Part 14

The Queen of the Crown hovered over the heroes. Many of them with a certain amount of fear in their hearts due to past defeats at her hands, and the violations of their souls and powers that followed. The Armor Rangers’ sensei Kennede hovered above them as well showing that he had been beaten badly by the Queen’s hand.

“I believe this is yours,” the Queen said throwing Kennede’s body down on the ground. “Master Kennede!” Red Armor shouted trying to rush to his master’s side. The other Armor Rangers held back their leader only allowing Pink Armor, along with Pink Lightspeed, to check him out.

Pink Lightspeed and Pink Armor rushed to Kennede’s side to see if there was anything they could do. Pink Armor ran scans for life signs while Pink Lightspeed tried to feel for a pulse. After removing her Pink Lightspeed helmet Dana Mitchell began doing the CPR that was instilled into her paramedics training when she was human.

But after several attempts at resussitation Dana shook her head no, and Pink Armor nodded as well indicating that Kennede was too far gone for resussitation. He had been dead too long.

“You bitch!” Pink Armor said through clenched teeth. “Can’t you get enough victims? Do you always have to make more?”

“I know,” the queen boasted brushing off Pink Armor’s curse. “It’s so sad to lose someone close isn’t it?”

The Queen then had an amused look in her eyes. “But if there’s any consolation his soul still remains…. WITH ME!” She held up a jewel that glowed red that showed Kennede’s soul still inside screaming for freedom.

The Armor Rangers then became incensed with anger, as did the VR Troopers, Beetleborgs, and the Cyber Squad. “You have gone too far this time Queen!” Red Armor shouted. “This time we are going to stop you and your soul stealing ways!”

The queen then floated down to the ground. “Oh really. And how do you propose to stop me? You already fell to me twice.”

“Yeah, well maybe third time will be the charm!” Black Trooper shouted. Turning towards the rangers, Outsiders and Masked Rider Black Trooper waived his hand back telling them to sty back. “This is our fight!” he muttered. Red Zeo, Red Morphin and Zeo Knight all nodded and stepped back.

Black Trooper then cast a glance towards Pink Night and she nodded back as if saying. “I’ll be ready. Just tell me when.”

Dana however saw the Rani try to slip out a side door. Putting her helmet back on she jumped into the air and gave chase to the renegade time lady. Some Coldbloods and batlings tried to stop her, but once Pink Lightspeed went through the door the Rani went out they just decided to let her go.

All attention was focused on the battle between the Syber Squad, the Troopers, the Beetleborgs and the Armor Rangers as they faced the Queen of the Crown. “Fools!” she boasted. “Did you seriously thing I’d be caught unprepared?”

The Queen then brought out five jewels and latched them on to an Ogron, a Cyberman, a Dalek, and a Mongol barbarian that was a member of the Motley crew. The Ogron seemed to grow in size as he matched the Cyber Squad in terms of height as he mutated into a more ferocious beast than what the Ogrons were now. The Dalek and the Cyberman also mutated into monsters that seemed like they were advanced versions of their fellow Daleks and Cybermen, but these creatures were more evil and more powerful thanks to the Queen. The augmented Dalek looked as if it could give the Special Operations Dalek a run for it’s money.

The Coldblood and the barbarian also augmented as the barbarian seemed to have bony protrusions stick out from different parts of his body as well as his body bulk up filling him with trememdous strength. The Coldblood also mutated to form a creature that radiated with power and strength. Far surpassing it’s fellow Coldbloods.

“Wow, talk about UGLY!” Green Armor said looking at the augmented monsters for the first time. the other heroes agreed.

“Now face the heroes! And leave their souls to me!” the Queen ordered. All five of her new Slaver Lords said “Yes mistress,” as they broke off and faced one of each five teams. The Dalek however said, “I OBEY!” before facing his opponents.

The Troopers found themselves facing the barbarian Slaver Lord as all four Troopers had their blasters drawn. “All right team. Let’s aim at the jewel and hope for the best,” Blue Trooper ordered. Black Trooper, White Trooper and White 2 all had their blasters ready and aimed for the jewel on Barbarian’s forehead.

Barbarian however proved to be too smart however as he jumped up high in the air and landed close to the Troopers and cut both White Troopers down. White 2 however took the most damage as Barbarian struck across her chest. “You okay?” White Trooper asked her twin.

