Disclaimer: Power Rangers and its characters belong to Haim Saban. The name Lanrydan belongs to Crystal Maiden, which I am using with her permission. Pantherzord, its capabilities and its weapons are mine. This story is part of the COE Final Reckoning series and follows on from the events of COE Final Reckoning Minion of Darkness, COE Final Reckoning After the Minion, COE Final Reckoning ID War, Crisis of Faith. This story was written by Shadow Ranger and then altered.

Rebirth of the AstrosBy the Q-team

At first glance, Earth doesn’t seem all that important, on a galactic scale. No thriving space-going civilizations are based there. Its people have harnessed neither magic nor super-science, and are in fact thousands of years behind the rest of the galaxy in development. It is neither unspoiled nor unbearably polluted. In short, Earth would seem to be a rather unimpressive little mudball orbiting an unimpressive sun. So why does everybody want it?

No less than six villainous forces vie for its possession, something that would seem to be incredible overkill. They spend incredible amounts of time plotting and designing, trying to find the perfect way to make the planet theirs. Why? Perhaps because for the past five years, it has been playing extremely hard to get. Every attack from every quarter has been repulsed by the ever-growing number of Power Rangers on its surface. Under their protection, the Earth remains free, glowing a clear and slightly smug blue against the panorama of stars.

Until now.

On Earth in Angel Grove at a deserted construction site, there had been a force in power sleeping in the earth.

A power that made King Mondo come down with his cogs to claim it has his own. The main Skybase, as well his royal court and family, was still in need of total repair. He only had a lower class Skybase for use now that he called out from the farthest reaches of his dominion and had only small amount of Cogs. That’s when he detected the energy source.

And now that those rangers are gone what ever power is here is now mine and I’ll use it to get my revenge! They will pay! Mondo thought. He then ordered his cogs turn on the machinery to bring up the source of the power.

The ground quaked, and then began to split as something began to rise to the surface. It was a large purple egg, surrounded by a gray metal claw.

“There’s something strange about this… but I can’t stop now.” Mondo muttered. “Open that egg and get me its power!” he ordered

The Cogs then tried breaking the egg open until finally a whack made the clawed hand go upward. The egg then split open to reveal a puddle of purple goo.

Mondo froze now realizing why he had felt strange about this now. “Oh no…” Deciding survival to be important he then sent himself all the way back to his main skybase which was far away from the earth.

He didn’t want to be near what was coming out egg.

The Cogs stared not wondering why their king had left.

Their thoughts were answered by the being that had formed right out of the ooze and then had become a hideous purple being.

“Ladies and Gentlemen… the Ooze is back!” it laughed.

The Cogs just stared at him… until he destroyed them with lightning from his hands. He shook his head. “If there is one thing I cannot stand, its a being without a sense of humor.” Ivan Ooze shook his head. “Cogs eh. Must be a Skybase over head…” he then smirked. “And that means Z is still around. Well far be for me to not pay him a visit!”

With that Ivan turned into a glowing purple light and took off in the sky.

A look of worry crossed Zordon’s face as he realized what was coming. “Alpha, Doctor. I sense great danger approaching. Ivan Ooze is on his way here.”

Alpha didn’t seem worried about it too much. Even though he had heard of Ivan Ooze he wasn’t too worried. “Don’t worry Zordon. No one gets in here without a Power coin.”

The Doctor however knew better. Ivan Ooze reminded him of his fourth incarnation, and what would happen if he ever went bad. He was flamboyant, often humorous, and very VERY intelligent and crafty, a flipside of what the infamous fourth Doctor used to be minus the scarf and hat. “Almost nobody.” he said.

The Doctor called up the image on the viewing globe. A purple ball of energy that was Ivan was coming towards the Power Chamber, and if the Doctor knew Ivan a ball of energy wasn’t the only thing he could become. Quickly he ducked into the TARDIS and slammed the door.

“Ai, yi, yi, yi, yi! Doctor what are you doing?” Alpha asked. But the only answer was the grinding of the TARDIS as it dematerialized from the spot it had occupied.

“Oh no. What are we going to do? Ivan’s coming. The Doctor’s gone… wait what’s that?”

Alpha felt a shimmering around the room as did Zordon. Looking around both Alpha and Zordon wondered what had happened then they heard the Doctor’s voice. “Everything all right old friend?” the Time Lord’s voice said echoing throughout the Power Chamber.

Zordon immediately realized what his friend had done. He had materialized the TARDIS around the whole Power Chamber and brought it inside the TARDIS. “Are you sure the whole mountain can fit inside Doctor?”

“Don’t worry.” the Doctor said speaking from the TARDIS console room. “I’ve done this trick before.”

“And the last time you tried it you wound up materializing around the Master’s TARDIS.” Zordon said mentioning an adventure the Doctor had where he tried to fix his Chameleon Circuit by getting the measurements from an old Victorian Police Box much like the TARDIS’s exterior form had taken.

Unfortunately the Police Box turned out to be the Master’s TARDIS who had materialized around it first, and wound up being a stowaway on the Doctor’s trip to Logopolis.

On Logopolis the Doctor took the measurements he had acquired to repair the TARDIS. The measurements were tampered with and almost led to the Doctor’s death until the error was found. Finding the saboteur to be none other than the Master, the Doctor tried to stop him from his latest evil scheme of releasing an entropy cloud that would destroy the universe unless it bowed to his will.

Unfortunately the plan backfired and the cloud was released leaving the Master with no means to control it. It wasn’t until the Doctor and Master combined resources and utilized the Pharos Project on Earth to send a signal to the Charged Vaccum Embodiment, which opened portals to other universes, and helped save most of the universe and drive back the entropy cloud.

That adventure wasn’t a total success however. Many worlds were destroyed because of that entropy field, and the Doctor had to regenerate for the fourth time.

The Doctor remembered that adventure none too fondly, but he knew that Zordon did not mean to bring up bad memories. He was just showing his concern for what may happen when the Doctor materializes around an object. “Don’t worry. The Power Chamber is not a TARDIS.” he said reassuringly.

“But just in case.” the Doctor pressed another series of buttons and saw the console room doors disappear to be replaced by solid wall. As the only way in or out the TARDIS was now completely isolated from the outside world.

“For good measure.” he said activating the controls for the TARDIS force field. Better safe than sorry. he thought. Activating the infinity window above the TARDIS console the Doctor was able to see what was happening outside. “Can you see old friend?”

“Yes Doctor.” Zordon said looking at the Infinity window’s view from the Viewing Globe. “Now let’s see what Ivan wants.”

A purple glow streaked across the sky and set down just outside the Power Chamber. The glow then turned into a purplish goo that solidified into an even more hideous creature. Ivan Ooze stood trying to get the cricks out of his neck and his limbs stretched out.

“Geez. This is what I get for flying coach.” Ivan complained. “Of course I haven’t really flown in six thousand years either. Which reminds me, I need to check up on my frequent flyer miles.”

Ivan looked at the exterior structure of the Power Chamber before him. “Pretty fancy schmancy. I guess if you save up over the next six millenniums you can get yourself kind of nice.

“Too bad I’m not looking into getting a new place.” Ivan said as a sneer spread across his face. “I’m just here to wreck yours Z!”

Ivan then blasted the main door to the Power Chamber but found it would not go down. “Hmmm. No Problem, I’ve got another idea.” Ivan then morphed into his ooze state and tried to squeeze through the cracks in the door.

He tried for five whole minutes trying to find a door crack, but there was no luck. He couldn’t find a way in anywhere. Confused Ivan withdrew and sniffed the air.

“Hmmm. Smells familiar. Smells… Shadow Grid…” The answer finally came to him as he remembered who from the Shadow Grid would stand with Zordon.

“Doctor is that you?” Ivan called. “Are you in there?”

From the TARDIS console room the Doctor was looking out at Ivan who was standing where the door to the Power Chamber should have been had the Doctor not used the Architectural Configurator to remove it. The Doctor stared at Ooze and simply asked as he opened up the Communications circuit “What do you want Ooze?”

“Awww is that anyway to greet an old friend?” Ivan asked feigning hurt feelings. “I just wondered if Zordon wanted to come out an play.”

“Play what Ivan?” Zordon asked, his voice patched through the comm channel.

“Well let me in and I’ll tell you.” Ivan said. He then looked at the Power Chamber exterior and studied it carefully. “Let me guess Doctor, you’ve materialized your time ship around Z’s hut and you’re holding him inside correct?”

The Doctor did not respond. He saw no reason to.

“Oh well.” Ooze said going on. “I’ll take that as a yes. But the question still remains here. ‘How do I get in Z so you and I can catch up on ‘old times’ huh? Do you know how many things I’ve missed over six millennia? The Black Plague!”

Ivan fired a shot of purple energy at the Power Chamber door but no door appeared. The TARDIS structure was holding up.

“The Spanish Inquisition!” Ivan said firing another shot. Again no effect.

“The Brady Bunch reunion!” Ivan let out another shot, and third time wasn’t the charm this time as the TARDIS wall continued to hold.

Ivan immediately lost patience as he shook his fist at the Power Chamber exterior. “You have to come out of there sometime Zordon. And when you do…” Ivan broke off his sentence as an idea came to him.

“I know! I’ll make you come out! Oh Z, Doc, you are just gonna love what I have in mind. NOT!!!” Ivan then teleported away from the chamber as he mentioned how lucky he was able to get Saturday Night Live from the egg. “Except for Saturday Night 80. That year was awful.”

The Doctor and Zordon watched the Oozeman depart. “Well old friend. We’ve held him off.”

“For now.” Zordon said. “But the minute the TARDIS returns to its normal shape the Power Chamber will be open to him again and he will attack.”

“Ai, yi, yi! Does this mean we’re trapped here?” Alpha asked.

“It looks that way.” the Doctor said. “And I don’t dare take off while the TARDIS is surrounding Power Mountain. Who knows where we’ll end up.”

“Oh no! What are we going to do?” Alpha asked getting VERY worried.

“Alpha I’m going to send out a general S. O. S. Doctor, can your communications circuit tap into the Power Chamber’s communications system?” Zordon asked.

The Doctor was way ahead of him as he input the connection. “You’re connected.”

“Very well. Alpha, transmit the distress call.” Zordon ordered. The distress call went out to whoever would listen. Hopefully someone will answer. he thought.

He hoped.

On the Machine Empire’s second Skybase, Ivan was at the controls. “Geez this thing is old. Couldn’t Mondo offer to do some better upgrades.” he then shrugged. “Still its better than nothing really. Especially since it suits my purposes.”

Within the last hour he had already converted the Cog creation center into an Ooze manufacturing plant. Also he had his Oozemen created ready to go down and start making humans into slaves. ~ Never to early to start getting a new batch of slaves I always say. ~ Ivan thought to himself. ~ Soon I’ll have all the Ooze I need to power my Twin Ectomorphicon Titans and then the Earth will be mine!~

Ivan then smirked. “Angel Grove will become my first slave center!” He laughed as he ordered his Oozemen down for their dual purpose.

Slave collection… and digging up his weapons of destruction.

Meanwhile out in space not too far from earth…

Someone had gotten Zordon’s message.

Someone who was currently on bridge duty. Someone who was looking for redemption. Someone who had made amends with her sister.

Someone who had a score to settle with Ivan Ooze.

“DECA maximum hyper rush setting to earth. Alert Demitria and wake up Andros.” Sabrina, the Gold Astro Ranger, said.

“At once Sabrina.” the onboard computer of the Astro Megaship said.

She and Demitria knew first hand the power of Ivan Ooze. Andros only knew about the stories since he wasn’t even born during Ooze’s time. She was going to make sure he knew everything on how fight his minions.

~But fighting Ooze himself… that pleasure is mine and mine alone. ~ Sabrina thought to herself.

