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The Lure of Silver
By The Q-team

In a remote and distant galaxy, the leader sat in contemplation on his high seat of command.

To his calculations it had only been twenty yahrns since the destruction of the twelve colonies of humanity. But a handful of survivors still remained, trying to escape the yolk of the Cylon tyranny.

They will not succeed, the Imperious Leader thought. The human race will be exterminated.

Yes, they will. said a voice that echoed throughout the high chamber of command.

The voice that every Cylon Imperious Leader had known and learned to fear.

It was the voice of the progenitor. He who had led the Cylon race down the path to become the power it is today.

The voice of Count Iblis.

The Leader turned to see a swirling form of energy before him. The presence it emanated had guided Leaders for millenia, and now it had appeared before him. “To what do I owe the honor of this visit?”, the Leader asked the energy form before him.

“I am preparing to launch another mission against the lost tribe, Iblis had said. The Leader knew of the thirteenth tribe of humanity, but he knew they were currently too far away for the Cylon Empire to attack outright. Besides, Iblis ordered the Leader not to make any moves towards the homeworld of the thirteenth tribe.

Until now.

In a back alley in Chinatown, a wheezing and grinding sound was making itself heard as a blue Police Box materialized near the fountain. When it finally appeared a man in english gentleman’s garb exited the box followed by five teens in multicolored outfits. One was a blonde Austrailian girl in a pink T-shirt and shorts. A second was a blonde British girl in a yellow t-shirt, blue jeans and a black leather jacket. The third was in a blue t-shirt and jeans keeping his look simple. The fourth was in a green t-shirt with a checkered green flannel shirt with tan corderoys, and the fifth was in a similar style as the one in green, except his colors were red.

The British gentleman, who was really the Time Lord known as the Doctor, took in the surroundings of San Francisco thankful that the TARDIS made it to where he and his companions needed to go without too much trouble. The five teens, who were Zeo Rangers, however looked around wondering if they were in the right place this time.

“There. Didn’t I tell you that we’d make it?”, the Doctor said with pride in his voice.

“Yeah we made it Doctor, ” the Yellow Zeo Samantha Jones said with sarcasm.

“After some wrong turns where we ended up on Onyx during the Renaissance of Darkness, Skaro during a prison revolt, and I sure don’t want to mention the Salem Witch Trials.” Pink Zeo Kat Hillard added.

“Or what about the mutant revolt of 3001?” Green Zeo Adam Park added. “And that missed voyage where we had to face Prince Grommet?” The last one left a pang of regret in each of the Rangers. They managed to defeat the Machine prince, but they were unable to save those who they wanted to save. Josie Belle from her accident and Jessie Belle from the death fate had in store for her.

“All right I get the message.” The Doctor said throwing his arms up in surrender. “I see the TARDIS still needs a lot of work.”

Red Zeo Tommy Oliver patted the Doctor’s shoulder and tried to be reassuring to the Doctor for his efforts. “Don’t feel bad Doctor. You did okay.” Tommy said.

Blue Zeo Rocky DeSantos still had a faraway look in his eyes. He wished another one of the Zeos could have gone on this trip but many of the Rangers, Zeo and Morphin, were needed in Angel Grove and Zordon and the Doctor thought only the core Zeo group would be needed. That core group was Kat, Samantha, Adam, Rocky and Tommy.

“Hey Rocko you okay?” Adam asked his friend. Rocky just nodded his mind still on their last trip which was at the Blackrock oil rig/refinery where he was too late to do anything for Josie and apparently found out that the warning for Jessica didn’t do much good. She would still be a ranger and she would still be killed.

“Yeah, I guess I’m just not looking forward to this job.” Rocky said.

“It would seem like we’re replacing Jessica.” Kat offered a comforting hand to Rocky and placed it on his shoulder. “No Rocky, we’re not replacing Jessica. No person can truly replace another. We’re here to find Jessica’s successor, not her replacement.”

Rocky looked up at Kat and smiled. “Thanks Kat. I needed to hear that.”

Samantha looked around the area they landed and saw the alley lead out into Chinatown. The wonder in her eyes as she saw new places was always evident in her eyes. “Have you been here before Doctor?” Samantha asked the Time Lord.

“Oh, about four years from now, ” the Doctor said remembering the adventure in San Francisco that led to his seventh regeneration. An adventure that wouldn’t happen until New Year’s Eve 1999. But enough reminiscing, he thought as he took out three wand shaped devices and handed one to Kat, and another to Adam.

“These are Zeo Tracers.” The Doctor said. “They are designed to track any signal relating to the Zeo Crystal. Don’t worry. They’ve been programmed to search out the Silver Zeo Shard so they won’t be confused by your own Zeo signatures.

“Wow Doctor. Where did you get these?”, Adam asked.

“They’re based on a device I once had, ” The Doctor said remembering the tracer he had when he went searching for the Key to Time. Kat, Adam and the Doctor activated the devices and scanned the air with them. Only faint cracks came from the wand shaped tracers.

“Signal’s too weak to pick up a signal.” the Doctor said. “It’s probably best if we split up.” All the rangers agreed.

“Samantha and I will take the waterfront and work up.” Kat said. Samantha looked at Kat and rolled her eyes. Not another shopping spree again, Samantha thought sensing that Kat will probably check out some San Francisco department stores while searching for the Silver Zeo fragment.

Adam, Rocky and Tommy smirked a little feeling Samantha’s pain, but neither one of them wanted to be in her place. “Rocky and I will check out the Golden Gate and work in from there.” Adam said not wanting to leave his friend for a minute.

“I guess we can check out Market Street and the Central District.” the Doctor said taking Tommy with him. Tommy nodded. “Should we contact each other every so often?” Tommy asked.

“Every two hours.” the Doctor said. “Let everyone know if you’ve spotted something.” The rangers agreed and broke off into their teams of two searching the areas designated to them.

In the old rotunda bank which served as the temporary headquarters of the Special Investigations Unit of the San Francisco Police Department (S. I. U. for short) crime didn’t take a rest. And apparently, neither did the caseload of Inspector Nash Bridges.

A team of robbers (at least that’s what it said on the report) were hitting armored cars carrying computer parts and top secret documents containing special inventors patents of one of the major technological conglomerates on the west coast. Nash had his Inspector Harvey Leek trying to find out specifically what patents and devices were stolen, but so far only one person witnessed the whole robbery, an apparent homeless person in Angel wings who called himself ‘Angel’.

“So you saw the robbers in question?”, Nash asked Angel.

“Yes, ” Angel answered back. “Can you tell me what these men looked like?” Nash asked Angel further.

“No.” Angel answered.

Nash looked confused as he stared at Angel. “And why not?”

“Because they weren’t men.” Angel answered back. Nash asked if the crew were women, Angel said no to that too.

Nash was getting more confused than ever, and even more frustrated. “Well if they aren’t men, and they aren’t women what are they?”

Angel paused before answering. “Creatures of darkness. Emissaries of the Dark One from an age long ago.” was his only answer. Nash waived his hands in the air indicating that he had enough and ordered two uniform cops to escort him out of the Rotunda.

“Can I get my things?” Angel asked Nash. “They’re still in lock up.”

“Fine whatever just go.” Nash said just as his partner Joe Dominguez came up to offer his two cents.

“Hey Nashman. How’s it going?” Joe asked. Nash however buried his face in his hands as the insanity creeping up on him was becoming more than he could bear.

“Joe, if you can provide me with a nice, normal rational explanation for ANYTHING. You will make me the happiest man on the planet.” Joe sighed knowing that what he had to tell Nash would nowhere near fit the bill.

“Well?” Nash asked. “What have you got?”

Joe answered Nash’s query but he was reluctant to do so. “We found another witness to the robbery earlier today.”

“Really?” Nash seemed to light up at the prospect of another witness that wasn’t an angel.

“Yeah, apparently he seems a straight up kind of guy. Amateur photographer/reporter looking to get his big break in the newspapers and all.” Nash’s attitude perked up as Joe described the new witness report, but Nash felt Joe holding something back.

“What is it Joe?” Nash asked trying to brace himself for what was to come. “What aren’t you telling me?”

Joe took a breath and answered Nash’s question. However reluctant he was to do so. “The witness states that the armored van was robbed…. by armored silver spacemen.”

“Ohhh man!” Nash said all frustrated. “Can’t we find one reliable witness in this whole case?”

“Nash, that was the one reliable witness, ” Lt. A. J. Shimammura said passing his pointman. “He even took pictures.” A. J. laid a folder on Nash’s desk and walked away.

Nash hesitated to look at the photos but opened up the folder anyway. He saw human shaped figures looking like they wore a lot of metal and carrying weapons that looked like they came out of an old space movie, or a sci-fi toy store. Nash noticed some burn marks on the armored vehicle and was scared to wonder what they were. But he did anyway.

“Uhhh Joe? I know I’m going to hate myself for asking this but are those burns what I think they are?”

Joe looked at the photo and confirmed Nash’s WILD guess. “Yup, blaster fire.”

“Jeeze Joe!” Nash slammed the envelope with the photos down on the desk hard. “First I’ve got a guy who says these metal men are creatures of darkness from ‘the dark one’, then I’ve got a guy who says they’re metal spacemen. AND HE’S GOT PICTURES TO BOOT!” Nash sighed as he tried to sort out all the weirdness the case provided. “I know our unit is called ‘Special Investigations’ but I don’t think this is what is meant by ‘special. ‘”

“Yeah man I know what you mean, ” Joe agreed. “When did San Francisco become part of the ‘Freak Zone?'”

Nash wondered the same thing when Angel came up to Nash so he could say his goodbyes. “I’m leaving Inspector.” Angel said. Nash just said “Fine.” “Don’t fret Inspector. You’ll see another like me someday. He’ll be your very own guardian angel. “Nash just smiled at Angel, yet not hiding the irritation he felt.

“Well that’s very thoughtful Angel.” Nash said sarcastically. Angel then had nothing further to say as he turned and made his way out of the Rotunda. As he walked he bumped into Nash’s daughter Cassidy as she was walking in.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Cassidy said as she looked at who she had bumped into. Angel turned to look at Cassidy and it was like a light had shined in his eyes.

“You are a child of light.” Angel said to her. “You have a glorious destiny before you.” Angel then walked out of the S. I. U. case room leaving Cassidy stunned.

“What was that about?” Cassidy asked her father who was watching from the side. “He made me seem like I was the second coming or something.”

“Don’t worry about him.” Nash said watching Angel go. “So what brings you here?”

“Oh well. I need to go shopping for some new clothes. Unfortunately I’m a little strapped for cash right now….”

Nash interrupted knowing where this was going. “Oh no you don’t sister. Last time I let you use my card you ran up the limit so high it took me months to pay it off.”

Cassidy pleaded with Nash. “Oh please daddy? I’m not going to run it up like last time please? Please? Please?”

Nash sighed for a brief moment then asked, “Who’s going with you?”

“Kelly.” Cassidy answered giving the name of Nash’s second ex-wife. The queen of shopping and glamour, as well as finding a good bargain should the need arise.

Nash reached into his wallet and handed Cassidy his credit card. “Don’t go above the limit okay?”

“No problem daddy. I’ll see you tonight, ” Cassidy kissed her father goodbye and walked out of the S. I. U. to meet her stepmom Kelly-otherwise known as the queen of shopping.

“Ready to go?” the slender blonde haired form of Kelly Weld (she had gone back to her maiden name after her divorce from Nash) asked her ex-stepdaughter. Her english accent and styled wardrobe reflecting a woman of class.

“Yeah, daddy let me use his silver platinum card.” Cassidy said getting into Kelly’s car. Kelly noticed the silver card and smiled. “Wow the platinum card? He must really trust you today.”

Cassidy rode on to the mall with Kelly, silent for the whole trip. Her eyes never leaving the silver platinum Visa card.

Inside the tunnels of San Francisco a squad of silver armed giants moved various equipment throughout the caverns looking to set up their base. Their movements were kept under the watchful eyes and sensors of Iblis, Josie (Circuit Breaker) Belle, a machine like creature with sparkling lights on it’s head, and another one of the armored giants-only this time in a gold color.

“As you can see Miss Breaker.” the sparkling one said. “The Cylon Centurions are the most efficient and effective work and combat machines imaginable. They will provide you with excellent service to your cause.”

Circuit Breaker looked on unimpressed. “They’re machines. Robots. They should be destroyed.”

Iblis brought a shoulder to her calming his newest warrior. “Actually they are cybernetic.” Iblis explained. “And no different that you in some regards. Circuit Breaker looked at Iblis as she wondered what he meant. “Their race was dying due to an endless war and had no other choice but to embrace technology much as you had done.” Iblis was quick to point out the body suit that Circuit Breaker now used to move around in as well as to destroy her enemies with. “They still remain organic creatures at heart, and several of them still retain their organic purity on their homeworld. Only a select group are allowed to undergo the process of cybernization.”

“Which is necessary for the good of the Cylon race as a whole.” the pointed head Cylon with lights sparkling said. “Besides is it not human nature to use those deemed ‘disposable’ to protect the elite? On Cylon, the true Cylons are the elite. The Centurions and other like Cylons exist to serve our ‘pure’ elite.”

Circuit Breaker seemed like she was being won over due to Iblis’s charm and the sparkling headed Cylon’s speaking. Breaker looked at the Cylon and asked “Who are you?”

“My name is Specter. I am a cogitator. One of the intellectually superior Cylons in the Cylon Empire.” Specter then introduced the Gold Centurion. “This is Vulpa. A command Centurion.” Specter made reference to the Gold colored Cylon who turned to face Circuit Breaker.

“By your command!” Vulpa had said.

Circuit Breaker seemed unsure about the addition of the Cylons to her forces but the calming words of Iblis put her fears to rest. They are like you my child. They seek nothing more than to destroy their enemies much like you wish to do. They have embraced technology in order to survive and obtain revenge. And they shall accept nothing more than the total extermination of their enemies much like you would wish on the Rangers and the Machine Empire.

Circuit Breaker drank in Iblis’s words like they were sweet elixir. “Yes. You are right. There is no price I will not pay to get my revenge. I will accept nothing less than the total destruction of the Rangers and the Machine Empire. And if anyone gets in my way they shall feel my wrath as well!” She threw out a stream of energy lightning at one centurion disrupting it’s circuitry and sent it sprawling down to the ground.

“Have someone clean that mess up, ” Circuit Breaker ordered. Vulpa ordered two centurions to pick up the damaged centurion and escort it to the repair bay in case something could be done for it.

Circuit Breaker then stood with Specter and Vulpa watching and waiting for the work to be done. And for her to get her chance at revenge. Specter looked on at the human and decided that it would be best to watch his step around the human… for now.

Meanwhile on the surface, two of Circuit Breaker’s quarries were on their own quest, looking for their new teammate.

Kat and Samantha walked the streets of San Francisco trying to follow the crackles of the tracer. They seemed to find some areas where the tracer gave off some signals but still seemed evasive.

“Kat we have been walking for hours and have come up empty. Plus I don’t like how some of the ‘ladies’ here are looking at us.” Samantha made notion of several street walkers who eyed Kat and Samantha…. in a way that made them uncomfortable.

“I know Samantha but…” the tracer went off like crazy as a silver lexus moved down the street. A blonde woman was at the wheel and in the passenger seat was someone neither girl could make out due to the glare of the sun. “The crystal. Could it be with the women in that car?” Kat asked with optimism.

“I don’t know let’s see!” Samantha then brought out some American money and bought a two seated bicycle allowing Kat and Samantha to follow the Lexus at a discreet distance. The two ranger girls seemed to ride towards what seemed to be the shopping district of San Francisco and doing whatever they could to make sure they did not lose that Lexus.

“So how you feeling Cassidy?” Kelly asked. “You seem to be out of it today.” Cassidy sighed not sure what to say. “I had the weirdest dream last night.” she said. Kelly seemed intrigued. “Anyone I know?” she asked.

“No not one of those.” Cassidy said. “I’m not sure I can really explain it either. It’s something I can’t quite put into words.” She remembered standing on the roof of her father’s apartment taking in the night air when a silver glow fell from the sky and hit the roof of her father’s apartment. Reaching down Cassidy touched a silver crystal as if pulled by it. Then she was thrown back and looked to see the crystal in her hand. She went to her room and then fell asleep with the crystal in her hand. When she woke up next morning the crystal was gone.

~It must have been a dream. ~ Cassidy thought as she continued to take in the sights of her hometown. When Cassidy looked in the rear view mirror she noticed the two girls biking behind her. As Cassidy continued to look she noticed they had been with her for the last two turns. “Kelly I think we’re being followed.” she said to her ex-stepmom.

Kelly turned to look in Cassidy’s direction and saw the biking girls. Now that she thought about it they did seem to turn whenever she and Cassidy turned the corner.

“Hang on Cassidy I’m going to make a turn at the next corner.” Kelly said. “Watch those bikers and see if they follow.” Cassidy watched the two girls on the bike. One dressed in pink and the other dressed in yellow. ~ Hmmm. Blonde. They look about as old as me. ~ Cassidy thought as she continued to study them until she suddenly got a strange feeling, like she should know them from somewhere. ~ But I don’t know them from anywhere. Do I?~

“Cassidy are they still following?” Kelly asked but Cassidy didn’t answer. “Cassidy?”

Cassidy then shook out of her trance and turned to Kelly who was making the turn. “Huh?” she said and then looked back at the mirror. The two girls were gone.

“Well I guess we were going a similar route for a while. Here we are.” Kelly pulled her car into the parking garage and took the ticket so she could find a space. Cassidy still couldn’t shake the feeling about the two girls on the bike. ~ Where do I know them from?~ she asked herself.

“We’ve been made.” Samantha said as she saw Kelly look at her mirror and Cassidy looking in her side mirror at them.

“Keep going straight then if they decide to turn.” Kat said. “We’ll backtrack at the next street and catch up to them.”

The next street they came across was a back alley which they turned down and went to the next alley looking to get back on the road the car went down. Samantha and Kat pedaled harder as they tried to gain more speed to catch up to Kelly’s car. When the two Zeo Rangers got back on the main street both Sam and Kat saw that the car was gone.

“Where are they?” Samantha asked.

“I don’t know.” Kat said.” Come to a stop. I’ll use the Zeo tracer.”

The girls stopped the bike in front of a fashion boutique as Kat took out the Zeo tracer and scanned the area hoping to find some sign of where the crystal and it’s host went. Samantha looked on in annoyance as Kat continued to scan and eyeball the dresses in the store window.

“Kat the Silver Zeo shard is not in a fashion store.” Samantha said but the crackling of the tracer said otherwise.

“You were saying?” Kat smiled as she and Samantha parked and locked the bike and Kat walked into the fashion boutique. Samantha rolled her eyes following Kat inside. ~ Here we go again. ~ she thought upon entry.

Kelly and Cassidy quickly made their way to ladies glamour wear and both were looking forward to a grand old time of shopping. “Ready to splurge of daddy’s money?”

“I’m ready.” Cassidy said excited hoping to find exactly what she needed for her wardrobe. Kelly then reminded her that that dress she wanted may still be there.

“The dress that mom returned?” Cassidy said. “I don’t think so.”

“Oh she’ll warm up to it.” Kelly said reassuringly. “Let’s make you look beautiful.”

Cassidy looked through different dresses and strangely enough found nothing that appealed to her. Dresses in different styles and colors ranging from glamorous to conservative. From blue to beige, and while the style was what the other girls in school would call ‘cool’ Cassidy just couldn’t get into the clothes.

~Something is missing to them. ~ Cassidy thought. ~ Why do I have the strange feeling that it’s the color?~

Kelly who was familiar with Cassidy’s styles in clothes found a dress that Cassidy just adored one time and now had the money to pay for. In fact it was THE dress that her mother had banned from her sight. Kelly brought the dress to Cassidy but the teenager’s expression was not one that she would have expected. Instead of jumping for joy Cassidy seemed to have mixed feelings about the dress.

“What’s wrong Cassidy? Don’t you like the dress?” Kelly asked.

“No I love the dress.” Cassidy said. “It just seems like something’s… missing from it.”

“Like what? This isn’t one of those ‘cool fifteen minutes ago’ things is it?”

Cassidy gave an answer that didn’t seem to make sense yet did as well. “It seems like it was cool fifteen minutes ago, but somehow it doesn’t as well.”

“Well maybe you need to try it on.” Kelly said. “Maybe after seeing it on you you’ll see what the problem is.” Cassidy seemed to agree with Kelly’s logic and took the dress as she went into the changing room to try it on.

When she came back out Cassidy looked at the black dress that came just below her hips. The lack of back and sleeves gave Cassidy a more ‘sexy’ appeal especially with her long brown hair coming down to her shoulders. Cassidy looked in the mirror to see how the dress she had been going ga ga over only last week looked on her.

“Well Cassidy? What do you think?” Kelly asked.

Cassidy continued to look at her reflection. She loved the style and the sexy look it gave her but still something was wrong. “I know what the problem is.” she said.

“What’s wrong with it Cassidy?” Kelly asked her ex-stepdaughter. “I think the dress looked fantastic.”

Cassidy sighed before answering “This is going to sound weird. But do they have this dress in silver?”

“Picking up anything yet?” Samantha asked Kat who held the tracer yet only picked up some faint readings.

“No but she’s here.” Kat answered. “The tracer says so.” The sounds of the tracer were starting to attract attention from some patrons as well as a few attendants. This prompted a security guard to come up and address the two Ranger girls. “Ladies I’m afraid I have to ask you to turn that off. It’s causing a disturbance in the store.”

“Oh you don’t understand. We’re looking for someone.” Kat said.

“And that thing is making noise. Now shut it off or I’ll ask you to leave.” Samantha looked upset but Kat waved her hand saying that everything was okay. Reaching to the power button Kat turned off the tracer as the guard smiled.

“Thank you miss. Have a nice day.” the guard walked off leaving Kat and Samantha wondering what to do next.

“We could scan briefly in isolated corners.” Kat said. “Wherever we get the most activity is where she’ll be.”

Sighing Samantha said “Good enough for me. Let’s do it.” They turned to walk down the hall only to run into Cassidy and Kelly as they were walking. The impact caused Kat to drop the tracer in Cassidy’s bags which she dropped herself.

“Oh I’m sorry.” Kat said. “That was clumsy of me.”

“No problem.” Cassidy said as she picked up her bags then she looked at Kat and Samantha and thought she felt a familiarity to them somehow.

“I’m Kat Hillard. This is my friend Samantha Jones.” Cassidy stared at Kat and Samantha as she struggled to remember them from somewhere but couldn’t. “Have we met?” she asked.

Kat and Samantha were stunned by the question. “I don’t think so.” Samantha answered. Kelly heard Samantha’s accent and was surprised. “You’re from Britain aren’t you?”

“Yes. Coal Hill. A little bit outside of London.” Samantha said. Kelly shook Samantha’s hand and asked. “You visiting?”

“We’re here with friends.” Samantha said. “We’re looking for another friend but we don’t know where she is.” “Well I hope you find her. Oh where are my manners. I’m Kelly Weld, and this is my ex-stepdaughter Cassidy Bridges.” Cassidy waved her hand smiling a little bit but still trying to place Kat and Samantha. I don’t know them but I feel like I should. she thought.

“Cassidy you okay?” Kelly asked. Again Cassidy came out of her trance.

“I’m sorry Kelly. I guess I’m just a little out of it today.” Cassidy answered. “I think we’d better go home.”

Kelly nodded and moved to Cassidy’s side. “Nice to meet you. I hope you find your friend.”

Kat and Samantha waved as Kelly and Cassidy walked away. “They seem nice.” Samantha said. Kat nodded in agreement then moved to bring up the Zeo tracer only to find she didn’t have it. Realizing Cassidy and Kelly might have it in one of their shopping bags both girls split up to look for them. Sadly it was a big store, and they were nowhere to be seen.

“Samantha. The tracer’s gone.” Kat said as she and Samantha met in the original spot. Samantha looked up at Kat and shot a look that said ‘ya think?’

“Hi daddy.” Cassidy said feeling more energetic after driving back home and giving her father Nash a quick peck on the cheek as she and Kelly walked into his apartment. “Bye daddy.” Cassidy said as she disappeared into her bedroom leaving Nash and Kelly alone to talk.

“Where’s Nick?” Kelly asked.

“Poker night he’s out with buddies.” Nash said turning to his second ex-wife. “So, how did the shopping spree go?”

“Well Cassidy felt a little flush when we ran into two girls on vacation. Don’t worry she’s okay. I think she’s just resting up shaking off the day.” Nash relaxed when Kelly said Cassidy was fine but wondered what else Kelly had to say about the ex-stepmother/daughter shopping spree.

“Well your daughter has a real silver fettish.” Kelly said to her ex-husband. Nash was concerned and asked, “What do you mean?

“Well you know that dress Cassidy was so hot for last week and she pleaded and pleaded with you and Lisa to get it for her?” Nash remembered Lisa telling him and Cassidy to forget it that she “Wasn’t going to allow her daughter to go about like some million dollar escort who hang on old rich men for money.” Nash sometimes had to admire Lisa for her sense of the dramatic. It made her unique, and was one of the reasons he loved his ex-wife so much-even to this day.

“The dress Lisa wanted shot on sight if it entered her house again? Yeah I remember it. What’s the problem?” Nash asked. “It wasn’t on sale or anything?”

“No.” Kelly said. “She didn’t like the color. Said it wasn’t silver.”

Nash chuckled as if it was no big deal. “So she’s got a new favorite color. What’s the problem with that?”

“Oh come on Nash. Silver?”, Kelly was certain about her opinion. “I could accept blue or red, or even green or yellow. But silver?!”

“What’s wrong with silver?” Nash asked. “Doesn’t anyone wear silver?”

“Not really.” Kelly said. “When you go to the S. I. U. do you see anyone wearing silver?”

“No.” Nash answered. “But I’ve seen Harvey with a Grateful Dead armband on. And Joe dresses in suits that look like they’re made from curtains or come from clown college.” Nash remembered a lot of Joe Dominguez’s cheap suits ranging from plaids to purple and how normal they looked to him. “Everyone likes to have something unique to their wardrobe. It helps reflect their personality. Cassidy’s just trying out a new color.” Nash said. “If it doesn’t work, no harm no foul.”

Kelly sighed nodding her head. Nash apparently didn’t seem bothered with Cassidy’s silver fettish, but Kelly seemed sure that something was going on. She needed a second opinion and she knew where to get it.

Cassidy threw her shopping bags on her bed and spread the contents all over it. Everything in the bag was silver. Silver T-shirts, silver pants, silver skirts so much silver Cassidy wondered if she didn’t go overboard with the silver clothes.

She even picked up a silver uniform shirt for private school. ~ The principal may not let me wear it but it doesn’t hurt to try. ~ she continued to sort through her new clothes until she found a red device among all her silver items.

~Hmmm. I wonder what this is?~ Cassidy found the on switch and the device clicked to life letting out noises like a metal detector that had struck a major gold mine. Cassidy, unprepared for the sounds let out a small shout and dropped the device on the floor where it broke.

~Where did that come from?~ she mentally asked herself. She didn’t have time to think about that since her father Nash picked up her startled cry and called out for her. “Cassidy you okay in there?”

“Ummm… yeah… uh… fine daddy.” Cassidy said as she struggled to pick up the tracing device and hide it in the wastebasket, as well as collect herself so her father wouldn’t worry. The effort wasn’t completely successful as Nash walked into Cassidy’s room to check up on her.

Nash looked down and saw all the silver clothes Cassidy had bought. Wide eyed and surprised Nash turned to his daughter and asked “Got a new favorite color I don’t know about?”

Cassidy thought for a moment and the answer was so close it was on the tip of her tongue. “Yeah daddy. I just had the strangest impulse to go out and buy anything silver I could get my hands on.”

“Well don’t over do it. You never know when someone may mistake you for a Silver Dollar.” Nash smiled as he was ready to leave Cassidy’s room. Pausing for a moment Nash turned to his daughter and said “You know Nick thought he saw something last night.”

“Really?” Cassidy asked a little unsure about what her father was getting at. She didn’t remember glowing silver at all. The only weird thing to happen to her last night was her dream.

“Yeah. He thought he saw a silver glow around you when you came into the house last night.” Cassidy thought for a moment about what to say.

“Maybe he was tired or something. Thought he saw me in the glare of the night light. I did wear some bright colors that night.” Cassidy explained.

“Ahhh that might be it.” Nash said. “But I still worry about Nick. He is my father and I love the guy.”

“And he’s my grandfather and I feel the same way.” Cassidy kissed her father in a way that said ‘could you please leave daddy?’ Nash seemed to pick up on the message and asked his daughter “Do you need to sort out what you’ll wear tomorrow?”

Cassidy smiled looking at all the silver garments before her. “Well I do need to sort through all this stuff.” she said. Nash took the hint and walked out of her room.

When the door closed Cassidy breathed a sigh of relief. ~ That was close~ she thought. Although she didn’t completely understand why she should be keeping something about her silver clothes selection secret from her father.

~Actually nothing has made sense since that dream I had last night. ~ Cassidy thought. ~ What did it mean anyway?~

In another section of San Francisco Adam and Rocky were walking down one of San Francisco’s less flattering streets. The tracer seemed to lead them towards the south end but then went dead.

“Anything Adam?” Rocky asked. He found himself sweating in the heat as there was little to no shade on the whole street.

“No.” Adam said holding the tracer up. “The trace seems to have disappeared.”

“Great. That’s just great.” Rocky said. “First we follow a signal. Then the signal disappears. Now we find ourselves walking down a hot street with little to no shade. Man I need to take a breather.”

Just then a door opened off to the side of them. The awning said ‘Paradise Lounge’ and a man with a short haircut, bright clothing and ears that stuck out greeted them. “What are you two young men doing out here?” he asked.

“We’re looking for something.” Adam answered back. Unfortunately we’re not having much luck finding it.”

“Well you both look parched. My name is Pepe. Come on inside and I’ll get you something to drink.”

“Oh no we couldn’t.” Rocky answered back.

“Nonsense. Business is slow anyway, and I always believe in helping my fellow man.” Pepe said. “And I am the bar manager so if I say I can get you something to drink then I can get you something to drink. Now come along inside. It’s hot out there.”

Rocky and Adam looked at each other. They were thirsty, and maybe this Pepe had a fruit drink or something. Turning towards Pepe Adam said “All right. We accept your hospitality.”

“Excellent.” Pepe said. “You won’t be disappointed by the Paradise Lounge’s hospitality.” Pepe immediately walked back into the Paradise Lounge waiting for Adam and Rocky to walk in. Looking at each other for a second Adam and Rocky decided to take Pepe’s offer and walked inside the bar.

The bar had some clientele. Rocky noticed a lot of different men and women there, but there was something he couldn’t quite place. Staring at his Shirley Temple in front of him Rocky pulled out the cherry and ate it before he took a swig of his drink.

Adam cleaned his out and Pepe was quick to offer him a refill. “So what brings you two to the city by the bay?” Pepe asked looking to make small talk.

“We’re looking for someone.” Adam said. “She has something that’s very special to us.”

“A lady friend?” Pepe asked.

“Actually we’re not sure if she’s a friend or not.” Adam answered. “We’re not even sure that she may even be a ‘she’.”

“A ‘he’?” Pepe asked. “That sounds so delicious.”

“Well. All we know is they have a crystal. And it has seven sides. It’s an important crystal, and one we must find.” Adam said.

“Well perhaps you could speak to the owner of the bar.” Pepe said. “He’s a cop you know, and a good one too.”

“Thanks Pepe we’ll keep that in mind.” Rocky answered half heartedly.

Pepe looked at Rocky and saw an aura of sadness about him. “What’s the matter with you young man? You look as if you had lost that special someone.”

“He did.” Adam said. “She was murdered by a maniac.”

“Oh dear.” Pepe said taken aback. “Did the police get the sicko that did it?”

“Somebody did.” Rocky answered. “And he saw to it the bastard got what he deserved.”

“Well I suppose that’s a consolation.” Pepe said. “There’s more to it isn’t there?”

“Yeah. The crystal used to belong to Rocky’s girlfriend. It has passed on to another and we’ve got to find them and the crystal soon.” Adam said.

“So you’ve both decided to travel together in hopes of finding the item once worn by your lost love.” Pepe said coming to a conclusion. “How beautiful.”

~Beautiful?~ Rocky mentally asked himself. “Well we’re here with four others. They’re helping to look too.”

“Well if they’re anything like you two. I’m sure you’ll find the crystal with no trouble.” Pepe said being supportive.

“Thanks Pepe.” Adam said. “And if we need that cop’s help we’ll be sure to stop back.”

“Think nothing of it. I like going out of my way for such a lovely couple.”

Adam and Rocky both seemed confused by Pepe’s remark until they looked around and got a better look at the bar’s clientele. There were men and women there. But it wasn’t men with women. It was men with men and women with women. Realization crossed Rocky’s face and Adam was only now starting to get the idea.

