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Killing Blows

By The Q Team

He awoke to a face full of gravel, and his sense of direction way off.

Tyler Oliver remembered going through the Dalek travel corridor expecting to arrive safely wherever the end led. Instead he found the corridor shut down and he and his team in free fall heading towards separate patches of the planet.

For a moment he thought Chelsea was with him. Grabbing onto his belt as the ground hit. Then when it did Tyler Oliver knew no more until he regained consciousness. He found himself demorphed and Chelsea nowhere to be seen. “Now I know how a rock feels when it’s been thrown.” he couldn’t help but say as he felt all the pain hitting the ground morphed had to offer.

He definitely didn’t need a squad of Robo Aquatians coming towards him. Taking a breath hoping to shake some of the cobwebs off before bringing forth his morphers.

He didn’t have to wait long before Chelsea came swinging with her Deeshadra sword. Taking several swings she cut forth the Robos immediately in front of her. There were still others fast approaching however.

“Anytime Tyler.” Chelsea called out as she cut down another Robo. Tyler nodded and brought forth his morphers. “ZEO KNIGHT POWER!!!”

Immediately Zeo Knight delivered a series of moves that dropped several of the Robos. Chelsea delivered several sword strikes with her sword dropping other Robos in her path. Between the two of them the approaching Robos were down for the count. No others Robos were seen approaching.

With the Robos down Zeo Knight demorphed and looked at Chelsea. “Thanks for the help.”

“No problem.” Chelsea said wiping the sweat off her forehead. “Though I’m starting to wonder if maybe this wouldn’t be easier with powers.”

“Maybe.” Tyler said. “Or maybe they might make you lose your edge.” Looking at the fallen Robos he saw that Chelsea losing her edge would not be a problem. Still he wondered if maybe Chelsea having powers was not a bad idea. Tyler heard Laocorn had come across something Spider related in Japan. Maybe he could look into that and see if that was something Chelsea could use. He then asked “So how did you survive?”

“You broke my fall.” Chelsea said. “Hitting the ground morphed was more survivable than hitting the ground unmorphed. So I flipped so your body took the impact and I jumped off as soon as you hit the ground.”

“Sweet.” Tyler said. Chelsea nodded. “Still, not bad. With or without powers.”

“Even with powers nothing beats skill.” Deciding to change the subject Chelsea then asked, “So, any ideas on where to find the others?” Chelsea had asked.

“One.” Tyler had said looking towards the direction where the Capital would be. “We’re all going to want to be where the action is. The capital is as good a place as any.” Chelsea nodded. “Sounds like a plan. Lead on.”

Soon Tyler and Chelsea were making their way towards the capital, coming across many of their friends along the way, although all of them found themselves in one form of trouble or another. Lillian, Jamie, Katarina, Theresa, and Nate all found themselves facing a combination of RoboAqatians and Shadow Troopers and some form or another. The first they came across was Lillian, who was facing 10 to 1 odds.

“Well this isn’t going to be fair.” She said under her breath before morphing “ZEO SHADOW POWER!!! SHADOW RIBBONS STRIKE!!!” She launched her Shadow Ribbons taking out five of the enemies before her, but the other 5 were advancing and getting closer. Zeo Knight and Chelsea took out the remaining five and soon Lillian, Tyler and Chelsea stood together.

“10 to 3 sounded more like better odds.” Chelsea had said. Tyler added “You’re welcome.”

“Yeah, thanks for the save guys.” Lillian said. “Now let’s find the rest of our party okay?”

It didn’t take long to come across Jamie, Theresa and Katarina who were driving off their own waves of attackers. Jamie with her Sword of Lightning shocked several Robos before her. Theresa tries a Zeo Clothesline as she was experimenting with an alternative to her headram. In actuality, the clothesline was a piece of metal Theresa wrapped around her forearm augmented by the Zeo Powers she had. When she got back home Theresa decided she would look into a more permanent solution as she saw the clothesline devastate several enemies when she launched it.

Katarina decided on a different approach as she seemed to hover into the skies sending waves of flames towards her opponents. Soon her opponents fell too. Tyler, Lillian and Chelsea all looked impressed and rushed to join the rest of their teammates.

The Outsiders were back together again, except for Christina and Nate. Nate they didn’t have to wait too long for as he came over a mountain range. “Have you defeated any foes before meeting here?” he asked.

“Plenty. Thanks Nate.” Jamie answered. “You seen Christina?”

“I’m afraid not.” Nate answered. “I figured her landing was more closer to the city however as I calculated that her fall trajectory put her closer to that location.”

“Then she’s in deep trouble as all the ‘heavies’ are there right now.” Katarina said. “We have to get there like yesterday.” Tyler answered “Way ahead of you.” And soon the Outsiders made their way to the city gates to rescue their teammate and the other Rangers whom they assumed had to be in serious trouble. They wouldn’t be wrong.

Soon they had reached outskirts of the city where a battle was taking place. Lillian looked to Tyler and asked “Any ideas fearless leader? Looks like quite the party.”

“It does doesn’t it?” Tyler asked. “Should we crash it?”

Theresa looked at Tyler and smiled “What do you think?” Tyler looked at the other Outsiders with him and saw them nod as well. Even Tyler was nodding as if agreeing with what they needed to do.

They had a party to crash.

The Astro and Delta Megaships were still fighting in space. The Daleks were gaining the upper hand, but the Rangers kept fighting. Around the Megaships however Vipers were falling to the Dalek onslaught. Where once was a fighter ship, then stood a fireball before dispersing into the coldness of space. Only a quarter of the original Vipers launched, and even those numbers would dwindle soon.

From the Delta Megaship Salamander Ninjetti watched as the Astro Megaship fought. The battle was grim and he knew it. He figured Red Astro knew it too on the bridge of the Astro Megaship. Salamander knew Red Astro was no stranger to space battles. A haunted look in his eyes had shown that he carried more than the memories of dead friends. He carried the memories of the battles those friends were lost in.

Yellow Zeo however saw something on sensors though. “Aisha the Astro Megaship’s weapons are approaching overload. Structural integrity seems to be down with engine response sluggish.” Salamander then asked “How are we doing?”

“Not much better.” Black Morphin had said. “Main cruising power is on overload. Shields are down to 23% and our weapons are gone.”

“I’m hoping no one will say that ‘today is a good day to die’.” Purple Zeo had said, although she felt that if she had died she wouldn’t have to think about what she had done to betray the Rangers anymore. But she didn’t want to take Rangers with her into the great beyond so she tried to focus on the here and now and get the Rangers through the battle as best she could. Her own remorse, and penance for it, could come later.

“Get me the Astro Megaship.” Salamander said. Red Astro responded on the commas Nathan asked “Andros what’s your crew status?”

“We’re good Nathan.” Red Astro had said. “The Megaship however has other ideas.”

“Weapons temperature overload.” DECA said. “Will have to revert to emergency shutdown.” Andros however said “Override. Resume firing.” DECA carried out the order. But the indicators still indicated heat overload and seizure of weapons imminent.

“Andros we can’t keep this up.” Blue Astro said. “The weapons need time to cool down, and to build up shield power.” Red Astro knew Blue was right, but with so many fighters falling to the Daleks there was nothing they could do to provide an adequate defense. There was also no safe haven close to lick their wounds, which were only getting bigger the longer they fought.

“I agree T.J.” Red Astro said. White Astro then asked “Andros do these Zords have Megazord configurations?” Andros nodded that they did. “Got an idea in mind?” he asked with hope in his voice.

“Perhaps we should change the rules a bit.” Daniel said as he relayed his idea. Andros agreed. He knew that when transformed a separate set of functions went into Megazord mode. Perhaps the transformation would give the cruise configuration systems the time they needed to replenish themselves.

“All right let’s go a new way then. Astro Megazord. Transform.”

The Megaship then transformed. The Astro Megazord stood and cut through Daleks in its own right. The saber slicing through like a flyswatter to flies. Especially with the help of the laser whip attached to the saber creating multiple energy waves.

“All right guys let’s give them a hand. Delta Megazord Transform.” At Salamander Ninjetti’s Command the Delta Megaship transformed and became the Delta Megazord. Both Megazords then stood ready to fight.

“Can’t use blasters. Fortunately we have alternate weapons.” Red Astro said. “Astro Megazord Power Whip.” On command the Megazord’s saber released a whip at the tip of its saber striking across several Daleks in the path.

