Fires of Olympus Part 4

Stretchers were then ordered down from the Megaship to carry back the bodies of Jason and Blue Mary. Tommy didn’t look anyone in the eye as the Morphin Rangers carried Jason’s body like pall bearers at a funeral. The Astros and the Lonely Wolves carried Blue Mary’s body.

Lillian came up and asked Tommy if everything was okay. Tommy shook his head no. “I had no choice. I had to take the deal. It was the only way to save the universe. “

“I know. ” Lillian said. “You did what you had to do. Just as Jason did what he had to do to free you. “

“Doesn’t make me feel better. ” Tommy said as he looked in the distance and saw Rocky coming their way. When they caught up with him he saw Jason and Mary’s bodies, but didn’t seem all that affected. His mind was still on Jessie, and what he had to do. He figured that it would take a while before Jason and Mary’s deaths caught up with him. But when they did Rocky knew the emotions would hit him hard.

Katarina came to Rocky’s side silently offering support to him. Rocky nodded grateful for Katarina’s presence. They then saw another person walk up. It was Cassie.

“Cassie you made it!” T. J. said as he welcomed Cassie back. “How’s Kali?”

“Beaten for now. But she’ll be back!” Cassie said. She was about to ask what happened when she saw the two bodies of Jason and Mary, but the appearance of another Ranger kept her from asking at that moment.

“CASSIDY!!!” Alison said running into the arms of her friend hugging her for dear life. Cassidy returned the embrace with just as much joy, but that joy was short lived as she saw Terry carrying the dead body of Mary Ryan, tears in his eyes as his grief was starting to take over. The Rangers also had the body of Jason Lee-Scott with them.

“What happened?” Cassidy asked.

“Long story. Let’s go home. ” Alison said as everyone made their way back to the Megaship that would take them to the Pegasus Terry followed behind, not taking his eyes off Mary’s body for even a second.

On board the Astro Megaship Rangers, Fighters, and Outsiders all paid vigil to their fallen friends. Panni flew Earth’s Fire back to the Naval Yard alone so the Outsiders and Lonely Wolves could mourn the losses of their friends together. Terry, Andy, Joe and Laocorn paid respects to Mary. The Zeos, Morphin Rangers and Outsiders all paid their respects to Jason.

Tears fell down Kat’s face as David held her close. She looked at Jason’s body ready to say goodbye, but only sobs came from her. Jamie also felt tears run down her face, but she tried to hold back the sobs. Lillian and Christina both offered their support to their friend.

Nate looked on unable to shed any tears, yet he could comprehend the loss everyone felt regarding Jason. He knew that Jason’s presence would be sorely missed, and he asked Chelsea if that was a suitable reaction. “Yes Nate. That reaction’s fine” she had said. Nathan also nodded in agreement.

Rocky and Katarina looked on at Jason’s body, as well as that of Blue Mary who was off to the side. Both of those deaths reminded him of his own loss. The loss of Jessie, which was for the second time. Katarina tried to be reassuring, but Rocky had trouble trying to wrap his mind around the deaths. “How could Jason, Mary and Jessie have all died like this?” he asked himself. No answer was forthcoming.

Bulk and Skull looked on at Jason’s body too, and they remembered all the times they had picked on him and his friends. “We never really got to know him. ” Skull had said. Bulk nodded trying to remain the pillar of strength, and keeping his feelings inside.

Emily seemed to share her own feelings too. She remembered her own relationship with Jason, and even though they were no longer together she said that she wouldn’t have traded their time together for anything. Richie placed her hand on her shoulder, and Emily smiled appreciating the gesture. Aisha also watched as she tried to deal with her own emotions. She didn’t get to know Jason either, and right now wished she had the chance to know him better. Samoht stood with her hoping to offer any support he could to her. He knew Jason best from when they competed for their powers. A bond was formed between them, but they never fully explored that bond forged out of mutual respect.

Adam and Tanya looked on at Zack, Trini and Billy, who were closest to Jason than anyone pay their respects. From far back Sabrina also watched until she had to run out of the room. T. J. , Cassie and Carlos followed and T. J. asked if she was all right.

“I just felt like an intruder. ” Sabrina had said. “What little I knew of Jason dealt with me facing him in combat as one of Rita’s soldiers. I never got to know him, and he never got to know me” she said in confession.

“I think he would have loved to get to know you better. ” Cassie said in reassurance. Carlos agreed. But Sabrina had said “I’d still gladly trade my life to have his back. “

“I know. ” Carlos said. “I think we all would. “

Tommy was hurting the most as he looked down at Jason’s body as Kimberly stood with him. “I had to take the deal. It was the only way to save the universe. “

“Jason understood that. ” Kimberly said. “He knew you would do what you had to do. “

“But did he have to pay for it? Did you guys have to pay?” Tommy asked as tears fell down his face. Right now, I’d trade my life if I could have Jason back. If for no other reason than to make it up to you for attacking you. “

“I think we all would. ” Tyler said coming up to his ‘brother’s’ side. Tommy looked around and saw all his friends nodding in agreement. They too would have traded their lives to have Jason back.

Off to the side where Mary’s body rested Terry Bogard looked down at Mary’s body. Andy, Joe, Laocorn and Alison stood with him as Terry stared down at the body. “I never even knew she loved me. I never thought I would love again. “

“She loved you. That’s why she sacrificed herself. ” Andy said. Alison didn’t know what else to say as everyone was mourning a loss. She then left the med bay hoping to find someplace else to be, anyplace else to be.

Cassidy felt the same way after a few minutes as she too left the med bay and walked down a corridor where she walked into Ashley and Alison. Ashley was back in her Megaship uniform and Alison was still in hers. “How’s it going?” Alison asked.

“So so. You?” Cassidy asked.

“I’m dealing. ” Alison said. Ashley added “So am I. “

“It’s not everyday you face the devil now is it?” Cassidy asked.

“And one I’d rather not repeat. ” Ashley added.

Cassidy paused for a moment as she looked Alison in the eye. “There was something Josie had said to me that I couldn’t believe” she started to say. “Of course Josie was also loony as a toon so I don’t know how reliable she was. “

“What did she say?” Alison asked. Cassidy paused for a bit then spoke.

“She said that our friendship was engineered by some witch who wanted your cousin to be visible in universal affairs. Also that I was supposed to have my moment in the sun, which was why she went after my family and friends. She said she wanted the universe to take notice of me, so she could have her powers back later. ” Alison looked at Cassidy stunned not sure what to say.

Ashley however spoke and said “You’re right she does sound like she’s loony as a toon. “

“Maybe. ” Cassidy said, but somewhere in the back of her mind she wondered if perhaps Josie was right. She decided to think about it later as the three girls then decided to make their way to the bridge where Andros stood silent vigil as he piloted the Megaship. As he saw Ashley Andros set the controls for auto pilot and embraced Ashley as hard as he could. Ashley couldn’t breath, but it didn’t matter. She was safe in Andros’s arms, and that was what mattered.

Cassidy and Alison watched until something caught their field of vision. Flashes of light that streaked across the sky. “Andros what is that?” Alison asked.

“Sensors detect no objects in space. ” DECA said.

“That’s not possible. They’re there. We see them. ” Andros said.

