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Mission Accepted

By: the Q-team

Power Chamber

The headquarters of the team of heroes known as the Power Rangers. Heroes that have faced down the worst of evils and have come back stronger than ever. Heroes bound together by ties that went beyond friendship and family.

Heroes that were about to undertake a mission to free a world. A world that came to their aid when the Rangers themselves were unable to defend their planet they called home. One of those heroes was undertaking the final preparations needed to be mission ready. By his side were three others. A little android named Alpha 5 who helped the Rangers, a Time Lord known as the Doctor, and his companion Samantha Jones. The Doctor and Billy worked with the more technical aspects of the preparations while Samantha and Alpha assisted.

One of those aspects involved the diagnostic check of the Sky Zords. The main Zord fleet that would be used in the mission. Before the computer terminal Billy monitored the power readings while Alpha checked the internal systems.

“Diagnostic readouts Alpha?” Billy asked.

“All systems check out Billy.” The little android said as he read out the computer file that dealt with the operational capacity of the Sky Zords. They had been in action during the Cylon Invasion of Earth, and due to their space faring capabilities it was decided that the Sky Zords would be the Zords the Rangers used. Billy wanted to make sure that the zords would be fully operational by the time the Liberation of Aquitar was about to begin.

The Doctor offered his services checking out the engineering systems. His gift for technical wizardry was unparalleled by anyone in existence. There were a select few that could have matched his abilities, but they were few and far between. Not to mention nowhere in communication range. “Looks like everything is running smoothly William.” the Doctor said. “Another check and they should be good to go.”

Billy nodded at the Doctor’s words thanking him. While he appreciated the Doctor’s expertise he had hoped to have Adam and Trini help out with some of the diagnostics. Trini was at home trying to deal with the Yagami legacy that she recently discovered that she was a part of, and had an up front and personal encounter with at the KOF tournament. Adam currently was at Trini’s helping her talk things out along with Kat and Kimberly who went to the house to console their friend. Also there were the three Astro girls Ashley, Alison and Cassie.

For a moment Billy wondered if having a girl in a blood rivalry with Trini was a good idea. But the Doctor said the idea was a good one. “They will have to work together in many instances.” the Doctor said. “This mission will be one of those.”

“And I’ll be heading there too.” Samantha had said. The Doctor smiled as he could guess why. She wanted to see Dolan again. Samantha had been smitten with Trini’s cousin and was looking for anyway to spend time with him. And if she checked on Trini while visiting Dolan, all the better.

“Get going Sam.” the Doctor said. “It’s good to spend time with friends.” _And with people you may even love._ he mentally added. Alpha then went to activate the teleporter sending Samantha to the Kwan house. Once Samantha was gone Billy, Alpha and the Doctor went back to work to do the final readouts.

For a moment the Doctor noticed how empty the Power Chamber seemed. Sure Zordon, Alpha, Billy and he himself was there. But it seemed like there wasn’t a time when the Power Chamber was not bustling with life. Bustling with people. Other Rangers.

Rangers living their own lives….living them as if their next moments could become their last.

Jason and Jamie were spending time together commuting from Angel Grove and San Francisco. Zack was at the Youth Center trying to teach Jason’s course. Fortunately he had David and Samoht to help him out. Rocky was spending time with Katarina Petronov as the two started to get closer together. Billy thought that was good. He needed to get over Jessica’s death, and it seemed like with Katarina he was doing that.

Billy also had no doubt that Andros, Nate and Christina were helping upgrade the Astro Megaship and their own zords as well. It took some doing but the council was convinced to allow the Astro Rangers to accompany the Morphin and Zeo Rangers to Aquitar. _Even if Dimetria was the one who did most of the convincing._ Billy thought. Since the Outsiders acted on their own authority they elected to go on their own accord. Still Billy couldn’t help but sense that something bad was going to happen with the council, and the Rangers would be at the center of it.

And then there was Trini, and what she discovered when she saw Kali’s power at the KOF.

Billy had heard that Kim, Ashley and Alison were trying to allay Trini’s concerns about what she saw at the KOF tournament. Adam and Kat were also there as Kat figured her experience being enspelled by Rita could help give Trini a common frame of reference in helping her deal with the darkness within her. Billy then paused as he thought about the other girl that was at the Kwan house.

Cassie Chan.

When Billy saw her the first time he couldn’t help but figure her to be attractive. She had a bubbly personality like Kimberly, but also a sharp mind like Trini did. She also had powers much like Trini did, but it had been said that Cassie’s flame powers were touched by light while Trini’s seemingly were touched by darkness. Trini felt some sort of wave of hate rise up in her when she thought of, or even saw, Cassie. But Trini was able to keep it at bay. She didn’t want to give in to the dark legacy her family was part of. She resolved she would do all she could to rise above the dark power of her family and try to strike up a friendship with Cassie.

Billy smiled as he thought of Trini’s decision. She was refusing to give in to the darkness within her. Showing that Trini was still the Trini Billy and the other Rangers knew. And Cassie…..

Billy couldn’t help but pause as he thought of Cassie. He then thought of Trini and sighed as he thought of the feelings he was having between both girls. One a longtime friend, the other a new face he found enticing.

_Cassie and Trini. Of all the times I had to be married._ Billy thought as the communications board activated. Alpha immediately went into action shouting “Ai, yi, yi, yi, yi. Incoming transmission.” as he quickly ran over to the communications board and brought up the transmission on the viewing globe.

“Commander Kinwon. What can we do for you?” Billy then asked.

Kinwon was commander of the Battlestar Pegasus which maintained orbit around Earth as it provided security for the planet and tended to some much needed repairs. Repairs that were now apparently complete. “Final checkout is complete. All systems are operational. We are ready to begin.”

“I’ll inform the rangers.” Billy said as he signed off and contacted every Ranger he could. He also figured that those that couldn’t be contacted would know soon enough. Know that the Liberation of Aquitar was about to begin.

A yellow teleport streak touched down at the Kwan house that took the form of Samantha Jones, who walked to the front door and knocked waiting for it to open. Kat opened the door and said ‘hello’ as she saw Samantha. “Hey Samantha, here to see Dolan?”

“Am I that transparent?” Samantha asked. Kat gave a slight smile as Samantha also asked “I was also curious about Trini. Seeing how she was doing.” Kat sighed as she tried to find an answer to Samantha’s question. “Not sure. I mean, how do you deal with the fact that you are part of a bloodline of dark power? And that your blood enemy is a fellow Ranger?” Samantha nodded as she understood Trini’s plight.

“Alison and her cousin Terry came by to help Trini cope. Ashley came along as did Cassie. It was hoped that spending time with each other would dim the feeling they might have to kill each other.” Kat said in half jest. “Dolan is outside. He’s said he was waiting for you.” Samantha thanked Kat and went outside saying hi to Adam, Trini, Ashley, Alison and Kimberly who were discussing all they had seen at the KOF. As Kat went to rejoin the conversation her communicator beeped, and she excused herself to take the call. As Kat left the discussion continued.

“I don’t believe what I saw there.” Ashley said. “I mean all those dragons and monsters.”

“And that Triini in the center of it all.” Tanya added. “Or Kali, or whatever she’s calling herself. Man she’s really gone over the deep end.”

“But she’s got power to back up her insanity now.” Adam added. “That’s got to say a lot.” Everyone agreed as they looked at Trini who was seated in a corner. “Trini you okay?” Kimberly asked.

Trini was speechless for a while. Her mind focused on Kali’s first visit and the purple flame that came from her hand that she had unleashed. Some of that power Trini used herself fighting for her life at the KOF. Her life as well as her friends’ lives. She looked at Cassie, the girl she was supposed to hate, but didn’t want to bring herself to hate. She had to admit Cassie was beautiful and spirited and knew she didn’t want to be an enemy to anybody.

And Trini knew she didn’t want Cassie to be an enemy, or want her as an enemy. After many seconds of silence she finally was able to speak. “How could that evil...be part of me?” she asked. Kim didn’t know what to make of the question, but Terry did.

“It’s not a part of you. It’s part of your history.” Terry had said. “You’re still your own person, and you have the ability to make your own choices.” Pausing Terry then added “And the choice before you is do you control the power or does the power control you?”

“Yeah just look at Cassie. She was able to live a long time before embracing her heritage. And even then it was her own choice.” Alison had said. Trini turned to look at Cassie, and even though she still felt some apprehension towards the girl Trini had to admit she seemed pretty nice. “The point is if you don’t want to be a Yagami, that’s your choice to make. No one’s forcing you to make it.” Trini looked at Cassie and noticed her silence throughout the whole visit. She was wondering what the Pink Astro Ranger would say, if she had anything to truly say.

Cassie looked at Trini and found she had plenty to say. “My power is a tool. It is not me, just as your power is your own tool. It is not you. I will not let my power control me, just as you won’t let your power control you.” Trini then looked at Cassie and asked “But isn’t the Kusanagi power supposed to be a ‘good’ power?”

“There’s no guarantee that I won’t be changed by it.” Cassie said. “Or that I may seek to do a good thing and have it go wrong. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Just because I have ‘good’ power doesn’t mean I will do ‘good things’ with it. You might handle the Yagami power better than I with the Kusanagi power if you decide to use it.”

“It’s probably best you don’t.” Alison said. Ashley then added “At least until you build up more control. Trini looked at both girls and wondered about how they were completing each other’s sentences. She then said “Are you two doing a freaky twin thing or something?”

Ashley and Alison then looked at each other and said in unison “What freaky twin thing?” Both girls giggled and everyone felt their spirits rise, except for Kat who walked in with a serious expression.

Adam looked at Kat and asked “Kat what is it?” Kat paused for a second before she spoke.

“That was Billy.” Kat said. “The Pegasus is ready.”

On the Golden Gate Bridge Tommy looked out at the setting sun. Watching the day fall as night was making its way into being. Night which seemed to be home to darkness. A darkness he knew all too well.

Not just the darkness of the world, but the darkness within himself.

It amazed Tommy how at home he seemed with darker aspects. His relationship with Lillian was due to an attraction to the darkness of her personality, and vice versa for her as well. She was drawn to Tommy’s dark aura leaving the two to complement each other. Tommy had come to San Francisco to spend time with Lillian before they left for Aquitar with the other Rangers. Lillian had other appointments and promised she’d meet with Tommy later in the day on the Golden Gate Bridge. So Tommy went out to the bridge and waited figuring Lillian was talking to her brother Parker about what she was going to do next.

Tommy continued to look out at the sunset when he felt another presence walk up to him. Another he had a connection with, but not a romantic one. Tommy turned to see who had walked up and said “Didn’t expect you to come.”

The Gold Astro Ranger Sabrina walked up to Tommy’s side and rested her arms on the bridge railing much like Tommy had done. Thinking about their pasts, times full of regret, and the mission that was to come. Tommy noticed Sabrina’s Black sleeveless T-shirt with no midriff and Gold colored shorts with brown boots completing the ensemble and noticed how comfortable she was starting to look in Earth style clothing, but he also knew as soon as she went up to the Megaship she would be back in her Astro Ranger uniform. Tommy was still trying to picture the former Scorpina as a Ranger having fought her on many occasions, but he also remembered that she was enspelled herself. She had just been under a spell longer than him.

“We may have both been enspelled in our service to Rita Repulsa.” Sabrina said with regret in her voice as she looked out at the setting sun hoping that it wasn’t a prophesy that her path to redemption was not setting before it truly began. “But we do have a connection Thomas. Not like yours with Jason, but we do have a connection as warriors.” Sabrina then looked at Tommy and added “And that’s what you need right now isn’t it?”

Tommy couldn’t help but nod. “Yeah, usually I’d talk to Jason and we’d reassure ourselves that we’re going to make it, and save the world and everybody on it. We’d back each other up to the hilt and watch another’s back no matter how things got.” Looking at Sabrina he then asked “Is that what I’m going to hear from you?”

Sabrina looked at Tommy and gave a small smile as she said “I will agree to watch one another’s….back Thomas. But I find reassuring to be….difficult.” Tommy then listened as she continued. “Maybe because I’ve seen more battles and I’ve seen many comrades, both good and evil,……not return.” She then said her next peace with a conviction that came from experience on the battlefield and thousands of years of living. “That is a reality we must all face Thomas. And no one should know this reality more than a leader of the Power Rangers. Andros knows this. You and Jason must too.”

Tommy nodded. “I do know it. When Iblis killed Jason, the reality really sat in for me. Friends may not come back. We may lose others in the fight. I may even lose Chelsea, as she will be going too. You know, I never told my family I was a Ranger.”

