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Author’s note: You will see some exerpts from two of Ellen Brand’s ‘Personality Conflicts’ stories. But these exerpts will also be modified slightly to fit in better with the story.

Psycho Returns: The Search

By the Q-team

Biilly sat in the monitor room as the events were presented to him. The use of the Zero Ray as the Zeo Rangers teleported in, the defeat of the Morphin Rangers and their subsequent capture at the hands of his Psycho Rangers. The battle was not without its losses however. Hatchiman was dead, and the rings of his Psycho Rangers were destroyed.

All except for his. Biilly had no intention of letting the soul that empowered him slip away. He was enjoying the suffering and torment Justin was put through every time Justin’s soul was used to empower the evil Blue Morphin Replica.

Fingering his ring Biilly realized that with the rings destroyed some of the so-called ‘heroes’ at Arcadia Academy should be reviving right now. And if not they will soon. , he thought. He briefly considered trying to hack into the Arcadia Academy system to see if anything was about to happen, but decided against it. He had other ideas on how to amuse himself, other than the usual escapades with Triini. Besides, he had faith in the administrator’s abilities to maintain order.

Biilly then turned his mind to what to do with the ranger captives. He thought about redoing some of Minion’s torture techniques, but decided against it. It’s been done before. , he thought. It might not have the same effect on them again. Biilly continued to think about what to do with the rangers, running millions of ideas through his head.

Maybe I’ll add Kat and Kim to my harem. , Biilly thought. Why have a replica when the real thing is close by?” he snickered. Come to think of it the Yellow Zeo Samantha Jones was kind of cute too. The more the merrier.

But for right now there were other ways to amuse one’s self, and inspiration struck him like a lightningbolt as an idea came to fruition. The Psycho Rangers of course, he thought. The Psychos may have had their Psycho Rings destroyed but the morphers still remain. And them with the rangers in my arena sounds like an excellent idea for some fun.

“Doc Tortua!” Biilly called out to the Brown Psycho Ranger over the intercom. “Have a group of Uglies prepare the arena. I’ve got something… special planned for our guests tonight.”

Tortua nodded and smiled on the other end of the transmission. She loved it when Rangers were sent into the arena.

Biilly then sat back and watched as his evil plans were unfolding. The Rangers captured. Soon they would fight in his arena, and he may have some new concubines soon. And they say I don’t know how to have fun. , he thought in jest.

“CODE 1 ALERT! CODE 1 ALERT!” came the sirens throughout the underground complex of Arcadia Academy. Code 1 Alert meant threat to installation security-in this case it was an escaped prisoner. The hustle of footsteps was heard throughout the halls as guards of all species ran through with their weapons drawn trying to find the one who had escaped.

The security forces of Arcadia Academy consisted of many alien races. Most of them were mercenaries for hire bought out by the wealth of the head of the academy-the woman known as Doctor Ranitime, while others were offering services in exchange for using the not-so-good doctor’s resources to further their own ends.

One of Ranitime’s clients were the Triforian Order who had come to her looking for something to acquire in order to bargain with Psycho Ranger Biilly Cranston who had something the order was interested in. Ranitime knew of Biilly, with whom she herself had some dealings with and knew of what would interest him the most-a means to acquire power on Earth and revenge on the Power Rangers.

To that end Ranitime had kidnapped several young people from the cities of Crossworld, North Valley, Charterville and Angel Grove. She had known that they had destinies to be superheroes in the future, or were already. With the aid of she who was known as the Queen of the Crown(who also helped with the heroes capture) Ranitime managed to construct the Power Rings using the life forces of these heroes and sell them to the Triforian Order who in turn sold them to Biilly in exchange for the Treey replica who was to be used for a coup on Triforia.

The bodies of the heroes were placed in an area of the underground complex hooked up to life support and monitored by computer. No movement had been detected among the bodies since they were captured and processed, until the replica known as Toommy destroyed his ring freeing the essence trapped within.

The act also revived the VR Trooper known as Kaitlin Star who since her revival had been scouting the complex for days living off stray ration packs and processed water trying to avoid detection, as well as trying to find a way to either contact the outside world or escape. She didn’t have her virtualizer, so she looked for a way to get a weapon as soon as she could. In the meantime she had to stay inconspicuous. She found her break with a janitor’s uniform in a maintenance closet as well as cleaning supplies and a maintenance cart. Sadly no gun yet so staying inconspicuous was a necessity.

Kaitlin had done a good job staying hidden for a good week or so. Even in evil installations no one questions the janitor. , she thought.

Kaitlin’s assessment turned out to be true. Not many asked questions as to who she was or why she was there, especially with a mop and bucket in hand. Her search to find a communications room or way out went undisturbed. As Kaitlin walked through the halls she took notice of the various aliens and mutants roaming around. None of which she was really familiar with. Is there a convention going on or something?” she mentally asked herself. Am I even on Earth anymore?

Kaitlin mused over these thoughts and others as she continued to search for the communications room. But as she searched her presence was soon discovered missing, and the general alarm had been sounded. And to add more fuel to the fire some of the prisoners, two of them were Kaitlin’s friends, had been revived.

Kaitlin stood off to the side watching as some of the prisoners were being taken out of the room she herself was laid out in. She saw her fellow Troopers Ryan and J. B. as if they were in a daze but made no motion to approach them. Right now her cover was necessary. She managed to overhear one of the security forces put in a call over his wrist com and called for a Doctor named Ranitime. Soon a woman with black hair looking to be in her late 30’s or early 40’s came into the complex and answered to the same name the guard mentioned.

“Doctor Ranitime. “, the guard said in greeting as she came down to check on her ‘project subjects’. “Those that are awake take down to the detention area. “, she ordered. “And keep them isolated from each other. I don’t want any of them trying to collectively figure out how to escape.”

The guards nodded as they carried out Ranitime’s instructions. She would deal with them again later when the Queen of the Crown was available. For right now she needed to find out who was still out, and more importantly what Biilly was doing with those rings. An aide then came up tho her and handed her a data padd with some of the information she required.

“Here are the remaining prisoners Doctor Ranitime. “, the aide said. Ranitime read the list of those whose life forces were still tied to the rings: Lee Jones, Justin Stewart, Daniel Nelson, Josh Baldwin, Scott Taylor, Jo McCormick, and Sandy Sinclair.

“Continue monitoring the prisoners. “, Ranitime ordered. “If anymore of them reawaken inform me immediately. Then escort them to isolation. AND FIND THE ONE WHO’S ESCAPED!” Ranitime said the last one with venom in her voice as she left the area to check on other matters.

The aide nodded as Ranitime left and said into his comm. “All sections. By order of Doctor Ranitime, Activate sanctuary protocols!”

The base went into total lockdown as the command was given. Escape for Kaitlin Star was now impossible, and she knew it. Her only choice now was in the communications center, but she knew it had to be double guarded by now.

Nevertheless she wouldn’t give up. She couldn’t, her friends’ lifes were at stake, as well as the lives of many of the kids she was a prisoner with. Picking up her cleaning cart she continued to search for the communications room, trying her best to stay inconspicuous.

Toommy closed up the phone book that was attatched to the pay phone he was calling from. He was fortunate to find one with a white pages and listings for one out of the four names he was searching for. Katarina Petronov’s name was not on the list since her parents did not live in Angel Grove, and that she stayed with another family.

Fortunately Toommy was able to call the Angel Grove Board of Education and call up information on exchange students. Passing himself off as a relative, and getting a fake I. D. to prove it he went over to the administrative office of the Angel Grove School System and obtain the address where Katarina was staying.

The second name that couldn’t be found was Lillian O’Neil’s. There had been several O’Neil’s in the phone book but none of them were the O’Neil’s he was looking for. Finally calling the Angel Grove Gazzete Toommy got the editor to give the information he needed on where to find where the O’Neil’s lived. Lillian in particular.

Jamie Zedden was another hard one to locate since she had only recently moved to Angel Grove. Fortunately a call to the operator provided him with an address and phone number. Toommy thought for sure the Zeddens would try to obtain an unlisted number, but the process probably hadn’t been cleared yet so the operator was entitled to release the information on Jamie’s place of residence.

Now knowing where to find them Toommy sighed as he looked at the list of Biilly’s new Psycho Rangers again. He hoped what he had done helped them to be free of Biilly’s control and allow them to make their own decisions on where their alliegances would lie. Only one way to find out. , he thought as he went to pick up the first name on the list-Jamie Zedden.

Chapter 1: Jamie

Angel Grove Park

Five days before the capture of the rangers.

Jason Lee-Scott was enjoying the small amount of quiet time being a ranger and teenager allowed. Much as he enjoyed the other ranger’s company sometimes he liked to get away and just think. Things had changed so much in so short a time. One year ago he had returned to the rangers to hold the Gold Powers. Since then he had lost his powers, become leader of the Morphin Rangers, defeated a homocidal and vengeful villian who just happened to be Billy’s clone and recently endured the stress of seeing a friend dying before his very eyes.

A death that may still happen if the Zeo Toxin has its way. Jason thought. He wished there was something that he could do, but right now the only option had been to try to find Toommy. An option that met with little to no sucess. Jason never liked feeling helpless, especially now with Tommy’s life hanging in the balance.

The feeling of helplessness felt overwhelming to Jason. So much so that it made him question his future as a ranger.

It was not a strange occurence, and having spent many nights convincing the Zeo Rangers of their worth after their encounter with Minion Jason found it easier to understand his real feelings and convince himself he was needed.

Some things had changed in the ranger’s lives. Firstly the arrival of the Doctor and Samantha Jones had provided some new leadership and a new Yellow Zeo Ranger. Aisha had settled into her role as the Brown Ranger with the skill and grace only Aisha could manage. Adam Park’s father had not only changed his opinion of the Rangers, but following a conversation with Adam, had covered for them during their last few battles.

Perhaps, Jason thought. My greatest fear is that if recent events are anything to go by, the forces of darkness are growing stronger.

Little did Jason know one of those forces was returning.

The winnebago of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa returned to the surface of the moon. Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa began setting up their camp while Goldar and Rito TRIED to help out. Despite being more evil now, they could bungle a few things from time to time.

“No you numbskulls!” Zedd screamed. “This is only a reconnaisance trip. We are here to see the strength of the rangers as well as who may be the current evil ruler trying to conquer this jem of a world. Once that is done, we’ll be leaving and plotting our next move.”

“Perhaps you two should practice your combat manouvers. “, Finster recommended. “If we find something of value we might have to face the rangers to obtain it.” Rito and Goldar looked at each other and agreed. The monster maker became more craftier since becoming evil. Soon Goldar and Rito practiced with their swords and unpacked some target drones which the two henchmutants would imagine were rangers.

Rita immediately began setting up her Repulsascope and started to scan the planet below. Now let’s see what we can see. , she thought evilly.

Jason had finished practicing his kata and then grabbed a seat near a tree branch to rest and catch his breath. He was distracted by a voice that asked “Is this seat taken?”

Jason opened his eyes to see a girl he had never met before standing in front of him. “Pull up a root and sit down. “, he replied gesturing off to his left. “I don’t remember seeing you around here before.”

“No I just moved here Friday. I start school here next monday.”

Jason couldn’t help looking at her. She was striking, but not conventionally pretty. Her features, certainly pleasant, but were far from strong. Her hair was a brilliant red, the color of autumn leaves. And her eyes were a smoky hazel. Her height stunned him most of all, for when she sat down next to him he saw that she was almost an inch shorter than Kimberly, standing only about 5’1″. “I’m Jason. Jason Scott. What’s your name?”

“Jamie Zedden. I’ve heard of you, nice to meet you. I hear you teach martial arts. What style are you?”

“I’ve got a fourth degree black belt in American style karate. “, Jason told her. He hadn’t pictured his morning discussing martial arts with a beautiful redhead, but he wasn’t complaining.

“American style huh? That’s pretty interesting. “, Jamie said impressed. “I just earned my fourth in Shotokan.”

Now Jason was impressed. “Shotokan? That’s a tough style.”

“Yeah, but I love it. “, Jamie said with modesty. “Besides, where I come from you have to be tough.”

“So where are you from?” Jason asked.

“Just moved up from one of Los Angeles’s ‘finer neighborhoods’, she frowned. The conversation continued as Jason and Jamie spent a long time discussing everything they could think of.

Jason was completely enthralled. Jamie was the most interesting person he had met in a long time. After that quick reflection, he steeled himself to ask the question that had been tumbling around in his mind. “Jamie, I was wondering if you’d like to go to that new action movie at the Angel Grove Multiplex tomorrow night?”

She smiled at him. “Are you asking me out on a date? Seriously though, is that the one with those teenagers with superpowers who save the world? What is it called, ‘Lightspeed Heroes’ or something?”

“No way!” Jason gasped. “Those things are so cheesy! I mean the new Segal movie.”

Sure, I’d love to IF you promise to take me to the Lightspeed thing sometime. I like cheesy. Besides I’m a sucker for a man in spandex.”

Jason thought to himself. Oh Jamie, if you’d seen what I sometimes wear. , but he let it go. “Great meet you there at eight?”

“Sure. “, Jamie said as she and Jason left the park together then Jamie asked another question.

“Hey Jason, do you have this feeling of Deja vu?”

“Like we had done this before?” Jason asked. Now that she mentioned it Jason did have that feeling. “Now that you mention it, yeah I do. “He had half expected to see Goldar show up about now and was mildly surprised when he didn’t. “What do you think it means?”

“I don’t know. “, Jamie said. “But it’s probably nothing.” Jason agreed as he and Jamie continued to walk.

The following day.

The sun beat down on downtown Angel Grove, moreso in the middle of summer. Temperatures were in the mid 60’s, and the streets of the shopping district were clogged with people. The festive atmosphere of that Saturday morning was infectious and Jason could only attribute it to falling in love.

Even though he’d only known Jamie for one day, it was like he had known her before. As if she and he lived some sort of past life somewhere and that he had loved her then too. Jason felt sure that what he was feeling was at least the beginning of love. There was something so right when the two of them were together. And he was always happier by her side. She seemed to feel the same way about him, although he hadn’t yet gotten up the courage to ask her.

And there was that annoying feeling of Deja vu that was unexplainable. It was like they had live through some moments of their time together before, but couldn’t explain why.

They had enjoyed the Segal movie very much, and true to his word, Jason had taken Jamie to see the ‘Lightspeed Heroes’ a few nights later. To his surprise, he found himself actively enjoying the cheesy movie, laughing at Jamie’s jokes and cracking a few of his own. He had teased her about drooling over the Red Lightspeed Hero, but had to shut up after she caught him ogling the Pink one. Idly he wondered if morphing really did that to a woman’s physique. He hadn’t noticed, but then, he’d been busy with other things at the time.

Now Jamie had dragged him antique shopping, something he had never before endured for any woman. Jamie was looking for antique weapons, which ironically was something Jason had always been interested in. Besides, her excitement would have made everything worthwhile. She bounced around, frequently taking his hand or touching his arm, and every time, he felt better and better.

Finally they came to ‘Old as the Hills’. The last store on their list. Inside, Ignatz Hill showed Jamie his collection of antique knives, swords and other weapons. Jamie looked at all of them with great interest.

A flash of light on steel drew her eye. Crossing to the case Jamie saw a beautiful, strangely-crafted sword lying on velvet inside. “Could I take a look at this one?” she asked.