“I will be when we retroform. I’ll go back to the buffer and I’ll be as good as new,” White 2 said. “But I can still keep going.”

“All right then let’s put this puppy to bed!” White Trooper shouted as both Troopers took out their VR Daggars and threw them behind Barbarian. They hit his back and the monster turned around to see who attacked him.

“Who dares?” Barbarian asked with menace. The only answer he got were two laser beams hitting his jewel. Then the other two Troopers joined in and added their fire. Barbarian screamed out in pain as his jewel shatered reverting him back to his original state.

Blue Trooper then asked White 2 if she was okay. She answered sarcastically. “I’ll be fine. After all she’s the original,” White 2 said making reference to White Trooper.

Now what’s that about? , Blue Trooper asked himself but he had to put the question aside. The Queen was still fighting the others.

The Ogron was brutally tearing into the Syber Squad with ferocity that matched his rage, but they wouldn’t let that stop them. Servo noticed how the Troopers took out the Barbarian and did the same stunt. Concentrating their individual grid power into one lancing point, namely the jewel on the forehead, the Syber Squad took down the Slaver Lord and destroyed the jewel controlling him as well as augmenting his powers.

“SURRENDER! SURRENDER TO THE WILL OF THE DALEKS AND THE QUEEN OF THE CROWN OR YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!” the Super Dalek shouted. He started firing his blast cannon all around whenever he thought he had an Armor Ranger in his sights. But the Armor Rangers however were proving too agile and manuverable for the Dalek to keep its lock.

“We can’t keep this up forever fearless leader!” Green Armor said. “Have you got an idea?”

Red Armor thought for a moment and then an idea came to him. “Sandy, your armor still has those energy collectors right?”

Yellow Armor was stunned. “Yeah but what does that have to do with anything?”

“This is going to sound crazy. But I want you to take one of his shots.” Red Armor hoped that Yellow Armor wouldn’t vaporize him on the spot for making the recommendation, but she did ask her leader “ARE YOU NUTS?”

A blast from the Dalek interrupted them as Red Armor continued to speak. “I hope not but it would be even more nuts to just let that goon vaporize us. Don’t you agree?”

Yellow Armor rolled her eyes back and asked, “Why do I always get the good stuff?” Flying down she activated her power collectors as the Dalek had her in its line of sight.

“INCOMING TARGET! SUICIDE CORSE PROBABLE! EXTERMINATE!! EXTERMINATE!! EXTERMINATE!!!” The Dalek opened fire on Yellow Armor hoping she would have been vaporized. Instead her solar panels had absorbed the energy and was ready to be directed back at its originator.

“Okay Sandy! Let him have it!” Red Armor shouted. Yellow Armor took the hint and shot a blast at the jewel the Dalek had and shattered it, as well as the Dalek’s outer skin. All that was left was a smoking ruin of a Dalek suit with the tentacles of the mutant still twitching until it finally died.

“He really needed to let up on stress you know?” Green Armor said. The other Armor Rangers shook their heads at the bad joke. Green Armor just said, “What? What’d I do?”

The Beetleborgs locked horns with the Super Cyberman in hand to hand combat. Well, at least Platinum Purple and Titanium Silver. He tried to keep his distance from Chromium Gold. Which gave Chromium Gold an idea.

“Metallix Lancer!” Chromium Gold said drawing out his gold tipped weapon. “Guys get out of the way!” Chromium Gold shouted. The two borgs then ducked out of their leader’s way as he brought his lance up and pierced it through the Super Cyberman’s heart. The death scream it uttered was the last sound as the gold tipped weapon went into the chest unit shaking the power gem off and sending it down to the floor.

Platinum Purple looked at the fallen gen and stomped it hard with her boot crushing it into little bitty pieces. “Can’t the queen do better than that?” Titanium Silver asked.

“Oh trust me I can!” the Queen said. Raising her hands into the air gems came from the bodies of the fallen warriors of the Queen and hovered as they awaited the Queen’s orders.

“Claim them!” the Queen ordered the jewels. Then as if jinxing the moment for the heroes the Queen’s jewels soared straight towards the heroes and latched on to the foreheads of the heroes. Soon all the Troopers, Beetleborgs, Armor Rangers, and Syber Squad felt the jewels on their foreheads again and their lifeforces draining away again.