“Are you going to?” Sabrina then asked. Tommy dropped his head down and said “I suppose I should, so that if I don’t come back they’ll know why. Looking back I was very lucky Jason returned, but I can’t rely on that luck forever. None of us can.” Sabrina gave a sad smile and said Tommy her final peace.

“My advice to you Thomas, go home. Say your goodbyes. With luck you’ll return, but in case you don’t…they’ll know why.” Tommy nodded and added “A lot of the Rangers are doing that already. Going home. Saying goodbye to family. For some it’s easy as they don’t have much family to speak of. Others….” Tommy broke off in mid-sentence lost in a train of thought before turning to Sabrina and asking his next question.

“Do you have a family?” Tommy then asked. “Someone you can say goodbye to?” Sabrina thought for a moment and answered Tommy’s question. “One. A sister of sorts. Since I broke free I’ve rarely seen her. I suppose….I should see her before I leave.”

“Where does she live?” Tommy asked. Sabrina said “Pretty far away. Another planet even. So I’d better get going.” Sabrina then turned to leave but then stopped suddenly when Tommy then added “He’ll be okay you know.”

Sabrina stopped suddenly as she turned to look at Tommy and asked “Who do you mean?”

“Adam.” Tommy said catching on the person in Sabrina’s thoughts. She smiled as Tommy mentioned his name. Not at the thought of the Green Zeo Ranger, but at the thought that Tommy picked up on her attraction for him. “How did you find out?”

“I saw the way you looked at him.” Tommy said. “Even when you were Scorpina. You liked him then. I knew.” Sabrina smiled as she then said “Maybe I should have gone to the dance with him.” Remembering the time Adam needed to find a date to the Angel Grove High school dance, and Zedd sent her down to be his 'date’. It was the first time she took the name 'Sabrina’. A name that was the core of her new identity now.

“But right now he has to face his father alone.” Tommy said. “This is one battle we can’t help him with.” Sabrina nodded as she then turned to leave. She had to get to Phaedos to say her goodbyes. But her thoughts were still not far from Adam.

_I can only imagine what Adam’s going through with his family._ Sabrina thought. She knew his father, Trevor Park, was not always receptive to Rangers.

“YOU’RE WHAT?!!!! AND YOU’RE GOING WHERE?!!!!” Trevor Park shouted as he stood before his son Adam with his younger brother Franklin eavesdropping from behind a wall. Adam spoke to his father again, repeating the words he said before. Once in the Police Station when the Doctor first arrived. The second time in his own family home when he said that he was leaving home to fight in a war.

“I’m a Power Ranger dad. Green Zeo. And I’m going off to free another planet that’s been conquered by evil.”

“Oh no you aren’t.” Trevor said in disbelief, yet adamant about his son fighting in a war he didn’t have to fight in (as far as Trevor was concerned). “My son’s not a super hero. And he’s not going off to fight on some planet where he’ll wind up getting killed.”

“Dad, you don’t have a say in this.” Adam said equally adamant. “It’s my choice and I’m going.” Trevor however shook his head defiantly and continued to refuse Adam’s words. “No you aren’t. You’re too young. Too young to go off to a planet to die in some war. Someone else can go. Someone else’s son can go to another planet and die. Preferably one that’s older.”

“Dad I’ve seen war.” Adam said holding his ground. He then stepped forward and grabbed his father’s shoulders looking him in the eye saying his next peace. “I know what’s involved with it. I’ve seen friends fight in war, and die in war. I’ve seen relentless monsters come after us, and barely come out of it with our skins intact. But we keep fighting. We have to.”

“Why?” Trevor said as tears started to form in his eyes as he looked into the eyes of his son. His legs failing him as he took to sitting in the chair underneath him. His words not sinking in knowing that his son would not change his mind. “Why does my son have to go and fight? Why can’t someone else do it?” Adam sighed as he took one hand off his father’s shoulder and left the other on as a form of comfort as Adam answered his father’s question.

“Because there aren’t a lot of someones who can. It just so happens I’m one of the few that can.” Adam then dropped to his knee as he kneeled down to his father’s level as he slumped down in his chair, the weariness of reality overtaking him.

“And if someone asked me to step aside when it came to doing what was right, I still wouldn’t do it. You didn’t raise me that way. You taught me to stand up for what I believe in, and to stand up for those who can’t fight back for themselves. That’s what I’m doing going to Aquitar. Standing up for those that can’t stand up for themselves.”

Trevor listened to Adam’s words, no matter how much he didn’t want to. His mind was swirling thinking that Adam was still too young to go off into war, let alone a space war on another planet. He wanted to keep his family safe as much as he could. However Angel Grove was far from safe as the monster attacks continued to come, even though there seemed to be a new overlord doing the attacking each and every year.

Trevor considered moving the family from Angel Grove. They could have gone back to Stone Canyon. Monsters didn’t attack there. But there seemed to be new reports coming in of disturbances in other cities. San Francisco, Mariner Bay, Silver Hills, Turtle Cove, Blue Bay Harbor, Reefside, Briarwood, and many others. How long before Stone Canyon would be embroiled in weirdness? And how long could Adam stay away from the weirdness? How long would it be before Adam would have to fight another evil overlord?

He then looked up at Adam and saw his son with a new set of eyes. No longer was he the awkward teen that moved from Stone Canyon to Angel Grove with Rocky and Aisha. He was stronger, confident, and was willing to fight….and die…for the causes he believed in.

At that moment Trevor Park was proud of his son Adam. His son who was now a man.

“Take care of yourself son.” Trevor said as he reached out to hug his son. “Come home in one piece.”

“I will dad. I will.” Adam said as he hugged back. Franklin then stopped his eavesdropping and rushed up to his father and brother. Hoping that Adam would come home after Aquitar.

After the Park men hugged they waited for Adam’s mother to return to tell the news that his son would be going off to war. The entire Park family had a family hug as they said goodbye to their son.

The cobblestone path to the Hart home felt more like a mile long walk to Kimberly Hart. Her mind focused on the tasks before her and the weight those tasks had on her mind and conscience. And how she was going to tell her mother what was to happen next. The liberation of a planet. A call to war.

A call Kimberly felt would have a profound effect on her. An effect that she knew would not leave her unchanged. In fact, Kimberly knew she would be changed forever following the Aquitar liberation.

Changed in a way she herself may not recognize.

The song ‘Goodnight Saigon’ filled the air as Kimberly walked into her family house. Her mother sitting in a chair listening to the song. Kimberly and her mom loved listening to Billy Joel, but the song that was playing seemed prophetic for what Kimberly was about to do. Go to war…again.

“Mom?” Kimberly asked as Mrs. Hart sat in her chair listening to the song. She then turned her head as if looking at her daughter for the first time.

“I found myself listening to this song.” Mrs. Hart said. “And I found myself thinking of you.” She then turned to look at her daughter, and wondered just who she was. And what she was doing. Mrs. Hart knew Kimberly was not the same bubbly teen with Carmel colored tresses who was captain of the cheer squad, led the pep rallies, and spent time with her flowers.

No, this Kimberly Hart was different, and she was not finished changing. Mrs. Hart knew this.

“You ever hear of the thousand yard stare?” Mrs. Hart asked. “It’s something soldiers had when they were said to have seen too much combat. I look at you, and for a few seconds I see such a stare in you, and then you go back to being the old Kimberly I had always known.” Mrs. Hart then stood up and looked her daughter in the eye asking her question.

“Who are you now Kimberly? Who are you to have such a stare? That’s not something you pick up in high school.” Kimberly sighed and looked at her mother. “No mom it’s not. And I’m afraid that stare is about to get a little longer.” Mrs. Hart was left speechless as Kimberly continued to speak.

“I’m going away mom. On a trip with friends. A trip….I might not come back from.”

“Wh…where are you going?” Mrs. Hart asked. Kimberly wasn’t sure how to answer so she said “Far away.”

“Are you….Are you…..joining the service or something?” Mrs. Hart asked. Kimberly answered “Or something. And I’ve already joined. I’ve been joined for several years.”

“What baby? What are you doing?” Mrs. Hart asked as if pleading her daughter for an answer. Mrs. Hart then asked “Are you joining the Peace Corps?”

Kimberly thought for a moment and answered “Yeah, I’m joining the Peace Corps. Me and some friends from school are giving it a shot. We’re going to….another country to help out an oppressed civilization. Provide relief. That sort of stuff.”

“Is it dangerous?” Mrs. Hart asked. Kimberly realized she couldn’t lie with this answer. “Yes mom it might be. But I will be with friends. They’ll watch out for me, just as I will watch out for them. We’ll look out for each other.”

Just as Kimberly said the last line the next lyric to Billy Joel’s song played. “And we would all go down together. They said we would all go down together. Yes we would all go down together.” With that Mrs. Hart hugged her daughter for the longest time. They hugged and cried in each other’s arms as the song played.

As the song was ending Kimberly walked out of the house to meet with her friends. The helicopter blades sounding in the background indicating the end of the song, and the beginning of Kimberly’s trip to war.

For a moment Kimberly wondered if she should have told her mother she was a Power Ranger going to another planet to liberate a civilization. She decided it didn’t matter in the end.

She was never coming back the same way again.

At the Angel Grove Youth Center Samoht and David were teaching a karate class in the absence of Jason and Tommy. Off to the side Ernie sat with Zack as they watched Samoht and David teach students with the same skill and patience that Jason and Tommy had with their students. After a while they ended the class and went to talk to Ernie. “Nice job guys.” Ernie said. “You did a real good job filling in.”

Yeah well we had to Ernie.” David said. “It’ll probably be a while before any of us turn up again.” Ernie wondered what David meant when Samoht spoke.

“We’re going away Ernie. We’re going to liberate the planet Aquitar.” Ernie’s eyes went wide as he remembered the Aquatian Rangers. “Those guys that were here when time was turned back?”

“Yeah, their planet was taken over, and now we have to go and help take it back.” Zack said. Samoht then said “But we’re saying our goodbyes to family and friends first.”

“And you’ve definitely been a friend to us Ernie.” Zack said. “So we’re saying good bye to you in case….” Zack couldn’t bring himself to say the words, but he didn’t have to as Ernie touched Zack’s hand comforting him.

“Don’t say it. You’ll come back.” Ernie said. “I’m sure of it.”

“Yeah well Zack is meeting his brother Curtis here.” David said. “Samoht and I have to say good bye to our grandfather Sam Trueheart.” David paused as he remembered something Samantha once said to him. “I am Sam. I am Sam. Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?”

“What’s that about?” Samoht asked. David just shook his head and said “Sorry. I was just thinking of all the Sam’s we’ve got. Samantha, you, grandfather. It just made me think of that line for a second. For some reason Samantha always said it. It was one of the reasons why we went with full names with our Sam’s I guess.”

“Yeah, but a nursery rhyme won’t change the fact that you have to meet your grandfather.” Samoht said. David nodded. “He’s been like a real father to me for years. I don’t know what to say to him.”

“Would you like it if I went with?” Samoht asked. “I never really…..” David nodded as he understood Samoht’s feelings. He never had his own family. No mother, father or grandparents. He spent some time with Chelsea and Tommy establishing connections with them, and with David as well. But he never had a grandfather he could connect with. “Sure Samoht. I could use the company. I also talked to Kat, and she said that as soon as she was done at Trini’s that she would meet us at the reservation.”

“Well then, one smoothie each for the three of you. On the house, and for the road.” Ernie then gave the boys three fruit smoothies and enjoyed them. Samoht and David then stood up to leave as Zack’s good bye took the Youth Center floor. “Guess your good bye is here.” David said. “We have to see to ours.”

“Yeah, take care guys.” Zack said as he saw his brother Curtis teaching a dance class to some young teen girls. David and Samoth left as Zack admired his brother’s skill as he showed a lot of girls how to move. Even flirting with a few, much as Zack had done in the past.

For a moment Zack allowed himself a moment to remember the past. When he taught students. When Rita was the prime enemy, and the monsters seemed so buffonish, yet still dangerous. Zack longed for those days again, yet he also knew those days were now long gone. Curtis was having his care free days, but Zack wondered when those days would end for his brother. In his heart Zack knew Curtis would one day hear the call of Rangering, just like four other kids Curtis knew.

Turning to see Zack Curtis then said “All right girls take ten. We’ll start again in a bit.” Going over to his brother Curtis then said “Hey bro what’s shaking.”

“Quite a lot man.” Zack said. “Just came from home. Talked to mom and dad.” Silence hung in the air between the two brothers, and Curtis had an idea what was happening. He knew Zack had been taking a lot of trips with friends. A circle of friends that seemed to grow in recent months.

“You leaving again?” Curtis asked. Zack nodded as Curtis sighed. “You know, these ‘out of town trips’ you’ve been taking seem to be taking a lot out of you. It’s like……you don’t have that much hip hop in your hip hop kido anymore.”