“Uhhh… Adam?” Rocky said. “I think we have walked into… a gay bar.”

The moment Adam realized that he decided to put his drink down and walk out quietly. Rocky followed slightly chuckling to himself. From the bar the manager Pepe watched the two Zeo Rangers leave.

“Aren’t they a beautiful couple?” Pepe asked the bartender. The bartender rolled his eyes and kept working.

On Market Street the Doctor and Adam were walking around looking for trace signals of the Zeo Crystal as well, but like Rocky and Adam were coming up with only faint traces.

“This is getting us nowhere Doctor.” Tommy said. “We need a new plan.”

The Doctor looked around the San Francisco street and agreed. He had hoped that a search around town would be helpful, not to mention adventurous for himself and the Rangers. But it was taking too much time. “All right contact the other Rangers. See if they have turned up anything.”

Tommy brought the communicator to his lips and called the other four Zeo Rangers. “Kat, Samantha, Rocky, Adam do you read me?”

“Yeah Tommy we read you.” Kat said over the line.

“Ditto for Adam and me.” Rocky said.

“Did you guys find anything?” Tommy asked.

“Nope.” Adam answered. “A few nibbles but no bites I’m afraid.”

“We thought we were close.” Samantha answered. “But we lost the signal quickly. We also lost the tracer.”

“The Zeo tracer’s gone?” the Doctor asked.

“I’m afraid so.” Kat said. “We lost it when we were checking out a signal in a department store.”

“A department store?” Rocky asked amusingly. “I wonder what Kat would be doing there.”

“Don’t start.” Kat answered.

“All right everyone to the TARDIS.” the Doctor said. “We’ll try to think of a new strategy there.”

The Rangers all obeyed the Doctor as they and he went to the TARDIS to figure out their next move. And possibly to find their lost tracer.

Later that night. 11: 43p. m.

There were places in San Francisco that were labeled as ‘earthquake condemned’. But if you were to get a waiver from the city then you could have a place to live for as long as you wanted, or at least until the next big earthquake came about. Or a place to run a business.

That was exactly what the owners of the Lakeside underground fighting rink had done. They filed a waiver to obtain a piece of earthquake condemned property so they could open a ‘fight/training center’ as the document said officially.

Unofficially, it was a place where people gathered together for the most brutal fighting contests in all of San Francisco. Many no holds barred fights were held there. Many of the fighters left the rink never the same again.

Many fighters also left feet first.

The doorman stood allowing some who met the ‘criteria’ in, and turning the ones who didn’t away. “Hey you look pretty tough.” he said to a biker bruiser. Go on inside there’s going to be a good time tonight.”

A scrawny young man tried to get it next. The doorman immediately stopped him. “You pretzel sticks. What do you think you’re doing. Kiddie rides are that away.” He pushed the scrawny young man aside letting him know in subtle terms that he was not welcome in the rink.

The doorman continued his selection process when he noticed a young girl who looked no more than sixteen or seventeen come up in a green ball cap and blue jean jacket and was about to turn her away until she pulled out two hundred dollar bills and gave the doorman a hard and chilling look.

“My name is Alison. I’m here for the fights and that’s all you need to know. Let me in and don’t ask questions.” The doorman decided that letting Alison in would be a good thing and decided to do just that.

“Thanks.” Alison said with a smile as she stuffed the $200 dollars in the doorman’s jacket. “Buy yourself something nice.” Alison then walked in leaving the doorman wowed by what he saw.

“Wow she’s intense.” the doorman said turning to stop a boy and a girl who looked like model high school students from entering. “What’s this prom night? Take a hike.”

Inside the rink Alison made herself one of the crowd. Moving her way forward every little bit until she was close enough to not only watch the fights but to do the craziest thing anyone could do in the underground rink.

She wanted to participate in them.

Alison was much like a cousin she greatly admired. She sought to better herself in intense fighting competitions. The more she fought the more she would take something out of it. But unlike her cousin, Alison was a lot more spirited. Plus she wasn’t afraid to make a couple of bucks off of the deal.

Alison remembered so many times when she would bring home a large sum of money from a prizefight she had taken part in, and her uncle would ask ‘Is that going into your college fund Alison?’. Alison always rolled her eyes when her grandfather Derik asked that question.

“Yes grandpa.” Alison would say. Even though she would skim a few bucks off the top for partying. No less than $500 would work for her. ~ Besides I earned the money I brought home. ~ Alison thought. ~ Why can’t I have a little fun?~

But one thing to Alison’s credit was her desire to help those who couldn’t help themselves. She couldn’t stand to see a so-called ‘tough guy’ beating down someone weaker because they were an easy target. Her cousin Terry always said “If you are going to prove how tough you are shoot towards the highest mountains, not the greenest valleys. Valleys possess no challenge.”

“Except when it comes to mowing them.” Alison joked with a smirk, but she got Terry’s message. He playfully brought her cap down when she said that remark.

“While that is fun, let me remind you Alison that what I said are words to live by.” Terry said. “My sensei told them to me, and now I’m telling them to you. Never forget them.”

Alison never did. She treasured the words her cousin imparted to her as she fought in underground rinks for the last two years. Each time taking something out of the fight for her to learn. As she looked down at the fight below. ~ One of those guys definitely needs to learn a lesson. ~ she thought.

Alison pulled down her green baseball cap as she moved further into the crowd. She was horrified to see a much smaller and weaker man being mercilessly pummeled by some big bruiser. The smaller man was only of slightly medium build with black hair while his foe was twice his size and more than double his weight. The larger man sneered as he continued to beat the living daylights out of his opponent.

That was until Alison jumped in and grabbed the big man’s fist stopping him from delivering the killing blow. The man’s opponent was still alive but very, very battered. The bruiser looked to his side and saw Alison glaring at him like a wolf.

A very hungry wolf.

“Hey! What are you doing girly? This is none of your business!” the big man said. “Shouldn’t you be at home playing with your dolls? Not dressed up like a fighter!”

“One dolls are for ladies… I’m no lady. Second, you’ve already won the fight.” she said in an even tone as she gestured to the injured man. “There’s no point in hitting him anymore.”

“Oh yeah?” the big man smirked as he looked down at his beaten foe, who moaned. “Heh, maybe you’re right. He’s unconscious and won’t feel a thing. So how’s about I start beating on YOU!”

With those words, the thug swung his other fist towards Alison’s face. However, she had been expecting something like this and tilted her head slightly to avoid the haymaker. With her right hand still gripped firmly on her opponent’s wrist she twisted into him and put the larger man into a throw. The man went flying over her shoulders and landed hard on his back a few meters away.

Instantly, the crowd’s attention turned on the new fight and more bets were being made.

“Two hundred on Marcus!”

“Three hundred on the chick!”

“Five hundred on Marcus!”

“So you know some fancy martial arts stuff huh? That won’t save you when I get my hands on you!” As if to accentuate his point, Marcus slammed a fist into a nearby concrete wall and went right through it.

Alison just yawned. She was unimpressed by the show of strength, remembering that she had defeated opponents much stronger than this showoff. Reaching into her jacket pockets she pulled out her charms: A pair of leather, fingerless gloves that were given to her by her cousin. She slowly put them on and then looked at Marcus. “So you want to fight? Fine then. I guess I’ll oblige you.”

Marcus smirked as he crouched down a bit while flexing and unflexing his hands. “Heh. You won’t be so cocky after I pound that beautiful face of yours into a pulp girl! Your parents are going to need a plastic surgeon to fix what I’m going to wreck.”

“Enough boasting. Come on!” Alison growled as she got into a ready stance.

Marcus wasted no time as he lunged at Alison with the intent of smashing her into the pavement. Alison however had already assessed the situation and saw Marcus as nothing more than a moron with very little skills and only relied on brute force to win. As Marcus charged for the kill, Alison crouched down and focused her ki.

“Goodbye bitch!” Marcus said bearing down for the blow. That’s when Alison made her move.


Before the shocked eyes of the crowds, Alison suddenly made an inverted handspring and flew upside-down like a rocket. One leg was extended while the other was bent. The foot smacked into Marcus’s glass jaw and knocked him back. At the same time, Alison’s body spun as she delivered several hard punches to Marcus’s midsection. Since her opponent had been charging, the blows were even more devastating.

As Alison went shooting upward, Marcus went crashing down onto his back in a daze. As he shook his head to clear it, he caught a glimpse of something flipping into the air and coming back down on top of him.


The big man’s breath was driven out of him as Alison drove her knees into his chest. He coughed once and then blacked out.

Alison smiled as she got back to her feet, and used her cap to dust off her pants before throwing in up into the air and shouted out her victory. “OKAY!!!”

The crowds were absolutely flabbergasted, as they had witnessed Marcus defeated by a single move. Their eyes all turned towards Alison wondering how she did that. No ordinary person, let alone a woman could do what she just did. The people began to get very nervous as they continued to stare at her.

Alison however, didn’t seem to notice them staring as she went to help the man she had rescued.

“You okay?” Alison asked. The man nodded. “Good. Up you go.” Alison then helped him to his feet and went to the betting tables. “The money that goes to the winner. The odds were way against me. I want my cut! NOW!”

The men with the money hesitated but then gave Alison a large amount, not wanting her to beat them as she had beaten Marcus.

Alison then gave the man she had helped a small bit of the money, if $5, 000 was small that is. “Get yourself something to eat and some clothes to wear to get a job away from life like this.” Alison said to him. She then turned to look at the fighting crowd.

“And as for you people, I think this underground ring is going to get to know me better soon.” She then walked to the door but then was stopped by the man she helped.

“Just who are you though?” he asked.

“I’m Alison ‘The Lady Wolf’ Bogard.”

When she said her name Alison could almost swear she heard jaws drop to the floor. “… Bogard as in Terry ‘The Lone Wolf’ Bogard?!” the man asked.

“I should hope so… we are after all cousins.” Alison smirked leaving the underground fight arena with her winnings. After she closed the door the patrons were still talking about her.

No sooner was Alison through the door to her house that her grandfather’s voice rang out shouting “Alison is that you?”

“Yes Grandpa.” Alison said. She had known she was adopted, but to her her grandfather was more family to her than anyone she had right then.

Her foster parents once told her the story of how she came to be with them. They had stumbled onto a black market auction one time, and there was a doctor who was selling a baby to whoever could give him the best price. The bidding was high and it almost seemed like the baby would wind up in the hands of a sleazy pimp named Downtown Vinnie.

Ira and Lia Bogard couldn’t stand to see the baby, whom the doctor said was named Alison, to be sold into the life of prostitution. So they both decided to ‘liberate’ the little girl from the place of squalor she was sent to. When they were far enough away they turned to baby over to a local orphanage hoping someone would claim her-no one did. Especially not Downtown Vinnie. Ira and Lia saw to that.

Deciding no one would come for the baby Ira and Lia decided to adopt little Alison and bring her up as their own daughter. As Alison grew older she became aware of other members of the Bogard family: Jeff Bogard and his young sons Terry and Andy. Like her, Terry and Andy were adopted.

Like them she studied Martial Arts. Most notably the ancient styles of Hakkyokuseiken. But while Terry and Andy had learned from a respected sensei Tung Fu Rue, Alison learned a few moves from Terry himself. “I can only show you tidbits.” Terry once said to Alison. “You have to find your own way.”

Also like her Bogard cousins Alison lost loved ones. When she was seven her foster parents were killed in a fire. No explanation was given as to who started it, but fire investigators clearly thought that the cause was arson.

Her grandfather Derik Bogard decided to continue to raise Alison as well as continuing to instruct her in several martial arts hoping that she would carve out her own style. She rarely saw her cousins anymore, and treasured the visits she had with them. On one such visit Terry gave Alison her fighting gloves, and she treasured them greatly.

Derik nurtured Alison as she grew into her teenaged years, which really brought out the wild child in her. She was spirited, tough, and took no bull from nobody. Anyone who tried to bully her got more than a fat lip, and Alison got the detention demerits to prove it.

Finally Derik enrolled Alison in a local private school hoping that she would learn etiquette and respect a little better. She learned a little bit, but not enough to change her wild child ways.

Alison decided to get into prizefights hoping to keep her skills sharp, and make a little money in the process as well. Derik approved, but only if the money went to constructive purposes-like college tuition.

“If you won anything make sure it goes into your college fund.” Derik Bogard said. Alison rolled her eyes and headed to the kitchen to put her money where she usually put it until she could get to the bank-the cookie jar in the kitchen.

Her bank account was huge due to the prizefighting she had done. It was already up to $50, 000 dollars, but Alison didn’t think about college too much. ~ That time will come when it comes. ~ she thought. ~ Right now it’s time to enjoy high school. ~

When Alison made her way home she decided to go to a store and pick up a few things. Looking at herself in the mirror she looked at her long golden brown hair and ran her fingers through it. Many thought Alison’s hair was her most attractive feature. ~ And if you ask the guys at school they’d say the chest, the face, the legs, etc. etc. ~ . Alison knew of the boys at school and they were little more than spoiled rich preppies trying to act cool and make like they rule the world. Some of them even wanted to date her hoping to ‘get to first base. ‘

~They could never even step up to the plate with me. ~ Alison smirked. ~ But enough of that. ~ Alison looked through the bag she picked up at the store. There was hair conditioner, bleach, and special hair dye. Special in that the color of the dye was labeled ‘green. ‘

“Oh am I going to have fun at school tomorrow.” Alison said as she brought out the can of green dye and got ready to ‘work her magic. ‘

“Wait’ll Cass gets a load of this.” she said thinking of her best friend, and wondered what her reaction would be.

The next morning, the kids at St. Marin’s Private School were treated to a big surprise. Students couldn’t believe what they were seeing as they watched one of their fellow students walk down the hall.

Cassidy Bridges walked wearing a school uniform in the same style as those of the other students: skirt, shirt, tie, jacket with school symbol on it. But there was only one difference about it. With the exception of the shoes, socks and jacket which were all blue Cassidy’s uniform was silver. From the skirt to the shirt and tie. The symbol of St. Marin’s was still on the jumper so she could give the impression of still being a student at the school.

The other students couldn’t believe their eyes. Some made adjustments to their uniforms true. But usually they were the sleeves, or a different style of jumper, or even favoring a skirt instead of a jumper. Never before had a student bring about a complete color change, except for the sweater and socks. Cassidy caught notice of the murmurs until she heard a voice from behind.

“Silver Cass? Since when have you ever even WORN anything silver?”

Cassidy turned around and then smirked knowing who it was. She was dressed in the same school uniform she wore before she got her special silver version of it. She had a good build and was a little taller than Cassidy. She had a nice skin complection and she had blue eyes. However Cassidy raised her eyebrows a little bit when she saw her hair though.

It was long and in a ponytail that went over her shoulders but she had some green locks in the front of her face.

“Green Alison?” Cassidy quipped.

Alison Bogard smirked. “Hey I have been getting really sick and tired of wearing the same damn uniform Cassidy. ‘Sides I came up with this green lock part during vacation. I happen to like, and I don’t feel like getting rid of it. I’m just glad I’m not the only rule breaker at the moment.”

“This isn’t…” Cassidy started but Alison flung her arm around her friend.

“Later Cass. We got class in five and I don’t intend on being late again just because we are talking about colors. If we’re violating we’re violating, but worry about that when someone does something about it. Now come on or we are going to be late, and I don’t want to face the teacher’s wrath especially if she had a lousy date again.” Alison shivered remembering how very crabby their teacher for history had been when her date stood her up and she took her frustrations out on the class. It was not pretty.

Cassidy nodded and the two went to class. “And I thought I was going to be the one doing the surprising today.” Alison said.

“Oh you did Alison.” Cassidy said pointing to the green locks of hair Alison had.

“Not as much as you though.” Alison said as they came to their classroom and went inside.

Room 233 was where Cassidy and Alison had their history class together, under the somewhat tyrannical fist of Ms. Evelyn McNulty. The class was considered to be somewhat tyrannical because the mood of the teacher always depended on whether or not the teacher had a good date or not.

Evelyn McNulty had terrible luck in relationships. No matter which one she was in the man would always move on to the next prettier face. Whenever she had a bad date the students paid for it because they were so young and pretty and had boyfriends, or even girlfriends for one or two of them, while she was pushing thirty-five and her biological clock was ticking.

“She doesn’t look too good.” Alison said.

Do you think it’s another bad date?” Cassidy asked.

“It must be. She brought out the riding crop.” Alison and Cassidy both noticed the leather stick on her desk. Unfortunately it was also at the same time Ms. McNulty noticed Cassidy’s new uniform.

“Miss Bridges. You of course are aware that your uniform is in violation of the dress code of this school?” McNulty asked towering over Cassidy.

“But… but… it’s still regulation.” Cassidy said. “I still have the jacket with the school colors and the school symbol.”

“I don’t care if your underwear has the school symbol! You’re out of uniform!” McNulty continued to tower over Cassidy glaring at the young girl. “I half expected this from Bogard over there, but not you. I thought you would have had more sense than that. But I guess when you’re a friend of trouble you become trouble yourself.”

Alison jumped out of her chair and got into McNulty’s face. “Listen bitch. Don’t blame us if you can’t get laid. But lay off Cassidy. She’s a good friend of mine and very cool. She studies hard and pulls her weight but all you want to do is harp!”

McNulty looked at Alison’s hair and the green locks protruding. “Miss Bogard, your hair.”

“Is against regulations yeah.” Alison said. “But take a look around you. Everyone is making adjustments to their uniforms. You’re just on Cassidy because hers is the most different. Well hey, at least none of us are coming in biker leather. So why don’t you sit at your desk, teach the class and get off our cases.” Everyone applauded Alison’s speech and even Cassidy was moved as she stood up alongside her friend.

“Miss Bridges. Miss Bogard.” Ms. McNulty said through clenched teeth. “The principal’s office now!”

Cassidy and Alison both walked out of the classroom with a bunch of “OOOOOHHHHH!”‘s and “You’re in trouble!”‘s until the teacher brought out her riding crop and slammed it down on the desk.

“Now pay attention!!!” Ms. McNulty bellowed to the wise cracking pupils. Cassidy and Alison both shared a look and decided that the principal’s office seemed like a good place to be right now.

Kelly had driven up to Lisa Bridges’ house where Cassidy lived most of the time. She hoped Lisa would be able to listen to her about the concerns she had in Cassidy’s behavior in their shopping spree as Cassidy looked for anything silver to wear. ~ Maybe I’m being crazy. ~ she thought. ~ But I can’t shake the feeling that something is up with her. ~

As Kelly got out of her car she noticed the door was open so she walked in. When she found Lisa she was scrambling to find what she needed in order to leave quickly.

“Lisa.” Kelly said.

“I’m sorry Kelly I can’t talk now.” Lisa Bridges said as she looked for her purse, car keys and coat. Not necessarily in that order. “I have to get down to Cassidy’s school. She’s in trouble.”

Kelly was concerned, especially since Cassidy was involved. “What kind of trouble?”

“Some silly thing about her being out of uniform. The principal said she was wearing ‘clothes that weren’t school standard’. or something.”

“Not school standard?”

“Yeah. They say she was wearing something silver with her uniform. But when I asked Cassidy about it she said there was no problem. I have to go and straighten all this out.”

~Silver?~ Kelly thought. Turning to Lisa Kelly said “Maybe I’d better come with you. There are some things I need to speak with you about.”

“What things?” Lisa asked.

“It’s about Cassidy.” Kelly said. “I’m not sure but something’s up with her.”

Lisa looked stunned for a minute. Kelly hadn’t taken an interest in parenting Cassidy before, but then Lisa asked Kelly not to saying that Cassidy was her responsibility and not Kelly’s. Kelly agreed, but something had to be important if Kelly was concerned with Cassidy’s welfare.

“Help me get my keys and you can tell me on the way.” Lisa said as both women hurried to get out the door.

The principal sat behind his desk looking at the two girls who were sitting before him. If one looked at their files, and asked them what they were like personally, they would have said they were complete opposites.

They would have said Cassidy Bridges was a good student who studied hard, and kept her nose clean. They would have said that she had her own circle of friends whom she talked to, and was fiercely competitive in the drama department-especially with a student named Sharon Schomer. But overall Cassidy Bridges was a typical teen who was working hard and getting through school.

But if they asked about Alison Bogard they would have said something completely different. Sure they would say she’s a good student who studies hard, but also that she was trouble. Alison was known for fighting, mouthing off to instructors, and basically trying to violate every rule in the book just to get attention. She was wild, and she was trouble.

If the two were put together Cassidy Bridges and Alison Bogard would come out as complete total opposites. ~ So why is it that they are the best of friends~ he asked himself.

For some reason Alison and Cassidy had one of the strongest friendships around, despite their contrasting personalities. Each one was able to count on the other, and both seemed to rub off on the other as Alison always strived to do her work despite her attitude problems. Teachers speculated that it was Cassidy’s influence more than anything.

But today it was believed that it was Alison’s turn to influence Cassidy, since the teacher complained that Cassidy came to school in a uniform not up to code, and that Alison’s hair with the green locks was also against regulation.

“Well Miss Bridges. Miss Bogard. What brings you to my office today?” the principal asked in a tone that seemed too friendly.

Alison spoke up first. “The teacher was harping on Cassidy about her uniform and I told the bitch to back off.” Cassidy couldn’t help but snicker at Alison’s stating of the facts. ~ She always did have a flair when it came to stating the obvious. ~ she thought.

The principal wasn’t amused and immediately shot Cassidy a look. “What’s so funny Miss Bridges? Was it something Miss Bogard said?”

“Oh no sir.” Cassidy said. “It was just…”

Just then Lisa and Kelly Bridges came barging into the Principal’s office. Lisa doing most of the barging and Kelly following close behind. “Mr. Phelps. Good afternoon, I’m Lisa Bridges, Cassidy’s mom.”

“Ah yes, Miss Bridges. I’m familiar with you.” Principal Phelps said as he shook Lisa’s hand. Kelly then introduced herself and Principal Phelps shook her hand as well.

“So what’s this about Cassidy being ‘out of uniform?'” Lisa asked.

“Well it seems that Miss Bridges and Miss Bogard here got into a little trouble with their history teacher this morning. She said that the two weren’t wearing uniforms that were up to code.” Principal Phelps explained. At the mention of Alison’s name Lisa turned towards the person who was sitting at her right with the brown hair with green streaks in it-Alison Bogard.

“Hi Mrs. Bridges.” Alison said with a finger wave.

“Oh, you.” Lisa said giving Alison a look and making a face. Alison seemed to take it all in stride as she made a wide eyed face and said “Yeah, me.”

“Mom, please lay off Alison.” Cassidy pleaded. Lisa nodded and said to the principal “Tell me what happened.”

“Well apparently Cassidy’s history teacher saw Miss Bridges was out of uniform, and decided to discipline her for it.” Mr. Phelps said.

“This still fits with the school code.” Cassidy said. “I read it before I even bought the thing.”

Lisa looked at Cassidy’s Silver and blue ensemble, and even though the style fit with the other students, the color did make her stand out more. “Now that I think about it, it does look out of the ordinary from what the other kids are wearing.”

“Awww mom!” Cassidy said waiving her hands.

“Don’t ‘awww mom’ me young lady. I’m not the one in trouble here.” Lisa then cast a look in Alison’s direction and immediately asked “What’s her story?”

“According to Miss McNulty, she had a problem with how she was disciplining Miss Bridges.” the principal said.

“Disciplining? Is that what she calls it?” Alison shook her head in disbelief before speaking again. “She just did what she always does whenever she has a bad date. She looked for someone to take it out on, and Cassidy was the easy target for the day.”

Lisa looked at Alison stunned, while Kelly looked on interested. She had heard Cassidy talk about Alison Bogard before, but never had she had the chance to meet her until now. Already Kelly seemed interested in the spirited young girl who had Cassidy’s friendship.

Cassidy was starting to chuckle at Alison’s comments, but she was doing her best to keep a straight face. The Principal however was annoyed with Alison’s comments. “Miss Bogard…” he said trying to get her to quiet down.

“Hey it’s not my fault ‘School Marm’ McNulty can’t keep a man. That doesn’t mean she has to tear into one of my friends to prove a point.” Alison shouted. Cassidy couldn’t keep it in any longer and just broke out in laughter at her best friend’s comments.

“MISS BRIDGES!!!” Mr. Phelps shouted.

“CASSIDY!!!” Lisa added. Kelly only let out a small side smile as she saw Cassidy’s reaction to Alison’s ‘wit. ‘

Cassidy vainly tried to regain her composure, yet only succeeded partway. “I’m… I’m… I’m sorry. It’s just…. Alison….” Cassidy broke out in laughter again and Alison found herself joining in. Kelly placed her hand over her mouth trying to keep herself from laughing as well. Principal Phelps and Lisa were the only ones who kept stern expressions.

“Mrs. Bridges.” Principal Phelps said. “I’m afraid I have no choice but to give your daughter detention for one week. On grounds of disrespecting her teacher and disrespecting the dress code.”

Cassidy and Alison quickly stopped laughing after that. “That’s not fair!” Alison shouted. “Cassidy did nothing wrong!”

“Oh you think so Miss Bogard?” Phelps said. “Well since you ‘rose up in defence’ of your friend so many times, you can join her. Plus an additional two weeks after that.”

Now it was Cassidy’s turn to be upset. “Two more weeks? What for?”

Principal Phelps just looked both girls in the eye and said. “Because in order to keep order in a school such as this, one must weed out disruptive influences and make an example of them. And rest assured Miss Bogard I intend to make an example out of you.”

Alison knew a challenge when she heard one, and as she rose out of her chair she glared at Phelps looking him straight in the eye. “You’re going to make an example out of me? Oh I’d like to see you try it.”

“Oh trust me Bogard. I won’t try, I will.” As Phelps and Alison continued to stare each other down Lisa and Kelly escorted Cassidy out of the Principal’s office. As they exited Lisa’s voice could have been heard saying “From now on you stay away from that Bogard girl.”

As soon as school let out Cassidy and Alison spent their first detention together before they left the grounds. Lisa and Kelly were waiting for Cassidy while Alison was known for walking home on her own.

“You know. If this keeps up, I’m going to think that your mother just doesn’t like me.” Alison said in jest.

Cassidy just smiled at her friend’s remark. “I’m sorry about mom coming down on you.” she said.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m known for rubbing people the wrong way.” Cassidy smiled and wondered how Alison could take it all in stride like she did. Sadly she didn’t have much time to wonder as Lisa took Cassidy’s arm and started to drag her away from Alison.

“What did I say before? From now on you stay away from that Bogard girl.” Lisa said. Cassidy couldn’t believe she was hearing this. “Mom…”

“Don’t ‘mom’ me young lady.” Lisa said starting to sound like a dominating mother. “That girl is a bad influence. Hell, she proved that by getting you sent to the principal’s office today didn’t she? And detention?”

“Mrs. Bridges.” Alison said as she caught up to her friend and her friend’s mother. “Please lay off Cassidy.”

“Who are you to tell me how to raise my daughter?” Lisa said sternly to Alison. “I don’t see ‘responsible parent’ written all over you now do I?”

“No.” Alison said. “I’m not Cassidy’s parent, I’m Cassidy’s friend, and friends stick up for one another.”

“Stick up for her?” Lisa scoffed. “You’re sticking up for her nearly got her suspended. If I have my way….”

“MOM THAT’S ENOUGH!!!” Cassidy shouted and got into her mother’s face as the daughter gave the mother a piece of her mind.

“Now mom, Alison wasn’t getting me into any trouble. She was sticking up for me in a difficult situation, just like I’m doing for her now.” Pausing she took a breath before speaking again.

“You seem to want to hunt down something that may be a bad influence on me, well I’ll tell you straight out mom-I can make my own decisions on things. And who I choose as my friends is my business not yours.”

“But Cassidy…” Lisa started to say until she got interrupted by a call of “Hey bitch!” heading their way. Lisa was about to shout at who said the ‘B’ word in her direction but silenced as she saw who was coming. Alison rolled her eyes as she saw Marcus from the underground ring last night marching forward. ~ And he’s brought some help with him, joy!~ she thought.

“Hey bitch, I’ve been looking for ya.” Marcus said backed up by three thugs. Cassidy immediately turned to Alison and asked “Friends of yours?”

“Nope.” Alison sighed. “Just a party animal who didn’t know when to quit. If you’ll excuse me please?” Alison then walked over to where Marcus and his gang were standing.

Cassidy wanted to go support her friend but Lisa and Kelly held her back. “Cassidy don’t get involved.” Lisa ordered. Looking at Kelly, Cassidy found her nodding in agreement. Sighing Cassidy could do nothing but sit back and watch what was about to happen.

Alison looked at Marcus and his three friends. “So what are you doing here? This school isn’t known for teaching at the kindergarden level.”

Marcus didn’t seem bothered at all by Alison’s remark. “Funny bitch. But you won’t be laughing when me and my boys teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.” Alison looked at the three thugs Marcus had with him, she yawned completely unimpressed with them.

“Four of you to take on one of me? Boy do I feel special.” Alison smirked.

Marcus then sneered. “Well you won’t feel special after we’re through with you. ‘Cause you see, we brought some back up with us.” Marcus reached behind his black leather vest and pulled out a chain which he wrapped around his hand.

Alison went wide eyed for a second as she saw the weapon, then she noticed the other thugs had weapons as well. One brought out a set of nunchakus. Another had a set of brass knuckles, while another just had a simple switchblade on him.

“Okay. Now I’m worried.” Alison said with a slight bit of sarcasm.

“You should be bitch. We’re going to mess you up good.” Marcus then delivered a sucker punch to Alison’s gut sending her doubling over. Continuing the assault he used his chain fist to drive Alison back and keep her disoriented so she could not use any of her special moves. The thugs behind Marcus cheered their leader on as Alison was getting beaten back.

“ALISON!!!” Cassidy shouted as her friend tried to fight could well become a four on one, especially since the four were armed and their leader was beating her down with a chain. “I have to go and help her!”

She made off to go into the fight but Lisa held her daughter back. “No Cassidy, you’ll get killed! Let me call Nash! He can do something!”

“By then it’ll be too late! Let go of me!” Cassidy demanded trying to get out of her mother’s grip. Kelly also tried to hold back Cassidy trying to keep her from entering the fray.

“Cassidy listen to your mother.” Kelly said. “There’s nothing that you can do.”

“I said LET GO!!!” Suddenly with a burst of energy Cassidy broke out of her mother’s and ex-stepmother’s grips as the two were thrown back down on the sidewalk. Both women were amazed by their daughter’s show of strength as they were left wondering where Cassidy got her strength from.

Cassidy had no time to think about that however. Her friend was in trouble and she had to do something about it. Running as fast as she could Cassidy made her way towards the fray.

Marcus didn’t even notice Cassidy was approaching. All he and his friends noticed was Alison with her back to the wall and the muggers were ready to party. Alison looked at the four ‘men’ and made ready to deliver one more shot in hopes of defending herself.

“Well bitch.” Marcus sneered. “Got any last words?”

“No but I do!” a voice said from behind. Marcus turned around and saw a foot flying into his face as Cassidy delivered a flying side kick right to Marcus’s head.

The blow sent Marcus reeling and caused him to drop his chain. Cassidy then picked it up and wrapped it around her own fist, partly as an equalizer, but mostly so Marcus and his ‘boys’ wouldn’t get it. Casting a look in Alison’s direction Cassidy saw her getting her bearings again and standing back up.

Getting into a fighting stance Cassidy stared down the three thugs she was facing. “Listen, I don’t want any trouble. But if you all don’t get out of here. There will be trouble, you got that?”

The punks however didn’t seem too impressed with Cassidy’s bravado, especially since Marcus set himself back up and he rejoined his gang. “You know what I think bitch?” Marcus said chuckling. “I think you should take your little Catholic schoolgirl self, and get the hell out of my face before I beat yours to a pulp like I did to your friend there.

Alison was quickly standing back up. “It’ll take more than what you and your ‘boys’ got to finish me off. You got in one shot with a sucker punch. I’ll tell you this, you won’t get another.”

Marcus was about to say something else when he heard Lisa Bridges’s voice. “CASSIDY!!!”, Lisa shouted trying to come to her daughter’s aid. Kelly following close behind.

Marcus then turned to Cassidy who was still in her fighting stance. “Awwww does mommy have to come and rescue you?” he said laughing. Cassidy kept her cool and said nothing, maintaining the fighting stance she had.

When Lisa came she tried to tell Marcus “I’m sorry we’re just leaving.” As she made her way to grab Cassidy one of Marcus’s thugs decided to grab Lisa and hold his knife to her. Lisa’s eyes went wide with fright.

“Now you listen to me bitch.” Marcus said to Lisa. “You and your bitch there, ” he said pointing to Kelly. “… take your little bitch and get out of here. We’ve got business with a bitch here who needs to…” Marcus didn’t get to finish his sentence as a foot came across his face delivering a roundhouse kick that sent him back.