“Ah,” Mr. Hill commented in his Maine drawl, slowly coming over to the case. “A good choice. No one really knows where this sword came from. I inherited it from my grandfather, but how he came about it I never found out. He never wanted to discuss it any. I’ve had it examined by every expert in the area, but not one of them can tall me where the sword is from.”

“Is it steel?” Jamie asked.

“Nope they don’t know what it is. “, Mr. Hill said opening the case. “It seems to be plumb old, but just how old no one can seem to say.”

Jamie looked at it more carefully. “You’re right it’s very odd. Look, the blade is shaped like an English broadsword, but it has no blooding channel. And it has these funny runes etched on the blade. I’d almost say they were Norse, but the Norse never made swords like this.”

She continued her observing of the sword taking in all aspects of it. “The pommel stone’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. It could be milk quartz, or a moonstone. But its huge. Almost the size of a quarter.”

Jamie felt the urge to have the sword. It was something she needed as well as wanted, but there was still one last thing to do before she could buy it. She had to try it out.

Mr. Hill seemed to pick up on Jamie’s thought and took out the blade to hand to her. When she touched it however there was a major static shock that casued her to drop the blade on the counter. “What the?” Jamie said surprised.

Jason rushed to her side and looked to see the sword flash purple. It hovered in the air in some eerie purple glow then a beam of purple energy seemed to shoot out of the sword and blast through the ceiling. The beam of energy seemed to shoot out of the sky and head straight into outer space, leaving the sword behind clattering on the desk apparently inert of it’s power.

“What in the name of hell was that?” Jason usually didn’t curse but he felt in this case the situation warranted.

“I don’t know. “, Mr. Hill said looking at the hole in the ceiling then down at the sword, then finally at Jamie. “What did you just do young lady?”

“You think I know?” Jamie said just as much in the dark as everyone else. The sword still sat on the store stand looking more like an inert object than a blade of wonder. But for some reason Jamie still felt drawn to it.

Jamie picked up the sword again, and for a few seconds it felt cold to her touch. But then it started to feel warm as if she was giving her life energy to repower it. The luster of it returned as she held the blade, almost as if the sword had died and was starting to live again. As she fingered it she knew it had been made for her. She had to have the sword. “How much?”

Mr. Hill looked at the girl in front of him for a long moment, and the sword that blew a hole through his ceiling. He felt like he needed to get that sword out of his store, and this seemed the best way to do it. Besides there were no identifying marks and was almost worthless to a collector.

And when he looked at Jamie and the sword he saw an image in his mind of her and the blade being meant for each other. “Twenty dollars and it’s yours.”

Jamie nearly fell over. “Twenty dollars? Sir are you sure?”

“Course I’m sure. “, Hill snapped. “Twenty dollars take it or leave it.”

“I’ll take it!” Jamie handed the man a twenty dollar bill, and he put it into the cash register.

“Oops, almost forgot.” Hill reached behind the counter and drew out a scabbard made of something dark. “This was always with the sword. Part of the purchase price. You’ll want to keep it sheathed in town of course. And before you ask, no it ain’t leather. Nobody knows what it is either.”

“Thank you very much sir. “, Jamie replied slipping the sword into the scabbard. Mr. Hill then let out a final warning.

“Be careful with that blade young lady. I’d like to think that what happened was just one of ‘those things’ that happens in the ‘Freak Zone’ and that the danger is over, but one can never be too sure out here.”

“I understand. “, Jamie said. “I’ll be careful.” And Jamie left the shop. Jason rose to follow but Hill put a hand on his shoulder.

“Young man is she your girlfriend?” the old man asked, seriously.

“I certainly like to think so sir. “, Jason responded.

“You keep an eye on her. It seems like that blade was made for her. I didn’t reckon there was anything dangerous about it but as you can see…” Hill pointed to the hole in the ceiling the energy beam from the blade had made.

“I hope the danger is over. If that sword is still dangerous…” He trailed off but Jason caught his meaning.

“I’ll keep my eyes open sir. “, Jason then followed Jamie out into the sunshine.

The beam of energy continued on its strange course, heading up into space and circling the Earth like a comet many times. It’s orbit growing smaller and smaller as it headed back down to the planet.

As the beam circled, it searched. Searched for one to give its power to. It had waited for ages to find the one who was worthy of the power of the blade, then suddenly that one was found.

She had red hair, was petite and when she touched the blade sensed something about her. She contained a power within her similar to the one in the blade. In fact it was identical to the power in the blade.

The power in question was that of the Purple Zeo Shard, built into the hilt of the blade ages ago. And for some reason, the chosen one had a shard within her. An exact duplicate.

The Zeo Shard in the sword was confused. How could there be another of its power? How could there be two of itself in the universe? The shard had no answer, nor could it come up with one.

For also within the chosen one was a darkness. A darkness placed in her before she entered into the world. Implanted within her by an evil monster looking for a new servant. The darkness had somehow inserted itself into the equation and combined its power with that of the crystal in Jamie. The shard in the sword felt itself being driven out of the blade and was expelled.

The new shard tied itself to the power inherent in the sword and the first of Biilly’s new warriors was almost ready. Jamie however knew none of what had just occured and went about her day oblivious until the time would come when Biilly would seek to claim her.

The shard that was expelled however could not accept that the chosen one was touched by darkness, and had a similar power source within her. It’s duty lied in the protection of she who would wield the Sword of Lightning, and even if it could not serve her as the power of the Purple Ranger the shard could find another who could take up the mantle. It would also do whatever it could to expell the darkness implanted in her, if the chosen one could not do it herself.

The Purple Zeo Shard needed to find a new host, and it needed to find one quickly. It continued to circle the Earth until it touched down hoping the new Purple Zeo Ranger would come soon.

The spectacle was not lost to Rita Repulsa who watched the Purple shard circle the planet many times through her Repulsascope. As she continued to look she saw it land on the far side of the planet and she adjusted her Repulsascope to get a better view.

Finally she was able to get the area on where it set down. But strangely enough it emitted two signals. She tried to get a better angle with the scope but she would need Finster to help with those adjustments. Figuring she had no time to waste she took action now. “GOLDAR! RITO GET IN HERE!” Rita bellowed.

Goldar came in grateful the fighting session with Rito was over. Rito, who followed along behind him, was no challenge to him anymore and he needed a more worthy adversary at the moment, or a more deserving task to focus his attention on. He hoped Rita could provide one or the other.

“Yes, my queen?” Goldar detested referring to Rita by that title. But since she was still married to Zedd she had to be given the respect due to her title as Empress of Evil if nothing else. Personally Goldar thought Rita deserved no respect, but until she was deposed in some manner Goldar could not act on what he felt.

“What’s up sis? The ceiling?” Rito asked.

“NO YOU NUMBSKULL!” Rita shrieked before going over to the two mutants to give them their instructions. “Now listen and listen good. The Purple Zeo Fragment just revealed itself. It set down in one of two spots on the planet. I want you both to get down there and get it!”

“But sis. Won’t the big giant head try to get it first?” Rito asked.

“WHICH IS WHY I’M TELLING YOU TO GO NOW!” Rita shrieked. “Both of you go to the two spots and don’t come back without the crystal, or at least who has it if you can’t get it.”

“Uhhhh. Sure thing sis. Don’t forget to say hi to Ed for me. “, Rito said before teleporting out. Goldar rolled his eyes back and he teleported out too.

Rita however got the last word. “HIS NAME IS ZEDD! ZEDD!!” Then she called in Finster to help adjust the scope so she could better see what was going on.

“Do not worry my queen. “, Finster said doing his work. “You shall be seeing things again in no time.”

“I hope you expect me to pardon the pun. “, Rita said looking down at Finster. Finster cleared his throat saying that he was sorry.

“Just hurry all right? We may be able to have a weapon in our posession that will spell the end of those Power Rangers.” Finster worked as fast as he could to get the Repulsascope cleared again.

In the park Jamie stopped to unsheath her new sword and try a few practice moves. Sitting under a tree, Jason watched her, smiling. She looked completely natural with it, despite its odd manufacture. Like Mr. Hill, Jason didn’t feel that there was anything malevolent about the sword despite the laser show it gave. But something very strange was happening all the same.

He had called Zordon at the Power Chamber and asked to see if he could track the laser beam that shot through Mr’ Hill’s ceiling. Zordon said he would do what he could.

The arrival of a flash of gold fire broke the teens’ concentration. Goldar materialized in the middle of the park grinning evilly at the two of them. Jason immediately stepped to his feet and Jamie stepped up as well, sword held at the ready.

“Goldar, your timing really sucks!” Jason muttered in no mood for a fight.

Goldar didn’t care what Jason thought and just went into his demands. “You have a source of power Rita wants. Surrender it now human and we’ll leave the girl unharmed.

“Since when have you hidden behind threats?” Jason asked constantly aware of his position with Jamie standing by his side looking confused.

“I don’t threaten. I promise!” Goldar said as he called the putties and sent them after Jason and Jamie. Both of them fought off the clay foot soldiers with Jason going hand to hand and Jamie using her sword.

“Run Jamie I’ll hold them off!” Jason said.

“I’m staying with you!” Jamie told him in a voice that forbade further argument.”

“You are making a mistake girl!” Goldar growled as another flash appeared behind him.

Rito then appeared with a flock of Tenga Warriors. “You rang Goldieblocks? I’ll let you know I…”

“SHUT UP RITO!” Goldar shouted. “Can’t you see we have more important worries?” Rito turned to see Jason and Jamie fighting the Putties and Rito then got the message. Jason saw Rito and the Tengas appear and he immediately knew he had no choice but to reveal his identity and teleport himself and Jamie to safety.”

“Don’t even think about it Jason. “, Goldar warned. “Rita put a barrier around the park.”

Jason sighed in defeat and turned to Jamie. “Sorry, I guess I’ll have to trust you. “And in that moment a vow was broken in order to protect an innocent and a new bond was created.

“It’s Morphin time!”


Jamie looked on as Jason exploded into action taking out Tengas and Putties before moving on to Rito. Falling into a defensive stance behind her new friend she managed to fight off the few Putties that took an interest in her. Goldar however was another matter. While she had been fighting the Putties he had been creeping up behind her. Turning around when she sensed his movements Jamie narrowly dodged the sword directed towards her skull.

The battle stopped when the participants saw the sword and Jamie glow an odd Purple light. An occurance that surprised her as much as Goldar. Even more surprising when Jamie closed her eyes and thought she heard the sword talking to her. As she strained to listen Jamie heard the sword telling her what to do.

“You and me monkey boy!” she said slicing a Tenga through the midsection.

“YES!” Goldar growled, and the battle was on. Goldar started with a ringing down slice, but Jamie blocked him with ease. It was soon obvious that both were masters of the sword. Cuts, parries, thrusts, and slices formed a glittering web of razored steel. Normally, Goldar would be far stronger than Jamie, but years of fighting rangers left him unprepared against combat with a normal human who knew how to fight without needing armor to absorb the hit. As a result his strength worked against him. Jamie also had grace and speed on her side. Goldar’s cunning made up for his lost strength, so they were evenly matched.

Goldar then lost his patience after tripping and fired a large golden energy beam at her. But to everyone’s amazement she absorbed the blast as a purple aura formed around her. Smiling at the ape, she fired a large purple bolt of energy at him which hit directly in his chest, knocking him back at least two yards.

“You next bone head?” Jamie asked looking directly at Rito.

The ever present grin on Rito’s face seemed to grow larger. An amazing feat considering he had no skin. He drew his own sword and charged leaving Red Ranger to deal with the Tengas that were starting to gain the upper hand.

Then suddenly Rito felt something strike him in the ribs. “Ugh!” he said as he fell to the ground.

Jamie looked down at the fallen skeleton and then at her savior. He was a middle-aged man with brown hair and eyes that spoke of age and wisdom. In his hand were the weapons he had used to trip, disarm and disable Rita’s brother. In his left hand was an umbrella and in his right hand was a cricket bat.

Rito groaned again as he picked the cricket ball from between his ribs where the Doctor had thrown it. Changing his target from Jamie to the Doctor Rito charged.

The Doctor, for his part, relaxed in a martial arts form learnt hundreds of years before in the future. Using momentum and pressure points he suceeded in downing Rito for the second time in as many minutes. Looking around he saw that Jamie had finished the Putties after finally learning to hit them in the ‘Z’. Red Ranger had likewise dealt with the Tengas and prevented Goldar from interfering.

For a second Rito reverted to his previous form before he had been ‘improved’ by the Dark Dimension. “Hey, time to make like Napoleon and Bone Apart!”

Goldar quickly followed leaving a victorious Time Lord and a slightly confused Ranger to stare at a human that glowed a faint purple.

“Well that was interesting. “, Jamie said dryly as Jason powered down. “What happened?”

Jason enfolded Jamie in his arms. “I think that sword gave you special powers. “, he had said. At least I hope it was the sword that gave you those powers. , he mentally added. Continuing his sentence Jason added, “You must have a death wish or something. He could have killed you!”

She shrugged. “I somehow knew I could take him. Weird as it sounds the sword told me I could do it.”

Jason thought quickly of what to do next. He had broken his promise, but Zordon would forgive that. He had also seen a human who not only managed to survive one of Goldar’s energy shots, but also turned it back against him.

“So, are you going to introduce us?” the Doctor asked.

Jason did just what the Doctor requested. “Jamie Zedden this is the Doctor. Doctor, meet Jamie Zedden.”

“Zedden?” the Doctor repeated raising an eyebrow.

“Jamie, there’s someone I think we all should talk to about this. “, Jason told Jamie picking up on the Doctor’s tone.

“Where are we going? Who?” Jamie asked.

Jason told her, “You have to see it to believe it.”

In minutes, all three of them were in the Power Chamber. “Jason, Doctor, is something the matter?” Zordon asked as they materialized.

“Alpha, ask Samantha to report here please. “, the Doctor requested.

“Big time. “, Jason replied. While he went over recent events Jamie was staring at the Chamber with amazement. After hearing all Jason had to say Zordon had Alpha run a scan on the sword.

“I want that back in one piece!” Jamie said to Alpha then she turned her focus to Jason “So where are we and who are they?” she asked.

“Jamie Zedden, meet Zordon of Eltare, interdimensional being and mentor to the Power Rangers. “, Jason told her.

“Power Rangers? You’re a…” She stopped for a minute and thought about what she had just seen. “Oh right, you’re the red one.”

“guilty as charged. “, Jason answered.

“Don’t you believe in letting a gal sleep?” Samantha Jones asked as sheslipped out of the TARDIS. “Dimensionally transcending. “, she said to Jamie as a way of explaining.

“Oh. “, Jamie replied still not sure how somebody could sleep in something the size of a telephone box.

“Jamie Zedden?” Zordon interrupted them frowning. “Aged 17, daughter of Lawrence Zedden?”

“Yeah. “, she responded puzzled. “My dad’s dead though. Do you know me?”

Zordon sighed and exchanged a look with the Doctor. “It would be more appropriate to say that we know of you.”

“We now have our suspicions as to what occured in the park. “, the Doctor continued. “Although we’ll have to wait until Alpha finishes his analysis of the sword to be sure.”

Jamie looked at Jason who shrugged. He had no idea what the Doctor and Zordon were talking about.

