Part 5

Inside the house Unia and Heather were wondering what the giant robot was talking about. “Beetleborgs? What are they?” Unia asked.

“They’re the heroes of Charterville,” Heather explained. “Real life come out of the comics. They fought Vexor when he came out of the comic realm.”

“How does a comic book come to life?” Unia asked then she cast a glance at Flabber squatting down and things started to make a little more sense. “You’re a phasm aren’t you?”

“Uhhhh…. yeah. What about it?”

“Capable of bringing drawings to life?” Unia continued. “Drawings like the Beetleborgs?” Heather seemed to catch on as well and looked at Drew, Jo, and Roland and filled in the rest of the puzzle.

“And three kids who just couldn’t get enough of Beetleborgs comics to the point where they would have loved to be Beetleborgs themselves?” Drew, Jo, and Roland nodded then Heather looked at Josh. “And when Shadowborg showed up you became White Blaster Beetleborg am I right?”

Josh nodded not having the heart to lie to Heather but then added “I’m not White Blaster anymore. When Shadowborg was defeated I lost those powers.” A laser blast rocked the house again and the robot called the Beetleborgs again.

“COME OUT BEETLEBORGS!!!DON’T KEEP YOUR DOOM WAITING!!!” Unia looked at the robot again and then remembered who he was. When the Cybertronian wars spilled over to her world she made it a point to find out the names of as many as she could. “Darkwing!” she said. Everyone looked at her curiously.

“He was once a Decepticon. Now a Destron. Also a Powermaster which means he may have an ally supplying his power as his engine.”

Heather remembered Transformers from the comic shop backlogs. “I remember them. He was partnered with someone named Dreadwind wasn’t he?”

“Yeah, but Dreadwind’s not here. He may be close by though,” Turning to the Beetleborgs she said. “You guys can still do that Beetleborg thing right?”

Drew, Roland and Jo looked at each other not liking where this was going. “No, we can’t.”

“Yeah you can. Just call out the Data bonders, input the cards and ‘Beetleblast’!” Flabber said jubilantly.

“NO!!!” Drew called out. “We can’t do that anymore!!! We just can’t!”

Unia then stepped forward confronting the children. “Can’t? Or won’t?”

Jo looked up at Unia. “Like there’s a difference?” An explosion rocked the house again, and Unia had enough.

“All right enough of this,” she then went to Flabber and said “You have the ability to call up objects right?”

“Uhhh yeah if I have a drawing of some sort,” Flabber stated.

“Good, are there any drawings of planes around this house?” Flabber shook his head no but then Wolfy regained consciousness and went to his bed. When he returned he had a section of newspaper that highlighted a front page story of a new experimental fighter jet being tested at Charterville airport. Handing it to Unia Wolfy made growls as if saying “Is this what you need?”

Unia smiled spread wide as she read the tech specs on it. “Verticle takeoff and landing ability. missile choices from heat seeker to radar directed. 30 millimeter gatling guns, and tracking sensors ranging from thermal to infrared. This is perfect.” and she handed the drawing to Flabber. “Not my cup of tea, but I’ll try anything once.” waving his hands he went to recite the spell he needed.

“Flibberty, flickerty, flabberty boo. Make this plane appear just for you.” The magic seemed to leave Flabbers fingers and the plane leaped out of the paper and set down outside behind Hillhurst.

“Now to take on Darkwing on more even terms,” Unia said heading out the back door.

Darkwing stood with his arms crossed and Nukus standing nearby. “You know I don’t think they’re coming out,” Darkwing sneered.

Nukus chuckled under his breath. “Then perhaps we should go in after them.”

“Oh but I couldn’t do that,” Darkwing waved his hands. “I wouldn’t fit in the doorway. I’m just too big.”

“Hmmmm, you’re right. I guess you’ll just have to rip the house apart until you find them then.” Nukus laughed as Darkwing smiled at Nukus’s decision. The Destron moved towards the old house ready to rip the roof off, until he heard the whine of a jet engine.

Looking up he saw a plane rise just behind Hillhurst. It was sleek, styled and black and its pilot was not one to be messed with.

Unia then called up the machine guns and fired a round into Darkwing’s torso sending him back staggaring. Going on the loudspeaker she then said, “Hey Darkwing! You want a worthy opponent? Come and get me!” She then turned the jet around and activated the thrusters going supersonic. Darkwing, not being one to be embarrassed, transformed and went after her.

