Disclaimer: The Power Rangers are the property of Saban/Disney and I lay no claim to them. The Taelons are aliens from the series Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict. The Lords of Kobol are references from the series ‘Battlestar Galactica(the Original, not the Ronald Moore remake{Don’t get me started on that!}). Q is the property of Paramount pictures. 24 is property of FOX and the Rani is property of the BBC. This story is part of the COE Final Reckoning series and follows on from the events of COE Final Reckoning Minion of Darkness, COE Final Reckoning After the Minion, COE Final Reckoning ID War, Crisis of Faith.

Shift in Reality
By The Q-team

The Q-Continuum
No real place
No real time
Before the reckoning

In this world life has no meaning.

In this world life is but a toy.

In this world the universe is a toy, at least to the inhabitants of this realm. Inhabitants that were known as the Q.

The Q were a race of omnipotent beings with immense powers that few beings could match. However their use of their powers had bordered on irresponsibility, if not being irresponsible completely altogether. This irresponsibility irked many beings, from both the younger races, and their fellow omnipotents. And many times this irresponsibility came back to haunt them as they played with time lines and altered events. All of this on a whim without regard for the choices others had made, or the impact on the lives of the younger races.

One such example of irresponsibility was taking place as the three young Q: Light, Darke, and Young Q looked at the board which resembled the universe they were playing with. The three young Q were ready to begin the next round of their game with no regard for the consequences of their actions.

Darke looked at the board and noticed something in the corner. A piece resembling five swords that were encased in a stone. And standing behind that were five other pieces, with two off to the side for ‘alternative use’, added with a third tucked away in a far off corner of the game board. “What are those for?” Darke asked. “Are you trying to sneak some help here?”

“No.” Light said. “I’m just getting ready for when you decide to cheat.” Darke then shouted “Q, Light is getting ready to cheat again!” This brought Q in from his living room where he was watching a show he waited eons to see-the life of Jean-Luc Picard blooper reel, and he was clearly not happy.

“Oh if you kids can’t play nice then don’t play at all.” Q said clearly annoyed.

“Sorry father.” Young Q said. “But Light looks like he’s got an unfair advantage. Notice how he has his pieces rallied behind that rock piece? And where the rock piece stands now?” Q looked at the eight pieces. Seven behind the rock and the rock in the path of the Scorpion Empire which looked like the rock in which the Quasar Sabers were embedded into.

Q looked at the board and thought for a while, but only for a while. “Well that does look a little unfair.” Q stated. “What do you think son?” Q asked Young Q.

“Perhaps it would be best if the rock was removed. “Young Q had said. Darke smiled with glee as Light looked in disbelief. “But Q…”

“No buts. Remove the rock. I don’t want to see it again. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get back to my show. Jean-Luc is about to blunder into a fight with some Nausicans. I don’t want to miss it.” Q then went back to the living room and Darke and Young Q looked at Light as if waiting for him to do what they both agreed on. To remove the Quasar Sabers from the game.

“We don’t need them anyway.” Darke smirked. “We’ve got enough with the Zeo Crystal.” Young Q also looked wondering when Light would pull the Quasar Saber piece from the board.

Light sighed knowing he had no choice. He had to remove the piece from the board. So he did and took it to the wastebasket. Where he had to throw it away.

Thousands of years ago

The Quasar Sabers sat in the stone. At this time no one had pulled them from the sacred rock. And now no one ever would.

For the next second the swords disappeared. Erased from existence. Their legacy and destiny would never be realized.

A new set of consequences would come from this action. But the Q didn’t care. They wouldn’t care that the Scorpion Empire would move in and take the future inhabitants into the slave trades. They didn’t care that one of the most beautiful and natural planets would be stripped of all its resources and magic.

They didn’t care that the people of Terra Venture would not have its five defenders protecting them from the Scorpion Empire. For they would be left as stone statues on Mirinoi. Thanks to Furio who took his last consignment of slaves from the planet leaving the most difficult populace behind. Forever entombed as stone statues unless Furio decided to change them back. He decided he would return for three females next century. Two Mirinoians and one human girl with glasses and blonde hair. After all Scorpius would be looking for new concubines soon, and after that a meal.

This left the Magna Defender to fight alone against the terror of the Scorpion Empire. A fight he was destined to lose. For when Terra Venture entered the Uncharted Territories Scorpius immediately attacked it leading the Magna Defender standing against Scorpius. The GSA security forces tried to mount a defense but they were crushed by Scorpius’s monsters. And the Magna Defender soon fell in battle as well leaving the death of his son Zika to go unavenged.

As for the people of Terra Venture, well Scorpius made a hefty profit as he sold them to Captain Mutiny for hefty amounts of his treasure. Mutiny wasn’t concerned though, for he would have new slaves to help him dig up more treasure. Immediately every man, woman and child of Terra Venture was put to work as hope quickly died. But the Q didn’t care.

No the Q didn’t care about what happened at all. After all it’s only a game.

To the Q.

But not to others.

The Q Continuum
No Real Place
No Real Time

Light threw the piece into the wastebasket. He so wanted to use it to show up Darke but now Darke would wind up winning the next round. Sighing he went back to the game room where his two opponents were waiting.

Light did not notice the piece glow and fly out of the waste basket, and head outside of the Q Continuum.

A Lightship
Outside space and time.

In the great hall of the Ship of Lights John and the other Lords of Kobol stood as the glowing object landed in the podium. It then took the shape as not the game piece Light was using, but as what they were intended to be…the Quasar Sabers of Mirinoi.

John looked at the swords before him. Sadness and anger rising in him. “How long my friends?” the Lord of Kobol asked. “How long must we continue to put up with the Q mucking around in the affairs of the universe as if it were some toy to them?”

The Lords of Kobol shared John’s agitation with the situation. But there were some things that the Lords had to deal with, and until the moment came the Q were one of them. “We understand your feelings.” One lord said. “But now is not the time for us to interfere. Our time has not yet come.”

“When does it come?” John then asked turning away from the swords and confronting his brethren. “When does the time come where we can intercede and tell the Q ‘This isn’t your game. This universe belongs to those who live in it?’ When do we do that?”

“We don’t.” another lord said. “But someone will.”

John looked at his fellow lords and picked up the idea that they had something planned. “Who?” he asked curious as to who that someone they mentioned would be. Then he saw in his fellow Lords’ minds just who it would be that would free the universe from the Q’s control. And he couldn’t believe it. “You can’t be serious!”

“We have no choice. We are bound by our doctrines John. We cannot interfere.” One of the Lords said. “But the outcast has renounced his ties to us. And even though his agenda is not out own he will intercede.”

“There are some doctrines he hasn’t broken away from. What of the other doctrines the outcast IS bound by?” John asked. The Lords however assured John that nothing would lead back to the Lords. “Remember, he has renounced membership to us, despite being bound by other rules.”

“But can we trust him?” John asked.

“No.” the Lords answered. “But it’s all we can do right now.”

John sighed when an idea entered his mind. “Maybe. But I know someone else who isn’t bound by our doctrines either. And he can help a little.” John then transformed into a ball of light and flew away from the Kobollian Lightship. Destination: the Shadow Palace.

He hoped Shadow would be in. The swords then also transformed into light and went somewhere else that only John knew where.

The Shadow Palace
Shadow Grid

The ball of light materialized in the vast chamber of one area of the Shadow Palace and John assumed his human form looking around for his occasional ally. His vigilance paid off as Shadow descended the steps. “You know?” Shadow asked as if aware of what the Q had done.

“As do you.” John said. “The Q have taken the Quasar Sabers out of reality. The universe has shifted greatly.”

“And you’re hoping I can do something about it?” Shadow asked. “I know the Lords are limited by what they can do as your doctrines dictate.”

“But if anyone can make sure that the Mirinoians are safe it’s you.” John said. Shadow considered his words but then a voice boomed in the chamber that shouted “Not so fast!”

Both beings of power turned to look in the doorway and standing there was Shadow’s opposite Mirabilis. Standing with his arms crossed as if knowing something that he knew both John and Shadow knew. “Eavesdropping Mirabilis?” Shadow asked.

“I prefer to stay on top of things.” The Shadow Lord of evil had said. “And this is something I definitely need to stay on top on.” He turned to look at John and stared at him dead in the eye. “You do realize that whatever my opposite does I have to do a counter.” Mirabilis said.

John sighed and nodded well aware of what the consequences would be. If Shadow acted on the Mirinoians behalf then Mirabilis would have to involve something to keep the scales balanced which was how the triad operated. But John also knew that despite being the Shadow Guardian of Evil, Mirabilis had a code of honor about him as well as knowing full well what the consequences of one’s actions would be. “Yes I do know. But that is the risk I have to take. For the Mirinoian’s sake.”