“Delta Megazord Power Punch.” Salamander said. On command the hands of the Delta Megazord flew off striking Daleks like missiles destroying them on impact. Both Megazords stood back to back as Daleks fired. Their number starting to dwindle, until one Dalek got in a lucky shot at the Astro Megazord’s stabilizers.

“Stabilizer damage.” White Astro said. “Can’t maintain altitude.”

The engineering computer relayed the damage done to the stabilizers. It was not minor damage, but damage that spurned a chain reaction which brought the stabilizer system down all together. “Andros, it’s bad.” White Astro said. “It’s a whole chair reaction which fried the whole stabilizer network. We’re in free fall.”

The Megaship quickly found itself caught in the planet’s gravity. The ground rushing up hard as the Astro Megaship entered the atmosphere hard. Everyone tried to keep the Megaship aloft but the planet’s gravity brought the ship closer to the planet, faster… and faster.

“Everyone try to keep the nose up.” Red Astro ordered. Yellow Astro looked at the Red Ranger and was glad he was wearing a helmet. She hoped he wasn’t as scared as she was. She, and the rest of the Megaship crew needed a sense of confidence emanating from someone right now. And if Andros was scared Yellow Astro didn’t need to see fear behind a mask.

So she imagined a look of confidence behind Red Astro’s mask. And from that confidence would come a reassurance that they would survive the landing.

Red Astro ordered “Crash positions!!!” as the planet surface came rushing in hard. As seconds passed the ground came rushing in faster and faster. Soon the Megaship hit the ground… hard.

Rocks and gravel flew into the air as the Megaship crash landed in the mountains behind the central spire. A path for miles stretched reflecting the Megazord’s crash landing. Soon the Megazord lay smoking and wrecked. A level path stretched for miles showing the crash path.

The Delta Megazord now stood alone against the remaining Daleks. Blue Zeo shook his head as the remaining Daleks massed together like a wolf pack ready to attack. “This is not good.”

In the rest of space Daleks were destroying fighters right and left. Comm calls of “Get them off me!” and “We can’t hold them!” filled the channels before they were snuffed out in mini infernos. Even the Pegasus was being taken apart as Daleks were targeting the Battlestar’s laser rail guns.

“Do we have Gatling Blasters?” Salamander asked. Yellow Zeo shook her head. “Still overloaded. Power Reactor has not yet cooled.”

“Get ready to fire the Delta Mega Punch again!” Salamander ordered. But before the order could be given an out of control Viper slammed into the Megazord’s stabilizers. “Guidance is out.” Purple Zeo shouted. “We’re caught in the planet’s gravity.”

“Use maneuvering thrusters to slow our descent.” Salamander ordered as the small rockets were activated to slow the Delta Mezarord as it was sent crashing down to the planet itself. The heat of reentry scorched the skin as the ground came up hard. “Heat shields?” Salamander asked.

“They’re up.” Yellow Zeo answered. “But only at 23%.”

“So only some of us is going to burn up.” Purple Zeo then said. Salamander however added “With enough to still get into a fight with.” As they felt the heat around the Delta Megazord the room began to get hot. Internal displays were indicating overheat. Cooling systems were being taxed to the limit as it reentered the atmosphere of Aquitar.

“Man I wish there was water waiting.” Black Zeo had said as the ground came rushing in hard. The self-repair program had not yet repaired the stabilizers. The Megazord continued to fall. The ground rushing in faster and faster..

“This is going to hurt.” Blue Zeo had said just as the Delta Megazord now joined the Astro Megazord in a crash down to the planet. It too had a hard landing. The crash path was also as long as the Astro Megazord’s.

And no one walked out of the crashed Megazords as the battles above, and on, the planet continued.

On the Pegasus Kinwon saw the battle turn against him and his crew. Fighter craft were being blown out of the stars. Daleks were now starting to appear everywhere.

Damage was being reported on the Pegasus systems. Rail guns were being damaged, energizers were on overload, the landing bay shields were weakening as Daleks tried to do suicide runs to the bays themselves. But the shields were close to weakening.

“Positive shield.” Kinwon said. Blast doors on the Pegasus view of the stars then closed so the battle could not be seen. But everyone knew it was there. Everyone knew people were dying even if they couldn’t be seen.

He wished Tykwa was on the bridge with him but she had gone to Aquitar to check on a discovery. She was not going to return as he felt her die on the planet. He would have asked the two aides, but they had been killed when a Dalek hit them midship in a corridor they were travelling down. The Daleks continued to fight as everyone looked to Kinwon for orders. A commander alone, without his most trusted aide.

“Continue fighting, and keep sensors open for any weakness that can be found.” Kinwon said to his crew awaiting their next order. To himself he added “And pray for a miracle.”

On planet it seemed like the tides had turned away from the Rangers favor. Injured resistance was rapidly overcoming able bodied despite resistance members rising up to stand against the Dark Forces of Aquitar. For every one that rose, it seemed like 10 rebels were being cut down. The resistance was hurting, and hurting bad.

Whatever hope they were getting from victory was quickly being turned to despair from defeat. From the control chamber of Titanus Admiral Finn, commander of Aquitar’s military, saw his forces start to fall. Carrier Ranger Aisha Campbell offered her sympathies for Finn, even though all she could do was watch along with him, and fight as best she could with Titanus.

The Robo Aquatians, Organization troops and ground Daleks regrouped for a hard strike where no prisoners were to be taken. Special Weapons Daleks paved the way for the ground forces, scattering resistance members to the four winds. While other times body parts were scattered as blasts hit resistors at close range.

_Too close a range._ Finn thought. The rebel army that started strong was now weakening in the face of the Onslaught of evil. And Titanus may protect his for a while, but soon even that would fall eventually.

There was so much a Carrier Zord could do, even against Daleks, Robo Aquatians and the Organization. The end was coming, and it was for the ill of Aquitar. This, Admiral Finn knew.

“I thank you for your help Carrier Ranger.” Admiral Finn had said. “But this is where we part ways.” Carrier Ranger looked confused. “Part ways what do you…?” Looking out at the battlefield she saw what Finn had in mind.

“Admiral, I know the belief is that a good leader fights with his troops, but this battle?” Admiral Finn raised his hand at Carrier Ranger indicating he was sure.

“If the end is going to come, I know where I want to be.” Finn then left Titanus’s control center and ran down to join the battle. Gathering what remained of his regiment he rallied them together with a simple cry.


The remaining resistance of Aquitar followed their leader. Whether it would be in glory, death or both was a question that remained unanswered. Carrier Ranger hoped the answer was a good one for Admiral Finn and his forces.

The casualties started to mount for the Rangers. Blue Morphin returned with the female Rangers Cestria had faced, but Pink Morphin, Pink Zeo and Zeo Psi were barely able to stand. Red Zeo and Red Morphin offered support but they were still being fired on by Daleks and Robo Aquatians. Their focus needed to be on the enemy.

Gold Astro was standing, barely. Pink Zeo and Pink Morphin had a lot of cobwebs running through their minds and bodies.

Yellow and Green Astro walked together with Pink Astro and Yellow Morphin. Their bodies spent, but not their spirits. Zeo Psi also walked forward. Her mental powers spent. It was a miracle she hadn’t fallen over.

Silver Zeo turned up with Silver Astro. The shared strength of those that held the power before her was starting to diminish. The horror of memory where she had taken the life of the Robo Aquatian was creeping into her mind again. It was considered a miracle she had not started shaking again. Her body was on auto pilot the rest of the way. Silver Astro had only a glimmer of his power left. The Daleks seemed to all but completely destroy the Silver Astro powers. Only the barest flicker was remaining.

The rest of the Outsiders made it planet side and stood with the Rangers. The crews from the crashed Megaships also joined in, Soon all the Rangers were back together again. Although some were worse for wear.

White Zeo and Purple Morphin stood injured. Purple Morphin was cradling her shoulder which Scorpina had impaled. Her Ranger healing was taxed to the limit and she would have needed better medical care soon. Gold Zeo also stood as the two injured Rangers leaned on him for support.

“Bulk?” Red Morphin asked.

“Still standing geek.” Gold Zeo answered giving a sense of flattery to the name ‘geek’. “Skull and Tanya however… “

“We’ll make it Bulkie.” White Zeo answered. Gold Zeo and Red Morphin both nodded.

