Psycho Returns: The Battle of Enormous Proportions

By Shadow Ranger

The Psycho Rangers had returned, stronger than before and in larger numbers. Led by Biilly Cranston, the Blue Morphin Ranger’s evil replica, they had abandoned the Prison Sub-dimension in favor of a more secluded base in the United States. Before leaving however they opened a teleportation doorway to Stone Henge to ensure a constant supply of energy.

Unlike the first time they had been released on the world, the Psycho Rangers had full control of their mental and emotional stability. Minion was no longer fueling their natural hatred and misery that had festered within them since the day they were created by Zordon and Billy. They were well aware that the original clone of the Blue Ranger had sabotaged their programming to ensure that the UAE would gain some evil Rangers at a later date.

But Minion was gone, destroyed by his own stupidity and the intervention of a rogue Time Lord known as The Master. He had made the very mistakes that seemed to plague the villains who attacked the Rangers. He had started off well with a determined plan that enabled him to take out one team of Rangers. But instead of pressing his advantage he had grown overconfident and waited for the next team of Rangers to show up. The sudden change in fortunes had pushed him over the edge and led to a final battle that saw Minion vanquished from the Universe.

Biilly had witnessed all the events surrounding Minion’s downfall and had vowed not to make the same mistakes. He refused to become a power-crazed tyrant preferring instead to rule the world. The fact that the two roles were usually one and the same was lost on him.

At his insistence all the active replicas had assembled in their new headquarters’ meeting room to discuss the way ahead. Jaason, Zaack, Kiimberly, Triini, Aiisha, Roocky, Adaam, Kaat, Taanya, Daavid, Saamoht and Toommy were sitting around the oak wood table. They were Biilly noted the majority of the Psycho Rangers, but not the entire group. Naathan Oliver, who had chosen the name of Stryfe, was taking care of one of the Rangers and Treey was on his way to Triforia on behalf of the planet’s new rulers. There were also eight replica bodies awaiting activation in the Prison Sub-dimension. But before they could be programmed, Biilly needed to discover the identities of those that Zordon had chosen to fill the remaining places on the Zeo team.

As he took his place at the head of the table the Blue Psycho Ranger was pleased that he still held enough respect for the others to fall silent. Minion had made it known that Biilly was his chosen successor whilst playing down the roles of Toommy, Saamoht, Jaason and Adaam.

“The Earth can be ours,” Biilly began. “Or we can conquer it and hand control to the Triforian Order.”

“Ha, those fools couldn’t conquer a kennel,” Roocky snorted.

“They have the advantage of numbers,” Triini said. Like Trini, she was almost as intelligent as Billy, but she was also cold and calculating. Minion had shared some of his darkest strategies with her and she used the information to create hundreds of possible scenarios.

“I won’t be dictated to by Triforian scum,” Jaason snarled.

“How about our plan to complete our team before Zordon’s idiots?” Adaam asked, hoping to improve his standing within the group by using their natural dislike of Zordon.

“We used Minion’s dimensional probe to peer into an alternate reality,” Aiisha said. “We discovered the possible identities of the Zeo team.”

“Show me,” Biilly ordered.

Aiisha passed him the list and Biilly studied it carefully.

“I’ve never heard of these people,” he said at last. “Except for Bulk of course.”

“I did some research,” Aiisha said. “Samantha Jones is English. She’s never had any involvement with the Rangers until now so I doubt you would know her. Lillian O’Neil is the brother of Parker O’Neil of the Angel Grove Observer. Given her brother’s job I doubt she would remain a secret for long. Katarina Petronov and Christina Collins are both students at Angel Grove High School. Neither are very interesting with regard to their history though. Jamie Zedden on the other hand has a very interesting past.” She handed Biilly the pad. He read it and laughed. That was definitely worth the effort that it would take to eliminate them. “All four are ‘guests’ at Arcadia Academy. Maybe we can use them.”

“If we merged them with the replicas…” Biilly mused. “We could create some powerful allies.”

“And prevent the Rangers from using them,” Adaam added, hoping his comment would be welcome.

The other Psycho Rangers just shook their heads in disgust. Adaam’s spirit animal was the Toad and he lived up to its reputation by being a slimy sneak always eager to please whoever held the most power. He was in some was much like Goldar. The sabotage by Minion had twisted the events in Adaam’s life. A distant relationship between father and son had been turned into a hatred of his father’s child beating ways. His shyness and low self-esteem had grown worse to the point where he deemed himself unworthy of having friends without proving he was a valuable ally. Unfortunately that very act of constantly remind others how good he was what led to him being despised by his fellow Psycho Rangers.

Biilly snorted and continued as if Adaam had not spoken. “I am working on improving Zordon’s replica technology. Soon we might be able to make replicas of anyone at any time.”

“Enough about replicas!” Jaason snapped. “What about our powers, how do we use them?”

“You morph,” Biilly told him. “The interaction between your spiritual self and the lattice interface will combine to provide an outer form you can utilize for maximum personification.”

“You put the ring on and it will change you,” Trini translated.

“Biilly,” Zaack said from where he was listening to a small radio. “Stryfe is back with the package.”

“Show him in,” Biilly ordered.

The door opened and Stryfe floated in, dragging the bound form of Nathan Oliver behind him. Taanya shoved in Samoht Revilo and both Rangers were knocked to the floor.

“The Zeo Phantom and Green Ranger as you asked,” Stryfe said.

“Are they alive?” Biilly asked.

“Barely,” Tanya told him. “Stryfe had a lot of rage to work out.”

“They’ll heal,” Daavid told them. “The Power will keep them healthy.”

“Then we can have some fun,” Jaason said with an evil grin.

“Hey, nobody has fun unless I say so,” Buulk grinned as he made his appearance.

This replica was not based on the Bulk who had recently become the Gold Zeo Ranger. Instead, Biilly had used his recollections of Bulk to form the body. It was an error that wielded truly disgusting results.

Biilly looked at the list of talents the computer had detected. Energy and matter absorption, rapid movement of arms, the ability to increase and decrease the effects of gravity, and the ability to propel himself through the air like a battering ram were just a few of his more prominent abilities. In addition he had taken a few of the attributes of the Slug. His skin excreted a slime that made him difficult to hold. He could also move over rough terrain using his slime. The Cold Iron inside his skin folds dulled the Morphin powers of his enemies without affecting him. The Iron Sulphide present in the same areas and under his armpits made it unpleasant for anyone who dared to approach. As a final measure his stomach had been given the ability to over produce the gases created as a by-product of digestion. This allowed him a deadly breath blast. In short he was a very disgusting blob.

