Part 15

The evil monarchs all stood in the main meeting room of Dagsyxx’s Domain. Destructor and Evil Q standing above on the main balcony podium as if greeting new arrivals to the family home.

“Whoa man!”, Jaason was obviously taken with the surroundings. They seemed old and majestic, but artistic as well. Looking up he and all his fellow Psychos saw the swirling space of other dimensions circling around in the skylight above them.

“What is this place?”, Grimlord asked accompanied by his entourage of Doommaster and the vixens. Diabolico then stepped forward to speak to the one he had recruited.

“This was the domain of Lord Dagsyxx. A friend of the Order. “, Diabolico explained. “He had destroyed several dimensions before being destroyed and exiled by the Night Rangers. “

“But even though Dagsyxx is gone. “, Vypra spoke next. “The lair that served as his prison still remains. And it’s a lair that the Order has put to use. “

“Put to use for what?”, Dregon asked. Zanzibar picked up on Dregon’s apprehension and waved his hand showing the new arrivals what the big fuss was about.

Standing just above Destructor and Evil Q’s heads was the Matrix of Evil. It’s glowing red light shining its dark power for all to see. Everyone was mesmerized by its lure. Grimlord, Doommaster, the Vixens, Nukus, Vilor, Horribelle, Kilokhan, Maul, Rend, Mangle, Dregon, Nefaria, Cyclopter, Gork, Doubleface, Biilly, the Psychos, Davros, The Cybermen, even the Queen of the Crown who was transported along was amazed by the sight before her.

And all of you shall be a part of its power. “, Evil Q said standing above them all alongside Destructor. Unaware that Destructor had some intentions of his own.

Destructor looked down from a balcony in what was one of the libraries of the domain. He had been watching as Dregon stood before the Matrix of Evil and send some of his evil energy into it. Dregon was the last since everyone else already made their contributions to it. When Dregon was finished, the Matrix hall was empty leaving Destructor looking across the hall at the Matrix before him.

This will take too long!, Destructor thought as he took the Demon’s eye gem from his cloak and fixed on it intently hoping to see what he wanted to see.

Zanzibar then entered the library and saw Destructor standing by one of the shelves where he had the Matrix of Evil well in his view. and the Demon’s eye gem in his hand.

“Everything set?”, Zanzibar asked Destructor. Destructor nodded and smiled.

“The matrix will have more evil than Evil Q will know what to do with. ” Destructor continued to look inside the jewel and saw a world form inside it. A world where evil creatures were driving back a ranger team to the back of a cliff wall waiting to be finished off. Focusing his gaze on the evil monsters Destructor then brought the jewel up so the Matrix of Evil was in it’s view and a bolt of energy shot out of it hitting the matrix causing it to pulse with more power than before. Zanzibar then looked into the crystal and saw that nothing had changed. The evil monsters resumed their attack and the rangers they hunted down were massacred.

“You used their evil to fill the matrix?”, Zanzibar asked impressed.

“One down, millions to go. “, Destructor smiled. “I trust your business went well. “

Zanzibar held out a microchip with special information. Information about the scan Biilly had done on Ken as he sought to duplicate not only the Night Ranger, but his ranger powers as well. Destructor smiled. “Good. Now we have something to start with. “

“Remember the data didn’t provide a perfect copy. “, Zanzibar added. “There are bound to be some discrepancies. “

Destructor nodded. “Nothing we can’t work around, especially with Biilly Cranston on our side. ” Destructor fingered to chip in his hand.

“Did I hear someone mention my name?”, Biilly said coming out of the shadows. Zanzibar turned to the new recruit for the order.

“Yes Biilly. We’re hoping you could help us with a little special project of ours. “, Zanzibar had said.

“A special project?”, Biilly asked, his sense of science intrigued.

“Yes. You remember Night Terror don’t you? And how you replicated him from that Night Ranger?”, Zanzibar asked. Biilly nodded sadly. Night Terror had so much potential but he didn’t live up to expectations.

“Well we intend to use the data collected to create our own team to stand against the Night Rangers, using the data collected from the duplication process. “, Zanzibar explained. “But we do ned some scientific know-how to help get over the rough spots. You interested?”

“What about your own scientists? Epyon and Vrellos?”, Biilly asked.

“They are good. But there is always someone who can do better, or show people how to do better. And that’s where we’d like you to come in. “, Destructor added. “Would you be interested?”

Taking a moment to think Biilly answered, “Why not? If anything I may be adding to my own personal forces what I learn. “

Zanzibar and Destructor both smiled as Destructor said, “Excellent. I had hoped we’d strike a bargain. “

Biilly smiled. If anyone knew about special projects it was him, especially since he had many going on at one time. One new one caught his attention right now.

