Disclaimer: This story is part of the COE Final Reckoning series and follows on from the events of COE Final Reckoning Minion of Darkness, COE Final Reckoning After the Minion, COE Final Reckoning ID War, Crisis of Faith. Katarina Petronov, Jamie Zedden, Lillian O’Neil, and Christina Collins are from her ‘Personality Conflicts’ written by Ellen Brand. Samantha Jones. Biilly and his Psycho Rangers were created by Shadow Ranger. Laocorn Gaudeamus, Panni, Billy Kane, Geese Howard, Harper and Ripper are characters in Fatal Fury Series and are the property of Masami Obari and SNK. Lyla, Sylphina and Ramon are characters of my own creation.

Untied Psychos No More
By The Q-Team

Now teams are supposed to stick together. To not have any friction amongst themselves or the unity that binds them all together and makes them what they are would fall apart.

The Power Rangers know this lesson very well.

The Psycho Rangers however have not.

They will soon pay heavy price for not learning this lesson.

“Argh! I can’t stand that bastard any more!” Kaatherine Hillard cried out as she far away from the rest of her ‘fellow’ Psycho Rangers. She had no powers, no morpher, and the only thing that had given her power was her Power Ring and it had been destroyed a while back. She noticed Daavid was behind her.

“Problems with him again?” Daavid asked.

“Oh yeah. Mister big shot Biilly thinks he can order all of us around like its nothing at all. Telling me to do this and that because, I have no powers and of no real use to him… and then I have to hear him doing it to Triini.” Kaat shuttered.

“The nasty or beating her with a belt?” Daavid asked.

“Both though I don’t know which he does more of these days and I don’t want to know.” Kaat replied back. Ever since the end of whole Order of Destruction situation and with Biilly going to be come a daddy, he decided to take his frustrations out… Triini being that target. Kaat shuttered again remembering once when she saw the sick joy in Biilly’s eyes as he whipped her. “Bastard. I wonder who’s worse at times him or Minion.”

“I can understand that but…” Daavid started but Kaat interrupted him. “You know what, Tyler had the damn right idea to begin with.”

“His name is…” Daavid started it again but then Kaat slapped him. “You just…” She then slapped him again.

“Could you shut up and let me get a word in edge wise here!!!” Kaat shouted. “I am sick and I am tired of living not just under the rule of that insane lunatic but also under the shadow of Katherine Hillard! Don’t you get it! We aren’t even truly real! We’re nothing! We don’t even have real name for identities. ‘Kaat’ yeah some name that is.”

Daavid just stared at Kaat having a time just trying to believe how she came up with all of that… and yet as he processed all of that he found truth in every word she just said. He then hugged her. “I think my bro may have been right… but the fact is how the hell can you expect us to get away from him to begin with?”

“Well there are ways.”

They both turned around and then saw Billy Kane come from the shadows. “I’m here to give you a proposal from my boss. One that will get rid of your problems not only from Biilly and his Psychos but also from the Rangers and your predecessors.” he said.

They just looked at him were wondering what to make of Billy. Daavid felt him and saw he had incredible power but it wasn’t magical and it was something he gotten only though hard work. He then made his decision.

“We’re listening.”

Meanwhile in his shore house over looking the ocean, Laocorn Gaudeamus got up off his chair and picked up his phone.

“Panni. It’s time.”

“Are you sure sir?” Panni asked.

“The Black Wind is howling and I can feel it.” Laocorn stated. “Its time to get prepared for its eventual arrival.”

Panni sighed. She knew things seemed as if events were taking a darker and more dangerous tone. They needed to make it as painless as possible.

“Biilly Cranston and his Psycho Rangers are the only true evil Ranger team. They must be dealt with. There’s only group that fits the criteria that the way to deal with him fits similar with our own ways… and I am not talking about the other group I am looking into.” Laocorn said.

“So many projects, are you really trying to become the savior of humanity my love?” Panni breathed.

“… no. Just a knight that helps to protect the earth. Make contact with them and give them the invite.” Laocorn said.

“Of course my lord.” Panni said.

Laocorn hanged up and then went over to his bed after seeing the sunset. He was glad to have bought this shore house for so little money and it was close to both San Francisco and Angel Grove. He would be here waiting.

Waiting for them to come.

Waiting to begin the plans to help save the human race.

The Next Morning…

Angel Grove Park. One of the main gathering places for the people of Angel Grove. It has been said that many strange things happen there. Couples meet and fall in love. Friends meet for the first time, any and all miracles that could happen in Angel Grove happen in Angel Grove Park.

It has also been the scene of many monster attacks, due to the park resting on a Ley Nexus. Fortunately no monsters were attacking today, and there were only a few people there hoping to collect on the supposed miracles the park had to offer.

Three of the people were hoping to find a miracle that would tell them what they would do next. They were Jamie Zedden, Lillian O’Neil and Christina Collins. Members of the renegade Ranger team known as the Outsiders.

And they were soon to be without a headquarters.

Shortly after returning from the I. D. War, and when Tommy and the main Zeo team left to find the new Silver Zeo, Zordon and their leader Tyler Oliver decided that the Power Chamber would not be a secure place for the Outsiders to meet any longer.

“If you stay here any longer.” Zordon said. “S’Hera will take this as collusion between us and that will not be good for both of us.”

“I agree.” Tyler said. “But what can we do?”

“I’m afraid I can’t answer that for you Tyler. Only you and the Outsiders can determine that.” Tyler went and relayed the conversation with Zordon to his team.

“We have to leave the Power Chamber?” Terry said surprised.

“It is a logical move.” Nate said. “I’m only surprised we hadn’t done it sooner.”

“Well we had been sidetracked by the Triforian Order and the I. D. War.” Lillian said. She paused before continuing further. “… and Jessica’s funeral.”

Everyone was silent at the mentioning of the late Jessica Belle, Silver Zeo Ranger, and the end she met at the hands of Imperator Robert Harper in the I. D. War. Everyone missed her but now was not the time to focus on grief.

“While we all miss Jessica, and agree that her life ended tragically, we cannot forget our own plight. We need to be able to stand on our own or S’Hera will be down on us and Zordon faster than we can imagine.” Tyler said laying out the situation.

“But where can we go?” Christina asked. “Where can we set up shop?”

“Does anyone know any abandoned warehouses no one is using?” Katarina asked jokingly. Everyone rolled their eyes on that one.

“No.” Tyler said. “But don’t be surprised if we have to rely on that option.”

“So how do we go about searching for a place to stay?” Chelsea asked. “Check the want-ads?”

“Or do we walk around Angel Grove hoping to get lucky?” Jamie added.

“Actually, both.” Tyler said. Everyone seemed shocked until Tyler explained. “We need to start searching now. And any new ideas, even lame ones, are considered game.”

“Okay then. Let’s get started.” Lillian said as the Outsiders teleported out of the Power Chamber to search for new digs. After a few hours Jamie, Lillian and Christina met in Angel Grove Park.

“Any luck?” Lillian asked Jamie and Christina.

“Nope.” Jamie said. “Even the abandoned warehouses were taken.”

“And even if they are full you know we’re in trouble.” Christina added. “And I’ll tell you I don’t feel like another run around until I get a smoothie at Ernie’s.”

“Girl, you’re speaking my language.” Jamie said with Lillian agreeing. Leaving the park they made their way into town when the girls heard a voice behind them.

“Jaime Zedden, Lillian O’Neil, Christina Collins.”

The three Outsiders turned around and saw a young woman in a business suit behind them. She had pink hair and stood up straight looking at them.

“Yeah… and who are you?” Lillian asked.

“My name is Panni Citrine… and you three are members of the Outsiders. Three of the five young girls in which Biilly Cranston sent his replicas back into time to make you part of his Psycho Rangers.”

Just saying that aloud caused the three women to step back in shock but then Jaime went to grab her by the shoulders but found that Panni was holding her back. “What the?”

“I am not your enemy Outsiders. Neither is my employer who has told me to contact you.” Panni said.

“Your employer? Who is that?” Lillian asked.

“At this time I can’t tell you. However he shares a similar goal to your group. To help eliminate Biilly Cranston and his Psycho Rangers.” Panni replied. “He wants to meet with you. Come by Angel Grove Docks tonight at 9. There will be a limo there to take you see my employer. If you want to know more then don’t be late. You can chose not to see him but that is your choice. Good day ladies.” Panni said then letting go of Jamie and walking away into the alley.

“… she’s not getting away!” Jamie cried rushing in to the alley but didn’t find her. “What the…”

“Where did she go?” Lillian asked her and Christina following close behind.

Up on the rooftop of the building right above them Panni smirked. ~ You children have a lot to learn about the world and the extent of the power that humans without morphing power have. ~ she thought before disappearing in a pillar of water.

Back at the Power Chamber Jamie, Lillian and Christina met with the rest of their team and discussed the offer presented to them.

“And she said for us to meet her at Angel Grove docks tonight at nine?” Chelsea said.

“Yep.” Jamie answered. “She said she could help us get Biilly and the Psychos.”

“It could be a trap.” Nate said. “A lure by Biilly to draw us out.”

“I don’t think so.” Lillian said. “It doesn’t fit Biilly’s style.”

“So let me get this straight.” Katarina said. “A woman appears, she says she can help us get Biilly, or rather her employer can and all we have to do is meet her at Angel Grove docks at nine?”

“That about sums it up Katya.” Christina said.

“Well Tyler. What do you think?” Terry asked the Outsider leader.

Tyler weighed both sides of the argument. They did not know who the woman’s employer was nor what they had to offer. For all they knew her employer was another enemy or worked for S’Hera. But then Tyler thought about their current situation with the Power Chamber. There really was only one decision to make.

“Let’s see what this woman’s selling.” Tyler said. “Then we’ll see about buying.” The rest of the Outsiders agreed with Tyler and teleported to Angel Grove docks. All except Chelsea whom Tyler asked to stay behind.

“I don’t want to put all our eggs in one basket.” Tyler said to her. “If this is a trap we’ll need someone to get us out.”

Chelsea reluctantly agreed, even though she wished she was going with them. “All right If I don’t hear from you in 48 hours I’ll come look for you.”

Tyler smiled as he activated his communicator following the other Outsiders to the Angel Grove docks Chelsea already was praying for their safe return.

“Oh boy.” Lillian said as she and the other Outsiders got out of the limousine and got a good look at the house by the see. “That is one NICE looking house.”

“And expensive looking too.” Katarina added.

Tyler then looked at Panni after she had gotten out of the limo. Sure enough she was there at the docks waiting for them at the told time. Lillian told him Panni had said she would be picking them up in a limo but he really didn’t believe it until he saw the limo there on the docks. A short 15 minute drive was all it took before the limo stopped at what looked like a rich man’s home. “Is this it?”

“It is. If you would follow me in, I’ll take you to meet my employer.” Panni replied.

The Outsiders followed right behind Panni to the front of the house. The door was then opened and they saw a fair complexion young woman with fiery red hair. She wore ripped jeans a black tank top and a black leather jacket. “You always have to make sure its on the dot for schedules don’t you Panni?”

“Lyla, please.” Panni rolled her eyes.

“Right. By the way, he changed rooms. He’s in his personal room, not the office room. Figured you didn’t want to end up in the wrong room.” Lyla replied.

Panni sighed for a moment. She should have expected this.

“See you later… I hope.” Lyla replied as she walked down the hall.

“Who was that?” Nate asked.

“Lyla Topaz. One of my fellow co workers.” Panni replied. “If you will follow me to the stairs you meet my employer.”

They walked up the stairs to the second floor. As they were walking down a hallway, Christina looked down and saw a man in his mid 30s wearing a plain shirt and pants and was standing outside doing nothing. Panni looked at Christina who was behind everyone else. “That’s Ramon. He’s currently in a meditation exercise.”

“And the girl in the mask?” Terry asked Panni look in another room. She saw sitting down on the floor as if she was in a trance a girl with snow white hair and her face was covered by a porcelain mask.

“My name is Sylphina and it is not appropriate to automatically label a person by their looks.” the girl turned her head at Terry. “The labels ‘freek’ or ‘very vain bimbo’ were going through your mind were they not?”

