Psycho Returns: The Zeo Quest Part Two

done on trying to figure out how to get into the Machine Skybase and how to get Jessica out. But due to lack of knowledge on the skybase there was little they could figure out.

“Even if we could get through the shield we still wouldn’t know where she would be kept.” Alpha had said. “We just don’t have and internal designs on the Machine Skybase.”

“The best I can probably come up with is the layout for the dungeon and arena when Gasket took Bulk and me one time. And where Gasket had Tommy as well.” Skull said.

“That’s one possibility.” Richie said. “But somehow I don’t think Jessica would be taken to an arena. When the Cogs attacked they attacked for a reason. We just have to figure out what it is.”

“Perhaps they have a computer problem they wanted her to fix.” Emily said. “Or you.” she said to Josie.

“Maybe.” Josie had said. “Belle’s are known for computer expertise. And Jessica’s almost as good as me.”

“I agree with your assessments.” Zordon said. “But now the big question remains.”

“What computer do they want her to fix?” Skull said. Josie, Emily and Richie shared a look with Skull wondering the same thing.

At the underground complex at Arcadia Academy Kaitlin Star’s search efforts bore fruit as she had finally found the communications center that she had been looking for.

There were still a few people inside doing monitor duty and contacting other individuals that Kaitlin couldn’t keep track of. Some of them seem a little bit like mutants. she thought. Yet there were others that she wasn’t sure she could make heads or tails out of.

Kaitlin made several trips into the communications room watching how the equipment was being operated, and taking mental notes on what and how to operate it herself. The lives of her friends as well as their own freedom depended on her not making a single mistake.

Kaitlin also had to watch out for when people were on duty or not. The Code-1 alert had been long since called off and she had been probably assumed to have escaped. But still she didn’t need a worker coming over and stopping her from trying to call for help. In order for Kaitlin to get out a message the communications room had to be abandoned. But when that time would be is anybody’s guess.

For now though Kaitlin would keep watch until such time as she could get a message out. Which would be when no one was on duty.

I hope that time is soon. Kaitlin thought desperately. Freedom for herself and her friends was only just a phone call away. She just needed the opportunity to make the call.


Jessica looked up to where King Mondo was standing on the catwalk and asked Klank “Does he like the sound of his own voice, or does he just like to yell?”

“Ya know. I really have no idea.” Klank answered in jest but then Mondo yelled again.


Klank scrambled up to his feet and bowed graciously at the sight of Mondo. “Ah yes your majesty. I can safely say that we’re almost done with the work. It should only take two more hours and the Zeo Cannon will be fully operational.”

“See that it is Klank! I have grand designs on this world, and they all depend on this cannon being finished!” With that King Mondo turned and walked out of the area. Jessica kept a steady gaze on Mondo as if she was planning something.

Oh it will be finished all right Jessica thought. And you’ll definitely get a bang in your boomer.

“Okay. We’re not completely sure how to get in. We don’t completely know our way around that place. So how do we do this?” Emily asked.

“I believe I may have an answer. Observe the viewing globe.” Zordon said. Skull, Josie, Emily, Richie and Alpha all turned to look at what Zordon had to show.

“This is what Mondo plans to do with the Silver Zeo Shard.” The image had shown a giant cannon that looked like it had enough power to lay waste to any city that the Machine Empire would choose. The image magnified to a section on the cannon where a control console was. Working on that console was Josie’s sister Jessica. An image that disturbed Josie.

“What does she think she’s doing?” Josie asked. “How can she aid them?”

“I do not believe that she is aiding them Miss Belle. In fact if your sister is as opposed to the machines as you are then it may be a safe bet that she is working on a way to hinder King Mondo’s efforts. Not aid them.”

Josie turned to Zordon and glared at him. “No ones hatred comes even close to mine!” she said through clenched teeth. But it is a close second. she thought.

“Zordon how are we getting this?” Richie asked. “I thought our scanners couldn’t penetrate Mondo’s base.

“They can’t!” Zordon said. “But there are a number of defence sattelites surrounding the planet. Alpha was able to direct a signal to one of them and right now it’s showing the telemetry that it is picking up.”

Skull immediately took charge of the meeting by asking “All right we know where she is. Now how do we get in?”

“I do have a theory about that.” Alpha said. “It may be possible to get a teleport signal inside while their shield is remodulating.”

“For those who don’t understand technobabble.” Emily said. “What does that mean?”

Josie now spoke up understanding what Zordon was trying to say. “The shield needs to remodulate for a split second to maintain it’s integrity. Change it’s frequency so the old frequency can recharge and the new frequency can maintain the protection of the skybase.”

“And that split second is our window of opportunity to get inside and get Jessica out.” Richie added.

“And to shut down whatever the Machine Empire has in mind.” finished Skull.

Zordon seemed to agree with the idea. “Very well Skull. Alpha monitor the shield frequencies of the Machine skybase. The moment the shield shows any signs of remodulation let us know immediately. That’s when we’ll begin transport.”

“What about me?” Josie asked. “I want to help get my sister out.”

Zordon sighed knowing full well that Josie would want to be in on the operation, yet would be unable to. “Unfortunately Miss Belle to transport you along with Skull, Richie and Emily would present too much of a problem. Due to your…” Zordon didn’t want to be insulting to Josie but Josie caught on to what Zordon meant.

“Condition?” Josie asked. “I understand.”

“But that doesn’t mean that you are helpless in anyway.” Zordon said. “You have provided us with great tools and weapons to help rescue your sister.”

Josie nodded. “It would have been more if I was still the Blackrock Golden girl. But after my accident my research went a direction Mr. Blackrock didn’t like so we… parted ways. I did freelance with mom and dad since no one else would take me seriously enough.”

Inside the plasma tube Zordon was able to get a look at Josie’s spirit and aura. Somehow I think gold would not have suited her. he thought in jest. He looked at her and saw more of a silver hue around her which would have meant that she would have been a great Silver Ranger. Silver was the color of justice and purity and it seemed like Josie had that at one point, but then the aura was darkened and twisted-tarnished by the stains of vengeance.

She would have been an excellent Silver Zeo Ranger, but she is not able to accept the mantle. Another must be found to take the powers. Zordon then turned his attention back to the three future rangers and Josie.

“Nevertheless your help has been invaluble. We and the others thank you.” Josie nodded at Zordon and agreed to help get her sister back.

The Power Warriors nodded too and got to work on their plan. But one of them had plans of her own. Plans that didn’t bode well for everyone else.

The two communications officers at Arcadia Academy continued their duty shift with nothing significant to report. No new ships had come in with information for Ranitime, or to meet with her. All the other empires surrounding Earth were quiet for now. There was some energy readings from Mondo’s skybase but nothing to warrent concern right now. Basically it was all quiet on the Earthen front.

“Switching over to Automatic.” one of the comm techs said. The tech seemed humanoid but the white streaks in his blondish brown hair seemed to indicate an extraterrestrial origin. The same for his partner who had gray streaks in black hair.

“It’s high time things quieted down.” the second tech said. “I could use the break.” Both techs then got up out of their chairs and walked out the door walking past the janitor who was mopping the floor near the door outside. The second tech looked at her and said “Watch this stuff. Don’t let anything happen to it.”

“Don’t worry I won’t.” Kaitlin Star had said keeping her head down as the techs walked by. When they were gone out of the line of sight Kaitlin looked into the comm chamber and saw the tranceiver that she could use to call for help.

It’s now or never. Kaitlin thought as she went into the empty communications room.

Klank stood over Jessica waiting impatiently for her to finish her work. “Hurry up Human. King Mondo will have my processors for this if it’s not done immediately!”