“Ai, yi, yi! Analysis complete Zordon!” Alpha said. “The sword is of Zarakin manufature; it looks like one of the six Elemental Blades manufatured by the wizard Ralthor over threehundred millenia ago. If I were to guess I’d almost say that it was the Sword of Lightning.”

“What do you mean almost, Alpha?” the Doctor asked. Alpha then handed the Doctor the readouts and his eyes widened by the data the analysis provided. “How can this be?” he asked.

“What is all this?” Jamie asked. “Zarakin? Sword of Lightning? What’s going on here?”

Zordon tried to explain as best he could. “It’s a long story. The Zarakin are a people who live many light-years from here, on a planet known as Danata. Long ago they settled there to escape the constant invasions their people were subject to.”

“Oh, kind of like Belgium. “, Jason interjected.

“Somewhat. The Zarakin were determined not to be driven off their planet again. To acomplish this task a great wizard named Ralthor created six magical swords to be given to worthy wielders. These six swords were known as the Elemental Blades. They were the Sword of Fire, the Sword of Water, the Sword of Wind, the Sword of Earth, the Sword of Heart, and the Sword of Lightning. The Zarakin House of Swords, an organization of bodyguards to the king grew up around these blades. Aside from being able to control the element for which they were named, each sword had another-hidden power which was known only to the wielder. The Sword of Lightning however had a power that could not be kept hidden. It transformed it’s wielder into a formidable warrior-the Purple Zeo Ranger.”

“Purple!” Jason exclaimed. “We’ve found the Purple Ranger?”

“How did I get the sword?” Jamie asked. “I’ve never seen that sword before?”

A brief flash entered Zordon’s mind. A memory of sorts of something that was supposed to happen but didn’t. Of where Jamie was supposed to be the Purple Zeo Ranger, but now for some reason wasn’t. The Doctor fed the data results into the main computer so Zordon could see. What he saw, he couldn’t believe.

Where the Purple Zeo Shard was supposed to be was only a trace remnant of the power it once had. It was still getting power from somewhere but the Purple Zeo Crystal was gone.

Alpha then passed along a medical scan to the Doctor who in turn passed it to Zordon through the computer. Jamie seemed to be radiating Purple Zeo Energy from herself. An equal amount compared to what was contained in the crystal itself.

Zordon turned to look at Jamie. Could she be the one still empowering it? When was she exposed to the crystal? How did she get its power?” he thought. Jason’s voice however interrupted Zordon’s train of thought.

“Zordon? Are you okay?” Jason asked.

“Oh yes Jason. I’m sorry. “, Zordon answered. “I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can. No, we have not found the Purple Zeo Ranger but we have apparently found someone worthy of holding the Sword of Lightning itself. Yet for a reason I cannot explain, you seem to have Purple Zeo Energy within you.”

“Purple Zeo energy? In me?” Jamie said more confused than usual.

“Yes Jamie. And apparently the energy within you reacted with the Zeo Crystal that was in the hilt of the sword and caused the crystal to be expelled.”

“Where did it go Zordon?” Samantha asked getting into the conversation.

“Probably to find another wielder. “, Zordon said. “I realize this is confusing to you. In fact it is confusing to me. By all rights and prophesies Jamie was dstined to be the Purple Zeo Ranger, but for some reason the Zeo Shard was expelled even though Jamie was worthy of the sword.”

“Do you want the sword back?” Jamie asked shyly not sure what else to say.

“Jamie the sword has bonded to you. The power it contains is yours no matter what. However there are some questions we would like answered regarding these events and I’m sure you have some questions of your own. To that regard, we’d like you to be a full fledged Power Ranger. That way we can come to your aid if necessary, but you are under no obligation.”

“What if I decide I want to leave?” Jamie asked. “Do I have to give up my power then?”The question seemed bizarre to Jason and Zordon but it came out anyway. Never before had a ranger asked if he wanted to leave. , he thought.

“As I said before Jamie the power is yours. It cannot be taken from you. Should you decide to leave, it is well within your rights to do so.” Zordon hoped that would reassure Jamie and allow her to fight alongside the rangers.

“I’ll do it. “, she then said. “What do I have to do?”

“Simply agree to follow the three rules all rangers must abide By Never escalate a battle unless forced to do so. Never use the power for personal gain, and never reveal your identity without permission from a morphin master.”

“Okay I’m in. “, Jamie said. “But I’m not going to be called ‘Purple Ranger’ am I?”

“Sadly no. “, Zordon said. “You may have Zeo energy, but without the Purple Zeo Shard you can’t be considered Purple Zeo. We shall find a new title for you.”

“No problem. “, Jamie said. “I’ve been an Outsider before.” Little did Jamie know that the name Outsider would take on great meaning in her future.

“Zordon there was a flash of energy from the sword when Jamie touched it. “, Jason said. “Could this have been the Purple crystal ‘being expelled’ as you said?”

“It could well be. “, Zordon answered. “The sword may not have been able to hold two purple Zeo signitures. Hence the expulsion.”

“But we still don’t know why Jamie has Zeo power within her. “, the Doctor said. “Could it have something to do with her alien heritage?”

Jamie heard this and thought the Doctor may have stepped into the Twilight Zone. “Alien heritage?What alien heritage?”

Zordon answered this one. “I believe what the Doctor is that Jamie is not completely human. She is part Zarakin.”

“WHAT?!” the two teens asked in unison.

“Just what I said. Jamie your mother is completely human. Your father on the other hand was a fullfledged Zarakin prince. Zarakins are close to humans, physiologically speaking, but they do not have the chemical differences that Triforians have. They possess the ability to absorb energy and send it back to their attackers as a defensive measure. This is why you have the ability to absorb energy Jamie. You inherited it from your father.”

“Not just an alien but an alien prince. “, Jamie shook her head trying to absorb this. “What was he doing on Earth?”

Zordon sighed. “It is a long and somewhat ugly story. The Zarakin, like most races in the universe, are neither all evil nor all good. Like humans, they have the potential to produce great heroes and foul villians. One such hero was Lord Zedd.”

“ZEDD?!” Jason cried. He was not sure what sounded worse. Zedd being Jamie’s father or the thought of him once being good.

“Yes Jason. “, Zordon continued. “The man known as Lord Zedd was born many millenia ago as the only son of the King and Queen of Danata. At the same time a second Lord Zedd was born, a demonic creature raised as the offspring of the most evil woman in the universe. She chose the name because in her tongue Zedd meant ‘great leader’. An ancient wizard known as Arigor, for lack of a better term, placed a spell on Lord Zedd binding the prince to the demon who was acting as his apprentice. Doctor I know you don’t believe in magic…”

“No problem old friend. “, the Doctor answered. “More times than not magic is merely technology unexplained.”

Zordon continued his story. “Lord Zedd’s reign of terror spread across the universe until he was captured and helped to return to his good self. But fearing that the demon would take over again Zedd agreed to be banished from Danata forever. Zedd came to Earth and eventually married and had a daughter. This all happened twenty years ago.

“Oh no. “, Jamie said softly closing her eyes. She had a feeling that she knew what Zordon was leading up to.

“On Earth, he took the name Lawrence Zedden. He created a past for himself and fell in love with Leslie Corren. The two maried and had one child. A daughter whom they named Jamie.”

Jamie smiled sickly. “Actually, they named her Jamaica Theresa, which she had been trying to live down ever since.”

“Jamaica?” Jason raised an eyebrow.

“Hey mom was under pain medication give her a break.”

“So you’re Lord Zedd’s daughter?” Jason marvelled picking up where Zordon’s story left off.

“That is correct Jason. “, Zordon said. “Shortly after Jamie’s birth Zedd’s demonic form was resurrected and with the dark side of the Morphin Grid purged himself of Larry Zedden for all eternity. Part of that process involved killing all links with Zedden’s past on Earth. It was the demonic Lord Zedd who sent a group of mercenaries to Earth to kill Jamie and her mother.”

“And if he knows we’re alive… “, Jamie shivered at the thought of the Tengas attacking her mother. “I’m going to have to tell her about this Zordon. She has to know.”

“I agree. I think the two of you should teleport back to Jamie’s house and explain things to her. “, the Doctor said. “Take Samantha with you as well. The three of you should be able to offer adequate protection just in case.”

“What am I going to do with this?” Jamie asked raising her sword. “If it’s my morpher I’m going to need it with me. But how can I carry it all the time?”

Zordon answered this query. “The Elemental Blades can be stored in a pocket in hyperspace. Simply concentrate on putting it into a pocket. “, Jamie did so and was surprised to see the sword dissapear. “To retrieve it, simply imagine it in your hand.” She concentrated again and the blade appeared once more.

“Cool. And this pocket will go wherever I do?”

“Yes. “, Zordon answered.

“Neat. “, Jamie said putting the sword away again. “Any other interesting abilities I may have?”

“Lord Zedd could probably tell you more about them. “, Zordon answered. “Now it might be best if you teleported to Leslie Zedden’s as soon as possible.”

Jason then realized something and realized it maybe related to what was going on with Jamie. Or it may not. , he thought. But he decided to ask Zordon anyhow. “Zordon don’t you have the feeling of Deja’ vu about this whole thing? You know like you’ve done this before?”

Zordon and the Doctor thought for a moment. “Now that you mention it. Yes. “, Zordon said. “There is a lingering impression of familiarity in all these events. Rest assured we’ll look into it.”

Jason nodded and in a flash of red and purple Jason and Jamie left. In a flash of Yellow Samantha followed. Zordon and the Doctor both looked on curious as if contemplating the strange turn of events. The Purple Zeo Crystal was expelled from the Sword of Lightning by a half Zarakin girl who has a Purple Zeo signature. Not to mention there was this lingering feeling Jason, Jamie and probably others had that these events had been lived before in some fashion but changed somehow.

“I know how you feel Zordon. “, the Doctor said. “I kind of had the impression of a chronal hiccup before as well as deja vu.”

“It could only mean that someone had tampered with the events of time, space and reality. “, Zordon said. “Could the Time Lords be behind this?Trying to repeat the Ravolox incident?”

The Doctor shook his head. “I don’t think so. The Borusa Interregnum shut down the conspiracy the Celestial Intervention Agency had done. Also when the Agency started the Ravolox affair it was intended to keep secrets of the Matrix from getting out. It was a matter of self preservation to them. I don’t see how the Time Lords would bother with Jamie’s life. It has no importance to them.”

“Then who would tinker with reality this way? Who could change moments in time as if they were nothing and re-organize them any way they saw fit?” As Zordon and the Doctor thought about this they immediately came to one answer.

“Q!” they both said.

“But my queen. Rito had no opposition when he found the crystal. “, Goldar said trying to explain what happened.

“I don’t care if you had opposition or not!You’re supposed to be the most feared warrior in the galaxy, and you were defeated by a little girl with no ranger powers? What’s next, a newborn infant beating you?” Rita clearly stated that she wasn’t excusing Goldar’s failure to bring the Sword of Lightning.

“Well he may have problems if it was Bam Bam from the Flintstones”, Rito commented.

“Who asked you numbskull?” Rita said. Goldar however wasn’t finished explaining himself yet. “But she did have powers Rita. She had a purple glow around her and…”

“SAVE IT FOR ZEDD! He wants to see you!” Rita bellowed. “Now get out of here!” Rita said to Goldar and Rito. Goldar looked afraid having to face Zedd. Especially since Rito was the one that recovered the Purple Zeo Shard.

When Goldar and Rito left Rita looked at her newest acquisition and so many evil plans ran through her mind. “Let’s see now what to do with you. “, she said with a sneer.”

Jamie teleported into the hall of her house. Both Samantha and Jason had agreed to wait in the Youth Center until she was done sensing that this was something mother and daughter had to discuss alone. “Mom?” she called.

“In the kitchen honey. “, Mrs. Zedden said. “Did you have a nice day? Buy anything deadly?”

“You could say that. “, Jamie grinned entering the kitchen and leaning on a counter. Leslie Zedden looked up at her daughter and smiled.

“You look like you have something on your mind. Care to talk about it?”

Jamie studied her mother intently. It was very obvious where Jamie got her looks. Leslie Zedden had the same red hair and short slim build as her daughter with a similar face and strong features. Only their eyes were different. Jamie’s was a smoky hazel whie Leslie’s were a cool emerald green. Jamie had also inherited her toughness of spirit from her mother. Jamie had never run across something too unpleasent for her mother to handle, but she hesitated to drop this particular bomb.

“Mom, the day dad dissapeared you never really talked about it. What happened that day? Why were we living at grandma’s after that?”

Leslie sighed. She didn’t really want to remember the events of that afternoon, but Jamie was certainly old enough to deserve the truth. And she wouldn’t have asked if it weren’t important.

“I was doing something or other in the kitchen and yo were watching ‘Sesame Street’ in the living room. There was a knock on the door and I opened it to see two men outside. They looked strange, uncomfortable, like they didn’t belong there and they knew it. They said they were friends of your father and wanted to talk to me inside. I didn’t like the looks of them so I said no. They insisted so I shut the door in their faces and headed back towards the kitchen. That was when the door blew in.”

Jamie jumped. The door blew in? None of this was part of her memories of that time, but she couldn’t remember much from before she was five. Still she had never imagined that her mother’s story was so violent.

“Luckily my father was ex-military and he’d trained me to survive. I picked you up, headed for the car and peeled out of there. The next thing I knew, they were chasing us. I was never so glad for those driving courses he made me take. I threw everything I had into the chase, and I lost them.

I couldn’t go home of course, so I took you to Grandma’s. Later, I learned that our house had been set on fire. Very little had survived. For a while, the police even thought that we had died in the fire. Once they realised that we were alive, they called Grandma’s to tell me about Larry. It turns out they had captured one of the gunmen and he told them Larry had ordered the hit. Why are you bringing this up now?”

Jamie sighed and took her mother’s hands in her own. “Mom, I have something I need to tell you.”

Lord Zedd sat listening to Goldar’s sniveling explanation with mounting impatience. He was about ready to blow a hole in the ceiling when something Goldar aid caught his attention. “A girl you say?” Zedd asked leaning forward. “Red hair, about 17?”

“Yes my lord. “, Goldar answered.

“And she was able to call on the sword’s powers?”

“Yes Lord Zedd.”

“Hmm, “, Zedd mused. Common sense told him that it was impossible, but nevertheless, his heatr began to pound. “She must have been a half-breed Zarakin. Let me see this girl!” Zedd’s eyebeams shot down towards Earth, magically allowing him to see what he wanted. As he did so, a duplicate of the image formed in front of his henchman. “Goldar, is this the girl?”

“Yes my lord.” The image was of Jamie talking with her mother in the kitchen. Zedd’s breath caught in what passed for his throat. He couldn’t recognize the girl; too many years have passed. The woman however, was as familiar as his own name. A part of him dreamed about her every night.

“Leslie, “, he whispered.

“Leslie?” Rita asked.

Zedd whirled on her. “That’s Larry’s wife!” Rita paled. “She’s alive!”

“WHAT?! What does that mean for us?”

“Nothing, Lord Zedd is married to Rita Repulsa, but Larry Zedden… I don’t know. I’ll have to think about this.” Confused, Zedd left the Winnebago for a walk.

“Goldar?” Rita said far too sweetly. “Come here.” The big gold monkey did so hesitantly, knowing what was coming.

