Disclaimer: The Power Rangers are the property of Saban/Disney and none of the Q-team lays any claim to them. This story is part of the COE Final Reckoning series and follows on from the events of COE Final Reckoning Minion of Darkness, COE Final Reckoning After the Minion, COE Final Reckoning ID War, Crisis of Faith. Geese Howard is property of SNK. The Defiant is taken from the show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and modified for this story.

First Step of the Journey
By: The Q-team


Off in an isolated section of the universe, in a section known as the Lost Galaxy, lies a planet named Mirinoi. A lush bright green planet with patches of blue indicating water and a gray moon in orbit. Its inhabitants enjoyed a pristine environment working with nature and its natural wonders. It may have been primitive to some people in the universe by comparison, but the people who inhabited the planet found great joy in their existence.

That joy however would come to an end this day as a portal, a portal not opened for three thousand years opens once again. And from that portal would come monstrous evil.

For on this world there lay a great power. A power that had not been used in a very long time. And the evil that came through desired that power for that long a time,

As we look down at the inhabitants of this world, we could conceivably compare them to primitive tribal cultures from Earth’s past.

In a major village on the planet, many of the people gathered together sitting in a semi-circle as wizen old man with white hair and a beard, wearing a simple brown robe. He stood in front of a large rock with five sabers imbedded into it. He waited attentively looking at the faces in the crowd to see if everyone had arrived. His lips came into a smile as he saw a young brunette girl come running up from the right and took a seat in the back. He knew this young one wouldn’t miss this day. Off to the side sat the girl’s best friend dressed in brown jungle fatigues that were a great deal darker than the brunette’s dull yellow garments.

When all were assembled the elder spoke to his people. “Long ago, 3, 000 years ago, our world Mirinoi had been faced with an incredible danger. A great evil had attacked our world, and had tried to enslave our ancestors. In our time of need, a great being came down from the heavens and selected five of our people, giving them these Quasar Sabers, and using their mighty powers vanquished the evil and brought peace to our world. When the war was over, they placed their sabers into the Stone of Destiny, no longer needing weapons of war in a time of peace. It is here they shall remain until those of you who can prove yourselves worthy release them. Harness their power as the first Chosen Ones did. Transforming them into mighty champions, guaranteeing peace and the triumph of good!” He turned toward the line of people that were to his left and then said, “Begin and let us see if you are truly chosen.”

The line moved on as the people in it tried to remove the Sabers from the stone, but like all other times they could not. The elder, whose name was Jera, sighed to himself as he knew this time would be no different from the last. The sabers would not be pulled from the Stone of Destiny and even if they were pulled from the stone, it would most likely not be in his lifetime.

Jera looked at the brunette girl wondering if she would ever try. Often when she and her friend were children they tried to pull out the Quasar Sabers. He thought he heard her say that it budged once, but then others made similar claims. Yet what made hers different was that she was still a child while others for whom the swords ‘budged’ for were well into adulthood. Jera turned his attention back to those who were still trying to pull the sabers when his attention was diverted to a shimmer that usually meant teleportation.

Suddenly, creatures came from out of nowhere and sprung on the people. They were insect warriors with mostly black bodies. Their chest and head exoskeletal armor was speckled with red, yellow, and purple dots. Covering their hands were black curved hook-shaped extensions, perhaps a foot and a half in length. They had two red insect eyes on the side of their heads, as well as small mandibles protruding from beside their jagged grimaces.

The people scattered in fear as strange insect creatures continued to appear within their villages. Jera told them to run away but the insects were relentless as they continued to chase the people no matter where they went. The insects started round up the people they managed to capture as well as set fire to some of their houses. Fires were starting to break out.

If things could not become any worse, hideous sadistic laughter could be heard as a creature came through a burning blaze and for those villagers still there that saw him, they thought him to be a demon.

The being that laughed had a gray skinned head with bright yellow hair in a pointy style. Behind his head was a gray organic-looking webby area, and in strips around his body were cyborg-like circuit patches that were part of his armor and had a large sword over his shoulder.

The ancient evil, or at least its emissary, had arrived.

“Hahahah! Yes, after all this time my master will possess the Quasar Sabers and I Furio shall get what I so rightfully deserve!” he declared as he tried to pull the center saber out of the rock with all of his might believing that this was the day that evil would win. Out of the corner of his eye though he noticed two young girls running away. One of them was the brunette from earlier, the other was her friend. ~ Hmm. They look nice. Might do well for a slave girl or two for myself. ~ he sneered evilly as he ordered some Stingwingers to go after them. Furio then went back to the task at hand.

Gaining the Quasar Sabers.

Meanwhile back on Earth, a very important and history event was about to take place. High above the sapphire blue planet was a huge space station that had been built from the technology gained from its membership in the Galactic Alliance. This was the Earth’s greatest achievement, its crowning jewel: the space colony Terra Venture. Its mission, to find a new world to colonize human life.

And now was its time to shine.

Not far away from Terra Venture was a space station that seemed to be made up of several circular modules connected to a central spire. Several of these circles had ships docked in them, shuttles mostly, but there were one or two other vessels that were moored at this station.

This station was known as the Orbital Space Platform. Its primary mission was to oversee all administration affairs from a space standpoint. Shipbuilding, dry-dock installations, shuttle missions, all of it went through this station, including matters of military personnel.

Inside the space platform, Commander Richard Stanton walked through a hallway with four GSA officers behind him dressed in either red or blue GSA uniforms. At Stanton’s side was a young man in his mid 20’s with black hair wearing a blue GSA uniform but showing some differences from the standard blue uniform.

Stanton himself was in his early forties and wore the black colored outfit of the Commander of Terra Venture. The four were making their way to a waiting travel pod that would take them to the waiting colony. As Stanton walked the day to day reports were being given to him.

“The engine tests will occur at 0800, ” Stanton’s right hand man reported looking at his PALM.

“Excellent. Keep the shuttles running on schedule. Add more flights if necessary.” Stanton replied without breaking a stride as he came to the shuttle the Science Division would use, but turned around to address his officers. “Gentlemen. Terra Venture leaves orbit to find a new world in eight hours. Keep up the good work. Michael, ” Stanton gestured to his right hand man to follow him while the other officers had gone off to perform their other duties. “What else to have to report?”

“The reactors are charged at 98. 8% and rising.” Mike said as they walked through the area, taking a left past a shuttle being used for transport of horticulture research. Commander Stanton evaluated the work that was being done, and applauded the officer in charge, who was nearby.

“Good. Miss Morgan, ” Stanton said to a young blonde haired woman in a red GSA uniform wearing glasses. He noticed she looked started when he addressed her, “How is it going?”

The young woman stood up but was still nervous as she gave her report, as her stuttering reflected. “These are…the last of the experimental hybrids…and that…they were…running ahead of…schedule by 20 minutes.”

“Only twenty minutes, ” Stanton said with a smile on his face as he walked away. The young woman then slumped feeling very much relieved while Mike went over to her. “You work too hard Kendrix.”

“I’m just trying to do my job to the best of my ability.” Kendrix replied composing herself. She then added with more assurance due to their friendship. “Better catch up with the Commander or you’ll be chewed out.”

Mike chuckled as he said he’d meet her later during the training session on the moon this afternoon. He caught up with Stanton as they both entered the adjacent Command Headquarters. Glancing at the work of two officers manning a control station, Stanton remarked, “Excellent. Make sure that all system’s checks are up to date.” He turned to his left thinking Mike would be there but caught him staring out the window at the Earth.

Stanton joined him and looked out through the window. “Beautiful isn’t it Mr. Corbett?” Mike nodded. “Take a good, long look. Odds are you’ll never see her again, ” with that he left Mike alone.

Michael Corbett stayed there for a few more minutes before taking one last gazing look at Earth. He knew he’d probably never see it again. “Sorry little bro, but you are better off staying on Earth.”

Down on Earth, it was a bit chaotic, but things went rather smoothly for those leaving to the station colony. To be accepted as a citizen of the space colony was no easy task. It was for those who were fortunate enough to travel, the opportunity of a lifetime.

For months people had gone all out to prove themselves worthy of making the trip. Rich or poor, regardless of race or gender, only those that had been screened and had gone through the proper channels for application as well as being selected by the governmental system that would run Terra Venture would be granted the privilege to be on allowed on.

At one of the check in stations, people who had been screened and deemed to go to the colony were passing through the spaceport. Still that didn’t keep people from trying to fake their way in but it ended in failure nonetheless and the security officers kept throwing the unauthorized out. Which was what they were doing now to one such ‘unauthorized visitor’.

“For the last time don’t come back unless you have a passport!” one of the guards spat.

“All right, cool off, ” said the young man replied holding up his hands as he walked away from the building. He had been the only person not wearing dress clothing. He wore a velvety red shirt and a necklace and carried a black travel bag over his shoulder.