“Sensors detect no objects in space. ” DECA repeated. Andros called the sick bay and asked T. J. , Sabrina, Cassie and Carlos to come to the bridge. They did so, followed by Rocky and Katarina. “What’s going on?” Rocky asked as the Astros took their stations.

“We came across some strange objects fling past us. ” Andros said as he turned his attention back to the viewer only to find that the objects were gone as quickly as they appeared. “Where’d they go?” Cassidy asked.

“I don’t know. But they were beautiful. ” Ashley said. Then all of a sudden a noise started to sound. A noise that sounded beautiful, but got louder as it got closer. Ashley tried to help Andros get the Megaship out, but it was to no avail.

“Controls are frozen Andros!” Ashley said as the sound got louder. Everyone throughout the Megaship had to cover their ears as the harmonious sound became deafening.

“I can’t stand it!” Cassidy shouted as she put her hands to her ears trying vainly to block it out The Rangers, Outsiders and the KOF fighters all over the ship had done the same and were having the same luck. “What’s happening?” Kimberly asked.

“I don’t know!” Christina said. “Can’t stand the sound!”

“It’s so deafening it hurts!” Billy said.

“I know I can’t stand it either!” Trini said with her own hands covering her ears trying to block the sound out. Soon the sound became too much to bear and everyone then fell to the ground or into their seats unconscious.

And that was their last moment in their normal plane of reality as the Lightship came and took them someplace that was beyond the reach of mortal men and women.

In different sections of the Megaship Rangers awoke. In one such section the Outsiders, Zeo and Morphin Rangers awoke. “Where? What happened?” asked David.

“Where are we?” Adam asked.

“And what happened to our clothes?” Chelsea asked as she saw her clothes, and all the others clothes were white as well.

“Welcome. ” A voice said which was filled with benevolence. Everyone turned to see white robed beings surrounding them. “In case you are wondering where you are, you are in a dimension far beyond the boundaries of space and time as you know them. As for your clothing it is a symbol of the protection that you are under while you are here. “

“Who are you?” Aisha asked. “Are you…angels?” Jamie then added.

“There is some truth to what you say. ” The robed beings said.

Billy remembered something said to him once about beings that passed themselves off as angels in some matters of the universe. “But isn’t that arrogance on your part?” Billy asked.

“Oddly enough, there is some truth to that as well” the beings answered. Everyone looked around as Samantha noticed that not everyone was with their little group. Skull also caught sight of this. “Where’s Cassidy? And Rocky? And Katarina?” Skull asked.

“And the Astro Rangers?” Samantha asked. “And Terry, and his friends. “

“Not to mention Trini!” Kimberly added noticing the loss of her friend.

“They are preoccupied elsewhere” was the answer the Lightship beings gave as they then turned to face Tommy. “For now our concern lies with you Thomas. “

“Me?” Tommy asked. “What do you want from me?”

The robed beings had shown Tommy to where Jason lay on the pedestal. Tommy looked and shook his head as he once again came face to face with what had happened on the moon. “Oh no. It really happened. Jason, Mary. “

“Leave him alone. ” Samoht said coming to his ‘brother’s’ aide. “Neither Tommy or Jason can do anything to you. “

“Quite the opposite. ” The robed beings said. “Both you Thomas, and Jason, are very valuable to us. As are all the Rangers. “

“Who are you?” Nathan asked. “What do you want from us?”

“From you nothing. I’d say the major question is what do you want from us?”

“I…I don’t understand the question. ” Nathan answered.

“Would you not prefer to see your friend returned to you? Did you all not say in your hearts that you would gladly trade your lives to have your friend back? Thomas, did you not say this?”

“How? How could you know that?” Tommy asked.

“There is much in your heart that is open to all of us. We know of the darkness within you, and your quest to not give into it again. We know it was necessary for you to make the deal with the Dark One to preserve the universe. Is it not the nature of the hero to put the well being of others before himself?”

“But what does this have to do with Jason? Or with Tommy?” Lillian asked.

“Tommy always walks a line between good and evil. He truly is the Shadow Ranger. The one that is under neither good nor evil’s dominion. The Dark One sought to control him. Iblis did briefly, but when Jason offered his own life for Tommy’s the agreement was voided and Tommy was able to make his choice again. “

“We know all that!” Kat said. “But what does this have to do with Tommy and Jason?”

“Jason was not meant to be struck down by Iblis. It was Tommy that was meant to be struck by Iblis’s fatal blow. It is possible Tommy for Jason to be returned if you wish him to. “

“What? What must I do?” Tommy asked.

“Tell me. Are you willing to offer your own life in exchange for his? Are all you Rangers willing to do so?”

In another section of the Lightship the KOF Fighters were awakening. Like the Morphin Rangers, Zeo Rangers and Outsiders they too had awaken not wondering where they were.

“What the…?” Joe asked. For some reason the word ‘Hell’ did not come out from his own mouth. Somehow he thought it would not have been a good idea to mention that word in this place.

“Where are we?” Mai asked. “And what happened to our clothes?” She looked down and saw her outfit was turned white, as were Andy’s, Joe’s, Laocorn’s, and Terry’s clothes.

“Where are the others?” Laocorn asked looking around. Another Lord appeared before them much like they had appeared before Tommy and the others. Soon others appeared around the Lonely Wolves and Laocorn. “Who are you?” Terry then asked. “Are you the ones that gave us the power to defeat Iblis?”

“We did not ‘give’ power to you. We merely augmented what you already had. ” The Lord had said. “Iblis had violated the doctrines when he attacked Jason and Mary. A penance had to be enacted. “

“Wasn’t enough. ” Andy said. “He still escaped. “

“It is only a matter of time. No one can hide from retribution forever. Now if you will excuse me there is something that Terry Bogard must see. ” The Lord led the Lonely Wolves to a section of the Lightship, and when they arrived Terry found himself running to the sight before him.

The body of Mary Ryan.

“What are you doing to her?” Terry asked as he knelt by Mary’s body in grief. However no answer was forthcoming from the Lords.

“Can’t you do something!” Laocorn demanded of one of the Lords of Kobol. His own eyes were looking at Terry who hadn’t moved at all from Mary’s body. “After all he’s gone through in his life! All the lost loves ones! All the struggles! All the sacrifices! And after you used Terry as your instrument against Iblis for this fight. . . you’re going to do nothing for him!”

“Is this merely a desperate plea to live the guilt you yourself feel for your own actions against him?” one of them asked.

Laocorn stared at the Lords. “Do NOT even drag Sulia into this. Yes my actions resulted in the death of my sister and I have to live with that every single day of my life. But Sulia has NOTHING to do this. ” He looked at Terry. “He deserves to have a real life damn it! You can’t deny him that!”

“Are you willing to trade a life for a life?” one of the Lords said. The question seemed to surprise everyone.

Terry looked at the Lords for the first time since he arrived on the lightship. “What do you mean a life for a life?”

“Are you willing to offer up your life so that she may live?” they asked.

Andy’s eyes went wide. “What! What kind of a deal is that!” Even Mai looked on in shock. “Are you talking about sacrifice or something. “

“To an extent” the Lord answered. Through his own grief Terry heard all that was being said and gave his answer.

“I accept. ” Terry started causing everyone to stare at him. “Mary died because of me. I won’t have any more people die because of me. She deserves to live. “

Andy then hit his brother in the stomach knocking him down. “Enough with the holier than thou attitude bro!” Terry then got up and faced his brother. “It’s my choice!”