“Just so we understand each other.” Mirabilis said as he turned to leave the room. That left Shadow and John alone. “What do you think he’ll do?” John asked.

“Nothing that can’t be dealt with.” Shadow answered. John then asked “So do you have anything in mind?”

“Well we know we can’t put the sabers back where they were.” Shadow had stated. “The Q would definitely know something was up. I could perhaps see to it that some other swords were made to replace the Quasar Sabers.”

“Ones the Q would have no jurisdiction over?” John asked.

“Exactly.” Shadow said. “These swords would be different from the Quasar Sabers of old. But they should be able to fulfill the role destiny had planned, despite some changes.” John sighed knowing what Shadow was implying. Even if they managed to get reality back to a semblance of the direction it was supposed to go there would be SOME changes in the path. Changes that couldn’t be avoided.

“As time goes by the Reckoning becomes more and more important doesn’t it?” John asked. Shadow couldn’t help but nod.

“We must be careful, or we could become like those we hope to have the younger races judge one day.” Shadow said. “Now if you’ll excuse me I have an appointment.”

John watched as Shadow headed for the area where his timeship waited. John knew where Shadow would be going. It was where most people went to get their super powerful weapons.

To Melchior the weapons lord. John then left the Shadow Palace and went to the place where the swords waited for him.

He looked at the blades and saw that they needed to be changed slightly. ~ No sense in having two of the same sword running around the universe. ~ John thought as he called upon his power to slightly change the exterior structure of the blades so they kept their basic design, but they didn’t look like the Quasar Sabers of old either.

~And now it’s time to give them back to their original creator. ~ John thought as he took the sabers to their new destination. The Animarium.

In his own wing of the Shadow Palace Mirabilis considered his own move. He empathized with John and his plight, but only because the Q’s action would have caused a massive upheaval that altered events in the Uncharted Territories beyond repair. So much was riding on the conflict between the Galaxy Rangers and the Scorpion Empire, not only for both sides but for the soul of his princess as well.

In the original history, before the Q removed the Quasar Sabers, Kendrix Morgan was to fall in battle and Karone was to return to take her place. This would have embarked her on a journey to heal her soul from the torment imparted on it when made evil by the UAE. And even though Mirabilis and Karone were destined to be on opposite sides, he still remembered his vow to protect his princess, which was why he let John and Shadow go about with their plan.

But as he said before he needed a counter. Something to put in place to oppose the Galaxy Rangers if they need be. Focusing on the viewing globe before him Mirabilis searched for what he could use for this purpose.

His perseverance paid off as he came across three girls, trained by the witch Hexuba who would take their place in the mythology of the planet Earth. Three girls who have great potential for evil, and who would definitely make an impact on the universe with the proper motivation.

These girls were known as the Gorgon Sisters.

With Mirabilis’s help they would become a force to be reckoned with.

The Animarium

Planet Earth

Thousands of years ago a star shaped island descended from the stars and set down into a lakebed. It’s sole occupants emerged from the island and quickly began to make peace with the local inhabitants.

The people of the flying island identified themselves s from the planet Elysia Seven, which had escaped a damaging attack from a monster named Duke Hazzard. Their leader, a young girl named Shayla quickly told the story of how Hazzard sought to corrupt the Animal spirits she had been chosen to protect, and how Shayla and some others escaped Elysia Seven to venture to Earth where it was hoped that the people there would work with the spirits that came with them. Many of the people of the area saw wisdom in Shayla’s words, and soon the kingdom of Animaria was born with Shayla serving as its duly elected princess.

The others that made the journey was a being named Animus who protected the Animarium from attacks. Also there was Merrick Balitou who would be Shayla’s protector if Shiranna, Shayla’s mother, was unavailable. When Shayla awoke from her slumber the first thing she did was look for her mother. She was nowhere to be found. When she asked Animus of her mother’s fate he said that she did not make the journey. He wouldn’t say why or what happened.

Regardless of her mother’s fate Shayla had a duty to perform. She was now guardian of the Wild Zords, and protector of the newly formed kingdom of Animaria. She would not shirk her duty, nor forsake the sacred animals. They were the last connection to her mother’s memory.

Sometimes Shayla would walk the plush green forests of the Animarium hoping to take in the natural power the planet Earth provided, finding that it brought peace to her soul when she did so. Shayla was taking one such walk when the Red Lion called out to her. “What is it?” she asked.

Red Lion spoke to her in his usual growls that only Shayla could understand. But she knew one day another would understand him. And what Red Lion said surprised even her. “The Mirinoian Swords? They’re here?” Shayla remembered the five swords being mentioned to her once for use against an evil that would attack that world. Shayla wondered why they would have been sent to Earth.

Red Lion growled an affirmative to Shayla’s earlier statement and Shayla immediately asked where the sabers were. Red Lion told her and she quickly raced to their location. When she got there five swords were placed in a rock just as they were described to her. “I don’t understand. How can they be here? They were intended for Mininoi. Who brought them here?”

“I brought them here.” A voice said from behind. Shayla turned around and saw a man in white who looked well into middle age. She stared at him and felt goodness within him, as well as light. But she still wondered who he was.

“My name is John. I am a member of the House of Kobol.” The man said introducing himself.

Shayla seemed confused as if never having heard the term before. “House of Kobol?”

“We are a race of guardians who look in on events of humanity from time to time. Make sure that they follow the path to their eventual destiny.” John said explaining himself.

“What destiny is that?” Shayla asked.

“Whatever humanity chooses it to be.” John said with a smile on his face. Then the smile faded and he got very serious.

“There are forces in the universe Shayla that have been tampering with humanity’s development. All for reasons of their own. My brethren and I have been trying to hold them at bay but sometimes we are not successful. Forces like the Q who seek to use the universe as their plaything, the Vorlons and Shadows who seek to use younger races for their own ideological conflict. A race of demigods called the House of Iblis who want to conquer humanity and lead it down a path of darkness. And there are others who have taken more hidden means due to them being not as ‘all powerful’ as those I have mentioned.

“Events are taking place to where new events are impacting into the destiny prophesized for Mirinoi. To the point where new weapons will be needed for that battle and these… are needed elsewhere.” John said making reference to the swords Shadow was making with the help of Melchior the weapons lord.

“What event?” Shayla asked.

“That I can’t say.” John said. “Only know that when the time comes these swords will be needed. And they will be here when they are.”

“And what of those you mentioned?” Shayla asked. “What if they seek to interfere?”

John sighed then faced Shayla again. “They won’t. The fabric of the universe is already tangled enough with the agendas of Higher Powers. So much it has been troublesome for others to untangle the mess. One day a time of reckoning will come where the younger races will confront the Higher Powers, and declare their independence from them. And humanity will take a great step to choosing its own destiny.”

“Will you be there when this ‘reckoning’ comes about?” Shayla asked intrigued by what John was saying.

“I will be there.” John said. “By humanity’s side. In the meantime remember these swords. You may need them when the time is right.” With that John transformed into a ball of light and took to the sky flying far from Shayla’s sight. Shayla watched John fly away then turned to look at the swords placed before her, intended for one destiny yet given another. However that destiny would not impact on the events that would come later. Events that would threaten Animaria’s very existence.

Events that would involve a species known as Orgs.

Led by a being known as Master Org, the Orgs’ main objective was the destruction of Animaria, and the capture of its power for themselves so they could rain terror and death on all they would come across. So powerful were the Orgs that Animaria had to assemble a new team of defenders to protect the kingdom. These defenders fought bravely and valiantly during many engagements, but eventually the final battle had to come.

This battle dealt losses to both sides. Animus was lost during battle, as was Master Org and the sixth guardian Merrick Balitou. Shayla was sent beck to the Animarium temple where she fell into her sleep once again. As guardian of the Animarium, and protector of the Wild Zords, many of the Wild Zords that could be recovered were brought on board, and the island floated amongst the sky awaiting the day when it, and the Wild Zords could return.

That time would come 3, 000 years later.

Present Day: The year 2002 AD

Sure enough, the Orgs returned 3, 000 years later. The time between the final battle of Animarium and the year 2002 was nothing more than a lull in the conflict.

Orgs appeared once again in the city of Turtle Cove. At first they seemed to be regular run of the mill Orgs, but then their appearance only got stronger and stronger. And soon enough Master Org, he who was believed lost during the last battle, returned with two Duke Orgs by his side. And as Master Org appeared, stronger Orgs soon appeared as well. One such Org walked the city streets as if he owned the place. His missiles firing all over the place sending fear and panic through the fleeing populace.