Terry just stared the girl with her eyes wide not knowing what to say. Christina also looked at Terry. “She’s telling the truth you know. Those labels were going through your head.”

“Assumption without even knowing a thing about a person is a mistake.” Sylphina said as she then took off her mask. The Outsiders gasped as they saw a jagged scar running down her temple to her jaw on the left side of her face. She then put the mask back on. “I believe that action makes the lesson clearer than just using words.”

“Follow me please.” Panni said as the Outsiders, a bit hesitantly, did so. Terry took the longest to move, still staring at Sylphina before she started to walk back to her team.

“What happened to her?” Lillian asked.

“Something that is her own story and one she doesn’t to be told to others unless she herself tells it.” Panni replied. “I hope you can respect that.”

Tyler nodded. “Yes. So where is this employer of yours you have been telling us about.”

Panni then stopped behind a double wooden doorframe. She then knocked on it.

“Enter.” a male voice spoke.

Panni then opened the doors and then the Outsiders walked into the room. In it were paintings and artifacts that seemed to come from all over the world. There were also rare scrolls and texts on shelves to the left wall. There behind a desk with his back turned they saw a person in a white Armani suit. His hair was short and was pale blue. They saw his head was tilted upwards as if he was looking at something. They then looked up and he was staring at a large painting of a woman in white robe with dark blue hair and hazel eyes.

“I’m glad to see that Panni was able to convince you all to come here.”

Tyler then snapped at attention “Alright. We’ve accepted your invitation. So who are you?” Tyler asked.

Panni’s employer turned around then turned around and the Outsiders his face. He couldn’t have been any more than a few years older than themselves. Another thing that they noticed was that one of his eyes was blue and the other was hazel. Several of members of the team didn’t know what to make of him especially considering his age.

Lillian though knew him, or rather of him, though. “Wait… you’re Laocorn Gaudeamus! The teen billionaire and head of the Gaudeamus Corporation!” she gasped.

“He’s a billionaire?!” Terry shouted.

“If that’s the case how come a billionaire knows so much about the psycho rangers. Much less who we are?” Tyler demanded.

“You want answers and I will give them to you.” Laocorn said. “To put it simply, I know about the UAE and their intent to take over the Earth.” Seeing he had the Outsiders’ attention he then continued. “Over the last two years I have been devoting my time into learning everything that I could about the UAE and the alien forces that attack the earth and threaten humanity itself.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way pal but why would a billionaire give a rat’s ass about something like this?” Terry said with her arms crossed.

Laocorn closed his eyes as he spoke softly. “I’m trying to make amends for mistakes that I have made in the past.”

Christina, being psychic, was picking up on the feelings he was giving off. ~ Okay so far he’s not lying and he’s definitely feeling sorry for something. ~

“Alright. Fine.” Jamie replied. “But where do we fit into this?”

Laocorn looked at them all seriously and with open eyes. “I want to support your group.”

The Outsiders just stared at him in stunned silence until Terry came out and shouted. “YOU WANT TO WHAT?!”

“Why us? Why did you chose to contact us?” Katarina asked. “Why not one of the other Ranger teams?”

“As Panni told you before, we have a similar goal: the elimination of Biilly Cranston and his Psycho Rangers.” Laocorn replied. “Also, from what I have seen of all the ranger teams on earth, your methods are the most similar to my own.”

“How would you be supporting us?” Nate asked.

“My home base in San Francisco. I will set you up in a penthouse suite equipped with all the most advanced technology and equipment so that you can track down Biilly’s movements from anywhere on the planet.” Laocorn stated.

Tyler paused for a moment and then said, “Forgive me if I this comes off too insulting to you, but I’m not exactly convinced that we can trust you.”

~Not to mention there’s probably something else he isn’t telling us. ~ Lillian thought.

Jamie then looked up at the portrait Laocorn was looking at before. “Hey she looks kinda like you.”

Laocorn nodded. “She should… Sulia is…” Laocorn stopped and sighed sadly as he corrected himself. “… was my twin sister.”

“‘Was’?” Christina asked.

Laocorn looked at them all. “Sulia died two years ago… all because of a mistake that I made.” Laocorn looked back at Sulia’s portrait. “It for my sister’s memory that I have devoted my life to trying to help the world she loved so much.”

The Outsiders just look at Laocorn wondering what to say when he speaks. “I can understand your need to find out if you can truly trust me. They say that trust is earned through battle.”

“You want to have a fight with us all so you can see if we can trust you?” Terry shook her head in disbelief. “Just you.”

“Actually him and the four of us.”

The Outsiders turned around and saw Panni, Lyla, Ramon and Sylphina in the doorway.

“Panni, Lyla, Ramon and Sylphina are also members of my team. If you do decide to work for me, I would think it only best if you got to know them.” Laocorn said.

The Outsiders looked at each other thinking about this when Tyler then looked at Laocorn. “Alright then. Just three things.”

“Name them.” Laocorn said.

“We do this in the abandoned part of Angel Grove Docks, we fight one on one, and we chose who we fight.” Tyler said.


Lillian looked at Panni while Christina looked at Sylphina. Katarina then locked looks with Ramon while Jamie and Lyla looked at each other. Tyler and Laocorn were facing each other.

“Ah bloody hell! I wanted to fight someone!” Terry complained.

“Why?” Nate asked.

“You can be impossible sometimes Nate.” Terry muttered.

“Alright. We’ll see you there soon enough. Let’s go guys.” Tyler told his team as they teleported out.

Laocorn then looked at his people. “Everyone get into your gear. This will not be an easy fight.”

At the Angel Grove Docks Tyler waited with the Outsiders for their opponents, and possible business partners to come.

“So where are they?” Terry muttered.

“It’s only been 10 minutes Terry.” Katarina replied.

“Yeah but I don’t want to have to wait much longer.” Terry replied.

Terry got her wish as a pillar of water rose from the ocean to touch the dock floor, which soon solidified into the form of Panni. She had gone through a wardrobe change since they last saw here. She was wearing two silver balled earrings and a red choker around her neck. She wore a tight red leather body suit, which had a v-like cut over the front exposing a lot of her own cleavage but did cover the indecent part of her bust. Her mid rift was also bare skinned in a diamond shape and as for the legs the leggings of the suit were also tight red leather but the sides of her hips on were bare.

Suddenly a burst of flame appeared out of nowhere to reveal Lyla. She was now wearing black leather pants with silver armor boots. She had black fighting gloves on. The only upper clothing she was a silver breastplate that covered the front of her chest and her shoulder blades. In the center was large green jewel. She wore a silver circlet with a triangle shape on it on her forehead.

Mist in the air started to come to get as a gust of wind came down upon it and Sylphina landed gracefully on the ground. She wore a white stylized vest and white pants. She still had on her porcelain mask.

They then felt the ground rumbling. Thought thought it was an earthquake but then Ramon came out of the earth. He was bare-chested and had the physic of a professional athlete. He simply wore black pants and black gloves.

“I hope we didn’t keep you all waiting too long.”

The Outsiders looked up and saw Laocorn on a roof top. Only now his hair was now lavender instead of the blue shade they had seen before. He was wearing a dark gold sleeveless duster, black pants with gold boots, a black shirt and silver gauntlets. He then jumped off and landed on the ground gracefully.

“I got to give him this. He knows how to make an entrance.” Lillian said.

Tyler watched the entrance of Laocorn and his Elementals and was impressed by what he saw. “You seem to be very powerful people.” Tyler said.

“There’s more to life than just having powers.” Laocorn answered. “There is also the skill required for combat which is just as important to a warrior.” Tyler nodded in agreement.

“So is this a test of skill for us?” Lillian asked. “How do we know that we can trust you?”

“If we adjourn inside.” Laocorn said. “We shall correct that oversight.” With a look from the other Outsiders nodding they decided to move into the warehouse dock to… begin discussions. Unaware that they were being watched.

Kiim appeared on the monitor in Biilly’s headquarters, which was moved back to the Prison Dimension in Stonehenge. Biilly looked up at the image and said “Report!”

“Yeah, I’ve spotted those Power Signatures you had us all look out for. They’re at the Angel Grove docks, and it looks like they’ve got some backup to go with it too.

“Backup?” Biilly asked. “What kind of backup?”

“I don’t know.” Kiim answered. “These guys showed up in weird costumes and even weirder hair and they all suddenly went inside one of the dock houses. They could be doing the horizontal mambo for all I know.”

“Like Triini does?” Taanya laughed and the other Psychos seemed to join in. Triini however didn’t find it funny and turned away from the group as a tear slid down her cheek. Biilly didn’t seem to notice the tear, as he had his mind on other aspirations.

“We’ll never have a better chance to be rid of them than now.” Biilly said. “They’ll never see an attack coming now.”

“But Biilly.” Roocky said. “What about the other people there?” Triini then turned to face Roocky, and after wiping the tear from her eye gave him a kick to the stomach knocking the breath out of him. As she stood over him she glared down and said “How dare you question the wisdom of the great Biilly.”

“Triini, Triini please.” Biilly said waving Triini back. Triini obeyed as she looked at Biilly with a sort of wonderlust as he continued to speak. “As I said, we’ll never have a better chance to be rid of those Outsiders once and for all!”

“But what about those freaks with the weird hair?” Taanya asked.

Biilly just smirked as he looked at his Psycho Rangers. “I can’t help it is someone else was in the wrong place at the wrong time can I?” Laughter erupted from Biilly’s monitor room as the Psychos all teleported to the Angel Grove warehouse to destroy their enemies as well as the humans who dared contact them.

Their laughter echoed the whole teleport there. When they arrived Biilly laid them around to the main door of the warehouse. Trailing at the end were Daavid and Kaat. Daavid was covering Kaat as she made a call to Billy Kane.

“It’s time.” she said. “The Angel Grove docks.”

Inside the warehouse, the four Elementals were now facing their four opponents. Tyler and Laocorn were walking over to another warehouse to have their fight considering it would be too restricting to have them all fight in the same warehouse.

Jamie looked at her opponent Lyla, and called forth her Sword of Lightning. “I hope you don’t mind me using a weapon. I like to get in as much sword time as I can.”

“Not at all.” Lyla said as a stream of flame appeared in her hand and solidified into a sword. “I don’t really practice with blades myself, I used to.”

Jamie and Lyla both brought their swords to bear against each other. “Why don’t you now?”

“Haven’t needed to in a long time.” Lyla answered. “But I suppose this is for the best now. This way I can shake off some rust, and get in some combat at the same time.” Lyla then brought the sword across Jamie delivering the first strike. Jamie deflected it like a master and moved in to go on the offensive.

Jamie blocked Lyla’s strikes with perfection. Being more seasoned with a sword Jamie clearly had the advantage. But Lyla was more forceful with her blade, and that kept Jamie from going on the offensive. Soon Jamie was backed against the wall.

“So.” Lyla said. “Ready to throw in the towel yet?

Jamie didn’t say anything. Rather instead she brought her leg between Lyla’s own legs placing it behind Lyla’s left. Then with all her strength Jamie pushed Lyla back. But since Jamie’s leg was behind Lyla’s, the Fire Elemental overbalanced and fell backwards down to the floor. Jamie immediately took advantage and sought to bring the sword down like a spear. Lyla quickly rolled out of the way of the coming blade and picked up her own. She quickly got to her feet and stood ready to go at it again.

“Nice.” Lyla said holding her blade steady.

Jamie looked at Lyla. She may have been brash and wild, but Jamie saw that Lyla was a real worthy adversary. “Care to keep going?” Jamie asked.

“You really have to ask?” Lyla smirked and the two young women went at it again.

~God why do I have to fight the good looking ones?~ Katarina mentally cursed herself as she saw the manly build of Ramon across from her. She took in the Earth Elemental’s rugged build and found it was lust at first sight. ~ If he entered the Mr. Universe pageant, he’d win hands down. ~ she thought.

Ramon however was wondering when Katarina would get in the first strike. “You don’t have a problem with hitting a man do you?” he asked as a joke.