“And I’m not going to let you through your life away like this!” Andy stated.

“And don’t you think I’m going to let you take my place!” Terry countered. “You have a life. You have Mai and I’m not about to let you sacrifice yourself for me. “

“Hey, don’t I get to say something?” Joe asked. “Could perhaps I offer myself for Mary?” Andy and Terry looked at Joe confused. “Joe why?”

“Because you guys have something to live for. ” Joe explained. “I don’t really. If offering my life to give you a moment of happiness is needed Terry I’d gladly do it. “

“None of you will need to sacrifice anything. ” Laocorn spoke up silencing everyone in the room. He then faced the Lords of Kobol. “I offer my life in place of Terry’s for Mary. “

“Laocorn no!” Terry said going over to him.

“I have a debt to repay to you Terry. Two years ago I made the worst mistake of my life. ” Laocorn replied looking at him. “I have often wondered if I could ever do enough to atone for my sins. “

“This is not the answer! You have a life! Remember what I told you back two years ago!” Terry said to him.

“I think the words were. . . Make your life worth something. “

Terry froze when he heard that voice. “. . . it can’t be. . . “

“Here on these lightships, many things are possible. “

Terry, Andy, Mai and Laocorn froze when they heard that voice. Laocorn and Terry the most. “. . . is it. . .?”

All faced forward and watched two women come down. Both were dressed in white. The taller of the two had green long hair and green eyes and an incredible beauty. The other had short blue hair and hazel eyes and just as beautiful as the other.

“Lily!” Terry gasped looking at the green haired vixen.

“Sulia. . .?” Laocorn let his shock show openly.

Lily then hugged Terry as Sulia did the same with her brother. “Is this for real. . . this isn’t a dream. . . ” Terry muttered looking at Lily. “No Terry. This is very real. “

Laocorn just held Sulia in arms and let his tears come down. “Sister. . . I. . . “

“You don’t have to say a word Laocorn. You don’t have say anything. ” Sulia replied. She then looked at the Lords. “However. . . we have something to say to you. “

“Indeed. . . ” Lily nodded looking at the lords and she broke away from Terry. Sulia did the same with Laocorn. “If you will not do something for this woman, we shall. ” Lily walked over where Mary’s body was then just stood there. Sulia stood by Lily’s side firm in her conviction.

“Lily! Suila! What are you doing!” Terry shouted.

“For four years you have mourned over my death and even when you found Sulia you mourned still over me. ” Lily said. Sulia then spoke. “And after I died you allowed your grief to get to you even more. All you let grow was sadness and the fear that if you ever fell in love again, you would only be hurt. “

“We’re not going allow it to happen for a third time. ” Lily said. “. . . so this will be the last time you see me or Sulia. . . in this way at least. “

“What? Lily what are you saying!” Terry asked.

“Sulia. . . ” Laocorn looked on at them.

“We have an offer for you Lords of Kobol. None of these people will give up their lives. . . instead Lily and I will give up our own life force and consciousnesses for Mary to live again. ” Sulia said.

“Are you aware of the consequences of these actions?” one of the Lords asked. “If you pursue this path it may well be possible that you both may never be welcome here again. “

“We are aware of the price, and we are willing to pay it. ” Lily answered. The Lords then looked at them all and said, “You all have great hearts. None of you will have to offer your lives. “

“Thank you. ” Lily and Sulia both said as they both turned to walk up the podium up to Mary’s body. Both were taking a more transparent look than usual.

“Now what’s happening?” Mai cried as she saw Lily and Sulia becoming ghosts now and they then entered Mary’s body. A white glow surrounded Mary’s body.

“The power. . . its incredible. . . ” Terry gasped as he felt the power that being generated all around them. Finally the glow stopped and then Terry went over to Mary’s body. He then held her in arms. To his great surprise he then saw her eyelids starting to flutter. “Mary. . . Mary are you alright? Mary?”

It was then Mary opened her eyes but to Terry’s shock her eyes were changing color from Mary’s blue, to Lily’s green and Sulia’s hazel.

“I am. . . thanks to you Terry. ” she smiled. However Terry was sent into further surprise as he heard not just Mary’s but Lily AND Sulia’s voices all in unison.

“Are you Lily? Sulia? Or are you Mary?”

“I’m all of them and none of them Terry. I am the one meant for you. ” ‘Mary’ answered. “I’m speaking to you like this now because we have only just merged. “

“Merged?” Terry asked.

“In order to restore Mary’s spirit, Lily and Sulia had to give their sprits and merge their consciousnesses with Mary’s. Everything that had been a part Sulia and Lily is now a part of me. ” ‘Mary’ told him. “Mary will be the one who has control of this body. After all it is her life, but Lily and Sulia will live in me now and be a part of me forever. “

“. . . Lily. . . Sulia. . . I. . . ” Terry started but then he heard Lily and Sulia’s voices. “You don’t have to say anything Terry. . . just live. ” It was then Mary closed her eyes and then fell quiet for a bit. Terry just held her in his arms for a few moments until she opened her eyes. Her blue eyes.

“. . . Mary?” Terry asked.

“Terry. . . ” Mary shook her head but then saw Terry kiss her on the lips which she then returned and then they stopped. “What was that for?”

“Just saying welcome back. ” Terry smiled.

Mary returned it with a grin. “It’s good to be back. “

The Astro Rangers all awoke as well. All of them looked at their uniforms and saw that their clothes had turned white as well. Even Sabrina’s was completely white.

“What happened?” Carlos asked. “Where are we?”

“Good question. ” A voice said off to the side. Everyone turned to see Trini Kwan sitting off to the side coming to herself. Her clothes also took a white hue. Cassie however looked at her and asked “What are you doing here?”

“We have brought her here. ” A voice said off to the side. Everyone turned to see three of the Lords standing before them. Cassie looked at them and asked “Are you…are you the Lords of Kobol?”

“That is one name we have been referred to by” a Lord answered. “There have been others. “

“Are you Angels?” Ashley asked. “Do you serve God?”

“We all serve a respective Higher Power Ashley. The way we serve is different from the way you serve that which you call God, but we serve this being all the same. “

“Why are we here?” Trini asked. “And why am I here with her?” Trini made this remark towards Cassie, with a slight bit of distain.

“To try to bring an understanding between you two. Since it is our power you possess. ” Cassie was wide eyed at this revelation. “Your power? So it is true? What Kali said?”

“Yes. Susano-Oh was a member of the House of Kobol, but he was convinced to break away from our order to ensure that there be a future for your people. The doctrines would not allow him to do what he believed needed to be done. ” Cassie listened to the Lords’ answer but Andros asked the next question. “Doctrines?”

“We are creatures bound by laws. Laws we cannot break without serious repercussions. When the Q sought to play with reality like a game, they had broken those laws. However it wasn’t until Iblis destroyed the game board that we could take a more active role in ensuring that the destiny of your people is realized. “

“Destiny?” Alison asked.

“Your potential is more than just magic power and special abilities with life force. It is the potential within all our beings that make us what we are. Power many have, and it’s a potential many try to crush. “

“I appreciate the lecture. ” Trini said. “But what does that have to do with us?”

“Because you and Cassie share a certain responsibility. You two are members of a family that can help humanity reach its potential. All Rangers have this ability in abundance, brought forth by the goodness they represent. A goodness that can quell the evil that is part of your being Trini. “

“How did you know that?” Trini asked.