“He looks very talented,” Trini whispered. “Why not let him prove himself?”

Biilly nodded and the Blob advanced on the two Rangers at his mercy. He started off by trapping Samoht in a fierce bear hug. When he heard the snapping of bones he released the Green Morphin Ranger and turned to the unmoving Zeo Phantom.

Nathan had not moved since Stryfe had buried him. His powers had placed him in partial stasis while he healed. Even so the threat of being sat on by Blob’s massive posterior was enough for Nathan to act.

“Zeo Phantom Power!”

Nathan was half-morphed when a sharp thrust kick from Blob knocked him down and caused him to lose his concentration. His morpher vanished as Blob stalked his new plaything. He dropped a leg across the fallen Ranger’s chest, using gravity to increase the force of the impact.

By this time Samoht had recovered enough to stand. His right hand moved to the communicator on his right wrist and he pushed the button, hoping to teleport. Nothing happened. He noticed Buulk approaching and punched the villain before the fat Psycho Ranger could hit him. Blob laughed as the rolls of flab swallowed Samoht’s fist. Part of his powers allowed Blob to siphon energy from those who attacked him. It wouldn’t affect Samoht’s morphing abilities, but would sap his strength.

Samoht was slapped away by Blob’s already massive arm; as he landed Blob was already using the energy he had taken to alter his shape. His weight doubled and he grew to almost ten foot tall. His hands were now large enough to wrap around Samoht’s throat so he could strangle the Green Morphin Ranger with his extra thick fingers.

Blob’s outer form reflected Buulk’s true personality, that of a bully. He was vulgar and violent with few brains in his ugly head.

“Impressive,” Triini whispered as she massaged Biilly’s shoulders.

Like everything else about the Psycho Rangers, Triini and Biilly’s relationship had been twisted into a form Minion felt it should take. Best friends and eventual lovers had been bonded together by mutual lust. Love played no part in their relationship. They existed together for physical pleasure and little else.

“He has adapted to his new powers surprisingly well,” Biilly agreed.

“The new process must be working,” Trini said.

Biilly had improved upon Zordon’s method of creating replicas. Even though the process was no where near the level that Biilly desired and he was limited to the number of replicas he could make, it had certain done an impressive job with Buulk and Stryfe for that matter. The system worked by obtaining DNA samples from the original and growing them in a test tube. In Buulk’s case it was using DNA of Bulk from another dimension. Each replica was therefore decided upon before it was activated.

Biilly had already decided how to improve the process when creating Jamie, Lillian, Katarina and Christina; he would send the replicas back into the past and implant them into the time line as fetuses. By altering events he could arrange for the right adults to raise his Psycho Rangers as their own children. Then when they had reached the correct age he would activate a special program buried inside their minds, activating their powers and true personalities. Since the longer a replica could grow the more stable it would become, the plan would reduce the risk of insanity.

“The new Power Rings seems to have an easier interface with his naturally grown tissues,” Biilly answered.

Samoht struggled to stay away from the massive villain. He couldn’t morph while concentrating on something else, so he decided to try a new approach.

“Elavantum ejectum!” he cried.

Blob stopped dead when he heard Samoht call on some kind of magical attack. Nothing happened since Samoht had never cast a spell. The words were just that and had caused Blob to stop in his tracks while Samoht concentrated on using his magic for real. He lifted the ground Blob was standing on and tried to throw Blob away.

By this time Blob had recovered what senses he had and increased the gravity around him. It was a unique ability that made his weight even more devastating. When it appeared Sam’s attack would fail, Blob launched towards the Ranger.

“Green Ranger power!” Samoht called.

His morph completed as Blob slammed into him. Sam struggled against the mass of humanity but Blob lifted the Green Ranger up and slammed him on the ground. Then for good measure executed an Earthquake Splash. Sam’s body was covered by the mass of blubber that canceled out his powers. The stench penetrated the Green Ranger’s helmet and had the same effect as knockout gas. Samoht was crippled by the foul smell.

“Zeo Phantom power!” a newly refreshed Nathan called.

The Zeo Phantom attacked without reservation. He aimed for the legs in the hope that once on the floor Blob’s size would work against him. It was a good theory but as he kicked at the stump like leg a third time it was obvious Blob was not going to fall. He summoned the Phantom Cannon and blasted the villain’s midsection. Blob moved back a step. Zeo Phantom tried a few more of his weapons but to no effect.

“Phantom Punch!”

In a copy of the power punch used by Yellow Zeo, Nathan leapt into the air and channeled all of his power into a single blow. His fist landed as planned and even though Blob absorbed most of it, the impact shook him enough for the Zeo Phantom to press his attack.

“Let me deal with him,” Stryfe said.

Biilly nodded his consent and Nathan’s replica attack. Even before he landed any blows, Stryfe canceled Nathan’s powers. When his first strike connected it was like being hit by a truck. The Zeo Phantom crumpled to the ground. Without waiting Stryfe lifted the still morphed Ranger and ripped the Power Ruby clear of his chest.

“Such an intricate design,” Stryfe said. “A perfect energy conductor and the only thing keeping your Techno-virus in check.” He closed his palm and smiled as the Power Ruby shattered. He stuffed the fragments together knowing that in their flawed state they would be of little use to Nathan. Already he could sense the Techno-virus attempting to assert itself in The Zeo Phantom’s body. “You’re finished!”

“No!” Biilly boomed. “I want to study this Techno-virus. A slow death would be more fun anyway, don’t you think?”

Stryfe conceded and the two beaten Rangers were dragged away while the Psycho Ranger resumed their meeting. When he was certain that the other Psycho Rangers could not see, Stryfe took a moment to quench the black blood flowing from his palm. He carefully plucked the few fragments of the Power Ruby that had pierced his skin and waited for the Power to heal the wound.

Stryfe’s reason for living was to destroy everything that Nathan Oliver cared about. His mind had been altered so he was jealous of everything that Nathan had had growing up. Stryfe had never had a family, friends or training. He had been created in a test tube and by his thinking had lost out. A simple suggestion that Nathan had been created as a chance encounter between Oliver and Hilliard chromosomes was enough to spark the envy burning just beneath the surface.

