From the darkness of a shattered reality, a new multiverse was created. Realities tied together through a mutual past, but each with a future that only they can determine.

"The conquest of evil in days gone by."
History, as we know it, states existence is built upon a foundation of scientific fact and mathematics. This long-held fact is a lie. The struggle between Good and Evil defines existence by its very nature. It is around such a struggle that the Universe was created and races old and new have arisen. For Evil must be confronted and contained. It must be conquered. In the beginning, there was only the void. And then something filled the void and it became existence. This is also a lie! Before what is regarded as the beginning, there was an ending. The raw energy of a new existence and the renewal of an old struggle came from the ending. For Evil can be contained and Evil can be conquered, but even when defeated... it still remains. And so long as there is Evil seeking to gain a foothold in existence, there must be those willing to confront it and defeat it.
And so a new battleground was formed in the shape of a universe. How did it happen? Where did the war between good and evil start again? How did an existence at the point of oblivion pass into creating a new reality, a reborn creator and the start of a new war? What role did the Power play and what of those that tried to tame it? The Void was darkness, lifeless order; the Morphin Grid a never-ending, constantly changing ocean of chaos; and where the two intercepted... came the Multiverse.
Myth and Legend is a companion story to The Conquest of Evil, revealing the origins of the conflict and the early days of the struggle. It is still a work in progress and intended to expand the rest of the story... and perhaps reveal one or two small mysteries of its own. Starting of course with the question: How did the knowledge of the nature of the Morphin Grid change so much?

The End

An old war comes to an end. The question is whether the end is true the end or just the transition to something new and exciting. For where there is life there is hope and where there are survivors, there's the chance of a new story to come.

Genesis The Beginning

After the ending, comes a new beginning.

Genesis Birth of Darkness

First, there was the void. Then came the energy and the void was changed. Then a second change turned the void into a universe giving form to The One and The Creator. Time passed and more was needed. Two more entities were given form: The Dark One and The Luminous One. But The Dark One fell from grace and The Luminous One charged to stop him. The first war between Good and Evil started, and before its end, The One was forced to make a difficult decision and pay a heavy price.

Genesis Cosmic Gods

As a reward for his service, Paladin was released from his duties and allowed the freedom to do as he pleased. But it seems that while the universe can tolerate Good and Evil, it has no place for lasting peace. Paladin's answer: to create a new race of beings with the same freedom he enjoys and able to decide what they believe in. For Paladin possessed the wisdom to see that for the universe to thrive, there needed to be a struggle. And the ideas of his creations clash, the conflict will bring the struggle the universe needs. And as these new 'Cosmic Gods' assume their positions of power, so the remnants of The Dark One's army appoint themselves as the Dark Gods, believing themselves to be the true deities and deluding themselves that one day they will hold the power.

Genesis Struggles for the Dark Throne

When The Dark One was vanquished, a power vacuum was left behind. When a group of lower level followers proclaim themselves to be Dark Gods and the natural successors to The Dark One's title, civil war breaks out - for despite falsely claiming to be worthy of the position it never occurred to them that other might do the same. And once the infighting is over, the new war begins.

Genesis Celestial Construction

The Celestials prepare the realm of mortals for habitation as they themselves get ready to depart.

Genesis Knights and Dragons

In the days between The Celestials departing and the rise of the First Alliance, the universe is threatened by a demon named Vitara. Step forth a brave knight to vanquish the darkness. And long may his deeds be remembered.

Genesis The Dark Times

The Celestials departed, leaving behind a number of races capable of directing affairs for the new fledgling universe. And in their wake, the universe slips into the dark age of chaos and magic.

Genesis The Rise and Fall of the Guardians

How the Maltusians rose up to become the Guardians of the Universe

Genesis The Dawn of the Time Lords

The story the emergence of one of the most politically powerful races in the universe. This is the tale of the rise of Gallifrey.

Genesis The New Age

The Celestistials departed and the preservation of all their work rested in the hands of the races they had chosen to replace them. Could mortals hope to maintain the standards or the gods?