Jessica told off Klank as she was making the adjustments. “Like I care about your processor you walking pile of rust. You know you should get a better paint job.”

“And what’s wrong with my paint job?” Klank asked offended.

Jessica smirked as she told off Klank. “Oh come on dull brown over silver? Pullleeeessseee! That’s a major fashion contradiction right there.”

“And what sort of color would be good for me?”

“How about yellow. It would match the streak that can go down your back!” Klank seemed taken aback by Jessica’s remark until she added more insult to injury.

“No scratch that. A new paintjob wouldn’t be good for you. You’d still be the hunk of scrap all you machines are.”


“I’ll insult you all I want. You deserve each and everyone I give!” Jessica said through clenched teeth. Not hiding the anger she felt towards Klank and the whole Machine Empire.

“KLANK!” Mondo bellowed again. “IS MY WEAPON READY YET?!”

Klank rushed over to the control console for the Zeo Cannon and everything read out okay. Closing the access hatch Klank said “The final checkout is complete your majesty. The Zeo Cannon is now fully operational. We can begin a test run now.”

“Excellent.” Mondo said. “Prepare for test run.”

“Have you chosen a test target your majesty?” Klank asked.

Mondo chuckled a little bit before answering. “Yes Klank. In fact I shall test my latest weapon… On Angel Grove itself!” The chuckle then became out and out laughter as Mondo pictured the devastation and destruction that would take place once the cannon was finished with Angel Grove.

“YOU MONSTER!” Jessica screamed at Mondo. The Machine king turned and looked Jessica in her eye. “You’re too kind my dear!” he sneered as he ordered the Cogs to take Jessica away.

“NOOOOO!” Jessica screamed as the Cogs moved to drag her away. She couldn’t let Mondo win, not now.

“AIITSYAHHH!” Jessica screamed as she delivered a side kick into one Cogs stomach. She then delivered a few more kicks and sent back the other two Cogs that were holding her down.

“COGS SUBDUE HER!” Mondo ordered. Ten more started to advance towards Jessica who was in a fighting stance and ready to kick some Cog can.

Jessica actually defended herself quite well. She demonstrated great fighting technique as every move seemed refined. The kicks and punches hit their marks and every moved seemed to follow a pattern much like a computer program-components coming together to form a coherant whole.

It was also as if Jessica had a sixth sense when it came to fighting Cogs, like she knew their moves before they made them. Of course this was due to Jessica’s and Josie’s observational skills in watching Cogs fight than anything. When the Machine Empire returned Jessica and Josie watched their fighting techniques and devised a program that would help the AGPD take down the Cogs when they attack.

Detective Trevor Park was a strong voice in recommending the process be used. But the commisioner shot the proposal down believing that Cogs and alien invasions were out of their league, and that the Power Rangers did a good enough job there.

Josie was angry, but Jessica refused to give up on the program. So Jessica used the program to enhance her own self-defence training to accomodate taking down Cogs. Something Mondo was not appreciating.

Mondo didn’t like that this ‘weakling human female’ was besting his soldiers. Angry he called in for more troops. “GET ME SOME MORE COGS!” he called into his comm line.

Somewhere inside the Zeo Cannon a spark emerged from the Silver Zeo Crystal. A spark of awakening.

It wasn’t exactly a sentience, more like an instinct that sought to preserve itself and to fulfill its mission to aid the forces of good in its struggle against evil. Currently that title belonged to those that called themselves Power Rangers.

All the Zeo Fragments had this instinct within them but it had been dormant in the other fragments. Never had it been needed due to the skills of its hosts or the protection of its guardians. But this time the Zeo instinct had been awakened, and the Silver Shard knew that it was due to the tampering King Mondo was doing in an attempt to acquire its power.

The Shard sensed something else-a presence. A presence that it somehow knew. Searching through its power the Silver Zeo Shard saw a plethora of faces but right now it was searching through four to identify who that presence was. It had found her-one of the four.

It was the third face. The first two had been sent down different paths due to outside forces. The first was a dark haired girl who was a skilled fighter. The second was a girl with strawberry blonde hair but her path was tainted with pain and revenge and coould not take up the power. The fourth was a girl with brown hair and lived outside the ley nexus but it was not her time yet to take up the power. The third was here, and it was her time. Her time to take up the power.

The Silver Zeo Shard pulsed a rhythmic light calling out for its host. Hoping that she would take up the power being offered to her. The power she was chosen for.

“Ai, yi, yi! Will these work?” Alpha asked as Skull, Richie and Emily put on high tech backpacks to their Power Warrior costumes. Josie glared at the little robot then spoke again.

“I’ve never been wrong before robot. I won’t be now.” Josie said back. “These Power Packs should help enhance your powers enough to rescue Jessie and to give your weapons enough punch to take out any resistance that comes your way.

“Such as the Machines?” Skull had said.

“Yeah.” Josie said coldly. She wanted to say ‘and the rangers too’ but decided that due to the circumstances that it might not be a good thing to say right now.

“Miss Belle. I must say that it is a credit to you for putting your hard feelings aside and helping these new rangers bring back your sister.” Zordon said Josie just threw a look that said ‘yeah whatever’.

“We’ll get her back.” Richie said standing alongside Emily and Skull. “IT’S MORPHIN TIME!”




Josie watched the three teleport streaks leave the Power Chamber. As soon as they were gone she looked at her watch as it counted down the minutes from thirty. Soon. she thought with a smile. Soon it will all be over.

Jessica was walking back almost to where she was hitting a wall. A whole batallion of Cogs was coming towards her.

Klank immediately took the leadand bore down towards Jessica. “Now you shall be sorry for you degredation of the Royal House of Gadgetry and it’s servants!” Klank sneered.

Jessica tried her best to not seem intimidated. “How will you do that. Are you going to beat me down? Are you going to hurt me till I’m within an inch of my life? Or maybe you’ll cripple me like you did my sister? Well you can try all of this and more and I still won’t be the least bit sorry for what I’ve said!”

“Very well. Cogs TAKE HER!” Klank ordered. Mondo stood above watching his armies advance towards one teenaged girl, until three streaks of light appeared and started tearing into the Cogs. The White one went over to Jessica to see how she was holding up.

“Can anyone join the party or do we need an invitation?” White Warrior said standing near Jessica.

“Who the hell are you?” the strawberry blond computer programmer asked White Warrior.

“You must be Jessica. I can see the family resemblence.” Jessica chuckled at Skull’s joke and added “In more ways than one?” as she kicked back an approaching Cog.

Skull noticed this and kicked off a few Cogs himself. “Yeah, in more ways than one.”

“Hey Skull.” Purple Warrior shouted. “If you’re done flirting perhaps you should come and give us a hand?” Purple Warrior and Black Warrior had their hands full with a couple of approaching Cogs and White Warrior knew he had to help.

“Do you know where the controls for the shield generator are?” Skull asked Jessica.

“Yeah I think they’re on the console on the other side.” Jessica said pointing at the console on the other side of the Zeo Cannon control console and through about a dozen Cogs.

“Oh well no one said being a ranger was going to be easy.” White Warrior took out his Zeo fencing foil and moved to combat the Cogs in his path as he moved towards the shield control console.

Jessica caught a second wind and fought off whatever Cogs were in her path as she went along with Skull. They fought well but somewhere in the back of Jessica’s mind she felt something coming up to the surface.

Something calling her.

The Silver Zeo Crystal continued its pulsing calling out to the one who would bear its power. As it continued to pulse it sensed several like itself. Several with the same power but on a different frequency. The silver shard knew these presences.

The others were here, as was the chosen one. The Silver Zeo Crystal started to shine calling out to the one who would wield it. The time was now.