The thug who held the knife lost his grip when a hand hit the nerve in his arm which jarred the knife free from his grip. The knife clattered to the floor and then felt a side kick to his stomach and a jump back kick to his upper torso sending him flying back into the wall.

The other two thugs tried to move against Marcus and their fellow thug but were met with two flying side kicks to the chin knocking them back. Their assailant then landed catlike on her feet and delivered a series of punches to one thug’s gut while delivering a back kick to the other thug sending him sprawling.

With all his thugs down Marcus quickly got his wits together as best he could. “No way bitch are you beating me. You hear me? NO WAY ARE YOU BEATING ME!!!”

Picking up his fellow thug’s baseball bat he lunged ready to deliver a swing to his assailant’s head, who promptly dodged the swing and delivered a flying side kick to his shoulder jarring a nerve making Marcus lose his grip on the bat. Unraveling the chain the assailant threw it so it wrapped around Marcus’s neck, then the assailant yanked back hard jerking the chain loose and jarring Marcus’s neck pretty good.

After Marcus and the muggers collected themselves they started running. Marcus cursed as he ran holding his injured neck. “Two kung-fu bitches in one week. That’s too much for me!” Lisa and Kelly looked at them scurry away like scared vermin. Then they joined Alison as the three women turned their gazes on the one who drove them off-Cassidy.

“What the hell did you just do?”, Lisa asked her daughter surprised at what she had just done. Cassidy looked down at her hands and the chain dangling in them, with an expression that said that she was just as stunned as Lisa and Kelly were. No words coming from her mouth.

“Man I know I didn’t show you moves like that.” Alison said. “You’ve got to put me through to your self defense teacher.

Cassidy however said nothing and continued looking down at her hands, the shock and disbelief settling in. ~ How the hell did I do what I just did?~ she mentally asked herself.

Marcus and his gang continued to run. The cops could come anytime and he wanted to be sure they couldn’t catch him if they arrived. “I think we’re safe here.” Marcus said catching his breath. The rest of the gang was too.

“I can’t believe it.” Marcus said between breaths. “We had the bitch down, and then her friend, Miss Silver Dollar, shows up and beats us down. What the hell is going on in today’s world?”

Marcus didn’t get an answer. Rather he got a question from one of his posse. “Uhhh Mark. What’s that.” the scrawny thug asked.

Marcus and the rest of his gang turned and saw a series of red lights bouncing back and forth advancing towards them. When the figures behind those lights came into view Marcus and his gang screamed.

“I tell you Nash it’s that Bogard girl! It has to be!” Lisa shouted. “She’s corrupting our daughter!”

Nash tried to calm Lisa down but she would have none of it. “Lise…” he tried to say.

Lisa Bridges continued her rant. “First she convinces Cassidy to get a uniform that’s completely against the school dress code. Then she gives our daughter pointers on how to beat people up. I’ll tell you Nash. I’ve heard stories about Alison Bogard. I’ve heard she beats people up in back alleys. For money, yeah. She gets paid to hurt people. You might arrest her someday.”

“Lise.” Nash said waving his hands. “Let’s focus on the muggers right now okay?”

Lisa nodded in agreement and gave a description of them. Nash called in the S. I. U. and relayed his findings to Harvey Leek who passed it along to all the other officers there. With the information delivered Nash immediately turned his full attention to Lisa who was ranting about Alison again.

“You know, the muggers carried on like they knew her. I’ll bet she used to be part of their gang.”

Nash rolled his eyes at hearing about Alison again. “Lise, I’ve met Alison Bogard a few times. I myself found her to be a little spirited, but otherwise she seems like an okay kid.”

“But you can’t deny that she’s having an effect on Cassidy!” Lisa tried to get her point across to Nash, but wasn’t sure he was listening. “In case you had forgotten it was Cassidy who beat those muggers back.”

Nash suddenly shot up and Lisa got his full attention. “Wait a minute. Since when was Cassidy signed up for self defense again?”

“She wasn’t.” Lisa said. “She hasn’t retaken her self-defense courses since two years ago. And the moves I saw her do seemed more than just self-defense in my book. She seemed to move like she was some sort of ninja.”

“Is Cassidy learning a few moves from Alison?” Nash asked. “You did say Alison beat up people in back alleys.”

“I don’t know, ” Lisa answered. “But when I saw the look on Alison’s face it was like she didn’t know either. I’m telling you Nash, something is definitely up with our daughter.”

Nash found himself thinking about what Kelly said more and more. She thought something was up with Cassidy too when she got her silver wardrobe, now she’s fighting muggers like she was a seasoned martial artist. “If you don’t believe me just ask Kelly. She thinks something’s up with her too.”

“I did.” Nash replied. “She has her own concerns about Cassidy. Just then his cell phone rang.

“Nash.” he said into his cell phone. It was Inspector Evan Cortez on the other end.

“I think we found the muggers Nash.” Evan said. “Or rather what’s left of them.”

“Where you at?” Nash asked. Evan gave his location.

“On my way.” Nash said. He then turned to Lisa and said “We’ll talk about this later. Keep an eye on Cassidy will you? Watch her like a hawk.”

“Oh don’t worry Nash. I intend to.” Lisa said as she watched her ex-husband walk out to where Evan found the muggers.

The roar of the ‘Cuda filled the air as Nash drove to the alley where Evan said he was. As he got out of the car Nash got straight to the point. “All right Evan, what have you got?”

“We’ve got four badly burned bodies back here.” Evan said relaying what he knew. “And it looks like the muggers from Cassidy’s school. Remnants of their clothes fit the report Lisa gave, and they were in close proximity to the school itself.”

“When they get to the morgue have the doctor call up their dental records so we can get positive I. D. ‘s. Better safe than sorry.” Evan nodded at Nash’s order then asked to be taken to the bodies.

When Nash arrived he saw four human forms covered with blankets. The chief officer of the S. I. U. , a middle aged man named Robbie, stood guard over the dead as Nash arrived.

“What’s up Robbie?” Nash asked.

“Oh Inspector. These bodies are burned. And I mean ‘burned.” Robbie said emphasizing his words. Nash seemed a little confused when a forensics officer pulled back one of the tarps.

It was all Nash could do from heaving his cookies. Motioning his hand he ordered the forensics officer to cover the body back up. Then he ran back to where the ‘Cuda sat and threw up in the garbage can it was parked nearby. Evan went over and asked if Nash was okay.

“My god Evan. What the hell could do something like that?”

Evan took a deep breath before saying what he said next. “I don’t know Nash, but the burn patterns seem to match those of that armored car robbery Joe mentioned two days ago.”

“The one he credited to blaster fire?”

“And where silver giants were were seen as the perpetrators.” Evan continued.

Nash sighed as he tried to take everything in. “Evan, when did our whole world go insane?”

Inspector Evan Cortez had no answer for his superior officer and friend.

The Doctor and the Zeo Rangers had all returned to the safety of the TARDIS. With the exception of the Time Lord all the Rangers were wiped out.

“Geez.” Rocky said. “Walking in this city is like climbing a mountain. How many hills are in this city anyway?”

“Too many to count.” Samantha answered. “I feel like I’ve run a marathon.”

“It’s all the heavy clothes you’ve been wearing.” Kat said. “Maybe you should change into something more weather friendly.”

“What? Shorts, sandals and a tee? No thanks.” Samantha said. “But maybe I will find some jeans with a little more holes in them.” Samantha then got up out of her chair and went towards one of the Doctor’s many clothing lockers hoping to find some ‘weather friendly’ clothes that were more her style. Kat just rolled her eyes and smiled at her friend’s tastes.

The Doctor however had been working on building a device into the TARDIS. It was a socket where a Zeo Tracer could fit into. Adam, curious as to what was going on, walked over to the TARDIS console and asked what he was up to.

“This little socket is based on a little something I used to find pieces of the ‘Key to Time’.” the Doctor explained. “Hopefully it will work on the same lines as to finding the the Silver Zeo Crystal, and who its bearer might be.”

“What does it do?” Rocky asked.

“It will hook into the TARDIS scanners and do a city wide search scanning area by area locking onto the location of the Silver Zeo Crystal and tell us where to find it.” the Doctor said with pride.

“Will it work?” Tommy asked. The Doctor shot Tommy a look when he said that.

“Of course it will work!!!” The Doctor said insulted. Then he mellowed a little and added under his breath “Hopefully.” The Rangers all crossed their fingers as the Doctor brought out his own Zeo Tracer and inserted it into the TARDIS console. Then flipping a switch the tracer began its work in doing a city wide scan hoping to find a trace of the Silver Zeo Crystal.

Back at the underground base of the Cylons however the murderers of Marcus and his thugs were standing with their red eyes going across their sensors like a ‘y’. Specter and Vulpa were looking over the metal warriors, and Specter seemed proud of the new creations.

“Perfect.” Specter crowed. “The Trilon Field Assassin units have performed admirably.” Specter looked at the monstrous Cylon with his red lights moving in a Y formation. Unlike the Cylon Centurions, who were the grunts of the Cylon Empire, the Trilons enhanced what already made the Centurions deadly and added the concepts of stealth and agility to it’s construction. To date, the Trilon was the most lethal killing machine the Cylon Empire had ever devised.

“Do you not agree that the Trilons are not magnificent Circuit Breaker?” Specter said to the commander of the Earthbound Cylons. “Circuit Breaker?”

Circuit Breaker was a million miles away focused on something more important to her than the Trilon field units. Her attention was focused on the Power Rangers.

Looking at a screen before her she saw six signals. giving off a Zeo Frequency. She had originally programmed the computer to locate any Ranger signals throughout the world. But for right now the program was incomplete. The computer was only able to locate the Zeo Rangers, and only those in the San Francisco area. Specter went to Circuit Breaker and asked “Have you found something of interest my commander?”

Circuit Breaker watched the screen and saw the signals disappear, except for the silver one. “Jessie’s crystal.” she said in a whisper. “And mine.”

“Pardon me? I’m afraid I did not hear you.” Specter asked.

Circuit Breaker turned to Specter and looked him dead in the sensor. “There are Rangers in this city.” she said. “I want them found. They shall be the first victims of my wrath!!!”

“Shall I ready the Centurions and the Field Assassins for this mission?”

Thinking for a moment Circuit Breaker paused and said. “Perhaps. The moment all the Ranger signals appear. I want the troops ready to move.”

“By your command.” Specter said as he left to prepare the Trilons and the Centurions for their mission. Circuit Breaker continued to look at the silver beep flashing on the screen.

~Who are you? And what are you doing with my sister’s crystal?~ she mentally asked.

“So you want to tell me what’s up?” Alison asked over the phone to Cassidy. “Like ‘where did you learn those moves?'”

Cassidy had no answer to give her. “Honestly Alison I’m just as much in the dark as you are. I don’t know how I did what I did.”

“Maybe you saw a Bruce Lee movie marathon one night or something?” Alison asked taking a lucky guess. Cassidy however found it funny though.

“You know I don’t watch Bruce Lee movies.” Cassidy said laughing.

“Hey I’m just trying to make sense of a senseless situation. I mean you’ve got to have learned those moves somewhere.” Cassidy considered Alison’s words and immediately something seemed to spark in Cassidy’s mind, but it was gone as quickly as it came.

“Hey you okay over there?” Alison asked.

“Yeah fine.” Cassidy then turned to see her father standing in her doorway. “Look I better go. See you tomorrow?”

“Yeah sure. Detention tomorrow.” Cassidy rolled her eyes back as she heard Alison’s line.

“Yeah, see you tomorrow. Bye.” Cassidy then hung up and gave Nash her full attention.

“Hey sweetheart.” Nash said hugging her daughter. “I hear you had quite a day today.”

“You could say that.” Cassidy said. “I just wish I could have made sense out of it.”

“Yeah. Kelly said you’ve got a new favorite color now. Also your teacher came down on you, and you were almost mugged today, until you fought them off.”

Cassidy sighed as Nash laid it all down. “I just wish I knew how I did it you know?”

Nash seemed taken aback by what she said. “You mean you don’t know how you did it? Didn’t you take self-defense?”

“Yeah, and self-defense didn’t cover what I had just done.” Cassidy replied. “It was like I was some sort of ninja or something.”

Nash sighed as he tried to empathize with his daughter. Then deciding to try to lighten her mood he flashed a sly smile and asked “You weren’t abducted by aliens and injected with Jackie Chan’s DNA were you?”

Cassidy hit Nash with a pillow and said “Let me go to sleep daddy. Lets worry about ‘Kung-Fu Cassidy’ tomorrow okay?”

Nash smiled a warm smile and then kissed his daughter good night and went downstairs to where Lisa was waiting in the living room. “Well?” Lisa asked.

“Well she says that she’s just as much confused by what’s happening as we are.” Nash replied.

“Do you believe her?” Lisa asked.

“I’m not sure.” Nash answered. “But I’ve been seeing a lot of strange things happening today. You know those muggers from earlier? They were found burned beyond recognition.”

“So what’s wrong with that?” Lisa asked.

“They weren’t in any fire.” Nash said back. “Someone burned them specifically. As if firing something that caused them to burn up.”

“What the hell’s going on Nash? Why is San Francisco turning into the ‘Freak Zone’ on us?”

Nash sighed as he tried to answer Lisa’s question. “I don’t know Lisa, but I intend to find out. For Cassidy’s sake if no one else’s.” Lisa smiled and gave Nash a peck on the cheek knowing that he would get to the bottom of what was happening with their daughter.

Nash then left the house hoping that Lisa would look out for Cassidy. He also prayed that Cassidy would be safe and that she wouldn’t be getting into something over her head.

Cassidy had no problem getting to sleep. However when she did her dreams started to take over.

In her dreams she was fighting. Monsters were everywhere and she had no problem picking a target to fight. Her friends were calling out for her, especially the one in blue with a triangle on his face.

Then she saw a monster slip away. Cassidy moved to follow him with one of her friends by her side. Katie her name was.

They both looked around to see where the monster was, but when they turned around the monster got the drop on them. They were captured quickly.

Next thing Cassidy knew she and Katie were being held up atop a mountain peak. The monster slashed Katie across her chest and threw her down to the ground below where their friends were. Katie died quickly.

The monster then held Cassidy up by the neck mocking her friends below. She looked at the monster holding her, and she looked down at the boy in blue. With a look she said goodbye with the knowledge she was going to die.

The next seconds were a blur, she didn’t know what happened next. Something about someone ‘knowing his place’ then the snapping of a neck. Her own.

Cassidy woke up like a shot. ~ Man that was an intense dream. ~ she thought as her bed sheets became wet and clammy to her touch. She found she had been sweating heavily too.

“Wow that was some dream.” Cassidy said. “It felt so real.” She took many deep breaths trying to calm herself down, and even though she did eventually calm down she was still too wound up to go back to bed.

“Great I’m never going to get to sleep now.” she said getting out of her bed and making her way to her nightstand. The dream had scared her more than she realized. Turning on her stand light she reached for her brush and started to brush her hair hoping to get it back into a manageable condition so she wouldn’t have to mess with it when she woke up again.

~That is if I can get back to sleep. ~ she mentally added. After going through her hair several times she put the brush down and made towards the light switch when she noticed the chain sitting on the side of her nightstand. She had forgotten all about having it with her when she went home, and set it to the side forgetting she even had it.

Now however she couldn’t take her eyes off it as she reached out to grab it. Picking it up she held it feeling every link in it, all the way along the length. Then standing up and facing a mirror off to the side of her room she spun the chain around slowly catching it with her other hand.

She continued to do spins with the chain, moving faster and faster as she did so. Soon she was manuvering the chain as if they were a pair of nunchaks, or at least a practiced fighter who was an expert at chain fighting. Alternating hands and moving the chain around like a practiced master. Her skill and technique were practically perfect.

Cassidy then stopped doing moves with the chain and looked at herself in the mirror surprised at seeing herself practicing with a chain as if she was a pro fighting with it. “What’s happening to me?”, she asked herself.

Silently walking downstairs Cassidy stepped into the kitchen pouring herself a glass of milk. She was tempted to put som Hershey’s syrup into the mix but decided against it. ~ I need to relax. Not get all hyper. ~ she thought to herself.

Her thoughts turned to everything that happened to her. The crystal coming down from the sky, her touching it, her curiosity of it. ~ When it first happened I thought it was all a dream. Now I’m not sure ~ . She then came up with an idea, closing her eyes she thought of the crystal she had and it appearing in her hand.

Cassidy felt a warm light come from her body and something separate from it and fill her hands as an object was placed in them. When she opened her eyes she saw the Silver Zeo Crystal in her hands. It’s light shining brightly.

~Oh my god. It was real! ~ Cassidy thought as she looked at the crystal intensely. ~ What are you doing to me? ~ she then asked it mentally.

The crystal didn’t answer. Not that Cassidy expected that it would.

Back at the TARDIS all the Zeos were asleep. Rocky however had monitor duty and he sat up trying to keep his eye on the equipment as it continued to scan for signs of the Silver Zeo Crystal.

A beep from the system then startled Rocky awake and he looked to see what caused the beep to take place. For a minute he thought he saw something, but then the scan was back to normal again.

“For a minute there I thought I saw a power spike.” Rocky said groggily. “It’s probably nothing.” He then went back to sleep as the Zeo Tracer continued its scan.

But Rocky and the Zeo rangers weren’t the only ones looking for the Silver Zeo Ranger, as Spectre stood watch at Josie’s computer and noticed the spike also.

Specter then called her and said “By your command.”

Groggily on the other end of the comm line Circuit Breaker said “Speak!”

We appear to have detected an energy spike from the Silver Zeo Crystal, but it seemed to fade as quickly as it came.”

“Do you think it could come again?” she asked.

“It is possible.” Specter said. “The other Rangers have to be looking for the Zeo Crystal as well. It’s only a matter of time before they come out of hiding.”

“Continue monitoring.” Circuit Breaker said. Specter acknowledged her order and went back to his monitoring duties.

Cassidy went back up to her bedroom trying to get back to sleep. Her milk was all finished, and the crystal was back inside her body. She turned to look at the clock which said 4: 23. ~ Oh god. I’m going to have to wake up soon. ~ she thought to herself as she slumped back into her bed.

~What the hell’s going on? What’s happening to me? What is this crystal doing to me?~ Cassidy’s questions all revolved around the same theme. Her train of thought then extended to other areas of her past: her seventh birthday, how she felt during her parents divorce, her crush on Evan Cortez, her kidnapping by Vincent Mulroy, the ball she attended where she met Laocorn Gaudeamas.

~Gaudeamas?~ she asked herself remembering when she met him the first time. He seemed to have a strange look in his eyes when he saw her. It only got stranger when she remembered what he said to her.

~You have a glorious destiny before you ~ she remembered him saying. ~ Would he know about this?~ Cassidy asked herself.

In her heart, in her very being, something told her that she shouldn’t tell this secret to anyone. But people were starting to suspect. Already her mother, father and Kelly were beginning to suspect something was up. She wanted to tell Alison, but somehow she wasn’t sure what to tell her. ~ ‘Hey Alison. You know all those silver clothes I’ve been wearing? Well a crystal that is inside of me is making me wear them and I can’t stop myself. ‘ Yeah right. I might as well say I was abducted by aliens and sent to the planet Drekton. ~

She needed to tell someone. Someone who would understand. Was Laocorn Gaudeamas the one?

~Maybe it’s time I found out. ~ Cassidy thought with determination as she got out of her bed, got dressed in a silver t-shirt with jeans, and made her way to where her car was waiting. Leaving a note by the phone she told Lisa that she remembered something, and that she had to leave early. Cassidy then got into her VW bug convertible and drove to where the Gaudeamas Corporate Headquarters was located. She may have only had a learner’s permit right now, but Cassidy wouldn’t be bothered by such trivialities. There were bigger questions to answer and Laocorn could be the one to answer them.

~This is his early morning day. ~ Cassidy thought remembering how Laocorn worked odd hours at times. ~ I shouldn’t be interrupting anything. ~

At the main office of the Gaudeamas Corporation, Laocorn Gaudeamas was on the phone conferring with another one of his clients when he was visited by an old friend.

“Yes Mr. Stark. I shall have the documents delivered to you by Saturday and they should be ready for your inspection.” Turning towards the door Laocorn saw Cassidy come into his office. “I’ll have to call you back.”

Hanging up the phone Laocorn gave Cassidy his full attention. “Ah Cassidy. To what do I owe the honor of this visit?” Laocorn had a pleasant face on him but Cassidy had a hard expression on her face. An expression that said that she wasn’t here on a social call.

Finally Cassidy spoke. The tone in her voice cold yet full of confusion. “Last year at the ball you said that I was going to have a ‘glorious destiny’ waiting for me. Do you remember that?”

Laocorn nodded remembering well what he said to Cassidy. The aura around her said that fate had a special role for her in events, and now that Laocorn looked at Cassidy again he noticed her aura was more lighter and powerful.

Laocorn did not say anything else as Cassidy continued to speak. “Well there’s only one thing I need to ask then.” Cassidy broke off her sentence and a silver glow started to come from her chest. The glow was bright and blinding as Laocorn had to shield his eyes from the glare. When the glare finally died down Cassidy stood holding a crystal. It had seven sides and it emanated the silver glow that almost blinded Laocorn.

“Is this my destiny?” Cassidy asked holding the crystal protectively. “If so, I need to know what it is.”

Laocorn knew what the crystal was. The Silver Zeo Crystal. His newly acquired alliance with the Outsiders along with them working with and for him had gained him added information. He already knew about the UAE but after the fight that Laocorn and his Elementals had against the Outsiders to gain their trust and then not only fight and defeat the Psycho Rangers but Laocorn also saved Christina from Biilly’s killing blow. The whole ordeal had given Laocorn and the Outsiders a level of trust between each other.

Laocorn had decided not to contact Zordon as of yet considering his suspicions about the dealings of the council were looking more and more accurate, given the information that the Outsiders had told him about Councillor S’Hera and her attempt to dissect the Outsiders for their powers. ~ Whether it be on Earth or in space, politicians are still backstabbers. ~ he sighed.

However he realized he was getting off the original train of thought here. Mainly the information that the Outsiders had told him about the Zeo Crystal, how it was related to them and their present condition and also about a recent multi-reality war that had taken place. Two of the names that they had listed as participants had come from this reality and caught his attention.

Sara Pezzini and Lara Croft. He had to arrange a meeting with those two soon enough.

“Mr. Gaudeamus?” Cassidy said a little annoyed.

~Right… don’t want her to keep thinking I’m just ignoring her. ~ Laocorn thought as he looked at her. The reason he knew what the crystal was was because the Outsiders told him that two people from this world, two of its heroes had died. One of them was the Silver Zeo Ranger. It made sense that the Zeo Rangers would send the crystal to find a new host to use its powers.

Finally Laocorn looked up at Cassidy. “Yes Cassidy… that crystal is your destiny. However when I tell you what it is you may not believe me so if I may ask you to stay for a bit, I’d like to get something to help prove what I would tell you about the crystal.”

Cassidy shrugged. “Mr. Gaudeamas if it helps me understand what the hell is happening with me then that is absolutely fine.”

Laocorn nodded as he pressed the intercom switch and called Panni. “Yes sir?”

“Panni could you phone Tyler and his group and tell them to meet me in my office right away? There’s something I need him and his people for.” Laocorn said.

In the Outsider’s home however, the only people there were Tyler, Jamie and Terry. Terry was watching one of her favorite television shows while Tyler was off on his own thinking, and Jamie was practicing her sword techniques.

Terry was getting to the part of the show that she had been waiting for nearly two weeks to come to its dramatic conclusion… when Panni’s image replaced the TV image.

“NOOOOOOO!!!!!” Terry shouted. Tyler than came into the room hearing Terry’s voice when he saw Panni on the screen.

“Tyler. Lord Laocorn is asking for your presence. Please come to his office immediately and with as many members of your team as you can.” Panni said.

“What’s going on?” Tyler asked her.

“I don’t know. He said it was urgent.” Panni answered.

“We’ll see you there.” Tyler said as Panni hung up.

“Oh this had BETTER be good!” Terry fumed. “Cause if it isn’t Laocorn’s going to get a new airhole.”

Circuit Breaker woke up early in the morning and headed down to a section where Spectre was working on a special project. Looking up she saw several Centurions working on building a giant Cylon Walker that seemed to be as a grown monster when it would face the Power Ranger’s zords.

“What is this?” Circuit Breaker asked Specter.

“Oh forgive me for the liberties I have taken.” Specter said pleadingly. “But I have been researching the concept of ‘Power Rangers’ as of late and I have analyzed the patterns their battles had taken place.”

“Go on.” Circuit Breaker said.

“Well I had discovered that usually a creature’s size is expanded prompting the Rangers to call upon their battle mecha should this occurrence happen.

“Zords.” Circuit Breaker said. “They’re called Zords.”

“Of course.” Spectre said apologetically before resuming. “Anyway, giant monsters are only called upon when ground forces are decimated and a new approach is given to an attack. And since we currently have no means to expand our sizes at this time I believed that giant Cylons could be an asset to our forces should the Rangers decide to engage us in Zord Combat.”

“So you build a ready made monster ready to take on the Rangers’ MegaZords did you?” Circuit Breaker said. “I’m impressed.

“Well unfortunately it is not yet completed.” Spectre added. It still needs some weapons installment and testing.” His commander nodded and then looked back up at giant Cylon Walker almost completed.

“I have a feeling we’ll be using this soon Specter.” Circuit Breaker said. “Continue work on it.”

“By your command.” Specter said as he ordered the Centurions and the Trilons to continue work on the Cylon Walker.

“I’m glad you could come.” Laocorn said as Tyler, Terry and Jamie came in through the double doors.

“Do you have any idea…” Terry started to say until Tyler cut her off. “What’s up Laocorn?”

“And who is this?” Jamie asked pointing to Cassidy.

Laocorn smiled. “Tyler Oliver, Terry Jones, Jamie Zedden, allow me to introduce to you an old friend of mine. Cassidy Bridges.”

Terry just looked at Laocorn. “Is that all you wanted? An intro session?”

Laocorn looked at Panni in the back. “TV communication?” Panni nodded and Laocorn sighed. “Until further notice contact them through untraceable phone lines. They use the TV to contact us until we insure this agitation with Terry doesn’t happen again.”

“Yes lord.” Panni bowed.

Cassidy seemed confused by Panni’s reference. “Lord? Mr. Gaudeamas what is going on?” she asked Laocorn.

Laocorn looked at the Outsiders. “I’m sure you all remember the late Jessica Belle and that her Silver Zeo Shard was then sent by the Zeo Rangers to find another host.”

The Outsiders nodded while Cassidy wondered if Laocorn was psycho. Laocorn then got up and then went over to Cassidy. “Cassidy. Show them the crystal.”

Hesitant at first, Cassidy did just that and the Outsiders watched as the Silver Zeo Shard glowed.

“Now then, allow me to introduce you again to Cassidy Bridges… the New Silver Zeo Ranger.” Laocorn replied.

Tyler, Jamie and Terry both looked at Cassidy strangely. Not to mention Cassidy was way more confused than all of them combined. “Silver Zeo Ranger?” she asked Laocorn.

“Apparently so.” Laocorn said. “It would seem the crystal has chosen you to be it’s bearer.”

Tyler looked at Cassidy trying to find the words to say. Last he had checked Tommy and his Zeo Team were trying to find the Silver Zeo Ranger. Now all of a sudden, she was here in his benefactor’s office. “Does Zordon know?” he asked.

“No I haven’t contacted him yet.” Laocorn said. “I’m not sure it’s safe yet to attempt such a communication.”

“In case S’Hera is listening in?” Jamie asked. Laocorn nodded yes.

“Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Wait a minute!” Cassidy shouted trying to put all the pieces together. “All this is going over my head. First you talk about Silver Zeo Rangers, then you mention someone named Jessica Belle, then you mention other Zeo’s and a guy named Zordon, and there someone named S’Hera now? None of this is making sense to me!”

Terry seemed unimpressed. “Boy, ain’t she a whiner.”

Jamie shot Terry a glare. “Terry please, she’s just confused right now.”

“Agreed.” Tyler said. “Perhaps we should tell you this story from the beginning.” Tyler, Jamie and Terry both made their way towards a couch that was off to the side that had a chair across from it. Cassidy made her way to the chair and sat down while the Outsiders sat in the couch across from her. Laocorn and Panni stood back and watched as the discussions began.

“We are three members of a team called the Outsiders.” Tyler said. “A team that is an offshoot of the Power Rangers Zeo based in Angel Grove.”

“The Freak Zone?” Cassidy asked. Jamie and Tyler both nodded, though not too pleased upon hearing the title that people had placed on Angel Grove and other cities located in their respective area.

“Yes.” Tyler said then resumed his story. “We had fought alongside the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Power Rangers Zeo in a few battles. One of whom a member of the Zeo team was lost. But I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself there.

“The Zeo Rangers have powers composed of a main crystal that is subdivided into ten sub crystals. Each one following a separate color code: Red, yellow, blue, pink, green, black, white, purple, gold and silver which is the color you now hold. It was only a few months ago that all the crystals were found, and the full Zeo Team was formed. But it wasn’t long before tragedy struck us.”

Jamie had spoke next. “The Outsiders, the Morphin and Zeo teams all left to fight in an Interdimensional War where an evil empire threatened to wipe out all realities in existance. In one battle your predecessor, a girl by the name of Jessica Belle, went after a monster who seemed to be slipping around a corner hoping to get in a surprise shot. Jessica and Katie Star-another on our team-tried to stop him, but found that they were the ones trapped as the monster got the drop on them.

“Dragging them both to the top of a rock face he killed Katie and threw her off the top of the rock face. He then held Jessica and… and…”

“Snapped her neck.” Cassidy finished. “Just like in my dream.”

“Your dream?” Panni asked who was listening off the side.

“Yeah, I dreamed it last night. The way you described it. It was exact in every detail.”

“So do you believe us?” Terry asked.

Cassidy seemed hesitant to answer. “I’m not sure I do, could you please continue?”

Tyler nodded and continued the story. “We had returned home after bringing Jessica’s body back with us. After she was buried the surviving Zeo Rangers sent the Silver Zeo Shard to find a new host to take up its powers. After searching the planet it wound up in your posession and had chosen you apparently to be the new Silver Zeo Ranger.” After Tyler finished his story Cassidy rolled the idea of her being chosen to be a Ranger around her head, and the more she thought about it the more unbelievable it seemed to her.

“Okay…” Cassidy said. “I’ve heard what you all have to say. I think you are all nuts. I am out of here.” She turned to walk out the door when Jamie called out “Don’t Leave!”

Cassidy reluctantly turned around and looked at the three Outsiders skeptically, but Jamie continued. “We can prove what we’re saying is true. If you’ll let us.” Crossing her arms Cassidy said “Okay. Convince me.”

Tyler looked at Jamie and Terry and both nodded as Tyler gave out the call “IT’S MORPHIN TIME!!!”




Cassidy watched as the Outsiders morphed before her eyes. “… oh my god.” she said trying to comprehend the sight of them morphing, and of three Power Rangers from the ‘Freak Zone’ standing before her.

Laocorn then crossed over from behind his desk and placed his hand on Cassidy’s shoulder. “As you can see Cassidy, I knew you wouldn’t believe totally based on my word. You needed proof. Proof you could see with your own two eyes. This was it.” Laocorn said.

“But why me?” Cassidy asked. Her words barely a whisper. “Why did it choose me?”

“That I can’t answer.” Tyler said as he removed his Zeo Knight helmet placing the powers in standby mode. “But from what I’ve heard about the Silver Zeo powers, they are powers that stand for justice, purity and their bearers have always had a personal code of honor.”

“That doesn’t sound like me.” Cassidy said. “I’m just an ordinary girl from San Francisco. I’m studying to be an actress, I gossip with my friends, I look for hunks when I go out on dates, that doesn’t sound like something a Ranger would do, unless I misread the World Chronicle or something.”

Jamie and Tyler rolled their eyes at Cassidy’s mention of the World Chronicle, which was a paper that covered the monster attacks in the Freak Zone. But due to it’s ‘bizzere’ content it was dismissed as a tabloid rag alongside the Weekly World News, while magazines like ‘Newsweek’ and ‘Time’ stay away from such occurances and get saddled with a ‘respectable’ reputation.

“The crystal doesn’t agree with you it seems.” Tyler said. “In fact, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say it sees something in you that other people don’t see, even yourself. It sees something worthy within you, and in that worthiness is why you were chosen to be the new Silver Zeo Ranger.”

Cassidy didn’t know what to make of everything that was going on but when she looked at the Silver Zeo crystal she felt entranced and compelled.

And the compulsion made her run right out of the office.

“Wait!” Terry shouted.

“Let her go.” Laocorn said.

The Outsiders looked at him. “Let her go? Are you nuts! We can’t…”

Laocorn interrupted Terry and said “If we pester her further she might do something we will all regret. Her father happens to be a very prominent police officer. One wrong move could mean disaster for us all.” Laocorn said. “The only one that can make any decision is Cassidy herself… and that is how it should be. People’s fates should be shaped by themselves, not by others.”

