Part 8

Masked Rider continued to climb up the mountain path up to the top, knowing that the pollen plants were well within reach. What he didn’t know was that Dregon and Vypra were waiting for him as well.

Rider made it through the clearing that led to the pollen plants and saw his uncle and his court waiting for him along with two battalions of Batlings and Maggots. “You didn’t think it would be that easy did you?” Dregon sneered.

Masked Rider looked at Dregon intently yet confused. Is this the real Dregon or another illusion? , he wondered but he pushed the thought to the back of his mind. Real or imaginary I’ll have to go through his to get to the pollen plants. Rider then scanned the court and noticed two monsters with them and one woman with bat wings that he did not recognize.

“Who’s the new woman Dregon? Isn’t Nefaria enough for you anymore?” Nefaria snarled at Rider’s comment but Dregon held her back.

“Easy Nefaria,” Dregon said trying to reassure her. “My nephew will learn the folly of speaking with disrespect.” He turned towards the assembled Batlings and Maggots. “Take him alive!” he ordered the Maggots.

Vypra picked up the message and ordered the Batlings to attack. Soon a heard of Maggots and Batlings were swarming towards Masked Rider. “Electro Saber Activate!!!” he ordered. With his sabre drawn Masked Rider stood as ready as he would against overwhelming odds.

Fortunately blaster fire crossed between Rider’s and the foot soldiers path. Everyone turned to see the rangers and Outsiders standing together on a ledge looking down at the assembled army ready to attack Masked Rider. Red Zeo had his blaster ready and level on Dregon.

“All right Dregon back away from Dex now!” Red Zeo ordered the blaster held and ready to fire. Dregon looked up at the Red Zeo ranger holding the weapon on him and stepped away from his nephew. His court followed suit. “Rangers!” Dregon cursed under his breath.

Nefaria and Vypra also looked up at the rangers seeing their weapons drawn. Vypra stepped forward all smug as if confronting the rangers. “Well, isn’t this nice. I didn’t think rangers had it in them to shoot someone from up there.”

“One thing I’ve learned Vypra is not to take any chances with you,” Red Lightspeed had said. “But unlike you we don’t shoot from behind.”

“And even though we won’t take chances with you. We’ll give you a chance,” Red Morphin said.

“To run!” Zeo Shadow finished. “Get the hell out of here and don’t let the pollen plants hit you on the way out!”

“You have ten seconds,” White Morphin said. Dregon had considered walking away due to the position the rangers held. From the ledge the rangers and Outsiders could take the advantage and either shoot from above or attack with their fighting prowess and they would be severly overmatched. And Dregon wasn’t sure that he and his court could win such a fight. Even with Vypra, the monster Voragon and her Batlings.

Cyclopter however saw an opportunity too good to pass up. Bringing his blaster from his holster he aimed it at the rocks above where the rangers stood and blasted them. Large stones fell from the top of the rock face causing the rangers and Outsiders to jump from the rock face to the ground where they landed hard on the ground but in the position where they were face to face with Dregon and his court.

Before they could get their wind Dregon ordered some ofthe Maggots and Batlings to attack the rangers. They managed to fight a bit but due to their being winded from the fall the Batlings and Maggots had the upper hand.

Masked Rider however cut through the herd with his electro sabre slicing through the sentries as everyone struggled to regain their breath and bearings as they put up with the resistance that slipped through Masked Rider’s cutting blows. Those Batlings and Maggots that survived scurried back to their bretheren and the court trying to get their own wind back.

“All right gang. Pair up and pick your targets!” Jason ordered. The rangers broke off into teams of two with Red Zeo pairing up with Zeo Shadow, Pink Night with Nathan, Red Lightspeed joining up with Zeo Punk, Zeo Psi and Zeo Phoenix joining forces, Yellow Zeo and White Morphin doubling up, Purple Zeo and Red Morphin fighting back to back, Yellow Morphin and Blue Morphin fighting together, Pink Morphin and White Zeo wound up covering each other, and Silver Zeo and Masked Rider were the last ones to be paired.

The two teams picked their targets. Red Lightspeed and Zeo Punk went after Vypra while Zeo Psi and Zeo Phoenix fought with Nefaria. Red Zeo and Zeo Shadow doubled up against Cyclopter while Red Morphin and Purple Zeo handled Doubleface. Pink Morphin and White Zeo had Gork while Silver Zeo covered Masked Rider as he took on Dregon. Nathan, Pink Night, Yellow Zeo, White Morphin, Yellow Morphin and Blue Morphin handled the Maggots and Batlings swarming around.