Tales of the Morphin Masters Rise to Glory

The Power flows back and forth, and as it does so war can only follow. For the small order known as a the Morphin Masters it is a time of great discovery as they unravel the secrets of the Morphin Grid and begin a journey towards enlightenment.

Tales of the Morphin Masters Fall From Grace

The Morphin Masters were so dedicated to their quest for knowledge that they never considered the possibility that one of their own might abuse that knowledge for his own gain and in the process turn against his own brothers and sisters within their order. Now it has happened and the Morphin Masters are faced with a crisis. Can they stop their rogue brother? His actions might force them to do something they will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

Tales of the Morphin Masters Ascension

Long exposure to the Power changed the Morphin Masters, elevating them to the level of gods. And with their ascension the time has come for them to journey into the Morphin Grid one last time. But first they will take steps to make the Universe safe for those they leave behind.

Tales of the Morphin Masters The Gift

After their ascension, the Morphin Masters continue to visit their old domain, setting in place the force that will protect the cosmos from evil and setting in motion events that will lead to the history of the universe being shrouded in mistruths and lost facts for a long, long time.

Genesis The Breaking

At the dawning of the Fifth Age, reality shatters, new universes appear and existence grows larger

Genesis The God Wave

Once there was a world, Then it exploded and the result brought forth a wave of power capable of turning mortals into gods.

Genesis II The Known Truth

One billion years ago, give or take a millenium, Sire Lentinvous received a series of visions telling him of the origins of existence. In a time when an unknown crisis left a void in the knowledge of the masses, it is the teachings of Sire lentinvous that formed the basis of future learning.

Genesis II The Known Truth Part Two

One billion years ago, give or take a millenium, Sire Lentinvous received a series of visions telling him of the origins of existence. In a time when an unknown crisis left a void in the knowledge of the masses, it is the teachings of Sire lentinvous that formed the basis of future learning. This story continues his tale of creation and the sacrifice of Paladin.

Genesis II The Known Truth Part Three

One billion years ago, give or take a millenium, Sire Lentinvous received a series of visions telling him of the origins of existence. In a time when an unknown crisis left a void in the knowledge of the masses, it is the teachings of Sire lentinvous that formed the basis of future learning. This is the final part of his tale of creation.

The Great Eggscapade

The saga of the Power Eggs is long and convoluted as the descendants of the Morphin Masters undertake a difficult and drawn out journey to reach a place where their ancestors can safely retrieve them.

Rediscovery of the Power

The Power flows back and forth, and as it does so war can only follow. The more secrets that are covered about the Power, the greater the risk that somebody will subvert its powers for darkness. And when one realises that the time has come to seize control, the reign of the Emperor begins.

"The modern battle between good and evil"
Evil is a powerful force because it offers power to those that would do the things that a good person would never consider. Is the easy path that twists and corrupts those that follow it to believe they are righteous. Once evil gains a foothold it is quick to grow, consume and dominate. And once it has had its way, the wounds it inflicts can never completely heal.
But, while evil is impossible to destroy the darkness can be chased away by the love and sacrifice of those that remain vigilant and willing to stand against it.
In the early days of the universe, the war between Good and Evil began. It continued long after the multiverse had formed and the Morphin Master had uncovered the darkness on the far side of the Morphin Grid. As new servants of evil arose, so those that would oppose them emerged. Ancient enemies, powerful alliances; factions determined that they would win.
And when the latest phase of the war, the battle between Zordon of Eltar and Rita Repulsa, ended, it promised a brief respite as the forces of darkness raced to fill the void left by one of their most skilled commanders. And while Zordon's forces could claim the victory, they did so with the knowledge that their noble leader would no longer be amongst them in battle. The cosmos entered a period of unease as both sides worked to recover from their losses. Who could step up and take the place of Rita Repulsa; would such a being be allowed the opportunity to prove his worth? Without Zordon, who would take up the challenge of leading the forces of light?
The Earth is a planet that was once considered of little value in the grand scheme of things. But the fallout from the war left many wondering why Rita was so determined to conquer the planet, and why Zordon considered it so important that he established a permanent presence there. Suddenly considered a prize for every villain wanting to prove their worth, and a liability by those seeking to prevent the dark forces from gaining a vital foothold in a cosmic power play that stretches back billions of years, the stakes have never been higher. As the opposing sides gather their forces, the Earth and its population risk becoming an unfortunate loss.