After walking sometime around in Angel Grove he then went into an alley nearby. “DAMN IT!” He screamed as he angrily hit a box. He then kicked a can and then hit a trashcan before falling back against a building wall and letting despair sink in.

“Its over… I’ve lost everything…” Leo Corbett sighed in defeat. “… Mike… why did you have to do this to me… why?”

Back on Mirinoi, Furio was not happy.

“NO! I can’t believe this!!!” Furio shouted as he started hacking at the Stone of Destiny with his sword and was trying to get the sabers but nothing was happening. “Damn it! The greatest power in the universe and this stupid piece of rock is keeping me from possessing them!” Furio then paced the ground wondering how else to release the sabers. He also wondered what was keeping his two slave girls.

The young women in question ran as fast as they could to escape the three creatures. She had tried to lose them, but there were so many swarming the planet that escape seemed impossible. Suddenly one of them ended up being split from the other.

“Shondra!” the other said.

“Keep going!” Shondra cried but then her figure was gone.

Shondra’s friend kept trying to lose them, but there were so many swarming the planet that escape seemed impossible.

That didn’t stop her from trying however.

On Earth, Leo found himself dwelling on events. Events that would lead his brother to journey to the stars and beyond, searching for a New World. Events Leo would apparently have no part of

When the Corbett boys were younger, they had to fend for themselves. Michael Corbett was the older brother who had to look after his two younger brothers, Leo and Willy, since their parents both passed on. When Mike got the assignment to be on Terra Venture Leo hoped that Mike would take him and the youngest Corbett brother along. Willy politely declined the offer saying that he was satisfied with working with Billy Cranston, and could go to him if he needed to. Leo hoped to go along with Mike but when the colonist list came out, and he wasn’ t on it, Leo was bitter.

Leo knew Mike had to be involved in making sure he didn’t get on the colonist list. ~ He treats me like a child at times. As if I don’t know things. ~ Leo shook his head. I know a lot more than Mike does. ~ Heck I’m dating the Princess of Darkness and he thinks she’s just a typical California girl. ~ He knew a lot of things and those things he had to keep secret. He hadn’t seen Karone for a while and he knew why.

Because the whole state of affairs in the galaxy was now changing and she had to make sure he made it through alive. That made his wish to be on Terra Venture even stronger. So he could find her. Now though it didn’t look as if that would ever happen.

Leo also thought of his little brother Willy. When their parents died the three Corbett brothers had to look out for one another. Mike was the elder brother who had to be the father figure. Leo was the middle child who was something of a troublemaker but his heart was always in the right place. Willy however was the brains of the three brothers. His intelligence was enough to get him admitted into the young genius’s program with Billy Cranston serving as his mentor. Mike and Willy had both set out their paths, yet Leo had the feeling that his was the one that was held back. That his destiny wouldn’t be realized, and right now he blamed Mike for that.

“Damn it!” he shouted as he vented his anger on some cardboard boxes that littered the alley. He then heard someone crying out. “Help me!” Leo heard the cry, and even though he was still angry, thought he could do something to help. ~ Besides the workout could do me some good. ~ he thought as he ran down the alley to see what the cries were about. When he arrived he saw three punks harassing an old woman demanding she turn their passport over to them

“Give me the passport, ” one demanded as the others tried to grab her arms.

“Please leave me alone…” the woman pleaded as one of the thugs pushed her down.

“Give us your passport grandma or we’ll break you into two.” They sneered until…

“Leave the woman alone!”

The thugs turned around and saw Leo was the source of the command, “And what will you do if we don’t?” the leader of the gang asked as Leo took a position in front of the old woman. “Get lost moron, all we want is the passport. Have granny give it to us and we can leave.”

“You mean this passport?” Leo asked showing the item then moving it around like a magician at a kids party before putting it in a paper bag. “You want it?”

“Well that would be the plan Einstein, ” the thug leader growled.

“Come and get it.” Leo said as he suddenly kicked the leader into a shopping cart, which rolled down the alley with him in it. Mike had seen to it that both his little brothers were capable of fighting back if needed and then there were the lessons he had gotten from Karone, so Leo believed he was more than capable of handling whatever the thugs would throw their way.

The other two thugs saw their leader go down and pressed on their attack. However they were fighters (and the term is loosely applied here) who relied on going for a direct bash to the face, so they just threw punches that Leo was able to dodge. He then gave a thug a spin kick knocking the first thug into a nearby sofa that was left for the garbage men to pick up, and the second one met with a punch that knocked him back into a stack of crates.

The first crook however recovered quickly and tried to sneak up on Leo with a left hook that he wouldn’t see coming. Leo however saw it out of the corner of his eye and ducked, then he climbed onto a wooden box hoping to deliver a kick to the side of his head. Sadly one of the crooks got in a lucky shot and kicked Leo’s legs out from under him. Leo landed on the threadbare sofa and the leader grabbed the paper bag from him. “Ha! Ha! We got it! Let’s go!” were what he thugs were saying as they ran off to plan how they would sneak all three on board the colony.

“No, please stop, ” the old woman pleaded, but the crooks long gone, and even if they heard her they didn’t care. Her face fell as they held the bag over their heads like it was a winning lottery ticket and she thought her dreams had been shattered. “My passport, ” she said as tears started to fall down her face.

“You mean this?” Leo asked holding up the passport. “I figured it would be better for them to just leave thinking they got what they want rather than have to endanger you at all.”

Tears of sadness turned to joy as the woman realized her dreams were not dead. “Thank you, ” she said not hiding her joy. “I owe you so much.”

“You owe me nothing Ma’am, ” Leo replied. “Just happy I could help.” He then looked at his watch. “You better hurry before you miss your flight.”

“Aren’t you going?”

“No, I wasn’t selected.” Leo replied simply. He didn’t want to dwell it right now.

“Too bad, the New World needs people like you with a good heart and willing to risk their lives for others. Well, I’d better go and thank you again.”

Leo smiled and waved goodbye hiding the fact that he now felt even worse than he did before. As he waved he heard the woman’s words in her mind and sighed. ~ The new world needs people like you with a good heart and willing to risk their lives for others. ~ were what Leo heard over and over in his mind. He also thought about Karone, some where in space. He loved her so much. He couldn’t let her go.

~Well if the world needed heroes, how could I turn it down? I can’t give up on my dreams or on the people I care for. One way or another I AM going to Terra Venture. ~ Leo thought determinedly.

Sometime later, as workers were loading luggage onto luggage trucks to load into the passenger shuttle waiting nearby, Leo hid behind some cases and crates until he accidentally knocked off a case, and two guards in the area spotted him.

“Hey you!” one of the guards shouted.

“Shit…” Leo cured as he ran as fast as he could. He needed to get out the way and fast and when he saw a luggage buggy with its door open, he knew he had to take the shot so he jumped in. With the most incredible of luck he got into the shuttle without being found at all.

As the shuttle lifted off the guards that had been chasing him came together. “You find him?” one of them asked. The other shook his head. Growling at this mess, the first guard broke out his walkie-talkie, “Command this ground station seven. We have a stowaway. A young male Caucasian teenager with dark hair and a red shirt.”

“Copy that. We’ll find him once he’s on board” came the reply.

For Leo to say that the ride up to Terra Venture, by breaking through the earth’s atmosphere while he in the cargo hold was uncomfortable, was an understatement. He had to wait until they had broken orbit and for the right moment to get into the passenger area. After a while he head that people could remove the seatbelts and decided to make his move as soon as possible. After he saw a stewardess pass over a vent, Leo sneaked up from a floor panel in the rear of the cabin. After he had straightened his clothes, he walked down the aisle took an empty seat near the rear, making an unattended young girl in the seat beside him look oddly at him.

“Um… Hi, ” Leo said friendly not to make the girl scare of him at all, “Do you mind if I look out of the window?”

The girl shook her head and Leo spent the next few minutes staring at his destination, awe-struck by the sheer scale of Terra Venture.

The ship itself was immense. A main dome stood atop a central section with six massive engines at the base of the section. Leo deduced that the spire section was where the services of the ship were. Crew quarters, engineering, science labs, etc. The main dome itself contained a city with skyscrapers contained inside, and a top of that was the command tower, which served as the bridge of the massive colony, as well as the primary science lab. In the distance Leo saw a turbolift car coming from the tallest skyscraper to the command tower and deduced that the tower had to have a transparent turbo shaft connecting it to the skyscraper, and the rest of the colony.

Other transport tubes connected the command tower to the city dome. And Leo noticed similar tubes connecting the main dome to six subdomes positioned around the main dome. As the shuttle flew close to Terra Venture Leo took in these domes amazed by what he saw.

Leo saw the first dome with trees, and hypothesized that it had to be the forest dome, which could help naturally supply oxygen throughout the colony. Leo saw another dome, which looked like a combination of forest, small city, and flat land. The third dome in his field of vision was positioned lower than the others yet also had a small city contained. Most likely for those citizens who didn’t prefer the hustle and bustle of the city element the main dome would provide. The little girl took a look at Leo and saw that he was having the time of his life just by looking at the colony. She briefly wondered what would happen once he stepped onto it.