Tyler nodded in agreement, as did Terry and Jamie knowing full well the truth behind Laocorn’s words. He then turned towards the door where Cassidy had exited. “I pray she makes the right decision.” Tyler said.

“As do we all Tyler. As do we all.” Laocorn answered as he wondered how much of her father was in the personality of Cassidy Bridges.

“All right Rocky wake up!” the Doctor said disturbing Rocky from his peaceful slumber.

“Huh? I’m up! I’m up!” Rocky said half awake. He started to rub the sleep out of his eyes when Adam plopped a Jolt Cola in his lap.

“You apparently forgot to drink that last night.” Adam said. “And you thought Tommy’s memory was bad.”

“I heard that!” Tommy said before turning his attention back towards the Doctor who activated the Infinity Window. “Doctor what’s up?”

Just above the Rangers and the Doctor was the grid of the city where the signal of the Silver Zeo Crystal had been locked on to. Everyone saw the signal seem to stay still at one point then move down towards San Francisco Bay.

“It’s moving.” the Doctor said as he looked at the signal the Silver Zeo Shard was giving. The Rangers also looked up following the crystal’s course.

Cassidy ran straight to her VW bug and took off out of the Gaudeamas Corporation’s parking garage like a shot. She hit the road gaining speed making her way to a destination of some kind.

The only thing was, she didn’t know where she was going. The crystal was giving her the directions on where to go.

Whenever she had an impulse to turn left, she did so. Whenever she had to turn right, she did so. She however could maintain the speed limit and work with the natural flow of traffic. ~ Which is best. I don’t want to get a speeding ticket, have daddy ask how I got it and say ‘I don’t know’. ~

Cassidy continued to drive until she reached an isolated corner of San Francisco Bay where no one went to. It was a crime scene once, and the memory of a dead body found in a murder that her father solved still held memories for some people. But an old crime was not why she was there.

Parking the car and getting out Cassidy looked out at the bay and saw the water spread for miles on end. The city skyline off to the side. Taking a breath of the bay area air Cassidy then took out out the Silver Zeo Crystal and held it.

Cassidy looked at the Silver Zeo crystal almost as if hypnotized by it. Confusion ran through her as she was wondering what to do with it, and what it was doing to her. Then, on impulse, she threw the Silver Zeo shard out into San Francisco bay.

Surprisingly enough the crystal went out a long way before it landed in the water, most likely due to ranger enhanced strength. When the crystal landed it floated for a second before sinking. Then after a few seconds the water erupted as if something was trying to break through the water surface. Cassidy did not move from the spot since throwing the crystal, so she saw everything that was happening.

A metallic structure broke through the surface of the water. Large, monstrous and bird-like in it’s shape. It rose before Cassidy filling her field of vision.

The design reminded Cassidy of an Eagle. It had the grace and design of an eagle and Cassidy had no doubt that it could fly like one as well. ~ That must be the Silver Zeo Ranger’s zord ~ Cassidy thought. ~ Like I read in the Chronicle ~ The giant Silver eagle finished breaking the surface of the bay as it rested on a podium that moved closer to the shore line where Cassidy was waiting.

The massive structure came to rest on the shoreline before Cassidy. Letting her curiosity get the better of her she had walked onto the Silver Eaglezord and went exploring.

Seeing her Silver Zeo shard she picked it back up and held on to it. She was almost tempted to throw it back into the bay, but she was more than a little afraid of what would happen if she did. Instead she concentrated and re-bonded with it before finding the main cockpit and entering the the Zord.

She sat in the pilot’s chair getting a feel for the massive machine. She looked over all of the controls present, and instinctively knew what every one of them did. ~ Boy it saves a lot on flying lessons. ~ she thought humorously

She then saw a photo clipped on the left side of the flight console. Reaching over Cassidy pulled it off to get a better look. In the photo were a man and woman, a girl in a wheelchair and another girl who stood behind her. By Cassidy’s guess she had to guess she was sixteen or seventeen, much like Cassidy was herself.

“Jessica Belle.” Cassidy whispered remembering the name Laocorn gave her of who the previous Silver Zeo was. ~ The one who was killed. ~ she mentally added.

She then took her eyes off the photo and saw a blinking green dot on the console. Immediately knowing what it was Cassidy activated the device which was a data log recorder. Immediately an image of a giant floating head appeared on the small imager before her.

“Greetings.” the head said. “If you are observing this message then that means that you have been chosen to be the new Silver Zeo Ranger. And if that is the case then that must mean that you are the first to assume the mantle, or something must have happened to your predecessor.”

“The latter.” Cassidy said briefly interrupting. The image however continued to play.

“Regardless of what had happend an introduction is in order. My name is Zordon. I am from the planet Eltare, and I am the White Morphin Master to the Power Rangers stationed here on Earth. I serve as their mentor and advisor when it comes to the defense of the Planet Earth from evil forces.

“Inside this vehicle’s computer is information and data on a hostile empire called the United Alliance of Evil. A coalition of tyrants and conquerors who seek to add Earth to their respective empires. Also on file are several files on evil races not associated with the UAE who are just as much a threat if not more so.”

Cassidy took in this knowledge Zordon was giving but she still wondered one thing ‘why me?’. Strangely enough the imager seemed to pick up on her thought and responded accordingly.

“I know what you may be thinking.” Zordon said. “Why was I chosen? That is a question that is common among all when they are first chosen to be Rangers. I will try to answer that question as best I can. First and foremost, a Ranger is of pure of heart. Showing a spirit that is strong and true. If you have been chosen to be a Ranger then you must have this spirit in abundance.”

“I guess you can thank daddy for that.” Cassidy said thinking about her father and how he helped bring her up to be the strong woman she is today. Lisa Bridges may have given her love and helped teach her right from wrong, but it was Nash Bridges who completed the lessons of right and wrong and gave her the strength of spirit and the will to use it when necessary. The influence of Nash Bridges was imparted well onto his daughter Cassidy.

Zordon continued to speak. “Also I suppose a lesson in the Silver Zeo powers is in order. In the Zeo hierarchy Silver is the color of justice and adventure. Silver Rangers , especially in the Zeo hierarchy, have been well known for their sense of fairness and judgment. Many times they were called upon to settle many disputes with hostile powers. Some Silver Rangers were born with this knowledge while others had it imparted to them by a great sage.”

“Wow. I never thought daddy was a sage.” Cassidy said smirking. Zordon continued his speech.

“Silver Rangers are also strong willed in regards of their beliefs in what is right and wrong. They are willing to fight for those beliefs regardless of whatever consequences may befall them.” Cassidy sighed at that. There had been a few times where she had gone against her parents when it came to believing in what was right and what was wrong. ~ Hopefully my beliefs won’t get me killed. ~ she mentally added and hoped that it didn’t sound too callous.

“Silver Rangers are also adventurers. They are also on the lookout for new challenges and new worlds to explore.” Cassidy smiled at that. She wasn’t afraid to try out a new venture if it provided some sort of challenge for her to make her life worthwhile.

“Unfortunately, if you are viewing this then that means the previous Silver Ranger may have been terminated during one of his or her adventures and you have been the chosen successor. If you were the first chosen I, or another Morphin Master, would have brought you to to their presence and presented you with the powers. But now the choice remains with you. On the console are two buttons. One in red and one in green. These are the buttons of choice.

“If you press the red button then that means you refuse the Silver Ranger powers. You can leave the crystal behind and no more will need to be said. If you press the green button then this zord and the weapons and tools of the Silver Zeo Ranger will be at your disposal. These tools are the weapons room of the Silver Eaglezord where the weapons of the Silver Zeo Ranger will be at your disposal. Also provided for you will be the Zeonizers which will be used to fully activate the Silver Zeo powers.

“And you must also follow the three basic rules or lose the protection of the power. Never use the power for personal gain. Never escalate a battle unless you are forced to. And thirdly, never reveal you identity to anyone without express permission from a morphin master.” Cassidy rolled her eyes at the mention of the third rule. ~ Well I didn’t necessarily reveal my identity to Mr. Gaudeamas. It was more or less revealed to me. So I don’t know how he’d take that. ~

“In any the choice is now yours.” Zordon said. “You can turn away now and go back to your life as it was before. Or you can accept the power and responsibility that is placed before and offered to you now.”

Cassidy looked at the two buttons before her. She could stop now and forget that this had ever happen, or she could become a Power Ranger and fight hideous mutant monsters and who knew what else. Cassidy quickly considered her words and right away knew that there was probably more to being a Power Ranger than that. ~ Jessica Belle probably knew that, and died because of it. ~

The choice was a heavy one. She could turn and walk away, or she could become ‘a costumed crime fighter from the Freak Zone’ with a possible chance at making a difference. Right away she knew what her choice would be.

After she pressed the green button Zordon spoke again. “Excellent. You have made the correct choice. Before you the Zeonizers will appear. These are the conduits of those with the Zeo Powers. The crystal will show you how to operate them, and how to transform into Zeo Ranger VII-Silver. Keep a lookout for any other rangers. They are your allies and teammates. And hopefully they will become your friends as well. Good luck, and may the power protect you.”

After the transmission ended the Zeonizers appeared. The crystal instinctively told her how to put them on and how they worked. Closing the cockpit she gave out the call “IT’S MORPHIN TIME!!!” and brought the Zeonizers together.


Inside the Silver Eaglezord Cassidy Bridges, Silver Zeo Ranger. As she transformed a surge of power escaping from the Silver Eaglezord heading off into space.

Destination unknown.

Cassidy walked into the weapons room of the Silver Eaglezord and looked at herself in the mirror. Her helmet with the seven sided shape by her side, she studied her reflection in the mirror. Looking at herself she saw that the uniform somehow didn’t seem right. Nor did the weapons that she had with her currently.

Cassidy decided it was time to pick out her weapons of choice. First thing she did was discard the brest plate and other weapons that were part of Jessica Belle’s reign except for the Star Shooter, Cassidy liked that one. ~ The rest of them though are not my weapons. ~ she thought. ~ I need my own identity. ~

She did however keep the throwing stars as well, but put them on her gloves. Noticing a silver leather jacket off to the side Cassidy slipped that on and was amazed with just how well it fit. ~ This is definitely a keeper. ~ she thought.

As she continued to look along the wall Cassidy noticed a chain, much like Marcus and his thugs had used. She remembered how she had been doing chain moves like a master fighter and thought ~ Why not? ~ Grabbing the chain she placed it across her chest starting from her right shoulder and looped it so it touched her left hip. Catching a quick glimpse of herself in the mirror Cassidy thought ~ Wow, like the biker chick look. ~

She then rested her eyes on the final piece of the ensemble. A silver nightstick that looked as if it had three different functions to it based on the three buttons she saw on it. She picked up the stick, and the belt it was attached to and studied it. Smiling she saw how much the stick had reminded her of her father, and his early days as a patrolman. Cassidy never knew her father as a patrolman, for most of her childhood she remembered her father as more of an investigator, but sometimes she would hear stories of her daddy as a beat cop when she couldn’t get to sleep at night. As a child she always liked hearing how he would beat back monsters with his trusty nightstick so they wouldn’t come out of the bed at night scaring good little girls like her.

She looked at the stick in her hand and affectionately remembered all those bedtime stories of ‘daddy the uni’ and found herself in that role as the Silver Zeo Ranger. ~ Why not?~ she mentally asked herself. Looping the belt around her, she fixed the length and buckled it tight. The stick by her left side.

Cassidy looked at herself in the mirror. Her silver Zeo helmet was at her side waiting for it to be put back on. On her belt was her Silver Zeo Nightstick with throwing stars on her gloves. Three on each hand. The chain she had taken from the biker was now over her silver jacket that replaced her chest plate and charged with her Zeo energy making it a formidable weapon.

Cassidy Bridges, the new Silver Zeo Ranger looked at herself, and smiled at what she saw.

At the underground base, an army of Centurions and Trilons stood ready for their mission. Circuit Breaker stood looking over her huge army praying that the Rangers would try to stop them, and fail.

“We are ready to begin our test run.” Specter said coming to her side. “And if the Rangers interfere they shall be… dealt with.”

“Very well Specter.” Circuit Breaker said deadpan. “Let the attack begin!”

When Specter spoke, he sounded like someone who was pleased with what they were about to do. “By your command.” he said jovially. The Centurions and the Trilons turned and followed Vulpa through the transport conduits which lead out of the Underground base and headed towards different parts of the city where the Trilon’s ‘test run’ would take place.

~And if a few humans fall while we’re testing well then we can’t help that now can we?~ Specter said snickering to himself as the troops all left.

Circuit Breaker watched her Cylon army march out of the underground base through the transwarp conduits and into the San Francisco dawn. By her side Count Iblis stood.

“And so it begins.” Iblis said. “Your quest for vengeance.”

“Yes!” Circuit Breaker said. “And soon the Rangers will show themselves, and I shall deal with them.”

“But what about innocents?” Iblis asked. “What about those who aren’t part of your private little war?” For a minute Josie Belle was quiet as if realizing what it was that her crusade would mean. But then Iblis spoke to her again, as if ‘clarifying’ things for her in a language she so desperately wanted to hear. A language that told her that she was right.

“Their loss shall be regrettable.” Iblis said. “But in any war, even our own private ones, casualties occur. Just remember, the deaths of those in the city will serve a great purpose.”

Circuit Breaker clenched her teeth and nodded buying what Iblis was selling. “Revenge. Revenge against the Power Rangers. Revenge for my sister. Revenge for the sins I have to commit for her. Revenge for all their victims. Revenge! Revenge!! REVENGE!!!”

Iblis smiled and embraced Circuit Breaker as if she was the daughter he never had. ~ Perfect. Her soul is mine. ~

Meanwhile, the surge of power that escaped from this Silver Eaglezord continued to fly into space until it had located it’s target-the Astro Megaship.

As the surge hit the Megaship it rocked slightly throwing Andros and Ashley off to the side of the bridge. Both quickly regained their bearings as Andros asked “DECA what was that?”

“Power surge from the planet had impacted the Megaship. Shields holding no damage sustained.” Ashley quickly collected herself as Andros went to make sure she was alright.

“What kind of power surge was it DECA?” Ashley asked.

“Uncertain. Analysis commencing.” DECA immediately began her task of trying to ascertain the power surge that struck the Megaship while Andros held Ashley trying to see if she was injured. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m fine.” Ashley answered. “That was some ride huh?” Suddenly she realized just how close she was to Andros, and knew she didn’t have to be a mind reader to realize that Andros was thinking the same thing. Their breathing started to get slightly heavy as the Red and Yellow Astro Rangers looked at each other longingly into one another’s eyes. Looking into each other’s souls, looking into each other’s hearts.

Andros and Ashley were standing face to face on the bridge. Andros was leaning to her ready to…

“Alert. Cryo system malfunction.” DECA said. The announcement startling both Ashley and Andros.

“Cryo system… what cryo system?” Ashley muttered looking away from Andros. “There’s no cryo system here.”

Andros had though become as pale as a ghost. “… no… Zhane!!!” he then bolted out of the bridge.

“Zhane? Andros wait a minute!” Ashley wasted no time running after the Red Astro Ranger. She kept up with him all the way to the lower levels of the bridge and saw him enter into a room that wasn’t even supposed to exist.

Andros then stopped in the middle of the room when Ashley caught him. “Now Andros what the hell is…” She then stopped and looked.

In front of the two of them was a cryo tube and it was glowing bright silver. The light around the tube was getting now, and Andros and Ashley were forced to shield their eyes as Andros shoved her and himself to the floor. “DECA!” he yelled, hoping the onboard computer could hear him over the thrum of energy. “What the hell is going on in here?”

DECA’s response was barely audible, but Andros thought he could detect a note of awe and bewilderment in her tone. “Unknown, Andros.”

The thrumming increased, as did the intensity of the light. Both built to a fever pitch, until Andros was sure he was about to go blind, deaf, or insane- or maybe all three. Then, as suddenly as they had started, both light and noise cut off.

Slowly, Andros got to his feet, blinking to clear the spots from his eyes. His ears were ringing as well, and he felt unsteady. Whether that was due to the shock he’d received, or just how utterly weird the whole situation was, he didn’t know.

“Andros what the hell is going on!” Ashley shouted.

Ignoring her, Andros turned to the tube that had held his friend in stasis for some time now, Andros’ jaw plummeted. The tube was open, and the ice it had contained all sublimated away. Its occupant, the Silver Astro Ranger, sat up, rubbing his helmet. Then, slowly, the Ranger removed his helmet, exposing blond hair and quizzical dark eyes.

“Z… Z… Zhane…” Andros gasped on the very of breaking down.

“Andros?” Zhane asked, somewhat groggily. “What happened? Where are we? And, why are you crying?”

The Red Astro Ranger didn’t try to speak, simply threw himself forward, his arms wrapping around Zhane like an octopus. His friend adjusted his grip, holding the sobbing Ranger tightly. “It’s okay, ” Zhane whispered. “It’s okay, I’m here now.” ~ What had happened? What could have brought Andros to this? And where are Karone and the others?~ So many questions were running through the Silver Rangers head as he comforted Andros when he finally saw Ashley in the Yellow Astro Ranger jumpsuit. “Excuse me… but who are you and why are you wearing Karone’s uniform?”

Ashley blinked as it then hit her. This was him. The one person from Andros’s old team that wasn’t killed. Zhane Ki’tain. His best friend. Breathing deeply she prepared to talk knowing Andros wasn’t in the position to at the moment. “… I’m Ashley Hammond, the current Yellow Astro Ranger. Welcome to Earth.”

Back in San Francisco however the roar of a 1971 Plymouth Hemicuda filled the air. Inside it the driver Nash Bridges and his partner Inspector Joe Dominguez were discussing a matter of grave importance to both of them-Nash especially.

It was his daughter Cassidy, and the strange behavior that Lisa and Kelly had been observing in her, that Nash was only now starting to believe.

“Don’t sweat it Nashman. Like you said before she’s just going through a phase.” Joe said trying to reassure him.

“A phase?” Nash asked sarcastically. “Yeah, it’s a phase that my daughter is buying a lot of silver clothes, to the point where her school uniform now has silver in it. And it’s a phase that my daughter is taking self defense courses without telling me.”

“Cassidy doesn’t tell you everything that happens in her life. Maybe she thought this was something she needed to do on her own.”

Nash had an immediate rebuttal to Joe’s remark. “Well if it is she must have been doing it a long time. Because Lisa said that Cassidy was fighting four punks like she was some kind of ninja.”

“Aww come on Nash. You know how much Lisa exaggerates. I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for all of this.”

“Oh yeah?” Nash asked. “What?”

Joe smirked as he said the two magic words. “Alison Bogard.” Nash looked at Joe as if he had sprouted a second head.

“What does Cassidy’s friend have to do with any of this?” Nash asked.

“Well.” Joe said. “Lisa said that she was bad news, got into a lot of fights after school, and Cassidy might have decided to pick up a few moves from her.”

“From Alison?” Nash asked.

“Well, from Alison’s grandfather really. I’ve heard that her grandfather is a great Martial Arts instructor. Some sort of lost art that I can’t pronounce. Maybe he taught a few moves to both girls.” Nash sighed and had to admit Joe’s recommendation made sense, even though something still made his hair stick up on end. Just then the police radio came on.

“Five George 31. Emergency. Report to headquarters for riot gear! Repeat report to headquarters for riot gear!”

Nash looked confused and picked up the radio. “Riot gear? Dispatch. Why do I need to get riot gear?”

“Uhhh Nashman.” Joe interrupted. “I think I see why.” He then pointed down the street to see a sight he wasn’t sure what to think of.

A mob of people were running towards the ‘Cuda screaming hysterically. But as Nash heard the cries he knew that this mob was not one of anger, but one of fear. Their screams reflected terror as they were running AWAY from something.

Nash didn’t have long to find out just what they were running from as he saw the mob being cut down. Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, all ethnicities, all races, all beliefs, all were dropping dead by something that attacked them from behind. And as the bodies dropped Nash drew his weapon ready to take on who these people’s murderers were.

“EVERYONE GET DOWN AND OUT OF THE WAY!!!” Nash shouted as he brought his gun to bear. Joe immediately followed as he drew his weapon. As the people saw Nash and Joe with their weapons drawn they quickly tried to find cover somewhere allowing the two cops to get their first real look at their enemy.

“What the hell?” Joe said. His eyes reflecting his uncertainty as to what was before him. “Nash what are those things?”

Nash and Joe both saw a squad of what looked like people in silver armor. Where their eyes were was a red line that bounced back and forth. In their hands were guns that Nash had never seen before, but he could tell that they were deadly. The dead bodies in the street were proof of that.

“Beats the hell out of me bubba.” Nash said. “But we gotta stop them.” Charging forward Nash yelled “SFPD FREEZE!!!”

The Cylons however did not freeze. Instead they opened fire on Nash and Joe. Both quickly rolled out of the way to avoid the Cylon’s blaster fire.

Nash and Joe ducked behind a car parked on the side of the road. Nash tried to figure out just what it was those metal men were firing. “What the hell are those things Joe?” he asked.

“Uhhh Nash. I think I know.” Joe said giving a wide eyed stare. Nash wasn’t in any mood however to be kept in suspense and told Joe to just spill it.

“You remember that report about that armored car robbery two days ago?” Nash nodded then suddenly it made sense to him. “You mean the one that had been ripped off by…”

“Armored silver spacemen?” Joe said finishing the quote.

“Creatures of darkness.” Nash added remembering Angel’s quote. “Well with the body count they have been running up I’d have to agree with him.”

“Why’s that Nash?” Joe asked.

“Because only a real evil sicko would march into a city and try to kill every living thing in it.” Nash said. The metal men stood scanning the area hoping to find Nash and Joe, as well as any other person they could find.

“Humans surrender.” one of the giants said. Nash and Joe heard the demand and looked confused. “Why praytell should we do that?” Nash asked.

“So your extermination will be painless.” was the answer Nash got. Nash and Joe exchanged a look of concern and Nash decided to keep talking. “Why do you want to exterminate us and all these people? What did they ever do to you?”

“They are humans.” the metal man answered. Nash however didn’t seem too convinced by that. “So?” he asked.

“The standing orders for all Cylons in regards to humans is extermination!” The Cylon then fired at the car Nash and Joe were hiding behind, and several other Cylons joined in.

Nash then turned and fired his gun at the Cylons. Sadly for Nash, his and Joe’s bullets bounced off the Cylon’s armored frame.

“Oh man. They’ve got armor plate!” Joe said.

“No kidding bubba!” Nash answered back. “Try to aim for a joint or a pressure point.” Joe did so as did Nash. They both aimed for knees, shoulder joints, or even a throat to bring the approaching Cylons down. Their bullets had no effect.

Joe then saw the Cylons draw their weapons and bear them onto him and Nash. “Oh Nashman please tell me you’ve got an idea.”

Nash paused only for one second and had an idea. Aiming for the eye piece Nash fired his gun at the lead Cylon. Three bullets into the eye slit. The action blinded the Cylon causing him to stagger back for a second allowing Nash to grab the Cylon’s weapon and fire it at him causing the Cylon to fall in a heap on the floor.

Nash quickly started blasting at the remaining Centurians. Being a crackshot, Nash was able to hit all the targets he locked onto. Joe looked at the way Nash handled the Cylon blaster and at all the centurians he had brought down.

“Hey, hey, hey.” Joe said. “If it isn’t spaceman Nash!” Joe said with a smile. Nash rolled his eyes at Joe’s assessment of the situation.

“Very funny Joe.” Nash said picking up Cylon blasters. “Grab all the weapons you can from these guys.” Joe wondered why and asked.

“One, there isn’t a gang member around who wouldn’t want one of these babies. Two, if our bullets couldn’t stop these guys how do you think the S. W. A. T. teams will fare?” Joe nodded at Nash’s assessment and helped Nash pick up the weapons. A woman who was one of those running from the Cylons quickly came up to the two cops followed by the people who were running from the Cylons.

“Oh thank you!” she said giving Nash a hug but Nash held her back.

“Not so fast sister.” Nash said. “You and your friends had best get out of here. There could be more of those things coming.”

“There are man.” a gang punk said. “They’re everywhere. We gotta get out of here.” Nash sighed as he looked down at one of the Cylon blasters he held. He knew he was running a risk allowing even one of these weapons into civilian hands, let alone even one punk, where they could easily fall into more serious criminal elements. But at the moment the immediate threat outweighed the potential one.

“Take this.” Nash said passing the gang punk a Cylon blaster. “Get these people out of here, and try to find them a safe place. If you see anymore of those metal things coming use it.” The punk thought briefly about running on his own but then he saw the people behind him and knew he just couldn’t leave them. “You got it.” the punk said.

“If you see any more of these things and one’s blasted take their guns too. With them you’ll have a fighting chance. Cops will be out and they’ll need weapons too. So what my partner and I pick up will go to them.” The people nodded and accepted Nash’s orders without question.

The people quickly followed the gang punk’s lead as Nash and Joe headed back to the ‘Cuda. As the ‘Cuda drove away Joe’s voice could be heard saying “Tune in next week for another episode of NASH…. IN… SPACE!!!!”

An “Oh shut up bubba!” followed immediately after that.

Lisa Bridges sat in the office of Cassidy’s school as she waited to have a meeting with principal Phelps. From the sound of him over the phone Phelps was very agitated, and it had something to do with Cassidy. Lisa was agitated with Cassidy to for taking her car out without adult supervision and only with a learner’s permit but Lisa would talk to Cassidy about that later when she was home.

When Lisa called and asked if Cassidy had arrived for school yet Phelps said that Cassidy had not shown up yet for school. Adding insult to injury, he said that Alison Bogard hadn’t shown up either. “What are you getting at Phelps?” Lisa asked.

Phelps said to come on into the school and they would straighten things out. Lisa did so and waited until Phelps was ready. After a fifteen minute wait Ms. McNulty walked in and knocked on the door. When it opened Phelps looked quite pleased to her. “Ah Ms. McNulty, it’s so good to see you here. Is Mrs. Bridges with you?”

Lisa sat in her corner and offered a little finger wave. “Good. Will you both come in?” Lisa got out of her chair and followed McNulty into Phelps’s office.

As Lisa sat down McNulty in the chair off to the side keeping her view on both principal and parent. McNulty then began his pitch.

“Mrs. Bridges.” Phelps said a little too sweetly. “Do you by chance know where your daughter is?”

Lisa looked wide eyed and confused. “She said she had an errand to run early in the morning. She even left a note for me.” Lisa said omitting the part about the car. She wanted to ask Cassidy that herself. Getting back to the subject at hand however Lisa took the note out of her purse and handed it to McNulty and Phelps. Both looked at it then handed it back to Lisa, obviously unimpressed.

“Well while she might have left a note for you Mrs. Bridges. She apparently didn’t leave one for us.” McNulty said. Lisa looked confused by that.

“That doesn’t sound like Cassidy.” Lisa said. “She’s very responsible. If she said there was a problem she would have said so.”

“Well unfortunately she didn’t.” Mr. Phelps said. “And unfortunately, I think Ms. McNulty and I are both in agreement that an example needs to be made of Cassidy.” Lisa did not like what Phelps was getting at.

“What do you mean by ‘example’?” Lisa asked.

Phelps sat back in his chair and stared at Lisa. “I’m sure you are aware of the disruptive influences that are occuring here. One of them being your daugher’s decision to change her school uniform.”

“It still fit in the dress code.” Lisa shot back echoing Cassidy’s statement.

“But nonetheless there are standards we must all follow. And the uniform is one of them.” McNulty said. “If we allow even allow one unauthorized change, who’s to say what will be allowed tomorrow. Cripes we could all be in punk leather.”

“Mr. Phelps, Ms. McNulty, just what are you getting at?” Lisa asked.

Phelps spoke first. “It is well within our power to erase the demerit on Cassidy’s record. And we shall do so if you do one favor for us.”

“And that is?” Lisa asked.

“Go to the board and push them for Alison Bogard’s expulsion.” McNulty said. “Or else…”

“Or else what?” Lisa asked.

“Well let’s say there’s an awful lot of trouble Cassidy can get into if you know what I mean.” McNulty said the last line with a sneer.

Lisa suddenly knew the drill. The principal and the history teacher were trying to blackmail Lisa by using her daughter to get at Alison. While she was no fan of Alison Bogard (and probably would have pushed for Alison’s expulsion anyway even without Phelps’s and McNulty’s motivation), Lisa hated being blackmailed even more. Especially when her daughter was being used as leverage. Lisa glared at the principal and history teacher and was about to respond to their proposal which she thought was nothing more than a power play when screams and explosions were heard outside. “What the blazes? McNulty asked.

Lisa, Phelps and McNulty all looked confused and moved to the door. They looked outside where teenagers were running down the hall in terror. Phelps was about to shout “No running in the halls when he saw a student being cut down before him. Some sort of bolt hitting him in the back killing the student before he even hit the floor.

Lisa, Phelps and McNulty saw more students running and being cut down by what they saw as laser fire from a Sci-Fi movie. “What the hell is going on?” Phelps asked. “Who’s doing this to my students?”

The answer came in the form of five Cylon Centurions with their blasters hoisted and ready to fire. “Exterminate the humans.” the lead centurian ordered.

As the students tried to run out Phelps and McNulty ran forward waiving their hands. “Wait don’t kill them. We surrender! WE SURRENDER!!!” McNulty and Phelps then got down on their knees showing humility hoping the Cylon wouldn’t kill them.

Phelps and McNulty looked up at the Cylon Centurian who trained his blaster at them both. “Die humans.” was all it said before firing on the principal and teacher. Both fell to the ground dead, their show of humility had obviously failed.

Lisa looked on shocked by what she had seen, and quickly made her way out the nearest exit with the rest of the students. As she ran outside the ‘Cuda pulled forward and Nash stopped.

“Lisa what’s going on?” Nash asked. He didn’t have to wait long as Cylons started to burst out of Cassidy’s school. Both Nash and Joe drew their blasters ready to fire.

“Welcome to another fun filled episode of ‘Nash Bridges in the 21st Century’.” Joe said as he fired his blaster.

“Joe no more Science Fiction cracks okay?” Nash asked. He then passed Lisa a Cylon Blaster and told her to just point and shoot. Soon all three fired their weapons as the Cylons walked out the school covering the surviving student’s escape. Nash and Joe made it a point to pick up every blaster they could when they shot down a Cylon. Even Lisa knocked down a few, even though her shooting was nowhere near as accurate as Nash’s or even Joe’s.

“Where are they coming from?” Lisa asked hysterically as Cylons appeared everywhere. “What are they!”

Nash had no answer for Lisa. In all his years as a cop he had never had to deal with anything like a Cylon invasion. All he knew right now was that he had to get to the Rotunda, and get there quick. As they made their way to the ‘Cuda all three got in and Nash burned rubber away from Cassidy’s school.

“We’ve probably got enough guns man.” Joe said. “We gotta get to the Rotunda.”

“Against these bastards we’ll never have enough guns.” Nash answered back. “But you’re right we gotta get to the Rotunda.”

“But what about Cassidy?” Lisa asked. “What do we do about her?”

“Well we can’t find her in all this!” Nash said as he indicated the war zone they were driving in. “Let’s hope she managed to make her way to the Rotunda as well.” Both Joe and Lisa reluctantly agreed and Nash gunned the ‘Cuda straight to the Rotunda bank.

Inside the TARDIS the Zeo Rangers and the Doctor all waited for the Zeo tracer to finish it’s scan. While they were waiting, the Rangers all immersed themselves in their leisure activities.

The Doctor sat in his lounge chair reading the Time Machine listening to his old phonograph while Samantha had been practicing with Tommy and Adam on some new fighting moves to improve her combat skills.

Kat had been practicing her ballet and dance steps in another corner. Fortunately for her the music on the Doctor’s phonograph went along with what she was practicing. Rocky sat in a corner watching the television, which looked like it came from the 1950’s but it was in color and got 987 channels from all across the galaxy, when all of a sudden a special report came on.

“Awww geez. Just in the middle of Yogi Bear too.” Rocky complained. All the Zeos smirked at Rocky’s remark and went to see what the hubbub was about.

The news report had shown walking silver giants marching through San Francisco destroying everything in their path. Death tolls were already starting to mount up and police had been as of yet unable to mount effective resistance. The Doctor looked at the screen and knew what the silver giants were.

“Cylons.” he said. Tommy asked who they were.

“A race of machines from a far corner of the universe.” the Doctor explained. “Descended from reptiles their ultimate goal is the extermination of all humanity.”

“What are they doing on Earth?” Samantha asked. “If they’re from the far reaches of space how did they get here?”

“I think we know why.” Tommy said. “As for how we’ll worry about that later. Right now we got to stop them.” All the Zeos agreed and got ready for action.







The Zeo Rangers all teleported out of the TARDIS, looking to do all they could against the Cylon menace.