“No.” Katarina smirked. “Do you have a problem hitting a woman?”

Ramon returned the smile with one of his own. “Not unless I have to fight them.” He said as he reared back his fist ready to deliver a haymaker across Katarina’s face. When the punch flew however Katarina ducked and the punch struck only air. It was then that Katarina made her move.

Learning Kickboxing allowed Katarina to get in many good shots at Ramon, but most of the kicks Katarina threw were blocked by the blocks Ramon threw up. Ramon threw his punches, but Katarina was able to dodge the haymakers with the grace of a practiced dancer, and Ramon knew it.

“You fight gracefully.” Ramon said as he continued to throw punches Katarina either blocked or dodged with a dancer’s grace.

“Thank you you’re no slouch yourself.” Katarina said as she threw her kicks. Some not connecting, and some were. “But this doesn’t seem like our all does it?”

“No it doesn’t.” Ramon said showing his resiliency by still standing. “I feel as if I’m not giving my all. That I should be doing better.”

Katarina paused and thought about what Ramon said. “You know. I feel the same way. I mean, we’re artists. When it comes to our craft we should be giving our all. Not holding anything back.” Ramon then let a smile cross his face and then asked Katarina a question.

“Shall we dance?” he asked.

Katarina smiled. “I’ll lead.” She said as both she and Ramon went at it again. Their grace still present in their fighting, but the intensity between the two combatants went through the roof.

Christina looked at Sylphina across from her. Both looked angelic enough, but if one knew them well enough opponents would see forces to be reckoned with. Still Christina was concerned about fighting Sylphina. She didn’t look as well built, and Christina was afraid that SHE would hurt Sylphina.

“Well are you going to attack or not?” Sylphina asked like a joke.

“Give me a minute I’m working on it.” Christina said as she looked Sylphina over. “You wouldn’t be offended if I hit and broke your mask would you?”

“No, I have plenty.” Sylphina said as she then delivered a surprise axe kick that sent Christina back. “I got tired of waiting.” She said.

Christina sat back up and actually smiled. “Oh that’s the way you want to play it huh? This means war.”

Christina decided to try a new move that was recently taught to her. Jumping high into the air Christina delivered a flying side kick that sent Sylphina flying back a few feet. Realizing that Christina took the high road Sylphina took the low road and did a leg sweep that knocked Christina down but quickly got back up.

“Not bad. For a beginner.” Sylphina said.

“You’re not bad either.” Christina said. “…for a beginner yourself.” She then added. Christina seemed to know that Sylphina was somewhat rusty in her delivery, almost as if she had depended on something else to do most of her fighting. “Are you holding back?” Christina smiled at Sylphina.

Sylphina seemed to pause at this as she paused to think of its answer. Finally she answered “What do you think?” she asked then continued with her next statement.

“Incidentally” Sylphina said. “I appreciate the concern you had shown for my welfare. It was a noble gesture on your part.”

“But we are holding back.” Christina said. “Look at everyone else.” She said. “Everyone’s fighting, and we’re moving around like trainees at the school gym”

“Do you want to take it further?” Sylphina asked.

Christina smiled taking Sylphina’s statement as an open challenge. Soon every Outsider and Elemental was going full tilt. Or as full a tilt as they could go.

“I’m impressed.” Panni said as she stood in a fighting stance across from Lillian who was in a stance of her own. “You Outsiders seem like worthy opponents thus far.”

“We try.” Lillian said. “But right now I’m not really up for witty banter are you?”

Panni smiled. “Not really, ” then she launched into a running punch which Lillian dodged. While she was dodging Lillian brought up her knee into Panni’s chest knocking the wind out of her. Panni fell to the ground trying to catch her breath.

“Impressive.” Panni said as she slowly got back to her feet. Lillian stood in a fighting stance ready to take on another attack, and saw Panni do a handspring flip her way. When she got close enough Panni launched into the air and gave a side kick to Lillian’s chin. Lillian was then knocked down.

“That’s one for one.” Panni said. Lillian then got up cradling her jaw grateful that it wasn’t broken. It was then she realized something. “You’re holding back aren’t you?”

“Well, at least the kick to the jaw.” Panni said. “Lord Laocorn hates it when ‘potential investments’ are damaged.”

“Potential investments?” Lillian asked insulted. “Is that all we are?”

“No.” Panni said. “You are human. Just as your friends are human. Human beings with human feelings, human desires and human frailties. Just as we all are human. Just as you are.”

Lillian seemed to catch on to Panni’s words. “Somehow you come off as more than human.”

“So would you.” Panni answered back. “But enough of the philosophy debate.” Panni then launched a roundhouse kick to Lillian’s jaw again, but Lillian deflected it with a wrist block that sent Panni’s leg back.

Lillian then delivered a series of kicks trying to drive Panni back. First a front kick, then a spinning roundhouse kick, and finally a back kick to complete the ensemble. Panni was driven back, but she wasn’t driven back as far as Lillian hoped. ~ Her endurance must be incredible. ~ she thought.

Sure enough Lillian’s assessment was on the money as Panni bounced back with a front kick which Lillian dodged, then Panni followed up with a series of punches which Lillian had a hard time blocking. Then Panni launched a series of kicks which Lillian dodged. A few however she managed to block.

Lillian blocked one of Panni’s kicks and found herself sweating like crazy. ~ Damn. She’s very good. ~ She looked at her teammates and saw they were also having the same time she was having. ~ They are all very good.. ~

“I don’t get it!” Jaason said to Biilly. “Why are we just waiting!”

Biilly then grabbed Jaason by the throat. “Patience! Don’t you see this is a golden opportunity to get rid of the Outsiders! Even more than I first thought!”

“How’s that?” Zaack asked.

Biilly frowned. “Are you all that dumb and blind! I am the only that is enjoying the show! Of seeing the traitors getting beaten on!” he shouted as he ranted on. “We will wait until they are too winded to fight back and then we will finish them.”

“And how do we get the surprise advantage in this?” Kiim asked.

Triini then came over and smiled at Biilly. “It’s all done.”

“What’s done?” Roocky scratched his head.

Biilly smiled evilly as he pulled out a black remote control. “Let’s just say the construction crews will be visiting the docks in the morning.”


Tyler’s kick goes right through a wooden box as he and Laocorn are fighting amongst on another.

~For a billionaire, he sure knows how to fight. He’s using the martial arts but I can’t even tell what style it is. I’ve never seen a fighting stance like his before. ~ Tyler thought himself. ~ So far I’ve used everything short of morphing to fight him and I think he’s ACTUALLY holding back. ~

Laocorn went out of crescent kick but Tyler saw an opening and then punched Laocorn solidly in the gut. He followed with an upper cut to send Laocorn to the ground. ~ Time to end this. ~ Tyler thought as he raised his fist and punched down at Laocorn’s body.

But to his shock all he hit was solid ground.

“What the…” Tyler muttered with his eyes wide open. He sees Laocorn twenty feet in front of him. Tyler then shakes his head to clear the cobwebs and then sees Laocorn coming at him but then to his shock he starts disappearing and reappearing. “First he’s there and then he’s somewhere else?!” Tyler cried trying to keep up with Laocorn’s movements.

Laocorn then appeared right in front of Tyler and then hits him with a right cross, a gut shot and a spin kick sending Tyler down… hard.

“Argh… I should have known better…” Tyler groaned as he looked at Laocorn with anger. “What ever happened to just plain physical power like you said. What magic or special power did you just use?”

“Neither. What I used what my own power.” Laocorn said calmly.

“I don’t believe you.” Tyler replied.

“Then scan me with your own powers and prove me wrong… but I am telling you the truth. What I used was my own power. Nothing more.” Laocorn said.

Tyler gets up. “IT’S MORPHIN TIME! ZEO KNIGHT POWER!” Suddenly Zeo Knight was standing before Laocorn. He then activated his scanners to find anything not human that Laocorn had in him that he was using to fight him.

To Tyler’s surprise, he found nothing. “How…”

Laocorn looked at Zeo Knight calmly. “Human beings are not as frail as many of the UAE think they are. There’s a lot you and your team need to learn about your own race and the hidden power and potentials you don’t even know exist.”

Meanwhile back in the warehouse the Outsiders and Elementals were standing defensively at each other. Each one of them waiting for the other to make a move.

However it was then that Christina shot her head up as did Sylphina. “The winds blow with darkness.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Terry shouted.

“Morph! Now!” Christina said. Though their methods of feeling danger were different both knew something bad was about to come there way.

That was all she got to say before the explosions started.

“HAHAHAHA!” Biilly laughed as he watched the abandoned building blow up. He then looked toward his Psycho Rangers all of whom were morphed. ~ Cept for useless Kaat. ~ he amended.

“You don’t really think they are going to fall that easily do you?” Psycho Red said.

“No of course not.” Biilly waved his hand as he saw as he predicted the Outsiders morphed getting out of the rubble. “Move in now.”

Like vultures descending on dying animals, they charged down to attack the Outsiders.

“Gah!” Zeo Shadow cried as she looked at the others who were getting out of the rubble.

“It was setup!” Zeo Punk said.

“Oh like they were going to blow us up with them in the building at the same time. Real bright.” Zeo Phoenix replied.

Zeo Punk looked at her. “I may a pain in the ass and have a punk style but I’m not stupid.”

“Enough. Now’s not the time to be making quips.” Zeo Ranger said.

“Quite true.”

The Outsiders looked up and saw Biilly with his Psycho Rangers behind him.

“It’s time for you all to die.” Biilly said.

“Why am I not surprised?” Zeo Blade growled. “You’ll take any shot at us you want. Even if it means killing innocent people in the processes.”

Biilly shrugged and smirked at them. “Hey. I can’t help it if those humans make such bad choices in who they decide to be around.

“Yeah. It’s not Biilly’s fault.” Psycho Yellow said in Biilly’s defense.”

“And if it isn’t the billion dollar slut to the maniacal bastard’s aid.” Zeo Punk commented.

“Why you! I still owe you from what you did to me the last time!” Psycho Yellow complained.

“Go screw yourself tramp.” Zeo Punk replied leaving Psycho Yellow fuming.

“Now you are all going to wish you had chosen with me as your leader instead of that reject Toommy.” Biilly smirked.

“That’s right! No one can stop the Great Biilly.” Psycho Yellow squealed in her high pitched voice. “No…”

It was then the Psycho Rangers were all nailed down by a pillar of water.

“Who did that?!” Biilly cried getting up. “I demand the bastard that just did that show his cowardly self!”

“Wrong gender asshole.”

“Wha…?” Biilly said before he found himself getting blasted down again by a pillar of water.

“If you are going to try to call me out…” Biilly turned around and then saw Panni holding her hands up and was moving them and as she was a dragon of water was formed. “I suggest you get your eyes checked.

Both the Outsiders and the Psycho Rangers were shocked.

“One, you interrupted a fight that was to help us smooth out our differences. Two, we were enjoying the fight because it had been a while since we fought any good fighters while just using our natural fighting skills. And three, how dare you, your bitch and your motley crew dare think you are unbeatable and that you can beat any human being!” Panni spat. The water dragon then roared as it opened its mouth. “Well now Biilly Cranston… you are about to be taught a lesson about what happens when you royally tick off the Elementals… TSUNAMI DRAGON!”

The dragon came crashing down on the Psycho Rangers diving them all away from Biilly.

Lillian looked at Panni with newfound respect. She then looked at Biilly and then looked her teammates who nodded. “Panni you can have the rest but Biilly is ours.”

Panni nodded. “Elementals you heard Zeo Shadow. Its time to go Psycho Ranger Hunting!”

With that Panni vanished in a pillar of water, Lyla teleported out in a blaze of flame, Ramon went into the earth and went under ground and Sylphina became one with the wind.

The Outsiders just looked at the water logged Biilly.

“You’re dead this time.” Jamie said.

“No… this time someone will die… but it will be all of you! I refuse to leave until I at least kill one of you! AHHHHHHH!!!!” Biilly roared as he activated his power ring and became the physical embodiment of his totem: the jackal. “Now let’s get started!”

