Part 12

Kennede stood on top of the hill looking down on the campus of Arcadia Academy down below. Oscar Barrett stood by his teacher’s side as they both looked through binoculars to see the vast evil monarchs arriving and entering the mian building of the campus.

“Great,” Oscar said sarcastically. “We’ve got Grimlord. I can make out Nukus. I think I see Dregon and his court down there too.”

Kennede smiled at his pupil. “You know your evil. Very good.”

“Not all of it,” Oscar said. “There are a few I can’t make out. I see something resembling two jets and I think a herd of demons are there too.”

Kennede nodded. “I blame myself for not telling you about the demons. I never expected for you to have to face them anytime soon.”

Oscar looked at Kennede with surprise. “You know what those demons are?”

“They are called Diabolico and Vypra,” Kennede explained. “They were sealed in a tomb thousands of years ago bu a mysterious warlock of some kind. An organization called Lightspeed was created to combat them in case they escape. But what I want to know is if the demons are free why hasn’t there been any public declaration from Lightspeed about this?”

Just then Tina Croft’s voice came in on the headset. “Master Kennede! Oscar! I’ve spotted something over here. It looks like….”

“What?” Kennede asked Tina.

“Well if I didn’t know better, I’d say it was… an army of Power Rangers!” Kennede and Oscar shared a look wondering what was going on.

Carter was looking through the viewfinders on his helmet trying to determine what the defences were on the academy perimeter. Tommy was also doing the same. “No defences,” Carter said. “But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any there.”

Tommy then called Servo, Blue Trooper and Chromium Gold. You guys are familiar with this joint. Are there any defences you can remember that we might miss?” But before Blue Trooper could answer a sound of small jets filled the immediate vacinity. Everyone looked up and brought their weapons up as six armored figures and one middle aged man flew in towards the attack force.

“Whatever you knew before won’t help you now,” the man who introduced himself as Kennede said. “Ranitime changed the security procedures recently. You’ve got a whole new set of traps to deal with now.”

“Just who the hell are you? And who are these Iron people you’ve got with you?” Black Zeo asked Kennede. Kennede just kept a neutral tone as he addressed the assembled heroes.

“As I said before my name is Kennede. As for my charges here. These are my Armor Rangers. Red Armor, Blue Armor, Black Armor, Yellow Armor, Pink Armor and Green Armor. Their code names are all you need to know right now.”

Red Zeo nodded respecting the Armor Ranger’s privacy. It must be their rule not to reveal their identities as well. , he thought.

Kennede then decided to speak again. “I know you are here to rescue your friends from the Rani. I also know you are here to retrieve the matrix you are searching for. All I ask is that you follow my lead into the compound and I will help you all navigate the traps and help save your friends.”

White Trooper then stepped forward, her reporters instincts getting the better of her. “Okay, what’s your stake in this? Why are you deciding to help us?”

Kennede straightened himself up and only said, “Personal reasons. Now are you going to take my offer, or are you going to try to go it alone with bluster killing yousevles along the way?”

“Why you..,” Red Ranger said ready to charge Kennede only to be held back by Zeo Blade and Black Ranger.

“Easy man he’s just trying to rile you,” Black Ranger said. Zeo Blade’s comforting hand relaxed Red Ranger enough for him to get his cool. Kennede however still had his smug expression on his face.

“Well, if all of you are as hot headed as your Red Ranger there then you won’t even make it past the first defence line. Now, my offer still stands. Are you willing to let me lead you through the traps or risk being trapped yourself?”

Red Zeo turned to the other heroes with him. All of them returned with a nod of yes. Turning to Kennede Red Zeo said, “All right. We agree.”

Kennede nodded accepting the agreement. Then they turned towards Arcadia Academy ready to enter.

Inside the arena where Rani, Zanzibar and Biilly had their ‘human nature study’ they all sat at their podium spaces as evil creatures all walked and took their seats. At least those that could take seats. Kilokhan and the Destrons had to stand but Ecliptor and Darconda disengaged and took some empty seats nearby.