“I am a danger to be around. Your skulls I shall knock up and down,” Gork said as he looked at Pink Morphin and White Zeo. They however looked at Gork and wondered what he could do against them. He didn’t look threatening enough.

Gork however was smarter than anyone gave him credit for since he attacked with surprise sword strikes to both rangers as they were surprised to be knocked down. “You took me for a fool? Now the role of fools be given to you,” he said laughing.

White Zeo got up quick and called up his Zeo fencing foil. Gork brought up his sword and the two combatants found themselves embroiled in a duel. Gork was well trained in the art of a sword as he gave strokes of a master. But White Zeo was a natural with his fencing foil and Gork was disarmed easily. White Zeo the brought the foil to Gork’s throat indicating that he had the duel but Gork rolled back out of the way and brought a laser to bear on White Zeo.

“Defeat it tastes so bitter sweet. So the Grim Reaper you shall now meet,” the rhyming mutant said making ready to fire only to find a tip of an arrow inches from his face.

Pink Morphin had her power bow brought up facing Gork warning him not to make a move. “They say discretion is the better part of valor. So I now leave to take a powder.” Gork then teleported out leaving Pink Morphin and White Zeo victorious.

“Great job Kim,” White Zeo said rushing up giving Pink Morphin a hug sweeping her off her feet.

“Thanks Skull,” taking in the hug until both of them realized the position they were in and White Zeo put Pink Morphin back down.

“Come on the others might need us,” White Zeo said as he and Pink Morphin both went to fight off a herd of batlings and maggots.

Zeo Psi and Zeo Phoenix both had Nefaria as their opponent. Nefaria fired two beams of energy from her wand at the two Outsiders forcing them back and keeping them from getting close to her. If they get close to me they can use their combat prowess against me, and that is something I’d rather avoid. , she thought.

Nefaria then brought out two sets of rings and threw them into the air towards the two Outsiders. The rings expanded as they came around their bodies and constricted so their arms were bound and couldn’t be moved. Nefaria, believing the advantage was hers, walked over smugly as Zeo Psi and Zeo Phoenix tried to break the bonds around them.

“Well, is there anything you would like to say before I destroy the two of you?” Nefaria asked with a smug tone.

“Yeah,” Zeo Phoenix answered. “Your momma was a snowblower!” Zeo Phoenix then sat down and spun around giving Nefaria a leg sweep sending her sprawling down. Phoenix then got back up and delivered stomps making Nefaria roll back towards the nearby ledge.

Zeo Phoenix then delivered one final stomp and Nefaria rolled over the ledge and down the hill all the way to the bottom. Nefaria wasn’t gravely hurt but she was definitely out of the fight.

Zeo Psi meanwhile had gotten out of the ring bonds and blasted off Silver Ninjetti’s with her Zeo Blaster. “Wow those Kickboxing lessons really pay off don’t they?” White asked Silver.

“They did today,” Phoenix said free from her bonds and joined her partner taking on stray batlings and maggotts.

Cyclopter stood with his blaster ready and aimed at Red Zeo and Zeo Shadow, but Cyclopter’s motorcycle roared behind them and shot Red Zeo and Zeo Shadow as their backs were turned. Getting on his ride Cyclopter rode towards both the downed rangers hoping to run over them with his tires. Both Red Zeo and Zeo Shadow managed to roll out of the way as Cyclopter roared by down the path leading down the mountain.

“He’s baiting us,” Red Zeo said. “He wants to lead us into a trap.”

“I don’t care if he wants to lead us to Paris, France. Nobody runs me down with a motorcycle!” Zeo Shadow then called out “ZEO SHADOW CYCLE!” and her black motorcycle appeared which she quickly mounted onto. Turning to Red Zeo she asked, “Wanna ride shotgun lover boy?”

Red Zeo had no argument and quickly got on behind Zeo Shadow. Gunning the engine Zeo Shadow roared down the path after Cyclopter who already had a major head start.

Zeo Shadow rode fast keeping her eye out for any traps in her path as well as Red Zeo looked for Cyclopter. They managed to catch a glimpse of him not far ahead as he roared down the path with Red Zeo and Shadow gaining ground on him. Then Shadow noticed Cyclopter turn his Cycle off and she began to suspect a trap not far ahead.