Alison Bogard almost didn’t go to school today.

~Why bother?~ she asked herself. ~ It would just be another day wearing that stupid uniform, having to put up with blowhards like Phelps and McNulty, and what could I learn there that I couldn’t learn in a good old public school?~ As Alison considered playing hooky her grandfather Derik shot that idea down quick as he charged into her bedroom and confronted her.

“How dare you consider playing hooky.” Derik said. “Your cousin Terry and I put forth good money to see to it that you got the best education possible in the best school possible.”

“But grandpa….” Alison started to say.

“Don’t ‘grandpa’ me young lady.” Derik shot back. “I know that school may not be what you prefer but it’s education is top notch, and we want you to have a good life ahead of you.” Derik paused for a second then added. “Besides, if you don’t go that jackass Phelps will think he’s beaten you. You don’t want that moron to get the best of a Bogard do you?”

Alison smiled as she suddenly understood where her uncle was coming from. “When you put it that way how can I refuse?”

“That’s my girl!” Derik said. “Now get ready.”

Alison was going to get ready all right. She was going to teach Phelps and McNulty a lesson in individuality they’d never forget. Grabbing her jean jacket, blue jeans, UFC t-shirt, and green cap Alison got dressed and made her way to school ready to make McNulty and Phelps’s lives living hells.

She had no way to know that they were dead now, nor any way to know what killed them until she saw dead bodies strewn all along the city street she cut through to go to school. Men, women and children all gunned down and it wasn’t long before she spotted their killers.

“Holy shit!” Alison muttered as she got her first look at the Cylons. They were tearing up the streets and taking down anyone that got in their way. The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back was when Alison saw them fire upon a pair of ten year olds that came into her view.

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Alison said running at the Cylon Centurian. It had forgotten the kids and started to fire on her. Alison then ducked under its fire and then delivered a series of left/right punches in rapid succession. Her fists were making dents on the metal and the Cylon actually dropped its weapon, its CPU unable to accept a human with bare fists bas beating it back.

Alison then picked up the lead pipe that was on the ground and then twirled it around like a bo staff. “And now you are dead!” She then thrust the pipe right through the Cylon’s optical sensor and it then just went off line.

Alison then looked back at the children. “RUN! Get out of here now!” The children then ran as Alison looked at the Cylon she had just beaten. “What the hell are you?” she asked the deactivated machine.

“Halt!” a synthetic voice spoke. Alison turned around and saw five more Cylons coming towards her.

“Surrender human.” the speaking Cylon said.

Alison smirked. “Yeah right. Like I’m going to do something as stupid as that. Prepare to be recycled you tin cans.”

The five Centurians then opened fire on Alison but then she leaped into the air.

The only thing was she leapt 15 feet in the air and landed on a rooftop.

“I’m up here morons!” Alison shouted. She then saw the Cylon’s CPU’s trying to process this information which made her smile. ~ Got to time this just right!~

“YAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” she shouted as she jumped down at the center most Cylon with her foot extended and her momentum hade her take the head off the Cylon but, but she also kept the lead pipe she had used before to impail another Cylon.

It went with her over a grate and into the sewer system. Alison didn’t as she had let go of the pipe before falling and then just rolled on the road while handspringing up to her feet. She then started running hoping to avoid the Cylon’s blaster fire which was what she was doing.

“Fire! Fire!” the remaining Cylons said still firing at Alison. Two of them were advancing on her and she was looking at them strangely.

“This is getting to be too easy.” Alison said as she then did something that would be considered crazy. She ran right at them. They kept firing but she was avoiding their blasts. Finally she was right in their line of fire but then dropped to the ground.

She had been right in between the two Cylons and when she had dropped at the last split second their laser blasts hit each other. They fell to the ground non functional.

“Well I guess that takes care of…” Alison started to say when she was then fired at by the last remaining Cylon.

The blaster bolt hit her hat and it was now burning into ash.

“Surrender human.”

Alison then turned her attention onto the Cylon. If it had been programmed to fear creatures, it would have been downright petrified with the look Alison was giving it.

“That… was my favorite cap you asshole!” Alison roared as she then rushed the Cylon. The Cylon then just started firing at her. Alison nimbly dodged out of the way, then slammed into the machine with a shoulder charge. This drove the Cylon off balance as Alison then swung her right leg upward in a vertical, reverse spin kick. The foot came upward and was surrounded in a green light and smacked hard against the Cylon’s head.


The Cylon staggered as Alison knocked its block off… literally. The decapitated head went bouncing away like a soccer ball.

“Serves you right ruining my favorite cap you glorified walking coffee machine!” Alison shot. She then took off down the street looking to see who else she could help, and what other trouble she could get into.

At the Outsider’s penthouse the rest of the group had just shown up. Lillian had just gotten back from a trip to Crossworld City to make final arrangements for her grade transfers. Katarina decided to go on a nature hike over in Oakland and invited Nate and Christina to come along. Nate did but Christina decided that she wanted to go to the nearest beach and just walk along the sand.

Chelsea took a trip back to the Power Chamber so she could visit Trey who still slept in his suspension capsule. Still no progress had been made to help Trey be free of his condition, not for lack of trying though.

When everyone came back Tyler filled in the rest of the group as to what had happened since they were gone, except Terry who had been catching the encore presentation of the show she was watching before. She was not going to miss it this time.

“Laocorn’s found the new Silver Zeo?” Lillian asked.

“Who is she?” Katarina asked.

Tyler took a breath before answering. “Her name is Cassidy Bridges. She apparently is the daughter of a police inspector here in San Francisco.”

“What’s she like?” Christina asked.

“Well she’s pretty. Has long brown hair. Very attractive figure.” The girls snickered as she described Cassidy’s physical features until Tyler finished the description. “And she’s very confused right now.”

“Confused?” Chelsea asked.

“Yeah. Apparently she went to Laocorn to get some explanations as to why she had been acting ‘odd’ as of late. Which to us is typical stuff, enhanced fighting ability, increased stamina, etc.” Everyone nodded getting the general idea.

“Where is she now?” Nate asked.

“I wish I knew Nate.” Tyler answered. “She stared at the crystal for one minute then ran out the door like a shot. Laocorn insisted we let her go because he didn’t want us pressuring her into making a decision.” Just then a scream was heard, and everyone turned in Terry’s direction.

“Awww bloody bugger! NOT AGAIN!!!” Terry screamed then turned to the rest of the Outsiders. “If it isn’t Panni then it’s the bloody President of the United States!” Tyler snickered as he saw the words ‘Special Report’ on the giant television screen then the news report came on. Appearing was a haggard looking reporter who looked like she had been in the trenches forever, and had no time to get her make up on. However her body lauguage clearly stated that make-up was a luxury in their current crisis.

“Good day.” the reporter said. “This is Mandy Buchannan of WSFB is San Francisco. It had only been a few minutes since the metallic warriors had appeared in our fair streets of San Francisco. Even though their appearance had been sudden, already the death toll has been catastrophic. Already three journalists have been lost to these creatures, and the death toll is still mounting.”

The broadcast then turned to the image of the Cylons firing their weapons at people and falling before them. “Police officials have been unable to stop these attacks, but some unconfirmed reports say that there are a few out there who have brought down these monsters and have taken their weapons. They are giving out whatever guns they capture to people looking to survive, and are hopeful to get these weapons to the proper authorities so they can mount an effective resistance…” The T. V. then went fuzzy leaving the Outsiders staring at the screen that had shown images of carnage and destruction not long ago.

Tyler then activated the two way T. V. communicator and patched through to Laocorn’s office. Panni was on the other end along with Lyla. “Have you heard?” Tyler asked.

“We just saw.” Panni answered. “We are informing Lord Laocorn right now.”

“These tin heads are definitely going to get it.” Terry said. “It’s bad enough my T. V. show was interrupted once, second time is bad enough.”

Panni smiled and said “Third encore is Saturday at 11 P. M. You can catch it then.” Panni and Lyla then signed off and moved to tell Laocorn.

“My lord. Have you seen?” Panni asked.

Laocorn looked up at the portrait of his lost sister and nodded. He then turned to Panni and Lyla and ordered “Call out everyone. All security forces, anyone who can fire a weapon I want out there. I will be joining them as well.”

Lyla was concerned about this decision. “Laocorn is that wise? If you put yourself at risk like this we may not be able to protect you.”

Laocorn smiled but his mind was made up. “I appreciate the concern, but I can’t just sit up here like a god looking down on everything. I tried that once and I wound up paying for it.” Panni nodded knowing full well what Laocorn meant.

“Besides, it wouldn’t matter if I stayed here or went out there to face them. If something is not done against these metal monsters we’re all done for.” Picking up his cell phone Laocorn called all his security forces at his installations and gave them their marching orders.

Sure enough, Laocorn sent everything he had out into the city. He may not know what the silver machines were, but he would be damned if he allowed anyone else to be killed by them.

~Just like Sulia. ~ Laocorn thought. He knew from reports that conventional weaponry would be ineffective against these creatures so that ruled out arming anyone with normal guns. As he relayed orders to the security forces Laocorn made sure that any normal human being he sent out to areas were to help save lives, also they were to be armed with explosive and projectile weaponry. Once a few of them were taken out, the silver machines weapons could be taken from them and his people would be using them against the invaders.

~However I don’t need to rely on such weapons~ Laocorn thought as he dressed into his battle gear. His blue hair had become Lavender as always when ready for a fight. His thoughts then turned to the Cylons and prayed that they would hear his thoughts.

~I don’t know, nor do I care what you are… but you will not kill any more people so long as I can help it. ~ Ready for the fight Laocorn left to join Panni, Lyla, the other Elementals and the Outsiders who had left their penthouse to hold off the Cylon attack. Along the way Laocorn’s thoughts turned to Cassidy and the Silver Zeo Crystal in her possession.

~Cassidy. I pray you have made the right decision. ~ he silently hoped.

Meanwhile the person in Laocorn’s thoughts, Cassidy Bridges, had recently come up from the weapons room in the Silver Eaglezord and had sat in the pilot’s chair trying to become comfortable with the zord’s system. The crystal already told her what all the systems had done, but unless she was familiar with how they worked Cassidy would not be able to fly the machine properly.

It was then that Cassidy saw the light on the comm panel blink which indicated a possible threat. Looking out to the city she saw a few small explosions come from it as well as the faint echo of screams. Wondering if the comm light might have something to do with it Cassidy activated the system and the ‘Special Report’ from Mandy Buchannan had appeared. Cassidy watched the report with grave concern then turned back towards the city where she knew her family and friends were clearly in danger.

“Mom… dad… Kelly…” Cassidy said only running down a few names of people she was closest to. Turning back to the Special Report she had only caught a glimpse of the Cylons before the image faded out on her as well. Looking down at her new Silver Zeo uniform and the helmet by her side she suddenly realized what being a Power Ranger was all about.

~It’s not about beating down hokey monsters. ~ she thought. ~ Or calling upon giant robots to fight giant things, or even the uniforms they wear. It’s about people who care. People who want to make a difference in the world. And people who want to protect their family, friends and loved ones from whatever would try to do them harm. ~ Cassidy immediately thought of her father and knew he was much the same way.

Nash had always gone out of his way to protect his family and friends from whatever would try to hurt them. And if anyone tried to use them to get to him Nash made sure they realized the error of their mistake whether through the legal system, or by the barrel of Nash’s gun. Whichever way the system worked. ~ Daddy always tried to protect me. ~ Cassidy thought. ~ Now I have the chance to return the favor. He’s probably out there facing those monsters, and he needs all the help he can get. I can’t turn away. ~

Cassidy then stood up, her decision made and herself ready to fight. As she stood up she cast a look ont the photograph of Jessica Belle and her family that still rested on the main control panel. “Wish me luck.” she said hoping Jessica could hear her.

“BACK TO ACTION!!!” she then called out bringing her mind back to the situation at hand and then teleported out into the warzone that was San Francisco.

Inside the underground Cylon base Circuit Breaker and Specter saw a different news report instead of the one Cassidy, the Zeo Rangers, Laocorn and the Outsiders had. As the death toll seemed to mount Circuit Breaker looked at the number of people that the Cylons reportedly killed… and felt nothing at the loss of life that was taking place.

“The loss of life continues.” the reporter Joanie Cooper said into the camera. “Below the screen is the death toll of those who had fallen to these metal creatures. As you can see the death toll is already astronomical with more falling. Already several news groups have lost transmission and more are expected to fall. We shall continue to air… as… long… as… we… are… able”

The reporter then turned around and saw a Centurian come behind her. He quickly fired his blaster at her and the cameraman. The feed then became static and the death toll number went up by two points.

Again Circuit Breaker felt nothing. Her face showing no emotion.

Specter then turned towards a sensor apparatus nearby and saw traces of six power signatures showing on his viewer. “Those signatures that you have asked to be kept alerted on have appeared.” he said.

Breaker turned to Specter interested. “Location?”

“Unknown, but they are in the city.”

A twinkle started to light up in Circuit Breaker’s eyes. “Are the Trilon Field Assassins in place?”

“Ready and waiting at your command.” the IL cogitator said with more emotion than Circuit Breaker had shown. It was clear that Specter was proud of the efforts the Centurians were showing, and would be even more proud of the Trilons when their time for battle would come.

Circuit Breaker nodded as if acknowledging Specter, and a smile started to pull at her lips as she turned to see the carnage on the viewer. Her mind turning to when her enemies would show themselves, and she would get her revenge.

“It’s only a matter of time Rangers.” Circuit Breaker sneered evilly. “Just a matter of time.”

Down at Pier 39 the Cylons were taking down the shoppers and ferry goers with ruthless machine efficiency. Every one tried to run away from the blaster fire being hurled at them while some jumped into San Francisco bay hoping the water would be able to provide them cover.

Those that did elect to jump into the water soon found themselves joined by dead bodies of those the Cylons blasted and had fallen overboard instead of falling down on the docks, the sidewalk or the walkway. The Cylons continued their ruthless extermination procedure as nothing stood in their way.

That is at least until the Power Rangers Zeo had arrived. Landing just between the Cylons and the people they were trying to kill Red Zeo stood and said. “Your murdering days are over whoever you are.”

Pink Zeo then spoke. “Who do you think you are murdering those people like that? What did they ever do to you?”

The lead Centurian stood with his weapon drawn. “Primary directive. Destroy all humans. All Centurians fire!”

The battalion of twelve Centurians fired at the Zeo Rangers sending them back as the laser blasts struck their uniforms. They quickly recovered and drew out their weapons. Red Zeo brought out his Zeo Power Sword and cut his way through the first three Cylons in his path sending them down for the count.

Pink Zeo and Yellow Zeo had double teamed four other Cylons with thier own Zeo weapons. Pink Zeo blasted her two Centurians with her Zeo Power disk while Yellow Zeo had snapped off body parts as soon as her whip had struck a Cylon’s joint.

Blue and Green Zeo brought out their Zeo Lances and Power Hatchets respectively. The remaining three Cylons fell to their knees and were quickly deactivated as the Rangers demonstrated their phenomenal combat skill. When the people saw that they had been saved they all rushed to thank the Zeo Rangers while some citizens took the downed Cylon weapons hoping they could defend themselves if more should come.

“Where did they come from?” Red Zeo asked. “Does anyone know?”

“They just appeared everywhere.” a middle aged tourist said. “They just started killing everything they saw. Nothing could stop them.

“All right everyone out of here!” Red Zeo ordered. “We’ll take care of any more if they should show up.” The citizens thanked the Zeo Rangers and left to find someplace safe.

Red Zeo then turned and looked at the downed Cylons before them. He got the strangest feeling about them, something familiar. Pink Zeo then shook him out of his trance and she asked “What’s up Tommy?”

“I just got this feeling Kat.” Red Zeo said. “There’s just something about these things that I feel I should know.

“Worry about it later.” Yellow Zeo said. “We’ve still got more of their bloody bums to kick!” Yello Zeo then grabbed Red’s arm and pulled him along with the other Zeo Rangers looking for more people to save and more Cylons to destroy.

But something told him that the Rangers troubles were only beginning.

Across town Nash’s second ex-wife Kelly led a group of people in an effort to hopefully find a shelter area of some kind where they could all hide out incase they ran into Cylons. She was at her apartment when the Cylons hit and found a few survivors in the area. When she went down to them they looked at her like she was an angel of mercy.

“Please help us.” a young girl said. “We need to find a safe place. Can you help us?” Kelly considered taking them up to her apartment but the coming of a second Cylon patrol dashed those thoughts.

Kelly hearded as much of the people together as she could and tried to lead them far enough away from the approaching Cylons. The task was not easy as there seemed to be Cylons around every corner. Fortunately she had carried Nash’s gun that he had given her with him and fired a few rounds providing distractions if they were needed. And they were several times.

They had all ducked around corners and hid in alleys trying to stay out of the Cylons way. Along the way several people had joined the little group Kelly came across, and several fell as they ran across Cylon patrols.

~I’ve got to find a place to hide these people, and I’ve got to find it quick. ~ Kelly thought. She had suddenly remembered Joe owned a bar in the area and figured that it was a good place to hide out.

“Hang on everyone we’re almost there.” Kelly said leading the group she had come across to where the bar was located. Men, women and children of all classes followed her hoping that she knew of a place where they would be safe.

“What is this place you’re taking us to ma’am?” an elderly gentleman asked.

“It’s a place my ex-husband’s partner owns.” Kelly said. “It’s called the Paradise Lounge.”

“Oh you mean that gay bar?” a woman asked. “You have my sympathies young lady.”

Kelly turned and looked at the woman. She seemed stunned by what she had said and then smirked at the thought that the woman thought that Nash would have dumped her for Joe. “No it’s not like that at all.” Kelly said but as they rounded the corner they had come across the door where the Paradise Lounge was located.

Kelly quickly banged on the door. “Pepe! Pepe! Are you in there?” Soon the door opened and Joe’s assistant Pepe stood in the doorway.

“Hello. Oh you must be Joe’s friend aren’t you?” Pepe said. Kelly nodded as she only met Pepe briefly in passing, and that was when he had opened his bar.

“Hello Pepe.” Kelly said in greeting. “Look I’ve come across these people here and they need a place to hide out. I seem to recall Joe mentioned that this place had an old air raid shelter here?”

“Ah!” Pepe said in remembrance. “That leftover rathole from the Cold War. Well fortunately, it was long converted into a rumpus room before Joe bought the place.”

Kelly rolled the thought of an air raid shelter being made into a ‘rumpus room’ in a gay bar before getting back into business. “That’s fine Pepe. But can these people hide out in it. There are these metal things coming after us…”

“You mean those things?” Pepe asked as he saw seven Cylons march down the street bearing down on Kelly and the people she was with. “Prepare for termination.” the lead Centurian said as they brought their weapons to bear against the people.

“No!” Kelly said trying to cut off the Cylon’s line of fire. Turning to the people she was with she shouted “Get inside!!!”

Pepe ducked behind a corner and grabbed a shotgun kept behind the door He fired the gun in the air distracting the Cylons for a moment as they turned their attention away from the citizens allowing them to get inside the bar and the Cylons turned their attention towards Pepe and Kelly. Long enough for the roar of the ‘Cuda to be heard and Nash to pull up alongside his second ex-wife and Joe’s bar manager.

“Pepe here.” Joe said passing a Cylon blaster to him. Lisa did the same to Kelly and soon all five opened fire on the Cylons.

“I give my life to Eartha Kitt, Julie Newmar and Charles Nelson Reilly” Pepe said before squeezing off three shots that helped take down three Cylons. Everyone else just shook their heads as they just aimed and fired their weapons.

The combined firepower of the five sent the Cylons down to the ground. But when Joe squeezed his trigger he found that the gun wouldn’t fire anymore. “Nash I hate to say it but it looks like I’m out of ammo.”

Nash sighed as he realized that the blasters only had a finite charge to them. “Great, and we have no idea how many times these guns have been used. Lisa can you tell me how many of these things we’ve got?”

Lisa quickly went to the trunk of the ‘Cuda and opened it. She counted all the blasters they had picked up from the Cylons they had taken down. “Nineteen.” she said.

“Make that twenty-four.” Joe said picking up the blasters from the downed Cylons and keeping a new one for himself. “Do you think these will be enough for the S. I. U. boys?”

Nash sighed. “Bubba I wish I knew. Right now we have no idea how long these guns will last the boys.”

Pepe then came up to Joe and said “Oh thank you for the save Joe.” He then cast a look at Nash and batted his eye. “Is this that special someone you mentioned before Joe?”

Nash shot a look at Joe and Lisa and Kelly both tried their hardest to keep their giggles in. Joe was trying to find the words to tell his bar manager. “Uhhh Pepe…”

Pepe interrupted though. “Say no more Joe. I know how important it is to be modest. I won’t kiss and tell. Toodles.” Pepe then went back into the bar to see how the survivors were doing and Nash, Lisa and Kelly all turned their gazes to Joe.

“What have you been saying to your staff Joe?” Nash asked.

“Uh… well… you know how it is. Owner of a gay bar who’s not gay is kind of a contradiction in terms you know. And I thought I might need someone for… you know… image.”

Kelly and Lisa let a few giggles out and Nash shot Joe a look. “So you chose me to be your ‘special someone’ No warning, no telling me about it…”

“Sorry man you were all I could think of on short notice.” was Joe’s excuse. Nash sighed as he got back into the ‘Cuda with Lisa. “We’ll talk about this later.” Joe had nodded.

Nash left Kelly a few Cylon guns for protection. He and Joe then got back in the ‘Cuda where Lisa was waiting and tried to make it to the Rotunda as fast as they could.

Silver Zeo had teleported to an area just a few miles from her school. In her path she caught her first real glimpse of the Cylons as they filled her field of vision.

~So, those are the bad guys huh?~ Silver Zeo thought to herself as the squad of seven Cylons cut off her path. “Surrender human.” the lead centurian said. Silver Zeo then fingered her nightstick ready to bring it to bear.

~Oh man. ~ she thought as the nerves brought her on edge. ~ This is so crazy. I can’t believe I’m going through with it. ~ The crystal enhanced Silver Zeo’s skills and abilities to perfection. All she had to do was go with the flow and take out the bad guys.

~Don’t think, just do ~ she told herself. Then as she looked at the Cylons before her Silver Zeo smirked beneath her helmet and got into a fighting stance.

“All right boys. Please be gentle. This is only my first time.” Silver Zeo then brought out her Nightstick and called out “Nightstick extend!”

The long end of the Nightstick suddenly grew longer forming a sort of narrow bat for Silver Zeo who charged at the Cylons taking shots with the extended Nightstick that knocked the Cylons off balance and sent them staggering.

Silver Zeo also threw in some karate moves added with the Nightstick blows as she ran through her opponents and made it to the other side ready to do another attack. Looking at the Cylons they were disoriented and wondered just what type of enemy they were facing.

“Lock on target.” the lead Centurian ordered and then brought his blaster to bear. The other Cylons followed the patrol leader’s order and aimed their weapons as well. “Fire!”

The Cylons fired their guns again but Silver Zeo this time did a series of actrobatic handsprings that ended with her jumping high into the air ready to deliver an overhead attack. Her Nightstick extended and ready to strike.

“Shockstick Activate!” she ordered as she pressed the second button on her weapon. The Silver Zeo Nightstick soon hummed with power. As she swung her weapon it hit the Cylons disrupting their circuits and hindering their functions. She continued to do hit and run tactics so as to not allow the Cylons to get a bearing on her, and they appeared to be working.

~And now the grand finale. ~ she thought as she faced the Cylons again. Pressing the third button on her Nightstick weapon she called out “SILVER ZEO POWER STORM!!!” Raising her weapon like the Gold Ranger’s Golden Power Staff she brought the end to bear on the staggering Cylons as energy bolts fired from the tip looking for a target. It found their targets in the Cylons who were blasted by the bolts and fell to the ground non-functional.

~Not bad for a first time. ~ Silver Zeo thought looking down at the fallen Cylons. She then got back up and headed out into the city that was now a battleground.

Specter had come with Vulpa in tow and delivered some news that Specter knew Circuit Breaker was not going to like. “Our forces are meeting some resistance in areas of the city.

“What kind of resistance?” Circuit Breaker asked.

“Varying reports.” Specter said. “Some of people taking Cylon weapons and using them against our soldiers.”

“That’s to be expected.” Circuit Breaker said. “Those won’t last long. Are there any other reports? Like say… the Rangers getting involved?”

“Ironically enough there are some Centurians who have reported being defeated by some warriors they could not as yet identify.” Specter said. “They attacked with great speed and great skill if the Centurians were unable to get a positive identification on them. They could well be the Rangers you seek.”

“Be certain!” Circuit Breaker ordered as she then turned to Vulpa. “Find out what’s defeating our forces! Once you have identification contact us and destroy them!”

“By your command!” Vulpa said and cut off transmission. Specter however wondered “What could defeat a squadron of Centurians like that.

“Power Rangers.” Circuit Breaker said through clenched teeth. “Confirm the sightings. Lock onto those signals. Find them! The Trilons have their job to do.”

“By your command!” Specter said as he doubled his efforts to find the ones who were driving the Cylons back.

At the service entrance to the Rotunda the ‘Cuda pulled in where A. J. Harvey and Evan were waiting. The rest of the cops were hunched in waiting for the Cylons to come in.

“Nash I’m so happy to see you.” Harvey said.”

“Likewise Harv.” Nash then opened the trunk where the captured blasters were laid out. Get everyone here and tell them to pick one out.”

All the S. I. U. cops came in and picked up a blaster. After getting hers Bryn handed Nash a file which consisted of reports that had come in. An ethnic meeting between black supremacists and white racists was interrupted by the ‘metallic marchers’. Everyone who attended was exterminated. Even a few other nationalities who were there were murdered as well.

A family neighborhood was destroyed along with many of the families that were in residence. Among them were members of the Tanner family. In their house three men, one woman, three daughters and two little boys were found dead along with the friend of their eldest daughter. The cops who reported the crime were dead minutes later.

In Chinatown two rival gangs were all killed in a turf war. The killers apparently didn’t care whose turf it was though. All they wanted was the gang members dead. The list of reports went on and on.

“Joe.” Nash asked sadly. “You remember when I asked when San Francisco turned into the ‘Freak Zone’?” Joe nodded yes.

“I think it just officially did.” Nash said handing the report off to Joe. He looked at the reports and was shocked by what he read.

“Yeah that’s how I feel.” Nash said. “These guys don’t care who they kill or about ethnic boundaries, race, creed color or sexual orientation. To them if you have two arms, two legs and breathe you’re a target.”

“Ain’t that a lesson in racial equality?” Joe asked sarcastically. A. J. then ran in.

“Nash those monsters are about two blocks from here. We’re going to be forming a blockade trying to hold them off.” Nash nodded and then turned to Lisa who was sitting at his desk shaking. The adrenaline had worn off and the reality of her situation had sunk in. Metal things were invading San Francisco, and Cassidy was missing. And for all anyone knew she was probably dead as well.

Nash tried to reassure that everything would be okay. “It’s going to be fine Lise.” Nash said. “Cassidy will be safe, and all this will be over soon. And if anyone of those tin heads out there come in here you use that gun you here?” Lisa nodded holding the blaster like it was a child she was protecting.

“I’ll be back before you know it.” Nash said. As he turned he got himself a new blaster and tossed A. J. one. “All right A. J. let’s do it!” A. J. nodded and then turned to the rest of the S. I. U. officers stationed ready to jump into the fray ready to speak. Nash stood beside him.

“All right people. We’ve got a situation here that goes way beyond bizarre here. But that’s not important right now. What is important is that whatever those things out there are, they are putting the people of this city at risk. When we go out there, our one goal is to hold the line. We do not let those tin heads get through. We do not let them take any more human lives. When we go out there, we are going to face them! We are going to stop them! And we are going to make them pay for every life those metal bastards ever took!”

The S. I. U. cops all rallied behind A. J. and soon they all left the Rotunda. Nash and Joe stayed with A. J. as he led them outside to confront the Cylons.

“I hope you meant what you said A. J.” Nash said to his boss and friend.

“Yeah.” A. J. said clearly frightened. “Me too.”

The S. I. U. had joined S. W. A. T. teams as they had formed a blockade on Market Street watching both sides in case the Cylons decided to come both ways. Evan Cortez held his Cylon blaster getting nervous, and his trigger finger becoming more itchy by the minute.

“Oh man where are they?” Evan asked. “I can’t stand all this waiting.”

“Patience brah.” A, J, said. “They’ll be coming. Keep your cool.”

Nash looked at the unit before him. So many officers, all of them armed with alien weapons that they knew nothing about. Bryn, Evan, Harvey, A. J. , Joe, even Bettina himself had a Cylon Blaster with him. As Nash saw Bettina with his blaster ready to fire, Nash silently prayed that Bettina wouldn’t screw up anything. Because with Rick Bettina, hey, anything could happen.

Nash fingered his own weapon, and found himself admiring the construction and design of it. It was a remarkable piece of hardware, but then he thought about how many people it had killed and he soon found himself sickened by it. Turning his gaze back down the street Nash waited for the Cylons to approach.

He didn’t have long to wait, as it seemed like a full garrison was coming down the street with their weapons drawn. Every cop was ready to fire as soon as they got close enough.

“All right people. We don’t know how long these guns will hold us.” Nash said. “So make your shots count. Don’t fire until you see the red of their eyeslits.”

Everyone seemed to agree with Nash, except Betinna who couldn’t wait to take down a Cylon so he just opened fire right away like Rambo in the ‘First Blood’ movies. He waved his rifle everywhere yelling like Stallone and getting a rush from blowing away the Cylons his rifle took down.

“Rick you numbskull what do you think you’re doing?” Nash asked taking the blaster out of Bettina’s hands. Bettina seemed apprehensive and looked Nash dead in the eye as he said “I don’t care about the ‘red of their eyes’ crap. We need to make a statement and make these things scared of us!”

“Rick you idiot!” Joe shouted as he swatted Bettina’s head. “They’re machines. They don’t get scared.”

“Well. I took out a lot of them didn’t I? Rick stood proud of himself. Bryn then shot down that mood right away.

“Care to do it again?” Bryn asked as more Cylons walked down the street heading for them. It seemed like for every Centurian the S. I. U. had knocked down two more had appeared. “Where did all these guys come from?” Bryn asked.

“I don’t know Bryn but pick your targets guys!” Nash ordered as he and all the other cops took aim against the approaching Cylons. “Wait till they are in range.” A. J. ordered. Every cop kept his cool as the Cylons approached ready to fire.

“FIRE!!!” A. J. ordered as the S. W. A. T. and S. I. U. opened fire on the Cylons. Each one picked their spot and took down the Centurians they aimed at. But more seemed to come and the police’s weapons seemed to run out quicker. And unlike the Cylons the cops had no way to recharge them.

Bettina’s weapon ran out first and called for a new one. Evan gave Bettina cover fire but was then shot in the shoulder as Betinna grabbed his new blaster. Soon all the cops were being beaten back, and many of them had already been struck down by Cylon blaster fire. Soon only a few cops remained, and they were all ducking for cover as the Cylons overran the police perimeter.

A. J. and Bryn ducked behind a corner while Bettina hid under an old Chevy cowering. Harvey ducked behind a S. W. A. T. van that Nash and Joe were using for cover. Evan ducked with him checking his wound. “They’re winning ain’t they Nashman?” Harvey asked.

Nash had no answer for him, and he feared that the answer that he could give was the right one. That the ‘tin soldiers’ were winning and that there was nothing they could do about it. It hurt him that there was nothing he could do to stop the Cylons approaching, or stop them from taking the lives of anymore of his police officers.

It was then that Nash, Harvey, Evan and Joe saw five rainbow colored figures fly through the air and land just on the other side of the overturned van ready to face the Cylon menace.

“All right you metal freaks!” Red Zeo shouted. “The Power Rangers are here and you’re going down!”




Lyla and Panni sent the projectile type attacks at the Cylons advancing upon them while Ramon was tearing into them hand to hand and keeping on guard always. Both the Outsiders and the Elementals were holding back a Cylon Battalian that was entering Mill Valley. However Laocorn was now receving a report from one of the security teams via his wrist communicatior.

“The Cylons are now attacking San Francisco General Hospital.” Laocorn stated to all of the,

“What!” Christina gasped.

“Oh my god. All those people.” Katarina muttered.

“Get going!” Laocorn told Tyler.

“But what about you?” Zeo Shadow asked.

“We can handle this! Those people at the hospital will all be slaughtered if you don’t do something! Now go!” Laocorn shouted.

Tyler didn’t like leaving his employer in a situation like this, especially after what Laocorn and his group had done for them. But he was right. “Good luck.” Tyler said as he and the Outsiders started moving.