Grimlord and his entorage sat near the entrance where Ken walked in when he fought Night Terror. On the other side sat Count Dregon and his crew as well as Nukus, the Crustaceans, Diabolico and Vypra. Every other seat was filled with Skugs, Maggots, Batlings and Coldbloods carrying on as they too awaited the speech of the main trio. Even Jaason and his Psycho Rangers were seated as all seats were turned so they could face the podium directly where Biilly, Zanzibar and Rani all sat. When everyone was seated Zanzibar stepped up to the podium ready to speak.

“Greetings fellow practitioners of Darkness,” Zanzibar had said. “Tonight we are here to celebrate a momentous occasion. Allow me to elaborate.”

Soon the center of the room started to form an image. An image of three evil monsters standing together. One looked human enough, the other looked about as demonic as Diabolico and his demons looked in appearance and the third was an image of Zanzibar himself. “Who you see here are the three principal leaders of the Order of Destruction. The human is called Evil Q who is a near omnipotent entity of great power. The second is Destructor, founder of the order and possesses great power in his own right. And myself, Zanzibar of Aquitar founder of the Luciferian Empire and dark mage.” Zanzibar smiled as he sensed all the evil in the room and took it in like an alcoholic taking in strong liquor. Then the image started to change to show many warriors, many weapons, many powers, even the image of the monster planet Unicron appeared on the vewer.

“As you can see we are not without resources,” Zanzibar had said of the images passing by in front of the evil assembly. And lately we have come across a new acquisition.” As if on command the image of the Leviathan appeared on the viewscreen bearthed at Dagsyxx’s domain. All the evil assembly looked at the monstrous ship and immediately knew that they wanted a taste of it’s power if not the ship altogether. Diabolico, Vypra and the Destrons knew of the Leviathan’s power but that didn’t stop them from longing at the image hungrily.

“Yes it is impressive isn’t it?” Zanzibar asked. “But unfortunately this ship requires a lot of power to run. More than any power in the universes could provide. Fortunately a power source is available.”

Zanzibar then showed the image of the glowing red sinister appearing Matrix of Evil which seemed to emit an evil light of its own despite only being an image of the real thing. The monarchs looked on as if they had fallen in love at first sight.

“But again there are unfortuante problems with this plan,” Zanzibar said. “The matrix needs more evil to nourish it so it can stand against the matrixes created by Primus to stand against it,” again as if on command the image changed to show the seven matrixes that the forces of good sought to find and bring back to stand against them.

“Which is why we have come to you fellow conquerors and worshippers of darkness. To serve a two fold task: one-to stop the do-gooders from recovering their matrixes and opposing us and two to join your evil with that of our own so all universes will tremble at our superior might.”

As if on cue Kilokhan spoke from where he stood. His Destron body filled the center of the arena as he addressed the crowd. “I was little more than a digital villian lurking around cyberspace trying to work my wicked ways anyway I could. But then the order came along and supplied me with the means and technology needed for me to create a new army and to become a significant threat to my enemies. Those same enemies who are now powerless to stand against me,” Kilokhan laughed as he thought of destroying the Samuri vehicles before the Syber Squad’s eyes.

“Many of you have also had similar experiences with the sharing of ideas and technology with the order. I realize that not all of them have met with sucess.” Grimlord, Nukus, Dregon and Diabolico all grimaced and did Darkwing who stood in one corner. The vixen who had her knee broken adjusted her knee brace in a nervous reaction as she remembered the Pink Night Ranger breaking it.

“But bear in mind that these resources are not the only ones that the order possesses. There are plenty more that we can use to accomplish our goals. We can accomplish more with unity than we can as separate entities. All we need to do is join our forces with those of the order and our power shall know no limits!”

Kilokhan seemed to be a persuasive public speaker since the entire evil audience seemed to rally into one monstrous cheer of approval. Zanzibar nodded to Kilokhan thanking him for his efforts when a security buzzer went off near Rani’s chair and a viewscreen came down near her as it showed intruders coming in through the ventilation ducts. Turning to the assembled evil Rani smiled. “Well my friends. It seems like we have some guests.”

“I suppose it’s only fair to allow them to take part in the party. Right?” Biilly asked the assembled villians. His tone reflecting sinister intentions the evil audience could pick up on and they roared in approval over what Biilly might have in mind.

