Disclaimer: The Power Rangers are the property of Saban Entertainment and I lay no claim to them. Jessie Belle and Josie Belle are based on characters in the US and Uk Transformers continuities. This story is part of the COE Final Reckoning series and follows on from the events of COE Final Reckoning Minion of Darkness, COE Final Reckoning After the Minion, COE Final Reckoning ID War, Crisis of Faith.

Author’s note: This story makes use of some of the Flashback scenes in The Zeo Quest, but this story will go a different route than the one that story took.

In an Ideal World
By the Q team

Blackrock Corporate Conglomerate Oil Refinery/Rig
October 26th 1986

Just 100 miles off the coast of Southern California a momentous occation was taking place. The opening of a new oil refinery.

But this was no ordinary refinery. This was the oil refinery/rig that would take Planet Earth into the new millenium when it came. Everything onboard was state-of-the-art. Equipment ranging from drilling sensors that would detect even the most remote of fossil fuels to fuel purifiers that would enable the fuel to be ready for transport to local gas stations and into the cars of millions of Americans across the continent.

News crews flocked the scene where the CEO and owner of BCC, G. B. Blackrock, would unveil his newest innovation. And give credit to those who helped make the vision a reality.

“Good afternoon this is Deborah Terrell of KOMO Action news. The news station of Seattle. Today we stand at the site of the new Blackrock Corporate Conglomerate oil rig and refinery where G. B. Blackrock himself will address the new innovation. And where we will hope to get some words from Mr. Blackrock, and the people who helped bring this remarkable vision to life.”

Deborah continued to speak as much of the rig as she knew until Mr. Blackrock showed up. After a few minutes the main news room decided to cut to a break and go on to the next story. It was then that the guests of honor decided that they would make their presence known.

“Dave the corporate chopper of Mr. Blackrock is starting to descend.” Deborah said as the chopper whirled it’s blades landing on the rig’s helipad. Once the engines started to shut down the door of the chopper opened and G. B. Blackrock walked out of the chopper waving to the press and the home viewers watching.

Also coming out of the chopper were two people, a man and a woman holding the hand of their eight year old girl while holding their five year old close to them. Deborah commented that these were the Belle family: Jerry, Jamie, Josie and little Jessie.

The reporters kept their gaze on Blackrock who took to the podium and made ready to address the crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen of the press, and to all the viewers at home. This day is a momentous occation….”

“How momentous is it?” little Jessie Belle asked to chuckles of the press. Jamie Belle gave a ‘that’s not nice’ look to her daughter and Jessie went back to letting Mr. Blackrock speak.

“As I was saying, this new oil rig/refinery incorporates state-of-the-art technology to help secure new deposits of fossil fuels that will carry us into the next millenium. This rig is loaded with fuel purifiers, high-tech laboratories, anything and everything to make the transition from here to you, the faithful consumer.” The speech seemed to go on for what seemed like hours to the kids who were getting bored really quickly. Come on get to the good part thought little Josie.

The reporters also thought the same thing until one decided to ask “Is it true that this rig is armed with special weaponry?” Immediately reporters turned to Blackrock hoping that he would answer the question if for no other reason than to save them from a slow news day.

Blackrock seemed to take the question in stride. “Yes, I will admit that this installation is armed with new experimental weapons. These were designed by our specialists who handle our military contracts and they range from laser tracking cannons to particle beam weapons the the next generation of missile systems.”

“Why such advanced weaponry? What use does it serve?”, another reporter asked.

Blackrock sighed. Some called him paranoid for putting in such advanced high tech weapons on most, if not all, of his installations. But he had heard of the stories about corporate raiders. The big stories coming from his competitor Stark Enterprises which was constantly under attack from industrial sabotuers like the Ghost, the Fixer, Spymaster, A. I. M. , Hydra, even from competitors such as Hammer Industries and Roxxon have tried to strike at Stark. And while Blackrock was not quite at the level of Stark’s sophistication it was getting there and Blackrock would be damned if any of his holdings would be targets for the vultures of the corporate world.

“If you watch the news today, you’ll hear horror stories about corporate espionage of one form or another. Some of it is behind the scenes while others are more overt. If you look at Stark Enterprises’ track record of people trying to bring them down you’ll see why such defences would be necessary.” Blackrock then did what he could to change the subject and he decided to help bring in the genius who helped make the miracle of science possible.

“But we are not here to discuss weapons. We are here to introduce something that will benefit all of mankind, and the miracle computer technology that is incorporated into this rig wouldn’t be possible without the endeavors of the Belle family.” Blackrock said in congratulations. “Most importantly the member of the Belle family who is the designer of most of our computer systems.”

The press wasted no time turning their cameras towards Jerry and Jamie Belle ready to assault them with a barrage of questions until Blackrock waved them off.