Soon the colony left Leo’s field of vision as the shuttle veered around for a pass. Leo then moved up to the pilot’s cockpit and sneaked in a peek at the pilots bringing the shuttle around. Once the maneuvering was completed Leo got a look at Terra Venture that allowed him to take in the colony in all its glory. If the pilots turned around they would have seen a look in Leo’s eyes that appeared like someone who was lost, but had finally come home.

The shuttle then made its way down the other side of Terra Venture where three other domes resided. Leo made his way back to the chair where the little girl was and took in these domes. First in his vision was the Industrial dome, followed by a second (and seemingly smaller) Industrial dome, and finally was a dome with a mountain inside, which was appropriately called the Mountain Dome.

Leo also looked at the cylinder section, which was divided into three separate sections, with the engines as the sections at the base. Each of these sections were interconnected with the domes, as well as with ten tiny subdomes located at nodes connected to the middle section of the cylinder. With six nodes connected to this section Terra Venture had a series of sixty subdomes to complement the six main domes and the main city dome located at the top.

The first section was just below the city dome composing of three support beams in a Y-shaped arrangement. These beams were thicker than the dome to dome tunnels seemed to be illuminated by five light strips designed in a linear fashion. The middle section seemed to be a smaller version of the first section, and served as a divider between the first section the dome rested on, and the third section with the engines beneath. Leo however took in everything about the station, no matter how inconsequential.

Finally they were coming to the landing bay at the top of the cylinder just below the city dome. The shuttle set down slowly until finally coming to a stop. “Shuttle secured.” The voice said over the intercom. “Thanks.” Leo said to the little girl he had shared the trip with.

“No problem” she said as she got up out of her chair and went to find her mother and father. Leo also stood up and blended in with the disembarking passengers trying hard not to be noticed.

Things were going good for Leo, despite his heart pounding a drum solo due to him being incredibly nervous. After taking a deep breath he relaxed himself, and continued on. No one had stopped him until he approached the arrival desk and noticed the two guards who had so graciously kicked him out earlier. Leo hoped they wouldn’t notice him but when they turned around and saw him, that hope was quickly dashed.

“Hey, come back here!” the guard shouted.

~And just when things were going so well… ~ Leo thought as he rode down the escalator. He could pretty much take any security guard but he didn’t want to fight them at all. He just wanted to be on Terra Venture. Unfortunately he was still having problems as he saw that there were more guards at the bottom. “Not my day…” he muttered as he turned around and ran back up the moving staircase to avoid them. He looked over his shoulder and failed to notice the two GSA officers who had stumbled into his path.

As they started to get up Leo and the blonde female officer with glasses locked eyes for a moment. “I’m totally sorry, ” Leo said. “Let me help you up.”

She just looked at him as she thanked him. ~ He’s cute. ~ she thought. Leo on the other hand thought, ~ She’s a nice girl but I already have someone with my heart. ~

Her companion then got in between then. “You should be more careful.”

“Yeah… sorry about this.” Leo said as he then left them. Moments later two guards came up to the two GSA officers. “You see a guy with a red shirt and black bag come through here?”

“What did he do?” the female asked. They were told he was a stowaway. Her companion was about to say something but she beat him to it.

“No… no we haven’t seen him.” Her voice was soft and feminine.

Her friend gave her an incredulous look, but didn’t say a word until the guards passed out of earshot. “What was that all about Kendrix?” He demanded.

Kendrix shrugged. “He looked like he could use a break Kai.” With that she started down the crowded dock once again.

Kai Chen clenched his jaw but followed. He did not like the mysterious teen in red at all.

Leo took another escalator up and saw more guards being radioed that they’d lost the stowaway, but he was soon spotted, so he ducked behind a pillar as a squadron of soldiers marched by. Just then a soldier with a soldier uniform cart was passing by and leaned over at a water fountain, Leo grabbed a helmet and uniform and then ducked into the men’s room, successfully escaping the guards who had lost track of him and went into another direction to continue the search.

A few moments later, Leo emerged in a black soldier uniform with a red-striped oval badge as she strapped on his helmet. ~ Now to get out of here before anything else can go wrong. ~ he decided. He thought he was home free until…

Leo came face to face with Commander Stanton.

The commander looked at Leo skeptically. “You’re going the wrong way.” The commander said.

~Oh great now what?~ Leo wondered. Stanton was quick to explain.

“We are on a tight schedule already as it is soldier.” A smile came to Leo’s lips as he realized that he was being thought that he was just a soldier like any other. ~ Better play along for now unless I want to get sent back to earth. ~ he decided as he fell into line with the other soldiers.

As the soldiers marched toward heli-ships outdoors, Leo ended up being given an armored GSA vest, just like the other soldiers. “Whoa where are we going?” he asked.

“The moon. Training exercise, ” was his answer from a soldier behind him.

“The moon?!” Leo shot out, “But I just got here!” he almost got out of line but the soldiers kept pushing him forward and soon enough he found himself in the heli-ship. Once all of the soldiers were aboard the doors closed. Leo looked around he saw a commander of some sort near the door to the cockpit.

“These are the last defense exercises before Terra Venture leaves.” The Commander addressed the soldiers, “All of your senses have to be on full battle alert. No mistakes.” He made a motion and Leo saw one of the two people he had bumped into earlier passing out energy rifles and looking to his left, he saw that girl there too. ~ Perfect… they see me, they’ll know I’m not a soldier and then I’ll get deported… this is just perfect~ Leo groaned to himself.

“Remember, this will be a full battle-ready exercise, including explosives” the Commander stated, “Watch for your enemy. Anticipate. Stay calm, and remember… never ever leave a team member behind.” That was all he said before he went into the cockpit.

~Just perfect… ~ Leo thought to himself, wondering how he was going to get out of this one.

At the cockpit, Commander Stanton sat in the seat that his second had left for him, “Gentlemen is everything at full?”

“Yes sir, ” Michael Corbett replied, “ETA is at 1030.”

“Very good. Take us up gentlemen, ” Stanton said.

Within seconds the heli-ship went up and flew to its destination. The moon.

On Mirinoi, Shondra ran as far as she could, until she came to the end of the path. Behind her the Stingwingers continued to approach.

Looking down Shondra saw a river with a waterfall streaming into it. This was a special place to the Mirinoians where the young and old could come to have fun or romance depending on one’s preference. Right now Shondra was looking for neither as she heard the Stingwingers get closer.

She looked down at the water and saw no other option but to dive into the water hoping the Stingwingers wouldn’t follow. Shondra did so and hit the water with a splash. When the Stingwingers came they hovered around for a few minutes hoping to find a sign of her. When none turned up, they figured that she either disappeared, or drowned. The Stingwingers flew down the river hoping to find if she swam downstream.

When the Stingwingers were far enough away Shondra broke through the surface of the water, and waded as she looked around for any other sign of the Stingwingers. When none were present she swam her way back to shore, got out of the water and hid in the brush as she made her way back to the village, hoping the sun would be enough to dry her off.

The other young girl was still running for her life. Trying to avoid the creatures after her but they kept coming and now they were firing red colored beams from their eyes at her.

“Oh by the Heart of Mirinoi, someone please help me!” she screamed.

Apparently someone answered that plea for a vortex opened up right in front of her. One in which she ran right through not even seeing it until it was too late.

As she felt through the vortex, she felt her body stretching and shortening. She was going at speeds that were impossible to imagine and all she could see now where multi shifting colors.

She didn’t know where she was or where she was going. All that mattered was that she had escaped those Stingwingers. Her grandmother told her horror stories about them to keep her from being bad as a child.

But if they were real… then Scorpius, the evil master of those creatures, had to be real too.

She then realized that even though she had escaped, she had to find a way back, she couldn’t let that monster get his hands on the Quasar Sabers.

The only problem with that was she didn’t have a clue of how to get back. She only prayed that she stopped falling.

And soon.

On the moon, two heli-ships landed on the surface. The landing doors opened and a large group of soldiers exited from the ships, each group staying together not mixing with the other. Even though the UAE didn’t maintain their respective bases on the moon anymore, some pockets of air still remained. It was in these pockets that the soldiers held their training exercises in.

Beside one group, Mike had taken up front and ordered to everyone, “Come on, let’s move!” This was the command to begin the training exercise and all of the soldiers started shouted and running. Kai ended up taking up lead of a sub group that had broken of from a main though. The explosions forced them to duck behind a hill. Kai looked over at his group, “Kendrix and you stay here, ” he said pointing to the two individuals, “The rest… move out!” he ordered taking his men over the hill like a brave general.

The other man with Kendrix though, was none other than Leo. ~ Is there some sort of force in the universe that likes to play these games with me? Seriously? What can you throw at me next?~ he wondered. He turned around to his left and suddenly regretted his words when he saw a device with a blinking red light on top no less than twenty feet from him and Kendrix. “Oh come on now! Is there really some higher force that likes making my life hell?!”