“Whoa. Where did you find her?” Flabber asked Heather.

“She just walked into Zoom comics today. She said that she was looking for something. A Matrix I think she said.”

“Matrix?” Jo said.

“Yeah, and she said it was in that organ,” Heather said pointing to Flabber’s organ. Flabber looked on curiously.

“I don’t know what to tell you Heather, but I’ve been in that organ so I know it inside and out. And I can tell you there is no Matrix or whatever in it.”

“But there has to be something to it,” Jo said. “Something had to draw that lady here.”

“She said her name was Una,” Heather added. “And that she was measuring the weirdness in the area. She had some device which led her to the organ.”

“Boy talk about your mysteries,” Fangula said. Then Heather cast an eye towards the four ‘former’ Beetleborgs.

“Speaking of mysteries, isn’t there something you guys should be telling me?” The Beetleborgs stared wide eyed as Heather cast them each a look saying ‘What the hell is going on’.

Unia was ready to tear into Darkwing like crazy. She didn’t care that he was enhanced by Darkonda in terms of power. Her mind was in a dark place with intent to do one thing, destroy the Destron monster in her sight.

She had heard things about Darkwing, that he enjoyed playing cruel pranks on lesser species, enjoying the pain he caused. Laughed as he caused misery to so many good peoples throughout the cosmos. Well, time to pay the piper you sick machine! Banking right Unia turned her ship so that she was directly behind Darkwing then struggled to get a missile lock. Darkwing however saw what Unia was trying to do and slammed his brakes hard allowing Unia to swoop by.

As Unia went past him Darkwing brought his machine guns to bear on Unia’s plane. Firing Unia rolled her ship, the stray hail of bullets missing her barely. Sneaky aren’t you? , Unia thought. Well I’m in the mood for fun right now.

Unia then let off a radar directed missile which had Darkwing in it’s sights. Darkwing swerved trying to evade the rocket then dove down to the ground and pulled up just before impacting. The missile exploding on the ground.

“Enough of this! Finish her!” Darkonda shouted. Darkwing, who didn’t like being dictated to, cursed out his binary bond partner. “Who are you to tell me what to do?” was the first question leading into an argument between Destron and component, which allowed Unia to get in a shot with neither of them noticing.

Firing off a heat seeker, the missile soared towards Darkwing who was too late to adequately evade the rocket and impacted on his wing. The Destron fell to Earth, transforming for a softer landing.

“Now see what your bossiness got us?” Darkwing said. “If you let me have my fun we’d be boasting how we destroyed that rogue by now!”

“Oh shut up!” was all Darkonda said as he and Darkwing ran to the nearest airport to get parts to repair himself. Nukus looked at the exchange that happened and boasted, “I’ll be back Beetleborgs. I’ll be back!!!” before he teleported out.

When Unia saw the ground safe again she brought the ship down for a landing VTOL style. Getting out of the plane she made her way back into Hillhurst. Those kids have a lot of explaining to do. , she thought.

When Unia came in all the monsters and kids were in awe of her flying skills. “Where did you learn to fly like that?” Count Fangula asked.

“Special school. Only a select few are allowed to enter,” Unia responded. Flabber heard this and decided to press for a little information. Turning to the kids he asked. “Hey, you guys were selected for a special school weren’t you?”

The mention of ‘special school’ seemed to cause the kids to tense up. Heather picked up on this and a wink from Flabber and added, “Yeah, wasn’t it called ‘Arcadia Academy’?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Drew had said. The other three kids followed his lead.

“Come on. I heard it was a good place,” Unia continued following up after nods from Flabber and Heather.

“MY BROTHER SAID HE DOESN’T WANT TO DISCUSS IT AND WE DON’T EITHER!!!” Jo screamed and marched out the door. Roland also followed suit as well as Drew and Josh. Heather turned to Unia, Flabber and the monsters and asked, “What just happened here?”

“I don’t know,” Flabber said. “But I have the strangest feeling that it has to do with that ‘Arcadia Academy’ place. What’s there that got the kids so clammed up all of a sudden?”

Outside the gates of Arcadia Academy, Dana Mitchell was keeping one eye on her Matrix energy tracker and the other on the architectural structure of the whole campus. Wow! , she thought marvelling the supposedly prestigious campus. The buildings reflected a top notch learning establishment which each building supposedly indicating a specific department. I wonder what their medical department is like.