Over last hour, the Oozemen had worked their way through the city, capturing everyone they could and transforming them into zombies ready to obey Ivan’s commands.

What Ooze hadn’t counted on, though, was how much fight the people had put up. Most people in Angel Grove had been subconsciously preparing for something like this ever since the Power Rangers first appeared. Battles had raged through the streets, and were still raging throughout the city.

On a deserted street in the shopping district, a young black man slipped silently from shadow to shadow. His blue T-shirt and jeans were torn and dirty, and he looked as if he’d been through a major fight. As he warily scanned the street, he heard a clatter behind him. He whirled instinctively, hands coming up in a defensive position.

“Whoa, whoa! I come in peace!” The pink-clad Asian girl behind him raised her hands in surrender. Her clothes were in no better shape than his were, and he relaxed, standing straighter.

“Sorry, you just startled me. I’ve been ambushed by those purple things twice today.”

“Only once here, but I had to crawl through an air vent to get out of the school, ” she replied. “I’m Cassie Chan, ” she introduced herself, extending her hand.

“TJ Andrews, ” he replied, shaking it. “Listen, maybe we should stick together. Safety in numbers, you know?”

“Sounds good to me, ” she replied. Suddenly voices coming around a corner alerted them. “What’s that?”

“I don’t know. Let’s go check it out- carefully.” Slowly, the two of them crept to the corner of the building and looked around. A girl with light brown hair and a yellow shirt was sitting against the wall, while a Hispanic boy bandaged her ankle with strips from his black T-shirt.

“That ought to hold it, Ashley, ” he said in his slightly accented voice. Looking up, he saw TJ and Cassie, and instantly fell into a defensive stance between them and Ashley.

“Whoa, it’s okay, ” TJ said quickly. “We’re on your side. I’m TJ Andrews, and this is Cassie Chan. We’re hiding from those purple things too.”

“Carlos, help me up, ” Ashley grimaced. Carlos relaxed, leaning down and helping her to her feet. “I’m Ashley Hammond, and this is Carlos Garcia, ” she introduced them. “I don’t recognize you from school. Are you new in town?”

TJ nodded. “Yeah, I just moved down here from Oregon. I’m living with my aunt, and training for baseball. If I play my cards right, I could wind up playing for the Lions after high school.”

“My parents moved down here recently, ” Cassie added.

“We were trying to get to the youth center, ” Carlos explained. “It’s a designated monster shelter. Unfortunately, we got ambushed, and Ashley twisted her ankle.”

“I think it’ll be all right, ” Ashley said, quite unconvincingly. “I can walk.”

TJ snorted. “Sure you can. You sound like my oldest younger sister, when she sprained her ankle playing soccer. ‘I can walk! Put me back in the game!’ All the while, her ankle was the size of a telephone book. Tell you what. Carlos, why don’t you and I take turns supporting her? You look like you’re getting a little tired.”

“No, it’s all right, ” he protested. “I can do it.”

“Carlos, don’t be ridiculous, ” Ashley grumped. “I’ve been slowing you down. This will get us to the youth center quicker.” Carlos sighed, but relinquished her to TJ with what Cassie thought was quite a show of reluctance.

“Bah!” Ooze muttered to himself. Things were not going off as he had planned. Apparently humans had developed SOME backbone since he was out and about. Still it wouldn’t matter in the end. There were no Rangers to stop him. Zordon and the Doctor were locked in their home safe from him… for now. “Really need to do something about that. I could always break in after getting my Titans on line… but that’s too easy.” Ivan shook his head. “And besides I’m getting bored. I need something to do.”

He then looked down and saw something that was catching his eye. He had a smirk on his face. “Well now. I know how I can have fun and get at Zordon!”

Laughing he then teleported back down to earth.

However, had Ivan Ooze left only a few minutes later, he would have spotted the Astro Megaship coming into earth orbit.

Not to mention the two teleport streams that were coming down from it.

Back on earth, the four teens had ducked behind a corner to avoid the Oozemen. They taking a moment to catch their breath.

“Okay, my turn to carry her.” TJ said. Reaching out, he shifted Ashley from Carlos’ shoulder to his own. “Comfy?”

“Yeah, very. Look, I just twisted my ankle. I think I can probably walk on it now.”

Carlos shook his head. “I’m a soccer player, remember? I know a sprain when I see one, and your ankle was almost certainly sprained.”

Ashley made a face. “I just don’t like being a burden, ” she confessed.

“If you were whining and crying, you’d be a burden, ” Cassie chuckled. “As it is, you’re less trouble than some of the kids I baby…”

It was then that TJ tackled Cassie… saving her from a slime attack from one of the Oozemen.

“Shit! Not these guys again!” Carlos said.

“And that’s not all…” Ashley said pointing out to the growing number of Oozemen and possessed humans beginning to surround them.

It was then that Ivan Ooze suddenly appeared in the middle of his minions.

“Well isn’t this interesting. Teenagers fighting back, or at least were anyway.” Ivan smirked.

“Gag me. That is one nasty looking guy.” Cassie said.

“And with attitude no less. Not much has changed in six thousand years.” Ivan said. He then looked up in the sky. “Z, Doctor! I know you are watching this, but if you aren’t then I’ll make you!” Ivan then extended his hands up and purple energy came out.

“Alpha has anyone answered our distress call?” Zordon asked.

“No Zordon. I wish that the Rangers were here.” Alpha said.

“Talk about the worst of timing.” The Doctor said. It was then that monitors came on and Ivan was on them.

“We interrupt your little power lunch to bring you a live event!” Ivan smirked. “First off to recap our top story, I, Ivan Ooze have been freed by the foolish Machine Empire. I have dealt away with them. Second, I have take over their skybase, the Axilus , to spread my Ooze all over this planet. Quite frankly I wish I had thought of this six millennia ago.”

“Get to your point Ooze!” the Doctor said.

The scene then shifted to the Oozemen and possessed humans holding out either swords or guns at Ashley, Cassie, TJ and Carlos.

“If you do not remove the TARDIS around the Power Chamber before I count to ten, I WILL have these four teenagers KILLED!” Ivan said. “You have ten seconds. Starting… now. 10… 9… 8…”

“Zordon! Doctor! What do we do!!!” Alpha cried.

For what might have been for the first time in a long while, both Zordon and the Doctor didn’t know what to do.

If they give in, the teenagers would most likely be enslaved and Ivan would come to kill them. If not they would still be safe… but those innocents would be killed.

They couldn’t choose.

“I can’t believe this is the end…” Cassie muttered.

“I won’t go down like this.” TJ growled. “I’d rather go down fighting.”

“Same here.” Carlos replied.

“Five seconds Z! Four, three, two…” Ivan ranted on.

Though it wouldn’t do any good Ashley decided to try it. “HELP! SOMEONE HELP US!”

Ivan then outstretched his hand and brought Ashley in front him. “One. Time’s up Z. And I’ll kill this one myself.” He then looked at Ashley. “And girl, no one is coming to your rescue. Especially not the Power Rangers! Why? There are none left on earth!” Ivan laughed manically as then pulled his hand back and swung at Ashley’s head.

Ashley closed her eyes waiting for the blow that never came. She then opened her eyes and gasped. “Wha…”

Holding back Ivan’s hand was a Red Ranger in a suit she had never seen before.

“Back off Ooze!” Red Astro spat as he then slashed Ivan in the chest with his Spiral Saber using his other hand and then handspring kicked Ivan away. Ivan fell back against a building but already straighten up.

“Oh I get… too cowardly to fight your own battles huh Z! You got to get some new guy to take your buddies places!” Ivan smirked.

It was then that the Solar Scimitar went through Ivan’s chest. “I’m not exactly new.” Gold Astro said from behind Ivan, whose eyes widened at her voice. “Scorpina…” he breathed.

“Let’s take this some place private.” The Gold Astro Ranger smirked. She then looked at her partner. “Take care of the Oozemen but just knock out the civilians. They can’t help themselves against Ivan’s control.”

“Got it!” Red Astro said as he went to work against the Oozemen.

“Transwarp.” Gold Astro said as she and Ivan then disappeared on top of a roof top. It was then that she noticed Ivan was no longer impaled on her blade and he blasted her with purple lightning.

“You… a Power Ranger and working for Z to boot!” Ivan spat.

“One, Scorpina’s dead I’m Sabrina. Two, I don’t work for Zordon. And three… I’m the Gold Astro Ranger.”

Ooze just laughed. “Well things are certainly going to be more entertaining. I’d love to stay and play with you, but I’ve got work to do. You know bringing bring this world to its knees and such… but feel free to play with my kids!” Throwing his hands into the air, he shot lightning all around him. Everywhere the purple bolts touched Oozemen were created. “Welcome to my nightmare!” With that, Ooze disappeared in a streak of purple light.

Gold Astro just took out her weapon again. “Cannon fodder… SOLAR SCIMITAR BUSTER!!!” She then swung her weapon down and a large golden wave of power came from it annihilating several of the Oozemen the others just looked at her. Under helmet she smirked.

“Welcome to my nightmare!”

“Is… is that a Power Ranger?” Cassie asked as she watched Red Astro engaging the Oozemen and the possessed people. “I’ve heard about them, but I’d never thought I’d actually see one.”

Carlos shrugged. “I don’t know if he is a Ranger. He’s certainly not one we’ve ever seen before.”

One of the possessed humans was coming to attack Red Astro from behind but Ashley was behind him on the ground. Though her ankle was twisted, that didn’t mean she was useless. That fact was shown as she grabbed the possessed’s ankle and made him fall head first into the ground. He was out cold.

Red Astro turned around and saw the downed opponent and then Ashley. She gave him a smile, which he acknowledged.

“He helped us and even Ashley’s fighting to help him. Don’t you think we should be doing the same?” TJ said to Carlos and Cassie.

“You need to even ask?” Cassie rolled her eyes.

“Let’s get these purple freaks!” Carlos said jumping to battle letting out a battle cry which made all of the fighters freeze. An Oozeman looked up, only to be struck with a flying kick and knocked down the alleyway.

TJ and Cassie were not far behind their friend, plowing into their opponents with a flurry of punches and kicks. Cassie then kicked one into the wall and the Oozeman exploded.

“Oh god! Now that just reeks!” Cassie muttered commenting on how bad an Oozeman smells once blown up.

“Forget the smell and let’s just get through this!” TJ replied.

The Oozemen were no match for the four fighters and they were soon turned into little puddles of goo. As for the possessed humans they had all be knocked out.

“You all right?” TJ asked the Red Astro Ranger.

“Yes…” he replied but then saw an Oozeman coming from behind Cassie. “Look out!”

Cassie turned around just in time to see the Oozeman come at her… and to see the Gold Astro Ranger take its head off with her Solar Scimitar.

“Weaklings.” Gold Astro spat as she looked at the dissolving Oozeman’s body.

“I take it Ivan’s still free?” Red Astro asked.

“Yes.” Gold Astro replied.

“Who are you two?” Carlos asked. “I don’t remember seeing you before.”

“I am the Red Astro Ranger.”

“And in case you can’t tell I’m Gold Astro.” Gold Astro replied.

“Why did you help us?” Red Astro asked.

Cassie looked at him strangely. “Um excuse me my French but are you brain damaged? One you saved our lives, two you and your friend then got out numbered, and those guys are the ones ripping our city apart. Why wouldn’t we help you?”

“You really need to get back into socializations partner.” Gold Astro said.

He looked at Cassie for a long moment, cocking his head. “I owe you, then, ” he said at last.

TJ shook his head. “Forget it. We were just helping out.”

“No, this is a debt of honor. I must repay you.” He thought for a long moment. “Come back with me to my ship. For your favor of protection, I will make sure that you reach your destination in safety.”

“Thanks, ” Ashley replied but fell back to the ground. The strain too much for her ankle. Red Astro dropped to one knee, taking her ankle in his hand.

