Part 13

Two of the monks behind Kennede threw back their hoods revealing the faces of Carter Grayson and Dana Mitchell. “LIGHTSPEED RESCUE!” they both called out as they morphed into their red and pink Lightspeed costumes.

The other two monks were revealed to be Kathy Hart and Ken Tanaka. “POWER OF NIGHT SHOW YOUR LIGHT!” they both said as they morphed into their black and pink Night Rangers uniforms. In Pink Night’s hand was the helmet Night Terror wore in his battle with Ken. She placed it on Biilly’s lap and said “Your boy needs work! Or at least a brain.”

Biilly was left stunned as he wondered what had happened to his creation. “How?” he managed to get out.

“A lady never tells. Nor does a gentleman,” she said making reference to Black Night.

“But you better hope your boy’s insured,” Black Night said. “Because the lady was lethal.”

Red Lightspeed threw the remains of a Dalek gun in front of Davros and said, “You really should tell your boys it’s not a good idea to fire weapons in a closed space. He wound up blowing himself up.”

“You shall pay for this outrage!” Davros shouted. “Or rather your friends will!” Rani then pressed some buttons on a nearby console.

Automated weapons started to appear from the ceiling and turned to lock on the heroes in the ring as well as the four rangers on the platform. “Armor Rangers mow them down!” Kennede ordered.

The Armor Rangers let loose with a volley of fire that destroyed the weapons directed at the heroes and sent the villians ducking. Doubledealer called to Zhane and Karone and told them to hook back on to him.

“TRANSFORM! ENGINES ON!” they both said and Doubledealer stood ready for battle.

“Looks like they’ve got the right idea,” Tommy told his fellow Red Ranger Jason. Jason nodded and decided that it was time for them to do the same. “IT’S MORPHIN TIME!” they both said and their respective teams followed their leaders’ lead. The Morphin and Zeo Rangers stood ready for battle.

The V. R. Troopers decided to follow the rangers lead. “TROOPER TRANSFORM!”

And other heroes joined in as well. “ECTOPHASE ACTIVATE!”















“All right people! PICK YOUR TARGETS!” Kennede ordered as the Lightspeed, Night, and Armor Rangers went to join their fellow heroes in the arena below. Pink Lightspeed however cast an icy glare at the Rani and said “Watch your back Rani. After this, I’ll be looking for you!” then she too joined her teamates.

“You betrayed me!” Rani shouted at Kennede. Kennede just smiled and said, “I studied with the master.” before he knocked her out unconscious. “Now if you’ll excuse me I have more important matters to address.”

Kennede ducked out a side entrance as he searched for the Queen of the Crown.

Red Morphin looked across at the replica of him that stood in his field of vision. The rest of his crew Roocky, Daavid, Taanya, Zaack and Kiimberly stood with their evil leader as all eight Morphin Rangers stared them down.

“Hey man, uhhh nothing personal about the bottle you know. I was a bad guy and I did what bad guys do right?” Jaason seemed like he was trying to weasel out of a confrontation with his opponents. Red Morphin however knew his opponent better than that.

“Come on Jaason I know you better than that. Show the ace you have and be done with it,” Red Morphin said. Jaason smiled at Red Morphin’s suggestion.

“Well if you insist!” Jaason and his team then ducked out of the way as something resembling a monstrous Dalek came rolling in flanked by two regular looking ones. The big Dalek had a cannon on the center of his chest which looked like it could blow anything away if it was in its sights.

“Special weapons Dalek!” Jaason ordered. “Exterminate those Rangers!” The monster Dalek rolled towards the Morphin Rangers as Davros stood on the balcony laughing as his monstrous creation advanced towards the rangers.

The Special Weapons Dalek opened up on the rangers with a massive shot that sent them all flying around the crater the Dalek blast left. As the eight rangers struggled to get back to their feet the other two Daleks came forward.

“TARGETS ACQUIRED! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!” the Daleks then opened fire on the recovering rangers sending them back down to the ground and demorphing.

Jaason and his Psychos stepped forward as they looked down at their respective replicas showing their contempt for the originals. Jaason sneered at Jason, Roocky looked down on Rocky, Daavid shook his head in contempt as he looked down on David, Zaack spat on Zack, and Kiimberly kicked Kimberly in the stomach. Biilly also decided to come on down and look down at his progenitor. Only Samoht and Trini were left alone but they wouldn’t be for long.