When Stryfe made it his goal to destroy everything Nathan held dear; he did not limit himself in any way. First he would kill Nathan and then he would destroy the Rangers, Earth and finally the Oliver family. If he could have opened a dimensional portal to the reality where Minion had successfully beaten Nathan, he would have done so. Better yet, if he could bring Minion back to resume his place as ruler of the UAE he would not hesitate, especially if Minion could find a more inventive way for Nathan to suffer.

“The next order of business is our powers,” Jaason said, trying to direct the proceedings.

Stryfe turned his attention to the Red Psycho Ranger. Jaason was a blood-crazed tyrant who Stryfe suspected would seize control by force if it were possible to do so. However, Biilly was in charge and there was no doubt about that. The majority of the existing Psycho Rangers preferred the twisted genius to a dictator. Obviously Jaason did not like being on the outside looking in and preferred to be in charge. His feeble attempt to change the subject could have been ignored, but Biilly had his own way of dealing with the Red Psycho Ranger.

“Our new powers are based on the amalgamation of our inner spirits and the aura of the Power Rings,” Biilly said, knowing full well that Jaason would be unwilling to comprehend what he was saying. Jason Scott might have understood since Biilly did not Techno-babble as much as Billy Cranston, but Jaason was big on strength and small on brains. “Therefore by utilizing the purest refraction of our spirits we can focus a new image via the crystalline structure of the gem in each ring.”

“Speak English!” Jaason yelled.

Biilly seemed grow larger as he approached the Red Psycho Ranger. Biilly had already learnt to control his powers and was using them to intimidate the other replica.

“What I said,” Biilly growled, “Was that our rings work by transforming us into our true forms. All we need to do is to wear them and the change will occur.”

“So why haven’t we changed yet brainiac?” Jaason asked.

“Because you haven’t decided on what form you want your true appearance to take. Do you want to be a Ranger like before or a creature like Blob? The Power Rings allow you to take either form. Just look deep inside and discover your true self. Set it free and watch the results.”

Biilly allowed himself a smug grin as Jaason tried to comprehend the instructions. The replication process had definitely left the Red Psycho Ranger lacking in intellect. Biilly hoped his comrade could discover what to do before they had to fight.

“I suggest we all take the time to learn about our powers before continuing,” Biilly said.

“Brilliant!” Adaam cried.

“Not you,” Biilly said. “I want you to interrogate the prisoners. Find out about any changes that have taken place during our absence.”

“Yes Biilly,” Adaam groveled. “I shall not let you down.”

“Fool,” Biilly said as the Green Psycho Ranger left.

He noticed Toommy leaving the chamber, but didn’t really care what Tommy Oliver’s replica was up to. The tension between Biilly and Toommy was very evident in their constant and almost violent confrontations. Unlike the real Tommy and Billy, the replicas had never taken the time to clear up the issues between them; Biilly and Toommy had allowed their anger to develop into rage and open hatred. Since Biilly held the support of the majority and Jaason commanded his own faction, Toommy was left on his own.

Toommy had already undertaken his voyage of personal discovery and it had yielded an unusual outcome. He had spent the time since receiving the Power Ring wandering through the Psycho Rangers’ headquarters trying to locate his true self. It had not been until he had run across the Zeo Crystal stolen from another dimension that Toommy had seen the truth. The crystal, which Biilly had intended to use for his new replicas, had drawn Toommy into its purity and revealed his real destiny. The crystal had removed all the hate and bitterness from his soul returning him to how he had been before Minion’s spell had taken effect on his mind.

With his reawakening had come the understanding that most of the replicas were too far-gone to be helped in the way that he had been. But that did not mean he could not free Saamantha, Jamie, Lillian, Christina and Katarina from the fate Biilly planned for them. By repeating Minion’s actions and sabotaging the replicas during their development he intended to free them. He knew Biilly wanted to send them back in time and allow them to grow at a normal rate. That was fine with Toommy because he could use the interval between their conception and Biilly’s planned time to regain control for reinforcing their good sides. They would not be perfect by any means and just like Toommy they would be damaged goods, but at least they would have a choice.

The most important Toommy had over Biilly was that the leader of the Psycho Rangers had already decided to use the stolen Zeo Crystal to stabilize the changes to the timeline by inserting the white, silver, black, purple and yellow fragments into their bodies. The crystal would be shrunk to fit and would grow with the replica. That meant the Zeo Crystal could undo Biilly’s programming immediately. The Zeo fragments would provide an alternate power source to the Power Rings, but it was up to each replica to choose whether to fight for good or evil.

Toommy had already chosen. The Zeo Crystal had offered him the green fragment and he had accepted. All that remained was the final act of acceptance. He ripped the Power Ring from his finger and released the essence from the gemstone. He kept the ring to avoid suspicion, at least for the time being.

Meanwhile, Biilly was finishing his new replicas. He had inserted the Zeo fragments and reduced the replicas to their genetic codes. By using the Master’s spare Time Scoop control he had implanted each replica in the past, replacing the babies their parents had been expecting. The timeline had healed and nobody was any the wiser.

The exception had been Saamantha. She was a copy of Samantha Jones and would not be easy to integrate into the timeline. So Biilly chose an alternative family for her and inserted the knowledge that she had missed out thanks to Samantha.

When the process was complete he waited for the timeline to alter and then arranged to meet the new Psycho Rangers within the hour. But first he planned to see how Adaam was doing.

As he sat outside of Samoht and Nathan’s cell Adaam secretly wondered why he still used the name that Zordon had given him. Why did any of the Dark Rangers use the name of the Ranger they resembled? It was one of many things that confused Adaam at this time. But as prominent in his mind as the question seemed it was not the only thing he pondered. Many things about the recent reactivation of Minion’s Psycho Rangers didn’t make sense. Why had the Triforians chosen them as their agents and why had Treey been excluded from the group?

The answer to the second question was his similarity to Trey. The Triforians were up to something and they needed someone who resembled Trey perfectly. The obvious answer was that someone was planning a revolution and need Treey to make things look genuine. That answer made it more important to discover the answer to the first question.

The Power Rings were also impossible for Adaam to understand. The Triforian had claimed that the small diamonds attached to each ring contained the essence of a human who had either been Rangers at some point in the past or was destined to be a Ranger in the future. If that was so, he failed to see how the power could be tapped through his twisted spirit animal and how someone was able to determine who would become a Ranger.