Tyler and Laocorn stopped fighting and saw explosions and water pillars from a distance.

“What the hell is going on?” Tyler asked. “What are you up to Gaudeamus?”

“This is higher than I told them to use…”

“… what?” Tyler muttered.

“Apparently someone has decided to interfere in our affairs.” Laocorn said.

“Biilly…” Tyler hissed as he then teleported out to the scene leaving Laocorn behind.

Laocorn let it slide knowing Tyler was the leader of the Outsiders and they were first on his priorities.

Still Laocorn started running to where the battle was going on.

“I really hate you Outsiders!” Psycho Pink shouted as she was taking on Zeo Ranger all by herself. Nate was defending himself against her keeping an even game so far.

“Your anger is a flaw.” Nate shot.

“Correction!” She spun and ducked and kicked and flipped her way around Zeo Ranger and then handspring up to kick him in the chest pushing him back. She then landed on her feet and pulled out her Psycho Bow and fired three shots at Nate. “It’s my strength!”

Meanwhile Psycho White and Kaat were moving around and found themselves one building away from where Psycho Pink and Zeo Ranger were going at it.

“Well I wonder what we do now?” Kaat said aloud.

“Well that’s easy.”

The two replicas faced forward and saw Lyla come out from the shadows from one of the buildings. “You can die for your crimes.”

“Not a chance.” Psycho White replied. “Kaat. Get behind me.” Kaat did just that as Psycho White looked on at Lyla. “You don’t stand a chance against a Psycho Ranger human.”

Lyla then cracked her knuckles. She then saw Psycho Pink and Zeo Ranger getting closer to her. “Hey!” They didn’t hear anything. Lyla then raised her right hand and sent a fireball into a building next to them. Part of the building exploded off. That got their attention as did it get Psycho White’s and Kaat’s. Kiim and Nate looked in Lyla’s direction. She then raised her right hand which was now engulfed in fire.

“Kiss your two teammates goodbye… FIRE KNUCKLE!” Lyla then charged at Daavid faster than he could move. Her flame engulfed hand hit Psycho White’s armor dead in the center. The impact through him into Kaat and they both had gone right through a warehouse. She had seen these two before once and saw what they had done some innocent people. Besides they were just replicas not people.

Psycho White looked at Kaat who just stared back.

Lyla gathered her power into a charge and then smirked at the two Psychos. “Burn in hell… HELLFIRE!” Lyla shouted shooting her hands outward in front of her and then an incredibly large fire blast came right at them and then it engulfed them.

After the flame was done all that were left were two complete unrecognizable bodies. Daavid’s psycho morpher was also there broken and damaged. It would never work again. Kaat also had on the necklace she had stolen from Katherine except now it had been melted into liquid metal… that is until Lyla went over to the body and grabbed the liquid and clenched it into her fist. In amazement the metal was solid again and almost the same shape as it had been.

Nate and Psycho Pink were in shock.

“… ho… holy… she… she just….” Kiim gasped.

Lyla faced Kiim and she swore Lyla’s eyes had been replaced with the fires of hell.

“Forget it! If those Outsiders got this kidna of help I don’t need to be fighting them! I am out of here!” Psycho Pink shrieked, teleporting out.

Lyla walked over to the still gaping Nate. “Come on and lets get moving to help your friends.”

However little did anyone know that Kaat and Daavid weren’t exactly dead.

In fact they were very much alive and smiling.

They would have been laughing if Billy Kane had told them don’t laugh or you’ll ruin everything.

“I don’t believe it. Your boss came through.” Kaat said. “They think we are dead and we can do just about anything we want now.”

“Except now we work for your boss.” Daavid said.

“First off, you two really don’t care much about world domination, just having as much power as you can obtain.” Billy said.

“… your boss is like that?” Kaat asked.

“Oh yeah. You’ll like him. In fact first though we have to go see someone.” Billy said as they got into a van that was far away from the docks.

“Who?” Daavid asked.

Billy smiled. “The man that is going to change your faces a bit and give you a new identity. We got them thinking you are dead. Let’s make them keep on thinking that.” He then looked at the driver of the van sternly. “Ripper lets get out of here before that bald headed wizard actually starts scanning the area and records what is happening.”

With that the van left Angel Grove and ten minutes later passed a sign as they were on the high way.

Southtown 10 miles

Ramon was walking calmly down one of the pathways of the docks. It looked like he was on guard.

“Time to die!” Psycho Gold shouted as he then came out of no where to attack Ramon in the front while Psycho Red attacked from behind with his Psycho Sword. They saw him easily from the shadows earlier and set up an ambush to take care of him. They thought it was all over.

However it wasn’t as Buulk’s fist went right through Ramon’s body like was dirt. So did Jaason’s sword. All their clever ambush had accomplished was having Psycho Gold’s fist drive right into Psycho Red’s gut while his sword cut deep into Buulk’s armor.

“What the hell just happened!” Psycho Red shouted as he started to get up. He then saw Ramon, what was left him, becoming dirt itself which then collapsed on to the ground.

“How’d you like my earth double?”

Both Psychos turned around and saw the REAL Ramon come out from one of the buildings.

“You set us up!” Buulk shouted.

Ramon simply smirked. “As if you didn’t?” He then saw Psycho Red coming at him sword drawn.

“You’re dead!” Psycho Red shouted.

Concentrating his power and waiting until Jaason was almost on top of him did Ramon act. “STONEBREAKER STRIKE!!!” Ramon then punched right through Psycho Red’s sword, destroying it, and then hit his helmet. It shattered on impact and then Jaason found himself flying for about 100 feet in the air until he fell back to earth.

Ramon turned around to see Psycho Gold coming at him with his weapon. He was swinging blindly all around. “I’m going to…” He then doubled over and saw that Ramon had kicked in his neither reigons with enough force that he could feel it through the armor… and it hurt. “… owie.” he then fell down unconscious.

“Deluded fools.” Ramon sighed. “So much potential and yet they waste it.” Ramon then looked up at the sky. “I wonder how the others are faring.”

“I’m going to impale you on my Psycho Lance you bitch!” Psycho Blue hissed losing patience with the fight. Psycho Black was also beside him with his Psycho Ax drawn. “Damn it. How can one frail girl be so much of a pain to kill!” Zaack complained.

Just then Sylphina appeared in front of them giving a girlish laugh. “Oh please. You kill me? I survived Arcadia, the only place in existence that could ever rival Hell. The Hell that Satan himself rules over. The one you two will be going to.”

“I’ve had it with her mouth!” Psycho Blue growled.

“They are going to need tweezers to pick up what left of you after I’ve sliced and diced you!” Psycho Black growled as he swung his battle ax right at Sylphina. However as they had seen before, it just went right through her.

“Is there a problem?” The gaseous female said to them.

“Argh! Stop playing around and fight!” Psycho Black said.

“Fine… ARC LIGHTNING!!!” Sylphina cried and from the heavens bolts of lightning came down and started nailing Psycho Black sending him back.

“Argh! Hey! Is that the best you got!”

“You want the best sinner… you got it…” Sylphina said as she solidified completely. “Great God of the Wind Zephyr, Grant Me Your Power!” Both Psychos watched as Sylphina started putting out a glowing white aura and a ghostly apparition of a giant black dragon appeared in the sky.

“What the hell is this?!” Psycho Black shouted.

“You’re about to find out…” Sylphina then flew right at Psycho black and the ghost of the dragon went with her. When she was close enough to him she shouted, “FINAL WIND TECHNIQUE… SPIRIT HURRICANE DRAGON!!!” She launched a wave of statically charged air at Psycho Black and then hit him with her right hand as did the ghost of the dragon. The effect of the attack had caused both shocking Psycho Black with massive amounts of electricity and bludgeoning him with both physical and spiritual energies. He was completely out of it.

Psycho Blue was standing alone moving back. Somewhat in fear after what he just saw what he had considered a frail little girl wearing a mask to cover her face, most like to keep it from getting messed up.

The ghost dragon disappeared and then Sylphina looked at Psycho Blue. “Sorry. But I don’t like to fight for too long. So I’ll make this quick.” She said putting her fingers to her forehead.

“Huh?” Psycho Blue muttered as he was just standing there waiting for her to do something. After a couple of seconds he decided that she must be getting a really big attack ready so he decided he would charge her and get the drop on her… but then he felt it hard to breath. “Argh… can’t… can’t breath…”

“Of course you can’t. That’s what the Breathless technique does. Just by focusing and concentrating I can make an area within a five foot radius completely devoid of oxygen.” Sylphina replied with her fingers still on her forehead.

“Why… you…” Psycho Blue grasped as he fell to his knees.

“You might have special healing thanks to your powers… but an infinite air supply isn’t one of your benefits.” Sylphina said.

“Damn… you…” Psycho Blue said before he collapsed unconscious on the ground.

“Pop goes the weasel.” Sylphina smiled.

Psycho Yellow and Psycho Purple were now side by side each with their weapons out. They had saw the unconscious bodies of Psycho Red and Gold and decided it would be best to stick together and get out of that area.

“What the hell was able to beat them like that?” Psycho Purple muttered.

“I don’t know.” Psycho Yellow replied twirling her Psycho Daggers around. “All I know is that I’ll skewer any one of those Rangers.”

“You know you really shouldn’t play with sharp objects.” The two Psychos looked up and saw Panni looking down at them from a roof. “You could really hurt yourself.”

“Come on down and fight you slut!” Psycho Purple shouted.

“Cause that’s what you must be dressed like that!” Psycho Yellow added.

To their surprise Panni just laughed. “Isn’t this amusing? The whores are telling me I’m a slut. Thanks for the complement. Do you want to know where I got my clothes?”

“ARGH! NO ONE CALLS ME THAT!” Psycho Yellow jumped up using her Psycho Speed to get up to the roof that Panni was on.

What she wasn’t expected Panni slicing down ward with her twin water sabers right across Psycho Yellow’s armor. Panni smirked as she raised her hand infront of the falling Psycho Yellow. “Say good bye… AQUA BLAST!!!” A blast of water came down and hit Psycho Yellow hard sending her crashing through another building.

Psycho Purple shrugged. “Eh. What do I care. She’s is a useless bitch anyway.” She soon felt the wind knocked out of her as Panni had just hit punched her with a water like fist the stomach right through her armor.

“No respect for teammates. What a fatal personality characteristic you have.” Panni said as she shoved Psycho Purple off her body and let her fall to the ground. “Well time to go end this.”

She then turned into a pillar of water and vanished. A short while later Psycho Pink teleported down next to Psycho Purple and started dragging her into the building where Psycho Yellow was. She then put Psycho Purple on top of Psycho Yellow and had one hand on Psycho Purple. “This whole thing has been a major screw up since the start.” Psycho Pink replied. “Well this is everyone. I would call Biilly and tell him to worry about these weird humans…” She then smirked behind her helmet. “But it will be much more entertaining to watch and record him getting his ass kicked for a change.” with that she teleported out along with the two unconscious Psycho Rangers.

Tyler crossed the docks like he was the Road Runner crossing the desert. When he arrived he saw the Outsiders fighting against Biilly, and were bringing him down. But to Biilly’s credit he wasn’t making it easy for them.

Zeo Phoenix and Zeo Shadow were in perfect sync as they were doing a system of kicks to Biilly’s midsection. With Biilly bowled over Zeo Punk launched into her own attack. “ZEO HEAD RAM!!!” she called out.

Charging like a bull Zeo Punk charged towards Biilly’s stomach but then Biilly held his hand out and caught Zeo Punk’s head in his hand. As he stood Zeo Punk was still running almost like on a treadmill. The scene with Biilly holding Zeo Punk’s head was almost reminiscent of an old cartoon.

“LET HER GO!!!” Zeo Psi shouted. Zeo Blade and Zeo Ranger stood by her.

“Let her go?” Biilly asked mockingly. “Okay I’ll let her go!” He then gave a hard push with his arm sending Zeo Punk into her three friends.

“Repulsor gauntlet.” Biilly said fingering his hand and forarm which was covered with some sort of dark blue framework reminiscent of a fingerless glove. “It was something Triini came up with.”