“It’s most definitely sprained, ” he told her, examining it. “And you tried to walk on it, didn’t you?”

She blushed. “Well, we were under attack at the time. I didn’t really have much choice.”

He sighed. “Well, you’re in no shape to walking at all. Galaxy Glider, now!”

At his command, his Galaxy Glider swooped down out of the sky. It floated next to Ashley, as Red Astro loaded her onto it. Gold Astro knew what he was thinking of with this and then looked at the other kids. “Now kids. Don’t get scared. This is going to be a little strange though.” they nodded. “DECA, direct teleport by six to the loading bay. We got people to take up with us and not enough room on our gilders.” Gold Astro said.

With that said, four white, one red and one gold teleport streams went up into space.

Back at the Power Chamber, Zordon, Alpha and the Doctor were speechless.

“Zordon… who was that?” Alpha asked.

For the first time since his Rangers had left the earth for the ID War, Zordon smiled. “Help.”

Moments later, all six teens found themselves in side the Astro Megaship’s loading bay.

“What the…?” TJ muttered. “Where are we?” Carlos asked.

“The loading bay of the Megaship.” Gold Astro said going to a wall and hit the button on it. The door sided opened and Red Astro went in along with Ashley on the gilder as and Gold Astro. Soon the others went in as well. “Med bay now.” Red Astro said. The megalift took them to the medical bay area of the ship where the four earth teens were greeted with the sight of a medical room that put ones shown on shows like Star Trek to shame.

Red Astro put Ashley onto a medical bed. “DECA, I need a medispray.”

“Working.” a feminine voice said, startling them. There was a hissing noise, and a panel on the wall opened up. “Medispray complete.”

“Who was that?” Cassie asked.

“I am DECA.” the voice spoke. “I am the ship’s onboard computer.”

“An actual artificial intelligence?” Ashley asked.

“Yes, you could say that.” Red Astro nodded as Gold Astro handed him the medispray. “The liquid in here is an accelerated healing chemical, ” he explained, applying the nozzle to Ashley’s ankle. As he pulled the trigger, she jumped slightly. “That’s cold!” she squealed. He chuckled.

“Yes, but it works.” As the fascinated girl watched, the swelling in her ankle began to decrease noticeably, until the joint had returned to its normal size.

Carlos shook his head. “That’s incredible, ” he whispered, moving closer. “Is it completely healed?”

Red Astro shrugged. “It should be. Ashley, give it a try- carefully.” Sliding an arm around Carlos’ shoulders, she lowered herself to the ground. Gingerly, she shifted her weight until she was standing on both legs.

“Wow, it’s fixed!”

Cassie stepped forward. “Thanks. It’s really nice of you to do this for us… but who are you?”

Red Astro paused while Gold Astro just looked at them… or rather at the colors they were wearing. TJ in blue, Carlos in black, Ashley in yellow, and Cassie in pink. ~ And we got those same morphers here… ~ she then shook her head as if thinking what were the odds. ~ Then again, with Earth, the odds get thrown out the window. ~ She then spoke up. “Let’s just demorph. No need to keep in morph for now you know. Sides I’d like to get onto a first name using conversion with them you know.” she said.

Red Astro then nodded as they both said, “Power Down!”

The teens then looked at the two rangers now in civilian form. Red Astro was a teenager with long brown hair with several blond streaks in it, and he wore two earrings in his left ear. He was wearing a gray uniform with a somewhat shiny red turtleneck underneath. On the left breast of the uniform’s jackets was a rectangular patch with a yellow oval over a black background, with a white strip featuring five colored squares in this order: blue, yellow, red, pink, and black. Below the squares patch was a circular patch with a yellow streak over a red triangle, with the triangle broken up by black lines into top, middle, and bottom segments. The yellow streak itself was similar in shape to the stylized lightning bolt. On the uniform’s right breast was a square white patch with a red diagonal line passing through a gray circle, a red dot was located on the lower half of the circle, making it resemble the planet Jupiter in a way. On the back of his jackets was a large gold rectangle emblem. Located on the uniform’s right shoulder was a circular black patch with red rectangles at the top and bottom of the circle, as well as a yellow crosshair in the center.

Gold Astro was a young woman with long black hair. She wore a black version of Red Astro’s uniform, with a silver/gold belt rather than black/silver, with silver shoulder strips like those on the Ranger suits, and no arm badges. The ring and dot on the Jupiter-like badge were both gold, as were all the squares on the five-square badge and the segments on her triangle badge.

“I am Andros Lanrydan.” Red Astro said.

“Sabrina.” Gold Astro replied.

“I’m TJ, this is Carlos, Cassie, and you already know Ashley.”

“Nice to meet you. You can stay here until I figure out some way of transporting you to your homes in safety.” Andros said.

“Not to be rude, ” TJ began, “but why are you here? I mean, why are you on Earth?”

Suddenly a flash of light engulfed them all and suddenly the found themselves all on the Astro Megaship’s Bridge.

“Whoa… that was weird…” Ashley muttered but then saw the bridge. “But this is impressive.”

“That’s for sure. But was that flash of light?” TJ asked.

“Forgive me for the melodrama of such an act but we do have only so much time and there is great danger to earth.” a soft female voice spoke. The Human teens turned around to see a white robed woman with brown hair standing behind them.

“TJ, Ashley, Cassie and Carlos, this is Demitria of Inquaris.” Sabrina said. “A Morphin Master and our Mentor.”

“What danger are you talking about?” Carlos asked.

“The being that attacked you before as well as enslaving humans is a morphological being known as Ivan Ooze. Many millennia ago Ooze ruled an empire of unparalleled evil. His downfall came at the hands of a race known as the Meledan.” Demitria started. “In order to help save their world a spell was set into motion, one which called six young people to the deserted, now healed planet of the Meledan. Unlike the teams of Power Rangers that have defended the galaxy throughout the centuries, they were not given special powers, only a charge- to stop Ivan Ooze before he could once again conquer worlds. However, the six each had special skills and powers that would allow them to fight Ooze. Their leader was Lexian, Prince of Edenoi, and at that time, the Masked Rider. Zordon of Eltar, a White Morphin Master and second-in-command. Dulcea, Warrior of Phaedos. Narana, Princess of the planet Gaelara and a technical genius. Zarador, prince of the Zarakin, who have an astonishing control of animals. Finally there was Melita, the Zeo Guardian. The Order took the fight to Ooze, something that had never been done before and were able to lock him away in a hyperlock chamber not deciding to kill the evil creature.”

~Really wish they had. ~ Sabrina thought to herself.

“However, a little more than six thousand years ago, Ivan was able to escape confinement and then set up shop on a small planet to construct his Ectomorphicon Titans, twin insectoid machines of mass destruction. At this time Zordon was now on earth and chose six humans teenagers to be his champions to fight against Ooze. They won but were only able imprison him. They then dismantled his Ectomorphicons and buried him in a hyperlock chamber in the ground. He was left there and no one from the forces of good or evil had any reason to think about him again- until now.”

Cassie made a face. “Let me guess. That ‘small planet’ wouldn’t have been Earth, would it?”

The sage nodded.

“And the site of that climactic battle, where they kicked Ooze’s butt, that wouldn’t have been the future site of Angel Grove, would it?” Ashley asked, folding her arms across her chest.

Again Demitria nodded. “However now there must be time for action. Ooze must be stopped now before he can regain his titans.”

“The problem is finding him.” Andros said. “He’s not anywhere on the planet. We haven’t been able to find his magical signature.”

“Or where he’s making his ooze to control humans and make his Oozemen.” Sabrina added.

“Anything on the planet DECA?” Andros asked.

“Negative. No sign of Ivan Ooze at all on earth.”

“Wait… what if he isn’t on earth. What if he’s some where in space like we are?” Ashley began.

“Doubtful.” Demitria said. “With all of the UAE forces here and already have places in space, I don’t think they are willing to put Ivan up much less let them take over their base.”

“… unless its relate to the Machine Empire.” Sabrina started. They looked at her. “A few weeks ago the Zeo Rangers crippled the Machine Empire. No one’s seen hide or hair of them for some time… DECA. Scan for Machine Empire ships.”

“Searching…” DECA replied. “Found. One Skybase. Producing TM energy.”

“TM?” TJ asked.

“Techno-magical energy.” Andros’ jaw dropped. “I’m so stupid! Ooze must have infected the Skybase with his ooze! It conducts the electricity, and changes it into a sort of techno-magical energy! He’s using it to create Oozemen and his power source for his titans.”

“Still haven’t found those yet.” Sabrina said.

“Yeah but if we take out the ship then Ooze’s plans get flushed down the toilet.” Cassie stated.

Andros shook his head. “There’s no we about this. Just me and Sabrina. The four of you will wait here. If I don’t come back, DECA and Demitria will find a way to get you home.”

“You can’t go without us!” TJ cried. “Look you don’t know what is on that ship. What happens if you two get outnumbered again?”

“They took me by surprise, ” replied Andros. “It will certainly not happen again.”

“You can’t do something like this with just two people.” Ashley said.

“Forget it. No one else is going to follow me into danger.” Andros started.

“Andros.” Demitria started. “May I have a talk with you in private?” He sighed, but moved off into a side chamber and shut the door.

“Yes Demitria?” he asked, resigned.

“I’ve already taken a look at these four young people. They all have good hearts and have unique qualities.” Demitria said.

“No.” Andros said.

“You need a team, Andros. A REAL team.” Demitria said to him. “There is no chance for just two Rangers to win against Ivan Ooze. Those four are willing to fight beside you, and your team needs four members.”

“No. No way. Not after what happened to my friends. I am not having anyone else die following me.”

“Isn’t that attitude the reason why Iblis nearly had your soul back on Phadeos?” Demitria cut into Andros sharply. Andros froze remembering and shivering a bit at the encounter he had with Count Iblis. He was so close to losing himself with in grief and vengeance that he almost lost his soul. He had been strong enough to fight back… but that was only because had the strength of others helping him.

Demitira put her hand on her young charges shoulder. “They will not be following you, Andros. They will be following their hearts. This is their planet under attack. Don’t they deserve a chance to fight for it?”

“What would they know about this? About being Rangers?” Andros asked.

Demitira gave him a smirk. “What did Zordon’s chosen know? And yet they have stood against all comers and made Earth’s Rangers a force to be reckoned with.”

Andros sighed. She was right. “I’ll make them the offer… after I tell them what could happen them. If they accept or not after that that’s their choice.”

“Good.” Demitria replied as she then handed Andros a box. “I decided to plan in advance.”

Andros shook his head as they walked back on the bridge and faced them all. Taking a deep breath, Andros silently asked how he’d gotten himself into this mess, but there was no answer. “I’ve decided that you’re right. I need- your help, ” he said haltingly.

~About time you started getting that chip off your shoulder. ~ Sabrina smirked.

“However, you’re not coming with me as is. You’ve already proven that you’re strong and honorable fighters. If Dark Specter is going to be defeated, I’ll need your help, and you’ll need mine. That’s why I’m offering you these.”

Demitria opened the box after placing it on a post on the bridge.

In side were the Pink, Blue, Black and Yellow Astro Morphers.

“These belonged to the other Astro Defenders, ” he said quietly. “After I tell you the story of my former team, you can decide if you want fight with me or not.”

“Former team?” TJ asked.