Unknown to her however, someone was watching in a security room on a video monitor of Dana crossing the grounds. The guard then forwarded the video feed down to a different location where a group of scientist were watching. One of them was the infamous Dr. Ranitime.

“What do we have on this girl?” Ranitime asked. One of her scientists looked over at the results on a computer. “According to this her name is Dana Mitchell. She works for an organization based in Mariner Bay called Lightspeed with her father Captain William Mitchell. Power sensors register her as a natural pink with slight red as well.”

“Hmmmm, what is she doing here I wonder,” Ranitime thought. “Maintain observation on her. Track her movements.” All the scientists nodded.

“Then at my command, bring her in,” Ranitime continued to watch Dana Mitchell on the screen before her. Possibilities running around through her head on how to use that girl to her advantage. Dana Mitchell. I see so much potential in you. Potential I can use for my own ends.

At Power Mountain Zordon and Alpha watched the Morphin Rangers and the Zeo Rangers fighting with Zanzibar’s Coldbloods on the viewing globe. “Ai, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi, Zordon what are those things? And who is it leading them?”

“I am afraid Alpha I cannot answer that,” Zordon answered. “This new menace calling itself ‘Zanzibar’ is not known to me. Nor is his minions that he is using.”

Alpha continued to look over the equipment before him. “Ai, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi! Zordon I found something else in Zanzibar, it seems there is some sort of dimensional fluctuation.”

“That could only mean that Zanzibar is not of this dimension. And it may be possible that other people from another dimension may be here as well.” Zordon then ordered Alpha to run a scan to see if there are any other ‘other-worldly’ beings giving the same signal as Zanzibar.

“Ai, yi, yi I found one Zordon. In Angel Grove park,” Alpha turned on the viewing globe to show a young man in a red shirt walking into the park holding a device of some kind searching for something. The renegade Time Lord known as the Doctor had walked out of his TARDIS, which was kept nearby, holding some sort of part.

“I swear the equilibrial stabalizer is really going to be more trouble than it’s worth,” the Doctor said before he looked up. “Oh am I missing anything?”

“The rangers are in a battle with an evil being from another reality,” Zordon reported to his old friend. “There is another one in Angel Grove Park as well.”

“Oh my goodness! Zordon! Doctor! The stranger in the park also has a power signiture!” Alpha reported. Zordon ordered it brought up on the viewing globe. “A crude red power signiture,” Zordon confirmed.

“Alpha, teleport him here immediately. He may have the answers we need as to who or what the rangers are facing,” the Doctor ordered. Alpha went over to the teleporter and began teleportation proceedure.

Carter Grayson walked into the space known as Angel Grove Park with a sence of wonder and awe. I can’t believe I’m here in the spot where the Power Rangers had some of their most famous battles. , he thought to himself. Snapping out of his nostalgia he looked back at the device he held in his hand. The energy level seemed to be spiking in the park.

Hmmm. I must be close. , he thought. As he continued to walk towards the center of the park, unaware that he was being watched the whole time. For behind a nearby bush Gasket and Archerina stood by watching.

“Now isn’t this grand my love?” Gasket asked his mechanical girlfriend. “This individual seems to posess a great amount of power. Perhaps we should make use of him.”

“Oh yes my darling,” Archerina agreed. “But perhaps we should introduce ourselves to him first.” Coming out of their hiding place the two machines approached Carter who immediately dropped into a fighting stance.

“Stand down my friend,” Gasket said. “I am not here to harm you.”

Carter just laughed at the remark. “Yeah right. And if I believe that then there is a bridge in Brooklyn that I’m interested in buying. I know who you are Gasket! I’ve read the history on you.”

“Ohh. I’m famous? Well that’s so pleasent to hear,” Gasket said with fake modesty. “Now allow my Cogs here to make you famous!” Waving his hands Gasket opened some portals and about twenty Cogs in all came out of them. Carter knew he needed help so he brought his morpher to bear.

“LIGHTSPEED RESCUE!!!” he called out and morphed into the Red Lightspeed Ranger.

“Egad, a Power Ranger!” Gasket screamed. “But it’s a power signature I do not recognize. Oh well, I can hav ethat figured out after my Cogs beat you senseless. COGS!!ATTACK!!!”