“YOU GOLD PLATED BUFFOON!” Rita screamed swatting at him with her wand. “You told us those Dendrian mercenaries Zedd hired would get the job done! You swore to me that Leslie Zedden and her brat would be dead by sundown and Zedden would be gone forever! Instead Zedd is in danger of losing control again. Zedden’s wife is still there to tempt him and IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!” Rita puctuated each screamed word with another swat with her wand.

Finster, hidden in a corner, listened with interest. Rita and Zedd were a formidable force together, but apart, they would be much less of a threat. The rangers should easily be able to handle attacks if Rita and Zedd were to separate. This was exactly what Finster had been hoping for since Rita discovered that Earth was not an easy target. He had made his monsters weak on purpose, and found various other ways to subvert the various evil schemes of the two villians. After all, that was why he had joined Zedd’s service in the first place.

Of course that is what would have been going through Finster’s mind in a previous life. Now with his evil reinforced by the Dark Dimension Finster thought only of how to eliminate Larry Zedden for good.

“Now you have one last chance to get this right monkey-breath! Take a squad of Tengas and get that woman, I don’t care how. Kill her and her brat, Samantha Jones and Jason Scott if they get in the way, and get rid of the bodies. Without them Zedden will be imprisoned in the back of Zedd’s mind where he belongs. Now go!”

With a deep bow, Goldar dissapeared. Rita left afterwards muttering to herself. When Finster was sure the coast was clear, he slipped out of his hiding place and went to go find Zedd. He rather thought he had some news the lord of evil would like to hear. As he walked away he shook his head. Rita had underestimated the human race again. He didn’t think Leslie Zedden would be a very easy mark. At least he hoped not. If his plan worked they would never need worry about Larry Zedden again.

After a few hours of searching Finster finally caught up with Zedd. “My lord I have some news.”

“What is it Finster?” Zedd growled. “I would prefer to be alone right now.”

I made an interesting discovery. The reason Larry Zedden has remained trapped in your mind is because he believes you killed your wife and daughter. The only reason he still exists is because he did not witnesss their deaths.

Zedd’s head swiveled slowly towards the little crafter. “What? Why?”

“In his distraught state Zedden only thought he saw his family die.” Finster chose his next words carefully. He somehow knew killing Leslie and Jamie would not work. How he knew he wasn’t sure, but Finster saw the scenario play out in his mind and knew if Zedd tried to kill Leslie and Jamie, the attempt would backfire. Finster had to try another tactic.

“Unfortunately Zedden has been active in your subconscious for too long. But I know of a way you can control Zedden for good.”

Zedd suddenly began to glow a baleful, angry red. “How?” he growled sounding like a Rottweiler at the end of its tether.”

Finster delivered his next words in a soft, quiet voice. “My lord in a battle of wills, nothing beats leverage.”

Without a word Zedd turned and strode back towards the trailer. Finster followed in his wake, smiling to himself.

It had taken a fair amount of arguing and one exploded toaster, but Jamie had finally convinced her mother of the truth of her story. She would have done the morph, but she somehow didn’t know how it worked. But now Leslie was trying to deal with the realization that her daughter could well be a super hero, her husband-whom she had presumed dead-was a space alien, and he-along with his current wife-was probably hiring an alien hit squad to attack them even now. She was taking it rather well.

Samantha and Jason had joined them and Jason filled Leslie in on his experiences with the rangers. After which, Samantha had filled them in on her experiences with the Doctor.

“So, what are the most vulnerable areas on a Tenga?” Leslie asked calmly. Jamie blinked for a second then grinned. Very little fazed her mother for long.

“Eyes, throat beak, the usual. “, Jamie replied, miming a knee to a sensitive area. Jason winced. Samantha smirked.

“So are these male birds?” Jamie just shrugged. Suddenly the room was filled with a hail of feathers.

“Looks like you’ll get a chance to find out!” Jamie called dropping into a fighting position as Goldar and the Tengas materialized. Jason fell in beside her and Samantha, the weakest fighter of the three, fell in behind covering Leslie. Both sides prepared for a fight.

NOT IN THE HOUSE!” Leslie bellowed, startling all the combatants into silence. “We can just take this outside. “, she informed them all. “You have no idea how long it took me to clean the floor this morning.” Leslie kept a stern face on the villians hoping that even they had to have mothers too.

Goldar and the Tengas made ready to walk out of the house when Rito appeared behind Leslie with Finster at his side. Rito had Leslie in a headlock while Finster took out a needle filled with something neither Jamie, Jason or Samantha knew of. “MOM!” Jamie screamed trying to run to her mom’s aide.

“Back off girly girl. Come any closer and she gets it. “, Rito said pointing the sword to Leslie’s throat. Finster then administered the compound into Leslie’s body and she immediately fell limp.

“Do not worry it’s only a sedative. “, Finster explained. “We shall contact you soon.” Soon the Tengas, Goldar, Rito and Finster all teleported away. Leslie Zedden was their prisoner.

“NOOOO!” Jamie screamed as her mother dissapeared.

The lunar palace was a center of activity again as Zedd, Rita and their henchmen retook residence in it again. Since the Machine Empire never bothered with it when they tried a run at Earth Rita and Zedd decided to move back into their old home. Except this time, they had a guest.

Goldar and Rito led Leslie into a special chamber far below the palace. It spewed of a mix of hot and cold with the heat coming from the equipment inside and the cold coming from the chemicals that were used.

This was the palace freezing chamber. When they were first freed from the dumpster, and were dealt with their first defeat at the hands of the original Power Rangers, Finster ordered the mutant to look into the many cultures of the planet hoping to find a weapon of any kind that could be used. Finster was awed by all the art and literature the many different peoples of Earth had created. It may have been a primitive backwater, but even Finster had to agree that what was beyond human comprehension was not necessarily limited to human imagination.

Rita had also eavesdropped on Finster’s ‘cultural observings’ from time to time. And when Rita was back in the dumpster Zedd also looked at what Finster had found. Two things that Finster had found that caught Rita and Zedd’s interest were some scenes in the movies ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’.

The scenes involved where Han Solo was to be put into a carbon freezing chamber and came out in a solid block of carbonite. Jabba the Hutt hung the block with Solo on on a wall in his palace as if it was a piece of art donated by Darth Vader. Both Rita and Zedd liked this idea and wanted to apply the same technique to the rangers when they were captured. Also the freezing technology could be used for long term storage should it have been necessary.

But work for the freezing chamber was long and tedious. Rita had it started and Zedd continued with the rest of it. When the Machine Empire came the first time the work had been suspended. It had only been now that the chamber was finished, and ready for its first victim.

That victim was Leslie Zedden-wife of Lawrence Zedden.

Zedd and Rita stood on the top of the chamber and watched as Leslie was being escorted into the main chamber. Her arms were bound to her side and the Tenga’s held her in place as she was being escorted to the main lift which would lower the object, or in this case unfortunate individual, into the freezing aparatus where a mix of liquid metal and freezing gases would cover her and harden. Transforming Leslie Zedden into a ‘piece of art’ much like Han Solo was in the two Star Wars movies.

“Ohhhhh! This is gonna be sooo good Zeddie. “, Rita cackled with glee. “I’ve been dying to see this puppy in action.”

She would have preferred that it have been one of the rangers who went in first, but the freezing of Leslie Zedden was the next best thing. If freezing her meant Larry Zedden would stay imprisoned in Zedd’s mind then so be it.

“How do you think she’ll look as a wall mount Zeddie?” Rita asked. “Zeddie?”

Zedd said nothing. All he did was stare at Leslie as she was being secured to the hydrolic lift. Zedd suddenly felt the impulse to move closer. Leslie took notice of this and saw Zedd move in. Strangely she wasn’t afraid, she knew her husband was in the villian somewhere.

Leslie stood watching the monstrous form of Lord Zedd approaching her. He looked dep into Leslie’s face, but Leslie couldn’t make out any expressions in Zedd due to the faceplate covering his expressions. They looked each other deep in the eyes, and Leslie couldn’t help but ask “Larry?” as if trying to contact her love Larry Zedden.

This earned Leslie a smack across her face. “How dare you refer me to that pathetic weakling of a husband of yours. I am Lord Zedd. Ruler of the Dark Dimensions. Then, now and forever!”

Zedd clutched his staff and eminated an evil red glow as if gaining strength from it. “Put her in the chamber!” he ordered.

Tears streamed down Leslie’s face as Zedd gave the order. Leslie was securely bound to the lift and couldn’t fight back as the Tenga at the controls lowered her into the freezing apparatus. When she was all the way in the process began and Leslie Zedden’s scream filled the room along with the hiss of gases and liquid covering her. Rita rubbed her hands together watching as the freezing of Leslie commenced.

Finster smiled as the freezing smoke filled the room and Leslie’s voice seemed to be dying out. It’s amazing what one can come up with when watching the ‘Star Wars’ trilogy he thought evilly.

Lord Zedd just stood and watched. Watched as the woman who was Leslie Zedden was being put through hell in more ways than one. The hell of the freezing process, and the hell of finding out her husband was bonded to an evil dictator.

And somewhere in the back of Zedd’s mind, a voice spoke out. Powerless to do anything, and would remain powerless if he tried anything to regain control. Leslie’s life depended on it. The voice only whispered one word, “Leslie. “, then fell silent.

“Ai, yi, yi, yi, yi! I’ve scanned all the possible prison dimensions Rita and Zed may have but I’ve turned up nothing!” Alpha said running a scan hoping to find Leslie.

“Keep trying Alpha.” Jason said. “We’ve got to find her.” Jason turned to look at Jamie who had tears in her eyes and she held the Sword of Lightning close to her. Jason put a hand to her shoulder trying to comfort her. Jamie didn’t turn away.

“We’ll find her Jamie. “, Jason said soothingly. “We have to.”

Jamie looked up into Jason’s eyes. There was still evidence of tears in her eyes but there was also worry in there as well. “What if he kills her?” she asked. “What if dad kills my mom?”

Zordon then said his peace. “I do not believe that will happen. I believe Zedd will try to use Leslie in a effort to keep the ‘Larry Zedden’ aspect of his personality in check.”

“What do you mean Zordon?” Samantha asked.

Zordon went and explained. “Zedd was created by fusing Zedden with the demonic Zedd with the demon being the dominant aspect. But with the appearance of Zedden’s wife, the demon dominance is threatened.”

“So why doesn’t Zedd kill her?” Jamie asked. “If she’s such a threat to the demon maintaining control?”

“It’s a matter of rationale. “, Zordon said. “Let us say that your loved one was killed in front of you. What would be your first reaction?”

“I’d want to get the bastard that did it. “, Jamie said. Jason and Samantha agreed.

“Correct. “, Zordon said. “The concept of revenge is inherent in all life forms. Not just humans. And if Zedd had killed Leslie, one would have to wonder ‘What would Larry Zedden’s reaction be?'”

Samantha nodded in understanding. “He’d want to make sure the demon didn’t regain control. He’d want payback for Leslie dying.”

“Exactly Samantha. Leslie is still alive because Zedd needs leverage over Zedden, and keeping Leslie a prisoner will keep Zedden under control.”

Jason then spoke up. “But Zordon, that plan won’t last forever. What will happen if Zedd finds he can’t use Leslie anymore?”

“Which is why it’s imperative that we find her immediately. “, Zordon then turned to Alpha and ordered him to do a 24/7 watch on any and all of Zedd’s known activities. And to keep his eye on any unknown ones as well.

“Right Zordon. “, Alpha said. Jamie then turned to Jason and asked “So what do we do now?”

“Well right now I’d say you could use some time in the park. “, Jason recommended. “I’ve got some friends I think you might like to meet.”

Jamie smiled at Jason’s sugesstion and she and Jason teleported over to the park. Samantha followed just as the Doctor was coming out of the TARDIS.

The Doctor looked up at Zordon and said “I’ve sent the message.”

“Good. When will he arrive?”

A white flash appeared in the Power Chamber and a man appeared leaning in one of the diagnostic tables. “Well Doctor, Zordon. To what do I owe the honor of this call?”

Zordon and the Doctor said nothing but the Doctor did walk up the the individual and deliver a right cross to his chin. The blow sent the person back over the table and down on the ground. “What was that for?” the person asked.

The Doctor continued to glare at the person on the floor but it was Zordon who spoke. “I believe Q, this has something to do with your latest ‘alteration’ of reality.”

“So you’re Zedd’s daughter?” Kimberly asked in astonishment. Jamie nodded. Jason had contacted all the rangers and asked them to meet in the park. Once everybody arrived, he and Jamie had taken turns telling the story of her origin, powers and battle with the Tengas earlier. Everyone then watched Tommy wondering how he would react to this particular bit of news.

“Hey, that’s cool with me. “, he replied seriously. “I try to judge people by their actions, not their parentage.” Tommy almost said that he was glad that Zedd was her dad because then he wasn’t his, but due to Leslie being missing the joke would have been in poor taste. He kept the serious tone and then asked “How does it feel being Zedd’s daughter?”

“I don’t really know. I mean, I’m sort of glad that my dad’s alive, because I still love him and always will. On the other hand who wants to find out their dad’s a schizophrenic slimeball? Still I don’t really feel it the way one of you might. I never really knew him as a villian. It’s going to take me a while to get the idea absorbed. Then we’ll talk about it.”

“You know,” Billy mused as they were sitting quietly. “Just because Larry Zedden was you’re father doesn’t mean you’re related to this Lord Zedd. There’s always a chance your reappearance might cause Zedd to revert back to the forces of good.”

Jamie sighed as what Billy said crossed her mind. “Not if Lord Zedd has anything to say about it.”

Rita stood on the moon looking through her Repulsa Scope hoping to find a worthy ‘candidate’ for her next evil plan. Zedd however sat on his throne with his staff in hand watching as Rita continued her observing, unimpressed with what she had in mind.

“It won’t work you know. “, Zedd commented.

“Maybe Zedd. “, Rita said in somewhat of an agreement. “But it might work long enough to give the rangers a major setback. And right now, a small victory is good enough for me.”

Zedd nodded but he still had his doubts. Evil Rangers were so passe’, and Purple Rangers weren’t always the most conventional of the rangers. Sometimes they could come out good, and other times they tended to embrace the darkside a little too much.

“Ah HA! I have found my sucker!” Rita said. Zedd came up and looked through his visor to see who Rita had in mind. Zedd saw who the candidate would be and he couldn’t help but snicker.

“Ohhh, she’ll be perfect. “, Zedd agreed. “This will so tear up the rangers. Are you going to capture her now?”

Rita thought for a minute and said, “Not yet. I want to wait a while.” She then gave a sly smile to Zedd. “But I would like to see that new piece of art we have.”

“Ohhhh yes so would I”, Zedd said playfully as they both turned to see the new ‘piece of art’ on their wall-the frozen form of Leslie Zedden.

She was mounted on a wall with her face, chest and upper legs visible as well as the tips of her shoes and hands. The rest of her was surrounded by the block she was frozen into. Her eyes were closed as if showing a forced state of sleep-which she was in due to the hibernation state the freezing process provided. Leslie Zedden seemed so much like a perfect replica of when Han Solo was frozen in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ it was eerie.

“I don’t know. “, Rita said looking at the frozen form of Leslie. “Are you sure a moose head wouldn’t be better off?” Zedd mused over this and came up with his own answer.