By his side were two other creatures. One looked to have a human face, but it was hidden behind a veil and she had a horn sticking out of her head rest. The other wore a mix of white and purple with a white horn sticking out from his head, and glowing yellow eyes. The creature in the center looked like a walking arsenal combined with an urban assault vehicle. Also in the center of his head was a single horn protruding from his head. These horns were the symbols of the creatures known as Orgs.

The two Orgs by the center Org’s side were known as Duke Orgs. Their names were Jindrax and Toxica. The Org in the center was known as Artilla Org. “Now Rangers. How are you going to stop me now?” Artilla Org boasted as he fired his main gun all around the area sending citizens panicking, leaving Artilla Org to wonder when these ‘Rangers’ would show up. He wouldn’t have to wait long.

Five figures appeared before the three Orgs. They were dressed in brightly colored costumes. The one in red had the symbol of a lion on his chest. The girl in yellow had a symbol of the eagle on her uniform. The one in black bore the symbol of the bison, and the blue one next to him had the symbol of the shark on his uniform. The final one, the girl in white, bore the symbol of the white tiger on her costume.

These five warriors were the Power Rangers Wild Force. Those selected when Princess Shayla reawakened from her sleep when the Orgs returned. Five spirit animals selected quickly new guardians, the lion, the eagle, the bison, the shark and the tiger. Each one accepted the honor placed before them. The red one, Cole Evans, was the last one to accept the honor. The yellow one, Taylor Bauer, was the first. The one after Taylor was the white Tiger, Alyssa Enrile. The third selected was Max Cooper, known as the Surging Shark, with Danny (Iron Bison) Delgado, being the fourth selected.

All five stood together ready to do battle with another Org, and the two Duke Orgs by its side. One by one the Rangers all took their stances.

“Blazing Lion!”

“Soaring Eagle!”

“Iron Bison!”

“Surging Shark!”

“Noble Tiger!”

“Guardians of the Earth! United we roar!” As the Wild Force stood together they quickly came up with a plan to deal with Artilla Org who was armed and ready for bear.

“Max, Danny, you flank him. I’ll take dead center. Alyssa, Taylor, you two deal with Jindrax and Toxica. “Everyone agreed and soon Surging Shark and Iron Bison were taking a side each with Blazing Lion taking the center. They all drew out their weapons and took their shots at the Org. First Surging Shark, then Iron Bison, and then finally Blazing Lion. When the Org was softened up they waited until the girls were done.

“At last Yellow Ranger our rivalry shall end!” Jindrax said as he delivered an overhead strike, which Soaring Eagle was able to deflect. A series of strikes and parries were exchanged between the two combatants, and even though Jindrax seemed to be skilled with a sword Soaring Eagle seemed to reflect skill and grace. But Soaring Eagle’s skill became apparent after she jammed her blade into Jindrax’s hilt and twisted it sending his blade flying out of his reach. Before Jindrax could even move to retrieve it he found Soaring Eagle’s blade by his throat. “Rivalry? What rivalry?” Soaring Eagle asked whimsically.

Jindrax stood cursing and said, “Boy I wonder how Toxica is doing.” The answer was not very well.

Toxica and Noble Tiger were facing off as Noble Tiger dodged wild strikes from Toxica’s staff as she hoped to get a shot in. However that was easier said than done. Toxica realized that she needed to try another approach so she jumped back quickly and aimed her staff at Noble Tiger like a hunter would aim a rifle at a deer. Imagining sights on her staff like a hunter with a rifle Toxica lined up her shot. Surprisingly enough, Noble Tiger did not move.

“Now I’ve got you, you little brat!” Toxica said as she fired her staff in Noble Tiger’s direction only for Noble Tiger to dodge every shot. She was able to then get a running start and knock Toxica’s staff out of her hands with a strike to Toxica’s hand with the Tiger Baton. “Who’s got who gramma?” Noble Tiger said as Toxica fumed and turned away taking her staff with her.

This left Artilla Org to face Blazing Lion, Surging Shark and Iron Bison. “Hmmm. Three against one. Doesn’t seem very fair…for you!!!”

Artilla Org’s shoulder sported a cannon that he used to fire at the three Rangers. The Rangers scattered allowing Artilla Org to use his wrist mounted Machine Gun to fire at the Rangers in his path. However, so wild was his fire that he left himself blind to two areas of attack. These areas were the his left and right sides, and Blazing Lion and Surging Shark capitalized on these areas. Surging Shark with his Shark Fins, and Blazing Lion with his Lion Claw.

Artilla Org felt the pain of the strikes then felt himself being held in place. The next thing he saw was Iron Bison charging towards him impaling him in the chest. Artilla Org was knocked back as Jindrax and Toxica made their way to watch Artilla Org fall. At the same time Soaring Eagle and Noble Tiger made their way to their three teammates side. “Nice job guys!” Soaring Eagle said.

“Thanks. You two weren’t so bad yourself.” Surging Shark said.

“Oh gramma was loads of fun.” Noble Tiger had said. Toxica heard that remark and seethed as the Wild Force made ready their next attack. “Let’s combine our weapons!” Blazing Lion said. Everyone followed their leader’s example.

“Jungle Sword! Savage Slash!” The Wild Force Rangers brought their weapons together and delivered a massive strike, which took down Artilla Org. However Toxica was very close by ready to up the ante.

“Evil spirits of toil and strife. Give this fallen Org new life! YAHHH!” Toxica said as her staff shot out seeds, which allowed Artilla Org to grow. Soon Artilla Org was huge and his main gun was shooting at everything in sight. The Rangers however knew what to do. “Wild Zords DESCEND!!!” they called out.

Sure enough the Red Lion, Yellow Eagle, White Tiger, Blue Shark and Black Bison descended from the Animarium. They each joined together to form the Wild Force Megazord. Also coming was the soul bird which the Wild Force Rangers boarded to increase the Megazord’s power.

“So you think you can stop me?” Artilla Org boasted. “I am a walking weapon!”

“Maybe, but we’re about to do our own little version of gun control to you.” Blazing Lion said. “Alyssa call forth the Elephantzord.”

“You got it Cole.” Noble Tiger said as she brought out a crystal with an elephant in it, and put it in her dagger. “ELEPHANTZORD DESCEND!!!”

Sure enough the Elephantzord came charging towards the battlefield. When it jumped into the air it then separated into two components that resembled a sword and shield. “SWORD AND SHIELD MODE!!!” Blazing Lion had called out as the Wild Force Megazord stood like a gladiator. Artilla Org was not impressed.

“Nice. But can they protect you from this?!!” Artilla Org then fired all his arsenal at the Wild Force Megazord but the Elephant shield protected it from most of the fire. The Megazord was thrown back a ways, but for the most part it was unharmed. When Artilla Org had used up all his firepower the Megazord was still standing.

“What? How?” Artilla Org asked himself. The only answer he would receive was the Wild Force Megazord raising his sword making ready to do a running charge towards it’s enemy. A charge that Artilla Org wouldn’t wait too long for.

“CHARGE!” Blazing Lion shouted as the Wild Force Megazord ran like a football fullback dodging Artilla Org’s remaining fire. Then, after jumping in the air, gave a sword strike across Artilla Org which took him out of the fight. And like all the other monsters that Ranger teams had faced, it fell to the ground and exploded. Its fight had ended.

Jindrax and Toxica quickly retreated and the Rangers returned to the Animarium to celebrate. Once they arrived they all demorphed and looked up at their Wild Zords, proud to have them as their friends. Cole looked up at Red Lion and told him thanks for being there. “You have proven to be a great friend Red Lion. You and all the Wild Zords.”

Red Lion roared with approval as Taylor looked up at her Eaglezord. “We sure know how to fly circles around Orgs don’t we Eaglezord?” The Eagle screeched in agreement to Taylor’s assessment.

“And you can swim circles around Orgs can’t you Sharkey?” Max asked. The Shark also roared in agreement.

“Yeah, but Iron Bison is tough ain’t he?’ Danny said in pride of his Bisonzord. Alyssa followed up with “And Noble Tiger is tough and quick too.” As White Tigerzord followed up with a growl.

“Let’s not forget Elephant, the bears and the other Wild Zords.” Cole said. “They help us too.” All the Wild Zords roared in approval just as Shayla walked in from a clearing in the forest.

“Great job Rangers.” Shayla said as she came up to them. “And the Wild Zords seem to have taken to you as well.”