“Hold on!” Shadow called as she turned her Shadow Cycle into a skid a went under a tie line intending to behead them. Shadow and Red Zeo managed to get under the tie line but Zeo Shadow was none too fond of the scratches her motorcycle received from that stunt.

“Don’t worry. The power will make it as good as new,” Red Zeo said. He then aimed his blaster towards a rustling in the bushes and the bolt hit its target. Seconds later Cyclopter came out holding his shoulder.

“My turn now. ZEO SHADOW RIBBONS!” Shadow called out as she tied up Cyclopter in the ribbons and he fell to the ground. Red Zeo brought his blaster to the tie line shooting it severing the beheading trap.

“Nice shooting lover boy,” Zeo Shadow said.

“There’s more where that came from,” Red Zeo said flirtingly. “But that’s for another time.”

“I look forward to collecting on the raincheck,” Zeo Shadow answered. “In the meantime… “. Red Zeo got on behind Zeo Shadow on her motorcycle and they raced back at top speed to the main battle.

Red Morphin and Purple Zeo stood together staring down Doubleface as he drew out his longsword. Red Morphin also had his sword out as did Purple Zeo. Red Morphin had started first using all his martial arts training to deliver his trikes. Doubleface managed to block most of them with the polished grace and finesse of a royal guard and the ruthlessness of being one of Dregon’s evil court. Seeing the two fight looked like a contrast in style. Red Morphin with his aggressive martial art technique and Doubleface with his polished swordsman style.

Red Morphin should have been the winner, but even though Doubleface fought like a swordsman, he had not the honor of one. Taking out a daggar he kept hidden in his coat he threw it at Purple Zeo which hit her in the chest sending her back sprawling.

“EMILY!!!” Red Morphin screamed allowing Doubleface to get in the final strike. One slash sent the red ranger down unconscious. Both had demorphed into Jason and Emily as Doubleface stood victorious over both.

“The battle is mine!!!” Doubleface shouted in triumph unaware of the figure tapping him on the shoulder behind him. Doubleface turned around and stood face to face with Yellow Zeo.

“Zeo II Power Punch!” she called out sending Doubleface flying into a nearby tree with one shot. White Morphin then stepped forward with Saba in hand.

“Look after Jason and Emily Samantha,” White Morphin ordered. “I’ve got this clown.” While White Morphin was nowhere near the swordsman his brother was he did know a few things about swordfighting. He hoped Doubleface wouldn’t pick up on the lack of knowledge.

“Ah, a new opponent. Excellent!” Doubleface had his sword drawn again and soon White Morphin and Doubleface went at it. White Morphin managed to block a few of Doubleface’s strikes, but others were where he had to duck out of the way. Finally Doubleface stopped and just stood looking at White Morphin.

“Look at you,” Doubleface taunted. “It’s painfully obvious that you have no skill with a sword at all. Or very little to do me any good. Perhaps you should give up now and save yourself the embarrasment of me defeating you.”

“No way!” White Morphin called out. “I may not be good as you but I’m not going to give up just because I’m not so good with swords. I’m going to defeat you or be defeated.”

Doubleface then threw down his blade and held his arms out. “Very well. Then in a show of fairness. You shall have at least one free shot. You can hit me anywhere you wish.”

White Morphin couldn’t believe what Doubleface was selling. He’s offering me a free shot? No way he’s up to something. , yet despite reservations White Morphin made ready to launch a flying side kick right towards Doubleface. White Morphin then jumped up and made ready for his boot to hit Doubleface’s chest.

But Doubleface, villian that he was had no intention of keeping his word as he stepped out of the way allowing White Morphin to fly right on by. White Morphin however figured Doubleface would move out of the way so he brought both feet together and bounced off a tree delivering a flying drop kick right into Doubleface’s chest. The villian was knocked down by the two booted feet hitting him and White Morphin pressed his advantage.

The fight had turned to hand to hand karate which was not Doubleface’s forte’. White Morphin dominated Doubleface soundly in this contest. When he tried to reach his sword Yellow Zeo picked it up and kept in out of his reach.

“I don’t think you’ll be needing this,” Yellow Zeo said to Doubleface as she twirled the hilt of the sword around her fingers. A hand reached behind Doubleface turning him around and found White Morphin deliver a side kick that sent Doubleface sprawling and running for his life.

“You guys okay?” White Morphin asked Jason and Emily.

“Yeah,” Jason nodded. “Thanks for taking care of that guy. You too Samantha.” Yellow Zeo smiled beneath her helmet then asked “Can you morph again? We still have Batlings and Maggots to deal with.”

