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I. D. War Part 5 – Crisis of Faith
Part 1

Dimensional Designation Relative to Origin Point: COE-Multiverse, Reality 19A
Internal Designation: Q Game 199823343222×1099 Subreality
Origin: A Game
Current Status: Something More

It was a reality that had been created as a copy of the mainstream universe for the enjoyment of a few selfish creatures, but which had grown beyond their expectations. Now its occupants were see beyond their meagre existence and have a chance to gain a greater understanding of the nature of the realties beyond their own; by the time their experience ended they would have grown in ways that the observing Games Masters never anticipated. The pieces were taking on a sentience of their own and soon the creators would be hard pressed to keep control of their pawns.

20,000 years ago (give or take a few thousand)

Once the Earth was one big supercontinent named Pangea which meant ‘All Earth’. A traveller could go from one side of the continent to the other seeing all he or she could. Meeting with the different tribes, hunting the game in the region, anything at all. And in some cases protecting the world from monstrous evils which rose in the form of demons, monsters or lords which could tap into the magical properties of the planet and subvert the many tribes to their will.

One traveller did cross the continent before it broke apart into the seven principal continents of the present world. Armed with an object from space that crashed near him the traveller’s height increased filling him with great power as he crossed the land. The object gave him life, power and knowledge beyond those of his ken and he fought evil wherever it was found.

No one feared the warrior for his massive size. His radience and personality made him most welcome to the many tribes. And he always triumphed when evil tried to take the power of the planet. Seven of those battles would have lasting repercussions in today’s world.

But nothing lasts forever. Not even mighty warriors. In the warrior’s last battle he managed to slay the demon that was endangering the tribe being attacked with a tremendous display of power bringing about a mighty stroke upon the demon. But as the demon was in its death throes it dropped its claw for one last strike.

A strike that took the life of the mighty warrior. His name was Jacob.

The people whom he had saved built a tomb for Jacob burying him to where he would be close to the people he had saved. The glowing object he wore around his neck was buried with him. To this day no one made any motions to make it their own.

Until now!

In space, a ship streaked through a vortex that led from one dimension to another. The occupants on a quest to find an object of great power to help destroy a great evil.

“Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Captain speaking,” The Powermaster mercenary Doubledealer said to the passengers on his ship: Lightspeed Rangers Carter Grayson and Dana Mitchell, Rogue Squadron members Unia Mellie and Lillith Satana, Night Rangers Kenjiro Tanaka and Katherine Hart, and Doubledealer’s Powermaster components Zhane and Karone of New Charr.

“We have now arrived at our current destination and are about to enter a standard orbit around Earth. Please extinguish all smoking materials as your captain has turned on the ‘No Smoking’ sign.” Unia scowled at Doubledealer’s flippant attitude to the situation.

“This is serious business,” Unia said. “We have no time for your flippancy.” Carter then stepped in and asked Unia to check out the scanners to see if it picked up any emmisions from the Matrix, which prompted Lilith to confront Carter.

“Who died and made you boss huh?” Lillith asked. “And don’t say it’s because you’re a ranger. That don’t mean squat to me.”

“All right,” Dana stepped in. “So you don’t like rangers. That doesn’t mean Carter can’t lead. He has had leadership experience. He’s been in command before and he knows what to do when the situation presents itself.”

Lillith looked at Dana and Carter and smirked as she said to Karone, “You’ve got it bad for him don’t you?”

Dana and Carter we’re shocked. “What’s that got to do with anything?” Dana asked.

Unia picked up on Lillith’s remark and continued the assault. “Oh come on. You both seem so poised and professional but you two are doing it on the side aren’t you?”

Dana and Carter continued to argue with Unia and Lillith while Kathy, Ken, Zhane and Karone looked on like they were watching a sporting event. “Should we step in?” Karone asked.

“No, I’ll stop it,” Ken said as he walked up to the arguing four. He then gave Carter a kick to the groin, swept Lillith off her feet and slammed his foot into her stomach, then he put Dana’s and Unia’s heads under his arms and gave them both neckbreakers to the ground. Ken then stood up as Dana, Unia, Lillith and Carter were recovering from Ken’s attack.