“No not them. Who I mean is… this little child prodigy right here.” Blackrock picked up nine year old Josie and held her high for all the world to see. From Jerry, Jamie and Blackrock they all looked up at the little girl and immediately saw something special in her. Jessie looked up confused wondering what the big fuss was about with Josie.

The reporters shared Jessie’s disbelief. What all did Josie do? she thought. Jessie’s level of computer research was pretty much the same as Josie’s was when she was her age. So Jessie wasn’t quite at the level Josie was in computer knowhow, but was getting there.

Deborah Terrell decided to call Blackrock on the whole ‘child prodigy’ issue with Josie Belle. “Oh come on Mr. Blackrock. You really can’t expect us to believe that a nine year old girl helped design a sophisticated state-of-the-art computer system such as the one in this rig do you?”

Jerry Belle then spoke up. “Well then don’t believe it. Think that some egghead that looks like Albert Einstein designed the computer systems in this rig. But if you take a look at this little girl in action you’ll be singing a different tune.”

Jerry and Jamie hugged little Josie who was spreading her little nine-year old smile wide. “When she was in the lab working on the systems”, Jamie said continuing where Jerry left off. “It was like your little kids with picture puzzles. There were so many pieces to put together and Josie was able to put together each and every single one.”

“Josie is a genius.” Jerry said praising his daughter. “And our other daughter Jessie is showing the same talent too. So don’t be surprised if you see something from her later on.” Soon Jessie was blushing as much as Josie was.

“Can mom and dad never stop showing us off?” Jessie asked Josie.

“Ahhh No.” Josie said smiling as she turned back to the swarm of reporters her parents and Mr. Blackrock were being questioned by.

“You heard it here first people. Child prodigy helps design new state-of-the-art oil rig and refinery.” Deborah Terrell said to the world-wide news audience. And the whole Belle family stood with G. B. Blackrock and smiled for the cameras.

After the press had left the Belle family decided to spend some quality time down in the computer control room where virtually every aspect of the rig/refinery was being monitored. Jerry and Jamie looked around the room and then looked down at Josie who was sitting in the central control chair. “Well Josie you’ve really outdid yourself.”

“Awww mom!” Josie said pleading with her parents not to make a fuss. Truth be told she didn’t want to be reminded all the time that she was Josie Belle child prodigy. Sometimes she would just like to have been Josie Belle-All American girl. She who had the envy of the boys at her school, was popular of her looks instead of her brains and had lots of friends.

But instead the Belle girls were homeschooled. Jerry and Jamie were afraid that if their two daughters went to public school that they would be easy targets for the bullies at high school. They relented a little when it was decided that after Jessie was pushed off her tri-cycle one day by kids looking for trouble that karate and self-defence would be put into their repetoire so the daughters could handle whatever trouble would come down their path.

Now the Belle girls could handle themselves and any piece of hardware that came their way, and the Belle parents couldn’t be happier.

“Hey Josie.” Jessie said. “I’m going to see if I can find some Ice Cream on this tub. You wanna come?”

Josie thought for a moment. Ice cream? She like any other kid her age loved the stuff, but her parents would only allow the girls to get one scoop when they got to the ice cream parlor. Fortunately Josie and Jessie had allowances and they saved them up so they could get double scoops when THEY went down to the Ice Cream parlor.

But this time Josie didn’t feel like having Ice Cream. She wanted to stay inside the computer room and look around at all that she had designed and what others created. “No thanks Jessie, you go on.”

Jessie Belle looked wide eyed at her sister YOU DON’T WANT ICE CREAM?!!!, she thought as she left with her mom and dad to find the cafeteria on the rig and to see if they had the delicious dairy treat on board. Josie Belle stayed in the control room looking at her work brought to life. She felt like an artist who had created a masterpiece.

The Oil Rig/refinery was only the first of Josie Belle’s major accomplishments. As she grew older her hand had been in almost everything the BCC had done technical wise. Her family stood back observing their daughter work her magic, and Josie only asked for help if she needed it, but those instances were few and far in between. And the Blackrock Corporate Conglomerate was put on the map technology wise, rivaling that of the accomplishments of Stark Enterprises.

But as Josie hit her fourteenth year, she became tired of being a ‘family prodigy’ and decided that she wanted to be a good old ‘normal’ American girl. To Josie that meant going to High School, trying out different things, and last(and to her most importantly)… BOYS.

Jamie and Jerry Belle were surprised to say the least. Jessie was overjoyed and even though she was only twelve, she wanted to go to High School like her sister Josie. “Sorry squirt. You’re not old enough.” was Jessie’s answer.

The Belle parents weren’t all that happy about Josie’s decision either and did everything they could, except for downright coersion, to get her to change her mind. But Josie’s mind was made up. She was going to High School.

Josie was never really considered to be among the ‘in’ crowds. She kept up at the computer lab from time to time helping out other students there. Among them were students such as Jason Scott, Adam Park, Zack Taylor, and Kimberly Hart. She had also had many discussions with Billy Cranston and Trini Kwan about the latest technologies that came about.