Which meant Sam had to work fast. There was no way he could affect the Daleks, especially the SWDalek due to metal in their construction but that didn’t mean he couldn’t provide some false readings on their sensors. Concentrating with all his mind could allow he focused his energy into the spell of illusion he had in mind.

The Daleks experienced a sensor glitch and found out the next second that the rangers had dissapeared from scan, and that the replicas now had the rangers DNA signatures, not the ones of the of the replicas. “DECEPTION! DECEPTION! RANGER SIGNATURES FALSE! NEW SIGNATURES DETECTED!” both Daleks had said. Jaason and the Psychos turned to see what was going on. “What’s wrong with those tin cans?” Zaack asked.

The minute Zaack asked that question the Daleks, including the SWDalek had their weapons trained on the Psychos. “NEW SIGNATURES DETECTED! PREPARE TO EXTERMINATE!”

Never had the Psycho Rangers run so fast from a fight in all their lives as the Daleks gave pursuit. The Morphin Rangers recovered though and remorphed looking for new opponents.

The Zeos were locked in combat with the Cybermen using their karate moves on them trying to bring them down, but to no effect. The silver giants wouldn’t go down. The only thing the Zeos had going for them was that they were flying around so much with their acrobatics that they couldn’t get in a good shot.

“Oh man. There’s got to be a way to beat these things,” Red Zeo said then White Zeo interrupted. “Tommy, Bulkie’s in trouble.”

Red Zeo turned to see a herd of Cybermen trying to shoot dow Gold Zeo. “He’s holding up, but he can’t hold out forever. But why are they all attacking him?”

Yellow Zeo then remembered something the Doctor had told her about the Cybermen once. Something about gold. “That’s it!” she exclaimed. “Cybermen are allergic to gold. Their chest units can’t take it!”

“Then that’s our strategy,” Red Zeo said. “All right guys. Drop whatever you are doing and go and cover Bulk.”

At Tommy’s order every Zeo Ranger left their Cybermen opponent and went to get the ones hassleing Gold Zeo off his back. When enough were cleared of him Gold Zeo brought out his Golden Power Staff and charged it up. “IT’S TIME FOR A GOLD RUSH!!!”

Gold Zeo brought the tip of his staff to bear on the Cybermen and gold energy shot out of it and hitting the Cybermen’s chest units. The Cybermen quickly went down as the shots struck.

“Great work Bulk! You too Samantha!” Red Zeo gave his thumbs up and the Zeos went to their next opponents.

Nefaria and Vypra stood together as they stared down Unia and Lillith. “Do you suppose we could put aside our differences and work together to destroy these…. wretches?” Nefaria asked.

“I’m game,” Vypra said then turned her sword towards Unia and Lillith and fired a shot at the two rogues just as Nefaria fired a shot from her wand. Lillith and Unia promptly dodged the shots and Lillith used her demon wings to take to the sky. Vypra took off in pursuit.

“Why is it that you side with the forces of good?” Vypra asked Lillith. “They will never accept you.”

“You know that’s a good question,” Lillith said. “And I’ve got an even better one for you.” Lillith aimed her blasters at the sprinklers just over Vypra’s head and got off shots spraying water all over her. “Ahhh! Ahhhh!” Vypra said as the water touched her skin. She was smoking but she was also still alive. Her powers had started to give out on her though and she fell to the floor on the ground that had started to turn into mud.

“Why is it the pretty ones who are the bad girls?” Lillith had said still hovering over her. Unia stared Nefaria deep into the eye and tried to see what move she was going to make.

“So woman,” Nefaria said in a menacing tone. “Are you prepared to face the mighty Nefaria? Warrior priestess of the allmighty Count Dregon? Or are you prepared to die?”

“You know I’m very tired. I think I just want to end this and go to bed,” Unia pulled out her blaster and sent Nefaria flying into the mud patch where Vypra still sat trying to get her senses back. Nefaria had also become drenched on contact as the water fell from the sprinkler. Unia noticed that the shot caused Nefaria to drop her power wand and Unia fired a blast at the wand vaporizing it.