“I know.” Zack said. “Not a lot of swing in my step these days is there? Let’s just say I’ve been dancing to a different tune these days. And the dance steps….are a lot harder than what I’m used to.”

“And the dance partners?” Curtis asked. Zack answered “Step on a lot of toes. And that’s something I have to stop.” Curtis nodded as he added “You never cared for stepping on toes did you? Especially those who step on smaller toes.”

“No I didn’t.” Zack said sighing as he looked at his brother. And for a moment he thought he saw something in Curtis. For a split second he thought he saw a glimpse of Curtis’s future. A future where he was dressed in green and had a Rhino with him. Only the Rhino was more of a Zord.

It was then that Zack realized what the future had in store for Curtis Taylor. A future similar to Zack’s present, and he could guess who he shared that future with. With this knowledge Zack spoke to Curtis in a different way. “Curtis, the time may come when you’ll have to do what I do. Keep people from stepping on toes so to speak.”

Curtis looked at his brother strangely. “This have something to do with what you and your friends do? Jase, Kim Billy, Trini….and the others?” Zack nodded at Curtis’s deduction and then added. “And you’ll probably will have your own circle of friends to do it with. I’ve seen you with Willy, Sylvia, Jeremy and Kelly when they come into the shop.”

“That’s because we hang with one another whenever one of your friends bring your ‘junior partners’ along.” Zack laughed a bit at Curtis’s reference but said “It’s more than that Curtis. You all have started to form a bond wth one another, much like I have with Jason, Kimberly, Trini and Billy. A bond that has included so many through the years.”

“Maybe those bonds will bond together someday.” Curtis said as he thought about Zack’s words. Zack looked at his cousin and said “Maybe.” He then shook Curtis’s hand and hugged his cousin like a brother. Curtis then said “Take care of yourself bro.”

“You too.” Zack said as he swung his duffel bag over his shoulder and walked out of the gym. Curtis watched his cousin leave hoping that he would come home soon.

Billy took a break from work at the Power Chamber to the front door of his family home. A home that seemed strange to him as he stared at it for a few minutes thinking of all the times he had been home. When he thought about it, there weren’t many as he realized that the reason his home was strange to him was because the home was like a stranger to him. A place he didn’t know well anymore, as he hadn’t been around to live in it much.

He had always been either fighting monsters, going to high school, taking part in the young genius program, or something else to take up his time. Home was just a place he slept and said hello to his parents to, when he was there. Now he was coming to say goodbye. Goodbye to people he hoped didn’t feel like strangers as the house had. Opening the door he expected to see his mother sitting at the dining room table ready to ask Billy how his day went.

True enough Rebecca Cranston was seated at the dining room table. But Rebecca Cranston wasn’t the only one seated. A blonde haired teenage girl Billy’s age was also seated. She wore a pink shirt with gray mini skirt adorned with black boots. Billy looked surprised to see her there.

“Dana!” Billy said surprised to see the blonde haired beauty. “I wasn’t expecting you.”

“I was taking a leave from Mariner Bay, and decided to head up to Angel Grove to see how my favorite cousin is doing.” Dana said smiling as she stood up to give Billy a hug. A hug he gladly returned. “I also thought a surprise visit would be more fun than an announced one.”

Billy broke the embrace and gave a sad smile to Dana. “I wish I had known beforehand. I’d have been better company.” Dana looked at Billy for a second stunned by what she had heard, yet knew there was more to what Billy was saying. It was not just a feeling she had. She knew there was more Billy had to say.

Billy and Dana were cousins, but they had a closeness that no one could quite explain. It was almost like a brother/sister relationship whenever they saw each other. But there was something else. Like Billy, Dana also possessed a rudimentary telepathic ability. And at times she and Billy practiced when they were kids to the point where they had their own ‘conversations’. To the point where they knew what the other was thinking.

And Dana knew what was on Billy’s mind. In the distance Rebecca saw Danas face fall and wondered what was wrong. “Mom, Dana, I think you’d both better sit down.” Dana made her way to a recliner next to the couch and looked at both his cousin and mother. Then he said his peace.

“Mom. Dana. You remember that trip I took a while back?” Rebecca nodded and said “Yeah, you were gone for a while.”

Billy gave a small smile and looked back at his mother and cousin. “I’m going back.” Rebecca looked at her son wide eyed. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her son was leaving again. “When?” she couldn’t help but ask.

“Tomorrow.” Billy said. “There are some problems they need my help to solve. And my friends from school will be coming with me.”

“How long will you be gone?” Dana then asked. Billy sighed as he said “I don’t know. It could wind up being a quick trip, or we might be there for a while.”

“A while?” Rebecca asked. “Like that time you left for months, came back, and said you were leaving again? Without a word? Just a garbled phone call?”

“I had some…problems last time I left.” Billy said. “I had to be treated for a special condition.”

“And you fell for your nurse while there.” Dana added remembering the story Billy said. Billy nodded and said “And that nurse is in trouble. I have to go help.” A silence hung in the room that started to be broken when Rebecca Cranston started crying. Her son was going away again.

“Mom.” Billy said reaching across and putting a hand on his mother’s shoulder. She looked up in her son’s comforting eyes, and she knew he was committed to doing what he had to do.. “You always said whatever gifts I had I should share. I’m doing that now. You know that right?”

“Billy.” Rebecca said as tears fell down her face. Pausing for a moment she regained her composure and spoke again. “I’ve always known you and Dana to be gifted. Gifted in more ways than one.” She cast a look down at his blue shirt and looked up at her son’s face. “You have always wanted to share your gifts with the world….and beyond. Do that. And don’t let me stand in your way.” Billy soon broke down into tears and hugged his mother. “Goodbye mom.” Billy said.

“Goodbye son.” Rebecca Cranston said returning the embrace. Dana then walked over looking to be included in the hug, and both Cranstons welcomed her into what became a three way hug. After a moment the three broke the embrace and Billy went up to pack his bag.

Dana went up following to help Billy pack. She knew Billy had a hard time wondering what to take for a trip and knew he over packed at times. She then helped Billy select what would work for a trip, and between the two of them Billy had his travel bag prepared. Necessary clothes, scientific journals, and some equipment he had been working on. Some Dana had a hard time comprehending. “You sure you’ll need all that junk?” she asked.

“Not sure.” Billy said as he kept gathering his stuff to pack. “Some of it doesn’t work or is incomplete. I always mean to break the stuff down for parts, but never get to do it. Ah…” Billy then grabbed a circuit on his nightstand and packed it, much to Dana’s chagrin.

“Billy.” Dana said looking at one of Billy’s devices he hadn’t packed yet. She then picked it up and walked over to where Billy was packing. “I never understood half the stuff you built, and even though we were both considered geeks, you were a different kind of geek than I was. You were the science geek. I was the medical geek.”

“A very pretty medical geek. You had a lot of admirers.” Billy smiled as Dana blushed at the flattering comment he just gave. He then grabbed the device Dana had. “Never know when you need a spare circuit.” he smiled. Dana listened to Billy’s words and responded in a different way. With an ability passed down through their respective families.

With thought.

_You really took a lot of extracurricular activities didn’t you?_ At that thought Billy looked back at his cousin and gave her a sad smile. Billy was known to have a limited telepathic ability that helped him control zords. Dana had a similar ability that strengthened the bond between the cousins. He also knew that the bond between them would become stronger in the near future. Mostly due to Lightspeed and the fledging Ranger program that was being formed by Dana’s father.

“Dana. You know those ‘extracurricular activities’ I do from time to time?” Dana nodded at Billy’s question wondering what he meant. Billy then sighed “Don’t be surprised if you wind up doing some of your own.” Looking at her shirt Billy then added “Pink suits you.” as if knowing immediately what her Ranger color was going to be.

“As blue does you.” Dana said as she hugged her cousin goodbye for what she hoped wouldn’t be the last time. After a final hug to his mother Rebecca Billy walked to the Cranston door and looked back for a second.

_Take care Dana._ Billy thought to his cousin as he walked out of the house and into the night sky. Dana gave her cousin a wave hoping for his safe return.

In the living room of the Zedden home Jason sat with Jamie as they prepared for what was to be the hardest moment in her life…so far.

She looked around the empty house remembering happier times. Times when the house was filled with love and laughter. Times when the house was filled with family. Family being a mother, a father, and herself-the daughter.

Now the house was quiet. The father was gone, lost to evil. The mother missing. Where she was Jamie did not know. But she was not going to give up finding her. The UAE had to kill her first.

But first she had to leave for another world. A world she was not sure she could leave.

Jamie looked around the deserted house. She barely had any memories of her father. Her mother stood out the most in her mind. Healing her from cuts on the playground after scraping herself from dares other kids talked her into, sitting helping with her homework, sometimes even giving her a hug when it felt like she needed one most. But as she looked around the house there wasn’t anyone who could hug her like her mother could.

Looking at the Sword of Lightning in her hand Jamie’s mind turned to the mission to Aquitar, and all she would be leaving behind. Sometimes she looked at the sword and felt like throwing it away. But she felt if she did that it would have been like throwing away a part of herself. Still it felt like the part that the sword represented was overshadowing everything else in her life. Including her lost family.

“Is this all that I am?” Jamie asked herself. “Is there nothing more?” Jason looked over at Jamie curiously. “What do you mean Jamie?”

“I’m sorry Jase.” Jamie started to say. “It’s just.....it’s just that.....” She struggled to find the words to say but found it difficult to speak. So she blurted out what she felt. “It’s just that I feel all I have in my life is my sword and being an outsider. I have nothing else outside of that. Not even family.”

“You have me.” Jason said slightly hurt by Jamie’s words.

“Sorry Jase, it’s not the same.” Jamie said with a sad smile. “You have your own family to go back to. Mom, dad, brother, cousins. Me, my dad is under an evil curse making him a monster, and my mom is taken away by the space witch he married while under that curse. And I have no clue where to look for her. I want to go out and find her right now. But I don’t know where to start.”

“And now there’s Aquitar.” Jason said. Jamie nodded.

“I feel like I’d be abandoning her if I leave.” Jamie had said. “That if I leave I’ll never see her again. That I’ll miss that crucial moment, or piece of information that will help me find her and bring her home. Maybe even help me find something to free dad too you know?” Jason understood and tried his best to reassure her.

“There might be a clue to finding her you know.” Jason had said. “Someone on Aquitar might know where Zedd took her.”

“On Aquitar?” Jamie asked as she thought there was no possibility anyone on Aquitar would know where her mother was, or how her father could be freed from the spell he was under. A spell he had been under for so long the man who her father was might have been buried under. She shook her head and said “I’m sorry Jase, but I don’t see how I can find out about where my mother could be on a planet so far away from Earth. The chance there’s something that can help me free mom on Aquitar seems too remote.”

“We won’t know until we try.” Jason then added. “Every mission we do gets us one step closer to finding your mother, and maybe freeing your father. I truly believe that”

“You do?” Jamie asked skeptical. “How?”

“Simple faith.” Jason answered. “I just don’t believe despair is the universe’s natural state of being. I believe we are meant to shine in the light. The light of goodness we as Rangers have sworn to protect, and to preserve for all. A light others would seek to take to bring about the same despair we seek to fight.”

Jamie sighed as she looked at Jason. “I’m not sure I have that faith Jase. I keep feeling that something is going to go wrong.” Jason hugged his girlfriend and said “I’ll have faith for both of us then. Faith that we’ll find your mother, free your father, and come back from Aquitar.”

“How can you be so sure we’ll be coming back?” Jamie asked. Jason smiled and said “Simple faith Jamie. I believe we’ll make it back from Aquitar. I believe we’ll free the people there. And I also believe you will meet your mother again.”

Jamie smiled at Jason and hugged him. Silently however she thought _I wish I shared your faith Jason. I really wish I did._

In another room at the Kwan house that would be considered the family den two women sat facing each other. Cups of tea sitting before them sipping as they sat impatient wondering about their daughters. Women that had gone by the names Yagami and Kusanagi.

Women that were hoping their daughters wouldn’t kill each other as they held great power, and were part of a blood feud.

Unlike others in their respective families that had those names Megumi Chan and Janet Kwan wanted nothing to do with the blood feud between them. Both had gone out of their way to protect their daughters from the blood feud between the Yagami and Kusanagi. Sadly, both of their efforts ended in failure. Cassie had embraced her Kusanagi heritage, and Trini had become aware of her dark Yagami power. Both mothers feared for their daughters and hoped the feud would not consume them.

Both mothers were united by these common threads. Both mothers understood their respective failures. From this understanding a friendship of sorts was struck between the two women. Something unheard of in the Yagami/Kusanagi feud. But they also knew something else about their daughters.