Josie and Alpha watched from the viewing globe in the Power Chamber. Skull and his Power Warriors were doing quite well against Mondo’s Cogs. Richie and Emily were able to fight off the Cogs approaching them despite having only limited fighting ability. Fortunately their Ranger enhanced reflexes were up to the task of defeating the Cogs who had limited fighting knowledge of their own.

Skull had also shown great fighting proficiency thanks to the special training provided by Inspector Klauseau. That combined with his previous skill with the Zeo foil made Skull very efficient in fighing the Cogs.

Jessica had also fought well against those that squeaked by the three Power Warriors, and she wasn’t even working with ranger powers to do it. Only superior fighting skill that equaled her computer skill compared to the basic style that the Cogs followed.

What made the Cogs threatening was the sheer numbers they possessed rather than whatever fighting skill they might have possessed. The objective of a Cog was to swarm an opponent and immobilize them, not always to beat them in combat which was why Rangers could defeat them. The combat programs in a Cog weren’t upgraded enough to match Ranger Fighting techniques. Mondo had tried to repair this defect by enhancing the Cog programs but it was to no avail. Until Mondo could make a better Cog he was stuck to relying on strength in numbers with his Cogs. But against Ranger enhanced fighting techniques that was easier said than done.

Josie looked on at the viewscreen impressed by the fighting that was being done. But saw that Skull was nowhere near the shield generator console yet. “Robot, is the teleport system ready to pull Jessie out?”

Alpha mumbled a few curses that sounded something like “Robot my processor *grumble* *grumble*” as he checked the teleportation console. “Yes, the system is ready to pull everyone out as soon as the shield goes down.”

“Well then. Maybe it’s time to bring it down!” Josie made her fingers towards a button on her chair and the readouts on the Power packs on the monitor started to spike.

“Ai, yi, yi, yi, yi! What are you doing Josie!” Alpha screamed as he came towards her. Josie sent out an electrical pulse sending Alpha into a tailspin.

Josie turned to look at Zordon. “Inside their Power packs are EMP emitters. They’ll go off when the power hits overload. Once it does that the packs will detonate sending out three EMP waves across the whole Machine Skybase shutting those monsters down forever.” Her face contorted to that of a sneer which made Zordon worry.

“But what about your sister?” Zordon asked Josie. “And the new Rangers?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve watched your tin can work on the system so I should be able to get her out. As far as your new rangers are concerned. Well, they should never have taken your offer now should they?”

“You are just going to leave them there?” Zordon couldn’t believe his ears. “After they tried to rescue your sister?”

“POWER RANGERS ARE OUR ENEMIES!” Josie shouted. “It’s because of them and the battles they fight that I am in this chair. It doesn’t matter if they are the rangers that crippled me or not. I WILL MAKE EACH AND EVERY RANGER PAY FOR WHAT THEY’VE DONE!” Josie calmed down as she saw the look on Zordon’s face. The look of worry. She is giving in to blind vengeance. She doesn’t care who will get hurt.

“Josie Belle! Stop this at once!” Zordon ordered.

“You expect me to listen to YOU?” Josie then laughed loud and long as if Zordon’s order was nothing more than a big joke. “You are the father of the Power Rangers apparently. Why should I listen to you when it would be more fun to see your expression as you watch your rangers fall.”

“What about your sister?” Zordon asked hoping that would get through to her.

“My sister will be all right. Once our enemies are all destroyed.” Josie sneered as she brought her watch up to her face and counted down the seconds. “4… 3… 2… 1… ZERO!”

The Power Warriors were still fighting their way through the Cogs hoping that either one of them or Jessica would make it to the shield console to shut it down when Emily noticed a hum growing louder from her power pack. “Skull something’s wrong with my pack.” she said.

“Mine too.” Richie also heard the faint hum growing louder.

Skull also heard the hum grow louder and louder and right away he knew what it meant. “The packs are boobytrapped GET THEM OFF!”

Jessica and the Cogs looked on confused as the Power Warriors ripped off their power packs and threw them towards the machines. Mondo looked on asking “What is going on he…”

The Machine king never got to finish that sentence for just as the packs hit the air they exploded sending out three EMP shockwaves all across the Machine Skybase. Machines were shut down in it’s wake and the computers and other equipment were also rendered useless as the waves hit. On a plus side the shield had been brought down.

Even the Power Warriors weren’t spared. Since they were closest to the power packs when they detonated they were thrown down to the ground hard and knocked unconscious by the wave. They were out like lights and had shown no signs of waking up anytime soon.

Among the fallen machines and Power Warriors however a figure started to stir as she regained consciousness. It was Jessica who was fortunate to have ducked into a section of the wall that provide her with some protection from the shockwave. Josie why do I think this is your handiwork? she wondered as she looked around at the fallen bodies. She checked the pulse of the White Power Warrior as well. Good he’s not dead. she thought.

Jessica took a look at all the deactivated Cogs and equipment. Hmmm. EMP wave. One of your favorites Josie.

But not far away one of the machines was stirring. This was King Mondo who due to his ‘royal standing’ had more protection against the EMP wave than any of the other machines thanks to ECM shielding. He turned to see Jessica stirring and struggled to get his self-repair program to work faster. Someone would pay for this treachery-and his target was Jessica Belle.

“YOU!” Mondo glared pointing at Jessica who turned around with a start as she saw the look of rage that was evident due to his steming processors and the reddish glow in his optical sensors.

“How can you be moving?” Jessica asked. EMP was supposed to neutralize all machines…

“I am a royal king of the house of Gadgetry. A measly little EMP wave can’t hurt me. But what you’ve done to my followers and possibly even my family is inexcusable.” Mondo then brought up his staff and aimed it right at Jessica.

“Prepare to die human!” Mondo fired the energy from his staff right at Jessica who rolled out of the way. When she got back on her feet Mondo had another blast ready and fired again. Jessica dodged the bolt again but there was only so much of that she could do.

Up! something in her mind said. Head up! It felt strange to Jessica because it seemed like the message was more of a feeling instead of a word being broadcast in her mind.

“THIS TIME YOU WON’T GET AWAY!” Mondo said as he fired another blast which she dodged again. Finding a structure post that could double as a ladder Jessica climbed up taking her ‘feeling’s’ advice.

“So you are going up the superstructure huh? Well that won’t save you.” Mondo also climbed up the superstructure giving chase to Jessica as she continued her climb.

The climb took her to the very top of the Zeo Cannon.

“What’s happening?” Josie asked fiddling with the scanner control. “Why can’t I see anything?”

“If I were to hazzard a guess.” Zordon said. “I would say that the EM interference from your booby trapped power packs has disrupted reception from the sattelites monitoring the machine skybase.”

“Well fix it then!” Josie said harshly.

“Unfortunately you have disabled my assistant Alpha 5.” Zordon said smugly. “If you hadn’t done that then he would be working on how to pierce your interference right now.”

Josie was now seething as she stared at Zordon. “Listen you big floating head. I need to see where my sister is so I can get her out of there. You tell me how to fix those scanners quickly or…”

Josie never got to finish that sentence as a hand applied pressure on her shoulder and sent her into unconsciousness. Looking behind where Josie sat stood the Doctor.

“Thank you Doctor. Will she be out long?” Zordon asked.

“Only for a little bit. I really don’t get to try many Venusian Akido holds as I’d like to.” The Doctor then went to Alpha and activated a control on his back and the little robot was back up and running again.

“OOOOhhhhh Ai, yi, yi, yi, yi What happened?” Alpha asked.

“We’ll answer that question later Alpha. Right now I need you to find my old EM scanner.” Alpha listened to the Doctor’s request and he told the little robot that it was on the far desk in the workshop listed under hydrospanners.