“Huh?” Kendrix muttered before she felt Leo grab her by the arm and started taking her away. “Hey what are you…”

“Just shut up and run or we are dead!” Leo shouted and hearing his tone Kendrix started to run with him instead of against. She didn’t need to even look back to know there had been a mine near them. She only needed to hear the tone of the soldier’s voice. They kept running as fast as they could hey both ran as fast as they could when the explosion erupted sending them to the ground.

Kai heard the explosions and saw where they had come from, “Oh my god… KENDRIX!!” Not wasting any time he ran as if he own very life depended on it.

As they started to get up, Leo felt his head hurting a little. He knew it was a bad move, but better a bad move now than have this pain end up causing Permanent damage to his head, so he took off his helmet, “You okay?” he asked Kendrix out of natural concern.

“Yeah… I think so…” she replied as she took her own helmet off. She felt herself being helped and then saw his face, “… its you.”

“Um yeah…” Leo scratched the back of his head.


~Oh perfect…~ Leo groaned as the guy from before cam running down.

“Kendrix!” Kai gasped as he finally reached her. “You alright?” Kendrix nodded but then Kai saw Leo. “You… You’re the stowaway!” he shouted as he pulled Leo and harshly holding him up against a mound.

“Kai! Kai let him go!” Kendrix shouted.

Suddenly Mike came over the moon hill. “Is everybody okay?” he asked coming up to the little group. He took a closer look at the stowaway who was trying hard not to look at their commanding officer. “Leo?” He asked getting a closer look at him and his face turned into one of anger. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Wait… you know him?” Kendrix asked

“Yeah, ” Mike replied clearly angry. “He’s my little brother.”

“He’s your brother?” Kai repeated in amazement.

Ignoring them at the moment, Mike grabbed Leo’s arm with a very firm grip as he dragging him away, “I told you not to come on Terra Venture. This isn’t some joyride, Leo!” Mike growled in to his brother’s face, “Anything could happen. Anything! And the colony may never go back to Earth… ever!”

Having enough of that, Leo shoved his brother aside and out of his hard grip, “Yeah well I want to see what’s out there just as much as you Mike! You ever think of that while you trying to keep me off the citizen list for the colony?”

“And what about Willy? Who’ll look after him?” Mike asked.

“Damn it Mike! You know Willy can look after himself! Besides, he’s got the Cranstons to go to in case things get tough!” Leo countered. “And don’t you dare change the subject!”

“Leo this isn’t the time or the place.” Mike told him but Leo shoved Mike back.

“The hell it isn’t!” Leo shouted. “If not now then when Mike! Especially if you are saying the colony may never come back to Earth again! Come on Mike? What do I have left on Earth? I am done with school, all of my friends are either dead, out of the country or on Terra Venture. Our parents are dead, we have no living relatives and other than Willy, you are the last thing that I have left as far as family!” Leo stared at his brother as if he was boring right though his skull, “So can you tell me what the hell did you think you were doing for me other than consigning me to a life of bitterness and emptiness?! You might as well have killed me!”

“Alright that’s enough!” Mike spat but before the argument between the Corbett brothers could continue, they were interrupted by the sudden bright glow of a forming above a hill. Suddenly a mysterious portal opened and out spat one young girl with brown hair and jungle clothing tumbled out and came to a stop on the ground next to Leo and Mike.

The young girl cautiously looked up at Leo and Mike and rose to her feet. She attempted to run, but Kai and Mike blocked her path. They had questions they wanted to ask.

However before they could, the portal opened again and this time three insect like creatures emerged. Mike, Kendrix and Kai didn’t know what to make of them though Leo was worrying a bit. He recognized them thanks what Karone showed him of UAE files. ~ Stingwingers. Foot soldiers of Scorpius… this is not good. ~ “They’re after you aren’t they?” Leo asked.

The girl nodded and moved behind Kai and Mike.

“They’ll have to go through us first, ” Mike stated.

When the creatures attacked, Mike and Leo attempted to defend the girl. Both were knocked out of the way by the surprisingly strong warriors. They nodded to Kendrix and Kai so that together the four of them attacked. When they were able to get their laser weapons, the Stingwingers turned tail and retreated back into the portal.

“Who are you?” asked Mike the strange girl when the creatures had finally gone.

“My name is Maya, I’m from the planet Mirinoi, ” she told them.

“I’ve never heard of Mirinoi, ” Kendrix said but then saw Maya was heading toward the portal. “Wait! Where are you going?”

“I have to go back, ” Maya said. “Scorpius will destroy my world if he gets his hands on the Quasar Sabers.”

~So these really were Stingwingers… ~ Leo thought to himself. ~ … and if Scorpius is as bad as the history archives told… ~ his mind was made up. This girl and her people need help and he was going to help them. “Then let’s go.”

Kai then pulled him aside. “What are you nuts?! We have no idea where that portal goes. Or if anyone can come back.”

Leo shoved Kai said. “And what are we supposed to do? Turn our backs and just let this happen?” He looked over at Mike. “Mike these people need our help.”

“He’s right Mike.” Kendrix said.

“Mike. We have to help them.” Leo said.

“You are staying right here.” Mike stated.

“Mike none of us can go. Terra Venture is going to leave in a few hours and it won’t wait for anyone.” Kai said.

“I’m going with Kendrix and Maya. We’ll be back before the colony leaves.” Mike said to Kai. “Take care of my brother.”

“But Mike, ” Leo protested.

“No buts, ” Mike ordered. “Head back to the heli-ships. You don’t know what there and I am not going to see you get hurt. Kai.”

As Kai then started taking Leo away, Kendrix, Maya and Mike entered the portal.

However Leo had other plans.

“I think you got that in reverse Mike considering the fact I know about the Scorpion Empire and what Scorpius has got.” Leo said.

“Wha…” Kai just blinked letting his guard down long enough for Leo to break away and then rushed for the portal.

“Leo!” Kai yelled as the portal closed.

With nothing better to do he returned to the heli-ship. He made excuses for those who were missing and took his place. He had to do something to get them back. He had to use this trip back to figure it out. He needed an answer.

The heli-ship flew away from the moon, but still Kai could not help but be concerned about his friends, the strange girl that had appeared, and yes even that stowaway who happened to be Mike’s brother. They had no idea what they were getting into, and they had no back up to call upon.

Somehow he had to get to wherever they were, but the only problem was where were they?

Kai felt he could get a fix on Mirinoi’s location through the Stellar Cartography lab that was on the orbital space platform that Howard Industries had set up. CEO Geese Howard indicated that he had come across some UAE findings that enabled him to help better equip the GSA, as well as keep them informed on where possible threats could be. The Platform was barely a few months old, but already major things were happening there: weapons research for the GSA, intel gathering on supposed neighboring systems and species, ship development…

~Ship development?~ Kai thought. Then he remembered, there was a prototype spaceship being developed there. It was supposed to be on par with the Astro Rangers’ Astro Megaship, however there were some flaws in the design. Chief among them was the vessel’s inability to transform. Others ranged from too much engine power to inadequate structure. Kai struggled to remember what the name of the project was. It was supposed to be what the first vessel’s name was.

Suddenly Kai remembered. The ship was called Defiant

It was an experimental ‘escort ship’ designed for when the GSA would move on to larger cruisers. Unofficially the Defiant was a pure warship. Armed to the teeth, and faster than anything man had yet to achieve. This was in part to plans for a hyperrush drive that Geese Howard had ‘appropriated’ from UAE files, and was brought to life by Lindsey Walsh and Angela Fairweather.

However the ship had its flaws. Chief among them was that the vessel had more power than it knew what to do with. At a test of the engines the vessel was literally shaking itself apart after a full hyperrush test. Structural integrity was unable to compensate, and the computer was nowhere near the capacity of the Astro Megaship’s D. E. C. A. Overtures were made to the Astro Rangers for the plans to D. E. C. A. , but they were politely declined citing reasons of not interfering in the development of humanity.

Afterward the Defiant project was suspended until such time as the ship could be made to be fully operational again. It sat in Dry-dock with only a mechanic to watch over it as well as Kai’s own sister Mei who was assigned as security detail. Something Kai had arranged through Mike.

Mike understood when Kai stated that he needed to look after the youngest sibling. His own sister had been so eager to prove herself that Kai always thought she would do something stupid if moved into the important jobs. To that end Kai always tried to get Mei safe jobs that involved minimal risk, much to Mei’s displeasure. “I can relate.” were the words he had chosen. And after seeing Leo Kai knew Mike was telling the truth.

But that didn’t change the fact that Kai needed the Defiant , and he needed it now.

The Defiant sat moored to the docking ring of the Orbital Space Platform. Every system was operational, despite signs that they may never be used for a good long time. ~ I guess Mei likes to run a pretty tight ship. ~ Kai thought humorously. The one thing he and his younger sister had in common was that they were both sticklers for the rules and regulations.

