Part 4

The drilling continued as the workers pushed through the ground going to a place that no one knew of, or at least someone knew of but decided not to share with them. “So does anyone know what we are being paid to get?” one worker named Deke asked.

“Beats me,” another one named Tony said. “All I know is that our sponsor says there is something buried here that’s very important.”

Samoht was working along with the drilling team. “I’ve been meaning to ask. Who is our sponsor anyway?” Sam thought he knew but wanted to be absolutly sure.

“I don’t know. Some dame named Ranitime,” Deke responded. Samoht knew there was something to worry about now.

“Hey we got something,” Tony said enthusiastically cutting through to a crack in the wall.

“Well what is it?” Deke asked. Tony shot him a look saying Isn’t that a stupid question?” “Well let’s clear away this rock and we’ll find out.”

Moving on to picks and shovels Deke, Tony and Sam hammered their way through the remaining rocks clearing a path into whatever they had come across. When they made it through all three workers looked around the place they had just entered.

It was lit by torchlight, but that light was enough to reflect the ornate pattern on the walls. A ring of torches also surrounded something resembling a sarcophagus of sorts. A rather big sarcophagus.

Samoht stepped up to the sarcophagus. His magic senses were picking up something of great power coming from the tomb. This has to be what they want. The other rangers have to know.

Tony nudged his friend on the arm. “Uhhh Deke? I think we may have found what we’re looking for.”

Deke then got onto the walkie talkie and called the foreman. “Uhhh boss. This is Deke in tunnel 4. I think we may have found what you want here.”

The foreman sat in his office listening to the report from Deke. “All right Deke. You, Woods and Revilo come on up. I’ve got a team of specialists coming in. They’ll take care of the rest of it.” The foreman signed off and went to the other line where his other caller was waiting.

“Do not do that to me again,” the voice on the other line said with cold malice. “When I speak, you obey!”

“I understand Dr. Ranitime, but this was important.” the foreman said trying to summon courage as well as enthusiasm. When he was ready he broke the news to his boss. “A work crew has found the tomb you mentioned.”

The foreman could practically imagine Ranitime smiling on the other end of the phone. “Excellent, have the specialists ready to go in once the work crew is out. They will bring out the artifact.”

“And will the workers all be receiving the ‘usual’ pay package?” the foreman asked.

Ranitime chuckled. “Why not? These workers have given so much. Why shouldn’t they give their lives to me?”

The Armor Rangers were experimenting with aerial combat when Red Armor intercepted the Rani’s communication over his helmet com. He quickly relayed what she said to his team.

“Whoa this can’t be good,” Yellow Armor said. “What could Ranitime have found?”

“I don’t know,” Green Armor answered back. “But it can’t be good if Ranitime is the one that’s interested.

“I say we check it out,” Black Armor said. “All with?” Everyone raised their hands to that.

“If Ranitime’s involved it can’t be good for anyone”, Red Armor said. “Let’s stop what she has in mind.”

“I’ve got the co-ordinates,” Pink Armor said. The other Armor Rangers then turned towards the direction of the transmission and raced to see what Ranitime was up to.

Lillith Satana flew her fighter over the town of Leawood looking over the scanner provided for her to track the Matrix energy patterns. “According to this the energy is strongest more towards the residential area.” Banking right she headed for the co-ordinates the scanners had provided unaware that others were tracking her as well.

On board Spider base Dregon, Nefaria and Vypra were looking down at the rogue pilot heading for the co-ordinates. “She is looking for that Matrix signal,” Vypra stated.

“Matrix signal?” Dregon asked. “What Matrix signal?”

“The signal for the Matrix of Spirit,” Vypra answered. “It could be dangerous to our plans if we don’t obtain it.”

“Shall we send down Scorpitron now?” Nefaria asked.

“By all means Nefaria. Let’s send Scorpitron down,” Dregon then went over to the jar that held the demon/insectavore crossbreed and dropped it into the launch tube. Scorpitron left the Spider base by way of the green laser and came to life near the place where Lillith was landing.

The demoness pilot was taking power readings looking to see where the Matrix could be. She picked up a power spike and decided to follow it to it’s source. Unfortunately Scorpitron was in her way. “Hello my lady. Going my way?”

Lillith looked at the monster and let out a small laugh. “No I’m going that way. You’re just in my way.”

