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The Abhorrence of a Vacuum
By The Q-team

At Arcadia Academy a new day was dawning.

A new day which would surely begin the Orgs’ domination over all of humanity.

Master Org watched as he pitted the Wild Zords against one another. Without their Ranger friends to protect them Master Org was able to establish complete control over them, pitting them against one another hoping to see what each one could do.

The Bear Brothers started blasting against Red Lion and Gorilla, but Master Org made sure Red Lion used his agility to dodge the bears’ blast, while Gorilla used its skill to escape harm. As soon as he was close enough Red Lion took each bear into his massive jaws and send them flying over to the Gorilla, who slammed both bears hard into the ground very hard. The bears did not get up, making Red Lion and Gorilla the victors.

The Yellow Eagle and the Blue Shark were pitted against each other. While out of the water the Shark could serve as an aerial zord, but Yellow Eagle had the skies as it’s natural environment. It was only a matter of time before Yellow Eagle grabbed the zord in its massive claws and throw the Blue Shark towards the ocean where it would be at home.

The Bison and the Elephant were forced to go at it. Both were zords of power and strength, but the Bison was built a little sturdier, and the Elephant was backed up into a rockface. The Elephant was down for the count. The Bison was victorious.

And finally was the duel that came from Master Org’s sick sense of humor, the Tigerzord vs. the Soulbird. The Soulbird flew around the Tigerzord as if taunting it. Each time with a swipe of its claws the Tigerzord missed its target and the Soulbird hovered just over its reach. Finally the Tigerzord opened fire with its blaster and shot the Soulbird down. Tigerzord then picked up the Soulbird within its mouth, and took it to Master Org.

As Master Org saw these battles, he thought how it would have killed the Wild Force Rangers to see their Wild Zords fighting each other. Yet these fights had provided him with entertainment on end. He was also seeing how the Zords could fare in battle. For he would use them when the time was right. A time which may well be soon.

“Uhhh Master Org?” Jindrax said coming up to meet his Master. Master Org turned to look at Jindrax and asked, “What is it?”

“Rani would like a word with you. She says it concerns the Wild Zords, ” Jindrax said. Master Org wondered what Rani would want with the Zords. They were after all his now, and if anyone tried to stop him he would turn his newfound power against anyone who would get in his way. “And where’s Rani?” Master Org asked.

“Uhhh inside. Doing another experiment.” Was Jindrax’s answer. “And making a business deal.”

Inside her office Rani was relaxing, surrounded by a bio luminescence field viewing images that appeared all around her. Images dealing with the Wild Force Rangers.

She had seen Cole as he had fun with the Wild Force. Playing, fighting, and most notably looking at Alyssa. It was interesting that a lot of his thoughts were turned towards her. There was also a slightly strong emotional connection made towards her, almost as if he was developing feelings for her. “Feelings of a romantic nature Mr. Evans?” Rani asked. “Let’s see how Alyssa felt.”

With a wave of her hand the image around the field changed. This time Rani saw a karate school, and a man she assumed was Alyssa’s father. Rani noticed that Alyssa was very attached to her father as she looked up and admired him. There was also pain when Alyssa told her father that she would be leaving for college against his wishes, and more pain when she thought her dream would end when she could not block the sword her father used as a challenge. The pain Rani enjoyed.

But then came the feelings for Cole, and like Cole’s for Alyssa, she too had the budding connection that he had. It was clear that the two were falling for one another. None were willing to admit it to the other though.

Rani then changed the focus to Max, and didn’t see much to him. He was just a kid trying to prove how grown up he was. As she explored his feelings she noticed that his zeal to prove himself left him open to taking unnecessary risks, risks that compelled his fellow Ranger Danny to get him out of. When she saw Max’s feelings for Danny they were one of brotherhood. A younger brother looking up to an older one, even though none were related.

Deciding to look at Danny’s feelings later Rani then decided to look at Taylor’s memories and feelings. Hers were more complex. Her mother dying when she was just a child, growing up in fear of a stepmother that abused her and her sister… ~ Sister?~ she thought as she turned her focus to the girl who holds a strong place in Taylor’s mind and heart.

From what she could gather the girl’s name was Kristen. She seemed as spirited as Taylor had, and had left for college a few years after Taylor did. A further scan of Taylor’s memories indicated that both of the girls had fought back against who they called ‘the stepmother from Hell’. Taylor had thrown her through a table when she left the Air Force. Kristen had also thrown her through a table when she left home, although Taylor found out about Kristen’s defiance secondhand she was glad to hear that Taylor defied Madeline Vickers-Earhardt much like Taylor had done. For a moment Rani briefly wondered if the Earhardt girls, though in Taylor’s case ‘Bauer’, had watched one too many Dudley Boys wrestling matches.

Rani then changed her focus to other aspects of Taylor’s memories and feelings. Pride in becoming a Ranger, satisfaction in defeating an Org, even romantic attachments. She sensed strong feelings in the one she knew as Eric Myers, who was known in Silver Hills as the Quantum Ranger. ~ A strong attachment indeed. ~ Rani thought as she felt Taylor’s feelings for him. Annoyance at first, but those blossomed into an attraction, which them transformed into something of a romantic nature. One day she would have to see if Mr. Myers didn’t return those feelings.

Rani thought Taylor’s feelings and memories to be very ‘entertaining’, but there was one more Ranger she had to view. That of the feelings and memories of Danny Delgado.

Danny’s feelings seemed to revolve around an appreciation of beauty. Flowers, nature, she could see why Danny would have been selected to be a member of Wild Force, for he had the strongest appreciation of nature and its beauty. Then his feelings took a different approach, an approach that sent a warmth throughout his being, centered around one aspect of himself.

A girl appeared in Danny’s memories, a new section opened up revealing Danny’s fantasies about her. Of being in love with her, marrying her, sharing a life with her. The feelings provided so much joy and warmth in Danny’s being that it made Rani nauseous. Locking the image onto Kendall Rani stared at her and the warmth that seemed to emanate from Danny’s memory of her. ~ I am definitely going to have to see what fun I can have with you. ~ Rani thought as her sinister mind started to make plans for what to do with her.

As Rani was doing more ‘research’ Master Org had walked in and was surprised to see what Rani was doing. “What is this?” he asked distracting Rani and giving Master Org his full attention as she shut down the images before her and looked at Master Org. “I was viewing the essence of what the Wild Force were.” Master Org was curious about what his benefactor was talking about.

“Their feelings, desires, memories are all mine to explore. And perhaps to even make use of.” Rani said of the Wild Force Rangers who were blue tanked only a day or so ago. This intrigued Master Org. “Make use of?”

“Something to consider for the future.” Rani said. “Right now I’m expecting a call.”

“That’s what I want to talk to you about.” Master Org had said. “What is this I hear about you taking the Wild Zords away? They are mine to do with as I please!”

“Oh I don’t doubt that Master Org. You maintain your ownership over the Wild Zords by way of the Right of Possession. You have them, you own them. However there are others who had possessed the Wild Zords before you, and may wish to possess them again. One of them may have a means to correct a problem I detected in the zords.”

This got Master Org’s attention. “Problem?”

“A minor feedback in the zords’ central control systems regarding Alpha Wave distribution.” Rani explained. “Nothing to worry about now, but it could be disastrous if gone unchecked.” Master Org listened and wondered “Is it possible that the Wild Zords could fight my control.”

“It’s possible, yet also improbable. Still it doesn’t hurt to cover one’s bases.” Rani stated. “However, as I mentioned before, one of those that previously hunted the Wild Zords may have a way to correct the problem before it goes out of our control.” Master Org considered Rani’s words and then asked, “Who are these people?”

“Let me tell you a story about where the Wild Zords came from.” Rani said. “On a planet named Elysia Seven fifty beasts from a sacred power called the Ninjetti came into being. These animal spirits then joined with the technological aspects of the planet forming the Wild Zords you see before you today. However many of the beasts had to leave Elysia Seven due to a hunter named Duke Hazzard who sought a great hunt. And while he might have caught some of them for a time, they had escaped and fled to the Animarium on Earth.

“Others remain however. When Hazzard attacked Elysia Seven the beasts were scattered across the galaxy. Some making their way to a planet named Phaedos, while the majority stayed with the Animarium. However, Hazzard was able to keep another trophy when the Wild Zords eluded him that day.”

“Another trophy?” Master Org asked. “What is it?”

“Not ‘what’ but ‘who’.” Rani said as she said the name of Hazzard’s other ‘trophy’. “Shiranna, the mother of Princess Shayla. And the answer to the Alpha Wave problem in the Wild Zords.”

Master Org was in disbelief. “Shayla’s mother? Does she have the same empathic connection as her daughter?”

“She does. And Hazzard has kept her well preserved over the millennia. In a nightmarish sleep inside a cold cryo chamber. Hooked up to tubes which pump blood and plasma into her being and other tubes which pump blood out so Hazzard can have…servants to fulfill his…every need.” Master Org jeard the words Rani used, and quickly implied that Duke Hazzard was using a type of cloning involving Shiranna’s blood. He also sensed the evil tones in Rani’s voice when she mentioned ‘every need’ and he quickly got the message of what Rani was saying.

“You seem to know this Duke Hazzard pretty well.” Master Org had said.

“I should. I provided him with his technology.” Rani had said. “As well as the life support network that sustains him.” Just then the viewer activated and an image appeared in front of Rani with a wave of her hand. Master Org also saw the image as well since he wanted to know who this previous owner of the Wild Zords was.

“Ah Mr. Hazzard. So good to see you.” Rani said of the frail and withered man that was hooked up to a life support system. Once he might have been a strong physical specimen of a being, but now he looked old. Skin and bones. Kept alive by machines and hopes that he would one day stand tall again. To be the feared hunter he was known as for millennia. Hazzard wondered if this call meant that that day would come to pass.

He was tended to by women who looked a lot like Shayla but weren’t. Some of them were wearing clothing Shayla herself would have never worn. Clothing which barely covered the clones’ bodies. “Impressive.” Master Org couldn’t help but say as he saw the women to be clones of Shiranna. The resemblance between the daughter and clones of the mother was uncanny.

“Hello Mr. Hazzard. Do you remember me?” Rani said to the image before her. Hazzard recognized her even if she wore a new face. “I see you were able to change after all.” Hazzard said of the image of Rani before him, with a little bitterness on his part. “What is the nature of this call however?”

“What if I could offer you a new chance of youth Hazzard?” Rani asked. “A second chance to make a new world fear the name of Duke Hazzard again?” Hazzard looked at the Rani, and the look in his eye reflected that Hazzard was definitely interested. “What do you want?”

“Just one of your… trophies. Queen Shiranna.” Hazzard was surprised at Rani’s demand but asked “Why?”

“She was a previous guardian of the Wild Zords. Their current owner may need some help keeping them under control.” Rani answered. This however got Hazzard’s attention. “Current owner?”

“Yes. Meet Master Org. The new owner of the Lion, Eagle, Bison, Shark, Tiger, Black Bear, Polar Bear and Elephant Zords. And he’s looking to acquire some more. Some which you might even be able to possess with Shiranna’s help.”

Hazzard however wasn’t convinced even though he was momentarily intrigued. “She won’t be easy to control.”

“Oh do not worry. I have ways around that.” Rani said. “Come to Earth, and I’ll tell you what they are.” Hazzard considered Rani’s offer and said, “I’ll leave as soon as possible” before signing off. Master Org looked at Rani and asked “Ways around that?”

“I have a theory about Shiranna and Shayla’s species.” Rani said. “It has been said that they are in touch with every aspect of their own beings as well as being in touch with those they protect.” Master Org asked “So?”

“So I want to see if Shiranna feels the same shame her clones felt when Duke Hazzard had his way with them. And if she can withstand the emotional impact of shame that she herself was powerless to prevent.” Rani said giving another example of her evil. Master Org then asked Rani. “Are you thinking of giving him my Wild Zords?”

“Not yours perhaps. But there could be others I could persuade him into taking.” Rani said before she explained. “Duke Hazzard made it his life’s mission to hunt down those Zords. He will want something, and if I didn’t contact him, he would have found out and we would have dealt with him anyway, only under less than flattering circumstances.”

Master Org considered Rani’s words. “Are they that valuable?”

“Very. And not just by Hazzard either. There have been others that sought the power of the Wild Zords.” Rani said. “If we can crack their secrets I know of one other who can make use of them.”

“Who is that?” Master Org then asked.

“A criminal organization named Black Sun.” Rani answered. “Its leader, Prince Xizor, is involved in every aspect in the universe. Legal and illegal. The more we learn about the Wild Zords, the more we can have Xizor help in distributing the technology to other interested parties. Thus neutralizing other avenues of complication”

“His word holds that much weight?” Master Org asked.

“Much.” Rani answered. “I hope to be in contact with him soon.”

Master Org considered the words laid out to him. While he didn’t like sharing any aspects of the Wild Zords with anyone, he knew Rani was right. There probably are other parties interested in them due to extra terrestrial origins they possess, and some deals would have to be made to keep those parties at bay. If this Hazzard and Xizor could keep them away then it was a risk he was willing to take. ~ Besides, the flow of knowledge runs two ways. I might be able to make use of something to use against the both of them. ~ Master Org thought. “Very well. I shall listen to what they have to say.”

“Excellent. Now for a treat.” Rani said as she got out of the chair, and motioned Master Org to sit down. “What is this?” he asked.

“A gift” she said motioning Master Org to sit in the chair. Master Org did so as he waved his hand allowing the image to begin. What he saw and felt was the defeat of the Wild Force. The loss of their Zords, their crushing defeat, and the sadness that consumed them all. Including the feelings of betrayal Cole felt when his mother was revealed to be the Rani. So much pain and misery, and Master Org loved every minute of it. Especially from Cole.

