Psycho Returns Conclusion – The Choice of a New Generation

by Shadow Ranger

The battle had been fast paced and complicated. At first Tommy, Samoht, Nathan, Nate and Natalie had been attacked. They had fought back, but had ultimately fallen. The Zeo Rangers had teleported to their friends’ aid and the battle had evened out. The Morphin Rangers had joined in and it had looked like they were going to win.

But as always Biilly had a backup plan. He had used a device called the Zero Ray to suspend the Rangers powers and had summoned assistance.

That assistance came in the form of the replicas Biilly had sent into the past. He activated a recall switch and their programming was initiated. Little did he realise that his plans had been sabotaged by one of his fellow Dark Rangers.

After a brief disagreement and a quick fight, he had sent Toommy off to gather the last five replicas. Little did Biilly realise that in the twenty minutes Toommy took to summon Biilly’s deadliest Dark Rangers, the balance of power had changed.

“At last you are here,” Biilly said.

The six replicas led by Toommy nodded silently as they approached. Toommy’s wounds seemed to have healed, following his fight with Biilly. Already the exaggerated Ranger Healing had repaired the Dark Red Psycho Ranger’s right hand.

Biilly pulled out a box, which contained the six remaining Power Rings. Toommy stepped back as each of his five companions took one of the rings and slipped it on their finger.

“Now, use the rings to transform and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies,” Biilly instructed.

The five replicas turned and looked at Toommy who nodded his approval. How Toommy had managed to gain control of the new replicas was unknown, but something Biilly promised he would resolve in the near future. Together the six warriors leapt into battle against the now exhausted Morphin and Zeo Rangers. The surviving Psycho Rangers had already pulled out of the battle, leaving the new replicas to finish the job.

Toommy landed next to Red Zeo, Red Ranger and Blue Zeo. All were exhausted from their battle and as he attacked they fell easily. The metal plate he had secured to his fist left a dent in Red Zeo’s helmet when he delivered the knockout punch.

Jamie was like a pitbull as she threw herself into combat against Gold Zeo. Her knee connected with his groin and was followed by a kick to the head. Bulk’s head bounced off her knee and he collapsed to the ground. Jamie ducked just in time to avoid Black and White Ranger when they attacked. A quick elbow and Green Zeo joined his friends on the ground.

Christina wasn’t much of a fighter, but when faced by Blue and Purple Ranger, she was able to the techniques Jamie and Lillian had shown her to triumph. Personally she couldn’t see why Toommy had told them to hold back their powers.

That left Katarina, Lillian and Terry against Yellow Zeo, Pink Zeo, Brown Ranger, Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger. While Terry and Yellow Zeo faced off, Katarina and Lillian dealt with the Pink and Yellow Rangers before all three teamed up against Brown Ranger.

With their enemies helpless, the six replicas formed a circle, after throwing Nathan, Nate, Natalie and Samoht into the centre. They linked their hands and used the powers of their rings to force demorph the Rangers. The time had come to transform and they were all ready.

“Now,” Biilly said eager to show his authority. “Show your enemies what a replica can do.”

“You got it guvner,” Terry said. She was the replica of Samantha Jones, but due to interference from Biilly, she had been sent back in time and raised from a baby by Samantha’s aunt. She wore a leather jacket and had her hair painted purple to show her rebellious streak. As she spoke she spat out the bubblegum she was chewing and took a more serious stance.

“Now!” Toommy ordered.

The six replicas tore off their rings and smashed them on the ground.

“What are you doing?” Biilly asked.

“Taking out the trash,” Terry growled.

“I told you to transform into something that would strike fear into the hearts of your enemies,” Biilly insisted.

“And we did,” Katarina assured him. “Watch.”

“It’s Morphin Time!” Toommy said, mocking Tommy as he did so.

The Red Zeo Ranger couldn’t respond. His powers were still weak following the energy drain he had experienced and Tommy was weak from the Zeo Toxin.

“Zeo Shadow Power!” Lillian called.