Prologue: Rita's Final Trap, Zordon's Last Hope

10,000 years ago and it appears the war is finally over. But tragedy strikes as Rita Repulsa has one last trick up her sleeve. Fortunately, so does Zordon.

The Wicked Witch

Born to the Queen of Magitopia amidst great celebration, the destiny of Rita Repulsa would be determined by a bitter battle for custody between the noble ruler and her former husband: now known as Master Vile. Raised in the ways of evil by her father and his new wife, Rita would leave the tedium of the M-51 Galaxy and seek to conquer her own domain.
In a campaign that led to the conquest and destruction of countless worlds, Rita was drawn to the service of Lord Zedd and thrown into conflict with her greatest enemy: Zordon. After centuries of war, her forces were defeated and Rita was imprisoned. Many felt that would be the end of her tale. They were wrong!
Ten thousand years later, while exploring a rogue planetoid, a team of astronauts accidentally stumble upon her prison and release her in a moment of greed... release her. Free once more, Rita decides to deliver a special thank you to the planet that unleashed her upon the cosmos once more... Rita vows to conquer it and settle a few old scores in the process.
And to combat such a threat, the now disembodied Zordon assembled a team of superheroes to protect their world...

The Witch's Tale
Coming Soon.

The story of Rita Repulsa

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The tale of Earth's newest defenders as they battle the wicked Rita Repulsa and all her menacing monsters

The Wicked Witch Arrival Day: The Day of the Dumpster

When Rita Repulsa is accidentally released from her prison sentence, Zordon seeks out the one force capable of stopping her and protecting the Earth: teenagers with attitude.

The Wicked Witch No Clowning Around

The Rangers discover there are more dangers on Earth than just Rita.
Featuring Batman and Joker.

The Green Ranger Saga

Rita decides to fight fire with fire, or in this case: Power Rangers with a Power Ranger of her own. Even when the spell is broken, nobody escapes Rita that easily.

Rangers in a half shell

After receiving a call for help, Tommy takes some time for himself. Little does he realise that he is still under Rita's scrutiny and that a chance encounter on the streets of New York will lead her to a new partner in villainy.

Stranger in Town
Coming Soon.

Tommy Oliver meets New York's mutant heroes.

Dangerous Alliances
Coming Soon.

Rita plots to use the Turtles in her schemes, but decides that Shredder might make a more interesting partner.

Power Failure
Coming Soon.

It seems Shredder knows someone who can block the Rangers' powers.

The Bigger Threat
Coming Soon.

Things take a dangerous twist when Shredder gets hold of Tommy's Power Coin.

Goodbye to a New Friend
Coming Soon.

The Rangers return to Angel Grove and Tommy decides his time away must come to an end too. Will he make it back in time for Power Rangers next battle?

The Foe in the Mirror

Since the loss of her Green Ranger, Rita has been hearing voices urging her along a new path. Finally she decides to heed their advice. But who is behind these promises of help and is he really an ally?

Six as One

With a new understanding of what will happen should they fail, the Rangers vow to fight harder than ever against Rita's vicious attacks.

Five to Doomsday

Rita wants the power of the Green Ranger back.

Justice League vs MMPR
Rangers of Justice

The Power Rangers protect the Earth against invasion from the forces of evil. But, they are not the Earth's only protection and when they cross paths with the Justice League and its members, they discover that there are some villains that could easily give the likes of Rita a challenge for the title of "greatest threat".