Deep in the headquarters of the Psycho Rangers, where Biilly does many of his radical experiments a sample rested. A sample consistic of one molecule that Biilly had retrieved when he became aware of it through a program in his computer that searched out foreign matter that may be useful in destroying the rangers.

The sample consisted techno-organic properties which could be used to devour anything it came in contact with, as well as alter matter to whatever form it desired-should enough of them be produced. Currently it stood in stasis, but the person who captured it was anxious to see what power it could provide.

The swarm molecule that had escaped from Kilokhan swirled around in the stasis chamber, waiting for when Biilly would return and unleash it’s destructive potential.

“You sure you’re all right Ken?”, Kathy asked her partner.

“Would you please stop asking me that?”, Ken answered. “I’m the same then as I was five minutes ago. The anger drug hasn’t worn off yet. And no I’m not sure when it will. “

“For someone who’s got an anger drug running in his system you sure are a moody person. “, Lillith said. This caught her a glare from both Kathy and Ken as Lillith decided not to risk the wrath of two Night Rangers.

“Shutting up now!”, Lillith said and turned away. “Boy people here have no sense of humor. “

Nathan had stepped up to Kathy and offered his hand out to her. “You did good against the Queen!”

Kathy let out a small laugh then said, “You know it’s funny. A lot of the time I had spent looking in the mirror, and each time I felt like there was nothing of me looking back. Only what was put into me and what was expected of me. But whenever I get into a fight, or I see someone in trouble. It’s like I automatically know what to do. Like I automatically know who I am. “

“And who are you?”, Ken asked trying to make sense of Kathy’s speech. Kathy turned and smiled.

“I’m the Pink Night Ranger. I’m someone who can’t stand to see evil gain the upper hand. I’m someone who brings hope to the hopeless. And I’m also someone who makes evil run for it’s life!”

“You got that right. “, Lillian said coming up to Kathy and giving her a pat on the back. “And I’m sure Parker and the Troopers are glad for that. And you also gave me a good chase on my motorcycle. “

Kathy’s eyes grew wide. “You raced through that traffic too? Are you crazy?”

“Nope, just dangerous!”, Parker said coming up to his sister. “And I wouldn’t have it any other way. “

“No matter how much you worry right?”, Lillian asked her brother.

“Hey, you’re my sister. I’ll always worry about you. ” Kathy, Ken and Nathan smiled as the O’Neil’s traded barbs.

“Got room for one more in this merry group?”, Tommy said coming over to Lillian. She smiled and invited him in. “The more the merrier!”, she said.

Parker saw Lillian and Tommy getting closer together and decided that now would be the best time to leave. “I think I’ll go bother the Troopers for a while. There’s a story I need to discuss with both of them. “

“Was it something I said?”, Tommy asked.

“Maybe. “, Lillian said back. Kathy and Nathan took the hint as well and left Tommy and Lillian alone too. “They want to discuss their date for saturday night. “, Nathan said.

“How do you know?”, Kathy asked. Nathan just said, “Just a hunch. “

The medical scanner ran over Dana as Carter stood by her offering whatever support he could. The Doctor stood monitoring the results amazed by what he saw.

“Amazing! A triple DNA helix. Rani’s surpassed herself this time!”, the Doctor said.

“Triple helix?”, Carter asked. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

The Doctor started to explain. “Well according to these readouts. Dana’s human DNA is still intact. Both the mother and father strands show up on scan. What Rani apparently had done was to incorporate a third strand of Time lord DNA to Dana’s genetic code triggering her internal mutations changing her body into something the Rani can use. “

“So what does this mean?”, Dana asked the Doctor.

“It means young Miss Mitchell. You are still two-thirds human, and one-third timelord. Possessing the qualities of both species. I’ll admit the Rani probably had something more along the lines of the Time lord aspects being put to use, but those aspects are now ones you now possess. “

Dana took a deep breath and asked the million dollar question. “All right. So what does that mean for me? What can I do?”

“Well obviously you have two hearts now. “, the Doctor said explaining Dana’s new abilities. “Your body temperature has been lowered, and you can store oxygen in your lungs for several minutes. But more importantly than that, you aging has slowed. “

Dana’s eyes went wide in shock. “My aging slowed?”

“Yes. “, the Doctor said. “By all intents and purposes you would be about 75 to 80 years old if you were born of Time lord blood on Gallifrey. An average first life of a Time lord can last up to about four hundred and fifty years. That’s how old I was when I had my first regeneration. “

Carter now was confused. “Regeneration?”

