone.

“Well, did you two enjoy your stay?” Kali asked with sadistic glee. Jinx however was still able to maintain her sarcasm despite being beaten by Kali’s thugs and some additional treatments Specter had decided to implement. “If I call you Triini again will you hit me?”

Kali smirked as if she wasn’t offended. This was due to the plan that was to unfold. “I may not have to. You’ll both be dead before you go back to your friends.”

Ashley couldn’t believe what she was hearing and turned to look at Josie. “Why are you doing this? We’ve never met you!”

“You’re Rangers. That’s enough for me.” Josie said as Iblis then got in Ashley’s face. “Rangers have done many injustices against her and her family. She will make sure the scales are balanced.” Ashley looked at Iblis and could sense something about him. Something terrible. Something evil. Something she knew of.

And then she knew. His eyes told the story. Ashley looked into Iblis’s eyes, saw the darkness there and knew the truth.

Ashley Hammond grew up with a strong religious upbringing. Her faith in God was very strong in her family and she learned the doctrines of her faith very quickly. She knew the legends, the stories, all that had been written about who was before her.

She knew the evil being before her was very much like the devil she read in the bible at Sunday School. “Oh my god. It’s you!” she whispered. “You’re behind all this.”

“Indeed” Iblis said. “But you are helpless here. On this ship everything is mine.” Ashley then turned to Josie hoping she could get her to listen. “Don’t do this. He’s using…” A blow to the back of Ashley’s head sent her down unconscious. Jinx tried to go to Ashley’s defense but got a flaming fist from Kali as a result. “See to it that they are properly prepared Specter.” Josie had said.

“By your command.” Specter said as the two girls were escorted out of the command area. Josie and Kali then turned to Iblis and Josie told Iblis that they had to ready their battalion to go to Earth. Iblis nodded as Josie and Kali left leaving him alone with Vulpa and the Centurions who resumed the operation of their base ship.

Iblis looked at the approaching planet Earth with great anticipation. “The stage is set. Soon it will be time to make my appearance.” he said. But first Josie, Kali and the Cylons had to get the ball rolling. And a few minutes later Kali and Josie stood ready with Josie getting into her Circuit Breaker armor. “Why are you wearing that again? It’s not needed.” Kali asked.

“I may be healed, but it doesn’t hurt to have another ace up one’s sleeve.” Josie said. “Against the Rangers one can’t be too careful.” Kali nodded as Josie then morphed into Psycho Silver. “We’re ready.” Psycho Silver said.

“Good journey.” Iblis said as with a thought he teleported Kali, Psycho Silver and the Centurion contingent to Earth to await the arrival of the Rangers.

At the Bogard family fire house the Zeos, Astros, Terry and Alison were ready to leave to meet Kali at the Golden Gate Bridge. However Cassie was still nowhere to be found, and to add to problems Andros was gone too. “Andros will be back soon.” Sabrina said. “He had to go to the Megaship to get something that may be of help.

“We don’t have much time to wait, but we’ll wait as long as we can.” Tommy said. Sabrina thanked Tommy with a nod as Tommy laid out the plan. “Terry and Alison will have to leave soon to meet with Kali. We’ll all follow five minutes after.” Everyone nodded except for Joe, Andy and Mai who stood off in the corner with Derik. “Wish you were going with them?” Joe asked.

“Yeah. I just don’t like Terry and Alison going out there, and I’m not there to help.” Mai understood Andy’s grief, but she was also worried that Terry insisted that Andy remain behind. “If things go south someone needs to help get Terry out of whatever jam he’s in.”

“But what about Alison. What if she gets in a jam?” Andy asked. He didn’t notice Andros come up behind him saying “I may have an answer to that.” Andy then gave a jump as if startled by Andros coming behind him. “Sorry about that. I just teleported back.” Andros said as Joe chuckled to himself and Mai let out a few giggles.

“No problem.” Andy said regaining his composure. Alison caught Andy’s ‘scare’ and smirked a little bit until Andros faced her. “I have a feeling we are going to be needing an insurance policy for this deal with Kali.” Andros said.

“What do you have in mind?” Alison asked curious as to what Andros had planned.

Andros smiled. “Funny you should ask since your cousin suggested it.” Alison looked at Terry wondering what was going on and all Terry said was “Stick your hand out.” Wondering what Terry was talking about Alison did so.

Andros then put into Alison’s hand a morpher. “This is the morpher of the Green Astro Ranger. I think Kartia would be glad to have someone with your spirit using her morpher. . . that is if you want it.”

Alison didn’t know what to say. It only seemed like yesterday that she had made her joke to Cassidy about asking if there were any spare powers lying around. To find that there were was a surprise to itself. “Why me?” she asked.

“Because of your bravery, strong heart and spirit.” Terry said. “Something you seem to share with Ashley.” Alison looked at the morpher before her and thought of her twin in the hands of Kali. ~Who knows what they are doing to her now~ Alison thought. Right away she knew what her answer would be. Taking the morpher Alison put it on her wrist and a flash of green seemed to come from her signifying that the morpher had bonded with her. Cassidy then came to Alison’s side and said “I guess there were spare powers after all.”