Soon all Rangers were reunited. But the Rangers were battlefield spent while the planetary forces let up for nothing. “Okay, we’re back together. Wrecked, both physically and mentally. No Zords. All of us are barely standing. What do we do?” Tyler asked.

Red Morphin paused for a moment as he then said “Once upon a time I’d say we’d keep on fighting until we couldn’t fight anymore. But right now, I’d say we’re at that point. I don’t think we can fight anymore.”

“We can’t be done.” Purple Morphin said. “There’s got to be something else we can do.”

“Definitely not run.” Blue Astro said. “There’s no place to run to.”

White Astro looked around and saw the death and destruction around him. Much like the ambush in the old west the Rangers looked ready to be sent to the slaughter. “Welcome to Brian’s Gap. With all of us being the Texas Rangers. Us, the people of Aquitar, the ships in space.”

“Does that make me Ranger Collins?” Purple Zeo asked remembering the old story of the Texas Ranger ambush that led to John Reid to be the Lone Ranger. White Astro looked at Purple Zeo and shook his head. “No, because Collins knew what he was doing at Brian’s Gap. You had no control over what happened to you.”

Purple Zeo looked at White Astro as if she had newfound hope. “You mean… you believe me?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I?” White Astro sighed realizing the hell Purple Zeo had gone through. Her mind stripped away, another personality overlaid over hers, she needed sympathy-not scorn.

“Thank you.” Purple Zeo had said. White Astro nodded. “Now let’s take these bozos down.” Purple Zeo nodded and stood with the other Rangers. The Outsiders were also there having landed not far from the Capital in Fallen Grace. When they arrived, they saw what remained of the force they came with. Not much.

Some were barely standing, others were down for the count or looked ready to be. “Doesn’t look good, does it?” Zeo Shadow asked.

“I’m really thinking I shouldn’t have come.” Tritania had said as death and destruction surrounded them. Death and destruction that rocked them and scattered them across the terrain.

“And yet you did anyway.” Gold Zeo said. Zeo Phoenix then asked, “But now what?”

Not far away the Aquatian Rangers could feel Rangers despair just as they felt their people die as a Dalek, or Robo Aquatian, struck a rebel down. Cestro, Corcus, Tideus, Aurico and Delphine all looked out at the battle taking place. Friends were falling, evil had overrun their world. A world they failed to save.

“They came to free us.” Delphine said. “To return a debt of honor. It is not right they should be punished for what honor and compassion demanded.”

“Is there nothing we can do?” Corcus asked. “Is our world doomed?”

“Yes.” Cestro said. “Our friends fight valiantly, but they will soon fall. As will our people. Aquitar is doomed.

“No Rangers. There is one way.” Delphine said. The other Aquatian Rangers couldn’t believe what their leader was recommending. “You can’t mean that. It is forbidden.”

“We have no other choice.” Delphine said.

“Delphine.” Cestro said. “No one comes back from the transcendence. No one.”

“So we must allow our people to choose.” Delphine said as she motioned for her fellow Rangers to open their minds.

My people. We stand at the most gravest of choices. Our world is possessed by darkness, but we have the power to free it. If we are willing to pay the price.

Yes, I am asking you to transcend. To release your mental energies and ascend to a higher level of being. Forsaking the flesh of our physical world and to embrace the mental energies that are a part of us.

I will understand if not all of you wish to do this. But for those that do, I thank you. May the power protect us all.

Tideus turned to his fellow Aquatian Rangers and looked at them. His friends, his comrades in arms, those he fought with, and bled with. “Shall we?”

All four nodded. Corcus looked at his friends and said, “See you all on the other side.”

“Nice working with you all.” Aurico said. Cestro then said “For Aquitar and the universe’s future.”

“Let there be light.” Delphine said finally. Soon all five Aquatian Rangers closed their eyes and glowed with energy. Energy from the minds of Aquatian Rangers, amplified by their hearts and fighting spirits. And soon they weren’t alone.

Others joined. Others that dared dream of light and freedom.

The resistance of Admiral Finn pressed on despite the resistance the Organization and the Daleks had put forth. All the Rangers, rallied on behind Titanus and Tor as they were the only Zords left. Red Morphin, Red Astro, Red Zeo, Zeo Knight and Carrier Ranger all rallied onto Titanus’s bridge trying to fight on. Tor kept those injured safe but also fought when they could.

“Admiral Finn how does it look?” Carrier Ranger asked.

“A miracle would help right about now.” Admiral Finn answered when he heard a call in the back of his mind. “What was that?”

In Titanus’s bridge Red Astro also asked that question. He got his answer when he saw a ball of energy. An energy that seemed… alive. Alive with the spirits of the Alien Rangers of Aquitar.

“Don’t do this.” Red Astro said. “There’s another way. There has to be.”

_I’m sorry my friends. There is none._ a voice said. A voice that belonged to all five Alien Rangers. An energy that seemed to grow as more life seemed to join with it. A light of light. A light of purpose.

The purpose to burn away the evil that poisoned Aquitar.

Soon the energy enveloped the entire planet. And also enveloped were the Dalek forces.

What once seemed futile now came a renewed sense of hope. Hope that the planet could still be freed. Hope that there could be victory from the ashes of defeat. Finn knew this as he sensed the spirits. The spirits and minds of Aquitar’s greatest champions.

“My people.” the voice of Delphine said as if echoing in the minds of all Aquatians. “Our world is ruined, but we shall avenge this ruination. All of us. We ask you give of yourselves to drive back the darkness so a new light can emerge. WIll you join us in our unity?”

The rebels of Aquitar knew what the answer was. What the Aquatian Rangers were doing was an all or nothing attack from the mind and spirit, and they needed all of Aquitar’s help to drive back the darkness that ruined their would. The people and rebels knew there was only one such answer.

They joined the Rangers of Aquitar in the unified collective. Including Admiral Finn.

In space the Daleks were hammering the Pegasus. It’s defenses all but gone. Kinwon thought the moment would come soon. The moment of destruction.

“Commander an energy spike…from the planet.” a voice said from a bridge station. “Massive. As if it’s covering the entire planet. Taking Daleks with it.”

“Negative shield now.” Kinwon ordered as the blast doors opened on the Pegasus’s window. The planet Aquitar was in full view as a glow emanated from the planet surface. A glow that grew brighter, and brighter, and brighter. Daleks were drawn towards it like moths to a flame, and were incinerated upon contact. Others that tried to escape couldn’t get far and were drawn to the rapidly expanding flame and consumed.

From the Pegasus bridge the glow reminded Kinwon of a mushroom cloud. Beautiful… yet representing death as well. From the cloud were also several presences. Presences Kinwon could hear. The presences of the survivors of Aquitar.

A presence that called for help. A presence that called for more help to burn away the threat of evil. A presence that called for help from Kinwon.

Help they were only too happy to provide. And the combined presences of the people of Aquitar were only too happy for the assist. Not just from Kinwon but others among the Pegasus crew.

Kinwon sent his thoughts from the distance as did other Kerovans on ship. The mushroom cloud grew reflecting the growth of mind and spirit.

In the Central Chamber Squatt and Baboo were wondering just when they had lost all control, until they realized such a loss may not have been a bad thing.

Scorpina had fallen, or rather the Aquatian traitor they had to replace her. The Daleks were being decimated by Ranger, Rebel and Space forces, and they figured Lord Malice and the Organization were cutting their losses and getting ready to leave.

That only left the two of them. Two of Rita’s mutants left to take the wrath of the Power Rangers, the Galactic Council and what would be left of the planet of Aquitar. That thought alone gave them reason to think leaving was a good idea.

“We did leave the oven on at Rita’s didn’t we?” Squatt asked.

“And there were some Goonybird eggs that were getting ready to spoil.” Baboo added. “Perhaps we should head back to check if they’re still good.

“Yeah I haven’t had lunch yet.” Squatt then added as they searched for a portal activator that would take them back to Rita and Zedd’s castle. “And we’re just visiting right?”

“Yeah.” Baboo added. “If the planet falls it’s on our allies not us. That’s just what we’ll say.”

“Yeah.” Squatt added. “Serves them right for freezing us out of their plans. They get the blame.” Squatt then said “We’d better get out of here before they find out we’re blaming them. Where’s the portal activator?”

“Found it.” Baboo answered. Soon a portal opened and the two hench mutants went through it leaving the battle scarred world they once ruled named Aquitar behind.