“Lead on!” Jason smiled. Emily did the same as they both called out, “IT’S MORPHIN TIME!!!”



Red and White Morphin, along with Purple and Yellow Zeo went back into the fight with the foot soldiers which seemed to be going well for the rangers. “Zeo Power whip!” Yellow Zeo called out lashing her whip into three batlings and a maggot sending them down. White Morphin delivered a flying side kick to four that went down like dominoes.

Blue and Yellow Morphin fought with the skill of teamates that had fought together for the longest time. They knew each other well and what the other was thinking as Blue Morphin used his lance sweeping a lot of the foot soldiers off their feet and down to the ground. Yellow Morphin used her Mantis Kung Fu training and Power Daggars to run ragged through a heard of maggots.

“You maggots make putties look like beauty queens you know that?” Yellow Morphin said as she delivered an ax kick sending the maggot back as the kick connected with the maggot’s jaw.

But the big surprise was when Pink Night and Nathan fought together. Like Yellow and Blue Morphin they too fought like a well-oiled machine against the maggots and batlings. But as far as everyone else knew the two had never met before and were fighting on instinct. They must have strong fighting instincts. , Blue Morphin thought.

The well oiled fighting Pink Night and Nathan were doing hadn’t gone unoticed to the combatants either. Pink Night fought off a heard of maggots watching Nathan’s back as she did so, not allowing any to connect with a blow while he wasn’t looking. Nathan did the same for the maggots trying to attack Pink Night from behind. Through it all both of them couldn’t shake the feeling that they could trust each other. That there was a strong bond between them even if they didn’t know what it was.

The bond was enough however to lay out the last of the maggots and batlings as both Nathan and Pink Night delivered flying side kicks that sent the last Maggot down. Yellow Zeo along with White, Blue and Yellow Morphin looked on with surprise as Pink Night and Nathan stood.

“Spooky,” Yellow Zeo said. Everyone agreed.

Masked Rider and Silver Zeo stood staring down Count Dregon. “Your forces are falling Dregon. Give up now!”

“Never!” shouted Dregon. “Your powers will be mine and I will rule this putrid planet.” Dregon called up a monstrous sword that reminded Rider of the one the Dregonator possesed when Dregon had himself cloned and Masked Rider had destroyed the clone.

“Now you shall feel my wrath!” Dregon delivered a deadly stroke that Rider barely dodged and followed up on with a stroke of his own. Soon the two were crossing their sabres like duelers with both getting in shots and misses as well.

Rider through it all seemed to notice a pattern in his uncle’s fighting style. It seemed to perfect. Dregon was prone to emotionalism and rage and from what he saw on fighting tapes from Edenoi the style didn’t quite seem to fit his uncle even though it looked like it did.

“At last nephew you shall meet your end!” Dregon said as he delivered an overhead strike that had a lot of pressure in it. Maybe it is my uncle I’m fighting. , Rider thought as he felt the pressure of the blade coming down on him.

Through the fighting the Prince of Edenoi and Count Dregon didn’t notice Silver Zeo standing off to the side. “Dex get out of the way!” Silver Zeo called out deciding to make her presence felt. Masked Rider broke off the sword contact and rolled away leaving Dregon standing alone.

“Silver throwing stars!” Silver Zeo called out and she threw several throwing stars at Dregon that made contact with his armor. Many of the throwing stars had penetrated him but instead of blood coming from the gashes power and electricity erupted instead signifying disrupted circuits.

“An android!” Masked Rider said as he then brought his electro saber up and fired several bolts of energy at ‘Dregon’ causing ‘him’ to explode.

Masked Rider then looked over the remains of what he thought was his uncle and what he thought was the end of his long struggle only to find strips of metal, plastic and circuitry burning. “Not Dregon. Only an android,” he said.

“Yes nephew,” a voice said from behind finding the real Dregon standing beside the two monsters, presumably as protection. “I decided some robots would be useful so I would not have to risk myself needlessly. I’ve found that in circumstances such as this, they come in quite handy.”

“You can’t hide behind those monsters forever Dregon,” Masked Rider stated. “Sooner or later you will have to challenge me!”

Dregon just smiled. “Perhaps, but not today.” then he turned to look at Vypra who was getting ready to fight Red Lightspeed and Zeo Punk.