Biilly had yet to work out exactly how to activate the rings’ powers although Adaam suspected it was only a matter of time. In fact so far the only replica who had been able to transform had been Naathan Oliver, now known as Stryfe. That led Adaam to believe that maybe the older replicas lacked the ability to use the rings correctly or the spiritual connection to direct the power.

He was wrong on both counts. The simple truth was that the rings were never designed to duplicate Power Coins. Where other transformation devices had a set form or pattern, the rings did not. The rings worked with the Ranger’s inner power or Chi. It allowed him to channel his power in some way. Some Rangers would be able to call on their armour since their powers were either physically inclined or defensive by nature. Others were able to touch the mystical side of their spirit and use it to improve their bodies without the need for external protection.

Adaam was in the latter group and as he sat there in his uniform he had been given by the Triforians, he started to feel the Power flowing. Slowly at first, like a big black wave that threatened to drag him under, the power started to rush towards him. He denied it for a while, not certain if he wanted to be evil anymore. Then the wave swallowed him whole and he felt the Power return in a way he had never expected. He welcomed the feelings of hatred and anger along with the power that they created deep within his soul.

As the Power started to consume him, Adaam realised that he had been denying the inevitable. He had believed that he could protect some of the goodness within and therefore control the dark energies he wielded. He had been wrong. The dark power was not that simple. It required complete obedience in order to be tamed. Adaam had not shown that commitment and instead of controlling the Power he became its slave.

Adaam changed. His body, mind, spirit and soul twisted into a sick parody of what he had once been. Personal honour became meaningless as the craving for physical gain took over. The Frog Prince had been transformed into an ugly Toad. Where once had been a warm and caring if a little shy boy stood a cold-hearted killer.

Even as the Power Ring was finishing its work, the Morphin Grid was working overtime to provide the weapons that Adaam would need. This would be the last time that Adaam used the Grid. When the transformation was completed he would be reliant on his own body and his totem of the Toad for strength. His anger and hatred of the Power Rangers, his greed for respect and lust for a certain human were his driving forces.

He was careful while choosing his final form. He realised that an error could not be corrected at a later date. He decided that black and green were colours that no longer suited his personality. Personally he was surprised Adam had remained Green Zeo as long as he had. No, Adaam demanded something that told the entire world that he wished to be taken seriously.

In the end he decided to remain human at least externally. He wore a brown vest covered by an orange sleeveless karate top and trousers. In place of the black belt he had earned, he wore a dark blue belt tied in the centre. His feet remained bare, as did his hands. His hair was reduced to stubble and despite being unarmed his entire appearance presented an air of danger.

Of course, for a warrior trained in the art of Ninja nothing was ever as it seemed an any who underestimated Adaam Park were in for a shock. In fact the final change he made was to discard his name. It was no longer required. In place of Adaam he took the name of Hatchiman.

Inside the cell Sam watched over the semi-conscious Zeo Phantom. Obviously Biilly had either overlooked the damage the boy had sustained or simply didn’t care. Stryfe had not stopped at simply hurting Nathan. He had ensured that the displaced Ranger would continue to suffer for a long time to come by damaging the Power Ruby. Without it Nathan could not control the Techno-virus that threatened to alter his body into a living machine.

Already the virus had taken over Nathan’s left arm and his left leg. It would only be a matter of time before it reached his head and then Sam had no idea what would happen. He had tried to used magic, hoping that because the virus was silicon based it would react to his powers. Unfortunately he was still suffering from Blob’s impact.

Danger was coming. Sam could sense it before it arrived, a sign that his powers were starting to return. He was still too weak to morph although he wondered whether he could manage the less demanding Ninja Ranger transformation. He closed his eyes and tried to find the Power deep inside.

It was no use. Even as he realised that he had failed the door opened and Hatchiman entered. At first Samoht didn’t recognize the warrior, but slowly he was able to see the faint likeness the newcomer bore to Adam.

“You first,” Hatchiman said.

He leapt off the ground and after floating in the air for a moment extended one leg and started a spinning kick towards the unmorphed Green Ranger. Sam had seen the move before; it was used by a character name Ken in Street Fighter II. Knowing where the move came from did little to help Sam avoid or defend against the attack. Hatchiman made contact with Sam’s chest two or three times as he passed by.

Sam stayed down as Hatchiman made his return journey the other way. He needed to find a way out of the cell without incurring any more injuries. The loss of his powers meant that his Ranger Healing wasn’t working.

As he watched his opponent fall, Hatchiman was already planning his next move. He had intended to kill Sam and Nathan quickly, but having seen how weak they were he had chosen to have some fun first.

On the floor Nathan was using all his will power to fight the virus, but slowly he could feel his body losing the battle. Without the Power Ruby he was in danger of becoming a machine.

_Is that so bad? _

It was a surprising thought and one Nathan had not entertained before. If he was going to lose the fight maybe he should just throw himself into the virus and accept his fate.

“Hold on Nathan!” Ninjor said. It was not the voice of the Ninjor of this dimension that spoke, but the harsh voice of his teacher. “Remember that you are a Ranger linked to the Salamander from now until the day you die. Remember that you are the Guardian of the Zeo Crystal and protector of the Power Ruby. You are the legacy of Earth and Triforia. When your powers are gone, what is left?”

As he listened to his teacher’s words, the Zeo Phantom’s attention turned inwards towards the place where he could find his own power. In a way he was very similar to the Dark Rangers except he didn’t need a Power Ring to copy their transformations. He simply searched for something that felt natural and latched onto it. Then he concentrated on bringing the form to the front of his mind.

Triforia? An idea started to form, as Nathan remained prone on the ground. He was aware of Samoht fighting nearby. Could the idea work and if it did would he have the nerve to do it? He wasn’t sure especially if the process was more painful than what he was already experiencing. The continual mutation of his cells was effecting his mind.

“When your powers are gone, what is left?” This time it was Dulcea’s voice that asked the question.

This time Nathan knew what he had to do, even if he was killed in the process. He could not remain helpless. It was better to attempt to purge the virus than to die a crippled coward. When he heard the question a third time he already knew the answer.

“When your powers are gone, what is left?” His parents asked.

“Me!” he answered.

“Then accept your destiny,” the voice said. This voice had more authority and he knew at once that it was his own voice.

Nathan closed his eyes and ceased his battle against the Techno-virus. His body experienced the extreme pain of the virus as it tore through his organic body. Somehow his powers were activated during the takeover and were assimilated by the virus. The Power Ruby was repaired at a microscopic level while the powers of the Salamander and Zeo Crystal were rejected. Both powers threatened the virus’ attempt to keep control and were rejected.