The portal led to Rita and Zedd’s throne room. They expected Rita and Zedd to greet and berate them upon arrival. But they found the throne room deserted. “Where are they?” Baboo asked.

“Whoa! Look at that!” Squatt asked as they saw the image of Earth before them on the balcony window. Fire streaking across the planet reminiscent of blaster fire. Bursts of flame representing an exploding ship.

The Earthstrike was underway.

From the council chamber Lord Malice and the Black Dalek stood. The only survivors of the rule of Aquitar. Squatt and Baboo were gone, Scorpina was dead. The Organization and the Daleks were the only ones remaining.

But they knew that wouldn’t last long as they saw the burst of energy formed by the people of Aquitar spread across the surface burning all that it had touched.

Dalek casings burned in the air. Once the casings were burned away the Daleks inside followed suit. Robo Aquatians bodies burned leaving only the cybernetic implants which later burned themselves. Organization soldiers also burned as the light encompassed them. Any pain felt was through a short unified scream which lasted only two seconds, but was terrifying to hear nonetheless.

The Shadow Troopers also seemed to burn away. Alive once, but now were more dark energy than anything else. Their inner forms burned away leaving only empty costumes and weapons. The costumes then burned away into ash, and the weapons and gear they carried away became all burned and twisted. Any lives they once had would have to find a home in whatever afterlife awaited them… if there was one.

In the citadel Malice and the Black Dalek saw the wave come for them. “WE MUST ESCAPE!!!” was the Black Dalek’s words. Malice looked at the Dalek with annoyance as it stated the obvious.

“We will.” Malice said as he activated a device on his gauntlet. Soon he and the Dalek had become immaterial as the energy crumbled the citadel walls destroying everything the ruling council had. All the Organization’s wealth. All the new Daleks. All the ill-gotten gains were gone. Nothing had remained but ash.

Malice and the Black Dalek had phased into another plane as the energy passed through them. Once the energy faded. All that was left was the opposition in the room. Opposition that had phased back into their own reality.

“IMMANENT THREAT HAS PASSED!!!” the Black Dalek had said. “NOW THE IMMEDIATE THREAT OF THE POWER RANGERS AND THE RESISTANCE MUST BE DEALT WITH!!!” Malice smirked at the Black Dalek’s words as if amused by the obvious conclusion. “And how would you hope to do that?” he asked sarcastically. The Black Dalek had an answer.

“SIGNALLING RESERVE CONTINGENT!!!” At those words more Daleks had appeared amidst the dust and rubble. Daleks with gold casings. Mature assumed these were the Daleks from the labs where they were doing their own research with the Eternal Falls water.

“RESERVE DALEK CONTINGENT ACTIVATED!!!” the Black Dalek had said. Malice also had new soldiers teleport in at his command. A command he quickly activated. Soon in a shimmer of light a battalion of Black Garbed mercenaries appeared by Malice’s side. A new contingent of Shadow Troopers.

“I’d say we are ready.” Malice and the Black Dalek stood with their forces. They would continue their evil and destroy the opposition that remained.

That opposition being the Power Rangers of Earth. And if the new forces failed there was always the final option.

An option no one would survive. Inside his Dalek casing the Dalek Supreme read the readout before him.


The energy and consciousness of so many spread across Aquitar. Inviting many to be part of it so their world could be freed.

Adding their energies and souls to the mental collective. It grew and grew like moths to a flame, and the flame grew brighter and brighter. Soon it was so bright it crackled with energy.

Energy used against the Daleks, and the Shadow Troopers.

Energy struck Dalek after Dalek. Vaporizing them, as well as the Robo Aquatians they had made slaves. The energy gave the undead the peace they sought and deserved. Some Daleks tried to escape initiating temporal shifts. Only a small number were successful.

The Shadow Troopers also shriveled up leaving empty costumes that turned to ash themselves. Their equipment burnt out as the evil foot soldiers of the Organization burnt away as they came in contact with the living, burning energy.

Soon the glow spread across the planet. Casting a golden light in the universe destroying the Dalek ships attacking the Pegasus. As well as Daleks attacking the fighters and the battlestar itself. Like on the surface some tried to initiate the temporal shift. Only a few escaped. The rest were left to die.

Soon the glow faded. The dust that was the Daleks and Shadow Troopers scattered along the Aquatian winds.

Only the bodies of the Aquatians remained. The people of Aquitar that had not transcended.

Among them were the Alien Rangers of Aquitar. Their remains left behind.

The light had faded. The survivors emerged from the dust.

The Power Rangers, and Outsiders, all emerged. Some barely alive, but conscious for the moment. Among the resistance Admiral Finn and some of his soldiers emerged. However as they saw people emerge from the dust they saw not many people emerge.

All around was dust. Dust that was of Aquitar and their people. All that had remained of Aquitar was dust, death and ruin.

“The people.” Kat then asked. “Where are all the people?”

“Dead.” Alison had said. She had seen her share of death as a Bogard and knew the tragedy left behind in its wake. “Sacrificed to stop the Daleks and the rest of them.”

“Dead?” Cassie asked. “All of Aquitar is dead?” a voice then spoke saying “Not all of them.” A voice that had belonged to Admiral Finn.

“Admiral.” Aisha then asked. “Are you sure they are dead? Cestro, Corcus, Aurico, Tideus, Delphine, all of them? Even the population of Aquitar? All dead?”

“I felt their passing.” Finn said. “The Rangers of Aquitar. They, and many of our people, have transcended to the next plane.

“And some of us look ready to.” Bulk has said as he held the barely standing White Zeo. So many Rangers were injured, a few were barely holding onto their powers. Tommy however then said “But we’re still here.” Looking to marshal whatever hope and spirit the Rangers had left. We’re still standing.”

“And a few others.” Finn had said. But sadness filled his voice as he then said “Not as many as we had before.”

“Look.” Carlos then said as he saw five forms in the dust. Forms that were the bodies of the Rangers of Aquitar. Bodies that had no life in them. They were dead. Everyone knew that. Amidst the dust there were remains of other bodies. Bodies that had not broken down due to the transcendence.

There was death… everywhere.

“We won.” Tommy had said, not hiding the sadness in his voice. Everyone then felt the sadness as the had saved a world, only for there to be nothing left worth saving. Or very little of it.

“I wonder, are we somehow responsible for this?” Tommy asked. “Did we bring this to Aquitar because they helped us when we needed them? And that help made them a target? Help Earth, and this will happen to you?”

Jason came to his friend and said his peace. “Some may see it that way bro. But then wasn’t Aquitar always a target from evil monsters? Why else would they have needed a Ranger team?”

“He’s right you know.” Andros said. “Evil dictators have gone after Aquitar long before they helped out Earth. Squatt, Baboo and their allies were just the ones that succeeded.” Tommy nodded when there was an appearance of a storm in the background. A storm that shaped into something evil.

“Daleks.” Samantha said sadly. “More Daleks. There are always more.”

“But who are those other guys?” Sabrina then asked as she saw shadowy figures led by a black robed villain no one knew. Tritania then had a feeling she knew who they were.

“The Organization.” Tritania said. Everyone wondered who Tritania was talking about when she explained. “An underground criminal syndicate. Said to be so underground that it’s underground underground.”

Why have we not heard of them?” Carlos then asked. Tritania then said “They like it that way. Being in darkness and disappearing.” The robed villain then seemed to take point in the Organization forces. As he came closer the Rangers took full account into what foe they were facing.

He was dressed in black robes supported by shoulder armor. His face a pasty white with what looked like vampire fangs. His hands looked like metallic claws that could slash through anything…or anyone. Everything about this being seemed to radiate power, darkness… and hunger.

A hunger that was eternal. A hunger that would take an eternity to sate.

And the Rangers knew that eternity was what this being wanted.

“I take it the guy in the cloak is the leader?” Rocky asked. “I’m just guessing.”

“You’d guess right Ranger.” the robed person then said. “I am called Lord Malice.”

“Malice?” Sabrina asked thinking the name was familiar. She then said “Isn’t that the name of a girl villain?”

Malice smirked at Sabrina’s remark. “I am more than that bimbo who calls herself the Mistress of Hate. When she… met her fate… I took her name. Only I am the Master of Hate. An eternal master.”

“Eternal?” Billy asked. “Nothing is eternal.”

“Oh you would be surprised what is eternal Rangers.” Smiling he then added “And what’s not.” giving the Rangers a menacing glare. Billy then realized what Malice had meant by his remark. “You. You’re the one mining the Eternal Falls water.”