Her body was surrounded by ribbons of shadow that merged together to form a dark cocoon. When the shell opened the metamorphosis was completed and in the place of Lillian O’Neil was a black ranger. Matte and gloss black added a level of depth to the costume and made her look even more imposing. The Helmet showed no obvious visor or symbol of power. At the centre of her chest was a small black crystal representing her link to the stolen Zeo Crystal. She held out her hand and a staff appeared.

“You going to join the party Oliver?” she asked Toommy.

“The name’s Tyler,” the replica replied. He raised his hands towards the sky and concentrated on his link to the stolen Zeo Crystal. This was the final step and if he took it there would be no turning back. “Zeo Knight Power!”

Green armour connected to his body as the Power took effect. When it was finished he was dressed a green version of Lillian’s outfit, with gold decorations. His eyes were visible since only the top and lower parts of his face were protected. In his chest was a green jewel representing his Zeo power.

“Zeo Blade Power!” Jamie called.

A sword appeared in Jamie’s hand and she gripped it in both hands. Lightning struck the tip of the sword and sent waves of energy flowing up her arms. When the energy reached her feet she exploded into a burst of purple light. Biilly was forced to shield his eyes as Zeo Blade stepped from the column of light ready for action.

Zeo Blade wore a costume very similar to Zeo Shadow’s. Except that hers was purple in colour. The crystal in her chest was also mounted in the pummel of her sword.

“Zeo Phoenix!” Katarina called.

She disappeared as a ball of fire struck the place where she had previously been. It could have been a natural phenomenon, but none of the Rangers could remember a natural fire burning silver. There was a loud screech as the flames took on a new shape, that of a giant bird.

_A phoenix, _ Tommy realised as he watched, still unable to move thanks to a spell Saamoht had used.

The bird hovered in the air and closed its wings. The flames dimmed, as the bird became the armour of Katarina Petronov, the Zeo Phoenix. Apart from the small bird covering the crystal on her chest, Katarina’s costume was simply a silver version of Lillian and Jamie’s.

_We’re becoming a team, _ Tyler thought as he watched.

“Zeo Psi Power!” Christina called.

Without ceremony she was transformed into the white version of Lillian’s armour. There were no fancy effects during her transformation. She simply morphed.

“Zeo Punk Power!” Terry called.

She was placed into yellow armour similar to the others. In addition to the crystal in her chest she wore a pair of knives within easy reach and a purple streak down the centre of her helmet.

“Does this strike fear into your heart Tommy?” Tyler asked as he stood over the unmorphed teen.

“No,” Tommy managed.

“Your friend Skull is trying to assemble the remaining Zeo Rangers,” Zeo Psi said. “He won’t succeed in time to save you.”

“You see,” Zeo Knight continued. “We discovered your little secret. You’re dying from a Zeo Toxin.”

“And only Tyler ere can cure it,” Zeo Punk said.

“Kill them!” Biilly ordered.

“I can see why you chose Christina,” Tyler said to Biilly, ignoring the instruction. “She was the one who worked out how to cure little Tommy here. And this is it.”

He held a small vile in front of Tommy. It was near enough that Tommy could see the contents, but far enough away that Tyler could keep it out of Tommy’s hands.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” Zeo Knight said. “You have maybe two minutes of life left before the Toxin reasserts itself.”

“Do it,” Biilly urged as Tyler lifted Tommy into the air.

“My pleasure,” Zeo Knight growled.

He punched Tommy in the stomach hard enough to draw blood. As the blood covered his hand he threw the Red Zeo Ranger back to the ground.

“Wait!” Biilly ordered as Zeo Knight moved in for the kill. “I’ll handle this.”

Like a true commander, Biilly knew how to earn the respect of his followers. Destroying Tommy Oliver would ensure that he had the undying respect of the other replicas.

“Be my guest,” Zeo Knight said. To Tommy he added: “Now!”

“Zeo Ranger V – Red!”

“But, the wound…” Biilly protested.