“Thank you Princess.” Cole answered. “I think I speak for all of us when we say that we’ve come to think of the Wild Zords as our friends. They are as much a part of us as we are of them. If anything were to happen to them…”

Shayla waved her hand as if asking Cole to stop. “No need to explain Cole. I understand.” Just then Shayla felt a slap on her back and saw Max running away shouting “Tag! You’re it!” Soon the other Rangers also ran and Shalya went in pursuit hoping to catch them. She remembered the game of tag, and knew right away that the Rangers were playing with her, hoping to blow off some steam after their major battle.

The chase continued until Shayla came to a clearing where all five stood before a stone. A stone with five swords in it. “Hey Princess. What are these?” Max said as he looked at the five swords stuck in the stone.

The others came forth and looked at Shayla wondering what the swords were as well, and Shayla quickly gave them an answer. “Those were once intended for another group of Rangers.” Shayla said. “But before the final battle 3, 000 years ago a being from someplace called the House of Kobol brought them here saying that they would be needed for a new destiny.”

“What new destiny?” Taylor asked.

“That I don’t know.” Shayla answered. “These swords were originally intended for the planet Mirinoi, but something kept them from obtaining that goal.”

“Mirinoi?” Alyssa asked. “Wasn’t that the planet the news reports said those Rangers that protected Terra Venture got their powers from? I remember something about a Ranger team called the Galaxy Rangers protecting the colony since it left.”

This intrigued Shayla more, “Galaxy Rangers?”

“Yeah!” Danny had said. “They were a Ranger team that pulled swords from a stone there. A stone much like this one.”

“Wow. Two stones with swords in them.” Cole had said, but then he saw a look in Shayla’s eyes. “Princess what’s wrong?”

“They put another set of swords in the place of these?” Shayla asked herself.

“Look at these.” Alyssa said as she saw the holes in the swords. Holes much like in the Wild Force daggers that held spherical gems much like the Wild Force daggers did. ~ Clearly one of the modifications John put in~ Shayla thought as Alyssa tried to pull the sword out but found she couldn’t. It did budge a little but no outright pull. The other Rangers also tried to pull out the swords, but to no avail. Cole turned to look at Shayla and asked “Princess why can’t we pull these out?”

“These swords are destined for a select group of people.” Shayla had said. “People who will be Rangers like yourselves.”

“New Rangers?” Max asked. “Who are they?”

“I don’t know.” Shayla had said. “However I assume they would come when the time is right.”

Taylor then asked her question. “Princess, if these swords were intended for Mirinoi, what are they doing here?”

“I’d have to say that it had something to do with what John said.” Shayla started to explain. “He said that there were races that were trying to play god with events, and that he was trying to stop them. I guess Mirinoi was one of those things they were trying to play with.”

“Wait! I remember something.” Alyssa said as her mind went back to a news article from a few years ago. “A story of how teams of Rangers confronted a race known as the Q and drove them out of the universe. The story said the Q were playing with universal events like a toy and the Rangers weren’t going to put up with it anymore.”

“Yeah!” Max added. “They called it ‘the Reckoning. ‘ It was where all the higher powers of the universe went away. And that we could now choose our own destinies. No one will choose it for us.”

“So it finally happened.” Shayla said with a smile. “Just as he said it would.”

“Are you referring to the guy who left the swords here?” Cole asked. Shayla nodded that she did and said “And I’m sure he was by the Rangers’ side when the reckoning happened.”

“I hope so. I don’t want anyone thinking that they can play with my life as if it was a toy.” Taylor said. Something everyone agreed to. Taylor then changed the subject back to the swords as she asked “So what about these swords here?”

“For now they wait until needed. If ever.” Shayla said as she and the Wild Force then turned back to the Animarium where the spirit animals waited. Shayla however asked Alyssa one last question “What happened to these ‘Galaxy Rangers?'”

Alyssa paused before answering. “No one knows. The colony disappeared about three or so years ago. There has been no communication since.”

In a distant part of the galaxy, a race of beings watched the events of the battle with Artilla Org transpire from the safety of their ship. Their appearance was humanoid shaped but they had a luminescence about them. “Impressive.” One of them said. “It would seem at a faraway glance that these humans could be ideal for our needs.”

“I am not so sure Zo’or.” Another of the luminous beings said. “I remember well this planet, for was it not one of our own who went to this world to evaluate it?”

“And you also remember that his findings were mixed Da’an.” The one named Zo’or retorted. “At first Ma’el thought they would be ideal, but then later reversed his decision. I believe the prudent course of action is to see for ourselves if in fact this human species could well be of use in our war with the Jaridians.”

The being in the center of the circle contemplated all that was said, and tried to formulate the decision that would be of best use for his people. “Our war with the Jaridians has left us almost to the brink of extinction. We will have to look at all options to ensure our survival.”

“Are you aware of the history of this planet Qu’on?” another being, named Ne’eg, said as he addressed his leader. “It has already been the target of several hostile empires looking to conquer it.”

“And yet each time those empires have been driven back.” Zo’or had added. “Clearly this human species has something we can make use of. But we must make sure they are able for us to make use of. To that end we need humans for research.”

“I am not so sure.” Da’an replied. “Ma’el didn’t want us to involve this planet for a reason. I believe we should honor his request.”

“We have no time for sentiment. Our survival is all that matters.” Zo’or replied. The luminous beings took in the force of Zo’or’s words and acknowledged the logic behind them, as well as the urgency. Despite reluctance from a few they all agreed to grant Zo’or’s request.

“The Synod has agreed. We shall explore the options Earth provides.” Qu’on had said. Da’an then asked “How do you propose we go about this endeavor? Surely you cannot expect us to arrive on Earth now with our war with the Jaridians at so critical a juncture.”

Zo’or seemed to have a smirk on his lips. “By use of an intermediary. Someone who will get us the results we so need, and not be restrained by morality.” Da’an’s form then became flushed. He knew who he was talking about but didn’t want to think about her. As did the rest of the beings known collectively as the Taelon Synod.

The intermediary Zo’or was talking about was the Rani.

“You cannot be thinking of involving her?” Da’an asked. “Surely you are aware of the death and destruction she has wrought? On several worlds to several species?”

“No more than we ourselves have brought to many species Da’an.” Zo’or replied. “Or more to the point, no more than you yourself have wrought. Since you have been the architect for many of our campaigns against many species.”

“But Rani is malevolent. She does not care for the survival of any species. She will use the opportunities we provide her for her own malevolent ends.” Da’an challenged.

“Which gives us all the more knowledge for us to obtain. And nothing needs be traced back to us.” The Synod considered Zo’or’s words. Clearly he had steered the Synod to his way of thinking. “When can you make contact with her?” Qu’on asked.

“I shall leave immediately. A shuttle is being prepared for me as we speak.” After nodding their approval Zo’or rose from his chair and made his way to the Taelon shuttle bay. Then a shuttlecraft left the Mothership making its way to where the Rani was last known to be. The world she had ruled.

Miasmia Goria

Once this world was a paradise. Its people lived in peace and contentment with one another. Green plains, tropical beaches by oceans. Farms with food a plenty. Clearly Miasmia Goria was a festive and vibrant planet

Then the Dark Lady came. Her evil science spread across the land. She subjugated all the people she could, and brought most of them into service for her to carry on many of her hideous experiments. Those that were difficult, or continued to resist were put to use as lab specimens for whatever experiment she saw fit to use. Such was punishment for any who defied the Rani.

Quickly the planet turned into a dead world. Vegitation dried up, waters receded from oceans, and the atmosphere seemed to be getting hotter. The reason for the temperature increase was because Rani was determined to see the effects of global warming on the planet’s atmosphere. As such the people of the planet lived on a world quickly turning into an oven.

Whenever Rani left, the Ogrons were the ones who enforced her will, thus preventing any celebration for the Rani’s departure from taking place. But when Rani returned the people of Miasmia Goria didn’t see the face of the woman they hated. Instead the people of Miasmia Goria saw a different face step out from the Rani’s TARDIS when it returned from her visit to Earth. The last they saw her the Rani was a dark brown haired woman who looked to be in her late thirties, or early forties in Earth terms. Now however they saw a ravishing beauty who looked like she would never go beyond the age of twenty five. Her blonde hair was shoulder length and her red outfit had shown off her handsome figure well enough to make the men forget that she was their mistress, and they would do whatever she commanded.

When she returned the Rani felt the stares from the male slaves she had kept as they wished to satisfy any ‘desires’ she may have had. However the Rani didn’t have any ‘desires’ other than her scientific pursuits, and how they could accomplish her goals. The slaves that desired her soon found themselves as lab rats for her latest experiment.