The more misery he took in the happier he became. Clearly Master Org took great joy in what was presented before him. Rani then waved her hand ending the images and said, “I thought you would enjoy that.”

“I did.” Master Org said with a smile. “Very much.”

After the transmission ended Hazzard thought about what was said, and what he just saw.

Clearly the prizes he sought for millennia were in the hands of another. One that Hazzard himself was not sure if they were entitled to such prizes. ~ Especially since I have spent lifetimes hunting those prizes. ~ he thought.

He also thought of the Rani’s rejuvenation process. The chance to be young again. To be strong. Yes that was something to consider as well.

But then there was also Shiranna. What would the Rani need her for? ~ Could it be that this ‘Master Org’s control is not one hundred percent absolute?~ He also wondered if Shiranna could in fact be used to spirit control of the animals away from this ‘Master Org’, if he proved unworthy to have such ‘prizes’ as the sacred animals. Hazzard considered all the options and risks, and decided that restored youth and vigor were worth the risk.

“Prepare me for my journey.” Hazzard said to his clone attendants who prepared his life support network for travel, along with Hazzard. Hazzard would know if Master Org was worthy to keep the sacred animals.

And if he wasn’t, well Hazzard believed that his hands were more than worthy to possess them.

A day had passed, and Princess Shayla hadn’t stopped crying.

Her friends were gone. Their Wild Zords were stolen. Hope for the Earth was lost. There was nothing else that she could do. Nothing else, but mourn their loss. Just as she mourned the loss of Merrick, her mother, all those that had suffered and died in her life. “It’s over.” She said between sobs. “It’s all over.”

Just then the sacred water erupted distracting Shayla from her period of mourning. Shayla looked at the water and then saw an image before her. An image of the swords placed in the stone thousands of years ago. Brought to the Animarium to fulfil a destiny. A destiny whose time was now.

“The Mininoian Swords. Is it time for them to be pulled from the sacred stone?” Shayla asked herself. The water didn’t answer, but changed its image and had shown Shayla images of five people. Five youths of great courage, strength and goodness. Connected to a similar legacy like that of the Wild Force Rangers. The water then changed to reveal five other people with them when the first five were much younger. These other five had auras of power around them. Auras Shayla recognized the power auras from stories told her by her mother.

“These were Zordon’s Power Rangers! The ones he wound up first choosing on Earth!” Shayla said in amazement. “And the ones to get the Mirinoian Swords are either related to them, or connected to them somehow!”

Shayla knew she had to get to these youths fast, before Master Org found out about them.

Angel Grove

Inside the Youth Center there is a tradition. A tradition that goes back all the way since 1993.

A karate class was being held, and its teacher was very skilled at what he taught. Much like his older cousin was.

Jeremy Lee-Scott led the young students through a series of moves in slow motion, moves reminiscent of a kata. And the students all followed his lead. Jeremy executed his moves with practiced grace and precision quickness that all students were in awe of his skill. When he was finished he then told his students to try some moves on their own.

Unlike Jeremy there were some flaws in the students’ style, which he kindly pointed out, then he gave pointers on how to how to improve their styles as a friend would. “Keep your back leg straight. It helps strengthen your stance.” He told one student. “Don’t be in a rush to do the form. Take it gracefully.” He told another. He continued to go to each student offering pointers as they did the kata. And when they were all finally done they all bowed to Jeremy as he dismissed the class. Then like the other kids Jeremy went to the juice bar where Ernie was already serving up fruit smoothies.

“Here you go Jeremy.” Ernie said as he handed him a smoothie. “Just like Jason used to order them.” Jeremy couldn’t help but smile as Ernie brought up his cousin’s name. It was quite the surprise to Jeremy that when he ordered his first smoothie that Jason liked them the exact same way Jeremy did.

Back when he was much younger Jeremy idolized Jason. He wanted to be just like him from his coolness to his Martial Arts skill. So much so that Jeremy started to take lessons from Jason and Jeremy quickly hammered out his own style of Martial Art combat, much like Jason had done.

He hadn’t heard from Jason in a long time. Not since his friend Trini died. It was then that Jason told Jeremy the truth, that he was a Power Ranger. The Red Morphin Ranger to be precise. This blew Jeremy away. He couldn’t believe that his own cousin was a Power Ranger, at least for the first few minutes then he started to accept it. Who else could have been cool enough to be a Ranger?

But then there was a final battle. A battle where they had to deal with something called ‘the Legacy of Minion’. And in that battle there were casualties. One of them was Trini Kwan. Another was David Trueheart.

But it was Trini’s that hit Jason most of all. After she died Jason became a little more withdrawn. His girlfriend Jamie was with him trying to be as consoling as possible. But then Jason and Jamie left Angel Grove. Jeremy still got postcards from him every now and then, but to this day Jason and Jamie never returned.

“Thinking about Jason?” Ernie asked.

“Is it that obvious?” Jeremy asked.

“Well he was your favorite cousin.” Ernie had said. “Besides there isn’t a guy around here that doesn’t miss him.”

“Same here.” Jeremy said. “I only hope I can be at least half the guy he was. And I hope he comes back again someday.”

“I have a feeling he will.” Ernie said as he then went back to keeping up the bar. Jeremy continued to enjoy his smoothie when a woman came up to her wearing a strange dress. A dress that would give someone quite a few stares if they ever wore it. “Is there something I can do for you?” Jeremy asked.

“Excuse me.” The woman in white said. “But I think I need you to come with me.”

At Angel Grove Cemetery another young girl was making her way to a grave. A grave of someone very special to her.

As time went on the journey never got any easier. No matter how many times she had to take it. It was always a reminder of loss to her. The loss of a very special person who was very close to her, namely her cousin Trini.

Sylvia Kwan made the journey like she had done many times before. An armful of flowers with her as she passed along the gravestones of those she knew or knew of. Those who had fallen in the battle between good and evil. The first gravestone was to the first casualty of the war.

Jessica Belle’s grave

Many times Rocky DeSantos left flowers on her grave, but as he spent more time with Katarina Petronov, the ache in his heart became less and less. Especially when he took Jessica’s wish to heart and lived his life to the fullest once again. Sylvia couldn’t help but wonder if Jessie was looking down smiling at Rocky glad that he was finally living his life, even though like all the other Rangers he too had left Angel Grove after the ‘battle of Minion’s Legacy’. Where the victory came at a terrible price.

Sylvia put that thought out of her mind as she left flowers on Jessie’s grave. She then went onto the next gravestone on her journey. This time however it wasn’t a Ranger that was buried, but one of the Ranger’s foes.

Josie Belle’s grave

She who was known as Circuit Breaker and Psycho Silver. She had fallen in a battle with her arch foe, Silver Zeo Ranger Cassidy Bridges. After the battle, Cassidy had said that Josie was at peace, and that was all she said. After the battle with Minion’s legacy, Cassidy also left. For Paris.

~So much loss. So many people leaving. ~ Sylvia thought. After leaving flowers on Josie’s grave she continued on her journey coming across another gravestone where someone was already standing over it. That someone was Eugene Skullovitch, and the grave he was standing over was that of his friend who fell when the planet Aquitar was liberated.

The grave was none other than that of his friend Farkas Bulkmeier.

“Hi.” Skull had said. Sylvia returned the greeting as both looked down at the tombstone of Bulk. “Making the rounds?” he asked indicating Sylvia’s trips to the cemetary laying down flowers at the graves of those that had fallen. Sylvia nodded. Skull however started reminiscing.

“I was thinking of something. It reminded me of Bulkie. His cousin Biff came into the Youth Center, throwing his weight around like Bulk used to do. Then he saw a group of punks hassling a little geeky kid. Biff came up to them, dared him to take a punch, which the punk did and the punk overbalanced. He slid head first into a mop bucket, and his partner slid head first into a wastebasket.” Skull laughed a little bit as tears flowed down his eyes. “I guess Biff learned something when Bulk and I did all that bumbling.” Sylvia then took Skull into her arms and let him cry on her shoulders. The journeys to Bulk’s grave were never easy for him, and he was always grateful that Sylvia would be there at times making her rounds.

“Thanks.” Skull said collecting himself. Sylvia then asked, “How’s Kim?”

“She’s doing okay. She and Ashley have been coaching her cousin Kelly in college cheerleading.” Sylvia smiled. She and Kelly had been friends as long as Kimberly and Trini had been. Both then turned back to look at Bulk’s grave and Skull had to say, “I miss him.”

“I know.” Sylvia said remembering her own loss, and how painful it was for her.

“Come by often?” Skull asked. Sylvia said no. Skull added, “I should come more.” Then he left leaving Sylvia to continue her rounds after she left some of the flowers she carried on Bulk’s grave. Then she went to another grave of one who had fallen in the battle of Minion’s legacy.

David Trueheart’s grave.

If Tommy was the dark aspect of his family, David was the light. Which made it all the more difficult for Tommy to deal with when David was struck down by Cain when he was ascending to become Orochi. Sure the villain was defeated but the loss the Rangers felt was almost crushing. For Tommy, and Kat who loved David. Tommy once mentioned that if Minion could have seen the battle that he would have been laughing right then. Kat however felt alone and adrift for a long time. Sylvia had no idea how the Pink Zeo Ranger was faring now, but she heard a few things.

Tommy still swung by from time to time along with Lillian. But Kat hadn’t been seen since. It was said that Kat went to London but there were no cards sent. Cassidy however sent e-mails saying that she was okay, seeing as how Cassidy was in Paris and Paris and London were connected by a trans continental tunnel. Cassidy had her own issues to deal with, leading her to take the trip to Paris anyway.

After leaving flowers on David’s grave, Sylvia went on her journey to the last place she had to go. The last grave she had to see. The grave she was meant to go to. The grave of her favorite cousin.

Trini Kwan’s grave.

However she was not the only one at the grave this time. There placing flowers over the grave was a red haired Japanese youth in his mid 20’s. He wore a black outfit with the white shirt underneath and the red pants with the leather belt attaching the two pant-legs. On the back of his jacket, there was a white crescent moon symbol there.

When she saw the man, she felt the blood boil in her body as she clenched her fists, feeling this as an outrage to her and to her cousin’s memory, “What are you doing here! What gives you the right to even be here!”

“She was my cousin too, ” Iori Yagami said solemnly. His eyes no longer reflected the malice or darker intent that had once been there, that the Rangers had all seen in his eyes during the King of Fighters tournament of 1996. He had not been a part of the battle of Minion’s Legacy, though it had affected him. Iori knew a bit more about it than most people did.

“Shut up you monster!” Sylvia spat, “Its because of you! Because of whatever evil you have in you that killed Trini! It’s your fault she’s dead!”

Iori stared at Sylvia hard and long before speaking, “You have no idea how much I want to slap you for being such an idiot.”

“An idiot! You are calling me an idiot!” Sylvia shouted incredulously.

“Here you are saying how much hate is the reason of death. That it was hate for others that brought Trini to her death, ” Iori replied, “And yet here you go condemning me, hating me for something I had nothing to do with.” He walked forward and stared her down, “Do you think I had anything to do with what my ancestors did 660 years ago? My grand parents weren’t even born back then! The feud with the Kusanagi Clan is dead and buried. I am the last of the Yagami. Do you understand what that means to me?”

When Sylvia did not answer him, Iori replied, “It means I walk this earth with no family. I am ronin, without a home. And for what? All because of some dark force that wanted to take over or destroy the world. Who decided that even in defeat, he would take down some more people with him just for kicks. If you want to ‘hate’ someone, hate the beast that killed our cousin Sylvia. Not someone who loved her and had nothing to do with her death.”

“Loved her… how can you even say that!” Sylvia snapped, “You didn’t know her as well as I did.”

“No. I didn’t. I wish I did, ” Iori agreed, “But the handful of times I met her, I liked her. I would have loved to keep in contact with her, to get to know her better, to become real relatives.” He lowered his head and sighed, “But that isn’t going to happen now. I miss her and I know you do to.”

Sylvia just stared at the Yagami heir defiantly until Iori shook his head at her, “I can see my words aren’t sinking in, ” he started to walk away then but Sylvia called out to him, wondering what he was doing. Iori turned back to her and spoke, “You aren’t at peace with what happened to Trini. You never made your peace. Not with me, not with the people around her, and not with Trini herself. You are looking for someone to blame for her death, but I learned the hard way that blaming someone and hating someone is worthless. It will only end up hurting you…” he unbuttoned his shirt and Sylvia gasped in shock as she saw a large, unhealed scar over Iori’s chest. “My hate for Kyo nearly killed me. Don’t make the same mistake.”

Buttoning his shirt again, he turned around but didn’t walk away yet. He spoke one more time. “Good bye Sylvia. I hope you find peace and move on with your life. Trini would want that for you.” With that Iori Yagami walked out of the cemetery, leaving Sylvia alone once more.

Sylvia looked down at the tombstone, and let the flowers fall at the base of it. Then she fell to her own knees and cried. She didn’t stop crying for a long time, and the only words to come out of her mouth were “I miss you so much.”

Sylvia remembered the time she had her first brush with the world of the Rangers. It was at a carnival, she had run off. Trini tried to find her, but Sylvia was caught by some sort of…person who sprayed powder on her. Sylvia didn’t know what had happened but she later found out she was turned into a 2-dimensional card board cut out. When she came to, she found water was splashed onto her, and Trini was there hugging her, glad she was safe.

It was a simpler time, facing a simpler foe. ~ Now the villains are darker and deadlier. And people die. ~ Sylvia thought. ~ And good people can become evil. ~ Sylvia rested her head on the tombstone when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Not bothering to look up she said, “I thought I told you to go away.”