“Yes. All Time lords have the ability to regenerate twelve times in their lifetimes whenever the body’s in danger of dying or has gone on to long to keep working properly. It’s not always an easy process but. . . “

Dana let the Doctor’s speech drift off from her mind. She would live four hundred years in her first life. She would watch friends grow old and die while she remained young and vibrant. And when she would get old her body would regenerate so she could live her life over again.

“What do I do now?”, Dana asked. “Where do I go from here?”

The Doctor thought about this for a moment. “I could recommend you to the Prydonian academy. They have a great medical department, for all species. I have an in with the cardinal. “

“Some in. “, Zordon’s voice boomed. “You spent most of your time getting demerits from the cardinal which is why he knew you so well. ” This got some chuckles from the rangers and heroes listening in.

“If you ever make it there, tell them Theta Sigma says you’ll do fine. “, the Doctor then smiled as Dana smiled a little herself. The Doctor’s charm and humor were starting to lighten up her mood. Carter then grabbed Dana’s shoulders and held her close.

“Don’t worry Dana. Whatever happens we’ll get through it together. “, Carter said. Lillith saw the couple and said under her breath, “I knew they had something going on. “

Carter and Dana didn’t hear anything rather they were too busy discussing the Matrix of Spirit. “Carter, did you feel anything from the matrix?”

Carter looked confused. “Feel anything? What do you mean?”

“I don’t know. “, Dana said. “It seemed like something was prickling the back of my mind somehow whenever it was in the room. Like it was trying to contact me. ” Dana sighed and then said, “Maybe it was just the Rani’s virus doing it’s thing. “

“Maybe Dana but don’t worry about it. Whatever will happen will happen in due time. “, Carter then smiled and Dana gave a smile of her own and then gave him a peck on the cheek.

On the diagnostic beds next to Dana’s Ryan Steele, J. B. Reese and Billy looked at the sights before them not sure what to make of it.

For lying on both biobeds were TWO Kaitlin Stars.

“How?. . . How is this possible?”, Ryan Steele asked.

“I don’t know. “, Alpha answered. “But I’ve patched into the computer in your lab. Your mentor should be coming on line now. ” As if on cue Professor Hart appeared on a small monitor next to the biobeds where Kaitlin and Kaitlin 2 were laying.

“Troopers, what’s the situation?”, Professor Hart asked. J. B explained how when Kaitlin retroformed that there were two Kaitlin Stars again. Professor Hart quickly did his scans.

“From what I can asertain when the weapon cut into Kaitlin 2’s armor it cut into circuits that control retroforming. This caused energy to be shunted so Kaitlin 2 could form into a normal human being rather than have her be sent back into a buffer zone when Kaitlin retroformed. “

“It was like I was dreaming. “, Kaitlin 2 said. “I could see everything but couldn’t react to it. When I was activated that was when I would wake up. “

“It must have been awful for you. “, Ryan said. “If only we had known. We could have done something for you. “

“It wasn’t that bad. “, Kaitlin 2 said. “Besides, I didn’t have any reason to see myself as anything other than a virtual replica of you Kaitlin. “

“Well after today you proved that you’re not just a virtual replica. “, Kaitlin said to her twin. “You’re alive. You have a soul, and we’re all glad to have you. “

“And that goes double for us. “, Drew said coming up to Kaitlin 2 with Jo, and Roland in tow. Josh also followed behind. “I hear we have you to thank for saving my friends. “, the former White Blaster Beetleborg said. “Thanks. ” Kaitlin 2 nodded and hugged all four kids.

“So what do we do now?”, J. B. asked. “I mean, it’s not like we can call you Kaitlin 2 for the rest of your life. “

Kaitlin 2 thought for a moment and said, “How about Katie? It’s close enough to Kaitlin for me to remember, and I know no one has ever called you that Kaitlin. “

“Sounds good to me. “, Kaitlin said as Jo looked on. “I guess you’re now the Doublemint twins in real life huh?”

Both Kaitlin and Katie laughed and ran their fingers through Jo’s hair playfully after taking her cap off. “Hey knock it off!”, Jo laughed. Parker came over and offered his two cents to the happy gathering.

“Uhhh, not to sound like a bozo or anything, but did any of you perchance ask what Grimlord’s connection to Ziktor was?”, Parker asked. Both Kaitlin and Katie shared a wide eyed look before staring back at Parker. “Parker. “, Kaitlin said. “We have been in a major battle. We had no time to go up to Grimlord and say ‘Excuse me Grimlord. Kaitlin and Katie Star of the UV Daily. What is your connection with Karl Ziktor and Ziktor industries?'”