Rangers of Justice Heroes and Legends

After the destruction of Cyclopsis, the Rangers find themselves facing a new threat, a plot involving super criminals under the direction of a mastermind. How will the Rangers fare when thrown into the world of the Justice League of America. This chapter is based upon the work of Carl Turner and a great deal of the work is adapted from his series. However the heroes in this series come from the JLA

Rangers of Justice Warrior Rangers

The Rangers and friends meet Xena, the Warrior Princess. This chapter is based upon the work of Carl Turner and a great deal of the work is adapted from his series. However the heroes in this series come from the JLA

Rangers of Justice When Heroes Fall

It's a call to arms for all members of the JLA, when one of Aquaman's rogue citizens makes a pact with Rita Repulsa. This chapter is based upon the work of Carl Turner and a great deal of the work is adapted from his series. However the heroes in this series come from the JLA

The Danger of A.I.

An ally Zordon believed lost forever returns. But is this the noble companion Zordon remembers or a dangerous new player in the war between Zordon and Rita?

The Emperor of Evil

"I am Lord Zedd, Emperor of all I see. You have failed to complete the mission assigned to you. I will now resume command. Prepare the palace for my return."
And with that proclamation, Rita Repulsa disappeared from view as her lord and master Lord Zedd decided to conquest the planet personally. It only takes a short time for the Rangers to wish that they were still facing Rita Repulsa. Can the Rangers hope to stand up to a foe that not only possesses more powerful monsters than Rita Repulsa, but can fight and defeat the Rangers in solo combat? Not to mention he appears to have a personal grudge against a certain Green Ranger.

The Emperor of Evil Part One: The Demon Xett
Coming Soon.

The origin of Lord Zedd starts with the breaking of an ancient agreement.

The Emperor of Evil Part Two: The Zarakin Prince
Coming Soon.

Manipulated by a man he considered a brother, a noble prince is offered a chance for revenge. The price of doing so: he must sell his soul to the Xett demon and become it's new host. And with that agreement, Lord Zedd is born.

The Emperor Cometh
Coming Soon.

Having grown tired of Rita's failure to conquer a single planet, Lord Zedd considers their deal at an end. Now he will assume command.

MMPR vs Godzilla
Monsters of Two Worlds

After Lord Zedd grew tired of her excuses and declared an end to their agreement, Rita Repulsa chose to flee rather than face the wrath of her master. Armed with a fragment of chaos crystal to use as a multiversal focus, she set her sights on an alternate Earth where there were no Power Rangers and no Lord Zedd to interfere with her nefarious plans! But what she finds instead are a race of alien conquerors known as the Xiliens, who are unleashing unpredictable Kaiju in the hopes of defeating Godzilla and taking over the planet.
When her actions lead to monsters from this reality heading back to her dimension, Rita inevitably draws the attention of those she was seeking to avoid and gives her temporary allies a new target. Can the Rangers and Godzilla stop this combined threat? Can they at least stop fighting long enough to try?

A Hasty Retreat
Coming Soon.

In order to escape punishment from Lord Zedd, Rita seeks greener pastures.

A Door Ajar
Coming Soon.

Back in Rita's own universe, strange monsters have been appearing without warning and it is quickly discovered that the cause is the missing Rita Repulsa. Can the Rangers find her and stop her?

Out of Control
Coming Soon.

The Rangers' trek to find Rita leads them into a confrontation with her new home's greatest defender: Godzilla.

Mutual Extinction
Coming Soon.

Backed by Rita's magic, the Kaiju have proven more than Godzilla or the Rangers can handle. Perhaps if they can put their differences aside they can end this threat before two worlds suffer the consequences.

Epilogue: The Mutiny
Coming Soon.

In the face of treachery by her new allies and the failure of her plan, Rita forced to return to her own world... straight into the hands of Lord Zedd.

Green Vendetta

Lord Zedd seems to have it in for the Green Ranger. But is it really an attempt to erase Rita's failure, or is there another reason?

The Emperor of Evil Seeking Thunder

After Lord Zedd arrives and takes control of the Zords, Zordon embarks on a plan to upgrade to the Power of Thunder. But first he has to find the Thunderzords and unlock their powers. Can his old student Gosei offer assistance?