“This wound?” Red Zeo asked, as he held a piece of glass over his healed stomach.

Despite his much-boasted genius, Biilly was slow to realise what had happened. His mind played out all the possible scenarios until it came to the one where Tyler smashed the vile containing the cure into Tommy’s stomach. The implications that the cure had been injected into Tommy’s bloodstream and had cured him were not far behind. That meant that the Red Zeo Ranger was now back to full strength since the injection had included a stimulant. And since he doubted Tyler would have made such a stupid mistake, Biilly could assume…

“Traitor!” he cried as he turned to face Zeo Knight.

“You told us to pick a uniform that struck fear into the hearts of our enemies,” Christina said.

“Feeling scared Biilly?” Zeo Phoenix asked.

“I told you I’d get even,” Zeo Knight said.

His helmet opened to reveal Tyler’s face. Biilly gazed at the face of the replica he had humiliated in the past. He remembered how he had inflicted the scar on Tyler’s left cheek and how the replica of Tommy Oliver had vowed revenge.

“You’ll regret this,” Biilly said.

“Whatever,” Zeo punk said. “We going to sit on our bums all day or are we going to nut these guys?”

“Psycho Rangers arise!” Biilly ordered.

Only Roocky, Zaack, Taanya, Kiimberly, Daavid and Triini had the presence of mind to obey. Their rings were smashed, but they still had their original morphers. They didn’t speak; they simply transformed into their Psycho Ranger forms. Their uniforms were black all over with a small hint of colour on their helmets.

“Your costumes don’t scare us?” Psycho Blue announced.

“Try us,” Zeo Knight challenged.

The Psycho Rangers did so and the battle began. Since they couldn’t match up by colour, the Psycho Rangers just attacked the nearest replica. Triini charged Zeo Punk, Roocky tackled Zeo Phoenix, Daavid advanced on Zeo Knight, Kiimberly confronted Zeo Blade, Zeo Shadow had to contend with Zaack, and Taanya was left against Zeo Psi.

Even though they had only been Rangers for a short time, the new replicas had quickly learnt to master their abilities. As the Morphin and Zeo Rangers stood on the sidelines, trying to help Samoht, Nathan, Nate and Natalie, Tyler and his team seemed to be a match for the Psycho Rangers.

Psycho Pink was ferocious in combat. Even though she couldn’t change into Amazon, she retained the skills and anger that had made her a success. She spun and ducked and kicked and flipped her way around Zeo Blade. She tried to goad the replica into fighting, but Jamie had learnt how to control her temper. She let Kiimberly do as she wished, blocked the few blows that resembled anything close to an attack Amazon was trying to draw her in close and Zeo Blade would have none of it.

“Psycho Arrows!” Psycho Pink called.

It was a weapon Kiimberly felt at home with since it was a copy of the Power Bow modified to provide more power. Her arrows were energized as they left the bow and flew through the air as pure energy. When they reached their target the energy was released, leaving the razor sharp arrow a small hole through which to penetrate.

Zeo Blade was no fool and knew that she didn’t want to be on the receiving end of Psycho Pink’s arrows. She dodged as Kiimberly continued to shoot. Then when she had the chance she struck.

“Sword of Lightning, strike!”

Lightning bolts hit the ground where Psycho Pink was standing and knocked her to the ground. More bolts pounded her metal hide as Zeo Blade tried to eliminate her opponent.

“I’m going to cut you up,” Psycho Black growled.

He pulled his beefed battle-ax and lunged at Zeo Shadow. The axe struck and sliced through Lillian’s suit. But just as Zaack was ready to celebrate his easy victory, Zeo Shadow vanished like smoke.

“Looking for me?” Lillian asked from behind the Psycho Ranger.

Zaack didn’t look he reacted. In the desert he knew he would hit anything dangerous and intended to hurt the replica before she could move.

“Shadow Ribbons strike!” Zeo Shadow ordered.

A stream of black ribbons emerged from the end of the staff and bound Zaack in place. Although thin they were harder than titanium.