“Me and the Dalek Supreme I suppose.” Malice had said. “But while the Dalek Supreme seeks to create a new breed of Daleks I seek to live forever, no matter what the cost. That which I cannot possess I destroy.” Suddenly the ground around the Rangers began to shake. The shakeup seemed to center around Bulk as bony hands erupted from the ground to hold him in the air.

“BULK!!!” Jason shouted as Skull ran forward with his Zeo Blaster drawn. Malice however had other plans as he drew back his sword from his belt and looked to impale him with it. As Malice threw the sword Tanya stepped forward and took the blow knocking Skull out of the way. The sword impaled Tanya’s shoulder. The same shoulder Scorpina had pierced.

“TANYA!!!!!” Adam shouted as Tanya fell to the ground hard. He then looked up as everyone did as Malice then shot out a wave of energy knocking all the Rangers down so they couldn’t mount a strike back. “You will not interfere!” Lord Malice had said. “And to make sure you don’t.”

More bony hands erupted from the ground holding the Rangers down. These hands however were more human sized, but strong nonetheless. “I don’t need you interfering.” Malice said as he looked down at the physically spent, demorphed Rangers. His gaze turned to Skull and the hands rose up to hold him into the air to where he could get a bird’s eye view of his friend Bulk being suspended in the air held by the hands of Malice.

“You may not interfere, but you can still bear witness.” Malice said as he then turned his focus to Bulk. As Malice studied Bulk he saw that the Gold Zeo Ranger looked unimpressive to him. Just a big frame of a human that had power he never should have had.

“So much has been said of the people of Zeist and their power. A power that allowed them to become ‘princes of the universe’ if that Earth song was any indication. Why the power would grasp onto you I cannot imagine. Especially when there are more… suitable bearers that would use it to the fullest.”

“Like you?” Bulk asked disgusted.

“Like anybody.” Malice had said. “But I suppose I am as good as any. I have researched the legends of Zeist and I have yet to see where it chooses those to bear its power.”

“Maybe it has requirements you haven’t met yet.” Bulk said. Malice nodded and said “Perhaps, but then that only means one thing.” Malice then drew his sword and brought it to bear against Bulk’s neck. Bulk locked eyes with Malice refusing to show any fear or intimidation even if he suspected what was coming.

His own death. And his guess would not have been far off.

Looking in Skull’s direction Malice then said “If I cannot have your friend’s immortality no one will.” as he brought his blade to bear against Bulk’s neck. And then in a quick strike it was over.

The head of Farkas Bulkmeijer, Gold Zeo Ranger, friend of Eugene Skullovitch the White Zeo Ranger, was severed from his body. The head tumbling to the ground with a thud. The body falling limp. The look on the faces of the Power Rangers was a look of absolute horror.

But one Ranger let out a terrible shout. A shout of mourning and anger.

BUUUUULLLLLLKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!” Skull shouted as the body of the Gold Zeo Ranger fell to the ground. His head severed from his body. Skull mustered what little strength he had left to run to his fallen ‘brother’s’ side. Kneeling down he held the body of Farkas Bulkmeyer as energy erupted around the landscape. Energy that formed lightning. Lightning that radiated power.

Power that Malice sought for himself. The power of the Quickening.

The power of Zeist.

Malice looked at the power. It felt so alive. So feral. So primal. It was a power that was connected to everything. Life, the universe, and Malice wanted it. He wanted to control it. He wanted the power to be part of him. The power however had other ideas.

From the power came an inhuman monstrous roar. A roar that screamed violation. The power sought to be taken unjustly. Malice raised his arms as if getting ready to feed and take it into himself. The roar then became a manifestation. A monster took shape and slammed itself into Malice with so much force that Malice found himself in the center of a whirlwind being slammed repeatedly as the power fought what malice was trying to do.

“NO!!!! NO!!!!! YOU ARE MINE!!!! I OWN YOU!!!! YOU WILL BE PART OF MY BEING!!!! WE SHALL LIVE FOREVER!!!” Malice shouted defiantly. The power however had other plans as it slammed into Malice over and over then when it was done it let him fall to the ground hard. The armor he wore stripped away and misshapen. His cloak shredded.

The power then flew towards the Rangers as it shared its energy with them leaving them with enough to briefly allow them to remorph. The Power Rangers all stood ready for one last battle against the last of the evil on Aquitar.

As for the power of Zeist itself it retreated into the sky and exploded. A new star in the heavens with its life scattering across the planet looking to give it new life amidst all the death.

The Rangers then sought to advance when the Dalek Supreme blasted the ground before them keeping them at a distance.

“DO NOT RESIST POWER RANGERS!!!” The Dalek Supreme said with what remained of the Organization and Dalek forces behind him. “YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!!!”

“You already tried that.” Blue Zeo shouted. “We’re still here.”


“Planetary nuclear device?” Zeo Phoenix asked. Yellow Zeo however had a feeling she knew what the Dalek Supreme meant. “He’s got a nuke. Aimed at the planet’s core.”

“But if the nuke hits the planet core.” Blue Morphin shouted knowing what Yellow Zeo was thinking. “Planetary destruction. The core would detonate. There would be nothing left.”

Blue Morphin looked to the Dalek Supreme and didn’t hide his anger. “This is insane. There’s nothing left. Why destroy a dead world?”

“TO PREVENT IT FROM LIVING AGAIN!!!” was the Dalek Supreme’s answer.

The Rangers all looked at each other wondering what all they could do. They were physically spent. The best attacks had failed. Others could barely stand. It looked like the Dalek Supreme was getting ready to deliver a killing blow whenever he wanted. The Rangers all wondered what else they could do.

“We have one option left Rangers. Let’s put them together!” Red Morphin said.

“Let’s put them ALL together.” Red Zeo added. The others could not believe what they were hearing. “All the Ranger powers?”

“Yes!” Zeo Knight said. “It could work.”

“But that would mean… ” Silver Zeo said. She was horrified at the thought of having to kill again. To take another life. Green Astro touched her shoulder and said “We’ll share your burden Cass. You won’t be alone.”

Even the other injured Rangers were coming to help. Zeo Ranger, White Morphin, Green Morphin, Yellow Morphin, Purple Morphin, Zeo Psi, even the ones worst hurt by Scorpina, Pink Morphin and Pink Zeo. Even Gold Astro was joining her power.

“Kim, Kat.” Red Zeo asked.

“You’re not keeping us out of this Tommy.” Pink Morphin said. “We want to help end this.”

“And I’ve got my own reasons for wanting to join up.” Gold Astro had said. Red Zeo and Green Zeo both nodded. “Welcome aboard Sabrina.” Gold Astro nodded glad to join her power with the others.

The power of Zeist had remorphed Skull, Tanya and other injured Rangers, but Skull continued to drift in and out of consciousness. He felt himself being picked up by another person, and as he looked he saw Tritania holding Bulk’s Zeo Blade. Reaching out he sought to touch the blade as if holding on to one last part of his friend. Upon contact he passed the blade onto Tritania, who held it firmly.

“I have a good feeling about you.” White Zeo had said. “I think Bulk would want this… as would your brother.” He then drifted out of consciousness again leaving Tritania to support him.

At the mention of Trey’s name Tritania took the blade and held it. She felt the presence of Farkas Bulkmeyer in the blade, almost as if a part of his soul had joined with it. She also sensed the presence of another. That of her brother Trey.

Tritania held the sword deciding she would act on Bulk’s behalf, and in Trey’s memory. In the back of her mind she heard a voice, a voice that she could swear belonged to her brother. A voice that said _Welcome home sister._

Tritania then smiled knowing the presence of her brother was with her. As was the presence of Farkas Bulkmeyer. She too joined her life force with that of the Power Rangers.

The combined glow of the Rangers became bright, almost as all-consuming as the Rangers of Aquitar’s show of power had been. The Daleks saw their power grow and concluded they were a threat. In defense the Daleks made ready to fire.


It would not be the Daleks doing the exterminating.

It would be the Power Rangers. They would purge the evil of the Daleks and the evil of Aquitar. And they would use the combined powers of the Morphin Grid, the Zeo Crystals and the Astro Powers to do it.