“Yep. We’re going to have to do this the old fashioned way. “, Katie added. “Through investigative reporting. “

Parker then had a slight smile across his face. “Does this mean you’re back in the game?” Kaitlin and Katie looked at the Beetleborgs, Troopers, and Syber Squad and gave a wide smile.

Yes Parker! WE’RE BACK!!!”, Kaitlin shouted. Ryan let out a ‘woohoo!’ and celebrated the return of three teams of heroes.

Samantha walked over to where Zhane and Karone stood. “Excuse me!”, she said to Zhane.

Zhane looked at Samantha and was left more or less speechless. “Uhhh. . . . yeah?”, was all he could get out.

“I’d like to thank you for sticking up for me back there at the Academy. I really appreciate it. ” Zhane still had that faraway look in his eyes but managed to say, “Uhhh. . . . anytime. “

Samantha then walked off as Karone waved her arm across Zhane’s face. “Hey remember me?”, she asked.

“Uhhh, I’m sorry what did you say?”, Zhane said snapping out of his staring at Samantha trance. Karone sighed and rolled back her eyes.

Samantha walked over to the other side of the chamber where the TARDIS stood. Her cousin Terry stood waiting. “Wow you really know how to get ’em don’t you?”

“What are you talking about?”, Samantha said.

“You could practically see the drool coming down from his mouth cuz. He was interested in you. “, Terry pointed out. Samantha just shook her head.

“Terry I’m not looking for a relationship right now. ” Terry rolled her eyes at Samantha’s statement and said. “Okay but if you’re interested then there’s a contender. “

“You’re impossible. “, Samantha smiled at her cousin which Terry returned.

Unia and Heather were talking in another corner of the chamber. “So you’re from a planet where there are no men, and you have to prolong your life through science?”

“And the man I love is bonded to one of the contraptions that destroyed my people!”, Unia said. “I hate Decepticons, Destrons or whatever they want to call themselves. How much does fate hate me to put me on the same side as the monster that destroyed my race?”

The discussion brought Jessica in. “Sounds like how I feel. Especially since my sister was paralyzed by machines. Not the ones you mentioned mind you but pretty dang close. It takes everything I have not to give in to the hatred I feel and let it consume me. “

“Why don’t you let it?”, Unia asked. Jessica turned her gaze over to Rocky as if answering Unia question.

“Because I would lose him if I did. “, Jessica then said. “Vengeance and hatred blacken the soul. And that’s something Rocky doesn’t like to see. He loves me for the goodness I have and he doesn’t want me to give in to the hate and bitterness I feel towards machines. If I did, then I would lose the love of not only Rocky, but of the other rangers as well. “

“And probably all your other friends too. “, Heather added. Jessica smiled as did Unia as they realized the little girl was right. Rocky then stepped forward and sat next to Jessica.

“Sounds like a fun discussion here. Mind if I join in?”, Rocky smiled goofily. Jessica punched him in the arm playfully and everyone chuckled again.

Lillith crossed over to where Dex and the Stewart family stood. “I’m glad you’re all right son. “, Hal Stewart said congratulating his son. Dex thanked his father as the rest of his family congratulated him. Dex finally caught Lillith in his field of vision and all the Stewarts faced her.

“Uhhh. I’m not good at this. “, Lillith had said. “But I just want to say. . . “

“You’re welcome. “, Dex said completing Lillith’s sentence and letting her keep her pride. Lillith nodded and smiled before walking away.

“Congratulations rangers and friends. “, Zordon said. “You have won a major battle against a monstrous evil today. ” The asembled heroes nodded as if appreciating Zordon’s compliment but there was also the feeling that Zordon wasn’t through yet.

“Unfortunately the battle is not yet done. “, the Doctor then added. “From what we could assertain from Carter Grayson, Lillith, and the rest of their team. I believe the battle you just faced was only the first in a major conflict. “

“What major conflict Zordon? Doctor?”, Tommy added.

“The main villians in this crisis are still at large. “, Zordon added. “They have only recruited the villians of this world in order to fulfill their own agenda. An agenda that would not only affect this dimension but thousands of others too. “

“So what do you want us to do Zordon?”, Tyler asked.

Zordon paused before answering. “I cannot order any of you to go on this mission. But if the Order of Destruction is not stopped then this world will most likely be destroyed in the wake of a monstrous evil provided by this. . . Matrix of Evil that has been brought to my attention. Goodness shall be annihilated and darkness shall reign supreme. “

Carter then stepped forward. “Even with the Matrix we could still use help. The numbers of the Order still continue to grow. We have to stop them.