Finally he made his way to the bridge where he took a look around. Systems took up both sides of the bridge with a main monitor taking center focus. A test pattern sat on the viewer stating that while it was currently not in use it was ready for use. Kai took in all the systems on the walls: Tactical, Sensors and Science, Engineering, Environmental, in the center of the bridge was the helm and navigation console with the command chair directly behind it.

As Kai was taking in the sight of the bridge he felt a tap on his shoulder. He knew it was Mei. “Hey Kai, would you mind telling me what’s going on here? I got a call saying to get this ship ready to go then you break off.”

Kai turned to his sister and said flat out “This vessel’s being recommissioned.”

“On whose authority?” a voice said from the turbolift door. Kai and Mei both turned and saw a dark skinned young man in green greased stained overalls. Kai deduced that he was the ship’s mechanic but the name escaped him at the moment. “And you are?”

“Damon Henderson. The mechanic.” Damon said extending his hand which Kai took. “And I’ll tell you, this ship is nowhere near ready to fly.”

“Well she’s going to have to be ready like right now.” Kai stated. “There’s a rescue mission that needs to get underway.”

“Rescue mission?” Mei asked. “Who needs rescuing?”

Kai briefly went into an explanation about what happened on the training moon. The strange girl who appeared through a vortex, Mike, Kendrix and a stowaway named Leo who was Mike’s brother who had gone through after them, and Kai determining the co-ordinates of the planet named Mirinoi that they had gone to. “There is also a portal that we will have to go through when we get there. I have no idea how long it will be open, so we have to move fast.”

“Has command approved this mission?” Mei then asked.

“No, I haven’t been able to go through channels.” Kai said. Mei looked at Kai in surprise as if saying ‘since when have you never found the time to go through channels?’

“Look, Terra Venture is getting ready to leave in twelve hours. We have until then to find the others and get back by then. And this ship is the best chance to do that.” Mei thought about it and then decided “All right then, but I’m coming with you.”

Kai couldn’t believe it. “Mei…”

“I mean it. My assignment is to guard this vessel. You made sure of that.” Kai then felt uncomfortable as he felt his actions come back to haunt him, and then he realized that Mike had done the same thing to Leo leading him to be a stowaway. Both he and Mike tried to protect their younger siblings, and both resented such ‘protection’.

Mei continued to speak. “If this ship leaves dock and I’m still on it, I can safely say that I’m doing my job as part of GSA security. Besides, you’re going to need the best helmsgirl in the whole GSA, and that’s me.”

“And if you want someone to keep this bucket together, I guess I’d better go along too.” Damon stated. Kai sighed knowing he had no choice.

“All right. Damon take engineering, Mei take the helm. I’ll take sensors.” All three went to their respective stations and got underway.

“Moorings retracted, all systems at ready.” Mei said behind the helm. “Reverse thrust engaged.”

The Defiant pulled away from the docking ring then turned around into the far reaches of space. Mei took the ship to one-quarter fusion drive and cleared the orbital docking platform. Next came the hard part, the Hyperrush system and finding out where Mirinoi was. Kai however was able to use the sensors to track energy trails that corresponded with a magic portal, and triangulated where the origin point would be thanks to the info he picked up from Stellar Cartography. Quickly he passed the co-ordinates on to Mei.

“Are the co-ordinates laid in?” Kai asked. Mei confirmed they were.

Damon looked at the engineering console and quickly determined what the best speed would be for safe hyperrush travel. “Hyperrush five would be best.” Damon stated.

“Hyperrush five then.” Mei stated as she lay in the speed vectors. The ship then roared to life and in a streak of light went into Hyperrush, on its way to Mirinoi.


Three young people trekked through the bushes on Mirinoi trying to make their way to where Furio and the Stingwingers were. Maya took the lead with Kendrix and Mike following, along the way Kendrix asked a question that had been troubling her.

“You never told me you had a younger brother.” Kendrix said.

“Well he’s a handful.” Mike replied. “I have a second brother back home too.”

“You’re kind of hard on your brother, why is that?” she asked.

“Leo has always been the reckless one, ” Mike explained. “After our parents died we ended up on our own for the most part. I’ve always tried to be there, but everywhere he goes he just seems to get himself into trouble.”

“Why did you decide to leave him behind?” Kendrix then asked.

“I guess I was hoping he’d learn responsibility if I wasn’t there. Also as I said before the journey would be dangerous, and we might never come back again.” Mike answered. Kendrix thought to herself ~ You and Kai would probably not be nominated for siblings of the year if you keep trying to hold Leo and Mei back to ‘protect’ them. ~ Kendrix knew Mei had resented Kai for seeing to it that she was put on security detail for the Defiant ‘for her own protection’.

“And what about this other brother? Willy is it?” Kendrix asked.

Mike smiled as he thought of the youngest Corbett brother. “Willy is the smart one. He’s enrolled in the young genius program in Angel Grove with Billy Cranston serving as his mentor.”

“Billy Cranston?” Kendrix said. “I don’t believe it. He’s a legend in that program.”

“He also mentored you didn’t he?” Mike asked Kendrix. Kendrix nodded “Yeah I was one of his earlier students. In fact it was at Billy’s recommendation that I be assigned to the Terra Venture project.”

Mike nodded knowing about the recommendation. The conversation ended though as Maya signaled them to follow her as they entered a large brush of trees.

Leo had made it through the portal not long after Kendrix, Maya and Mike went through. Leo took a moment to scout around. He didn’t see any Stingwingers around, but he could hear them moving closer to where he was. Taking off as fast as he could Leo ran through the brush only to feel a hand grab him from behind when he stopped to find a place to hide. The hand belonged to Mike, but the tone of voice indicated that he was not happy to see Leo.

“I told you not come, ” whispered Mike angrily.

“Maya needs all the help she can get, ” Leo whispered back. “And it’s not as if you know anything Stingwingers or Scorpius.”

Maya then blinked. “How did you know that? I never said what they were!”

Before anyone could answer Leo then pulled Mike’s gun from him and then shot the two Stingwingers he heard coming right between the eyes. “Hit Stingwingers right between the eyes hard enough and they are disabled.”

Mike just stared at his brother in complete surprise. “How the hell do you know this?”

Leo shook his head. “There’s a lot of things you don’t know Mike.” Leo then looked across. “Right now that’s not important. What is important is helping Maya and her people.”

“We have to hurry before the invaders destroy my planet.” Maya said as she headed off back into the jungle.

“Let’s go.” Leo said following her. Mike just stood staring at his brother. ~ This isn’t the thrill jumper of a brother I know… he’s changed a lot more than I thought… ~ Mike then amended. ~ And he is old enough to make his own decisions now. I had no right trying to keep him from getting on Terra Venture. ~

“Mike.” Kendrix said snapping him out of his trance. Mike then nodded and they went after Leo and Maya.

Not far away in the brush Shondra was watching the four, watching as they made their way back to the village where the monsters were holding the people.

She continued to watch waiting for the right time to make her move.

From the portal that connected the galaxies together the Defiant came out of hyperrush in orbit over a blue green planet. “We have come out of hyperrush in orbit of Mirinoi.” Mei stated.

Kai immediately scanned for life signs. The planet seemed to be full of humanoid life, but there were some alien life signs that were unaccounted for. Kai deduced that Mike and the others would be. Now all they needed was a way to get down there.

“We can land the ship.” Mei stated. “The Defiant was equipped with landing struts.”

“As good an idea as I’ve ever heard.” Kai said. “Do it.”

Mei nodded and input the landing procedures into the helm console. “Ship systems on Blue Alert. Preparing for landing.”

The Defiant broke through the atmosphere and descended towards the surface of Mirinoi. As it descended Kai kept his eyes open for a clearing to land in. When he did Kai directed Mei to the co-ordinates, and activated the landing struts.

The Defiant set down easy enough and soon Kai and Damon were getting ready to disembark. Mei however shouted “Hey what about me?”

“You stay here and watch the ship.” Kai said. “If we need a fast take off I want to be ready.” Mei’s face then took on a pouty expression as Kai and Damon took off into the jungle.

“Watch it Kai. I’m not so little a sister as you might think I am.” Mei then went back to the helm console and kept her eyes open waiting for her brother to get back.

“ARGH!” Furio shouted as he continued to try to remove the sabers. “I am losing my patience here old man! Tell me how to remove the Quasar Sabers from the stone right now.

“You’ll never get the Sabers! You weren’t chosen!” Jera cried.

“Well then I’ll be the chosen one to end your life!” Furio shouted.

“Stop!” Maya then came out of woods along with Mike, Leo and Kendrix.

“Oh please. Just four of you?” Furio said.

“No.” a female voice spoke as Shondra came out of the brush. Maya saw her and shouted. “Shondra!”

Shondra nodded. “I’ll fight you.”

“So now it’s five?” Furio scoffed.

“Wrong.” Kai shouted as he emerged with Damon.

“The seven of us.” Damon stated.