“Wow!” Zeo Punk said standing up. “She had enough air in her head to come up with a thought?”

Biilly looked slightly amused by Zeo Punk’s crack, but mostly annoyed as well. “She can be smart at times you know. There’s more to her than just…satisfying me in the usual manner. She has other talents that are put to use. Such as these.”

Billy revealed his right hand which had the same fingerless glove framework but also had a gun of some sort on his wrist. Firing at the Outsiders the shots hit them and exploded on impact causing Zeo Punk, Zeo Ranger, Zeo Blade and Zeo Psi to go down and demorph.

“And don’t think I’ve forgotten you two.” Biilly said firing two shots at Zeo Phoenix and Zeo Shadow which also exploded on impact causing them to demorph. Zeo Knight watched as his team went down. ~ What is that weapon?~ he thought.

Zeo Knight didn’t have to wait long as Biilly dragged Lillian and Katarina to the heap of Outsiders already down. “Miniturized Grenade Launcher.” He said fingering his left hand weapon. “Another one of Triini’s ideas.”

“Wow.” Terry said trying to push herself up. “The slut actually was able to come up with two thoughts.”

Biilly kicked Terry in the head and sent her sprawling back down to the ground. He then smiled his most evil smile that his jackyll form could allow. “What can I say? Triini is one Psycho Ranger who knows how to please her man.”

“SICK-YAH!!!” came the shout from behind. Biilly turned around to see Zeo Knight coming in from behind and used his sword to slice off Biilly’s new wrist weapons. The two fingerless gauntlets fell to the ground like dead weight. Looking up Biilly glared at Zeo Knight.

“You broke my new toys!” Biilly said in jest.

“Don’t worry. You’ve got another one at home.” Zeo Knight said in jest making reference to Triini. He then drew back his sword ready to strike at Biilly but Biilly saw that strike coming.

Ducking down to avoid the blade Biilly used his jackyll claws to slash across Zeo Knight’s midsection. After several swipes Zeo Knight was off his feet allowing Biilly to come up to him, grab him by the throat and throw him into a nearby wall. The force of the impact caused Tyler to demorph and land on his fellow Outsiders who were still down. Only this time Tyler lay among them.

Biilly looked on at the downed Outsiders who he was just measuring up. “You know what the difference is between you and me…I am smarter and more powerful than any of you.”

“You haven’t won yet…” Tyler said before Biilly hit him in the head.

“Shut up Toommy. I am the strongest human being there is in the world!” Biilly said.

“You’re just a damn psycho!” Christina spat.

Biilly was surprised by her outburst. “Oh… so you talk… well I guess its time to end your life!” He then picked her up by the throat and raised his claw. “Say bye bye.”

“Bye bye Biilly.”

Biilly blinked when he heard the unfamiliar voice.

“HEAVEN’S FIST!” Laocorn shouted hitting Biilly right in his head making him drop Christina and sent him right through a concrete wall of a warehouse. Laocorn went to Christina. “Are you okay?”

“RAAHHH!!!” Biilly came of the building screaming. “How dare you do that to me! The most brilliant and powerful and strongest individual human being in the world!”

Suddenly the Panni and the Elements appeared. “The Psycho Rangers have all retreated and we can confirm the ones called Kaat and Daavid are no more.”

“What does that mean woman?” Biilly growled.

Lyla then held up Daavid’s ruined Psycho Morpher which made Biilly’s eyes bulge out. “She means I killed them. And now we get to…”

“No… he’s mine.” Laocorn said sternly. The Elementals nodded as Laocorn then got Christina up and gave her to Panni to hold up. “Take care of her.”

“Beat him swiftly my lord.” Panni said as Laocorn went to Biilly.

“You weak human! I’ll kill you!” Biilly rushed at Laocorn but then Laocorn was just gone. “What the…”

Laocorn came from behind and then kick Biilly in his back. Biilly turned around and then Laocorn gave him three punches to his stomach causing Biilly to double over.

“… This… is impossible… I’ve beaten and dismantle even the greatest of the Rangers…” Biilly cried and then he looked up at Laocorn. “You can’t beat me… no human can beat me!”

Biilly shot his hands at Laocorn who then held onto them easily. What he did next shocked everyone.

He broke both of Biilly’s arms.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Biilly screamed out in pain as Laocorn walked over him.

Under his helmet Tyler smiled as he saw Biilly in agony.

Laocorn then after walking around Biilly until he was facing Biilly and behind Biilly was wall he then said, “You are a fool to assume you are the most powerful force on the planet. You are nothing Biilly Cranston… nothing but a fool.”

“SHUT UP! I AM EVIL! I CANT BE BEATEN BY SOMEONE LIKE YOU! I CANT BE BEATEN BY HUMANS! I WONT!!!” He then jumped up and was rushing at Laocorn ready to slash at the jugular.

It was then Laocorn held out his right hand. ~ This is how the Hakkyoku Saiken school should have done this move. They got the first part wrong. ~ “SHIROHA KEN!”

It was then from Laocorn’s hand that an enormous blast of white power came from Laocorn’s hand.

When it hit Biilly, he had no defense at all. He screamed as he went through the wall feeling only pain the whole time. Finally after a minute the energy stopped and Laocorn lowered his hand.

The Outsiders could only gawk at the power they had just seen Laocorn use.

“I didn’t kill him if that was what you were wondering. I purposely didn’t use full force on him.” Laocorn said walking over to Biilly.

~YOU MEAN THAT WASN’T FULL POWER!!!~ Lillian thought.

Biilly looked up to see Laocorn. “W.. wh… what are you…”

“Human and the victor… but not your killer. If you are to die you will die by the hands of the Outsiders but for now…” Laocorn then ripped off the power ring on Biilly’s hand and then smashed it with his boot. “… consider yourself crippled and Justin Stewart free to live his life once more.”

“NOOOOOOO!!!!” Biilly cried as he went back to his normal form. This time for keeps. Before he blacked out he managed to teleport away.

The Outsiders looked Laocorn knowing though Biilly had gotten away again… things were now looking a lot better.

“So Outsiders… have we gained your trust?” Laocorn asked.

They all just stared at him for a moment before saying. “Oh hell yes!”

Laocorn then looked over at Sylphina and called her over to him. He whispered in her ear and she nodded disappearing into a gust of wind.

“Where’s Sylphina going?” Lyla asked.

“Doing a favor.” Laocorn replied smiling.

At Angel Grove General Hospital, Justin Stewart was finally waking up from the coma had for a very long time. He blinked and looked around wondering where he was and didn’t want to see…


Justin turned around fearful that she was here to take him away but then saw a woman in a purest white robe with an angelic face and snow white hair and the kindest blue eyes he had ever seen. It was as if it his mother, his real mother looking at him.

“Rest easy child.” Sylphina told Justin. “You will never fear the Queen of the Crown again. She will never touch you again. We will be looking over you.”

“We…?” Justin asked starting to feel sleepy again.

“You have friends dear Justin. Friends that care for you and will be there for you. Now rest.” Sylphina said to Justin. Justin nodded and soon fell fast asleep. Sylphina looked up to the heavens. “Thank you Zephyr, my God of the Wind, thank you for helping me cleanse this boy’s mind from all the trauma that had been inflicted upon him.” Her prayers had allowed the God she belonged to help heal Justin’s mind and soul. She then left on the bedstand flowers and card before leaving in the wind.

The card said: ‘You are not alone. Signed, A Friend’

“I can’t believe it!” Jaason shouted as he slammed his fist down on the table. “We lost! And we lost in the worst way!”

“Yeah.” Buulk said scarfing down a mix of Twinkies, Orange Sherbet and Sardines. It was a meal Oscar the Grouch would have been proud of. “We lost Daavid and Kaat…”

“Kaat was no big loss.” Zaack said. “Even though she did look fine!” All the male Psychos seemed to drool as images of Kaat naked appeared in their minds. Taanya and Kiim however were annoyed with how sleazy the other Psychos were. It was only when Biilly had shown up.

He had only just recovered from the battle with Laocorn thanks to his healing chamber, and he was looking at each Psycho Ranger in contempt: Jaason, Kiim, Zaack, Roocky, Taanya, and Buulk. With the exception of Triini they were the last Psycho Rangers left alive. A thought that didn’t set too well with Biilly.

“You all are pathetic!” Biilly shouted. “Do you spend so much of your time fantasizing about Kaat that you allow yourselves to get beaten down the way you had?” Biilly continued his rant as he looked over each Psycho Ranger with scorn.

“We have lost a valuable resource in the White Psycho Morpher. Kaat however was no big loss.” Kiim and Taanya seemed to chuckle at Biilly’s mentioning of Kaat until Biilly glared at the two Psycho girls. “The only use she would have had would be to replace one of you.” That shut Kiim and Taanya up, but then Biilly glared at Kiim.

“And you. You could have done something about that lavender haired freak! You could have shot at him with your Psycho Bow or something! Instead you let me get beat down like a dog! You turned on me!”

“Hey!” Kiim shouted. “Maybe if you thought with your head instead of your other head then those Outsiders would have been destroyed along with those other freaks!” Kiim shot back. Biilly looked curious and asked “What do you mean?”

“I mean…” Kiim continued. “…that you have spent most of your time dipping your wick into Triini than fighting the Rangers. Your plans have been so full of holes that you’re turning into an even bigger airhead than Triini.”

“DON’T YOU DARE COMPARE ME TO THAT BITCH!!!” Biilly said striking Kiim across her face. The force of the impact sent Kiim flying back and sprawling down onto the floor. If it was risky to hit someone with newly healed arms, Biilly didn’t care.

“You listen to me!” he said glaring at Kiim then he turned his gaze to the other Psychos and shouted “ALL OF YOU!!! We are supposed to be the most evil force ever! Rangers fall at our might, or at least are supposed to! But lately all we have been doing is failing and failing miserably!”

“Hey!” Jaason said. “It’s not our fault that the Rangers keep getting help! First they get help when the Outsiders join them. And now the Outsiders get help thanks to those Elemental freaks! We can’t seem to get a break!”

“Then maybe you need to work harder to find a way to deal with…unforeseen complications that come your way. Think for once Jaason!” Biilly shouted then he turned to leave. As he approached the doorway however he turned around.

“Buulk. You know what to do!” Buulk nodded and stood up. He then did a running charge and nailed Jaason in the back. Jaason fell to the ground howling in pain. Roocky stood over him and said “I’m glad that wasn’t me.”

Biilly then said. “Never forget who’s in charge here. At least Buulk hasn’t.” Then he turned to leave. Jaason was helped to his feet by Kiim and Taanya who glared at Buulk. “What do you think you’re doing moron?” Jaason shouted.

“Biilly is my leader!” Buulk said. “I do what he says.”

“Yeah.” Jaason said glaring at the bully. “But did you ever think what might happen if Biilly wasn’t the leader?” Buullk paused for a moment and scratched his head like a moron. “Uhhhh…no.” was his answer.

Jaason sighed. “Think about it will you? Biilly may not be around forever you know.” Zaack seemed intrigued by what Jaason was getting at.

“You got something in mind man?” Zaack asked.

“I don’t know. For now let’s just say…accidents happen.” The rest of the Psychos nodded as they carried Jaason out of the rec room.

Biilly adjourned to his quarters to contemplate what his Psychos said. Of course my plan was perfect. I am perfect. It was those fools that couldn’t get the job done. It was those fools that were incompetent. Even Triini… He then paused as Kiim’s recommendation seemed to make sense to him.

~Yes. ~ Biilly thought. It was Triini’s tricks that failed. My plan was perfect. It was Triini who couldn’t get the job done. Even her little weapons ideas didn’t help me against that lavendar haired freak. That bitch doesn’t have the I. Q. of a cabbage, and she thought she could beat the Outsiders? Kiim was right. Triini is to blame! Triini needs to be made an example out of! Triini is Worthless!~

He then said the words aloud. “TRIINI IS WORTHLESS!!!”

Little did he know those words would come back to haunt him.