Nefaria (temporarily powerless due to her wand being destroyed) and Vypra(temporarily powerless thanks to the water) sat on the ground as the water from the sprinkler hose sprayed all around them. “This is all your fault!” Nefaria cursed.

“My fault? Why you!” Vypra lunged towards Nefaria trying to strangle her as Nefaria was doing the same. The dirt ground was now all wet and muddy around them and soon the evil women found themselves mud wrestling.

“I don’t know. Do you think we should break them up?” Unia asked Lillith. Lillith answered with, “I was thinking more along the line of…. selling tickets.”

The two rogues laughed as they walked away from Nefaria and Vypra who continued to roll in the mud trying to kill each other.

Zeo Shadow found herself locked in combat with a Nazi officer as she and the rest of the Outsiders tried to take on both batlings and the Motley Crew.

“Hey Tyler how you holding up?” Zeo Shadow called out to the Outsider leader.

Zeo Knight was cutting through a Mongol barbarian and a Viking with his Zeo blade when Zeo Shadow called him. “Fine and dandy. But Chris may need some help.”

Zeo Psi had her hands full with five batlings that were coming towards her. She fired a couple of blaster shots at their feet and delivered a flying side kick to the one in the center sending it down but the other four were advancing towards her.

Zeo Phoenix and Zeo Blade took that as a cue to join the fight themselves. Zeo Phoenix took her silver staff and hit the batlings whereever she could find a pressure point. Zeo Blade had used her Sword of Lightning to cut the other two batlings down.

Zeo Ranger fought off some bikers with chains along with Chelsea. Chelsea had her laser sword ready while Zeo Ranger had a Zeo blade on hand. “Hmmmm, we have swords and they have chains,” Chelsea mused. “There are also eight of them and there are only two of us.”

Zeo Ranger turned to Chelsea and said. “Their chances don’t look to good do they?” Chelsea nodded no and both she and Zeo Ranger leapt into battle.

The Motley Crew bikers tried to wrap their chains around both Zeo Ranger and Chelsea but Chelsea was too agile for the chains to connect, and the chains didn’t bother Zeo Ranger none, especially since he was already of metallic construction. Both Chelsea and Zeo Ranger made quick work of their foes and lumped them all in a pile made of evil warriors defeated by an Outsider.

“Hey Lil, have you had much practice at the bowling lanes lately?” Zeo Phoenix asked Zeo Shadow. Zeo Shadow nodded no but under her helmet she was smiling a wicked smile.

Zeo Shadow called forth her Shadow Ribbons and wrapped the evil warriors in what seemed like a ball of shadow then all the Outsiders grabbed a shadow line and threw the ball with all their strength towards the nearest wall. When the ball hit, the dark ball broke apart and the batlings and Motley Crew were strewn all over the ground.

“STEEEEERIKE!” The Outsiders all said then moved on to find another fight.

Red Lightspeed was staring down at the full armored uniform of Field Marshall Stor who had his blaster drawn as Red Lightspeed has his drawn. Then Stor put his weapon away and said, “You stand like an honorable warrior. Let us not fight with firearms. Let us fight honorably. Like true warriors.”

Red Lightspeed decided to honor the Sontaran’s request and put his blaster away. He then got into a fighting stance and faced down the Stor, but kept a hand near his power baton is the need arised.

Stor also got into a fighting stance and approached Red Lightspeed. Red Lightspeed gave a side kick to Stor’s head as he blocked it and went on the offensive with a martial arts style Red Lightspeed didn’t recognize.

Red Lightspeed tried to get in a decent block but the style Stor used was so fast that Red Lightspeed couldn’t get in a decent shot. Red Lightspeed was driven down to the ground as Stor stood over him.

“And now my opponent. Time to die!” Stor then took something out of his belt and pressed a special release that allowed razor edged spikes to come from both sides forming a saber staff. Stor then drew the weapon up and made ready to drop it right through Red Lightspeed’s chest.

Red Lightspeed then rolled out of Stor’s way and brought forth his power baton. Lodging in in the node on the back of Stor’s neck Red Lightspeed watched as the Sontaran convulsed and fell to the ground dying. When he finally fell down dead Stor’s body started to dissolve as if his remains were melting away.

“You were a worthy opponent,” Red Lightspeed said to his opponent. But you left me no choice.”

The Beetleborgs and VR Troopers stood as ready as they could be as Doommaster, the Vixens, Crustacean Vilor, and the Ogrons stood ready to fight.