“Look at it this way Rita. “, Zedd said. “Marriage is share and share alike right?” Rita nodded. “Well, Leslie and Zedden can share the rest of their lives imprisoned forever. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Rita found herself laughing and added in her two cents. “Adds new definition to the term ‘together forever doesn’t it? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Rita and Zedd continued to laugh at the misfortune of the Zeddens, and in the back of Lord Zedd’s mind, Larry Zedden weeped.

Soon the rangers went to their normal routines leaving Jason and Jamie alone. “We’ll find her. I swear. “, he promised.

“I know you promise. “, Jamie said. “But can you keep it?”

Jason sighed before answering. “I try to avoid making promises Jamie, because I never know if I’ll be able to keep them or not. But this one I’m going to keep. We’re going to find your mom, and we’re going to get her out of Zedd’s hands.”

Jamie then brought her lips up to Jason’s mouth and delivered a soft kiss to him. Jason returned the kiss with one of his own. They both became lost in their tenderness and feeling for each other then finally broke away leaving each other breathless.

“Wow. “, Jason said under his breath.

“You ain’t whistling Dixie either. “, Jamie answered back.

Does this mean you want to go to the dance at the youth center tonight?” Jason asked. Jamie gave a lopsided smile and said, “Meet you there at eight?”

“I’ll be there with bells on. “, Jason said, and both went their separate ways looking forward to the upcoming Youth Center dance for Angel Grove High. Jamie walked towards her home when she suddenly felt a presence coming up behind her. Quickly she turned around hoping to confront her pursuer.

“Yeah what do you…?” Jamie never got to complete the sentence.

Jamie Zedden’s world then exploded as her mind became filled with images. Images that had been placed in her since birth. Images of darkness, of evil, of a second father who made her what she is today. The direction this father wanted her to take was clear to her as well.

The Power Rangers did this to you!” the voice of Biilly spoke in the back of her mind, or at least the voice of the program Biilly used which was based on himself said. The war they fight has corrupted you. They refuse to do anything to help your mother. Join me and I’ll free your parents.

Jamie listened to the voice in the back of her mind, and for the first time everything seemed clear to her. Facing her stood Toommy who offered his hand to her. “So what’s it gonna be?” he asked.

“How dare you!” the Doctor said glaring down at Q. “How dare you treat reality as if it was your personal plaything.”

Q, in the meantime, was picking himself up off the Power Chamber floor. He dusted off his Star Trek red uniform and pulled down the tunic in a sentimental gesture reminiscent of Jean-Luc Picard. Ever since leaving the Star Trek universe he hadn’t bothered to change his attire.

Q looked confused as to what Zordon and the Doctor were getting at. “What in the name of the continuem are you talking about?”

“Well Q. “, Zordon said, his voice reflecting the Doctor’s tone. “Let me illuminate you. Recently, we came across a young girl named Jamie Zedden. She came across a sword of great power. A sword that was supposed to be powered by the Purple Zeo Crystal. A crystal that was not there due to it being expelled by Purple Zeo Energy Jamie contained within her body. Now I have some recollections of where Jamie was supposed to be the Purple Zeo Ranger when she came across the Sword of Lightning, but now with the Zeo Shard not in the crystal those events did not come to pass.”

“Is there something you might want to tell us about that?” the Doctor the said.

Q smiled lopsidedly as if blowing off the Doctor’s and Zordon’s scorn. “You must be talking about the game my son and two of his friends were playing.”

“Game?” Zordon asked not likeing where the conversation was going.

“Yes, my son invited two of his Q friends over to play a little game. Unfortunately they both couldn’t play well so my son wound up winning. In order to play the game again, we had to undo the events that had transpired and start from scratch so we could play a more… enjoyable game.”

“Is that all the species of the universe are to you? A game you can play and put away before you get bored with it?” the Doctor shouted.

“You Time Lords are fine ones to talk!” Q shouted. “In fact weren’t you the ones who sent Earth halfway across the universe just so you could keep your secrets safe?” The Doctor was taken aback at Q’s statement and found he couldn’t disagree with it. It was only through the efforts of the Borusa Interregnum that Earth was put back in its proper place and its destiny was allowed to resume.

“And I seem to recall you have manipulated events a few times during your seventh life. “, Q said confronting the Doctor dead on. “Actions which cost you some friends along the way, and it was all for ‘the greater good’?”

The Doctor said nothing for a brief second remembering the time during his seventh life where he had to be less the cosmic space hero and more the grand manipulator in the cosmos. Treating people like game pieces-pawns to be moved around in a grander sceme of things. It was a time in the Doctor’s life he looked back on with a mixture of regret and a realization of necessity. “Well at least my manipulations weren’t for personal amusement as it was with you and the rest of the Q. “, the Doctor shot back. “What I had manipulated might have been necessary for the ‘greater good’ but at least it wasn’t changed because there was something I personally didn’t like. I realize any manipulations I might have done would cost me personally, but those actions saved many lives throughout the cosmos.”

Q didn’t seem to be bothered by the Doctor’s defence. “Maybe, but perhaps you should take a good long look in the mirror sometime. Wear any face you want I don’t care. But you take that good long look, and one day you’ll see me looking back at you. And on that day, you’ll realize that you and I really are no different.”

The Doctor felt his anger boil as he felt Zordon telepathically touch his mind. Easy old friend. Don’t let him rile you. The Doctor listened to his friend and managed to just say “Get out!” to Q’s face.

“Gladly. “, Q said. “And don’t be surprised if you see a few more changes coming soon.” With that Q teleported out of the Power Chamber in a flash of light.

Zordon cast his gaze to where Q teleported out and then turned his gaze towards the Doctor. “Are you all right old friend?” Zordon asked.

“Yes fine. “, the Doctor answered. “Q just brought back some old things I’d have rather not thought about.”

“You mean the manipulations…and Ravolox?” Zordon asked. The Doctor nodded. Out of all the people in the universe the Doctor only told Zordon the whole story. Others knew a few things here and there but only Zordon knew for sure what happend. Part of it was due to his entrapment in a time warp which provided him with a sence of things happening in the fabric of time and reality. The other part of it was due to the Doctor telling him all that had happened.

A race of beings from the Andromeda galaxy had travelled to Earth to set up a base there. The purpose was to set up a hacking center where they could hack into the most sophisticated systems the galaxy had to offer. One of those systems was the matrix computer on Gallifrey.

The C. I. A. (Celestial Intervention Agency) detected the break ins into the matrix, and found that much of the data contained was being stolen. The Agency took great offence to this seeing as how they could not allow any of their secrets to fall into the hands of the lesser species. Even those with time travel capability of their own like the Daleks, the Sontarans and some human civilizations. Even though they may have had time travel ability, they did not have the knowledge and mastery the Time Lords had, and the Agency was ready to do ANYTHING in their power to ensure that Gallifrey kept its monopoly on Time Travel.

They tracked the Andromedans signal to Earth, but unfortunately the Agency couldn’t pinpoint the exact location of where the base was located. Extreme measures needed to be taken, measures that the High Council may not approve of.

To that end they had established a coup, to drive out deputy-president Flavia and her supporters and to replace them with Time Lords who would be more succeptable to the Agency’s plan. To that end an election was held. An election that was rigged allowing Flavia to be ousted from power and a weakling named Niroc to assume the presidential seat. With Niroc in power the Agency had the go ahead to complete their task. To that end they used a device that had seldom been used in all of Gallifreyan history-the Magnotron.

This device allowed Earth to be pulled away from its orbit and transported across space and time where it could be set up in a new location. The Andromedans-or sleepers as they would later be called were effectively shut down and placed in the care of their sentry droid named Drathro who rallied the survivors of the transport into slave camps. The sleepers were never reawakened.

Trouble came for the Agency when the Doctor, along with his friend Perpugillium Brown, arrived on Earth-which was renamed Ravolox. Ravolox was something of a mystery since it was so close to Earth in so many ways. It wasn’t until they came across an underground subway tunnel that the Doctor and Peri realized that Earth and Ravolox were one and the same. But how Earth got to where Ravolox was was a mystery to the Doctor.

It wasn’t until much later that the Doctor was summoned to a space station appropriated by the Time Lords to stand trial for meddling in the affairs of the universe. A trial set up by the Agency endorsed high council. Representing the prosecuter was a ruthless Time Lord known only as the Valeyard-which in Gallifreyan tone meant ‘honored court prosecutor’.

The Valeyard seemed hell-bent on demanding the death penalty for the Doctor. A penalty the High Council and the Agency were all too happy to provide. Especially since the Doctor would forfeit all his remaining regenerations, which the Valeyard would collect.

Things did not go well for the Doctor during the trial, especially with a video log of the Doctor landing on a transport liner with his future companion Melanie(Mel-for short) where they confronted a plant based species called the Verviods. The log was tampered with and the evidence altered but it did show how The Doctor had been forced to kill the Vervoids to save the liner’s crew. This provided the Valeyard however with the chance to move in for the kill.

Valeyard cited the death of the Verviods as a violation of Article 7 and changed the charge to genocide. The Doctor seemed ready to be executed if it wasn’t for the surprising intervention of the Master, who had revealed the High Council’s plot, and why the Doctor was being put on trial.

But that wasn’t all of it. For when the High Council decided that they needed someone who could stand against the Doctor in the court room, they decided who better to go against a master of legal manouvering than the Doctor himself. Unfortunately the Doctor, in all his lives wasn’t who the Time Lords could control-at least not completely.

So they looked into alternative futures. Futures where the Doctor was corrupted by his own dark side, a dark side brought to the fore. The High Council managed to find one who was in his twelfth and final regeneration and offered him a deal. Persecute his past self, and he would get all the Doctor’s remaining regenerations.

When the plot was revealed, and the Valeyard unmasked the Doctor did all he could to stop the Valeyard from carrying out his plan: Kill the Doctor and the Trial board. The Master was later captured as was his ally Sabolom Glitz when they tried to steal what they thought was Matrix data, but was actually a temporal stasis device given by the Valeyard. The Doctor however managed to stop the Valeyard’s plan, but the Valeyard had escaped.

On Gallifrey, a revolt had almost begun with Time Lords being divided into different factions. And the outlanders known as the Shobogans ready to strike. The Doctor, in his current incarnation, held off the revolt and proceeded to release his mentor Borusa from imprisonment in Rassilon’s tomb so a revolt could be averted and a reform underway. Borusa re-established the High Council and shut down the Agency’s plan. Then he went and put Earth back where it was and it was like the events in the Ravolox affair had never taken place, even though they clearly did.

But the whole Ravolox affair was traumatic for the Doctor, who had confronted his dark side for the very first time. It scared him to see that he could become that dark, that evil, and it was believed that it was this that prompted the Doctor’s sixth regeneration rather than the temporal stresses caused by the Rani when she took his TARDIS out of time in order to have his aid in one of her schemes. A scheme which fell through.

When the Doctor had regenerated, he saw the need to manipulate events so that they would serve what he considered ‘the greater good’. Using his Time Lord knowledge, and sometimes his companions as pawns the Doctor had managed to accomplish what he had needed to do. But it was always at great personal cost. Many of his companions hated being manipulated, especially by one they had trusted. It was almost as if the Doctor who they knew wasn’t the same Doctor they had known. Gone was the planetary crusader, and in his place was the Grand Manipulator.

The Doctor however endured the scorn because he believed that what he was doing was for the ‘greater good’, not only for the cosmos but for himself.

It was during a confrontation with a manifestation of his sixth self that he had realized that a good part of his manipulations were largely for his own sake. So that if the universe was ‘good’ enough, for lack of a better term then he wouldn’t be corrupted by his own dark side, and the Valeyard would not come to be.

But somewhere in his travels the Doctor realized that the Valeyard may come anyway, not despite his manipulations, but rather because of them.

For the Doctor had a conscience, he could not just disregard the pain his companions and others would feel at being used like pawns no matter how hard he’d try. But the grief at what he had done may come back to haunt him. Turning his emotions inside and out, corrupting all that was good in the Doctor into evil, and it would be then that the Valeyard would come into being.

Realizing this the Doctor stopped being the Grand Manipulator, and resumed being the Cosmic Crusader he once was. He would fight as a champion for good once again, and use what he knew as a Time Lord to help the lesser species. His friendship with Zordon helped him back down that road and the Doctor was always grateful for that.

But they both wondered what changes Q now made to reality.

The Q-Continuem

No real place

No real time

Q walked back into his house with an ice pack on his jaw. Boy that Time Lord really does hit hard, he thought. He turned to the family room where his son and two friends Light and Darke were playing that game again.

“Hey dad, guess what? Light and Darke decided they want to play again. “, Young Q said eagerly.

“Yeah, and this time I’ll win. “, Light said.

“No I will. “, Darke said sure he’ll come out the victor. He had a smile on his face as if he was sure of the outcome.

Q turned to watch the three young Q play the game, and a feeling of dread seemed to creep into his very being. As if the game would soon spin out of control. Then he heard his wife calling.

“Q GET OUT TO THE BARN NOW! THERE ARE HORSES THAT NEED TO BE FED AND STALLS THAT NEED TO BE CLEANED!” Mrs. Q bellowed. Q stomped his way out to the barn to do the barnyard chores grumbling and complaining along the way.

Never once did he lose the sence of dread that haunted him pertaining to the game.

Elsewhere, in a realm outside the conventional realities and non-realities, a figure observed the events that occured between the Doctor, Zordon, and Q as well as the game the three young Q played in the contiuem. Unlike Q, this being saw the lesser beings not as toys or game pieces to be played, but rather as embers of life that could burn brightly throughout the universe.

But unlike Zordon and the Doctor, he did not have benevolent intentions with those embers. His purpose for them was to place them all under his dominion.

He was known by many names: Lucifer, Mephistopheles, Beelzebub, the Devil, Satan, Iblis, and plenty others in the galaxy that would be too numerous to mention. But to Tommy Oliver, and to some of the Power Rangers he was known as ‘The Dark one’.

The Dark One knew of the ‘alteration’ Q had made to his ‘game’, and he believed that the game needed new rules. Rules that couldn’t be changed at a moment’s notice, and where the pieces could choose their own path, and their own fate.

A choice that will lead to me if all goes according to plan, the Dark One thought. Soon all will fall to my dominion.

But first he needed to do something about the Q and their game. And like all things, it would come in its due time. For now the Dark One had to make his way back to his own realm.

Chapter 2: Christina and Katarina

Morning came peacefully to Angel Grove, as it usually does. On the campus of the So-Cal ballet academy, Katarina Petronov was taking a walk with her closest friend Christina Collins.

I still don’t know how you do it Katya. “, Christina sighed shaking her head. Her long auburn hair stirred slightly in the breeze. “You dance, you kickbox, you keep up with your schoolwork, where do you find the time?”

Katarina laughed, her violet eyes twinkling. “Well, for one thing, I don’t practice obsessively like you do. You Chris, spend more time in the practice room than any three students I know. Besides, Rocky helps me study.”

“Rocky? Rocky DeSantos?” Christina said in surprise. “Is he your boyfriend?”

Katarina thought about it for a minute. “No, we’re just friends. He kind of enjoys being single right now. But who knows, if he’s interested I might be too. We’ll just see what the future has to say.”

“But what about the rest of it? The kickboxing and dancing and all that?” Christina asked still amazed by Katarina’s interests and where she gets the energy for them.