“Looks like we’re both Rangers now.” Alison said holding her friend close, but a quick look at the clock said that time was running out. They had to get to the Golden Gate now, or they wouldn’t get Ashley and Jinx later. “Get going. We’ll be right behind you.” Cassidy said.

All right. You be careful too okay?” Alison said as she and Terry left the firehouse. Five minutes later the Zeos and Astros followed. The Outsiders would meet up with them at the Golden Gate.

Meet up to fall into a trap.

Lisa and Nick soon made it to the spot where the call said for her to go. When they got there they did not see a new friend of Cassidy’s with a homework assignment for her, but rather they found Nash and Joe waiting by the ‘Cuda. Upon pulling up Nick and Lisa got out and asked Nash what they were doing there. Nash said that they had a call that someone with Cylon weapons was there looking to deal.

“I got a call saying that a friend of Cassidy’s was here saying she had an assignment for her.” Lisa explained. Right away Nash got a feeling and it wasn’t very good. It got even worse when Kelly and Evan arrived. “What are you two doing here?” Nash asked.

“Someone said they wanted to meet me here for relief items.” Kelly said.

“And I got a call from a mystery witness regarding a theft.” Evan added. Right away Nash and Joe felf uneasy.

“Nashman. You think we just walked into a trap?” Joe asked.

“No doubt about it. You did.” A voice said from behind. Nash and Lisa turned around and saw trouble all decked out in silver with most of them having red eyes bouncing back and forth across their eye screens.

Nash, Joe, Nick and Lisa were soon face to face with Psycho Silver and a squad of Centurions with weapons at the ready. Psycho Silver looked at the four and said, “We need to talk.”

On another end of the bridge, clear on the other side away from Psycho Silver and the Centurions with Nash and company Terry and Alison stood waiting for Kali, and getting impatient. “What’s keeping her?” Alison asked with agitation creeping into her voice.

“Easy Alison.” Terry said trying to be rational. “She’ll be here.”

“I know, but it’s so annoying. I mean we practically had to convince Samantha and the Outsiders to hang back saying that Kali only wanted to deal with us.” Alison seethed at how demanding Kali was wanting only to deal with her and Alison. Samantha so wanted to be there for her cousin as did the Outsiders with their teammate. But Kali insisted only Terry and Alison as well as Cassie, but the only thing was that Cassie was nowhere to be found.

Suddenly a burst of purple flame erupted and Kali appeared. “You’re late.” Alison said.

“Fashionably I hope.” Kali sneered as she looked around the clearing for her quarry. “So where is she?” Kali asked Terry and Alison. “Where is the Kusanagi member?”

“First we see Ashley and Terry.” Alison shot.

“You are in no position to make that demand. Now then where is she?” Kali demanded.

“You don’t give us Ashley and Terry you don’t get Cassie.” Terry said deadpan. Kali seethed and then snapped her fingers as another purple flame burst erupted as Jinx and Ashley appeared flanked by two Cylon Centurions. “What are you doing with Cylons?” Alison asked.

Kali looked as if she was shocked that the question would have even been asked. “Oh did I forget to tell you? I made an alliance with the Cylon leader. She gets to kill all the Rangers while I get my sister Trini and the Kusanagi for myself. NOW WHERE IS SHE!!!” In answer to Kali’s question a voice spoke from behind.

“Mashiro na mesuinu Yagami.”

Kali whirled around at the voice who spoke ‘Right behind you Yagami bitch’ in Japanese. It was to her the equivalent of a challenge. Turning around Kali saw her newfound hated enemy. Decked out in a blue jacket with matching blue pants with the symbol of the sun on them adorned by a pink shirt and Japanese fighting shoes. “Kusanagi. . .” Kali growled with hatred.

Cassie Chan simply put herself in a Kusanagi fighting stance and then raised her right hand. . . and ingited her Kusanagi fire. “Ikuze mesuinu!”

Kali wasn’t going to just stay take being called a bitch twice. She could handle the Kusanagi and she knew Alison and Terry wouldn’t interfere. So she decided to have her allies begin the other half of the plan. She rose her right hand and it exploded a large purple ball of energy. “SONOMAMA SHINE KUSANAGI!!!” she screamed as she charged her.

~’Die Kusanagi’ Cassie thought as she moved to defend against Kali. ~NOT TODAY!~

The opening battle of the two newest members of the Kusanagi/Yagami blood feud had now officially begun. Kali fought like a madwoman trying to land the most damaging attacks she could while Cassie kept her wits about her and dodged a number of the blows coming her way. However some did connect and Cassie felt the burning heat of the Yagami fires hit her for the first time. For someone who wasn’t used to them the effect was scalding, but Cassie refused to give up.