For the first time in his life, Nathan experienced what it was like to be part Triforian. The Techno-virus could not reject the Ninjetti and Zeo powers directly, so it altered Nathan’s biology so that when he split into his three distinctive bodies it was permanent and thorough. He split into three completely different entities. The first was a human male with purple hair. The second was the body the virus controlled, but the third was a real surprise. Totally organic it stood a few inches short than the other parts, weighed less and was blond. It was also female.

Nathan’s body finally succumbed to the effects of the Techno-virus. His armored uniform merged with his now metallic skin to create a permanently armored hide. The colour was highly reflective silver that was shaded as it followed the contours of his face and body. Inside his organs were turned to metal. He didn’t really need a circulatory system since metal doesn’t breath, but changes on that scale would require time to implement. Soon the only organic part of his body was his brain.

Nathan felt the separation just moments before passing out. The Techno-virus had taken his body; now it had only to take his mind.

While Nathan was struggling with his body, Sam was taking a major beating from Hatchiman. The Psycho Ranger was merciless in his attack since he knew Biilly would be pleased with him should he succeed and destroy the Green Morphin Ranger and Zeo Phantom. He lifted Sam into the air and kicked his chest. The Green Morphin Ranger crashed into the far wall, still wondering how he was going to fight against an enemy like Hatchiman without his powers. So far Nathan had done little besides collapse and Samoht’s concern for the Zeo Phantom drove him to fight back.

Relying on his new powers, Hatchiman continued to dominate. With a swing of his sword he slashed Samoht’s leg and caused the Green Morphin Ranger to drop to one knee. Satisfied that he’d had enough Hatchiman moved in for the kill.

Biilly sat watching his fellow Psycho Rangers. He used the secret cameras he had installed and was able to review the activities of all his subordinates. The exception was Toommy who had somehow managed to escape his gaze. But the others were very interesting to watch. Adaam had already found his power, but the others were just starting to do so.

Things were proceeding as planned. Soon he would split the group and send each Psycho Ranger to conquer a part of the Earth. Of course Angel Grove was his to attack, but the others would have more than their fair share of work to do.

For the moment he was concerned that the Rangers would stumble upon his plans whilst searching for their friends. He intended to divert their attention for the time being until the remaining Psycho Rangers made their appearance.


“What?” Jaason demanded.

“You really do lack all of the social graces,” Biilly said. “However, I need you to undertake a special assignment to distract the Rangers until we are ready to maintain a full attack upon them. I suggest you utilize the powers of your ring to enhance your physical attributes.”


“Destroy the Power Rangers!” Biilly shouted. Some people just couldn’t take a hint.

“What’s in it for me?” Jason asked.

_He’s not as mentally impaired as I believed, _ Biilly thought. He decided to appeal to Jaason’s ego, if he had one. “You know Jason has resumed the role of Red Morphin Ranger,” he waited for Jaason to nod, “Well last time you two fought he kicked your ass.”

“Revenge!” Jaason cried as a light went on in his empty head.”

“Affirmative,” Biilly replied.

“I go smash,” Jaason boomed. “Smash puny Rangers.”

“Yes, go!” Biilly cried, imitating Jaason’s voice. “And don’t forget your ring.”

Jaason placed the ring on his finger and waited for the transformation. He grew to seven foot with muscles growing on top of muscles. Some would serve as mere decorations to his powerful frame. His hair was reduced to stubble. Instead of Power enhanced armour he wore the slightly enlarged uniform handed to him by the Triforian Order. White boots and white, black and gold armour adorned his upper body as far down as his upper leg.

Biilly studied the transformed Jaason and had to admit that the change was for the better. Most of the power had been internalized to enhance the body and increase his rage. There was just one thing missing.

“Put this on,” he told Jaason.

Jaason took the strange headpiece and fitted it to his head. It enlarged to fit comfortably. It was a modified version of the strange eye visor, earpiece and microphone used by the Triforian Order. Biilly had stolen a copy and modified it to transmit images back to their base. From there he would be able to coordinate his warriors in battle without the risk. After all, a commander should be protected on the battlefield.

“There!” Jaason snapped.

No, Jaason was no longer a name worthy of such a warrior. He deserved something better than that.

“I am GIANT!” he boomed.

Biilly nodded as the powerful Psycho Ranger left. Giant would either emerge victorious or be destroyed. Either way Biilly would win.

Angel Grove Youth Center

It was a normal day for Ernie at work. Jason and Tommy were sparring on the mat, Rocky was proving that in a competition of appetites he was more than able to out eat Bulk and Tanya was talking quietly with Aisha in the corner booth. It was strange the way that Bulk and Skull had been accepted into the Ranger’s little group so quickly after becoming Rangers. But then that had always been one thing about Jason and friends that Ernie admired: they were always willing to make new friends.

There was a slight tension in the air that Ernie had grown used to. If this were a normal day then there would be a monster attack at some point. The Rangers were simply on guard and ready to leap into action. For some it was more of a distraction than it was for others. He glanced over to where Aisha and Kat were talking to a group of friends. Both seemed lost in their own thoughts while Emily, Chelsea, Marge and Richie chatted.

In another corner Eugene Skullovitch was having trouble describing his new idea to a group of the Rangers’ friends. Willy, Billy Cranston’s young friend and one time victim of Rita was hanging on the soon to be White Zeo Ranger’s every word whilst Curtis Taylor was simply relaxing after a workout. Tasha Young and Franklin Park were also trying to follow the threads of the conversation. Christina Collins on the far edge was nodding her approval despite wondering why Skull kept stopping to stare off into space. This was a side of Skull that few of them had ever seen before. His thoughts were undisciplined and slightly erratic, but the basic idea for a school project was interesting to say the least.

Samantha Jones, still relatively new to life in Angel Grove was handling the strange sense of impending doom much better than her fellow Rangers. After traveling with the Doctor she had learnt to accept such feelings at face value and then wait for the trouble. She had also learnt that knowing about danger and preventing it were two different things. She just hoped Alpha and Zordon were keeping an eye out for trouble.

Power Chamber

Zordon was worried. In the space of a few hours he had lost contact with both Sam and Nathan. Even though it had been a fragile lock at best it had given him a sense peace knowing where they were. Yet both signals had vanished at almost the same time as Trey had left the planet. _Maybe they went with him, _ he thought. Then shook his head. Terr would not have taken them and Trey had promised to remain a prisoner. Something else was happening and if it had anything to do with Stone Henge then Zordon was really worried.