“… former as in dead.” Andros bowed his head. The four teens just stared in silence. “I come from a planet called KO-35 in the Kerova Galaxy… or rather came from. Its a dead world now. Dark Specter, the leader of the United Alliance of Evil, ordered his warriors to destroy my homeworld. We had no Rangers, only the Astro Defenders, my team and I.” His voice had grown soft and his eyes distant, as if he were no longer in the present, but the past. “We were based in the Megaship and there were ten of us. But Dark Specter’s forces were merciless. We held back Astronema’s forces for a long time but our doom was sealed when Makarrah, Dark Specter’s sociopath bitch of a general, had her forces do suicide runs on our planet. My best friend the Silver Defender was taken out first. The Gold, White, Green and Purple Defenders were killed soon after. Those of us that were left managed to send Makarrah away… but Astronema returned to finish the job. I was on the bridge injured when she came and killed off the rest of my team…” he paused in silence before continuing.” Our planet was not rich enough for him to add to his empire. He killed my friends, my family, my people… I am the sole survivor.”

“As for me… I used to be one of the villains that attacked your world. I was called Scorpina. I’m not proud of everything that I have done at all.” Sabrina said to them startling them even more. “However I was given a second chance, a chance for redemption and I’m forever grateful for that. However I thought you should know something like that before you made any decision. This is a very real and very dangerous occupation. You can die.”

“The choice is yours.” Andros said.

They all just looked at them for a moment before Ashley then spoke first. Her voice very calm. “I chose yes.”

“You know it, ” TJ replied. “I’m in.”

Carlos nodded. “Most definitely.”

Cassie was the last to respond. “I don’t know. I mean, I never wanted to be a superhero… then again I’ve been itching for something like this for while. Looks like you got yourself four more rangers. Why were they called Defenders first though?”

“Because only those that draw power from the Morphin Grid can be titled Rangers. But Morphin Masters can give the title of Ranger to others.” Demitria said. “And I am a Morphin Master.” She then went over to the four teenagers. She then took out the Yellow Morpher and looked at Ashley. “Ashley Hammond. You are intelligent and generous of spirit, ready to open to any friend. You will be the Yellow Astro Ranger.”

“Thank you.” She replied as Demitria moved on to TJ after picking up the Blue Morpher. “TJ Andrews. You are warm and open, caring more about others than your own safety. You are the perfect person to be the Blue Astro Ranger.”

“I won’t let you down.” TJ said holding the morpher.

Next Demitria went over to Carlos. “Carlos Garcia, you are protective of those you care about, ready to risk any danger for their sake. You shall be the Black Astro Ranger.”

“This is incredible.” Carlos breathed as he had his morpher.

Finally Demitria came over to Cassie. “Cassandra Chan. You are strong of heart, mind, and spirit. A defender of those in need. I can see no one else more qualified to become the Pink Astro Ranger.”

“Unbelievable…” Cassie said. All four of them strapped on their morphers as Andros and Sabrina went over to them.

“You are now a team. You are the Astro Rangers… Andros.” Demitria smiled.

Andros just smiled. “… It’s been a while since I’ve said this with a group… Let’s Rocket!”

The four others followed Andros’ lead as he punched a code into the wristband he wore. In five flashes of light, the five of them became the five core members of the Astro Guardians. A moment later a flash of gold occurred and they saw Gold Astro had joined them.

“Wow!” Black Astro gasped, looking at himself. “We’re really are Rangers!”

“Now it’s time to stop Ivan Ooze! Let’s go team.” Red Astro said he had them follow him to the Galaxy Glider bay.

~May the Power Protect you Rangers… ~ Demitria thought.

Ivan was looking on at the work on the sky base. He had already gotten the necessary supply of power that he needed to power his titans and already sent it to earth.

“But there’s enough excess for me to use to blanket the earth in Ooze… well almost. Another few minutes and there WILL be enough.” Ivan laughed. “And best of all I haven’t seen that Red Reject or the Golden Slut yet… but I hope I do.” He smirked as he thought of what things he could do to Scorpina once he got his hands on her.

Oh the fun he thought he would have.

“Man these Galaxy Gliders are awesome!” Blue Astro shouted.

“Yeah but I think we are going to need some practice with them.” Pink Astro replied. She then saw the Skybase. “Oh man that’s his?!”

“Actually it belongs to the Machine Empire.” Gold Astro replied. “And its an older model. Mondo must have had it in storage or as a backup… how unfortunate that he had to have it Oozejacked.” she then pointed to the right. “There’s a docking hatch out by the left that leads to the main reactor. We can blow the ship by blowing up the reactor with a time delayed bomb.”

“How do you know?” Black Astro asked.

“I was one of the bad guys once a upon an awful time remember?” Gold Astro replied.

Everyone was quiet as they then entered the ship. They walked for a while with Gold Astro in the lead until they reached it.

“What in the world?” Yellow Astro muttered once they saw where they were it. The room was very large. Vats of ooze bubbled merrily, and in the center of the room, a generator seethed with a strange purple energy.

“What is this place?” Blue Astro asked.

“Rector Core of the ship… but it looks like Ooze has made it into his main processing plant.” Gold Astro said as Red Astro then placed a charge on the reactor. “Its set to blow by remote.” Red Astro said.

“Let’s hope so.” Gold Astro replied. “Let’s go now people.”

Everyone then burned space as they shot out of the ship. After reaching a safe distance Red Astro hit the switch.

“Ah now I have to…” Ivan then started to sniff with his nose. “That smells like…” He then started hearing noises. “… oh crap!”

He managed to teleport out before the whole Skybase blew to kingdom come and the ooze he had onboard was obliterated.

“Woah.” Pink Astro said.

“Nothing like a good explosion that takes out your enemies to set you in a good mood.” Gold Astro replied.

“Maybe not. Look.” Yellow Astro pointed to a purple lightning.

“Shit!” Gold Astro cursed. “He’s going back to earth.”

“I got a lock on him. Let’s head back to the Megaship and then direct teleport from there.” Red Astro said.

~Yeah… and then I finish this!~ Gold Astro stated.

A few minutes later, six flashes of color lit up the construction site as the Astro Rangers teleported in. “I don’t like the looks of this, ” Blue Astro muttered nervously.

Pink Astro looked up and then stepped back. “Yeah… and I don’t like the looks of that!” She pointed up to where a huge robot, shaped something like a big hornet, stood, it’s eyes glowing with red tracery.

“I think that one’s uglier, ” Yellow Astro replied, pointing to its companion, a vaguely scorpion-shaped device.

“Welcome, Rangers!” Ivan Ooze’s voice startled them. The morphological being was standing in the center of the construction site, directly between his two instruments of destruction. “You’re just in time for the final event of the night… your deaths!”

“I don’t think so, Ivan!” Red Astro replied. “You’re going down!”

“There’re no more goons to stand between you and us. We’ve already managed to clear the area of all living beings.” Gold Astro continued. “This time will finish and do what the Order of Meledan couldn’t do… kill you.”

“Big words Scorpina, ” Ivan sneered. “Unfortunately, it won’t be that easy! Arise my creations!”

The Scorpitron and the Hornitor then came to life.

“What the…” Black Astro muttered.

“Kysach!” Red Astro shouted.

“My thoughts exactly. The son of bitch must have already gotten the fuel for his machines before we took out his ship in space!” Gold Astro said.

“Kysach?” Yellow Astro asked.

“Let’s just say that it shouldn’t be used around anyone under fifteen.” Red Astro replied.

“It also happens to be a word that is banned from uttering on three worlds in the Nezari galaxy.” Gold Astro added.

“Andros, what are we going to do?” Pink Astro cried. “We don’t have a prayer of taking on those things without Zords!”

“Trust me, I have it covered. DECA, launch the shuttle and prepare for Astro Megazord transformation!” Red Astro said into his comlink.

Faster than thought, a blue and white shuttle streaked out of the sky, directly over the Rangers. “Woah.” Blue Astro said.

“Going up, ” Red Astro chuckled. The Astro Rangers dissolved into columns of light, materializing in the cockpit of the shuttle, which docked with the Megaship to form the Astro Megazord.

However once in side they noticed something.

“Where’s Sabrina?” Black Astro asked.

“This isn’t her Zord. The Astro Megazord is used only by the Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink and Black Astro Rangers.” Red Astro replied.

“Well how is she going to join us in the fight?” Yellow Astro asked.

Red Astro shook his head. “She can’t. The Zord for the Gold Astro was destroyed over a year ago.”

“Meaning we got to take on both of them on our own…” Pink Astro asked.

“I don’t like anymore than you do. But we got no choice. We’re the only ones left.” Red Astro said. “Now then let’s get it together. Cassie, Ashley, you’re Scanners. Find me any weak point on the scorpion and hornet, pronto. TJ, how are our systems?”

“Everything’s running fine, Andros, ” Blue Astro reported. “All systems go.”

“Good. Carlos, you’re weapons. What’s our status?”

“Astro Lasers at a hundred percent charge, Astro Megazord Saber ready to go, but that’s about it. Looks like the missile launchers are out, and I don’t think you want to know what the magnafield gauges say.”

Red Astro grimaced. “Figures. Well, come on guys, let’s get into the fight!”

“You think you can really defeat me! Go my Ectomorphicons and destroy them!” Ivan called.

Meanwhile standing on top of a skyscraper over seeing the battle was Gold Astro.

“This is it. My chance at redemption screwed already. I can’t believe this.” She muttered as she looked down at the fight. The Hornitor was being blocked in its attacked but the Scorpitron was able to attack from behind the Astro Megazord.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out if her teammates didn’t get help soon, they would be killed.

Gold Astro looked down at the Scorpitron with hate and spite. Ivan had created that thing in honor of her when she had been Scorpina. She and that wizard of ooze… oh how she loathed the person she had been. ~ How could I have been so much of a fool!~ She had given up everything she had ever had and what had it brought her.

Nothing at all. She had been a pawn all the time and she had lost everything. She hated the scorpion with a passion now. It was the twisted version of her spirit guide. She had sent it a way long ago so the spirit itself wouldn’t be corrupted. She would never allow it. It had been her best companion and friend in the time before she became Scorpina.

“I just wish… I wish I could see her again… I’d tell her I’m sorry for what I did… but more importantly… I would beg her to forgive me.” Gold Astro let a tear come down her face.

It was then a golden light appeared before her.

“It… it can’t be…” She gasped.

~I told you before child… we are connected for all time. It took you long enough to realize your mistake. ~

Gold Astro gasped and then smiled at that voice.

~Now let’s get to work~

Gold Astro then put her hand into the light. The light exploded in her hands was a rapier sized and golden version of the Dragon Dagger.

Only the coin the center was that of the Panther.

~If only Thomas were here to see this. ~ Gold Astro smirked as she played the tune.

She then leapt down off the skyscraper and let herself be in the hands of spirit guide.

The Astro Megazord reeled backwards from Hornitor’s punch, sparks fountaining from its chest. The fight was raging through the streets of Angel Grove but was getting close to the outer limits of the city.

“Shit! We are getting hammered here!” Yellow Astro.

“Just hold on. We got keep together!” Red Astro said.

“Scorpitron is behind us!” Black Astro replied.

“What?!” Pink Astro shouted.

They barely had enough time to duck under a swipe from one of Scorpitron’s front claws, only to get whacked with the tail. “We can’t take much more of this, ” Blue Astro declared. “Shields are down by 30 percent, we’re running way too hot in the engine room, and another shot to our midsection might breach the power core completely!”

“Andros! We’re losing power to the shields! This thing’s turning them into Swiss cheese!” Blue Astro yelped, as yet another strike from Scorpitron struck home.

Black Astro growled. “This thing’s got three appendages it can hit us with, and we can only block two! We need another tactic!”

The cockpit rocked again, prompting a wince from Red Astro. “I’m open to suggestions!” he hollered back, fighting to keep the Zord on its feet.

“Tactical nuke?” Pink Astro offered sarcastically.

Yellow Astro chuckled humorlessly. “We must be desperate. That’s beginning to sound like a good idea.”

It was then Ivan Ooze appeared on top of Hornitor and called his minions off. “Well now Rangers. Are you ready to surrender your lives to me?”

“Never Ooze!” Red Astro shouted.