“Oh well. I’m afraid I can’t let you go that way,” Scorpitron shot back since that way is my way.”

Lillith got into a fighting stance ready to take on Scorpitron. Scorpitron himself brought his tail up ready to strike. The demon-insectavore fired a shot of acid at Lillith which she avoided by taking to the sky with her wings. Lillith then brought out her double laser pistols and started firing at Scorpitron.

Some shots managed to graze him but Scorpitron still came out fighting. His tail ready to strike again.

Not far away at the Stewart house Dex Stewart felt a presence trigger his insectopathic sense. “Dregon’s back.” His adopted mother Barbara asked “Where?”

“Residential section. I have to get down there.” His sister Molly told him to be careful, and Ferbus, Hal, Albee, and Barbara all shared her concern.

“Ectophase Activate!!!” came the command. And the Masked Rider stood ready for battle. Running out he called to Combat Chopper. “Combat Chopper Rev Up!!!”

Inside a cave Dex used as a secret base an insect came up from the ground that had morphed into a blue motorcycle. “I’m on my way!” the bike said racing out to his rider. As the bike crossed the Stewart’s house Masked Rider got on and rode towards the disturbance. When he arrived he saw what appeared to be two monsters slugging it out. One looked like a female with wings while the other looked like a scorpion of some kind.

“Chopper. Which one is the insectavore?” Masked Rider asked.

“Ya got me boss. What do you wanna do?”

Masked Rider thought about his options. He didn’t know what side the demon was on but he did know about scorpions, or most importantly Scorpitrons. They were considered the most feared insectavores on Edenoi, and it wouldn’t have been a surprise to find that Dregon had one on hand.

Rider jumped on to Combat Chopper and raced towards the two combatants. Skidding to a stop he asked “All right, which one wants to go down first?”

“Beat it buggie. I’ve got some roach to fry,” Lillith drew out her blasters again and started shooting at Masked Rider in order to get him out of the way. Rider was singed but Scorpitron took on a few hits of his own.

Lillith then flew in the air giving slashes with her claws. Scorpitron was sent back realling until he had finally fallen down. Lillith stood over the fallen demon/insectavore with her blaster reaised at his head. “Time to say good bye baby.” She didn’t see Scorpitron raise his tail and fire at her. The shot hit dead center and Lillith was sent falling.

“Good bye baby!” was Scorpitron’s answer.

Rider however got back to feet and saw Lillith go down. Good, now there’s only one left to deal with , he thought then went into the fight with Scorpitron. “Rider Kick!” he called out executing a powered drop kick straight into the monster. Scorpitron was sent staggering back but still had some fight to give.

“You’re going to have to do better than that!” Scorpitron boasted.

“I will. Electrosabre activate!” Rider brought out his sabre and gave a few strikes that disarmed Scorpitron as well as cut off it’s lethal stinger. Then with the electrobolts Scorpitron exploded and was sent back to the scrap heap.

Rider then went over to where Lillith lay. Already the demoness was having trouble breathing. “Signal… Matrix… find… “were all she could get out. Rider had to move fast.

“Magno Rev Up!” he called out. Inside the cave the red beetle known as Magno transformed into a red sports car and raced towards her waiting driver. When she arrived Magno immediately asked what the situation was with “What’s up boss?”

“This creature was hit with the venom of a Scorpitron. We need to get her back to the Stewarts. There may be something we can do there.” Putting Lillith in the passenger seat Magno followed Masked Rider and Combat Chopper back to the Stewart home. Barely missing the nosy eye of Patsy, Rider demorphed and brought Lillith into the house.

“Dex what’s going on? Who is that?” Barbara asked. The rest of the family rallying behind her.

“I don’t know but she needs help. Help me get her on the couch,” the family followed his lead and soon Lillith lay motionless. Molly felt her forehead and it was immediately hot.

“I’m not sure but I think she has a fever,” Molly stated.

“Although with this lady I’m not sure if that’s good or bad,” Albee commented.

“We’ve got to find out!” Dex said. “Before she dies!”

On board Spider base Dregon was stewing while Nefaria was smirking. “I guess your monster wasn’t all that powerful was it?” Nefaria smirked at Vypra

“Does it matter? At least Masked Rider is out of the game as he tends to that rogue,” Vypra stated.