Vypra stared at Zeo Punk with disdain as if looking at her with X-ray vision. “Well Red Ranger, when did you decide to leave your pink pretty and decide to go out with Mary Jane Rottencrotch over there?”

“He hasn’t,” Zeo Punk snarled. “We’re just working together to kick your bum all the way to kingdom come.”

“Oh good a poet. Did your himbo help you with that?” Vypra continued to taunt Zeo Punk who was starting to lose her cool. Red Lightspeed tried to calm her down but Zeo Punk wanted Vypra’s head.

Charging Vypra Zeo Punk delivered a lot of hard blows sending Vypra staggaring. For a good while it seemed like Vypra was taking much of the punishment, but Vypra was only playing with Zeo Punk because while Zeo Punk was using all her energy against Vypra. Vypra herself was keeping her energy stored within until Zeo Punk had used enough of hers to make Vypra’s stunt work.

Deciding she had enough Vypra had brought forth her sword and slashed it across Zeo Punk’s chest sending her flying back. Then Vypra delivered more slashes cutting into Zeo Punk weakening her further. “Anytime red!” Punk called out.

Vypra was distracted for a second as she looked over her shoulder expecting to find Red Lightspeed there. When he wasn’t Vypra wondered where he was looking around and not seeing him. “Where are you red ranger?” she called out.

A body then fell from the trees landing on Vypra. When he landed Red Lightspeed got off the fallen demoness allowing her to get back up. When she did Red Lightspeed delivered a hard uppercut sending Vypra back flying three feet. “I usually don’t hit a lady Vypra, but you are no lady.” Vypra became incensed and decided to call in the big guns.

“Voragon Attack!” Vypra ordered. The demon monster obeyed his mistress’ command and entered into the fray. Dregon held back Vegisect telling him to wait. “The time will come,” Dregon said. “Just wait.”

Everyone rallied together as Voragon stared down the assembled rangers. The rangers had no idea what to expect from Voragon so they tried to be prepared for anything.

“Hmmmm. What shall I start with this time?” Voragon thought aloud until he had an idea. Ripping off the pentagon on his belt buckle he then flew it into the air where it hovered for a few seconds. Then it transformed into a swirling vortex intent on sucking in all the rangers and Masked Rider as they were swept off their feet and towards the vortex.

“Zeo II Power whip!” Yellow Zeo called out wrapping the whip around a tree providing her with a lifeline. “Grab on to me everyone!”

All the rangers and Masked Rider formed a chain with Zeo Phoenix being the link connecting everyone to Yellow Zeo. The force of the vortex was strong and it would only be a mattar of time before they were all pulled in.

Voragon however wanted to speed up the process so he walked up to the Power Whip hoping to sever the line. Yellow Zeo, Zeo Shadow, Red Zeo, Purple Zeo, and Blue Morphin still had their free hands able to reach their blasters so they fired at Voragon just as he was about to cut the line.

Zeo Psi then had an idea on getting free. “Guys, Aim the blasters at the corners of the vortex! I have an idea to bring that vortex down!”

Red Zeo, Zeo Shadow, Yellow Zeo, Purple Zeo and Blue Morphin brought their blasters to full strength firing steady streams at the corners of the pentagon vortex. The corners started to glow red but the blasters were overheating rapidly. I hope this works before the blasters explode. , Blue Morphin thought.

His praying payed off as the vortex corners became so hot that the vortex exploded throwing the rangers away due to the shockwave. They landed on the ground hard, and as they were recovering Voragon had his sword drawn ready to fight.

“No more tricks Voragon. We’re taking you down now!” Red Morphin called out. “Everyone blasters ready!”

“Masked Rider Super Gold!!” Masked Rider’s armor changed so that he was in his super powered gold armor and he also drew out his blaster.

All the Rangers drew out their blasters and along with Masked Rider aimed them at Voragon. “All Right Rangers! FIRE!!!”

The combined streams of power hit Voragon in his belt buckle which was where the vortex pentagon came from and the replacement was glowing as well. The heat from the buckle spread throughout Voragon’s body as he screamed about the heat inside him. “No too hot! TOO HOT!!!”

The monster then exploded in a fireball, but Masked Rider and the rangers had no time to celebrate as vines came up from behind and started to wrap around the rangers. “What’s this?” Zeo Punk asked.

“My handiwork!” Vegisect said standing as he watched his vines wrap around the rangers and outsiders, then squeeze with unnatural strength.

“Unnnh! I… can’t hold… out..,” Silver Zeo said trying to stay conscious. Masked Rider tried to break free but also to no avail.