“Kickboxing doesn’t take up much more time than dancing. “, Katarina answered. “I admit I’m on the go a lot, but since I’m usually with my friends it’s really a lot of fun. You should come along with us sometime. You’d probably enjoy yourself.”

“Kind of like the shopping spree I did with Kat, Kim and Samantha?” Christina asked. Katarina nodded.

“Hmmm, maybe. “, Christina said deep in thought. “But I don’t want to find myself hanging around with a bunch of people I don’t know, and run myself ragged trying to keep everything straight.”

“You didn’t have any problem with the shopping trip. I’m not asking you to go out of your way to meet new people. But maybe you should cut back on the practicing a little. You’d still be the best in school, and you’d have more time for yourself. You don’t have to kickbox like I do.”

“I suppose. “, Christina said. “After all I did make time to meet that new girl Samantha didn’t I?”

“Yeah. “, Katarina said patting her friend on the back. “Just keep doing what you did with those three girls and you’ll have an active social life in no time.” Both girls then heard a strange hum come from nearby.

“Katya, did you hear that? What is that sound?” Christina asked.

“Nothing that concerns you. “, a voice said from behind the two girls. They both turned around to see who was speaking to them and right away they felt the same wave of memory and programming come upon them as Biilly’s influence on them started to assert itself as soon as they laid eyes on Toommy.

Christina and Katarina both saw impressions of the lab where Biilly was creating his replicas and imparting to them the Zeo Crystal copies he had acquired. Then the reducing to their genetic codes and fusion with the originals upon birth. Also coming upon them were waves and waves of hatred for the Power Rangers. Hatred that didn’t come from them, but was implanted in them by their second father-the Blue Morphin Replica Biilly Cranston.

Christina’s shopping spree with Kat, Kim and Samantha turned into a distorted vision where the popular girls were just dragging along the shy bookworm hoping to make themselves look good. For Katarina, it was where Rocky was revealed as the Blue Zeo Ranger and he didn’t trust her enough to tell her.

With the programs activated both Katarina and Christina followed Toommy. The hum which were the White and Silver Zeo Crystals grew silent as they appeared with no one to claim them. Easy targets for Klank who, along with his cogs, appeared to claim them.

A streak of white entered the Power Chamber as Skull teleported in. “Hey guys, anything new?” he asked.

“No nothing much. “, the Doctor said not wanting to get into the conversation he had with Q. Zordon himself remained silent as well. Alpha was working on the sensor console looking for any sign of Samoht, Nathan or the lost Zeo Fragments.

“Ai, yi, yi, yi, yi! The White Zeo Crystal is eminating a signal. “, Alpha shouted. He went over to the scanner to see where it was coming from and got its location. “It’s in the area near the So-Cal ballet academy. And Ai, yi yi! The Silver Crystal is there too!”

“Excellent work Alpha. Skull, since you are here would you be willing to retrieve them for us?” Zordon asked. “No Problem. “, was Skull’s answer.

Alpha however found cause for concern. “Oh no!We’ve got a major problem! Ai, yi, yi, yi, yi! Klank and a group of Cogs are there and are about to take the crystals!”

Skull saw what was happening and right away knew he had to do something. “Zordon, is my Zeo fencing foil done yet?”

“Yes Skull. “, Zordon answered. “But without the White Zeo Crystal it will not have power to be an effective weapon against Klank.”

“It’s not the weapon itself, it’s the wielder. “, the Doctor said getting the Zeo Foil. “Isn’t that right Skull?”

Skull nodded taking the foil and testing it with an array of parries and swipes that his uncle had taught him. “It’ll work. Alpha could you teleport me to where the crystals are.”

“You got it Skull. “, Alpha said and he did exactly what Skull asked. When Skull teleported out Alpha wished him good luck, and both the Doctor and Zordon shared the little android’s sentiment.

“Quickly, grab those crystals before the rangers spot us!” Klank ordered four of his cogs to do. The four cogs walked over to where the crystals sat and one reached down and grabbed the Silver Zeo Shard while another moved to grab the White Shard.

“What do you think you’re doing?” a voice rung out as Klank and the cogs turned to see who had spoken to them in such a disrespectful manner. Turning around they saw Eugene Skullovitch stepping forward. Fencing foil in his hand.

“Back off young man. This does not concern you. “, Klank bellowed. Skull didn’t back away, but rather kept stepping forward.

“Oh I think it does concern me. “, Skull said never taking his eyes off Klank or the cogs. “You see one of those crystals is mine. And the other doesn’t have an owner yet, but I think I can safely say that it’s not you.”

“Oh. You think these crystals are yours?” Klank said taken aback by Skull’s statement. “I say they are the property of King Mondo. I found them for him, and as you humans say ‘finders keepers’.”

Skull drew up his foil ready for a fight. He may not have the power of a ranger yet but he had the skills of a fencer that were taught to him by his uncle. Skills he was ready to put to use against Klank if he had to. “You’re not walking away with those crystals. “, Skull said deadpan. “It’s as simple as that.”

“Well then. It seems the young human is issuing a challenge. “, Klank said. He then drew out his own weapon and held it to bear against Skull. “I shall accept your challenge…after you have gone through the cogs. Cogs ATTACK!”

The Cogs advanced on Skull who kept his foil ready. Klank held the Silver Zeo Shard in his hand while standing behind the white one as if taunting Skull with what was out of his reach. The Cogs hoped to advance on Skull with their sheer numbers thinking Skull wouldn’t be much of a challenge.

Unfortunately for the Cogs their informational files on Skull weren’t updated recently. They knew nothing about Skull’s interest in fencing, or the intense spy training he undertook under the instruction of Inspecter Klauseau. Skull managed to get in a few good strikes with his foil into sensitive spots on the Cogs: joints, pressure points, and optical relays. Skull also got in a few blows with his feet and fists with a few kicks and punches well placed as the Cogs were driven back by the offence Skull put forth.

Finally the Cogs were out of the way, and all that was left was Klank. The White Zeo Shard sitting between them.

“Okay… Klank is it?” Klank nodded at Skull’s deduction of his name as Skull held his fencing foil even. “We can do this one of two ways. The easy way, or the hard way.”

“Which way is which?” Klank asked feigning stupidity.

Skull half smiled as he explained. “Well the easy way is where you drop the crystal you have and take your boys and go back to where you usually go. Or there’s the hard way, where I beat you within an inch of your mechanical life and pry the crystal from your lubricant leaking body.”

Skull hoped Klank would choose the hard way.

“Do not presume to threaten me young one. “, Klank said drawing out his broadsword. “I will not stand for it.”

“Well then bring it on bigbot! Bring it on!” Skull taunted. Klank delivered the first swipe which Skull avoided and went for a lunge of his own. Klank stepped back from Skull’s lunge and soon the two were involved in a fierce swordfighting duel.

Klank delivered an array of swipes and perries that were equal to that of a master swordsman. Probably programmed into him by whoever built the machines in the first place. , Skull thought. Skull however was no slouch either as he continued to use the foil the way his uncle had taught him; with style, grace and a lethal edge if he needed to use it.

The duel went on for the longest time with neither combatant gaining the upper hand, until Klank got impatient and let his anger cloud his judgement. His strikes soon became more agressive, and his strikes were losing the finnesse they had previously lacked from the beginning of the duel.

Skull saw this as an advantage as he used the foil to gain leverage over the broadsword. Quickly he spun his sword around and the broadsword flew out of Klank’s hand and landed nearby. Klank stood unarmed as Skull picked up the white crystal that was now his.

Skull still kept the tip of the foil directed at Klank and he said in a hard tone, “The crystal, please.”

Klank moved like he would be giving the silver crystal to Skull, but then Skull realized one thing-the little droid Orbus was nowhere to be seen. But just as Skull was about to confront Klank on it a flash of light hit Skull between the eyes temporarily blinding him. He dropped his foil to the ground but he kept a death grip on the fragment in his hand.

“Good job Orbus. Now let’s get out of here. “, Klank ordered the Cogs in retreat as he held the Silver Zeo Shard. “At least we have one crystal. We shall be back for you later to retrieve the other!” Klank and the others teleported out of the battle as Skull’s vision was starting to clear.

“Damn!” Skull said as he saw Klank and the Cogs gone. Fortunately he still had the White Zeo Crystal in his hand. Skull then brought up the communicator and called Zordon.

“Hey Zordon. “, Skull said into the communicator. “I got the white crystal but unfortunately Klank made off with the silver one.”

“It is dreadful that the silver crystal had fallen in the hands of the Machine Empire. “, Zordon had said. “But at least he was also unable to obtain the white one. Well done Skull. Return to the Power Chamber immediately. We will add finding the Silver Crystal to our list of searches.”

Skull activated his teleport control as he held the white crystal. First Samoht and Nathan, then the purple shard, now the silver one. I shudder to think what’s next.

“Excellent work Klank!” King Mondo said taking the Silver Zeo Crystal from his underling. “This item of power will prove to be most beneficial in my latest endeavor.”

“Thank ye your majesty. “, Klank said grateful he got something right. Young Sprocket also was proud of his father’s efforts.

“Oh goody dad! Your next plan is a sure fire winner. “, the young prince said. “By the way, what is it?”

“Why it’s right over here. “, Mondo motioned over to the balcony where a giant cannon stood. It’s barrel aimed towards Earth. It showed no life inside it’s technological construction, no power whatsoever. It was basically dead, but Mondo knew it wouldn’t be for long.

“This little beauty will provide me with the power I need to energize my cannon. “, Mondo gloated holding the Silver Zeo Shard. “All I have to do is aim it anywhere on Earth and pull the trigger. I can keep destroying their cities until they surrender their planet to me, and then I shall be ruler of Earth.”

“Oh, wonderful my husband. “, Queen Machina said. “And there’s nothing the rangers can do about it.”

“Soon! SOON MY LOYAL SUBJECTS! EARTH SHALL BE THE NEWEST ACQUISITION TO THE MACHINE EMPIRE! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!”. The other machines laughed with their king counting the days until Earth was theirs.

Skull held the white crystal in his hands. He felt the hum of it’s power, and just couldn’t believe that the power he held was meant for him. Kimberly saw Skull staring at the crystal and went to see how the former bully was doing. “Kind of overwhelming isn’t it?” Kim asked. “Being chosen, and holding the power for the first time.”

Skull turned to Kimberly and gave a lopsided smile. “Well I’m not sure about the chosen part. I mean, I was a bully for the longest time to you guys…”

“Hey, we know you didn’t mean it. “, Kim said reassuringly. “You were just trying to get noticed.” Skull nodded saying that Kim was right in that regard.

“But it’s also the silver crystal. I wish I could have done more to keep Klank from getting it, you know?” Kimberly put a hand on Skull’s shoulder understanding what he was getting at.

“Skull, sometimes we’re not always successful with what we have to do. Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you. “, Kim smiled at the few times where she had problems: when she was trapped in a jar by the Samuri fan man, when she was under a jealosy spell by Trini, and when Goldar captured the ranger’s parents at one time in exchange for their power coins. That one right there Kim wondered if there was anything she could have done different.

“But we keep going and we persevere. Besides, I think you’re going to make an excellent ranger. And the white crystal seems to agree with you.” Skull looked as the White Zeo Crystal seemed to grow slightly brighter as Skull held it. Skull then turned to Kimberly and asked her the question she had asked many times before, only to be shot down a number of those times. But this time Skull hoped the answer would be different.

“Kimberly I was wondering. “, Skull said trying not to sound like an idiot. “Would you… would you…”

Kim continued to listen. “Would I… what?”

Finally Skull blurted out the question. “Would you mind if I escorted you to the dance at the Youth Center tonight?” Skull then braced himself for the ‘no’ answer he had come to expect from Kinberly, but what Kimberly said was a complete surprise to Skull-as well as to the other rangers.

“Sure I’d love to. “, Kimberly Hart said. Everyone, including Skull seemed to do a double-take when they heard that.

“Kim?… You and… Skull?” Jason said flabbergasted.

“Yeah why not?” Kim said innocently. “I mean, I’m free right?”

Tommy took a moment for what Kim said to digest. He knew things didn’t work out between them, and that both he and Kim were free to date other people. But he never expected Skull. “Yeah it’s just… I… didn’t expect…”

“Me?” Skull said completing the sentence. “Don’t worry Tommy neither did I. Nor did I expect to be a ranger either.” Skull then held up the White Zeo Crystal and took a better look at it. “But having this crystal and the power it contains just shows how much my life has changed. And I don’t want to thake any of these changes for granted. I want to make the best of them. And don’t worry about Kim. We’ll have a good time. It’s only the dance right?”

Tommy and Jason seemed to relax at Skull’s words with the other rangers following suit. “Okay, I guess we’ll see you there?”

“Yeah. “, Skull answered. “You going to bring Jamie with you?” Jason smiled and said he would. The dance would provide a good distraction for her as they tried to find her mother.

“So pick you up at eight?” Skull asked Kim.

“You got it. Catch ya on the flipside. “, she said and she and the rangers all teleported out leaving Skull alone in the Power Chamber. Zordon shut down so he could rest for a while and Alpha went to prepare Skull’s Zeonizers. The Doctor was back in the TARDIS fiddling with its equipment again.

Skull looked at the White Zeo Crystal he held in his hand. The power now belonged to him, and it was up to him to use it wisely. For that he needed to find the Black Zeo Crystal, as well as the purple one. Then he needed to regain the silver crystal from the Machine Empire.

Chapter 3: Lillian

The night of the school dance had come and the rangers paired up. Billy and Aisha had agreed to go together since neither had a date and Billy was technically married. Kat and David, Tanya and Adam, and Jason and Chelsea Oliver-Tommy’s sister. For some reason Jason had been unable to get in contact with Jamie and rather than go alone Chelsea decided to volunteer to go with him rather than have Jason go it alone.

Skull and Kimberly had walked in. She seemed happy to be with him, and like everyone in the Power Chamber did the participants at the dance all did double takes when they saw her with Skull. Kimberly took it all in stride and walked in on the arm of her date-Eugene Skullovitch.

Zack had finally allowed Angela to see his true nature and she had agreed to let him take her. Jessica Belle from the Angel Grove computer club had actually asked Rocky to accompany her, a request that did not fail to boost Rocky’s self confidence, especially since Katarina Petronov mentioned that she may have been interested in going to the dance as well. But strangely enough there was no answer at her house, Katarina was out of luck.

Rocky kind of admired Jessica from afar, and she didn’t have a date either so Rocky decided to ask her out and she accepted. Emily St. John came in and asked out Richie from the Youth Center and he accepted as well.

Samantha and Tommy were standing near a drinks table, neither having found a date. As the evening went on another boy drifted up beside them. He was Asian. He also had short, straight, black hair that was split in the middle, a well defined body, and a face that Samantha thought resembled that of a puppy dog.

“Can I have this dance?” he asked Samantha. She had nodded and introduced herself.

“I’m Dolan Kwan. “, the boy replied as they danced away leaving Tommy on his own.

“Looks like it’s just you and me. “, he told the soda-and-fruit juice concoction before he went and poured himself another cup.

“Can I have one?” a voice from behind him asked. Tommy turned to see a girl in a knee-length black dress holding a paper cup out to him.