“But if he finds the antidote to the Scorpitron venom..,” Dregon fumed until he had an idea. “The Scorpitron venom. Yes.”

“What plan do you have my count?” Cyclopter asked.

“There’s only one place he can go for the antidote. And I intend to be there when he tries,” Dregon then laughed as his plan took shape.

“All right people. Line up for your pay,” the foreman ordered. All the workers on the dig obeyed the foreman’s command, including Samoht who was expecting all hell to break loose soon.

It’s a good thing I decided to magically alter my face so no one would recognize me if I’m forced to morph quickly. , Sam thought. All the workers had lined up military style with the foreman and his two assistants by his sides. “Gentlemen,” the foreman started to speak. “It has been a real pleasure having you help us out in this endeavor. Your sacrifices have helped unearth a great artifact that will benefit mankind for generations to come.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, when do we get our money?” one rude worker said. The other’s rallying behind him.

“Oh don’t worry Mr. Maclain. Here come the ‘paymasters’ now.” The workers saw four men coming towards them. Two separated to stand next to the foreman while the other two stepped behind the workers. All of the ‘paymasters’ had weapons on them ready to bear on the workers. “All right gentlemen, Pay them!” the foreman said with a smile. The clicks of the rifles said they were ready to fire.

Realizing the danger Sam called out “IT’S MORPHIN TIME!!!”


The Green Morphin Ranger leapt up from where Sam stood and took out the two gunmen in back with a series of kicks that sent them sprawling. “Everybody down!!” Green Ranger then ordered as he pulled out his blaster and took down the other two gunmen and the foreman.

“All right. Which of you can drive a truck?” Samoht asked the workers. Ten raised their hands.

“All right. Take the workers here and get out! More of these guys may be coming!” Not arguing the workers obeyed, but as soon as all the trucks were loaded more of the mystery soldiers started to come.

“Zordon, this is Samoht. Do you copy?” the Green Morphin Ranger called on the communicator.

“Yes Samoht I hear you,” Zordon’s voice said back. Quickly Samoht relayed the situation and added. “I need some cover here for the trucks to get away.”

“I am contacting the other rangers now. Hold on till they get there,” Zordon ordered. He then called for Alpha 5 to contact all the Morphin and Zeo Rangers. Jason spoke first saying “We read you Zordon.” knowing that he spoke for all the rangers.

“Rangers, Samoht is in trouble with mysterious troopers. Morph to his location and assist him in evacuating the civilians.

“We’re on it. IT’S MORPHIN TIME!!!”

“WHITE RANGER POWER!” said David who was at the reservation at the time.

“BLACK RANGER POWER!” Zack said at the Peace Conference.

“PINK RANGER POWER!” Kimberly said from the Florida Pan Global Compound.

“BLUE RANGER POWER!” Billy said from the Peace Conference as well.

Trini followed suit with, “YELLOW RANGER POWER!”

“RED RANGER POWER!” Jason called out from the dressing room of a karate school.

“PURPLE RANGER POWER!” Tanya said from the reservation. Aisha called out with “Brown Ranger Power!”

“ZEO RANGER I-PINK!” Kat said on another shopping spree with Samantha.

“ZEO RANGER II-YELLOW!” Samantha said following suit.

“ZEO RANGER III-BLUE!” Rocky called out from the Youth Center.

“ZEO RANGER-IV-GREEN!” Adam said following suit.

“ZEO RANGER V-RED!” Tommy ducked with Jason who was teaching the same class.

“ZEO RANGER VI-PURPLE”, Emily St. John called out taking another break from waiting tables.

“ZEO RANGER VII-SILVER”, Jessica Belle called out from the Angel Grove Computer lab.

“ZEO RANGER VIII-BLACK”, Richie said taking a similar break as Emily.

“ZEO RANGER IX-WHITE”, Skull called out as he and Bulk were training.

“ZEO RANGER X-GOLD!” Bulk called out transforming into the Gold Ranger. Soon the whole team made it to help out Samoht. No sooner than they had arrived that more of the mystery guard had come to help stop the workers from escaping.

“Who are these guys?” Yellow Zeo asked. “They’re no bobbies I know.”

“They work for someone looking for a great deal of power and they have a lot of weaponry, that’s all I know,” Green Ranger said.