“Now look,” Ken said. “I don’t know what your problems are and I don’t care. We’re here to do a job. If you all have problems with each other deal with them.”

Dana nodded and mentally kicked herself for giving in to her emotions like that. But it seemed like the rogues were just giving a lot of attitude to everyone for no other reason than they were rangers. Ken and Kathy they gave some leeway towards, but only because they seemed to have the same dark attitude about them that the rogues did. Are bad attitudes what it takes to be a hero nowadays? Dana asked herself. Does everyone have to have a touch of evil to them? Does good even exist anymore?

Ken had gone back to where Kathy, Karone and Zhane were standing. Karone was keeping herself busy on the scanner trying to find a sign of the Matrix of Spirit. “Sorry about that,” Ken said. “Their arguing was making me a little… agitated.”

“That was agitated?” Zhane said surprised. “I’d hate to see you angry.”

“Yeah, you would,” Ken said as he looked at the screen where Karone doing the scan. “Spot anything?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, I’ve spotted a few things. Seven of them,” she called up the readouts of the scan and placed them on the main viewer where everyone was watching.

On screen were seven power signitures. All of them bearing the signal for the Matrix of Spirit.

Crossworld City

At the Crossworld University Tyler Steele looked over the several young students who were attending his Martial Arts seminar. “I’m glad you all came here today,” Tyler said to the crowd which consisted of many students from the ages of 18-30. “Your appearance here shows that you are willing to begin a journey which will sharpen your mind and body and enrich your spirit to new levels…”

“And also we learn how to kick booty too!” one student bellowed out which caused chuckles from the assembled. Tyler just gave a sarcastic smile and went on to business.

“Okay, now first I’d like to introduce my son Ryan,” Tyler motioned to a blonde haired young man who looked like he was a million miles away. But he rose up from the crowd and walked over to where his father stood. “Ryan is one of the best martial artists in Crossworld City today. He has practiced his skills since he was a little boy and he hasn’t stopped since.”

Bowing Tyler let Ryan take center stage and he gave a few moves with rapid quickness. Punches and kicks that really impressed the crowd and had them glued to watching Ryan perform. When he was finished he bowed and went to return to his seat but Tyler waved his hand saying that he wanted his son to stay.

“And now I would like to demonstrate sparring,” Tyler stood facing Ryan and got into a fighting stance. Ryan appeared to hesitate but then got into a stance as well.

Tyler launched the first kick which Ryan had blocked, then he blocked the series of punches that followed. Ryan then went on the offensive himself doing a series of kicks and punches towards his father. Good! , Tyler thought. He’s getting into this again. Maybe it’s a good sign. Tyler spoke too soon however as memories flashed in his son’s mind again.

Ryan’s memories were of attackers overpowering him and his friends. Of being chained to a wall helpless. Unable to move or do anything. Of his life force being drained and himself unable to prevent it. The images came in bits and pieces, but what he saw was enough to shake his soul.

This had allowed Tyler to get in the final shot to send his son down to the mat. Tyler offered his hand to his son helping him up then he got into a fighting stance ready to fight again. Ryan looked hesitant.

“I’m sorry dad. I can’t do it anymore,” Ryan stammered. “I just can’t do it.” Ryan then ran out of the gym leaving Tyler concerned for his son.

Horatio Hart, Tyler’s friend and mentor to the VR Troopers, had mentioned that Ryan had been captured and imprisoned by strange people he couldn’t identify, and ever since he got back Ryan hadn’t been the same since. He became somber and moody and hardly practiced any of his martial arts. It was like he was a million miles away in a dark and dismal place , Tyler thought.

J. B. and Kaitlin were in the same funk also and that it may have had something to with Ryan’s mysterious ordeal ever since the fire at the Tao dojo where everyone thought Ryan, Kaitlin and J. B. were killed. When the three troopers returned they said nothing about where they had been or what had happened to them. All Ryan had done was ask for some space as did Kaitlyn and J. B. Tyler and Professor Hart did so, but he still worried about his son.

Ryan what happened to you? , Tyler Steele thought.