Right now however she was focused on three experiments, as punishment for a rebellious slave. He had tried to organize a revolt among the other slaves hoping to topple the Rani’s rule, but that revolt was ruthlessly crushed by the Ogron mercenaries she had kept in her service. A few were killed, but most were spared, much to the slaves’ fears. The rebels were almost certain that they would be involved in more of her terrible experiments. And sure enough most of them were.

The Ogrons were the Rani’s enforcers. They were big and bulky, and had characteristics much like apes. But they were also the most dangerous mercenary species in the known universe. They were brought in to deal with unruly slaves who sought to revolt.

To the Rani however dealing with revolts was nothing special. She needed a number of subjects to test out a new strain of nerve gas she developed anyway, and the amount of mass casualties it would provide in a concentrated area. The best work would be to come.

Inside one prison chamber with a chair in the center of the room sat the man who organized the revolt. He was securely bound to his chair by restraints as the Rani looked him over. “You know, you shouldn’t have rebelled against me. You know the penalty.”

“I accept my fate Rani.” The rebel slave had said defiantly. “Do your worst.”

“Oh rest assured I will.” Rani then activated three screens before her slave. Each one had a person strapped to tables. Each person the rebel slave knew. On the first table was his brother. On the second table was his young daughter. And on the third table was his wife.

“Mistress Rani. What is the purpose in this? Why take them?” the slave asked. Rani then leaned forward as if purring in the slave’s ear. “Because you need to realize that actions have consequences. And the consequences of actions against me…are severe.” Rani made sure the slave’s gaze was focused on each of the three screens where he had to watch whatever horrible fate she had in mind for his family.

On screen one where the slave’s brother lay, an animal was brought in. When the animal was brought into close proximity a gas was released into the room covering everything inside. The gas was green and howls of pain seemed to come from the slave’s brother as well as the animal. “This is a special mutagenic compound that was devised by a being from another dimension. I was able to obtain a sample, and wondered if I couldn’t improve upon it.”

The rebel watched as the gas filled the room his brother was imprisoned in. Shrieks of pain became louder and louder as it seemed like the animal and the brother were being brought together. The rebel couldn’t tell for sure what was happening as the gases soon filled his field of vision. All he could see was the gases swirling around him, with howls of pain seemingly being joined together to form one singal howl as whatever the Rani was doing was taking its effect. The howls then died down and soon the gases cleared the room. Yet what the rebel saw was nothing reminiscent of the brother he knew, or the animal that went in with him.

Inside was now some sort of Rhino-man who went on a rampage throughout the lab. Ogrons with shocksticks had to be brought in to subdue the new mutant beast. “Aryan!” the slave shouted. Rani turned to the rebel and gave an evil smile. “Don’t worry. He’ll be put to good use, in the mines dealing with dissidents like yourself, after a little memory adaptation of course.” The slave was only allowed a moment of grief before the Rani moved on to her next victim.

Rani then turned her attention to the slave’s daughter who also lay strapped to a table. “Please mistress. Spare my child!” the slave pleaded. Rani smiled at how pathetic the slave looked now, begging for the life of his child. Rani looked at the child who looked barely eleven or twelve Earth years of age. She had blonde hair down to her shoulders which was caked with dirt and grime. Slave clothes also covered her frame which also were dirty. Clearly Rani had her doing work in the caverns of Miasimia Goria. Work that was about to come to an end.

“All this for one life. How noble, but futile.” Rani said as she activated a laser that permeated every aspect of the child’s being. As the laser hit the girl’s body began to glow. The expression on the girl’s face was a mixture of awe and fear. “Father what is happening to me?” she asked.

“Bree. I’m sorry.” The rebel said as the glow from his daughter became brighter and brighter until nothing of her body could be seen. It was then that the rebel slave figured out what the Rani was doing to her daughter.

He was converting her daughter into pure energy. Her body, her life force, everything that she was had become a great big ball of light, and nearby was a device of some sort. A device that seemed to activate when the energy became apparent.

The energy that had once been the little girl was diverted into the device that looked like a Power Ranger morpher. The light seemed to shine brightly indicating that the power seemed to have taken to the morpher, but then Rani saw the energy flicker and starte to die out. “No! NO!!!” she said as the energy went out of the device like a light bulb that had burnt out. And with that energy also died the last remnant of a girl named Bree. Any energy that remained of her being was dispersed throughout the room as molecules that expanded. They too died immediately after.

The slave watched as his daughter’s energy dispersed and disappear into nothingness. Tears then fell down his face as he mourned his daughter’s death. To the Rani however the death was of no consequence. It just meant that she had to try again with another subject and learn from what happened this time. “So I see I still need the grid connection to make my own morpher.” She said as she cursed the loss of Garth Nelson. Even though he was an artificial Ranger, he still had a connection to the Morphin Grid much like Oscar Barrett and his friends did. However Oscar and his friends were nowhere to be found right now.

But then Oscar and his friends were not a concern at this time, and the rebel slave wasn’t too concerned with anything else either. His brother was now a monster, and his daughter was dead. What else could the Rani do?He would find that the answer was ‘plenty’ as he saw Rani’s next test subject. The slave’s own wife.

“KARA!!!” the slave shouted as he saw the look of fear on her face. The slave was just as scared as he wondered what terror Rani had in mind. He soon found out as he saw his wife lay suspended over a vat that was ready to be lowered down. Rani gave the command as the woman tried to struggle and plea for her life. Her efforts fell on deaf, or helpless, ears. “HELP!!! SPARE ME!!!” she shouted, but no one could or would come to her rescue.

Rani then turned to look at the slave so she could explain what would happen next. “In case you are wondering the liquid that your wife is being dipped into is a protein synthesizer. It breaks down plant and animal components into basic proteins. Proteins that had been used for basic nourishment among the slaves.” The rebel’s eyes went wide at this revelation. “You’ve turned dissenters into food?”

“How else was I able to sustain your rations?” Rani sneered. “Or those in other sectors when the vegetation on Miasimia Goria was lost? A scientist named Davros once said that the human body makes for an excellent protein.” The slave let Rani’s words sink in as the horrible though of his wife being turned into food entered his mind. He then thrashed in his chair shouting his wife’s name. “KARA!!! KARA!!!” But it was to no avail, as the woman made contact with the protein synthesizer a shriek of pain erupted from her as well as smoke which indicated that the synthesizer was doing it’s work.

The liquid then started to fill her mouth allowing the synthesizer to work within her body as well as without. When this happened the pain seemed to increase within her, but it didn’t alter the cruel fate in store for her. Soon the woman was completely immersed. A look of fear was forever etched on the woman’s face as the substance rose over her entire body doing its work.

As time went on all of the nutrients and minerals is Kara’s body were being broken down and converted. Minutes later a green substance came out of a spicket near the synthesis tank. It was poured into small cubes and taken to refrigeration for hardening. This was the remains of the rebel slave’s wife now being used as a source of food for the Rani’s slaves.

“When your wife’s friends eat their rations tonight I hope they realize where their meal came from.” Rani smiled as the remains of the slave’s wife was carried away. The slave however had his head bowed down grieving over the loss of his family to the Rani. His gaze had a vacant look to him as the slave was completely lost in his grief, catatonic, and cut off from the outside world. The only notable reaction Rani could see was tears flowing down his face, but he made no attempt to wipe them away.

“And I have accomplished another experiment as well.” Rani said looking at the catatonic crier. “Testing the emotional endurance of an individual when faced with great trauma.” Rani then left the weeping slave who had lost everyone near and dear to him as a consequence of rebelling against she who was the undisputed mistress of Miasmia Goria. And when he came out of his stupor he would know why she was the mistress.

Rani then entered a private chamber where a visitor was waiting. “I noticed your recent work. Most impressive.” A voice said from behind. Rani let out a small smile as she turned to greet her new ‘guest. ‘ The ‘guest’ in question looked to be a blue energy being of sorts with red veins stretching throughout its framework. Then its appearance changed to something of a humanoid appearance wearing a blue body suit. Its skin was a pale white with a bald head. Rani then stretched out her hand and the being touched it as it touched hers. Upon the touch there was a flush of energy throughout the being’s form, which was the customary Taelon response to the customary Taelon greeting.

“A pleasure to see you Zo’or.” Rani said. “I trust Qu’on and Da’an are preoccupied with other matters?”

“Yes.” The being named Zo’or had said. “The war with the Jaridians has compelled us to look at every avenue possible in order to ensure victory and survival of the Taelon race. Which is why I am here.”

“Really?” Rani asked.

“Yes.” Zo’or answered. “For you see the Taelon race has an interest in a planet that you have visited in your own past. A planet known as Earth.”

“Earth?” Rani said surprised. “What would you want with that primitive backwater?”