The Cogs all advanced towards Red Lightspeed who fought them off with the tenacity and spirit reminiscent of Red Rangers of the past, or at least his past. Several kicks and punches to the Cogs disabled several of them, but it was only a matter of time before one ranger could be overwhelmed by so many Cogs, especially since gasket was dropping so many of them into the battle.

“Surrender your power Red Ranger!” Gasket ordered. “And I might go easy on you.”

“Never!” Red Lightspeed screamed as he continued to fight despite the certainty that Carter may not be able to win it. Then he felt a pull as if being taken away somewhere. From Gasket’s perspective, it was of Red Lightspeed turning into a ball of red light being taken back to Power Mountain.

“Curse you Zordon!” Gasket called out as he, Archerina and the Cogs headed back to their base.

A red streak set down in the center of the Power Chamber. Red Lightspeed then took shape and looked around the area he was in. As he saw Zordon though he took a step back not sure what to make of a giant floating head in a plastic tube.

“Welcome Red Ranger. Do not be alarmed. You are among friends,” Zordon said. Alpha then came up to Red Lightspeed and offered his hand.

“Hello. I’m Alpha 5,” the litle robot said then offered his hand. Red Lightspeed shook it and said “Pleased to meet you.”

A man then appeared out of the corner and offered his hand. “Hello, I’m the Doctor. You’re Carter Grayson correct?”

Red Lightspeed looked confused and then powered down. “How do you know who I am?” he asked.

“Your reputation will procede you,” the Doctor just said. “Now I myself am curious as to what you are doing in Angel Grove Park? I mean the Lightspeed Rangers haven’t been assembled yet and it seems as if you are not even of this reality. So I think we are all a little curious as to what you are doing here?”

Carter sighed. “Well, it’s true I am on a mission here. I’m trying to find an artifact of great power called the Matrix of Spirit. It was created by a race of beings from the planet Cybertron and was sent to this reality. When we got here the team I was part of received seven signals on where they would be located. One of them was Angel Grove Park.”

“The area you were searching was in fact a ley nexus. A junction of great power. It might be possible that the object you seek has had contact with the ley nexus as well as other nexuses,” Zordon explained. “Do you know the sites you and your team were searching?”

“Yes.” Carter answered. “One of them was Charterville, another Crossworld City, a third in a town called North Valley, a fourth in Leawood, a fifth in some school, and the sixth was in England somewhere.”

“England. Where the other rangers are,” The Doctor said making reference to the battle taking place on the screen right now.

“Whoever has attacked the rangers may already have the Matrix you seek,” Zordon said.

The Morphin and Zeo rangers were still locked in battle with the Coldbloods as Zanzibar stood and watched with interest. When the last Coldblood went down the rangers then turned towards Zanzibar who had just clapped his hands as if in applause. “Superb! Absolutely superb! Now what are you going to do about them?” Stepping back he made reference to five blood red armored creatures with gems in the center of their chests. They had fangs and yellow eyes and they looked hungry.

“Meet my Horror Guard,” Zanzibar said introducing the demons to the rangers. “And now meet my Horror Guard’s allies.” The rangers looked at the gems embedded in their chests and three ghostly forms came out of those gems. When they solidified the rangers stood face to face with a crew of Nazis, pirates, Mongol Soldiers, Barbarians, and all radiating the same sence of vile evil that Zanzibar apparently relished since it seemed he was tasting their evil auras feeding his power.

“You’re never going to win Zanzibar!” Red Zeo said. “No matter how many evil goons you come up with!”

“Really? Shall we put money on that?” Zanzibar then raised his arms into the air and his fingertips became tipped with power. Power that lashed out hitting the Coldbloods reenergizing them again. Soon the Coldbloods, Horror Guard and the Motley Crew of evil beings were surrounding the rangers.

“Now Red Zeo, who did you say was not going to win?” Zanzibar said smirking.

The Armor Rangers flew towards the area where the co-ordinates originated from. “Have you picked up anything yet?” Kennede asked over the headset. Everyone was scanning but had nothing to report.

“No sensei,” Red Armor said. “Still searching though.”

“Whoa hold it guys,” Yellow Armor said. “We’ve got a hot spot down ther at four o’clock.” Yellow Armor pointed down to where the Morphin and Zeo Rangers were fighting off the renewed Coldbloods, the Horror Guard and the Motley Crew and were slowly being overmatched.