Trini Kwan and Cassie Chan were Power Rangers. Trini-Yellow Morphin. Cassie-Pink Astro.

Both women were proud of their daughters for their Rangering, but it also provided them with an added sense of fear as they wondered what would happen to them in the battles they fought. Janet however tried to reassure herself that Trini’s Rangering could provide a sense of redemption for the Yagami family. That she could be a symbol that others in the Yagami family need not embrace their dark power and heritage, and do good in the world. Janet Kwan hoped Trini could be a symbol of hope for other Yagami family members. That there need not be another Iori.

Or another Kali.

Megumi took Janet’s hand and offered reassurance. “Your daughter is strong. I can see the strength of spirit in her soul. Strength nourished by you, and her friends. They will see her through as you have seen her through tough times.”

“I just hope your daughter can be counted among those friends.” Janet said referring to Cassie. Just then Trini and Cassie entered the den. Megumi saw the look on her daughter’s face as well as on Trini’s face. She then asked what was happening. Cassie answered first.

“We’re going away mom.” Cassie said. Megumi Chan looked at her daughter and asked “Where?”

“Another planet.” Trini said. “It’s Ranger business. Not Yagami/Kusanagi buisness.”

“Or Kusanagi/Yagami buisness.” Cassie then said. “Depends how you look at it.” Janet Kwan looked at both girls confused and then asked “What are you two doing?”

“Liberating an oppressed civilization.” Trini said. “The planet Aquitar was conquered. We’re going to go free it.” Megumi shared Janet’s confusion and then asked “Will you be using you blood powers?”

“Not if we can help it.” Cassie answered. “I’m looking to stick to Ranger powers here.” Trini then added “As am I.” Megumi and Janet looked at each other and wound up understanding. They may have had legacies of power, but they also were part of a Power Rangers legacy. A legacy that both mothers were stronger than any dark power provided by blood. A legacy that went beyond Earth, and beyond a blood feud….they hoped.

“Take care Cassie.” Megumi said hugging her daughter goodbye. Janet did the same for her daughter. “Come home safe Trini.” she said.

“We will.” Trini and Cassie said in unison. They then activated their teleporters and teleported out in streaks of pink and yellow. Mrs. Chan and Mrs. Kwan watched the spot where their daughters stood. Both smiled and wished the best for them. As well as a safe return.

Neither one noticed the small twinges of purple in Trini’s teleport streak. Or the crimson in Cassie’s.

Samantha Jones and Dolan Kwan thought nothing of the passage of time as they lay on the grass looking up at the clouds. Seeing different shapes. Different things. Different people. Dolan then asked “Did you ever do anything like this back home?”

“Haven’t thought much about it.” Samantha answered as she saw a cloud that looked like a Cybermen battle cruiser in her eyes. Dolan thought it looked like a battleship, but more of an ocean variety. They continued looking up as the grass lay beneath them. “So what brought you out here from the porch?”

“I was asked to leave the room, and I got tired of sitting.” Dolan said. “Mom and some lady that must have joined her bridge club or something said they were talking about some stuff that I ‘wouldn’t understand.'” Samantha sighed and empathized with Dolan as she took his hand and held it. Dolan took the held hand and offered his own embrace. Dolan then asked “Do you know what they are talking about?”

Samantha found herself floored by the question wondering how she could answer it. She liked Dolan, but didn’t know what to say. How could she explain to Dolan that his cousin was a Power Ranger and had the blood of an evil god running through her veins? And that her new ‘friend’ had the blood of a rival clan in her veins, and both clans had generations of hate and death behind them.

The answer was, she couldn’t. Trini and her mother had to tell Dolan their secret. It was not Samantha’s to tell. “Do you know something?” Dolan then asked. “About Trini?”

Pausing Samantha then answered. “I do know something, but Trini has to be the one to tell you. Not me.” Dolan followed up with “So you can’t tell me anything?”

“Well, There is something I can say. Something that involves Trini, her friend….and me.” Dolan listened to Samantha as she made ready to say her peace. Taking a breath Samantha told Dolan the news.

“We’re going on a trip. The three of us and others.” Dolan listened and asked “Where are you going?”

“Far away.” Samantha said. “To help friends of Trini’s friend Billy, who live far away.” Dolan knew of Billy, and knew Trini was a close friend of hers. In some cases Dolan wondered if Trini didn’t want to be closer to the teen genius. Dolan nodded and looked at Samantha saying “That sounds like something Trini and her friends would do. They always helped people that needed it. Whether it be martial arts, or studies…or anything.” Taking another look at Samantha as they lay among the grass Dolan then added “You’re a lot like them. Helpful, a friend to those who needed it. You fit right into Trini’s group. A group that’s almost like a family.”

“A family?” Samantha asked surprised by Dolan’s comparison. Let alone that he considered her part of the apparent Power Ranger family that Dolan was mentioning. “I never thought of Trini and her friends that way. How did you come to that?”

Dolan explained his answer. “Trini’s friends, they all have a closeness to one another. Almost like brothers and sisters. Watching out for one another. Caring for one another. Always ready to bring in another to their group.” Samantha looked at Dolan and wondered if she didn’t detect a certain amount of bitterness in his voice.

“Are you upset?” Samantha asked. “That you have not been asked into….’the group?'”

“No.” Dolan said defensively but then changed his mind. “Well maybe yes. It always feels like Trini has this other world that I don’t have a place in. And I’m wondering just what she does with you guys that doesn’t allow me inside this world of hers.”

Samantha wondered how she could answer Dolan’s question. “Maybe it’s not a matter of you not being in her world. But a matter of her world with you in it being brought to others.” Dolan listened as Samantha explained.

“I never really had any close family.” Samantha said. “Just my cousin Teresa at times, and she’s in San Francisco now. It’s funny how we seem so close to one another, yet so far away.”

“There’s no one back home?” Dolan asked. “Not like my family?” Samantha looked at Dolan and shook her head. “Not really. Just the Doctor.”

“That scientist guy you came into town with?” Dolan asked. “He’s not your dad?” Samantha smiled a little and said “No, he’s not my dad. He’s the closest thing I’ve got to a dad right now. But he’s not my dad.” Pausing she added “But don’t think just because you aren’t in our group with Trini that does not mean you aren’t there.”

“Huh?” Dolan asked. Samantha then said “Was it not at the Youth Center that we met? At that dance?” Smiling she added “And wasn’t it at that dance that I found I fancied you.”

“You….fancied me?” Dolan asked. “Does that mean you…like me?”

Samantha answered Dolan’s question by turning to face Dolan, leaning in, and kissing him good bye. A kiss Dolan happily returned. The kiss was gentle and soft and Samantha felt the tenderness in Dolan’s lips. She seemed to taste the emotions Dolan was having. Emotions of concern, affection….perhaps even love. Like Samantha, Dolan seemed to taste her emotions too. Emotions of apprehension, yet affection. A moment both Samantha and Dolan wanted to enjoy.

A moment that was beyond description. Through this kiss Dolan Kwan knew Samantha Jones was no ordinary girl.

After a while Samantha and Dolan broke the kiss. Dolan said the first word. “Wow.” Samantha just smiled at Dolan’s reaction and hugged Dolan whispering “And there’s more to that when I come back.” Dolan then smiled at Samantha’s comment.

Dolan Kwan now knew Samantha Jones had someone to return to. And for a while longer they looked up at the sky. Their fingers intertwined in one another’s hands.

In the distance Theresa ‘Jinx’ Jones and Sylvia Kwan looked on as their cousins kissed. Theresa couldn’t help but say “Oh look. Samantha and Dolan sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

“Aren’t you supposed to be the mature one here?” Sylvia asked looking at Theresa curiously. “I mean, you are older.”

“Not by much kid.” Theresa answered. “Besides, I didn’t have a lot of moments like this when I was your age. Never really got to….be a kid like you did. You know?” Sylvia shook her head not sure what Theresa was talking about. Even though Samantha invited Theresa along, she didn’t feel like intruding on her cousin’s goodbye to Dolan.

Eavesdropping however was another story. Not to mention immature comments. It allowed Theresa to have an ‘immature’ moment. ‘Immature’ in comparison to other kids, not like the upbringing Theresa had. Sylvia was also home, and wondered just what Theresa had in mind. So she followed Theresa and saw her watching from the bushes. Sylvia immediately asked “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Watching my cousin and her first serious crush.” Theresa said. “Namely your cousin.” Sylvia then decided to join in on Theresa’s spying and was surprised when she saw Dolan kiss Samantha. “Is…is that Dolan? The same Dolan that’s so awkward around girls that he has to have his dates arranged for him?”

“Looks it kid.” Theresa said as she saw Samantha and Dolan break the kiss. They then went and hugged one another. Offering each other comfort.

“He really likes her.” Sylvia said. “Dolan…and your cousin.”

“I think the feeling’s mutual kid.” Theresa added watching Samantha be held by Dolan affectionately. The expression on Samantha’s face indicated that she did enjoy being hugged by Dolan as well. Sylvia then asked “You going on this trip with Trini and her friend too?” Theresa looked at Sylvia and nodded saying that she would be going with Trini, Samantha and their friends.

“Make sure Trini comes back okay?” Sylvia asked. Theresa smiled and said “I’ll do all I can.”. Then she hugged the young girl offering what comfort and reassurance she could.

Theresa hoped she could make Sylvia’s wish come true. That Trini would come home safe. She knew that she would do whatever she could to make that happen, as well as the other Rangers and Outsiders.

The mountains of the reservation surrounded the seven teens. The reservation David Trueheart called home.

Tommy, Nathan, Samoht, David, Tyler, Chelsea and Nate all shared a bond of blood and family that united them together. That bond hopefully would let them know what was to come for them on Aquitar, if the ritual David had mentioned was true. The eighth member of the group, Kat, came along as she was David’s girlfriend, and was romantically involved with Tommy. She had a slight connection to the Oliver’s, but she felt she had another reason for joining them on this quest.

For a moment Kat wondered if she should have asked Samantha to come, but Samantha stayed in Angel Grove with Dolan. Kat nodded and accepted Samantha’s decision, but she still wished her British friend could come. She even thought Kimberly could have come but decided that would have been an awkward decision. And not because they were former boyfriends of Tommy.

No there was something else to not wanting Kimberly along. Something she wasn’t sure about. Something that wasn’t about to happen yet.

The eight teens came to the dwelling of Sam Trueheart who invited the teens inside. He motioned for them to sit around a circle with a flame in the center. Sam had taken the head of the circle. “Welcome my grandsons.” Sam said looking at Tommy and David. He then looked at Samoht, Nathan, Nate and Tyler and nodded saying “I consider you my grandsons as well. You all share the same blood as they. The blood of our family.”

“Thank you Mr. Trueheart.” Samoht said. “We are honored to have your acceptance into your family.” Looking at Chelsea Sam said “You are included as well. You are brother to my grandsons. While not by blood you are bound to him by spirit.”

“Thank you Mr. Trueheart.” Chelsea said. He then looked at Kat strangely as if trying to determine where her place was in the Oliver circle. For some reason he couldn’t see her with any of his grandsons. It was as if her destiny….was elsewhere.

Sam dismissed the thought and turned to the teens surrounded. “You are here for a quest?” kat noticed the evasion, but didn’t bring it up. Aquitar came first.

“We’re leaving for one grandfather.” David had said. “One which we….may not return.”

“And you wonder what is to come?” Sam asked. All seven teens nodded. For a moment Sam took notice of Kat, and looked at her for a second. He then focused on the flames leaving Kat to wonder why Sam looked at her….like someone out of place.

Sam Trueheart continued his focus on the fire in the center as he brought the flames into the sky as the vision the teens sought came into being. Off to the side Kat looked at the flames herself, and found herself seeing her own vision as well.

The Olivers looked into the flames and saw a vision of Aquitar. Not the vibrant water world it once was, but rather a world devoid of water. A black aura engulfed the land and the people of Aquitar. An aura that meant death.

Screams filled the air. Screams of the dying and the agonized. In the background were a series of figures that stood watching over the landscape. The apparent new rulers of Aquitar. All of the Olivers could make out Squatt and Baboo. But there seemed to be other shapes in the background. Fearful shapes. Shapes no one knew.

Coming out of the vision the Olivers knew they would have their work cut out for them. Kat however continued to look into the flames. Sam motioned for the teens to stop as he said “She has her own path to follow. Let her see the path as yours has been shown.”

“I hope her path comes off better than ours.” Chelsea added. Everyone agreed as Kat stared into the flames.

Kat watched her own vision. A vision where she was struck down by a malevolent figure. A figure she couldn’t make out. As she was struck blackness started to overtake her when she saw something else.