Zo’or smiled as if he was a being who knew something that Rani didn’t know. “Let’s just say, that arrangements were made in the past to evaluate the population’s potential for our uses. One of our own visited that planet, and observed it for centuries.”

“A Taelon observer?” Rani asked intrigued.

“Yes. A scientist named Ma’el journeyed to Earth millennia ago to evaluate the humans potential for war. His findings had proven…fruitful.”

Rani remembered what she knew about the Taelons. A race composed more of energy than matter, yet retain some of their connections to their biological roots. They have attained a spiritual sort of existence, but at cost to themselves. One of those costs was the dormancy of an organ called the Shakarava, which could be used as a formidable weapon if needed. Another had resulted in rendering the Taelon species all but barren, and those Taelons that could provide offspring had to place them in birthing stasis until such time as a supply of Core Energy, which was necessary for Taelon survival, could be adequately provided for. The war with the Jaridians however made that goal more difficult than the Taelons cared to admit.

~So the Taelons are desperate are they?~ Rani thought to herself immediately seeing an opportunity. “What do you wish of me?”

“We need to evaluate the humans’ current evolutionary progress. To that end we need humans for examination.” Zo’or explained.

“To see if they can be used for your war against the Jaridians?” Rani asked. Zo’or however gave a smile and said “My dear Rani, we have been preparing the human race for our war with the Jaridians for millennia, despite Ma’el’s warning to stay away from the planet and to leave its species alone.”

“Preparing them?” Rani asked as she thought about the possibility of the Taelons visiting Earth, using its people for their war.

“Of course. It takes time to perfect a weapon to be used against an enemy now doesn’t it?” Rani considered Zo’or’s words realizing what he meant. ~ They had to be moving in secret. That’s the only way no one would have said anything, and why no one would have picked up on it. Clearly the Taelons don’t want their work to get out. ~ “If I help you, what will you offer me?”

“We will provide you with the technology you may require to aid you in your researches. Taelon technology that is by far anything anyone has ever had to deal with.” Rani’s scientific mind was turning. The chance to play with Taelon technology, and all the things it could accomplish, was too good a chance to pass up.

In the past many of Rani’s experiments were lost due to intervention from individuals like the Doctor, Lara Croft, and the Power Rangers of Earth. Her own scientific resources were almost depleted due to intervention from outside parties and she did need to rebuild. She was running on existing resources for her experiments, but those would soon run out. “Very well Zo’or you have a deal.”

Zo’or nodded graciously then said his next words. “You have one year to acquire our specimens. If you do not have any within that time then we shall retrieve our technology and deal with you appropriately.” Zo’or made certain Rani understood what being ‘dealt with appropriately’ meant to the Taelons. With their technology they were able to create great wonders, and great horrors. And the Rani didn’t wish to be on the receiving end of the ‘horrors’. But despite that, the Rani considered the Taelons proposal and she found it very much to her liking. “I have no intention of being ‘dealt with’. You’ll get your specimens.”

“I look forward to it. Remember. One year.” With that Zo’or left Rani alone and Rani prepared her TARDIS for its journey back to Earth.

Arcadia Academy.

The old academy had long been abandoned. No signs of life filled its buildings, or its campus lawns and gardens. No life that is until now.

Inside an underground section of the school the Rani’s TARDIS materialized in the form of a bookcase door, and the Rani herself exited. Also exiting were several slaves from Miasmia Goria accompanied by a squad of Ogrons that she had hired. The slaves were carrying several pieces of equipment. Some of it the slaves could barely carry.

“Keep that equipment intact!” Rani shouted to the passing slaves. “Especially the tanks and fluids. Those are vital!” The slaves obeyed and the Ogrons made sure the slaves obeyed. If a slave faltered it its assignment an Ogron would step in to carry the equipment briefly until another slave was able to take their place. The previous slave however was punished, brutally.

But to the slaves eyes being punished by an Ogron was a mercy compared to being punished by the Rani who would make use of them in one of her experiments if they failed.

Hours passed, and Arcaida was starting to look like it used to years ago. With the use of transmats equipment was sent all over the levels of the academy. Specialized lab equipment below, and regular equipment above. Including home and building repair supplies to mend the damages in the buildings. Cracks in buildings were being mended, lawns being trimmed, buildings being dusted and kept up. And more importantly, the Rani’s labs were being stocked to capacity with scientific equipment. Taelon equipment.

Once the equipment was in place the Rani began some experiments of her own. Most notably with the Taelon Cyber Viral Implants as each slave she brought with her had been implanted with one insuring his or her complete obedience to the Rani. The implants (Known better as CVI’s) were regarded as much more efficient control devices than the evil spells former members of the UAE had used. And if the CVI’s ever broke down, as she theorized they would, then the results would be terminal and the slaves would all be dead before they would even have the chance to fight back.

As soon as implantation was completed Rani made sure the slaves all had fresh clothes to give the impression of having a teaching staff, as well as a secretary in her office. Once her office was completed Rani looked out among the scenery of her newly restored school.

“Looks like school is back in session.” Rani said with a smile then returned to her desk as her office was finished being cleaned and repaired. It was now time to find her pupils.

The computer link up was revealing a number of names, all children with exceptional talent and ability, but Rani thought it might be a good idea to go a different route. Sure children represented the next level of evolution, but why stop there? Why not bring to the Taelons the best humanity had to offer, not just in terms of biology, but of human spirit as well.

Why not bring in.. Rangers?

The thought brought a smile to Rani’s lips, to bring those who had thwarted her plans to the Taelons was a chance too good to pass up. Quickly she called forth any information regarding and sort of Ranger related conflicts.

Her records had shown the last known Ranger conflict involving them was known as ‘the battle of Minion’s legacy’ where it was revealed that Minion may have engineered a nasty little surprise in the form of the replica Triini Kwan, who became known as Kali Yagami. The battle had brought forth major casualties, and some of them did not survive. Those that didn’t were Trini Kwan, David Trueheart, and even Zordon himself. Kali took great care that Zordon did not intervene.

When it came to Zordon’s death two possibilities came to her mind. One where Zordon was outside his time warp and left to die, and the other where he sacrificed himself as his energy was spread throughout the universe wiping out most evil. “Apparently Kali took the first option and modified it.” Rani said as she read the file. “Kali saw to it that Zordon was outside his time warp and murdered him right then and there.” The Rani was definitely intrigued.

The powers still remained though, and the Rangers that survived kept them even though they disbanded and went on to their own lives. “With the Zeo, Astro, Outsider and Morphin teams all scattered, and possibly the Turbos and Lightspeeds as well, it might not be a sound investment for me to mount a search. I shall have to see if there are any other conflicts I can use.” Rani did so and came across a file that indicated events taking place in Turtle Cove.

In the file was a reference to a team of Rangers known as the Wild Force Rangers. They were connected to spirit animal crystals that only humans can use, and they were fighting creatures known as Orgs. “Individuals who are only interested in destruction and ruin. Limited, but perhaps they can be useful to me. And since the Wild Force Rangers are the only active Ranger team currently operational I can deal with the last of any Ranger related resistance on this world.”

Rani looked at the information on the Orgs. She may not have had her ‘students’ but she did have a good idea for a ‘main teaching staff’. An Ogron then provided a tape for her to view. A tape with the Wild Force in action against Artilla Org and several other Orgs. What she saw were five spirited humans along with their Zords. Each one a spirited combatant who refused to surrender even against the most insurmountable odds. ~ Foolish. ~ Rani thought. ~ When one goes up against a superior force it is only logical to surrender if one is overmatched. ~ Despite that, Rani continued her research and looked at the Zords. Seemingly living creatures encased in metal bodies bound by round spherical crystals which the Rangers kept close by. ~ Seem to only work with humans. I shall have to investigate this further. ~ However Rani’s mind was turning as she thought about the possibilities of using the Wild Zords for weapons development. She already had two prospective clients in mind.

“Yes. You shall do fine.” Rani said with a smile, then went back to further researches.

At Animarium Lake there was a sort of swimming party. Cole, Danny, Max, and Alyssa played in the water as the Wild Zords looked around and ran free as they had their fun. Of course, in the water Sharkzord had to have his fun as he flew up into the air dousing the Rangers even further with a splash of water as Cole, Alyssa and Max were getting out. “Very funny shark! Very funny!” Max had said as he stood on the shore. The towels nearby were completely drenched.

“Hey, where’s Taylor?” Danny asked from the lake.

“She’s checking out her new apartment.” Alyssa answered.” And looking to contact her family.”