Chelsea sat at the Power Chamber looking over the cryo tube that had contained Trey. The computer had continued to keep him in protected stasis, but no new procedures had been found to cure his affliction as of yet. Her concentration was shaken when Alpha called her in over the intercom.

“Ai, yi, yi Chelsea. Please report to the Power Chamber right away.” Chelsea looked up and asked “What’s up Alpha?”

“They’re back! Ai, yi, yi! The Outsiders are back!”

Chelsea immediately started running towards the main chamber and sure enough the Outsiders all walked out and saw Chelsea in the hallway. “Guys!” she shouted as she rushed in to hug each one back. When she came across Laocorn she asked “Who are you?”

“Laocorn Gaudeamas.” He said offering his hand. Chelsea took it and then Laocorn brought it to his lips and kissed it. “Pleased to meet you.”

“Ain’t it always the way.” Terry said. “We get the ass beating while Chelse gets the kiss on the hand.” Everyone else shook their head at Terry’s remark but Chelsea became more curious.

“So you are the one who wants to support us?” she asked.

“Yes.” Laocorn said. “Your teammates all seem to agree. You are the only one to give her say.”

“Trust him Chelsea.” Tyler said. “He’s good people.” Nods from the others confirmed that.

“Okay then. I guess I’m in.” she said. Cheers from the others said how glad she was of her decision. “Besides, I always wanted to visit San Francisco.”

“Uhh Chelse.” Lillian said. “It wouldn’t be for a visit. We’d be there for good.”

Chelsea was stunned. “For good?”

“Yeah. So S’Hera doesn’t suspect collusion.” Christina said.

Laocorn seemed confused. He didn’t know S’Hera or Zordon and wondered who they were talking about. “S’Hera? Zordon?”

“I think we’d better explain.” Tyler said. The Outsiders then led Laocorn to a recreation area and they told him the story of how the Rangers got started when Rita Repulsa was freed from the dumpster. Then the coming of Lord Zedd, Master Vile, the Machine Empire, then finally Minion, Biilly, the arrival of the Doctor and all the events that led to where the Outsiders were at now.

“So this ‘Doctor’ is away with one of your Zeo teams looking for a new member to replace the one who was killed during an Interdimensional War?” Laocorn asked trying to make sense of all the Outsiders were telling him.

“Among other things.” Terry explained. “We’ve also got a council bitch named S’Hera looking to take our powers away, and try to get Zordon booted off Earth.”

Laocorn looked confused still by S’Hera and Zordon’s names until Tyler explained. “S’Hera is a councilor on the Council of Eltar which is considered to be the seat of good in the universe. She has been known according to Zordon to have views against the Rangers, Earth, and humans.”

“And Zordon?” Laocorn then asked.

“He’s the Power Rangers’s mentor.” Lillian explained. “He’s sort of our unofficial mentor too. But he’s more or less an advisor.”

“Sounds like someone I need to speak to.” It was then that Alpha came up to Laocorn’s side and tapped on his shoulder.

“Mr. Gaudeamas.” Alpha said. “Zordon would like to speak with you.”

“Thank you…Alpha is it?”

“Yes. Will you please come this way?” Alpha said as he led Laocorn down the halls of the Power Chamber towards the Main Chamber. The Outsiders made ready to follow but Alpha raised his hand signaling them not to follow.

“Please go no further.” Alpha asked. “Zordon would like to speak to Mr. Gaudeamas alone.” Tyler looked at the rest of his team and they all appeared confused by Alpha’s request. “Alpha why?” Lillian asked.

“There are some things Zordon would like to address to your benefactor personally. He asks that you trust him on this.” The Outsiders looked on at each other and nodded. “All right Alpha. We’ll trust you and Zordon.”

“Thank you Lillian.” Alpha said as he then turned and led Laocorn towards the main chamber. When he entered Laocorn took in a better view of the room and was amazed by what he saw. Technology of another world. Wonder and magic all rolled into one, and at the center of it all was something that looked like a head floating in a water cooler. “Zordon I presume?” Laocorn asked.

“You are correct in your presumption.” Zordon said. “And I have also been made aware of your wish to sponsor the Outsiders as an independent group. I trust that you are aware of their current predicament.”

Laocorn nodded. “They have explained it to me. There is someone in a seat of Intergalactic Government that is looking to take them for her own use. And is looking to find any way possible to have you and your Rangers decommissioned.”

“If that were to happen. Then the effects could be disastrous.” Zordon said. “I must see to it that not only the Rangers, but the Outsiders are all protected. To do that they would have to function as a separate unit. With you sponsoring them they should be able to do that.”

Laocorn however sensed something about Zordon. Sensed that he was holding something back. “Is there something else you wish to ask me?”

Zordon paused before speaking again. “You are very perceptive Laocorn. Yes there are concerns that I have. Concerns that deal with your recent past…namely the Armor of Mars.”

Laocorn’s eyes widened as he heard Zordon mention that. “How did you know?”

“I sensed a disturbance in the Morphin Grid.” Zordon explained. “A disturbance so great that it made the power of Dark Specter and Master Vile pale by comparison. As I have stayed in this time warp imprisoned I had been able to watch much of your planet’s history and learned of the Armor of Mars myself. I knew of it being scattered after Gaudeamas was defeated, and I knew what would happen if it should ever have been used again. When I felt the presence of the Armor again, I was about ready to call in the Rangers to deal with it. But as I continued to watch, I saw that the matter was already in hand when Terry Bogard fought, and defeated Mars.”

Laocorn bowed his head solemnly. “Then you know what my quest for power cost me.”

“Yes. The life of your sister Sulia.” Zordon said in sympathy. “While I empathize with your situation, and am proud of all the work you have done to help Earth anyway that you can, you must realize that the Outsiders may not be as understanding as I am.”

“I know.” Laocorn sighed. “I know I should tell them but…”

“You need to say nothing further.” Zordon said understanding. “When the Green Ranger was freed from Rita’s control for the first time, and when the Pink Zeo was freed from her evil spell they both felt remorse for the actions they had taken.”

“But that’s the difference between those Rangers and me.” Laocorn answered. “I wasn’t under an evil spell. What I had done, and what I had sought to do was all of my own free will.”

“But you also feel the same remorse that Tommy and Kat had felt when they realized what they had done.” Zordon explained. “And in that regard, you have proven that you are not an evil man. You have done evil sure, but you have recognized that and sought to do good in order to protect the Earth much like the Rangers do. You have a good heart Laocorn Gaudeamas. I believe your sister would be proud of you.”

Laocorn looked up at Zordon. Strangely enough he reminded Laocorn of his own father. Kind, and loving and protect of his children. “Thank you Zordon…but my past…”

“…Is not mine to reveal.” Zordon said picking up on Laocorn’s thought. “It is your story to tell and you should be the one to tell it. But be warned, the longer you wait to tell the secret of your past the harder it will be to reveal it yourself. And other’s may not be as sympathetic and understanding as I am.”

Laocorn nodded. “Meaning if someone else knows, they may take it upon themselves to reveal it and undermine all I’ve set out to accomplish.”

“Quite possibly.” Zordon said. “And you should know that before I allow the Outsiders to go with you.”

Laocorn looked up surprised. “You what?”

“The Outsiders need guardianship and aid if they are to accomplish their mission to combat and defeat the Psycho Rangers. I see no one more qualified for that task than you. If you wish to be their benefactor, then they have my blessing.”

Laocorn smiled. “Thank you Zordon. I’ll try to be worthy of their trust.” Zordon nodded and called in Alpha. “Yes Zordon?” Alpha asked.

“Alpha please bring Tyler and his team in.” The android nodded and called the Outsiders on in. Soon they stood by Laocorn and looked up at Zordon.

“Tyler. Laocorn and I have come to an understanding, and we agree that it would be beneficial if your team was placed under his guardianship.” A series of ‘whoops’ and hoots echoed from the girls and Tyler. Nate kept a solemn look not expressing any emotion. Chelsea however had other concerns.

“But what about Trey?” she asked. “Can I still visit him?”

“Chelsea, you are always welcome here. As are the rest of your team.” Zordon said. “As I said before, the Power Chamber and the Zord holding bays are at your command. I see no reason to break that promise now.”

“And Tommy. And my family?” Chelsea continued.

“You can still visit them.” Zordon explained. “With the teleporters you know they are not far away.” Chelsea smiled relieved that her life in Angel Grove didn’t need to change much as she would start a new life, along with the Outsiders in San Francisco.

“But S’Hera…” Katarina asked.

“…can be dealt with.” Zordon explained. “I can continue to handle her and whatever else the council will throw at me and you. And I also believe Laocorn can handle anything the council throws at him as well.”

Laocorn smiled. “Wow. I’ve never handled an intergalactic government before.”

“It should be no different than the government officials you have already faced. Although this time the consequences may be greater.” Laocorn nodded in understanding.

“Don’t worry Zordon. If S’Hera comes for the Outsiders on my watch, I believe I can handle her.”

“Well then Outsiders. I guess this is goodbye.” Zordon said with a hint of sadness in his voice. Alpha even went to hug each one as he said his goodbyes. Tyler however didn’t seem to share Zordon’s sense of leaving, and felt he would be seeing Zordon and the Rangers again.

“Zordon. I think it would be best to say…until we meet again” Everyone shared Tyler’s sentiment. Even Laocorn.

“Very well Outsiders. Then ‘until we meet again’ it shall be. I wish you all good luck, and may the power protect you.” The Outsiders all nodded and Alpha activated the teleportation sequence sending them and Laocorn back to his limo. Zordon looked at the empty space where the Outsiders once stood, and noticed how quiet the Power Chamber had been.

A quiet that was reminiscent of a house with all the children gone.

Two days later,

Geese Howard smiled as he learned Billy Kane was coming in with the newest members of his family as it were.

“Send them in Harper.” Geese said.

First entered Billy. He was then followed by a young woman with blue eyes and short white hair wearing a blue business suit. Then came a young man with short black hair, blue eyes and wearing just a pair of jeans and a white shirt.

“Boss, Kaat and Daavid…”

“Sorry but that’s not who we are now… is it Mr Daniel Kane.” the woman said to the man next to her. She then smiled. “So should really start calling you dad?”

“You do in public. After all you are the daughter I haven’t seen in so long Ivy.”

Ivy Howard(Kaat) and Daniel Kane(Daavid) smiled at the King of Southtown. He had given them a new face, a new identity separate from their originals, and furthermore was going to teach them techniques that would make their enemies beg for mercy. It was a new beginning for them both. A life away from the Psycho Rangers, away from the grip of Biilly, they owed no loyalty to him or Minion. They were now under the employ of Geese Howard.

~This is going to be so much fun. ~ The two ex-Psycho Rangers thought in unison.

“Now Daniel. Do you have it?” Geese asked.

Daniel then walked over to his new boss and nodded as he pulled something out of pocket: his Psycho Morpher. The one that Lyla found was nothing but a fake, left only to make it look like he was dead. He also disabled all connections his morpher had to Biilly and his equipment so that he couldn’t track it at all even if the morpher was activated.

However Daniel wasn’t going to be using it any time soon.

“Well now you got a real ranger morpher boss. But what are you going to do with it?” Billy asked. “I mean we already know Ranitime tried to create a human-made Ranger.”

“A human with cybernetic implants and a power stone to create a psuedo morphing appearance.” Geese corrected. “In any case, to have my own resources solely work on trying to duplicate the powers of this morpher is something that as time progressed could very well harm my public appearance.” Geese then hit a key on his chair and then main monitor came down. “However nothing’s wrong with joint work.”

“Joint work?” Ivy asked.

Geese smiled as he looked at the newest members of his organization. He then hit up another key on his chair and files started to appear on the monitor.

“Lightspeed?” Daniel asked.

“A Joint Group Organization created by group of citizens, the United States Military, and a clandestine group which dates back 3000 years in the past.” Geese explained. “Their primary base is located in Mariner Bay. Not too far from Southtown or Angel Grove. In fact is lies on one of the seven ley nexuses in this area.”

“Seven?! But there’s only five of them!” Ivy said. “Angel Grove, Crossworld City, Leewood, Charterville and North Valley. Add this Mariner Bay and that’s six. What’s this seventh one?”