An image of a cat. A cat that glowed red. A cat that transformed into….a Power Ranger. A Ranger with a sword on her back. Her helmet had a flower on it that she couldn’t make out but Kat could tell that the Ranger before her was some kind of Red Ranger.

A Red Ranger that demorphed…..into her.

Kat came out of the vision surrounded by Olivers. Each one concerned for her well-being. “What happened?” she asked.

“Each one of you saw a vision of the future.” Sam Trueheart said. “Your own prospective futures. For your mission.” Looking at Kat he then added. “Or for yourself.”

“For myself?” Kat asked. “What do you mean?”

“An aspect of you will be reawakened soon.” Sam said. “Tied to an aspect of power you currently possess, leading to a new resurrection. For yourself and one other.” Kat and the Olivers looked confused as she then asked “Resurrection of what?”

“I can’t be certain.” Sam answered. “The image was cloudy. So whether a greater darkness will be brought forth or a greater good will be brought forth instead I cannot be certain. I do know this however.”

“What?” Kat asked.

“You will not go through this resurrection alone. Another will come into this power herself. One who will lose part of herself, and be reborn through the new power.”

“Reborn?” Kat asked. “Who? Is it Samantha?”

“I can answer that question with certainty.” Sam said. “I know it is not your friend Samantha Jones. Her destiny is still with the being known as the Doctor. But even while hers may end with him at some point he will have a destiny of his own to face. A destiny of war and flame.” Sam seemed to cry for a second as if mourning a loss that was to come.

“A war with no winners, leaving the Doctor to face a terrible choice.” Sam said. “But no I know it is not your friend Samantha that your destiny is bound to.”

“Then who?” Kat asked. “Who is this destiny with?”

“That I cannot say. The image is clouded.” Sam answered. “But I do know the person is a ‘she’ and the two of you will be tied together.” Looking at Tommy Sam then added “You know of this person grandson. You shared your heart with her.”

“What?” Tommy asked. “You don’t mean Kimberly do you?” Kat was also confused. She saw a vision that had her turn from a cat to a Red Ranger and then to her human form. How did Kimberly fit into that destiny? Looking at Sam Trueheart they saw the old man had no answers. At least none that he could give.

All Sam said was. “That is all we see. And all we wish to see. Ask no further. You must find the rest of your answers on your own.”

The Olivers and Kat left Sam Trueheart’s home. All had more questions than answers. Kat especially.

After changing into her Astro Ranger uniform Sabrina found she had a longer journey than most of her Ranger friends when it came to saying goodbye to loved ones. So long was her journey that Andros had arranged to let her borrow a shuttle from the Pegasus to make the trip. That trip was to the planet Phaedos.

Taking a sigh Sabrina looked at the natural beauty of the planet. A planet that looked more beautiful than Earth in many respects. A planet that had power among nature, but little of what gave a planet it’s character. People. Many of them were either gone or died out. But one still remained. A woman Sabrina called ‘sister’.

Not by blood, but a sister in other ways. Especially in spirit.

Sabrina brought the shuttle down and disembarked. She morphed into her panther form making her way to the Great Temple. All the while taking in the plant life of Phaedos. She charged through brush. Her paws pounded on ground and rock as she ran at incredible speed. Her heart ran as fast as she did. The planet’s beauty passing her by until she arrived at the ruins of a great temple. A temple that she had once called home.

Sabrina then morphed back to human form where a Snow Owl waited. An owl that morphed into the image of Master Warrior of Phaedos-Dulcea. “Greetings sister.” Sabrina had said. “I wish that my visit here was under better circumstances, for it may be the last time I return.” Dulcea picked up the sadness in Sabrina’s voice and knew something was about to happen. Something massive.

“Sister, why have you come?” Dulcea asked Sabrina concerned for her sister. Sabrina sat in the stone circle and explained. “You know Aquitar was taken by Rita’s army.” Dulcea nodded knowing full well what had happened to Aquitar. “Were you there when it was conquered?”

Sabrina did not answer Dulcea’s question. Both knew what the answer would be. Sabrina however did say “But I’m going to be there when the Rangers liberate it.”

Dulcea’s eyes went wide. “You are returning to Aquitar….to free it?

Sabrina nodded. “I know this will not be an easy mission, but nothing about what I have done has been easy. Living with my actions as Scorpina, the road to redemption I am on. I have many challenges ahead of me.” Dulcea nodded sadly, but still she had to ask one question. “Why did you come here to tell me this? Usually on our quests we always assumed we would return….” Dulcea then broke off the sentence knowing full well what Sabrina was going to say.

Sabrina was not sure she was going to come back.

“In case I don’t return I want to say ‘goodbye’.” Sabrina said. “I didn’t get to say it when Rita turned me into Scorpina, so I’m saying it now. In case I don’t come back.” Dulcea waved her hand and said “No sister. I hate goodbyes. I don’t want you to say it.” Sabrina couldn’t help but smile at Dulcea’s comment.

“You remind me of the Silver Zeo Ranger. She hates goodbyes too.”

“That’s not a bad thing.” Dulcea said. “Gives someone something to look forward to returning to.” She then noticed a look on Sabrina’s face, and saw something else there. Dulcea knew the look, and could tell what was on Sabrina’s mind.

She had fallen in love. “So who is the new suitor?

“There is a young man I love.” Sabrina said. “But he’s with another. And no it is not Andros.” Pausing Sabrina said “It’s the Green Zeo Ranger.” Dulcea smiled remembering the Green Zeo when he was Black Morphin and empowered by the spirit of the Frog. He had a charm to him that he didn’t fully realize. To Dulcea’s knowledge Adam Park still hadn’t become fully aware of it, but he was learning of it.

And now it seemed like Dulcea’s battle sister had fallen under those charms.

“Will he be fighting alongside you? The Green Zeo I mean?” Dulcea asked. Sabrina nodded and said “Yes. He will. And I fear for his safety as I fear for all the Rangers’ safety. Freeing Aquitar will not be easy. This I know.”

“As do I sister.” Dulcea said. “History had shown such liberations are never easy. But we live to help those that can’t help or protect themselves.” Sabrina remembered those words from her past. She once thought them to be a burden.

No longer. She had greater burdens to carry. And carry them she would.

“Return soon sister.” Dulcea pleaded. “May your campaign be safe and swift.” She then hugged her sister goodbye and Sabrina transformed back into her panther form and ran back to the shuttle. When Dulcea saw the shuttle take to the sky she prayed to the Warrior’s Pantheon that Sabrina would return. Her and her comrades.

Back in San Francisco the person of Sabrina’s affections, Adam, was walking with his girlfriend Tanya to an apartment complex that she said was home to family members. After finishing at the Kwan’s he made his way to Tanya’s house to pick her up. “You ready?” Adam asked.

Tanya nodded. Calling on her communicator she said “Alpha teleport us to San Fran.” The teleporter then brought Adam and Tanya to San Francisco outside a house that Tanya seemed to know. “Is this your cousin that you mentioned?” Adam asked knowing Tanya had an identical cousin who lived in the city.

“Yep.” Tanya said as she came to a door marked ‘406’ and knocked. A middle aged African American woman opened the door and saw Tanya. Greeting the woman with a hug Tanya then asked “Is Candace here?”

“Yeah, she’s in her room. Your parents are on their way here.” the woman said. She then directed Tanya to her cousin’s room as Adam asked “Who was that?”

“My Aunt Cora.” Tanya said. “She’s sometimes been like a second mom to me whenever she visited me, or I visited her.” Adam then asked “Does she know about you and being a Ranger?”

“No.” Tanya said. “She does know I’m with a special group of friends and we do what we can to help our community. And other communities around the world. As far as Aunt Cora knows this is another trip for me. Like my parents had done in the past.” Adam nodded in understanding remembering that Aisha had met Tanya in an African village giving Tanya the Yellow Zeo shard to take back while Aisha remained behind. Tanya’s parents were relief workers working on a disease killing animals. Aisha came to finish the work Tanya’s parents had started, but Tanya and her family never stopped helping others whenever they could.

And now Tanya was about to take a trip on her own. A trip unlike any she had taken in the past. Another question then popped into Adam’s mind. “Does your cousin know?” Before Tanya could answer the door to Tanya’s cousin’s room opened, and Adam saw what could only have been a complete look alike to Tanya. The face, the figure, everything looked like Tanya. “Hey Tanya!” the girl said with enthusiasm and love.

“Hey Candace.” Tanya said as she smiled at her San Franciscan cousin Candace and hugged her. Adam was amazed at the resemblance. Tanya and Candace could have been twins like Ashley and Alison were. “What are you doing here?” Candace asked. Taking a look at Adam she then added “And who’s this handsome strapping piece of man?” Adam couldn’t help but blush at Candace’s comment.

“This is Adam Park.” Tanya said. “And I’m dating him so hands off.” Candace waved her hands saying she would do what her cousin ‘asked’. “So why are you looking to talk to your mom and dad here? What’s wrong with your home?”

“I’d rather talk to mom and dad here.” Tanya said. “If I told them at home. They’d try to keep me at home.” Candace then asked “What’s up? You two aren’t planning on running away together are you?”

“Nothing like that.” Tanya said. Her gaze then turned to the balcony on Candace’s window. “Can we talk outside?” Candace nodded at Tanya’s request. Whenever Tanya visited Candace’s home they often talked on the balcony if something was serious. Candace had a good idea that what Tanya had to say was serious. Realizing she needed an icebreaker to get the conversation started Tanya started the conversation.

“Candace, you know those relief trips my parents took when I was little?” Candace nodded knowing. “I remember the last one when you came home. A family named Campbell took over for you guys?”

“They’re back now.” Tanya then said. “But it looks like we may be going on another trip together. Without our parents.” Candace then looked at Tanya and asked “This wouldn’t have anything to do with the two of you being Power Rangers would it? The two of you and….Adam also?” Tanya nodded at Candace’s question. “You always were observant.”

“Well I know you took Martial Arts. And the Purple you now wear. By the way, what happened to the yellow you had?”

“You have a problem with purple?” Tanya asked noticing Candace’s apprehension to her new color. Candace thought about what she said and shook her head. “It’s not the purple per se’, it’s just I know a guy that wore a lot of it.”

“This guy in purple giving you trouble?” Tanya asked. Again Candace shook her head. “No, his sidekick however is a real pain in the neck though. He’s always trying to flirt with me. And he’s everywhere. Even gave me his name, Boz Bishop.”

“Boz Bishop?” Tanya asked thinking about someone Silver Zeo had mentioned. Her father had known quite a few 'colorful’ characters. Most of them Cassidy had said were on the other side of the law. Eldin Sistrunk, Frankie Dwyer, Tamara Van Zant, Tony B.

“This guy in purple,” Tanya started to ask. “Is he Hispanic? Dresses in purple suits? Bald?” Candace nodded at the description. Tanya and Adam couldn’t help but smile as they knew who she was talking about. “It’s okay I know him. He’s a cop.”

“A cop?” Candace asked surprised. “Why’s he working with a guy like this Boz?”

“Well if Silver Zeo is right the guy in purple was doing an off duty case. He’s also the police partner to Silver Zeo’s father.” Tanya said. As she thought of how Candace knew of Joe Dominguez, and how the circle of friends seemed to be getting bigger and closer she then said “Small world.” Candace smiled at Tanya’s observation as she heard her mother call in the hallway and went to answer. When Candace left Tanya then went out to the balcony where Adam stood and Adam asked “How did it go?”

“With Candace great. With mom and dad I don’t know.” Tanya answered. “They know I’m spreading my wings a lot more, but do I tell them I’m spreading my wings by going to another planet and freeing it?” Adam looked at Tanya and sighed not sure if he had an answer. It was then that Candace came in and called for Tanya.

“Tanya? Your mom and dad are here.” Candace said. Tanya sighed as she looked at Adam. “Time to face the music.” she then said as she moved to walk inside the house. For a moment Adam stood on the balcony and looked up at the sky momentarily. His mind focused on Sabrina. He wondered how she was doing with her sister Dulcea.

He also wondered why she was in his thoughts so much. It was Tanya he loved. Right?

After she had left her family house Kimberly decided to take a walk around Angel Grove, familiarizing herself with the town. Etching it in her mind as if trying to form a last memory of it before leaving. She had walked for hours on end taking in every landmark. Every street. Every memory. From the park where she played, to a corner store her father took her to get sundaes, to even the Youth Center. She thought about going in to see Ernie, but he had left for the day.

She then realized that so much of her life had been in Angel Grove. Cheerleading, school, being a Ranger, making the friends she had made. Even if she went somewhere else on a trip or a Ranger mission, Angel Grove was home to her. She would not have traded it for anything. And taking what may well be a final look around her home town for her left her with a warm feeling in her heart. A warm feeling she did not want to be without as she felt she would need it for the trip to Aquitar.