Except for White 2 whom the Queen believed didn’t need a jewel since the Trooper double was just a copy of a soul mimicking the actions of the original. “You are of no relevance to me!” the queen said dismissing White 2 as if she was nothing then turning towads the heroes who were being affected by the Queen’s gems.

“Ha, Ha, Ha! Again your powers shall belong to me. As will your souls!” the Queen shouted gloating about her supposed triumph.

“Uhh, Kaitlin 2…. Use your blaster..,” Blue Trooper ordered. White 2 looked at the VR blaster in her hand and heard the Queen’s laughter behind her. “Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” she boasted. “Do you think you can really save them? You are nothing more than a pitiful copy of a soul that I have no use for. While these heroes are mine FOREVER!”

White 2 looked up at the Jewels on her friend’s foreheads draining the life energy from them. She could barely make out small calls for help as the jewels continued their work of imprisoning them. She noticed the rangers wanting to move in to help, but Pink Night held them back.

She knows we have to get out of this ourselves. , White 2 thought as her memories turned to memories that weren’t her own, but rather that of the original Kaitlin Star from whom she was made from. White 2 remembered the Queen taking the jewel to her forehead. The draining of the soul into the jewel the queen used, how the jewel was supposed to supply the Psycho Rangers with powers to destroy their enemies, and the feeling of freedom felt when Kaitlin was freed from her prison despite the crushing defeat suffered at the Queen’s hands.

“Maybe I’m just a pale copy of the original like you said. But this pale copy is going to stop you dead!” White 2 brought her blaster to bear and shot off the jewels on the Trooper’s foreheads as well as the Beetleborg’s with the Armor Ranger’s destroying the ones on their own heads as they fell off unexplicably.

“It’s a good thing Kennede put those feedback programs in our suits.” Blue Armor said. When the Armor Ranger suits were built Kennede had the foresight to put in failsafe programs into the armor that would send a failsafe pulse through the synaptic circuitry of the armor’s helmets and cause feedback that would expell the gems and their magic from the Armor Rangers when they wore the suits. The Armor Rangers were very grateful for their sensei’s wisdom even though it did give a side effect of a headache afterwards.

All the other Armor Rangers nodded then they all turned to face the Queen. “Face up to it Queenie. You’re never going to get us again!” Black Armor shouted.

“Sensei Kennede stopped you just as we all stopped you,” Red Armor shouted. The Queen however still had her smile.

“So you beat the crystals. That doesn’t mean that you have won!” She pointed towards the Syber Squad who still had their crystals attatched to their foreheads.

Inside his own mind Servo felt his lifeforce slipping as he was becomming disconnected from his body again and falling towards a red pit which symbolized the Queen’s prison jewel in his mind. In the minds of his friends, they too had the same representation of the jewel.

I tried , was the last thought Servo had as he thought he would fall into the crystal, but then a light started to form in Servo’s mind as well as that of the rest of the Syber Squad’s. Even though none of them were aware of the other’s thoughts they all saw the same thing.

A shape offered his hand as if as a gesture of aid to the Syber Squad, not willing to let them be imprisoned by evil. “Rise my young friends,” the voice said in a tone reflecting age and wisdom.

Servo took the shape’s hand and somehow knew his friends were taking the hands offered to them as well, and they felt themselves being lifted away from the Queen’s evil pull and into the light provided by their mysterious benefactor. “Who are you?” Servo asked.

“You may refe to me as Alpha Trion. One of the oldest of the Cybertronian race, and am a part of the matrix.”

“The matrix?” Servo asked. “Like the one everyone’s making a fuss over?”

“Like that yes. But the matrix I am referring to is not exactly like the one everyone is searching for. Still that doesn’t mean it’s any less valuble,” Alpha Trion said.

“Why did you save my friends and me?” Servo asked knowing his friends were all right somehow.

“Because the quest before you is part of the destiny the matrix has laid out for you,” Alpha Trion explained. “You must help them recover the components of their matrix, or all is lost.”

“What do you mean?” Servo asked.

“You will know Servo. You will know.” Alpha Trion then drifted away as Servo and the Syber Squad returned to their bodies. Reaching up to their foreheads every one of them took the jewels off their foreheads and stomped them into the ground.

“Never again Queen!” Servo shouted. “We won’t be your Slaver Lords any longer!”

The Queen then became annoyed that her ‘former pupils’ had thwarted her crystal possession. “How did you break the spell? How?”