A massive shot of purging energy shot out enveloping the enemies before them. Daleks, Robo Aquatians, Organization soldiers, all were annihilated before the combined power of the Power Rangers. As the power struck the Rangers enemies the enemies burned to dust. Dust that scattered into the wind

The Dalek Supreme tried to activate his Emergency Temporal Shift, but it would not function as it was too late. The blast was upon him leaving nothing behind but ashes. The Dalek Supreme screamed a death scream as the energy consumed him.

And then finally it was done.

The Rangers fell, demorphed and exhausted. For some their injuries overtook them. Kim, Kat, Tanya and Christina fell. The others were so severely weakened they had fallen to the ground barely conscious. But the results were worth combining powers, and Billy knew it.

In the distance Malice’s form stood only to get blown away by the Aquatian winds. The villain was now dust in those winds. The Daleks also had met the same fate as their casings and mutated forms also blew into the wind like dust.

Malice had been destroyed. The one who sought eternal life at any cost would now embrace the coldness of death. The Dalek Supreme had been destroyed as well along with his new breed of Daleks. The nuclear device deactivated as it could not receive the signal to launch due to the destruction of the Dalek Supreme.

Some Rangers came back to their feet, but their mission had been accomplished.

Aquitar, or what was left of it, had been liberated. But the cost had been too high. For the people of Aquitar, and the Rangers themselves.

Kimberly Hart faded into blackness.

A blackness that was the darker reaches of unconsciousness. There was nothing around her. No one around her, just empty darkness and herself. Or so she thought.

“Hello.” A voice said that seemed so far away, yet all around her as well. Kimberly asked “Who are you? Where am I?”

“A place where dreams and thought coexist.” The voice said. “I have always been with you, but now we are coming to a place where I must say goodbye.”

“Goodbye?” Kimberly asked. “Am I dying?”

“No, but you are in a state of transition to where you will be reborn. The same as you have always been, but different.” Kimberly continued to look around and asked “Who are you? How do you know me?”

“As I said, I have always been with you. Look behind you.” Kimberly slowly turned around and saw a figure in the distance. A figure she couldn’t believe. A figure that was a manifestation of the Pink Ranger powers. Her powers.

In the distance was the Pink Crane. Its wings spread as if ready to take flight, as if it was getting ready to leave.. Kimberly approached the manifestation of her powers. A manifestation that leapt back. Kimberly was stunned as to why her power avatar would turn away from her.

“Why…why are you flying away from me?” Kimberly asked. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No my child.” the manifestation had said. “It has nothing to do with you. At least not completely.”

“Not completely?” Kimberly asked. “What do you mean ‘not completely’?”

“It’s not you, but rather the threads of your destiny.” The manifestation had said. “They have been severed and are retying. Retying in a way that a new path will be laid out for you and one other.”

Before Kim could ask who the other was she heard a voice off to the side. A voice she knew well. “Kim?” The voice called out. A voice that belonged to Katherine Hillard, who came out of the darkness to stand next to Kim. “What are we doing here?” Kat asked.

“You are both carriers of my power.” The Crane had said. “Manifestations of my being. But your futures are being rewritten. New ties of destiny being woven. Ties involving both of you.”

“Both of us?” Kim asked. “This isn’t like the Q and with Cestria is it?”

“No… and yes.” The Crane had said. Kim and Kat looked at each other and Kat asked “Which is it?” The Crane then explained.

“Scorpina and the Q felt the connection between the two of you and sought to pervert it for their own amusements.” The Crane had said. “But the connection between you both is not one of genetics or physicality. But rather from a bond of friendship that grew in the face of great adversity.”

“Great adversity?” Kat asked.

“From when your mind was no longer your own but in the thrall of another.” Kat understood. It was when she was under Rita’s spell, and she had broken it to save Kimberly when she fell from the balance beam. A fall that compelled her to get back on the diving board so Kim could get on the beam again.

“But not just that.” The Crane said. “But your love for another.” Kim nodded. “Tommy.” Looking at Kat Kim knew she had strong feelings for Tommy as well. Feelings that faded as time went on.

“The darkness was a lure to us both.” Kimberly had said.

“But it drew us in further.” Kat added.

“The link between you both had grown.” The Crane said. “People can see how strong it is. Some try to shatter it by favoring one over the other, or pervert it by using it as a toy for their own entertainment.”

“But it’s our link.” Kim then said.

“And we determine how it comes about.” Kat added. Kim and Kat then looked at each other and smiled. They then reached across and took one another’s hand and said “Together.”

The Crane then nodded. “You have taken the first step. What will happen next is for time to reveal.”

“Wait.” Kat asked. “What about David? I am in a relationship with him.”

“And Skull?” Kim asked. “He’s starting to become more… likeable.”

“As I said the strands are being rewoven.” was the Crane’s answer. “As it can be ascertained your destinies are tied together. Whether those destinies include the White Zeo Ranger and White Morphin Ranger… .I cannot ascertain.”

“Are you saying they may not be in our futures?” Kim asked. “What will happen to them?”

“I cannot be certain.” The Crane had said. “Not all the future is revealed to me. Only that regarding the both of you. Not the people in your lives.”

“So they may or may not be there?” Kat asked. The Crane answered “It is possible they may not be.”

“Then maybe I don’t want this destiny!” Kat shouted. “What good is a destiny if there is no love in it?”

“I have to agree with Kat!” Kim said in agreement. “What is a life without love?”

“A hollow one.” The Crane answered. “And I know your lives, and destinies, will be anything but that.”

“How can you know?” Kim asked as if daring the Crane for more information.

“As I said.” The Crane answered. “All I know is how the paths of destiny tie together. And I know you both burn bright with the light of love. A light that does not dim. It continues to burn bright in both of you.”

“But you just don’t know who it burns with?” Kat asked. The Crane answered “No. And that is all I see. And all I wish to see.”

“But what about choices?” Kat asked. “Won’t we be allowed to choose? Not have destiny or some god like being try to force one on us?”

“You will.” The Crane answered. “And with each choice comes consequences. Consequences that can be beneficial to both you and others, or cataclysmic. But the choices will be up to you.”

Kim and Kat looked at each other and looked unsure about what the future might hold for them. “When will this destiny happen?” Kim then asked.

“Not for a while.” The Crane answered. “If you wish I can remain until such time as it is upon you. But when it comes the choice will be yours. A choice where you grow or fall into a decay. A decay that could lead… to ruination.”

“Ruination?” Kat asked.

“Like legacies the power shares its light with many who maintain its flame.” The Crane said. “As you are the current bearers of my power so must another add their light to keep the flames alive. Or the flames die along with the power.”

“There must be change for there to be growth.” Kim said. “Exactly.” was the Crane’s answer. “And now I must leave. I have tarried too long.”

Kim waved the Crane to stop and then asked one last question. “Wait, where are we?”

“Within a shared mind.” The Crane had said. “Your minds and spirits have come to this pocket dimensional plane so I can talk to you.” Kat then asked “And our bodies?”

“You are both in healing states.” the Crane had said. “Necessary for the changes both of you are to undergo.” Kim and Kat looked at each other. “Changes?”

“In terms of power, and of being. To where I can no longer be your guide.” the Crane had said sadly. To where you will no longer fly, but must now learn to walk.

“Walk?” Kimberly asked. The Crane continued to speak. “The Power will be your guide. To a new destiny through a new manifestation.” With that the Crane flew away into the darkness. Soon two streams of light had appeared before both girls. Streams that held two flowers at the center. One was a Red Carnation. The other a White Tiger Lily. Within the fields of light looked to be two ethereal figures. Both looked like Rangers. A Red Ranger and a White Ranger.

Both figures were female. The Red Ranger uniform had a Red Carnation on the helmet with red sleeves and leggings over a white torso with black trim. The White Ranger uniform was white with a black torso with gold trim with a Tiger Lily on her helmet. Both had black gloves and boots with swords along their backs. They showed a few moves that reflected their own fighting styles. Kim and Kat knew the styles well.

Kimberly Hart would become this new White Ranger someday.

Katherine Hillard would be the Red Ranger someday.

When someday would come however no one knew.

“Your destiny waits. The journey begins.” The voice had said. With that darkness overcame the two Pink Rangers. Darkness and cold.

In space five streams of consciousness floated above the planet. Streams that were the five greatest heroes of Aquitar.

The streams held thoughts, memories, memories of swimming in the oceans of home. Seeing the beauty of their world, and doing all they would to protect it. Five childhood friends that took an oath together. An oath, and bond of friendship and family that led them to eventually become Rangers of their world. Protectors.