“There is little we don’t know Trini. ” The Lord answered. “We also know is that like Cassie, and your other Ranger friends, you have the ability to bring forth great things. The darkness is a poison that got into your soul years ago. However your own mother tried to escape her dark legacy, and for a while she did. “

“Until Kali tried to tell me. ” Trini said.

“Kali may have had the right to tell you, and no one else probably could have said anything. ” The Lord answered. “But it is your mother who can tell you how to quiet the darkness within. Perhaps you should go to her. Listen to what she has to say. “

“But she lied. ” Trini said.

“We know. But also remember she wanted only the best for you. She never wanted you to be part of the Kusanagi/Yagami blood feud. She wanted you to have a life outside of darkness, pain and suffering. She wanted you to be happy. “

“And to bury the hatchet?” Trini said looking at Cassie. The Lords acknowledged Trini’s answer. Cassie however asked “Am I human?”

“You are as we once were” the Lord answered. “As are your friends what we once were. The power makes no difference as to who you are. “

Cassie turned to Trini and said “Well looks like we wanted our chance to bury the hatchet. ” She offered her hand and Trini shook it. “Consider the hatchet buried. At least between us. ” Trini said the last line with a smile and Cassie smiled herself and said “Deal!”

“Wait!” Alison said. “What about Susano-Oh? Why did he leave?”

“He believed that he could do more good for the people of Earth by breaking away from our order. He accepted the consequences that came from this action” the Lord explained.

“So a witch didn’t convince him to leave?” Alison asked.

“Actually the Grey Witch Karla was a factor in Susano-Oh’s decision to break away” the Lord said. “She had tried to evolve humanity’s power in order to prove to the Q that humanity was more than a toy to them. “

“But that would bring about a massive change in evolution. ” Sabrina said. “What right did she have to do that?”

“She believed that she was acting in the best interests of her own people. The same race that you are from, and that we too had come from” the Lord explained. Ashley then asked “Are you saying that Karla’s human?”

“Yes” the Lord answered. “However the time is approaching where our involvement, and hers’, are no longer of aid to the universe. We will have to step away and let humanity choose its own path. “

Alison then asked “What of my friendship with Cassidy? Was that engineered?”

“No” the Lord answered. “While Karla might have steered your path to coincide with Cassidy’s destiny the choice to become friends with her was a decision all your own. ” Alison nodded glad for the answer, yet also disturbed that someone decided to tinker with her life.

“We understand your grievances Alison. Karla’s actions, though benign in purpose, did alter events drastically. She will have to pay a price for such actions. “

“A price?” Ashley asked. “What price?”

“A penance in which she will have to enact for her interference in affairs” the Lord answered. “One that may involve her leaving the universe altogether. “

“Exile?” Andros asked. “Perhaps” the Lord answered. “But for now you must leave this place. Your friends are waiting. “

“But we have so many questions. ” T. J. then asked.

“They will be answered in due time” the Lord answered. “It’s now time for you to leave and rejoin your friends. “

The Astros then decided to leave the chamber and find where the others could have gone.

“What kind of a deal is that?” Jinx asked. “Offer ourselves to save him?”

“No. ” Tommy said. “I get it. I think these beings aren’t all that different from us. I think they’re on our side. ” After pausing briefly Tommy made his decision. “All right. I’ll gladly trade my life for Jason’s. “

“As will I. ” Zack said.

“Ditto. ” Said Tanya.

“Affirmative. ” Said Billy.

“I offer my life too. ” Kimberly said.

“As do I. ” Said Samoht.

“My life as well. ” David said.

“I offer mine too. ” Said Nathan.

“My life for Jason’s. ” Adam said.

“Same here. ” Said Kat.

“I offer myself too. ” Samantha said.

“Me too. ” Bulk said.

“Me three. ” Added Skull who looked at Bulk and said “You didn’t think I’d leave you alone now did you?”

“I guess me four. ” Said Richie.

Emily paused then said “I offer myself as well. ” If the beings saw what was in Emily’s mind they did not say anything. Her status would be revealed in due time.

The Lightship beings then turned to the Outsiders for their answers. “You really need to ask?” Jamie said indicating her willingness.

“I guess her answer goes without saying with me. ” Lillian added.

“For all of us. ” Chelsea said.

“I agree. ” Tyler added.

Christina nodded indicating her willingness to offer her life for Jason’s life. Nate was the final vote. “I do not have much of my humanity left in me. But what little I have I will offer for Jason. “

Then all of a sudden a glow surrounded itself around Jason’s body and soon Jason was standing again. Jamie and Tommy rushed over to his side and helped Jason off. Everyone was curious as to what was happening. The Lightship beings quickly answered. “Jason was only killed by primitive measures. Also he was not meant to die this day thus we were able to intervene in this event. Just as we were able to intervene in a limited fashion in the Interdimensional War on your behalf. “

“Wait I remember. ” Lillian said. “In the I. D. War when Evil Q was playing puppet master with us. We heard a voice speak to us telling us to choose our fates. That was you wasn’t it?”

“We merely wanted to bring to your attention the power all beings have. A power the Q had no right to take. The Power of choice. “

“But why bother with us?” Tyler asked. “We’re just a few Rangers from a planet that’s at best considered a ‘primitive backwater’ so some. “

“Because as you are now we once were. As we are now, you may become. ” The Lord then turned to Katherine and asked “Katherine do you remember when you broke Rita Repulsa’s spell on you?”

Kat remembered. She had shaken off Rita’s spell once before she was able to shake it off for good, but it was never explained how she did so. “Yes, it just sort of happened. “

“No. It didn’t. You were able to break the spell because you wanted it to be broken. In the back of your mind your subconscious was free to act, and it chose that you be free of Rita’s spell. Rita may have tried to take that choice from you with her continued enspellment but if you wished to be free then there was nothing else that she could have done. “

“The choice was mine all along?” Kat asked. The lord answered with a nod ‘yes. ‘

“But what about me?” Tommy asked. “I was under a spell myself as the evil Green Ranger. And Samoht also started out under a spell. And the Outsiders…” Again the Lords had an answer.

“Tyler knew that free will was not Biilly’s to take. And Samoht’s spell was controlled by the Wizard of Deception which he couldn’t maintain for long. As for you Thomas, Rita knew that you would have broken the spell placed on you first eventually, which was why she needed another layer placed on you to maintain it. “

“The Sword of Darkness. ” Zack replied.

“Precisely. ” The Lord of Kobol had said. “When the first spell was broken the Sword was the only connection the spell could maintain. But even then you fought to free yourself. “

“I did? How?” Tommy asked.

“By showing mercy. A very human trait. “

“Mercy?” Tommy asked.

“If you truly had evil in your heart, you would have killed the Rangers and Zordon when you were the evil Green Ranger. Instead you let them live, allowing them to gather strength to defeat Rita’s evil. ” The Lord said. Tommy shook his head in disagreement. “I don’t know about that. Some could look at that as prolonging the agony. “

“Perhaps. But deep inside yourself you knew being the Evil Green Ranger was not what you wanted for yourself. And it was that inner being that helped to defeat Rita’s evil that day. You made your choice, and sought to act on it even though Rita compounded layers of evil on your soul. ” Tommy listened to the Lords’words. He seemed to find some peace to them.