In the midst of the battle Cassie decided to try something new as Kali was making ready to land another flaming punch. As the fist made ready to connect Cassie snapped her fingers and dissapeared in a burst of crimison fire. Kali’s blow missed and she wondered where her enemy had gone. Then tapping from behind on her shoulder Cassie appeared to Kali and delivered an uppercut sending her flying back a couple of feet.

“Get the others out of here.” Cassie said to Alison and Terry who nodded and raced to get to Ashley and Jinx. Jinx saw the two approaching and said “Finally something I can understand. My Japanese is a little rusty.”

Unfortunately it also meant that it was time for the Cylons to spring their trap. And just as Terry and Alison were getting close to Ashley and Jinx a series of vortexes appeared and a squad of Cylon Centurions appeared in front of Terry and Alison cutting them off from their goal.

“Surrender humans.” The lead Centurion said.

“I don’t think so.” Alison as she stood and then said “LET’S ROCKET!!!” as she pulled up a device on her wrist and punched in four buttons in sequence ‘3-3-5’ and ‘ENTER’ which then transformed Alison to where she wore a Ranger uniform. It was green with white highlights and had five squares on it: green, purple, white(with black highlights), silver and gold. Her helmet was like that of the Astro Rangers which had green highlights on it.

The Green Astro Ranger had arrived.

That also was the signal for the other Rangers to appear. Soon Rangers from Zeo, to Astro, to Outsider came out of the woodwork. All rallied behind their newest Ranger.

Not far away Cassie did a flying leap and joined her teammates. “LET’S ROCKET!!!” she said as she morphed into Pink Astro. “All right now Kali! Hand over our friends now!”

Kali didn’t react at first except crack a small smile. A smile that grew wider followed by a slight chuckle. The chuckle then grew louder and louder until it turned into full blown maniacal laughter. “She’s taking it well isn’t she?” Blue Zeo said to Black Astro.

Kali then stopped laughing as she faced her foes. “Oh Cassie. I was so hoping that it would be just us girls with no Ranger powers getting in the way. But I suppose this was to be expected.” And with a snap of her fingers a rustle was heard all around them. A rustle that followed with red ‘y’s filling the air bouncing from many central points. The ‘y’s then came out of the foliage and new adversaries surrounded the Rangers and Terry joining the Centurions that already took positions around the Rangers.

“Kyshach!” Red Astro cursed.

“You said it Andros.” Gold Astro answered back as the odds just got worse for the Rangers.

The Rangers, Outsiders, Astros and Terry Bogard now had to face a full garrison of Cylon Centurions, not to mention a squad of Trilons to back them up.

Nash looked at Josie with his hands raised in the air. Joe, Evan, Kelly and Lisa followed suit with Nick getting back in the car. “All right sister. I can see you’ve got some friends with you. Would you mind telling me who you are and what you want with us?”

Psycho Silver reached up and undid the clasps of her helmet. When the helmet was removed all the six saw was the face of a girl who couldn’t have been more than seventeen or eighteen. She had strawberry blonde hair adorned by a headset of some kind, fair complexion, and eyes that seemed to be as black as coals. If there was some sort of rational thinking behind the girl Nash had the feeling it wasn’t there now.

All that was there was grief and madness. A vicious circle that went around and around in Josie’s mind. A circle that seemed destined to spiral down even further. However there seemed to be enough reason behind her to speak in a gentle voice to the Bridges’s and Joe.

“My name is Josie Belle.” Josie then said. “And there has been a mistake.”

Lisa recognized Josie’s voice immediately and spoke first. “A mistake? What kind of mistake? And what’s all this about?”

“My apologies. I needed to get you here in case the Rangers told lies about me.” Josie said. Nash however stared at Josie intently racking his pornographic memory trying to figure out why the name ‘Belle’ sounded so familiar. “Lies?” Joe asked.

“Yes you see Cassidy wasn’t supposed to get those powers she has. I was.”

“You?” Lisa asked.

“Yes, but according to my benefactor others have been manipulating her. She is getting in over her head and she needs to give her powers up to someone who can handle them.” Josie explained. In the back of her mind she found it so easy to twist truths to her benefit.

“Nash what is this girl talking about?” Evan asked. “What powers?” Evan didn’t get an answer as Nash hit on where he heard the name ‘Belle’ before. “Jessie Belle. Cassidy’s predecessor.”

Josie then nodded. “Yes Jessie is my sister, and the one who had the powers before your daughter.”

“And who are these others that are manipulating my daughter?” Nash asked.

Josie paused before answering. “Alison Bogard and her family.”

This got a wide eyed look from Lisa. “What are you talking about?”

“Your daughter was supposed to have the powers briefly. But someone tampered with her life so that Alison Bogard could be part of her life and compel her to keep the powers longer.” Josie said. Joe asked “Nash? Is this girl from the ozone or something?”

“Or something.” Nash said looking at Josie and the Cylons she had for protection. “And what business is my daughter to you?”