“Well then. Perhaps we should show them the way,” Rani said to a resounding sound of evil cheers as the invading rangers would fall to the power of evil.

Tyler led the Outsiders down a ventilation shaft which they scaled down like mountain climbers. With them were Kathy Hart and Carter Grayson.

“You sure you’re okay about leaving your bike outside?” Lillian asked Kathy. Kathy nodded and said, “It’ll be at my side when I need it.”

“I still don’t see why you guys can’t morph,” Chelsea said.

“Because that Kennede guy said that Rani has sensors all around the campus now. If anyone morphs on these grounds, or shows up morphed they’ll find out about it,” Jamie said.

“Jamie’s right,” Christina said. “On the bright side I’m not picking up any thoughts. Looks like we may have a smooth ride inside.”

“Don’t jinx this Christina,” Terry said. “That’s my job.” Everyone laughed as they continued to scale down the shaft.

Carter kept his eyes on the maintenance shafts they came across as they scaled down the central shaft. Kennede told him the shaft leading to the lab where Dana was being held was shaft A-24. The one to the dungeon was shaft A-22 which was where Kathy was looking to go.

Carter and Kathy counted down the conduits as they scaled down the shaft with the Outsiders. A-18, A-19, A-20, A-21, until finally they came to conduit A-22.

“Looks like this is where I get off,” Kathy said as she went down that ventilation shaft making her way to the detention cells where she was certain Ken was being held.

“Here’s my stop,” Carter said doing the same as Kathy did when he came to conduit A-24 and he went to rescue Dana leaving the Outsiders to scale down the rest of the complex till they came to the main level. When the Outsiders made it to conduit A-27 they followed the shaft to the vent where Terry and Jamie opened the vent plate and entered the waiting corridor.

“Uhh guys, I’ve just picked up some thought patterns,” Christina said. “And they’re not good ones.”

Christina’s warning came too late as some sort of beast creatures stood waiting for them with their weapons drawn on them. “You will come with us,” the leader said.

“Great timing Christina,” Chelsea said as the others reached for their morphers or to give their morphing call. The beast leader fired a warning shot above them sending down a hunk of ceiling near where the Outsiders stood.

“Do not attempt to morph,” the leader said. “Any attempt will be met with grave consequences. You are now prisoners of the Ogrons, in the employ of the mistress Rani.

Carter crawled through the ducting reach the end of the laboratory where Dana was still strapped down, but conscious. Carter couldn’t help but notice Dana’s body convulsing as sobs escaped from her. Pushing the grating out of the way he made his way down to where Dana lay and immediately worked on undoing her straps.

“Dana are you okay?” Carter asked. He then noticed Dana’s face. It was all tear stained and her cheeks were red as she cried. “Dana what’s wrong?”

Dana struggled to speak as she pointed to the viewscreen before her which showed Dana’s medical scans. Carter stared at the scans and couldn’t believe his eyes. He may not have been a doctor but he did know a few things about how the human body looked in health books, and what he saw didn’t resemble what he read in health class.

Her temperature was nowhere near what it should have been for a human. There were some genes that Carter couldn’t account for, and according to the readout Dana had two hearts.

Finally, Dana began to say the words she couldn’t say before. “Carter. I’m not human anymore.” She then cried on Carter’s shoulder and he could do nothing more than offer her comfort as he held her.

A sound then startled Carter and Dana. When they turned they saw five large metallic shapes that were as tall as humans which rolled on the floor. They seemed round with spheres at their bases and an extended arm plus weapon at what appeared to be their torsos. They also had eye stalks at the top and as the two rangers would find out they would have menacing mechanical voices.


Carter, not having time to morph before the Daleks opened fire on him raised his hands in surrender.

Dex and the Morphin Rangers crawled through another service duct on the other side of the complex. “Hey Jase, what do you see?” Tanya asked her leader.

“Everything looks all clear,” Jason said using the sensors built into his survival goggles that he got one christmas. “Nothing threatening so far.”

“All right, let’s get in do what we have to do and get out,” Kimberly said. “I won’t lie and say this place doesn’t give me the creeps.”