A kick to Blue Zeo’s stomach said how dangerous they really were. “And they fight well too.” Brown Ranger did a flying kick that sent the gunman back at least four feet. “Thanks Aisha,” Blue Zeo said.

“No problem Rocko,” Brown Ranger said and continued fighting. The foreman on the other hand managed to duck the fight and watch as his ‘pay enforcers’ were getting beaten by rangers. Then he felt some sort of presence behind him, a presence that gave him cause to be afraid.

Looking up he saw a red armored figure with five demon like creatures by his side. The monster put a finger to his lips telling the foreman to be quiet. “You have your cargo. Leave now,” was all he said. The foreman, who was not about to argue with the imposing figure before him, ran out as fast as his legs would carry him. The pay enforcers had fallen as well and they to were running from the rangers.

“Very nice rangers,” Zanzibar said from the place he and his demons watched from. “Now let’s up the ante shall we?”

Yellow Zeo gave the last kick that sent the final pay enforcer down and running. “Well, that didn’t take long.”

“You said it Samantha,” Green Zeo said then went over to Green Ranger. “What happened here man?”

Green Ranger went to tell his story. “I had gotten a job with this digging crew. They said it was an archiological expedition serching for a lost relic of unimaginable power. Well we had found it, as well as a tomb it was buried in.”

“A tomb?” Red Ranger said in surprise. “Were you grave robbing Sam?”

“None of us knew at the time we were doing that, but yeah when we found out we had realized what we had done. Besides, I felt drawn to the site anyway. I sensed great power in the site and wondered what it was,” Sam nodded his head down ashamed with Pink Zeo and Pink Ranger offering support.

“Take it easy Sam,” Pink Zeo said. “You had to know.” Pink Ranger followed up asking, “Do you know who ordered this dig anyway?”

“Yeah, an old friend of Samantha and the Doctor-the Rani.” Yellow Zeo remembered well the renegade Time Lady who believed the ends always justified the means in the pursuit of science. Ethics were just barriers for her to rip down.

“Sounds like we need to pay ‘Doctor Ranitime’ a little visit,” Yellow Zeo sugessted. But before anyone could move a monstrous figure in red had appeared.

“Who is that?” White Ranger asked.

“I don’t know bro, but I can tell he’s bad news,” Red Zeo said picking up on the evil from the creature.

“Hello Rangers. Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Zanzibar of Aquitar. First Lord of the Luciferian Empire,” the creature introduced himself as.

“Zanzibar of Aquitar?” Blue Ranger said stepping forward. “I’ve never heard of you.”

“Hmmmm. Maybe because you’ve either never heard of me, or there are a few secrets your Aquaitian friends never shared with you. Regardless of that, you didn’t really think we were ALL good did you?” Zanzibar sneered at the last remark and Billy seemed to pick up some sort of hidden meaning to what was just said. What did he mean by that? , Billy asked himself.

“Oh well. I’m expecting someone soon and you are delaying the appointment so, I think I need to show you the door,” waving his hands metal troopers appeared each with some sort of weapon on their arm. Three or four had surrounded each ranger. Zanzibar stood off to the side with the five demons with him.

“Coldbloods ATTACK!!!” Zanzibar ordered and the rangers soon were back fighting again.

In his base Biilly had watched the fight with great interest. “This Zanzibar seems to be quite powerful indeed. And his troopers-marvelous construction on them.”

Biilly liked the design and craftsmanship that went into the Coldblood’s design, and the fighting programs instilled into them reflected the moves they executed. Perfect form, perfect technique. “I guess the Luciferian empire really did appreciate good evil,” Biilly chuckled.

“Now all we have to do is make sure we’re ready when that Night Ranger shows up. And when he does..,” Biilly looked over at the replica ready to be infused with a new power.

In Zoom Comics, a pretty young lady named walked into the shop carrying something Nano thought looked like some sort of math calculator. “Uhh miss. Can I help you?”

“Uhhh no thanks,” the woman said looking at her device. Hmmmm, according to this there is a trace of power here but it forms a trail of some sort. , just then a girl who looked fourteen came up to her. “Ma’am, is there anything special you’re looking for?”

The woman smiled at the girl. “Yes, but I’m not sure you can help uhhh….”

“Heather. Heather Davis,” the girl said. Her eyes reflecting a sort of innocence to them. The woman looked at the girl and saw herself so many years ago. The woman looked down and gave an alias name she used whenever she went undercover on Earth.