“Not recently you didn’t.” a voice said from behind her. A voice Sylvia knew as she looked up and saw Jeremy looking down at her. “Jeremy?”

“Yeah. It’s me.” Jeremy said as he stood Sylvia back up and hugged her. When Sylvia broke away and looked at a woman in white standing nearby Sylvia wondered what was going on. That was when the woman stepped forward.

“I know this is a bad time. But I need you to come with me.” The woman in white said.

“Okay squad! Ready?!” the head cheerleader shouted. Everyone stood ready to follow their Squad Captain’s lead.

Kelly Hart led the Angel Grove college cheerleaders through the latest routine, even though they were tired as limp noodles. Kelly however tried to boost team spirit in order to keep their drive up by showing all sort of enthusiasm. The more she showed, the more the cheerleaders picked up on her energy. They joined together to form a pyramid with Kelly taking the top. A cheerleader named Bonnie stood at the ground waiting for Kelly to do the final stunt. The leap from the pyramid.

Sure enough Kelly jumped from the top and did a triple somersault as Bonnie reached out and caught her effortlessly. “Great job Bonnie.” Kelly said. Bonnie however gave a mischievous smirk and said, “Are you putting on weight?”

“Ha ha.” Kelly said as she stood up and soon all the cheerleaders took a bow as if they were performing in front of a large crowd. Then Kelly took charge and said “All right girls. That’s it for today. Go on home be ready for the regional competition.” The girls all followed Kelly’s order but one or two stuck around to talk to Kelly.

“I don’t get it. How do you keep your energy up?” a junior cheerleader named Becky asked. “And how do you come up with these cheers? It’s like cheerleading is a natural thing for you.” Kelly couldn’t help but smirk at Becky’s statement. If she knew how nervous Kelly was when she tried out for cheerleading at Angel Grove Middle School then Becky might have had a different opinion of her. As she looked back at who she was all those years ago, Kelly had to realize that she had changed quite a bit from being the shy, timid girl who tried out for the Angel Grove Junior High Cheerleading squad. For one thing she had grown more confident in herself, not to mention she became quite attractive with all the requests for dates she got from fraternity boys. Yes she had changed.

“I had two good teachers. My cousin Kim, and another cheerleader named Ashley Hammond.” The girls’ mouths all dropped at the mention of Kimberly Hart and Ashley Hammond. Ashley especially, who was a legend for Angel Grove high when it came for cheerleading. Kimberly Hart was no slouch either.

Of course Cheerleading wasn’t the only thing Kelly had done. She also worked hours at the Angel Grove Animal Shelter hoping to take care of animals, and trying to find them new homes. Ironically it was the same animal shelter when Kim and Aisha had picked up Kat when she was able to do cat transformations under Rita Repulsa’s control. A time that seemed a lifetime ago.

Kelly never put animals to sleep. She never had to. Kelly always made sure an animal always found a good home when they came to the shelter. The animals were surely grateful for her tender loving care. Kelly never had problems keeping her cheerleading and her animal job separate.

The Cheerleaders were about to ask Kelly more questions. But then she saw some familiar faces enter the college gym, accompanied by a woman in a funny white dress.

“Guys what’s going on?” Kelly asked Jeremy and Sylvia. Her answer came when the woman stepped forward.

“I need your help Kelly. The world needs your help” was all that the woman said.

At NASADA Willy Corbett was helping the NASADA team to determine what the problem was with the orbital telescope. As he reviewed the diagnostic on the video screen he saw the problem. “The lens is cracked. You’ll have to take a shuttle up to repair it.

“Thank you Willy.” General Norquist said as the young genius left the job in the hands of the scientists. Willy was an intern at NASADA, but already he had been called in to help out with many difficult assignments. Partly due to his own genius, but also due to him having an excellent teacher. None other than Billy Cranston.

Willy hardly ever heard from his teacher. He left years ago with his girlfriend Cassandra Chan after their friend Trini Kwan died. Billy was clearly shaken up by the death, since he and Trini had been close friends since forever. It was always assumed that he and Trini would get together, but that day never happened.

His girlfriend Cassie seemed nice enough, but she wasn’t Trini, ~ Nor did she set out to be. ~ Willy told himself. ~ Cassie is a different type of girl. She’s more down to Earth and has an air of goodness about her. Trini however, while a logical intellectual match for Billy, didn’t quite have that air of positiveness that Cassie had. In a way I’d almost think that Cassie was like a mix of Trini and her old friend Kimberly. ~

Willy shook his mind out of the train of thought he was following. He meant no disrespect to Trini, he even attended her funeral. While he was there he met, and quickly became friends with some relatives of some of Trini’s friends. Kimberly Hart’s cousin Kelly, Jason Lee-Scott’s cousin Jeremy, Zack Taylor’s younger brother Curtis, and Trini Kwan’s younger cousin Sylvia.

Willy and Sylvia seemed to hit it off quite well. They really started to form a bond between them, almost like Billy and Trini’s had been. But if there was any romantic attachments between the two, neither one acted on them, at least not yet.

Quickly Willy made his way to lab 4 where some samples from the Mars probe were being examined. An organization called ‘The Mars Society’ was looking into the possibility of trying to establish colonies on Mars, and tried to gather as much information as possible on the planet in hopes of coming up with a plan to set up a colony within the next half century. NASADA took up the challenge, and Willy decided that he would try to help the NASADA staff cut the time so the Mars Society could go to the stars much sooner.

Speaking of those that went into the stars, Willy was once again reminded of two very special relatives of his own that he missed for the last five years. Leo and Michael Corbett. Both had wanted to go on the space colony Terra Venture and yet only Mike was going to be allowed up. However, Leo had up and disappeared ever since the colony left the earth five years ago. Willy thought Leo probably found some way to stowaway on Terra Venture, which as he thought about it now, was probably a mistake for the younger of the two Corbett brothers to have done.

Considering that shortly after the battle of Minion’s Legacy, all contact with Terra Venture had ended abruptly. No one, and that meant every race that was space faring and in the Galactic Commonwealth, had heard from the space colony since. He could only hope that they were both still alive.

Sighing, he decided it would be better for him to get back to his work. Some scientists were concerned that Willy would cut corners on research, but he never did. His intellect was so great that he never needed to. Also it would have done a disservice to his teacher Billy if he cut any corners. As he was getting ready to start a soldier came in with three of Willy’s friends.

“Jeremy, Kelly, Sylvia. What brings you here?” Willy asked. The answer came in the form of the same woman in white who stood with them.

“Willy Corbett. The world needs you.”

Willy let General Norquist know that he had some business to take care of. Norquist said that he understood.

At Club 71 in New York City there was a party going on and D. J. Curtis Taylor was ready to rock the house. He stood by the turntable ready to cut some beats and get the crowd riled up.

“All right! Is everyone read-ay to par-tay?” he shouted to the crowd. The crowd really started to get riled up, but that wasn’t enough for Curtis who wanted a stronger reaction. “I can’t hear you! I said IS EVERYONE READ-AY TO PART-AY?!!!!!

The crowd then shouted an even louder

YEAH!!! and that was his cue to turn up the music. As ‘Friday Night’ from S Club 7 played Curtis scratched the turntable to go along with the music that was playing. And when he reached points where he didn’t scratch then he would perform something his brother had taught him. Hip-hop-kido.

The crowd really at up Curtis’s moves as he did his karate/dance mix to the music. And when he was finished, the crowd ate it up. A rousing ovation echoed the room, and as Curtis took in the applause in the back of his mind he thought ~ Thank you Zack, wherever you are. ~

Curtis thought of his brother Zack who left after the battle of Minion’s Legacy as well. The betrayal of his long time love Angela Baker really struck Zack hard. Finding out that Kali was using her, Shauna Hilton, Molly Stewart, Carolyn Picketts and Marge Blake as her Hana Rangers to spy on Zack and his friends was hard enough. But the betrayal that followed was almost crushing to Zack’s spirit.

It was later revealed that Marge had been assigned to drive a wedge between Cassie Chan, Billy Cranston and Trini Kwan. This wedge had turned Trini to the dark power within her as Marge fostered the hate of the Kusanagi clan within her leading Trini to be consumed by the power of the Yagami that was in her blood. This wedge had led Trini to undergo the Riot of Blood herself which all but destroyed the Trini Kwan everyone knew and loved leaving a dark distorted version of her in her place. This wedge had led to the death of the mentor of the Power Rangers Zordon, as well as the deaths of David Trueheart and Trini herself.

The Hana Rangers turned against Cain in the end true. But they still had to pay for their actions. As such it was ordered that the Hanas had to spend an indefinite amount of time in their cat forms, never able to transform to human, Ranger or cat monster forms again. Sure enough the Hanas were trapped as cats to this day. Where they were now however was a mystery. Although it was assumed that family and friends would have cared for them, except for Carolyn who had no one left on Earth to care for her.

Zack however was a mess afterwards. He had loved Angela, and he didn’t know what was worse. Her betrayal or her fate. Curtis made his way to his dressing room thinking sarcastically ~ Even if she were to be human again she’s probably the only girl in a house that could double as a wife and the family pet. ~ . So heartbroken was Zack that he left Angel Grove not wanting to be found. Out of all the Rangers he was one with no trail to follow if anyone needed him. Even his communicator was left behind.

Curtis shook the thoughts of Zack out of his head as he arrived at his dressing room where the bar manager was waiting. “Wow Curtis. That Hip-Hop-Kido you do was great. Where did you learn how to do that?”

“My brother taught me.” Curtis said feeling a slight pang of sadness. “We were close.”

“I’d like to meet him someday.” The manager said. Curtis promised he’d pass along the message when he got a postcard from him. When that would be he didn’t know. “Oh by the way there are some people here to see you. They said they were friends of yours.”

“Who?” Curtis asked. The manager led him to where five people stood. Four of them Curtis knew. One he didn’t. “Jeremy, Sylvia, Kelly, Willy. What are you guys doing here?” Curtis asked. His answer came in the form of a woman in a white dress with leaflets running through her hair like a crown. “I need you to come with me” was what she said.

Back at Arcadia the Ogrons were waiting for the transmat beam to activate signifying the arrival of their guest. Sure enough the apparatus activated and a figure attended by several identical women who were scantly clad materialized on the platform.

The Ogron Captain then walked forward and offered his greetings. “Welcome Duke Hazzard. Mistress Rani is awaiting you.” Hazzard nodded as he then said “Has my cargo arrived yet?”

“It is materializing now.” The Ogron Captain said as some more clones appeared standing with a cryo tube. One clone came forward and said “She still sleeps, but she senses the pain of the animals here.” Hazzard nodded knowing that the clones would be in touch with the cryo tube occupant’s emotions. Hazzard then ordered the clone to “Wake her.”

The clone nodded as she joined her ‘sisters’ in opening the cryotube. The gases within dispersed into the air as the lid was raised and the figure within started to stir. It wasn’t long before the figure opened her eyes as a wave of emotion overcame her conscious form.

A wave of pain, torment and personal shame.

Rani stood nearby the transmat booth awaiting the arrival of her special visitor, who according to an Ogron guard, had just arrived. “He is being transmatted as we speak.” The Ogron said.

Sure enough Rani turned around and saw Duke Hazzard, once proud game hunter in the galaxy sitting in a wheelchair, hooked up to a portable version of the life support network he had while on Elysia Seven. Rani welcomed Hazzard, however Hazzard was strictly business. “You said that you had some of the beasts, and a way to cure my condition. Where are they?”

“That’s partly true.” Rani said. “While I do have the cure for your condition, I’m afraid that I don’t have the beasts. However I know who does.” Hazzard wondered who it was when the person in question walked into the lab.

“Greetings.” Master Org said standing in the hallway. “So you are Duke Hazzard. You are the one who had pursued the sacred animals all his life. Animals I now have.”

“What are you getting at?” Hazzard asked. “I am much too old for games.”

“An arrangement.” Rani said. “While it’s true Master Org has the Sacred Animals in his posession, you however have a piece of the puzzle to make that control easier.” Hazzard nodded in understanding. “Shiranna.”

“Exactly.” Rani said. “I will restore you, and allow you to make use of the Sacred Beasts, if you allow us use of your favorite…. possession.”

Hazzard considered the offer. While it was true that Master Org had the sacred animals under his control that control may not be totally absolute, which was why they needed Shiranna. Also his own experiences hunting the sacred beasts could be an asset to them. Also with Shiranna, he had a way to upset the Orgs’ control if he needed to. Seeing that he had everything to gain and nothing to lose Hazzard accepted the offer.

“Excellent. Now my guards will escort you to the lab where the procedure will begin.” Hazzard was then escorted to one of the Rani’s labs where Jindrax and Toxica were waiting. “So this is the greatest game hunter in the galaxy?” Jindrax asked looking at Hazzard as if he was nothing special. “I’m not too impressed.”

Hazzard then drew out a torch blade, and brought it to Jindrax’s throat with such speed Jindrax couldn’t believe it. “Watch yourself boy. Or you will find out how deadly I am. I may not have the reflexes I used to when I was younger, but I am still quite dangerous.” A look on Hazzard’s face was also enough to ensure Jindrax that what Hazzard was saying was no idle boast. This was a being who meant business, and Jindrax and Toxica both knew that now.

“Okay! No problem! No Problem!” Jindrax said as he and Toxica backed away. Toxica herself couldn’t wait to get some distance from Hazzard, but Master Org made sure his two Duke Orgs didn’t go too far away as he stood in the doorway. Master Org studied Hazzard and liked what he had seen. Hazzard himself looked over the equipment, and admitted to not having seen anything like it. There were two platforms on each side, and in the middle seemed to be a grid of some kind. It didn’t look all that impressive but Hazzard knew that when it came to the Taelons, seeing was believing. “So what is this procedure?” Hazzard asked.