Their mission had ended. Though not in complete failure the cost was high. Their world was dead as were they. They now left their world to ascend to whatever the next plane would be. That plane manifested into a light. A light beckoning them to a waiting ship.

A ship of light.

The ship seemed to speak to them with a voice of calm and peace. “Do not fear. You are at peace now. Another journey beckons as you leave the lives you had before.”

The streams of consciousness felt no fear. Only joy, joy and adventure that led them on the journey to become the Rangers of Aquitar. Their new journey would begin as their essences went into the ship and the ship then faded away from view. Almost no one knew it had been there.

The appearance of the Ship of Lights was noticed by three individuals. Individual entities who saw the universe as a game for them to play. And its people toys for their amusement.

And they knew it was the Ship of Lights, and its inhabitants, the Lords of Kobol, of taking it from them. The answers they got from the Hakkushu Mature was proof of that. They also knew of the Shadow Triad who was pursuing their own goals for the universe. To the three Q those goals were irrelevant goals.

The only thing that mattered to them was getting their game back. Then they would undo everything the Lords and the Triad had done. Then they could play again. And they would play… their way.

Light, Darke and Young Q looked at the series of cards held in their hands. Each series of cards contained a message. A message that would show them who was responsible for taking the game away from the Q, and where they would be found. The three Q now knew who was responsible for the game being taken. Now they would punish those for taking it away. And then they would take their game back.

“So where do we start?” Light asked. Darke had the same question in his mind. Suddenly three cubes appeared before them and rested in their hands. They opened to form a new set of six cards each. Each one containing a message. A message on where the three Q could start in their quest to regain their game.

They couldn’t wait to head to the destination the three cubes told them to go. The game would be theirs again.

And if the pieces didn’t like it. Well tough. They were only game pieces. Their lives were of no importance as compared to their own fun.


If the ‘game pieces’ in question were asked that question, they would say the answer was ‘wrong’.

From the vantage point Jason watched over the ruined surface of Aquitar. They had won, but the price of such a victory was hitting them hard.

The oceans had been stripped away, leaving a desolate ground. Sure the water could be released and wash over all the desolation and destruction but it would always be there. Even that which the water did not cover. The water masking the pyrrhic victory the Power Rangers and Outsiders had obtained.

The world was freed…what was left of it. And now they had to gather their own and take them home. But for some the wounds sustained ran too deep. Wounds they had to call the Pegasus for help for. Fortunately they didn’t have to wait long. Shuttles came down as repair crews worked on the ship.

“The shuttles have landed.” Andros said coming to Jason’s side. Both Red Rangers turned to those that had fallen. Before long medical technicians came to the side of the injured Rangers and loaded them into cryo tubes keeping them in a state of suspended animation so their wounds did not get worse.

Jason then said “Let’s get them home.” The caravan of wounded Rangers then rolled past those that survived.

Cryo tubes from the Pegasus rolled past carrying the injured for transport. Inside the tubes Kimberly Hart, Katherine Hillard, Trini Kwan, Tanya Sloane, Christina Collins, Eugene Skullovitch, Tommy Oliver, Samoht Revilo, David Trueheart, Nathan Oliver and Tyler Oliver all slept. Held in suspended animation until their injuries could be healed.

Chelsea looked over the frozen bodies of Tommy, David and Tyler. All of them were her family in one way or another. Tommy was her brother while David was becoming a brother to her, as was Tyler. She tried to hold back the tears hoping to be strong. She didn’t succeed. The tears burst from her.

Lillian then came to Chelsea’s side as she looked down at Tyler in the cryotube. Chelsea was grateful to her fellow Outsider being by her side, especially as Lillian seemed to be developing feelings for Tommy. Also Tyler was her leader, as well as a friend.

The next caskets that rolled past contained Kimberly Hart and Katherine Hillard. Jason looked over the tube that held Kimberly as she slept. A sleeping princess waiting for the kiss of her prince. Kat looked much the same way as she was in her own deep slumber. However, Jason knew it would take more than a kiss to awaken these princesses.

They had to heal before they could be awakened. And there was much to heal from thanks to Scorpina.

Adam looked over Tanya's sleeping form with Sabrina looking in the distance. She could tell Adam had feelings for Tanya as he looked at her sleeping form in the cryo tube as it was being moved towards the Med Shuttle Feelings Sabrina wished Adam felt for her instead of Tanya.<br>

_No. I will not give into those feelings._ Sabrina thought. _I will not be jealous of Tanya. We both love Adam. For that it will be enough._

Still Sabrina wondered. _Could Adam grow to love me?_ She silently hoped the answer was ‘yes’, even with the deceptions of Scorpina that led to the injuries of Kim, Kat, Tanya and others. But she didn’t want it at the cost of Tanya’s life or happiness. Sabrina knew if Tanya died Adam would have been lost for a long time, and Sabrina wanted a genuine love from Adam if it was possible. Even a friendship if that was at all possible.

Sabrina was lost in thought when Adam touched her shoulder and smiled. “I could use some company.” Adam said. Sabrina looked surprised as she asked “Me?”

“Yeah.” Adam said. “I could use a strong friend right about now.” Looking at Tanya he added “So could she. Think you’re up to it?”

Sabrina then smiled as she said “Yeah, I’m up to it.” as they both escorted Tanya’s cryo tube to the Megaship. Both not leaving Tanya’s side.

Cassie stood vigil over Trini’s sleeping form having a newfound respect for one of Yagami blood. Katarina looked over Christina’s sleeping form. Both shared a look of understanding as Katarina then said “I should have protected her better. Should have stopped that Scorpina witch.”

Cassie looked at Trini and sighed. “And here I am trying to protect her from herself. She shows me she’s able to do her own protecting.” Cassie continued to walk alongside Trini’s cryotube unaware of the inner turmoil in Trini’s subconscious.

For in her dreams the darkness of her being was whispering in her mind. Reminding her of the intoxication of her power. How it felt. So far Trini had been able to resist.

For now.

Tritania stood by Skull’s tube still holding the Zeo Blade. It seemed as if destiny had chosen a new role for her. Chelsea then came by her side as she saw Tritania holding the Zeo Blade. The weapon of the Gold Zeo Ranger.

“I see it you know.” Chelsea said. “The resemblance.”

“To who?” Tritania asked. Chelsea answered “To Trey.” Tritania looked at Chelsea and said “That was a long time ago.”

“Trey needs you Tritania.” Chelsea then said. “A lot’s happened.”

“Like?” Tritania asked. Chelsea sighed. It was going to be a long story, but she was going to tell it. Trey’s life depended on it.

Andros stood vigil over David Trueheart with Ashley by his side as Chelsea talked to Tritania. Ashley was hurting, but standing. As was Alison who stood with her. She noticed the stares both of them had. Her father had told her, and the rest of her family about it.

The Thousand Yard Stare. A stare soldiers had when they had seen too much combat and the pressures of it were affecting them. Ashley saw this stare in both Andros and Alison, yet both seemed to hold it pretty well.

“It’s my team all over again.” Andros said. “How they died in an ambush. My sister.”

“I know the feeling Andros.” Alison said. “I’ve experienced my own losses.” Both then turned to Ashley and offered support. “Hopefully this will be the last time you experience death like this.

Ashley hoped it would be the last time as well.

Nate Oliver watched over Nathan. His face not expressing any emotion but there was a small spark within him. A spark that was concern for the being that could have been seen as ‘brother’ to him. A spark that confirmed there was still life within the techno organic frame that was his body.

He also looked at Aquitar and saw desolation around him. A weight seemed to press on his soul. A weight that made him wonder if there was anything else that could have been done to prevent what had happened to Aquitar. Should they have interferred at all? Nate then realized the answer.

What happened to Aquitar would have happened with or without the Rangers involvement. Aquitar would have been desolate. But at least now there was a chance to rebuild the world. It would take many lifetimes, Nate thought, but Aquitar would live again.

Nate Oliver felt a small surge of hope rise up within him. He knew the Rangers did good, even if the prize was not what was expected.

Admiral Finn and the surviving rebels watched as the Rangers tended to their own. Aisha stood with Finn as Finn looked at her curiously. “Should you not be helping them?”

They are capable of looking after their own.” Finn had said. “We have our own to attend to.” Off to the side rebels gathered their dead together looking to bring about what seemed to be a mass burial.