“She’ll come later.” Cole said. “She wouldn’t want to miss out on this fun.” Realizing that it would be a while before the towels would be dry the three Rangers went back into the water as Danny was running out. “Danny where are you going?” Cole asked.

“Sorry guys. I got to go meet Kendall at the flower shop. I got to get dry and changed!” Danny then ran as fast as he could back towards the Animarium, where a spare towel and change of clothes were waiting for him. “There goes a guy who’s got it bad.” Cole said.

“Almost as bad as Taylor does for the Quantum Ranger?” Alyssa asked with a touch of mischief, wondering just what Taylor was saying about him to her relatives.

At an apartment in Turtle Cove Taylor Bauer was sitting on her bed unwinding as she took a three way call from her cousin Kimberly Bauer, and her sister Kristen Earhardt. “Hey sis how’s it going?” Taylor asked. “Did dad disown you yet?

“No not yet.” Kristen said. “Right now I’m enjoying my classes at UCLA. I’ve also spent a lot of time with Kim and Uncle Jack. He’s just the best.”

“Well he tries.” Kimberly Bauer said. “I can’t believe that your own dad would disown you though Taylor.”

“Well I think the psycho bitch had more to do with it than dad did.” Taylor said making reference to her stepmother Navy Captain Madeline Vickers Earhardt. “I swear I don’t know what dad saw in her.”

“He’s not made friends with my dad that’s for sure.” Kim said. “I saw your dad seething when my dad said he’d support Taylor if she needed it. But I don’t know who took it worse, your dad or your stepmom.”

“The witch probably took it worse.” Kristen said. “I guess she didn’t think anyone would stand against her. Boy am I glad Uncle Jack proved her wrong.” Taylor couldn’t help but smile as she thought about Kristen. She was the only other immediate family she had, even though Kim’s family was close. “So how’s college life been treating you?” Taylor asked her sister.

“Okay I guess.” Kristen answered. “I mean the courses themselves are hard enough, but I chose my major and I’m going to stick it out.”

“I wish I had your confidence.” Kim answered. I have a hard enough time getting through my math homework.” Kim decided to change the focus of the conversation and asked, “So what is this I hear about a new boy you like Taylor?” Kristen and Kim couldn’t help but give a girlish “WHOOOO!!!!” over the phone, which made Taylor blush.

Taylor however remembered the meeting between herself and Eric Meyers, the Quantum Ranger. She was pulled over for speeding and Eric was the one who had given her a ticket. Apparently the Turtle Cove City Council had decided to bring in the Silver Guardians to assist local law enforcement to dealing with Ranger related matters since they had confronted monster threats alongside the Time Force Rangers. In fact, their two chief commanders were Rangers themselves. Wesley Collins was the Red Time Force Ranger while Eric Meyers took the mantle of the Quantum Ranger.

When three Orgs known as MutOrgs appeared the Time Force and Wild Force teamed up to take them on. During that time Taylor and Eric found they had a lot in common. Both had attitudes. Both had friends that drove them up the wall, and both seemed to reflect a military way of thinking. After the battle was over the two Rangers got closer and even dated a time or two. When Taylor told Kristen and Kim about Eric their imaginations worked overtime.

“Eric is just someone I’m seeing. We’re not quite serious yet.” Taylor said.

“So no picking out bridesmaids dresses yet?” Kristen asked. Taylor said no and Kim said, “Damn! Let me know when you do okay?”

“Sure thing Kim.” Taylor said as she looked at her clock. “Well I think I’d better get going. I’ve got a few odds and ends to take care of here.”

“All right Taylor take care.” Kim said hanging up. Taylor and Kristen were left alone as they said their final words. “You holding up little sister?” Taylor asked.

“Yeah. I wish you’d visit though.” Kristen said as she wiped a tear away from her face. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too.” Taylor had said. “Maybe one of these days I’ll pay a visit to where you guys are and we can have a real face to face.” Kristen answered with “I’d like that. Make it soon will you?”

“I will. See you soon squirt.” Taylor then hung up the phone leaving Taylor alone with her thoughts. She thought Cole acted weird when she left Animarium. He thought something terrible was coming, and couldn’t quite place what it was. ~ How can Cole get that from watching a sunset?~ Taylor asked herself.

At any rate Taylor decided that she would turn in. Tomorrow was another day, and it was a sure bet the Orgs would be attacking again.

On the Animarium Cole looked out at the sun as it set over the mountains. Even during his time in the jungle, he never thought to do that. But now something compelled him to do so. Red Lion stood with Cole offering him company.

“Something is going to happen my friend. I just know it.” Cole said as he was so focused on looking at the setting sun that he didn’t hear Alyssa approach until much later.

“Shouldn’t you be in bed Cole?” Alyssa asked.

“Sorry Alyssa… it’s just…” Alyssa listened as Cole explained what he was feeling. “When I was in the jungle I was always told to beware of the setting sun. For that would signal the end of something.”

“The end?” Alyssa asked.

“We all like to think we’re going to live forever or make an impact that will be felt for a long time. The tribespeople believed that when someone felt compelled to look out at the sun that it meant an end of something was fast approaching. What that end would be no one really knew, but everyone feared it.”

“Did they mean death?” Alyssa asked.

“Sometimes that was the case.” Cole said. “But sometimes it meant the end of a great event which would usher in a new era, or bring about terrible consequences.” Alyssa felt a shiver run through her and Cole held her close. “Sorry.” She said. “The way you just described it, you made it seem like doom was approaching.”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen Alyssa, but somehow I do feel that a change is coming of some kind. I don’t know what it is, but I do know it’s coming. “Alyssa nodded at Cole’s statement yet she couldn’t help but ask, “What if it’s the Orgs? What if they are planning this ‘event’ you say is coming?”

“Whatever the Orgs throw at us we’ll be ready for.” Cole said holding Alyssa close. Both looked out at the sunset going over the mountains of the Animarium, wondering what would come next.

Inside the Nexus, Toxica was thinking about something. Something she thought she saw, and something she thought she smelled. Something she herself needed to know for sure.

A few weeks ago she saw Master Org adjusting his horn and she couldn’t believe what she saw. Or smelled either. For a brief second she thought she smelled human from Master Org, even though his presence reflected that of Master Org, as well as his power. But at any rate Toxica had to know for herself, and sure enough Jindrax was by her side.

“Toxica are you sure we should be doing this?” Jindrax asked feeling very nervous. He wasn’t sure he should be sneaking around Master Org’s chambers.

“Quiet!” Toxica whispered. “Listen whenever I’m with Master Org I smell something. Something that isn’t quite right. Something… human.”

Jindrax was clearly startled by this admission. “Whoa! Human? Are you sure?”

“I think so.” Toxica answered. “One time I saw him…adjusting his horn. Last I heard these horns couldn’t be removed.”

“Yeah. And if his horn could come off then…” Jindrax started to say. Toxica however finished the sentence with, “Exactly! We need to make sure this ‘Master Org’ is the true Master Org.” Jindrax and Toxica made their way to the central chamber where Master Org was looking at a book, but when Jindrax tripped this disturbed Master Org who turned on the two Duke Orgs with a look of pure hate.

“HOW DARE YOU ENTER WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!” Master Org had shouted as he hurled lightning towards Jindrax and Toxica. Toxica had aimed her staff at Master Org and hit him in his head, which caused his horn to fall off. Both Jindrax and Toxica saw the helmet with mechanisms inside it. Then they looked at where Master Org stood and they saw a long haired human looking back at them. Jindrax and Toxica couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“Whoa! You really are human!” Jindrax said as he looked at ‘Master Org’ with his helmet off.

“But not by choice.” A voice said from off to the side surprising everyone. Everyone turned to the doorway where a feminine figure stood. She had a model’s figure, long blonde hair and wore a red outfit that seemed to give off an evil aura to her. She walked to where Master Org stood and looked at Jindrax and Toxica. Master Org wondered himself who this woman was but what she said next made him realize that perhaps he had an unexpected ally.

“Master Org has called me to help him with his…”condition.” The woman said. “You see Master Org was made human by Animus as punishment for his sins against the Animarium. In order to maintain his longevity he had to find different magics and powers to keep him alive until the time of his revenge.” Master Org listened to the woman next to him and immediately saw an opportunity. “Yes. What she says is true.” Master Org replied. Rani let out a small smirk in Master Org’s direction.

“And how do you know this?” Toxica glared. “Who are you anyway?”

“The one who can restore Master Org to his former glory.” The woman said. “My science can restore Master Org to what he once was, and in effect make him a full Org again.”