“A rejuvenation procedure that the Taelons had invented.” The Rani had said. “Essentially your molecules are reprocessed through the central filter and then come out on the other platform re-energized with new youth and vigor. They tried this procedure on many worlds using old and discarded soldiers to put on the front line against their war with the Jaridians.” Hazzard considered the words Rani said, but something still bothered him. “I can’t believe that once youth and vigor were restored to someone that they would ultimately help the Taelons at the drop of a hat. There has to be a catch.”

“Correct.” Rani said. “There was an ulterior motive to the procedure. It was also designed to impart blind loyalty to the Taelons so that the subject would do anything that was asked of them.” Hazzard immediately felt the wish to refused the procedure. He was going to be no one’s follower, but the Rani reassured him. “A kill switch has been applied to the machine so that you can go through without any programming put into your mind.”

Hazzard allowed himself a sigh of relief. He never allowed himself to be weak willed. “But what about Shiranna?” Hazzard asked.

“She will undergo the procedure WITH the programming. Only she will obey you.” Rani replied. Hazzard thought for a while and decided that he liked that arrangement. “Very well. Help me please?” Rani nodded and two Ogrons helped Hazzard out of his life support system and onto the first platform of the Taelon Second Chances machine. Master Org leaned over and asked Rani “Why did you not allow the programming to take effect? We could have him under our control and the Wild Zords would be all mine leaving him with nothing.”

“Hazzard is strong willed and resourceful.” Rani said. “If programming was instilled into him it wouldn’t be long before he would figure it out and he would hunt us down. I don’t want another thorn in my side if I can help it. That’s why he’s going through free will intact. Also he controls Shiranna. If there was even a hint of deception Hazzard would make sure we weren’t able to use Shiranna in any way once we got the Wild Zords.

“Besides, hunting them was his passion. How can one override that?” Master Org nodded in understanding. His own passion for his work as Dr. Adler was so strong nothing could truly break it. And his own passion with his actions as Master Org had just as much drive to them. How could one control that? “I understand.” Master Org had said as he saw Duke Hazzard on the first platform. “Are you ready?” Rani asked.

“Proceed.” The infirm form of Hazzard said. Rani began the procedure and Hazzard felt his molecules break down and himself enter the buffer directly behind him. As he went through the buffer the molecules started to change as they were being reprocessed and re-energized. Soon the molecules reassembled on the other end of the buffer, and on the second Second Chances platform, a new being appeared. A far cry from the infirm old man who stood before.

On the other platform Duke Hazzard appeared. Reborn and at the age he used to be when he was the most terrible hunter throughout the galaxy. Taking a breath with his newly restored lungs he felt more energized than he had been in a long time. “Thank you Rani. I feel more alive than I had in a long time”

“No problem. Now for the next subject.” Rani then turned to the door where two Ogrons were bringing in a sobbing woman. Her clothes and necklace were removed from her leaving only a cloth covering her private areas. Rani was about to go to her when Hazzard walked over to her and sneered “Sleep well?”

Shiranna looked at Hazzard’s face, an exact image of the monster she faced when he came for the Wild Zords and she gave a swipe of her hand scratching his face. Hazzard felt the scratches left by Shiranna and looked at the woman. “I remember everything. What you did to me. What you did to those…aspects…of me. YOU’RE DISGUSTING!!!” Hazzard was about to respond but Rani held him back.

“I guess my researches were true. Whatever your clones feel you feel. And what you feel is shame.” Rani said looking at Shiranna who looked like a shell of the woman she was. “Don’t worry though. You’ll come out of this a new woman.” Then with a snap of her fingers the Ogrons came and placed Shiranna on the first platform of the second chances device.

Shiranna continued to struggle, but it was to no avail. “What are you going to do to me?” she asked. Rani didn’y bother to answer as she was about to activate the procedure when Hazzard stepped forward. “No let me. Rest assured I can operate the device.”

Rani looked at Shiranna and figured that Hazzard probably would want the honors of initiating the process. She then nodded and stepped back allowing Hazzard to use the Second Chances procedure on Shiranna. Before beginning however he tripped the kill switch activating the programming that would take over Shiranna’s mind and make her more…docile. “You will enjoy everything you do for me from here on.” Hazzard smiled with an evil smile that sent momentary chills down Shiranna’s spine. The last emotions she would have as herself.

Hazzard then began the procedure as Shiranna’s molecules underwent the same molecular breakdown and journey through a buffer that Hazzard did, but what came out on the other side was someone who was not quite the Shiranna that anyone would have remembered.

Shiranna came out on the other side looking twenty Earth years younger, and more ‘endowed’. Her robes and necklace were given back to her by the Ogrons who manhandled her as they escorted her off the platform like an honored guest instead of as Hazzard’s prisoner. As she put them back on she then cast her eyes onto the first man she saw, Duke Hazzard and felt a rush of emotion within her, an emotion that she never experienced before when he was concerned. Quickly she ran up to him…

…and embraced him like he was a long lost love. Jindrax and Toxica were shocked to say the least, especially since she was spitting curses only a few seconds ago. Of course she was older a few seconds ago as well. As Jindrax watched Shiranna kiss Hazzard with passion and affection he couldn’t help but ask “Didn’t she just hate him a few seconds ago?”

“I was foolish then. But now I have seen the light.” Shiranna said as she looked longingly at Hazzard again. “Forgive me Duke. I’m sorry for having hurt you”.

“No apologies are necessary. In fact your scars are a gift. I shall wear them like a badge of honor.” Duke said as he looked at the woman who had once been his most deadly foe now reduced to an obedient lovesick puppy and kissed her. Off to the side Rani, Jindrax, Toxica, and Master Org watched.

“Now we have a means to get more Wild Zords under our control.” Rani said. “If it comes to that.”

Republic City

Not far away from the chambers where the New Galactic Council met was a tower. A tower that was a place of business, and of residence, to its owner.

Prince Xizor was known to many as a ruthless, and accomplished royal who had aided the Galactic Council on numerous occasions. However he was also known as something else in far less respectable circles.

He was also known as the head of the criminal organization known as Black Sun.

If there was anything illegal going on Xizor knew of it. Even Dark Range Platform, which was known for underworld deals, wasn’t safe from him. Xizor had his hand into everything. Extortion, spice smuggling, slave trades in the Uncharted Territories, anything and everything was Xizor’s to know. And Xizor also took great pains to make sure nothing ever found its way back to him.

If anything did, the punishment was severe, and at this time Xizor was about ready to deliver some punishment on some who failed a job smuggling out sacred scrolls to a new client that Xizor had interest in. A client by the name of Lothor.

Lothor was a ninja master exiled from the Wind Ninja Academy on Earth. Lothor sought to acquire dark magical powers and was excluded by the sensei of the academy. Even though exiled Lothor sought to gain dark magic in hopes of one day returning to Earth and destroying all the ninja academies there leaving the planet without protectors. He even acquired some help with two Rangers of his own called the Thunder Rangers in case anyone was found who could use the Wind Ranger morphers the sensei of the Wind Academy had.

But right now Lothor was not his concern. Xizor had confidence that he could handle things on his own. Right now Xizor had to teach those that failed the price of failure…as his sparring partners.

Xizor stood ready in his training gi looking at the five fighters before him. “Proceed!” he said as the five jumped up high into the air and Xizor ducked under doing a forward roll going straight under them. When he stood Xizor decided to go hand to hand with his opponents first. As his opponents recovered Xizor got a running charge and landed hand to hand strikes with accurate precision. Four of the sparrers went down, but the fifth decided to play with a sword, and give Xizor a deadly strike.

The blade connected, and the gash was evident, but Xizor didn’t mind. “Finish me!” he ordered. Sure enough the four rejoined the fifth and they charged him again, but the prince was ready.

In a split second Xizor jumped up he reached for a sword that was nearby and, with one stroke, decapitated four of the ‘sparring partners’ Xizor had. Only one was left, the one with the sword first, and Xizor looked at him with a sinister look.

“I shall make it easy for you.” Xizor said as he tossed his sword to his final opponent. “Now, attack me!” The assailant did so as he drew back the sword ready to strike. As the blade descended Xizor caught the blade with his hands, and delivered a kick to the stomach causing the final assailant to drop the blade. Xizor then grabbed the final assailant, and snapped his neck causing him to die instantly.

Xizor stood before a mass of bodies when his assisstant Guri walked in. She was a blonde haired human, at least by appearances. She was actually a replica droid, who was the only female immune to a special pheromone Xizor had that made women irresistible to him. Since Guri was artificially created, she didn’t have the emotional responses that females usually had when the pheromone was activated. Guri looked over the carnage and asked “Did the sparring session go well my prince?”

“This was too easy.” Xizor said. “Hardly any sport at all.” Xizor then looked at his aide and asked “What brings you here Guri?”

“A call has come in, from the Rani.” Guri said. “She says she has the Wild Zords, and means to control them, and wants to know if you would wish to be involved in the distribution of their technology.” Xizor’s eyes only reflected mild surprise. Rarely had the Rani called him, but when she did it was usually for something beneficial.

The prince’s first deal with the Rani involved smuggling a new form of mind numbing narcotic to council outposts in use for a UAE mission. Xizor also distributed the antidote to the council which led to a bloody series of battles in which Xizor added to a very lucrative fortune. No leaks were traced back to him, and on occasion Rani offered other lucrative propositions where both benefited. Xizor in wealth and standing, and Rani in ways only known to her.

~And now she has the Wild Zords of Elysia Seven?~ Xizor thought as he considered the words presented to him. It was true that the Sacred Beasts held a lot of potential, a potential he might be willing to put to use if the secrets were unlocked. Clearly the Black Sun Prince was intrigued.

“What all does she have?” Xizor asked.

“The new controller of the beasts is Master Org, who has a touch of human in him allowing his control. Also present is Duke Hazzard, who has the Elysian woman Shiranna who can also establish control.” Xizor was intrigued by the proposal, but asked one last thing. “There were Rangers guarding them. What happened to them?”

“Dealt with, by the help of Taelon technology.” Xizor’s eyes went wide upon hearing this. Usually Taelons didn’t share their technology with anyone. And their main focus has been on their war with the Jaridians. Quickly Xizor became more and more interested.

“What about the others that have desired the zords?” Xizor asked. “There have been others who sought to claim them.” Guri answered “She hopes that you will be able to silence them with promises to distribute the technology, on your own terms of course.” Clearly Xizor saw an opportunity to increase his own power, wealth and standing in the universe. For it was no only evil that wanted the zords, but kings and queens of planets on the council that sought the secrets of the Wild Zords. And if they had to take back door approaches, well Xizor could leave such a door open.

“Have my shuttle prepared.” Xizor ordered. “Let Rani know I will be visiting her soon.” The next day Xizor left Eltar and made his way towards Earth, where the Sacred Beasts waited.

Back on Earth the five new potential recruits were led through a mystical portal to where the Animarium currently was. No one knew exactly where they were, but when they came to a ledge, and saw noting but sky below, the five were just in awe.

“Wow, a land mass that hovers high above the clouds!” Willy said. Sylvia translated saying “He said it’s a floating island.” After the woman led the five to the sacred waters she then turned to the assembled young people and introduced herself.

“Welcome to the Animarium my young friends.” Shayla said to the young people assembled before her. “I’m Princess Shayla.”

“Pleasure. I’m Jeremy Lee-Scott.” Jeremy said in introduction. The others then followed giving their introductions in a friendly manner.

“Kelly Hart.”

“Curtis Taylor.”

“Sylvia Kwan.”

“Willy Corbett.”

“And now that the introductions are over may we ask why we are here?” Jeremy then asked.

Shayla quickly explained. “I know you five have connections to the original Power Rangers. It’s in part to those connections why you are here.”

“Yeah.” Curtis said. “My brother was the original Black Ranger. Kelly’s cousin Kimberly was the original Pink Ranger. Sylvia’s cousin was the original yellow. Jeremy’s cousin was the original red, and Willy was trained by the original Blue Ranger Billy Cranston.”

They were mentored by Zordon of Eltar weren’t they?” Everyone nodded in answer to Shayla’s question then she continued. “I used to be mentor to a team myself. They were known as the Wild Force Power Rangers. They were dedicated to the preservation of the Earth and its animals.”

“I’ve read about them in the news reports.” Willy said. “They seem to be quite the impressive team.”

“Where are they?” Kelly asked. “I assume this was where they were headquartered. Where else would Rangers be other than a floating island?” The last line she said in humor, but a look on Shayla’s face indicated that she wasn’t laughing.

“Something terrible had happened to them. I feel that they might have…” Shayla seemed to be ready to cry, and Kelly didn’t feel like anything was very funny anymore. She and Jeremy both went to Shayla’s side offering comfort. “I’m sorry about your friends.” Kelly said in apology.

“It’s all right.” Shayla had said. “But still I am digressing. Since the loss of the Wild Force I need to find some new candidates to be a new team of Rangers. The sacred waters told me that you five have connections to past Rangers.”

Sylvia looked at Shayla and asked, “Do you know what happened to those Rangers? The last battle they were in? Those who died, and those who were betrayed?” Willy looked at Sylvia wondering if she asked a good question, but Shayla didn’t mind.

“I do. And I’m sorry for your loss. If it’s any consolation. I think loss is something you and I know very well.” Sylvia nodded, but didn’t feel like sharing her feelings about Trini just yet. She didn’t know Shayla all that well yet. Willy then asked “Is it only because of our connections to Rangers that you have come for us? Shouldn’t our own worth dictate our ability to become Rangers?” Shayla also found this to be a good question.