Ivan smirked. “You know I find there is a delicious piece of irony here. When I made my Ectomorphicon Titans, the Scorpitron was done to honor your new friend Scorpina… how fitting it will be to see you be destroyed by a scorpion.” Ivan then stroked his chin as the Scorpitron went in for the kill with its tail. “Speaking of which, where is Scorpina? Well I guess you fools should have heeded the old saying. A scorpion is a scorpion, they can never be trusted.”

It was then in flash of gold and black that passed behind the Scorpitron.

“What was that?” Ivan asked.

It was then to all of their shocks that the Scorpitron’s tail fell of. Ooze started spewing out of the machine and then soon it lay dead.

Ivan was not happy. “WHAT HAPPENED!”

“To quote a very human saying…”

Everyone turned into the direction of the voice. Standing on top of a golden black panther looking zord was the Gold Astro Ranger.

“‘Pop goes the Weasel!'” Gold Astro singsonged.

“SCORPINA!!!” Ivan shouted.

“It’s Sabrina dumb ass. What’s wrong? Still hard of hearing after waking up?” Gold Astro smirked giving a finger sign, which Andros caught.

“Everyone. Divert all power to the Megazord saber now!” Red Astro said.

“Right.” Yellow Astro replied to Red Astro.

“Hornitor! Destroy her!” Ivan commanded his other titan to attack.

The Hornitor was now completely focused on Gold Astro. It was running right at her with no thoughts at all of anything else other than her destruction.

And Gold Astro just stood on top of her zord not moving.

“What the heck is she…” Ivan muttered until he saw the Astro Megazord rushing behind Hornitor. Ivan’s eyes went wide with realization. “HORNITOR!”

“Astro Megazord Saber!” Red Astro shouted.

The Astro Megazord first decapitated the Hornitor and then it cleaved it in two down the middle.

“Two down and one two go.” Pink Astro smirked.

“Now all that we got left is the Oozeman himself.” Black Astro said. “Shouldn’t be too hard.”

“My’tiru!” Red Astro got up out of his seat and then hit Black Astro in the head.

“What! What the hell did I do and what did you say! I don’t think it was nice what ever it was!” Black Astro said.

“You NEVER say something like that in battle! Never! That’s asking the Dark One himself come in and make things worse!” Red Astro shouted.

Meanwhile Ivan was seething. “You’ve destroyed my titans, destroyed my ooze delivery ship and ruin my day… now I am getting… ANGRY!!!!” Ivan then turned into a goo of ooze and to everyone’s disbelief he went into the remains of the Scorpitron and Hornitor.

However what got them spooked even more was when the remains started coming together into one being.

In the Astro Megazord cockpit everyone was now taking a shot at Black Astro.

“Thanks a bunch Carlos!” Yellow Astro shouted.

“Next time when you have something like that to say, do us all a favor.” Pink Astro started.

“Don’t say it!” Blue Astro said.

Black Astro decided not to speak on fear of being hit again.

“Um guys… turn your attention onto the Oozeman.” Gold Astro said.

It was then a being could be seen forming. After all while it was done forming. It was a being in purple-silver armor. He had the Hornitor’s lower body, the Scorpitron’s tail attached to his rear, eight scorpion legs came from his back, he had hornet wings and the head was that of a demonic skull.

“Now you will know what it means to cross me! Fear me now for the time for humor has now passed! I am the Ooze of Death, Oozeromus!”

Gold Astro then just paled a little bit but got herself together. ~ He’s pretty powerful. I think I can win this but… ~ Shaking her head she got inside her Zord and got on the line with the others. “Andros. How are you doing?”

“The last power diversion shot out some of the systems. We aren’t going to be able to fight him very well if at all.” Red Astro said.

“Could you grab him and then fly him to this location?” she asked him.

“What is she thinking?” Yellow Astro said.

“Andros we don’t have time! Trust me!” Gold Astro shouted.

Red Astro closed his eyes deep in thought. However it wasn’t too deep. “Alright. All power to rocket boosters. Let’s get Oozeromus.”

The Astro Megazord then took up after launching a laser lasso onto Oozeromus and they started flying out of the city.

Inside her zord, Gold Astro then inserted the Panther Rapier into its slot. She then walked up to the glowing sphere into the center of the room.

“Virtual Control System Activate.” Gold Astro said.

With in seconds light pulsed all around her as machines then placed golden arm bands, leg bracers, a breastplate and a visor over her Astro Ranger suit.

~It’s so good to be with each other in mind and spirit Selina. ~

~Selina is not who I am now… but maybe one day I will feel ready to take that name back. For now, Sabrina will do. ~ Gold Astro replied.

~I understand. ~

~Follow them Pantherzord… let’s finish Ivan once and for all. ~

With that Pantherzord went off running in the location that it had given the other Astro Rangers.

About 10 miles away in the desert…

“ENOUGH OF THIS!” Oozeromus shouted as he then blasted into the Astro Megazord with its scorpion tail causing the zord to have a tear in it and it then crashed into the sand.

“Shit! Power systems are taking a beating and bad!” Pink Astro said.

“Emergency power is off line!” Black Astro shouted.

“We’re pretty much dead in the water.” Yellow Astro replied.

“Now what!” Blue Astro said.

“Now we wait.” Red Astro said.

“What a pity… not! Give my regards to the Order…” Oozeromus said as he created a sword in his hand. “IN HELL!” He was then fired in the back by the eyebeams of the Pantherzord running at him and then it stopped. “YOU! Oh I am going to ENJOY this!”

“Yes… I WILL!” Gold Astro said from within the cockpit of her own zord. “Pantherzord Initiate Warrior Mode Now!”

Pantherzord then started to get up straight on its hind legs and then it was standing straight up. What happened next was that Pantherzord’s body was retracting metal plates into several places in its body as it began to take on a human like appearance.

A female human like appearance.

“W.. what is this?” Oozeromus muttered.

“Andros you got any thoughts here?” Blue Astro asked.

“Not a clue.” Red Astro replied.

The Pantherzord’s tail wrapped around its waist like a belt. Its clawed front paws had now become bladed gauntlets. The Pantherzord had a golden breastplate, which seemed to have a line in the middle of the two. Finally its head came down behind the back but then started to metamorph with other metal that had been retracted earlier to create a long mane of hair attached to Pantherzord’s Warrior Mode head. The head was that of a woman. It was white colored with golden eyes, a small nose, and also had red lips.

It was then those lips moved. “How do you like me now Ivan?”

“Sabrina?!” Pink Astro gasped.

“Scorpina! What kinda of a trick is this!” Oozeromus shouted.

“No trick. See Pantherzord’s a bit different then most Zords. You see… I’ve become one with my zord in a way.” Gold Astro/Pantherzord smirked as she put her hands on her hips. “I’d say your lease on life is now over.”

“NEVER!” Oozeromus then charged Pantherzord with his sword drawn.

“Golden Mane!” Gold Astro/Pantherzord shouted as she snapped her head back and forward in the cockpit, her zord did the same thing. The golden metal hair shot out like tentacles and then went right through Oozeromus’s sword and destroyed it with ease. The metal then penetrated into Oozeromus’s armor. “Golden Shocker!”

A few hundred terra quads of electricity went straight into Oozeromus’s body shocking the hell out of him and causing him to go down on his knees. “I will not allow a bitch like you to defeat me!” He then sent purple electricity at her. Though Pantherzord had agility on its side it couldn’t avoid all the bolts. Some of them did it the zord.

Pantherzord landed on its feet and then looked at Oozeromus. “Time to use my gauntlets. Tail Whip!” Gold Astro said as Pantherzord’s tail unwounded and then ensnared Oozeromus. “Return!” The tail whip was coming back with Oozeromus coming with it. Gold Astro then opted to go with Shoto Kairu style of fighting she had learned on Syn Prime. As Oozeromus was right in front of her, “Kairyu!” She then shot out her right hand and Pantherzord did the same nailing Oozeromus causing him pain but she wasn’t done. “Dokuaiku!” She then shot her left hand at him causing more tears in his metallic armor. She then knew Oozeromus would catch on to this style so she switched to the Style of the Wildcat. One she had learned while having a stay on Planet Ginga several millennia ago when she had been Selina. Pantherzord followed her actions as she jumped up and pounced on Oozeromus and then started clawing at his armor. After causing much damage, Oozeromus then kicked her off and then blasted Pantherzord with a high voltage attack.

“This cannot be! I can’t be beating back by you! I refuse to!” Oozeromus said as he created another saber to use.

Inside her Zord, Gold Astro signaled to DECA and did manual override to take the Astro Megazord behind her.

Inside that Zord was a lot of yelling.

“What’s going on here!” Red Astro demanded.

“We are being sent behind the Pantherzord Andros.” DECA said.

“Why? On who’s authority!” Red Astro shouted.

“Sabrina’s. For our safety.” DECA said.

Everyone just didn’t have anything to say after that.

“After all I did for you… after all Rita and the UAE did for you… this is how we are thanked!” Oozeromus shouted.

It was then the peaceful look on Pantherzord’s face matched the angered and vengeful Gold Astro Ranger. “Could you please… SHUT THE HELL UP!!!” Oozeromus took a step back. “How dare you say that! What did UAE do for me? Nothing. What did Rita do? Curse me for life and make me lose some of the best years of my life! But what did you do… you made me have some of the worst years in my life when I was pretty much nothing but your whore!!!” Gold Astro then pulled the Golden Saber that was in front of her and then a Golden sword appeared in Pantherzord’s right hand, very reminiscent of the legendary Masamune sword as far as its length went.

“You must be joking me! You really think you can use a sword like that!” Oozeromus scoffed.

“Why don’t we find out?” Gold Astro smirked.

Oozeromus then charged Pantherzord as he went running over to her. Pantherzord let out a battle cry as it ran right at it.

“This is the end!” Oozeromus shouted.

“No…” Gold Astro said as then jumped as did Pantherzord.

It was only then did Oozeromus realize his mistake. Because of the long reach of the blade and with him going in a straight-line charge, that she could do a rising arc slash right through his body.

And that’s what she did. Pantherzord then landed on its feet and looked at Oozeromus who was loosing power. In one of the holes in the armor, Ivan Ooze’s head could be seen.

“Well I guess this means I need to come up with a newer plan to kill you all.” Ivan smirked. “Well I guess this is good bye until we meet again.”

“No…” Gold Astro said as then in her zord placed her hands on her breastplate and then, “THIS IS THE END!” she then at the line between them opened the two plates covering her chest.

When Pantherzord did this, it could bee seen that behind the breastplate were two large spheres which were now glowing brighter and starting to gain enormous power.

Ivan’s jaw just dropped in shock and disbelief. “NO! IT CAN’T BE! BY THE DARKLORDS THEY CAN’T BE…”


It was then the energy discharge came.

Except the width and height of the energy beam were about the size of Pantherzord’s Warrior Mode. It went barreling down on Ivan.

He never had a chance. As he was being obliterated he only got do say one thing. “IMPOSSIbl….”

With that Ivan Ooze and his Oozeromus construct were destroyed. Pantherzord then closed its breastplates after the blast was finished and then it went out of power. In the distance there was nothing but scorched earth line as wide as Pantherzord and went far in length for about a mile.

~30 seconds until power rebuild. ~ Pantherzord said to Gold Astro, who simply nodded waiting for her Zord to come back on line.

The Astro Rangers in the Astro Megaship were in shock but Red Astro most of all.

~Hyper Smashers… her Zord has HYPER SMASHERS!!!~ Red Astro gasped.