Jindrax and Toxica were confused. They didn’t know what to make of the woman before them, Master Org didn’t either, but he played along as he then spoke. “Listen to this woman. She will help us destroy the Rangers. And we shall be all powerful again.” Master Org had tried to keep his surprise inside as he heard what the Rani had proposed. “I can lead you to better things, and you can even defeat your hated rivals! Soaring Eagle, and Noble Tiger!”

Jindrax and Toxica were then swayed by Master Org’s words. The woman didn’t smell human, but she didn’t smell like an Org either. “Who are you? What is your name?”

The woman looked at Jindrax and Toxica “You may call me the Rani.”

After a few minutes, Master Org led Rani to an area of the Nexus where they could begin their negotiations. “Not that I am not grateful for your help with Jindrax and Toxica, but I do wonder what are you doing this for?”

“Let’s just say I have some benefactors who have interests here on Earth, and they would like to explore these interests further.” The Rani said. Master Org however wasn’t too interested.

“Your benefactors’ interests are of no concern to me.” Master Org replied. Rani however answered back with “Are you so sure of that… Dr. Adler?”

Master Org turned to look at Rani shocked that she would know his human name. “How did you know?”

“I know plenty. I also know what will happen if you continue down this path you’re following now. You will think you had destroyed the Wild Zords only to find they return to destroy you. The Rangers that appear seemingly powerless will come back more powerful than ever. And your own Duke Orgs will turn against you for being human.” Master Org heard Rani’s words and felt the ring of dark truth to them. She spoke like this was definitely going to happen. “What do you want?” he asked.

“I will aide you.” Rani said. “But there is a price tag attached.” Master Org looked at Rani and said, “Name it.”

“My benefactors, the ones that will provide me with the technology to make you an Org, want some humans for experimentation. And I am known for providing only the best.” Master Org looked at Rani and he knew who would be chosen.

“So you want the Rangers?” Master Org asked with a sneer. Rani smiled.

“Rangers are the best humanity has to offer. And since I prefer to provide only the best, why not use them?” Rani then gave an evil smile and Master Org thought the prospects of having the Wild Force Rangers out of his way, getting his revenge, and having those Rangers be used as lab rats for alien scientists were very VERY appealing. But he still had some questions.

“What types of ‘research’ do you do?” Master Org asked. Rani stated her qualifications, qualifications that had her trying to make new plant life from human beings. How she tried to create a quantum controller to explore the evolutionary paths of planets while annihilating several alternate time lines. One of them being Earth’s own. The more Master Org heard, the more fearful and sadistic he heard the Rani be. And he liked it, especially when he heard where the Org’s new base of operation could be, Arcadia Academy.

It didn’t take long for Master Org to make his decision. “It’s a deal!” Master Org said as he shook Rani’s hand. The deal was sealed and the Rangers’ end was near.

Elysia Seven.
Tyrannus Province

Inside a private room, a man lay connected to a life support system. Frail, withered, he remembered a time when he was one of the most feared men in the cosmos. A hunter, one of the most sadistic in the galaxy, who often played with his prey as soon as he caught it.

He who was once Duke Hazzard. The man responsible for the Animarium fleeing Elysia Seven in the first place. A man who captured the Wild Zords once, only to lose them again when the woman Shiranna faced Hazzard in a battle, designed to keep him distracted so the Animals could escape. A battle Shiranna would lose, and where Hazzard would have his way with the woman who cost him the prize of the Wild Zords. Many times.

Women came to attend the sickly Hazzard as he lay in bed. Women that looked exactly the same in face and form. Women that attended to his every need…EVERY need.

Women who looked just like Shayla’s mother Shiranna.

Women that were clones of Shayla’s mother Shiranna.

When Hazzard captured Shiranna he would see to it that she paid for everything that she had done. One way was to have her DNA taken so he could have her cloned and imparted with obedience programs. Once the clones were done Hazzard had his ‘fun’ as he had his way with every clone he had. Some of them were damaged beyond repair after Hazzard had his way, but that was a long time ago.

Now Hazzard lays in bed, a shell of what he once was, and what he wishes to be again, if only to add the most elusive prizes ever to escape him. Prizes he knew were active. He hunted them too long to not know when they were active.

The Sacred Animals, the prizes he sought so long to acquire, were awake. And he needed to get back into the hunt again.

And yet there was one who had made sure that he would not be the same ever again.

He remembered it as if it were only yesterday, for it was the one of the very few and rare times he had ever been humbled and defeated… but this was the worst of them all. In those days, he had been the right hand of Lord Draken, who had served the Emperor himself before his passing. It was during a meeting of Draken’s lieutenants on his world of operations that it happened. It was to have been a routine meeting to plan the conquest and subjugation of entire system of worlds to add to Draken’s empire. Hazzard was interested only because of the sightings of Sacred Animals in that system. They believed nothing could have stopped them.

They were wrong.

She came through the front door, by literally blowing it apart. She was Ranger by her clothing, they all could tell that but not of any they had ever seen before. She wore a dark red colored Ranger suit with silver lining and the chest area of her costume was totally black as were her boots and gauntlets. She had a symbol on her chest, an arrow with jagged edges along the top. Her belt buckle was a silver triangle with a strange unexplained golden piece down the center. In her hands was a red, black and silver colored gun that resembled a dinosaur’s head. Her first words were to say that they were not going to have their way and they would be stopped here.

Everyone laughed at her, thinking she was weak like all women. Draken sent his weakest warrior to take care of her and went about to continue the meeting.

Fifteen seconds later, the ‘weakest warrior’, one that had taken out an entire team of seven Rangers, was laying on the ground without his head. The female Ranger had in her hands a sword now, but it was clear to see that she had changed her blaster into to that sword. Her next words echoed into Hazzard’s memory. ‘Next?’ she had said with a tone that said ‘I am better than you. ‘

That one simple word had started frenzy among the lieutenants at the meeting. All of them went after the mysterious female Ranger, wanting to be the one to kill her and gain fame and prestige for eliminating this ‘annoying’ pest.

Hazzard remembered as he watched by his master as the scarlet clad Ranger tore into every last warrior that came at her. Foot soldiers and guards also came at her but she didn’t even notice. All that was clear was that she outmatched every single person there was in that room and bodies were cluttering up the floor. Soon all that was left in the room was Hazzard, Draken and the Ranger.

He remembered drawing out his sword and clashing blades with her. He lasted much longer than anyone else. He didn’t know if he was toying with her or if they were just evenly matched. However, the end of the battle came.

And it was with the Ranger stabbing him through the chest, nearly going through his heart. But it was not the end yet, the woman raised up her right hand, and then leveled a blast of pure energy right at him, burning his body and sending him against the wall, he thought he was dead.

Apparently so did the woman, for when he managed to awaken, he saw his master beheaded and laying on the ground. Hazzard knew he had to escape now or he would truly be dead, for Draken tied his planet to his own life essence. When he died, the planet would soon follow.

Hazzard barely escaped before it blew.

Scarred from the attack, one would think it would have made him go into hiding, but he did not. He climbed over the pain to pursue his hunts. Both for the Sacred Animals and now for the Ranger that had done this to him. For even though he still lived, what ever energy she had attacked him with, had forever changed his body.

Hazzard remembered when his body failed him the first time. Hunting a saber bear in the Kethic Province, as a moment of weakness overtook him. He though it was just from many old wounds, but knew that it was mainly from the woman, though he never let anyone know about her. His pride would not allow anyone save for himself to know that it was a woman that had done this to him.

And yet once again it was a woman that was to become his ‘savior’. She visited him and provided him with a life support system to keep him alive until a permanent healing solution was found. A woman that also provided him with a cryo chamber when he caught what he saw as a valuable prize. Each time he met her the face was different, but the evil aura that came from her was no mistake.

~The woman who provided me the life support chamber. She can help~ Hazzard thought. ~ And with this too. ~ he added with a sinister sneer as he opened the drape in front of him by pulling a curtain. Behind the drape was a woman in white. Her hair was much like Princess Shayla’s. Her face seemed older than Shayla’s, but not by much. Her eyes were also closed indicating sleep, even though her face reflected a troubled sleep.

Hazzard looked at the still form of Shiranna as she slept in her cryo chamber. A sleep that was far from pleasant.

Inside her dream world Shiranna knew only nightmares. Nightmares of death, of destruction, of pain.

Of going to face Duke Hazzard. Of being captured.

Of pain coming from her as Hazzard took blood from her.

Of pain coming from the clones that were a part of her as much as she was a part of them, during nights when Hazzard wanted his way.

Of being forced into a cold sleep, as if being put in a storage chamber with no warmth. Trapped in a sleep where there is no awakening from.

Clearly Shiranna was in trouble.

But she had no idea how to escape.


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