Psycho Black was transformed into an ice statue and Lillian responded with a drop kick. The ice shattered when she made contact, leaving Psycho Black broken on the ground.

“You shouldn’t have betrayed us,” Daavid said. “We made a good team.”

“We still could,” Zeo Knight answered. “Stop fighting me and fight Biilly’s control.”

“Biilly is my leader,” Daavid answered. “Join us. You can still share in our victory.”

The two warriors had been engaged in a classic sword fight as talked. Zeo Knight wielded a particularly deadly katana whilst Daavid held a sword that could have been mistaken for Saba. As they threw themselves into combat, Daavid saw an opportunity and unleashed an energy burst from his sword. Tyler saw the attack coming and moved his sword in a large circle. The blade left a trail of energy that blocked Daavid’s shot.

“Good try,” Tyler told his brother.

“Thank you Toommy,” Psycho White replied. He pulled a blaster from behind his back and fired repeatedly in the hope of penetrating the shield.

“They name’s Tyler,” Zeo Knight said as his temper flared. “Remember it!”

He made another circle with his sword, this time a horizontal disk and launched it at Psycho White. Daavid barely ducked out of the way.

“Time to end this,” Tyler said.

He charged forward and made a low cut that sliced through Daavid. Psycho White fell.

“So this is the thanks we get for creating you,” Psycho Yellow stated.

Triini was really pissed. Her ability to transform into Mantis was gone forever and she intended to make all the Rangers pay. That this upstart had destroyed a Power Ring of her own free will meant Triini had a grudge to settle.

Zeo Punk didn’t answer. She reached for her knives ready for combat. Triini licked her lips under her helmet as she saw an opportunity.

“You shouldn’t play with sharp objects,” she told Zeo Punk. “You could get hurt. Allow me to demonstrate. Psycho Daggers!”

Triini leapt in close and swiped at Terry with her weapons. Sparks flew from Zeo Punk’s armour as Psycho Yellow tried to pierce Terry’s shell. When she was certain Terry was focused purely on blocking the daggers, she changed techniques. She used her kung fu training to deliver a volley of kicks that Terry couldn’t block.

Zeo Punk hit the ground hard and realised their was no way she could match Psycho Yellow in this type of combat. Triini was trained and skilled whereas Terry was more used to the playground style she had learnt back home. Unfortunately there was little hair to pull on an armored Psycho Ranger.

_Time for a new approach. _

She Crouched on her knees and waited for Psycho Yellow to approach. Then she charged headfirst into the Psycho Ranger’s chest. She used her momentum to knock Triini off balance and then pushed her down. When the Psycho Ranger stood up again, Terry threw her Zeo Daggers. The small knives hooked around Triini’s body and pinned her to an invisible wall.

“Head Ram!” she called and flew headfirst into Triini. The Psycho Ranger groaned and fell.

Even without turning into the Trickster, Roocky was annoying. His combination of ninja training and unorthodox moves had Zeo Phoenix on the defensive. But Katarina was also trained to fight and she had a surprise in store for Psycho Blue. She fought hard, but no more force than was needed to frustrate her opponent. She watched his body language and was pleased to see her efforts were becoming effective.

“Try my Psycho Lance!” Roocky hissed.

A lance similar to the one used by Blue Morphin Ranger appeared, but Roocky’s lance was covered with serrated edges along its edge. No matter which part of the staff connected with her, it always inflicted damage and Katarina was once again on the back foot. When Roocky turned the weapon so the spear like end was towards Zeo Phoenix and thrust it into her chest, Katarina fell to the ground.

“That was too easy,” he exclaimed.

“Look out you fool!” Biilly warned.

Psycho Blue turned in time to witness the true power of Zeo Phoenix. Her fallen body burst into flames and she flew into the air, her wounds apparently healed. Roocky drew a blaster and tried to bring her down, but she was far more agile when airborne. Still, she couldn’t hold this level of activity for long and knew she had to make an end. She crossed her arms and for a moment Psycho Blue was certain he could silver wings.