He remembered the history lesson of the Great War between the forces of the Dark Wizards and the Morphin Masters from his teachings at the Academy on KO-35. Back then the battle had gotten tremendously powerful and newer forms of weapons were being created. One of which were the Hyper Smashers. Originally designed for soldier use but then converted to starship and then finally Zords because of construction requirements and power generation needed, the Hyper Smashers were to have been a turning point in the war. However the forces of darkness had assaulted the world of Tyr Narse, where the designer of the Hyper Smashers, Dr. Median Hyper, was working on them. It was rumored that he himself was a Morphin Master and also a Ninjetti. He had used a prototype before the government at the time the power of the Hyper Smashers. Their obliterating effect was incredible, there were however two drawbacks. One, the beam will go out in the size of the width and height the machine the Hyper Smashers are in and will extend out for a mile. Second, the beam doesn’t cause damage to just a selected target… it will obliterate anything that is in its path. Thus if you are going to use a weapon like this, you make sure its in a place where no innocent lives will be lost.

However the Dark Wizards had no qualms about innocent lives being lost. They attacked the planet in a sneak attack and with great numbers. The few Zords equipped Hyper Smashers that Hyper did have fully ready did well killing many Dark Wizards. However the Dark Wizards soon came up with a plan to out smart the AIs and then destroyed the Zords. They were starting to extract the Hyper Smashers from the Zords bodies so they could have them examined and then mass produced for their use but then out of his mountain bunker came Median Hyper. Hyper wouldn’t allow his weapons to be used by the Dark Wizards. After seeing that the planet had been obliterated of all sentient life save the Dark Wizards and his own, he did something completely unexpected.

He activated a neutron bomb he had drilled into Tyr Narse’s core and blew the planet up.

This event has come to be known as The Tragedy of Tyr Narse. All the Dark Wizards were killed. All save three. Dark Specter, Master Vile, and Ivan Ooze.

There had been rumors that one or two of Hyper’s plans had somehow survived through the ages but no one believed them.

Red Astro did now though. ~ And now after all this time… Ivan Ooze dies thanks to the legacy of Dr. Hyper… the Hyper Smashers… I never thought they really existed. ~

Yellow Astro was looking at the scanners. “… what ever the hell that was… she completely obliterated Ivan. He’s dead.”

Gold Astro just looked outside and smiled at that news.

“Hey Sabrina! Aren’t you going to tell us what the hell you just did?!” Blue Astro asked.

“Later TJ. For now, battles over. Let’s go home.” Gold Astro said.

Nobody argued with that statement.

However when they got back to the Megaship they found Demitria was not there.

“Where’s Demitria?” Ashley asked took off her helmet. Everyone else did the same. Taking their helmets off but not powering down.

Sabrina smiled. “Oh she’ll be back… don’t worry.”

Andros smiled at them. “I couldn’t ask for better people to be my team mates… but now that you are on the team I think we need to get you all some uniforms.”

The four new Astro Rangers looked at him. “Uniforms?”

“You are on this ship, you were the ship uniforms same as me and Andros.” Sabrina replied. “Don’t worry. For now. Let’s just relax.”

On the Dark Fortress…

Artemis and Astronema were doing something they liked after taking care of a entire planet full enemies to the UAE.

Relaxing in separate hot tubs.

On the sides on racks were their clothes and weapons. As for their hair, Astronema tossed her braided orange wig and Artemis tossed her silver blonde wig to the side before getting in. For now, there was only Cyane and Karone just relaxing.

“Now this… is heaven…” Cyane moaned in pleasure. “After all that fighting long relaxing time in a hot tub is just what my body needs. And it doesn’t hurt to use all the best elements to make it better.”

“Yeah…” Karone breathed as she let herself go under for a bit to get her hair wet. ~ God this is so strange. I never thought being a villainess could ever make me feel… satisfied… that I could gain pleasure from it… ~ She knew she had to be evil in order to survive. That’s what her Artemis personality was for. When she had the wig on she wasn’t Karone the former Yellow Astro Defender. She was Artemis Princess of Darkness. She wasn’t a killer like Astronema was but she fought brutally and with style.

Style was something of an art to her now as it was to Cyane. What they wore and how they looked was a reflection of their moods. Especially their wigs. The wigs were the main telltale of what kind of a mood they were in.

~I think I’ll have my puffy blonde wig after this hot tub. ~ Karone mused. ~ I think my loose green wig will be a nice one to use. ~ Cyane thought to herself.

Both girls thought nothing could spoil their moment.

They were wrong as Dark Specter appeared on the monitor above.

“Astronema! Artemis!”

“AH!!!” the two girls screamed as they ducked down.

Dark Specter then would have looked flushed if he was human. ~ I should have finished listening to Ecliptor before ordering my servant to just directly establish me to the monitor where they were in the fortress. ~ he shook his head. “… my apologies. Call me once you have gotten… out of your predicament. This is urgent business.” the monitor closed.

Karone and Cyane looked at each other. They then without a word got out, dried and dressed putting their discarded wigs back on but only to get to their room where they changed wigs. Cyane put on a bright red while Karone used a dark blue. Both with the same style: straight hair that went shoulder length with locks over the front of their faces and a ponytail at the top on the back of their heads.

These were what they termed as their ‘anger’ wigs. Simply because there wasn’t any elaborate braiding or styling. Just a straightforward look… because they wanted to get straight to business.

Astronema and Artemis arrived on the bridge and shot daggers at Ecliptor who said he wouldn’t listen. Astronema called Dark Specter back then. “Not to be insolent my lord, but Artemis and I just finished taking care of an entire planet of your enemies!”

“And we just started to relax.” Artemis growled. “I hope this isn’t going to be something we consider a waste of our time.”

Dark Specter smiled to himself. ~ Now this is the kind of spunk I wish all of the members of the UAE had in them. Astronema has grown stronger and more promising since Artemis joined her. ~ However he digressed and got back to the point of his call. “Ivan Ooze was freed on Earth… the Astro Rangers have destroyed him. The survivor of KO-35 has formed himself a new team. Members of the UAE are already arguing on who should take earth now and destroy this team.”

Astronema slammed her hand down. “If ANYONE is going to crush them it will be US!” She wanted her rematch with Sabrina and she wanted it badly. She also needed to make sure not to become overconfident. She had been beaten once, she didn’t want to have a repeat performance.

Artemis on the other hand knew this would eventually happen. That she would have to fight her own brother. ~ Though I’ll do my best to avoid it… but will I truly be able to?~ she wondered.

“We will be making our way to earth Dark Specter.” Astronema said. “You tell the other old crones in UAE that the Earth is going to be conquered by me, my sister and our forces.”

~Just the reaction I wanted from her. Now I can continue to put the pressure on Zordon and soon the Earth will belong to us. ~ Dark Specter smirked. “I look forward to seeing you Astronema.” the transmission ended.

“Ecliptor… to Earth.” Astronema ordered.

“At once my Princess.” Ecliptor said.

With that said the Dark Fortress began its move towards the Earth.

Meanwhile, the Galactic Council was basically in a uproar. They had heard rumors about the disappearance of all the ranger signatures that had been earth but were not sure if they were in fact true. Then they shortly learned that Ivan Ooze had been freed by the Machine Empire, albeit accidentally, and had almost taken over the earth.

But in the last hour they had just received word that Ivan had not only been defeated but also killed in battle… by the Astro Defenders, now calling themselves the Astro Rangers, of KO-35.

~As if that failure human team has the right to call themselves Rangers!~ Councilor S’Hera fumed. ~ They failed in their duties and they died. Who are these upstarts now?~

Darkonda on the other hand had different thoughts. ~ I don’t know if I should be happy or worried this event has just took place. ~

“Order! Order!” High Councilor Je’fran pounded on his gavel bring the Council to order. “We shall not accomplish anything with all of this chatter and noise. It is appears that we may need to refine our own sources of information in that sector of space, but we cannot act like when such situations come before us. And such situations are become more common place in this day and age.” The Council members then quieted down before Je’fran continued. “Now then, we must address this latest situation on earth.”

S’Hera was already on her feet. “I agree High Councilor. This is mockery of the highest level. As we all know the Astro Defenders of KO-35 failed in their duty miserably.”

Darkonda was then up with her. “Indeed my dear councilor. Who ever these ‘Rangers’ are, they are trash that must be taken care of at once and their powers should be given to the council to further…”


All of the Council members then quieted down when they heard that voice.

“How dare you mock the heroism of the Astro Defenders of KO-35! They fought with out any assistance from this council and not only drove the infamous Captain Mutiny back into the darkest corners of the galaxy, they also held off Astronema for months before that fanatic Makarrah came in and attacked with no regard for own troops and send them on suicide attacks killing the people of KO-35 and themselves in the process. This council didn’t even RESPOND the distress calls for assistance for evacuation by the colonists! You allowed the UAE to run over and turn a beautiful world into nothing.” the female voice spoke with venom, spite and distain. “How dare you indeed.”

“Who the hell are you!” Darkonda shouted.

“I am the mentor of the Astro Rangers.” the voice spoke.

“You mean Astro Defenders .” Councilor Brak sneered. The humanoid octopus looking being was like S’hera in her distain for humans. “Only Morphin Masters could make those weaklings Rangers.”

It was then footsteps could be heard… and Demitria walked into the light into the center of the council room.

“And as a Morphin Master and a member of this Council I have that right Brak!” Demitria looked at him coldly.

The entire council was in an uproar.

~DEMITRIA! Alive!~ S’Hera thought in shock.

~I don’t believe it! I thought she had been killed or sold into slavery thanks to Divatox!~ Darkonda gasped.

“Order! Order!” Je’fran calmed the council down. He then looked at Demitria. “Demitria welcome…”

Demitria then held up her hand. “I reserve the right to speak as it is my privilege. I have something to say.”

Many of the Council was blinking. Demitria was actually speaking normally rather than in the Inquarian custom of talking in question.

However S’Hera knew what this meant. ~ The Inquarian only speaks normally when she’s pissed… and she is really pissed by the looks of things. ~

“This Council has turned its back on everything it was built on.” Demitria declared as the room was being filled with rummering. “You have placed your own personal gain above everything. Worlds, civilizations, people… even your own races! You have allowed member worlds that have been part of this Councils charter, to be overrun by the UAE, conquered and then enslaved. Let me take for example my own homeworld of Inquaris… YOU DID NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!” She screamed.

The council was in shock by Demitria’s tone.

“You did nothing as they hailed you, begged you for help, asked for your assistance!” Demitria continued. “Inquaris as one of the founding worlds of this Council and has contributed as much to the betterment of all worlds, but where was this Council when Divatox was attacking my homeworld, where was your assistance on the day that WE need YOUR help… YOU DID NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!”

“You repeat words too much Demitria.” Darkonda sneered. “If you were so concerned about your homeworld why didn’t you attend the meetings and voice your own opinion?”

Demitria then raised her hand and then let a bolt of white magic then nailed Darkonda as he was now plastered against the wall and she was still firing on Darkonda with her magic.

“ARGH!!!!” Darkonda screamed.

“Demitria! Enough!” Je’fran ordered.

“While you were sitting on your ass Darkonda, I was busy helping to save the Multi-Verse from immanent annihilation. And furthermore you frelling Mephistian, when I want you to speak I will ask you to. So until then… BE SILENT!” She cried sending a larger blast of power at Darkonda and it knocked him unconscious.

The Council had no idea what to make of Demitria now. Everything they knew about her had changed.

S’Hera knew now to keep her mouth shut. She didn’t want to suffer a fate like Darkonda at the moment. His species did have a major weakness against her type of magic but S’Hera had measured the magic power Demitria had used… and it was more than enough to render her unconscious.

“You all do nothing anymore but bicker, play your power struggle games, make your little backstabbing plans, all the while sacrificing the good of the people.” Demitria said as she walked over to one of the guards that held one of the legendary ceremonial lances that had been part of the Council since it was formed long ago. “We allow the UAE so many opportunities to take over the universe it isn’t even funny! If this Council continues on this way then the UAE will over run the universe and evil will reign. I have no doubt about that.”