Geese smiled. “Your standing right on top of its center.” Ivy and Daniel just gasped as they took in what Geese was telling them and Geese was enjoying the looks on their faces. “Yes. I have control over this ley nexus. If you control the entire area where the line is you will have at least partial control over the line. I built this tower fifteen years ago. I didn’t know what I felt when I built Geese Tower here but I knew it was strong and that is something I wanted for myself. Ever since then nearly everything that I have wanted has happened, has become reality. Just as it always will.”

Seeing the two former Psychos were still stunned Billy spoke up. “Er okay boss. But what does the morpher we have have to do with Lightspeed?”

Geese smiled. “Lightspeed was created for two reasons. The first was to make sure an ancient demon threat that was sealed away by a great sorcerer 3000 years ago stays sealed away. But if should it ever be freed, then Lightspeed is to fight against it and return it to banishment.”

“And the second?” Ivy asked.

“The second… is to create man-made ranger powers.” Geese replied. “And they are actually making real progress. It was very hard to break into their computers. Fortunately, I don’t quit until I have what I want.”

Daniel blinked before speaking. “So you’re telling me the US Government has got working ranger powers of their own!”

Geese shook his head as he looked at the morpher. “Not yet they don’t.” He then hit his phone system. “Jasmine. Contact General McKnight from Lightspeed. Tell him I would be interested in his offer to help out with the requests he’s asked of our technicians and that I have something else to talk to him about.”

“Yes Mr Howard.” his secretary said hanging up.

All three of Geese’s employees looked at him as if he was nuts. “You’re going to actually give them the Morpher to experiment on to help further their progress on making morphers of their own!”

“Of course. The irony is very delicious indeed.” Geese smiled.

“What irony? I don’t see any!” Daniel shouted.

“Minion created the Psycho Rangers as the Rangers of Evil. To kill human beings and cause destruction.” Geese smiled. “How ironic that his tools of destruction… shall become the tools that signal the beginning of the end for the UAE.”

Geese then started to chuckled for a bit and then his hideous laugh then erupted.

And soon the others joined him in his laughter.

Triini had finally gotten back on her feet from the events of two days ago. She was hoping her child was alright. Her child and Biilly’s anyway. She wanted to see how he was doing this morning. ~ If i see the bastard that broke his arms I’ll… ~


Triini then froze. Her hand which was about to open Biilly’s door was frozen when she heard him say that. ~ … Biilly? ~

“That bitch toy of my was utterly useless! And if she ever gave birth to that thing in her stomach it be another burden to me!” Biilly screamed.

~A thing… he called our child… a THING?!~ Triini gasped.

“I’m starting to loose control over them… maybe I should use Triini and that thing inside her as an example to them so they know who is the master.” Biilly said.

What Minion and then later Biilly had done to brainwash Triini’s personality was nothing sort of genius.

But even geniuses can make errors.

That much was proven as Triini ran back to her quarters and locked the door. Her entire world was shattered. ~ He never loved me… he abused me… and all that time those female Power Rangers laughing me and calling me a whore and slut for Biilly while I defended him…. my god I was such an idiot! How could I do this to myself! How!!!~ As she continued to think about this she just got more angry. ~ I want to be someone more than this! I want to be my own person! I want a name! But most of all… I WANT REVENGE!!!~

~Are you the one?~

Triini turned around when she heard that. “Who’s there?”

~I’m speaking with you in your mind… in your blood… do you wish to overcome what has been done to you… all the brainwashing all of the programming… do you want to lose this life and begin anew. ~

“Yes! Yes I do! I will do anything to make certain I have a life and so will my baby!” Triini shouted.

~You are the one. The one I’ve been looking for sometime now. Let it be done. ~

It was then that Triini felt her blood boiling. It was a feeling she couldn’t describe. It was like her blood was on fire. It wasn’t until much longer that she couldn’t breath and soon the answer to that came clear.

She started throwing up her own blood. “AHHHH!!!” she cried as she threw up blood onto the bed and started trashing all about. Finally her blood spilling stopped but then a look in her eyes was not of Triini. It was not anger or spite.

The look was madness.

“AGHHHH!!!” she yelled in an insane fury as she then lifted the bed over her head and then threw it into the wall. She then punched through the mirror she had, threw down her dresser. Started bashing and destroying anything that was close to her. Her fists were actually making dents into the titanium steel walls.

Finally after five minutes of this she collapsed and fell into the shadows of the room.

Suddenly a gust of wind, which came in the form of a cyclone, appeared and to anyone who would have been in that room it looked as if the cyclone itself had put a blanket over Triini’s still body. It then disappeared.

However Triini’s body then started to give off a dark purple aura.

~Do you know what you are?~

~… I do now. Thank you for enlightening me… will you be here to watch me as I enlighten that bastard?~

The soft chuckle that echoed in the room was meant as a yes.

Biilly gathered all of his Psychos with him and brought them to where he knew Triini was.

“Today you all are going to learn a very important lesson. I am the one with the power.” Biilly said as then opened the door.

Biilly opened the door and saw there was someone sitting on the bed draped in a cloak.

“Bi… biilly… I ne… need you…”

~Triini… what is with her voice… ~ Biilly shook his head. ~ No matter. I’ll string it along and then make her my example. ~ “Don’t worry Triini. I’ll take care of you. Really good as always.” he said as he walked to her.

It was then Triini’s left hand grabbed Biilly by the neck.

“Does that mean you intend either to beat me and my unborn child senseless with a hot poker, a blunt object or a whip this time? Or are you planning making me an example to your Psychos by killing me and my baby as a lesson in loyalty to you!” Triini’s voice was something no one was expecting. No longer was it high pitched and whiny but rather dark, seductive… and at the moment very pissed off.

Needless to say, all of the Psycho Rangers were in shock. Biilly most of all for his own face was changing to the color of pale white as Triini’s starting to choke the life out of him.

“The airhead… is actually standing up for herself?” Taanya muttered in disbelief.

Triini’s cloaked head turned on to Taanya and Taanya could swear she felt Triini’s eyes baring down on her body. “Be silent Taanya. Or when I am done taking out my pain on the bastard I hold in my grasp you will be my next victim.”

Taanya then just stepped back standing behind Buulk and Jaason then decided to state the obvious. “Guys, this is NOT the same Triini we all remember.”

“Gee, ya think Jaase?” Kiim said sardonicly.

“T… Triini… AGH!” Biilly cried she then hit him in his private parts and then started to squeeze them until Biilly was crying for mercy.

“Oooh… now that is nasty…” Zaack winced turning around.

“Thank god I’m not Biilly.” Roocky replied and everyone else was nodding in agreement.

“ARGH!!!! TRIINI!!!” Biilly cried out in excruciating pain.

She then threw Biilly down and made sure he was looking at him. “Triini Kwan is dead…” she said then taking off the part of the cloak that had covered her head. She drew gasps from everyone.

“Oh… my… god…” Kiimberly gasped.

No longer was her hair to her waist but now it was just barely went past her shoulder blades but that wasn’t it though it was the color. Her hair was now purple and her eyes were crimson red.

“… and from her ashes I have come into existence. My name is Kali Yagami of the Orochi.” she stated.

Biilly then got up. “Look here Triini! You are still a Psycho Ranger…”

Kali smirked. “Oh you mean this Psycho Ranger Morpher?” she smirked as opened her hand and there was the morpher.

To everyone’s shock she then crushed it with her bare hands and let it fall to the ground.

“Don’t need it anymore. You’re welcome to keep that piece of junk.” Kali said.

Biilly was now irate. First he had lost his new Psychos to Toommy who made the Outsiders, then he lost his best project thanks to Jeffery Kincaid and his Night Rangers, most recently he had lost the White Psycho Morpher, the last Power Ring, and Justin Steward’s soul at the hands of that lavender haired human bastard.

And now here was Triini, his pet and toy, who had just willingly destroyed her own morpher, a power he could have used to do with however he pleased!

“I’m going to kill you you powerless replica bitch!” Biilly screamed.

Kali yawned and then smirked as she then put out her hand. “YAMI-BARAI!!!” she cried flung her hand down.

It was then Biilly for the second time in 48 hours was getting a lesson in the power of human beings as he got engulfed by the purple flames that Kali had sent at him. He was flung right into the wall and fell to the ground. After the flames died down anyone could see he was badly burned.

“I enjoyed that.” Kali smirked.

“You… are never going to leave here alive… even if you defeat the others… this place is a death trap…” Biilly then hit a button on a device of his. “Especially since I just set up all my defense systems to kill you. What are you going to now Triini! Huh! ANSWER ME TRIINI!!!”

Kali just smiled. “I’m ready to leave now Lord Goenitz.”

“Huh?” Biilly muttered as he got up.

It was that first the wall next to Biilly exploded and he was sent into yet another wall.

And then to the shock of all save Kali, the entire roof of their base came off and flew into the air until they saw with their own eyes outlines of hammers bash the top into dust.

“… what… happened to my…” Biilly moaned in pain.

He got an answer when he saw the spare parts of all his robotic creations thrown in front of him… what was left of them anyway.

“Did you really think you were greatest darkness on this planet?”

Biilly looked up and saw a man… except this man was floating fifty feet in the air, who then he just floated down next to Kali and landed gracefully on his feet.

“W… who are you…” Biilly gasped as he got a better look at him. He looked like he was seven feet tall. He was wearing a Japanese green robe and brown Japanese pants. His hair cropped short and its color was green in the front but as it went down from the front it became as black as his beard and mustache.

“I am one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Orochi, I am the Wing King… Goenitz.” he said. “And you have been an annoyance.”

Goenitz snapped his fingers and Biilly it suddenly so hard to breath. After a few seconds he couldn’t breath at all and then he fell to the ground unconcious. Kali then took a knife and then slashed him across his right eye.

“You will never touch my child or me ever again you bastard. I’ll enjoy the plans I will devise to make your life a living hell.” Kali smirked. “How fitting is this. You gave Tyler a scar on his face show who was stronger. A scar that would never go away.” She went to Biilly’s face and then spat in it. “Now I have done the same to you.”

“Its time to go Kali. There’s much work to be done.” Goentiz said.

“Yes there is… and when it is done all bow down before our god my Lord Goentiz. The one and only true supreme being of evil: The Demon God Orochi.” Kali then let herself chuckle a little bit but then it just erupted into a hideous laughter as she walked to Goentiz and then the winded picked up and the Psychos had to cover their eyes. When they opened them Kali and Goentiz were gone.

Kali’s laughter was not.

A few minutes passed before the Psycho’s heard moaning and then Jaason looked down at Biilly. He was just now starting to get up, apparently Goenitz had made sure Biilly would regain consciousness soon enough but knew the force that he up again. Kiim, Roocky, Zaack, Taanya, and Buulk stood by him as they looked at Biilly and saw not the feared evil leader, but a man who had just been humbled.

“Well, well, well!” Jaason sneered at Biilly. “Where’s your big bad genius now? Where’s the power of Minion’s chosen now?”

“Where it shall be again.” a voice from the shadows said. “With Biilly. And with you if you continue to follow him.”

Jaason turned around, as did the Psychos. Standing in the shadows was a man in black robes with black thinning hair. His demeanor was one who emanated knowledge and evil. Biilly seemed to pick up a presence from the dark figure, he knew what it was.

“You’re from the Shadow Grid aren’t you?” Biilly said.

“Yes Mister Cranston.” the man said. “And I am here to help you regain the powers you once had, and to help you get revenge on the Rangers and these… foes who have apparently humbled you.”

“Why should we listen to you?” Buulk said. “Why don’t we squash you right now?”

The man laid a hand on Buulk and the big bully was driven down to his knees. When the man released his grip Buulk got back up. “That was only a fraction of the pain that the Orochi and others like them can deliver. Do you want to be ground under by power like that?”

Even Jaason, who seemed to prefer brawn over brains had to admit that the man in black had a point. “What do you want?”

“Your help. My associates are planning a move against Zordon of Eltare. We are in need of allies to continue our efforts.”

“An attack?” Kiim asked.