“We’re not the same helpless heroes anymore Queen!” White 2 shouted. “We’re not about to fall under your evil again.

The Queen’s lips started to curl under her veil as she spoke like one greatly upset. “Very well. There are other ways to take your power I guess.” She brought out a giant crystal that had a bluish tint to it and was diamond shaped. “THIS WILL GIVE ME ALL THE POWER I DESIRE!” she shouted as lightning seemed to come from the crystal and feed into the Queen in small bursts. Taking one of the bursts she fired it at the heroes below as they all scattered.

“YOU WANT POWER? WE’LL GIVE YOU POWER!!!” Blue Trooper shouted as the Troopers all poured their energy into the Queen’s main crystal in her hand. The crystal pulsed with an intense light as the crystal seemed to be taking in more power that it didn’t know what to do with.

“Wait! What’s happening?” the Queen shouted.

“Testing a theory!” Blue Trooper said. “I’m looking to see if you can really handle so much power as you claim to.” The Troopers picked up the message and fired at the jewel as well.

The Beetleborgs also added their firepower followed by the Armor Rangers as they activated their steady stream repulsors towards the Queen’s main crystal. Then the Cybertron Syber Squad joined in the fray as their firepower brought the crystal closer to overload. The Queen already started to feel the discomfort as she convulsed and screamed in agony. “Stop it! Stop it!” she shouted.

The heroes however wouldn’t let up. They continued to pour on the firepower making the crystal hotter and hotter as if ready to explode. Which it did.

The main crystal of the Queen of the Crown, shattered into a million pieces, scattering the power it possessed as well. Waves after waves of magic energy escaped into the air as the key to the Queen’s power escaped from her possession and made its way to freedom.

Blue Trooper sighed as the Queen fell to the ground. “It’s over. It’s finally over,” he said going to his knees like a weary soldier coming home after the last battle. Both White Troopers and Black Trooper came up and consoled their friend and leader.

The Beetleborgs high fived each other as the Cyber Squad also celebrated. The Rangers and Outsiders seemed to rally behind the Troopers, Armor Rangers, Syber Squad and Beetleborgs much to the villians chagrin who were standing in the bleachers looking down.

“ARRRGHHH!” Grimlord shouted. “You have defeated the Queen of the Crown!”

“No matter!” Nukus said. “We can finish them all ourselves.” The villians brought their weapons to bear as a piece of stone moved where the Queen had fell. The movement grabbed everyone’s attention as evil creatures looked on with joy, and the good guys seemed to worry only more.

The monstrous form of the Queen of the Crown now stood. All illusion of beauty had been swept aside as her hands now resembled claws and her yellow eyes grew wild with insanity. Her face had sharp teeth and fangs as her visage was more reminiscent of a wild beast that was hungry. The two Lightspeeds thought she looked a lot like Queen Bansheera.

“AND NOW ‘MY FRIENDS'”, she said in an evil monstrous tone. “YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUE POWER OF THE QUEEN OF THE CROWN!” She advanced towards the Troopers and Syber Squad looking to take them out first.

“No!” Pink Night shouted out distracting the Queen, her Harley by her side. “You shall know the pain of your victims!”

The Queen stared at Pink Night and smirked. “Who do you think you are? And what right do you have to challenge me?”

“As much as any one has the right to challenge you!” Black Night said coming to her side. Nathan also stood with her offering his support.

“As for who I am,” Pink Night said casting a look in Nathan’s direction. He smiled at her knowing that she was smiling back. “I’m the woman that’s going to make sure you wake up screaming every night!”

The Queen seemed to be unimpressed by Pink Night’s bravado and Black Night even asked, “You sure you can handle her?”

“Trust me,” Pink Night said as she mounted up and charged right at the Queen who fired bolts of energy towards her. Pink Night ducked behind the bike’s armored windshield and allowed the front guard of the bike to take the blows. Not once did the bike lose speed.

Nathan and Black Night looked on nodding approvingly. She’s doing okay so far. Not backing down. , Nathan thought. Even Ken thought so.

The motorcycle slammed right into the Queen knocking her off balance. The Queen then quickly got up and stared at her new foe. “Who are you?”

“Someone you should be running for your life from,” Pink Night aid as she called up her Night Armor as well as transformed her bike to form her second suit.