“But how could Rita not know about putting a second layer of the spell on Kat like she did Tommy?” Kim asked.

The Lord then said with a trace of whimsy in his voice “Would you believe she forgot?”

The Rangers and Outsiders couldn’t believe the explanation provided and they laughed. They couldn’t believe Rita would forget so minor a detail. After the laughter ended the Lords spoke again.

“We fight a common foe. The forces of evil and darkness that spread their influence over all they touch. And due to his actions against Jason he will have to exact a penance of our choosing. “

“What about losing me?” Tommy asked. “Will Iblis have to pay a price for that?”

“It is believed that he will. Having Tommy was a major part of his plans. And the Dark One will no doubt be looking for some kind of compensation for the loss of Tommy. ” Tommy nodded and asked “Any idea what that compensation will entail?”

“It is unclear, but Iblis has acquired followers during his campaign. He does have supporters scarrered throughout Earth waiting for his call to action. Perhaps the Dark One will want to make those followers his own. We are not certain. But that is for another time. Right now your other Ranger friends are facing trials of their own. Once those are done, then all must leave. “

“You mean Cassidy, Rocky and the Astros?” Jason asked.

“As well as your friend Trini. There are issues she must now face. But for now you must wait until these trials are complete. “

In another section of the Lightship Cassidy Bridges was stirring awake wondering where she was. She saw Rocky and Katarina off to the right and saw that they were stirring as well. “Oh my head. Where are we?” Rocky asked.

“I don’t know. ” Cassidy said as she was looking down at her clothes. She saw they had turned into a solid white on her. Rocky and Katarina also looked at their clothes and saw that they had been turned white as well. “Nice bleach. Where can I get some?” Rocky asked.

“I think we have other things to worry about instead of clothes. ” Katarina said. Cassidy agreed as she wondered where Alison and the rest of her friends were when a voice then spoke.

“You’ll be meeting them soon enough. The Lords have some business with your best friend’s cousin. ” Cassidy turned around and saw the face of someone she never thought she’d see. She wore a white robe and had strawberry blonde hair, and she looked exactly like she did in her picture that sat on the Eaglezord.

The voice of the person belonged to Jessica Belle who smiled a smile of radiance, but her face conveyed sadness. Rocky and Katarina looked on completely stunned. “Jessie?” he asked.

“Yes Rocky. It’s me. I told you that you would see me again. ” Jessica said. He tried to run up to her and hug her but he found himself passing through her ethereal form. He then turned back around and looked at the ghost of his dead girlfriend.

“What happened?’ Rocky asked.

“I told you I was dead. I don’t have a physical body anymore. At least, not like you know. “

“So we can’t touch you?” Katarina asked. Jessie shook her head yes. “My form pretty much consists of a reflection of my previous self. We have little effect in the real world now. “

“I’m sorry. ” Rocky said with sadness in his voice. Jessie however was reassuring. “Don’t be. You set me free. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here now. “

Rocky wondered what Jessie meant by that, but had an idea. “This wouldn’t be when I helped you put your hate for robots aside?” Rocky asked.

“I didn’t know then, but I realized that I was being tested. Tested to see if I could join the beings here. And I passed. ” Rocky smiled glad that Jessie was all right, but he still missed her.

“Don’t worry. A part of you will always remain with me. ” She then stood where Katarina was and said “Look after him for me will you. He’d get into so much trouble without someone there. “

“No problem. ” Katarina said. “I take it you know how I feel?”

“Hard to miss. ” Jessie said. “At least I know he’s in good hands. And that you love him. That helps. “

Katarina smiled as it seemed Jessie had given Her a blessing to go ahead and love Rocky. Rocky looked on dumbfounded but Jessie had other things to do. “And now I have business elsewhere. ” Jessica said as she vanished from Rocky’s and Katarina’s eyes and appeared where Cassidy stood. She looked at her successor and said “So you’re the one who took my place?” Cassidy nodded.

Jessica smiled. “Not bad. Could use a little improvement though. “

“Quite a compliment considering I had a replica give me the cold shoulder when she saw me. ” Cassidy answered. Jessica nodded. “I saw her. I was even a part of her for a while. She was an abomination the outcast created. “

“The Outcast? Is that what you call Iblis?” Cassidy asked. A voice off to the side answered “Yes we do. ” Cassidy turned and saw who had spoken to her and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

For standing in the chamber with Cassidy and Jessica was Cassidy’s own stepmother Kelly Weld, along with Evan Cortez.

“Kelly? Evan?” Cassidy asked.

“Yes. It’s me. ” Kelly answered. Cassidy almost ran to hug her stepmother and possible boyfriend, but she remembered when Rocky went through Jessica and figured that Cassidy would do the same if she went to hug her. “But you’re dead. “

“We are dead Cassidy. But death is not what you think it is. It’s something one can’t explain and only now are Jessie, Kelly and I learning that. ” Evan answered.

Tears filled Cassidy’s face. “I miss you guys. “

“I miss you too sweetheart. ” Kelly said as Rocky, Katarina and Jessie looked on.

“She wasn’t ready to let them go. ” Jessica said. “She never is. “

“What?” Rocky asked. “What do you mean?” Jessica then explained.

“I’ve been watching her for a while now. ” Jessica said referring to Cassidy. “Cassidy is a very determined person. She stands up for what she believes in regardless of what the consequences would be. That was one of the reasons why she was chosen to be Silver Zeo in the first place. Another reason is that she cares about those she considers family and friends. Once Cassidy makes a friend they are a friend for life for her. “

“That explains why she and Alison are so tight. ” Katarina said in realization.

“And she will be with you Rangers as well if you give her the chance, or if she gives you one, but right now she has some demons of her own to face, ” Jessica and Rocky looked on at Cassidy, Evan and Kelly.

“I wish you hadn’t died Kelly. I miss you and Evan both. “

“I miss you too sweetheart. ” Kelly said to her ex-stepdaughter. “It’s lonely here. “

“Maybe…maybe you can come back?” Cassidy asked with hope.

“No Cassidy. There are rules to follow here. We can’t go back. And it may be possible that your father won’t be able to either. ” Cassidy looked up. “What are you saying Kelly?”

Kelly then pointed to an image that appeared on the wall. It showed Cassidy’s father Nash lying in his hospital bed, dying. His vitals about to go.

“Daddy…” Cassidy said.

“Will be joining me soon sweetheart. Unless…” Cassidy listened to her ex-stepmother and was floored by what she’d say next.

“You must decide Cassidy. ” Evan said. “Either you can let your father go and he will join us here or you can stay and offer your own life for your father’s. ” Cassidy shook her head in disbelief at the apparent image of her father laying on the bed. Yet she knew what she was seeing was really her father dying. “This isn’t a fair decision. It’s my father. “

“But is that decision better than this?” Jessica asked as a section of the lightship revealed an image. It was of Cassidy faced with the same decision she was faced with now. Sacrifice herself to save her father or let her father die. And like now Cassidy was unsure of what to do.

“Someone choose for me. ” The image of Cassidy said. The next thing that happened was a flash of light erupted from where Cassidy stood and Cassidy disappeared. In her place stood a tiny three inch figure made of puter that looked like her. She was dressed in her Silver Zeo uniform and was picked up by a child dressed in white. The child then put the Cassidy figure on a game board with pieces that resembled all the other Zeo and Morphin Rangers. Two more kids then appeared and one of them shouted “Game back on!”