“Phoenix Flame!”

Katarina threw her arms open and a burst of silver fire consumed Roocky. He howled in pain and then fell silent as Katarina fell back to the ground.

“Now it’s just you and me,” Psycho Purple said. “Your friends can’t help you now.”

“I don’t need any help,” Christina said.

She raised her right hand and gestured a slap. Two meters away, Taanya felt the impact. For Christina it was like having a second body and pulling the strings to make it move. Her gestures didn’t really have an effect; they were there to confuse Psycho Purple. She raised her hand and Taanya was projected into the sky. She lowered her hand and Psycho Yellow groaned from the heavy impact.

“Fight fair!” Psycho Purple cried.

She threw her hands around Zeo Psi’s neck and choked her to the ground. She called on her Psycho Chuks and pelted Zeo Psi’s body repeatedly with the club like ends.

The heavy blows stunned Christina. She couldn’t sense the weapon to deflect it with her mind and while Taanya was on the offensive, she couldn’t lock onto the Purple Psycho Ranger. She needed to do something because lying in the sand while an insane Ranger battered her was not a good place to be.

_Sand? _

She strained her mind as she tried to grasp separate grains of sand using only telekinesis. She quick managed to lift a ball of sand the size of a snow ball and after she compacted the grains together, she propelled the ball into Psycho Purple’s face.

“Psychic Dagger!”

As Taanya lunged towards her again, Christina left the physical world and traveled into Psycho Purple’s mind. Like a dagger she cut through the areas of her opponent’s mind that dealt with movement. The process happened within seconds and Psycho Purple slumped over, completely helpless.

“You’ve lost Biilly,” Red Zeo said. He was enjoying how uncomfortable he sensed Biilly had become. “If you think the Triforian Order will save, you are wrong. Zordon heard from Triforia new ruler earlier. Trey defeated Treey and Terr. The Order is gone!”

“No!” Biilly’s fragile control snapped and he leapt into action. He didn’t need to morph or transform to be deadly, as Tommy quickly learnt.

Tommy tried everything he could, but with Biilly’s rage continuing to grow by the second, Red Zeo couldn’t land any punches. Biilly took pleasure in kicking Tommy about as he had done in the past. He lifted Red Zeo up and power bombed him repeatedly into the desert sand. From the Jackal he created a ball of black energy and used it to make Tommy writhe in pain. Red Zeo’s body spasmed as the energy struck.

“My warriors may have failed,” he said. “But I will finish you.”

“I don’t think so,” Tyler said as the six replicas surrounded their supposed leader.

Biilly laughed at his former servant’s attempt to intimidate him and threw Red Zeo into Zeo Psi. Then he launched a new offensive on the replicas. He fought off the Shadow Ribbons, blocked the Head Ram and pulled Zeo Knight into the path of Zeo Phoenix’s attack.

Zeo Blade jumped onto Biilly’s back, using the suction cups on her forearms to drain his energy. The backlash was incredible and she was thrown off.

“If you want my energy,” Biilly said, “Take it!”

He unleashed another energy attack on the fallen replicas and Red Zeo. With his Power Ring safely in his possession he couldn’t lose.

“Did you really think those pathetic outfits could scare me?” He asked as he kicked Zeo Psi in the head. “I could destroy you all right now, but I want to savor it. I’ll kill you one at a ti… Very well, you win this time. Psycho Rangers, return!”

“What happened?” Zeo Punk asked as Biilly and his Dark Rangers left.

“That,” Red Zeo said.

Zeo Knight looked up to see the Morphin Rangers and five of the six Zeo Rangers lined up next to Nathan, Nate and Natalie. All had their most powerful weapons drawn and ready.

“We scared him,” Tyler said.

“Negative,” Blue Ranger replied as the other teams approached the replicas. “He must have surmised that we could have damaged him and assumed the logical course of action was retreat.”

“He’s still out there then,” Brown Ranger said.

Red Ranger nodded. “And he still had most of his Dark Rangers.”