“Hey vixen. How’s the knee?” Pink Night asked the Vixen who now wore a knee brace signifying the knee Pink Night broke the last time they faced off. The Vixen was so mad she was ready to kill Pink Night.

“Looks like the ringleaders aren’t interested in putting up a fight. They’d rather the hired help do it,” Blue Trooper said referring to Grimlord and Nukus.

“What’s the matter Nukus? Afraid you’re gonna get beat?” Chromium Gold taunted. “Cause that’s what’s going to happen.”

“We’ll see about that Beetlebrat!” Nukus shouted. “Vilor attack!”

“Destroy them Doommaster!” Grimlord ordered. Doommaster led the vixens into the fray while the Ogron’s followed Vilor.

Doommaster found his target right away-Blue Trooper and went into battle with him. Chromium Gold was locked into combat with Vilor while Black and White Trooper along with Platinum Purple and Titanium Silver were fighting the Ogrons with the vixens.

One vixen however decided she wanted to face off against Pink Night so she rushed her with a wrestling spear to her stomach and made contact as Pink Night was thrown off balance.

The vixen, known as Kara, looked down at Pink Night with a neutral expression but her tone filled with anger. “I shall make you pay for crippling me the way you did.” Kara looked down at her knee that held the brace and delivered a side kick with fury that blasted a hole in the wall where Pink Night once was.

Pink Night was back on her feet ready to face off with Kara. Kara kept Pink Night on the defensive as she fought like a madwoman. There was no reason. No rationale. All Kara wanted was to make Pink Night pay for puuting her knee in a brace.

Pink Night knew that she could take the vixen at anytime, with or without Night Powers. But she decided to let the vixen continue to attack for a while. Finally when Kara thought she had Pink Night on the ropes, Pink Night dropped to the floor and gave a leg sweep thet knocked Kara flat on her back. Pink Night then picked up Kara’s unbraced leg and injured that much like Kara’s injured leg had been.

“Look at it this way. Now you’ve got a matching set,” Pink Night said as she walked away from the vixen Kara. Holding her knee in agony.

Chromium Gold and Blue Trooper were locked in battle with Doommaster and Vilor when both heroes saw their friends in trouble with vixens and Ogrons, although more Ogrons than vixens. Looking around Chromium Gold and Blue Trooper looked for someone to pass their adversaries off to. Blue Trooper spotted White Trooper and Chromium Gold spotted Platinum Purple.

“Kaitlin, heads up!” Blue Trooper shouted throwing Doommaster in White Trooper’s direction.

“Jo, I’m handing off!” Chromium Gold called out to Platinum Purple as he threw Vilor to her.

Doommaster sized up White Trooper and smiled. “Well, it looks like I’ll get to have some fun with you trooper girl.”

“Well you know what they say Doommaster ‘Double your pleasure double your fun. DOUBLETEAM COMMAND NOW!”

“Now the real party starts!” White Trooper shouted as both White Trooper and White 2 advanced on Doommaster.

White Trooper and White 2 had Doommaster down on the ground due to a doublesweep to the legs when both White Trooper and White 2 grabbed a leg ready to make a wish with Doommaster. Doommaster’s eyes bulged open in shock and fear as he realized what they were about to do to him.

“Hey Doommaster. Do you remember when you had Ryan, J. B. and me on the Dark Fortress all powerless thanks to Santa’s elf?” Doommaster remembered when he and the vixens were trying to grab the Troopers as they pawed them like playthings children wanted to break. Doommaster however shook his head no hoping he could lie his way out of it.

“Well, “, White 2 said. “Someone should have told you… “. At that cue both White Trooper and White two took their boots to Doommaster’s…. happy place and split his legs open like a wishbone when he fell over. After one last parting shot Doommaster was now ready for opera auditions after the White Troopers were done.

“It’s not nice to grope a lady,” White 2 said finishing her sentence. Both White Troopers went to their comrades as Doommaster was left lying on the floor still singing soprano.

Platinum Purple had her Metallix baton unsheathed as she and Vilor fought. He had been dying to try out his spiral staff which was just developed by Les Fortunes so he jammed the staff into the ground and the staff suddenly expanded into staffs that were reminiscent of the framework of an umbrella. Two of the staffs came to Platinum Purple’s ankles and Vilor stood on tsome foot rafters on the central staff.