“An EM scanner in a drawer for hydrospanners?” Alpha asked confused about the Doctor’s sense of logic.

“Just do it quick Alpha.” the Doctor said and the little robot went inside the TARDIS and through the corridors hoping to find the workshop.

It didn’t take as long as Alpha thought seeing as how he only made one wrong turn to get to the workshop but he figured that out and came back out of the TARDIS quickly enough. The Doctor hooked up the scanner to the Power Chamber’s sensors and the reception from the satellite cleared up.

What they saw was startling. Jessica Belle was climbing the superstructure of the Zeo Cannon with Mondo in close pursuit. Both were very high up and in danger of falling. “Alpha teleport them out!” the Doctor ordered.

“No Alpha.” Zordon said. “Forgive me old friend but something tells me we should let these events continue.”

“Why?” the Doctor asked.

Zordon paused for a moment before answering. “Call it a feeling.”

Jessica started to feel the strain of the climb as her muscles started to hurt. I can’t keep doing this. she thought as she saw Mondo maintaining pursuit. Jessica needed to get an edge somewhere and somehow. Looking around she saw the hatch at the top of the Zeo Cannon. Jessica knew this hatch for it was the hatch to where the Silver Zeo Crystal was and powered the cannon.

If I can get that I can bargain for Mondo to let me and the others go. Jessica thought as something in her mind agreed that it was a good idea. Not bothering on where the idea was coming from Jessica crossed the metal superstructure going arm over arm making her way to the Zeo hatch.

King Mondo saw Jessica’s action and knew he had to beat her there. A speaker appeared out of the side of his mouth and he said into it “Chariot come forth!” A split second later a gravity sled had come forth almost as fast as the Ranger’s Zords did and Mondo hopped on as it appeared beneath him. Once Mondo was on board he brought his air chariot towards Jessica’s direction and began pursuing her.

Jessica took a look behind her and saw Mondo board his chariot. It must be as protected as Mondo is to EMP Jessica thought. Why else would it be flying?

Jessica then realized that she had no time to waste so she tried to swing herself over to the hatch where the Zeo Crystal was kept. When she got enough momentum in her swing she leaped off the rafters and landed front first on the metal paneling for the Zeo Cannon. The landing was not soft and she did feel pain in her chest as she landed but with Mondo approaching fast she had no time to worry about her own discomfort.

Jessica scrambled across the cannon’s exterior until she found the hatch where the Silver Zeo Shard was being kept. She tried to open it but the handle wouldn’t turn. “Blast!” she cursed.

Mondo came up sneering as he flew in on his air chariot. “Foolish girl. Did you really think I wouldn’t have kept this hatch secured?” Mondo then brought his cannons to bear on Jessica who was standing directly over the locked hatch. Have to time this just right. she thought as Mondo’s weapons charged up.

“And now it’s time to say… goodbye!” Mondo then fired his chariot’s cannons at the spot Jessica stood on but Jessica moved quickly out of the way and Mondo hit the locking mechanism instead. Mondo was surprised by Jessica’s dodge and Jessica scrambled toward the now unlocked hatch.

“Thank you!” Jessica said as she opened the hatch now that the locking mechanism was disabled and she had crawled inside. Mondo however stayed on his chariot waiting for Jessica to come out.

I can wait all I want. There is only one way in or out of the crystal chamber. Mondo thought as his hand rested on the chariot’s weapons trigger.

Jessica crawled through the maze of tunnels and ducting looking for where the Silver Zeo Shard would be. She then felt a tugging in her mind that told her to ‘turn right at the next passage’ which she did although she wondered where that feeling came from.

She felt more tuggings along the way as she followed their… advice(for lack of a better term) and finally came across a silver glow around the next corridor. Jessica followed the glow and there before her was the object that she had sought.

The Silver Zeo Crystal.

Jessica reached up to grab the crystal and found that it pulled out of the equipment easily enough, as if it was something that she was meant to do. The crystal felt warm to her touch and it radiated power that Jessica somehow felt was made for her. Jessica wondered how she could know that the power was made for her until she tried to focus again on her current predicament.

Save the curiosity for later. Jessica thought snapping out of her trance. I’ve got to get this out of here. Jessica immediately crawled out through the maze of ducting and passages hoping to find an exit out of the cannon’s inner workings, and thought she struck pay dirt only to find that she had come out the way she came and Mondo was waiting with his cannons locked on Jessica as she came out of the hatch.

“Well I guess this merry little chase is over.” Mondo said as he brought his cannons to bear against Jessica ready to fire.

Jessica responded by holding up the Silver Zeo Crystal in front of Mondo. “Shoot me and you lose your power source.”

Mondo didn’t even seem to flinch at Jessica’s threat, rather he just let out a loud long laugh as if the threat didn’t bother him any. “Oh my dear, do you actually expect me to be scared of that threat? The Zeo Crystal is by far more durable and able to withstand my blaster fire than say…you”

“You really think so?” Jessica asked. “You want to put money on that?”

“I don’t have to. I know what the Zeo Crystals are capable of. Having fought Zeo Rangers as long as I have you tend to know the ins and outs of those powers.” Mondo then turned his chariot’s cannons onto Jessica and the hum that eminated from them said that they were up to full power. “Now my dear it’s time for you to make you peace with whatever maker you organics have. It’s time for you to meet him.”

Jessica glared at Mondo determined to not give him the satisfaction of seeing her afraid. It was then that the Silver Zeo Shard started to glow.

Down below the unconscious White, Black and Purple Power Warriors glowed themselves which caused Skull to be roused from unconsciousness first followed by Richie and Emily. “Skull what’s wrong?” Richie asked.

Skull looked down at his hands which were glowing white and an awareness clicked on in him telling him exactly what was going on.


“AI YI YI YI YI YI YI YI YI!! ZORDON!DOCTOR! COME QUICK!” The Doctor rushed to Alpha’s side who was looking over the sensor equipment but it was Zordon who asked “What is it Alpha?”

“I’m picking up a power signiture coming in through all the electromagnetic interference. Ai yi yi It’s the Silver Zeo Crystal!”

The Doctor looked at the sensor readings and saw the signiture of the Silver Zeo Shard spike up. He also noticed three other signitures activate which he knew were the White, Pink and Black Zeo Crystals.

“It looks like the new Zeo Rangers have been found.” the Doctor said with a smile.

Zordon chuckled a little and nodded his head. The forces of good just got a little bit stronger.

“What is going on here?” Mondo said as the glow of the Silver Zeo Shard grew brighter and brighter.

Jessica looked down at the Silver Zeo Shard as it glowed in her hand. If the thought to drop the crystal had crossed her mind, she sure didn’t notice it. The glow bathed her in power and goodness, a power that she knew was meant for her. Closing out her inhibitions she opened herself up to the crystal’s energy and allowed it to fill her entire being.

The glow subsided and standing before Mondo wearing a silver version of the Zeo Rangers uniforms with a Silver chest plate across her chest was Jessica Belle-the new Silver Zeo Ranger.

Chapter 3: The New Team

Below where Mondo and the Silver Zeo Ranger stood facing each other White Zeo, Black Zeo and Purple Zeo all stood ready for action. White Zeo picked up his Zeo fencing foil and immediately it charged up with Zeo energy.

“Whoa!” Black Zeo said. “Our powers have activated.”

“The Silver Zeo Ranger must have been found.” Purple Zeo said. “But where are they?”

Skull took a look up and saw two figures atop of the Zeo cannon staring each other down. “Does that answer your question Emily? It looks like she might have her hands full with Mondo soon enough.”

“Does this mean we’re going up there fearless leader?” Purple Zeo asked sarcastically.