Alpha was running through several checks at once trying to discover the source of a time distortion emanating from a school near to Angel Grove. He was attempting to discover whether it had anything to do with the mysterious readings they had found in Gateway City.

“Alpha, I need a teleport lock on all the Rangers,” Zordon said.

“Yes Zordon,” Alpha replied.

Zordon remained silent as he extended his mind out to find the disturbance. Maybe his mental powers would give him a clue.

Temporal Command Center,

No Time, No Place.

“Have you found them yet?” Dimitria asked.

“Patience Dimitria,” Rassillon told her. “Your panic only makes the situation worse. I will find them and bring them here as soon as… Oh dear.”

For once the amusement was gone from the ghostly Time Lord’s voice.

“What is wrong Lord Rassillon?” Dimitria inquired. “Would it not be better to share the problem?”

“I cannot summon the Shadow Grid Rangers,” Rassillon said. “They have been captured.”

“Do you not have an alternative?” Dimitria said. “Would it not be wise to use that plan now?”

“Yes, yes, Dimitria,” Rassillon snapped. “I will summon the other Rangers and hope they are not too busy with their own problem to help with ours.”

“With their future at stake I am sure they will help,” Dimitria said.

“Very well,” Rassillon said. “Locate the Time Force Rangers, it is time for them to face their real destiny.”

Angel Grove Youth Center,

The Angel Grove Youth Center had been the site of many attacks over the years. Different monsters had different methods of attacking. Some burrowed under ground, some burst through the window and some waited outside for the Rangers to show. Jaason however chose a different strategy; he marched up to the counter and transformed into Giant.

“Where Power Rangers?” Giant demanded.

Ernie struggled to overcome his surprise. He had been shocked to see Jason’s replica, but for him to transform into a monster in front of so many witnesses was shocking. Luckily few of the patrons had been paying attention when Jaason had walked in and assumed that it had been Giant all along.

“Answer me or I smash everything!” Giant growled.

“I – I don’t know,” Ernie stammered. Was this guy really stupid enough not to notice the Zeo Rangers standing around? He waited for Jason to signal that they had got everybody to safety. Then he pointed at the Red Morphin Ranger.

“Looking for us?” Aisha asked.

“Giant smash Rangers not puny humans. Morph!”

It was an offer the Rangers could not resist. As Skull teleported to the Power Chamber the other Rangers called their Power Balls or Zeonisers and waited for Jason to give the word.

“It’s Morphin Time!”

“Zeo Ranger I – Pink!”

“Zeo Ranger II – Yellow!”

“Zeo Ranger III – Blue!”

“Zeo Ranger IV – Green!”

“Zeo Ranger V,” Tommy braced himself for the pain that he knew morphing would create, “Red!”

“Purple Ranger Power!”

“Brown Ranger Power!”

“Red Ranger Power!”

“Zeo Ranger X – Gold!” This was Bulk’s first attempt at morphing and the rush he felt was something he would never forget.

The Power took Bulk’s football player body and developed it to its physical peak. There was little change apart from his shoulders growing slightly broader and his stomach slightly smaller. He looked stronger than the original Gold Ranger did and his armour contained more gold highlights. In his right hand was the replacement for the Golden Power Staff. He lifted the Battle-ax and tested both its razor sharp blades. A ball on the end of the handle where the blade was fastened was the focus for the Gold Rush.

“Me smash Rangers!” Giant cried.

The large monster ran towards the Red Ranger. Jason sidestepped and allowed Red Zeo to land a kick to Giant’s stomach. As the Red Zeo Ranger bounced off, Blue and Green Zeo had already moved in to attack from the sides. Giant laughed as they peppered his lower legs with small kicks, unaware that he was being set up.

“Giant, look out!” Biilly warned. He noticed the Yellow and Pink Zeo Rangers about to strike, but his warning was too late as they delivered drop kicks to Giant’s neck.

“It’s time for a Gold Rush!” Gold Zeo called.

The Zeo Battle-ax vanished into Bulk’s armour as he assumed a three-point stance. With a growl he tackled the enormous replica, allowing the Gold Zeo power to flow from his padded shoulders to the monster.

“Buulk!” Biilly yelled.

“What’s up boss?” Buulk asked.

Biilly turned away in disgust. Buulk had entered the control room eating a mixture of eclairs, burgers and squeezy cheese. When he spoke the bits of food flew everywhere. To make matters worse Buulk was wearing a pair of too tight shorts and a sweat soaked T-shirt.

Biilly felt sick at what the replication process had done. Bulk could be gross at times, but Buulk was unbearable.

“Go and help Giant,” he managed.

“Sure boss,” Buulk said. He placed his Power Ring on his finger and was transformed into the even more disgusting Blob.

“Power Stick!” Brown Ranger called. “Extend!”

She held the Power Stick so that the end was pointed at Giant’s forehead. She pushed a concealed button and the staff like weapon extended rapidly towards the monster. It struck Giant right between the eyes and caused him to grab his head.

“Power Armour!” Red Ranger called. Once in the armour he punched Giant in the gut, leaving his head exposed.

“Destructo Disk!” Pink Zeo called.

“Zeo Power Punch!” Yellow Zeo called.

“Zeo Power Kick!” Blue Zeo called.

“Hahahahahha!” Giant laughed as he knocked the Zeo Power Disk aside. His victory was cut short when Yellow and Blue Zeo connected with their blows.

“Zeo Cannon!” the Zeo Rangers called.

The Rangers remembered what their replicas had done to them last time and were taking no chances. Before they could shoot though, Blob appeared.

“Big Stomp!” Blob called. He slammed his foot into the ground and Ernie’s Juice Bar nearly collapsed under the strain.

“Now we bash!” Giant cried, recovered from his headache.

Both monsters attacked and the Rangers were at a disadvantage despite their numbers. The toxic gases from Blob’s breath damaged their armour and prevented them from getting close. Giant though had a better reach and could grab a Ranger at will. Blob was also larger than the Rangers and used his size to limit their attacks.

“Power Nunchuks!” Purple Ranger called.

She used the weapon to clear the air so the other Rangers could get closer and then through the Nunchuks at Blob. Despite the long chain the only managed to wrap around one of his stump like legs.

“Rangers, Blob is using anti-magic particles,” Alpha warned.