The image faded and Cassidy looked at Kelly and Evan and asked “What was that?”

“It was an image. ” Evan explained. “An image of a possibility that may come to pass. “

“What? That if I can’t make a decision I’ll get turned into a piece of puter?” Cassidy asked.

“No sweetheart. ” Kelly said. “It means that if you don’t choose you might as well be a piece of puter. This was an image that shows that if you can’t decide what will happen then you give up your right to choose, and you might as well be like that puter piece and have people move you around all for their own amusement.

Rocky and Katarina looked at where the image stood and sensed something familiar about the three kids. “I know them. Those are Q aren’t they?” Rocky asked.

“Yes Rocky. In fact they were the Q that were using our reality as their playground. Our lives were their toys. ” Jessica explained.

“Why show this to me?” Cassidy asked.

“To let you know the importance of your decisions. ” Evan said. “Cassidy one of the fundamentals of free will is the right to choose for ourselves. To make decisions and accept the consequences for them. If we don’t make these choices then we might as well be like the Q want you all to be, toys for their own amusement. “

“But the choice is unfair. You’re asking me to choose who will live and who will die. “

“Many choices are unfair sweetheart. But they are our choices to make. If we don’t make them someone else will. And what others choose is not necessarily for the best of all. ” Kelly explained.

“The gift of free will is the greatest gift humanity can have. ” Jessica explained. “It guarantees us that we have the right to make our own choices no matter who might decide to try to make those choices for us. Whether it be the Q, or others. “

“‘The price of freedom is eternal vigilance’. Is that it?” Cassidy asked. Jessie, Kelly and Evan both nodded. The decision Cassidy faced was important in more ways than one. She had to make the decision. It was hers to make. If she didn’t she would have been no better than the game piece she was turned into in that vision she had. But the decision she faced was difficult, who would live and who would die? Herself for her father? Or her father for her?

Jessie, Evan and Kelly picked up on Cassidy’s indecision. “Are you relinquishing your free will Cassidy?” Jessie asked. The image of Cassidy turning into a chess piece due to someone choosing for her was fresh in her mind. “No. ” she said with determination. “This is my choice. “

“Then make the decision Cassidy. Please. ” Kelly said. Cassidy nodded and thought about what she would do.

It was true she had the Silver Zeo shard, and her status as a Power Ranger put her in an arena where she could do more good than her father ever could. Then she remembered all the people her father helped as a police inspector, all the people he could help still. He made so much of an impact while Cassidy had yet to make one. He had a way with people that she had yet to master.

He had such a good heart. He cared about people just as she did.

The decision was really a no brainer. She knew who was the right person to save.

“I offer myself for the life of my father!” Cassidy answered. “I choose his life over mine. “

Jessie smiled and shouted to the sky. “YOU HEAR THAT? SHE CHOSE! SHE CHOSE!”

“Thank you sweetheart. You have passed the test. ” Kelly said. Cassidy looked confused and then Evan answered.

“We needed to prove to some others that humanity was capable of making it’s own choices. If you couldn’t choose then you would have been no better than that game piece you were turned into in that vision. “

“Well daddy always said that we were responsible for our own choices and our own lives. ” Cassidy answered. “Daddy helped a lot of people, more than I ever did. “

“And your father will again. ” Jessie said. “And so will you. “

This confused Cassidy even more. “What?”

“We also needed to see if you would be willing to give your life for someone even if it would have been at the cost of your own life, knowing full well what the consequences would be. You knew and you were willing. And in your willingness to offer yourself for your father you proved that you were willing to die for him, now you get the chance to live for him. ” Jessie pointed at the image of Nash and Cassidy saw her father’s vitals getting stronger. He was recovering.

“Thank you. ” Cassidy said as she turned to Kelly and realized the other consequences of her choice as well. “I kept you two from being together. “

“Don’t worry. We’ll be reunited someday. ” Kelly said. “All of us. Goodbye Cassidy. “

“No goodbyes. I hate goodbyes. ” Cassidy said with a tear down her face that she brushed away. “How about until next time. “

“Very well. Until next time. ” Kelly and Evan then turned and moved to walk out the light chamber leaving Jessie and Cassidy alone. “We will see each other again Cassidy. I promise. ” Cassidy watched her mother leave in a bask of radiance leaving Jessie and her alone with something they themselves had to discuss. That someone was Josie.

“I saw you battle her today. ” Jessie said.

“I wish I didn’t have to. ” Cassidy answered back.

“I know. Josie allowed herself to fall prey to Iblis’s manipulations and evil. She now belongs to him. ” Jessie had tears fall down her face as Rocky stood with her, with Katarina looking on. He may not have been able to touch her, but he hoped his presence could offer Jessie some comfort. “Thank you Rocky. “

Cassidy then had a thought. “Is there any way to bring her back to the light? Any way to free her from Iblis’s control?” Jessie looked at Cassidy as her eyes went wide with hope. “Do you think it’s possible?”

“It could be. Bridges’ have an uncanny knack of making the impossible possible. ” Cassidy said. Jessie nodded knowing full well the truth of those words. Her father solved impossible crimes. Her uncle was still surviving in Vietnam. And her mother was still holding on to life despite the Cylon attack.

“As long as she walks with Iblis down the path she has taken, she is outside my reach. ” Jessica said. “Promise me that you will at least try to bring her back to the light, and away from the darkness of Iblis’s evil. “

Cassidy looked at the longing in her predecessor’s face. She so wanted Josie away from Iblis grip. “I promise. I’ll do what I can to bring her back to you. “

Jessie smiled but looked in Cassidy’s eyes. “Even if you believe her to be a lost cause?”

Cassidy looked at Jessie and answered, “Even if I believe her to be a lost cause. ” Cassidy then stepped back and allowed Rocky and Jessie to say their goodbyes.

Rocky then looked at Jessie again. “I wish I could have saved you. “

“You did Rocky. You did. ” Jessie said. “But our time grows short. You will have to return to the real world again. “

“But…I want to be here. With you. ” Rocky pleaded. Jessie however said no. “It’s not your time yet. “

“What do you mean it’s not my time yet?” Rocky asked. “Why can’t I stay here with you?”

“Because there is another for you that needs you. She needs you to live for her as much as you will need her to live for you. ” Jessie pointed behind him and Rocky turned to see who Jessie was talking about. “Katarina?”

“Duh!” Katarina said as she rushed into Rocky’s arms and let him hold her.

Jessie just watched and nodded. “She loves you, you know. Be there for her. ” Rocky nodded saying that he would.

“And when you return, then you can hold me in your arms forever. ” Jessie said with a smile. “And Katarina won’t be jealous either. ” Katarina looked up surprised and asked “I won’t?”

“No. You’re above that. ” Jessie said. Katarina smiled as well knowing Jessie to be telling the truth. Something about the environment didn’t allow jealousy. There was a tranquility of sorts in the room they were in. A tranquility that she hoped to be part of one day.

Rocky smiled as he, Katarina, and Cassidy both left to rejoin their friends. Kelly and Jessie both watched Cassidy walk out. Senses of pride filling their beings.

“She is so like her father. ” Kelly said.

“And that is a good thing. ” Jessica answered.