The Emperor of Evil What's Tomato You?

Lord Zedd decides to use Billy's science experiment as a monster.

White Light

The Power Rangers struggle to battle Lord Zedd's monsters, which grow stronger with each battle. Zordon seeks to reinforce his team with a new Ranger.

DeJa Vu

Just when the arrival of the White Ranger seems to mark a turning point in their battles with Zedd and the villain vanishes to fulfill an obligation, events force the team to under go some major changes. The Earth's new heroes will have some big boots to fill and very little time to learn. And just why are some of Zedd's monsters walking the Earth with new identities and switched personlities?

Unholy Matrimony

Ding Dong the Witch is Back! And with her return the Rangers will no face the combined efforts of Rita and Zedd.

The Queen of Gamma Vile

After the failure of their latest plan, Rita and Zedd receive an unexpected visitor: Mistress Vile. Is the estranged wife of Master Vile merely passing through or could she be planning on a longer stay?

The Machine Age

The Machine Empire is an alliance of several smaller mechanical kingdoms. For a long time the Machine Empire was sidelined from the war between good and evil by brutal infighting as the various monarchs jockeyed for position. Now having reached an accord to resolve the matter at a later time, King Mondo and the Royal House of Gadgetry are free to pursue their planned conquest of key parts of the galaxy.
Where the mind games of Rita Repulsa and the fierce brutality of Lord Zedd have failed, perhaps the cold calculation of King Mondo can succeed. Even if Mondo fails, there is always Prince Gasket and his own ambitious attempts to build an empire that will surpass that of his father. And never forget King Aradon and the other leaders of the Royal Houses that make up the monstrosity that is the Machine Empire as they too seek the pieces they need for domination.

The Machine Age Rise of the Machines

The Morphin Engines were designed to infuse lifeless machines with the power of the Morphin Grid. For generations they were used to provide a small amount of sentience to Zords. But, a terrifying experiment in the creation of true Artificial Intelligence leads to the emergence of a terrible new faction.

Rage of the Machines
Coming Soon.

From one mechanical dictator to a whole dynaasty. The Machine Empire divided itself into kingdoms charged with conquering their own territory. But when the Machine Emperor goes offline, the lesser kings are pitted against eachother to decide which faction will become the high king.

We are Zeo!

When the Machine Empire arrive, the Rangers scramble to unlock a new power source to defeat them.

A Zeo Beginning
Coming Soon.

The Royal House of Gadgetry ruled by King Mondo, arrives and the Rangers are faced with finding a way to turn the Zeo Crystal into working powers.

The Machine Age Zeo: Graduation Blues

Hard work and dedication pay off for Billy when he is told he has graduated from high school early. That's a good thing, right?

The Power of Repugna

Long ago Master Vile chose a woman to be his queen. Then he executed her for treason before having something resembling her restored as Mistress Vile

Clash of Honour

Mistress Vile has returned along with the clone she borrowed from Rita and Zedd. Now after months of training with Scorpina and the indulgence of his mistress, the clone is ready to aid in the conquest of Earth. And the first step in doing so is a one-on-one battle with a Power Ranger.

Re-enter: The Green Ranger

After losing in singles combat against Lord Zedd's champion, the Rangers were forced to hand over their powers. Now as the deadline approaches for the Earth to surrender, the Rangers call on the aid of an old friend.

NEWThe Power of RepugnaNEW
Added: 22 January 2024

The Rangers meet Mistress Vile for the first time since their encounter in the quarry. But is this an opportunity to free her from Master Vile's spell, or is Fienna of Magitopia just a memory?

The Usurper

Louie Kaboom attempts to fill the massive void left by King Mondo.

Heir to the Empire

Prince Gasket arrives to claim his rightful place as leader of the Royal House of Gadgetry. But with so many others vying for the position, can he succeed? Especially when the majority of his underlings believe that King Mondo will return.

NEWRobots in DisguiseNEW
Added: 29 January 2024

The Machine Empire attempt to steal a new Pulse Generator.