White Zeo felt the urge to get into a John Wayne impression so he said “You better believe it missy.” in his best ‘Duke’ accent. Sadly as the new Zeos were getting ready to aid their silver comrade a new army of Cogs appeared that the EMP wave didn’t get due to them being on the far side of the moon at the time safe from the wave.

“But first…” White Zeo said in a whimsical tone as the three Zeos stared down their adversaries and immediately went into battle for the first time as Zeo Rangers.

Standing on top of the Zeo Cannon, after dismounting from his chariot, Mondo looked across from she who could very well be his worst nightmare come true-the Silver Zeo Ranger.

“What?… How?…” Mondo asked unable to form the complete sentence.

“If you’re asking how this happened. I don’t know and I don’t care.” Silver Zeo answered back. “All I can say is that someone must really like me.”

Mondo started to feel his oil pressure start to boil as he glared at Silver Zeo. “Give me back that crystal or I shall take it from you.”

Silver Zeo didn’t seem bothered by Mondo’s threat. “You try to take the crystal from me? I’d like to see you try it.”

“Well then.” Mondo said as he advanced towards Silver Zeo until they were facing off each other. “If that is how you want it.”

Mondo brought his royal staff to bear as Silver Zeo took out her Silver bo Staff and extended it. Her silver throwing stars were nearby as well ready for her to use. “All right rust bucket. Let’s dance!”

Back at the Power Chamber Josie was starting to come to. She saw the little robot and some man in British Party garb standing over a console and the viewing globe trying to focus. The Doctor caught notice of Josie stirring and said “Ah your awake.”

Josie placed her hand on her control pannel by her wheelchair but nothing happened. “Oh if you’re looking to access you weapons I’ve disconnected the main circuit from your central control. Your devices will receive no signals from you.”

“Why you!” Josie struggled to get out of her chair using her arms as if by instinct but unfortunately her legs would not support her weight and she fell down to the ground hard. The Doctor and Alpha moved to help her but Josie shook them off as the used her arms to climb back into her chair. “I don’t need any of your help!” she said with disgust.

The Doctor seemed to take Josie’s distaste in stride. “Suit yourself.” he said. “I just thought you’d like a hand is all.”

“Yeah well when I want one I’ll ask for it.” Josie said through clenched teeth as the Doctor and Alpha went back to their work on the communications panel. Zordon looked at Josie with sadness.

“Josie you should not give into your hatred so easily. It will lead you to nothing but sorrow.” Josie shot a glare at Zordon and said “Save your lectures for someone who will listen.”

“I only wish to help you Josie. Your anger at the machines and the rangers will bring you nothing but despair.” Zordon tried to get through to Josie but it was to no avail.

“Yeah? Well get this you giant floating head. If it wasn’t for your rangers and those machines then I wouldn’t have this hatred now would I?” Josie said making it clear that she would not listen to anything Zordon had to say. “Your fight put me in this chair and I’ll see to it that you and your rangers pay for what they had done to me!”

Zordon sighed. It was clear that Josie Belle did not want to be saved from the anger that would lead her to her own destruction. A bright soul that has been corrupted is always a tragedy. But if she doesn’t find salvation soon her path shall have nothing but darkness before it. The voice of Alpha broke Zordon’s musings and he turned to see what he and the Doctor had come up with.

“Zordon we’ve got a signal.” Alpha said as he and the Doctor turned from the viewing console. “We’re putting it up on the viewing globe.”

The video image lit up to see three Zeo Rangers fighting off the Cogs. One in white, one in silver, and one in purple. “ZEO POWER LANCE!” Black Zeo called out as his lance extended like a spear and ran through several Cogs before him. The Cogs fell down but Black Zeo had his lance ready so th could cut them down as they approached him which he did.

“Hey Emily how’s it going?” Black Zeo called out to Purple Zeo.

“Oh fine.” Purple Zeo said as she used her Zeo hatchet to cut through Cogs that were before her. She also managed to look at the Shield generator control and saw that it wasn’t getting power. They could leave at anytime.

White Zeo was taking care of the last of the Cogs before him when he said. “All right let’s get Silver Zeo and get out of here.” Black and Purple Zeo followed White Zeo’s lead and they went up the superstructure much like Jessica did. All these actions were being watched by Josie, Zordon and the Doctor back at the Power Chamber.

“Alpha can we change the setting so we can get a video lock on the Silver Ranger?” the Doctor asked.

“Sure thing Doctor.” Alpha said as he turned his video focus towards Silver Zeo who was fighting King Mondo.

“Who is that?” Josie asked as she looked at the Silver Zeo fighting Mondo. She watched Silver Zeo match Mondo’s fighting move for move as well as the fighting style Silver Zeo used. Josie couldn’t believe her eyes as the answer to Silver Zeo’s identity came to her.

“Jessie?” Josie asked looking at Silver Zeo in utter disbelief.

Mondo made several strikes with his royal staff which Silver Zeo managed to dodge and block with her own staff. Silver Zeo also got in some jabs with her own staff using it as a pool cue and jabbing Mondo with it several times. And since each jab was filled with Zeo energy Mondo was the one taking most of the punishment.

“How dare you attack me in so insolent a manner. Do you know who I am?!” Mondo shouted.

Silver Zeo thought for a moment. “Let me think here. R2D2?”

Mondo seemed confused by what Jessica was saying. “Who?”

“No probably not R2 is much cuter than you.” she said as she delivered another shot into Mondo and immediately became incensed with her.

“Very well young lady enough fisticuffs. TASTE MY POWER!” Mondo turned to his chariot and the forward blasters fired at Silver Zeo sending her back flying a few feet. She landed hard on the cannon facing but Mondo would not give her any chances to recover.

“Ha ha haaaa!” Mondo laughed as he took a few steps towards the downed Silver Zeo. “Oh would you like a little more?” Mondo then took his staff from his back and aimed it at Silver Zeo and her body started convulsing with pain as she screamed when Mondo’s energy struck her.

“And now for the end of you!” Mondo gloated as he stood over the fallen Silver Ranger bringing the tip of his staff up into the air ready to inpale her, but Mondo didn’t get the chance as three laser bolts struck the Machine King sending him staggaring back. Silver Zeo looked up and saw the other three Zeo Rangers with their blasters drawn towards the Machine King. Silver Zeo quickly got up and joined them bringing her blaster to bear on Mondo.

“As I said before ‘Can anyone join this party or do we need an invitation?'” White Zeo asked Silver.

“The more the merrier.” Silver Zeo answered. “Now let’s put scrap for brains on the scrap pile.” They looked to see Mondo starting to recover and charge his staff again, but before he could aim it the four new Zeo Rangers fired again pushing Mondo back with the force of their firepower.

The combined laser fire from all four Zeo Rangers pushed Mondo back to where he was at the edge of the cannon. White Zeo turned to Silver Zeo and gave her the nod to give the killing strike.


Silver Zeo took three stars from her right glove and threw them towards Mondo. They hit dead on with explosions coming from his frame. The force of the impact sent Mondo over the edge from the Zeo Cannon where he fell a good long ways down to the bottom. When the Zeo Rangers looked down at the impact King Mondo made when he landed they say the Machine King all mangled and dented and his eye sensors starting to go out.

“He looks worse than a car wreck on the freeway.” Purple Zeo said.

“You think?” Black Zeo asked. “I think a car wreck looks better than that guy down there.”

“Let’s can the sarcasm okay?” White Zeo said. “We beat the bad guy. Not bad for a first day on the job huh?” The other two Zeo Rangers laughed except for Silver Zeo who continued looking down at Mondo’s wreckage.