Cassidy, Katarina and Rocky walked down a hallway the Lords indicated for them. When they reached the end the Zeo Rangers, Morphin Rangers and Outsiders were waiting for them. “Where are the others?” Cassidy asked. Almost as if on cue the Astro Rangers and Trini appeared. The Morphin Rangers went to Trini’s side while Cassidy stood by Alison. “You okay?” Cassidy asked.

“Yeah. ” Alison said. “I got the answers I was looking for. You?”

“I got my wish. I got to say goodbye to Kelly and Evan. And my mom and dad are going to live. ” Cassidy smiled as she and Alison hugged. The next thing they saw was Terry appearing with Andy, Laocorn, Mei, Joe, and Mary…alive. Alison was wide eyed to say the least.

“Mary?” Alison asked.

“Long story Alison. I’ll tell you later. ” Terry said. Not far away Trini and Cassie were talking.

“So. What do we do now?” Trini asked.

“Well, I think we need to have some sort of peace between us. We probably won’t be friends, but we could live with each other if we need to. ” Cassie answered. Trini accepted that as the Lords appeared to give their final farewell.

“You all bear the light of goodness and truth within you. The journey that you still have to take will have much hardships and tragedies. But your strength of will shall shine and flourish for all to see. “

“Our journey?” Billy asked. “What do you mean?”

“There is still much for you to do. Your next path will in fact involve the liberation of another world. A world that protected you when you were unable to protect it. ” Billy knew what the Lords meant. “Aquitar. “

The Lords nodded and then said. “And now it is time for all of you to leave this place. “

Next thing anyone knew they were all back on the Megaship. Jason was up and about as was Mary. Everyone was glad that their two friends were alive, but could they adequately explain everything that had happened to them? “Where were we?” Kat asked.

“I don’t know. ” Samantha asked. “But I feel at peace. More than I’ve been in a long time. “

The Rangers rushed over to Jason and embraced him. “I’m glad you’re back bro. ” Tommy said. Jason nodded glad that he was back too. Off to the side Terry and Mary were embracing.

Just then the communications channel opened. ” Pegasus control to Astro megaship. Respond please. ” Came the signal from the communications center. Cassie walked over and answered the line. “This is Astro Megaship. “

“What happened?” Kinwon asked. “You went off screen a second ago. “

“Only a second?” T. J. asked. “Seemed like we were gone a lot longer than that. “

Earth’s Fire also called. Panni asked what had happened as well. Laocorn said that he would explain later.

“D. E. C. A. what do the chronometers say?” Andros asked.

“The time is 14: 30 hours Earth time. ” Was D. E. C. A. ‘s answer. Everyone was in disbelief. They really were gone only a minute. Pegasus control asked if everything was alright and Andros replied “Yes Commander Kinwon. Everything is fine. Sorry to worry you. Heading for home. “

The Astro Megaship then turned to where the Pegasus and the Triforian cruiser waited. Then the Rangers, Outsiders and fighters would make their way towards Earth.

They were going home.

Back in the San Francisco catacombs Kali was healing from her injuries that she suffered while facing Cassie. Her baby was safe, Kali wound up taking most of the force of Cassie’s attack. But all the same, Kali was still in a foul mood.

“DAMN IT!!!” Kali shouted as she finally got out of the rejuvenation tank. She was now still recovering from the attack that Cassie had used on her. “I had it won! She was toast! And then she came out with that Orochinagi out of nowhere! Damn it!!!”

Kali was keeping to herself right now with her curses. She looked around hoping to find that Iblis had returned, but there was no trace of him. However, before he left he said one last thing that she remembered.

<i> "Even if we are defeated today all is not lost. The hope of darkness grows within you. And there are followers who are willing to journey down our path. " </i> <br>

Kali remembered those words taking comfort that this victory for the Rangers was only a set back.

Nothing would stop the birth of her baby.

Nothing would stop Orochi’s ascension.

The Q Continuem
No real place
No real time.

Light, Darke and Young Q saw the end results on the T. V. screen. They didn’t think too highly of the Lords of Kobol allowing those two dead humans to merge themselves with that dead woman so they could return to life, or Cassidy choosing her fate. But they did like the Lords of Kobol interfering allowing Terry Bogard and the Rangers to get the win.

“It’s too bad I’m doing away with him when we get the game back. ” Light said. “Still those Lords of Kobol didn’t seem so bad. “

“Yeah, they made Iblis bleed. ” Darke said in agreement. “And I think I’ll get rid of that ‘Geese Howard’ guy too. I mean why would someone name their kid after a herd of ducks anyway?” No one had an answer but then Young Q heard the sound of Q teleportation come in and he knew his father had arrived.

“Hey dad, did you get our game back?” Young Q asked with eager enthusiasm.

Q sighed and sat at the table in disappointment. “No son. I couldn’t get the game back. “

Light and Darke were shocked. “WHAT?!” they both said in unison.

“Why couldn’t you get it back?” Light asked.

“Did the Lords of Kobol say something to you?” Darke asked.

“I don’t get it dad. Iblis was beaten. Why couldn’t you get the game back for us?” Young Q asked. Q sighed again and tried to answer his son as best he could.

“The Lords of Kobol said that we had been messing around with the development of the humans there with our attitude and shows of power. ” Q explained. “They said our attitudes towards them were contemptible, and that they wouldn’t allow them to be used as game pieces anymore. “

“That’s nuts!” Darke said. “Who are they to take our game away from us!”

“The Lords don’t see it as a game. ” Q said. “They see humans as something. . . special and they want to see their. . . gifts develop. “

“What gifts?” Light asked. “They’re human. “

“Well you know what big human lovers the Lords of Kobol are. Now come on, and we’ll see what new game we can get out of the cupboard. ” Q moved to the game cupboard but Light and Darke were not interested in playing a new game.

“We wanna play Conquest of Evil!” Light said.

“Yeah, I was just getting ready to have fun in the next round. ” Darke added. Light heard this and immediately confronted Darke.

“What was that supposed to mean?” Light asked. “Were you going to cheat?”

“Cheat me?” Darke tried to feign innocence but Light wasn’t buying it.

“You were going to cheat weren’t you?” Light said. Both he and Darke then got into a heavy shouting matches. They uttered curses that no Q under 6, 000 years old should hear. Young Q went back to his father’s side and said straight out. “You’ve got to get their game back. “

Q sighed. “Maybe son. But the question is ‘How?'”

Planet Gallifrey
The Death Zone
The Tomb of Rassilon

On a screen before her, Karla the Grey Witch observed the argument the three Q were having, and Q sitting wondering how he will regain control of the game for his son and two playmates.

“You never will Q. ” Karla said. “The Lords of Kobol will see to that. And if they won’t I will. ” Karla then turned to the tomb that lay close to her and kneeled in reverence to he who lay there.

For the tomb was the tomb of her instructor, Rassilon, the founder of Time Lord society, and master of the Shadow Grid. Energy swirled around the tomb and a presence was soon felt as Karla felt the spirit of her mentor. “Is all well Karla?” Rassilon asked.

“Yes my Lord. ” Karla said. “I must thank you for allowing me to visit happenings in the Q continuum. “

“It was nothing. ” Rassilon said. “All their potential and yet they do not fully understand what they are all capable of. All their valued powers, and not one shred of responsibility. ” Karla agreed with Rassilon. In her years in Time Force, as well as living for three millennia before being reborn as Jennifer Summers she had dealt with those who believed time was their personal playground and that they could toy with it anyway they wanted never mind the lives that may have been affected by their meddling.