_It helps to have a place to come back to._ Kimberly heard someone say. She wasn’t sure who said it, but the quote still stuck with her. And Kimberly realized she wanted to come back to Angel Grove. As she walked she started to get tired and felt like she needed to get some sleep before leaving. The shuttle to the Pegasus would not be ready for a while so she headed to the closest place she could sleep, Katherine’s boarding house.

Kat always said that there was a bed for any Ranger who needed it, and Kimberly decided to take Kat up on the offer. Mrs. Hillard greeted Kimberly and showed her the guest room Kimberly could rest in. “Didn’t feel like going home right now.” Kimberly said. Mrs. Hillard nodded in understanding. Kat had said a similar goodbye earlier.

“She told me that you and her friends would be leaving Kimberly.” Mrs. Hillard said. “I’ve known a lot about her ‘extracurricular activities’ for a while now.” Kimberly looked at Mrs. Hillard confused which Mrs. Hillard took note of. She then explained.

“She came home different one day. Cold and distant.”Mrs. Hillard explained. “I didn’t know what changes over took her. She tried to be as she was, but it seemed…forced. As if being her normal self was……”

“Difficult?” Kimberly asked. “Like she was going through the motions?” Mrs. Hillard nodded. Kimberly remembered Kat when she was enspelled. When she met Kat when the spell was broken she seemed so lighthearted. As if being good was natural to her. When she was under a spell Kimberly felt Katherine was….dialing in being nice.

“One day I decided to check on her. She left the house and I followed. I saw her go around a corner one day and when I followed she seemed to have disappeared. All I saw was a white cat walking. I figured Katherine may have been involved in something….unusual. One day she came home and explained what was going on. She mentioned you, and Tommy….and the Power Rangers.”

“So you know?” Kimberly asked. Mrs. Hillard nodded. “Kat and I have no secrets from one another. If there’s something wrong she tells me…when she’s not under a spell by a space witch. Although why the witch chose my daughter I don’t know.”

“Rita wanted someone to corrupt.” Kimberly said. “Someone to tarnish. Seem not as ‘good’ as they were supposed to be.” Mrs. Hillard nodded at Kimberly’s assessment. “She already said her goodbyes to me and her father.” she then said.

“How did it go?” Kimberly asked. Mrs. Hillard remembered Kat’s goodbye, as she told her parents about Aquitar and the Alien Rangers that came to Angel Grove years back. Mrs. Hillard wondered why Angel Grove had seemed so familiar to her once. Kat explained that Master Vile turned back the clock for everyone in Angel Grove. So that Kat and her friends were children and Mrs. Hillard was….’a few years younger.’ Kim knew the feeling. She had to deal with the same duality of place feeling once she was in Florida.

“Wibbly wobbly timey whimey.” Kimberly said making reference to a quote the Doctor once said. She explained to Mrs. Hillard. “Something a friend once said.”

“Kat said going was something she had to do.” Mrs. HIllard said. “All I could do was hug her goodbye and pray she came back home. Kat said she would, but….”

“We’ll come back.” Kimberly said reassuring Mrs. Hillard. “Somehow we’ll come back.” She then looked at Kimberly and said “I see so much of Katherine in you. Like you….were two parts of the same person.” Kim shrugged “Well we have a lot in common.”

“No, more than that.” Mrs. HIllard said. “Something I can’t place.” Deciding not to think of it anymore Mrs. Hillard led Kimberly up the stairs to the room she would be sleeping in.

A nightshirt was loaned to Kimberly which she slipped into and then she slipped under the covers. Sleep came quickly, as Mrs. HIllard said “Good night.” before turning out the light.

But just as quick as sleep came to Kimberly Hart the dreams came even quicker.

Kimberly was flying. Flying her Crane Zord over the waters of Aquitar. A view she had seen for so long. Flying above everything. Seeing the world from up high.

As she flew she noticed the battles below. Friends were fighting. Monsters looked to be everywhere. Some had even fell as they were trying to protect fleeing Aquatians. Kimberly needed to get down there. Help her friends. To land.

But for some reason she could not get out of her zord. She could not leave. She was trapped up in the sky. Looking down, unable to join her friends. She had to get down, but how?

Then came the blast. A sting from somewhere. A sting so powerful it separated Kimberly from the Crane. Kimberly found herself falling to the ground as the Crane seemed to veer away. Flying into the night sky of Aquitar leaving Kimberly all alone. So long had Kimberly Hart been part of the sky, now a sting had brought her falling down the ground beneath her.

She was falling….falling….watching as the crane flew away. Pleading for it to come back, but this was a parting of ways between the sky and the power. Looking down she expected to see the ground of Aquitar rushing towards her. Instead she saw herself rushing to a white light. Inside the light was a claw. Stretched out ready to…..

Kimberly Hart woke up sweating. Her dream seemed so real.

Almost like it was a premonition of things to come.

Outside the home of Ashley Hammond, and Alison Bogard-Hammond three figures stood looking. Two were the girls in question. The third was Ashley’s boyfriend Andros, who was studying Ashley’s house. Ashley looked at the house and felt the warmth in the place provided by her family. Her mother and father helping make the house they lived in a home.

Alison however had not yet been able to call the Hammond house ‘home’ as she had not lived there long. She had only lived at the house as long as she had known her birth parents…which was not long at all. Barely over a month. Ashley reassured her sister that Alison would warm up to the place eventually. Alison hoped so. She had already said goodbye to her grandfather. A goodbye Ashley had been there for.

Andros however was impressed by Ashley’s house. It looked like a prestigious dwelling for someone in what Earth humans would deem ‘the upper middle class’. Ashley then explained “My family has always been involved in some form of government, military, or law enforcement service. I have an uncle who’s a General in the Air Force. Another who’s working with the C.I.A. to create a Counter Terrorist Agency.”

“You must come from a very noble family then.” Andros said. Ashley nodded but added “Just don’t mention Uncle Hector. He’s…..”

“…..a Black Sheep with a big head.” Alison added remembering what little of the Hammond family history she had found out at her current point. Turning to Andros she then said “And we’re not just saying that. He really does have a big head. Huge even. He has to weart a collar to keep it from crushing his neck. Freaky guy.” Ashley smiled at her sister’s description and then said “It’s also because of Uncle Hector that they might be accepting of Alison and us being Power Rangers. And why we have to leave.”

“Then let’s go inside.” Andros said as Ashley led the trio into hers and Alison’s family home. Gerald and Alyssa Hammond were already waiting in the living room watching the news as it told of further reconstruction efforts taking place in the world after the Cylon attack. The world was almost back in one piece. But there were still some areas being rebuilt.

“You didn’t tell us you’d be bringing a boy over Ashley.” Mr. Hammond said as he looked over Andros. “We’d have made dinner or something.”

“There’s no need to fuss dad.” Ashley said. “At least about Andros. He’s about as safe as they come.” Ashley then sighed as she then realized that while her parents didn’t have to worry about Andros they would have to worry about something else. “Mom, dad. There’s is something else I have to tell you. You both better sit down.”

“What?” Mrs. Hammond asked. “What is it Ashley?” It was then that Ashley, Alison and Andros all sat down on the living room couch while Mr. and Mrs. Hammond sat in the chairs across from them. Immediately Ashley began to tell the story of how she became a Power Ranger, and Alsion also joined in on the story of becoming a Ranger herself. The revelation stunned the Hammond parents to say the least.

“You’re Power Rangers?” Mr. Hammond asked.

“Astro Rangers.” Ashley said as she, Alison and Andros demorphed. “And that’s not all we have to tell you.” The Hammond parents listened in wondering…and worrying what all their daughters had to say. It was then that Alison told Mr. and Mrs. Hammond about the plan to leave for Aquitar. Afterwards Ashley pleaded with her parents and said “Please don’t say ‘no’ mom and dad. We both don’t want to go against you.”

“But we will if we have to.” Alison added. “I’m sorry.” Andros added “The Liberation of Aquitar is an important mission. Not just for Earth, but the entire Galactic council. Aquitar has been one of its core members.”

“But we just got you back Alison.” Mr. Hammond said. “And to hear that you and Ashley are BOTH leaving.”

“Mom, Dad.” Ashley said. “What we’re doing is good work. We’re helping others that can’t help themselves. Isn’t that what you always taught me to do?”

“But you’re still our daughters.” Mrs. Hammond said. She then looked at Andros and asked “And what about you? You have an interest in Ashley, I can see it in your eyes.” Andros couldn’t help but blush with embarrassment as he then asked “Yes Mr. and Mrs. Hammond. I am greatly attracted to your daughter, and her safety means as much to me as it does to you.”

“I hope I’m included in that safety meaning.” Alison said. Andros nodded and said “All of you are. You’re all my friends, and I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

“Mom, it’s no different than what Uncle George does at that base in Wyoming he can’t talk about.” Ashley then said. “We’re just throwing in what Uncle Brad does for good measure.”

“And we have no wish to turn into Uncle Hector.” Alison added. “We don’t want our heads to be that big.” Everyone chuckled at Alison’s remark as they found her looking to discover everything she could about the Hammond family. A far cry from what she was used to in San Francisco, or what she saw when she visited Terry in Southtown. Gerald and Alyssa Hammond heard what their daughters said and realized there was only one decision that could be made.

“Take care of yourselves Ashley, Alison.” Mrs. Hammond said as she hugged her daughters good bye. She also hugged Andros hoping that he would live up to his word that he would protect her daughters. Mr. Hammond also hugged Ashley and Alison and shook Andros’s hand. “Those girls mean more to me than anything in the world.” was all Mr. Hammond said.

“I realize that sir.” Andros said. “And as I said I won’t let anything bad happen to your daughters.”

“Good. Enough said.” Mr. Hammond said. As Mr. Hammond said the last few words Alison realized she had another appointment. An appointment with her best friend Cassidy Bridges, who was going to tell her father that she was going away. The way Mr. Hammond talked to Andros reminded Alison of Cassidy’s father, and Alison knew Cassidy would want her friend there.

“I got to go see how Cassidy’s doing.” Alison’s said as she teleported off the Hammond family porch. Ashley and Andros then looked up at the stars wondering what was going to happen next.

Cassidy walked back to her father’s apartment where both her mother and father were waiting for her. Lisa was quick to give her daughter a hug glad for her safety. “Oh Cassidy thank god you’re safe.” She said.

Cassidy returned the hug then stood and looked at both Nash and Lisa. She overheard the T.V. in the family room and assumed her grandfather was watching the horse races again wondering if Mr. Woody was winning again. But right now other things were on her mind, and Nash could tell by the look on her face. “What’s up sweetheart?” Nash asked.

Cassidy took a deep breath, not sure what to say right now. She paused for a few seconds trying to find the words she needed then she said them. “I...have to leave.”

Nash and Lisa both looked shocked. “WHAT?!”

“I’m going away for a while. To...another planet.”

“Oh no you’re not young lady. I don’t care if you are a Power Ranger!” Lisa shouted.

“Mom!” Cassidy shouted. “I have to.”

Nash then spoke up. 'Why Cassidy? Why do you have to go?”

Cassidy paused before explaining. “The planet Aquitar has been conquered. The Blue Morphin Ranger needs all the help he can get to free it.”

“You mean...you’re going into a war zone?” Nash said in shock.

“Maybe.” Cassidy said. “And there is the chance I may not come back.”

“Well then that settles it sister. You’re not going.” Nash answered.

“Daddy!!!” Cassidy shouted.

“I mean it! I’m not allowing my only daughter to go to another planet where she might get killed and we might never see you again. You’re not going!”

“Daddy I am going!” Cassidy said confronting her father. “Those people need me!”

“And we need you here too!” Nash said. “We need you here to go to school, then go to college, then get a better job, get married, to a man I approve of mind you...”

“And what about the rest of the universe? Do I just write them off?” Cassidy asked.

Lisa then interrupted. “OUR universe involves you being in it. We want to see you grow up.”

“Mom, I’ve done a lot of growing up lately. Ever since I was chosen for the Silver crystal I’ve done nothing but grow up. This is one of those times where the responsibilities of the decision I made to accept those powers comes into play.”

“Yeah, and you are too young to be crushed by those responsibilities.” Nash said adamant about his position. He would not let Cassidy go to Aquitar, period. “I’ve seen many childhoods end because they decide to go to war.”

“You’re thinking of a gang war dad.” Cassidy had said defending her decision. “This is not a war like that!”

“No it’s worse!” Nash shouted. “It’s one that should be out of a Sci-Fi movie, but it isn’t. And it also plays out like it’s a real war where real people die! You’re not going! You’re not ready!”