Ryan walked down the hall with tears in his eyes unaware that he was being followed by one of the students from the demonstration. She had sandy brown hair and wore an all black karate uniform.

“Excuse me,” the young woman said. “Is there something wrong?”

Ryan turned completely embarrassed when he saw the woman. “Excuse me, who are…?”

“Name’s Lillian O’Neil,” the girl said extending her hand. “You however did seem a bit shaken up. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah fine. Excuse me I’ve got to meet with a friend,” Ryan took off towards the locker room and changed into his street clothes then rode off on his motorcycle. Lillian saw Ryan leave and mounted up on the motorcycle next to where Ryan was parked.

Lillian O’Neil had a feeling about Ryan Steele, something that put her curiosity into overdrive and made her want to satisfy it all the more. So she started the engine and followed him hoping to have her guess confirmed.

Kaitlin Star what happened to you? , was the question that ran through not only editor Woody’s mind, but that of mayor’s nephew Percevel Rooney as well as he looked into the office of Kaitlin Star, one-time ace reporter for the Underground Voice Daily. Now she just stayed in her office doing administrative work for the paper, and any news assignments she would do were light assignments. The society columns, fashion shows, nothing of which reflected the Kaitlin Star of old who would have jumped at the chance to do a live action story.

No the Kaitlin Star of old was gone, and in her place sat a pale shadow of the woman she once was. Percy looked in at the woman, and for the first time was genuinly sad for another person other than himself.

When Percy came to the UV Daily, it was through his connections through the mayor, and not through real journalistic experience. Percy had fashioned himself as an ace reporter but the exploits of Kaitlin always overshadowed anything he did. Hence the start of a journalistic rivalry took place with Percy looking to one-up Kaitlin any way he could. He would try to score the bigger scoop to outdo Kaitlin’s big scoop. Steal a story whenever he could just to show her up. It was a competition, and while Percy and Kaitlin would never admit it, they kind of enjoyed one upping each other.

Then the mysterious fire at the Tao Dojo happened and Kaitlin and her friends Ryan and J. B. disappeared, and were presumed killed. They returned months later, but different somehow. Kaitlin’s energetic personality seemed dead inside and a sullen drone had taken the vibrant reporter’s place.

When Woody would present her with a hot story, she’d turn it down focusing on the day to day operations of the paper. Whatever stories she would take were lightweight stories that rookies could handle passing the big stuff on to Percy. “He wants to be a star reporter, let him prove himself,” was the reason she gave.

And Percy excelled sure, but he didn’t feel fulfilled without the competition Kaitlin provided. It was too easy for him without her there. Percevel Rooney III wanted the old Kaitlin Star back, and he was going to do everything in his power to do that. He noticed Woody coming up behind him and looked in at Kaitlin as well.

“You want to help her too don’t you?” Woody asked. Percy nodded.

“I just can’t stand to see her wasting away like that,” Percy said. “I’ve got to do something.”

“Well, I just may have an idea that can help. Come on,” Woody then led Percy into his office to discuss his plan.

J. B. Reese looked down at the virtualizer in his hand. The symbol of the power of the V. R. Troopers, the heroes of Crossworld City.

Heroes of Crossworld City. Yeah right. J. B. thought. Somebody else would be better at being a V. R. Trooper than me. Hell, anybody would be better than me. J. B. continued to look at the virtualizer as if debating whether to hold on to it or throw it into the ocean below.

Not far away Jeb the dog looked on. Usually he’d be spending his time with Ryan, but Ryan had withdrawn from everyone including Jeb so the talking dog looked for companionship wherever he could find it. J. B. reluctantly allowed Jeb to come on a drive, but only on the condition that Jeb not ask about the fire.

Jeb was as curious as the rest of the people who knew the troopers were. He wanted to know, as he eloquently put it “What happened, and who are the imposters that had taken my master’s and his friend’s places.” Ryan cracked a little smile at Jeb’s remark but did nothing further than that.

For the last few weeks since the trooper’s return they had gone about their business like they were on autopilot. Going through the motions but without their usual enthusiasm. It was depressing and bringing down everyone else into their funk too.

And even Jeb had asked the question that everyone wanted the troopers to answer, but for right now wouldn’t. What happened to you guys after that fire?