A smile flashed across Mike’s face, matched by a look of relief on Maya’s. They took a moment to plan and then decided they had done well enough without one.

“All right, then let’s do this, ” Mike said. To Leo he added: “Be careful.”

“Enough of this farce… Attack!” Furio ordered.

The seven humans were soon to discover that the Stingwingers were not that simple to destroy. Kendrix fought hard, but the weight of her battle gear slowed her enough that one of the Stingwingers was able catch her off guard. The other followed suit and she was soon on the ground. Damon lashed out with a torque wrench, but was soon over powered and pinned to the ground. Kai performed a cartwheel kick and connected with yet another Stingwinger as Maya recovered from being thrown into a building, spun in the air and caught a Stingwinger in the chest. Shondra also helped in the fight knocking a Stingwinger off its feet.

Mike and Leo worked together, each of them relying on the other to watch his back. Mike took down the nearest Stingwinger with a right cross while Leo spin kicked one of them down before being tackled by another, separating him from Mike. Using all of his strength, he shoved the Stingwinger off of him and then attacked again forcing it back into a tree and knocked it out. “Too bad Willy’s not here.” Leo said. “He might have enjoyed this.”

“You know this is not his cup of tea.” Mike said almost amused.

Furio had finally gotten bored with all of this and decided to end it by charging at Mike and used his shoulder like a battering ram sending Mike flying back into the Stone of Destiny. Furio had finally noticed the disturbance and charged shoulder first into Mike. The boy was shoved backwards to land against the stone Furio had been desperate to crack.

“Time to die!” the villain sneered evilly as he swung his sword down with the intent of splitting Mike in two. In desperation the young man reached up to search for anything that would aid him. He found the handle of one of the Quasar Sabers, held it tight and pulled the entire sword out of the stone. The Saber clashed with Furio’s sword and Furio was sent flying landing on the ground hard. The fighting had come to stop with that strike, which sounded almost like a small explosion. Mike stared at the sword as it glowed a red light for a moment. All of the Mirinoians were in awe.

Furio however was getting up, not liking how people were being afraid any more, “Give me that saber and I will let you live!”

“Do you take me for a fool?” Mike returned as he noticed Kendrix, Maya, Kai and Damon close to him. He gestured with his for them to go to the stone.

Kendrix was the first to get as she asked, “Do you want us to try?” Mike only nodded. Kendrix nodded in reply as she walked up to one of the sabers. When she touched the sword it seemed like there was a connection. Kai, Damon and Maya also followed Kendrix’s example and went toward sabers. They too felt something.

Suddenly the Mirinoians were cheering, feeling that they were all safe now. Jera was the first of his people to speak feeling this relief, “The Quasar Sabers… freed after all these years. I never thought I’d live to see this.”

“We’ve been chosen!” Maya exclaimed. Mike, Kai, Kendrix and Damon had no idea what to make of that though.

Unfortunately for all, Furio was definitely not a happy camper. “If I can’t have the Quasar Sabers… then no one will!!!” He drove his sword into the planet’s crust. Suddenly, the ground started to turn to stone and it was starting to spread.

“Oh shit, ” Leo muttered. “It’s a stone spell! That’s Furio’s specialty!”

Furio however caught that end bit. ~ What?! How did he know my name!~

“Leo?” Mike shot.

“Mike we have to get off this planet now or we’re all going to be turned to stone!” Leo shouted. “Mike you have to trust me!”

“Hey I don’t know and I don’t care how he knows this but he’s right!” Damon shouted as he pointed showing the stone spell growing and it was affecting people.

“Jera!” Maya shouted seeing Jera still caught.

“Run Maya! Run Shondra now! Run!” he cried as he was starting to turn to stone.

Leo and Shondra helped grab Maya as they all started to run away. “There’s nothing we can do Maya. We have to get out of here!” Shondra said.

All seven teens and just managed to outrun the stone spell as they were following Kai and Damon to the ship they used when Furio and his Stingwingers appeared out of nowhere.

“Going somewhere?” the evil being laughed. “I don’t think so!” He brought his sword down again, but this time, instead of a stone-spell, the ground began to shake beneath their feet.

A huge crack opened up in between the two sets of forces, and as each of the teens tumbled away, there was one that could not move, as the crack opened up practically beneath Mike’s feet and then he just fell.

“MIKE!” Leo then broke away from the Stingwingers and went over to the chasm’s opening. He saw Mike hanging for dear life. “Mike hold on!”

“I can’t!” Mike shouted feeling the pain.

“You have to!” Leo shouted.

“Leo… take the saber!” Mike ordered.

“Your hand! Give me your hand!” Leo pleaded.

“I can’t reach you! Take the saber Leo!” Mike shouted.

“Alright!” Leo said reaching out as much as he could with Mike telling him to hurry up. Leo then got the saber and then looked at Mike. “Mike don’t let go!”

“It’s okay. You can carry on for me.” Mike said assuring to his brother.

“Mike… Mike don’t do this…” Leo pleaded knowing what his brother might do.

“You’re your own person Leo. I’m so proud of you Leo. I always have been… and I always will be.” Mike said. “No matter what things you have that I don’t know about I don’t care. You’re my brother. I’m proud of you Leo, and of Willy.”

With that said Mike just let himself go and fell.

“NO!!!” Leo shouted.

As Mike fell Leo could hear his voice. “Leo!!!”

Leo could only stand by in horror as the chasm closed.

“No!” Kendrix shouted.

“Mike!” Kai, Damon, Maya and Shondra cried.

“Who’s next? Hahahahahaha!” Furio’s voice was full of dark laughter and mockery. “Who else wants to die by my hands?”

Leo slowly got up, Mike’s Saber in his hand and his eyes blazing with fury.

“Oh what’s the matter? Baby Brother’s upset? Do you want a piece of me too boy?”

Leo didn’t answer even as Kai, Damon, Kendrix and Maya walked right over and stood right behind Leo, facing Furio and the Sting Wingers.

“Well what are you waiting for, a written invitation? Come on then! Show me what you got!” Furio challenged.

Leo just had the saber out in front of him but then it started to glow red as if it was on fire. And it wasn’t just with his saber. It was happening with the others.

~What is going on?~ Leo thought to himself as he stared at the saber.

In the Shadow Grid, Shadow felt a pull in the Balance.

A pull he hadn’t felt in exactly three millenniums.

~… is it already their time?~ Shadow thought. Immediately he began focusing on the world he had not been on in three thousand years.


~I HAVE to know what is going on there!~ Shadow thought.

“What? I don’t believe this! The Quasar Sabers are even more powerful than I thought!” Furio shouted as he still looked

Leo didn’t know what this feeling was but he just knew it was a good thing. He then lifted his saber up into the sky as did the others. Lightning stuck all five sabers and then in a blast of light and power blinded Furio.

“ARGH! That light is so bright!” Furio screamed as he covered his eyes when the light finally vanished. “Oh… WHAT?! WHAT IN THE GALAXY IS THIS?!”

What Furio saw were most definitely Rangers but they were unlike any rangers he had ever seen before. Their suits had white torsos with black zigzags across the chest, and zigzags on the glove and boot cuffs as well. The Rangers’ belt buckles were gold triangles with a black V in them. Other such V’s could be found on the swords they had in their hands. Their helmets resembled that of animals. The Pink Ranger’s helmet was shaped like the head of a Wildcat, the Yellow Ranger’s resembled that of a Wolf, the Green Ranger’s was made in the image of a Condor, the Blue Ranger’s looked like a Gorilla, and the Red Ranger’s helmet was in the shape of a Lion.

“Oh my god…” Yellow Ranger stared in awe.

“This is incredible!” Green Ranger gasped.

“Amazing…” Blue Ranger said in awe.

“This power is incredible!” Red Ranger exclaimed.

“I… I’m a Power Ranger…” Pink Ranger muttered in disbelief and shock.

Furio took a step back. “I don’t believe this…” he muttered but then shook his head. “But those suits won’t save you from me!”

“Why don’t we see about that?” Red Ranger said with an even tone. “Alright everyone. This is for Mike.”

“Stingwingers attack!” Furio shouted.

“Let’s go!” Red Galaxy said as the five Rangers charged while Shondra kept out of the way.

It would be beyond the ability of any author, no matter how talented, to describe just what happened in that battle. Despite none of them, save for Leo, having any real and solid education in sword fighting, each of them found that the movements of attack and defense came naturally to them in their new condition. In the back of each of their minds was a new title for themselves, something they had never envisioned before this moment.

Damon swept his blade in broad arcs before himself, clearing as many of the Stingwingers out of his way as he could. The few that weren’t threatened by his movements quickly fell to the accurate punches and kicks he found himself delivering. It was amazing and powerful and wonderful and terrifying, all at the same time. ~ Well, I am the Green Galaxy Ranger. This is what I’m supposed to do. ~ he thought. It was his destiny.