“As I said before it is in part of those past connections that you were brought here.” Shayla explained. “But you also have to prove yourself worthy by your own merits if you are to acquire the power that is waiting for you.”

“Power?” Sylvie asked. Shayla then led the five young people through some brush to reveal a set of paths. “Each path presents a challenge for you. If you make it through successfully you will all find the same destination. If you fail…”

Everyone understood the consequences if they failed in their missions. Shayla then turned to the young people and then said “I can’t ask you to undertake this journey. I leave it up to you. If you succeed then you will become Guardians of the Earth, with all the power and responsibility that entails. However it is well within your rights to refuse, and I can try to find someone else worthy.”

“But do you have the time to do that?” Willy asked. Shayla didn’t answer, for she wasn’t sure if she had time to find five new chosen ones or not. The silence hung in the air until Jeremy broke it and said “I’m in.”

“So am I.” Kelly said.

“Ditto.” From Curtis.

“It will be quite an adventure.” Willy said.

Sylvia paused briefly before answering. Her mind was on Trini and what happened when she was put in this position. She knew Zordon offered them the chance to refuse the power when it was first offered, but Rita wouldn’t let the refusal stand. She attacked them leaving Trini and her friends no choice but to accept. Even the refusal would carry consequences, but if she accepted the trials before her…

“What must we do?” Sylvia said giving her answer.

“Just follow your paths. You must only choose one though. Each path will present a challenge for you. Pass the challenge, and you will be led to where the powers wait for you.” The five young people nodded, and each one chose their path. They made their way down beginning their respective journeys.

“Good luck.” Shayla said to the departing youths.

Jeremy walked through the brush of the Animarium jungle coming up to a clearing with a stone circle in the center. As Jeremy descended to the circle he thought he heard drums beating in the background. When he got to the inside of the circle the drums got louder.

Then he found himself surrounded by what seemed to be screaming masses of people. All roaring loudly. All looking forward to something happening. “What the? Where am I?” he asked himself. No answer came forth, but an honor guard carrying a masked person on a throne appeared. The honor guard set the throne down on the ground, and then released the rods that they carried it with. All eyes focused on the person in the chair, including Jeremy’s.

The figure seemed to be the height of a child wearing white robes. Yet he carried himself in a manner of distinction, almost like he was royalty of some kind. Everyone was then silent as the individual raised his hands making ready to speak.

“We are gathered here today, to bear witness to a challenge.” The strange person said, almost sounding like a little boy. He cast his hand in Jeremy’s direction and said “This one seeks to prove himself worthy of being the one to earn the Winged Falcon crystal. The question however is ‘is he truly worthy?'”

There seemed to be indifference from the crowd but Jeremy stepped forward and addressed the person on the throne and the crowd. “I’m no stranger to challenges. I’d like to say that I don’t have time for this, but I have the sneaking suspicion that you will make time. Even if what I have to do lies in me taking part in this ritualistic battle that seems to be placed before me.”

“Then you accept the trial by combat?” the hooded person on the throne asked. Jeremy said, “A true champion takes on all comers. If your champion is someone I have to beat to gain the animal crystal, then yes I do accept the combat.”

“Very well. But victory may not come in the way you think.” The hooded boy said as he waved his arms signifying the drummers to announce the approach of the tribal village’s champion. When Jeremy saw him, he was clearly impressed, and worried.

As he saw the champion Jeremy knew right away that he was in good physical shape. Broad shoulders, washboard stomach, and moves so quick as he seemed to be a martial arts master. A series of kicks, punches and spinning kicks done as fast as his cousin Jason had done them convinced Jeremy that his opponent was a superior fighter, even better than him. ~ Or even Jason. ~ he thought.

“You fancy yourself a champion, let’s see if you have the heart of a champion” the masked person said as Jeremy looked on at his opponent. He knew this would not be an easy fight.

Kelly walked through her section of the Animarium forest wondering what she would find. One thing she was glad she didn’t have to deal with were mosquitoes. Especially since she was wearing a t-shirt and shorts that left her forearms and legs exposed.

Kelly had come a long way since she was a brace faced, freckle faced 11 year old trying out for the Angel Grove High Junior cheerleading squad. She had grown into what some would have called a real looker. She was part of the popular clubs in high school, even a cheerleader. She was invited into all the ‘in’ crowds. Kelly Hart had come a long way from being the wallflower of Junior High. She was much more attractive. Her clothing style was different than that of Junior High. Even her address book was filled up with lists of names from boys interested in her. Yet through it all something was missing. Something that was a part of her, yet she couldn’t quite touch.

Kelly’s thoughts were interrupted when she heard sounds of a struggle. A struggle she ran towards wondering who or what was in trouble. What she saw she didn’t expect.

On the other side of the clearing were two brutes who were pulling a deer along with a lasso. One did the actual pulling while the other whipped the deer in the back trying to get it to move. Howls of “Get a move on you animal!” were heard as the brutes moved the deer along brutally. More brutal than Kelly could take.

“STOP!!!” she shouted getting the brutes attention. Both turned and saw Kelly come at them doing a handspring. When she was close enough she jumped up from her hands and delivered a drop kick to the first brute’s face. Then she did a leg sweep to the second knocking him down. Quickly she got back up and made her way to the deer. “You okay?” she asked as she tried to get the harness of it.

The two brutes however were back on their feet. One pointed at Kelly and shouted. “Let go of that deer. He’s ours.”

“Oh? I don’t see your names on it. In fact all I saw was you two beating up on it.” Kelly shouted as she got into a fighting stance.

“The deer is ours. We do with it as we please.” The second brute said. “Any who stand in our way will be crushed. And that includes you!” Kelly however stood ready and waved her hand as if telling them to come forward. “Bring it on.”

The brutes did so as they got running charges in order to attack Kelly. Kelly however was very agile and dodged the charges. The brutes turned around and attacked Kelly giving a set of strikes, kicks and punches which she was able to block or evade. She moved like lightning with an incredible grace and like lightning she struck hard knocking the brutes down. “Looks like cheerleading and self defense save the day again.” Kelly said as she mentally thanked her cousin Kim for the lessons.

“What kind of witch are you?” one of the two brutes said to Kelly. Kelly however answered. “Don’t worry about that. Worry about what will happen if you don’t let go of that deer.”

“What makes you think you can stop us. You’re nothing but a little girl” one of the brutes said. Kelly was about to respond but then felt a change within herself.

Kelly looked at her body and found herself regressing back to being the freckle faced 11-year old girl she was before she started cheerleading. “What? What’s happening to me?” she asked herself as her body was changing. The transformation however didn’t stop there.

Soon she found herself aging again, only her memories were changing as well. Instead of memories where she was a cheerleader, she was nothing more than a wall flower. Hair all strung up, freckles clearly evident, even a few pounds around the waist and rear. “What?” she asked herself trying to comprehend the changes that were happening so quickly for her. Soon the changes stopped and the next thing she heard were the brutes laughing at her.

“Ha Ha! What are you going to do now little girl?” one brute asked.

“What can you do?” the second brute asked in mocking. And as Kelly Hart looked down at her new form she asked herself that same question.

For due to reasons she could not fathom Kelly Hart was turned into what popular crowds would deem a nobody.

Willy’s path led him to the mountains of Animaria where he walked through a series of caves. His scientific curiosity was intrigued by the shaping of the strata, but he also kept his focus on the trial that would come for him, even if he didn’t know for sure what form that trial would take. Willy walked a few more meters when he heard screams coming from the distance. Quickly he ran to see what the problem was. When he arrived he was shocked, and horrified by what he saw.

What he saw were the people of Terra Venture, hovering over a lava pit waiting for the floor to give out. He didn’t see any familiar faces, but the uniforms were unforgettable. Willy couldn’t see if Leo or Mike were among those hovering, as if waiting for the other shoe to drop, but he figured they were there somewhere.

“They will die soon. Unless you help them.” A voice said from around him. “What can I do?”

A pedistal was right in front of Willy with several pieces on it. “If you solve the puzzle the people will be safe. If you fail, you will join them forever.”

It was a no-brainer for Willy. People were in danger, and two of them could be his own brothers. “No contest.” Willy said. “I’ll take the challenge.”

“Remember, solve it before time runs out.” Willy set to work on trying to figure out which pieces went where. The puzzle seemed simple enough, with the right amount of time he should have it solved. But then he noticed the people fall a little. “What happened?” Willy asked.

“The suspension spell is wearing off. If you don’t solve it soon they all will die.” The figure said. Willy looked down and saw the lava rise up to the platform he stood on. Soon Willy would be immersed in lava as well.

“Take my hand.” A hovering figure said stretching out his hand. “What about the people of Terra Venture?” Willy asked.

“Forget them. I can save you!” the figure said. Willy looked at the people coming closer to the lava, and the lava rise up to Willy’s feet. Then he cast his eyes on the puzzle below, almost solved.

Or was it?

In a section of Animaria that would remind one of a rainforest Sylvia walked through the brush when she felt a raindrop hit her forehead. Others followed and soon the slight rain became a full fledged rainstorm. She ran as fast as she could until she came to a clearing, or more to the point, a road.

~I wonder where this goes. Perhaps to a shelter. ~ Sylvia thought as she ran down the path as fast as she could. Her vision started to blur, as she thought she saw shapes and silhouettes before her. “Hello? Is someone there?” she shouted amidst the pouring rain. The shapes didn’t answer, but Sylvia thought she could make out several of them. Shapes that looked familiar.

The shapes looked like Trini. “Trini? Is that you?”

The images didn’t answer, and Sylvia stopped running wondering if she could make them out. Strangely enough one looked like Trini and Sylvia doing a Mantis Kung Fu exercise. After a blink of the eyes the image changed, to Sylvia graduating from high school, another blink brought forth an image of Trini helping Sylvia get ready for her first date.

“These are memories.” Sylvia said. “My memories…of Trini.” Then she heard the voice.


Sylvia turned to the direction of the voice. No one called her that for years. No one except…




Sylvia ran as fast as she could through the rain, hoping to find what was on the other end her cousin waiting for her. As fast as she ran it seemed like Trini’s voice was getting further and further away. “Sylvie” the voice said again. This only made Sylvia want to run faster.

Finally Sylvia reached the end of the path, and the voice seemed close enough to hear. “Hello Sylvie” the voice of Trini said. “Is it really you Trini? Or am I just hallucinating?” Sylvia asked as the rain let up and her vision cleared, revealing the face of her favorite cousin who died.

“How real do you want it to be?” ‘Trini’ asked. Sylvia said “I miss you Trini. I miss you so much.”

“Shhh. I’m here.” ‘Trini’ said as she held Sylvia closer to her. Tears fell down Sylvia’s face as she believed that her cousin had come back from the dead. Then she felt a heat on her, a heat from where ‘Trini’s’ hand was. A hand that was generating purple fire.

Sylvia then looked up and what she saw made her eyes go wide with shock. The person’s face she was looking into was Kali’s.

“Hello Sylvie.” Kali said with an evil smile on her face. Sylvia tried to get loose, but Kali held her jacket tightly keeping Sylvia in place, long enough to do a flaming backhand that sent Sylvia flying out of her jacket and into the muddy ground nearby. Her shirt, skirt, and boots were all dirty. And through the rain the purple flamed image of Kali walked towards her.

“Why must the rain fall down on the boulevard of broken dreams?” Kali said singing a Lita Ford song lyric that seemed appropriate for the situation Sylvia was in.

Curtis walked down his trail until he came to an empty chamber with something of a sky light in the center. At the center of the sky light were two green bracelets. “Enter” a voice said bidding Curtis to come inside.

“Stand in the light.” The voice directed. “We will ask you questions to determine your worthiness. If you give a wrong answer you could be found unworthy to receive the power.” Curtis nodded yet also wondered if there was more to this test than just a simple Q&A. It just seemed too easy.

“Who are you?” the figure asked. Curtis answered “Curtis Taylor.”

The answer sent a wave of silence Curtis. Again the question was asked “Who are you?” Again Curtis answered “Curtis Taylor.” And again silence followed.

“That is only a name. Who are you?” Curtis tried to come up with an answer. “I’m…a D. J. at Club 71 in New York. I went to college.” Again there was silence and Curtis then asked “What is this for? Why are you asking this question over and over?”

“Do you have nothing?” the figure asked. “Do you hide yourself with names, and accomplishments which are more a reflection on your brother than you? Do you have nothing that is your own?”

“What are you talking about?” Curtis asked. Again the voice asked “For the last time. Who are you?”

This time Curtis answered the question with a question. “Does it matter?” The voice was confused that Curtis would ask this question. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that I could be Ray Charles, or King Kong Bundy, or Kid Rock, or anybody. And they could tell you the same thing. Their names, their jobs, what they wish to do with their lives, what they hope to inspire in people. Every one of us wants to do something in their lives worthwhile. Some of us succeed. Some of us don’t.” was Curtis’s answer.

The voice paused for a brief second then asked another question. “You carry a pain with you. One that is not your own. Whose is it?”

Curtis answered this one right away. “My brother’s. He was betrayed and so were his friends.”


“Someone he loved…helped a psycho witch. It led to two of his friends dying, and someone that was like a father to him…being murdered.” The voice seemed to be empathetic, yet confused. “Why do you keep this pain? It is not yours.”

“Because…” Curtis paused as if trying to bring forth an answer. It was on the tip of his tongue yet the words couldn’t come out. Then with effort he said the words “Because brothers always look out for one another.”

“Not all the time.” The voice said. “Sometimes one must stand on their own. Not have the shackles of family to hold them down.”

“I wouldn’t call myself being shackled.” Curtis said in defense. “It’s just that Zack had always been an inspiration for me. And when Angela betrayed him, he just wasn’t the same.”