“Right Zordon,” Tommy answered. He turned to the Red Morphin Ranger and said. “We’ll handle Blob, you take Giant.”

“Right!” the other Rangers agreed.

“Blade Blaster!” Red, Purple and Brown Ranger ordered. They fired their weapons and drove Blob and Giant apart.

“Be ready,” Red Ranger said. To Giant he called: “You and me!”

Giant nodded enthusiastically. “I crush you.”

Red Ranger smiled under his mask. Inside the Red Battle Armour he was almost as tall as Giant. He was confident he could win. The two fought with neither able to beat the other. Jason was too strong and fast to be taken down whilst Giant’s intense healing prevented even the slightest damage. Almost accidentally Red Ranger connected a blow to Giant’s left hand and knocked the Power Ring. For a moment Giant ceased moving.

“Aisha, Tanya, now!” Red Ranger ordered.

The Brown and Purple Rangers had been waiting for his call and attacked without mercy. Brown Ranger went low to Giant’s knees whilst Purple Ranger attacked the head. Red Ranger used his percussion fists to pound Giant’s midsection.

All three Rangers were surprised when Giant blasted them with an energy attack of his own. They had not expected the large human to have any powered attacks just punches and kicks.

“Now I show you how to fight!” Giant boomed. “Big Bang!”

Giant drove his fist into the roof of the devastated Youth Center and caused it to fall in on the Rangers. Luckily Tanya had seen the threat and whipped out her Blade Blaster. A wide sweep of continuous energy was enough to reduce the debris to dust. It also allowed Giant to attack.

“Tanya look out!” Brown Ranger warned.

Giant’s fist connected with the Purple Ranger’s helmet. Tanya never even saw it coming and smashed through the weakened back wall. She groaned softly as she tried to gather her senses.

“I didn’t know he could do that!” Brown Ranger complained.

Aisha’s ninja training allowed her to handle larger opponents and Jason’s strength combined with years of martial arts allowed him to cause some damage. Giant though was not cooperating with them and used fireballs to keep them away.

“Pile Bomb!” he cried. His knee connected with Brown Ranger and when she doubled over he lifted her into a power bomb. Then as he was driving her into the ground he changed position so she was trapped in a piledriver. As her head connected he changed position again so the impact caught her back.

“Now I finish you!” Giant said to the Red Ranger.

Jason had other ideas and after returning his Battle Armour to its hiding place, summoned his Power Sword. Giant definitely had the advantage in terms on size, Jason hoped he had the advantage of brains.

“Ninja Ranger power!”

The fabric Ninja Ranger uniform replaced the Red Ranger’s armour. It allowed Jason even more speed than the lightweight armour and access to one of the powers Billy and Trini enjoyed from their Aspect powers.

Giant punched, Jason dodged and kicked. Giant blocked the kick easily and pitched Jason into the air. A sweeping kick staggered the Red Ranger, but Jason managed to escape the full force of the impact. Jason swiped with his Power Sword; the blade drew blood and stopped. Jason had to use all his strength to pull the weapon free of Giant’s healed chest.

Giant was getting angrier by the moment and the adrenaline was increasing the whole time. He unleashed another round of energy blasts and tried to incinerate the Red Ranger. Jason used his Ninja Ranger powers to hop scotch teleport out of danger. Then he decided it was time to act.

Jason remembered how he had managed to slow Giant for a few seconds by striking the monster’s hand. He also sensed that Tanya and Aisha were back in the game. He drew Giant towards them and then allowed the two furious female Rangers to have some fun.

“Ninja Ranger power!” Brown Ranger called.

Aisha’s power did not favor any of the four aspects. Instead all four were given equal influence on her abilities. Therefore while she was by no means as powerful as Billy and Trini when using the Ninja Aspect, she was more powerful than Jason was. Likewise if she used the Body Aspect she could not compare to Jason or Samoht, but would outmatch Billy or Zack. It was an interesting contrast that allowed Aisha to take Giant by surprise. He had expected her to be either fast of strong, but she was both and proved it.

He attacked she blocked and retaliated. Her Power Sticks collided with all the sensitive parts of his body. She staggered him and then used the powered up weapons to finish the job. She moved out of the way as Tanya attacked.

“I call on the power of the Purple Ranger!” Tanya called.

Her body was transformed into pure energy and she attacked so fast that Giant could not keep track of her movements. Her energized fists tore through his skin again and again without allowing the wounds time to heal. Her body changed shape to that of an energized Hawk and her talons dug into his prone shoulders.

“Finish him!” She told the Red Ranger.

Jason was more than ready to do so. He used the Power Sword as he charged forward. As it made contact with Giant, Jason activated the powered blade and watched as it cleaved through Giant’s wrist. As his hand fell off Giant reverted to Jaason and teleported away. His hand followed seconds later.

Jason, Tanya and Aisha powered down and turned to watch the Zeo Rangers fighting against Blob.

Gold Zeo was all over the fat monster. Blob exhibited all the traits that Bulk despised about his past. He had cleaned up his act and improved his health. It hurt that Biilly had chosen to turn his replica into a tool for destroying the Rangers. The Gold power drove Bulk onwards, telling him exactly what to do and where to strike. It was an amazing effort for Bulk’s first morph.

The Blue and Green Zeo Rangers joined the fight. Both had had experience of dealing with large opponents and directed their assaults low. They also hoped that by doing so they would avoid Blobs toxic breath. Blob surprised both of them with his rapid slaps. He struck the two Rangers multiple times before they could staggered away and then caught Gold Zeo in a bear hug. With a sudden show of finesse he belly to bellied Bulk ad squashed him. The Gold Ranger ceased struggling as Green Zeo managed to pull the fat monster away.

Samantha and Kat were next to attack. They worked in tandem to keep the monster away from their friend. Samantha used the Zeo II Power Punch to down the fat blob, but her fist was swallowed by his mass. He drained part of her life force before tossing her aside.

“Star Blast!” Tommy called.

His Zeo V Power Sword carved a small star in the air. Then he stabbed the tip of his blade through the star and watched as the star shaped energy struck Blob. He ran forward and tried to throw the monster, but couldn’t shift it.

Blob growled as Tommy struggled. He brought his hands down in a double axe handle blow to the back. Tommy collapsed from the weight of the blow and Blob used the opportunity to deliver a thrust kick. He then directed an elbow drop to the prone Ranger’s chest and watched him shake with pain.

“We need to try a new plan,” Adam said.