“At least there can’t be many more of them.” Sylphina said after using a Razor Wind attack to beat a Canturian and then stopped to catch her breath. She was physically the weakest of them all but made up for it with her high spirit and elemental powers. Even so Laocorn knew that if the battle was prolonged they would all begin to feel exhausted. In one on one fights, the battle would go to the one with the highest skill level or the one who was smarter and had no conscience. However even the most skilled of fighters can be worn down by constant fighting. The Cylons possessed weapons that could kill anyone with one shot and could be fired at long range.

In short Laocorn and the other needed to fight at least above average in order to take care of them.

“There’s only about ten of them left.” Ramon said.

“Right now… but take a look!” Panni shouted looking into the far distance.

There had to be hundreds of Cylons converging on them.

“This is not good.” Laocorn muttered.

Silver Zeo had made it to her own school where she saw bodies of Cylons, as well as bodies of her own classmates littering the halls. Underneath her helmet Cassidy Bridges couldn’t help but shed a few tears for the friends she had who lied among the dead.

As she continued to walk down the hall she noticed the bodies of Ms. McNulty and Mr. Phelps lying in front of the Principal’s office. Their hands held up in surrender. ~ Obviously these things didn’t accept it. ~ she thought.

Silver Zeo continued to explore the school halls until she found her way into the gymnasium. Some students tried to hide out there, but as could be seen with the Cylons surrounding them it was to no avail as they were all begging for mercy, and hoped the Cylons would not kill them. Pleas that fell on deaf ears.

“Prepare for extermination!” the Centurions ordered. Silver Zeo then brought out the second major weapon in her arsenal, her Zeo Chain, as she unclasped the weapon that rested across her chest and spun it around building momentum with it. Then getting a running start she delivered several slashing strikes that beheaded at least two Cylons and severing the torso of two others. With the Zeo enhanced chain it wasn’t long before there was a mess of Cylon parts scattered around the gymnasium.

“All right. Grab the guns and get out of here! More might be coming.” Silver Zeo ordered the students who were prisoner. Quick to get out they had no problem doing as they were told. Seven teens grabbed the Cylon guns as they escaped and Cassidy noticed that one of them was her old drama club rival Sharon Schomer.

Snickering under her helmet Silver Zeo hoped Sharon would know how to use that weapon. And sure enough more Cylons appeared through the gym door. “Surrender human!” they ordered.

“You know. I’ve been hearing that all day. Can’t you think of anything original?” she joked. She didn’t notice another Cylon come behind her with it’s weapon drawn until it said “Die human.”

“Okay that’s new.” she said ready to turn around to hopefully try to get in a shot, but someone else beat her to it.


Silver Zeo turned around and saw that the Cylon that was about to attack her from behind just now had gotten half of its torso blown to hell by a large power… or rather the fist that had gone through the Cylon’s metal body.

A fist belonging to Alison Bogard.

“Alison?” Cassidy muttered.

“How the hell do you… Cass? Cassidy! What the hell is going on with you?” Alison said in surprise recognizing Silver Zeo’s voice.

“Worry about things later. I think we have bigger concerns.” Silver Zeo said using her nightstick against the Cylons. “SHOCKSTICK ACTIVATE!” she said as she delivered devastating strikes against the Cylons in her path.

“Yeah you got that right… CRACK SHOT!” Alison said delivering another jump kick attack that took off another Cylon’s head. Alison then stood right behind Cassidy. “Us two fighting side by side, fighting to save the city… god how hokey and cliche’ does that sound?!”

“Very, but that’s what we are doing.” Silver Zeo said.

“When we kick these tin heads asses, how about you coming over for dinner and we talk?” Alison said.

“Today’s Monday right?” Silver Zeo asked.

“Yeah. Grandpa’s turn for cooking dinner.” Alison replied. She remembered how much Cassidy loved her grandfather’s cooking.

“I’d love to come over. Let’s do this.”

With that Cassidy Bridges and Alison Bogard fought as one against the Cylons.

“Circuit Breaker great news!” Specter said. “We have located the Rangers that you spoke of.”

Circuit Breaker turned to Specter. The light in her eyes was sparkling as her revenge seemed to get closer by the minute. “Show me!” she ordered.

Specter did so and showed images of the Power Rangers Zeo helping the S. I. U. to hold back an army of Cylons that converged on their location. Another image had shown Laocorn and the elementals ready to confront another Cylon army, and a third image had shown the Outsiders fighting through Cylon troops hoping to make their way to Mercy General to help the patients there escape the Cylon executioners.

“Has Silver Zeo been found yet?” Circuit Breaker asked.

“Negative.” Specter answered. “But we are still looking.”

“Continue efforts to locate her. In the meantime are the Trilon units ready yet?”

“Awaiting your command.” Specter said eager for what was about to happen next.

Circuit Breaker looked at the Rangers and Outsiders fighting the Centurians. ~ Perfect. ~ she thought as she gave her next command. “Trilons, move in!”

Back on the Astro Megaship however, far away from the happenings in San Francisco, other occurrences of great importance were taking place.

After Andros composed himself a little bit, Ashley had excused herself from the healing chamber on the pretext of going to call the other Rangers. Since Andros knew the task could have been done just as easily from the chamber as the bridge, he figured that Ashley was leaving to give him time and privacy to have a conversation with Zhane. He appreciated that, even if he had no idea what he was going to say.

As usual, Zhane took the decision out of his hands. Folding his arms across his chest, the blond fixed his teammate with a stare and a raised eyebrow. “Okay Andros, spill it. What is going ON here? The last thing I remember was… well, you know what I remember.”

“Yeah, I have a pretty good idea.” Andros snorted. “It’s a long story Zhane. A very long story.”

“I figured. And I figured you stuck me in cryo when you found me somehow after the explosion because it was either that or a body bag. So where is everybody? I thought you’d all be here to meet me when I came out.”

Andros bit his lip. “Zhane, ” he said helplessly. Gids, this was going to be one of the hardest things he’d ever done.

Zhane’s jaw hardened. “Andros where are the others?”

“They’re… they’re gone.” he sighed. “Everybody’s gone. KO-35 is a dead world.”

If Zhane hadn’t been leaning against the cryo-tube, he probably would have fallen. As it was, his skin became paler than his hair.

“No…” he whispered. “Everyone?”

Shrugging Andros continued in a soft voice. “I don’t know. There was an evacuation in progress, but I just don’t know if anyone made it off safely.”

“And the other Defenders?”

“Dead. Oh stars Zhane, they’re dead! Makarrah took out Anne and Gabriel first by blowing up the Omega Megaship and then Amber and Kartia to her suicide bombings.”

Tears were starting to form on Zhane’s face as he chose his next words carefully. He wasn’t about to ask about her yet. “And Alya, Shinzon, Maxwell…”

Andros just closed his eyes. “I had to see it all in DECA’s sensor banks… they went down to fight… and they’re all dead.”

Zhane bowed his head. “How long was I out?”

“About a year.”

“Where are we now?” Zhane asked quietly.

“Earth. After killing Makarrah, I was looking for Dark Specter and Astronema. I ended up traveling here and a few days after I arrived Astronema came too. I’m going to stop her and Dark Specter.”

“Alone?” Zhane yelped, standing up straight. The idea of his friend taking on the forces of Astronema and the shapeshifter without help made him almost as cold as the cryo-tube had.

Andros flashed his friend a quick, reassuring smile. “No not alone.” Footsteps in the hallway alerted Andros to the approach of the rest of his team. “As a matter of fact, here comes the rest of the group now.”

“This better be good.” T. J. said coming into the room with Ashley, Cassie, Carlos, and Sabrina following behind him.

“Oh yeah. Guys, this is Zhane, one of my best friends, and the Silver Astro Defender of KO-35. Zhane these are my-well, my Ranger team.”

Zhane cocked an eyebrow at his friend. “A RANGER team? You’ve come up in the world.”

Andros smiled sadly. His friend had always dealt with things this way, pushing the hurt and anger so far down inside of him that no one could see it. Zhane did the same thing, but while Andros tended to become cold and distant, Zhane became even more upbeat and cheerful, at least on the outside. Andros made a mental note to bully his friend into a visit to Lita, after some of the culture shock had worn off.

“This is T. J. Andrews, by the way, Zhane.” Andros continued taking up the thread of conversation where it had left off. “Blue Astro Ranger. Ashley Hammond-Yellow Astro Ranger, Carlos Garcia-Black Astro Ranger, Cassie Chan-Pink Astro Ranger.”

“And I happen to be Sabrina, the Gold Astro Ranger. I haven’t chosen a last name yet because when I was Scorpina, I really didn’t need one.” Sabrina quipped.

“Scorpina!” Zhane just shot up in a flash. “Andros are you nuts giving her Anne’s morpher?!”

“Actually Zhane, Sabrina and Scorpina are two completely different people and she has helped prove her loyalty and change back to the light.” Demitria said coming into the room. Zhane’s jaw just dropped.

“Oh by the way, in case you don’t know this is Demitria, our mentor and the one that promoted us to the rank of Ranger.” Andros said.

Zhane just stared. “… how in the name of Cy’tryash did all this happen?!”

Andros and Sabrina chuckled at the use of word Zhane just used while Demitria kept her own peace. “That my friend, is a very long story.” Andros said.

The S. I. U. sat back behind the barricades as the Zeo Rangers were tearing into the Cylon Centurions. Their speed and agility was able to counter the Cylons’ bulky maneuvers as the Centurions were struck many times by a combination of karate strikes and strikes with their Zeo Weapons.

“Wow Nash those guys are good.” Joe said watching with interest.

“Yeah maybe.” Nash said not showing the usual praise that a person does when a Power Ranger makes the scene. In fact something about the Rangers rubbed Nash the wrong way.

“Hey what’s up Nash?” Joe asked. “Aren’t you glad they’re saving our butts?”

“Am I glad they’re saving us yes.” Nash answered. “But am I glad that they’re taking the law into their own hands then ‘no. ‘”

“What do you mean Nash?” Evan asked.

“These ‘Power Rangers’ as they are so gloriously called in the ‘Freak Zone’ are nothing more than glorified vigilantes in my book.” Nash said not hiding his distain. “They do razzle dazzle moves, have super weapons that are not registered or licensed, and they tend to operate outside the established legal systems. They have no business here.”

“Well neither do those metal things but we ain’t doing so hot against them.” Joe answered back. “As far as I’m concerned right now. I’m grateful for the rescue.” Evan agreed.

“Well, call it like you see it Joe. I’ll call it like I see it.” Nash said then he turned his gaze to something coming down the road. Taking out his binoculars he zoomed in to find more of the walking metal constructs coming, but there was something different about this group. They had a different body design, looked a lot more sleeker and deadlier and had a y-shaped visor on their faces with red lights going back and forth intersecting at a spot on the center where the noses would be.

“Nash what are you looking at?” Joe asked. Nash didn’t answer as he passed Joe the binoculars and saw the Trilons coming their way.

“We are so screwed.” Joe said. Nash nodded and Even gulped nervously.

“ZEO II POWER WHIP!!!” Yellow Zeo shouted as she decapitated three Cylons with one crack. The other Zeos were holding their own against the remaining Centurians as well.

Pink Zeo threw the Cylons’ blaster energy back at them using her Zeo Power Disk. Two Cylons went down for the count. Even Green Zeo and Blue Zeo were knocking down Centurians using their Zeo Hatchet and Zeo Lance respectively.

Red Zeo delivered some sword strikes to the Cylons he was facing, and they went down quick. “Wow. These guys sure aren’t built for speed ang agility.” Red Zeo said.

“I know what you mean.” Pink Zeo said back. “I guess their creators thought brawn over brains was a good thing.”

“I guess they were wrong.” Blue Zeo said as soon the city street was littered with Cylon parts and weapons. The surviving Centurians fell back a block leaving the Zeos standing in victory.

“All right we did it!” Green Zeo said ecstatic that they had won. The other Zeos were happy they beat the Centurians as well until Yellow Zeo pointed down the street at the new Cylons approaching.

“What are those?” Yellow Zeo asked pointing to the Y-visored Cylons approaching. A blaster bolt that hit her dead on answered the question.

“Trouble!” Red Zeo said as he brought his Zeo Sword to bear. The remaining four standing ready to strike.

The Trilons stood with their weapons elevated and ready to fire. Wasting no time they opened fire on the Zeo Rangers and the blaster shots sent them back flying straight into the police barricade.

Red Zeo landed next to Nash and Joe who checked to see if he was all right. “You okay man?” Joe asked.

“Oh man.” Red Zeo said trying to get back up. “What was that?”

“Something that’s definitely out of your league bubba.” Nash said. “Now I suggest you and your rainbow coalition get out of here and let us do our job.”

Red Zeo stood back up and said. “We can’t do that. We’re the Power Rangers, it’s our duty to stop creatures such as these.”

“Funny, I don’t see any badge that says ‘Power Rangers’ on it.” Nash said. “I don’t see anything that recognizes your authority. I don’t see anything that even sanctions you by the city of San Francisco or the U. S. Government that says that it’s your duty to take down these monsters. No bubba, you and your friends are vigilantes. And if you don’t get out of here I’m going to have you arrested.”

Red Zeo turned to see how his team was doing only to have his face meet with a Trilon’s fist. He was so distracted with Nash that he forgot the Trilons that were attacking the Zeo’s. As Red Zeo looked around he saw that the rest of his team wasn’t faring too good either.

Yellow Zeo tried to use her Zeo Power whip on one Trilon and found the Trilon had caught it. The Trilon then pulled the rope hard with Yellow Zeo on the other end and punched her in the stomach sending her down.

Pink Zeo had her own problems with Trilons. They were firing at her and they fired with such speed and grace that Pink Zeo was hurried to block all the blaster bolts with her power disk. Feeling the impact Pink Zeo was pushed back slowly as the impact of the blaster bolts took more of her resolve out of her. They didn’t stop firing until she was backed into a nearby wall. Pink Zeo had fallen to her knees too exhausted to block anymore of the Trilons’ weapons fire.

“Surrender human!” the Trilons said. Pink Zeo shook her head no.

The Trilon then raised his blaster again to kill Pink Zeo at close range, until Blue Zeo took in a few swipes with his Zeo Lance distracting the Trilon from Pink Zeo. “Get out of here!” Blue Zeo ordered.

Pink Zeo did so leaving Blue to face the Trilon he struck. As he looked at the Trilon he saw that the strikes he made had no effect on the metal monster. “What are you?” Blue Zeo asked.

He had no time to answer as two Trilons shot at Blue Zeo from behind. Blue Zeo fell to the ground hard.

“ROCKY!!!” Green Zeo shouted as he called forth his Zeo Wrist Hatchets. He then lunged after the Trilons that took down Blue Zeo and delivered strikes hoping to bring them down.

But unlike the Centurians Trilons were more agile and had blocked Green Zeo’s hatchet strikes. Soon Green Zeo was held suspended allowing the third Trilon to shoot him square in the chest. Green Zeo fell to the ground right next to Blue Zeo.

Red Zeo saw his teammates falling and then turned to see Pink Zeo struggling to stand. Behind her a Trilon was ready to strike from behind until Yellow Zeo came back into the fight. “ZEO II POWER PUNCH!!!” she called out striking the Trilon in the small of the back sending it down.

Yellow Zeo went to Pink’s side as Red joined them. “Kat you okay?”

“Yeah fine. Thanks for the assist Samantha.” Pink Zeo thanked Yellow.

“It’s no problem.” Yellow Zeo said. “But that is.”

The Trilon was getting back up as the effects of the Power Punch wore off, despite the burn and dent in the Trilon’s exo-structure. “Surrender human. Prepare for extermination.”

“No way pal!” Red Zeo said standing tall. “There’s no way we’re going to bow down to you.”

“Bowing down is irrelevant!” the Trilon said. “The primary order for all Cylons regarding humans… is extermination!” Soon all the Trilons were backing the Trilon they were facing, and the Zeo Rangers knew that with the Trilons as deadly as they were, that they probably not be able to hold out against them any longer.

“Oh man. We are in so much trouble.” Red Zeo said.

At what remained of the S. I. U. barricade Joe was watching the Rangers getting their butts handed to them by the Trilons. Pink, Yellow and Red Zeos all stood trying to mount a last ditch effort, but there were up against so many Trilons that the Zeo’s looked hopelessly outmatched. The Trilons also had their weapons raised and ready to fire at the Rangers as if they were prisoners facing a firing squad.

“Nash also saw what the Trilons were ready to do, and he decided that, vigilantes or no, that the Rangers didn’t deserve to be gunned down like vermin. “All right everyone ready your guns. Let’s get these tin heads off those guys’ back!”

Everyone followed Nash’s order and the S. I. U. cops brought their guns to bear on the Trilon assassins. “All right boys and girls! FIRE!!!”

The police immediately followed Nash’s order, and soon blaster fire was sent the Trilons’ way. Many bolts hit the Trilons possibly softening them up, but by no means were they brought down. When the fireworks were over the Trilons soon turned their attention away from the Rangers and towards the S. I. U. cops. The Trilons soon made their way advancing towards their new adversaries.

“Oh man we are in so much trouble.” Joe said.

“SHADOW RIBBONS STRIKE!!!” Zeo Shadow shouted as she faced off against a Cylon in the main waiting area. Black ribbons wrapped themselves around the Cylon Centurian causing him to crash and go offline. Patients were then able to get across to the ambulances that waited.

Zeo Blade was using her sword to cut down the Centurians that were making their way into intensive care. Zeo Phoenix was unleashing her fury against the Centurians that were in maternity looking to kill the newborn babies that were inside. Phoenix held them off while the nurses evacuated the infants to waiting ambulances an the entrance to the ER.

Zeo Punk and Zeo Psi were in the west wing of the hospital where the AIDS wing was located. Zeo Psi tried to use her telekinesis to see if she could read a centurians mind but only found it a blank. “All right then. Let’s try a different route.”

Psi used her telekinesis to telekinetically lift her adversaries up into the air getting them out of the patient’s way. Zeo Punk then executed a Zeo head ram against the last waiting Centurian, which sent him all the way across the hall smack into the wall at the end making him part of it. Punk then drew out her Zeo pistol and shot the Centurian in case it got itself free.

Zeo Knight, Zeo Ranger and Chelsea were outside supervising the evacuation efforts going on. Zeo Knight stood at the ER entrance. Zeo Ranger was at the AIDS wing, and Chelsea stood at the main entrance. All three held off the Cylons approaching until the ambulances were loaded. When they were Zeo Knight ordered Chelsea and Zeo Ranger to clear the way for the ambulances to get through.

Zeo Knight took out his Zeo Blaster and blasted the Cylons in the roadway. Chelsea and Zeo Knight however took a more hands-on apporach and used their swords to cut the Centurians down. When the roadways were clear all three Outsiders signaled to the ambulances that the way was clear.

The ambulances soon drove out taking the patients out of harm’s way. Soon all the Outsiders met back up at the main entrance, clearly exausted by the battles they fought.

“Well that was a workout.” Zeo Shadow said.

“Yeah. And to think I was going to go mountain climbing next weekend.” Zeo Phoenix added. “I may have to cancel after the workout I just had.”

“Well at least we got all the people out. That’s the main thing.” Zeo Knight said with pride… before he was shot in the back.

“Tyler!” Zeo Psi said going to his side. She and the rest of the Outsiders soon noticed the Trilons moving in and their blasters blazing.

Zeo Shadow took a shot in the hip, she didn’t even have a chance to call up her Shadow Staff. Zeo Phoenix was shot straight in the chest sending her down. Zeo Blade tried to get between the Trilons and do some sword strikes of her own, but the Trilons grabbed her by the throat and threw her back into a support post. If she wasn’t morphed the impact would have killed Zeo Blade.

Chelsea would have tried to do some moves with her energy blade but Zeo Ranger held her back. “It will do no good if you are killed too.”

“But Jamie did the same thing, and she wasn’t killed.” Chelsea said trying to reason with Zeo Ranger.

“But she was morphed. You are not. And if Jamie, a master swordswoman, wasn’t able to defeat these machines would you fare any better?”

Zeo Knight soon interrupted the debate and got to his feet. “Nate. Send out a general distress call. Let’s get some help out here.” Zeo Ranger tried to use his helmet communicator but found nothing but static on the other channels.

“Communications are jammed!” Zeo Ranger shouted. “Can’t get a transmission out!”

“No communications will be sent out!” the Trilon said. The Trilon then studied Zeo Ranger and noticed his metallic body. “You are not human. Are you Cylon?”

Zeo Ranger said “No I am not Cylon. I am human and I still consider myself such.”

“That is illogical. Your construction is mechanical.” the Trilon answered.

“But I was once human in form as I am in heart.” Zeo Ranger answered. “And as such I will stand against any who will try to destroy them and my friends.

“That’s right!” Zeo Psi said.

“Prepare to be recycled tin cans!” Chelsea added. Soon Zeo Ranger, Zeo Punk, Zeo Psi and Chelsea tried to fight off the Trilon forces. Sadly their efforts were in vain.

Chelsea tried to use the same sword strikes much like Jamie had used to no avail. Like Jamie she was thrown away from the Trilons, but instead of a support post Chelsea Oliver was sent flying through a window into the hospital waiting room where the couch cushioned her landing.

Zeo Psi tried to telekinetically lift the Trilon she was facing into the air, but the Trilon then activated a device on his belt that kept him on the ground. ~ Something that keeps him grounded to the Earth’s magnetic field. ~ she thought. But unfortunately Psi had no time to finish the thought as the Trilon blasted her and sent her flying back to where Zeo Phoenix fell.

Zeo Punk tried to do a head ram, but the Trilon stopped her with one hand, and with one punch into the helmet sent her down to the ground too. Zeo Ranger tried to stand up to them but the Trilons made sure he didn’t interfere by blasting him in the knee. “You are not a true machine.” the Trilon said.

Zeo Knight looked up at the Trilons approaching him and at his fallen friends. There looked like there was nothing else to do but say goodbye.

“Oh man we are in so much trouble.” Zeo Punk said.

“SHIROHA KEN!” Laocorn cried out using the alternate version of the Reppu Ken (Violent Wave Technique) which was Geese Howard’s trademark technique. The wave went through several Cylons.

“NITRO DAGGER!” Lyla shouted shooting several exploding fire arrows taking apart Cylons that they hit and damaging close by ones.

“This is insanity!” Sylphina shouted. “So many deaths already and so many of the demons killed… and yet they keep on coming!”

“In case anyone is interested, we’ve already taken out at least a thousand.” Panni replied as she cut through a Cylon with her water saber.

“Only one thousand?” Ramon asked.

“I lost track after that.” Panni shot.

“Enough with the bickering. We don’t have the time for it. I’m ending this.” Laocorn said getting into a stance to call up all the power he could summon.

Panni blinked and then her eyes widened. “NO! MY LORD DON’T DO IT!”

“RAGE… OF… THE INFERNO!” Laocorn had moved his hands over his chest, crossed them and then swung them down. When he did a giant blinding white colored wave of energy came from him and plowed right into the Cylon army.

None of them survived.

Neither did any building escape untouched with in 50 feet from where Laocorn stood when he launched that attack.

“What… what the hell was that?!” Lyla shouted. “I’ve never seen him use THAT one before.”

“He created that move. He calls it the Rage of the Inferno. Its based off of the ancient Gaudeamus style and the Kaizer Wave.” Panni said.

“Wolfgang Krauser’s finishing move.” Ramon said.

“Indeed. Krauser and his family’s fighting style is based much on Lord Laocorn’s family’s ancient style.” Panni said.

Sylphina then fell to her knees in exhaustion but then turned her head and saw Laocorn lying on his back. “Panni!”

Panni turned her head and rushed to her lord. “Lord Laocorn!”

Laocorn grunted in pain as he felt Panni lift his head. “… guess… I need to work on it.”

Panni then slapped him across his face. “You jerk! What the hell were you thinking! You told me yourself you were still working on that move! You could have killed yourself in the attempt! You lost control of the energy you gathered in the end left you totally exhausted!”

“Panni… I …” Laocorn then stopped as he was getting a report from one of his securities teams. He then paled as he heard static.

“My lord?” Panni asked.

“Now I really wish I had waited fifteen more minutes to use that move.” Laocorn muttered.

“What?!” Panni said outraged.

“Hold up. Fifteen minutes? What happens in fifteen minutes?” Lyla asked.

“Security team 5 contacted me that a NEWER type of these monsters is heading our way… before they were killed.” Laocorn stated.

Everyone just paled.

“Oh man we are in so much trouble.” Lyla said.

On the monitor Circuit Breaker saw the Zeo Rangers getting blasted by the Trilons. A smile spread wide across her face. ~ Finally Jessie. The Rangers are getting what’s coming to them. Soon they shall all pay for what they did to us. ~

Specter then entered the room and said “We have relay information from a Trilon field group near a hospital. It would seem that the Trilon units are engaged against the Ranger team known as the Outsiders.”

“On main viewer.” Circuit Breaker ordered. Sure enough the image showed the Outsiders getting beaten by the Trilon units. Zeo Knight was the last one who was more or less standing.

But Circuit Breaker’s focus still lay more with the Zeo Rangers more than anything. She turned back to see the San Francisco police firing at the Trilons giving the Zeo Rangers cover to get behind the barricade. But the Trilons were advancing towards the police, and Circuit Breaker knew full well what the Trilons would do to anyone who either stood with, or try to protect the Rangers.

“Where is Vulpa?” Circuit Breaker asked. “Has he arrived yet?”

Specter processed the information and soon gave his answer. “He is almost at the Zeo Rangers’ position.”

“Excellent.” Circuit Breaker said. “Tell the Trilons to wait until Vulpa arrives. In the meantime prepare to lift the communications blackout.”

Specter wondered why Circuit Breaker would want to do that. Circuit Breaker answered by saying “I want Zordon and the other Rangers to know what I have in store for them. Also make sure the force field is in place around the city. I want them to know how helpless they are to save their friends. And what will be coming when I go after them.”

“Of course.” Specter said as he went about his task.

Not far away from the S. I. U. barricade two people stood overhead watching what was transpiring with the Rangers and the S. I. U. One was in a Silver helmet with a seven sided symbol on the faceplate with a silver jacket with chain, silver uniform with skirt, throwing stars on her gloves, a laser pistol close to her and a nightstick by her side. The other was unmasked with golden brown hair with green locks, a jean jacket with jeans, and had an attitude that said she was ready to kick some serious Cylon butt.

Cassidy Bridges, the new Silver Zeo, and Alison Bogard looked down at the Zeo Rangers getting beat down by the Trilon Field Assassins then stop and get ready for another run. “I don’t get it Cass. What are they waiting for?”

Silver Zeo herself did not know until she looked down and saw a gold colored Centurian walk forward. “He’s different from all the others.”

“Yeah for one thing he’s a gold version of the tin heads we had already cleaned the clocks off of.” Alison said. “And he’s also the only one we’ve seen that’s gold.”

“How much do you want to bet that that gold colored tin head is a command guy of some kind?” Silver Zeo asked.

“How about a ride in your father’s ‘Cuda?” Alison asked. Silver Zeo said that Alison was on and got ready to jump into the battle when both she and Alison saw Vulpa point towards the barricade as if ordering the Trilons to move in on the Rangers and the S. I. U.

“Well looks like you get to ride in dad’s car.” Silver Zeo said. She shared a smile with Alison when she asked “You ready partner?”

“Anytime kemosabe’.” Alison said smiling back as she put on her charm gloves showing that she was ready for a major rumble. Then both Cassidy and Alison jumped down from the balcony they were on and jumped into the battle progressing.

“I don’t get it Nash.” Evan said. “Why did they just stop?”

“Beats me bubba. But be ready for anything.” Nash then took a look at Red Zeo who had finished dragging Blue back behind the barricade. Yellow and Pink both dragged back Green. “I don’t suppose you’ve got any ideas bubba?” Nash asked Tommy.

“Not a one Inspector.” Red Zeo said. “But if I were to guess then I’d have to say the leader of these tin heads may be coming to finish us off.”

“So what. We’re going to wait for the head honcho to come give the order to kill us?” Harvey asked sarcastically.

“Or a head honcho.” Pink Zeo said as she pointed out the gold Cylon Centurian stepping out from between two Trilons. Nash quickly asked Joe how the weapons situation was.

“We ain’t got but a few blasters left.” Joe answered. “And those we don’t even know how long those will last.”

“And no way to get at the guns from the rustbuckets already down.” Nash said referring to the Centurians the Rangers had already knocked down. Just then the gold Cylon Vulpa stepped forward to speak.

“Humans. You cannot stand against us. Surrender now and your executions will be quick.”

Nash tried to see if he could buy some time so he stood up, waved his hands in the air, and said “Wait a minute bubba. Now I may just be a cop from this fair city here. But why do you want to kill every one here?”

“My name is not ‘bubba’ it is Vulpa-Command Centurian for the Cylon Empire.” Vulpa answered. “Secondly it is the prime mission for every Cylon to exterminate humans.”

“Ohhh Nashman. We are in so much trouble.” Joe said. Nash however continued to speak. “Why have you come here? Why attack our city?”

“I will answer this query and be finished.” Vulpa answered. “There is a power source here our commander wants located. She also knows that there are Rangers here. And she wants them destroyed.”

Red Zeo looked up stunned by Vulpa’s admission. “Someone knew we were coming, and they want us dead? Who?”

“The time for talk is over.” Vulpa said. “Do you surrender?”

Nash however wasn’t about to go down without a fight so he brought out his 9 millimeter handgun and fired a shot at Vulpa’s feet. “In case you ‘Cylons’ don’t understand that meant ‘no. ‘”

Red Zeo tried to stand, and while he was still a little weak in the legs he would not go down without a fight. “I second that Vulpa. We’re never going to let you win if we can help it!” Nash noticed Red Zeo trying to stand and he let Tommy rest on his shoulder as the Red Zeo Ranger tried to keep his footing. Vulpa however didn’t seem willing to wait however.

“Very well.” Vulpa said as he gave his next orders. “Trilon units attack!”

The Trilons started to advance, and the S. I. U. and Zeo Rangers tried to ready a defense of some kind as they raised their blasters ready to fire. The Trilons marched towards the Rangers and police… until two figures stood in the Trilon’s path.

One of them Nash knew, or at least knew of. He hadn’t seen all that much of her since Cassidy lived with her mother, and most of her friends came over to Lisa’s house. But Nash saw enough of his daughter’s friends to know Alison Bogard when he saw her.

The other figure was who the Zeo Rangers were looking for. Dressed in the silver jacket and Zeo uniform, they had apparently found the Silver Zeo Ranger.

Vulpa looked at the new entries into the fray with curiosity. “Identify yourselves.” he said.

“Well me, I’m just a concerned citizen who’s acting as a temporary sidekick to this super-hero you see before you.” Silver Zeo was never so grateful to be wearing a helmet than she was right then, because her face was getting red with embarrassment. Nevertheless Alison resumed her hamming.

“May I present to you rejects from the Ford Motor Company… dan da da daaaaaa… the Silver Zeo Ranger!” Silver Zeo stood looking over the Cylons wondering what their next move would be.

At the barricade Nash looked at Silver Zeo and wondered who she was, not to mention the other Zeos. But with Silver Zeo it was different. It was almost if he had known her from somewhere. Something he couldn’t quite place. Going over to Red Zeo Nash asked, “Do you have any idea who she is?”

“Inspector I’m just as much in the dark as you.” Red Zeo said. The Trilons however had no concerns about Silver Zeo’s identity. To them she, and Alison, were just two humans ready to be exterminated.

“Trilon Assassin units. Resume charge!” Vulpa ordered. The Trilons marched forward ready to strike against everyone in the barricade. Silver Zeo and Alison stood ready to fight.

“Alison keep back on this one.” Silver Zeo said under her breath. Alison was about to wonder why when Silver Zeo said “I want to try out something new.”

Nodding Alison let her friend do her thing. Unfastening her Zeo Chain Silver Zeo spun it around faster and faster until it became a blurring spinning wheel. The next second later, the chain broke apart bit by bit as they all formed shiriken that seemed to go through the Trilon units sending them down to the ground.

The chain links cut through the Trilon armor an many areas. Joints, through the plates themselves, even through the visors which blinded several of the Trilons. Some of them even started firing wildly knocking down fellow Trilons, and almost took out Vulpa who hid behind an old Buick until the crisis had passed.

The Rangers and police ducked behind their barricades as well until the Trilons stopped acting crazy. By then, the Trilons that were advancing were all deactivated. The chain Silver Zeo used reformed in her hand and placed back around her uniform. The S. I. U. cops made quick work to pick up the Trilon’s weapons while Vulpa signaled for a new wave of reinforcements to come in.

Nash and the Zeos however all looked at Silver Zeo and shared the same thought as they asked to themselves ~ Who is this girl?~

Not far away from the battle Mandy Buchannan and her news crew were zooming in on the battle the Rangers were engaged in. She then noticed the news equipment flashing green saying that all interference was cleared up and they were ready to transmit.