Rassilon even told her about the crimes of the High Council and the C. I. A. during the Ravolox incident. If it wasn’t for the Doctor and Rassilon’s intervention Gallifrey would have been destroyed by its own revolt ushered in by corruption and revelations of the Master.

“They must learn. ” Karla then said. “They must learn that humans will no longer be their pawns for amusement any longer. When will we bring about the final confrontation my teacher?”

“It is almost time my student. ” Rassilon said to Karla. “Soon the Rangers and those three Q will face the Endgame. “

“Yes. ” Karla said. “And the Q will finally learn that there is no place for their contempt in humanity’s future. ” She then closed her eyes and summoned forth her own two pupils. There was much to prepare for.

And one of those preparations she had no doubt would involve a visit from the Lords of Kobol.

She had to face the consequences of her own actions in the universe. But until then there were other matters to deal with.

In the main hall of their mistress both Shadow and Mirabilis stood waiting. “What is going on?” Shadow asked his ‘acquaintance. ‘

“I don’t know. ” Mirabilis answered. “I just got the call from Karla and came. She didn’t say what she wanted. “

“That’s because I wanted to tell you in person. ” Karla said as she appeared on the podium her throne sat on. “We will soon be dealing with a matter known as the Q. “

“The Q?” Shadow asked. “Those interdimensional children with godlike power?”

“The very same. ” Karla answered. “Apparently we are going to be bringing about a confrontation soon, and the Rangers will be part of it. “

“Just the Rangers?” Mirabilis asked. “Does it have to be just the Rangers?”

Karla looked intrigued at her ‘evil’ pupil. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well since evil is going to be a part of this confrontation you are looking to bring about, shouldn’t there be some villains in the mix as well?” Mirabilis asked. Karla seemed to consider Mirabilis’s words and found they had made sense to her.

“You’re right Mirabilis. Evil should have a say in this confrontation. ” Shadow seemed shocked by Karla’s admission until she added. “Evil is entitled to as much of a representation as good is when coming to the ‘lesser species’ aid. And Shadow, you know I’m right. “

Shadow sighed acknowledging the wisdom of his instructor. “Yes Lady Karla. I understand. “

“Good. Come we have much to prepare. ” Mirabilis and Shadow soon followed Karla to her library as they made ready to begin research. A great confrontation was getting ready to come to pass. And Karla, Shadow and Mirabilis needed to prepare for it in their own ways.

<i> ~ The Final Conflict is coming. We must be ready~ </i> Karla thought before going back to her research. Shadow and Mirabilis were immersing themselves in research of their own.<br>

In a hospital room in San Francisco Nash and Lisa Bridges were waking up from their comas and stared at each other. “How are you feeling?” Nash asked his ex-wife.

“Like I was mowed down by a fleet of catering trucks. ” Lisa said weakly. “You?”

“Like I was used for target practice. ” Nash said. Joe Dominguez then came in and Nash and Lisa greeted him. “Hey Joe. “

“Hey Nashman. ” Joe said returning the greeting to his partner. “Hey Lisa how are you doing?”

“Don’t ask. ” Lisa said. Nash then asked, “What happened to Dad, Kelly and Evan?”

“Nick’s okay. He’s in the waiting room wondering when he can come in. Kelly and Evan…didn’t make it. ” Nash nodded saddened that he heard this news. Tears started to form in his eyes as the loss hit him hard. It was always hard to lose a man under one’s command, but to lose one who was almost like family, and another who was family briefly. Nash couldn’t hold in his emotions.

Lisa then asked, “Where’s Cassidy?”

“She’s fine. She’s making her way back. ” Lisa and Nash looked up confused. “Back from where?” he asked.

“Oh…well…she took part in a space battle, and she beat the person who attacked you. You shouldn’t be seeing her again. ” Joe said. Nash however rolled his red eyes back wondering if theings could get any weirder. Then Joe said something else and Nash realized that it could.

“The president made a statement today. He’s saying that due to the happenings here San Francisco is now part of the Freak Zone. ” Nash let out a sigh and then asked “When’s Cassidy going to get here?”

A streak of silver then appeared in the hospital room and Cassidy materialized before both her parents and Joe. “How about now?” she said as she rushed to hug both her parents. “Hey sweetheart. ” Nash said to his daughter. Lisa also hugged her daughter glad that she was safe

The Bridges family stayed that way for a while. Joe then left to leave the family alone. They had much to catch up on.

Somewhere in a rural part of the country a person goes below into a storm cellar. This storm cellar is of great personal importance to this person. It is a place of privacy, of peace.

This day it has also become a place of worship.

On a wall is an image. Crudely done, yet showing off a magnificence of the being that this person has given their free will to. A being that promises freedom and salvation, yet gives lies and damnation. But to this person it doesn’t matter. This person, like others scattered across the planet, has made their decision.

This storm cellar is a place of worship for one of Iblis’s many followers.

And this one, like many others, awaits his return.

At the Belle house Jerry Belle heard something outside his house and went to check it out.

He shone his light all around the property trying to find out what was making noise when he came across the trash cans knocked over. “Damn raccoons!” he cursed as he tried to straighten out the fallen cans.

He didn’t notice the shape coming in behind him until it was too late. By the time he was able to get a scream out there was no saving him. Jerry Belle fell to the ground dead, and his body gone from the mortal plane.

<i> "Do not worry. I have ensured your daughter's safety. As per our agreement. " </i> Iblis said as he then turned his attention to the light in the Belle's bedroom.<br>

And his plans for the future.

Jamie Belle lay in bed waiting for her husband to come back into the house. She and her husband had gone through trying times with the death of one daughter and the dissapearance of another. All they had left was each other, and Jamie didn’t want to lose that.

When Jamie heard something come into the doorway she saw her husband standing in the doorway. He seemed to have a bearing about him that reflected a darker attitude and confidence. A confidence she found…tempting.

“Jerry?” Jamie Belle asked.

<i> "Shhhh. Say nothing. " </i> 'Jerry Belle' had said as he got into bed with his 'wife'.<br>

The next morning Jamie found her husband gone from bed, and house.

But she was not alone.

Back on the moon the figure of Josie Belle still stands immersed in the hardened coolant. But then the coolant became hotter and hotter as Josie’s form started to give off power of its own. Soon the coolant was broken off and Josie was freed.

Her Psycho Silver power was now gone, but she still had her Circuit Breaker powers. It was they that saved her when the coolant overcame her. Josie was able to activate those powers at the last minute and they built up to where she could break free of the coolant. And now that she was free, she had to think about what her next move would be.

Her Cylon allies were gone now. Iblis was also nowhere to be seen. Kali probably escaped, and as she walked she came across the dead body of her ‘sister. ‘ Josie was down on her knees in tears once again as she screamed into the darkness of space a scream of she who had lost her sister not once, but twice.

She would have her revenge someday. But she knew someday would not be today.

Carrying the body of ‘Jessie’ Josie searched the wreckage for a ship. Some way to get her back to Earth. Her luck held as she found one last Raider that was slightly damaged, but had enough power and fuel to get her back to Earth.

Josie flew the Cylon ship back to Earth. She would have her revenge, but right now she had to figure out what her path before her entailed now.

Whatever that path entails may the power protect us all.


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