“But why do you still carry this pain?” the voice asked as a scream filled the cavern. Curtis heard the scream and threw the bracelets onto the ground running towards it. “Stop! You haven’t finished!”

“I have now. And if you find me unworthy for throwing down your bracelets find me unworthy. Right now someone’s in trouble!” Curtis let those words hang as he found out the source of the trouble. A girl was holding on for dear life to a rock face ready to fall to the chasm below. Curtis reached out with his hand hoping the girl would grab for it. “REACH OUT!!! REACH FOR MY HAND!!!” Curtis said.

“I CAN’T!!!” the girl said as she was out of Curtis’s reach. Curtis moved down further hoping to see the girl and grab on. Briefly he wondered where he heard the girl’s voice before, but when he saw the girl’s face he was in shock.

Holding on for dear life, and in human form, was Zack’s former sweetheart Angela.

Jeremy looked at the fighter before him as he sized him up. Right away he could tell that he was a formidable foe, and was not sure how to beat him. The roar of the crowd was deafening urging the fight to start. Jeremy however was being patient. He was going to let his opponent make the first move.

~Jason said that you could always tell a lot about an opponent with the way he fires the punch, or kick. ~ he thought as he continued to look at his adversary. The adversary was also sizing up Jeremy wondering if he would make the first move. The roar of the crowd became even more deafening as it demanded the fight to begin. This put even more pressure on the fighters as they wondered who would break, and attack first. The champion broke first as it fired a perfect roundhouse kick which Jeremy was barely able to dodge.

Jeremy then went on the offensive. He delivered punches and kicks against his opponent as he was able to dodge and block each one. The champion tried to land some shots of his own in between blocks, which Jeremy was able to block, except for one in the solar plexus.

Realizing that he had an advantage champion broke away and let Jeremy collect himself. ~ He’s good. How am I going to beat him?~ he asked himself as he got back into a fighting stance. The two faced each other again and this time it was Jeremy who launched an attack, which Champion was able to block. Again it was another seesaw match, until Champion was able to land in some more strikes sending Jeremy down to the ground. The crowd was eating it up.

As Jeremy lay down on the ground he saw a handful of dirt on the ground. He contemplated picking in up and throwing it in Champion’s face. ~ It would be so easy. Blind him and get the shot in. Perhaps even a cheap shot. Might be the only way I can beat this guy. ~ Jeremy noticed a spot in Champion’s defense that was wide open. A kick to the groin and then he could mount the attack. Perhaps even a rake to the face. But as Jeremy thought about it, he knew it wouldn’t be right. It would have gone against all the lessons of fair play Jason had taught him.

~No. If I lose then I’ll lose fairly. ~ Jeremy thought as he got up and faced Champion one more time. The crowd seemed to be behind Jeremy as he got back up to face Champion again. The two fought again exchanging blows and blocks. Champion even tried to get in a leg sweep but Jeremy was able to dodge it. However it would be an attempted middle block which left his chest open that would allow Champion to get in the finishing blow and send Jeremy down to the ground. He had lost.

Jeremy looked up and saw Champion offer his hand out. Jeremy looked at it and took it as Champion helped him up. Both of them bowed and shook hands as if saying they had a great match.

So why was it that the referee came and raised Jeremy’s hand in victory? And why was it the masked person stepped forward with the Falcon Crystal in his hand ready to give it to him?

“Congratulations. You have won.” The person said as he held out the Falcon Crystal for Jeremy to have. Jeremy hesitated as he then asked “Who was that fighter?” With a nod from the masked boy the fighter unmasked himself leaving a look of shock on Jeremy’s face.

For the face of the fighter he fought was none other than the face of Jeremy Lee-Scott. “How can this be?”

The masked kid answered as he made reference to the fighter with Jeremy’s face. “This is a manifestation of who you wish to be. A great and noble fighter, who is honorable and good. But I ask you would this be the person you could become if you had won?”

“What do you mean?” Jeremy asked.

“There were a few times when you could have won using a dirty trick. Mud in the eyes, rake to the face, or even a kick…where one isn’t supposed to kick. But you resisted that temptation. You fought fair with dignity and honor. That is one hallmark of a true champion.”

“One hallmark?” Jeremy asked. “What’s the other?”

“The way you accepted defeat.” The masked boy said. “You were gracious and had shown respect to your opponent who put on a great fight. You could have easily done an underhanded move and had shown that you did not like to lose.”

“I don’t think anyone likes to lose.” Jeremy stated. “Losing is something that crushes people because they realize that they just weren’t good enough to be victorious. It’s just that I don’t need to advertise it when I do. Whenever I lose I always show respect for my opponent. That’s just something Jason taught me.”

“He sounds wise.” The masked boy said. Jeremy readily agreed. “He’s the best.”

“And he has brought forth the Falcon’s Champion.” The boy then placed the gem in Jeremy’s hand as the crowd had cheered around him. Chants of “JEREMY!!! JEREMY!!!” were heard as the masked boy addressed the fans watching. “And now, you’re new Falcon’s champion, JEREMY LEE-SCOTT” Jeremy walked up and gave a nice friendly wave to the audience as the audience cheered him on. Then suddenly the audience all disappeared. Looking around the kid was gone too. The fighting circle was just as ruined when Jeremy walked into it. But in his hand was the circular gem of the Red Falconzord.

With the crowd and the young mystery kid gone Jeremy resumed his journey. He had the crystal. Now he had to get the sword.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!” the two brutes laughed. “Look at the little nobody!” They pointed to Kelly’s new form and Kelly couldn’t believe it. Especially when she thought about her apparently new past.

Her new memories had her not go into cheerleading. Rather she remained shy and timid. Never once did she become one of the popular kids. She was too plain. No one even wanted to date her in high school. To everyone Kelly Hart was a nobody.

She never went into gymnastics like Kimberly did either. She was too afraid to try out. Kelly Hart had so much potential, and never lived up to it. She stayed at the animal shelter attending to sick pets.

“Well then. Since she’s no longer a bother I suppose we can take the deer!” the brutes said as they herded the deer along. Kelly instinctively tried to get a running charge but was thrown back by the brutes and hit the mud. The brutes both laughed at how dirty she had become.

Kelly felt like wallowing in self pity. Her old life was gone. Her skills were gone. Her friends were gone. All she had were animals she cared for. Animals she loved like they were her very own. Animals…Kelly paused for a moment as if having a revelation. She realized that while her old life might be gone she still had her passion within her. It might have been buried under tons of shyness, but it was still there. The passion that told her that she could do anything. As she got back up the brutes were astonished and a resolve filled her being that no one could have expected from her. “How?!” the brutes asked.

“My looks don’t define who I am!” Kelly shouted defiantly. “And neither do you! What defines me is what’s in my heart and soul. And in there is the same passion I had when I was a cheerleader. It might be channeled differently now but it’s still there. And my compassion for creatures too. And I say I’m not going to let you hurt that deer!”

“Try and stop us!” the brutes said as Kelly got a running start towards the brutes. The brutes looked unimpressed as Kelly got a running start. They made ready their fists to deliver haymakers but Kelly stopped short as they were delivering punches. She ducked down and used her body to overturn the brutes as they went tumbling over Kelly and landing hard on the ground.

This caused the brute with a whip to drop his weapon, and Kelly quickly picked it up. “This is where you guys have all your strength isn’t it? In this weapon?” Kelly looked at the whip and saw that it could do some damage. “Do you want to see what it’s like to be on the other end of it?” Kelly whirled the whip around in the air and made ready to strike the brutes, who decided that it was time to run away leaving Kelly and the deer behind.

She didn’t feel herself change back to what she was, but that didn’t matter right now. The deer was hurt, and maybe even dying.

Kelly looked at the hurt deer wondering what she could do for it. Unfortunately she couldn’t think of much. “I wish I could help, but… I’m not sure how.” The deer gave a small moan of pain, and in that moan was a flash of understanding. Still Kelly felt she had to do something. Maybe she didn’t have that much to offer, but she would offer something.

“Would you like me to sing for you?” This got the deer’s attention as he looked at Kelly a little. Then giving a slight moan indicated that he would have liked Kelly to sing for him. “Okay let me think of a song.” She said as she finally came up with one her cousin Kimberly taught her.

Down the Road

We never know,
What life may have in store.
Winds of change
Will rearrange
Our life more than before
But you’ll never stand alone
My friend
Memories never die
In our hearts they always live
And never say


The deer gave a sound of pleasure as he enjoyed the song sung to it. Kelly thought that a smile was on the deer’s face, but a light coming from the deer’s antlers kept her from making sure. The light expanded and Kelly felt the entire light fill her being, illuminating and changing her.

Kelly felt herself changing again. Changing back to her previous form. Her memories returning to the way they were, and having Kelly smiling a sigh of relief. When the transformation was finished Kelly gave a “WHOOP!!!” followed by a standing jump expressing her joy. Yes, Kelly Hart was back the way she was.

The deer then glowed and changed into a round spherical gem, which landed in her hand. Inside was the image of the deer. Kelly looked at the gem and was in awe. “Oh my god.” She said realizing that she had passed her test, and as she saw her reflection in the crystal, she knew her form was back to normal.

“I passed because I didn’t let my looks, or my lifestyle define who I was, or other people.” Kelly said in realization. “I let what’s in my heart determine that.” A warm sensation from the deer crystal indicated to Kelly that she was correct. Looking down at the crystal Kelly added, “I think we’re going to be good friends.”

The deer agreed with Kelly and after slipping the crystal into her shorts pocket went on through the woods. She had a sword to pull from a stone.

Death seemed to creep ever closer for Willy. The people were almost touching the lava, and the lava was almost touching him. Screams for help filled his ears, yet Willy continued to work on the puzzle before him. “Quick. Escape with me now!” the figure said.

Willy was now inching his way up the pedistal as the lava made its way up. Each puzzle piece was in his hand, and almost complete. Again the figure shouted. “Take my hand. I can save you!”

“And I can save my brothers and those on Terra Venture!” Willy said. “Whatever happens to me, at least they’ll be safe!” The lava inched closer and closer as Willy brought the last two pieces together, and a glow shone throughout the cavern. A light that spread out through the cavern enveloping everything and everyone inside. When the light faded Willy found that the lava was gone, as were the people. But the figure still remained.

“Congratulations. “You have proven yourself worthy of the Armadillo Crystal.” It said as a glowing blue crystal hovered into Willy’s hand. When it landed it took the form of a round gem with an armadillo inside. Willy however couldn’t help but ask “What happened to the people?”

“They were an illusion. But to you they were so real that you would have risked your life to save them. It is that spirit that will serve you well when you pull the sword that awaits you. Until we meet again.” The figure then flew away into an overhead light leaving Willy to escape the system of caves.

When he made it outside Willy looked at the Armidillo Crystal proud of what he had done. “This one’s for you Leo and Mike.” He said remembering his brothers. He put the gem in his pocket and continued his journey. Now he had to just get his sword.

Sylvia looked at the image of Kali advancing towards her. “Nice fantasies you had. Were they your hopes for Trini? Were they what you wanted for her? Be there for your first date? Your high school graduation?” Sylvia said nothing, even when Kali was face to face, nose to nose with her.

“You pathetic little girl. Trini always had a bigger role in the universe that to be big sister to a screaming infant like you. Why do you think she was so in a rush to get rid of you once she was at that carnival.”

“You lie. Trini loved me.” Sylvia said.

“Yeah, like a pet. Ohhh look at little Sylvie.” Kali said in mocking. “She’s my little cousin. She’s my best friend.” Her face then turned back to the evil look as she said “Dream on, she had bigger things to worry about than you. She was the Yellow Ranger for crying out loud. What would her choice be? Spend time with a child or go out and fight the bad guys? Even when she welcomed the power of the Yagami, Trini knew she had a higher calling than you!”

“That’s not true!” Sylvia said. “She loved me!”

“Ohhh, and what makes you think that?” Kali said in sneering. Sylvia then looked Kali dead in the eye and said “Because she was the Yellow Ranger!”

“WHAT?!” Kali asked. Sylvia then stood up and looked Kali in the eye. Now it was Sylvia who was on the verbal attack.

“Why does one become a hero? I once asked myself that. Do you want to know what my answer was? Do you?” Kali gave no answer so Sylvia answered the question for her. “Because they want to help people. They are given a responsibility, and when they have to face it they face it with a full head of steam, never shirking it. Never looking the other way. They want to protect their family, their friends. I may not have known Trini was the Yellow Morphin Ranger then, but I do know now. And Ranger or no, I will always treasure the memory of Trini hugging me when that spell was broken glad I was safe.

“SHE LOVED ME!!! NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY TRINI LOVED ME!!! AND NO AMOUNT OF EVIL IN HER WILL CHANGE THAT!!!” Sylvia’s words echoed throughout the thunder clouds and Kali was suddenly scared.

“When I remember Trini, I will always remember the girl who was family to me. Not the evil lunatic you sought to make her. Even when she died my cousin was still there. She sacrificed herself so that I, her friends, and all of Earth could live! That’s Trini Kwan! And I won’t let you cheapen her memory by tainting it with a poison you brought out of her!”

“That poison was part of her.” Kali said. “It was in her blood.”

“But it was not in her heart! She wanted no part of your blood feud! Now it’s over! Dead and buried! Like Trini! Her death ended it! And even in the end she aspired to do good! Trini didn’t let the darkness win, and NEITHER WILL I!!!”

Kali was left scowling, and then her image started to glow as the rain started to break. Soon the sun shone through again and Sylvia’s clothes were dry once again. Her coat was still on the ground but that wasn’t a consequence now. What was important was Kali’s glowing image…

…as it changed into Trini who had a smile to her face. “Trini?” Sylvia said.