Jason nodded as he and Dex removed the grate before them and everyone entered the storage room. Many crates were loaded as if they had created a city of boxes. Looks like plenty of places to hide around here , Jason thought just as silver giants had appeared behind several crates and started to fire their weapons at the rangers.

“Stun blasts full power,” one of the giants said as his squad fired on the rangers.

All the shots hit their targets. Dex tried to call up the Masked Rider transformation so he could go to super gold but the silver men increased their fire on him so he would fall quicker, which he did. The silver giants had broken off their firing as the rangers and Dex fell to the floor unconscious.

Billy was the last to pass out, but before he did he could make out the silver shape standing before him. “Inform Cyber Leader. The information provided has been correct. Threats neutralized.”

Billy had no time to think before unconsciousness claimed him. Information?… , was all his mind could get out.

The Zeo Rangers, VR Troopers and Unia crawled through the ducting on the third quad. Jessica had concerns about what they were going to do. More specifically with the team of ‘heavy guns’ waiting outside.

“Do you guys think we can trust those robots out there?” Jessica asked. Rocky muttered “Jessica!” as if that complaint was what the team didn’t need right now. But Unia answered the question anyway.

“Doubledealer you can trust. Only because he’s been paid to be trusted by Optimus and Megatron. As for the rest, I don’t know this ‘Syber Squad’ from anything.”

“What I don’t get is why kids would allow themselves to be turned into robots. My sister Josie says the only good robot is a dead robot”, Jessica said.

“Josie Belle? Electronics prodigy?” J. B. asked. He’d heard about her from the files from Blackrock Corporate Conglomerate, and how she was paralyzed in an attack by the machine empire.

“Yeah, that’s her,” Jessica said thinking about Josie and how protective she was of Jessica. Josie was always Jessica’s role model and looked up to her in all the ways possible. Whenever Josie did something, Jessica had to do it too. That in itself was one of the reasons why Jessica went into computers herself.

It was in the computer lab where she met Rocky and grew to like him. Soon they had started to become a couple and Rocky saw a lot of love in Jessica’s eyes, and a lot of pain too. Her sister’s pain.

Which became evident when one of the youth center kids decided to bring their toy robot to school and Jessica just backed away and screamed to ‘get that thing out!’. The kid was in tears and Rocky asked what the problem was. It was then that Jessica told Rocky about Josie.

Zordon was concerned if Jessica could handle a zord since they were robotic in nature, but Jessica managed to handle herself admirably in a monster attack saving a kid-ironically that same kid she yelled at-from some tumbling plaster when the monster grew. She then gave ‘Mr. Bot’ back to the child without thinking twice and the girl said “Thanks nice ranger.” Rocky and Zordon saw this as a change for the better.

But the appearance of the Transformers and the new Syber Squad seemed to have reawakened the old feelings brought on her by her sister. “Do you share your sister’s feelings?” Unia asked Jessica.

Jessica sighed. “You know I’m not sure anymore. It seems like there isn’t a part of me my sister hasn’t had some influence on. Sometimes it’s like I’m looking in a mirror and I see nothing but my sister looking back. Why do you?”

“I don’t know. Ask the man I love sometime,” Unia said as she scaled down the wall. “He’s bonded to one of those things.”

“People can we have this discussion another time?” Ritchie asked. “I’m worried enough as it is.”

“Yeah,” Kaitlin answered in a tone that conveyed everything that was going on in her mind as well as the minds of the other Troopers. They were afraid of having to go against the Queen of the Crown again. Rocky however scaled down to where both Jessica and Unia were and laid down the law.

“Listen Jessica, I know that your sister was paralyzed by robots. But for right now we’ve got robots covering our flank. We need to trust them right now and we don’t need this family prejudice towards them disrupting the mission. For right now put those feelings aside and focus on the job at hand because that’s where we need you right now,” Jessica nodded smacking herself mentally for even bringing the topic up and went back to scaling down the wall as Rocky confronted Unia. “The same goes for you,” was all he said.

Unia let the sentence hang for a minute before saying, “Why don’t you have your world bombed in a Decepticon attack where all the men were killed and the women were left infertile. Then find the man you love is bonded to one. Let me know if you change your mind.” Unia then resumed scaling all the way down to the bottom.