“Your daughter has been manipulated by others. I’m just asking you to help me stop them before I take back what’s mine.” Josie said. Joe wondered just what it was this girl was smoking.

“And on what authority do you have this on?” Joe asked. “Pardon us for being curious but it’s hard to be objective considering the company you’re keeping.”

“Ah yes.” Josie mentioned to the Cylons at her side. “They’re harmless. They are only here to protect me.”

“Protect you?” Nash asked with disbelief. “In case it’s escaped you sister your ‘protectors’ had attacked our fair city not too long ago. Hundreds, if not thousands, are dead. And there are others who are still missing. And something tells me that you may have had something to do with it.”

“Inspector please believe me I had nothing to do with that attack. It was all the Rangers’ fault.”

“Oh, would you care to explain how the Rangers are responsible for the attack on San Francisco?” Nash asked straight out. For a few seconds Josie didn’t have an answer, and when she did it wasn’t one anybody was comfortable with. “The Rangers had to be drawn out of hiding. They needed to pay for hurting my sister and me.”

“And attacking the city. Killing lots of people. That was all to draw out the Rangers?” Nash asked with a bite or sarcasm, but deep in his gut he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This young girl was responsible for the Cylons attacking his home city. Putting millions of people in danger, killing others.

“I…regret…their deaths…but sacrifices had to be made.” Josie seemed to have trouble speaking as if she was trying to make sense out of what she was trying to say herself. Nash seemed to think that perhaps it was her conscience breaking through realizing the sins she had committed. “Sacrifices?” Kelly shouted not entirely getting all that was being said, but she deduced enough to realize who was behind the Cylon attack that hurt the city, and why it was done. “Is that what all those dead men, women and children were to you? SACRIFICES?!!!”

Nash tried to hold Kelly back but Lisa kept on the attack adding her two cents. “I saw a school where kids were being killed by those things with you. A principal and his teacher incinerated by those monsters’ blasters. And you’re telling me they were sacrifices so you could bring the Power Rangers to you?”

“They had to pay…The Rangers had to pay…” Josie said as the weight of Lisa’s words seemed to hit her.

“PAY FOR WHAT?!!! YOUR SISTER?!!! Did a whole town have to die so you could get revenge on a few people? Did a whole town have to die so you could avenge one person killed by a psychopath? Guess what Josie…YOU’RE THE PSYCHOPATH NOW!!! YOU’RE A MURDERER!!! YOU UNLEASHED THOSE THINGS HERE!!! YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF THIS!!!

“SHUT UP!!! Josie shouted as she released a stream of Silver electricity sending Nash, Joe, Kelly, Evan and Lisa back. Joe hit the ground hard sending him unconscious. Nick stayed in the car so he was protected. Nash was disoriented but recovering. It was Lisa however who was getting the worst of in as Josie put her Psycho Silver helmet back on and started beating the living daylights out of Lisa. Punch after punch with Ranger enhanced strength, Lisa was seriously injured almost immediately. Nash tried to jump on Psycho Silver’s back but was quickly thrown off.

Kelly also rushed to push Lisa out of the way as Psycho Silver was about to deliver a hard kick to Lisa. Kelly pushed Lisa aside saving her from the deadly blow only to take it herself. Psycho Silver looked down at Kelly Weld and underneath her helmet was a look of pure hate. She hated Kelly so much now that Kelly sent wave after wave of power into Kelly shocking her nervous system beyond belief. When Kelly fell to the ground like a puppet’s strings being cut Psycho Silver turned her gaze back to her first target, Lisa Bridges, leaving Kelly barely alive.

Psycho Silver then rejoined her Cylon guard as Nash rushed to Lisa’s side. “Now I remember why I called you here. Since Cassidy refused to give my powers back to me she needs to figure out what the price of power is. And you people are the price she has to pay.” She then motioned for the Cylons to raise their blasters and get ready to fire.

“NOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Evan Cortez shouted as the waves of blaster fire streaked from the Cylons weapons striking Evan as he came between Nash, Lisa and the Cylon firing squad.

The last thing Nash and Lisa saw was the Cylons opening fire on Evan with Psycho Silver’s maniacal laugh echoing in the background. Nick looked on from the passenger seat, shock crossing his face.

At the Kwan house Trini walked in as she saw her mother talking on the phone. “Mom can I talk to you for a minute?” Trini asked. Mrs. Janet Kwan looked at her daughter’s face and saw that Trini was clearly troubled. “Umm can I call you back?” she said to the other person on the phone. “Thanks. Bye.” After hanging up Mrs. Kwan then asked Trini what the problem was.

“Mom. What do you know about the Yagami? Of the Kusanagi?” Mrs. Kwan’s face then went pale as shock, recognition and fear crossed her face. “Who told you?” Mrs. Kwan asked.

“That’s not important right now. What I need to know is…”

“WHO TOLD YOU?!!!” Mrs. Kwan said as her voice reflected anger and her eyes seemed to radiate a deep purple. “Who told you? Was it Iori?”