The staffs then started spinning as the two touching Platinum Purple’s ankles threw her off balance as they made contact with her. She had stumbled down on the ground as Vilor laughed at her.

“And now Platinum Purple, to finish the job,” Vilor then jumped off the staff spiral ready to finish Platinum Purple off. Platinum Purple however drew her blaster out and managed to get a good shot in Vilor’s chest which send him staggaring back into his new tow breaking it into pieces on contact. Vilor was knocked unconscious from the impact.

Platinum Purple stood over the unconscious form of Vilor and said. “That’s one for women’s lib.”

The Ogrons were not all that great when they fought hand to hand. They were more brutish and fought with blasters and brute force instead of Martial Arts. This allowed The Beetleborgs and Troopers to defeat them easily leaving only five vixens remaining. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor the vixens retreated leaving Vilor, Doommaster and the Ogrons to crawl away.

“All right we did it!” White Trooper shouted.

“No we all did it!” Blue Trooper said. And the Queen of the Crown was nowhere to be seen. , he mentally added.

“What’s the matter Dregon can’t face me himself?” Masked Rider said as he looked at his two henchmen Doubleface and Cyclopter. Both had their weapons drawn.

“Our lord and master wouldn’t sully his hands on the likes of you,” Doubleface said. Cyclopter snuck out of Rider’s field of vision leaving Rider wondering where the other mutant was. A roar of a motorcycle engine came at him from behind and Rider saw Cyclopter on his motorcycle bearing down on him. “Magno!” he shouted.

The red sports car named Magno burst from the ground and sideswiped Cyclopter sending him and his motorcycle spinning. When both landed the motorcycle was a wreck and Cyclopter was clutching his knee in pain.

“I guess it’s just you and me Doubleface. Electro saber activate!” Masked Rider brought out his saber as Doubleface brought out his sword. Doubleface and Masked Rider gave many good strikes and blocks but neither one could best the other. Dregon found that very annoying.

“Power up Doubleface. Show your full power!” Dregon shouted as he fired his wand towards his mutant who had changed into a white faced monster with sharp teeth and claws but he still had his Doubleface uniform on.

“Whoa I didn’t think you could be any uglier than you already were Doubleface.”

“Looks are a sacrifice I’m willing to pay if it means destroying you!” Doubleface shouted as he brought down his right hand for a swipe across his chest. Masked Rider recoiled from the blow and decided to increase power as well.

“MASKED RIDER SUPER BLUE!” he ordered and Rider transformed into his blue liquified armor. Rider then liquified and went behind Doubleface’s back. Driving in his sabre to the back of his neck Rider sent Doubleface down to the floor and exploded. Doubleface was left lying on the floor and reverted back to his previous state as Dregon’s increasd power left him due to the explosion.

Standing over the bodies of the henchmutants Masked Rider pointed to Dregon who sat in the stands. “One day Dregon, there will be no one for you to hide behind.”

Dregon just smiled and said, “One day nephew but not today.”

Pink Lightspeed and Black Night stood with the Armor Rangers as a battalion of Coldbloods and Zanzibar’s Horror Guard stood ready to pounce. “You sure you’re up to this Dana?” Black Night asked Pink Lightspeed.

“I’ll be okay,” Pink Lightspeed said. “But what about you?” Black Night just shrugged and said, “Ahh I’ve still got a few tricks left in me.”

“Repulsor Blast Three-way!” Red Armor ordered as all the Armor Rangers held their gauntlets up and energy bults fired from their gauntlets from three different directions. Some of the Coldbloods managed to dodge the blasts but others made it through.

“Shall we clean up?” Black Night asked Pink Lightspeed.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Pink Lightspeed said as she drew out her power baton. Black Night called for his Power Axe and both rangers went up close and personal with the Horror Guard and the Coldbloods as they were cut down relentlessly. The Horror Guard were able to survive the weapons swipes seeing as how Black Night and Pink Lightspeed didn’t aim fatally with their blows. But against the Coldbloods, parts were left strewn all over the area they fought until there was so much junk that if the Armor Rangers ever needed parts, they would have been set up for life.