Charterville: Hillhurst Mansion.

Flabber and the monsters looked out at the four children sitting in the living room asking the same question over and over in their minds. What happened to you guys?

Count Fangula remembered the day the kids were lost like it was yesterday. They had come to Hillhurst for the usual fun and games And we had hoped dinner , the vampire thought. They had done the usual chase all around Hillhurst then chased them outside. Two hours later Flabber heard on the grapevine that the kids were killed in a brush fire. He hadn’t sensed them anywhere so it had to be true.

After the funeral for the ‘normal’ people the monsters went over to the graves of those called the Beetleborgs: Drew McCormick, Jo McCormick, Roland Williams, and Josh Baldwin. All the monsters were in disguise and Fangula made sure to wear lots of clothing so the sun wouldn’t get him. Each one paid their respects, and grieved for the loss of the four young ‘tasty morsels’ they had grown to… admire when they weren’t trying to eat them.

Then suddenly the Beetleborgs were back. They had survived after all, and the monsters though for sure that they would be ‘good to eat’ again. What they saw was nowhere near the tasty morsels they were when they left that fateful day.

The kids became withdrawn. They didn’t put up any fight when Frankenbeans, Mums, Wolfgang and Fangula tried to eat them. And when Flabber helped them the kids didn’t even notice. The only time they even spoke was what Drew said after the last save from Flabber, “Sorry guys. I guess we’re just not into it anymore.”

This shocked the monsters. They had enjoyed the chases even if Flabber saved them so they couldn’t eat. But with the children like this it just wasn’t fulfilling anymore.

“Kids hurt. Me want kids happy again!” Frankenbeans said. The monsters all agreed and went to Flabber to lay down their ultimatum.

“All right Flabber. This is how it goes down,” Mums said laying down the law. “You find out what happened to those kids or we are going to stuff you back in that organ and throw it down in the Charterville river so you never get out.” The monsters all howled in agreement.

“Hey guys, I’d like nothing better to do,” Flabber said. “But I have no idea where to begin. And even if I did I couldn’t leave the mansion.”

“Well you can project yourself in other places right?” Wolfgang said in growls.

“Yeah Wolfy. But what’s the point of that?”

“He’ll tell you what the point is,” Fangula said coming threateningly towards the phasm. “You go around and project yourself around Charterville and keep projecting yourself until you here something about what happened to those… tasty little morsels. AND DON’T COME BACK UNTIL YOU DO!!!!”

Flabber got the message and started projecting himself all around Charterville. The first place to start was Zoom Comics.

Behind the counter Nano and Heather Davis were looking over the latest shipment of the Iron Man/Ghost Rider crossover from Marvel when Van and Trip, the junior snobs of Charterville came in with their usual snotty attitudes as they came on to Heather.

“So Heather, how would you like to ride with me to the movies in a nice custom limosine?” Van asked.

Heather was so sick of this. Rich snobs like Van and Trip always trying to get Heather into their little group hoping to have her on their arm, boys on the football team, and so many other guys whose list went on and on and on. The only ones who she would even consider were Drew and Josh, but ever since they returned they hadn’t tried to even talk to her.

Finally Heather laid down her law. “No, I don’t want to go in you’re limosine! And get this through your skulls morons! I am not some prize to be won! I am not a thing you can parade around! I am a person and I expect to be treated the same way you would treat anyone else, and if that means looking down on me with your heads stuck in the air, well that’s fine with me! NOW GET OUT OF HERE!!!”

Van and Trip, scared of Heather’s new attitude, scurried off to where the chauffer was waiting. Nano went over to Heather’s side to see if she was all right. Flabber was watching through the eyes of a Spider-man cut out silently praising her.

“There, there dear. You okay?” Nano asked.

“I’m fine Nano,” Heather replied. “It’s just… I wish Drew and Josh came back. I know they are back now but it seems like.. they’re still gone if you know what I mean.

Nano nodded. “It’s like ever since that school Arcadia Academy paid them a visit, and the fire afterwards, it’s like they’re not the same kids anymore.”