Silver Zeo then turned to look at the other three Zeo Rangers. “I don’t know about you guys but my business here is done.”

White Zeo and the others agreed, and White Zeo called the Power Chamber on his communicator. “Alpha teleport us home.”

“Ai yi yi yi yi! You got it Skull.” the voice of Alpha said on the other end. And in four streaks of White, Purple, Black and Silver the four new Zeo Rangers teleported out of the dead Machine Skybase leaving the deactivated Machines and the wreckage of King Mondo behind.

None of them knew however that the hand of Mondo started to twitch, and that a red glow started to come from his optical sensors.

The four teleport streaks touched down in the center of the Power Chamber. Alpha was quick to welcome the new Zeo Rangers back. “Ai yi yi yi yi I almost thought you wouldn’t come back!” Alpha said as he moved to hug each Zeo Ranger.

But when he came to the Silver Zeo Ranger she had put her hands out as if saying ‘No hug!’. Alpha took the hint and backed away sad that he wouldn’t be able to warmly greet the new ranger. This got a few glares from her counterparts who shot her looks after they removed their helmets. “Sorry.” she said so the rangers and Alpha could hear. “I’m just not a good person to be around machines right now.”

“That’s telling them Jessie.” Josie said from a corner. “Now give them back their crystal and let’s go.” Silver Zeo turned her head like a shot and Josie could get very bad vibes from her and a distinct impression that they had a lot to say. “We’ll talk later.” was what Silver Zeo said through clenched teeth.

Zordon looked at the Silver Zeo Ranger studying her. “Am I correct to assume that you Silver Ranger are actually Jessica Belle?”

Silver Zeo reached up to the sides of her helmet and undid the buckles. She then removed the helmet revealing a young girl with strawberry blonde hair and fair complection. “What gave you away? Was it that I wouldn’t let your robot hug me?”

The Doctor then stepped forward. “Actually it was more your fighting style than anything. You sister Josie recognized it right away and knew it was you. Besides there were no other humans on the Machine Skybase other than the other three Zeo Rangers so it was safe to assume that the Silver Zeo could be no one else.

Jessica nodded and cast a look at Josie who was still sulking in the corner before turning back to Zordon. “It felt strange. It was like I had never fought better in my whole life.”

“That’s because the Zeo powers enhance your own body’s natural fighting ability. It improves your reflexes and skill so your fighting prowess comes out better than normal. It is also possible to call upon the skills of previous bearers of the crystal should the need arise.”

Skull looked confused. “Previous bearers?”

“Yes Skull.” Zordon said. “There have been previous Zeo Rangers in the past. The current Zeo Rangers are just those who have taken up the mantle of their power. But when a Ranger gives up their power or they pass on it is said that the said ranger leaves an imprint of themselves on the crystal. A record of their fighting skills and knowledge that their predecessors would be able to use.”

“How can this be done?” Jessica asked.

“I’m afraid I’m not sure about that Jessica.” Zordon answered. “It may have something to do with the bearer of the crystal or it may be the crystal itself that determines what knowledge can be used.”

“Are you saying that the Zeo Crystal may be… alive?” Skull asked. Zordon wondered how best to answer Skull’s question.

“That is a question that has no easy answer Skull. It might be alive or it may just have an instinct or program inside that guides the ranger should the need arise. Jessica you felt that instinct did you not?”

“Yeah as I was going down the cannon shafts in the Zeo cannon. Was that the instinct guiding me?”

“It may well be Jessica.” Zordon answered. “It may well be.”

Skull then turned and saw Emily and Richie chuckling to themselves. Skull looked on at the two and said “Is there something I should know?”

“Oh it’s nothing.” Richie answered back. “We just noticed that when you seemed confused when Zordon mentioned previous bearers you didn’t give your usual ‘huh?’ like you always do. Seeing you not do it anymore just seems so… different from the Skull we used to know.”

Skull smiled lopsided. “Maybe I’ve just grown up. Maybe we all have.”

“Some of us maybe. But not all of us.” Jessica said as she turned her gaze towards Josie. Josie sat in a corner keeping her head bowed down and Jessica decided to go and get some answers from her sister.

“Josie?” Jessica asked her sister as if asking for an explanation. All Josie said was “Jessie?” as if saying ‘What do you want?’

“Don’t you have anything to say?” Jessica asked pushing the point home. Josie looked at her sister dead on taking in the sight of Jessica in a ranger uniform.

“You were kidnapped. The machines were up to no good. I saw an opportunity to make them pay.” was all Josie said.

“And what about these rangers huh? They needed help and you booby trapped their powers. WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING THERE JOSIE?!” Jessica screamed at her sister. “Did you think you’d get in some quick revenge and be done with it?”

Josie turned to look up at Jessica and shot her a very hate filled glare. “Who the hell do you think you are? You who seem to have been offered a membership into the Power Rangers fan club. People who’s fight put me in a wheelchair years ago! WHY SHOULDN’T I MAKE THEM PAY FOR WHAT THEY DID?!”

“Because these rangers weren’t there on the rig where you had your accident.” Jessica said. “And those that were tried to save us…”


The Doctor then spoke up. “Humanity is a proud species capable of great good and great evil. But like all species they need to find their own paths in the universe and not let others determine it for them. Rangers are there to protect humanity’s right to find its own destiny, and to prevent evil from choosing it for them.”

Josie shot the Doctor a look. “Yeah well I’m saying is that the rangers may have chosen a destiny or two for some in the world. A destiny they never wanted.”

Jessica looked at her sister and saw that a madwoman had taken the place of the girl she had looked up to and wanted to be like. Oh god. Could that be me? she thought.

“Well if I’m done with my ‘good deed for the day’ my sister and I will be going. Robot beam us out of here.” Jessica turned to look at Josie and said flat out “No!”

Josie looked confused at Jessica’s answer. “No?”

“I’m not coming with you. I’m staying here.” Jessica said. Josie’s eyes went wide with shock.

Josie was trying to understand what her sister was trying to say. “You mean to say that you are going to stay here and be a Power Ranger?” Jessica nodded ‘yes’.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?!” Josie screamed. Jessica turned and looked Josie dead in the eye as she said her peace.”

“I’m thinking that maybe I don’t want to be you anymore. I’m thinking maybe it’s time I got rid of the hate that you are trying to poison mom, dad and me with if it means putting the ones you love at risk for one shot at revenge.” Josie tried to interrupt by saying “You weren’t at risk. Only the rangers and the robots.” but Jessica would have none of it.

“SHUT UP!” Jessica screamed. “Your hatred has been a part of me for too long. I love you and I guess I’ll always see where you’re coming from but it’s time for me to try for something more good. Something where I can make a difference.”

“And you can do that being a ranger?” Josie asked snidely.

“Maybe, maybe not. But I know I can’t do it the way you want. Alpha teleport Josie home.”

Alpha activated the teleportation sequence which would take Josie back home. As Josie teleported out she screamed at her sister “THIS ISN’T OVER JESSIE! THIS ISN’T OVER

“You okay?” Skull asked Jessica who was looking at the spot Josie sat before she was teleported out.

“Yeah.” Jessica said with not a lot of enthusiasm. “It’s just for the longest time Josie’s grudge was our grudge with the exception of holding the Power Rangers responsible to some extent. Her hatred became the family’s hatred, and after hating something for so long I’ll tell you that hatred doesn’t dissapear overnight. Especially since there was so much passion behind it.”

Alpha then walked up to Jessica and asked a little bit nervously “Why did all of you share Josie’s hatred for machines. Somehow it doesn’t seem your style, or at least I don’t think so.”