“I am ready!” Cassidy shouted. “I have to be.” Pausing she then looked at her parents saying her final peace. “I’m going with my friends to Aquitar. With or without your consent!”

“Nick can you talk some sense into her?” Nash called out to his father. Nick looked up from the T.V. set and stared at Cassidy. Then he looked at Nash and said “I don’t know son. Seems like she’s talking sense to me.”

“What?!” Nash and Lisa both said. “You know your granddaughter is going to another planet that’s basically a war zone.”

“When haven’t we gone into a war zone?” Nick said. “I went into one in the service. You went into one as a cop.”

“And Bobby went into one in Vietnam and never came back!” Nash then said. Cassidy then shouted. “That’s not fair dad. I’m not Uncle Bobby.”

“And I don’t want you to be. I want you to come back home!” Nash said. Cassidy then said “I will come home. I promise.”

Nash however wasn’t convinced. “I know you promise to come back Cassidy, but the world has a way of making sure such promises aren’t kept.”

“She’ll keep it.” Nick then said. “Her friends will make sure she does.” Standing up he then walked over to Cassidy and said “When I first shipped out I was scared and eager of what was going to happen. I saw a lot of bad things during my tour of duty, but I also saw a lot of happy times too with friends I made during my time of service. Those friends got me through so many scrapes than I care to admit, and I have no doubt those friends of yours will do the same for you. And you will do the same for them.”

“Nick.” Nash had said as if trying to plead with his father to change Cassidy’s mind. But Nick wasn’t listening. And neither was Cassidy. Her mind was made up, and everyone knew it. Taking her hand Nick then said “I don’t know what all you’re doing Cassidy, but take care of yourself. Come back in one piece.”

“Thanks grandpa.” Cassidy said giving Nick a peck on the cheek before going to her room and packing her things. An hour later she walked out of her room and looked at her father and mother.

“Goodbye mommy, daddy. I hope to see you again soon.” Nash sighed knowing there was no changing his daughter’s mind. She was just as stubborn as he was. “Come home soon sweetheart.” Was all he could say.

“I will.” Cassidy said as she then walked to the elevator and pressed the button to take her down. And all Nash and Lisa Bridges could do was watch as their daughter went off to war.

A war on another planet.

Cassidy left her father’s apartment where Alison was waiting for her. “So how did it go?”

“Fine.” Cassidy said sarcastically. “Mom was flying through the roof. Dad was out of his mind with worry, and grandpa wasn’t sure what to make of me going to another planet. He did try to be supportive though.”

“It must really have been hell for your dad.” Alison then added. Cassidy nodded.

“Yeah he never got over Uncle Bobby going down in Vietnam.” Cassidy’s uncle, Bobby Bridges, left to go to Vietnam in 1971. In 1973 Bobby’s helicopter went down in the jungle. Bobby was never found and was declared M.I.A. When Nash and Nick found out about Bobby going down neither father nor son recovered. Nick always thought the world of his firstborn son, and Nash idolized his brother who seemed like the perfect brother.

“And now I’m going into a war zone.” Cassidy then said. “It’s bad enough daddy lost his brother in the jungle. He doesn’t want to lose me too.”

Alison thought it would be a good thing if the subject was changed so she did. “So what all did your grandfather say?”

Cassidy smiled at Alison’s attempt to change the subject as she explained what her grandfather said to her. “He told me of when he left for the Navy that he was both eager and scared at the same time. That he had seen many horrors, but that he also had some happy times mostly in part to his buddies that he fought with. He said that if I put faith in my teammates that we’ll all come through this.” Cassidy then put her arm around Alison in a friendly hug and both girls smiled.

“You’re grandfather is a wise man.” Alison said. “Ready to go up to the Pegasus.

“As I’ll ever be. You giving me a ride?”

“Why not? Everyone else is bumming a ride off us.” Alison and Cassidy then activated their teleporters and soon in streaks of green and silver they had teleported up to the Astro Megaship which was making her way to the Battlestar Pegasus.

“We were never that obnoxious.” Skull said looking at two young boys dressed as punks walking around like they owned the playground outside Little Angel’s Haven.

“No, we were a lot more obnoxious.” Bulk said placing a hand on Skull’s shoulder as a sign of solidarity. He too was looking at the boys in the distance. Boys that were a reminder of his, and Skull’s, own past.

Bulk and Skull looked at Biff and Loman. The two younger bullies reminded Bulk and Skull of what they once were, and how much they have both grown. Bulk as a Gold Ranger. Skull as a leader of his own Ranger team. Both with power and responsibilities they dreamed of having, yet never really believed they would have. Nor did they believe they would use their power like they were using it. Bulk and Skull dreamed of being rich heroes. Now they were becoming heroes….just without the money.

But through it all Bulk and Skull had stayed inseparable. Inseparable to the point where the two former bullies could have been considered ‘brothers’ though not by blood. It was a bond Jason and Tommy had, but yet Bulk and Skull’s seemed stronger in some regards. Mostly due to the two having known each other longer.

In Biff and Loman they saw a similar bond. Bulk and Skull thought of the younger charges in ‘the geeks’ care. Kimberly’s cousin Kelly, Trini’s cousin Sylvie, Zack’s brother Curtis. Jason’s cousin Jeremy, and Billy’s young genius charge Willy wondering if history would repeat itself and Biff and Loman might find their roles in that circle. Tormenting geeks, and learning humility along the way…after several failed attempts to show how ‘big and bad’ they were.

No one really knew about Bulk and Skull’s family life, and they liked it that way. They didn’t want sympathy, or anyone knowing about their family histories. They kept anyone from knowing Biff and Loman’s as well, as such Biff and Loman had a stronger bond to Bulk and Skull than to anyone in their respective families.

“What do we tell them?” Skull asked at a loss for words.

“I have no idea.” Bulk said. “I’d hate to think we’d be walking off and never coming back. Like the dad that left the house for milk and never came home.” Skull nodded knowing the situation well. He knew of dads that ‘left for milk and never came home’ himself. But before the former bullies could figure out what to do next their younger counterparts saw them and ran up to the bigger boys they had looked up to.

“Hey cousin Bulk.” Biff said. “You here to watch us torment geeks like you and Skull used to do?” Loman let out a weird laugh like Skull used to do. Hearing the laugh from Loman made Skull think of his younger days. Days that seemed so long ago.

“No Biff, I think torturing geeks has lost its appeal to us.” Bulk said. He then added “We’re just here to say that Skull and I…”

“….are getting married?” Loman asked. Bulk and Skull looked at Loman strangely, yet with affection. Skull couldn’t believe he said lines like Loman did. _Maybe Bulk was right. We were more obnoxious._

“We’re going away for a while.” Skull said saying the line a little ‘matter of factly’. Loman looked at Skull and then asked “Are you and Bulk going on a milk run?”

Bulk and Skull knew what Loman meant by a ‘milk run’. To the Bulkmeyers and Skullovitch’s a ‘milk run’ was a trip that someone never came back home for. They looked at each other wondering what to say to the young boys. Bulk then said “We hope not. We hope to come back.”

“Where you going?” Biff asked. Bulk then answered “On a long trip.”

“But we’ll be back somehow.” Skull said. “Nothing can keep us from seeing you guys again.” Bulk and Skull then hugged their younger cousins and then Bulk said “Take care you guys. And lay off the geeks okay? It just causes headaches.”

“And other aches.” Skull said as the two got up to walk off the playground. Biff and Loman looked at each other confused wondering what Bulk and skull were getting at. They were saying goodbye and then walking away? What was going on?

Biff and Loman ran off the playground to follow Bulk and Skull. However they were out of Biff and Loman’s field of vision. They had followed their idols only to find them gone. They saw streaks of Gold and White, for a split second, but they were gone quickly for the boys to not notice. With that, ‘Biff’ Bulkmeyer and ‘Loman’ Skullovitch looked around to find where Bulk and Skull went.

The former bullies, now Rangers, were long gone.

Gone to the ship that would take them to war, leaving two confused kids in their wake.

Confused kids that hoped their role models would return to them.

At the Reid mansion in Angel Grove Daniel Reid looked up at the portrait of his ancestor. A legendary hero known only as the Lone Ranger.

Daniel’s father told him of stories of his ancestor. A Texas Ranger known as John Reid gunned down by the Cavendish Gang and returned as the masked lawman with his Indian friend Tonto righting wrongs and protecting the innocent. A legacy that continued through the Reid family with the identity of the Green Hornet. An identity that went three generations with his grandfather Britt Reid, his father Britt Reid II, and his cousin Paul Reid. Another cousin Alan Reid wore the Green Hornet mantle, but he was killed in a gang land explosion.

Looking at the Astro Morpher on his wrist Daniel was glad he was continuing the legacy of justice as the White Astro Ranger. The heroic legacy of the Power Rangers reminded Daniel of the tales of the Lone Ranger. The hero riding the west standing up for justice. Daniel believed the image and message of the Power Rangers sent a more hopeful message than the identity of the Green Hornet had, who fought for the law by breaking it.

_Lone Ranger. Power Ranger_ Daniel thought. As he put the two names together he noticed the similarities between the two. Both were regarded as heroes and symbols of what was good in the universe. Both wore masks to protect their identities. But unlike the Lone Ranger who fought for justice in the old west the Power Rangers had a bigger territory to cover. A territory out in space.

A territory that had its own share of outlaws. Outlaws that threaten the innocent. Take over towns. In a way Daniel felt the exploits of the Rangers reminded him of his ancestor’s old west stories. Just with a science fiction twist.

_But will Aquitar be one such adventure?_ Daniel asked. As Daniel looked at the portrait Daniel’s father Britt Reid entered the room. “Something on your mind son?” Britt asked. Daniel nodded and answered his father’s question.

“Wondering what he would think of the Reid family today.” Daniel said as he looked at the portrait. “The costumes, the identities. The bad guys.” Britt nodded as he looked up at the portrait. “I used to do the same thing myself at times. Look up at the portrait and wonder what John Reid would think of the fight for justice today.”

“Probably wouldn’t recognize it anymore.” Daniel said. “You with the Hornet. Me with….the Rangers.” Daniel paused for a second before dropping his next bombshell on his father.

“Dad I’m going with the Rangers to Aquitar.”

Britt let a few seconds pass before speaking. “You’re going to another planet?”

“To liberate it from some goons that are abusing it and its people.” Daniel said. “I know it will be dangerous. And, I’m not sure I’ll be back either. But….I have to go. No one else will do anything. No one else will help.”

“Isn’t there a council or something that helps with that?” Britt asked. Daniel nodded. “They seem to self-absorbed these days. They’d rather let innocent people suffer if it means something for themselves.” Britt then said “Corrupt politicians letting lawlessness run rampant? Maybe John Reid would understand.” Pausing Britt then asked “And like John Reid he’d want to do something about it. I take it you’re going?”

“Yes dad.” Daniel said. The Rangers of Aquitar saved us in the past. We have to return the favor. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, but I was afraid you would worry. You and mom.”

“Yeah son we’d worry.” Britt said. “But we’d also understand. And we know you have to do what you have to do.” Daniel looked at his father curiously and asked “You’re not mad?”

“Not at all son.” Britt said. “If anything it sounds like something John Reid would do.” Looking up at the portrait of the Lone Ranger Britt looked at his son. “Right away I knew you were going to be like him. I guess that’s why we named you Daniel John Reid. I see his eyes in you.” Daniel smiled as he saw the portrait. The face was obscured, but the eyes were visible. Eyes full of love, dedication, and a belief in what was right.

“Thanks dad.” Daniel said. “If you said I had his chin I’d be in real trouble. Especially since I can’t make it out with his face all blacked out.” Britt laughed a small laugh at his son’s joke. After the moment of humor Daniel continued to speak.

“Dad, I’m going to say a little something.” Daniel said. Britt listened as his son spoke. “I’m kind of glad I got chosen to be a Power Ranger. It would be hard to be a Lone Ranger type in this day and age, but a Power Ranger does come close to that. Fighting the monsters. Saving the day. Inspiring people and all that. That’s not something the Green Hornet is known for.” Britt nodded at his son’s reasoning as Daniel continued to speak.

“Don’t get me wrong dad. I know the Hornet has his own role to play in the ‘fight for justice’ our family took up. But the Green Hornet is not exactly a guy who can ‘walk in the sun’ if you will. He can’t inspire because he’s supposed to be a criminal. He walks in the shadows, while I like walking in the sun.” Britt nodded as he also looked up at the portrait. A smile crossed his face as he then said “You know. It would have been ironic if you were chosen to be the Silver Ranger.”