“Yeah sure. “, Tommy responded filling the cup. As he handed it back to her he took a better look. Her hair was sandy brown, and her eyes were an odd tawny gold color. She was also rather tall, easily reaching the height of his chin.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before. “, he told the girl in black as he extended his hand. “I’m Tommy Oliver. Are you new to the school?”

“Lillian O’Neil. “, she replied transferring her cup into her left hand and shaking his. “No, I’m not new here. I’ve attended Angel Grove High for four years. You’ve just probably never noticed me. We’re not in any of the same classes, and I don’t get into the spotlight that much. I’ve seen you all the time though.”

“Oh. So, why aren’t you dancing? Your date stand you up?”

“She shook her head, amused. “No, I didn’t have a date. I came with some of my friends.”

“Where are they?” Tommy asked.

“Out dancing, same place yours are I’d expect.”

Tommy looked over at Lillian and asked, “You want to dance?”

“Hmm, “, she mused regarding him for a moment. “Sure I’d love to.”

They walked out to the floor just as a slow song came on. Tommy swallowed hard. He hadn’t been thinking of a slow dance when he asked her. Seeming to sense his discomfort Lillian looked over at him, challenge and amusement visible in her odd eyes. Tommy smiled, his unease evaporatin. It was just a dance after all, even if it was a slow one. It wasn’t like he’d asked her to marry him or anything.

Lillian slipped her arms around Tommy’s neck, and he put his around her back. As the two swayed in time to the music Tommy thought about how good it was to have someone in his arms. He had missed Kim and Kat, but Lillian didn’t feel like simply a substitute for either of them. For the first time since his break-ups Tommy felt interest in someone again. He already knew that Lillian was far different from either Kat or Kimberly. She seemed…darker and older. Something about her drew him in a way neither of his two previous girlfriends had done. Suddenly she looked up at him and smiled mysteriously.

“I hear you’re a bit of a Romeo Tommy. “, Lillian said. “”You change girlfriends like most people change socks. Should I be worried?” she asked in her slightly husky voice.

“I don’t think so. “, he replied. “When something interests me, I stick with it for a good long time.”

Lillian raised an eyebrow at that. “Until you get bored with it?”

“Sure. But I don’t get bored very easily. I like mysteries and puzzles, and there’s almost always something new for me to figure out.” At the sight of her one sided smile, a realization hit Tommy square between the eyes. THEY WE’RE FLIRTING! He hadn’t flirted with a woman since the first days of his relationship with Kimberly.

“Well then, I’ll attempt to keep things mysterious. Do you like to hike?”

“I love it. You do a lot of hiking?”

“Yes. I really love photography, wspecially nature shots. I’m very handy with a camera. It must run in the family.”

Tommy’s brow furrowed. “O’Neil? Are you related to Parker O’Neil from the Angel Grove Gazzette?”

“Yeah. You have something against reporters?”

“No, actually I really admire your brother’s work. “, he told her. Parker O’Neil was one of the best photographers in Angel Grove, who was known especially for the wonderful shots of the Power Rangers he had taken. Tommy knew the man slightly on a more personal note however.

O’Neil was the only reporter who didn’t pester the rangers for ‘a few words’ every time he saw them. In fact he had earned their somewhat grudging respect by saving the lives of a couple of civilians caught in a monster attack, and then staying out of the way while the rangers defeated it. Afterwards, he had simply snapped up a few follow-up shots of the Rangers, and even helped them slip away from the crowd of reporters who inevitably showed up. Tommy had to admit he liked the man, even if he was a reporter. Parker’s shots of the Power Rangers shaped the views that Angel Grove had of the rangers, and he always portrayed them in a favorable light.

He liked Parker, but was unprepared for finding out that the man had a sister in high school, much less one that Tommy suddenly found himself interested in. He’d just have to be careful, that’s all. He’d kept secrets from even more perceptive people than Parker O’Neil and his sister. It wouldn’t be easy but it could be done.

“I’m glad you like my brother’s stuff. “, Lillian told him bringing him back to the present. “If you two ever run into each other just know that he can be insufferable if you don’t like what he does.”

Just then, the DJ announced the final song of the night, to Tommy’s shock. How long had they been dancing anyway? After the last dance was finished, Tommy and Lillian said their good-byes and headed back to their respective groups of friends. Both were greeted by knowing grins and an army of questions.

“Guys, it was just a couple of dances. That’s all. “, Tommy told his friends The other rangers gave a mix of “uh-huh’s” and “yeah’s”. Tommy seemed to take it in stride though.

“Come on, let’s go. I’ll tell you about her on the way home. “, Tommy and the rest of the Rangers left and some of them took their dates home. As Tommy walked to his house with Chelsea with him, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he had met Lillian before.

“Lil, that was Tommy Oliver, the handsomest boy in our entire school! He’s cute, he’s nice, he’s smart, he’s currently available, and he spent the entire night dancing with you!” Lillian’s friend Randi gushed as she tossed her short red hair. Lillian shook her head, amused by her friend’s bubbliness.

“Randi, we’re seniors in high school. Next year, we’ll all be going our separate ways, off to different colleges. I’m not in the market for a great romance, and I doubt he is either.” Still, Lillian had to admit that Tommy had a definite effect on her. He is cute, she thought to herself. When they’d been dancing, she’d been acutely aware of what Martial Arts had done to, and for, his body. Hard biceps, flat stomach, nice chest, defined back, and a very tight butt. Mentally she smacked herself in the head. Stop thinking about it! You’ll never get any sleep tonight if you keep this up!

“He’s so dreamy. “, Randi went on unaware of the direction of her friend’s thoughts. The two were currently walking down the street that led from the school to their homes. Streetlights gave the whole area a comforting glow, and like most Angel Grove girls, they knew a great deal about self defence. Lillian also had her black belt in Tiger Kung Fu, so they felt fairly safe walking home by themselves.

“Randi, come on. He just broke up with Kimberly Hart. He’s probably not interested in a relationship right now, and even if he is he’s on the rebound. Who wants that?”

“You know what Lillian? You are too serious and cynical for your own good. If Prince Charming rode up on a white charger to save you from the dragon, you’d ask to see some I. D.”

Lillian chuckled. “Of course I would. I’d have already killed the dragon.”

“Oh, you!” Randi shoved her friend playfully as the two girls continued to walk on towards their homes. Lillian however suddenly felt uneasy as her thoughts continued to drift towards Tommy Oliver. Not exactly in a relationship fashion, but in another one, almost as if she had gone through these events with him before.

Rocky escorted the young strawberry blonde computer expert Jessica ‘Jessie’ Belle up to the the door of her house where Rocky was saying good night. “I really had a nice time tonight Jessica. “, Rocky said.

Jessica smiled as she looked up at Rocky. “Thanks. I appreciated going with you. I don’t get out of the computer lab all that much.”

“I know. It seems like you live there. “Jessica couldn’t help but laugh at Rocky’s statement and it did seem like it was true. There wasn’t a time where Jessica Belle wasn’t in the Angel Grove High computer lab for some reason or another.

“Blame it on family history. It seems like we’re all involved in computers in some form or another. My dad built them, my mom sells them, I work with them, but it’s my sister Josie who’s the real brains of the outfit.”

“You have a sister?” Rocky said startled.

“Yeah, child prodegy for the Blackrock Corporate Conglomerate. Was hand picked by G. B. Blackrock himself to work with the computer program there, until she lost the grant.”

Rocky was confused. “She lost the grant?Why?”

Jessica paused before answering. “Let’s just say, they were going in a direction she didn’t like, and her research went in a direction they didn’t like.”

“Does it have something to do with robotics?” Rocky asked. It was well known that the Belle family were top opponents of automation. Whenever there was a protest on a new robotics plant the Belle family was there raising opposition. An opposition that they were all very passionate about.

One example was when Rocky saw Jessica yell at a child who brought in their toy robot and she exploded at the child telling them to ‘get it out of there!’ Jessica apologized for yelling at the child, but she still didn’t want to see ‘Mr. Bot’ as the toy was called.

“Yeah. “, Jessie sighed. “We kind of have a problem with robots. I guess you may call it a prejudice nowadays, but we do have our reasons for it.”

“Especially with the attacks by the Machine Empire last year?” Rocky asked. Jessica nodded.

“Well I don’t want to rock the boat here, but not all robots are the same you know. I mean the Power Rangers drive robotic mecha. Besides, there may be a good robot somewhere. “, Rocky was surprised to find himself going to the defence of robots, but since his friend Alpha 5 was a robot who helped out the rangers several times it may not have been such a surprise after all.

“Well don’t let my sister hear you say that. She thinks the only good robot is a dead robot. “, Jessica said. “And she’s none too fond of the rangers either.”

“She doesn’t like the Power Rangers?” Rocky was clearly taken aback by that statement. He thought the rangers were heroes across the galaxy. “Who is your sister anyway?”

The door opened as if on cue, and Rocky was greeted by the sight of a girl in a wheelchair that seemed to look slightly older than Jessica. She had the same features as her, and the same strawberry blonde hair, but there seemed to be a harder edge to her than there was with Jessica. “This is my sister Josie. “, Jessica said as she introduced her sister to Rocky.

“Pleased to meet you. “, Rocky said as he offered his hand to Josie. Josie seemed to look at Rocky coldly as if shooting daggars into him. Then she gave a smile that seemed forced and shook his hand returning his greeting.

“The feeling is mutual. “, Josie said. “So you’re Jessie’s new boyfriend?”

“Josie, please don’t call me Jessie. “, Jessica said. “It makes me feel like a little kid.”

“Well you are aren’t you?” Josie retalliated. “Lord knows you act like it at times.” Jessica’s face grew red as she felt herself being more and more humiliated in front of Rocky. “I’m sorry about my sister. “, Jessica said apologetically. “She can be a real jerk sometimes.”

“No problem. I come from a family of twelve kids. “, Rocky answered. “Sometimes siblings don’t get along.” Rocky then turned to look at Josie.

“We’re not exactly a couple yet, Josie. I hope it’s okay if I call you that. “, Josie nodded and cast her eyes down on a piece of metal tied to a blue band. “That’s a nice watch. “, Josie said pointing to Rocky’s communicator. “What brand is it?”

“Ummmm… “, Rocky said trying to find a good lie to tell Josie. “It’s actually a college fraternity brand. I’m looking into Angel Grove college and there’s this frat that wants me to wear this band on my wrist as my initiation.”

“Wow, sounds kind of tame compared to the horror stories I hear. “, Jessica said. “I would have thought they’d have you dress up in a chicken suit and walk around campus clucking.”

Rocky couldn’t help but smile at Jessica’s remark. A sense of humor. I like that. , Rocky thought, who was known to tell a few jokes himself. “No such luck Jess.”

“Oh well. “, Jessica said playfully then she said, “Will you be available next week? I’m free friday.”

“Sure I’d like that. “, Rocky answered.

Jessica then gave a peck on Rocky’s cheek. “Great, I’ll see you friday here at eight?” Rocky was taken aback by Jessica’s forwardness, but strangely enough he found himself likeing it.

“Not a problem. I’ll see you then.” Rocky then said goodbye to Josie and he headed back to his house. “He sems nice. “, Josie said keeping her voice cold and even.

“Yeah. He seems like a real good guy. Funny and good natured. “, Josie saw the look in Jessica’s eyes and could tell that her little sister was quite taken with Rocky DeSantos.

“I don’t like him. “, Josie said as she wheeled herself back into the house. Jessica just stared open-mouthed at Josie’s statement as she followed her sister in. “What’s not to like?” was heard through the strong oak door.

Maguire’s leap was the last outpost of vegitation along the old Angel Grove highway. Beyond the bluff, the yellow grass and sagebrush gave way to the true desert that California is really composed of. It was warm practically all year there. In winter months temperatures ranged into the mid sixties.

Sitting under a stunted and rather lonely tree, Lillian O’Neil looked out over the desert, wondering if that band of grey on the horizon was a cloud or a band of Los Angeles smog. A cloud, she decided. They were really too far north to get smog from L. A.

Shifting position, Lillian sighed. California appealed to her, just like it appealed to the rest of the family. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to travel, it was just that she didn’t want to live anywhere else. That’s why she was heading for Crossworld University for college. The town was close enough to home that she could visit, but far enough away that she’d be getting a real “going away experience”. Besides, Crossworld U had a great chemistry program. The city had lots of martial arts studios, and for excitement there were always the VR Troopers.

She grinned to herself. Her friends thought she was crazy, trading in one set of monster-fighting superheroes for another, but she liked danger. She didn’t go looking for trouble, but when trouble came she rather enjoyed handling it. Living in Crossworld promised just the kind of excitement she was looking for.

Lillian then went to her new favorite pastime, daydreaming about Tommy Oliver. Although she had not wanted to admit it to Randi, he had made an impression on her. He was tall, handsome and very nice. She’d liked him since the moment she met him. Still it was silly to fantacize about the two of them. There were only a few months left in the school year, plus three months for summer, and then it was off to college for all of them.

Lillian sighed again. I probably have some time. People made do with even the briefest moments. Maybe Tommy and I could develop a friendship in that time. A girl can never have enough friends.

She was deep in her thoughts about Tommy when she heard something approach. “Who’s there?” she asked wondering who would be coming out here at this time. Besides me. , she mentally added. She got up and brought all her senses to a state of alert ready to take out whoever was intruding on her day dreaming, if they weren’t friendly.

Lillian looked all around the area trying to attact a person to the presence she felt. She didn’t see anyone there, but that didn’t mean someone wasn’t there. Her feelings were confirmed when she heard someone say “Hello Lillian. “, behind her.

Lillian turned around thinking the voice belonged to Tommy, since it sounded like him. She got ready to ask what he was doing there when upon seeing the face of Toommy, her world exploded as Biilly’s programming activated.

Memories were twisted, and images flashed into her mind. Biilly made sure Tommy came out as a gigilo going from woman to woman, and looking to add her to the latest list of conquests. Yet there was also another feeling inside her, something that said otherwise. Lillian tried to determine which was which but the images seemed overwhelming.

Soon the images faded and Lillian would have to make a choice on which path to follow. Taking Toommy’s offered hand she went to where the others touched by Biilly’s evil awaited.

None of them noticed a black crystal pendant lying on the ground which seemed to transform into a black eight sided crystal which hummed with power.

“Thanks Ritchie. I really appreciate this. “, Emily St. John said as her fellow co-worker at Ernie’s, Richie Evans, escorted her home. Sure Emily could take care of herself, she learned much of her fighting technique after taking part in a gang. The rest she learned from Jason, before they broke up.

Still there was something reassuring about going home with someone watching out for you. And Emily didn’t exactly live in one of the more ‘pleasent’ neighborhoods.

“No problem. I’m happy to do it. “, Richie answered aware of how dangerous neighborhoods like Emily’s could be, especially since he had come from one himself. He started taking Karate at the Youth Center when he started working there and even competed in a few tournaments from time to time. Richie even escorted some of the kids of his neighborhood to the Youth Center hoping they could learn something. Parents welcomed the idea, and the Youth Center filled up real fast.

Emily enjoyed the extra business that came in, and even participated in a few activities herself when she wasn’t waiting tables. It did get overwhelming at times but Richie helped out whenever he could. She was very grateful for his help.

They got close in a friendly way. No way did they think of themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend, but rather like brother and sister with Ernie playing the kind gentle father. They looked out for each other and covered each other whenever a problem came up. The appearance of Goldar and the Tengas however constituted several problems.