The glowing image of Trini held out her hand. In it was a round crystal, with the shape of a giraffe inside. Sylvia reached out and took the crystal and stared at the image of Trini before her.

Trini said nothing but did motion to Sylvia a direction off to the left, which led to a narrow path. Sylvia deduced that would be the direction where the sacred rock with the swords would be in. “Thank you.” Sylvia said as the image of Trini then started to fade away. Sylvia watched the image disappear until it could be seen no more.

Sylvia then held the Giraffe Crystal. “For you Trini.” She said as he then made her way to where the sacred rock lay.

Curtis was shocked to see Angela. The girl that betrayed his brother, sent him away from his family to parts unknown. By all rights he should have let her drop, no matter what remorse she may have shown afterward.

Yet he didn’t. He continued on to reach out to her.

“Hold on I got you!” Curtis said as he struggled to find a way down to where he could reach ‘Angela’. Spotting a branch Curtis undid his belt and looped it around keeping a hold on it as he tried to reach for the girl hanging from the ledge. “Grab my hand!” Curtis shouted.

“I can’t! I’m slipping!” ‘Angela’ shouted.

“GRAB MY HAND!!!” Curtis said again. “You won’t fall. I won’t let you!”

Curtis made his way down as far as he could go. ‘Angela’ tried to reach out but they were barely touching. She felt herself slipping again and Curtis himself felt the ground give out from under him. Fortunately the girl was able to grab onto his foot and was holding on. “Okay. Climb up!”

“I can’t! I’m scared!”

“Yes you can! Just climb up. Don’t look down!” Angela tried to climb up Curtis’s leg and when she was safe enough Curtis brought her up the rest of the way and motioned for her to grab onto his neck. Curtis then climbed along his belt and made his way back up. Taking a deep breath Curtis felt relief, but then a figure moved forward. A figure who looked like a child dressed in robes. “Do you realize what you have done? Do you realize that you could have had the animal crystal?”

“I know what this cost me.” Curtis said. “But I couldn’t let her die.”

“Why did you save her?” the robed being asked. “Was she not the one who betrayed your brother?”

“How did you know that?” Curtis asked. “Did you read my mind?”

“No, your thoughts were like an open beacon to me” the robed being answered. “Nevertheless this is the girl that betrayed your brother. Why did you not avenge his pain and let her die?”

“Zack would not have wanted that.” Curtis answered. “He always loved her.”

“Even after her betrayal?” the robed being asked.

“It wasn’t her fault. She and her friends were backed into a corner. They had no other choice.”

“But still. You could have let her die.” Curtis considered the words then said “Her life was not mine to take. And I don’t want people to die if I can help it. Killing is something heroes don’t do. Unless they have no choice. Here I had a choice, and I decided that she would live.”

“Is this something you learned from Zack?” the voice asked. Curtis answered with “No. This is something I learned from me. Zack was great as the Black Ranger, but if I’m going to be a Ranger I’m going to be my own type of hero. And hopefully I’ll honor the legacy that Zack had began.”

‘Angela’ then looked at Curtis and smiled. “Congratulations. You have passed.”

“What?” Curtis asked. The robed kid then answered.

Curtis then looked at Angela who stood with him and saw her change into a glowing round jewel that floated into Curtis’s hand. Inside the jewel was the shape of a Rhino.

“Go in peace, and continue your trials” the robed shape said as he disappeared. Curtis smiled for a brief second as he looked at the animal crystal in his hand. However Curtis Taylor found he got more than just an animal crystal from this trial. He got a whole new sense of who he was, and why he was here.

With the Rhino Crystal in his hand Curtis walked to the sacred stone to where his sword lay waiting for him. More sure of himself than he had been in a long time.

Shayla stood at the sacred rock hoping the five chosen would appear. “Ohhh I hope they make it!” she said.

Sure enough Jeremy was the first to appear, the Falcon crystal in hand. “You made it!” she said.

“He’s not the only one.” Kelly said coming from the brush with the deer crystal.

“Room for one more?” Curtis said coming from his journey with the Rhino Crystal.

“Those challenges really affected me on a personal level.” Willy said appearing with the Armadillo.

“You said it.” Sylvia said with the Giraffe crystal. All five then high fived each other but Willy noticed a look in Sylvia’s eyes. “You okay?”

“Ask me another time?” Sylvia asked. Willy nodded “Sure.” Then everyone turned to face Princess Shayla.

“Well since you all made it, there is now one final test.” Shayla stood out of the way to where the five swords rested in the stone. “All you have to do is pull the swords out and you will receive your powers.”

“Pull the swords out?” Curtis asked. “Well that sounds easy.”

“But something tells me that it’s not is it?” Kelly asked.

“Yes.” Shayla had said. “These swords were originally intended for another destiny. It is not known whether or not you will be deemed worthy to pull them out of the sacred rock.” The five looked at each other knowing full well that everything they went through rested in what they do now.

“We’ve got nothing to lose by trying.” Jeremy said. “I’ll go first.”

Jeremy then walked up to the center sword and held the grip of it. Then with a small amount of effort pulled the sword out of the rock. Shayla was wide eyed, and happy that the sword chose Jeremy.

Soon, Kelly, Willy, Curtis and Sylvia tried. The four grabbed the hilts just as Jeremy had done, and soon pulled their swords out of the rock themselves. When all the swords were pulled they felt a tremendous surge of power and they noticed their clothes had changed into something resembling Ranger uniforms. Red, blue, green, pink and yellow.

“Wow!” Kelly said. “We’re Rangers!”

“Just like Jason, Trini, Billy, Kim and Zack before us.” Curtis said.

“That’s not all. Power down and I’ll show you something else.” Shayla said. The five Rangers powered down and noticed their swords had transformed into small hilt like devices with three buttons on it. Willy pressed the first button and a screen popped out. It had a readout screen with the words Primal Link on the top. He pressed the second button and the screen extended revealing a screen and a small computer touchboard on it. “Wow. A combination communicator/computer.”

“Those are your Primal Links.” Shalya said. “They allow you to communicate with each other and also other tasks. They also double as your morphers.”

“Whoa. Kim never had anything this cool.” Kelly said. Just then the sacred waters erupted reflecting an attack on the city. Everyone went to look in the sacred water and they saw animals, much like their own zords tearing up Turtle Cove. “Princess Shayla. What are they?”

Princess Shayla looked at the image before her. Animals that were in her care being used to destroy and cause pain. Through the vision she heard laughter, evil laughter, and knew who was in control of those she loved and protected as if they were her own.

“Those are the Wild Force’s old zords.” Shayla explained. “They are being controlled by the evil Master Org and his fellow Duke Orgs who are looking to destroy everything.”

“How can the Orgs be controlling them?” Sylvia asked. Shayla shook her head not knowing the answer to the question. “I don’t know. Only humans can control the Wild Zords.”

“Well regardless of who’s controlling them, we gotta stop them. You guys ready?” Jeremy said as they all got ready for their first group morph. “Uhhh Princess, how do we morph?” Jeremy asked slightly embarrassed.

“Just bring your links up close to you and say “Primal Access.” Shayla said. The new Rangers brought forth their Primal Links ready to morph for the first time. “PRIMAL ACCESS!!!” they shouted as they changed into their Ranger uniforms. Shayla wished them well as they then went down to stop the Org onslaught.

In Turtle Cove people were scrambling to get safe. The Wild Zords were on a rampage, and nothing could stop them.

Red Lion was blasting and slashing buildings in his path. Debris fell to the ground hitting some of the people there, killing others. Emergency crews were called out to deal with the wounded. Coroners were called out to deal with the dead and the dying.

Red Lion wasn’t the only one doing rampages. The Yellow Eagle was dropping debris from Red Lion’s slashing onto people as well. Blue Shark was gulping up people and was appearing to eat them. Black Bison really charged through downtown Turtle Cove cutting through paths of destruction and devastation.

But the most tragic of all was the White Tiger who was forced to also go about destroying with its claws. All the while from the top of a building Master Org laughed at the devastation that was taking place.

“HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! This is wonderful!!!” Master Org shouted with sadistic glee. “Now the world shall know my pain!!!” Jindrax and Toxica also stood with their master liking the destruction that was happening as well. Duke Hazzard looked at Shiranna and saw horror cross her face. “What is it?” he asked her.

“The souls of the animals are troubled.” Shiranna said. “They don’t want to take part in this destruction and murder! They are being horrified by this!”

“Sooth their spirits. Sing to them!” Hazzard ordered. Shiranna did so and a soothing song came from her lips. The song seemed to bring a moment of peace to the Wild Zords, but their souls were still troubled. The song however quieted them long enough for Master Org to enforce his will more, as hate seemed to emanate from him, and poison the Wild Zords. Soon their rampage continued, and Master Org resumed his laughing.

“Come! I wish to look first hand at my triumph!” Master Org then descended down to the ground as Jindrax and Toxica followed. Hazzard remained behind looking out at the devastation, and what would come next.

Master Org walked like a king entering a newly conquered kingdom. Jindrax and Toxica looked on at the suffering and dying around them and found they enjoyed it. Laughter erupted from the three as they took pleasure out of the pain around them. There were also those huddled in fear hoping that whatever was attacking them wouldn’t hurt them.

Master Org’s gaze then fell on a mother protecting her two kids. He took steps advancing towards her relishing the look of fear on her face. “Don’t hurt my babies! Please!” she cried. Master Org then grabbed the woman by her shirt and pulled her close to him. The children screamed for Master Org to let their mommy go, and Master Org kicked them into a wall. The woman looked on in horror and spat in Master Org’s face.

“YOU MONSTER!!!” the woman shouted as Master Org wiped the spit off his cheek then reached up and slapped her down hard. The woman fell to the ground as her two children were huddled into a corner. Both were too scared to move as Master Org gloated. “Ha! Ha! Nothing can stop me!”

“Wanna bet bozo?!” a voice shouted as blaster fire struck Master Org’s feet knocking him back into Jindrax and Toxica. When Master Org reoriented himself he looked around wondering “Who did that? Who dared to attack me?”

Even the frightened and injured citizens wondered who attacked the monster that attacked their city. They looked in a direction and saw five people in brightly colored clothes walking their way. “Could it be?” one of them asked with a sense of hope that was being shared by all the people.

Master Org got his first look at the beings that dared to stand in his way. At first he thought they were merely humans who were trying to be too heroic for their own good, with no powers to defend them selves. When the dust cleared, he realized they were humans… with power. “IMPOSSIBLE!!!”

They were Power Rangers but unlike any team before them. Each Ranger wore a suit and helmet of their signature color, along with a white vest, white boots, and gloves, though the Yellow and Pink Rangers also wore miniskirts. The entire uniform sported gold trim along the edges of the white cuffs on the wrists and boots, as well as a gold bar stretching down the white torso of the suit, and connecting to the golden belt.

The Red Ranger’s helmet had the shape of the falcon in golden trim above the black visor. The Yellow Ranger’s helmet had the symbol of the giraffe on top in golden trim. The Blue Ranger’s helmet had the emblem of the rhino on it in golden etching. The Pink Ranger’s helmet had the symbol of the deer placed above the visor. Lastly, the Green Ranger’s helmet had the shape of the armadillo in golden trim on top.

Over their hearts there was a badge in their color but it also bore the emblem of the animal that was symbolized on their helmets.

The Primal Force had arrived.

“Master Org! Prepare to meet your end!” the one in red said.

“HOW!!!” Master Org shouted. “I dealt with all the Rangers! You shouldn’t be here!!!”

“Well we’re here now!” the one in pink said. “And if you did anything to the others we’re here to make sure you pay for it!”

“POWER RANGERS PRIMAL FORCE!!!” they all said in unison. They all then gave their spirit animal in conjunction with their color.

“Winged Falcon!” said the Red Ranger.

“Gentle Giraffe!” was the animal from the Yellow Ranger

“Armored Armadillo!” was the animal of the Blue Ranger

“Raging Rhino!” was Green Ranger’s animal.

“Spirited Deer!” shouted the Pink Ranger.

“Guardians of the Earth! United we roar!”

Master Org was seething. He had dealt with one team of Rangers. Now he had to deal with another. “Putrids! Appear!!!” Master Org shouted. “On command the Putrids appeared and the battle was underway.

“All right guys, we have our hands full! Let’s do it!” Winged Falcon said as they all fought off the Putrids. Winged Falcon delivered a series of kicks and punches with lightning fast speed that the Putrids were hard pressed to keep up. Soon any and all that came his way were knocked back leaving Winged Falcon the last man standing.

Armored Armadillo was using his smarts as well as his fighting skills learned from his two brothers to deal with his opponents. Putrids tried to mindlessly get their shots in but Armored Armadillo dodged each one and was able to deliver his kicks and punches with great precision. Like Winged Falcon Armored Armadillo was the one standing victorious. Silently he thanked his two brothers for teaching him how to fight, wherever they were now.

Spirited Deer was just that, spirited. She was doing cartwheels and gymnastics to dodge the Putrids moving her way. In the process she was getting in her own strikes then decided to deliver a coup de gras. Drawing out her sword she gave a slash that took them all down, and soon she was the one standing tall. “What goes up must come down!” she said standing holding her blade.

Gentle Giraffe was also fighting with skill and precision. Being a student of Mantis Kung Fu allowed her to move against her opponents with precision and grace. Kicks and punches met with precision and accuracy as the Putrids fell and Gentle Giraffe stood tall. “I wish Trini could see me now!” she had said.