Jessica looked at Alpha and gave him a smile instead of a glare and rested a hand on his shoulder. “I guess we all shared Josie’s hatred because we wanted to show our love and support to her. She was the one put into the chair not the rest of us, and we all wanted to be there for her. Hating the machines was easy enough for us I guess because of the attack on the oil rig, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to hate the rangers like Josie had.”

“Why not?” Emily asked.

“It was that Blue Ranger we saw on the rig I guess.” Jessica said continuing her story. “He seemed deeply concerned for us and didn’t want to see us get hurt. I think that if he was only in time then Josie might have been saved and she wouldn’t have become the hatefull person she is now.”

The Doctor then spoke. “The sad part is that when someone is exposed to that hatred long enough it tends to rub off on others. Fills their insides and takes root like a tree spreading it’s limbs out. And once something takes root it’s very hard to dig it out.”

Jessica sighed. She knew that she still had a long ways to go before her sister’s hatred was out of her and that she would have to go through it one day at a time. “I hope you guys don’t mind if I find myself getting back into bad habits from time to time.”

“No problem.” Skull said patting Jessica’s shoulder. “If you could put up with us then we can put up with you.”

“Thanks.” Jessica said with a smile. “And one day you’ll see a whole new Jessica Belle, and I know you’re all going to like her.”

“I like her already.” Alpha said and Jessica patted the little droid’s head. Then Zordon spoke and everyone turned their attention to him.

“I wish that we could send our thanks to the rangers that sought to help your family” Zordon said. “But unfortunately we do not know who they were.”

Jessica looked confused. “Weren’t those rangers on the rig the Alien Rangers of Aquitar?”

“No Jessica they weren’t.” Zordon answered. “The Aquatian Rangers spent most, if not all, of their time trying to protect Angel Grove from Rita, Zedd and Vile.”

“Well then who were they?” Richie asked.

That is something I am going to find out.” Zordon said looking over at the Doctor who nodded. “I have some theories and I intend to look into them at some point. But for right now we have other emergencies to handle. Such as finding the other Zeo Rangers.”

Alpha then broke into the conversation as the communications board lit up. “Ai yi yi yi yi! Zordon we’re getting an incoming transmission. Wide dispersal.”

Richie looked confused as to what Alpha meant. “Wide dispersal?” he asked.

“It means that whoever sent it doesn’t care who gets it as long as someone gets it.” Jessica answered.

“Which means whoever sent it must be in deep trouble.” Skull said. “Alpha can you call up the transmission and put it up on the viewing globe?”

“Already working on it Skull. Transmission coming up now.” All four Zeo Rangers turned to look at the viewing globe and the transmission showed a young woman who looked to be in her late teens/early 20’s her face had a look of desperation on it as if knowing that she didn’t have a whole lot of time.

“This is Kaitlin Star of Crossworld City calling out for anyone who can help us.

At the main office at Arcadia Academy the Rani was seated at her desk looking over the projects that were going on for the day. She already had some arrangements with the Cybermen to transport some people for Cyberconversion as well as a similar arrangement with Davros who was hiding out on Earth looking to use human DNA in his research in order to create a whole new race of Daleks, and she was looking over her files seeing who else could benefit from Arcadia Academy’s resources as well as that of hr own Ranitime Corporation.

It was then that her video screen activated and Kaitlin Star’s face appeared. She continued her transmission hoping to get some help out to where she and her friends were.

“My friends and I were kidnapped by several people who say that they are with Arcadia Academy. The Academy is a hoax. They have stolen several teenagers, some young children who are barely 13 or 14, and my friends in hopes of using us for some experiments they are running.”


“Already on it Mistress Rani.” the security chief answered as Kaitlin continued to speak.

“If anyone is listening please home in on this signal. Please help us get free of this place. They are running dangerous experiments here that put innocent people in danger.” Kaitlin said into the broadcasting viewer hoping someone would hear her message. She set the message for wide dispersal hoping that anyone would hear her and would come to her and the other troopers rescue. Kaitlin moved to set the message for auto repeat so it would continue to broadcast and she could escape but the doors broke down the next second with security guards rushing in to drag her away from the communications equipment.


The transmission went out leaving four rangers looking on stunned. “Who was that?” Skull asked.

“I’m familiar with her.” the Doctor said. “Kaitlin Star of Crossworld City. She’s a reporter for the Underground Voice Daily. A friend of mine, Sarah Jane Smith, met her while doing a book signing.”

“Why would she be a prisoner at a school?” Richie asked.

“Hey weren’t we usually prisoners whenever we went to school?” Skull said cracking a joke that only got him glares. But there was also a sense of understanding behind the Doctor’s glare as if he understood where Skull was coming from.

“Somehow I sense there may be more to that school than meets the eye.” Zordon said. “I sense a major concentration of evil energy and influences coming from there.”

“Maybe it would be worth checking out when it’s put that way.” Skull said getting back to being serious. Richie and Jessica nodded at Skull’s assessment. It seemed like he was settling in as the leader of the second Zeo team.

Emily felt a poking in the back of her mind prodding her to ‘Go! Earn their trust. Save the girl and her friends. ‘ Emily rubbed the back of her head but she knew going after Kaitlin was the right thing to do.

“Emily are you all right?” Richie asked stepping behind her startling her.

“Oh yeah. Just a little distracted is all.” Emily said. “Let’s get to it.”

Alpha brought up a map on the viewing globe with a red dot marked on it saying ‘Arcadia Academy’ on it. “The transmission was on long enough for me to get a homing signal on where the Academy would be. I can teleport you on the outskirts but you would have to find your own way in.”

“Why’s that Alpha?” Skull asked.

“There seems to be a shield around the installation. A shield that defelcts all teleportation signals unless allowed by code.” Everyone sighed at Alpha’s report.

“So we do it the old fashioned way then? Break in?” Jessica said.

“That’s about it.” Alpha said.

Zordon addressed the rangers before him. “I know that all of you are still new to the idea being Power Rangers. But all of you have been tied to the destinies of the Power Rangers in some way shape or form. Skull, for many years you have been at the rangers side, and even though you had been characterized as bullies for most of those years when the time had come you let your goodness shine through. I hereby grant to you the title of Zeo Ranger IX-White and appoint you the leader of the second Zeo team.”

Skull bowed in respect and said “Thank you Zordon.”

Zordon moved to Emily next. “Emily St. John. It is through your relationship with the Red Morphin Ranger that you have been led from the path of darkness and brought down a new path. The path that has led you to the power and title of Zeo Ranger VI-Purple. The most unconventional of the ranger colors where the bearers posses knowledge of both good and evil and use that knowledge to serve the forces of good throughout the universe.”

Emily bowed as well. “Thank you Zordon that means a lot.”

Turning to Richie Zordon said “Richie Evans, while your connection to the rangers may not be as strong as others might think they have influenced you indirectly and brought you to the title and power of Zeo Ranger VII-Black. May they serve you well in the fight against evil.”

Richie didn’t say anything. He just bowed and smiled which led Zordon to Jessica.

“Jessica Belle. While your entrance into the world of the rangers has been tramatic for you and your family, you have shown a desire to break away from the pattern of hate and forge ahead yowards the path of light. A path that has led you to the title of Zeo Ranger VII-Silver.”

“Thank you Zordon. But I think we both know I still have a long way to go.” Jessica said modestly.

“But you need not take that journey alone.” the Doctor said. “Your teamates will be by your side both in battle and when you’re not in battle. With your unity comes strength that will help you survive your coming ordeals, and will help you free those hostages that Arcadia Academy is holding.” The rangers looked at each other and they both knew Zordon and the Doctor were right.

“Let’s show Arcadia Academy what rangers are made of.” Emily said. Both Jessica and Richie agreed. Skull smiled agreeing with Emily as well.