“No I don’t even know who Iori is.” Trini said clearly scared. Never before had she seen her mother like this before. And never before had her mother’s eyes caught fire, especially purple fire. Mrs. Kwan saw the fear in her daughter’s eyes and quickly regained her composure. “I’m sorry sweetheart but I have to know. Who told you?”

“It was someone named Kali.” Trini explained. “She said she was my sister.”

“That’s impossible. You don’t have a sister.”

“Yes I do.” Trini explained. “Well somewhat. You see…well I’d better show you. IT’S MORPHIN TIME!!!” Pulling out her morpher she called out “YELLOW RANGER POWER!!!” and in the room stood the Yellow Morphin Ranger. Mrs. Kwan’s eyes went wide in shock

“Trini…you’re the Yellow Ranger?”

“Yes mom.” She said while demorphing. “And while I was a Ranger I was replicated. But then the replicas became evil. My replica was called Triini until something happened and she changed her name to Kali. Also somewhere along the line she became a few beers short of a six pack if you get my meaning.” Mrs. Kwan nodded as if saying she understood.

“Anyway Kali paid me a visit to my room and said that I have the potential for darkness within me. She then touched my hand and something happened to me. The next thing I saw was my hand erupting in purple fire and she called it ‘the fires of the Dragon Serpent’.” Mrs. Kwan buried her face in her hands and seemed to cry. “Oh Trini. I had hoped that you would be spared all this.”

“Spared what mom? What are you talking about?” Trini asked. Mrs. Kwan quickly regained her composure and then looked at Trini as tears streaked down her face. “I guess it is time for you to know the truth.” Mrs. Kwan said as she began to tell the sad tale of the Yagami. Sad because whether she liked it or not Trini was part of it now.

“Thousands of years ago a demonic being named Orochi visited the land of Japan. He let forth a wave of destruction unparalleled in all of Earth history until he was defeated by a spirit named Susano-Oh. Orochi was sent back into the void while Susano’s power went into the Earth. Along the way Susano had fallen in love with a princess who had given birth to the three noble clans: the Kusanagi, the Hakkushu and the Yata. Their power was used to drive Orochi back into the void when he tried to return again. And a seal was created so that he could never return again.

“But somewhere along the line the Kusanagi got more credit and praise for their deeds than the Hakkushu did, and they became jealous of the Kusanagi. Orochi was then able to use that jealousy to speak to the Hakkushu and was able to make offerings of power and glory to them in exchange for breaking the seal. As such the power that was the Hakkushu was corrupted by Orochi’s evil and they became the Yagami.” More of the story was told as Trini looked on in disbelief. Of how the Yagami betrayed the other two clans. How the Kusanagi tried to stop them, and the blood feud which lasted to this day. And through it all Trini could only see her whole world come crashing down around her.

“DAMN IT MOTHER!!! WHAT RIGHT DID YOU HAVE TO KEEP THIS FROM ME?!!!” Trini said as tears fell down her face.

“I…I only wanted to protect you sweetheart.”

“PROTECT ME FROM WHAT? MYSELF?!!!” Trini practically screamed. “For years I believed I was just plain old Trini Kwan. Now you tell me I’ve got the power of an evil god in me? And that I could turn evil because of it?”

“I had hoped you would never find out.” Mrs. Kwan said. “That you could live out your life happy and not have any part of the Yagami and their feud.” Trini then asked “Does dad know?”

Mrs. Kwan paused then remained silent. Trini knew what the silence meant. “He did know didn’t he? He knew who you were and what I could become and you both LIED to me!!!”

Mrs. Kwan pleaded with her daughter. “Trini….” But Trini would have none of it.

“GET AWAY FROM ME!!!” she shouted as she pushed her mother back with an inhuman strength. A strength backed up by anger and rage. When she looked at her mother again she saw her dress burning. Burning with purple fire, and when Trini looked at her own hand again she saw the fire burning there as well. Her eyes went wide in shock at what she just did to her own mother.

Mrs. Kwan was quick to get back up after rolling the flames out. Then she stood and faced Trini looking dead at her daughter. “I prayed you would never know of your heritage or our dark past. I never told you this because I wanted to protect you from our family evil. I wanted no part of the Kusanagi/Yagami feud and I didn’t want you to have contact with it either. But now I see my hopes have been dashed.” Mrs. Kwan then raised her hand and purple flames erupted from her hand. Trini looked at the flames coming from her mother and was wide eyed with shock.

“This is our gift, and our curse. Should we ever give in to the Riot of Blood our clan goes through our full power will be unleashed, but it is also possible our minds will be destroyed in the process as well. Whatever you do, promise me that you will never undergo the Riot. PROMISE ME!!!” Mrs. Kwan said those last two words with such stern emotion that Trini knew her mother meant business.

“I promise.” Trini said hoping that she would be able to keep this promise. However she made no attempts to hide her anger at her parents as she stormed out of the house and slammed the door as she left.