“Rangers, hit his left hand,” Alpha advised.

“Right!” the four remaining Rangers, cried.

“Zeo IV Power Hatchets!” Green Zeo called.

“Zeo III Power Arm Blades!” Blue Zeo yelled.

The two Rangers went after Blob, hoping to get a lucky blow in. They moved as Kat’s Destructo Disk almost connected.

“Zeo II Power Nunchuks!” Samantha cried.

She managed to tie his wrist with her weapon and held it for Rocky. But as the Blue Zeo Ranger was about to strike, Blob jerked the Yellow Zeo Ranger off her feet and used her to knock Blue and Pink Zeo down. Green Zeo was caught with a head butt as Samantha was dumped to the ground. He smiled as he prepared to squash the Yellow Zeo Ranger.

“No!” Red Zeo called. “You will not succeed!”

Blob laughed at the Red Zeo Ranger’s pathetic attempt to stand up. He deliberately paced his attack so that Yellow Zeo was vulnerable. He crashed down on her full force and smiled as he heard the cracking of bones.

“How dare you!” Tommy boomed.

Blob felt himself swallow when he heard the anger in Tommy’s voice. It took a lot to make the Red Zeo Ranger lose control of his temper. Blob was not sure whether the fact that he had succeeded was such a good thing. Still, the Red Zeo Ranger was hurt and Blob was certain that he could finish him. He was wrong.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Tommy said. His armour was glowing and appeared to be on fire. “You could have lived if you hadn’t done that.”

“Same the threats wimp,” Blob shot back.

Blob attacked, hoping to catch Tommy off guard. He was out of luck though as Tommy stopped the monster’s progress and then slammed him without effort. Every kick felt like ten, every punch burned and event the Red Zeo Ranger’s body checks seemed like a dozen blows.

For his part Tommy had no idea where the new strength was coming from, but it seemed to be working. The trouble was that the feeling was short lived. Tommy could already feel his new strength slipping away.

“Bulk, Kat, finish it!” Tommy called before collapsing.

The Pink and newly recovered Gold Zeo Rangers did just that. Kat attacked without mercy and had Blob on the run when Bulk made a quick strike with his Zeo Power Battle-ax. The weapon struck Blob’s left hand and the monster retreated.

With Blob and Giant gone the Youth Center was returned to normal by the Power. The Ranger gathered their injured friends and returned to the Power Chamber.

Power Chamber,

Sometime later.

Samantha finally emerged from the Zero cabinet refreshed and healed. She made her way to the command chamber where the Rangers were talking. Zordon had not recalled all the Morphin Rangers although he had been tempted.

“It’s definitely the replicas,” Tommy was saying. “I saw Jaason before he transformed.”

“Where did they get the power?” Tanya asked. “Is Minion back?”

“I don’t think so,” Adam said. “He would have attacked directly.”

“So who’s calling the shots?” Rocky asked.

“Maybe Jaason was working alone,” the Green Zeo Ranger said. “Although I doubt it.”

“Rangers, there is something else you should know,” Zordon said. “Both Nathan and Samoht have vanished. I believe they might have been captured.”

“It makes sense,” Adam said. “They’ve taken the oldest and most powerful Rangers.”

“Zordon, what about Tommy?” Jason asked.

It had been an amazing sight to behold. Red Zeo had torn threw everything that the Blob had sent against him. Even without the Zeo Pistol, Zeo Sword of his Zeo Power Weapon he had emerged victorious. This new strength had faded as quickly as it had come.

“Tommy, how do you feel?” Zordon asked.

“Man, I’ve never felt so good,” Tommy replied as Alpha continued to run the scanner over the Red Zeo Ranger.

“Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi, his powers are increasing every second,” the little robot said.

“Alpha, perform a scan for signs of the Zeo Toxin,” Zordon instructed.

Alpha did so and the scanner exploded as it was fed too much data.

“Zordon, what’s happening here?” Tommy asked.

“I am afraid Tommy that the Zeo Toxin is taking over your system. Just as the flame of a candle will grow if fanned in the wind so your powers are growing due to you toxin enhanced life force.”

“Is there nothing we can do?” the Doctor asked, catching where Zordon was heading and hoping he was wrong.

“I am afraid not Doctor,” Zordon said.

“So?” Tommy demanded. “I am growing more powerful, so what?”

“Tommy,” the Doctor said softly, barely able to hold back the tear. “You’re dying.”

“But Zordon said I’m growing stronger.”

“No Tommy, I said your powers were reacting like a flame would if fanned. They are duplicating your life signs.”

“I don’t understand,” Tommy said.

“Tommy, a candle burns the brightest just before it goes out,” Zordon said. “Your powers and your life force are increasing at the moment, but when they peak they will be extinguished.”

Realization hit as Tommy tried to absorb the information. There were so many things he wanted to ask. He was being given the gift of incredible power, only to lose both it and his life. When the candle burnt out he would die.

“Is there anything we can do?” Jason asked.

“If we could somehow find a copy of Tommy’s original DNA, maybe we could create an antibody,” Zordon said.

“Samoht would be a good candidate,” Samantha said.

“I am afraid not Sam,” the Doctor said. “Samoht was created by magically altering Tommy’s hair. I doubt their genetic codes are the same.”

“The only choice is Toommy,” Alpha said.

“Unfortunately Alpha is correct,” Zordon said. “As an exact replica he would have the genes we need. But I am afraid you would need to capture him alive.”

“We’ll do it Zordon,” Jason swore.

“In the meantime Tommy can continue to fight,” Zordon said, “The drain of his powers during battle will help him keep the toxin at bay.”

“Couldn’t we use the Green Power Coin again?” Kat asked.

“I am afraid that Nathan had the coin,” Zordon said.

“So for the moment we are stuck with waiting,” Jason said.

“I am afraid so Jason,” Zordon answered. “I am afraid so.”

Biilly’s Headquarters

Jaason had been holding his scream since his hand had been severed, but when he appeared in the control room he let all his anguish out. Biilly smiled as he walked over to the injured Psycho Ranger.

“Buullk’s getting his hand repaired,” he whispered. “But I don’t think that will help you.”

He kicked the Red Psycho Ranger hard and pointed a blast at him.

“Please don’t!” Jaason begged.

“Just so you remember who is in charge,” Biilly said. He fired five shots and left. The Power would heal Jaason eventually, but the process would be long and painful. Billy smiled. All was going as planned. Now things could really get interesting.

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