Kai had always liked being in control, obeying orders and doing what was demanded of him. Now he had a glimpse of something more important: doing what was right, following the dictates of his conscience and his heart without having to think if he should be doing this. Fighting evil was his destiny, his pride and his duty. His GSA training had given him the ability: now the Blue Galaxy Ranger would do what he was meant to do.

Kendrix was still in shock over the loss of Mike, but she pushed it out of her mind for now. She had to keep her mind on getting these things away from her and defeating them, bringing justice not only for what had happened to her long-time friend, but making certain it never happened to another living soul. The Pink Galaxy Ranger was not going to back down, now or ever.

Maya said nothing. The new Yellow Galaxy Ranger simply attacked the Stingwingers that came at her. She was trying to defend herself and her home but she knew her home was already lost. Now she wanted to preserve the spirit of Mirinoi, keep her best friend alive and see that justice is served.

Red Galaxy right now as clashing saber versus sword with Furio right now. He wanted Furio to pay for what he did not only to these innocent people but also to his brother. “Had enough yet?”

“Not likely!” Furio shouted as he fired from his hand explosive charges, which sent Red Galaxy flying.

“Rrr… this guy’s a bit tougher than I thought.” Red Galaxy thought.

“You don’t know who you are dealing with. My name is Furio… and I never lose.” Furio stated.

“I know who you are and I know you are a part of Scorpius’s empire.” Red Galaxy said taking Furio once again by surprise.

“This is becoming interesting. Maybe I should just bring you for interrogation so we can find out what else you know.” Furio smirked.

Red Galaxy then held out his saber. “Go to hell…” the saber then started to charge up as fire started to surround him. Furio was stepping back. “QUASAR SABER FIRE SLASH!!!”

Furio cried out in agony as the fire boosted Quasar Saber cut deep into his armor.

“Maya! Look!” Shondra shouted.

Yellow Galaxy also turned around and saw the stone spell. “Oh no! Everyone!”

Pink Galaxy saw it. “It’s caught up with us!”

“We need to go now!” Blue Galaxy said.

Yellow Galaxy then grabs Red Galaxy. “Leo come on! We have to go!” Red still looks at Furio but Yellow keeps on tugging at him. “LEO!”

“This isn’t over Furio!” Red Galaxy vowed as he and Yellow Galaxy ran with the others.

The Stingwingers float around now since they are not immune to the stone effects like Furio who says, “Go after them you fools!”

The Rangers rush for the Defiant and manage to get inside and shut the doors before the Stingwingers could get to them. Making their way to the bridge Kai said over the intercom “Mei you remember that quick takeoff we were talking about?”

Mei heard her brother and made ready the takeoff procedures, especially after seeing the approaching Stingwingers and stone spell coming their way. Then the turbolift door opened and Mei saw five figures in multicolored uniforms that were a cross between Power Ranger uniforms and shirts from Charlie Brown’s closet. Also with them was a girl in brown jungle fatigues. “What’s with the Halloween party?” she asked.

“Never mind.” Blue Galaxy said. “Get us off the ground now.”

Mei activated the takeoff thrusters and called for Blue Alert again. The Defiant was off the ground but the Stingwingers were blocking its path. “Someone take weapons.” Mei ordered. Pink Galaxy did so and locked on to the Stingwingers before them.

“Locked on.” Pink Galaxy stated. Mei wasted no time firing.

The volley of laser fire however was like that of four gattling guns spitting fire. The stray shots made their way to a nearby mountain and practically took the top off it. But it did the job needed, which was to scatter the Stingwingers. When looking at the viewer on the effect of the weapons fire, everyone was speechless. Blue Galaxy knew the ship had a lot of power, but he didn’t really know until just that moment.

“Whoa!” he said. But everyone was shaken out of their reverie at the approaching stone spell and the Stingwingers regrouping.

“Let’s get out of here.” Green Galaxy said.

As Furio fumed on he hears a sound and saw the Defiant take leave.

“What! No!” Furio shouted as the ship flew into the sky. “Back to the Scorpion Stinger now! Quickly!”

On the Bridge of the Defiant , all of the Rangers have taken off their helmets. Shondra stood off to the side as Maya went to her. Together they watched in depression as their beautiful green planet quickly turned to a lifeless ball of rock as they all watched from the viewing screen.

“Everyone hold on tight!” Mei shouted as they went for the portal between galaxies and then managed to get through it. Barely.

After a moment of sighs and relaxes Maya and Shondra start to talk. “I can’t believe it…. Maya you did it! You pulled it out of the rock!”

“I know!” Maya shouted and everyone looked at her, seeing that she was staring at her morpher in aw. “I can’t believe it…. I can’t believe I pulled a Quasar Saber from the Stone of Destiny!” she exclaimed. Everyone looked at her questioningly. “Don’t you know what this means?” They didn’t so she explained. “The swords… the Quasar Sabers, were brought to our world 3000 years ago. At that time, our world came under the attack of a vicious evil force but then a being from the stars came bestowing upon my people five enchanted sabers. These sabers. He chose five of my people to be the Chosen Ones. They gained incredible power and saved our world. Once their task was completed they put the Quasar Sabers into the stone. Since then everyone in our galaxy has tried free the Sabers and claim its powers.”

They just looked at her still in question before Maya decided to spell it out for them. “Don’t you see? We’ve are the new Chosen Ones. We’ve been chosen defend all that is just and right in the universe. We’ve been chosen to be Power Rangers…”

Leo just stood off to the side as he thought about things. But one of the things that stuck out the most was that guy Kincaid. As if he knew him some how. Did Kincaid know this was going to happen? That Mike would die? That he would become a Ranger? He wasn’t sure. He did know one thing though. He knew who dedicate this path he was on to. “… This is for you Mike.” he breathed.

The Defiant flew through space making its way back to Terra Venture.

Shadow then closed the window as he saw what he needed.

The Chosen Ones had returned.

“I didn’t expect them to arrive this soon but I should know by now to expect the unexpected.” Shadow thought as he closed his eyes and then vanished.

He needed to be ready.

The Trials were coming.

For Zordon.

For the Rangers.

For the Q.

For Humanity.

For the Chosen Ones.

For all life.

Control Room

Once the Defiant had docked in an unused section of Terra Venture’s landing bay Kai, Kendrix and Mei quickly made their way to the bridge to take their stations. Kendrix was assigned to the bridge Science station, Kai was on helm, and Mei was assigned to navigation. When they came onto the bridge Commander Stanton asked where Mike was. “He…was lost during the training exercise. The UAE probably left a booby trap we were unaware of after they pulled out.” Mei and Kendrix nodded as if confirming what Kai had said.

Stanton seemed to buy the explanation as he told the three to take their stations. As he took the command podium status reports came in from all over the ship. Engineering section gave an all clear as Kai gave his report from helm. “Helm ready commander.” Stanton then asked for a report from navigation. “Navigation ready sir.” Mei replied.

“Science and sensors are operational sir.” Kendrix added. Stanton smiled as he saw the efficiency of his crew in top form. “Communications, patch us into the CNN broadcast please.” The comm officer complied and on the viewer was Wolf Blitzer relaying the event.

“I am standing at the inaugural square of the launching of the first human colony into space. Terra Venture, which will launch in a few short moments, will seek to take a select group of humans into the stars to find a new world to settle on. Currently on the podium CEO of Howard Enterprises, chief financial backer of the GSA, Geese Howard, will be making the inaugural speech.”

Stanton tried to keep a stern face as Geese took to the podium and gave his address. Even though Stanton approved of the mission of Terra Venture there was something about Geese that he just didn’t like. Fortunately, the departure from Earth meant that Stanton would no longer have to worry about Geese Howard anymore.

On the public square outside Geese took the podium and gave the inaugural speech. “For so many centuries we have looked up at the stars wondering ‘Is there life out there?’ In the year 1993 we got our answer, and wished we didn’t. But later we found out more and found some knowledge of life on other worlds very comforting. In the years that passed, we have found evidence of new galaxies. New worlds. Colonies of other humans that may share a common ancestry with us. Wonders beyond imagining.

“We have found worlds such as Aquitar, planets in a system called Kerova, a neighboring solar system where the possibility of life exists. So many wonders to see and explore. Wonders we could only imagine. Now it is time for us to share in the wonders the stars have provided.”

“I now christen Terra Venture.” Geese said presenting the colony on a video wall. “And now let us begin the newest chapter in human history.”

At the bridge Stanton was given his signal. “Helm, full power to thrusters; take us out Kai.”

“Thrusters engaged. Moorings cleared.” Kai said as the umbilical and gravitational supports detached from the colony. The large thrusters activated as Terra Venture broke its orbit and started to move away from Earth. On the nav station Mei looked at her brother as if saying ‘here we go’.

Stanton then went on the intercom ready to deliver a speech of his own to his crew. “Attention all crew this is Commander Stanton. I once met someone who had believed that life on Earth, began from the stars. He told me that there were humans that had settled our world who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. He said that these humans might have been the architects of the great Pyramids, or the lost civilizations of Lemuria or Atlantis.