Raging Rhino was throwing in some taunts with his fighting. “You want me? Huh? Come get me!” As a Putrid tried to get in a shot Raging Rhino dodged as if doing a dance step. Each one missed their shot as Raging Rhino seemed to be dancing up a storm causing annoyance and confusion to the Putrids, which was what Raging Rhino wanted.

“All right. You’re all set up!” Raging Rhino then charged towards the Putrids and knocked them all down like a bowling ball hitting a series of pins. Raging Rhino then stood as the victor there saying “And now you’re all knocked down! STRIKE!!!”. He then followed it up with a victory dance before everyone faced Master Org.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Armored Armadillo said. “I thought you could do better than that!”

“Oh trust me! I can!” Master Org then raised his arms and shouted “WILD ZORDS!!! COME FORTH!!!”

Sure enough there was a rumbling coming forth as Red Lion, Yellow Eagle, Black Bison, White Tiger, and Blue Shark came forth and formed the Wild Force Megazord. Soulbird then appeared and Master Org, Jindrax and Toxica jumped on and entered the Megazord. The massive zord stood ready for battle, with the Orgs controlling them.

“Oh boy! What do we do?” Spirited Deer asked.

“Time to call forth our own fire power!” Winged Falcon said as everyone brought forth their crystals and placed them into their sabers. “WILD ZORDS DESCEND!!!” they all shouted.

Sure enough five new Wild Zords entered the battle. A Red Falcon, a Giraffe, a green deer with pink eyes, a blue Armadillo, and a rhino. They all transformed to merge forming a megazord of their own. One that could be on par with Master Org’s.

Master Org couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Neither could Jindrax and Toxica. “New Wildzords? Where did they come from?” Jindrax asked.

“I don’t know! But I must have them! ATTACK!!!” Master Org ordered. The Wild Force Megazord moved against the Primal Force megazord ready to attack.

They first exchanged a series of blows knocking one another back. However it seemed as if the Primal Force had an instinct when it came to piloting Megazords, quickly they gained the upper hand, and Master org knew it.

From his vantage point Hazzard saw the Primal Force’s Wild Zords descend. His eyes went wide with what he had seen. Out of all the Wild Zords he had captured, those five were the ones that eluded him the most. He had to have them.

His communicator distracted Hazzard from his train of thought. He knew it was Rani, but wasn’t sure he wanted to listen to her. New zords were in sight. A new hunt was ready to begin. Ranitime however would not be denied Hazzard’s ear. “Hazzard! Do not participate!”

“Why?” Hazzard shouted as if in challenge. “Why should I not capture these zords?”

“Because we need more info on their abilities.” Rani answered. “And weren’t these the five that gave you the most trouble with capture?” Hazzard nodded in agreement.

“We need more information before we proceed. Return to Arcadia.” Hazzard nodded as he took Shiranna and activated his teleporter back to the Academy.

Master Org was unaware of Hazzard’s pullout as he called forth more back up. “Bear zords! Descend!” Master Org ordered as the bear brothers charged firing their hot and cold beams at the Isis knocking them back. Master Org then called for the Tiger and Shark to be replaced by the bears as they gave a double knuckle to the Isis Megazord.

“And if you thought that was bad try this!” Master Org sneered as he called forth “Gorillazord! Descend!” From the distance the Gorrilla appeared swinging from trees and then throwing giant bananas that explored on impact when they hit the Primal Force megazord. The zord seemed to be staggering as Master Org’s voice filled the air as if victory was eminent.

“HA HA!!! You are doomed! Just like your predecessors were!” Master Org boasted as he got ready to fire the bear blasters again. But Winged Falcon had another plan. “Guys, let’s take to the sky!” he said as the Isis jumped up and flew around the Wild Force Megazord. Jindrax and Toxica wondered what the Rangers were doing, but Master Org didn’t care. “FIRE!!!” he ordered, and the hot and cold beams shot out from the bears….

…only to be deflected by the wings of the Isis Megazord which folded around itself blocking the shots, and seeming to absorb their power. “All right guys! Let’s let them have it!”

At Winged Falcon’s command the absorbed energy shot out and hit the Wild Force Megazord with tremendous force. The Megazord was sent back staggering causing the Tiger and Shark to join with the Gorrilla to give cover fire. The Isis Megazord dodged the fire, but that just brought forth a new move on the Org’s part.

The Gorrilla, the Bison, the Shark and the Tiger all joined together to form another Megazord. That Megazord fired a series of blasts at the Isis Megazord as well. The Isis Megazord deflected the blasts again but master Org knew they couldn’t keep it up forever. “I have several zords and combinations at my command. You only have your five. What can you do against me?”

“Plenty!” Winged Falcon said as he then called forth the Armadillo which folded up like a ball ready to strike Master Org and his Org controlled Megazord. Jindrax wondered what was going to happen next, but master Org wasn’t sure he was going to like it.

The Isis Megazord got a running charge kicking the Armadillo like a soccer ball, then gave a massive kick knocking back the Wild Force Megazord as the Armadillo hit. “AHHHH!!! Master Org shouted along with Jindrax and Toxica who were also reeling.

The Primal Force had an advantage. Now it was time to capitalize. Drawing back it’s spearlike arm the Isis Megazord gave a jab knocking the Megazord back before it could recover. Then a light came from the claw that was the deer’s healing energy. If it hit the Wild Force Zords Master Org figured that he would lose control of the zords.

“RANI!!! I NEED ASSISSTANCE!!!” Master Org called out. No reply came however. “RANI!!!” he shouted. Still nothing. Master Org realized that there was only one call to make.

“Retreat!” Master Org ordered as Master Org, Jindrax and Toxica ran away with their Wild Zords in tow. “They’re getting away!” Raging Rhino shouted.

“Let them go.” Winged Falcon said. “We’ll get the zords back another time. Right now there are people that need our help.”

The Primal Force all agreed, and as they disembarked the five went looking around at all the damage that was done. “Oh man!” Gentle Giraffe said looking at the devastation.

“It could have been worse if we weren’t here. Remember that.” Armored Armadillo said. Spirited Deer knelt by the two kids and their mother staying with them until the father arrived to take the family home.

The hearts of the Primal Force were heavy as they saw the destruction around them, but soon the people came out of hiding and looked at the new heroes that appeared in Turtle Cove wondering who they were. They all shook hands and thanked them before they had to return to the Animarium.

On the way back the Primal Force realized that they had done good.

Back on the Animarium the five new Rangers watched a news report wondering how bad the damage was. Reports were that it had been severe, but repair teams from Angel Grove, Mariner Bay, Silver Hills and Blue Bay Harbor were willing to help with repairs to the city. Shayla stood off to the side watching her new charges concerned about them.

Sylvia and Willy were comparing notes along with Curtis who relayed his trials. “So you are saying that your test involved saving the girl that betrayed your brother and everyone else?” Sylvia asked.

“Apparently so.” Curtis said. “And I passed. You also had quite the doozy yourself.”

“Sylvia and I both it seems.” Willy said. “Both our tests seemed to revolve around family. Mine for honoring my brothers, and Sylvia for remembering the best about Trini, and us honoring their memories.”

“I will always remember Trini.” Sylvia said. “It is for her memory that I am going to continue on.”

“As am I for Leo and Mike.” Willy said. “Besides, I can’t help but feel that this act seems…right somehow. Like I was meant to pull the sword out of the stone if that makes any sense.”

“And I learned a little lesson in forgiveness.” Curtis said. “Zack held no malice against the Hanas. I won’t either.”

“Oh by the way.” Willy said. “If you were wondering. I’ve got one of the Hanas at my house.” Curtis seemed intrigued and wondered which one.

“Carolyn.” Willy explained. “Seeing as how she was on Terra Venture before she got recruited, and that my brothers were on it when it disappeared.” Curtis nodded in understanding. Carolyn was the last connection Willy might have to his brothers on that colony, even though they might not have met her.

Willy then explained that Aisha took Shauna with her back to Africa, and that the Stewarts came to get Molly. Marge was the resident pet at the Young Genius program. “What about Angela?” Curtis asked.

“The Beetleborgs are caring for her.” Willy explained. “She’s kind of the mascot around Zoom Comics.” Curtis thought about what Willy had said and then asked “Do you think they might ever be changed back to humans again?”

“Anything’s possible.” Willy said. “Perhaps when Zack returns.” Curtis hoped that would happen one day. He would love to see his brother again and tell him that he was now a Ranger as well. All the Primal Force felt that feeling of nostalgia in one form or another.

Kelly and Jeremy looked off from the side as Curtis, Sylvia and Willy talked. Kelly specifically noticed how close Sylvia and Willy were getting. “Think they’ll need to get a room?” Kelly asked.

“Give it a while. See if they get close.” Jeremy said. “So how was your test?”

“Challenging.” Kelly said. “But I learned that it’s what’s on the inside that counts thank you very much.” Jeremy nodded as if saying that he faced a similar trial. “Just don’t try to be all big brother okay? I can take care of myself.” Jeremy chuckled then looked to see Princess Shayla standing off to the side. Everyone then followed Jeremy’s lead as they went to offer condolences.

Jeremy looked at Shayla and took her hands into his. “Princess, I know we can’t replace the Rangers that were here before, but I can promise you that we’ll do all we can to help protect the Earth. That way we can honor their memories, and fight for the day when the Sacred Animals can one day be free and return to the Animarium.” Sylvia heard those words and thought about Trini, she realized that she too could continue on honoring HER memory by fighting on as the Yellow Primal Force Ranger. Willy also remembered his brothers Leo and Mike, and realized that he too could honor their memories by fighting on.

“We won’t give up!” Kelly promised. Curtis stood with her nodding in full agreement.

“Thank you.” Shalya said in thanks. “And now I have something for you.” Shayla then presented five boxes which sat in front of each Ranger. Jeremy, Kelly, Sylvia, Willy and Curtis opened them and saw what was inside. Each one had a sleeveless jacket inside in their signature color and with the words of their animal on the back, as well as an image of their animal as well. “Wow!” Kelly said as she put on her jacket first. It fit perfectly.

Everyone else tried on their jackets and they too also fit. Jeremy then turned to look at Shayla. “Thanks princess.”

Shayla nodded as she then watched the five face each other. “Should we?” Jeremy asked as he held out his hand. Willy and Curtis both nodded as they set their hands on top of Jeremy’s. Kelly followed next with Sylvia putting her hand on last. They then dropped their hands and jumped into the air doing a gesture that had been tradition since the Rangers first began.

“POWER RANGERS!!!” they all shouted.

When they landed Willy then spoke up. “Guys I almost forgot. While we were fighting Master Org I was intercepting a transmission from the Megazord to someplace. It wasn’t on long enough but it was clear that it was going somewhere.”

“What does this have to do with anything?” Curtis then asked. Willy then looked at Shayla then asked “Princess, while the Wild Force Rangers were around how well did they fare in battle?”

“Pretty well.” Shayla answered. “Until the battle where Master Org defeated them and took all the zords.” Willy listened and nodded as if in deep thought. “Willy what’s up?” Curtis asked.

“It’s just curious. The Wild Force fights pretty well against the Orgs, then all of a sudden they lose big, and now a transmission from the Wild Zords. I think the Orgs are getting aid from an unspecified source.” Everyone wondered what Willy was talking about when Sylvia translated for him.

“He means that the Orgs may not be working alone.”

Everyone on the Animarium was now worried.

At Arcadia Academy Master Org was seething about the defeat that had just taken place. “I don’t believe it!!! New Rangers!!!” Where did they come from?!!” No answer came forth since Jindrax and Toxica were in medical getting their wounds taken care of. Members of his harem of were attending to Hazzard while the original Shiranna was singing to the Wild Zords before she joined the harem. When Rani walked into the control room Master Org looked at Rani and asked “Why didn’t you answer my calls for help?”

“Because it was unwise to commit everything we had to bring down five zords!” Rani said sternly. “That’s also why Hazzard was brought back. We need more knowledge before we can come up with an airtight strategy. THEN we will reveal our full power.” Master Org was about to protest when Rani added “To quote an old scholar ‘to lose an empire to win a battle is no victory. ‘”

“And losing a battle to ensure an empire is no defeat.” Master Org said completing the quote and understanding the Rani’s point. “But the question still stands. ‘Where did those Wild Zords come from?'”

“The Animarium definitely.” Rani said with sarcasm. “But I did recognize their weapons as something reminiscent from what was seen on Mirinoi one time.” Rani deduced that the appearance of the Swords of Mirinoi on Earth might have had something to do with the manipulations the Q had done years ago, and the Lords of Kobol’s efforts to thwart those manipulations. But since the Q, the Lords and the other Higher Powers were no longer present, they were no longer a concern. However since a new Ranger team has arisen, that was what needed to be dealt with, and Rani would see to it as an Ogron guard entered to deliver some news.

“Mistress, our last guest has arrived.” The Ogron guard had said. Rani nodded and the Ogron resumed his duties. Master Org however was confused. “Guest? What guest?”

“You’ll meet him soon enough.” Rani said as she made her way to the turbo lift taking her up to the main levels of the Academy. Master Org, Duke Hazzard, Shiranna, Jindrax and Toxica followed when they were finished with their respective ‘tasks’. When they got to the main level they made their way to where the Rani’s office was. When they entered they saw the Rani at her desk, along with one other.

He had green skin, reptilian eyes, a ponytail of black hair streaked down his back. His clothes were black silk robes with gold trim. He stood tall with a rugged build. By his side was a blonde haired woman with a stern expression wearing a purple body suit with grey shoulder pads. Clearly a flight suit of some kind, a flight suit that was form fitting around her slender figure. Toxica and Shiranna took notice of the green skinned being however and found themselves drawn to him. The being spoke to Hazzard and Master Org as if addressing them.

“Greetings. I am Prince Xizor.”


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