From a vantage point near the bridge people started to gather around the battle site where the Rangers were fighting Kali and her Cylon forces. Looks of fear were given as the Cylons appeared, as looks of hope became evident when the Rangers got the upper hand anytime during a battle.

Ashley and Jinx looked on with hope. Hope that the Rangers and Outsiders would be able to beat back the Cylon advance and rescue them. Jinx didn’t feel like going through another torture session with Kali again even though Jinx wouldn’t let Kali know that. Ashley looked on in surprise when she saw Alison morph into the Green Astro Ranger. And looking on Ashley saw her sister holding her own against the Cylons, even though the Trilons were more of a challenge to the Rangers.

The Trilons had better reflexes than the Centurions, and one of them proved that when he dodged several combined blasts from Red, Green, and Blue Zeo as well as Red and Black Astro. This allowed a Centurion to sneak up from behind and get ready to shoot them in the back until Yellow Zeo and Terry brought the Centurion down with a Zeo Power Punch and Burn Knuckle combo. “Not bad.” Terry said.

“You haven’t seen me do Modasian Kickboxing yet.” Yellow Zeo said as she made her way through several Trilons and Centurions trying to make her way to where Jinx and Ashley were being held. Looking off to the side she saw Green Astro trying to fight her way through as well. Both having the same idea, get to the hostages and free them. “Impressive.” Terry said as he went on to his battle.

Along the way people were cheering. Rooting the Rangers on as they fought the Cylons. This did not go unnoticed by Kali who saw them and ordered some of her battalion to turn on the onlookers. This prompted the Outsiders to take up defense positions to keep the onlookers safe. Gold Astro then told people to get back and get to safety. While slow on the listening the people were doing just that. But even though they were told to get safe curiosity was still rampant in many of the onlooking populace and they tried to find someplace safe so they could look on and still see the Cylons beaten.

As the Rangers fought on Yellow Zeo and Green Astro made their way to where Ashley and Jinx were being held. Three Centurions stood guard and both Rangers took on the guards anyway they could. “CRACK SHOT!” Green Astro shouted as her foot took on a green glow and took off a Cylon’s whole torso as it made contact. Clearly the power augmented her own ki abilities as the damaged Cylon had shown. Green Astro looked on impressed.

Yellow Zeo however used her Zeo Power whip and sent one Cylon into the other. Then she called up a double punch and sent both Centurions doubling over as Yellow Zeo delivered a final strike of a scissors kick to the back of one Centurion knocking his head off and a wheel kick decapitating the other as well. Green Astro looked on and could only say “Show off.”

Yellow Zeo just shrugged as she and Green Astro turned to approach Jinx and Ashley. “Terry I was so…” Yellow Zeo was starting to say when evil glows enveloped Jinx and Ashley and soon they were gone from where they sat. Someone teleported them away.

“Where did they go?” Green Astro asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Kali sneered until she felt herself become immaterial and start to vanish. “NOOOOO!!!!” Kali shouted as the effect of teleportation enveloped her too.

“What just happened?” Blue Zeo asked. “I mean we’re fighting Kali and the Cylons one minute, and then they just teleport out the next.”

“I don’t know.” Red Zeo said. “But Kali still has Ashley and Jinx. They were teleported out just as Kali was. Pink Astro however didn’t think Kali teleported out willingly, especially since she wanted Pink Astro dead so badly. “I think someone may have pulled Kali out of the battle. But who?”

“I don’t know, but for a moment I thought I could sense something.” Yellow Zeo said. “Something chilling. Like a dark presence.”

“I felt it too.” Red Astro said. “Like I knew it from somewhere.” Red Zeo then said he felt the same way, as did Gold Astro.

“Wait a minute. Something’s missing.” Silver Zeo said looking around. “Where was Josie during all this?”

“Yeah. Wherever the Cylons are Josie’s not far behind.” Blue Zeo said. Green Zeo however noticed something not far off in the distance. A series of explosions from across the bay.

Quickly the Rangers called for their Zeo Cycles, Astro Gliders and the Outsider Zeo Cycles and they raced across the bridge to see what the disturbance was.

When the smoke cleared Nick Bridges looked around. The ‘Cuda had some char marks on it as well as the car he was already in. Looking down Nick saw his son Nash laying over Lisa’s body as if trying to protect her. Kelly lying down on the ground barely breathing, and the charred body of Evan Cortez lying on the ground. Quickly he felt for a pulse but couldn’t find one in either his son, Evan, or his ex-daughters in law. “Nash? Lisa? Kelly? Evan?”

“You can join them if you wish.” A voice said from behind. Nick turned to see Psycho Silver looking down on him as his own temper started to build.

“DAMN IT!!!” Nick shouted at Psycho Silver. “How many people have to die because of you! How many people do you have to kill to be satisfied!”

Psycho Silver was taken aback by Nick’s statement. “Kill? I’m not killing. I’m saving.”