“Una. Una Meillie”, the woman said giving a name close to the one she had used constantly. Looking at Heather Una, or Unia as the case was, saw in her so much of herself with her past with Corranedge before he became bonded to Ravage.

“So you have a boyfriend?” Heather seemed to look down as the question was asked and Heather answered, “I did… before.”

Unia decided not to pursue further. It was obvious something happened to Heather’s former love as it had with Corranedge. Again seeing herself in Heather Unia quickly changed the subject.

“I’m new in town, and I’m wondering I’ve lived in pretty weird places. Is there anything considered ‘weird’ around here?”

Heather looked up again. “Well there is Hillhurst mansion up north of Charterville. It’s said to house monsters or something. If you want I could take you there.”

Unia looked at Heather with surprise. Girl must have guts to her. , she thought. “Wouldn’t your parents be worried?”

“Naw, I can take care of myself. Besides, it’s not like I’d be going alone.” Something in Heather told her that she could trust the woman before her. That she was good.

“All right. You can escort me to the dreaded ‘Hillhurst house’ as it’s called. Are you up to walking?” Unia asked.

“Are you kidding? I love walking!” Heather exclaimed and she went to grab her coat. “Nano, can I leave for a while?”

“Sure thing honey. Take care,” Nano said as Heather and the woman named ‘Una’ walked out of the comic shop. “I think that’s the beginning of a beutiful friendship,” she said of the two departing ladies.

“So this is the Beetleborg’s headquarters?” Darkonda asked. “An old house haunted by monsters?”

“The monsters themselves I care nothing about,” Nukus said. “It’s the Beetleborgs that are the real threat.”

“Understood,” Darkwing replied. “The plan seems simple enough. Wait for the Beetleborgs to arrive and then destroy the house with our weapons.”

“Yes,” Horribelle said. “With the Beetleborgs finally destroyed none shall stand against us. And we can join the Matrix of Evil as well.”

“It will be so grand,” Nukus said. “Evil spreading out to all the cosmos. And my evil being a part of it.”

“All of our evil,” Les Fortunes said. “I will love it when the part of me runs rampant over my no talent brother in every world he’s in.”

Darkonda and Darkwing smiled. I’ll bet Dreadwind isn’t having as much fun as we are now. , Darkwing thought as his jet partner looked around the town of North Valley on his own mission. Oh well, we’ll see how he does soon enough.

In Kilokhan’s city of Digitropolis Dreadwind had marvelled at the work Kilokhan had done in so short a time. Already he had a hundred swarmers constructed and adding fortifications to their master’s city. Also Kilokhan’s generals worked on the next step of Kilokhan’s plan.

Special thrones, much like the one Kilokhan had but not as grand or majestic were constructed. These would provide the swarmers with the ability to go into the digital world and aid their master in the subjugation of it. Bank accounts, military secrets, all would belong to Kilokhan and he would use the knowledge to bring the digital world under his rule, and the polluting meat-things the destruction they deserved. Soon there would be nothing but Kilokhan to rule. And the Destrons to enforce that rule. Plus Kilokhan’s essence will belong with the Matrix of Evil and spread far and wide.

The epitomy of machine perfection , Dreadwind thought admiring the work Kilokhan was doing.

On the streets of Crossworld Pink Night had demorphed into Kathy Hart who had continued to follow the indicator hoping to find where the Matrix of Spirit was, not far behind Lillian O’Neil was riding just far enough not to be noticed by Kathy but close enough to keep tabs on her.

Lillian had noticed the demorphing but didn’t catch Kathy’s face even though Kathy didn’t wear a helmet. Talk about a real rebel , she thought. Must not know about the helmet laws out here.. Lillian continued to follow until Kathy made a turn where she had shaken off her unknown pursuer. Riding up the Crossworld bridge Lillian loked around hoping to find a trace of where Kathy had gone. A number of horns sounding down on the Crossworld Parkway caught Lillian’s attention and soon she had seen the cause of the noise.

Kathy was riding through the bumper to bumper traffic riding along narrow gaps between cars and cutting through spaces where cars were moving at a snail’s pace. Either that girl is very good, very lucky, or very stupid. , Lillian thought. Bringing her motorcycle to bear she too got on the freeway riding through the narrow cracks and gaps that made up rush hour traffic hoping to keep up with her and figure out where she was going.