“We can’t do much more here,” Tommy said as White Ranger helped him back to his feet. “Let’s go home.”

“You coming?” Purple Ranger asked the replicas.

“If you’ll have us,” Lillian said.

“Honey, we need all the help we can get,” Tanya smiled beneath her helmet.

Somehow that bit of the conversation seemed familiar although they had no idea why.

They all teleported away.

“Zordon, someone wishes to speak to you,” Alpha said.

Zordon could tell by his voice that Alpha was nervous.

“Who is it Alpha?” Zordon asked.

“Councilor S’Hera of Prominus Seven,” Alpha said.

Zordon understood why Alpha was nervous. S’Hera was not known for her love of either androids or the Morphin Masters. She considered both to reduce the effectiveness of the Galactic Council in the running of their planets. She was also known for her strong views against Earth.

“Councilor S’Hera, how may I help you?” Zordon asked politely.

“Zordon of Eltare,” S’Hera acknowledged. “The Council is concerned about your activities on Earth.”

“I assure you Councilor that I have obeyed the Council’s guidelines,” Zordon said.

“Maybe,” S’Hera said. “But you must admit things have gotten out of hand. I checked the records Zordon; there are almost forty Power Rangers on your world. I would suggest that is excessive.”

“There are only seven active Rangers in Angel Grove,” Zordon said. “I do not have any jurisdiction over those who exist elsewhere. The Morphin Rangers are reserve member only.”

“Really?” the councilor asked. “Our agents have reported that there are six new Zeo Rangers and three unidentified Rangers in addition to the four remaining Zeo Rangers you already requested. The Council is willing to support your noble defence of a weak species, but you cannot be allowed to build a personal army.”

“Councilor, you have my word that the…” The Rangers arrived and Zordon was force to reconsider his words. “One moment Councilor.”

“Zordon, we did it,” Rocky said.

“Yeah, thanks to these guys,” Kimberly pointed out.

“You have indeed done well Rangers,” Zordon said. “With your new friends you have defeated Biilly’s forces. Without the Triforian Order he will not be able to recreate his followers’ powers.”

“And with Doc Tortua gone, we won’t need to worry about the Uglies,” Aisha said.

“I will start work to counteract the effects of Biilly’s Zero Ray,” Billy said. “We won’t be neutralize by that again.”

“I commend you for your actions Rangers,” Zordon said. “But our new friends have created a problem.”

“What problem?” Jason asked.

“I can answer that,” S’Hera said. “I am Councilor S’Hera. Zordon has exceeded the number of Rangers he is allowed to have under his command. I can foresee only one possible solution to this. Both teams of Zeo Rangers should surrender their powers to the Council immediately.”

“I object Councilor,” Zordon said. “I have already told you that there are seven active Rangers.”

“Nonetheless, you are able to call on all these Rangers here. That is too much power for one man.”

“Wait a minute,” Samoht said. “My mentor is Saurian of Zyuella. So is Jason’s for that matter.”

“Trini and myself were mentored to Ninjor,” Billy pointed out.

“Dulcea tells us what to do,” Tanya said, referring to David and herself.

“And we are under Thalian’s command,” Kimberly said.

“Zordon simply acts as coordinator when Ninjor, Thalian, Saurian and Dulcea are away,” Trini said.

“Only Tommy, Nathan, Rocky, Adam, Samantha, Kat, Bulk and myself are under Zordon’s direct command,” Aisha said.

“Hm, well I suppose that would account for the Morphin Rangers, although I sincerely question such highly important decision being made by even those respected Morphin Masters. Still, the problem of these replica Zeo powers remains. The Council cannot allow two teams of such power to remain under you command Zordon. Since the replicas were born with the Zeo Crystal inside of them I suggest you turn them other to the Council’s redistribution group.”

“I cannot do that Councilor,” Zordon said.

“Why not?” she asked in a dangerous tone.

“Tyler and his friends are not under my jurisdiction,” Zordon answered. “I did not give them the powers and they have not asked to join us.”