“Not in the conventional sense.” the man said. “Rather it shall come behind the scenes. All you have to do is make sure patterns fall into place for us to make our move.”

“And what shall we get in return?” Zaack asked.

“A share of the Earth’s power.” the man said. “The power of the natural magic inherent in this planet. Power to take any world you want and to subjugate it to your respective wills.”

“And power to destroy my enemies?” Biilly asked. The man in black smiled an evil smile as he said his next word. “Utterly.”

“But all you Psycho Rangers must adhere to Biilly’s leadership for the time being.” the man said addressing the remaining Psychos. “Otherwise the deal is off, and you shall be destroyed along with your enemies.”

“If we’re not with you then we’re against you?” Taanya asked. The man nodded. The Psychos talked amongst themselves and turned back around with their answer. “All right we accept your proposal.” Jaason said.

“Excellent.” the man said. A nod from Biilly indicated that he had accepted as well.

“Just one question.” Biilly asked. “What do we call you?”

The man turned to Roocky and punched him repeatedly in the gut and delivered a few kicks for good measure. “That is for any thoughts you might have of making fun of my title.” Roocky understood and had a look of fear in his eyes. He would not cross this man in anyway.

Turning to Biilly the man addressed himself. “I am called, the Valeyard.”

Biilly seemed to smile as the name of the Valeyard came to mind. The odds increasing in his favor if his memory about what Zordon said about the Valeyard in his computer files was correct.

Soon the power of Earth would belong to Biilly, ~ My enemies shall be destroyed. And that bitch Triini will be sorry she ever decided to cross me. ~

“Wow look at this place!!!” Jamie exclaimed as she and the others walked into the ornate penthouse that was to be the Outsider’s new home.

Christina and Nate saw the computer lab with all its equipment. Satellite linkups, molecular analyzers, any and all sorts of devices that one could think of were in that lab and Christina couldn’t wait to try them all.

Katarina and Jamie walked into the area that was the gym. They saw a lot of heavybags, treadmills and whatever other piece of exercise equipment there was. But on a nearby wall was something that got Jamie drooling, and she knew who else would like to see it. “Hey Chelsea!” Jamie called.

Chelsea walked over to where the big open training area of the gym was. On the wall was a big collection of swords and daggers that had to be used for practicing. Different makes, different models and different styles. Jamie Zedden was in heaven.

“You should see the collection in the living room.” Chelsea said. “In fact I think they’ve got swords all over the place.”

Jamie wanted to see them all so she and Chelsea looked to see how many sword cases they could find.

Terry looked around the central living room and was shocked by all the good furniture inside. Never did she think that she’d live in a place like this. When her eyes focused in the big screen T. V. at the end Terry looked like she was in heaven.

“150 channels.” Laocorn said as Tyler and Lillian stood with him. “And it also serves as a link between my office and here, as well as wherever you wish.”

“Can we contact the Power Chamber with this thing?” Tyler asked.

“If you have the appropriate frequency.” Laocorn said. “And Miss O’Neil, I’ve made arrangements so your college courses are transferred from Crossworld University to U. C. San Francisco.”

“Thanks Laocorn.” Lillian said. So far she had been the first to call him by his first name. Katarina’s shout then broke through the room. “Hey guys you’ve got to see this pool. Come on.”

Everyone followed Katarina down the hall to where a spacious swimming pool sat filled and ready for use.

“Wow!” Christina said.

“This is more than just ‘Wow!'” Terry said. “This is bloody awesome! I never thought I’d have a pool like this!”

“Really?” Lillian suddenly had a mischievous look in her eyes. “Want to get to know it better?” Terry wondered what Lillian meant when Lillian suddenly took her by the jacket and threw Terry in with a loud splash.

Terry’s head broke the surface of the water and she was met with chuckles from the other Outsiders. Lillian kneeled down and asked, “So what do you think Terry?” Terry had her own mischievous look in her eyes, and before Lillian could react Jamie grabbed her by the shirt and pulled her in. Lillian’s t-shirt and jeans completely soaked.

Christina, Katarina, Jamie and Chelsea all laughed as well. Then Katarina pushed Christina in soaking her to the blouse and skirt. Demanding retaliation Christina gave Katarina a TK push and sent her in splashing as well.

Not ones to be left out Jamie and Chelsea also jumped in. Laocorn, Nate and Tyler looked on at the Outsiders having fun in the pool.

“It looks like things are going to work out well.” Tyler said. “Thank you Mr. Gaudeamus.”

“Laocorn please.” Laocorn said. “Lillian already calls me that, why not the rest of you?”

“We shall endeavor to try.” Nate said. “In the meantime…” Nate suddenly picked up Tyler and did a running dive into the pool. When Laocorn looked at the Outsiders splashing in the pool he turned to walk away only to find a burst of water send him splashing in. Laocorn knew right away who it was.

“Panni!” Laocorn shouted. Panni stood in the doorway with a smirk on her face.

“Oh come now my lord.” Panni said smirking. “I thought employers mingling with employees was a sign of respect.” Panni then ran back and did a running dive causing the biggest splash ever.

The waterfight soon erupted afterwards.

Biilly laid in his rejuvenation chamber for the second time that day. The first was to deal with the injuries Laocorn had given him. Now he rested trying to heal the burns suffered at the hands of his former plaything Triini. Now called Kali.

How? How could Triini get that power? As a matter of fact how could any human acquire that power? In Biilly’s mind all humans did was huddle in corners waiting for someone to rescue them. Like the Power Rangers. he thought.

The Power Rangers were an enigma among humans. They weren’t afraid to stand up and face the dark forces that plagued their planet. They were unique, and Biilly had to acknowledge that. Superb fighters, courageous warriors, and had come so close to defeat at my hands and Minion’s.

Like the rest of the UAE they believed that if the Power Rangers were beaten humanity would follow easily. Many times Biilly saw disaster reels of monster attacks, and all too often he saw people running in fear saying “The Power Rangers will save us. The Power Rangers will save us.”

But now that did not seem to be the case. A change was coming in humanity. Not only in terms of power, but in terms of the species as well. They are not cowering anymore. More champions are coming forth. That lavender haired bastard and his crew are such champions. And they have allied with those… Outsiders against me. They must be stopped Biilly thought. If these new champions continue to arise from humanity my plans are threatened. Not only mine but perhaps those of the rest of the UAE as well. Biilly didn’t really care much about the UAE, but for right now they may have a common enemy in the new humanity that was seemingly coming forth.

I’ve heard that Grimlord has already met up with one of them. Biilly thought. In a place called Southtown. Biilly studied news articles on the man who ran Southtown, Geese Howard, and right away saw a force to be reckoned with.

My future, and that of the UAE, apparently lie with the Valeyard now. Biilly thought. If he has a way to get at the natural magic Earth contains then none of this new humanity can stand in our way. All we have to do is get the information he requires, and be ready when he calls us. And then…

Biilly fantasized about Laocorn falling before him, as well as the bodies of the Elementals and the Outsiders laying before him. The Psycho Rangers all picked up the bodies of the Outsiders and Elementals and put them on a pile of bodies that reached to the sky.

The bodies on the pile were those of Power Rangers. From Morphin to Zeo to Astro. The Outsiders and the Elementals were next with Laocorn taking the top.

Turning his head Biilly saw Triini struggling in his grip. His hand wrapped around her throat like a vise squeezing the life out of her. She struggled, but couldn’t escape the powerful grip of Biilly and soon she drew her last breath and died.

Biilly threw Triini on the body pile and the Psychos lit a fire beneath. All of his enemies in one big funeral pyre. Yes, that would be a good thing to see. Biilly thought as he rested. And one day my dream will become reality.

Biilly drifted off to sleep allowing the regeneration chamber to do it’s work. But before Biilly drifted off he found himself realizing just how much the regeneration chamber looked like a coffin. Now why would I think of something like that? he thought.

Dismissing the thought, Biilly went back to sleep. Hoping to be ready and healed by the time Darkonda and Valeyard made their move.

In the prison dimension of Stonehenge Jaason met with Roocky, Kiim, Zaack and Taanya. Buulk was nowhere near, since Jaason wasn’t sure where his loyalties lied. Jaason however had a good idea where the loyalties of the four in front of him DIDN’T lie however. He knew they didn’t lie with Biilly.

“So Jaase.” Zaack said. “What do you want to see us about?”

“I think you all know.” Jaason said. “Ever since we had been brought back we’ve been on a losing streak that seems to have no end. The loss of the Outsiders. The loss of Kaat, Daavid and the White Psycho Morpher. And the loss of Triini to that…Orochi or whatever its name was.”

“Her name is Kali now Jaase.” Kiim said. “But get to the point.”

Jaason scowled but he knew Kiim had a point. ~ So I guess it’s only fair for me to make it. ~ he thought. “I think the time may come to choose a new leader for the Psycho Rangers.” Jaason said. “And I choose me!”

“But what about Biilly?” Zaack asked. “He’s our leader.”

“Biilly?” Jaason asked. “Please. He may be a big brain, but I think due to the losses we’ve been having that he’s not the one who should be leading us. I think I can do a better job than Biilly. Besides my own counterpart leads the Morphin Rangers. How difficult could it be?”

“You?” Roocky said as he then did the laugh of Arnold Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter. It was only when Taanya slapped Roocky upside the head that the meeting had become serious again.

“Do you know what you are talking about?” Taanya asked. “You’re talking treason!”

“I know!” Jaason said. “But Minion created us to be a force of evil against the Rangers. We can’t be that if we keep losing members due to an inept genius who can’t even lead ants to a picnic.”

“Minion also chose Biilly to lead us.” Zaack added. “Do you really want to go against his wishes?”

Jaason sighed. Despite the hot-headed, no-brained tendencies that that Jaason was known for, he did have a brain. He only used it when it was absolutely necessary. And this was a time when it was ‘absolutely necessary.”

“I like to think Minion would prefer to have his enemies defeated rather than have his own plans destroyed.” Jaason said. “I have to believe that this would be Minion’s wish if the need arises.”

“And think of what it would do for your ego.” Kiim said. Jaason shot her a look.

“I’m not just doing this for me!” Jaason said. “If I was I would have taken the leadership a long time ago. But right now I’m going to respect Minion’s wish to leave Biilly in charge. We owe Minion that much at least.”

“But what about the Valeyard?” Roocky asked. “What about the ‘plan’ he mentioned?”

“For now we go along with it.” Jaason said. “I have a feeling this ‘Valeyard’ knows what he’s doing. But if Biilly screws up again. I need to know if you guys are on my side.”

Kiim sat up and said “You got it Jaase.”

“I’m in.” Zaack said.

“Ditto.” Taanya said.

“Hey I never did know when to quit.” Roocky said.

“Good.” Jaason said. “For now we wait. And if Biilly slips up again. We’ll pick up the pieces.” The Psycho Rangers then laughed as they thought of the dark promise that lied ahead for them.

As he watched the sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge he caught notice of how the light seemed to illuminate the bridge. Giving off a sort of glow welcoming Tyler and any others who stared at it to a place that they could only dream of. When the sun set the Golden Gate Bridge really gave the impression of a Golden Gate-at least to Tyler.

Hopefully that gate will lead us to the future, and the defeat of Biilly . Tyler thought as he continued to watch the sunset. Optimistic about the days ahead.

Days later in Angel Grove, the Morphin Rangers were gathered together discussing a certain topic. The Outsiders. Zordon had told them that they had moved out of the Power Chamber but he didn’t say what they were doing now or where they went.

“So what do you think is going on with Outsiders right now?” Jason asked.

“I don’t know. They said they had something to do and will get back to us later.” Trini said.

“I just hope we can have a nice time while Tommy and the others are looking for the new Silver Zeo Ranger.” Kimberly said.

Unbeknownst to them all, lurking in the shadows was the woman once known as Triini Kwan, now known as Kali Yagami. She smirked a bit as she looked at Trini.

“Soon my sister… soon we’ll meet again… and then I’ll help you on the path to your real destiny.” Kali smiled as she faded back into the shadows.

She had plans to begin and unlike Biilly she would not fail.


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