“Whoa, ain’t those the Power Rangers?” Blue Armor asked. Black Armor gave a swat to his armored head as if saying ‘Duh!’

“Perhaps we should give them a hand,” Pink Armor said. Red Armor nodded. “Master Kennede, we’ve got rangers in trouble. Team wants to move in to assist.”

Kennede looked at the sight Red Armor was looking at on his viewer. There was something mentioned about a special project there. Is this the one Ranitime mentioned? Kennede then gave the order “Very well, engage hostile forces threatening the rangers but exercise the utmost caution.”

“Affirmative sir,” Red Armor said then he and his team swooped down to help the Power Rangers.

White Zeo and Gold Zeo had their hands full with a Mogol, a Viking, a Nazi and three Coldbloods who seemed like they had a lot more power than their builds gave them credit for. “Bulkie, we can’t keep this up!”

“Tell me something I don’t know knucklehead! We need help and we need it quick!” a kick to the stomach kept Bulk from talking for a good while longer.

“REPULSOR BLAST!!!” came a shout from the air as six armored figures came from the sky. The red one shooting lasers out of his hands. When they landed all six stood together. Red took point with Black, Blue and Pink on his right and green and Yellow on his left.

Red Armor remembered one of the cardinal rules of battle was to never reveal your identity to anyone, unless absolutely necessary. For the moment it didn’t seem necessary so Red Armor addressed the rest of their team by armor code. “Black Armor, sweep the path.”

Black Armor took point and called up “UNIBEAM!” and a wide spread laser shot out of his chest spreading out among the assembled villians. They seemed to be driven back but the main villian Zanzibar had other ideas in mind.

“Nice, but this is nicer,” calling forth more evil power, as if from the planet itself, the Horror Guard, Motley Crew and Coldbloods seemed to resist the laser beam and advanced towards the assembled heroes.

“Master Kennede,” Red Armor called out. “The weapons had no effect. They’re advancing on us quick.”

“All right pull out,” Kennede ordered but Zanzibar seemed to pick up on the radio signal and shot a beam of energy into the sky. The beam then became a force field surrounding the whole dig site.

“Now then. Shall we continue to fight or will you surrender now?” Zanzibar asked the twenty five rangers, but before they could give an answer a sound of a motorcycle approaching brought a smile to Zanzibar’s face.

“Ah, our quarry has arrived,” Zanzibar had said.

Ken Tanaka rode down the road following the direction the indicator was giving him on where the Matrix of Spirit would be when he heard a hum of a force field behind him. Turning around he picked up a rock and threw it into the air. A crackle of energy indicated that a force field was surrounding the area he was going.

I guess no one wants to see me go. , Ken thought as he continued to ride. I’m sure I’ll find out who was behind this at the site though. He came upon the site of the dig where the Rangers had been fighting Zanzibar’s army of goons. Oh good, I need to work out some aggression. , he thought. A beeper on his watch told him it was time for a pill though.

“I don’t think I’ll be needing these right now,” Ken said to himself. “I think I’ll be taking care of my aggression in other ways.” Smiling he gunned his Harley and brought his morpher to his wrist giving out his individual morphing call “PANTHERNIGHT!”

Soon the Black Night Ranger and his morphed motorcycle came racing down towards the fight. Villians jumped out of the way as the motorcycle ran right through them. Skidding to a stop Black Night then transformed his motorcycle into his armor standing ready for battle.

“Tommy, who is that?” Pink Zeo asked. The other rangers shared their curiosity. But Tommy had no explanation for the teams.

Zanzibar stood hiding a secret smile as he confronted Black Night. “I was hoping a Night Ranger would show up,” Zanzibar said.

“Well you know what they say. ‘Be careful what you wish for. You may get it. ‘” Then the winds within the field started to pick up as if on a cue of some kind and the Horror Guards, Coldbloods and Motley Crew found themselves carried off into the field as they crackled upon impact. The field was then brought down and the Coldbloods, Horror Guard and Motley Crew fell to the ground leaving Zanzibar to stand alone.

Zanzibar looked at his departing warriors and then went into the next phase of the plan. He then pretended to become enraged and made ready to charge Ken. “YOU SHALL PAY FOR THAT!!!” Zanzibar shouted sounding like the usual villians from the UAE then charged Ken like a supposed madman. Ken however got into a fighting stance deciding not to call on his primal force and take out Zanzibar hand to hand.