I’ve always wanted to try this. , Lillian thought as she rode through rush hour. Her quarry staying ahead of her.

Unia and Heather made their way to the grounds of Hillhurst. Unia never taking her eyes off the device in her hand. “Uhhh, excuse me,” Heather interrupted. “I don’t mean to pry but what is that gadget you have?”

Unia turned to Heather and smiled. “It measures the amount of weirdness in an area. You could say… I’m a weirdness investigator.”

Heather let out a small laugh. “Welcome to the ‘Freak Zone’. You’ll find plenty of weirdness here. Some of it in that house.” Unia looked at the house and the device in her hand. The readings were going off the scale. “Well it looks like that house is full of ‘weirdness’ right there. Want to check it out?”

“Why not?” Heather asked following her new friend up the path to the house. As they came up to the front porch Heather noticed three bikes perched next to the steps. Heather knew the owners well.

“Those are Drew’s, Jo’s, and Roland’s bikes. What are they doing here?” Heather heard rumors that the three teens hung out at Hillhurst but didn’t really believe them.

“Why don’t we find out?” Unia said as she and Heather made their way to the door and walked inside. The air of the room was all dark and musty, but surprisingly enough had the impression of someone still lived there. Unia looked around and asked, “Do you have the feeling someone still lives here?”

Footsteps from around the corner of the main hall answered her question as Count Fangula appeared. Fangs showing and ready to bite. “Ahhh. Lunch has arrived.”

Around another corner Mums the mummy appeared. “Ahh, one young, one slightly older. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers.”

“Me hungry! No, ME STARVING!” Frankenbeans shouted. Wolfgang rounded out the pack advancing on the young girl and the rogue.

“This is sooo how I not wanted to spend my day,” Heather said.

“Me neither kid. But…” pulling off her jacket Unia revealed her flight suit and stood in a fighting position. “All right monsters. You want to eat me?” The monsters all gave nods with drool petrouding from them.

“Ask a stupid question,” Unia said and delivered an ax kick to fangula sending him staggering. A back kick to Frankenbeans in an area that sent him sprawling. Wolfgang was soon in a sleeper hold and out like a light and Unia then starting advancing menacingly towards Mums.

“Now. Would you like to do this the easy way?” Unia then slapped her fist into her hand and flashed an evil smile in the mummy’s direction. “Or the hard way?”

Mums was left studdering and asked, “Is running away the easy way?” Unia nodded saying, “Has been in the past.”

“Then I’ll just be running along now.” Mums turned tail and ran out the hall leaving the sprawling unconscious monsters behind. Picking up the device she had Unia then went about her search. The indicator went haywire when they came across an organ in the parlor room.

“According to this the Matrix energy comes up to here,” Unia said. Heather by her side asked “Matrix energy?”

“Long story,” the rogue said as she continued to take her readouts. Heather then asked “Where did you learn to fight like that? The only time I saw moves like that were when the Power Rangers or Beetleborgs appeared on the news.”

“Special school,” Unia said. “Very special.”

“Is it anything like Arcadia Academy? Where my friends were supposed to go?” Before Unia could answer her question Drew and Josh appeared in the entranceway.

“Heather? What are you doing here?” Drew asked. Jo and Roland appeared from behind. Heather studied her friends and had questions of her own.

“I think the bigger question is ‘What are you doing here?'”, Heather responded. Then the sound of an explosion drove the kids and Unia into ducking positions. And Flabber running down the stairs.

“AIR RAID!!!AIR RAID!!!!WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST!!!” the phasm said before he ducked under the organ for cover. Unia looked at the phasm for a brief second and asked “Who was that?”

Another explosion however changed the focus of the discussion. “I think the big question is ‘Who’s that out there?'”, Roland said. And everyone agreed.

Outside Hillhurst Nukus stood watch as Darkwing fired two missiles at the house. The explosions sure to cause some frayed nerves. This shouldn’t be to hard. , the Crustacean leader thought. All we have to do now is destroy a few measly children. They’re not even Beetleborgs anymore. Even with their powers.

Darkwing then transformed to land and he stood next to Nukus. The Destron’s robotic frame clearly beating out Nukus in terms of size. “BEETLEBORGS!!!” Darkwing called out. “Come out! Come out wherever you are.”

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