“They’re too strong,” Rider said as Vegisect looked on pleased with what he was doing.

“It will do you no good!” Vegisect said. “I am the lord of nature. All life moves at my command!”

“You… sure… about… that?” Pink Night said. Vegisect looked on at her smugly until he noticed that the vines seemed to be unraleving around her.

“What is this?” Vegisect shouted confused and outraged especially since the other vines started releasing the rest of the rangers, Outsiders and Masked Rider.

“You say you are the lord of nature? You know nothing about nature’s power!” Pink Night said challengingly. Then pollen plants appeared to turn to face Vegisect and vines wrapped around his arms and legs. Vegisect tried to break free but the vines were too strong. How can her hold on nature be stronger than mine?

Pink Night seemed to pick up on the thought and gave Vegisect his answer. “Nature is a primal force. MY primal force that you can never understand.” As Pink Night concluded her speech the pollen plants turned to Vegisect and spewed their pollen on the monster blinding him.

“Ahhh! I can’t see!” Vegisect said as he inhaled the pollen and started sneezing. Clearly he was allergic.

Pink Night then turned to Masked Rider. “You want to do the honors?” Rider nodded and reverted back to standard mode to call forth his electro sabre.

“ELECTRO SABER ACTIVATE!!!” Rider delivered the final stroke destroying Vegisect and the heroes then turned to face the assembled monsters.

“This isn’t over!” Vypra shouted. “This victory is only your easiest one. It’s about to get a lot harder!”

Dregon threw in his voice saying “Another time nephew!” then all of Dregon’s court and Vypra teleported out of the garden.

“Thanks guys for your help!” Rider said shaking Red Zeo’s hand.

“No problem,” Red Zeo said. “Now all we need is the pollen for Lillith.”

With the threat over for now the rangers and Outsiders demorphed. Masked Rider demorphed as well, and took out a plastic bottle from his jacket as he went up to the plant. Using his insectopathic power he was able to separate enough of the pollen to fill the bottle which would be enough to cure Lillith of Scorpitron’s poison. When he was finished Dex turned away from the plant and faced Tommy, Kathy, Carter, Lillian, Christina, Katarina, Nathan, Terry, Samantha, Emily, Skull, Jessica, Jason, Kim, Trini, David and Billy.

“I’ve got what I need. Is she back at Power Mountain?” Dex asked.

“Along with the Stewarts and Lexian,” Tommy added. “They refused to leave Lillith’s side.” Dex smiled as he thought of the noble gesture brought forth by his human family. Such gestures made him feel truly proud to be a member of the Stewarts and gave him hope for humanity as well. But time was of the essence and the cure had to be processed and administered to Lillith quickly, so everyone pressed the buttons on their communicators and teleported back to the Power Chamber.

Christina, Skull and David sat in a circle as the healing energy began to pour into the pollen sitting in the middle of the triangle they had formed. As the pollen merged with the power the nourishing properties of the pollen were enhanced. Everyone else stood to watch.

“What are they doing?” Jessica asked.

“They’re feeding their energy into the pollen to strengthen it’s healing power,” Tommy explained. “When the pollen is powerful enough Alpha will process it into a liquid and inject it into Lilith curing her of Scorpitron’s poison.” I hope , he mentally added.

The White rangers then turned their power down and stood up. Christina handed the container with the pollen to Alpha and the little droid put the container into a device and waited as it underwent conversion.

“The pollen will take a few minutes to porcess,” Billy said. “Right now we have to deal with more immediate concerns.”

“Yeah like this alliance between Vypra and Dregon,” Jason stated. “Could others have followed you as well as her?” he asked Carter and Kathy.

“It might be possible,” Carter answered. “The Order had a lot of evil creatures at their command.”

“And anyone of them could have formed an alliance with other villians,” Adam added. “We need to find out who they are and what their plans are.”

Zordon then spoke. “Billy. See if you can contact any of the other hero teams, namely the Beetleborgs and VR Troopers. We may need their assistance.”

“My brother and I know the Troopers,” Lillian said. “I can make contact with them.” Zordon nodded “Very good. Carter and Kathy see if you can contact the other members of your teams. We may have need for them.”

“Why’s that Zordon?” Ritchie asked.

Zordon was silent for a minute before answering. “Because as Vypra said. This victory was your easiest one. It is bound to only get harder.”

“And the stakes will only get higher,” the Doctor added. “You must be prepared.”

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