NEWGasket's KnockoffsNEW
Added: 05 February 2024

Gasket can't stand to see the Rangers with superior machines, so he decides to make his own Zords, using the schematics of theirs.

Where on Earth is Zeo Ranger Five?
Coming Soon.

The teens are stunned when Tommy mysteriously disappears. When their search for the missing Ranger proves fruitless, they must battle the noxious Cruel Chrome monster without him.

"King for a Day"
Coming Soon.

After Tommy's disappearance, Prince Gasket brainwashes Tommy into believing that he is the ruler of the Machine Empire.

NEWWhen Zords AttackNEW
Added: 12 February 2024

It's time for the Rangers to face some foes with familiar faces as Gasket chooses to base his creations on the schematics for the Zords of the past.

NEWFading GoldNEW
Added: 19 February 2024

The powers of the Gold Ranger were created on Triforia for a Triforian. They must be returned to their rightful owner before they destroy Jason.

NEWRestoration of BirthrightNEW
Added: 26 February 2024

Sprocket and Gasket were not Mondo's only sons.

Verge of Freedom
Posting: 04 March 2024

Rocky is sent on a mission to prevent the release of an evil that has existed longer than the Machine Empire.

Fathers and Sons
Posting: 11 March 2024

Adam ends up on an alien world with no way home. And worse, his father is with him.

Accepting the Dark
Coming Soon.

Mondo has plans for Tommy and only by accepting himself can the Red Zeo Ranger hope to avoid becoming the Machine King's slave.

The Day of the Luddites
Coming Soon.

Jennifer discovered something about herself she didn't want to know. Now Mondo knows and plans to use her in his schemes.

Warriors in the Shadows
Coming Soon.

When Billy is kidnapped, it is up to Tommy to travel to Aquitar and save him

Birdcage Bandit
Coming Soon.

A birdcage Ernie purchased gives Rita and Zedd the basis of a new scheme.

The Lost Knight
Coming Soon.

While testing Pyramidas, Trey runs afoul of one of an evil scheme by an ancient evil.

A Taste of Things to Come

A Taste of Things to Come

The Silver Zeo Saga

Endings and New Beginnings

United Psychos No More

In an Ideal World

Lure of Silver

Secrets Revealed

Acceptance of Destiny

The Fires of Olympus

Fires of Olympus Part 1

Fires of Olympus Part 2

Fires of Olympus Part 3

Fires of Olympus Part 4

Embers of the Flame

Cyber Wars

Cyber Wars Part 1 - Welcome to North Valley

Cyber Wars Part 2 - War on two fronts

Prelude to Minion's Legacy

Q-Team King of Fighters '95

Training Days

Crossroads of Evil - Part 1

Crossroads of Evil - Part 2

The KOF Tournament as started and the forces of light and darkness are about to learn some valuable lessons.

Crossroads of Evil - Part 3

Crossroads of Evil - Part 4

Crossroads of Evil - Part 5

Crossroads of Evil - Part 6

Crossroads of Evil - Part 7

The Liberation of Aquitar

Mission Accepted


High Treason

Failure or Regroup

Live by the Sword...

... Die by the Sword

Killing Blows

Mission Complete

Earth Strike

Earthstrike epilogue 1: Forbidden Choices

Earthstrike epilogue 2: Accelerated Deployment

Earthstrike epilogue 3: Release and Catch

The Ravalox Chamber

Trials and Wars

Interlude: Temporum Mortis

Trials and Wars Interlude Tomorrow's World

Lost Galaxy

The First Step of the Journey

Minion's Legacy

Primal Conflict

Shifts in Reality

Deceptions and Capture

The Abhorrence of a Vacuum

Atrocities in the Name of Evil

Selection of a Lunar Wolf


The Lost Kingdom


The Final Conflict

In Space: The Lone Ranger

In Space: Unique Meetings

In Space: Rebirth of the Astros

In Space: Arrival

In Space: The Journey

In Space: Pasts and Futures

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