“Whether it’s true or not I don’t know. But over the years we have seen that we are not alone in the universe. In our hearts we knew our destiny lied in the stars. And now we take to the stars in hopes of finding a new home.” Everyone on the colony heard the announcement and took comfort in Stanton’s words. “I know I can count on you to make the journey to our new home, a successful one. All hands prepare to break orbit.”

Stanton turned off the intercom as he stood on the bridge and looked out at the stars before him. “Let’s see what’s out there.” Kai laid in the co-ordinates and Terra Venture broke from orbit of Earth and took to the open sea of space. Its mission, to find a New World.

Deep in the Uncharted Territories, a bright flash filled the void as a rift tore open in space and time, breached by an ugly looking insectish craft, the structure glowing a sickly green color.

“You have failed me, Furio!”

“Forgive me, Lord Scorpius, ” Furio pleaded to his master who was in the shadows. “But it wasn’t my fault! I couldn’t get sabers out the stone! It wasn’t until those humans took them out!”

“What did you say?” Scorpius asked.

“Humans sire. Five humans. They pulled the swords out of the stone.” Furio said in pleading hoping Scorpius wouldn’t punish him. Fortunately for Furio punishing him was not on his list of priorities.

“So… the Chosen Ones have come…” Scorpius chuckled bitterly. “No matter. They will lose to my empire.”

“But Sire… why do we need to focus on them now. With Zordon arrested…” Furio started.

“SILENCE!!!” Scorpius shouted. “It is for those reasons why I do this now! Now go and find the Chosen Ones and the Quasar Sabers now!”

As Furio left Scorpius did let himself go into thought, ~ Battle is now becoming less based on brute force but on all aspects of a person. I won’t repeat other people’s mistakes. I may need to find… another form in order to keep my reign absolute. ~

Scorpius sat in his chambers alone wondering what form he would take…if he needed to.

He sent a message to the Gorgon Sisters. He expected a reply from them shortly.

In Vader City, on the planet Onyx, three others were watching the launch with interest. These three were the Gorgon Sisters, leaders of the Sisterhood of Evil.

“Nice speech.” Maronda the Gorgon of Power said. “May I ask what this has to do with us?”

The elder sister Impostra, Gorgon of Shapes, turned to her three sisters and pulled out a data crystal. “I got this message today. It would appear that our services will be needed…by Scorpius.”

The other two sisters’ eyes went wide. “Scorpius? Then are you saying…?” Deceptra the Gorgon of Deception said.

“That the Quasar Sabers have been released? I’ll let the message say that.” Impostra placed the data crystal into the reader, and then Scorpius’s image appeared on the monitor. “Greetings.” Scorpius had said before saying his peace.

“With the sending of this message no doubt comes with either the news or realization that the Quasar Sabers have been pulled from the sacred stone. It must also come to the realization that I do not have those sabers in my possession, that the Chosen Ones have been awakened.” The three sisters nodded seeming to agree with Scorpius’s assessment.

“I am calling forth all resources at my disposal in an effort to retrieve those sabers. To that end I am asking you three to come to my aid once again. Impostra, as elder sister of the Gorgons your voice will be the voice of your other sisters in your reply to this message. My messenger awaits your reply.” With that the vid monitor shut off and Impostra turned to her other sisters. “Well?” Impostra asked.

“This comes at a very inconvenient time.” Deceptra said. “I mean Zordon’s trial is about to begin, and almost everyone in the galaxy has a vested interest in that…including us.”

“I know.” Maronda said. “We can’t just drop everything at the drop of a hat. We couldn’t even do it if it was Dark Specter himself, and we’ve earned his respect over the last three millenniums. Scorpius has just laid low all that time.”

“But all the same we do have a commitment to him, and to his mission to retrieve those sabers.” Impostra said. She looked at her two sisters and they nodded in agreement. With that agreement Impostra turned to the vid monitor and activated it ready to send the Gorgons’ reply.

“Lord Scorpius, we have received your message. We will be leaving to join you, however it will not be for a good while. Over the three millenniums we have been involved in other affairs across the universe. Those affairs we need to put in order before we can commit to your service once again. One such affair demands our personal attention. However once these affairs have been resolved, or placed in capable hands, we shall join you as soon as possible. These affairs should not take long however. Our arrival should come soon.” Impostra then shut off the vid imager and pulled out the data crystal. “Give this to the messenger outside will you?”

Maronda took the crystal and passed it along to the messenger who waited outside. Maronda was tempted to turn the messenger to stone just for fun but decided against it. At any rate the messenger was able to do his job and return the message to Scorpius. Maronda then asked, “All right, now who do leave in charge of our other interests?”

“Icy Angel can run things for a while.” Impostra said. “I trust you two can choose your other two proxies?” Maronda and Deceptra both nodded. “Then it’s time we got to business.” At that very second the door to the sisters’ room entered and Artemis walked in. “My sister’s and my forces are ready.”

“Good. We might need them.” Impostra said. Artemis then turned to leave but Deceptra looked at Artemis depart and felt something different about her. Something…she couldn’t quite explain. “Are you all right sister?” Maronda asked.

“Yes.” Deceptra said. “It’s just, I get the sense of something inside Artemis has awakened. Something…important.”

“What is it?” Impostra asked. Deceptra didn’t have an answer. “But for some reason it reminds me of…the Quasar Sabers…in some unusual way?”

The three Gorgons decided that it would probably be best to keep their eyes on Artemis for the time being.

Sure enough there was a change, in Artemis, but only now was she aware of it.

She felt something inside her come to life. An ‘awakening’ of sorts. Her mind flashed briefly to images of a stone, with five swords in it. Those swords were pulled from the stone, and their power unleashed.

And yet Artemis had the strangest feeling that she should have been there. Like it was her destiny to be there. Also in the flashes she saw someone else there, someone she knew.

“Leo!” she said in a whisper leaving Artemis to wonder what the visions meant. She would have to find out soon.

But right now her attention had to be turned to something else, Zordon’s trial.

Something was happening there, and she needed to know what it was.

On the promenade of Dark Range Platform a man in a dark coat walked through the sublevels known as Down Below where illegal sales were a common occurrence. As he walked he noticed so many of the patrons trying to sell him something. But he wasn’t interested in buying. The only this he was interested was a product that one vendor was selling.

“I haven’t seen you before. You looking to buy a planet?” one vendor asked. The man known as Shadow answered “No. I’m looking for someone else. Have you seen Horn?”

The vendor looked shocked until Shadow took out three gold coins, which he placed in the vendor’s hand. “Section 95” he said. Shadow thanked him and made his way to where the vendor said Horn was.

What he found instead was a group of looters looking around the area where Horn set up his shop. “Come on, we gotta find some goodies here.” One looter said. The other two also tore up Horn’s shop looking for anything else they could steal. Shadow couldn’t allow that. Shedding his coat Shadow jumped into the shop area and quickly dispatched the looters. They left shouting “We’ll be back!” curses and so on, but Shadow couldn’t be bothered with that.

He went over to Horn and Shadow asked “Are you all right?” Horn answered weakly “I didn’t let them find…”

“Shush don’t try to talk. Where are the daggers now?” Horn opened his coat and five fanged shaped objects hung from the inside of the coat. “Isn’t it stupid you know to just…keep them on you?”

“Have you seen the safes around here? It would be more stupid just to leave them in one.” Horn said coughing up blood. The beating from the vandals was severe and Shadow knew Horn would not last long. “Don’t try to talk.” Shadow said.

“No, my time has ended.” Horn said. “I pass the Transdaggers to you. Keep them safe.” Horn then closed his eyes for the last time, and breathed his last breath before passing on. However before he would grab the Transdaggars he would call the coroner to get someone to care for Horn’s body.

Once that was done Shadow took the Transdaggers from Horn’s corpse. Phase one completed… now to begin Phase Two. And pray I have not begun too late. With that Shadow left. Horn’s corpse was remanded to the coroner and his burial wishes that his body be launched into the nearest sun to Dark Range was honored.

Shadow Palace

Shadow returned home with the Transdaggars in hand only to find Mirabilis standing there waiting for him. “Looks like our resolution has finally come to pass. The Quasar Sabers have been pulled.” Mirabilis had said.

“And it’s a safe bet to be sure that your Gorgon Sisters will be involved in this conflict.” Shadow said.

“They are not my sisters.” Mirabilis had said. “They are their own beings. But I’m not here to wax poetic with you. I have another reason for being here.” Shadow looked up at his counterpart and wondered what Mirabilis had to say. His bearing and tone of voice indicated that something was wrong.

“When the sabers were pulled, I sensed an imbalance in one. A sense that there was someone worthy to pull it from the stone, but was not worthy of carrying its power.” Shadow looked up at Mirabilis in surprise. “Are you serious? Do you know what you are implying?”

“I am.” Mirabilis had said. “One of these Galaxy Rangers…is NOT a chosen one.”


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