The Queen’s face contorted into a mask of rage as she hurled her lightning bolts at Pink Night again. Showers of light shone around her as sparks seemed to erupt from where she was standing. But nothing seemed to do any good.

Pink Night stood unfazed by the Queen’s attack as she began walking towards the Queen with a purpose. The Queen, suddenly felt very nervous.

Step up! Cause you’re the next one in line for the kill. You don’t believe me but I’m betting that you will!

Step up! I’ll let you live a little bit with the pain that I bring. You know it’s only the beginning!

The Queen extended her fingernails so they formed claws and tried to give a swipe to Pink Night. Pink Night dodged the swipe and delivered a side kick to the Queen’s stomach that sent her kneeling down to the ground. Then grabbing her arm Pink Night pushed down on her shoulderblade throwing her whole right shoulder out of whack.

The howl of pain was unlike anything ever heard before, especially from the Queen who had never had to deal with pain in her life, except when she was giving it to others. Now she was feeling it herself.

Step up! Cause you’re the next one in line for the kill you don’t believe me but I’m betting that you will.

“Had enough Queenie?” Pink Night asked. “Cause I’ll tell you this. I have.”

The Queen of the Crown quickly got up and brought her good arm to bear. “No one does that to me! NO ONE!!” She let loose a volley of power directed at Pink Night but didn’t reach it’s target due to the jump and mid air flip Pink Night had done which reflected traits from both her mothers. From gymnastics to diving.

Great form!” Pink Zeo said referring to Pink Night’s flip.

“Very graceful!” Pink Morphin agreed. Both seeing reflections of themselves in Pink Night’s move. But when Pink Night landed, it was trouble for the Queen as she delivered an uppercut to the jaw and sent the Queen back flying again.

The landings didn’t do her shoulder any good as she tried to get back up, only to find Pink Night coming back at her with her motorcycle armor transforming off her, and grabbing the Queen by her white robes.

“And now!” Pink Night said casting a look at the Troopers, Beetleborgs, Armor Rangers and Syber Squad. “You shall know the pain of your victims.”

Step up! I’ll let you live a little bit with the pain that I bring, you know it’s only the beginning

Pink Night then looked straight into the Queen’s eyes as her visor glowed a dark shade of pink. The Queen of the Crown looked on mezmerized by the pink glow coming from Pink Night’s visor. Unable to turn away the queen looked on as her eyes grew wide with fear as she was confronted with all the pain, all the turmoil, and all the screams for vengeance from her victims, and it was overwhelming.

I’m breaking the living inside you!
Something or someone to hide you!

I’m breaking the living inside you!
Something or someone to hide you!

I’m breaking the living inside you!
Something or someone to hide you!

I’m breaking the living inside you!
Don’t run away bring it on straight to me!

The Queen suddenly started screaming. Screaming as if afraid by what she saw in Pink Night’s visor. A scream so terrible that even the Queen’s victims almost felt sorry for her. Almost.

Finally the queen fell to the ground shaking as she was overwhelmed by the visions from Pink Night’s visor. Blue Zeo then stepped forward facing the other villians and said and said, “Do any of the rest of you want any of this?”

No one stepped forward, much to Silver Zeo’s’s disapointment. She so wanted the Destrons, Coldbloods or Cybermen to accept Blue Zeo’s challenge, but what happened next changed all that.

Red Armor picked up the jewel that had Kennede’s soul inside it. He looked deep inside and saw his sensei’s eyes looking back. Eyes that were pleading for a release from the prison that the Queen put her in. Eyes that said that the man longed to be with his family again.

Turning to the other Armor Rangers, they nodded their approval of what their leader was considering. Closing his hand around the gem Red Armor crushed it and set the spirit of his sensei free from its prison and away amoungst the heavens where he knew his family was waiting for him.

Pink Armor patted Red Armor’s shoulder and said, “You did good Oscar.” Red Armor nodded, “Thanks Tina.”

Everyone turned to look up and see the Matrix of Spirit dissapear from overhead. “It’s been seized by a Transmat beam!” Yellow Zeo said.

“Damn!” Red Zeo cursed. “Who wants to bet Rani has it?”

“I’d say that’s a safe bet bro,” Red Morphin said. “Let’s hope that Pink Ranger catches her.

The Rani stood in her vast TARDIS control room as her Transmat beam locked on to the Matrix of Spirit and teleported into her console room. “Excellent,” she said looking over her new prize. “I long to see what surprises and discoveries you shall provide me.”