“We have our own dead to bury.” Finn said. Aisha was about to say that her friends were not dead but Finn interrupted. “It is not the death of spirit or flesh I mention it is the death of innocence. The death of an era as it were. A death all of us share now.” Aisha could not disagree with what Finn had said.

For the Rangers came to Aquitar, and found death.

The med techs came and loaded the injured Rangers on board ship. The Rangers still standing acting as pall bearers to the caskets of the still living Rangers.

And amidst the silence Zack asked the question on everyone’s mind.

“Where’s Billy?”

The throne room laid in ruins. But Billy had to be sure.

He saw her run down a corridor to a transmat booth, which had co-ordinates for the throne room. A room destroyed by the energy released by the Rangers of Aquitar. Heroes now having gone to their eternal reward. The villains were all defeated. Squatt, Baboo, Malice and the Organization, the Daleks, but the one that still had his heart, the one he called ‘wife’-Billy Cranston had to be sure of her fate.

Sorting through rubble he found nothing. No traces of a body. Just dust and debris. Billy however wouldn’t be deterred. Soon, behind a fallen pillar he came across Cestria’s body. Dressed in her Aquatian robes, her Scorpina armor gone.

As was the blade.

But even more worrisome was the Dark Heart of Aquitar was gone as well.

Two chills went through Billy’s soul. One of a personal nature in that his wife was now dead. The other being the dark powers she possessed, and artifacts used to harness them, were now gone. Billy hoped they were gone, but he believed the artifacts to be possibly to be passed on to another. Who that was would have to be a question answered for another time.

Cestria Cranston of Aquitar was dead. But the resurrection of Scorpina was a possibility, no matter who would wield the power.

10 parsecs away from Aquitar.

A ship sped away as fast as it could. A ship built for speed, and not comfort. However the passenger knew comfort would await him once he got back to his palace. On the side of the ship was a symbol identifying who the ship belonged to.

The symbol was that of a Black Sun. And it just left Aquitar with a major acquisition.

Prince Xizor sat in his temporary throne room holding the blade of Scorpina as his pilot continued to fly far and fast away from Aquitar. Xizor considered his client list thinking of who would be interested in the Blade of Scorpina. He knew many an individual who would have been interested in such a powerful artifact. One in particular. But that transaction would take place another time.

But for the most part his business was concluded. He had lost the Eternal Falls water, but the competition was eliminated. His aide, the android Guri, then came in from the bridge.

Guri was a humanoid like android. She was made to reflect human beauty and offer companionship and assistance to whatever master may have owned one. Companion series droids were phased out decades ago as they had been reprogrammed to serve alternate functions. Most notably involving terrorist attacks against council worlds. Attacks that were much like the UAE had done.

It was also believed the companion series had advanced processing skills that made them a danger. Due to those fears the council ordered the companion series shut down. Some however still remained. Guri was one such companion.

Guri had long blonde hair and a shapely figure. Her ‘skin’ was made of a syntho flesh grafted over a computerized brain and artificial skeleton built around it. She was programmed to serve as an aide to Xizor, and if possible, body guard to him as well.

Xizor had an affection for Guri. She did her tasks well. Female companion series androids were a hotter seller than male companion droids for reasons some claimed as ‘obvious’. Xizor considered himself fortunate to have acquired Guri when he did. She proved to be very useful to him in more ways than one. She became a cornerstone to the smooth running of the Black Sun syndicate.

She also proved deadly efficient in providing for the wishes of Prince Xizor.

“Guri, did it work?” Xizor asked.

“Yes Prince.” Guri the replica android said. “The transmat signal was jammed. Malice and his forces were unable to leave. Ready for their… punishment.”

“And the Valeyard?” Xizor asked.

“I have done what he asked.” Guri said. “Our debt with him is clear.”

Xizor smiled thinking of the results of his part in the Organization’s fall, and being clear of his debt with the Valeyard. “Excellent. Another competitor eliminated, and a debt cleared.” Xizor had some investments in the planet of his own that he wanted to make. But when the Organization took over he found their presence inconvenient.

Xizor hated inconveniences. They cost much to eliminate. Especially now.

In the case of Aquitar the cost was high. Aquitar was of no use, not even to Xizor. The land was ravaged, what little there was. Population decimated-not even enough for slave trafficking, and all its riches stripped including most likely the Eternal Falls water. Much of which probably had been distributed across the galaxy by now.

It could be centuries before Aquitar had relevance again. Xizor knew that at the current time Aquitar was finished. Xizor had to look for a new pasture. Fortunately he had other projects to direct an interest towards.

He considered the potentials of the sacred animals of Animaria, and knew such a plan would take years to implement.

But he had time. For now he would go to the headquarters world of Black Sun. There was more to do for his own empire.


In his personal domain the Valeyard read the reports of the Rangers exploits of Aquitar. Exploits that had mixed results.

_Interesting._ he thought. _The planet is free but the resources have been stripped. Aquitar has no further value after it is liberated._ The Valeyard dismissed the report tossing it on his desk. He knew that no civilization was completely without resources that could be used.

It may be a few years, or centuries, if not millennia. But Aquitar would be useable again. But for now it was a hollow victory for the Rangers.

_Yes._ the Valeyard thought. _They are ‘growing up’ as it were. No longer being paper heroes that stop a latest evil plan of the latest evil despot then go for smoothies afterwards. No, they are going to become a credible force… eventually. Just as I hoped._

The Valeyard thought of all that was to come next. The trial and Reckoning that would be a massive turning point for the Rangers of Earth. A turning point that could lead them to great glory… and then.

_It has been said that pride comes before a fall. In the case of the Power Rangers they will be truer words never spoken._ And the fall would be hard indeed.

A fall that would bring a legacy.

He then picked up a series of cards on his desk. Six small cards that when put together could contain a message. A message of thought. The Valeyard had used these cards to send six such messages to… interested parties.

“And now it begins.” Valeyard said of the battles the Rangers would have ahead. And the dark fall that was yet to come.

The Q Continuum

No real place.

No real time.

It didn’t take long for the messages to reach their destination…or interested parties. Before the three young interdimensional beings three more sets of six cards lay before them. All of them containing another message.

A message that told them of a place where the three Q named Light, Darke, and Young Q could possibly regain their game. A place none of them had ever heard mentioned. Not even among the elder Q.

Not anywhere, except through the smallest of rumors.

“I’ve never heard of this realm before.” Light said. “You sure this will get us our game back?”

“It will help us get our game back.” Young Q had said. “I think.” Darke looked at Young Q shocked “You think?”

“This is a realm Dad never mentioned.” Young Q said. “It doesn’t work like the Continuum does. Not where we can look down and manipulate events at a whim. This realm has been said to be… interactive.”

“Interactive?” Light asked. “As in part of events?” Young Q nodded. “This realm is said to allow us to be everywhere, and in one place at the same time. Either way however we will be in… direct involvement with people, places, worlds, events…” Light and Darke both got the idea. They would be not only above the affairs of the universe, but part of them at the same time.

“But why do we have to go to this realm?” asked Darke. “I mean, we’re Q. We just show up and make the universe dance to our whims.”

“Doesn’t work like that anymore.” Young Q answered as he thought of what his father said. “When our game was destroyed so was our ability to be above events. Whatever we try to do we have to be part of what happens. So if the universe surrenders to our guidance it has to be a willing choice from them. They have to want us to be our playthings.”

“And this realm helps us do that?” Light asked. Young Q nodded. “We can use our powers here and not break any laws. Besides, I’m just not up to getting a fleet of planet killers together and forcing worlds to surrender to us. This realm will help us get the game back in no time flat.”

“But I heard this realm puts lower life forms on an even keel with us.” Darke said. “If one of those Ranger humans enters then our powers won’t work on them. We would be on equal footing with them. They can use the realm just as we can.” Young Q knew the risks of using this realm but thought the rewards outweighed any risks. “Then we make sure they don’t enter. Don’t we?”

“You make it seem so easy.” Light said having a feeling that regaining their game was not going to be as easy as Young Q made it seem. But all three Q agreed this realm would be essential in getting their game back. So they would all search for it.

“So where do we start to look for this realm?” asked Darke.

“That’s what we have to find out.” Young Q answered. The thought messages only gave the name of the realm and what it could provide for the three Young Q. Young Q knew the definition of the word the realm was called. In human terms the name of the realm meant ‘Origin of Heaven.’

The name of the realm was known by only one word.


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