“No problem!”, Ryan said. “You want us you’ve got us!”, the other Troopers stood behind Ryan agreeing with the decision of their leader.

“We’re with you too!”, Drew said speaking for the Beetleborgs. Dex also offered the services of the Masked Rider too.

“If the universe is at stake, then we can’t help but try to save it!”, Jason said with the Morphin Rangers standing with him.

“”Don’t think you’re going anywhere without us bro!”, Tommy said with the Zeos behind him.

“And we’d sure hate to feel left out!”, Chelsea said with the Outsiders standing behind her, except for Tyler who was standing next to her.

“Looks like you’ve got your back up. “, Tyler said to Carter and Dana.

“We greatly appreciate it. Carter said then turned to Zordon. “Could you teleport us to Doubledealer’s ship in orbit?”

“Of course Carter. “, Zordon said. Then he addressed all the assembled heroes: The Morphin Rangers, the Zeo Rangers, the VR Troopera, the Superhuman Cybertron Syber Squad, Masked Rider, the Beetleborgs, Carter, Dana, Kathy, Ken, Unia, Lillith, Doubledealer(who was outside but seen on viewer), Karone, Zhane and the Outsiders. “Good luck my friends. And may the power protect you. “

The Doctor and Zordon both watched the teleport streaks of all the assembled heroes leave to head for Doubledealer’s ship which would take them bteween dimensions for the great battle Zordon prophesized.

The Stewart family, Parker, Josh, and Heather asked if they could be teleported back to their homes. Zordon agreed and soon the Power Chamber was left in stony silence.

Alpha however turned to Zordon and the Doctor and detected a strong sense of worry from both of them. “Ai, yi, yi yi yi! Zordon, Doctor what is the matter?”, Alpha asked.

Zordon sighed before answering. “Because Alpha, there was something I didn’t tell the rangers, or any of the other heroes. I told them that they would be part of a great battle to determine the fate of millions of worlds threatened by a great evil, that part was true. “

Zordon paused in his speech. Alpha asked “Well, what else Zordon?”

Zordon couldn’t speak so the Doctor answered for him. “Alpha the prophesy also states that one or two of the heroes that come from this world. . . will not return from the battle. “

“You mean some of them might. . .?”, Alpha asked.

“The prophesy just said that one or two would not return. But it’s most likely that they will be killed.

Alpha didn’t say his usual ‘Ai, Yi, Yi’, but rather bowed his head in silence hoping that his friends and allies would make it back from their greatest voyage.

And prayed for those who wouldn’t.

At the window of a house three friends looked up at the night sky. Oscar Barrett, Tina Croft, and Daniel Nelson looked up thinking about their lost sensei. “How are Sandy, Lee and Scott handling Kennede’s death?”, Tina asked.

“Pretty well I guess. “, Oscar said. “They’re not sobbing tears or anything but they’re not glad he’s gone either.

“Kennede is with his family now. “, Daniel said. “That’s what he had always wanted. “

“I guess so. “, Tina said. “I will miss him though. “

“Right now we can continue his work. “, Daniel spoke again. “Rani has taken more children. It’s up to us to free them. “

“We will Dan, we will. “, Oscar said reaffirming Daniel’s speech. When the other rangers left the Academy Oscar and the other Armor Rangers stayed behind to care for Kennede’s body. When Oscar spoke to Red Zeo he told them to celebrate the victory. Kennede would have wanted the return of heroes to be a joyous occasion and not a sad one. Red Zeo, Blue Trooper, Zeo Knight, Red Morphin, Chromium Gold, Servo, Red Lightspeed, and Masked Rider all nodded and Oscar said thanks as they teleported away from the arena.

“I talked to my Uncle Peter. “, Oscar said. “The other guys managed to find the Kennede family plot. He’s going to be buried there. “

“We should go to the funeral. “, Tina said. “Or pay our respects somehow. Strange, I never thought he would die. I guess I always thought he’d live forever. “

“I know. “, Oscar answered back. “Sensei Kennede’s death-I never saw it coming. “

“More will die!”, Daniel said in a low tone.

Both Oscar and Tina turned to Daniel confused.

“What are you talking about?”, Oscar asked his friend. On closer inspection he realised that Daniel had had another one of his moments.

All Daniel said was “The heroes have left for a new adventure. Not all of them will not be coming back. “


In memory of

Robert Lyon


Death is a primitive concept. I prefer to think of them as battling evil in another dimension.

Dan O’Herilly-The Last Starfighter.

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