Ken actually held his own, but Zanzibar was no slouch either. Ken went for every vulnerable spot he could think of or make contact with. But that only encouraged Zanzibar to do the same. All the rangers stood back to watch as Ken and Zanzibar went at it looking as if they were trying to cripple each other, neither one giving any quarter.

“Whoa bro look at him go!” Red Ranger exclaimed to Tommy. Tommy however couldn’t think of anything to say.

The Armor Rangers looked on in awe as well. Kennede never taught us anything like that. , Red Armor Oscar Barrett thought.

Soon it got to the point where both combatants were barely standing, and that was when Zanzibar made his move. Reaching onto his belt he pulled out a gas bomb which clouded Black Night’s vision for a second. Zanzibar then grabbed Black Night and teleported out before he could call for the wind to blow the smoke away. Zanzibar’s army teleported out as well.

All the rangers stepped forward to the spot where Zanzibar and Black Night was and finding nothing there as the smoke dispersed. “Where’d they go?” Brown Ranger called out. No one knew the answer.

Kennede then called the Armor Rangers on their helmet vidlinks. “Mr. Barrett. My sattellite scans have traced the signal of a convoy nearby. There may be a good chance Ranitime may have the item that brought so many rangers here. Track the convoy and see if it leads back to the academy.”

Oscar nodded and shook Red Zeo’s hand. “Gotta go. See ya,” and all five armor rangers took to the sky to follow the convoy. “Does anyone know what this is all about?” Black Morphin asked.

“Yeah first we have a new bad guy, fight his drones, these armored people show up after this… Zanzibar sics some demons on us, a guy in a motorcycle shows up, blows them all away, and then Biilly appears and takes away the motorcycle guy.”

“And then the armored guys fly off again. What gives?” Pink Zeo added.

“I don’t know, but I think we’d better get back to the Power Chamber and find out,” Red Morphin said as all the rangers teleported back.

In his base Biilly strapped down Ken who was force demorphed after a disorienting gang assult from the Horror Guard, Zanzibar and the Motley Crew. “Wow, your forces really were rough on him,” Biilly commented.

“With a Night Ranger nothing can be left to chance,” Zanzibar said. “Is everything ready?”

“Yes,” Biilly answered. “The replication technology will not only create an exact duplicate of Ken Tanaka but his powers will also be duplicated as well. Albeit, in a reduced fashion and slightly twisted.” Biilly remembered well his time as the Triceratops ranger. His powers were greatly reduced having only a fraction of the power when he was replicated. Since the replication process would only copy a fraction of the Night Powers as well, Biilly thought it would be enough.

“And I’ve got data recorders on line ready to copy the data on the Night Powers that will go into the replica,” Biilly commented. Zanzibar smiled.

“Thank you Biilly. This information, and this replica will be instrumental to the orders cause.” Zanzibar and Biilly smiled evil smiles as Biilly proceeded to activate the replication technology ready to give new life to another evil replica.

Kathy meanwhile had ridded her Harley up to Crossworld beach where she dismounted and took out her Matrix indicator searching for any indications of Matrix signals. Not far away Lillian hid behind some rocks keeping an eye on Kathy, until she felt a tap on her shoulder which startled her. When she turned around, she grabbed the person and threw him to the wall. It was only until Nate Oliver said, “Hey, hey, hey it’s me!” did Lillian hold back.

“Geez Nate don’t ever do that again,” Lillian cursed. “I could have taken your head off.” Nate nodded knowing that Lillian could have done it too. Looking over Nate’s shoulder she saw Tyler Oliver, , Chelsea Oliver, Terry ‘Jinx” Jones, Katarina Petronov, Christina Collins, and Jamie Zedden had joined the party.

“Okay Lil we’re here. Now what’s the big emergency?” Jamie asked.

Lillian pointed to the girl in pink and black looking around the beach. “See that girl over there?” Lillian asked. “She had managed to take out Doommaster and his Ultra Skugs in a way I couldn’t believe. I managed to follow her here, and I thought I might need you guys to back me up.”

“You need back up Lil? Since when?” Christina asked.

“Since I saw this girl in action,” Lillian answered.

The Outsiders resumed their observations of Kathy Hart, but one of them was more curious about her than the rest. Nate Oliver looked at her with a whole mix of curiosity and wonder. Why does she seem so familiar to me? , he wondered to himself.

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