“Saving?!” Nick said in disbelief. “How do you call killing my son, a cop under his command and my ex-daughters in law saving them? How do you call turning those metal monsters of yours loose on San Francisco saving those people? HOW IS MURDER SALVATION?!”

“Quiet old man!” Psycho Silver said ready to fire another silver bolt but decided against it. She then turned and walked away floored by the words Nick had said. Then for a second Psycho Silver turned to look at Nick. “Let Cassidy know what happened here will you?” she sneered as she teleported out with her two Cylon guards leaving Nick almost alone.

“Uhhh did anyone get the license number of that…thing…that hit me?” Joe asked. Nick then went to Joe’s side and shook him awakes hoping he could help out Nash and Lisa. Joe listened for breathing and saw Nash’s chest rise and fall slightly. Lisa however he wasn’t sure.

Kelly was the worst of the lot. She took so much power that her heart may have stopped. Evan took the full brunt of those Cylon blasters that it would have been a miracle if he survived.

Just then the roar of Zeo Cycles and Astro gliders filled the air and Joe and Nick turned to see the Zeo Rangers, Astro Rangers and Outsiders riding in. The Silver one demorphed and Joe saw Cassidy running up to where her parents lay on the ground.

“Cassidy I did everything I could.” Joe said not asking what Cassidy was doing there. “She was just too strong.”

“Joe what’s going on?” Cassidy asked. Joe was quick to explain about how Josie had arrived after luring Nash, Lisa, Nick, Kelly and Evan and himself apparently into a trap. And how Nick was able to send Josie away but her father and mother were severely injured. “An ambulance is on its way.” Nick shouted as he used the radio in the ‘Cuda, but Cassidy was oblivious to all of it. All she saw was her parents, hurt, and maybe dying, at her feet.

“DADDY!!! MOMMY!!! KELLY!!! EVAN!!!” Cassidy cried, with tears in her eyes as her father lay in her arms. Her fellow Rangers surrounding her as the paramedics arrived.

Back at the approaching base ships Iblis looked at the blue planet Earth coming into his view. Soon its people will fall under his dominion. And then his brethren would realize their failure. “The prisoners are secured again.” Specter said to Iblis.

“Very good. We can use them again later.” Iblis said making reference to Ashley and Jinx just as Josie and Kali charged in. Kali was more than a little agitated.

“Damn it we had them!” Kali shouted to Iblis. “Why did you spirit us away?”

Iblis shot Kali a glare before saying his peace. “Because there is something more important than your blood feud to deal with now. You can confront Cassie Chan later, but for now there are other concerns.”

“And what concerns are they?” Josie asked. Iblis turned to look at the other two base stars rendezvousing with their own. When he gave his answer neither Kali or Josie knew what to make of it.

“It is time for humanity to make it’s choice. Salvation or Armageddon.”

At San Francisco General Dr. Grace Holloway walked out of the Operating Room with a sullen expression on her face. As she came across the large group of young people sitting in the waiting room along with an old man and a bald Hispanic guy who looked middle aged. “Who’s the family here?”

Cassidy immediately stood up. Samantha told her that she knew of Dr. Holloway from the Doctor, and that he knew her to be the best human heart specialist and surgeon on Earth and Cassidy felt relieved. But the relief fell short when Dr. Holloway gave the news.

“Miss Bridges. I’d be wrong to give you much hope.” Dr. Holloway said. “Your father will be lucky if he can make it through the night. Same with your mother.” Cassidy took in Grace Holloway’s words and wasn’t sure what to do about them. “They took a lot of punishment from that weapons fire. Your father’s stable but critical. Your mother’s also stable, but even more critical than your father.”

“What about Kelly and Evan?” Dr. Holloway fell silent and nodded her head down unable to say the next few words. “They’re dead aren’t they?” Adam had said.

“I’m sorry. Inspector Cortez’s injuries were too severe. And Miss Weld took so much shock her heart couldn’t take it. They were both dead when they arrived.” Cassidy turned away with shock crossing her face. Alison then spoke up “Can we see her parents?”

“Not now. They’re both still critical. When we can upgrade their status better we can allow family to visit.” Dr. Holloway then set her hand on Cassidy’s arm and said, “I’m sorry for your loss.” Cassidy nodded and then turned back to her friends. “Cass you okay?” Alison asked.

“I will be when we get Josie for this.” Cassidy said. The tone in her voice cold and bitter. Alison looked at her friend and saw the look in her eyes, a look she had seen before.

Cassidy Bridges never took death very well. She always tried to hide her feelings only for them to come up on her when she least expected it. Due to Cassidy’s acting background she was good at it, but Alison knew Cassidy had to come off the stage sometime and when she did she would have to deal with her feelings. But right now Cassidy had an outlet for them-Josie.

“We’ll get her don’t worry.” Alison promised her friend hoping Cassidy wouldn’t do something she’d regret later.