Unaware of her presence Dana managed to sneak in as Rani closed the doors to her TARDIS. “Now to set co-ordinates for a safe haven,” Rani said as she set the co-ordinates. But before she could finish inputing them as she felt a blaster behind her neck.

Turning around Rani looked into the eyes of Dana Mitchell. Eyes filled with anger, rage and sadness. Sadness for herself, and rage and anger towards the woman she held the blaster to.

“You’re not going anywhere!” Dana had said. “Especially not with the Matrix.”

Rani looked down at the blaster held in Dana’s hand. It was set to max setting which would kill her if Dana fired it. Especially since it was aimed at one of her hearts.

“Now I may not be an expert in alien physiology. But I think I can safely say that one shot to either one of your hearts would kill you am I right?” Rani nodded affirming Dana’s guess, but then came to a different conclusion.

“No, if I only took out one heart you’d have another to fall back on! Maybe I should aim… somewhere else!” Dana then moved the gun to Rani’s head and seemed to squeeze the trigger tighter.

“Now Dana. There’s no need to kill me,” Rani pleaded. “Besides isn’t cold blooded murder… inhuman?”

“Inhuman?” Dana said with a smirk, her lip quivering. “Isn’t that what I am now? Isn’t that what you wanted me to be? So you could steal my body and live longer? ISN’T THAT WHAT YOU WANTED?!”

Dana fired blaster shots at the Rani’s TARDIS console frying several of the components. Rani ducked out of the way of the shower of sparks as Dana fired the blaster missing the Rani as she ducked out of the TARDIS and ran leaving her time machine and the Matrix behind.

Dana then dropped the blaster down on the ground as tears streamed down her face. She kneeled beside the Matrix placing her hand on it saying “I couldn’t do it! I couldn’t do it!” over and over again.

The Matrix seemed to shine brighter at Dana’s touch as she felt a rush of peace flow through her. After a few minutes Dana went over to the transmat console and hit the return button to send it back to the arean where it once was.

When the Matrix of Spirit was returned to the arena Red Zeo managed to get through to Zordon and had it teleported out of the arena and straight to Power Mountain. Not long after Dana walked back in. Her face red from tears.

Red Lightspeed came over to Dana’s side. “Dana you okay?”

“I couldn’t do it Carter,” Dana said between sobs. “I couldn’t kill her!” Dana then sobbed into Red Lightspeed’s shirt again as Red Lightspeed tried to comfort her again. Lillith however looked on and said in a smart alec tone, “Boy ain’t she a crybaby!”

Red Lightspeed looked up at Lillith with an icy glare but it was Unia who turned Lillith around and delivered an uppercut to her teamate’s jaw. When Lillith was knocked down Unia looked into Lillith’s eyes and said, “Just leave her alone. You don’t know what she’s been through!”

The tone in Unia’s voice shut Lillith up as Unia looked up at Red Lightspeed and Dana. Dana smiled as if glad for what Unia did and even Red Lightspeed nodded in thanks. Unia returned the thanks by mouthing silently “You’re Welcome.”

Zeo Punk looked over all the assembled evil creatures before her from Grimlord’s forces, to Nukus and the Crustaceans to Kilokhan and the Destrons. “Hmmm, all these evil monsters lining in a row,” she mused.

Yellow Zeo however knew what her ‘cousin’ was thinking and immediately got into her face. “If you’re thinking of murdering these creatures in cold blood forget it cuz! You’d be no better than them.”

Zeo Punk however didn’t seem affected by Yellow Zeo’s speech. “Why shouldn’t I be better than them. You know they wouldn’t bother to take you out if given half the chance.”

Yellow Zeo didn’t have a chance to respond as everyone noticed the holo-viewer in the center of the arena turning on again revealing the face of Destructor, only this Destructor wasn’t just an image used for show.

This one was the real deal.

“So rangers. You managed to defeat the forces assembled before you.” Destructor just smirked as if the defeat didn’t phase him at all.

“Well I suppose congratulations are in order. Enjoy your victory while you can!” Then energy poured out of the holo-image touching all the evil creatures assembled, and teleporting them to a destination only Destructor knew, even though some suspected.

“Their evil shall nourish OUR matrix. And good will only be a fleeting memory!” Destructor’s evil laugh echoed the room leaving the rangers to wonder the next move would be.

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