Flabber took in all of the conversation with intrest and curiosity. School? What school? , the phasm asked.

Meanwhile a group of students from Arcadia Academy were on a ‘field trip’ in England. Oscar Barrett, Daniel Nelson, Christina ‘Tina’ Croft, Sandy Sinclair, Lee Jones and Scott Baker looked on at the ruins that were close by as they waited for their instructor’s next lesson.

“So Oscar, explain to me what we’re doing here again?” Tina asked.

“I’ll answer that question for you,” a silver haired man said dressed in all black looking at his six students. “You are here to test out some new technological patents provided by our financial backers. Patents that will help you prepare for the role destiny will provide you.”

“What destiny is that Mr. Kennede?” Lee asked.

The man named Kennede just turned to look at Lee and said in a monotone voice. “You’ll know when you’re ready. But for now… “. Six mettalic modules floated in the air after Kennede finished speaking and hovered near the six teens. “Suit up!”

“BATTLESUITS ON!” The teens called as the modules opened up and wrapped themselves around them. Soon they were covered with streamlined armor that was form fitted for them and hummed with power. Oscar was dressed in a red and gold suit while Daniel was dressed in one that was black and blue. Tina’s armor was pink and silver, while Sandy’s was yellow and silver. Lee’s armor was a blue and gold mix while Scott’s was green and silver.

The Armor Rangers of Arcadia Academy were ready to fly. “All right. Series one: Chase manouvers,” Kennede ordered.

“Okay let’s go!” Red Armor said as the Armor Rangers took to the air following his lead.

When in flight Green Armor asked his leader, “Oscar, can we trust this guy?”

Red Armor answered, “Good question. I wish I had an answer.”

“Well he’s definitely up to something!” Yellow Armor said. No one disputed that.

Not far away from wher the Arcadia Academy students were, a crew of workers were busy digging into a mountainside. An explosion from the tunnel meant the blasters had cleared away another section of rock.

“We’re ahead on schedule,” the foreman said. “We should be in soon.

“Excellent,” the person on the other end of the walkie talkie said. “When you find the item, bring it to me. And make sure the help is… appropriately compensated for their time.”

“Understood,” the foreman said as he looked at the workers doing their assigned tasks unaware that one had turned his head to hear parts of the conversation, and didn’t like what the voice on the other end meant by ‘appropriately compensated’.

The worker had taken the job because he felt drawn to some sort of power in the hill, and when the excavators were working that young man knew he had to find out what was happening. So he got on to the work crew and got a job digging. The worker did say that he had experience digging tunnels, but left out that they were railroad tunnels on the west coast-in the 19th century.

Nonetheless, saying that he had experience was enough for Samoht Revilo, as he worked to find the object in question, who wanted it, and what they planned to do with it.

“Wait a minute. Seven locations?” Lillith looked in disbelief at the sensor scan.

“And according to these readouts some of those locations are known for monster activity,” Dana said. “Angel Grove, Charterville, Leewood, Crossworld City, North Valley”

“And one around Stonehenge and another area I can’t identify,” Unia added. “It looks something like a school.”

Well, we’ve got seven locationa, and seven people to look for them. Not counting Zhane and Karone who work with Doubledealer,” Carter said.

“So who goes where?” Zhane asked. Ken was the first to speak up, “I’ll take Stonehenge.”

“I guess I’ll check out Leawood,” Lillith said.

“I’ll head towards Angel Grove,” Carter said.

“Charterville for me,” Unia announced.

“I’ll check out the school,” Dana said.

“We’ll do North Valley,” Karone said. Doubledealer looked down and said. “Huh huh. you said ‘do’. Huh Huh!”

Zhane shot Doubledealer a look and turned to look at Kathy. “I guess Crossworld City is all yours.” Kathy nodded and then after Zhane and Karone transformed into Doubledealer’s engines, everyone teleported down to the planet. Ken and Kathy with their Harleys.

The search had begun.

Woody went up to Kaitlin with one of his energetic smiles and perky attitude. “Hey Kaitlin. I’ve got a little something I’d like you to do for me.”

Kaitlin looked up from her desk. “Woody, I have a lot of work to do. Can’t you have someone else do it for you?”