“The color was taken dad.” Daniel said. “Also I don’t think ‘Hi Yo Silver Away’ would work well on a Galaxy Glider.” Turning to Britt Daniel then added “But being the White Ranger is like being the White Knight you know? The knight that stood for chivalry and nobility? I kind of like being that, and I believe me being in that role can inspire others to stand up to the monsters in the world. Monsters like the Cavendish gang, the UAE. I want to spread hope and inspiration. Rangering lets me do that in a way being a Green Hornet never could.” As Daniel spoke Daniel’s mother Lenore Reid stood in the doorway.

“And you want to make sure others can walk in the sun as well without fear.” Lenore said as she hugged her son. “Come home soon okay?” she said. Daniel returned the embrace and said “Sure mom. I’ll come back.” Going over to his father Daniel shook Britt Reid’s hand and hugged his father goodbye. “Take care son. Come home safe.”

“I will.” Daniel said as he looked at this ancestor’s photo one last time. Daniel then walked out of the house as Britt and Lenore Reid watched him walk away. Next second the Reid parents saw their son teleport away in a streak of white. They knew Daniel was teleported to the ship that would take their son to Aquitar.

But they watched the spot where their son stood a few minutes more before turning to go back in. They wanted to savor every memory of their son, even the memory of saying goodbye.

Rockford DeSantos and Katarina Petronov never thought they would say as many goodbyes as they did that night. Katarina then said “Never figured you had that big a family.”

“Yeah. Saying goodbyes like that to so many brothers and sisters can take a lot out of you.” Rocky said. “Not to mention the tears from some of them. Afraid that you won’t come back.”

“Well you did injure your back.” Katarina said. “That’s bound to bring added concern from a family afraid of you going off to free a planet.” Rocky nodded at Katarina’s words, but they knew the journey they took had to be taken. “What about you?” Rocky asked. “Any family you want to say good bye to?”

“I already said my goodbyes.” Katarina said. “Any of us Outsiders that had goodbyes to say already said them. Jamie didn’t have to say any with her mom still being missing. Lillian said goodbye to her brother. Christina…” Rocky nodded at Katarina’s words. A lot of the Outsiders didn’t have many family left. Katarina had a big family like Rocky’s, but she hadn’t had much contact with them. She preferred it that way. Turning to look at the DeSantos house Rocky took in one last look as if taking in a final memory. As he looked at the house he held Katarina close as if telling himself he had something to come back to, and someone to come back with.

“We’ll come back.” Rocky said. He and Katarina then walked down the stone path away from the house when a voice of a little girl came running towards the. “Rocky! Rocky!” the voice shouted. Turning around he and Katarina saw it was the voice of Rocky’s little sister Rosa. Quickly she ran up to Rocky and held him tight in a hug. “Don’t go Rocky. Please. I want you to stay home.”

Rocky hugged his little sister wishing he could give her what she wanted. That he could stay with her and be kept safe. But that safety would have come at the cost of a civilization that helped save Earth. He couldn’t have that on his conscience. He believed no one could. No one who cared, that is.

Taking his sister in his arms Rocky held her and said “Rosa, I wish I could stay. But I have to go. Katarina does too. All our friends have to go. Them, me, all of us on Earth. We owe it to the people of Aquitar to go and help them as they helped us. Someday you’ll understand.”

“I don’t want to understand Rocky.” Rosa said crying. “I don’t want to lose you.”

“You won’t.” Rocky promised. “I’ll come back. And we’ll have the biggest welcome home party there ever was. And I’ll even save a dance for you.” Rosa then looked up in Rocky’s eyes and smiled. Then she hugged him tightly again looking at Katarina. “Bring him home safe.”

“I will.” Katarina said. “We all will.” With that Rosa broke the embrace and headed back into the house. Rocky and Katarina watched her run back in. Looking at Katarina Rocky said “We’re coming back.”

“You bet we are.” Katarina said as little Rosa walked back into the DeSantos house. Then with an activation of their communicators they teleported up to the ship to head to the Pegasus

The Astro Megaship flew up from Earth taking to the open sea of deep space.

On the bridge Cassidy looked out the Megaship viewer taking in the starscape before her. To say that she was in awe was an understatement.

“Impressive isn’t it?” Zhane asked.

“No matter how many times I see it. It still takes my breath away.” Cassidy said. She looked at the rest of her teammates and saw Tommy, Kat, Adam, and Rocky looking on in awe as well. They had traveled to many planets before but never like this.

Richie, Bulk and Skull looked on amazed as well. And they had always spent their time earthbound, so their responses matched those of first time space explorers. Samantha and Emily looked on as if not too taken in by it. Samantha had seen many things with her travels with the Doctor, and Emily didn’t seem all that impressed by the sight before her.

The Morphin Rangers had their own looks about them. Jason saw it as a new adventure beginning. Kimberly, Trini and Tanya however looked at Billy knowing full well what this mission meant to him. Zack looked wide-eyed in wonder as if eager to see what would come next.

David sensed something spectacular was to come in the adventure before him. Samoht however felt a sense of dread for what was to come. Nathan looked at the starscape and just saw another mission before him.

The Astros saw space as another day at the office. Well Andros and T.J. anyway. Sabrina thought about facing Squatt and Baboo again. Like her they were once members of Rita’s royal court. But unlike her they prospered and conquered a planet while she had been tossed aside like garbage.

Ashley looked out knowing that she would be safe as long as Andros was with her. And with Alison by her side they couldn’t lose. Alison began to sense her sister’s reassurance and sent a smirk in her direction. Sending a glance towards Cassie, she also smiled knowing that what would happen would be big.

Daniel sighed knowing this would be another chapter in the Reid family legacy. Their whole lives were devoted to stopping evil and Squatt and Baboo were the latest 'chapters’ in the family story. Carlos looked out with a sense of wonder much like Zack’s. Zhane was too busy however making points with Cassidy to notice the stars however.

The Outsiders also rode up staring at the stars. Lillian however stood by Tommy’s side holding his hand with the feeling that whatever would happen they would handle it together. Jamie had her thoughts on her mother hoping that she would be all right. Her thoughts turned a lot towards her mother lately, and Jason knew it. Placing a hand on her shoulder Jason smiled as if saying things would be okay.

Katarina stood with Rocky offering him comfort. She was not trying to replace Jessica in his heart but Katarina could still be there for him. Christina smiled at her friend knowing that Rocky was grateful for the support being shown to him. And now Katarina knew as well.

Tyler had the same premonition of danger Samoht had, and a glance from Chelsea knew that she was uncertain about what was to come as well. A look in Nate’s direction had shown his face expressionless. But when they were approaching their destination everyone took notice.

The Battlestar Pegasus stood among the starscape in all its massive glory. A virtual space fortress armed to the teeth, and as big as a city. The Megaship approached the landing bay and set down with relative ease, and even that was awe inspiring.

“Landing bay pressurized.” DECA said. “We can now disembark.”

As every Ranger disembarked the Megaship they all took notice of the Sky Zords that were being prepped in the landing bay. Billy was standing nearby with a data pad looking over the progress reports of the diagnostic to the Sky Zord’s computers. “Make sure Zeo Sky 1’s programming is completely uploaded.” he ordered the tech nearby.

The Aquaitian named Daro acknowledged Billy’s order and Billy turned to greet the Outsiders, Morphin Rangers, Zeo Rangers and Astro Rangers. “Guys!”

“Tykwa will show you to quarters.” Billy said as the Rangers followed her to the living section. Billy however resumed his work. Everything depended on the equipment being in top condition if the liberation was to be successful.

After the Rangers were shown to their quarters, after getting over how big the Pegasus was, Billy immediately went to the command deck on the bridge. Kinwon noticed Bily’s presence and asked “The Rangers all settled in” Kinwon asked.

“They all have their quarters.” Billy said. “With port side windows they can look out of as they see stars go by at Light Speed.” Kinwon nodded and said “Excellent we’re ready to go now.” With that the Pegasus left its dock, eager to begin its mission.

Billy was still amazed that a ship as huge as the Pegasus itself could go into Light Speed without a jump point or Stargate to go through. He then looked at the starry expanse before him and the blue planet beneath that he had called home, or rather his first home. And while he loved his home on Earth, but his second home was in danger as were all the people that were on it. _Including Cestria._ he thought to himself.

“Lightspeed ready at your command.” the Kerovan Helmsman said to Commander Kinwon who turned awaiting Billy’s command. Billy gave a slight smile as he gave the order.

“Let’s go!”

The Pegasus then went to Lightspeed as it begun its journey across the vast expanse of space. Beginning it’s mission, the liberation of a world.

Beginning the Liberation of Aquitar.

On board the Pegasus there are a few areas that are almost forgotten. Spots that have been neglected after the reconstruction which brought the ship into IGPF service.

One of those spots was a celestial dome just above the main thrusters. In the earliest days of the Battlestar’s service the Pegasus had hundreds such domes where astronomers would take readings and send them down to a central computer to determine the ship’s course and whereabouts. But as technology progressed, the domes were taken out, and as the Pegasus was being rebuilt the remaining domes were removed, except for one.

And someone made their way into that dome. As they entered the dome the metallic covering folded down revealing the starscape all around the person within the dome. However this person was not interested in the stars at all.

Rather they were interested in the dome itself, and what it represented.

For inside the dome was a communications receiver and transmitter. The technology was old and most likely dated. But it would be enough for this person’s purposes. Taking a minute to figure out the equipment the individual then activated the receiver and sent out a narrow band transmission to those who were interested in what they had to say.

The transmission was directed at Aquitar.


At the capital city in the main building where the rulers of the planet usually resided a red machine made its way to the main chamber where the ruling council of Aquitar conducted their business. One of the ruling council, a machine that looked very similar to the red one with the exception of a few areas of design and color, turned and addressed its subordinate.

“REPORT!” the Dalek Supreme said to his subordinate the Red Dalek.

“WE HAVE RECEIVED A TRANSMISSION FROM OUR INFORMANT!” The Red Dalek said in an electronic voice that was customary of all Daleks. A voice that sent fear and terror to all that dared to come into the path of the Dalek Onslaught. “THE BATTLESTAR PEGASUS IS IN ITS WAY HERE! ON BOARD ARE FOUR RANGER TEAMS THAT INTEND TO FREE THIS PLANET FROM OUR DOMINION!”

“Hmmm. Rangers.” Squatt said from his ruling seat. “What teams?”


“Oh goody.” Baboo rubbed his hands together in anticipation. Ever since Minion freed Zedd, Rita and the court from Finster’s sabotage they were relishing the evil that they were doing on Aquitar. But they were also looking forward to locking horns with the Morphin Rangers again. Squatt and Baboo never really had the chance to confront them with their new forms, and were itching for a chance to make the Morphin Rangers pay for all those humiliating defeats the two suffered at their hands.

“We should activate our defenses. Place them on alert.” The ruling member known as Malice said. “It should only be fair that our interests are protected.”

“I know of your interests Malice.” The fifth member of the ruling council said with their back to the council. The voice was disguised by electronics and the screen lit up every time she talked. “You and your group didn’t supply weapons to Aquitar only out of the goodness of your heart. I know what you want, and it’s what most of the universe wants. Including everyone here.”

Malice smiled. The fifth member sat in shadows not allowing anyone to see that person’s face, so a helmet obscured it which also allowed them to hook up into the Aquitar computer network. They did not want to reveal the fifth member who helped solidify evil’s grip on Aquitar until the proper time. And due to the Rangers’s coming that time was rapidly approaching. “Forgive me. It’s just everyone here has an investment in Aquitar. Including you.”

“But I also have an interest in the Rangers as well.” The fifth member said. “We would have to deal with them sooner or later. I’m just as glad that it’s sooner rather than later. What is their estimated time of arrival?” the fifth member asked the Red Dalek.



“And make sure we know when the Rangers get here.” Squatt added. “We need to deal with them quick.”

“Our fleets will be kept at readiness.” Malice added. “I trust the Daleks can help in this regard?”


“I OBEY!” The Red Dalek said as he rolled out of the room. The ruling council sat in the main chamber pondering the new information they had received.

“So the Rangers are on their way here.” Baboo said. “Have you got any and all information on the teams?” he then asked Malice.

“Of course. Information is power.” Malice said as he produced a disk. “All this contains information on the Morphin, Astro, Zeo and Outsider teams provided by...sources.”

“We shall distribute this information to all of our forces. We must not go unprepared.” Everyone agreed and the fifth member sat listening to all that was being said, but her thoughts were turned to one person in particular. One person who was on the teams that were coming here. One person who had saved Aquitar in the past, and is attempting to save it again.

The fifth member was looking forward to this person’s arrival. There was a lot to discuss.

_Come home soon Billy. I’m looking forward to seeing you again._ the fifth member thought with sinister glee. Everyone was looking forward to when the Rangers would arrive.

End of Part

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