“Communications blackout had been broken.” Mandy said to her equipment operator. “Prepare to go back on the air!” The news crew then brought their focus onto the Zeo Rangers and Alison as they fought off the Cylons, and they had received a signal from the second newscrew who were observing the Outsiders getting beat down.

Circuit Breaker looked on at the Silver Zeo Ranger who had used her chain to beat down the Trilons. “So my sister’s replacement has decided to show her face huh? All the better.” Turning to Specter Circuit Breaker asked “How far away are the next wave of Trilons?”

“They should be approaching now.” Specter said.

“Good. Mow them all down!” Circuit Breaker looked at the screen hoping victory would come.

The Zeo Rangers walked up to where Silver Zeo stood when she turned around and faced the Zeo’s when they came up to her. “Uhhh hi.” Red Zeo said.

Silver Zeo tried to think of something to say, but she came up tongue tied so she didn’t say anything. She just nodded as she studied the Zeo Rangers before her. ~ Weird. I feel like I should know them. But I know I’ve never met them. ~ she thought. ~ Could it be something from Jessica Belle and when she held the crystal? ~ Cassidy then spotted her father in the police barricade and immediately felt a lump rise in her throat.

~Uh oh! Daddy’s here! What am I going to do? Cassidy had no time to think as Alison tapped her friend’s shoulder.

“Uhh excuse me.” Alison said. “As much as I’d like to not interrupt this super hero get together, we’ve got company.” The Zeos all turned to see a new group of Trilons move in, and saw Vulpa with them as well.

“Well isn’t this dandy?” Silver Zeo asked as the new wave of Trilons moved in. Alison stood by her friend’s side.

“Don’t worry. I’ll help.” Alison said. Green Zeo turned and asked “Are you sure miss? This could be way out of your league.”

“Hey I can take care of myself!” Alison said. Then casting a look at Silver Zeo Alison then added “Besides she’s my hero.”

Underneath her helmet Cassidy couldn’t help but roll her eyes as Alison rubbed it in. ~ What am I going to do with you?~ she mentally asked. Then she saw Alison rush towards the Cylons.

“What’s she doing?” Pink Zeo asked. Silver Zeo shrugged her shoulders unsure.

Even the Trilons weren’t sure of what was happening, which was exactly what Alison was hoping for as she got closer to them. When she was in striking distance Alison then cut loose.


Alison leapt high into the air over Vulpa then delivered a back kick which sent him sprawling down to the ground. As she landed two Trilons were starting to move in on her. Alison was ready for them.

“CRACK SHOT!!!” Alison cried as her foot came into a wheel kick that decapitated the two Trilons. But more were coming and Alison couldn’t take them all at once. No one could.

“DUCK!!!” Silver Zeo cried. Alison heard the cry of her friend and did just that.

Next thing she heard was “SILVER POWER STORM!!!” and waves of energy shot outof Silver Zeo’s Nightstick and took down the second wave of Trilons.

The other Zeos looked on stunned at what Alison and Cassidy had done. “Whoa!” Yellow Zeo said. “How did they do that?”

“Well Silver Zeo apparently has picked up some new hardware.” Blue Zeo said. “But that girl with the green hair, well you got me.” It was then that Nash decided to come out of the barricade and make his presence known.

“All right sister!” Nash said coming up to Silver Zeo. “Now who are you?”

Silver Zeo looked on at Nash, tongue tied and wondering what else to say. But before Cassidy could speak more Trilons with centurians came forward.

“Later… officer!” Silver Zeo said. She had almost said ‘daddy’ but Silver Zeo knew this was not the time to let her father know just yet about being a Ranger.

“SILVER ZEO NIGHTSTICK EXTEND!” The Zeo Nightstick became longer and Silver Zeo struck many of the new Cylons with it. Alison also decided to enter the fray and started punching some of the Cylons that were coming in.

“Wow those girls have got some guts!” Yellow Zeo said.

“Yeah, but do you see what that girl with the green hair is doing?” Green Zeo asked. He then pointed to the Trilon moving in towards Alison and she had started punching at his chest plate. Punches that left dents in its armor.

“How is she doing that?” Pink Zeo asked.

“I don’t know.” Blue Zeo said. “But somehow she looks familiar.” Taking a step forward Blue Zeo tried to get a better view of Alison’s face, and had walked into the sights of a Trilon who had his blaster aimed at Blue Zeo’s head.

“BLAZING FIST!!!” Blue Zeo then turned to see the Trilon with a hole in his chest, and a fist through it. As the Trilon fell over Rocky saw Alison Bogard standing behind the deactivated machine.

“Nice shot!” Blue Zeo said stunned.

“Aim to please!” Alison answered then she turned to see how Silver Zeo was doing.

A wall of Trilons marched straight towards her friend. ~ Oh no Cassidy can’t handle all that!~ she thought until Silver Zeo called forth another weapon.

“STAR SHOOTER!!! RAPID FIRE!!!” A device soon appeared on Silver Zeo’s arm where her throwing stars were. Then aiming for each Trilon’s throat or eye center she fired a throwing star at each Trilon deactivating it, or sending it flailing madly so that they shot their compatriots deactivating them for her.

The S. I. U. then came out and collected the Trilon guns ready to make use of them. Nash even picked up a new blaster and thanked Silver Zeo and Alison for all they had done. “Not bad. For vigilantes.”

Silver Zeo sighed knowing her father would take that position, but as more Trilons came, they knew the battle wasn’t over. “Oh man. How many of these guys do we have to beat?”

“All of them.” Yellow Zeo answered. They all got up and stood by Silver Zeo’s side.

“Hope you don’t mind if we butt in?” Red Zeo asked.

“The more the merrier.” Silver Zeo answered. Soon Alison joined in and more cops, armed with new weapons were ready to continue to fight.

For the six Zeo Rangers, the S. I. U. and Alison Bogard, the battle continued.

Circuit Breaker looked on at her screen in shock. The Rangers were fighting back, and not only that, they seemed to have a new ally as well. “Who is that bitch that is destroying my Trilons?” she screamed.

“Unknown!” Specter answered. “I’ve run scans on her and I can detect no genetic anomalies within her that would allow her to do the feats that she is accomplishing.”

“And those Rangers! How dare they fight back!” Circuit Breaker seethed. Specter then spoke again, not sure if Circuit Breaker wanted to hear this bit of news.

“The news broadcast is still resuming. Shall I reactivate the jamming field to disable it?” Circuit Breaker seethed for a moment, but then thought about her next move. The Outsiders were getting beaten down, there was no problem there. ~ ~ But the Rangers at the police Barricade were fighting back with the addition of the girl in green and ‘Jessie’s replacement’ ~ she thought. ~ Oh well it’s nothing more Cylons can’t fix! ~

“Let the broadcast resume!” Circuit Breaker ordered. “Send whatever Cylon you can. But I want those Rangers destroyed, and I want their friends to watch helplessly as they are.”

No sooner had Andros finished relating the events of the past few months to his friend than the alarm went off, startling everyone in the room. Zhane looked at Andros knowing he had not mentioned Karone at all and had a feeling it was something sensitive. Something he hadn’t even told any of the others. He could ask about it later and in private but for now they had to check out what was going on.

“What is it DECA?” Andros asked.

“A major disturbance is happening in San Francisco.” DECA said playing a newsfeed onto the monitors. While the majority of the people in the Megaship had no idea what the metal machines attacking the people of San Francisco were, Andros, Sabrina and Demetria did.

“Cylons!” Andros hissed.

“Shit. I can’t believe it! What is this? A lure out by Count Iblis in retaliation for what happened on Phadoes?” Sabrina growled.

“Hardly. If the Dark One had wanted to retaliate against us he would have done it sooner and in a different way.” Demetria replied. “No. This is a test.”

“A test?! What kind of a test involves the killing of innocent people?!” T. J. shouted.

“When you’re testing out a newer killer.” Andros said pointing at the Y-visor shaped Cylon.

“These things really are Cylons… I thought they were myths.” Zhane said.

“If only they were.” Andros said. “The Cylon race’s primary imperative is the utter annihilation of the human race. They are personally responsible fro the destruction of 12 of the thirteen tribes of humanity. As I told you before, Earth isn’t the only place where human beings live.”

“The silver colored Cylons are Centurians and the standard ground forces of the Cylon race. However these Y-visored Cylons are new.” Demetria explained.

“I never doubted Count Iblis would begin an attack on Earth. It was just a question of when.” Andros said.

“Great. As if we didn’t have enough to worry…” Ashley then stopped and stared open mouthed at the monitor.

“Ashley what is it?” Sabrina asked as she saw the Silver Zeo Ranger fighting. “I don’t believe it!”

“The Silver Zeo Ranger? The Zeo Rangers found their new member already?” Carlos said.

“It looks that way.” Demetria said. “And if one were to speculate on matters, it could be that the activation of the new Silver Zeo Ranger had an effect on Zhane’s recovery. All Silver powers in one way or another are connected to one another.”

“There was a silver glow around the cryo-tube before Zhane woke up.” Andros said.

“I got to meet this girl.” Zhane said staring at the image of Silver Zeo wanting to learn more.

T. J. then looked at Ashley who was still in shock. “Ashley come on it’s not that big of a shock.”

“No…” Cassie replied softly but when T. J. looked at her she saw the same expression on her face that Ashley had. “… but that is.”

Everyone looked at the monitor as they saw on the screen a girl fighting alongside the new Silver Zeo Ranger. A girl with the same golden brown hair(with a few green locks), the same build, and the same face as Ashley.

“DECA freeze image!” Andros shouted. The video feed froze and all that was now on the screen was a close up of the girl in question.

It took a minute before anyone spoke but finally Ashley was able to get the words out.

“Oh my god.” Ashley said in shock. “That’s me!”

Carlos then spoke. “I don’t get it. How can Ashley be here, and in San Francisco at the same time?”

“I don’t know Carlos.” Andros answered. “But I say we go find out. DECA prepare to teleport!”

Andros was ready to lead the Astro Rangers to the jump tubes when DECA answered “Unable to comply. Teleportation barrier is in place.”

T. J. looked confused. “Teleportation barrier?”

“It is a shield that blocks out all teleportation signals.” Dimitria said. “No one can get in and no one can get out.”

“So this means that the Zeo Rangers…” Cassie started to say.

“… are on their own.” Sabrina finished.

“At least until the barrier goes down.” Andros finished.

“How do we do that?” Zhane asked.

Andros nodded sadly. “We don’t. They do.”

The Space Rangers looked at the viewing screen before them, angry that they could do nothing but sit back as the Zeo Rangers and the Ashley lookalike held their own against the Cylons.

Back at the Power Chamber that same feeling of helplessness was shared among the other Zeo Rangers, and Morphin Rangers. Billy tried in vain to get a teleportation signal through the barrier but nothing was getting through.

“It’s no good Zordon.” Billy said. “I can’t get through. Something’s interfering with the teleporters.”

Skull, Jason both and the rest of their teams looked at the viewing globe which was showing the destruction of San Francisco that was taking place. They hoped the new Silver Zeo and the Rangers already there could handle the Cylons. “Man I wish we could help!” Zack said looking on.

“I know man.” Jason said. “But for right now we can’t do anything. The guys are on their own.”

“Man I hope Silver Zeo can hold out!” Richie added.

“She seems to be doing fine.” Emily said. “She’ll do all right.”

“I hope so Em.” Bulk added. But somewhere in the back of his mind he wondered why Emily was taking the San Francisco attack so calmly.

“I’ll see what I can do about breaking through the teleportation barrier.” Billy said. Trini went over to assist. All the other rangers could do was sit back and watch as the Outsiders and Zeo Rangers did their best to hold off the Cylon invasion forces.

At the UAE council meeting Dark Specter was looking at the images before him. Also in attendance was Kilokhan and his Destrons, Grimlord, Vile, Zedd and Rita, Divatox, Momma D, Astronema and Artemis as they were all looking at the images of the Cylon attack in San Francisco. The mentioning of the Cylons practically threw Divatox, Momma D, Zedd and Rita through the roof.

“AHHHHHH CYLONS!!! RUN!!!HIDE!!!!” Divatox and Momma D practically cried. “THEY’RE GONNA KILL US ALL!!!”

Rita and Zedd rolled their eyes at the Divas’ antics. Grimlord and Kilokhan looked on in confusion wondering what Cylon’s were. Astronema kept her cool not showing any emotion at the Cylon’s mentioning, but in the back of her mind she knew what the coming of the Cylons could mean for humanity, and those humans in the UAE.

Artemis also shared the same silent demeanor, but her attention was somewhat divided, to the realization of the Cylons coming to Earth, and of her own internal struggle which was still going on.

Finally Grimlord had enough and slammed his energy fist down on the council table. “ENOUGH ABOUT THESE CYLONS! WHAT ABOUT MY PROBLEM? WHAT ABOUT THAT HUMAN WHO HAD DEFEATED ME AND STOLE ALL OUR INFORMATION ABOUT THE UAE?!” Grimlord was only now partially healed from his altercation with Geese Howard and found that his computer files from Ziktor industries had been stolen, most likely by Howard. Grimlord had been humbled by Howard and the Virtual lord was looking for any way he could to be the one doing the humbling again.

“SILENCE!!!” Dark Specter bellowed. Everyone then turned their attention to the Grand monarch of evil.

“I realize that Grimlord’s defeat at the hands of this ‘Geese Howard’ means we may have to re-evaluate our views of humans. No longer may we be able to view all of them as inferior to us.”

“But they are inferior to us!” Momma D answered. “We should…” a bolt from Dark Specter silenced Momma D quickly.

Dark Specter continued. “It seems we must now determine how much of a threat humans are now. It was no secret that the planet itself was a natural source of magic that we all coveted, but now some of its people have acquired magical traits as well. This will require further study and analysis on our part. It could be very possible that we may convince one of these augmented humans to ally themselves with the UAE.”

“And the Cylons?” Master Vile asked. “What of them?” Dark Specter knew what the Cylon Empire was capable of in regards to humans, and it was very possible that they could eliminate both the problems of the Rangers and Grimlord’s ‘superman’ and any others like him for the UAE, saving them the problem of hunting down another bastion of resistance.

“For now we wait.” Dark Specter bellowed. “If the Rangers can defeat the Cylon Empire, that is fine. If they can’t well then they will have done our job for us.”

Astronema bowed and thanked Dark Specter. Artemis followed her ‘twin’s’ lead and bowed as well. Soon all applauded Dark Specter for his dark wisdom and had shown their reverence. They all then turned to watch the Cylons attack San Francisco.

But as Artemis looked on at the screen before her, a tiny voice erupted from her mind. A voice that screamed to be set free. A voice that was her true self.

Meanwhile back at Mercy General, the Outsiders weren’t having much luck taking out the Trilons as Zeo Shadow was thrown back into a nearby park bench and cast her glance at the news reporter and camera man who was filming the Outsiders getting beat down by the Trilons.

“Get out of here!” Zeo Shadow said in a tone of voice that sent shivers up the news crew’s spine. The reporter and camera man turned around quickly and ran straight for their news van. Zeo Shadow looked at the Outsiders in battle, and realized that since the Outsiders had spent more time getting beat down by the Trilons more than the Trilons getting beat down by the Outsiders that now would be a good time to call for help.

Zeo Shadow activated her own communicator and called for anyone who could help. “This is Zeo Shadow of the Outsiders. We are pinned down at Mercy General. Anyone who can answer our distress cal please respond.”

The battle of Market Street continued as the Zeos, S. I. U. Silver Zeo and Alison continued to beat back the Cylons approaching. The S. I. U. were blasting the Trilons back as they were approaching. Each cop being a crack shot.

The Zeos used every trick in the book to beat back the Cylons and Trilons. And they were meeting with success.

Alison was using her gloved fists and crack shots to handle the Cylons in her path.

And Silver Zeo had used her Zeo Chain in shiriken mode to cut through the Cylons in her path. But then Red Zeo had picked up the Outsider’s message. Red Zeo couldn’t believe that the voice on the other end was his girlfriend Lillian, especially since the last time he knew Lillian was still in Angel Grove.

“Lillian?” Red Zeo asked. “What’s she doing here?”

The other Zeos turned to their and Pink Zeo shared Red Zeo’s concern. “I don’t know but they apparently need our help. They’ve got problems of their own to deal with.”

“Don’t worry I got it.” Alison said turning to Silver Zeo. Nodding Silver Zeo said “Thank you for your help… uhh… citizen.”

Alison rolled her eyes at Cassidy’s remark. “Citizen?” Under her helmet Silver Zeo smirked.

“Best I could do on short notice. Now go help their friends.” Smiling Alison left Silver Zeo with the other Zeo Rangers as she left to see to the problems the Outsiders were having.

Unclasping her chain Silver Zeo stood with the other Zeo Rangers ready to fight. “Glad to see you fighting with us… whoever you are.”

Silver Zeo nodded. “Don’t worry, you’ll know who I am before long. But right now we’ve got other problems.”

Nodding Red Zeo and the others turned to see the next wave of Trilons and Cylons moving in. Then coming in from behind them was the Cylon’s insurance policy. It was huge, well armed, and reminded Blue Zeo of the ED-209 from the movie Robocop only bigger, more armed and deadlier.

“We are in deep trouble.” Blue Zeo said looking up at the Cylon Walker. But for now it held back as the Trilons and Cylons made ready for their grand offensive.

“Well the big guy is holding back.” Yellow Zeo said. “Let’s worry about these other buggers before we worry about the giant over there huh?” Everyone agreed and all the Zeos present moved in to take down the last of the Cylon armies they had to fight.

“I’ll do the first warm up!” Silver Zeo said as she unclasped her chain again and sent the shiriken links at the Cylons again. Their numbers were severely depleted, allowing the other Zeos to mop up.

At the S. I. U. barricade Nash and Joe looked on as the Zeos fought. Red Zeo seemed renewed as he cut down Centurians and Trilons with his Zeo Sword. Pink Zeo absorbed more blaster fire and sent it back the Trilons way. Yellow Zeo used her Zeo Whip to the fullest as she managed to sever several limbs off Trilons. Green Zeo cut some down with his Zeo Power Hatchets, and Blue Zeo used his Zeo Power Lance to take out his opponents.

But it was Silver Zeo that got Nash’s attention. There was something about her that he couldn’t quite place. Almost as if it was right there for him to grab, but couldn’t. Joe nudged Nash and asked “Something up Nashman?”

“I don’t know Joe.” Nash answered. “It’s just something about that one in Silver there. Something about her sets my hair on end.”

“What man? Do you like know her from somewhere? Or does the Silver remind you of Cassidy’s color craze?”

Nash sighed and rolled his eyes as he was about to shoot his partner a comback line when he realized Joe may have been on to something. He didn’t know what it was about Silver Zeo, except there was something about her he couldn’t quite place. Not only that the colore did remind her of Cassidy a lot, and only made him more concerned for his daughter’s welfare. “You know Joe. Maybe I do know her, and she sure does remind me of Cassidy. When all this is done, round up these Rangers, and bring them downtown to the S. I. U. for questioning.”

“You got it man.” Joe said. He then turned to see the six Zeos were standing tall over the Trilons again. Even Vulpa had been knocked down by the Zeos.

“Well looks like that’s over.” Joe said until he heard the mechanical grinding of the Cylon Walker moving towards them. “Or not!”

The Zeos also looked up to see the Walker looming towards them. “We need Zeo Zord Power Now!” Red Zeo called out.

The Zords however did not come.

“What’s going on?” Red Zeo asked. It was then that the Zeos all heard crackling over the comm link. As they tried to clear it up Billy answered. “Guys! Can you hear me?”

Red Zeo answered. “Billy? Oh man are we glad to hear you!”

“Likewise.” Billy said before he got back to business. “There is a barrier around the city that is preventing teleportation, so we can’t send any back up your way.”

“What about the Zords?” Blue Zeo asked. “Can we use them?”

“Negative.” Billy said. “We’ve got no way to send them through the barrier either. We’ll try to figure a way how to get through, but you guys are on your own.”

Red Zeo looked up at the Cylon Walker towering above him and the other Zeos. “Guys I think we’re in trouble.”

The Outsiders held their own against the Trilons, but it was a great effort to maintain the standoff. Neither the Trilons or the Outsiders gave nor gained ground, by Zeo Knight knew it would not be long before they would finally tire. They needed help and they needed it now.

Zeo Blade managed to get in some shots with two Trilons, but then a third had appeared ready to fire. “Uhhh guys?” she called.

Zeo Shadow then came in slashing with her Shadow Lance giving Zeo Blade the cover she needed. But then her own safety started to be threatened when two more Trilons started to surround her. Zeo Shadow silently prepared to meet her maker, and say a silent goodbye to Tommy when she heard a loud voice break through the sounds of battle.


Zeo Shadow then opened her eyes and say the three Trilon heads by her feet. Their bodies not far away sprawled out like marionettes with their strings cut. Standing in the middle of them was a girl in a jean jacket, and with green locks falling down her face.

“You rang?” Alison Bogard said standing with a ripped Cylon chest plate in her hands. Zeo Shadow looked up amazed at what the girl had done, and was a little afraid as well.

“How did you do that?” Zeo Shadow asked.

“Worry about that later.” Alison said. “Right now your friends need help.”

“You got that right. SHADOW RIBBONS STRIKE!!!” Zeo Shadow sent out her ribbons against three Trilons that were ganging up against Zeo Psi and Zeo Phoenix while Alison ran straight towards three Trilons who were approaching Zeo Ranger and Chelsea.

“BLAZING FIST!!!” Alison said running her fist through the Trilon’s chest. Moving on to the next one she gave her second finisher.


Then finally at the last Trilon Alison ran towards him and called out “RISING TACKLE!!!” and did a flying leap over the Trilon and then gave a kick sending it down. As she stood over her downed opponents Alison said “Wish I had my favorite cap right now.”

Zeo Blade then stood in front of more Trilons who were firing at her. A purple glow emanated from her as she seemed to absorb all their blaster fire. When she had enough Zeo Blade brought her Sword of Lightning into the air and delivered a mighty swipe that cut down all the remaining Trilons in her path.

“I must have been hanging around Tommy too long.” Zeo Blade said. “I’m becoming as forgetful as he is.” The other Outsiders chuckled at Jamie’s remark as they then turned to Alison who looked strangely familiar to them.

Zeo Knight walked over to Alison and asked straight out “Who are you?”

“Alison ‘the Lady Wolf’ Bogard at your service.” Alison bowed. “The Zeo Rangers said you needed my help.”

Just then Billy came on line. “Tyler is that you?”

“Billy?” Zeo Knight asked. “You realize that by even talking to me…”

“I’m sorry Tyler. Your message is breaking up.” Tyler smirked as Billy continued to speak.

“Tyler.” Billy said. “I’ve managed to find the transmitter on where the shield generator is located. I’m sending you the co-ordinates now!” Zeo Knight reviewed the information over his helmet viewer and shared the information with the other Outsiders and Alison.

“That’s the San Francisco Pyramid!” Alison exclaimed as she recognized the block the infamous Pyramid shaped building was located. The building Laocorn Gaudamas and the elementals were at.

Circuit Breaker looked on at the telemetry of the battles that had taken place. First Silver Zeo had arrived along with some girl who had helped the Rangers beat back the Trilons, then that girl was helping the Outsiders in their time of crisis.

She was dissapointed that the Rangers were not going to get their ‘just desserts’, as Circuit Breaker so called her revenge, at the hands of the Trilons and her Centurions. More would be made though, or sent in from whereever the Cylons were sending the troops from, but for right now Circuit Breaker put her faith into the Cylon Walker and the Shield Generator that kept the other Rangers out and kept them from calling their zords as well.

“Specter” Circuit Breaker ordered. “Begin selection for a new Vulpa unit to replace the one lost.

“By your command!” Vulpa said as he input the commands onto a nearby terminal before going back to rejoin Josie and her viewing of the battles.

“Commands inputed.” Specter said. “A new Vulpa should be ready within the hour.”

Circuit Breaker nodded as she then turned her gaze to where the Outsiders were in battle. They had been holding their own against the Trilon Assassin units, but weren’t able to get the upper hand. Both Circuit Breaker and Specter smiled as it looked like Victory would be at hand.

“Well it looks like the Outsiders will meat their defeat.” Specter crowed.

Circuit Breaker nodded and smiled until Alison appeared on the screen to help the Outsiders out. She had been ripping the chestplates off some Trilons, punching others leaving dents in their chest plates, then delivering kicks and punches charged with a super energy that sent limbs off some and decapitated others.

The addition of Alison gave the Outsiders a new advantage as they move quickly and deadly as the Trilons tried to process the new information about their new opponent. Information that didn’t come fast enough as the Trilons were soon beaten and the Outsiders stood as the victors. Alison and the Outsiders then acted like they received a transmission and looked as if they were going to go after the Shield generator.

“How could a human do that?” Circuit Breaker asked. “How is that possible?”

Specter himself was at a loss for words as he could only say “I have no explanation. But rest assured I am putting my cognitive to the fullest to provide an explanation.”

“FIND OUT!” Circuit Breaker ordered. “She just interfered in my plans. And she will pay!”

“By your command!” Specter said who was as curious as Circuit Breaker was on Alison’s abilities.

But off to the corner, Count Iblis knew what the explanation was. He knew why Alison could have done what she had done. And he knew it was a safe bet that there were others like her who had tapped into the hidden potential of humans like she had.

Iblis had wanted that potential under his control. To bring the survivors of humanity under his dominion so he could use that potential for his own ends, but upon seeing Alison’s ability, and wondered how many others had tapped into that power he wondered briefly if he was right to take control of the Q’s little game away from them.

And then Iblis smiled as he realized that he made the right decision after all.

“HELLFIRE!” Lyla shouted attacking the Trilons as best as she could. Right now she and Ramon were the only ones still fighting the ones coming after them. Laocorn was barely able to stand currently and Panni was protecting him. Laocorn urged Panni to help the others but Panni wouldn’t leave him to get killed. As for Sylphina, she taking shots from the air and keeping her distance. She couldn’t fight in close quarters in her condition. She didn’t have the strength.

~Of course we’ve had nearly a bazillion of these damn things on our case ever since we got here. I think the scrap heap is now made of at least ten thousand. ~ Sylphina thought to her self. The scrap heap was what she was referring to the piles of dead Cylons that had cluttered the ground.

“This is beginning to look hopeless. There’s just no end to them!” Lyla shouted.

“Maybe that’s the whole thing.” Laocorn said as they looked at him. “They must have set something up here they want to KEEP up.”

“The broadcasts were blocked before… a shield generator!” Sylphina shouted. She then spotted a Trilon coming at him and Panni. “Laocorn! Panni!”


Laocorn and Panni turned around and saw Zeo Shadow. “Miss us?” she quipped.

“Glad to see you are all here and still in one piece.” Panni said as she noticed the Outsiders.

Laocorn also saw them but for the breifst of moments he and Alison locked eyes with each other.

~Laocorn Guadeamus. ~ Alison thought with a bit of spite. She knew a bit about him and she didn’t exactly like him at all.

Laocorn also recognized her. ~ And yet in another tragedy a Bogard comes into the fray… perhaps its almost time to reveal my own demons before someone else does to my new found friends. ~ He then put that thought away and knew there would be time for that after the current threat was taken care of.

Back at the Market Street blockade the Zeos were getting hammered by the Cylon Walker. As its blasters fired the Zeos were scattered all over the place. Even the police had to fall back a safe distance. That didn’t however stop Nash from looking in Silver Zeo’s direction wondering if the girl was all right.

“Come on Nash worry about her later we’ve got to get out of here.” Joe said dragging Nash along leaving the Zeos to face the Walker alone.

Nash looked back in Silver Zeo’s direction one last time. He hoped she would be okay, and wondered why she reminded him of Cassidy so much, despite the similarities in color.

Meanwhile the six Zeo Rangers looked up at the Cylon Walker looming over them. “Oh man, we are in so much trouble!” Yellow Zeo said.

“We need our zords!” Green Zeo said stating the obvious. Red Zeo nodded.

“Too bad we don’t have a way to get them through the shield.” he later said. It was then Silver Zeo spoke up.

“Let me try something.” she said then stood ready to call her zord. Mentally crossing her fingers she called out “I NEED SILVER EAGLE POWER NOW!”

A screech filled the air as the Silver Eaglezord flew from it’s perch at San Francisco bay. Since the zord was already inside the force field it was easy to call. Turning to the Walker Silver Zeo shouted “Say goodnight Gracie!” before jumping into its cockpit.

Red Zeo looked up at the Silver Zeo Eagle and all the Rangers said a silent prayer hoping their newest Ranger would be able to get the job done.

Silver Zeo sat at the pilot’s helm and was amazed at how the knowledge of how to fly the zord came to her. She had never flown anything in her life and briefly couldn’t believe that she was flying now.

~This is incredible!~ she thought as she handled the controls. The zord handled itself with grace and dignity much like the bird that was it’s namesake. She was almost lost in her awe until the Walker started firing at her.

~Whoa!~ Silver Zeo thought as her zord was shaken from the fire below. Looking down she saw the zord firing its cannons at her. “Okay if that’s the way you want to play!”

Silver Zeo then turned her ship around and flew towards the Cylon Walker who looked like it was ready to fire at her. Fortunately Cassidy activated her targetting scanner and had locked on the Walker with her lasers and fired. The Walker was sent back reeling, but it wasn’t completely down for the count yet.

The Zeos however were amazed at the attack Cassidy made. “Whoa!” Green Zeo said. “Amazing!”

“Yeah!” Blue Zeo said. “But still…”

Red Zeo nodded and knew what Rocky was getting at. Whoever the new Ranger was, she wasn’t Jessica. “She’s not looking to replace Jessie Rocky. If anything, I’d say replacing her is the farthest thing from her mind.”

“I know.” Blue Zeo said. “Still, I wonder who she is.”

“I think we’ll find out before long.” Red Zeo said. ~ As well as a few other things as well. ~ he mentally added making reference to Lillian and the Outsiders. After taking a moment to think about them Red Zeo turned his attention back towards Silver Zeo, and hoped that she would be able to bring down the Cylon Walker as it made ready for its next pass.

Inside the cockpit Silver Zeo made ready her second pass. The Walker was ready to fire again, and Silver Zeo dodged all the fire as it came her way. She then locked her own missiles onto the target. She fired one, and it sent the Walker down for the count.

“Okay, now for the finishing touch.” she said with a smile under her helmet. Bringing the Zord in for one more pass Silver Zeo snatched the Cylon Walker with her zord’s claws. As it struggled to break free she turned her Zord towards the direction of San Francisco Bay.

Silver Zeo looked down at the Cylon Walker still held securely in the claws of her zord. Smirking a little she saw that they were well over the deepest part of the bay. “We hope you enjoy the rest of your flight.” she said over the comm in her best Julie Hagerty impression. “By the way is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?”

The Cylon Walker only had a minute to look up, it’s sensor moving back and forth wondering what to make of the quote from the movie ‘Airplane’ before Silver Zeo released her Zord’s claws sending the Cylon Walker falling into San Francisco bay never to rise again. After a few seconds, an explosion rose from the Walker’s landing spot signifying that it had been destroyed.

“I guess not.” Silver Zeo said smiling as she brought her Silver Eagle Zord around and headed back towards San Francisco.

Back at the Power Chamber Billy and Zordon had made contact with the Doctor who was using the TARDIS’s scanner to determine where the location of the shield generator was. “I’ve found it!” he said over the comm. “It’s at the Pyramid!”

Alpha explained that the Pyramid was an office building that looked like a narrow pyramid that stretched high into the sky. Many businesses had their offices there, and it was a distinguishing feature among the San Francisco skyline. “The spire up top seems to be where the shield is emanating from.”

Billy quickly contacted the Zeo Rangers and told where the shield generator was located. Quickly Tommy relayed the information to Silver Zeo and hoped that the communications lines were open. “Silver Zeo, this is Red. Can you hear me?”

Silver Zeo heard Red over the comm and answered. “Yeah I’ve got you what’s up?”

“The top of the Pyramid is where the shield generator is located.” Red Zeo said. “Can you knock it out?”

“No problem!” Silver Zeo said as she brought her Zord on bearing towards the Pyramid. As her scanners came across life signs near the top floor Cassidy noticed Alison, the Outsiders and Laocorn’s elementals fighting off the Cylons.

“Guys, if I were you. I’d start running.” she said over the comm hoping that they were listening. When she noticed Zeo Knight turn and see the Silver Eagle approaching he gave the signal for EVERYONE to get clear. The Outsiders, Elementals and Alison all did so and Cassidy was free to lock onto the top of the Pyramid with her second missile.

“Ready, aim, FIRE!!!” she said as she squeezed the trigger and sent the missile on its way. It impacted and the top of the San Francisco Pyramid exploded in a shower of fire and debris.

Silver Zeo’s one thought was ~ I hope daddy doesn’t get too upset. ~ as she flew back towards the zord’s resting place in San Francisco bay.

At Power Mountain Zordon and the Rangers were all looking as the shield came down thanks to Silver Zeo’s efforts. “Rangers, the field is down. You can now teleport into San Francisco.”