Woody seemed to look pouty for a second but he continued to speak. “Have you ever heard of Parker O’Neil?”

Kaitlin seemed to light up for a second. “Parker O’Neil? Of the Angel Grove Gazzette? The photographer who grabbed the first interview with the Power Rangers?… That Parker O’Neil?”

“Yep, that’s the one,” Woody said enthusiastically. “He’s in town visiting his sister but he also wanted to do some journalism work while in town. Keep his engines going. So he’s going to be doing a few shots of some news events out here and he’s looking for a partner.”

Kaitlin thought for a minute and said “All right. I’ll have Percy show him around town and….” Woody raised his hand interrupting Kaitlin.

“Sorry Kaitlin that won’t do. Parker has already chosen who he wants to work with…. and his choice is… YOU!!”

Kaitlin was shocked. “Woody, I haven’t done any hard news since…”

“The fire? I know. And frankly I think it’s time to get back on the horse.” Woody was being stern with Kaitlin and he made it clear that he was not backing down from his position.

“Woody I…”

“No buts about it Star. You’re taking him around. Besides, your story is about the new Ziktor Industries Cold Fusion plant and investigating the hazzards that have been reported there. So it’s pretty much a cake walk.”

Kaitlin sighed. She still felt the itch of doing hot news, but ever since the fire she hadn’t done it for a while. “All right. Where do I meet Mr. O’Neil anyway?”

“Why he’s right here,” a voice said behind Woody. Just then a well muscled man of 6’4″ with brown/blond hair and tawny colored eyes appeared. Kaitlin was taken in by the handsome man immediately.

“I’m Parker O’Neil,” the gentleman introduced himself as. Kaitlin shook his hand while mezmerized by Parker’s looks. “I’m pleased to meet you,” Kaitlin said.

“The feeling’s mutual. Woody tells me that you are the best reporter he has on staff.” Kaitlin blushed at Parker’s modesty when Percy showed up. “Hey don’t sell my accomplishments short,” the mayor’s nephew bellowed.

“Percy. I suddenly have a new assignment for you,” Woody said escorting Percy out the door. “What assignment?” Percy asked.

“The Crossworld Civic center. It’s the annual dog show.”

Percy then became wide eyed. “but I’m allergic to dogs,” the mayor’s nephew then started sneezing before he even left the paper. Just as Ryan came in.

“Hey Kaitlin, who’s your friend?” Ryan asked crossing over to the two reporters.

“Oh Ryan, come over here there is someone I want you to meet,” Kaitlin brought Ryan over to meet Parker and Ryan introduced himself.

“Ryan Steele? Son of Tyler Steele?” Ryan smiled and nodded aware that the reputation of Ryan’s father was well known amoung journalists. “We’re supposed to be covering the Ziktor Industries Cold Fusion plant,” Kaitlin said. “You want to come along?”

Ryan thought for a minute when a voice broke the silence. “I thought I’d find you here.” Everyone turned and saw a girl in a blue t-shirt and black jeans with a black leather jacket standing in the doorway. Parker recognized her on the spot. “LILLIAN!!” he shouted as she came up to him for a hug.

“Oh sorry. Kaitlin Star, Ryan Steele this is my sister Lillian. She goes to college at Crossworld U.”

“We’ve met,” Ryan said a little curious as to Lillian’s sudden appearance.

“Yeah, he and his dad were at a karate demonstration at campus today,” Lillian said. “Ryan… wasn’t feeling very well.” Kaitlin looked at Ryan concerned for him.

“I’m fine Kaitlin. It’s okay. I think I’d like to go with you guys.”

“You sure?” Parker asked. “If you’re not up to it…”

“I’ll be okay. It was… just a one time thing.” Kaitlin sighed and Parker just nodded. Lillian however asked if they could make the event a foursome.

“If you think reading between Karl Ziktor’s speeches entertainment come on,” Kaitlin offered. Soon everyone made their way to their vehicles. Lillian and Ryan took their motorcycles while Parker and Kaitlin rode in her Mazda.

Not far away was a Skug who looked in on the meeting with great curiosity. Not for himself, but for his master Grimlord.

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