“So far all we’ve heard is talk Demitria but you aren’t proving anything but you are a disturber of this council!” Brak said. “I vote we remove her!”

Demitria smirked and they could see it because she ripped off her veil. Something that shocked them all because of the fact that Inquarian women weren’t supposed to do that in their civilization. “Whoever said I WANTED to remain part of this council? If the council will not change its ways and help the species that we swear on paper to protect, then this council should be broken…”

She made her statement exclaimed by breaking over her knee the ceremonial lance. The council was in shock. Never had such a thing ever been done. That staff had been perfect for countless millennia… and now in once single second it was broken.

“… as it was prophesied by the Great Sage who helped to form this Council!” Demitria said in cold voice full of tension. “And that is what you fear the most. That the prophesies of the past have come true and that the signs are pointing that this may in fact be the era that the council is broken… and none of you want that at all do you. Because then you stand to lose everything you foolish bureaucrats have gained.”

The council didn’t even speak. Didn’t even move. All were enraptured by Demitria’s words. For some it was an outrage and for others… it was the truth in the clearest form.

“My people believed in non intervention… I no longer believe in such an outdated belief.” Demetria then raised her hand up and her appearance then changed. Her hair was no longer in a band it cascaded down her back. She wore a white cloak instead of robes. She wore white armor, a white breastplate, white gauntlets, white boots and had a crystal sword at her side. “I, Demitria of Inquaris, resign from this Council effective immediately. Also, as a Morphin Master I now take on mentorship of the Astro Rangers stationed on earth.” Brak was about to complain but a cold look from Demitria silenced him. “We are not the allies of Zordon. We are a separate group. We have no need to join Zordon or even use his base as ours since we already have our own. Our concern is the welfare of the Earth as well as the defeat of Astronema.”

“Astronema?” Councilor Sygnus asked. The young Triforian was a newly elected member of the council, replacing the evil Terr’s placement after he had been executed back on Triforia. He had been gaining popularity among some of the older members of the council and among member worlds.

“Yes. She is heading to earth. I have no doubt Dark Specter will make her the one to now attack earth. I am in the process of telling Zordon to tell his rangers to stay out of our affairs and leave Astronema to my team.” Demitria said.

“You can’t do this!” Brak shouted. “It’s against regulation!”

“I can and I am going to do… and if you object…” Demitria said and then Ninjor, Thalian and Dulcea appeared behind her, their presence surprising the council. “I think they can change your minds.”

Demitria then looked hard at the council. “If you ever go after my Rangers, then by the Power and by all the Lords of Light you will deal with me and all of the Morphin Masters that I know. That is all I have to say.”

With that Demitria then turned on heel and left the council room. Her fellow morphin masters following behind her.

The Council was just left dumbfounded at this. This was DEFINITELY not what they were expecting.

It was then that Darkonda was getting up. He had heard the latter part of this. “WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING! GUARDS! ARREST THAT BITCH!”

“Be silent Darkonda!” Sygnus shouted.

The entire council then stopped once again. It appeared another battle of wits was about take place. A long standing member of the council against a fledgling member.

“What did you say! Did you not see what she just did Sygnus!” Darkonda shouted.

“Yes. Opened up my eyes at the very least.” Sygnus said. “My world wouldn’t have made membership into this council were it not for Inquaris. Much of the first generation technology on your own world Darkonda was Inquarian… yet you were the first to vote not to help Inquaris when Divatox attacked.”

“We were in a crisis Sygnus! The capital world was under attack by Dark Specter’s main fleet!” Darkonda defended himself.

“Yet the council had several ships that could have picked up people from Inquaris and saved them from slavery. So why didn’t we?!” Sygnus shouted.

Several rummers were going through the council now looking back on what errors they had have.

S’Hera then turned the subject. “But what about the Astro Defenders!”

“Astro Rangers Councilor S’Hera. Or have you forgotten Demitria has made them Rangers as it is her right by Ancient Law. One we cannot break or deny.” Sygnus said. “And I don’t think there should be a problem at all.”

“No problem! Those humans…” S’Hera stopped catching herself but some had saw it.

“Enough Councilor S’Hera. Now then Sygnus what do you mean by this?” Je’fran asked.

“The council as a whole as been worried about the increase of rangers and that they are under Zordon’s wing. However the Astro Rangers follow Demitria, not Zordon. Demitria herself told us that she wouldn’t ally with Zordon or his rangers and was sending the messages to tell Zordon to stay out of their affairs. I don’t believe there is anything in our regulations that say there can’t be two different Morphin Masters governing different teams on the same planet. Now is there? I don’t believe there is any cause for concern.” Sygnus then smiled. ~ This will get the eager ones especially Brak. ~ “And have we all forgotten that we have been told by Demitria that Astronema is now heading to earth? We have a golden opportunity to take back the worlds that Astronema has taken from us and is using to help increase the UAE’s power!”

“You actually believe that traitor to the council!” Darkonda shouted.

It was then a messenger came into the council room. “Councilors! General Martak of the 34th Space Armor Division has called in. He has told me Astronema has now left the Arienas Sector with almost all of her forces.”

The council was now in an uproar. The Arienas Sector had been a major source of income, power and strength to the Council until Astronema has taken it from them three years ago and used its people and its resources to help the UAE. However only the Council knew what the planet Areina truly had and the power that the Council once had from it could be achieved again if they could get it.

“How long until the UAE can send support to Ariena!” Je’fran asked.

“At our estimates, the Dreadnought Heraken will arrive in six solar days.” the messenger said.

“Even with a Dreadnought, the odds are much more in our favor.” Brak said with glee. “The Dark Fortress would have been nothing but trouble for us. We wouldn’t have even known about Astronema’s departure until after the Dreadnought had arrived and more troops would soon follow! I vote we mobilize all available ships and Ranger Teams under our command to take back the Arienas sector!”

“I agree with you councilman.” Sygnus said.

Je’fran smiled. “All in favor of taking back Arienas?”

There wasn’t a single person that didn’t say yes.

“We must thank Demitria for this.” Syngus said. “But since she won’t accept our thanks, I move that we leave her and her ranger team alone considering she is trustworthy.”

“You can’t be serious!” S’Hera said.

“I agree with you Syngus.” Brak said. “My people were part of the conglomerate colony on Ariena. Astronema and the UAE annihilated them. Thanks to Demitria my people have a chance at revenge.”

Je’fran nodded but decided to play a hand. “All opposed to this.”

S’Hera and Darkonda stood up.

No one else did. After they sat down, Je’fran then said. “All in favor?”

S’Hera and Darkonda were the only two people in the room not standing.

Je’fran smiled. “Well then I call this meeting adjourned.”

As the council then departed Darkonda then went over to Sygnus. “You may regret this boy.”

“No Mephistian… I won’t. And by the way, I watch myself always. So don’t think stabbing me in the back is going to work.” Sygnus said shoving past Darkonda as he left.

S’Hera then went over to Darkonda. “The Valeyard isn’t going to like this turn of events.” he said to her.

“No… I imagine he wouldn’t.” she replied as she walked out with him.

All alone in the room was Je’fran in thought. ~ Demitria I am glad you are alive, in fact your course of action may have been best. At least now my own suspicions are being proven. There are those that hold distain hidden for other races and there are those with hidden agendas. Darkonda is up to something but without proof of such an accusation I would only be harming myself. My hopes may end up being placed on you and Sygnus for the safety of all. ~ He then turned his thoughts to Zordon. ~ She’s bought you some more time my old rival. We have never gotten along but we share similar ideals. I can only hope the worst can be avoided… or else we are all damned to the oblivion and damned as fools. ~

It wasn’t long before Demitria had returned from Eltar that she and the Astro Rangers decided to teleport down to the Power Chamber to speak to Zordon. The only problem was DECA couldn’t get an accurate reading to teleport into.

“I am unable to get a teleportation lock. It seems like there is a multitude of dimensions transfixed at the teleportation co-ordinates. There is no way to ascertain which dimension is the correct one. ” DECA had said.

“DECA open a channel.” Andros ordered. The communications lines were open and Andros spoke. “This is Andros Lanrydan. Red Astro Defender of KO-35. I request that I and my Ranger team be allowed to teleport to the Power Chamber so we can discuss some issues.”

Andros’s answer came back as a grinding sound that each Ranger wondered about. Demitria smiled a little bit under her veil and even Sabrina smirked a little at what the sound could only mean. Andros however heard the grinding noise, and found it strangely familiar. But then the noise faded and then Alpha 5’s voice was heard over the speakers.

“Astro Rangers, Zordon awaits your arrival. You should be able to lock your teleportation co-ordinates now.” DECA immediately ran the co-ordinates again, as as Alpha said, she was able to get a lock.

“Co-ordinates established. Ready to teleport. ” DECA said. Soon every Astro Ranger went to their teleport tubes and teleported down to the Power Chamber. Demitria however used her own teleportation method to get to the Power Chamber.

When everyone had arrived Ashley, Carlos, T. J. and Cassie were awestruck to say the least. “This is where the Power Rangers have their base? This is so cool.” T. J. said.

“I know. This is so awesome.” Ashley added.

Cassie was also awestruck when she turned and saw Zordon. “Uh guys what is that?” she asked.

“Uhhh, I don’t know. A giant floating head in a water cooler?” Carlos said.

“That’s Zordon. White Morphin Master and mentor to the Morphin Rangers.” Sabrina said. Alpha turned and saw Sabrina and immediately went all hysterical. “Ai yi yi yi yi! Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! Scorpina has infiltrated the base! Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!”

“Alpha please!” a gentleman in British dress garb said as he was coming out of the Police Box that was parked off to a corner somewhere. “I think we can relax a little bit. Somehow I don’t think Scorpina is here to destroy us. Or is it Sabrina now?”

Sabrina smiled when she saw the man. “You always were one step ahead of everything Doctor. I take it its because of your ‘Shadow Grid’ knowledge?”

The Doctor smiled a boyish kind of smile. “Maybe.”

Demitria also came forward and offered her hand to the Doctor who kissed it like a gentleman. “You always were a charmer Doctor.” Demitria said. “I see you have regenerated again.”

“Several times actually.” The Doctor said. Andros however stared at the Police Box and then suddenly remembered where the grinding noise came from.

“You!” Andros said. “You’re the one who saved my sister when that monster was going to take her away!” All the Rangers looked confused at what Andros was talking about and Ashley asked what he was referring to.

“He’s talking about something that happened four regenerations ago.” The Doctor explained. “I was looking to take a nature walk on Kerova when I bumped into a monster who was looking to take a little girl away from her family. The little girl escaped and the monster had to run away without his prize that day.”

“He then took my sister back to us, and my family and I were very grateful. So was Karone my sister.” Andros said. “He let her have some of his candies that he carried with him. What were they called?”

The Doctor took his cue and pulled out a white paper bag. “Would you like a jelly baby?”

“That’s it!” Andros said as he took a jelly baby from the bag and ate it. “Still as good as I remember.”

“I’m sure they are.” The Doctor said. “Would any of your friends like one as well?” The Doctor held the bag out to the other Astro Rangers and T. J. , Sabrina, Cassie, Ashley and Carlos each had a jelly baby. “Wow, these things are good. Where do you get them?”

“Usually his pocket.” Zordon joked. “But other times he gets them from London.” Everyone laughed at that, even Sabrina. “So the great Zordon tells a joke. Someone call the Comedy Channel.”

Zordon smiled as he looked at Sabrina. “I see you have been freed from the UAE.”

Sabrina smiled. “I found out I had just been wasting my life all those millennia. I’ve only now begun the quest towards redemption.” She then looked around the Power Chamber and asked “Where is Thomas and the other Rangers?”

“Yeah.” Andros stated. “When we came in we found no Ranger signatures on the planet. Where did they all go?”