“But you are the only Morphin Master on Earth,” S’Hera protested. “They cannot be Rangers without your permission.”

“Hey lady,” Jamie snapped. “We didn’t ask to be Rangers.”

“But your powers,” the Councilor protested.

“Are ours to use as we see fit,” Tyler said.

“But you might break a rule of the Power,” S’Hera pointed out.

“Technically, it wouldn’t matter,” Billy said. “The Zeo Crystal is not linked to the Morphin Grid and is not affected by the rules we agreed to.”

“In other words,” Lillian said. “We wouldn’t be Rangers, but we can do what we like.”

“We’ll form our own team,” Christina said.

“You can’t do this,” S’Hera cried. “The Council will not allow it.”

“The Council cannot interfere,” Zordon said. “They were born with the powers and are not Rangers. The Council has no say.”

Zordon noticed the look of uncertainty on the councilor’s face and decided to test a theory. “Furthermore, Earth is under my protection, not the Council’s. You have no right to place agents here. Nor can you tell me how many Rangers I am allowed.”

“Zordon, I was only pointing out how this situation could be misinterpreted,” S’Hera said. “I never meant to interfere. You have my support as always.”

“Good bye Councilor,” Zordon said.

The transmission went dead.

“Did you mean it about not joining us?” Samoht asked.

“It’s better this way,” Tyler said. “I doubt you guys would agree with our methods and we need to take out Biilly.”

“Where will you go?” Jason asked.

“Where ever we have to,” Tyler said.

“Biilly is too much like Minion to attack Angel Grove all the time,” Christina said.

The replicas had been given an insight into their creator’s mindset when Biilly had activated their programming.

“Can I join you?” Nate asked.

“Why?” Nathan asked. He had expected Natalie and Nate to remain close by.

“I don’t belong here,” Nate said. “I’m just the side effect of a disease you managed to cure. At least while I’m traveling I’d have something else to think about.”

“The more the merrier,” Tyler smiled.

“I believe this would be for the best,” Zordon said. “Although Councilor S’Hera was acting against the Council’s rules, she could gain support if she discovered the arsenal you three hold.”

“So splitting up is the only way,” Natalie said.

“Hey, no worries,” Nathan said. “We can always call each other.”

“At least accept these,” Billy said as he handed each of their new friends a communicator.

“Thanks a bunch,” Terry said. “I was starting to feel like an outsider.”

“Hey, that’s a good name,” Tyler said. “We’re the Outsiders.”

“Even though you cannot call yourselves Rangers, we would be honored if we could count on your help in the future,” Zordon said.

“You know it Zordon,” Jamie said.

“In that case I welcome the Outsiders to our group,” Zordon said. “The teleportation system and Power Mountain’s storage bays are now available to you.”

“Thank you Zordon,” Tyler said. “I think we’ll be needing them.”

Arcadia Academy

The door blew open and the Psycho Rangers marched in. Their plans had been ruined thanks to the treacherous Toommy. But, Biilly was convinced that vengeance would soon be his.

The academy was almost empty. The children she had taken from Crossworld City, North Valley, Charterville and Leewood had been released without any counseling. They had fulfilled their purposes and she had decided they weren’t worth killing. Doctor Ranitime wasn’t a murderer unless there was some scientific value to her doing so.

All that remained of the academy’s collection of students were those taken from Angel Grove. They had proved extremely tolerant of the energy drain and Ranitime thought she could use them again. Her experiments to make an artificial Ranger were also progressing three test subjects had been moved to alternative sites throughout the country.

“Place the others in storage,” he told Zack.

Psycho Black moved to obey, placing the injured Dark Rangers into storage capsule so they could heal. The last battle had decimated their numbers, leaving Giant and Black Cat seriously injured and Blob near to death.

Still, Biilly had one replica body and one Power Ring. He had also shown that he had more energy than he had been credited with. In short, even without the Triforian Order to back them up, the Dark Rangers had more tricks up their sleeves.

NEXT: Trey returns to Earth for the last time

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