“Good luck rangers.” Zordon said. “And may the power protect you.”

The four new Zeo Rangers stood together ready to teleport out. “BACK TO ACTION!” Skull said.

The Rani sat behind her desk as Kaitlin was ‘escorted’ in by a pair of Cybermen on visit from Telos. She was thrown down hard in her seat and she just stood there glaring at the Rani who sat just across from her.

“Well Miss Star.” the Rani said looking across from her at the glaring Kaitlin. “I must hand it to you. To have hid on the grounds for as long as you have is quite an accomplishment. You have my admiration.”

Kaitlin wasn’t in the mood to mince words so she kept to the point. “I have no need for your admiration. Just answer me one question. What are you going to do with me?”

“Why I’m going to put you with your friends of course.” Rani said. “Then I may just turn you over to a guest of mine when she arrives.

“A guest?” Kaitlin asked. “What guest?”

“Just someone I will be calling soon and only a few words from me can guarantee that she’ll want to come for a visit.” Kaitlin saw a sneer pull across from Rani’s lips and right away she didn’t feel comfortable. It was as if the answer was on the tip of Kaitlin’s tongue, but she couldn’t bring herself to say it.

“Who is she?” Kaitlin asked afraid she knew the answer already. Rani exuded total confidence as she was seated, and Kaitlin knew that was not a good thing.

“You should know her you’ve met her before.” Kaitlin shivered as she realized who Rani meant.

“I’m sure you remember the Queen of the Crown.” Rani activated her viewer and the image of the queen had appeared as Rani opened up a new communications channel to the queen’s domain. Kaitlin suddenly became wide-eyed with fear as she saw the queen’s image.

The Rani picked up on Kaitlin’s discomfort and smiled as she turned to the queen’s image. “Yes your highness? I’m afraid that I have some problems with some of the students that you have referred me to. Theve become a little… free spirited.”

The queen had picked up on what Rani was saying and nodded her head as if saying that she would be coming soon. Kaitlin looked at the image and shook her head in fear. No! Not again! NOT AGAIN!”

Back at the Belle house Josie wheeled her way back to her room without incident. What the hell is Jessie thinking? was the thought running through her mind over and over.

How could she join those… rangers? How could she turn on me the way she did? Her thoughts continued to boil as she thought about Jessica joining the rangers that when she saw a picture of the two together Josie picked it up off her nightstand and threw it at the wall with such tremendous force that her parents heard it from down the hall.

“Josie are you okay in there?” Mrs. Belle asked from outside.

Josie collected herself. She didn’t want her parents to catch her upset right now. “No mom I’m fine.”

“Good.” Mrs. Belle said. “I’ve just gotten off the phone with Jessie. She says that she’s fine and that she’ll be home soon but she’s going to visit some friends first.” Josie cringed in her chair. She had a feeling she knew who those ‘friends’ were.

Speaking of friends. Josie thought as she was suddenly reminded of her project investigating Rocky DeSantos. I wonder what secrets you have to hide Mr. DeSantos. she thought as she reactivated her computer and the file she was researching on Rocky.

The images of Rocky flashed on her monitor as she seemed to study his features. On the surface there didn’t seem to be that much to him. The only things unusual about him was that he wore a lot of blue and dissapeared when monster attacks came about.

Wait a minute… blue?

Josie called up the images on Rocky’s friends and noticed that each one of them wore a dominant color. The images of Tommy were those of white, green and red. Nothing out of the ordinary there until she had cross referenced the appearances of Tommy’s color choices to the appearances of the White, Green and Red Zeo rangers respectively. Looking at Kat Hillard Josie saw that she had worn a lot of pink-especially during the time of the appearance of the Pink Zeo Ranger, as well as a short period of time where the Pink Morphin Ranger appeared taller than she normally did.

Josie continued her cross referencing. Drawing up names of Rocky’s circle of friends and corresponding them with different ranger colors and certain periods of time where the rangers appeared. Tanya Sloan developed a trait of wearing yellow a little over a year ago which was the time the Yellow Zeo appeared. Pink Zeo seemed to have the build of the latter Pink Morphin whos seemed to have Katherine Hillard’s build. Billy Cranston had a fettish for blue for three years, until the Zeo Rangers appeared and the Blue Morphin Ranger dissapeared as did Billy’s fettish for blue clothes. Many other comparisons were ran with Rocky’s friends and the Power Rangers, and it seemed like there could only be one conclusion.

Could it be? Josie thought. Rocky DeSantos and his friends are the Power Rangers?

Biilly sat in his balcony area again watching another round of the Zeo and Morphin Rangers fighting in his arena against his Psycho Rangers. Sure most of their powers were gone but they still had the old morphers. And Biilly knew that the more the Zeo and Morphin Rangers fought the weaker they would become. Especially Tommy he thought. He has to be on his last legs by now.

Sure enough Biilly’s assessment proved correct. Red Zeo was locked into battle with three uglies that were creations of Doc Totura, and even though he was holding his own the spring in his step was lacking. It was only a matter of time before the leader of the Zeo Rangers had fallen, and when he did Biilly would make sure that his face was the last one Tommy Oliver would ever see.

As the battles continued in the arena a beep had appeared on his view screen above him. Biilly grabbed the remote by his side and activated it to see what was going on.

The image clicked on to reveal Toommy, the Red Zeo replica followed by five young girls. One in white, one in silver, one in purple, one in yellow and one in black. Their names: Christina Collins, Katarina Petronov, Jamie Zedden, Terry ‘Jinx’ Jones, and Lillian O’Neil.

Ah my new Psycho Rangers have arrived. Biilly thought. Now the fun begins.

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, an old piece of technology sits. Ten years ago it was considered ‘a marvel for the new millenium’. Now it sits decommisioned and abandoned with no signs of life aboard.

Ten years ago a UFO appeared looking to claim the oil rig for it’s own use. The people on board tried to stop the invader but it was to no avail. Some people died, and many got hurt especially one who now has the rest of her life to look forward to in a wheelchair.

Everyone thought the invaders would take over. They all appeared to be on the threshold of doom, until the ship’s engines exploded for no reason. No one was sure how it happened but an explosion tore through the engines of the ship sending it crashing into the water below. No sign was found of the multi colored warriors, but it was assumed that they had either perished in the ship’s crash or they swam back to Angel Grove. The general assessment was that they were the Alien Rangers of Aquitar, even though that assumption was never proven.

But nevertheless the enemy was defeated, but the cost of the battle was too high for G. B. Blackrock to cover both personally and financially. He had counted on the rig/refinery to generate profit right away, and since the attack damaged it beyond reasonable costs of repair Blackrock had no other choice but to cut his losses and abandon the project as he turned his interests elsewhere.

Personally the rig/refinery had a lot of ghosts for him to deal with. Ghosts of employees who had died trying to keep his hard earned work out of the wrong hands. Ghosts of those who helped to put their blood, sweat and tears into helping his dream become a reality only to find that it had turned into a nightmare. A nightmare that took the lives of many workers, and one young girl who was never the same after the day of the attack.

Blackrock ordered all salvageable equipment stripped from the rig/refinery and the place itself abandoned until a new use could be found for it. Ten years had passed and the site was never used again. The place now stood as a shell of it’s former self and the slendor it was supposed to present for the future. But the rig itself wasn’t the only place that held its share of ghosts.

Down at the base of the old Blackrock Corporate Conglomerate Oil Rig/Refinery the Imperial flagship of Prince Grommet rest on the ocean floor. The Prince himself-deactivated. But this deactivation is nothing more than a rest period until the right time comes.

The right time being when he will reawaken, and exact his revenge on those who defeated him-The Power Rangers Zeo.


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