Unfortunately, those friendships never really stayed around. Jason, Trini and Zack had all been sent to the peace conference in Geneva while Kimberly Hart went to the Pan Globals in Florida. It was only after time passed that they had returned and Josie was able to renew her friendships that she had struck with those who visited her in the lab.

She started to spend some time at the Youth Center with them and was later joined by three other young people: Richie Evans, Emily St. John, Farkas Bulkmeier and Eugene Skullovitch. Josie found it interesting that the two bullies known as Bulk and Skull would be among ‘the circle of friends’ as it was affectionately called at the Youth center, largely because for most of the time they were tormenting them on one thing or another. But I guess they have become more accepting of them now. she thought.

One time Josie came to the table where the circle was waiting and Jason and Tommy sat and looked at Josie, Skull, Richie and Emily. “Could you come with us please?” Jason asked.

Skull and the others wondered what was going on but decided to follow Jason’s lead. They fell in behind a corner and Josie noticed Jason bring his watch to his lips. “Alpha, teleport us now.” he said.

Josie, Skull, Emily and Richie had no time to wonder what was going on as they were suddenly enveloped in white lights while everyone else was enveloped in different other shaded: Red, yellow, blue, pink, green, Zack’s was black, Tanya’s was purple, David’s was white as well but more clearer, and Bulk’s was gold. The lights soon left the hall corner and took to the sky heading to a destination only Jason and the circle of friends knew for sure.

When everyone arrived at the Power Chamber Josie was in awe of what she saw there. All the technology, an android that seemed friendly enough, and more importantly a giant floating head in a tube of some sort.

“Welcome my young friends.” Zordon said. “All of you have been granted the honor and privlege of becoming Power Rangers.”

“Wait a minute.” Emily said. “You want us to be Power Rangers?

“I know this would seem hard to believe Emily.” Zordon said. “But you are all worthy of taking up the mantle and helping to defend the planet from evil forces that threaten it. The Machine Empire, Rita and Zedd, Master Vile, as well as other villians would all love to add Earth among their empires for it’s resources.

“Hey I know about fighting the villians and all.” Skull said. “And what they’ll do to this planet if we let them. But what I haven’t heard is ‘Why us?”

Zordon looked down at the four recruits before him. This question was not uncommon among new Ranger recruits. His original charges asked this question themselves when they were chosen. And each time his answer had been the same, and no less true.

Skull was chosen for his cleverness and fighting spirit. Also his ability to keep a secret when he discovered that Jason and his friends were the Power Rangers. Also Skull had shown leadership potential making him eligible for the White Zeo Powers.

Emily was chosen because of her knowledge of good and evil to become the Purple Zeo Ranger. Richie with his youthful exuberance was chosen to be the Black Zeo.

And Josie was chosen because of her knowledge, adventurous spirit, and strong sense of justice. She was always looking for a new challenge, and believed being a Power Ranger could provide her with that challenge as well as give her a chance to protect her planet from those who would conquer it.

After hearing Zordon’s sales pitch Alpha presented the new Zeo Rangers with their morphers and Zeo Crystals. The Crystals were phased into their bodies and the Zeonizers placed on their wrists. Skull then brought up the Zeonizers and led out the legendary cry of “It’s Morphin Time!” All the Rangers followed Skull’s lead as they activated their Zeonizers.





The Zeo Team II stood ready for battle, and teleported out to face the newest monster from the Machine Empire. This would be only one of several battles that Josie Belle would face. As time went by Josie would earn respect and admiration among her fellow Rangers. Her computer expertise proved invaluble to the Rangers, and what she learned as a Ranger would only serve to help millions around the world.

This is the world Josie Belle was supposed to live.

Too bad she never had the chance to.

The Q Continuem

No Real Place

No Real Time

Q looked at the image before him. The Silver Zeo Ranger standing tall driving back the evil Machine Empire along with her fellow Rangers ready to stand against the next evil threat that came their way. That’s what would happen in an ideal world. the entity thought.

Too bad she doesn’t live in an ideal world. the image changed to where it showed Master Vile turning back time and affecting the time line as it went from the direction that he was shown to a whole new direction. A direction that did not hold well for Josie Belle or her little sister Jessie.

In this new timeline Grommet attacked when Earth was turned back in time and Josie still worked on the rig/refinery of G. B. Blackrock and Grommet decided to use the oil rig as his base just like he did before, but this time Josie was only a nine year old girl and the future from then on out looked… bleak for her.

Humans are always suffering and dying Q once said that to Will Riker when he offered him the power of Q as a test. A test he barely passed. he thought but this was no time to reflect on the past. Right now Q looked on at Josie Belle and her future.

And realized that there was nothing he could do to prevent it.


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