The Doctor sighed before answering. “We had a visit from some interdimensional travelers. They were here looking for an artifact of incredible power called a Matrix that was the key to the defeat of an Interdimensional empire called ‘the Order of Destruction’ who were looking to conquer as many realities as they desired. The Matrix was obtained by the forces of good, but they still needed help in staving off the Order’s advances.”

Zordon spoke next. “To this end the Morphin Rangers, the Zeo Rangers, the Beetleborgs Metallix, the Masked Rider, the Syber Squad and the Outsiders all left with the Matrix team in hopes of fighting the Interdimensional War in order to prevent the Order of Destruction from invading this reality.”

The Astro Rangers were surprised to hear this. “How long have they been gone?”

“Long enough for us to be worried about them.” Alpha said. “Ohhh I miss them already.”

Demitria sighed as she looked up at Zordon. “This is grave news indeed. It also means that Earth is all but defenseless until the Rangers and other heroes return.”

“Hey no problem Demitria. We’ll be glad to fill in.” T. J. said.

“I’m afraid it is not as simple as that T. J.” Demitria said. “I trust word has spread to you about what happened at the council meeting earlier.”

Zordon and the Doctor both nodded. “Yes. I have also heard S’Hera and Darkonda weren’t too happy.” Zordon said. “After you left Sygnus and Brak were able to rally the council in an effort to help retake a system that the UAE had controlled.”

“The council did that?” Andros said surprised. “I sure wasn’t expecting that.”

“Well I believe Demitria’s actions had something to do with that.” The Doctor stated. “Her speech backed up by Thalian, Sauron and Dulcea had shamed them into action. Sygnus and Brak were able to rally support and launch their offensive.”

“I’ll bet S’Hera and Darkonda didn’t take to it very well.” Demitria said.

“Probably not.” The Doctor said as he then turned to Zordon. “And you know they’ll be trying to use this to move against Earth as well.”

“Unfortunately I do.” Zordon said. “And I am already under fire for having too many Rangers under my command. Despite my arguments that the Morphin Rangers are a support team, and the Outsiders operate under their own authority. To have the Astro Rangers under my command would surely bring S’Hera down on us.”

“Do not worry Zordon.” Demitria said. “The Astro Rangers aren’t under your command. They are under mine.”

“Which as a Morphin master is your right to do.” Zordon said. “I take it that you were the one to elevate them to the rank of Ranger?”

“I am.” Demitria said. “And our mission is to protect all planets from Astronema and Dark Specter. If Earth is one such planet Astronema wishes to conquer then so be it.”

“Sounds like a good arrangement.” The Doctor said. “I see your time on Gallifrey really sharpened your intuition.”

“Rassilon was a good teacher.” Demitria said. “However the Celestial Intervention Agency…”

“Say no more. I’m quite familiar with them myself.” The Doctor knew how ruthless the C. I. A. were to letting their secrets get out, and it wouldn’t have surprised him if they thought Demitria knew a few of their secrets. “I can only imagine what stunt they tried to pull to get you out of the way.”

“Don’t worry. It didn’t work. I guess Rassilon was looking out for me.” The Doctor nodded as if reassuring Demitria of her belief.

“But in any event. We have to be ready. The Council will be moving against Earth.” Sabrina stated.

“I know.” Andros said as he looked up at Zordon. “As leader of the Astro Rangers Zordon, we offer our services to protect this planet against Astronema and all threats that might look to harm it.” Mentally he added ‘even the council’ and Zordon picked up on that.

“As White Morphin Master I accept the help the Astro Rangers provide.” Zordon said. “If your Morphin Master has no problem.”

“None at all.” Demitria said. “However the Astro Rangers will be operating as an independent unit. Contact with all other Ranger teams should be kept to a bare minimum unless absolutely necessary.”

“What? We can’t meet the other Rangers?” Carlos asked.

“No you can meet them.” The Doctor said. “You just can’t fight alongside them all the time, unless you want S’Hera to intervene.”

Ashley seemed to understand. “I think we know what you’re getting at Zordon.” She said.

“We’ll try to stay out of your way.” Cassie said.

“But if you need help. We’re not far away.” T. J. added.

“Got that right.” Carlos said.

Andros went over to Sabrina who was smirking. “I can’t believe it. One of the reasons I went against the forces of good was because of the council. Now I’m on the side of good and I’m fighting against the Council anyway.”

“I know. It is kind of bizarre isn’t it?” Andros said.

“We’re fighting against a few elements in the council.” Demitria said. “Elements that are hindering the council, and that we shall deal with in time.” Andros and Sabrina nodded and then stood with the other Astro Rangers. “DECA seven to teleport.” Andros said into the communicator.

“If you need us. We’re here.” Andros said as the teleport effect took Demitria and the Astro Rangers back to the Astro Megaship leaving Zordon, the Doctor and Alpha filled with a sense of hope.

Maybe things were looking up after all.

S’Hera and Darkonda walked into her chambers where their ally, the Valeyard, sat facing to Eltarian skyline reading something on a data pad.

“Isn’t it interesting what one finds when they read the minutes of the day?” Valeyard asked. “So many opinions, so many solutions, drama, intrigue, suspense, political opponents locked together in a battle of wills, as other such events.” S’Hera and Darkonda didn’t say a word. The Valeyard then turned and faced his two co-conspirators.

“Today’s reading was most interesting.” Valeyard continued. “A lost Morphin Master suddenly appears and makes a scene where Darkonda is thrown back unconscious and the ceremonial lance is broken.”

“That bitch…” Darkonda interrupted but a glance from the Valeyard quickly silenced the Mephistan. He was not finished speaking yet.

Valeyard resumed his speech. “Also that same Morphin Master takes in a team of Astro Defenders and promotes them to the rank of Astro Ranger, backed by three other Morphin Masters. Thalian, Ninjor and Dulcea.”

“But not by Zordon.” S’Hera said making sure her point was brief. Valeyard nodded in agreement.

“No, not by Zordon. But… they have been allies of his in the past. And there’s always a possibility that they will be in the future. She did say that if her Rangers then that person would have to deal with every Morphin Master she knew. Who’s to say Zordon wouldn’t be one of them?” Darkonda grew impatient at Valeyard’s plotting and immediately said his peace.

“Possibilities?!” Darkonda said. “All you’re giving us are possibilities. When will we have something concrete to use to move against Zordon and Earth?”

Valeyard stood up and applied his hand to Darkonda’s shoulder causing him to crumple down to his knees as he succumbed to the Valeyard’s nerve hold. “Venusian Akido. Very useful form of Martial Art. And one of the most difficult to master.” Valeyard immediately released Darkonda’s hold and resumed his reading of the minutes.

“Afterwards, a near unanimous decision to retake a planet that Astronema has apparently abandoned where support had been rallied by our new council member Sygnus of Triforia.” Valeyard then turned to his allies and spoke again.

“I will admit that this is a setback. But by no means does that jeopardize our long term plan. Rather we have been alerted as to who our enemies are, and who our supporters might be.”

“Like Councilor Brak?” S’Hera said. She had thought Brak would make a good ally to her and Darkonda but thanks to the rallying done by Sygnus that option may have been thrown out the proverbial window. The rallying for battle Sygnus had done convinced Brak to show support for the young Triforian.

“Regrettably Brak may well be our enemy now.” Valeyard agreed. “As may be a few others, we need to see who those enemies are, and who our followers might be.”

“How do we do that?” Darkonda asked still recovering from the nerve hold the Valeyard put on him. Valeyard noticed Darkonda’s discomfort.

“First off, apologies for the hold earlier. But for right now cooler heads need to prevail.” Darkonda nodded in agreement, and was grateful that the Valeyard apologized for the nerve hold. He then continued to listen as the Valeyard spoke about his plans.

“Now, the two of you are already under suspicion of dubious dealings. So if anything were to happen to Brak, Sygnus or even High Councilor Je’fran then you two would be immediately suspected. These three, especially Sygnus, would have to be neutralized from interfering in our plans in any way.”

“How do we do that?” Darkonda asked. The Valeyard smiled.

“Tell me, how was it that Je’fran was elected High Councilor?” Valeyard asked.

“He was a chosen successor of the previous councilor.” Darkonda answered. “His convoy was… ambushed by a UAE attack fleet.” There seemed to be a sneer to Darkonda’s voice as if he knew more about the attack than he was letting on.

“Not formally elected?” Valeyard asked. S’Hera and Darkonda both nodded no. S’Hera then said “The previous High Councilor Je’Trel left in his will that Je’fran was to succeed him due to his appointment as Deputy Chancellor a month before Je’Trel had died.”

“And no one has put forth a bid for re-election?” Valeyard asked. Darkonda and S’Hera both shook their heads ‘no. ‘ “There was no basis for one.” S’Hera added.

“Well apparently, there is now. Thanks to Demetria.” Valeyard sneered. “It’s true that the council has been marred as of late by indecision, and neglect of lesser species. But it seems like none of this has been reflected on the leader of the council, instead the council itself has been the focus of these accusations.”

S’Hera and Darkonda seemed to like the direction on where this was going. “What do you mean Valeyard?” Darkonda asked.

“Bring me a list of the councilors.” Valeyard said. “I think it’s time we had chosen a new leader.” The room filled with evil laughter as the three continued their plans. Plans that did not bode well for the forces of light.

Next day…

On the Astro Megaship, Andros and Sabrina were on the Bridge sitting down.

“Well that’s the last sensor reading. Everything is quiet above and below.” Sabrina said to Andros. “Still can’t believe it. We’re the only Ranger team guarding this world now.”

“For now. But the UAE’s probably in an emergency meeting but now to discuss who is going to becoming down after us.” Andros replied. Just then Ashley came onto the bridge. “Hey Ashley. something wrong?”

“Andros… you really been cooped up in this ship as long as Sabrina said you were?”

Andros shot a look at Sabrina who smirked. “What? You think I’m going to keep the fact that you’ve stayed in this ship for a year? Look that wasn’t healthy for you at all okay. You need to get out of this ship and if you are worried about monitor duty I’ll take double shifts today.”

Andros looked at the two girls but just sighed in defeat. “Okay… just don’t got anything to wear.”

“Don’t worry. We brought some things up for you. Now come Andros.” Ashley smirked grabbing his hand and then pulling him out of the bridge while running.

Sabrina smiled as she looked on. ~ She’s already hooked on him. I can tell. Same with Andros… whether or not they know it… that’s a whole other story. ~ Sighing she then pulled out a picture from her breast pocket. One she had kept with her for nearly three years but made sure no one saw it.

The picture was of Zeo Ranger IV, Green. Adam Park.

“Adam…” she breathed longingly as she looked at the picture. Somewhere somehow during that first time she met him, she had felt something special about him. As Scorpina she refused to believe and in denial kept the picture believing him to be the reason why she was in her current predicament.

But now that she was free she believed now. She knew what she felt. What it was those three years ago.

She loved him.

~And now he’s gone and I don’t know if he’s ever coming back… but what if he doesn’t come back? What if he dies in this whole hellish war he’s been drafted into? What if I never get the chance to say I’m sorry for what I did to him… and to the other Rangers… ~ she sighed again as yet another old wound had come up. What would the original Rangers think of her once they learned about her? Would they think of her as a changed woman… or that the tale about a scorpion is true. That their nature never changes.

~I have to believe that they won’t think that… Dulcea forgave me, Zordon forgave me… I just have to believe… ~ Sabrina thought as she looked out into the stars. “I only need to believe… because that’s all I have… my faith…”

She then smiled believing in the Rangers that they would return. Before she went to go back to work she thought a prayer to them and then just said, “Wherever you are… good luck… and come home safe.”

With that she went back to work, but still she wondered in her mind about Adam.

And if he would condemn her… or forgive her.


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