Nick had brought Joe up to speed on Cassidy’s Ranger activities. Joe was clearly surprised to say the least. “Wow Cassidy is a Power Ranger? Never saw that one coming. Just as we didn’t see that attack coming.” Joe said. He then explained how he, Nash, Lisa, Kelly, Evan and Nick were lured into traps that apparently Josie had set when Joe suddenly remembered something. “There’s something else.” Joe said. “I didn’t think about it until now, but it concerns Josie’s sister.”

“Inspector Dominguez. Jessie Belle’s dead. We all saw it ourselves.” Lillian said.

“Well far be it from me to disagree with you, but when asked about her sister she said that Jessie ‘IS’ my sister. Not ‘WAS’ my sister. But ‘IS'”.

“What does she mean by that?” Jamie asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe Josie’s so out there that she may think her sister is still alive or something.” This got Rocky’s attention as his mind then went to the most remote possibility.

That maybe Jessie Belle actually WAS STILL alive.

At the Angel Grove Fruit and Juice Bar Tanya and Zack sat at a table with Jason. Right now the Rangers were on Yellow Alert and Billy was getting the Sky Zords operational. With Trini nowhere to be found and Billy only using those that could help him the other Rangers waited for the other shoe to drop.

And Jason knew that the shoe would drop hard. Even harder that the first time in San Francisco.

“The last shoe often did drop the hardest.” Jason said to himself. Tanya and Zack heard Jason’s words however. “What do you mean?” Zack asked.

“It’s just…I feel that there is a sense of finality with this Cylon battle. That this will be ‘make or break’ for us.” Tanya and Zack both nodded in agreement. Never before had they faced a foe like the Cylons. They were cold, ruthless, emotionless and existed only to destroy. The devastation in San Francisco was proof of that.

They also didn’t follow the pattern of Ranger villains of the past. Usually UAE villains had sent monsters to do their dirty work. Cylons made use of their battalions of Centurions and Trilons to do most of their fighting. The only monster that was seen was a walker the Cylons built, so it was apparent that the Cylons didn’t work with monsters all that much. Zack thought that that might have been a good thing. “At least we won’t have to worry about monsters.” Zack said.

“Just thousands and thousands of Cylons on those ships coming in.” Jason said. “And to tell you the truth guys I’m not sure that the Sky Zords will be enough.”

“What do you mean Jase?” Tanya asked. Jason then answered “Well we know Cylons don’t exactly follow the path the would-be conquerors we know would use. Send down the monster and only use the sentries to weaken us. They sent their Centurions out right away, and they were very capable of handling us, also they had a lot of numbers.”

“So?” Zack asked.

“So Mondo had a lot of forces too, armies and armies of Cogs and ships. Why didn’t he use them right away?” Everyone soon got Jason’s point. Mondo held back his forces deciding to focus on monster attacks after the first battle with the Cogs where they were defeated by the Zeo Rangers. But Mondo could have easily overrun them had more Cogs been sent as well as any other resistance. Yet for some reason he didn’t.

The Cylons would not fall under that cliché. They were persistent, efficient, and deadly. They would not stop until their enemy was destroyed or they were.

“I think I know what you mean. They got a lot of stuff and they’re not afraid to use it.” Tanya said as Jason and Zack agreed. “Maybe we can call the council for help?” Zack asked.

“Doubt it.” Jason said. “Zordon already tried. S’Hera answered.” Zack and Tanya bowed their heads down as S’Hera’s name was mentioned. “What did she say, or do I want to know?” Zack asked.

“Major military engagement with the UAE. Can’t afford the resources to defend a ‘primitive backwater.'” Jason said quoting S’Hera’s words to the letter. “She added a slight bite to ‘primitive backwater’. And said that Zordon should have more than enough help with three Ranger teams and the Outsiders there. ‘What do you need us for?’ was what she said.”

“Man what did we ever do to her?” Zack asked feeling disgusted. His disgust shared by not only the two seated with him but with other Rangers whether they knew this or not. “We need help against the Cylons. No matter what S’Hera said.”

Tanya agreed, as she was then about to take another sip of her drink when she saw something catch her eye. A face that appeared for a few seconds that vanished just as quickly out the main door. Tanya got out of her chair and rounded the corner hoping to get a better view only to find her gone again. Zack and Jason went to Tanya’s side and then Jason asked “You okay?”

“I don’t know.” Tanya said. “Either I’m crazy…or I just saw Jessie.”

On the basestar Josie continued to oversee the preparations made for the attack when Iblis appeared behind her. “Is everything progressing smoothly?” he asked. Josie nodded but still had one question. “You seemed to hint that there was more to Cassidy than just the silver powers. What more are you thinking?”

“Let’s just say that I think she might be able to do more that anyone figured.” Iblis had said. With that Josie resumed her preparations and Iblis continued to wait until the time was right.

For Earth.

For the human race.

And for the truth about Cassidy Bridges to come out.

For if he was right then Cassidy might be one of the few that could tap into one of the greatest aspects of the Morphin Grid. He already had one. Would he have another? Or would she die?

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