When they reached the bottom Tommy opened the grating and all the Zeo Rangers walked out into the corridor only to be met with a squadron of Coldbloods and some figure in armor who looked like he had the head of a potato.

“Can I hate these guys Rocky?” Jessica asked with a bite of humor. Rocky nodded as the Coldbloods opened fire on the rangers and troopers falling under the combined strikes.

The potato head creature fired a blast at Unia that sent her down too. The creature then announced to the Tropers, Unia and the Zeos, “In the name of the mighty Sontaran Empire I, field Marshal Stor declare you my prisoners.”

Stor then ordered the Coldbloods to carry his prisoners to the main chamber where the assembly of evil was waiting.

Kathy came out of the ducting and set down on the ground of the detention wing of the academy. Looking around she tried to spot Ken among the cells, and struck pay dirt as she came up to the third cell on the left where he lay on the floor still recovering from his wounds.

Taking a chance with morphing Kathy morphed into Pink Night and brought out her bow. Pink Night fired a shot at the lock of the cell door. The lock sparked as the arrow made contact destroying the mechanism itself. Running in Pink Night went to check on Ken. “You all right?” she asked.

Ken turned up to look at his fellow Night Ranger. “Oh fine Kathy, just fine. I just got kidnapped by the first lord of the Luciferian Empire. Had myself duplicated by a mad replica of a Power Ranger, a replica that has twisted versions of my powers plus extras by the way. Been pumped up full of a drug that’s supposed to repress rage, which I’m not sure when it’ll wear off. And I’ve practically had my ass beat up by that same replica, even after I managed to beat him senseless. So other than that how was your day?”

Pink Night shook her head. “Nice to see you still have a sense of humor about the whole mess.” She looked over Ken and saw bruises all over his face and parts of his body. “Did you try to fight without the Night Powers or something?”

Ken smiled lopsidedly. “No, I fought with the powers. And this is what he still did.”

“What thing could do this? And with Night Powers?” Ken raised his finger and pointed. “Look behind you.”

Night Terror stood above Pink Night and Ken. He looked like he was fully healed and ready for battle again. “Ah a Pink Night Ranger. I think I can have a lot of fun with you.”

Pink Night just smiled beneath her helmet. “Really?”

Doubledealer, Lillith, the Beetleborgs and the Syber Squad stood outside waiting for some sign that the teams were okay and inside the complex. “The waiting is driving me crazy!” Tanker said. “I wish they’d let us know that they made it inside.”

“Take it easy Tanker. Everything is going to be okay!” Servo said trying to reassure his friend. But it didn’t stop Tanker from being worried.

Karone and Zhane stood with Lillith who was beside Doubledealer. “I’m starting to get as antsy as that tanker truck over there,” Lillith had said making reference to Tanker. “What’s taking those rangers so long?”

“Give ’em a minute,” Zhane said trying to sound reassuring. “I’m sure they’ll have things all taken care of.” Lillith however muttered a curse to herself along the lines of “Ranger… (grumble, grumble)… same in all universes… (grumble grumble)… Can’t count on them for anything… (grumble, grumble)….”

“I think she’s fully recovered don’t you?” Karone said making reference to the poison Lillith was exposed to and had received the antidote for. Zhane nodded as if agreeing with her. All three Beetleborgs chuckled with them.

“Uhhh guys? We’ve got company,” Doubledealer pointed to the approaching Batlings and Swarmers driving what was very heavy machinery armed to the teeth. The armament on the vehicles could have given the Syber Squad and Lillith a run for their money… for about two seconds.

“Wow, look! We must be on a T. V. special or something. It’s probably called when dummies have guns.” Everyone chuckled at Lillith’s joke, except Amp and Lucky who was looking around saying “We’re on T. V.? Where? Where are the cameras?”

Servo nodded his head as he looked at the armed convoy sitting in his path. A voice had spoken out that sounded a lot like the Rani’s voice. “Intruders. Surrender yourselves and prepare to be escorted to the main hall of Arcadia Academy. Failure to comply will result in the execution of your allies that were captured in the ventillation system as well as your own execution.”

Doubledealer then turned to the others and asked “Do you think it would be a good time for us to give up now? We do have guns facing us here.”