“You got it Zordon!” Jason said with enthusiasm. Skull was ready too with his team. “IT’S MORPHIN TIME!!!” Skull shouted.














The Rangers all teleported to different areas of San Francisco looking to take care of whatever Cylons were remaining.

“Circuit Breaker!” Specter had said. “The shield is down! The Rangers are receiving reinforcements!”

“WHAT?!” Circuit Breaker shouted. “How did this happen?”

“It was the Silver Zeo Ranger.” Specter cursed. “She had been able to call her zord and was able to take out the shield generator allowing the Rangers to attack.”

Circuit Breaker felt her fists clench as her revenge plans started to fall through. “What is the status of our ground forces?”

“Our losses have unfortunately been heavy. Mostly due to Silver Zeo and her compatriot.” Specter reported. “Those two had been very helpful to the Rangers in drawing back our ground forces.”

Can they still stand against the approaching Rangers?” Circuit Breaker asked.

“That would be inadvisable.” Specter said. “Our forces are too low to sustain a further attack. It would be best if we were to retreat for now and replenish our forces.”

Circuit Breaker was seething. She wanted the Rangers destroyed, but she knew Specter was right. They had to fall back and replenish their forces before they could strike at the Rangers again. “Very well!” she said through clenched teeth. “Open the transwarp apertures. Sound retreat.”

“By your command.” Specter said. His voice reflecting sorrow that said that he was none too happy either with retreating. When Specter left Circuit Breaker turned to Count Iblis who was standing off to the side.

“Well.” she said. “Your super soldiers didn’t do too hot! A ranger and some freak witch drove them back!”

Iblis nodded sadly. “I know. Their interference was unexpected.”

“Unexpected.” Circuit Breaker smirked. “Okay wise guy, since their interference was unexpected what do we do now?”

Iblis turned to Circuit Breaker and looked at her with an intense look. A look of intelligence as a new plan was already developing.

“We replan.”

At the barricade Red Zeo heard the reports coming in as the Rangers were appearing all over San Francisco. The Morphin Rangers splitup to take the north and south areas of the city, while Zeo Team II took the west end allowing the Elementals to to drive back the Cylons on the East side.

Soon the Cylons had all retreated through the Transwarp conduits and Zeo Team I stood alone at the Market Street barricade. “All right!” Pink Zeo shouted. “We beat them we won!”

Yellow Zeo looked around and broke up the euphoria of the event as she asked “Hey, where did Silver Zeo get to?”

“Uhh guys look!” Green Zeo said as he pointed up to the sky, and saw the Silver Zeo Eagle flying overhead. It’s silver wings reflecting the sunlight shining on them, and spreading them out on the city below.

Red Zeo looked up at the Silver Eaglezord flying over the San Francisco skyline. “Thank you whoever you are.” he said before he followed the other five Zeos into a corner and demorphed. Soon Tommy, Kat, Adam, Rocky and Samantha walked out of the alley where they faced Nash Bridges and the other cops of the S. I. U.

“Excuse me kids.” Nash asked. “But have you seen five people dressed as Zeo Rangers walk out of here?”

Tommy, Samantha, Kat, Adam and Rocky all looked around and just shrugged their shoulders as if saying that they hadn’t seen anything. “All right, thank you.” Nash said as the cops headed back down the street and towards the S. I. U. station.

“Nice guy.” Samantha said.

“Very nice.” Tommy said sarcastically. He didn’t really appreciate him or the Rangers being called vigilantes. It was almost like Trevor Park when he was down on the Rangers. It also reminded Adam of his father too, and the realization that they had not settled the matter of Adam being a Ranger just yet.

“Come on. Let’s head back to the TARDIS.” Tommy said. “The guys are probably waiting there.”

The Silver Eaglezord flew back to its landing perch in San Francisco bay. As it set down the landing platform sank back into the bay sending the zordback to its resting place until it was needed again.

Silver Zeo however teleported out of the zord as it submerged and she teleported over to the pyramid building looking to see where Alison was, and if she was all right. “Alison? ALISON?!” she called out.

“Geez. Give a girl a little more warning will ya?” Alison said as she appeared out of the fire escape. Upon seeing her friend Silver Zeo ran up and gave her a hug. “You’re all right!” she said happy to see her best friend alive.

“Hey it takes more than missiles and tin cans to keep me down.” Alison said smiling. Silver Zeo looked around and saw no one so she ordered “Power down!” and went back to being Cassidy Bridges.

Both girls stepped up to the curb on the streets. There was hardly any Cylons left. All of them had either been damaged or destroyed, nothing left but the mop up. “We did good didn’t we?” Alison asked.

“Yeah. We did.” Cassidy said as she brought her arm around Alison’s shoulder and the two friends walked down the street making their way towards whatever landmark was closest.

“So what do we tell your folks?” Alison asked.

“Ahhh I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.” Cassidy said as she turned her gaze back to the Pyramid building, and saw Laocorn Gaudeamas and his two teams the Outsiders and the Elementals standing with him. Laocorn was smiling as he nodded in Cassidy’s direction.

“You made the right choice Cassidy.” Laocorn said as he saw the two girls walk away. But then he also looked at Alison and noticed that she knew his secret. Sighing inwardly Laocorn knew that time was short and if he was going to tell the Outsiders about his dealings with the Armor of Mars it would have to be soon.

Sure enough, back at the TARDIS all the Rangers were meeting to discuss how Zeo Team I’s mission was going. Everyone was interested in the stories they had to tell.

“How many wrong turns?” Kim asked.

“Too many to count.” Tommy said. “But some were better than others.”

All the Rangers nodded as Rocky had told them that they had landed on the Oil Rig where Josie Belle had her accident. Quickly seeing how Rocky was hurt by reliving the event Aisha quickly changed the subject. “So, how’s the search for the new Silver Zeo?” she asked.

“Slow.” Tommy answered. “And we’ve apparently come up with more questions than answers. Especially in regards with the Outsiders.”

“Oh yeah.” Jason said. “They had moved on. Tyler said that he had found a new base, and a benefactor that was going to help them out.”

“Well it seems like we know where it is; it’s in this city.” Kat said. “Lillian contacted us for help while the metal men invaded.”

“Zordon told us about them.” Billy said. “He said they were called Cylons. A race of machines that were out to destroy all humans on the planet.”

“Why were they attacking San Francisco?” Rocky asked.

“I do not know.” Billy said. “I guess that’s one more question to answer here.”

“And I’m not leaving here until we find out those answers.” Tommy said. All the Rangers looked at him strangely.

“Are you sure man?” Zack asked. “I mean, that cop you met may not be your best friend right now.”

“I know Zack.” Tommy said in agreement. “But right now we have to stay. We still don’t know who Silver Zeo is yet, and we need more information about the Cylons who had attacked here. And why here, and now.”

“Okay bro.” David said. “The rest of us will head back to the Power Chamber. Contact us when you get everything figured out here.”

“Don’t wait up.” Tommy said. “We might be a while.” Jason and Skull both nodded and then went back to their respective teams and activated their teleporters sending them back to the Power Chamber. Tommy and the original Zeos were left behind.

“So what do we do first?” Kat asked.

“First we see about finding out who Silver Zeo is.” Tommy said. “Then we see about the Outsiders, and wonder what they are doing here.”

Meanwhile at the house of Derik Bogard, Alison and Cassidy were sitting in Alison’s bedroom talking about all that happened to them.

“So your mom said it was okay to come here?” Alison asked.

“Sort of.” Cassidy said. “I said that you had found me and helped save me from those metal things coming.”

Alison nodded at Cassidy’s explanation. It seemed very believable especially since the news groups were looking at her as if she was a local hero. They even asked Alison questions about Silver Zeo and what her relationship was with her, but Alison quickly avoided answering those. “The tabloids are going to have fun with this you know.”

“Yeah, I can see it now. ‘Ranger and citizen are new hot couple’.” Cassidy said smirking. It was then Alison brought up the topic of Cassidy being a ranger further.

“So you’re telling me that you happen to be a Power Ranger… as in the multi colored uniformed people from the ‘Freak Zone’?” Alison said.

“I happen to be one of them now.” Cassidy answered as she explained all that happened to her, how she came across the Silver Eaglezord, and how Cassidy found out about Jessica Belle and the fate that befell her. Alison was speechless as she was trying to figure out what to say next.

“Are you sure you want to do this Cass?” Alison asked. “I mean, it could really get dangerous.”

“Alison.” Cassidy said rolling her eyes back. It was almost like a her mother was talking to her.

“Sorry.” Alison said. “But you can get my point on this Cass. Last girl that had your powers. She got killed.”

“Alison…” Cassidy started.

“I’m not finished yet.” Alison said. “But I do know you have your heart set on this. So if you are going to do this whole big thing then that’s okay with me… so long as I am in on this and get to help you. You don’t suppose they got any spare powers lying around do you?”

“ALISON!” Cassidy shot.

“It’s just a joke Cassidy. Lighten up would you.” Alison raised her hands up defensively. “Well the spare powers part. Not the part about wanting to be with you to help you out. I’d like to see the people that are going to be watching your back first you know.”

“Yeah I’ll see what I can do about that…” Cassidy then glanced evily as she looked at the pillow next to her. “… but because you said such a bad joke…” Cassidy then grabbed the pillow and then nailed Alison with it knocking her down. Cassidy was laughing a bit.

“Oh so you want to play that game do you!” Alison smirked as she picked up another pillow. “THIS MEANS WAR!”

A pillow fight and laughter ensued soon after that.

Back aboard the Astro Megaship the Space Rangers were looking through whatever file DECA had on who the girl on the screen was. Finally DECA came through and a dossier on Alison had appeared.

“According to the files from DECA.” Andros said. “Her name is Alison Bogard.” The mention of the name Bogard raised Cassie’s eyebrow.

“Bogard? As in Terry Bogard?” she asked.

Andros continued to look at the file. “Now that you mention it. She does have a cousin named Terry Bogard. How did you know that?”

“You could say he’s something of a family friend.” Cassie replied as honestly as she could. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust her teammates, is was that she didn’t want to lose the ability to see her cousin Kyo. Her mother agreed to it but only under the grounds that Cassie wouldn’t be taught styles of the Kusanagi Clan. Her mother was born Megumi Kusanagi, one of Hayato Kusanagi’s two children. The other child, her brother Saishu Kusanagi, who was Kyo’s father, had been gone on training quests to control the ancient power that was in their blood.

But the reason her mother wanted nothing with power or the Kusanagi heritage was because of the blood feud her family had with another clan: The Yagami. 660 years ago the Yagami betrayed the Kusanagi clan and one other. She couldn’t remember the name. In any event, the Kusanagi went after the Yagami and a blood war has been going on through the generations ever since then. The two clans lines, which had been large, were now in this present time very small. There were only at the very most a handful of blood members for both the Kusanagi and Yagami clans.

Not wanting the become part of the cycle of violence and death, Megumi fled Japan when she was 16 and found her way into America. It was there that she met Cassie father Daniel Chan and were married and then had her. As Cassie grew up her mother wouldn’t speak at all about her family. It wasn’t until her 13th birthday that she found out when Reika Kusanagi, her mother’s brother’s wife, had tracked her down and told her father was dead and her brother has been missing for 3 years. She could still remember her mother breaking down in tears and her father in shock as he had no idea of what secrets his own wife was keeping. It was then that Cassie saw for the first time her 15 year old cousin Kyo for the first time. The two cousins meeting for the first time got it off good from the start. After a few hours her mother told her that she would be told about her mother’s family. But she saw her whisper something to Reika and Reika nodded. When she asked her mother what she said, she said it was something for adults only.

It wasn’t until a year later and during a visit from Kyo that she actually found out what that was. She got the shock of her life when she saw him use Yami-Barai on a boulder. The fire wave had broken a good deal of it to pieces. Of course, Kyo himself was still trying to master the power with in him. Which is why he wore specially made red gloves to effectively control his power. It was then to her surprise that Kyo gave to her a set of gloves just like his and offered to help show her the style if she wanted. Kyo didn’t believe her mother should force a choice on anyone. What Kyo decided was to show Cassie what her mother wasn’t. Cassie told Kyo to keep the gloves. She really didn’t see a need to fight but she enjoyed seeing him.

Two weeks later she regretted her decision as she was coming home from school with friends they were attacked by a gang. Cassie was knocked out first and was just robbed. Her friends on the other hand were hurt much more until the sounds of the police came and they ran off. Cassie found her self in a hospital and was released the next day. Her friends spent two weeks there. The night she got back she stole the phone number for the Kusanagi Residence in Japan from her mother’s book. Her mother allowed visits and letters but never phone calls unless she was there listening.

She told Kyo she changed her mind. She didn’t want to be a fighter, but she never again wanted to feel helpless.

Over the last two years when there was time Kyo was able to help train Cassie behind her mother’s back in the Kusanagi style. Cassie also made sure not show use of any of the Kusanagi techniques in public. She didn’t want to take the chance of her mother seeing her or worse, have a member of the Yagami clan find out there were more than one house of the Kusanagi blood line. As far as the Yagami (how many of them were left in any event) knew, Kyo’s family was the only one left and he was the current heir to the clan. She had been able to perform the basic moves of the style however using the Kusanagi flames was extremely draining.

The first time she saw Terry Bogard was at the King of Fighters Tournament of 1995, just last year. Her mother had allow her to go watch Kyo in the tournament. Instead of Kyo having his partners from last year, he picked Terry and a girl called King, a Muay Thai fighter who dresses in men’s suits. She owned a night club called Illusions in Southtown, which was only a few miles from Angel Grove.

It was also during that Tournament she finally understood why her mother was so scared of the Yagami. She actually got to see their heir: Iori Yagami. The red man had teamed up with Billy Kane and Eiji Kisaragi, who also had scores to settle with Terry and King respectively. When she saw Iori and Kyo go at it using their techniques, and saw the mad look and intent to kill in Iori, she knew the Yagami were ruthless and merciless beings. It was when the lights went out and then when they came back on all six fighters were gone, Cassie wondered what had happened to Kyo and his friends.

Cassie stayed Kyo’s partners from last years KOF, Benimaru Nakido and Goro Daimon, at the hotel that all the fighters were staying at ak. She was just too depressed. Two days later that changed when she saw Kyo, Terry and King returned. Cassie wanted to know what happened but saw Kyo wasn’t exactly wanting to talk abou tright now. She thought it was for the best. Her mother would have a real fit they told her EXACTLY what had happened. When Kyo took her home and Cassie mother demanded to know why Kyo was late in bring Cassie home, Kyo said that he saw his father and that he was alive but they all got separated. However he knows his father is alive.

That was the second time Cassie saw her mother moved to tears like never before.

During this year Cassie seen Kyo about three times and got a visit from King once. Terry did send a letter but she wasn’t too surprised considering what Kyo told her about Terry. He never really stays in one place and is always traveling. She respected him as she did all of Kyo’s friends.

~And now a year later another Bogard comes into my life. This is way too much of a coincidence. ~ Cassie thought.

“Okay, so why does this girl look like Ashley?” T. J. asked.

“I’m not sure.” Ashley said.

“You don’t happen to have a twin sister or anything you don’t know about do you?” Carlos asked. This brought about a touch of memory in Ashley.

She could make out fragments of a few of Ashley’s birthdays where her mother and father would adjourn to their rooms. Many times her mother had been crying and her father held her. Often Ashley heard her mother ask between sobs “Why isn’t she here? Why was she taken from us?” Sometimes a name was thrown out that Ashley couldn’t get a focus on, now suddenly that name became crystal clear.

The name her mother said was Alison. And suddenly Ashley knew Carlos may have been on to something.

“You know Carlos.” Ashley said. “You just may be on to something. Maybe we should go down there and see if this ‘Alison Bogard’ and I are related.”

“Okay team let’s go.” Andros said. But Sabrina held her hands up in wait.

“Hold on guys. We’re forgetting something.” She pointed to Zhane who was looking at another image. The image of the Silver Zeo Ranger. She who just may have been responsible from Zhane’s freedom from cryo storage.

“Zhane come on.” Andros said. “We’ll find out where Silver Zeo is too.” Zhane slightly turned his head and Sabrina followed up with “And we’ll see if she’s single or not.”

Zhane was the first one to the launch tubes until Cassie held everyone back. “Not so fast guys. There’s something we’re forgetting.”

The Space Rangers all looked at their clothes and realized that they couldn’t go down in their space uniforms. So they all rushed to their quarters and put on normal Earth street clothes.

Sabrina however wasn’t all that familiar with earth fashions, and had to have Cassie and Ashley help her out. “Most of my wardrobe consisted of skintight pants and chainmail.” Sabrina explained. Cassie and Ashley snickered a little, but were helpful in picking out a gold flower patterned t-shirt, black jeans and penny loafers. T. J. , Carlos, and Andros looked at Sabrina and couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked.

“Wow!” T. J. said. Sabrina was definitely flattered.

Andros quickly shook everyone out of their reverie. “Okay everyone. We’ve got a mission to get to. Let’s Rocket!” Soon all the Space Rangers made their way to their teleport tubes, and teleported down to the city of San Francisco to find out who Alison Bogard was. Zhane however teleported down wondering who the Silver Zeo was and wondered if she was single or not.

Meanwhile at Illusions in Southtown…

“… and the exact number of those that have been killed in this horrible tragedy have yet to be confirmed.”

The TV was then shut off by what looked like a young man with short blond hair and blue eyes wearing a brown tailored suit. He then looked over to the young man in blue jeans, white shirt, red sleeveless jacket with a white star on the back, red cap with a metal plate on the front. He had blue eyes and blond hair done in a ponytail.

“Thanks. That was getting too depressing King.”

King then shook her head. “Terrible isn’t it. Still can’t believe Alison got on tv. Wondering what she’s thinking now Terry?”

Terry Bogard shrugged. “All I know is that she is alright. Derik called me once she came home.”

King smiled. “That’s a relief.” Just then a phone rang at the bar. “Wonder would be calling at a time like this?” She picked up the phone. “Illusions…. Mary? Yeah he’s right here.” King looked at Terry. “Terry. Its Blue Mary.”

Terry smiled as he thought of Mary Ryan also known as Blue Mary. He had met the private investigator/bounty hunter a year ago by shear accident during one of her cases. When her quary started firing on the both of them Terry decided to help out Mary. Since then the two had become friends. But that was all Terry was ever going to let the relationship be.

~I am not going let it happen again. Lily and Suila were enough. ~ Terry thought to himself sadly remembering the deaths of his two loves. Remember that he had the phone in his hand he then spoke into it.

What he heard from Mary made him go into surprise.

“When can you give me what you have… I’ll be at Illusions until tomorrow noon…. thank you.” Terry said hanging the phone up.

King looked on at her friend in concern. “Terry… what happened? You look you’ve been run over by a train.”

“I have. Mary did it.” Terry breathed.

“Did what?” King asked.

“King. I need your phone.” Terry said.


“… because I need Andy and Mai to come to San Francisco as soon as possible. I’m going to need them with me…” Terry then said it all and had a small smile on his face. “When I tell Alison we’ve found her birth parents.”

Needless to say that surprised King.

However Terry and King aren’t the only ones discussing about Alison.

On a monitor there was a new report with footage of Alison fighting the Cylons and the media was declaring her a hero.


Geese Howard then blew the monitor apart with the Violent Wave Technique. Ivy Howard, Billy Kane and Daniel Kane looked on.

“Does he always get this ticked off by a major crisis?” Daniel remarked when Billy then shot a look.

“No. The boss just happens to hate Bogards in general.” Billy replied.

Ivy had been watching Alison’s movements before Geese had destroyed the monitors and so something unique about her. Then it just hit her. “Wait a minute… why the hell does the girl look exactly like the Yellow Astro Ranger?!”

That caught Geese attention. “She does?”

“I’ve seen the girl a few times. Not in person but from what Biilly had been able to get. The paranoid bastard always wanted to be aware of any potential threats.” Ivy said.

Geese then sat in his chair and thought. “Perhaps there is a bond of blood between the two.”

“What?” Daniel asked. Billy smiled. “I get it. The two girls are sisters.” Daniel looked at his ‘brother’. “See Terry and Andy Bogard are Jeff Bogard’s adopted sons.”

“And Alison Bogard is also an adopted child.” Geese finished. “A good piece of information to know.”

“So what now?” Daniel asked.

“For now follow your assignments. I will call you when you are needed.” Geese replied. He then added. “And Billy… Get Harper in here and have him replace that monitor.”

Billy nodded and the three walked out of Geese’s office.

“So what do we do. We’ve been just training for weeks now.” Daniel said once the doors were closed. “I’m looking for a fight.”

“Maybe we will get one if we are lucky.” Ivy replied causing the Kane brothers. “San Francisco is going to be in need of repairs… and it just so happens that Howard Enterprises is going to be helping out very close city with the rebuilding process… free of charge.”

Billy and Daniel smiled inwardly. For Daniel it meant he might actually get a chance to use what he’s spent weeks learning. For Billy, he had no doubt in his mind at least one of the Bogard Brothers had seen the broadcast. He knew both brothers would soon come to San Francisco.

~And then Andy Bogard you and I are going to settle the score. ~ Billy thought himself.

Back at the S. I. U. Nash and A. J. were going over the records of where the Cylons had attacked and what the casualties were. Lisa had been sent home where she would be waiting for Cassidy when she got back.

Nash couldn’t believe it when Lisa said that she was allowing Cassidy to see Alison. Lisa said that if she rescued Cassidy from those monsters then they couldn’t be all bad. Nash gave Lisa a peck on the cheek and sent her home allowing her the chance to clean up the place.

“I can’t believe all this.” Nash said as he looked over the file. “So many lives lost.”

“I know brah.” A. J. said. “Some are still crowing about property damage though. But that’s nothing compared to the loss of life.”

“How many dead?” Nash asked. A. J. pointed to the death toll in the file and found the number was too high to count.

Nash buried his head in his hands grateful that Cassidy was spared from all this. A. J. then spoke up and said “We had to even bring some cops out of retirement, or suspension, to help deal with these metal bastards. You’ll never guess who was reinstated.”

Nash looked at the file and couldn’t believe who was on it. “Harry Callahan?” Nash said looking over the file. “They called him out of retirement?”

A. J. nodded when he took back the file on ‘Dirty Harry’. Harry Callahan was something of a vigilante cop who had used extreme methods to bring down extreme felons. And as the Cylons attacked the city the tactics of Harry Callahan were very much needed.

“That’s not all they called out.” Joe said coming up with another file. Nash’s eyes bulged as he read who this one was about.

“SLEDGE HAMMER!” Nash said. “What’s that lunatic doing back?”

“Well there were some citizens under attack at a grocery store he went to, he pulled a rocket launcher from his car trunk and incinerated the mini-mart with the metal men inside.” Joe said.

“Well I guess it was necessary.” Nash said.

“Oh absolutely he had no groceries at all.” Joe said as he quoted Sledge Hammer’s quote exactly.

“Hey does that guy still talk to his gun?” Harvey asked. Joe smirked and answered “You know I think he does.”

Nash sat back at his desk grateful that Cassidy was nowhere near the series of events that were unfolding around him. Metal men called Cylons, super powered vigilantes, maverick and insane cops coming out of retirement, ~ Yep, Cassidy would be nowhere near this mad house. ~ Nash thought.

How little he knew.

Cassidy sat on the roof of her mother’s house looking up at the stars admiring their beauty as she contemplated all that had happened not only to the city but herself as well when she heard the voice of her father come up the stairs. “Cassidy!” he called.

“Up here daddy.” Cassidy called. Nash opened the door and went to his daughters side to sit by her as she looked up at the stars. “So how did your meeting with Alison go?” he asked.

“Well she’s enjoying being a local hero.” Cassidy answered. “But what about those Zeo Rangers huh? Who would have thought they’d come to San Fran, huh?”

Nash then got stern faced. “I sure didn’t, and I’m not sure I want them here either.”

Cassidy looked up in slight surprise, but in the back of her mind knew her father would take this stance. “Why not?” she asked.

“Well Cassidy, I just don’t like vigilantes.” Nash explained. “I know they mean no harm, but they’re not sanctioned by the city, nor do they have permits for their weapons.”

“But they saved the city.” Cassidy said. “Shouldn’t that count for something?”

“Yeah it should.” Nash said. “But they should be registered first. And if they’re recognized by the mayor and he deputizes them then I might be more understanding.” Cassidy just rolled her eyes and said “Daddy you’re impossible.”

“Yeah well that’s just part of my charm.” Nash said. “Now I’ll let you get to sleep. Good night sweetheart.” Nash said as he kissed his daughter on the cheek. “Don’t stay up too late okay?”

“I won’t daddy.” Cassidy said as her father left and she was left alone. She knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to tell her father that she was now a Zeo Ranger, due to the uncomfortable position it might place him in. Also she was still quite new at Rangering, and had the help of Alison to get her through the first time. Who knew what could happen tomorrow?

~I really have to find out who my teammates are. ~ Cassidy thought. Maybe Laocorn could help me with that. She made it a point to talk to Laocorn first chance she could get. But first there was serious rebuilding that would have to be done that would keep everyone busy, including Cassidy herself.

There are bound to be some jobs I can probably do to make some money. she thought. Babysitting sometimes didn’t always make enough money for what Cassidy would want to buy sometimes. Besides, Nash would encourage her to make more money for college. Now would be as good a time for that as any.

Cassidy then reached into her pocket and pulled out the picture of the Belle family that she had taken from her zord. As she studied it she looked at Josie and Jessie who looked very close in the photo. Cassidy was briefly jealous at the apparent closeness the sisters had, then she felt sad as she realized that the Belles would never see their daughter again.

“I hope you all are all right.” Cassidy said extending her sympathies to the Belle family as she looked up at the stars, and thought more about the role destiny had given her, and the cruel hand dealt to her predecessor.

She had no way to know that her sympathies fell on deaf ears to at least one of the Belles.

At the base Circuit Breaker was fuming. Her plans for revenge were derailed. The Rangers had survived, and all the people who were caught in the crossfire had died for nothing.

“This isn’t fair!” she said. “The Rangers were supposed to have suffered! They were supposed to be beaten! THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO PAY!!!” At the completion of her last sentence Circuit Breaker threw a stream of electricity from her fingertips and sent it towards a stack of equipment that had shorted on impact. The effort however took a lot out of her and she had fallen down to her knees, the shot taking more out of her than she thought.

Circuit Breaker picked herself back up and plotted anew. ~ This isn’t over rangers. Trust me. This isn’t over. ~

Iblis stood off to the background nodding in agreement with her. “I know Josie. But it will be over soon.”

“Yes. But over for whom is the final question…”

Iblis then turned around and saw a female figure emerge from the shadows. She wore black outfit with the white shirt underneath and the red pants with the leather belt attaching the two pant-legs.

However it was the purple hair, crimson eyes, and the Yagami clan sign, the crescent moon, on the back of her outfit that told her identity.

“Isn’t it Count Iblis?” Kali Yagami smiled.

“I would wonder how you arrived here, however given your new association with the followers of Orochi its not that hard to guess.” Iblis said while Kali walked over to Iblis in her hand she made a purple flame appear which then grew and then became a large circle of fire. Alison’s face appeared in the circle.

“I see the Lady Bogard has been giving you trouble recently.” Kali said to Iblis who then looked on at Kali who then smiled. “Oh yes. I know all about her.” She then waved her hand and then the image changed to that of Alison’s cousin. “Her and her well known adopted cousin who I am sure you are already familiar with.”

Iblis nodded. “Terry Bogard. The young man who not only defeated but had slain Mars, the so-called God of War.”

“And one of your followers I may add.” Kali then said. Iblis turned to Kali and looked at her in surprise. “Yes I was told that Mars was once a member of the House of Iblis when the Lords of Kobol had driven you and your followers from their hallowed halls.”

“As was Orochi.” Iblis mentioned. Kali nodded in agreement.

“Yes, but my god has his own plans, none that will interfere with yours mind you.” Kali said. “In fact they overlap to our benefits. You see, Terry Bogard and Kyo Kusanagi…” the latter’s name she stressed with hate. Like all Yagami, Kali had developed an instant hatred for anyone who had the name Kushanagi. “… are the two worst threats we have to our own plans. We have decided though that Bogard would be the less problematic of the two to go after for termination first.”

Iblis looked intrigued with what Kali was proposing. “And you plan to go about this how?” he asked.

“Simple.” Kali smirked. “The cousin will be bait. Granted giving the history of what happens when someone kills off someone Terry Bogard loves, and that person who caused the death ends up either dead or defeated, we don’t intend on killing the girl.” Kali paused briefly then she made hr smile appear more wicked as she added “At least not until Bogard is dead.”

“In other words, you’re asking me to leave Ms. Bogard to you.” Iblis said.

“In laymans terms.” Kali answered. “Of course I mean no disrespect.”

“No of course not.” Iblis answered. “But what could you possibly offer me that would convince me to allow you to have free reign?

Kali just smiled. “My Yellow Psycho morpher.”

Iblis seemed intrigued by the notion being provided. “What of it?”

“I destroyed it. The remains still exist, but there will never be another Psycho Yellow. However….” Kali smiled as she looked over to where Circuit Breaker was. “She rants so much about how the Silver Zeo Powers were meant to be hers. As if it was her destiny to be a Silver Ranger.”

Iblis was still looking at Kali but then he froze for a moment and then his lips turned into a smile as he understood what he was implying. “Perhaps it is her destiny.” he said.

Kali kept her smile as she looked at Iblis. “Do we have an agreement?”

Iblis nodded. “We have an agreement.” Then in a flash of darkness he teleported to a destination only he himself knew.

“And now… it’s my turn.” Kali smirked and then laughed as she disappeared in purple flames. The echo of her laughter filling the room shaking Circuit Breaker out of her contemplations.

“What? What was that?” she asked. She looked around the chamber but found nothing. Then she heard Iblis in her mind.

~Do not fret child. I am going to ensure your destiny. ~ Iblis said nothing further, and Josie ‘Circuit Breaker’ Belle continued to plan on her next campaign against the Rangers.

Especially Silver Zeo.

In his Chamber Biilly stared at the ruins of the Yellow Psycho Ranger morpher. The morpher that had belonged to her toy, the replica Triini, before she had become Kali Yagami of the Orochi.

“How dare she!” Biilly seethed. “How dare that toy of mine humiliate me the way she did!” HOW DARE SHE LEAVE ME AND TAKE MY CHILD WITH HER!!!”

Biilly slammed his fists down hard on his table. It was only through the offer the Valeyard had made that the remaining Psychos were even with him now. The plans he was offering held great promise to say the least. But a lot of them depended on what the Psychos could find out.

“They had better deliver!” Biilly said. “So much depends on the Valeyard’s plan.”

“I agree.” a voice said that seemed to fill the room. “But it never hurts to have a back up plan or two as well.”

Biilly looked around. “Who said that?” he wondered. Then suddenly a darkness formed in front of Biilly. A darkness of humanoid shape yet devoid of light. The darkness then formed a face and Biilly recognized that face.

“The dark one!” Biilly said in recognition.

“Actually, I am called Count Iblis. But for your purposes the Dark One shall do.” Iblis looked at Biilly then at the Yellow Morpher on his desk.

“What do you want?” Biilly asked with fear. “He knew what Iblis was capable of when Minion tried to take his power. A price Minion had paid for dearly. Iblis however didn’t seem the least bit concerned with that however.

“You have something I require.” was all Iblis said. Then he picked up remains of the Yellow Psycho Ranger morpher and closed his hand around it in a fist. Energy seemed to swirl around it. Energy touched by evil as it altered the state of the morpher taking powerless wreckage and transforming it into something new.

The Yellow Psycho Ranger morpher had been reformed. But instead of yellow with black trim it was silver with black trim. The silver casting an evil glare that Biilly found intoxicating.

“Who is that going to?” Biilly asked.

“That is not your concern.” Iblis answered. “All that you need to know is that her soul is mine.”

“That is my morpher!” Biilly said. “The Psycho Rangers are my creations! If you are creating a Psycho Ranger…”

Iblis turned his gaze to Biilly and the Blue Morphin Replica genius felt his blood run cold. The next words Iblis spoke Biilly paid clear attention to.

“Watch where you step young man. Your master tried to challenge my dominion. And he had paid the price for his transgression. You should be very careful, or you will be reunited with your master sooner than I have planned.”

Biilly was frightened by Iblis words but he picked up the last sentence Iblis had said. “Sooner than you have planned? What do you mean by that?”

Iblis just smiled as he turned away but Biilly would not let the matter of Minion go so quickly. “Wait! Answer me one question. Will Minion return?”

Iblis said nothing as he walked away and the darkness enfolded him telling Biilly that he was leaving. Soon Iblis was gone completely from Biilly’s chamber leaving only one word to mark his passing. One word that Biilly took great interest in.

For it was the answer to his question.

~”Perhaps. “~


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