Both Richie and Emily got into fighting stances ready to fight the gold monkey and his flock of birdbrains. But Goldar had something to say first.

“Back off human!” he said pointing to Richie. “We don’t want you. All we want is the girl.”

Emily looked startled when Goldar pointed to her and said that she was the one Goldar had come for. “What do you want with me?” she asked.

“Why, you have been chosen puny human. “, Goldar said to Emily. “You shall devote your service to the cause of our glorious emperor and empress Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa.” Emily and Richie may have been confused as to what Goldar was up to but they both decided that Emily wasn’t going anywhere with Goldar. Especially Emily herself.

“Well if you’re going to get her, you’re going to have to go through me!” Richie shouted as he and Emily soon fought the Tengas.

Emily and Richie handled themselves well as they fought against the Tengas. The birdbrains were driven back well enough for Emily and Richie to gain an advantage. Sadly Goldar was not about to let them keep it. Realizing his mistakes when he first fought Jamie, he changed his style to where he was fighting ordinary humans. Humans he was able to easily overpower and soon Goldar had Emily and Richie defeated.

“Take him out to the desert and dump him there!” Goldar ordered as three Tengas flew off with Richie. Goldar and the remaining Tengas then teleported away with Emily in tow. Their mistress, having evil intentions for the young girl.

Chapter 4: Terry

Another bloddy suspension!” cursed the blonde haired girl named Theresa Jones. The few friends she had called her Terry, while others who weren’t so friendly called her ‘Jinx’.

The ‘Jinx’ nickname came from the belief that when she was around bad things tended to happen. One example being when a gang from school was beating up on a science nerd and Terry just happened to walk in on the act. Two minutes later the constables appeared and arrested everyone in sight. Even Terry.

After that, it seemed like Terry would be in the thick of things whenever something bad would happen. A real trouble magnet. Just like Sam!” she thought making reference to her more outspoken cousin Samantha Jones.

Terry’s mother and Samantha’s mother were both sisters who came from hard working families. Ironically enough, both girls married men with the last name Jones, but there was no relation between Terry and Samantha’s fathers. But sadly for Terry’s mother, she had married a factory worker who lost his job when she was five due to economic down turn. He was a paint production worker in London, and he never found a permanent job again.

What little Terry’s father made went towards the house. Terry didn’t have enough to get all the things the ‘cool’ kids had. She had to go to in outdated, ratty clothes which gave her no end to grief from neighborhood bullies.

Terry however took no grief from the bullies, as they soon found out. Unfortunately as Terry was giving bullies as much grief as she was getting, Terry was getting demerit after demerit for fighting. These demerits eventually led to her being suspended a few times, and she had to do major catch up work.

Eventually Terry wound up going to St. Martin’s Comprehensive in London. It was okay as far as schools went, but the student body consisted more of delinquents and drug pushers. Terry wanted none of that crowd and just kept to herself a lot.

It’s probably better I don’t trust anyone in this joint, Terry thought on her first day there. But she couldn’t help making a few friends there along the way. Unfortunately she made enemies there as well, and got into fights with many of them.

But what was really unfair was that a good number of these fights, were ones Terry did not start. It was mostly the bullies getting in their shots and Terry only trying to fight back. It didn’t matter to the principal though. Even if you fought back you would be in trouble. Jeez, you can’t get justice unless you’re a bloody victim!” Terry thought. She spent so much time in detention, that she managed to know most of the heavy duty delinquents on a first name basis.

One of them was a drug pusher named Arno. His parents called him Arnold, but if anyone called his that then they’d be eating their meals through a straw. He had seen detention as another way of meeting and greeting potential new customers. Today he saw a ‘new customer’ in Terry.

“Well hello sweet thing. “, Arno said coming up to her as she was seated. “I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. My name’s Arno. What’s yours?” Terry didn’t respond.

“Silent type huh? Okay I can deal with that.” Arno then reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a small baggie filled with white powder, and a few pills. Arno put it in front of her and got up to walk off.

“Consider them a free sample. There’s more where they came from. “, Arno said making his way to his seat before the supervisor got back from the rest room.

Terry didn’t even bat an eye in Arno’s direction as she looked at the drugs in her possession, wondering if she would take them or not. She knew drugs were bad for her, but the pressure and temptation to take them were so great. I could experiment a little couldn’t I?” she thought. People have tried them to see what they were like, and a lot of them didn’t like them.

But there were also horror stories of people being hooked on the first try, and how it took addicts a long time to recover. She wished her cousin Samantha was near by. She would not have buckled down to the presure.

Just then the supervisor stood behind Terry as she was looking down at the drugs in front of her. “Miss Jones, may I ask what the hell you think you’re doing?”


“YOU WERE CAUGHT WITH WHAT?!” Terry’s father bellowed out to his daughter. “Fighting’s not enough with you? You got to get into drugs too?”

Terry tried to explain, “But dad I wasn’t going to take them?”

“Oh? What were you going to do with them? Just stare at them for twenty minutes? Why didn’t you throw them away when you first got them?” The last question Terry had no answer for, because she did think about trying them out.

“You know, your cousin Samantha wouldn’t have taken them. She’d have thrown them right back… “Terry then exploded right in her father’s face after she stomped her foot down and got up out of her chair.

“DAMN IT DADDY I’M NOT SAMANTHA! I’M ME!” Terry exploded. She had always hated to be compared to Samantha even if in reality they were no different from each other. They both lived in similar neighborhoods, both had to put up with hoods, and both had trouble trusting other people.

But unlike Samantha, Terry was not as outspoken. Samantha would have thrown the drugs back in the hoods face and told him off right there. She was also more athletic running at least three miles a morning, and being a rough and ready gymnist. There were also rumors of Samantha taking self defence courses but Terry never followed checking that out.

Terry was athletic herself. She too also ran, but her workouts usually consisted of street fighting more than gymnastics. She was in good condition, but did come home with more bumps and bruises than Samantha did. And it was always these differences Samantha had brought up.

“Well maybe you should be a little more like your cousin. “, Terry’s mother said. “She may have her problems but she’s a good girl.”

“AND I’M NOT?!” Terry said with tears in her eyes. “DAMN IT I’M SICK OF BEING COMPARED TO HER! IF YOU ALL WANT HER AS A CHILD WHY DON’T YOU ADOPT HER!” Terry then charged out of the flat running as far away as she could. The call of her name by her parents drowned out as Terry ran as fast as she could go.

Never once did she look back.

Terry sat outside the door of Samantha’s flat hoping to catch her cousin in. In reality, Samantha hated the comparisons as much as Terry did and talking it over with her always seemed like a good boost for her spirits.

But today it seemed like she wasn’t home. It was her usual time to come back from Coal Hill School, but Samantha was a no-show. Samantha’s mother then came in and asked Terry if she knew where her cousin was. Terry said no.

“I hope she isn’t in trouble with that pusher Boz again. “, Terry’s aunt said. “Sometimes it seems like Samantha’s goodness gets her into more trouble than she can handle.” Terry nodded as Mrs. Jones went inside her home and Terry sat outside thinking. Mrs. Jones left Terry a lemonade and she drank it eagarly. Running while crying made her thirsty.

Terry tought about how Samantha always stood up against the bullies and pushers. She kind of got a eputation of being Supergirl in Coal Hill High, always fighting for the oppressed, keeping things equal and fair. A visiting professor who used to teach at Coal Hill, Ian Chesterton, said that she reminded him slightly of an old friend he used to know. But Samantha wasn’t as crotchety as Chesterton’s friend was.

Terry then decided to take a page out of Samantha’s book and marched over to where Arno’s gang the Rollers hung out. She was going to make them sorry for allowing the drugs to be pushed on her, and in the only way she knew how-kick butt and take names.

Terry saw Arno and three of his hoods in a back alley selling some of his stash to some interested customers. Storming over she grabbed the stash and threw it into the air for all the world to see. Turning to look at the ‘potential customers’ Terry simply said, “You want to poison yourselves? Fine. You can pick up your own poison thank you.”

Arno then glared at Terry as the hoods followed behind him. The ‘potential customers’ decided to take their business elsewhere, although the thought of picking the drugs up off the ground seemed tempting. Taking out his switchblade Arno then moved towards Terry looking menacing.

“Why did you do that little girl?” Arno asked. “I leave you with a free sample, and you decide to come after me?”

“Your free sample got me suspended!” Terry shouted in defiance. “Someone should have done something about you long ago.” Terry was scared, but she wasn’t about to let Arno know that.

“Hey, it ain’t my fault you got thrown out of reject high. “, Arno said defending himself. “You could have hid the stash or tried some of it. But you just had to ruin my business here? That’s a no-no.”

Terry got into as much of a fighting stance as she could as Arno and his thugs advanced towards her. Each with a weapon. “Time to learn it ain’t nice to interfere in my business.”

A shout of Sick-yah filled the air as a hooded figure flew towards Arno with a flying side kick sending him backwards. The mysterious man then went after the other hoods with lightning fast moves knocking them down quick and fast but not hard as they got up quickly.

Terry then decided to get involved ant tore into Arno and the thugs herself. Soon Terry and her rescuer were fighting side by side knocking down the hoods as if they were poetry in motion yet contrasting in styles. Terry used rough and ready streetfighting, while her partner used fast polished karate. But never theless, Arno and his thugs were down for the count and Terry then threw Arno’s stash into the waste dumpster. Samantha would be so proud. , she thought.

Terry turned to look at her rescuer. “You know you fight pretty… “, Terry never got to finish her sentence as she looked at her rescuer’s face.

Images flashed before her, of being compared to Samantha, how Samantha was looked up to and revered while Terry was looked down on in contempt. The images also showed that Samantha was now in America with a new circle of friends while Terry was still in England having to fight off bullies and hoods. The image of the Doctor, her rescuer also appeared. A voice rang in the back of Terry’s mind saying Why does she get a rescuer and not you? Why do you suffer and she lives the good life in the states? The voice belonged to none other than Biilly.

Toommy then offered Terry his hand as if saying “Come with me.” To be honest, Toommy was quite taken in by Terry. He looked at her as a diamond in the rough, and hoped Terry would choose the right path. They both teleported out leaving Arno’s Rollers behing for the Constables.

Present day. While the rangers fight the Psychos.

Josie Belle wheeled herself into her room and sat in front of her customized computer terminal that she had made herself. Her own homemade system was more powerful than anything on the market, and had a lot more capabilities other home systems could only dream about.

Josie decided to use those capabilities to look up any information on Jessica’s new boyfriend Rocky. She may hate me for this, but it’s nothing I haven’t done before.

Josie began the search through her internet database on anything in the world that had to deal with a Rocky DeSantos in Angel Grove. The computer came up with some very interesting information.

His full name was Rockford James DeSantos. His parents gave him the name since his mother was a big fan of the show ‘The Rockford Files’. His father died when he was young, and he had to be the man of the house with his other ten siblings. He lived out in Stone Canyon, but moved out to Angel Grove in 1994.

He spent a lot of his time with a close circle of friends. These friends were Tommy Oliver, Billy Cranston, Kimberly Hart, Jason Scott, Trini Kwan and Zack Taylor. The latter three moved out to attend a teen peace conference in Geneva, but remained close with the first three along with Aisha Campbell and Adam Park.

An Austrailian girl named Katherine Hillard took Kimberly’s place in the group when she left to go to the Pan-Globals. Tanya Sloane took over for Aisha who decided to care for animals in Kenya.

But there were some discrepancies in the data between Aisha and Tanya. One set of records said that Aisha went to Angel Grove high, but another said that she had been in Kenya since 1986. Also, that Tanya Sloane was in America for ten years but was also in Kenya during that time.

Josie then called up information on all of Rocky’s friends. As she looked at the pictures Josie found that they all wore outfits at one time or another reflecting a dominant color. Kimberly and Katherine had pink. Aisha, Trini and Tanya had yellow. Billy and Rocky both seemed to share blue, and Rocky also wore red along with Jason and Tommy. Tommy also had white and green as well. Adam Park also wore green as well as black along with Zack Taylor.

Upon further inspection of the class pictures posted on the internet, Josie could tell that all of them woer the same bracelets Rocky had worn, all with the same dominant color of the outfits that they wore. Just like those who helped put me in this chair!” Josie thought.

She shook the thought out of her head. There was no way these teenagers could be responsible for the accident that happened to me. Could there?

She looked at the photo of Rocky with much interest now. Rockford DeSantos, who are you?” Josie thought as she continued her research.

Toommy looked at the faces of the five teenaged girls before him. Each having blank looks on their faces as they struggled to determine what was real within their minds, and what was real in their own world. Toommy looked on in understanding, and wanted to help them anyway they can. But the decision had to be their own.

“I know you are all confused by this. “, Toommy said. “Why is this happening to you? Why are these images appearing to you? I’ll try to explain as best I can, and then the decision will be left to you.”

Toommy then began the story he knew. “All of you were to be granted the destiny to become Power Rangers, except for you Terry. It was your cousin Samantha who had this honor. But nevertheless, the Blue Morphin Replica Biilly Cranston decided to use this destiny to his advantage. Finding out who the new rangers would be, Biilly decided to see to it that these rangers would work for him. So he had replicated DNA, replicated powers, and special programming fused into your genetic structures so you could grow and develop naturally. The powers you were supposed to receive would be left unclaimed, and the rangers who were destined to get them would work for Biilly when the time was right.

“I would come, and upon seeing me, your programs would be activated. But I managed to alter the programs so you could make your own decisions instead of the choice being imposed on you. Now that you know what this is about I ask you all. Please make your decisions.”

Lillian spoke up first. “Can you repeat all that again? Because I think this is a little bit over our head.”

“Besides, I think we’ve made our decision. “, Katarina added. “Don’t you girls?” Christina, Terry and Jamie both nodded.

“Now what do you say we see what dear old dad Biilly wants?” Jamie asked. Everyone seemed to agree. Toommy then teleported everyone to Biilly’s headquarters, and he hoped for the best.

Rita then looked through the Repulsa Scope scanning below to see what the rangers were up to. So far she hadn’t seen anything, but Rita knew that could change at any given time and she wanted to be ready.

Right now Finster was preparing her latest ‘special project’ and she wanted to make sure that it worked out well this time. No slip ups, or at least none that would happen right away. Just as she was about to stop looking through the scope Rita saw something fly towards the Dark Fortress.

“Hey Zeddie! Look here, you may want to see this!”

What is it my little buttercup?” Zedd asked as he turned away from looking at the frozen Leslie Zedden. Zedd then brought his own eye goggles to bear and he saw the wave of darkness come towards the palace.

“Hmmmm, maybe I can use that. “, Zedd then brought his staff to bear and aimed his energy towards the wave sending it towards him. When the wave hit Zedd he felt himself fill with more power and darkness than he could imagine.

“Zeddie? Are you okay?” Rita asked.

Zedd’s glow seemed to be darker than usual, as he drank in the darkness like an alcohilic during happy hour. Especially since some of the dark aura had a familiar flavor.

“Never better my little muffin. I must thank my ‘daughter’ Jamie for this special ‘gift’ she had given me though!” Zedd gloated as he finished. “It was just what I needed!”

Zedd and Rita both laughed as a voice in the back of his mind screamed NOOOOOOOO!


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