“Now, wasn’t that theraputic?” Black Night asked humorously. Pink Lightspeed and the Armor Rangers couldn’t help but chuckle at Black Night’s wit.

Kennede walked down the halls of the Academy searching for his prey. He knew she was there, he could sense her.

She was last seen in the lab where Mitchell and the Matrix were being held. he thought. But when he looked in the lab again both the Queen and the Matrix were gone. Searching everywhere he tried to find some idea of where she was, but the clues came up empty. Until he felt a piercing from behind go right through his shoulder blade that sent him doubling over in pain. He turned around and saw his hated adversary holding a spear with Kennede’s own blood, and the object of power everyone was seeking hovering above her.

“Looking for someone?” the Queen of the Crown sneered at Kennede who lay sprawled on the floor bleeding.

Doubledealer tried to fire at Darkwing and Dreadwind who seemed to be dodging him overhead. Not far away the Syber Squad were having trouble with Kilokhan and his Destrons. Maul tore right into Tanker with wild swipes. Rend practically tried to bite Syd’s leg and both Amp and Lucky weren’t having much sucess with doubleteaming Mangle.

Servo however stared down Kilokhan as the two adversaries faced off. “So it’s finally come to this Kilokhan. You and me one on one?”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that Servo. Chew on this for size.” Kilokhan fired his reformatting beam at a Coldblood and mutated him into a monster reminiscent of Kilokhan’s megavirus monsters. Kilokhan’s generals fell back as did Darkwing and Dreadwind who decided they had enough of Doubledealer, especially after two ‘lucky shots’ with his missiles.

“Hold on buddy I’ll soften him up for you,” Tanker said as he transformed into his Tanker Truck mode and ran into the monster Coldblood. Tanker then transformed back and beat into the monster while Syd, Amp and Lucky transformed into a modified version of the Zenon gestault and joined in the softening while Servo called up his grid power and blasted him away.

“Did you think that was all I was capable of?” Kilokhan boasted. “My three generals have a special ability. DESTRONS UNITE!”

Maul, Rend and Mangle then transformed into a giant robot that was equal to the size of Synchro, but probably had more power and meanness. “Behold, MAGNOTRON!” Kilokhan boasted.

Zenon, Servo and Tanker tried to get the upper hand on Magnotron but just as Magnotron was combined component wise, he was also combined in terms of ferociousness, for Magnotron was more so viscious than any of his components separate. The Squad was on the ropes.

Hey Tanker let’s bring it together buddy!” Servo called out. Tanker nodded and transformed his Cybertron form around Servo forming a version to the old Phormo battlesuit from the old Servo file.

“CYBERTRON PHORMO!” both Servo and Tanker shouted as they were combined and ready for battle.

Phormo tore into Magnotron with Zenon running interference. Magnotron then drew out a monstrous sword which looked like it could cut through Phormo and Zenon. Phormo called up his own Cyber Saber to counter Magnotron’s.

Magnotron made a first strike which Phormo blocked. Then came a few more strikes and blocks. Then Phormo was left trying to hold off an overhead strike from Magnotron that had Magnotron coming up ahead in raw strength. “Zenon, you ready?” Phormo asked.

“All set Sam,” the Syd component of Phormo said with a blaster on its wrist ready to fire. Phormo then dodged out of the way leaving Magnotron exposed.

Zenon then fired a shot straight into the central link of Magnotron that caused him to break back into his three component parts. “Great work guys!” Servo called out to his team.

After Magnotron’s defeat The Syber Squad transformed back to their individual robot modes and stood with the other heroes gethered.

“All right we did it!” White Trooper shouted as everyone high fived one another. Then all the heroes turned to the villians in the stands. “Well Grimlord, it looks like you guys don’t have anyone to fight your battles anymore.”

The villians all smirked as if knowing something the heroes didn’t know. “Don’t be too sure,” Biilly said. “There’s still one guest you haven’t heard from.”

The next thing everyone knew was an explosion that sent all the heroes flying around. When they all got their senses back the heroes turned to see who had cased the explosion. A wave of fear had filled the Troopers, Beetleborgs, Armor Rangers and Syber Squad as they saw who the new villian was.

Hovering overhead was the Queen of the Crown, and in her right hand was the limp bloody form of the Armor Rangers’ sensei Kennede.

In her left hand were several jewels ready to take the souls and power of the heroes below.

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