If Servo could have smiled he would have shown it. Fortunately his faceplate covered his mouth and the smile that would have been shown. “Sure, I love it when everything goes according to plan.”

Soon the main chamber started to fill up with heroes. From Morphin to Zeo Rangers, from VR Troopers to Beetleborgs(De-borged) & Masked Rider, and from Outsiders to Syber Squad(de-morphed). Strangely enough Carter wasn’t around and neither was Kathy or the Armor Rangers led by Kennede. Accompanying the captured heroes were battalions of Ogrons, Cybermen, Coldbloods and Daleks. Field Marshal Stor and a Cyberman with black connectors on his helmet(signifying leadership) went up to the central podium where Biilly, Rani and Zanzibar stood. Also there was something resembling a Dalek but he had a giant white sphere for a head and body unlike the other Daleks.

Samantha had a good idea who that Dalek was from what the Doctor told her about his past adventures, but she decided to wait until he revealed himself.

Ryan, Kaitlin, J. B. Drew, Jo and Roland looked up at the face of the woman who had sat on the balcony podium with the replica Ryan recognized as Biilly from the prison sub-dimension, as well as the woman who had allowed so much to happen to him and his friends-The Rani. He looked around to see if the Queen of the Crown was nearby but she was nowhere to be found.

“Ah I see some of my pupils have returned for some more–education,” Rani said with a sneer. Ryan was ready to charge her but J. B and Kaitlin held him back. “Education?” Ryan cursed. “Since when is torture education?”

“When you learn something from it!” Grimlord called out from the stands. “Like how futile your struggle is!” This response drew much laughter from the assembled crowd of evil who were enjoying the sight of all the assembled heroes held prisoner.

Tyler looked at the figures above with Biilly and Rani. “Have you made some new additions to… the faculty Rani?”

Rani smirked as she looked at Zanzibar and the new members of ‘the faculty’ as they were referred to. “Why yes Mr. Oliver I dare say that I have. Permit me to introduce them to you.” The potato headed armored alien stepped forward and Rani introduced him to her captive guests.

“This is Field Marshall Stor of the Sontaran Empire. He teaches history. Preferably military history.” Then she went over to the Cyberleader. “Our computer science instructor-Cyberleader.”

“Be prepared for the glorious destiny before you,” Cyberleader said to the captives. “For some of you will be chosen to embrace the purity of Cyberization.” Chills went through some of them not looking forward to being put through the Cybernization process. Jessica especially.

“And our ‘biological instructor’..,” Rani said referring to the round Dalek who opened his face plate to reveal a horribly mutated form covered with wires and circuits leaving as the only recognizable human feature a face Samantha knew about through conversations with the Doctor. “Davros,” she said.

Davros looked down at Samantha and stared at her intently. “You know of me?”

“From the Doctor,” she said. Davros then laughed a sinister laugh. “You shall provide me with much aide with my Dalek experiments.”

Zhane then rushed up to Samantha’s side. “Stay away from her you freak!” the Daleks then brought their arms to bear on Zhane and he then backed away. Rani then spoke again.

“This is Zanzibar. He’s here on behalf of another… institution which should benefit Arcadia Academy greatly.” The Luciferian lord then bowed as if he was some sort of gentleman. “And now one of our faculty whome I believe you have just met.”

A door opened on the side as four robed figures walked in along with seven figures the heroes were surprised to see. The Armor Rangers and Kennede. They had all walked over to the central podium and stood with Rani and ‘the faculty’.

“Thank you Mr. Kennede. Your information was most valueble”. Kennede took Rani’s hand and kissed it. “My pleasure milady,” Kennede answered. The Armor Rangers and the robed figures didn’t move.

“You son of a…” Jason shouted when a bottle hit Jason’s head shattering and causing him to bleed. Jason turned and saw that his replica Jaason had thrown it. “Ha! Ha! Great shot Jaase!” Zaack said. The rest of the Psychos congratulated him too on his toss.

Jamie and Jason glared at Jaason before turning back to face Kennede. “Why?” Jamie asked. “Why do this to us?”

“Because,” Kennede said smirking. “You needed to be on the inside… to STRIKE!!!”

The next second all hell broke loose.

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